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Archives: July 12, 2004

David Corn: Senate WMD Report Whacks CIA, Not Bush. But read on...

Taiwan not a province of China

America's Founding Fathers ride to the rescue once again

Incredible Salon Article on the Fighting in Sadr City

Superb Edit. on ENRON scandal and Bush Admin......

Horror in Darfur

Blair and Scarlett told me Iraq had no usable weapons

NYT Herbert: The Real Enemy Staring Us in the Face

Man In Fiji Raised As Chicken

Voter registration - just heard of a new technique....

Free speech has become un-American

NO VOTE - NO WORK tell them nation wide strike IF

late getting home: Can anyone post the 60 min. Kerry/Edwards interview?

Kerry/Edwards Interview On 60 Minutes - Video

XM: Ann Coulter on America Left

Delete /Dupe

Any astrological indications of the Kerry/Edwards pairing?

What is this place you call the Meeting Room?

Airports risk bruising battle with airlines over terminals

Thirst (To be broadcast on P.O.B. on PBS, everyone needs to watch)

PBS Nova: "Magnetic Storm"

Prince Charles slams nanotechnology

Two more killed in southern Thailand sectarian attacks

KMT learning from mistakes - TW/CN

LBN: shouldn't it be "dupe news item" and not "dupe topic"...

Do the mods cross moderate?

Arab Bomb Victim Backs West Bank Barrier

Handicapped pensioner killed as house razed

Saw F911 for the 3rd time - this time in Edina

Reviewers of DeLay's Ethics Got His Money

Appleton v. Oshkosh?

DUer Gains Top Spot on Another Board With Great Article!

As if you needed anymore proof of how nasty "they" are

"Highest example of desperation in the history of presidential elections"

Fahrenheit 9/11 Soft on Neo-Con Cabal and Media Control -

Did anybody see the Drudge tease, RE: Tom Delay/Enron????

My e-maill to NewsWeek

Vote in this poll


my list of leaders who were/are worse than Bush.

Need help expanding our base!

OBL and Saddam were lovers!

Ron Reagon for Senate or House as a Green.

Most Americans hold Bush/Cheney to blame for Iraq mess, not Kerry/Edwards.

Yahoo News Freeping revisited.

Postpone? Why not move up, so we can send...

Help screw up America

Edwards on CSPAN II from a year ago, talking Vets' benefits

Freepers blaming libs for postponing election?

I think it's time to buy a gun!

Ldotters want election postpopned til 08

I think we need to promote the idea that opportunities for


See you in September

Dammit, I 'm ready for the debates

Analysis of 155 polls reveals why Undecideds will break for Kerry

Edwards: "For 51 years, I've been myself and it's worked pretty well"

NOW with Bill Moyers is a MUST SEE! 11pm est on PBS

Don't blame Kerry/Edwards for Iraq. Iraq is Bush's mess, a huge mess.

"Hell in a Handbasket"

Did someone hack ??

Is it true? Election postponement being discussed on mainstream news?

Matt Drudge is such a tool

60 Mins ...... not on the air on LA

Could al Qaeda determine the outcome of the election?....

How Kerry (and Edwards) should answer on the Iraq vote

Best Article Seen About Protests Along *'s Road Trip in PA

Why don't we just postpone the elections.....

This is how Kerry should have answer the Iraq war on 60 minutes

This Dean supporter is glad that John Kerry won the nomination.

Do you vote electronically or not where you live?

Yet another first-time "F9/11" experience - this afternoon in Cincinnati

Shrub & Ozzy Have Groovy Auras

I have a ? about Stahl 60 min. interview. DOES SHE CALL LAURA BUSH

Need Bush's proposed military cut list

Why the assault weapons ban should be extended

"Don't even *think* of Wellstoning-Carnahaning Senator Edwards."

this election will not be de Layed.

Will the Democratic party become democrats again under Kerry?

The Fahrenheit 9/11 effect

Didn't Stahl in 60 minutes admit to having the RW TALKING POINTS?

is there any way to watch today's 60 minutes online ?

OK, Associated Press has got to be smoking crack. Seriously.

Is this postponement story just 2 distract us from Bush's blaming the CIA?

Kerry / Edwards looking "right" to get more votes. Any room over there?

LE Show on NOW!!

are we too advanced and globalized to face another 'dark age'?

Where is that guy who used to follow Nader around with pies?

What are the best politcal and news-oriented blogs?

Edwards helped Kerry by showing that they don't have to put up with shit

How the despicable feminist witches on Capitol Hill failed the public

Will Tom DeLay resign before weeks end???

F9/11 did $11 million this week, not bad for week #3

CIA report is letting Bush off the hook without mentioning O'Neil, Clarke

Just saw the Carl Cameron clip from Outfoxed

A Veteran Republican Official Critisizes Bush Before a Stunned Audience

I need help from you guys re: draft prep

Does anyone agree that Lesley Stahl

so i just heard Ten Nugents remarks on sean hannity...

Presidential Authority

more PHOTOS from the bush* campaign....jenna struts her stuff

Kerry to Reach Out to 'People on the Right'

Two-second Poll: Will they attack their own country to get elected?

My right-leaning wife will be voting dem for the first time ever!!!

Teresa Heinz Kerry is a WYSIWYG.

"What's the Matter with Kansas?"


what is the basis for all the fear?

What the HELL is the Laci Peterson law?

ABC/NBC/CBS polls are showing Kerry/Edwards pulling away.

Is there a movement to push absentee voting in critical areas?

55% of Americans now say the war wasn't "worth it."

Our Broken System - Sybil Edmonds

This Dean supporter is glad that John Kerry won the nomination.

Kerry: 'I am against the war'

So, are there any factual errors in F911?

Bush's Toughest Interview Ever LOL

We will never leave Iraq. That is my belief.

My inlaws are in town - father in law and my argument drove hubby

Freepers are sooo welcoming

KERRY/EDWARDS gave legitimate answer to War ?

Ron Reagan to discuss F 9/11 on Hardball on Monday night.

new bush hate ads running in IL

Why hasn't the Office of Special Plans (OSP) been NAILED over Iraq?!?!?!?!

Comprehensive Sibel Edmonds site

Is it just me, or does the job market still suck?

Karen Kwiatkowski: How do we get her on CNN, MSNBC and the like?

Omaha World Herald F911 Editorial

Why Do Common, Ordinary People Vote Republican???

U.S. Mulling How to Delay Nov. Vote in Case of Attack [view all]

Palestinians to delay vote(regarding the Security Council)

Separate Attacks Kill 3 Soldiers in Iraq

Tangled vines (Rep. Radanovich, R-Calif., bilks investors)

Kerry Edwards: I was offered $150K for my Web site [CNN.COM]

Olympics organisers target rival logos

Laurance Rockefeller, Venture Capitalist and Philanthropist, Dies at 94

Filipino Hostage in Iraq Gets 48-Hour Reprieve

Muslim council says Bush administration too slow to act on cooperation pla

U.S. Jew Denied Entry Into Israel

Putin's Rating Falls below 50 Per Cent/Moscow Times--New WMW

please delete

Social Conservatives Want More of Their Own to Speak at the G.O.P. Convent

Some (Texas) GOP farmers support Democrat with ag experience

Clashes in Georgia raise fears of war with Russia

DRC: Interview with a warlord

Now It's Showtime For John Kerry (new poll numbers - good news :)

Killer heat wave in Japan boosts sales of beer, A/C units

US accused of political pettiness at AIDS meeting

Kerrys Call Questions About Wealth Hypocritical

Ron Reagan to address Democratic convention

(Australia) Trade Agreement May Undercut Importing of Inexpensive Drugs

Ron Reagan Jr. will speak at Democratic National Convention

DeLay's Corporate Fundraising Investigated (WP -- Drudge's Story)


Officials discuss how to delay Election Day (holy s**t!)

