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Archives: July 18, 2004

Has The Butler Knifed Blair?

`One China' means slavery

Who's responsible for partisanship?

Ehrenreich: It's Over, Ralph

Negative capability --- unique collection of Bush quotes in Harper's mag.

updates on Kerry's Milwaukee Field Office/grass roots campaign vs. Clear Channel - HELP NEEDED!!!!

DU's own nostamj on Air America Radio, re: QuestionW Revue - mp3 here

The Straight Scoop on Mike Malloy

Any other City of Heroes players?

Surfermaw updates us on her daughter...(not good news)

What is your perception of Hell (if you have one)?

Ariane launch with Anik satellite

Pan-greens triumph in Kaohsiung - TW - Go A-Bian!

N Korea denies entering South's waters

South Korea may abolish death penalty   

I want to start using my 2nd Amendment rights; need advice

NRA Election Day 2004 Raffle Grand Prize: Heston's "cold dead hands" rifle

Question about missing thread

I want the Kerry hater/basher threads locked.

The Maimed - NYTimes

blog by a Minnesotan (me)

We need to amend this section of the state Constitution.

Bush is coming to Kirtland Hills - July 30

Franco Harris Yay - Maddox, Bettis Boo (they contribute to Bush)

Bush quietly meets with Amish here; they offer their prayers

Its official - half of me is home - ask me anything

updated info on Kerry's Milwaukee Field Office/grass roots campaign

A picture is worth a thousand words.

just coming in - comission says that iran helped in 9/11 attacks

Look at photo on today's DU home page. Cover the nose. Bush or Brokaw?

Corrine Brown . . . explanation and video

Which is journalistically closer to the truth? F9-11 or cablenewsnetworks?

Did Corrine Brown actually break a rule?

Cheney visit to Minneapolis today

Just found this site... some WONDERFUL questions on it

Would as many progressive voters come out to stop State Marriage Amend . .

Who said these?

Wouldn't it be something (a mini rant)

Iraq War Quiz

Larry Flint Up Now On C-Span

Bush Pre-Emption Doctrine, Applied to Elections.

OK what site has the best anti bush bumperstickers...

I want the Kerry hater/basher threads to be locked.

PNAC-how they see us beat china's economy?

Kerry kite surfing?

Handwriting on the wall

40 in Pa. GOP See 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Free

Rita "Bad Boys" COSBY: OBL "May be near death"

I love this line from Jim Hightower

Christian gamers: Strap on your armor of God and smite someone

This thread needs wider dissemination

The biggest crime in American history and planes are grounded

Just got done watching Outfoxed

A just comparison of 2 men in 2 wars that calls me to apologize and act.

Bush and nuance. Bush and math. His ploy.

Good News from Zogby

Winds of war could lead to return of draft

DU Racism Toward Hispanics/Latinos

Oh My Sweet Baby Jesus ... We've Hit The Subversion Motherlode!

Are You A Have Or A Have More?

Who would anyone like to nominate for the "George W. Bush Major League

OUR whispering campaign talking points

So THAT was the purpose of the 9/11 Commission! has this to say about the pre-emption doctrine headlines.

40 in Pa. GOP See 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Free

If our troops are already stretched thin in Iraq,

Whoopi Defends Bush Comments After Slim-Fast Firing

"Tinfoil helmet" theory re Peak Oil

What code words?

Forgive me if this has been posted but i just saw this...

Who's for keeping Barbara Ehrenreich and dumping Friedman?

U.K. DUers - how's the IRaq war reception doing there these days?

Have you seen this person?

Earth...and Life

Heads up! C-Span has on ACLU conference..Seymour Hersh...

What should Kerry do after he is sworn in as President?

Help me rationally respond to this email PLEASE

Latest NYT/CBS Poll Numbers: ALL BAD FOR BUSH!

NYT: " a used car salesman..."

God Speaks Through Bush - It's official

Any links to Bushs milatry cuts?

What are we going to do if Bu$h and thugs let another attack happen?

imo, the Democrats have to play the God card at some point . . .

If you are going to be in Maine next weekend be sure to come to the

UNFPA and Bu$h Administration: Just saw on ABC News...

FreeRepublic pulling any mention of Hersh story...

Capitol Hill Blue

DU's own nostamj on Air America Radio, re: ?W Revue - mp3 here vs. Clear Channel - HELP NEEDED!!!!

the bleaker it looks for BushCo, the more nervous I get . . .

Okay, so I'm walking through my district

just saw 9/11 for first time. It really bugged me that people applauded

What do you think a Republican utopia would look like?

