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Archives: July 20, 2004

Torturing Children By William Rivers Pitt

Salon: You can't teach an old attack dog new tricks (David Bossie)

House Of Bush, House Of Saud

Monbiot: Our lies led us into war

Illegal Alien Gang Plague Mauling America

Iraq: the crowning glory of George W. Bush

The Ghost of Vice President Wallace Warns: "It Can Happen Here"

Former HBS Prof Blasts Bush

Krugman: The Arabian Candidate (Allegory * to Manchurian Candidate)

President Bush's Movements and Actions on 9/11 (very detailed)

Charley Reese lays it down.

Meet a Progressive Candidate for Congress from Iowa in St. Paul, MN!

DU CNN's warmongering Iran/9-11 poll

‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ reshapes indie film world

NY Times biased reporting agaisnt Kerry and Edwards

Today in History 7/19/04

If you missed the latest JibJab animation (This Land Is Your Land...)

Native American Words of Wisdom.

Norway best place: bookmark site for English news on all Scandanavia

ATF inspects only a handful of gun dealers

I'd like to say sorry for my deliberately inflammatory thread

Isn't it time to label Nader and supporters an enemy of DU and dems?

porn in DU

Israel's first strike plan against Iran is ready

Don't blame Arafat for past peace treaty failures, blame Israel

2004 Democratic Party Platform on the Middle East

Cutting blasts cut WTC2 beams

The 757 plus bomb theory

Kerry Speech Watching Parties - July 29th?

Vicious Street Thugs Terrorize Oakland Homeless

Willie Brown Denies He's Running For Another Office (hopes to do tv show)

Attend a Reception with a Progressive Iowa Candidate in St. Paul, MN!

Come to a Reception with Progressive Iowa Candidate in St. Paul!

Report on Jim Hightower at Barnes & Noble

How abut meeting for a Saturday at 2 PM showing of "The Corporation"

Ohio Voter Purge

I am going to be hosting a Kerry Party on the 29th of July

The only endorsement Kerry needs to win PA....

Kerry signs in Milwaukee

Genocide In Darfur, Sudan

Revolutionary Women Welcomes Dean (& others) to Women's Political Forum

Olbermann: Arnold used "girlie-men" in previous republican campaign.

So, we are going to invade Iran now?

Anger at Russia-Iran nuclear ties ---- (August 1, 2002)

Shock and Awe in Iran might turn Los Angeles into a giant terror zone!!

JFK, 9-11, and the REAL America: Tying it All Together

Need Quick Info...please (non political)

Do you think Arnold can still fuck in front of other guys?

If IraN helped with 9/11, then Bush should've gone after them as of 9/12

The Misled Slaves..... We are Bots, Slaves(Mental kind), Sheep, etc

Will Ashcroft Protect Our Dems in Boston Any Better Than the Dems in DC?

Linda Ronstadt booed offstage &fired for cheering for Michael Moore/F911

Democratic Platform 2004

zogbys real america (survey)

A fond farewell to the 700 Club.

Help me find old picture of Nixon

Will ALL the bots please leave?

Will Someone Please Explain To Me

DUer's -- tell Rick Lyman to get it straight

Who was the shrew at the end of "Hardball" tonight?

Good story on No Child Left Behind in the Chicago Tribune

NAHB Suggestions for dealing with ELF, and others

No Child Left Behind series in Chicago Tribune...

A New War is the Only Way for Bush* to Win.

HAHAHAHA -- Aladdin hotel is bankrupt!!!

I received this puzzling e-mail today.

Michael Rogers gay activist is outing gays on his blog

Question....Whatever happened to..........

The Iran thing is worse than I first thought - dividing the left.

Hannity recommends not joining military if Kerry President!

Defending Joe Wilson by David Corn, The Nation.

Email from Greg Palast

Who is the vilest capo in Bush's Cosa Nostra?:Rove, Cheney,

Holy surveys Batman, I just did the new Zogby poll online

about Kerry and moving forward progressively

Re: Iran...Bush should have learned to keep his mouth shut....

Did Michael Moore graduate from High school?