China getting rattled by US' naval deployments

WP: Report Says CIA Distorted Iraq Data (NEW DETAILS!)

Italy Blocks Ship With Sudanese Refugees

(GOP) Reviewers of DeLay's ethics got his money (it gets deeper)

DeLay's Corporate Fundraising Investigated

Kerry to Reach Out to 'People on the Right'

Swastikas drawn on woman in Paris attack

Take Me Out

How many have been branded traitors?

Great Books for you!(since LOVE seems to be our topic today)

I wanna be a forensic apologist! Why?

Northern Alberta Tornado Alert

Salmon on the grill

Separated at birth?

FOX plagiarizes Dave Chappelle

Law & Order:CI

I wanna be an aphasic archaeologist. Why?

My gold star disappeared after today's glitch.

AZDemDist6 sigline/bumper sticker idea

Netflix: Should I sign up?

Emeril: Genius or Huckster

Slightly tasteless joke

Horrified! My dog is a RW'er

Any Sonny Landreth fans here?

Howlin' Wolf summons the Ancient Spirits

Bobby Flay?

Finally lost my "F9/11" virginity...


Isn't this a CUTE name for a company:

My Fundie Mom's Forwarded E-Mails, vol. V

Thinking about adopting a FeLV+ cat.... anyone have experience with this?

dupe n\t

A year ago today I put a framed $1 bill on my wall.

Is this poll wrong?

All Polls Will Be Wrong

GREAT lighthearted joke about Bush

Has anyone here seen the old jack lemmon movie "How to murder your wife"?

F-911 Music Question

OMG, my new favorite show (non-political)

Would you back out on a sale?

OMG the Cubs are ahead of the Cards 6-1!!

Skinless Chicken

I Wanna Be Will Pitt's Opthamologist! why?

Does this webpage come up for y'all?

Favorite Fafblogger

Favorite Fafblogger

Senator Leahy Pays Tribute to Phish in Congress

Are Vern Yip and Ty Pennington now off "Trading Spaces"?

Its the ADULT SWIM thread

" A Thief Of Time " On PBS Mystery tonight

What have you done today to make your dog(s) and/or cat(s) happy?

Marlon Brando - Cause of Death?

I have my "I've seen F911" badge now....

I wanna be a forensic anthropologist! Why?

what is a good spyware to use to get rid of

Bowie/Queen's UNDER PRESSURE is the greatest song ever written.

Dr. Frankenbike thinks he's a Saddle-maker....

I'd vote for Nader

Self promoting "I just made an avatar thread"

Nobody believed the elections postponement story today at a cookout

OK, but...I'm gonna set the building on fire...

Cosmetic surgery: Would you go under the knife?

"Live and Let Die" is on in 15 mins.

I was just called a "limousine liberal"

I just registered 3 people to vote at a Moveon voter registration party...

Tonight, I saw the trailer for the new John Sayles film, SILVER CITY.

I got a new kitten!!

Who is the best Moderator?

Sweet story...

Looks like my roomate's pets have gotten used to having me around.

If you had enough money to change yourself

12 hands of computer solitaire in a row won!

Ninety-Six Tears and Fifty-Six Quibbles

Stephen Colbert from the Daily Show played a criminal on Law And Order:CI

I killed a new kitten!!!

Did you miss this in "F9/11"? (spoiler)

What have you done to make your significant other happy today?

This morning (Monday), from 2-5 EDT, I'm playing doo-wop on college radio.

What the hell is wrong with people??

Your opinion of Emeril

Who do you listen to in order to relax?

Name of band and album.

So my Dad asks me "What the deal on this Courtney Love chick?"

What page does your browser open up to?

"How'd you do that?" Cat content for today

At the end of "Anchorman"...

Caption if you can

I'm in one of those F'd up moods where...

Swell - now my truck is kaput

The next Star Trek film announced

What's your favorite song from a movie?

I had a shot to the heart today.

Anyone interested in "National Treasure"???

I feel a surge of ZombyLove coming on

First picture of elusive MommaCat

Audiotape of Cheney phonecall to Mohamed Atta ordering 9/11 attack

Replay of the Wednesday photo-op Kerry/Edwards and family

Lynne Cheney disagrees with The Dickster on gay marriage

The recent crack from Bush about Cheney was ready to

If McCain Was Bush's First Choice In 2004, Why Any Different Now?

My 600th Post. I would like to use it to say that Kerry/Edwards

Why doesn't Bush have to answer tricky questions on Iraq?

Who would you rather have as President: Nader or Lieberman?

Suggested sign for any Bush events you protest

So What Was The Pun Whoopi Played On The President's Surname?

Analysis of 155 polls shows why Undecideds will break for Kerry

Ron Reagan, Jr. to address the Democratic Convention in prime time

Playing with Electoral Math

GASP! Lawyers who have become President/VP of the USA

Would you rather have Kerry or Nader as President?

Two progressive groups to meet in Boston in July. Interesting stuff.

It seems unlikely that any Gore voters would switch to Bush

Should President Kerry pardon Bush and Cheney for their crimes?

Ron Reagan Jr. on F9/11, Hardball, Monday

Meet the in-laws (Carmen bin Ladin)

The CIA Did It! [Mother Jones}

The Real Enemy Staring Us in the Face

Australian Labor appoints pro-US Defence Spokesman to win back power

OMG I just heard a DU exclusive on Air AMerica Radio!!!

Axe Hangs Over Political TV as Freedom of Speech is Removed!

High Bias "Mainstream" reporters aren't just liberal--they're fanatical.

Features of Fascism

Revolving Door for Troops (Gay troops dismissed in IRR specialities)

New WMD claims in Iraq.

*Canadians*.. "Sex, Drugs and Communism: Strengthening Canadian Democracy"

NYT LTTE: Bush Records Destroyed in Triplicate?

The “Democracy” Hoax - Alterman

"Democrats Drop Antiwar Pretensions ", article from

It’s All About Style! by Karen Kwiatkowski

Labor win in Australia 'would help Kerry in US'

Satire from Hell: "John Kerry: Homosexual, Gay, or Flip-Flopping Between..

The case for sanctions against Israel

Media Myopia--More News Is Not Necessarily Good News

GOP's `Christian nation' -- Cathy Young

Wanna countdown to regime change calendar to benefit

Voter Registration -- SIGH

Web-roots activists eye swing votes -

A girdle round about the earth (Global liberal voice emerges)

Nat'l Review's May and Wash Post's Schmidt lie about Willson -& media runs

Why does the AP never say "GOP Judge pleads no contest as Child Molester"

PBS altering its shows over FCC fears

Anyone else reading Bush on the Couch?