Accused U.S. Army Deserter Says He's Ready to Return to Japan

Out of the shadows: the rise of Baghdad’s new hardman

NYT: In Iraq War, Death Also Comes to Soldiers in Autumn of Life

Kerry whirlwind seeks to sweep all before it

Capitol Hill Blue

WP: President Is Still Mum on Agenda For Second Term

Car Bomb Targets Iraqi Justice Minister in Baghdad, Killing Five,

Cattle country crisis

Blast rocks National Guard barracks in Iraq

WP: Edwards Is Praised as Able Stand-In for Kerry on Stump

Baghdad councilors are falling victim to attacks, one by one

Dental donation scandal widens - JP

Palestinian PM Resigns Amid Shakeup

700 people to sue gov't seeking suspension of SDF dispatch to Iraq - JP

NYT New Reports Again Question Whether Iraq Sought Uranium in Niger

Alleged US deserter scheduled to meet Indonesian leader

Obscenity charge vs. Texas woman dropped

WP: 1998 Memo Cited Suspected Hijack Plot by Bin Laden

VP Cheney woos Cedar Valley Republicans

Butler Report on WMD was Watered Down to Protect Blair

G.O.P. and Cheney Turn Focus to Edwards in Minnesota (barf bag alert)

Bush lauded by Medal of Honor winners

Satellites will track 5,000 of the worst criminals in Britain

9/11 panel seeks major changes (preview of report due Thursday)

Germany to drop 9/11 plot charges

Attorney General warned Blair on legality of war

WP: Minn. GOP Asks Activists to Report on Neighbors' Politics

C.I.A. Sends Terror Experts to Tell Small Towns of Risk

Elderly Cubans starve as drought brings cut in rations (* creates famine)

Schwarzenegger urges voters to throw out 'girlie-men' lawmakers

Air marshals nervous at `undercover' dress rules

Pilot who dropped atom bomb on Nagasaki dies

No. 2 Is Making His Contribution by Talking Up the No. 1

Dictator sues British 'coup plotters'

Iran Arrests Iranian Al Qaeda Backers - State TV

Fallujah: Inside the Resistance

I want to start using my 2nd Amendment rights; need advice

I think thigh meals are repressive to chickens

Look at today's DU home page photo and cover the nose. Bush or Brokaw?

The adverse effects of excessive chemical stimulation (PICTURE)

Want to make your own Bush/Cheney bumperstickers??

About the little blue "Lobby" house above...what's the rent on that?

Is there a pool on FUDick yet?? I pick day 2 of the Dem convention

Lethal Weapon (1 - 4)

The truth about Hollywood

ignorant mac user - trying to listen to itunes radio get "network stalled"

Man I feel guilty

Bad movie, but beautiful 'actress'

John Kerry or K/E bumper sticker

Should all chess players be thrown in prison?


Does Murdoch own DirecTv?

I lost my link to the gallery.

Have you watched the 4400?

I want to become trilingual.

NRA Election Day 2004 Raffle Grand Prize: Heston's "cold dead hands" rifle

HBO pretty much still sucks.....

Anyone else watch "Some Like It Hot" tonight on TCM?

Ads/Previews that shouldn't be shown before certain shows?

I bought my third Sevendust CD today.

California DU'ers - have a tax question.

Let's get the DU Saturday night party started right

Anyone play Euchre?

I'm going to watch "Alice's Resteraunt" @ 11:15

Wow - George Winston's new CD of Doors' tunes is COOL!

Off to see Sonic Youth...

urban ohio from space at night.

Actually had an excellently made Caipirinha last night!

"Viva Bush"???? WTF is this???

Obligatory Green Motorcycle Post

I'm taking Bill Clinton to bed with me

Sealab 2021: Who stole my Happy Cake Oven!

Discuss the cinematic importance of the "Poison Ivy" trilogy

Rouge Bialy Bleu

I'm listening to Sarah Vaughan

I'm listening to Sarah Vaughan

Boston DUers - I'm jealous of ya

So... that "Megalomaniac" song by Incubus is getting mighty popular...

Last night I found lipstick on my water glass in a restaurant!

I've just watched "Monster."

Metallica. It's over, right? After "St. Anger," it's pretty much over.

What do ya say to a DU fiction writing exercise?

Dubious technology: Google aims to dominate AIM.

Why is the song called "Suffragette City"?

I am listening to Sarah Vaughan sing

uggghhh, just saw Roger Daltrey doing an "Infomercial"

How long before the Poker fad dies?

aw hell - batten down the hatches

FYI - Extreme South Park, 25 Most Outrageous Episodes continues

I ate 1440 calories today, ask me anything!

i loved no doubts "return to saturn" - anyone else i should listen to?

Settle a bet:

Possibly the funniest thing I've seen all year

HEyHEY and Doloamber - cousins?

Who wants to lose to me again this year in DU Fantasy Football?

why do some guys wear tee shirts in the summer?

Fight Club - Raves, Rants and Reviews (Some spoilers*)

Any John Mellencamp Fans??

I bought a 5-votive-candle holder for my bedroom wall today.

A Saturday night HOWDY to everyone!

My cat loves my laptop

Favorite song written and/or sung by Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds?

