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Archives: July 15, 2004

Bush speeches laced with messages to religious right

Compassionate conservative

Documentary on S.F.'s gay weddings has helped break down stereotypes

The True Cost Of The Iraq War (

Minister of Fear

Michael Moore: Treacherous Traitor

Commentary: Is Bush the Antichrist? - By Mike Moore

Space program inefficient, irrelevant

'Doonesbury' Artist Trudeau Skewers Bush

Watch for China's split with Russia

Attn. SW VA DUers.

Jumpin' Jehosephat! Mike Savage is a low-down, gulldang LIAR!

Misleading headline of the day-Kerry did not read Iraq Intelligence Report

WTTW Chicago Tonight (PBS) is run by RNC HOORS!!!!!!!!

JFTDC!: I Am So Sick of Interviewing For Jobs & Getting Nothing!

Cambodian politics rocked by intrigue

Plotter recalls failed attempt to kill Hitler

Thread moved

I just accidentially "nominated a thread" for the homepage...

The fallout from Abu Ghraib

Dangerous Judaism (Ha'aretz Op Ed)

California’s not my home anymore

Should we gather for "The Corporation" at the Landmark Lagoon?

Anybody that lives in Columbus

in Cooper's CNN program: Who was the guy defending Whoopi?

Devils Choice - Keep Cheney? Dump Cheney?

Iraq Occupation

Paula Zahn now... Blame the CIA

Bush fills speeches with messages to evangelicals

I'm curious: What do Repubs think will be the Dem "surprise"?

What they said in '92 about the draft...

Did you see the "puff piece" on Zahn's program about the twins?

Time for a Call to Arms!!!

Anybody hear Olbermann's "Whoopie's response to the Slimfast flap":

Dumping Cheney might helps us more than *

No update in almost 24 hours from Josh Micah Marshall (TPM).....

How many of you at DU think that most of the hot air coming from

Interesting Clinton Interview on Dutch TV (video) - 30mins

Tweety had Molly Ivins and Blankley (Moony WashTimes). Blankley

correct me if im wrong but

I think Karl Rove has an unlimited supply of assholes at his

Thank the gods!!! Ditka obeys his wife....(know what's good for him)

why do repukes get away with anything?

Whoa...moment of clarity..think if Obama was already in the Senate in 2000

Ridge Says Warning Was Not Political

Pittsburghers & Other Panthers Fans: Let's Get Them Off Clear Channel!

Hannity is a lifetime loser - know how I know?

so bush talks to god and

Den of Thieves track 6 (or is it 7?): 'Satisfied'

Selling his babies -- *'s next marketing strategy

How Much More Can Bush Make Me Hate Him?

The repug MEDIA MACHINE is an amazing juggernaut... The Edwards's

Ping the New American Patriots

Where's the "they call you elite, I call you my base" Bush speech from?

Will Colin Powell be Secretary of State on January 21, 2005?

Anybody watching Mcenroe on CNBC ?

No Ditka

protesting the RNC?

pro-war lady offended by anti-war people in July 4th parade

It's being rumored now the GOP might convince Ryan the Pevert to stay in

Kerry leads in every non-partisan electoral map I can find.

hypothetical question :

Gay marriage problem SOLVED!

Edwards' father was a manager!

Republicans are now Hillary defenders!

yee haa pissed off a fundie today

Barak Obama to deliver the Keynote Address

John McEnroe show is on CNBC (eastern)

Doug Feith under fire on CNN?

concepcion (from f 9/11) emailed me back. short but sweet

DU the CNN POLL!!!

who was * talking to when he said, "God told me to attack Iraq"?

Conservative Eye for the Liberal Guy (Parody) - Episode 1

"terror" alerts

Cheney gossip

Ditka not running

Democratic Underground has New Moderators!

Hiliary...damned if she does/doesn't.

George And Laura Bush Are Selfish, Thoughtless Parents.

Come on. Cheney ain't gonna be dumped!

Help--Looking for a good place to buy Kerry/Edwards T-shirts

Did Dennis Kucinich sell out Anti-war Democrats?

Sarah Vaughn? What about Spike Lee? The Daily Show quirk

On Frontline tonight: Nixon, the Watergate break-in, and the coverup

Who here agrees with me that the Internet is to.......

Bush-Cheney signs.

gestapo coming for me tomorrow

Hey Everybody! It's time to play Osama bin Lotto!

Anyone else out there find Edward's life story moving?

BBV - Riverside - Barbara Dunmore replaces Mischelle Townsend

And they say liberals whine a lot.

Cool,the guy who made Pumping Iron is making a documentary about Kerry.

Is the junta like Mr. Creosote?

U.S. Works to Sustain Iraq Coalition

No difference my ass

Gimme a Break! In my local paper!

Someone made the King in Far Far Away (Shrek 2) a Republican

Obama and Edwards fundraiser tonight

Serial Killer or Conservative Talk Show Host

Illinois GOP recruits Harry Caray for Senate ticket.

Something is happening here....

what happened with ashcroft telling senate committe f * you

Disgusting Nightline tonight about illegal alien crossings

Anbody have a record of today's marriage amendment vote?

Bill Janklow (R-Murderer... SD) being sued in civil court...

Looking for a thread from earlier this week, link to German TV

If Kerry pulls ahead in these states, Bush is REALLY toast.

113F/45C in Baghdad. Do you know where Bush is murdering your children?

OMG Jon Stewart ripped Rick Santorum a new one

F9-11 and 2 new converts

The Cheney story referenced by Drudge is up

How many American troops will die in Iraq when all is said and done?

Would you agree to be "chipped"? - Chip Implant - POLL

What should we call "intelligence" now?

Bill Janklow (R-Murderer... SD) being sued in civil court...

Looking for a thread from earlier this week, link to German TV

tinfoil: why DHS asked for authority to delay election

Thomas Frank ("What’s the Matter with Kansas?") on Charlie Rose tonight

Newt's 1996 Memo Says to Call Dems Traitors

Suppose I wanted to recall Senator Wayne Allard...

Bush can't physically stand to be behind in the polls....and will crack...


Anyone want to open a BushCo* 'Hell House" this Halloween?

Josh Marshall's latest on the Butler report

Anybody else think that Edwards Makes Kerry Look MORE Presidential?

Why Does The Media Ignore The Kerry Upward Trend

Letters home from Iraq -- Warning: Depressing

How Many Republicans, Women in particular, will secretly vote DEM

WHO Is Ready To Take The Streets On 11/3? Are YOU?

G.I. Joe critics: four Army infantrymen from Fort Benning, Ga review F 911

Jenna wants to teach Blacks and Hispanics in Harlem

Ney of Freedom Fries fame calls Dean irresponsible over paper ballots.

I was just the victim of a push-poll

US imprisoning over 100 children at Abu Ghraib

Hilarious take on gay marriage on the Daily Show..dont miss the rerun!

Please OH PLEASE! go here and DU this poll (vote O'Reilly)

Bill O'Reilly: EXPOSED!

I'm about to submit a letter to the editor (my first).. any suggestions?

From Hitler to Bush MUST READ

Plame's Lame Game

What ever happened with Mike Ruppert?

What is most wrong about the bushgang?

Kerry polling 52.91% beating Dems avg 52.60% in last 3 elections.

The lastest propaganda...slam Theresa

Latest Mason-Dixon poll shows "stastical dead heat" in North Carolina.

A Modest Proposal - The Top Marginal Income Tax Rate

A brave young DNC volunteer just knocked on my door.

OMG...Who has seen this ad...LMAO

Unfreep this poll

Bill O'Reilly called Michael Moore a chickenshit

Goebbels: "opponents...grow suddenly silent when it actually happens. "

the crawford wives! great naral ad about anne, pickles, and connie

George W. Bush: The Greatest American Hero

F9/11 breaks 90 million mark...

I'm not making this up NBC5 just reported the IL GOP now wants Ted Nugent

Should Ralph Nader Get Out Of The Race?

Not that it's a bad thing, but why is Fitzgerald retiring after one term?

Persian Power: Iranian-Americans make an impact

Hersh must've seen the Abu Ghraib videos

Say Hello to our New Moderators!