Study: Kerry has not capitalized on Bush's bad press

Yea Baby!!!!!!!!! Randi on 940 AM in Miami

US Media "Gores" Kerry: stories are 5 to 1 negative on Kerry Character.

WashPost reports fetus as casualty in Madrid attacks

when is the documentary on Fox News going to air? Is it a movie or a TV pr

Anyone else getting really tired of the "far left" mantra?

Today's Thoughts

Today's Lesson

Fifty Fantasy & Science Fiction Works That Socialists Should Read

Astrologers: Terrorism, the Olympics, and 9/11

Global trade talks show signs of faltering as negotiators face "mountain"

Budget deficit vs. national debt

Is A Housing Bubble About To Burst?

Biological Red Warning Lights Going Off All Over The North Sea - BBC

For Cairo's Environment, The Apocalypse Is Now - Daily Star (Lebanon)

UN Climate Forecast For India Makes For Grim Reading - Mail & Guardian

Sewage Runoff Turns British Fish Female - Reuters

Key Putin Advisor Slams Britain, Promises To Bury Kyoto - Moscow Times

Germany: Freiburger Scientists Break Solar Cell Efficiency World Record

British Beaches, Seas Awash In Jellyfish - Reuters

CIA told Condi and her deputy Hadley that Iraq Niger evidence was weak

Africa must end silence on Darfur: Wole Soyinka

New crime tactics in S Jersey...

300,000 have gun permits: Indiana

GUNS IN THE NEWS - July 10-12, 2004

"Liberals With Guns"

Idea for a new section...

how about a forum for foreign DU'ers

fyi -- the mod list on the moderator guidelines page is outdated

Are there threads missing from the archives?

Requesting permission to post a thread in multiple forums

Is it possible to crack down on the conspiracy theories a little bit?

Using copyrighted material on DU

.jpg posting help

U.S. Jew denied entry into Israel

Haaretz (Monday): Sharon to rebels -- Unity or elections

UN to rebuild homes Israel destroyed

Elderly Palestinian crushed to death

Arab states issue demand to the UN (that Israel comply with a World Court)

Alleged Terror Threat Operates in DC Suburb

U.S. team to set limits on settlement construction

Arab Bomb Victim Backs West Bank Barrier

Jew Banned from Israel for Supporting Palestinians

'I used to be against the fence, now I'm for it'

Don't Call it a Wall (Ron HaCohen - Professor at Tel Aviv University)

Sedition & Treason in the US Imperial State

Any Miami folk know about Neil Rogers, Jorge Rodriguez - radio guys?

Bush gives preference to military ballots

Is Teresa Lepore Being Turned Out of Office??

Al-Arian issue looms for Castor

Edwards has O.C. lunch date

Democrats are trying hard to lose Orange County

MN DK delegate gets STANDING OVATION at Miami DNC meeting

Rasmussen MN: Kerry 50, Bush 41

Anyone have documentation for this BBV article re:Ohio counties?

Who is the worst politician in Ohio, and why?

GOP using Paterno race to help re-elect Bush

DeLay asked Enron for cash for redistricting in an email.


Foul play on e-mail to WI legislator - R staffer criticizes F911 support

Fundies registered young voters at "Lifest" in Wisconsin

Local DA and co-chair of 2000 "Elect George W. Bush" to be sentenced

Want an election countdown calendar featuring Seattle activists?

When Kerry is President-Elect

DeForest Soaries, the man who wants the power to delay the election

Group Says Firm Friendly to Bush Reneges on Deal to Post Its Antiwar Ad

After Raleigh 25K +, Now we need, 30K+ at the next b* event protesting

Caption Kenny Boy doing the perp walk

July Surprise: What's Your Pick?

Cheney's WIFE says gay marriage should be left up to the states

##@@%**!!!!Just saw CNN's discussion on * and the NAACP!

What Kerry Needs to Win

Nation's Liberals Suffering From Outrage Fatigue (satire)

What do you think Bush's strategy is?

If it walks like a schmuck, talks like a schmuck,

CBS's curmudgeon Andy Rooney...His POLITICAL Interview ideas:

Senators press for release of FBI terrorist report

If the Bush Right pushes constitutional amendments (state and fed)...

Regarding Bush and White House taking Cipro after 9/11

I HATE HATE HATE Bush and his misadministration. GAAAH!

More Clear Channel censorship, this time in NYC for the GOP convention...

If the CIA is responsible, then why weren't they the sabre-rattlers?

(FL) State scraps felon voter list

"NeoCon- the magazine" great pic courtesy of alex jones

How many DU'ers are active, former, or prospective military?

Shining a light in a real dark place (more Taguba report)

Kerry/Edwards will win because...

is there some knee-jerk animosity toward Kerry/Edwards

bush-NAACP and others

My letter to the Newsweek WHORES trying to discredit Michael Moore

How to go to Prostitution House for FREE, telling it´s TOURIST PROMOTION

With British intelligence officers speaking out...

Baseball "Hard ball heaven"-Whitman,MA

News from the sunshine state

small people + great power = no vision

Was Lincoln right to suspend Habeas Corpus?

Amazing Predictions Re: Ron Reagan @ DNC

Great BBV cartoon

Fahrenheit 9/11 Breaks Box Office Records in UK

The Lie Factory - OSP (The Karen Kwiatkowski story)

Today Show - leading with Ron Reagan interview.

Red alert, massive terrorism fears before the vote... good for Kerry!

C-Span 8:04 - Gay Marriage issue - Anybody watching?

Rich GOP run 9/11 Dallas Film "festival"-w/ "Michael Moore Hates America"

Why doesn't the MEDIA ask BushCo: WHERE is your effectiveness

At first I was a little concerned about same-sex marriage...

How Many Republicans Are Guilty Of Treason?

Doonesbury on CHENEY'S POTTY mouth....and *'s non reaction.

Does Laura Bush smoke?

An Open Challenge To The LIAR -Ed Gillespie...

Was Jeb caught red-handed in effort to rig the Florida election?

Ha ha, just kidding!

Terrific book on RW Propaganda . . .

Many democrats trusted Bush...and were decieved

Ok a twist on the "attacks" before the election... in Spain...

Can anyone reach the Imus shows AOL instant messanger?

What oh what should Repugs Wear to their Convention

Capital Hill Blue: Is Dick Cheney Headed For The Door?

Western White house fallacy

Every chance we get we need to remind everyone the GOP supports BIGOTRY!

A plan to cancel elections requires a strong response.

Giuliani - Bio-One

Greens for Kerry

Anybody wanting to see GILLESPIE'S face for 1/2 hour, C-Span

Repug senators are going to attack Kerry and Edwards for non-attendance

9:35am ET - Steve Elmendorff-Kerry campaign CSPAN

Anybody know of a good Kerry website?

Tinfoil time: Santorum for president

BBV: Wow, story about Bev's lawsuit on Yahoo FRONT PAGE!