There's nothing worse than going to the bookstore and

My triglycerides are 972. Ask me anything.

Caption the chimp in the pressure cooker

Kitten question

So Mike Love pays money for the right to tour as "The Beach Boys"

My neighbor is a night mower

nostamj's "Question W Revue" was on Laura Flanders

The Four Seas in Hyannis - who knows it and loves it?

Cheeseball songs you love anyway?


Are the French as Rude as everyone says?

Cell phone madness starting younger and younger these days

Pete Seeger on NPR tonight and I wept.

DU Writing exercies results

What's your most *conservative* (gasp!) trait?

Political Geocaching

On the local 10:00 news tonight: Kerry kite-surfing off Nantucket

When I get that feeling- I want SEXUAL ACTIVISM! (Daily thread- 7/17)

Edwards Pays Visit to GOP Stronghold (Orange County, CA)

Latest NYT/CBS Poll: ALL BAD for Bush

GOP polling firm says undecideds likely to break for Kerry!!

Bush* Strengths

No need to DU this Poll

Today's Democratic whispering campaign talking points

Mellon Scaife's Trib Review - some surprising quotes from PA voters

Time to give to Kerry-Edwards is within the next week.

Are the Zogby Interactive polls reliable? Which polls are reliable?

Best Kerry ad ever!

The Dead is still kickin' Legendary band keeps jamming


Edwards sees a hero son in her letter (Wade Edwards)

Boston Globe: Frist flops on two big GOP leadership tests

Sunday Melts Into Just Part of the Week

David Corn: 'Bashing Joe Wilson'

Larry Sabato: The dragging anchor on the Bush ticket

'Two warring nations' approach the 2004 election

Fundamental Flaw

DV: Will There Actually Be a 2004 Presidential Election?

Decoding the Senate Intelligence Committee Investigation on Iraq

WaPo: 9/11 Panel Calls for Major Changes

Margolis: The era of strategic deception

Bush Could Not Have Gotten It More WRONG!

Frank Rich (NYT): Happy Talk News Covers a War

The Price of Valor by Dan Baum

Boston Globe: On trail, Bush stays close to right wing

The Constitution (Reasons for a do nothing congress)

David Horsey: Empire Rising IV: A satirical history

Steve Chapman: Shifting the blame for the debacle in the Iraq war

Bill Moyers: This is the Fight of Our Lives

Corrine Brown Cesured Calls 2000 elect. "Stolen" -Take Action

Nielsen pinpoints programs favored for Bush, Kerry ads

J-School 2004: Enter the War Room

On this day in history 7/18/04

Hear "The Question W Revue" on Air America (mp3)

Today's Thought

Today's Quote

I need your punch/drink recipes, please. (w/alcohol).

Peanuts to India, Pak gets $300-m US aid

Why CEOs deserve the big bucks.

Why is George W. Bush Trying to Send America's Best Medical Researchers...

"Only" 13 Companies Allowed To Mine In Indonesia's Protected Forests

How to respond in the event of sudden solar brightening

Removing One Silt-Choked Dam Will Cost CA $130 Million - LA Times

Ammonia on Mars Could Mean Life (BBC) -- This is BIG!

BBC (July 18): Iran trial for murder of journalist ends in controversy

Colombia decides not to buy tanks from Spain

Venezuela Signs $100 Million Gas Pipeline Deal with Colombia

NH: Extend assault weapons ban now

Are the threads on the front page viewed more than other threads?

Why was my post deleted?

BBC analysis (Sunday): Arafat backed into corner

Would-be bomber turned back just before blowing up cafe

Government renews law prohibiting Arab family reunification

Germany to drop 9/11 charges

The WLS Poll - No Ditka, Now What?

Castor supports travel sanctions on Cuban-American families

The 951

July 19, find out what the government isn't telling you

John Graham (Dem. Candidate 48th Dist.) Updated His Site for 2004!!!!

Any Californians want to do some polling?

Secret Service have been in Zanesville - Rumours abound!

Door Co. here we come! Any vacation tips??

Families NW, the perception of tolerance

Anyone going to 41st District Picnic?

I had a nice suprise today -

Just saw Control Room...

Wondered if Al Gore would have been elected by a WIDER margin had there

The new Anti-CNP site, please go visit it.

I registered 18 voters today none of whom will vote for Bush

God told Bush where the WMD are.... but he cannot recall where he left the

The Core Tenet @ The Very Heart Of George W. Bush's Values

Bush's mommy's words....

brand new Cheney campaign poster (must see)

NYT, Rich: "Happy Talk News Covers a War"

sorry, glitch, double post -- please delete

Maureen Dowd ripping Teresa (and John) Kerry again --

NYT: Smiles and Sneers -- facial language of W/Cheney, K/E, Teresa

WP, pg 1: 9/11 panel "more Warren Commission than Church Commission"

Ike Newkirk's 'Open Line' streaming now...