9/11 was an inside job

Sadr militia clashes with government forces in Najaf

Saddam's trial divides Iraqi opinion

This just in from the Chicago Tribune re: Ditka v.

US Says Taiwan Arms Sales Will Continue

Mortgage lender shaky in downturn

Ditka Says He Won't Run for U.S. Senate

GAO report criticizes terror warnings

Press given access to Guantanamo Bay

Vigilante (Idema) fooled Nato into helping raids

Saudi justice system blind to abuse of foreign workers

Wiranto's backers edge nearer to conceding defeat - Indonesia

Egypt's Cabinet fuels succession rumor

Ditka Will Not Run For U.S. Senate

Haiti agrees to Caricom conditions

Kelly turns up heat on GOP protesters with 'final offer'

Microchips implanted in Mexican officials

Send shuttle to save Hubble: panel

Powell Flies in the Face of Tradition

Anger seethes in Hyndman over Abu Ghraib soldier

Florida Firefighters Endorse John Kerry

House committee approves anti-abortion provision

Powell warned pre-war claims were dubious

Operation Lightning Resolve begins in Afghanistan

A journey to the end of the world—or the beginning - Kilauea volcano

EPA Considers Lawsuits Vs. 22 Utilities

House Panel Reviews Iraq Prison Reports (ICRC reports)

Peru's president jittery over calls for a mass strike

Magistrate Rules Janklow Was On Duty During Accident

Yukon (Canada) OKs same sex marriage

Second Iraq Education Contract Goes to U.S. Firm (Creative Associates)

WP: Sworn Statements by Abu Ghraib Detainees

Mason/Dixon poll: Presidential Race in NC considered a dead heat

Jenna Bush to Teach Fourth Grade in Fall (a charter school)

Bush Fortifies Conservative Base -WP

Chalabi lashes out at US (blames Brahimi)

Idaho Nat'l Guard tells soldiers stick to approved themes...

Latham calls for PM Iraq apology

AMD sales up 96 percent, returns to profit (Correction)

New GOP gay-ban tactics -Court powers could be taken away. (says DeLay)

'Doonesbury' Artist Trudeau Skewers Bush

Kerry Didn't Read Iraq Intelligence Report -- Aides

Voters head for the polls after damning Iraq report

U.S. Treasury says likely to hit debt limit in Oct

Enron's Lay Accuses Fellow Exec

Greg Palast testifying before US Civil Rights Commission

Bank 'ignored laundering laws' in handling dictator's accounts

‘The Bush Administration Stands Alone’

Massachusetts may make health care a legal right

Bush's warmup act (Dennis Miller) takes swings at Kerry, Byrd, Clinton

So Bu$h goes to open the Olympic games...

New Beasties On WOXY Now!

What the hell is in slim-fast?

Harry Mudd? Or Q?

Did you see the "puff piece" on Zahn's program about the twins?

Anybody wanna date Tara Reid?

How do you think fanatical bible-thumpers will explain the

Before there was wine...there was Fred ..

Hey, Californians...Arnold wants my business, in ILLINOIS! (Now with pic)

It's 8:26 in Auburn Hill, Mi - Time to challenge Mr. Scorpio w/ a Q&A

That "CU Underground" site sucks, IMHO...Bunch of dorks who don't

Any video gamers here? Doom3 is DONE!

Happy head-lopping Bastille Day! Happy Birthday Nick-Nick!

"Da Coach" won't run for the Senate

Lifestyle Changes After Supersize Me

Wooo hoooo! I'm done packing for Grey Fox!

Need a break? The Maltese Falcon is on TCM right now.

Ashamed to Admit: Need Tape of Today's Lester Holt Show

Anyone know anything about Aneka (who sang "Japanese Boy")?

South Park: Cartman does Christian Rock!

"A Thief of Time" on PBS again tonight now

Mrs. Cat and I are hittin' the sauce! Questions?

Citicorp Mortgage - A Song of India

Is this a cool outfit?

Book 'em, Danno...murder one.

Um....why is everyone interesting in putting things up HeyHey's alley?

Kobe... Lakers bound or Clippers bound?

Hey y'all. I'm just checking out my profile's new sig line.

A new beer for HEY HEY.. right up his alley :)

If you're not reading Jesus' General, you should be ROFLOL

A new bear for HEY HEY.. right up his alley :)

This is not Nam. This is bowling.

My poor dog hasn't been on a walk in a month

whats the ideal weight for a republican?

when's going to be the date and about the time Obama should be speaking?

what station online can i hear stuff like beastie boys, black eyed peas,

1000th post: THE BREAKDOWN

Red Hat hit with class-action lawsuits

How does the Daily Show get interviews from people who should know

Best Kiss Album


Daily Show time!

I have been watching my teenage years unfold on VH1.

dick cheney does TV ad

Oh.....I'm picking out a thermos for you

Wednesday Night Dirty Joke D.U.L.L. Thread

DoloAmber - you look so naked without the admin moniker!

your new, awesome homepage.

Does anyone really think Mo Rocca is funny?

Hey, anybody going to Burning Man this year?

Has anyone tried the new Kids Cereal made with splenda?

Better "Head Over Heels"

David Cross is on AquaTeen Hunger Force Now! 11pm Cst.

Best Grateful Dead Show ever?

This is my 1000 post!

Listening to the Black Crowes "Southern Harmony and Musical Companion.

Does anyone find this disturbing?

Mmm! Peanut Butter Fudge Chunk from Haagen-Dazs.

The X-Rated book on tape is that O'Reilly for real?

ok admit it!

Baby, Here I am, I'm a man on the scene.

Hockey Edition: Hated current sports owners

Argh... "I love the book..."

I'm testing a new sig line ( This is only a test!)

Bored and listening to to Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon...stop by and say hi!

Let's go kill sumthin'

The number 3 is not important....

"Jody was my bloody love" by Capitol Punishment

Thurs. Doonesbury continues with the J-word

Did Sen. Cornyn really compare same sex marriage to sex with box turtles?

Kobe... Laker Bound, Clipper Bound, or Prison bound?

Stick a fork in me, I'm done

250 pages Into Bill's Book: When Do I Hit The Boring Parts?

What is the governator doing in Arlington Heights Illinois?

My neighbor's marrying a box turtle. What gift should I buy?

Looking for a thread from earlier this week, link to German TV

Cubs to get Garciaparra?

Speaking of stuff that makes you feel old...

Are there any clergymen/women in the house?

Zomby's Wednesday Night Train Thread!

What is the best American musical group of all time?

Damn, I have a MORAN in my class!!!!!

Well, who will the Repubs get to run against Obama now?

Anyone know what this "Crossballs" show is about on Comedy Central?

Anyone here grow up in an apartment complex in the city?

There's a lady who's sure, All that glitters is gold.

I'm listening to "Take a Walk on the Wild Side"

Could a virus be responsible for breast cancer?

Is my stuff bigger than your stuff? I think it is.

Most hated current sports owners: Baseball edition

Her Name Was Lola - She Was a Showgirl

I just sat on hold with Dell for 10 minutes...

Okay Men, what songs do you dance to when the blinds are closed?

Abstract art disasters (

Dave says Jenna will be searching for margaritas of mass destruction!

Did I miss something? Is Killing Joke now popular among teenagers?

I think matcom owes me money

How many hours of sleep does a cat require?

DU this poll

Slim-Fast fires Whoopi over Bush jokes furor

Batman Supporters Come Here

Jenna *Hilton) Bush amateur porn tape ????

Been Dazed and Confused for so long, it's not true.

Lounge lizards watch out.

I'm extremely bored...ask me something!

Chamisa Forgives Me!

Illinois Republicans now pursuing Ronnie "Woo Woo" Wickers for Senate

I love trolling message boards

Computer question / did I get ripped off?

One-syllable word that best describes Dubya?

Attention Volkswagen owners. What's the oldest VW car you ever owned?

Say Hello to our New Moderators!

Ditka's first meeting ends well!

Is John Edwards appearing on Katie Couric's show on Thursday?