This is getting scary!!! (re: Election)

Who will the Muslims vote for?

If we are attacked on 11/01 and Bush cancels, that will prove ...

Open party, Boston , July 25th, 5-10pm. It's a JP festival!

Bush is insane, he thinks he is Moses

Strange, how they've announced their intent to steal the election again

When and where is the Fox news press conference?

NYT: not one word about delaying elections!

Is the O'Franken Factor changing it's name?

Are we at War?

What does it say about the collective wisdom of the American

A quick example to show how F9/11 could change the election..

The Nutcases, in a nutshell!

History of elections held during American crises

Fury at anarchist convention threat

Kerry & Edwards on 60 Minutes

The Real Threat of a Supreme Court Stacked with Arch-Conservatives

Does the Patriot Act give Ashcroft the power to cancel the elections?...

Is the death toll at 890 now?

OMG I just heard a DU exclusive on Air AMerica Radio!!!

Cancelling,delaying elections means: BUSHCO LOST THE WAR ON TERRA

Feedback on letter re: election postponement

CIA Domestic Terrorist Acitivities

DeLay's (illegal?)Corporate Fundraising (to redistrict) Investigated

"Back in Massachusetts, that's what they call balancing the ticket."

Bush's is so jinxed (business wise): If he SOLD CEMETERY PLOTS

Gregg Jarrett needs some serious help

This is the kind of attitude that concerns me (Re: the Draft)

Showing Fox News For what they are..................Repost

Hey South Africa - practice abstinence! Done - AIDS problem solved!

James Baker III granddaughter died in similar accident to Edwards case

How many repuke Senators/Congressmen are trial lawyers?

CNN front page: Officials discuss how to delay Election Day

Ron Reagan will speak in prime time at the Democratic National Convention

A commission headed by a Repug BUSH appointee who was a Baptist

Can we send him home yet ??

very interesting reading

Yet another anecdote on the turning tide...

Were Republicans anti-separation of church and state before the

Election Postponement LTTE

Bush is caught reading "My Pet Goat" for the fifth time.....

Working on my letter to my Senators: re: Election Day cancellations.

No US presidential election has ever been postponed.

Replace Cheney with Powell and America goes crazy stupid

The bushies* think this is their world

Happy Fictional U.S. President Day!

Does anyone here remember when the elder Bush after shaking

Elections and terrorists: bit of an "I told you so!" and a warning

Better language: Canceling the elections is surrendering to the terrorists

If the WH tries to postpone/cancel the election, will the UN step in?

The Lie factory

Suspension of Constitution Rules-Martial Law & FEMA/HSA

What happens to the money when a corporation is fined?

Last night on the Discovery Channel, of all places...


Did the Senate Iraq Investigation specifically exclude OSP?

Interesting red state-blue state map

Anyone catch on CNN that Enron money used to redistrict Texas??

Enron Auction - If you want to see the catalog of Goodies

Question: Are there brothels in Iraq like in Vietnam?

U.S. Mulls How to Delay Nov. Vote in Case of Attack

The Sloganator's Bush Posters

How can the feds delay something that doesn't exist?

Kerry will be on CNN at 12:30

In need of your clever minds

Great Lincoln quote re: canceling presidential elections

All Hail our new US Election Assistence Commission

The answer to Election Day terrorist threats:

The Right Review

DU this poll on Gay Marriage Constitution Ammendment-neck n' neck

see NY Review of Books article on US torture

Please help with my LTTE on postponing elections.

Reviewers of DeLay's ethics got his money (oh yes they did)

The constitution on elections

DU this poll "Bush again defends invasion of Iraq"

John McCain said terroist attacks would NOT stop the elections

Kerry and Edwards Need to Answer War ? Clearly and Succinctly

Anyone else scared by Ridge's "suspend the election"?

Did you hear about CInemark? Come on and email with me.

What is the procedure for demanding mental evaluation of the president?

DU this poll on gay marriage


Anything on the FAUX Outing News Conference yet? nt

F911 psuedo review - but good points on why we should be ashamed

Bush described Saddam's Iraq.

wolf blitzer on the daily show tonite!

Lynne, Dick Cheney Differ on Gay Marriage

Ed Gillespie just said that Fact is their site...

Someone needs to tell * that respect

So do you think

RCP Average (7/6 - 7/9) 44.3% 49.7% Kerry +5.4 (looking good)

Would you be a Republican IF...

If The Pres Election is Postponed, What Happens To State & Local Elections

It worries me that the media like Kerry/Edwards so much

You are getting sleepy...Your eyes are closing... America is safer.....

AAR: Al & Katherine are now calling it "The Al Franken Show"

Did any one see Lott on CNN this morning?

Kudos for REUTERS on this caption!

7/12/04 - Rasmussen Poll: Kerry 48% Bush 44%

friend @ work re: F911: "can't even be called a documentary--so many lies"

Helen Thomas just contacted Vetwife on this clip via email

Bayh refusing to say that the terrorist warnings are political (CNN)

Ron Reagan to address Democratic Convention

A Trip to the Norfolk Zoo

bush speech.contradictions in same article.....

Another terrorist attack

AIDS specialists confronting spread: `We're losing the battle'

um, i know that the 'postponing elections' horse has been beaten to death

Has anyone visited

Molly Ivins

Reverend Moon coronated by US senators?

Pretty powerful stuff here

Edwards Choice May Give Him Edge in 2008

Clear Channel reneges on displaying anti-war ad on Times Square billboard

A story that fell through the cracks..

Question about postponing the election.

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Takes $2.4M in Britain

Regardless of Whether Kerry/Edwards Are Being Honest...

An engraved invitation to attack . . .

I can't believe what the GOP is doing now.

Radio Alert: Molly Ivins on AAR NOW 2:07 pm EDT

" Not enough Bush Supporters near New Orleans, LA can make it..."

Did we not know 3 years ago,after 9.11 that the elections might "need" to

If Plame recommended Wilson, how does that exonerate the leaker?

FMA, the Super Majority & "The Will of the People"

Rush mentioned his cigar maker on the air. Is this illegal? HELP

Incredible fallout (NONE) from the Intelligence Commission Report

Air America Radio (AAR) Pet Peeve....

OH MY GOD! Stop the presses! a Peeper?

Another question on guns

NAACP Chairman Condemns Bush Policies

MSNBC interview with Osama's brother....this is very revealing....

I just talked to my mom & she saw F 9-11 over the weekend.

It's time to start holding republican congress members accountable

Why exactly was there no plan to postpone the 2002 elections??

Trying to call my Senators on FMA- all circuits busy

Time Mag Exclusive Edwards SCOOP!!

AAR "morning sedition" will talk to CANCELLATION OF ELECTIONS GUY.

(WTO) Strong Foundations Built to Increase Access to AIDS Treatment

How the election postponement/coup will probably go down-realistically

CNN Poll: Should Terror Attack Delay Elections? Go vote.

I notice the Justice Dept. is the one

Protecting the sanctity of marriage

Its 2:30 PM, and CNN hasn't shown its daily Bush Sr. "Flyboy"

What is the Origin of the Kerry Fake Injuries / Medals Story?

when will someone finally equate "bad intelligence". . .