Regime change in Iran now in Bush’s sights

Wow, I've never been to a presbyterian church but my heritage (dad)

Hourly Pay in U.S. Not Keeping Pace With Price Rises

Whore JC Watts infomercial telling people how to get $$ from gov't

This election is not about the war, the economy, jobs, or terrorism....

Teresa Kerry is Mo Dowd's new Al Gore.

Time to show our colors

more signs * is in trouble here in Virginia

If the World Trade Centers had not collapsed...?

Larry Flynt on Book TV at 10am EDT today

RNC Spin on NAACP fiasco

Surgeon Amputated the Wrong Leg...................

Obituary in SF Chronicle: "Unelect that damn Bush"

Arnold Schwarzenegger full frontal nudity

Minn. GOP Asks Activists to Report on Neighbors' Politics

Barbara Ehrenreich in NYT

Attention internet radio listeners!

Total $$$ spent securing borders = 4 days worth funding Iraq

Boston: Police accommodate protesters amidst signs of planned arrests

Bush's friend, Putin, has been assisting Iran for several years....

Entertainment Industry Should Embrace File-Sharing

Chris Matthews: CRITIZICING DEMS (more than Repugs) for being

Vote Howard out: US filmmaker

I hope my kids are never raped in front of me to extract information

Not just Iran in RW gunsights -- also Democrats

I want to see change.

This guy sure is brave

anyone have link to go to movie theater showing 911

Austria's Arnold Stamp

Freeper calls for civil war against the 'creatures of darkness'

The Republicans are in charge of everything.

Who's seen this Onion thing on f-911?

the kerry-edwards ad....

Pat Boone on Chris Mathews: criticizing Whoopi's remarks and

NYT: Hourly pay not keeping up with price rises

Help turn KY to a blue state

See Ted Koppel's Bias...

Russert's Freudian Slip: Called * George W. Birth !

HA ! .. Betty Bowers has the Bush 'Presidential Daily Briefings' ...

Political blogs catching on (AWD in the Chi Trib)

911 Report- says terrorists might be targetting bldg in lower Manhattan

Let's rededicate the Washington Monument!

NYT books: wisdom of McGovern, Cuomo and Hart

Does everyone else see the bias in AP feeds?

Had a great encounter at McDonald's last night!

Anyone care to rip this one apart? More on Moore

If Cheney is not on the ticket....who will work the puppet's strings?

Stern fans prefer Kerry 59% over Bush 37%

Will there ever be any "PLAME INDICTMENTS" ?

GREAT bumper sticker in deep dark Red Land

The Christian Right and Al Qaeda

Who should I believe?

Regime change in IRAN now in Bush’s sights

Does anyone here read "Mallard Fillmore"?

Remember Jeb's new Fundie DCF Chief! "The dudes in trouble.

Someone has to speak for the box turtles! I have two and they

F/11 now over $100 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone read 'Banana Republicans' yet?

Senator Durbin let one slide past him. Chambliss implied that the

The GOP and their privitization plans are killing our "Great Society"!

Jesus and torture ( a long rant)

Help: kerry Against Family Values Letter

What are the chances of an Independent investigation into Delay?

Racicot coming up soon on Blitzer (it's now 10 PDT)

Our War Prez canÕt do anything right.

Blitzer's poll today "Should elections be postponed yada yada..."

Our War Prez canÕt do anything right.

Why is Bush not doing better? RCP AVE (7/6 - 7/16) 44.6% 49.3% Kerry +4.7

One more review of F911 - from Common Dreams

Tiring of "We have to be right 100% of the time...

So this asshole wearing a Bush shirt walks into a bar in Southwest Florida

Deaf Repuke's counter from the original message.

Pirates of the Caribbean #2:starring Johnny Depp & Keith Richards

A less visible Donald Rumsfeld "something of a pariah"

"Saddam's Wars Scar a Generation of Women"

CNN poll: Should the US postpone the election?

Another stupid poll on CNN

Carmen BinLaden on LateEdition: not much info. Why interview her

County supervisor ejected from Bush event for wearing Kerry shirt

HEADS UP -- Joe Wilson Coming up on CNN -- 12:35 p.m.

Color coded information

"Iraq Uranium Claim Gets Some Support"

The trail of Pakistan's ISI -- opium, al Qaeda, and Richard Armitage

Fundamental Flaw

Each morning I read 5 new sites. Take a look; is the worm turning?

Kerry FIT IN at Yale and Bush didn't:FAVORABLE Bush point for Americans!!

Anyone watching Larry Flynt on CSPAN2?

"Pilot Who Dropped A-Bomb on Nagasaki Dies"

Joe Wilson lied!

"Excuse me, sir....Have you seen my monster?"

snips from "Hunting of the President" reviews

"'Here You Go. Here's Iraq. Take It'"

How's come David Kelley's "suicide" left the radar?