Sludge - NYT speculation, Bush will drop Cheney

Kerry's "State-by-state look at Bush’s broken promises on American jobs"

Possible Replacement for Dick Cheney

The unofficial Bush Twins Poll (Will they really help GW's Campaign?)

David Lee (Taiwan) plans to attend Democratic Party's convention

Yahoo: Ridge Says Warning Was Not Political

7/14- Dr. Fate's Daily activism update!!!

Florida firefighters endorse Kerry/Edwards

Since Newt Gingrich has been visible lately...does anyone

re: Election postponement....Torres, CA Dem Party Chair, e-mail.

Attack Bush But Can't Defend Kerry...

SO, Ditka's Out... Who's Up for the Repub Nomination in Illinois?

Draft Dean For VP Movement Backs Edwards as VP

Jenna Bush To Learn Firsthand What An Unfunded Mandate Is

Mason/Dixon Poll: Presidential Race Considered Dead Heat In N.C.

What if I said...I will vote for Kerry/Edwards and have donated to both,

How I would answer the IWR question

How do you feel about Kerry/Edwards no show for Senate

Kerry reduces ads in Missouri, Arizona and the South

Fred Kaplan:What Did Bush Know?And what did he think ?

Butler spreads the blame

Democrats silent in face of Senate panel's findings - Robert Novak (puke)

Butler provides the props for another great escape (The Guardian)

The Donald On Bush Jr.

MODO, Bush,s illogic is flawless and may be catching,

That Batman/Spider-Man article pisses me off.

Local LTTE (sorry so long)

Republican National Committee Convention Schedule

Why is the Kerry campaign doing this?

Campaign Health Care Proposals: A Bush versus Kerry Scorecard

USAToday OP-ed debate: Kerry versus Bush fan on No Child Left Behind Law

Why the US can't be trusted with our personal data

BBC (Thurdsday): World's press reflect Butler fallout

Funny poem about Bush in my school newspaper

BushLibs .... Remember Mad Libs (tm)? More fun than a barrel of pork!

The Birds of Guantanamo

Wilson contradictions leave Democrat senators speechless

Ehrenreich: All Together Now (Groupthink and Iraq War and Patriotism)

No, Parks Are Not Just Fine (Bush's Gail Norton lied as to funding)

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) interviews Molly Ivins

Cato: Bush Hoping for Mass Amnesia

Charles P. Pierce (TAP): And God Made Box Turtle

Helen Thomas: The CIA Takes the Rap for the Iraqi Debate

Study on National Emergency in the United States of America

US can help end Darfur genocide

Need help establishing a legitimate democratic base

Fox showing Kerrys' speech

Media non-report on Bush/Aschcroft/Rumsfield 2002 memo opening Abu Ghraib

media do spread 'memes' - PEJ study

A "News" Junkie No More

Today's Thought

Where did the lounge go?

On this day in history

Prevent Unwanted Presidencies

Looking For Democratic Web Forums..

Fed Study: House-Price Growth to Be Slow next 3 years

Most (42) State Governments Shipping (State) Jobs Overseas

Industry Production Drop(largest Production decline since April 2003)

Floating Garbage Hinders Three Gorges Navigation - Reuters

Global warming on Mars

Discontent Grows With EPA Mileage Testing System - CSM

Could someone please explain possible relation of HAARP to

Merit Seen in Claims That Iraq Sought Uranium(?deal with isn't buy uranium

This Is Kerry On Drugs (Starve a peasant, feed a terrorist)

Some Information About Registering Domain Names (long post)

Holy fuck -- A Lurker's First Day In the Dungeon

As a not very pro-gun person... I would like to declare the AWB..

GUNS IN THE NEWS--July 15, 2004

would you rather support the NRA or the Sierra Club?

A Public Apology

A reminder - Please read

i bought a mini-14 today.

GUN NUTS IN THE NEWS--July 15, 2004

Fairfax Police Alarmed by Citizens Exercising Rights.

Can we have an "are you sure" about nominating threads

Is this a software glitch???

What happened to GD?

The Lounge disappeared!

every time i try to click onto a thread, it says i cant access it.

Since Al Franken Has Changed The Name of His Show....

How did we do on the 5 dollar day

Please read this thread

A Moderator question.

Question about searching

Can we do an art fundraiser for DU or Kerry?

Court Serves Israel's Interests

Old Europe and American Jewry

NZ imposes sanctions against Israel

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade splits with Arafat over money

The Case for Sanctions Against Israel

Clinton on Barak's generous offer

Author: Al-Qaida Has Nuclear Weapons Inside U.S.

Who will run against Obama?

Castor stresses 'family values' in TV ad

Orlando Sentinel "Workers recruited in war on terror"

URGENT! Sign Betty Castor's Verified Voting Petition

Arnold and the Republican Convention

Any plans for Convention parties in L.A.?

Liberal Catholic Churches in Boston?

bush* ad on Minnesota liberal radio

Cheney at Mpls. Convention Center Saturday morning

Have you all heard about this? (Teens' bodies misidentified)

Does anyone remember a place in Altoona called

July Richard Morrison Events!!!:-)

Sick of the coverage of minibrain's visit.

MKE County Exec Scandal Brewing - Repug Values

Homeland Security freakout when guy takes picture of Ballard Locks

David Kelley's "suicide" - what does it mean now?

LA Times: Advocates of War Now Profit From Iraq's Reconstruction

How many Dems versus Republicans are in the House of Representatives?

Kerry's job:Convince us al qada won't be delivering pizzas to our doorstep

Hot damn...I had a blast tonight - debunking a repuke!!!

Suspending elections question

Media Bias considering Newt?

What if Mother Theresa Ran for Pres as a Democrat

Datalounge Hilariously Eviscerates Matt Drudge

Question concerning GPS or RFID tags and expatriate nationals (especially

Why does Blitzer get away with saying Al-Q disrupted the Spanish election?

Saw "Control Room"

Family as Metaphor for Politics: George Lakoff

Bill O'Reilly is hosting a poll

July 14 Daily Show Thread

US government has tapes of boys being sodomized at Abu Ghraib

A problem with fear

Andy needs to come back home this November

WOW, Barak Obama...what an awesome video!

How do I download voter reg, for GA?

Braves pitcher compares gay marriage to bestiality

Signature Image Test

Fraying coalition? Four nations have left; 4 more poised to depart

I just can't wait to hear Obama speak at the convention

US leads industrialized world in child poverty rates

Santorum is back on C-SPAN 2--is this a repeat? It says "Today"

Bush Fraternity Torture? Bush stated, "It was just a coat hanger."

Dowd: Bush "left buck in deer country," passes blame; JK must "make sale"

One final thought on the new aggressive tone

Collection of assorted media clips via PVR

Predatory Religious Advertising

Bush 'disappointed' by gay marriage ban's defeat

Anyone have a list of the pitiful "coalition of the willing" nations...

Assault weapon ban: Stay or go?

The new neo-cons are much more dangerous than the old neo-cons

According to campaign spending laws,Kerry only has 2 weeks to spend his $

Some in Congress Rethinking War Vote

What's The Real Difference Between Tom DeLay and Dale Gribble?

The thought of losing this election really depresses me

Over the past three decades, has America become a nation of

Ditka officially declines to run for senate...

Kenya's Plea for Food Aid

Woohoo! just saw a ad on cnn!

The Choice This Year Is Between Empire and Democracy

how will bushco terror attack 2 affect you? if you're not killed outright

Free F9/11 tickets

Kerry / Edwards coming up on Imus

Anybody watched the debate between Howard Dean and Bill Owens

Just saw Obama on CNN.

Vote in Whoopi/ Slim Fast poll.

'Doonesbury' Artist Trudeau Skewers Bush

Is this a "Teresa RW meme?" C-Span caller: she comes from

Charles Osgoode on CBS Radio...A real RW shill, isn't he?

US will buy small arms from Pakistan

Molly Ivins alert. c-span 8:45 EDT

"Sy Hersh says the US govt. has videotapes of boys being sodomized"

Imus looking for "excuse" to have Hillary on his show. Would she go?

If we had found WMD in Iraq, would the invasion have been justified?

If Kerry and Edwards can do Imus they can do Stern. . .

"If they can't find Osama, they're gonna lose Cheney."