Maybe Ron Jr will talk about this highlight of Compassionate Conservatism

How many states currently allow gay unions?

Optimism for my fellow DUers

'Shall the fundamentalists win?' by Harry Emerson Fosdick

Need help re: Laci Peterson Law

Cal Ripken, did he see F911 before he shook Satan's hand? Email him!

Bush again defends invasion of Iraq

Would anti-gay marriage amendment actually pass?

skewed description of polls

quick check the new bush uniform on cnn 3:46pm

BBV: New voting machines getting final testing in Nevada

President of the United States shows protester the FINGER

Anybody listening to Randi? She is so good. The intelligence report

Have the handlers in the current admin completely lost their minds?

What Do You Suppose Goes Through Karl Rove's Mind....

Daily Kos blogger flogs us for inaction (rightly?)

Did anyone go to the Outfoxed press conf today?

Bev Harris on Ed Schultz show now 4pm

10,000 new voters! MOVEON's registration parties a huge success!!

Anti-Hollywood group making up stuff about Michael Moore and Spider-Man.

So why did the right really hate Bill Clinton so much?

Why Even Pessimistic Demos Should Vote This November--Lincoln

Nader on Crossfire today

Damn it could VH1's Best Week Ever lay off the god damn RW talking points!

Jeb Bush love affair with Florida congresswoman Katherine

major DAMAGE to DU averted just in time........

So whatever happened to England in the U.S. news?

Daily Kos blog flogs progs for inaction on election terror warning

How faux lies.

"steps need to be taken to secure the election"

Forum fun.. great photoshopped comebacks..

Kerry's Unemployment Nonvote

Thinking of ordering "Four Trials" by John Edwards. Who's read it here?

Question about Abu Ghirab

The Old American Republic has a case of AIDS.

Trippi on Franken: Kerry should opt out of

RevMoon's family values...kill.

B* lies again, "Saddam refused to open his country to inspections".

Is this True about Kerry and spending?

I just filled out a FAFSA- and I feel like the government knows waaaay

#1 song in USA asks "Why did Bush knock down the Towers?"

Get a load of Taxpayer CBS quotes in story - Unbiased? - BS!

We must demand 60 minutes run their Sibel Edmond story NOW

Kenny Boy Lay will be whining on Larry King Tonight (Mon)

DU this MSNBC poll RE: delaying elections

Wolf Blitzer's poll on delaying election day!

Big Dawg is wow-ing them in London. (pics)

Snarl is in Pittsburgh now.

Leslie interviewing Condi on CNN......coming up this hour

Wolf's report on Senate Hearings (FMA)

what is the 'Iowa precinct model'?????

moveon petition

Just who's country is it anyway? (Humor)

Please, see "Control Room" if it's in your town!!

Chip Carter ROCKS (never thought I'd say that!)

Who should be on the Democratic ticket in 2020?

Send this . Help Send This!

Why isn't anyone nailing the Office of Special Plans for the bad intel?

UN this, UN that

It WAS NOT a failure of intelligence!

Ditka for IL Senate ?

Vote in our president's compassionate conservative poll!

I just finished reading "The Republican Noise Machine" by David Brock.

Anarchy Threat in New York City

Help Keep the Assault Weapons Ban in Place!

and this is what ya get with *no child left behind*

Bush supporters & Texas-based "Clear Channel" censors free speech AGAIN!!

Senate is now convening - FMA to be discussed

Why did Al Franken go out of his way to protect Richard Riordan?

Deliver us all from THEIR temptation... (A theory about Fundie mentality)

Nader on Xfire.....Liberty Douchebag: Nader crushed Dean in debate

Who's been listening to Randi Rhodes today? Got a question for ya...

Osama + Saddam =

FCC Petition (please read)

Faux News responds to "Outfoxed"

Randi Rhodes says she's about to announce new stations!

Voting Machines - paper vs. electronic

Why it's necessary to keep bringing up Nazis....

Has anyone heard when F-9/11 is coming out on DVD.

Slack-jawed Bush standing under a huge "Protect" banner

On A Scale Of 1-10, Your Feelings On Guns Are....

Henry Waxman NOT on Young Turks bad (eom)

Laci Peterson law facts.. help please...

Asian Pacific Americans to gather in Boston during convention. Link.

Henry Waxman on The Young Turks NOW

How will our athletes be treated at The Olympics?

Where are the #'s of a sitting prez in the polls ....

Congressman Schiff redeems himself - will oppose marriage amendment

Roan Plateau Colorado should be a national monument

"making America safer. . ."

Dubya Meets the Founding Fathers ... a short story

Olberman/Joseph Wilson/Talking Points

what will stop 'terrorists' from attacking us on the delayed election day?

Breaking: Weapons inspectors NOT "kicked out" of Iraq in 1998!

The all new Election Commitee toons

Wall Street Journal posts DU thread (links)...both Kerry and Move-On slams

Local Bush supporter explains all

Today on Democracy Now!

Funniest Political Flash Video EVER!

"Will voters buy (bush's) LATEST justification"

Day after Democratic Convention ends

I support the death penalty for Ken Lay

Social Justice Website recommendations?

Bet gone awry...Please Help

Freeway Blogger

Proud to admit you're a CONSERVATIVE…..

SENATOR Mike Ditka?

U.S. Urges UN to Get Ready to Act on Sudan

Does anyone have a photo of Wassef Ali Hassoun

Revisiting the Reichstag fire and the talk of postponing our elections

Great story on CBS news -- "don't ask don't tell" conundrum

DU this POLL!

phillipines to pull out of iraq

It's not ABOUT gay marriage.

Condi Rice lying on CNN right Now!

I found info about FEMA suspending the constitution and elections

Is Bush extending an open invitation for terrorists to attack us?

Orwin Hatch is on Hardballs

?Has the U.S. ever postponed an election? Two world wars and no

I have TEN questions for the next Bush Press Conference.

The O'Franken Factor is Dead.

It’s All About Style! by Karen Kwiatkowski (New)

YES! Buzzflash wages war against RIGHTWING GAY Drudge!

Power outage in Greece.

Pics of some real RETARDED bottom feeding trash.

CNN New Poll Numbers Here: Kerry 50, Bush 46

interesting accusation against a freeper

Worst Democratic President? Best Republican President?

What's the deal with shrubya EEE-NUN-CEE-ATE-ing all his words like a

Ken Lay on Larry King Live.......Don't expect any bombs.

I need your advice re: rw email

Do you think the Democrats should fight for Gay Marriage rights *now*?

Kerry/Edwards rallies: 1st Amendment Zones?

My position on gays in the military.

Most Serious Warning Ever

Mike Malloy

Check This Out!.... This Is The Worst Propaganda Photo EVER of dimson*....

Have any of our fearless Dem leaders

Ron Reagan on Hardball - What A Tremendous Spokesman!

Danna Bash (CNN): "Much Of What Bush Said Today Was 'Re-Packaged', Not New

I wonder - Is bush* at all concerned about bad intelligence?