All lobbyists should be thrown out of DC!

some thing I recieved by e-mail - no not from freep in-laws

"9/11 Hijackers May Have Gone Through Iran"

Wow! In the AOL straw poll,

Ohio's MJ newspaper: Electronic voting machines nixed

Cruel and Unusual: Bush/Cheney's New World Order: DRAMATIC

What is it about wingnuts and flags?

Find out the truth about Iraq at the Patrick Henry Democratic Club on Mon

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday:

Byrd on Meet the Press

"Kerry Takes Gamble on Economy, Experts Say"

Conservatives to Protest Anti-GOP Protest at Convention

June 2000 Ritter article on Iraqi WMD--essential reading

I'm making myself feel better: I am boycotting Wolf Blitzer

Will Rove send disrupters in to the protest at the RNC?

Who's read the book....THE POWERS THAT BE ~by David Halberstam?

Conspiracy Redux - Remake of Manchurian Candidate 7-30 Release

Who has the infamous pic of the Freepers guarding the porto potties?

Former Harvard Business Professor Blasts Bush

"Rapper Jadakiss Blames Bush for Sept. 11"

What crimes should Bush be charged with after he is defeated?

Barlow's Declaration of Independence In Cyberspace.

"Conservatives to Protest Anti-GOP Protest"

CNN Reliable Sorces to do a peice on Outfoxed

Jobs, Verrrry Scarry, and "Life is not Always Unfair" GOOD CARTOONS

Our "Outfox" house party is full up! You going?

Coming up on C-Span2, 5pm et

WP ombudsman sides with amnesiacs (uranium claim)

AP: "Iraq Uranium Claim Gets Some Support," but not really.

WP says Bush mum on agenda for second term. Anyone surprised?

Should "political affiliation" be added to the hate crimes law?

Republican "Protest Warriors" are gearing up!

Bev: Try to push for paper ballots

Interesting article from the past. Powell urged POW status for prisoners.

Just got surveyed over the phone....

Jim Hightower joins the pre-November new book release race

Bill Moyers on CSPAN2 9pm ET

Did anyone see Washington Journal this morning?

Joe Wilson on Blitzer today. He debunks Committee Report's assertions.

If anybody here works for the Kerry/Edwards campaign, or the DNC...

Name one decent thing Bush has done in the previous three and

Guess who got polled by the Harris Poll today.

Impact of the anti-gay marriage state ballot initiatives

From John Kerry: 'America The Vulnerable'

Radio coming up in an hour - Bush & women's issues; election scenarios

Joe Wilson

Familiar To Anybody Who Ever Read "The Good Soldier Schweik"

EXCELLENT new TOON from Tom Toles!

Byrd: Kerry Needs Coal Dust to Win W.Va.

I need some help with this one...

Soldiers for Hire

No one mentions this about the Gay Marriage Ban.

Caption das Gropenfuhrer

Need some help with the Whoopi Goldberg Thing, DUers!

9-11 Commission Hearings available free at Apple's iTMS

What Would Boosh do if Reselected?

Kevin Phillips and Howard Zinn rock! My eyes are opening!

Bush invaded the wrong country!

Cuban-Am Bishop compares GOP request for list of names to Castro

Bush reminds me someone

you know, Dumbass is the only "president" i can't say anything good about

Where I think the "drink the kool-aid" idea came from

Just thought I'd engage in a bit of good natured boasting

Who are the wealth redistributors now?

is nader

Iraq War Resolution - Full Text

Television commercials and the price of milk

Does someone high-profile need to say 'child rape at Abu Ghraib'?

Schieffer confronted McAuliffe: EXCUSE ME DID YOU CALL THE PRESIDENT

"Pearls Before Swine" toon hits bullseye

Outfoxed-Good or Snooze?

Students who took abstinence pledge have righer rates of STDs...

Lieberman plans to run again in 2006

Why isn't the child rape in Iraq nonstop all over the USnnews?

Senator Barbara Boxer on the gay marriage ammendment.

BYRD ALERT: MTP now on (8:00 a.m. CT) Talking about his book.

How do we stop the American (fundie Christian) Taliban?

one showing f911............10 p.m.

Chris Moore on KDKA in Pittsburgh now may vote for Nader.

arnold calls california dem's 'girlie men' ......

Kerry supports Bush Doctrine of Pre-emption. NOT!

Enron E-Mail Has DeLay in Hot Water

Where's th'outrage, Uh, Media Coverage (Iraqi P.M. /Executioner)

Still paying for October Surprise 1980? - Tinfoil Hat time.

My oldest son met a soldier just back from Iraq

Why the press doesn't report the news.

A Good Sign in Red Country (or should I say purple?)

Mon. July 26 - Gore, Carter, Hillary and the Big Dog.

My 86 year old Nana and her bridge club are going to see F911

TIA Forecast Simulation: Kerry Wins 99 of 100 trials with 52.92%, 330EV

Is it possible to reunite America?