Whoopi speaks. . .remains defiant!!! Go Whoopi go!

HEADS UP: Molly Ivins - C-Span 8:45 a.m. (scheduled)

I just read a very scarry story. The man who would be dictator

OK guys, I've completely gone insane tonight. Listen to this.

Trouble in Freep-ville.

great letter from my uncle re: yesterday's vote on the FMA

He is lying...Other people tell it like it is. USA AIDS policy CRITICIZED!

Kos: Kids sodomized at Abu Ghraib, Pentagon has the videos - Hersh

POR FAVOR - Proof Babelfish translation para yo?

Congress Set to Declare Darfur Region a Zone of Genocide

Freepers attacking Bernie Ward early on...

So who exactly are these so-called "activist judges?" (RE: FMA)

Brutal and brilliant Steve Bell cartoon

I hate Republicans song

The Constitutional Amendment is Moving to the House BECAUSE?

Funny how Kerry leads Bush 322-205 in Electoral College...

Jon Stewart thrashing Rick Santorum on the Daily Show.

Air America streaming .... help ?

Bush Planned to have Israel do Regime Change in Iraq

if there were a post-election "accident"

AAR NOW - talking to Jeremy Hintzman (?)

Ladies and gentleman I give you the 1st pic of our 2012 ticket!

9:30a.m. CSPAN - Black Repug Feast. Anti-gay, anti-liberal....

Woman who offered pig as tiger bait faces animal cruelty charges

Who Has More Power?

photos from the Sydney ( Australia) premiere of 'Farenheit 9/11"

Only criminals wouldn't want a microchip in their skin

Does anyone know where to discuss religion?

Why "Iron Mike" didn't run, in one word:

Which Network Best Understands the Power of Propaganda ?

I don't know who made this video

selling foreigners to the US military???

As my Dear Friend, Family Doc, and CONSERVATIVE sez:

Senators You Don't Hear Enough About:

there's a TURD on my TV

"Unfiltered" AAR having TIM ROBBINS talking about Slimfast/Whoopi

How about a response to another RNC email

Why is Seymour Hersh the only one talking about the Abu Ghraib tapes?

I'm sick of being slandered by the right wing!

Bush losing gay Republicans in N.C.

Just signed identity theft law

Is it true that Ken Lay has the same lawyer as George W Bush?

When does the slander in the Illinois Senate race begin...

Spiderman 9/11 (blockbuster TOON)

political donation fun facts - Nugent, Santa, Daniels, Dixie

let's all go to the 2nd annual Party for the President today!!!!!

"You can't be pro-small business and pro_trial lawyers"

DU Store, question about TShirts

Human Rights Campaign spokesperson calls Bush a divider, not a uniter

The mainstream media has taken up the mantra on Edwards.

Should Network/Cable News Outlets disclose TP Memos from Campaigns

Washington Post calls Bush moves to postpone US elections “appropriate”

If Kerry is the "#1 liberal in the US Senate"......

Hopelessly in love with....Sibel Edmonds

Looking for Nekid Pics of the Bush Jr. Twins

Kerry speaking live on MSNBC n/t

Deconstructing the "Trial Lawyer" Meme

Interesting find in Congressional Record on Freedom of Speech

I'm getting pretty fed up with this excrement

Is there a damning article on Wilson from Financial Times?

Download PDF fliers outlining what’s at stake this election year. AFL-CIO

Powell: "I'm not reading this. This is bulls--t."

this working class person doesnt want a tax cut to

Slimfast has dropped Whoopi Goldburg from their advertising

World's smallest political quiz

George W. Bush compared to Winston Churchill!

Kerry speaking at NAACP

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Brings News to Theaters

Boortz is really starting to piss me off......

Depressing day on the radio

crap ditka ain`t running

Gay Marriage Opponents Pin Hopes on House

Rob Corddry skit with the Counter-Clinton Library dude was a classic!

Defense Bill to Have Money for Wildfires

A Possible Idea to send Slim Fast a Message

Hello DU! Who here knows why that IL Senator is so popular?

Is Dubya married to the Jokers ex-wife?

I heard an interesting theory about Nader....

what's the deaL w/ sen. robert byrd?

The dangers of "groupthink"

Insurgents to release Filipino truck driver

Kerry just said that BBV issues are now part of the Dem platform!

Why aren't Dems pushing Stem Cell research harder?

John Kerry needs to portray himself as himself in the coming debates

SUGGESTION for Ralph Nader

It's Been an Exciting Three Years, eh?

Check in if you can't stand the DNC!

What happened to all the Osama and Saddam look-alikes?

DUPE -- Please Delete

Is it Just Me or Have the Repubs. Handled this Whole Thing Wrong?

Education Sec. Paige Blasts NAACP Leaders

sorry -- wrong forum -- please delete

A brilliant plan?

Why do they say ALQAIDA DISRUPTED SPANISH elections? Elections happened!

Senate Report: Riggs Bank Helped Pinochet

If CIA WMD info wrong, What about Saddams Bush I plot?

Shrub a Nazi??

Is there a Cartoonist in the House??? Kerry/Bush, Edwards/Cheney -

Kerry made an important point this morning.... at the NAACP convention

What are some of your favorite Political Cartoon/Satire authors?

Late Night TV zingers on Bu$h

Reef Check - help save the world's coral reefs

Sen Jeffords on the Senate floor re: FMA (MUST READ!)

I propose this Constitutional Amendment

Terrorism -- California May Be the Target

Dumb question, I should know this, but, what is the story behind...

BREAKING ON AAR--Three presidential debates, one VP

Kerry/Edwards attack ads: Has anyone seen them?

Does (did) the NAACP invite Bu*h to speak to them?

Fox threatens to do what they already do

DU this AOL poll on Whoopi

RE: the debates -- What to do if the media starts with that

Andrea Grubb Barthwell is considering a run in the Illinois Senate race.

Tom DeLay's Tainted Ethics Panel

Kerry: "It’s simple for the president to joke about very serious issues

It's amazing what people base their votes on!

Dept. Of Homeland Hysteria - Mark Fiore

# of times in church = degree of conservativism?

Now they're dictating who is even WRITING about them!!

Sheila Samples op-ed piece: America, We Have To Talk

Bill Clinton lead the Longest Economic Expansion in US History!

Heads up: Sister in law to Osama on CNN (2:40 ET) n/t

3.5 MILLION UNSOLD VEHICLES: Automakers have a big glut

Skinner, Did we ever see a final total for how much DU $

Please help GW find a job.

smirk's and fraternity mates hazed with branding irons

Minute Maid Park (connecting the dots)

I don't like absentee voting....

Any Ithaca DUer's out there?

Have you noticed gas prices rising again?

where smirk went instead of the NAACP (at the last moment)

Is Civil War Now Breaking Out In Iraq?

My friend the sucker wants to join the military

So Repub Convention will feature Kerry Catholics?

Had to bite my tongue at a staff meeting this morning.

Woman (black) given wrong sperm (white man's) at fertility clinic

Cost of the War in Iraq $122,794,922,778 and counting. Check the link out

Bush no time for NAACP but will speak at URBAN LEAGUE

Will Kerry/Edwards Please Address Suspended Election Questions

On CNN a republican spokeman upset because of the "Cheney out"

George Bush is ruining our country.

The real reason shrubby didn't speak at the NAACP

Charles Pierce slams bowtie boy...

Does anyone still listen to Rush Limbaugh ??

About the Niger/Uranium claim

* can't eat an ice cream cone?

defense of 'true christianity' vs religious right in Boston Globe

Why is there such a big deal about Hillary not speaking at the convention?

more sleaze - why do they hate us?

Edwards, that damned slimy tort lawyer!!!

Oreilly survey working today

Headless Corpse in Orange Jumpsuit Found in Iraq

Blue Cross is making be buy two perscriptions when I use to buy one!

Is it possible for a machete to cut through all this fear and paranoia?

An Air America success story

Slim Fast is dumb but here is their phone number

Coincidence? HERSH says new article coming. Admission Geneva conventions

More High-Quality Programming For ABC & FOX

are there any underground copies of this book?:

AAR's fake news is just great! Anybody heard it?