Which outcome would be more satisfying to DUer's

*Dissappointed* went to a moveon voter registration party lastnight

What Did DU'ers think of John Edwards as Kerry's Running Mate?

WTF is with Sci-Fi authors? Orson Scott Card Loves FoxNews

Outed Agent and the Cancelled Election: My Friend Figures Out the Media


Who Is Karen Kwiatkowski ? Read Her Take on the Senate Intelligence Report

Cheney Faces Criminal Indictments

Jon Stewart TONIGHT: Wolf Blitzer!

The average age of a homeless person in the United States is...

TIA analysis: June State and National poll results CONFIRM each other.

Saw F911 With my Wife

Did anyone see Buckley tip his hand to Timmy Russert on MTP yesterday?

whatever happened to Jonathan Walker Lindh? remember him?

News Article from * Kutztown visit - Arrest, car broken into

The Plame indictments threads: A Readers Digest version would be great.

Bring it On II

Title 3 of the U.S. code covering the election of the president

Situation in the DRC (the Congo) Gets Worse

Why are we Americans so easily susceptible to fear?Almost all civilized

60 minutes last night

What do you think would happen if martial law were declared?

It's time to stop the Sudan horrors

i can't take it here

Is it really necessary to bring up Nazis all the fricking time?

For the last time: Kerry DID NOT vote for war

Need some GOTV help and advice

Interesting take on FMA from a REAL conservative...

Should the Dems have sign on to the CIA report?

What, exactly, does banning same-sex marriage really accomplish?

2% of Americans injured by a corp sue. 3% of them get punitive dmgs. Avg..

ROFL -- How to tell if Cheney is lying

The Gay Marriage Amendment

More Theaters And Dates Added For 'The Hunting Of The President' !!!

Nader at 3.5 percent. How can we stop this from being a repeat of 2000?

Who have you supported in the past? (A green poll)

Iraq War Veteran Called ''Baby-Killer'' - verify

Just how many Reichstags have to burn, anyway?

JFK on the shooting range.....(PHOTO)

Drudge: Still home to Bush/Hitler Ad

America's Hearts and Souls

DU Needs New Moderators!

CSPAN link showing senate debate of Gay Marriage

"The American people are safer" - the media calls us cowards too.

which RW groups will invite Kerry to address them?

Illinois Senate: Could Mike Ditka Win For the 'Pubs?

Fahrenheit 9/11

Here's a Marriage Constitutional Amendment we can all support!

We call on George Bush to release the video of his speech to the CNP.


How do I counter the Kerry is a socialist argument?

Bad news out of NC, new poll

When does human life begin?

"So You're A Republican Now?" | the latest TOONs

Rethinking The NRA

Whales' Plight Revives Sonar Theory

The CIA Did It! [Mother Jones}

NYT: Antiwar Group Says Its Ad Is Rejected (by Clear Channel)

NYT: Bush's Pre-emptive Strategy Meets...Untidy Reality(more CIA blame?)

Nations Slow to Deliver Iraq Aid

Insurgents Kill 3 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

Elderly Palestinian crushed to death

Fury over Pentagon cell that briefed White House on Iraq's 'imaginary' al-

Blair Gets Butler [Iraq Intel.] Report Tomorrow; Made Public Wednesday

NYT:Urged by Right,Bush Takes on Gay Marriage("to forefront of campaign")

WP,pg1: Decoding the Surprisingly Active Life of Fat Cells (new research)

US National Park Service ‘in denial’

France, Iraq Re-establish Diplomatic Ties (after 13 years)

In Missouri, Swing Voters Will Play Key 2004 Role

Languid Tigris Waters Mask Iraq's Pollution Menace

Moore movie breaks box office records (UK)

Insurgents attack Abu Ghraib Detention Facility

Administration Confirming Plans to Open More Forests to Logging

Wife of Ex-Enron Chief Reports to Prison

Anger at US ban on AIDS scientists

(UNAIDS Biennial Repor): A Pandemic Within the Pandemic

Reagan Son (Ron Jr.) To Address Democratic Convention

Bush defends decision to invade Iraq

Isabel Sanford of 'The Jeffersons' Dies

Bush reelection hounded by Iraq, September 11 investigations

Fury at anarchist convention threat - NY Daily News

Reviewers of Delay's ethics got his money

Aker Kværner asked to drop Guantanamo contract

Hundreds of squatter families ordered out of public buildings in Baghdad

NYT: Experts in Sex Field Say Conservatives Interfere w/Health, Research

MI5 calls for parliament 'ring of steel' (Concerned about Big Ben too)

Iraq Leader Promises Insurgency Crackdown

Parties to end early for conventioneers (Boston)

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Takes $2.4M in Britain (more records broke)

Taliban vow more attacks

Trade Pact May Undercut Inexpensive Drug Imports

Jeb Bush love affair with Florida congresswoman Katherine

Kerry Puts $1M Into Spanish - Language Ads

Study: Kerry has not capitalized on Bush's bad press

Randi Rhodes says she's about to announce new stations!

Isabel Sanford, 'Jeffersons' star, dies (so long Weezie)

Ron Reagan to address Democratic Convention

Cheney: Kerry Backtracking on Iraq War

(Kenya) More Than 600,000 Faced With Starvation in Coast

Abstinence, Condom Controversy Erupts at AIDS Meet

Kerry tells real Democrats to go fuck themselves


"Democrats Drop Antiwar Pretensions ", article from

Democrats Avoid Platform Fight Over Iraq -- News from convention

Some Key Conservatives Uneasy About Iraq

Some key conservatives uneasy about Bush

In Iraq, no power for the people (electricity still intermittent)

Blair faces Iraq storm ..

Iraq insurgents step up use of IED's

Kerry TV ads outpace Bush's

Former Tabloid Headquarters Cleaned of Deadly Anthrax Spores

Pacific buys magazines (From Rupert Murdoch)

Military court hears Lynndie England case

United, (for Peace & Justice ) it stands up against mayor (Bloomberg NYC)

France renews ties with Iraq (endorses the lie)

'Turncoats and terror in Pakistan's tribal areas'

Bush to tout progress on terrorism

US marine 'was kidnapped' in Iraq

Romney offers plan on an interim senator

AWOL on live talking about the terra-ists. He says they want to attack us

Senate Vote on Stem Cell Policy Not Likely

Blackout Hits Athens Month Before Olympics

News Corp. Donors Show Bipartisan Spirit in Presidential Politics

Thousands line up to meet Clinton in London

Ill veterans 'made to feel like enemy'

White House Proposal Would Leave Forest-Use Decisions to Governors

Arab states issue demand to the UN (that Israel comply with a World Court)

Philippines Announces Pullout to Save Iraq Hostage

Anti-war billboard raises hackles

CBC: Iraq to pardon killers of coalition soldiers

Gas Prices Up for First Time in 7 Weeks

(British) Intelligence staff 'pressured to lie over Iraq attack' (in 1998)

Edwards Hits Bush On Ken Lay Links

Pasco (FL) Deputies Zip Up Protective Suits

Richard Armitage runs into protocol barrier

Blair's Government Urges BBC Over Content (calling 4 outside contractors)

Frist to chair GOP platform committee

Kerry now leads in Oregon, Arkansas a toss up...