Marginalizing your base is the wrong approach.

What are the concise talking points to debunk lies re: Joe Wilson?

Considering the cases of people who had gotten into hot water for mooning

Bush's religion

So why did NPR need to remind us this is the anniversary of...

we need to prosecute CA energy traders for domestic terrorism

Letter to Ed of MS paper - Kill the liberals

My Pet Goat Look ... Explained?

Message from Granny D regarding postponed elections

Would Bush have attacked Iraq without the IWR vote in Congress?

Plame Indictments thread 10

Mark Crispin Miller (The Bush Dyslexicon) with Bob McChesney today at 2pm

McCain and Bush

Young Marine who lost arm in Iraq: "The war is bull----"

What do you think will happen if Bush is elected?

Scott Ritter and the need to threaten force for Iraq weapons inspections

Which F9/11 scene affected you the most?

Republicans -- they leave no child's "behind" behind

URGENT e-mail NBC and tell them is RNC!!!

$18m slap on the wrist for Uzbekistan

80,000 Casualties in the War on Compassionate Conservatism


NYT: Safety (& env., as well as security) Concern in Los Alamos Shutdown

WP: Boeing Has a Powerful Ally with Hastert

2 Calif. Macy's Stores Stage 1-Day Strike

Appleton official ejected from Bush event

Iran denies supporting al-Qaeda

Bush To Return Campaign Money

Iraqi PM Reopens Controversial Newspaper (al-Sadr's)

Despite Appeals, Chaos Still Stalks the Sudanese

President Is Still Mum on Agenda For Second Term

Busload of California teens hijacked

Shifting Impressions (WP - comparison of admins claims vs reality on 9-11)

Gaza marchers spurn Arafat reform

Test of a nation (collaborators pretend democracy)

CIA: 9/11 Plotters Transited Iran, Govt Tie Unseen

Two War Crimes Fugitives Evading Justice

Glenda Hood late to pay taxes (Fla sec of state)

Al-Qaeda 'dismantled' in Iran

Edwards Is Praised as Able Stand-In for Kerry on Stump

The 9/11 Commission Gets Ready To Speak

HMO glitch gives retirees free prescriptions

AP: IAAF Recommends Stripping U.S. Olympic Relay Gold

Iraq Uranium Claim Gets Some Support

Joe Wilson

Cain Makes Inroads in Ga Senate Bid: Black Hopeful Scores With Conservativ

Austria issues Schwarzenegger stamp

President's sex-tourism allegation riles Cubans

Children face sex risk at US schools (Guardian)

Sony, BMG to Lay Off 2,000 Staffers -Sources

Economic View: A Growing Force of Non-Workers

Edwards finds converts in O.C.

40 Republicans take advantage of free "Fahrenheit 9/11" showing

Clinton warns Bush against interfering in Australian politics

Tampa protest shows divide on Bush's Cuba travel policy

Allawi lifts ban on al-Sadr's paper

Bhutto: Pakistan Bought N. Korea Missile Know-How

Earnhardt Jr. burned in Le Mans accident (CNN)

Sharon Urges Exodus of Jews From France

Warning: Nicotine seriously improves health

Mandela birthday tributes start pouring in

LAT: Democrats' "Poster Boy"(Cleland more powerful as symbol than Senator)

Enron E-Mails Give Insiders' View

NEWSWEEK: New Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi Reportedly Cut Off Suspect'

Poland to Keep Troops in Iraq Through '05

Americans Accused of Running Private Jail Appear Before Afghan Judge, Say

LAT: "Enemy Contact. 'KIll 'em, Kill 'em'" (soldiers killing in Iraq)

Mental care in turmoil

`Floaters' of checks are sunk (Diebold, checks + paper trails)

Edwards revives memories of Florida 2000

Blair 'Not Trusted to Lead Britain into War'

(Republican) Lawmaker arrested for alleged lewdness

LAT: Kerry's Crime-Fighting Early Days (good article)

Air Strike in Rebellious Iraqi City Kills 11

(David) Kay Criticizes Bush, Blair on Iraq Intel

U.S. Airstrike in Fallujah Kills 14 , AP

Regime change in Iran now in Bush’s sights

Kuwait Of Africa?

Conservatives to Protest Anti-GOP Protest

Get me out of the 700 Club - ask me anything!!

new Dr. John CD . . . "N'Awlinz: Dis Dat Or D'Udda" . . . martini

Spartacus inquiry

Big heavy jugs

It's 1:30 a.m. and I'm about to finish the beef burrito I began at supper.

browser hiccup, sorry

It's 1:37AM and I'm jonesin' for a couple of buffalo wings in the fridge

Cool lightning pics I took tonight from my stepmother's house

Like Anime? Like Netflix? You might want to check this out.

Please respond: Does anybody know how to get a petition drive together...