3:39 pm.CNN: Zahn has Democratic/Republican campaign spokesmen on.

Bush gives PA protesters The Finger!

The difference between Republican "liberals" and Democratic "liberals"

Would you approve of replacing Cheney on the GOP ticket? POLL

CNN poll needs DUing

Bu$h Signs Identity Theft Sentencing Law (RE; Bu$h Twins)

FYI: d-VIDS site for our troops --- worth a peek

FYI: d-VIDS site for our troops --- worth a peek

Did you hear the guest (Dan Savage) on Al Franken talking to

My LTTE re local pro-admin columnist's latest tripe

Intriguing ...

Poster Ideas?

Randi just referred to Bush and company as "Globalists"...

Canadian Mayor seeks citizenship for Michael Moore

Eight Line Headline in Daily Mail says it all

Argument to undecideds

UK Iraq Report Reveals Lies, Not the Liar

Piss on GWB!!

Shooting the Messenger: The Challenge Facing Real Journalists

My freeper co-worker is at it again...

Bush Protection of Big Pharma Under Growing Attack at Bangkok AIDS Confere

James Brolin nom. for Emmy for "Reagan"

If I were a Republican I would be very depressed after watching Wolf

Law school suggestions

Ann Richards

In time of disaster, does it make sense to rely on your leader?

Former Tyco Lawyer Belnick Acquitted

Best editorial I have read!

Individual Ready Reserves? CNN wants your story

Yearly UN Development Index announced

Rethug Idiocy on Kerry/Edward's Wealth

The 'Official' Government News Network

Delayed Voting Scenario - If Bush is Losing, Keep the Polls Open Longer

BBV: Pogue (NYT's) latest - his CBS Sunday Morning postponed to Aug 1

Who owns the news? Please add info to this thread.

anyone know if Tom Joyner has a registration and vote project this year???

CNN with cameras at Dover Air Base for pictures of Marine Hassoun...

Move the election forward

Is BushCo down to using the "Chewbacca Defense"??

Guy on Fox News just said "Al Qaeda may have seven suitcase nukes in US.."

Vermont Yankee was missing two nuclear fuel rods for 3 months!

Novak gets cocky GOES AFTER WILSON. . .please indict someone SOON!

What's gonna happen when the number of American dead...

UnFreep this poll (should Cheney step aside)

Minnesota Governor Shuns Film and will veto tax break

For the over 45-50 crowd---when did 5+ polls per day become common??

What people are missing about the Cheney debate!

George W Bush firmly believes in the power of negative ads...

Sailing Toward a Storm in China: U.S. Maneuvers Could Spark a War

Ninety percent of Blacks consider Democratic Party their Party....

More evidence of Bush criminality

Draft Democratic Platform Lacks Anti-Puppy Drowning Provision.

Need Clever Comeback To Latest RW EMAIL Please

Attending a party for the president today?

Good source for campaign materials

If the Da Vinci Code was real...

RANDI is cracking me up today- good show

Birds of a feather

Peggy Noonan's advice to GWB

Georgia Governor Zell Miller gets a divorce

another 'family values' reTHUG, whose story needs to be added to the list

How Did we Get Here ? My LTTE will be published

For those who claim RFID won't work in people

LTTE: No Rationale for War

Blogger outs Florida 2000 GOP apologist Rep. Mark Foley

Has DU ever done anything like what the wingers just did to Whoopi

newest sacrificial lamb for the GOP in Illinois?

"New Evidence: Bush misleads on Prison Abuse Scanal"

Like a Firebell in the Night...the beginning of the end for gay rights?

Pics: Kerry and Edwards went door to door today!!

news about Cheney's heart on Wolf now

THAT Woke Me Up !!! - Thought This Was Real !!!

Kerry Asks Sen. Clinton to Speak at DNC

GOP attempting to divide blacks by going to Urban League...

Stolen Childhoods, a new documentary

How is this constitutional? (DOMA/House/Fed courts)

How To Massacre the "Edwards Is Too Inexperienced" Talking Point

Know anything about the sasserworm virus?

Wolf just got the slap down by Hillary's press sec'y by email on the air!

Another priceless Helen Thomas moment

Rasmussen Has Kerry Ahead 48%-45%.

Daily Show clip: Whoopi's "Liberal" Hatefest

Novakula's complete and utter gall

Salinen the magnificent sees into the future......

America's Constitutional Dictatorship

Reuters Headline: "Kerry Courts Black Group After Bush Avoids It"

OH now according to Fox...NAACP is not important

Who are the BEST US Senators?

'Fahrenheit' Luring TV Viewers Into Theaters - AP\MSNBC

Whitewashing British Intel Report becomes bs right wing talking point.

Daily Show clip: 'America is safer' or 'Re-vote control'

I just read on Yahoo

Greg Palast?

I want to see this press release from the Kerry campaign :

Pics of Kerry at the NAACP Convention. . .

FMA posters at workplace....illegal???

I KNOW It's Counting Your Chickens Before They're Hatched, But...

Anyone seen Anchorman yet? There's a bush dig at the very end! SPOILER!

Man... Those New Mods Got Out The Padlocks Qui... Oops...

Request, from Kerry campaign, for personal stories (Cahill e-mail)

Election Forecast Model: I just removed CNN, AP, FOX!

Support Whoopi... Here's A List Of Unilever Products To Boycott

Does anyone have a link to Colin powell's performance of the YMCA?

Remembering Ronald Reagan

Any theatre owners?

WIRED NEWS: Passenger Screening System Dead

Finding Successor For Disgraced GOP Senate Candidate Proving Hard

Study on National Emergency in the United States of America

Archive of Presidential Campaign Ads

3 Repubs reactions to Fahrenheit 911.....

Oppose: 23 separate new death penalties in one stroke under PATRIOT Act

Democratic Party platform withdraws support for Kyoto treaty....

On Hardball: Rangel vs Watts reference Bush and the NAACP

if you were guaranteed that kerry would magically win if you donated

Kos: Fox News guy: "only 10%" of NAACP "capable of independent thought"

my grandma rocks!

URGENT: Please write the Sun-Times about misleading headline!

Are there any legal consequences of the illegal invasion of Iraq?

Absolutely Nonsensical LTEs -- Can someone help me understand?

Does W have a plan?

Idea for Barack Obama ad spot. . ."Who can it be now?"

DU this cheney poll for local TV station

Niger premier contradicts Senate & Butler Reports

How tall is * really? I mean REALLY.

The US is no longer and "occupying" force in Iraq! Horray! The Iraq

Why is the House debating sending troops to Columbia?

Bill O'Reilly wants your opinion

Nobody watching Crossfire? You are missing a GREAT PROGRAM!

Obama on local TV news last night -- in *Hawai'i*!

I hereby call for a Constitutional BAN on same-race marriages

People who outsource - are they traitors who undermine America?

bush makes another classic mistatement

Anyone watching CSPAN?

Doonesbury goes to war (from Rolling Stone magazine)

Warning Will Robinson my gas prices have gone up .11 since Monday

Tucker Carlson, that fine example of macho, questions Kerry's sexuality

Apparently the Pentagon admitted to the Senate: GENEVA CONVENTIONS BROKEN

someone posted up a RW talking point document a few weeks back

If you want to know why EDWARDSES ARE GREAT FOR US watch MSN video:

Yay! The AZ Republic printed my letter!

What's Cheney doing in this picture with his left hand? Cheneying himself?

Kerry's NAACP speech.. is there a transcript available ??? n/m

MEME MEMO: Bush* is not stupid

REMINDER - wear red on Fridays to protest Bush*!

"Bloggers can be crass and biased" so say's the New York Times!

Is Air America ever going to grow enough to be useful?

So now they get caught hiding Pinochet's stolen loot? The BFEE that is.

Did the Republicans get any political advantage with FMA?

who here voted bush the first time but then woke up??? I never voted

Did Bush ever fly a plane?

Premise: George W Bush uses an radio earpiece in Press Conference

"instead of seeing the corpse of a republic in which we live, we see

Who are the Worst US Representatives?

Taking my brother to F9/11 tonight...was supposed to be last week

Which Party Is More Likely To Nominate The First Woman For President?