Supporters rally around Cheney as Bush urged to drop his VP

Air Force Seeks to Draft Accordion Player

Coping with the stress of war; Many return with mental health disorders

In Oklahoma, GOP Race Not a Given

NAACP plans major voter registration push (Showing F9-11 at convention)

Democrats Grapple With Dukakis' Legacy

Cheney in firing line over Nigerian bribery claims (French indictments?)

Phillipines to withraw troops ASAP from Iraq

Scientists complain about Bush policies

NYT: Recovery Trying to Keep Its Legs Suddenly Feels Woozy

Latham renews Iraq withdrawal pledge

CNN: Poll finds apparent Kerry lead in close contest

Bush again tries to link Saddam, al-Qaida

Bush Cites Libya Disarmament (as Iraq progress -Kerry notes long nego.)

CNN -- Bush Plane Troubles

Lynne, Dick Cheney differ on gay marriage

Fox Fights Back Against 'NY Times' Over Film Story (Outfoxed)

Bush Insists He Has Made America Safer

Republican opposes Bush policy in Iraq (TN Rep Duncan)


Democrats Fed Up With Yielding to GOP Rules

Cheney: Kerry 'Trying to Rewrite History'

No Proof Bush Completed Military Service - Thread 2

Study: Cal medical malpractice awards reduced by 30 percent

If Ramadi falls, 'province goes to hell'

Drudge: NYT tomorrow: Collapse of the Earth's Magnetic Field Accelerates

Tonight (Sunday), I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 for the second time.

I've got a zit on my eyelid and it hurts BAD

time for a late night conspiracy theory thread....

If it walks like a schmuck, talks like a schmuck,

okay, who knows a good online pharmacy, and how does it work?

Battlestar Galactica miniseries DVD promo released

Goodnight everyone!!!

if Bush were indicted in the Plame scandal, how would Coulter spin it?

OK -- something more substantial about Cate Edwards:

"Because Windows was not properly shut down..."

Where's the insomniac thread?

Who would you prefer to jump in the sack with?

A picture of our new baby.


The breakup heart's been ripped apart

I can't wait to download Metallica's new documentary

Ever get to thinking you'd like to leave the planet?

Don't Go Away

Who wants to be a Superhero? Captain Liberal?

Anyone here from the Netherlands?

Good by all

Though I wasn't born until 1966, most of my favorite music...

Video Screen Tombstones Coming To A Cemetary Near You

Can someone shrink this down to sig line size, please?

Can someone with hardware knowledge help me please!!!

They run a tight ship over at the Free Republic/ I get caught

I think "In a Sentimental Mood" from the Duke & Coltrane Duet is my fav...

Quick question: Re Shell gas and screwed-up gas gauge

Are you a slob like me?

Cheney's F-Bomb Quote Lives On T-Shirts And THONGS!

Falling Tree Branch Kills Woman Watching Synchronized Swimming Show

Good Monday Morning DU!

Police Revive Canary In A Coalmine

Police Revive Rabbit Caught In House Fire

Non-sequitur poll

Anyone know what the earliest reported UFO abduction was?

The Infinite Cat Project - Check this Out!

LOL... president bush, you are a #!#^!#! moron!

Chinese House Spider Catches Snake In Its Web

Ronald McDonald Busted - Taken Away In Handcuffs

Air America Now

OK, maybe I don't pay enough attention, but

Cat help needed: I know who the mystery cat pee-peer is

27 Year Old Dog In Good Shape Says Doctor - Should Live To See 28

How should I spend my day?

Which Fu Manchu?

Life is not fair.....

(Aussie) Olympic teams frozen after new drugs claim

If Neo-Cons wrote "School House Rock" ditties.....

I got a damn "School House Rock" ditty stuck in my brain

"We're not saving babies here..." - Fat-busting ultrasound tech

OK, I'm way over this week-long sore throat, cough, and gunky eyes

Shameless second post to introduce my new kitty......

Any good places to eat or drink in Charleston?

"Love Actually": What did you think?

Which Presidents were smokers?

How ironic is this?

University Officials Investigating Campus Porn Web Site (Washington)

If squirrels wont so damn cute, I would kill them all

For those with an interntional music flair

Eeeeyowww! I sat on Erin's tooth!

Flushing Out Porta-Potty Vandalism (No WONDER Freepers Protect Them)

Paying to Nap in City That Never Sleeps

"Celebrities" that you don't understand their claim to fame.

One more great thing about will be nice having a President...

Who is it exactly that does the regretting?

Man Dies After Sister-In-Law Serves Him Antifreeze Cocktail

Black Sabbath's "Sabotage"- an underrated gem of an album

It's QUIZ Time again: Take the Quiz about the US Flag

Warning: If I'm a bit silly tonight, just ignore me

Anyone know where to find a list of divorced republicans in congress??

Do you think it would be jumping to conclusions

how much should I offer for a house?

coupla jokes

If you like "The Upright Citizens Brigade" or "Strangers with Candy"

Would you participate in the "Running of the Bulls"?

Hellfest July 23rd - 25th

Churches Use BOOKS To Post Witty Slogans On Their Signs

OOPS....Manchurian Candidate mix-up

spot the FAKE smile!

Cute girls with puppies..and some fun * pics..and underpants can dance

Anyone practice Baal Fertility Rituals?

We are house huntin'!!

I just heard that Weezy died

Make your own shrubya* speech with refrigerator magnet words


New Bumper sticker!!

Would you kick this ass?

Emanuel Goldstein's the name.

Micro$oft to put online store on Start menu

I love my cheerios!

How Do You Find Out Who Owns a Web Site???

Whose head would you like to see on a pike In Ghirardelli Square?

would you kiss this ass?

Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children?

If Bush rids the world of evil ....

What Bible verse says...'Give to whoever asketh' or something like that...

Anyone here use IRC


My 1001 post! So cool!

who else is bored at work

Al Franken was going to de-splotch O'Reilly ...

Did Angelus get the job???

1,2,3 what are we fighting for

what is a blog?


Blue Collar Comedy Tour: If Ya Missed It Tonight and Ya Like Foxworthy...

When A Penis Is Too Big To See (From The San Francisco Gate News)

No "W" or 2,s,or x, what does this sound like to you?

Hooray!!! I got my free anti-bush bumper sticker from MoveOn today!

Bush joke...

Has anyone else seen this? "America's Ketchup"

Complete and total hearsay about Jenna Bush

Which Holly Golightly?

So much for the "All Jews are Rich" theory...

If JK is among us here, what do you think his DU name is?

MCI sucks

Great "other guys" in famous bands.

Using a celebrity photo for Photoshop item ?

Testing a theory. Would you give me (a random person)...

Did anyone else catch this diddy of a scandel?

Tasteless comment of the day.

Does anyone else own a Dell?

Odor may be clue to missing 40 lbs. of halibut at airport

When is the Homerun Derby? Is it televised? Did I miss it?

What do the initials GOP actually stand for?

Does Laura Bush smoke?

No Tour de France, No Baseball Today. What's A Boy To Do?