I just finished a Barbeque Chicken Bacon pizza from Papa John's.

I've gone through three splats of mosquitos today - ask me anything!

Anyone else love clicking on bids?

What is your favorite kind of milk?

I've gone through three pairs of Speedos today - ask me anything

You know what I want to do for fun?

I need help finding a song!!! (Maybe you can help, Night Train)

I've gone through three sacks of Doritos today - ask me anything!

I am watching Back to the Future right now. Ask me anything.

1. Whom do you love?

anyone remember Dino, Desi & Billy? . . .

At first I was afraid, I was petrified

Rave Check!!!

I'm feeling ballsy

Anyone else love picking on kids?

Why does being Nekkid feel so good?

I love Buffalo, NY - Ask me anything!

Craziest place you ever masturbated?

CJs vs DKs

i havent been on much latley...

a lifetime of learning from Bad News Hughes . . .

Is this thing valid at all?

So my best friend and I are SO sick of men who let us walk all over them..

I go away for a few days, and NO FUCKING BEAR!!

Repugs on C-Span

Would someone please ask me to come to bed?

Are you as crazy as people say you are?

"I, Robot" review from a Asimov fan (Locus Magazine) (Spoilers, of course)

I go away for a few days, and NO BUCKING FEAR!!

Way down in Louisiana down in New Orleans.

Has anyone ever freelanced something to playboy?

The doctor said...

They went away for a few days, and BANANA FUCKING COW!!

Anyone else love pickling kids?

Righto - Canuckamok - let's go!

I love C-Span



Elvis died - but Gerry and the pacemakers kept making records

The Minister Of Fear ...

How long will it take for this SEX THREAD to be locked?

Well, it's about that time - Late Night DU roll call

Awim away awim away awima away

The Open Championsip - Final Day thread

I saw just Elvis at the Waffle House...

Screw you guys . . . I'm going to bed

Surprised to find that good music IS still being produced. Check out

The One Magical Word

Hoop Dreams - On Black Starz Channel

Life - Flash Movie

Favorite Afghan Whigs album

Opus got rickets from cats.

W deck

Would someone please tell me to go to bed?

Anyone ever play the 5 word story game?

I see trees of green, red roses too

DU this poll....AGAIN!

I just finished my new sig image. Ask me anything!

"Who Would Jesus Torture?"

any of your neighbors running for president?

LSU or Louisiana folks - need help on residency status.

Write to Mary Cheney

My New 'toon - whaddaya think?

OMG, I just saw my job advertised in the Sunday paper.

Someone has to speak for the box turtles! I have two and they

Sunday Morning Comin Down

I am listening to Iron Maiden, ask me something.

OMG !!!!!!!!!! Did anyone see the 17 yrold soprano from NZ

I'm getting a Golden Retriever Puppy for my birthday today. What should

Honor Ronald Reagan , Drink Less Water

Mmmmmm... My newest breakfast creation...

Does God have a learning problem?

Renting Overseas

I haven't been around for a while.

I had to work today

Is it OK for a Bisexual goat to flirt with a Lemur?

I have a "good" problem to deal with

I'm listening to Tom Waits Rain Dogs. Ask me anything.

Anyone here receive the July Freq Buyers Email from HANDANGO.COM?

I'm a horrible person. I'm surprised nobody's taken me.

British coverage of the Open Championship..................

Lightning shots from Arizona (Oro Valley area just outside of Tucson)

Is anybody here a paralegal? r/o

gloom, despair, and agony on me

What is wrong with being a "Kool-Aid" drinker?

saw the Anchorman last night....

Hey! They're making a movie of "The Boondocks"

In the spirit of posting Hee Haw songs, may I present:

Pirates of the Caribbean #2:starring Johnny Depp & Keith Richards

"The Grid," a new TNT miniseries about "the worldwide threat of terrorism"

Strangers stopping strangers...

Any one familiar with The Brush Back Sports News :-)

Is it OK for a Lesbian to flirt with a Box Turtle?

What's the deal with the puke smiley???

The New Thunderbirds movie....

Bush and Kerry sing "This Land is my Land"!

Oh my aching - actually I'm doing okay - how's everyone else?

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is the worst film ever made!

Does anyone in the lounge listen to Air America?

Laura Bush: Dylan and Marley fan?

Woohoo! I just bought Marathon Man and Soylent Green on DVD!

Bush's, eh Bish's, eh, Shrub's eh, pResident's desktop

Say what you will about Elvis, but his performance of

How often do you travel > 100 miles from your home?

I need help with my configuration on DU

Where can I get a real copy of KazaaLite?

How would I start a petition drive?

Was Duhbya behind this product?

Anybody here seen "What the *&^% Do We Know?!"

Do you have a favorite berry?

Does anyone want to put their pic in the gallery ?

Could I start a petition on DU?

What is the leanest meat available?

Is it okay for a gay man to flirt with a Bavarian Bratwurst?