Republicans launch 'W ketchup'

Bill Cosby

USA a better to place to live than France or New Zealand?

Drudge: Ozzy Bush bash with Hitler Montage

what a load of hooey.....

"bedlam at the polls and a low turnout on the west coast is Bush's plan"

DNC Convention should check for "bugs"

Who are the Rising Stars in the Democratic Party?

Sy Hersh on child sodomy at Abu Ghraib, chaos at Pentagon

What good will massive protests at the RNC do in NYC?


Kerry believes dropping out of Kyoto Treaty was foolhardy....

Russia has proven Marx was right?

GOP is already down to overt Racism. That didn't take long!

Who's the next Illinois GOP hopeful after Ditka, Nugent? Place your bets!

How to massacre the Edwards "Jacuzzi cases" talking point!

TIA Election Polling Analysis: Take a peek, Geek

Jaccuzi Case? Not a John Edwards story, try James Baker....

What would you do if you were drafted?

Help Me Frag This Letter

Got a call from a 100 percent vet...BAD NEWS ! HELP !

a MUST SEE Daily Show clip about the FMA, 'Guy screwing a turtle' analogy

On Edward's and the "junk science" of the cereberal palsy cases

Is President (sic) Bush a Homo? (Betty Bowers asks)

What income level is "rich," and what should their tax rate be?

Who Are The WORST US Senators? casting comercial in NYC tomorrow!!!! URGENT!!!

From GOP polling firm-undecided voters likely to break for kerry Bigtime

*Alert: Remember TIPS? It has been activated in Florida !

The Strong, but Wrong Leadership of Bush...has cost America too much

Our message in one word.

PLAME INDICTMENTS THREAD 8 -High Crimes & Misdemeanors

Does the Assault Weapons Ban regulate machine guns?

Want proof that FOX, CNN and AP rig the Polls? Here it is.

How do you feel about felons' voting rights?

'Doonesbury' Artist Trudeau Skewers Bush

Edwards Assails Bush on Iraq Failures

Ethics Panel Clears Shuster of Spying Charge

CIA Director Shays?

Intel justified going to war: PM

GOP’s Fear of Losing Precludes Ethics War

Guantanamo Swede Claims Torture

Manila pulls out of Iraq

Blair Opponents Not Satisfied by Report

Suspected Car Bomb Kills 3 in Iraq

NYT Page One Thurs: Bush To Drop Cheney (from Drudge)

Drug-Resistant Germ Spreading Outside U.S. Hospitals

Mystery Marine leaves Germany for U.S.

4th Cuba prisoner is charged: Man to face tribunal in terror detentions

Saudi company ''ready'' to withdraw from Iraq to save life of kidnapped Eg

NZ jails Israeli 'spies'

Iraqi Oil Pipelines Sabotaged

Official, lobbyist best of friends (Florida)

(Butler) Report's author is a Downing Street insider

NYT: Bush Refines Position on Measure Banning Gay Marriage(damage control)

Report: U.S. Cancels Air Passenger Screening Upgrade

Felons get new boost on vote (Florida)

Wholesale Prices See Biggest Drop in Year(but CORE is up 0.2 as expected)

Make a Killing From Antiterrorism (Wired)

Saudi Firm to Quit Iraq to Save Egyptian Hostage

NYT: (Senator) Clinton Lets Others Plead for (Convention) Stage Role

Alcohol shops targeted in Baghdad

GOP has ‘rapid response’ ready for Dem convention

Slim-Fast trims Whoopi from ads

High radioactivity recorded in Israel

U.K. Report: Zarqawi Set Up Sleeper Cells (in Iraq before war)

seasonally adjusted initial UE claims was 349,000, an increase of 40,000

Spain Judge Calls Morocco Terror Threat

Bush flunked his test on Iraq

Memo Rips GOP Hopeful for 'Lewd' Actions

Maytag give workers official notice of layoffs (875 jobs)

Yukon judge legalizes same-sex marriages

U.N.: 1 Billion See Discrimination

Gunmen Open Fire on Iraqi Official's Car

Lawmakers Pursue Prisoner Abuse Issue

Most State Governments Shipping Jobs Overseas

LAT: Flaws Cited in Powell's U.N. Speech on Iraq-State Dept analysts

WP, pg1: U.S. Works to Sustain Iraq Coalition (four gone, four going)

Neocon Philosopher Fukuyama says No Bush, Resign Rumsfeld

Pentagon Denies Hiding Terror Suspects

Bail denied for explosives-theft suspect

General faces Abu Ghraib scrutiny (Maj. Gen. Barbara Fast )

Frantic search for lost data at Los Alamos

Iraq PM Announces Formation of Spy Agency

Bremer May Testify on Iraq Prisoner Abuse

'Angels in America' Leads Emmy Nominations

(Another) Wanted Saudi Surrenders to Saudi Embassy in Syria

Car Bomb Attack in Iraq Kills 10 ( New Thursday)

Passengers Give Troops First-Class Seats

Whoopie fired for making fun of Bush

Idaho GIs Told to Talk About 'Themes'

Wholesale Price/Industry Production Drop(largest decline since April 2003)

UPI: Sen.(Warner):More Iraq Abuse Allegations(no"footdragging, pressure")

Iraq Forms New Spy Agency

Iraq Turns to Muslim Nations for Help

Avigen announces restructuring plan, layoffs

U.S. Insists Iraq Coalition Still Strong (cites Mongolia and El Salvador?)

New Democrats to finalize shadow cabinet (Canada)

Most (42) State Governments Shipping (State) Jobs Overseas

Kerry Chides Bush for Declining NAACP Invitation (Update1)

Bush support softens in middle

Edwards swinging into New Orleans

Mossad Risks Slip-Ups in Race Against Qaeda, Iran

NYT:Pentagon,Citing (terror) Fears,to Shut Child Center(parent "outrage")

Two Mossad spies jailed in New Zealand

U.S. deserter 'in terrible shape'

Education Sec. Paige Blasts NAACP Leaders

British Columbia pushes methane project without environmental study

China Worries About Shortage Of 'Wives' In Near Future

Edwards, in Louisiana, Says Bush Is Out of Touch

U.S. Policies Blasted at AIDS Conference

Senators May Question Bremer on Prison Abuses

Cameroon holds 'spying' SA journalist

'Choice' condoms in high demand at Aids forum

Author: Al-Qaida Has Nuclear Weapons Inside U.S.

Empty house bugging Eastwood neighbors since bank foreclosure

NYT: Acting (CIA) Chief Insists Agencies Aren't at Fault in War Debate

Sadr's militia regrouping, rearming (Iranian agents training militia)

Premera's proposal to convert to for-profit status rejected

Catalog gives up premium space to defend against bashing of U.S. Troops

BBC exposes 'true face' of far-right BNP

Wilson contradictions leave Democrat senators speechless

Kerry Campaign's Attack Backfires

Iraq Oil Audit Faults Financial Controls

Hillary to speak at Convention

Seattle to host U.S. governors this weekend

U.S. rethinks airline passenger screening plan (CAPPSII)

Charges Dropped Against 2 Bush Protesters

Ditka Out; Nugent In?

No more WH Xmas cards for Ozzy Osbourne

Kerry Accepts Debate Schedule

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 15 July

Clear Channel Drops the Bomb on Anti-War Billboard

Officials Accuse Each Other in Prison Scandal (Abu Ghraib)

Kerry Asks Sen. Clinton to Speak at DNC

Merit seen in claims that Iraq sought uranium from Niger

Iraqis kill 15 during raid on infamous Baghdad street: Defence Minister

Florida Faces Vote Chaos in 2004, Commission Hears

U.S. Holding Prisoners in More Than Two Dozen Secret Detention Facilities

Lawmakers Pursue Prisoner Abuse Issue, Extent of Wrongdoing

Neighbors Defend GI in Prison Abuse Case

More prisoner abuses uncovered in Iraq: top US senator

Iraq Finance Audit Shows Lack of Controls (Halliaburton cited)

John Edwards Quizzed on Milk, Beer Prices (Pointless Presswhore Article)

Hear the Rumor on Cheney? Capital Buzzes, Denials Aside (NYT)

Annoyed White House says Cheney will be VP candidate

North Korea said its nuclear programs are weapons related

2 US Troops die as 8 Iraqis killed

(Kenya) Kibaki Declares Famine a National Disaster

White House Disappointed in Philippines

Mystery Marine is back in the U.S.