Rebuilding my music collection

Tell us something about LynneSin's CATS we don't already know!

Actress Who Played 'Weezie' On 'Jeffersons' Dies

I'm frequently accused of being too tolerant.

Bought Alice In Chains "Facelift" today. Ask me anything.

Who agrees? When does life begin? When the beer arrives!!

New t-shirt / bumper sticker idea!

Finally saw F/911!

Teens Hope To Make Full-Sized Replica Of Reptile Fly

your opinions please, re can I get a security clearance??

Happy 25th Anniversary of Disco Demolition, Chicago!!!!!

Songs that make you think of movies when you hear them

Tell us something about yourself we don't want to know.

Lonesome dance for the Outlaw-Jesco White finds hard times

Three months later, I still have unanswered questions.

These People give Christians a bad Name:

Illlinois Libertarian Senate Candidate: "KOHN, JERRY"

Other reasons Republicans want to delay Election Day

So, who is considering applying for a DU mod position?

Scam e-mail I got.

Reminder: Daily Show must-see replay coming up (7 EST)

Anyone know anything about building insurance?

What does Laura Bush smoke?

major DAMAGE to DU averted just in time........

I have a very weird question

August release for Windows XP SP2

Isabelle Sanford (best known as Louise Jefferson) has died

Looking for pics of low turnout pro war rally

The 'Young Wipper-Snappers' of all CAPTIONS!!!

Ken is never going to lose on Jeopardy

The Spiritual Spitball of all CAPTIONS!!!

What will the Terror Alert Level be on Election Day?

The Roadmap of all CAPTIONS!!

I need help with dinner

Tell us something about another DUer that we don't already know

The Garbled Garb of all CAPTIONS!!!

Muffinfilms, these are kool!

Would you help me, please?

No "Gourmet" Meal Tonight - But GREAT - Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup!!!

The Broiled Wit of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen I am going home for the day and THIS RIGHT HERE

I'm no longer a pretty boy

What is the best book on MS Access?

Liberal Bibles?

Jeopardy is on.

if you could keep a large, wild animal safely...

Tell us something about you that went thru the grape vine and you heard

Calling Calif lawyer types!!!!

The Manchurian Candidate @1:PM EST

Unhappy Four Years, Gee my portfolio is exactly the same

I'm on the business trip from hell . . .

What's the longest you've been unemployed?

Eastwood, Spielberg Mull Iwo Jima Project

Today in Vegas - 120º!! Yikes!

Charlotte or NC DU'ers..... Considering a move to your area, any advice?



Mischief gets a clean bill of health and a place on the sig pic.


Questions for DU HTML experts re posting an uploaded image on DU


Coolest state, not counting your own, is...?

Are you out of touch with today's music?

Morgan Fairchild is on board...big hair, big donor!

To the American a gay man, I'm tired of being demonized.

the word offensive should be banned

Accordion players - - America's greatest heroes!

Are there any funny conservatives?

Iowa Parish Plans Book Burning

A message to lurking right-wingers.

Downward spiral to homelessness.

So I'm looking to become an attorney, and I need some help.

When does one stop being a Newbie?

Any Phans going to Coventry?

Man Urged Teens To Play Russian Roulette In His Home - Teen Dead

Which Presidents were smoked?


Post your Bush jokes here!

What is your favorite Jazz song and why? (I love the impossible questions)

just two more hours until the opening of The ?W Revue...

I start my latest tour tomorrow...please say hi

Once again.. Hollywood ruins another great piece of literature

If you read only one post today.....

The DU themed movie thread.

So where was Barney in last night Simpson's episode?

Why the Copyright Nazis are Nazis, reason #9,857,892,346,264

I've sold everything I have to sell and I'm still $250 short....

need advice - friend may have been date raped

Tell the Freeps something about Shrub they don't wanna' know!

DU is on Air America Radio! It's the Cuckoo Conservatives!

Take the OTHER quiz: What Country are you?

DU Needs New Moderators!

When did "drinking the Kool-Aid" become such a popular phrase?

f you were diagnosed with a terminal illness, what would you do?

The Thinking Man of all CAPTIONS!!!

Tell Us Something About Yourself That We Don't Already Know...

Take the Quiz: What Book Are You?

I just heard on Chris Mathews Show........

THANK GOD John Kerry doesn't agree with me on every issue

Who Would You Rather Have As President- Nad(i)r Or Bruce Springsteen

Just saw an ad for DEMOCRATIC convention-showed pictures of Bush

The coward in chief, snubs the NAACP

How did Clinton do well with younger voters in '92?

I am watching CSPAN right now, they have a Bush rally from Friday.

My letter to my elected officials-

Bush drops compassionate conservatism

Kerry Press Release: Largest Hispanic Ad Buy in Pres Campaign History

Kerry Press Release: America’s Values and Helping All Americans Get Ahead

Kerry TV ads outpace Bush's

Ron Reagan Jr to speak at Dem Convention (sorry if dupe)

So are Kerry-Edwards going the "nothing but optimism" route?

Bush/Cheney disown the "common person" vote.

You know what the saddest thing about the election is?

New Poll results from Missouri and Virginia

McKinney, GA 4th Cong debate goes well for Cynthia

new polls from Alabama, Georgia, and Illinois

?? About Final polls from 2000

new msnbc poll

Odd coincidence - or are the powers that be listening to DU-ers?

Novak column: Attack on Ronald Prescott Reagan

"less powerful nation in the court of world public opinion."

Answering the IWR question...

An easier way to get Nukes for Pakistan

Kerry Press Release: Kerry Statement on Reducing Nuclear Threats

Nad(i)r's On Crossfire

''Do not fall into the easy trap of mourning the loss of U.S. lives"

Blue states that are currently in play

How is Jeffords doing in Vermont?


Republican Convention a SET UP!

Poll about Kerry campaign strategy

Florida DUers: Sign Betty Castor's Verified Voting Petition

Has there been any polling about whether a Terrorist attack

Here's a good live online survey for Newsweek....

No need to postpone elections when we have absentee ballots.

I Didn't Do So Well Arguing With A Rabid Independent Today

What next? The president and I agree!

Kerry vs. Mayor Menino of Boston


has anybody compared Kerry's crowds to Bush's?

Serious question? Do the terrorist want America to have a Republican

Who Would You Rather Have As President- Nad(i)r or Satan?

The Right Wing Has Declared War On Ronald Reagan Jr.*

Hastert, has turned to the lyrics of pop singer Alanis Morissette.

White House won't guarantee elections in November

Heard on the Vice Presidential debate

Please help right away -- we've got to stick together

Why Bush is wrong about stem-cell research

Political Polarization -- it's personal (as if we didn't know this)

New CNN/Gallup Numbers! HUGE!!!! Kerry/Edwards 50%!!

New Zogby for WSJ shows Kerry +3 in battleground states

How 'bout them Rethugs? From red-baiting to race-baiting to gay-baiting

Who's a bigger traitor: Nader or Zell Miller?

What we really need is another pointless Nader-bashing thread

Red states that are currently in play

DK delegate gets sole standing ovation at Miami Platform Committee mtg