Queer As Folk Fans?

Just made $10 mowing my neighbor's lawn............

If Box Turtle love is wrong, what animal would you be ok with human/animal

So, is everyone getting ready to go their ESPY Awards party tonight?

Next time you eat out, think about whethertyou are supporting Bush!

Will The Big Dog be signing books after July 30?

PET PEEVE #680: When adults use pet names to refer to their grandparents

How do you create a free web page with a petition area?

What's it like not to have a care?

Don't you hate it when you try to reply but the thread's been locked?

Did 'The Big Bang' actually go 'bang'?

Should we have a little lounge gathering, around say 4:20PM?

Would you rather be a mule?

What does NASCAR stand for?

I don't think I have any Pet Peeves...

Who was the better Quarterback?

Toby Keith can kiss my ass...

If I get alternately accused of skewering Kerry and shilling for him

Okay, I want to piss off the neighbors:

What Should I Feed My Pet Peeve?

Dave Barry: "Most men, when shopping, are yak-wompers"...


Our documents are useless, or forged beyond believing


Would someone please give me

AGH! Mosquitos! Bloodsucking Republican Mosquitos!


What about wild peeves?

What's it like not to have a C

Rethuglican Dictionary -- your suggestions?

Getting near dinner time, what's everyone having?

I just saw two AMAZING documentary films!

Chicken today, feathers tomorrow

which gender is most offended by the term "girlie men?"

Pro Bush acquaintance I know is coming back from Iraq..

Anyone here familiar with Manhattan real estate?

Lois yells out "Eddie Eddie"

Can spiders be omnivorous if they have to be?

Please help my raise my IQ points back to normal level!!!!!

Best "homosexual" song?

Has anyone here heard of "Truck Nuts"

House, house, house!

Do you marginalize margarine?

Anyone watching 'Rear Window' on TCM?

DU Lawyers and legal minds, can this young DUer be helped?

When the new DOOM comes out next month...

Blondes of DU!

Sunday At The Movies ...

Pick my sigline: viggo or LOTR/ battle for middle earth

What's it like not to have a car?

"Falling Down" - good movie or bad one?


Why does the ice cream truck play "The Entertainer"?

Warships (warning: Many photos)

How do dysfunctional people manage to get married/have relationships?

Favorite Source for Recpies - Book, Website, TV Show, Magazine, Etc

I've lost my voice, help meeee!!!

Best male golfer ever?

Red or Blue- which are you?

Steve Earl wrote the new anti-war anthem

AARGH, I had a nightmare last night.....

Are the Americans as dumb as everyone says?

Hah! Those Neckcar drivers can't handle real racing!

Conclusive proof that Time Warner is evil!

Need my dreams read....anyone here good @ that?

Finally got to see a trailer for Alien Vs. Predator

This land is my land (FUNNY)

Prankster uses plastic wrap as road trap

I'm a horrible cat owner - I'm suprised no one has taken away my cats

cutesy thing my neighbor sent me, and my wishful "reply to all"

Chargers to star in NASCAR

Is it OK for a Hetro Guy to flirt with a Lesbian?

Are you right, or wrong?

When a NASCAR driver dies...

Sunday Kitty pics

Do you like *kettle corn*?

Airplanes I might have named myself after.

Jessica Simpson is such an idiot.

I Flipped Out on a Security Guard at work -Rant-

Ladies would you?

Matching Funds for Kerry

Democratic Convention Party

anti-Nader links

Plain Dealer: Five Ohios (SE Ohio in Play)

Preliminary polling data indicates Badnarik has the support to remove Bush

Link to contact information for ALL of Florida's Supervisors of Elections

Just in: Bush dumps Cheney and selects Hillary as VP candidate!

Closing the vulnerabilities Bush exploits.

New financial reports posted now for 527s and PACs et al. Interesting.

E. Edwards interview in today's WaPo

How big or little of a terrorist attack will it take for the nation to

Tucker Carlson predicts Nader will drop out

Venerable senator says Kerry needs coal dust on his hands to win West Virg

*'s family "values"

Does anyone know where this "#1 & #4 Liberal" talking point comes from

"Report to us about your neighbor..without their permission", asks MN GOP

Copy of Prescott Bush 1942 Indictment Under Trading With the Enemy Act!

The Constitution Party Candidate is a total nut

Hear Warren Buffet is for Kerry. I know he is a businessman. Is his e

List of Electoral Votes by state 00 to 04 (population chgs)

Motivation thread to help with the Dems moving towards the right

poop on Kerry - he's pro Israeli wall

What entertainment would you hire for Dem convention? My picks:

Where should *, Cheney and Rumsfeld spend their retirement?

Howard Dean in Rome, Italy on Sept. 12, Dubai on Sept. 22.

Who should Kerry pick as Sec of Defense?

Bush ad accuses opponent of flip-flopping...