Former President Bush to lead Olympic delegation

Congressman Bobby Rush to be arrested at Sudanese Embassy

Repeal of cyanide mining ban qualifies for ballot | Missoulian

Groups Seek Independent Probe of DeLay

U.S. Nuclear Lab Halts Secret Work; Data Missing

Rumsfeld Relegated to Less Visible Role

CIA warns of new 9/11

NASA Launches Aura Satellite

Iraq oil export pipeline ablaze after attack

Perception Gap in Iraq

Headless Corpse in Orange Jumpsuit Found in Iraq

New Bush ad takes aim at Kerry on abortion, 'conservative values'

LAT: Capitol Hill Blacks Pan Kerry (Afr.-Am.) Ads (no "oomph")

Edwards brother raises DWI hell

WP,pg1: Guns Worn in Open Legal, but Alarm Va. (packing heat at Starbucks)

Arab-American Voters Overwhelmingly Back Kerry

U.S. Plans to Pursue Accused Deserter (Charles Jenkins--N. Korea)

NYT, pg1: Election Troubles Already Descending on Florida

Who star hits out at Michael Moore - NME

DU Exclusive: Rep. Corrine Brown says 2000 election was a Coup d' etat

All hail the mighty power of BOO!

I'm playing a CD copy of Casey Kasem's AMERICAN TOP 40 from Aug. 17, 1974.

Hmmm this double so...

What is with this "happy thoughts" stuff?

anyone know the AAR archive website?

Anyone help me find some specific video...

I'm playing a CD copy of Casey Kasem's AMERICAN TOP 40 from Aug. 17, 1974.

Rumsfeld to solve admin's November 3 problem:

All hail the mighty power of BOO!

just a tip for the party throwers here...

Should There Be a Constitutional Amendment Banning Same-Sex Sports?

This is Post 666, so i will use religion.

Worst thing about Ditka not running?

Where did the little doggie go?

Ok this TV thing amazes me: has anyone watched Elimidate???

"I Am Canadian" - Gone to the well one too many times

Worst Catch phrase....

I'm installing Win2K server on VMWare...ask me...

Wow... an even better cantaloupe!

Red Stripe Beer

Nostamj! Dude! How was the ?W premiere?

I'm playing a CD copy of Casey Kasem's AMERICAN TOP 40 from Aug. 17, 1974.

Two Fun Things I saw Yesterday

Whats an old guy to do?

Career Counseling 101 -- advice needed

Convicts Prefer Prison To Life At Home

Has anyone else been watching those "I Love the (70's, 80's 90's)" on VH1?

Kobe Bryant to decide today whether he will run for GOP senator in Illinois

14 Year Old Finds Someone In Puerto Rico Stole Her Identity

Tattooed Cops Scaring The Public

Whenever I gaze on Waterloo Sunset,

Prince fans

Oh shit, I'm falling out of a 30th floor window!! Superman, save my ass!!

Woman Offered Her 5 Month Old Pig As Tiger Bait - Faces Charges

I'm playing a CD copy of Elvis Presley's VEGAS SET OF 19 from Aug 19, 1974

The 2004 Open Championship daily thread

Jesus Makes Me Hot...

The 2004 "Faster Pastor" dirt track race daily thread

Cop on jet ski retrieves stolen 6-foot fiberglass lobster

Goooood Morning DU!

Skinny Puppy

anyone wanna feel sick?

"Foot" found in bag of frozen chicken is actually a biscuit

Is this joke old?



Red Sox Fans: Nomar For Randy Johnson?!? Whadda Ya All Think?

great letter from my uncle re: yesterday's vote on the FMA

So, who else got a speeding ticket on the way to work?

CSpan - David Almasi - Director, Project 21

Behold the almighty LOGAN!

Fire-Breather Performer Burned At Party - "She Was Instantly In Flames"

where can i find john kerry shirts?

You need not "hail" or worship or be in awe of Millie....

NYT: Precious Solitude With 160 to Help (Elton John benefit concert)

All hail the mighty power of ABBOTT!!!

Fifty Years After the Fair.

NASA's latest 6 year, $785 mission!

Hush hush, keep it down now, voices carry.

So I saw Jewell last night

Save Me

My mom's having a lumpectomy today

Will someone please come to my house every morning w/ a cattle prod....

I just gave $100 to MoveON. Who will join me with any contribution?

Softball Player Breaks Leg During Game - Suing For $2 Million

DU Phishheads:


It's my 100th!

where can i find john kerry shirts?

Betty Bowers: "What's that you say - Mrs. Robertson?" ...

Write in Stetson Kennedy!!!!

Feeling blue today

you might be a republican if

Oh crap!!--It's OVER -W has Wayne Newton in his corner

Porn for DUers

NY Dolls bassist Arthur Kane dead at 55

Didn't Ditka endorse Viagra?

Dress Code for the 40-ish or older.

An idea for when we need a laugh....

Dubya's Computer Desktop

Why do DU Lesbians think I'm a lesbian?

Why do gay DUers think I'm straight?

William Topaz McGonagall - In Praise of a Truly Dreadful Poet.

Why do gay and straight DUers have no position on my sexuality?

Shopping around for car insurance

Houston bumper sticker sighting: "I voted for Bush in 2000. My bad."

Did the lounge just momentarily disappear for anyone else?

google experts- a ?

Rush Limbaugh to endorse Slim Fast

"Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring" is coming to DVD in the U.S.!

If a girl wears a kilt, is it still a kilt?

Where's the lounge on the main page??

Ahem, about your problem thinking ...

Got two liberal books from the library today.

All hail the mighty power of BOO!

I'm gonna listen to Hilary Duff while I cut the grass. Problem?

Did you ever sing 'Eye of the Tiger' out loud while having sex?

it's coming :)

The Fox and the Grapes

Why won't my LimeWire connect?

Ahem, about your problem thinking

Where can I get custom bumper stickers?

Photoshop this anyone?

Cops nab man suspected of cutting girls' pony tails in cemeteries

DU Fight Club! Let's get ready to Rrrrrrumble!

TDS w/ Jon Stewart - 3 Emmy Nominations

Who is the biggest asshole in Major League Baseball management?

Help - English to Japanese symbol translations?

It's not a box turtle, dammit!

***Which of these Alice Coltrane albums should I download from iTunes?***

Post #1000

Have You Seen the Bridge?

Movies that scared the bejeezus outta ya!

I had the oddest dream last night...

Ale 8 - thumb up or down?

British Open Spoiler - Tiger update

Eats, Shoots & Leaves...

Man Calls Pet Owner - Offers To Return Lost Bird For Sex

Anyone who replies to my post will be required to answer......

Sensitive subject.

How do you feel about taking medication? Do you have an aversion to it?

Waiting on Pins and Needles -- Literally

Credit debt payoff vs. "nest egg" for home?

Favorite Talking dog

Tea Tree Oil is the bomb!!! Toenail fungus update...

Anyone seen "Festival Express"? (Doc w/Joplin, the Dead & more)

I had a dream last night

Woman Faces Charges in Pig-As-Bait Case

I fought Nordstrom and I WON.

Listening to Dave Matthews Band's Crash. Ask me anything.

party-down with Pickles r.s.v.p. 'CAPTIONs only'

Q: Historical figures who wandered until they were far into adulthood?

I hate drinking water

Kobe to Stay with the Lakers

Kobe's Choice: Lakers

not sure how many more times I can take this.

To The JERK Who Turned Me Onto POV-Ray Programming


Put your thinking caps on: Find one thing about Bush you actually liked

CAPTION this bus rider

Edwards Chooses Fast-Food Joint as Romantic Date

Why do people like the "Kill Bill" movies?

Bush has a frozen custard, Barbara nails the Christina Ricci zombie look

CAPTION the 'we're not in Wisconsin anymore' syndrome

Hey, what else can we do now...


I didn't know there was "white" barbeque sauce!!!

CAPTION the introduction of the wedge issue

Most exciting website ever!

"" and the "Ask The White House" special Bandar edition

This wouldn't qualify as "drinking" technicaly, right?

Mom is out of surgery

CAPTION him--He's Number ONE!!!

CAPTION who am I?

New York Dolls bass player dies

Interesting song about a girl. Can anyone understand this?


Will a liberal Presidency mean that fashions will get back to normal?

Remember the Hamster Dance webpage?

to any supervisors out there-a ?

I'm all a-twitter: Less than 8 hours to seeing Cyndi Lauper....


We're fighting in the streets, with our childeren at our feet.

"Under the spreading chestnut tree, the village smithy..."

Be sure to catch the latest jibjab

I have too much pent up rage today...

Is Pete Townsend a conservative or Liberal?

How many times will you "kick" your own post?

Anti-Kerry Ketchup

Apparently someone showed Bush how to make a "W" with 3 fingers

Ever see a cat climb down a tree?

i'm drinking coca-coLa's C2 for the first time

It's Eric Clapton day on the Drive

Yet another redneck joke

From now on, everything Repubs says that is "Anti-Kerry," will now be

Fluffya (Philadelphia) Figures of Speech

Athletes and Bodybuilders: What is Glutamine? Is it effective and safe?

Wanna get high?

Movie Downloading Study

Cool, I got called a hero

Well, I'm Unemployed Again! Ain't that great!

Doonesbury: What to do about Edwards?

First "Woozie" and now "Huisenstroot"

Denver Nuggets Pick Up Kenyon Martin For 3 Draft Picks

Know anything about the sasserworm virus?

Breaking News: Cheney has a heart.

The North American Man-Boxturtle Love Association...

anybody having trouble loading google?

Yum.... Frankfurters and B&M Beans... Yum

What am I going to forget when I pack?

Finish the song...

Man Accused Of Serial Foot Kissing (On 12 Year Old Girl)

Quiz: Are you pretentious?

Do you look fabulous today?

Call me stupid

Red Foot Tortises 4 Kerry/Edwards!!

BREAKING NEWS: Illinois GOP Chooses Nazis from Blues Brothers


The Second Crop Has Come In

So what exactly did Whoopi say?

So what is DU protocol?

Should I form a band named Moop?

it's unconscionable not to CAPTION pickles

Cincinnati Bengals Suing Fans To Buy Tickets To Games

I give you the ups and downs of life, Who style.

My "Outfoxed" video arrived broken!!!

Economically, What Are You?

I figured out the secret to getting tons of replies in GD!

Breaking: Bush* to address black group.

I have to go have fun at my company picnic today....

Why does everything smell like cat piss

The perfect summer meal....

They convicted the S.O.B.!

Cat Lovers

Noogie, Wedgie or Swirlie?

Why is the world so unfair?

I am Iron Man!!!!

Thank you, Lord

British Columbians - Surrey or Burnaby?

What does sic stand for?

Frizzy-haired DUers: can you recommend a good hair product?

Toilet paper: Are you a FOLDER or a CRUMPLER?

I got another one!

Anyone ever visit Great place for writers.

* joke. George W. Bush meets with the Queen of England. He asks her...

Let's Bitch about the Emmy nominations!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday kitty pictures!

Is XM Radio worth it?

Do you make your bed in the morning?

The ideal "new career" for Bush once he is defeated in November

Former teen idol and current San Bernardino Country Sheriff, Bobby Sherman

I need some serious help: I'm addicted to McDonald's.

What's the best way to marinate a steak?

At what age can we teach our children about Box Turtle Love

"Remain Calm" - Hilarious animated segment

Is there really a need for 1990's Nostalgia already?

eighteen pound Siamese kitty Maxwell is insisting on lap time....

The Eighties, a decade of inspiration and a rant about today

I need some gardening/planting advice


Best rechargeable batteries


I keep getting a "lexplore" error message

Celebrity Poker Reminder

Bush v. Kerry

any chess afficionados here?

Just want to say hi

I am in a mood for the Who

Out of sorts and for women only?

I'm gonna listen to The Clash at work. You have a problem with that?

Let's get another "Name That Lyric" thread going!!!

"Da Ali G Show" is ba-ack! Great interview with Sacha Baron Cohen.

Greg strikes back? LeMond questions Armstrong's honesty. TDF update.

The Australian fellow on the teevee told me to invest in gold.

For Sale By Owner, 4 Whites Only.

Hawking resolves black hole riddle


Law school suggestions

What do you think of Christian music?

Driving through the Southeastern states (reflections)

Ted's Montana Grill: Ever eaten there???

Fantasy football anyone?

Congratulations to HIPHOPNATION23 - It's a boy!


I'm officially a homeowner

Most depressing website ever

I just saw "City of God" yesterday. Ask me (or tell me) anything.

Danke Schoen for CAPTIONing

Please post your all-time favorite movie lines.

Texas Figgers of Speech

Bands that have "Jumped the Shark"

Boo needs friends!

Does the Bald Guy in the Six Flags Commercials Creep You Out?

Jeopardy fans: How much longer will Ken Jennings continue winning?

Cats! I'm a Kitty Cat

Gov. Dean has his wallet stolen today while on speaker phone to fundraiser

What do you think of this tactic?

Alternative Bush/Cheney marketing idea

Does the KERRY/EDWARDS Campaign Need a Better WEBSITE/GRAPHICS?

Important Florida Voting Paper Trail Petition

Kerry and Edwards on Imus right now--MSNBC! 7:45AM!

Kerry speaking live right now to the NAACP

Question/Statement from a foreign DU-er about Ralph Nader.

Kucinich interview

A Speech as Sunny as the Day (Edwards first day solo)

Who has the better Convention message - Boston or New York?

Flaws Cited in Powell's U.N. Speech on Iraq(to Powell-days before he spoke

Sen. Edwards: ‘I had to stand up and say no’

Bush to Speak to National Urban League

Think W will crow about John McCain's vote?

Why is the Kerry campaign doing this?

2 (two) linguistic tactics dems should consider.

Bush Is TOAST! Godless Americans endorse Kerry/Edwards!

For those who think an electoral tie an unlikely event

A letter to Ed Herman (running against Kucinich)

DUers: What is the best way to contribute money to Kerry/Edwards?


Rasmussen: Kerry holding onto Edwards bounce.

Message to John Kerry and the DNC

Change To Kerry

Focus group in Dayton, Ohio indicates trouble for Bush

Bush will rally red-meat wingers; Kerry will try to appeal to swingsters

Palm Beach County elections supervisor.....good candidate.

Now THIS is a great idea-Front Porch meetings

Capitol Hill Blacks Pan Kerry's Ads (no oomph to them)

So How's Everyone Doing?

Edwards Assails Bush on Iraq Failures, Quizzed on Milk, Beer Prices

Urgent! Very important...

AP NewsBreak: Kerry asks Sen. Clinton to introduce husband at convention

A ferind of mine that is a soldier in Iraq just told me ....

Edwards "liberal" Senate record a lie....

What are the Pubs smokin? They think Minnesota is in play for 2004.

How much did daddy have to pay the twins

Bush/Miller '04 ?

Dave Chapelle voting Kerry

History Buffs: How close to the election has the candidate for VP been

Kerry should have picked Clark.

Kerry/Edwards went door to door today

The Joseph Wilson revelations.. How damaging?

Screw Whoopie! When will Kerry stand behind me?

No Computer for Kerry As He Writes Speech

Federal Review Composite Poll: Bush 283, Kerry 255

Florida Firefighters Endorse Kerry After Backing Dubya In 2000

Help Kucinich fight back against the personal attacks

Guess who tops Bush reading list

is running ads on hate radio a waste of funds?

Kerry, like all of US, has to pick his battles.

Please DU this poll

Calling all DEANIACS!!!!!

Does Kerry Campaign Reflect Kerry NAACP Diversity Passion?

Kerry can't stand behind Whoopi... Truly sad

Kucinich in Seattle 7/17!!

Who is the biggest ass in the US Senate?