Laugh or Hurl? Laugh or Hurl? I report, you decide

Linda Ronstadt booted out of casino for dedicating song to M Moore


Bush and Kerry are related?

Sandy Berger being probed for taking classified documents

Old story, detailing WH perfidy, contradictions, re: Niger

Ignorance in the heartland (Northwest Missouri).

Immigration Reform - Canadians please participate

Best Democratic Presidential Ticket?

I wonder if * will seize upon the Kazemi trial in Iran ...

My boss saw the film over the weekend.

do you suppose that bushy boy cries himself to sleep thinking about mean o

T. Roosevelt quote taken from

Does anyone have Pappy Bush's quote about the horror of outing CIA agents?

a simple question about big media 'journalists'

Is anyone actually surprised by Ahnold's comments?

Do you agree with the reports about creating a National Intelligence Czar?

Damn, The Daily Show is a repeat tonight

Will someone explain to me why the possibility of Iran

BBV: Ohio Voter Purge -- Hamilton County Cincinnati Loses 65,000 voters

How many times have you seen f9/11?

Ashcroft really wanted to sing THIS ditty.

Bill Schneider's Political Report on Lou Dobbs

My Crazy neighbor's kids are shooting rockets at my house...

Apparently, Republican means never having to say you're sorry.

Oops, They Invaded The Wrong Country?


Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Kids Page....

Clinton Adviser Probed in Terror Memos

Has anyone heard any more info on Gore's cable news thang?

I am sick of these Michael Moore rumors being spread

Speaking of torture in Iraq...

The Internet has done wonders for we Democrats.

2000: "Bush accepts, pledges to work with Gore to united divided nation"

"The human chauvinism that has so narrowed our vision . . .

Policeman in Wisconsin orders a man to be interviewed by

Could Ed Muskie Have Won in '72?

Reminder to NC DU'ers

Bush in his own habitat in Sierra Leone

Anyone have information on the Carter-Ford Election Reform Commission

'Fahrenheit 9/11' May Yet Show Up Near Crawford - AP\Hou-Chron

A war with Iran is a sure recipe for the draft

PD-16 and power outages (Wayne Madsen)

Will a bunch of DUers fall for the Iran garbage like they fell for Iraq?

War with Iran--what a load of crap

Australia is scared...but not New Zealand?

Is Clear Channel owned by Rupert Murdoch?

Michael Moores Educational Background

Ahnold with his "girlie man" comment

The Blind are Lepers at KFC in Dayton (Scopes Monkey Trial), Tennessee

Bush: People may call you the elite. I call you my base.

Keep your eyes open for them to try to discredit more Democrats.

Milbank used *'s quote to the Amish!!!!

Kerry - Bin Laden bumperstickers?!! GOP has no shame!

Put on your thinking hats...

Kerrybots, Bush Enablers, and punching my own self in the face

I'm sick of DU Kerry bashers,

Hahahahaha, Jack Ryan on with fellow sexfiend D. Norville

If we oust W, can we never have another

Did anyone else hear a brief breaking news report on CBS 11 pm news?

Does the Laci Pederson law protect pregnant women, or

E-Mail From Bill Moyers NOW !


Best WINNING Democratic Presidential ticket?

Confuse Republicans about Nader! Make their plans backfire!

hahahaha this is too funny

Where did bush go to highschool?

AP: A Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

Should Democrats Run Left or Right ??

Anyone see Joe Wilson on Paula Zahn?

A modest proposal for getting out of the Iraq mess

So Nader supporters, why's Ralphie accepting GOP signatures?

Madame Secretary...She is amazing!

For the Love of all that is Decent

Insulting but funny video directed to/against both sides.

Mike Malloy coming back!!

E. J. Dionne: "The House that Dean Built"

Face it, Nader and his little finkies hate the Democratic Party

The military is performing FREE cosmetic surgery???

Testimony from Abu Ghraib prisoner who witnessed boy being raped (WaPo)

Provinces, states unveil proposals to limit diversions from Great Lakes

Right-wing politicians want to ban Islam (Norway)

North Korea: Open For Business -- A Bit

Chirac: Israeli prime minister not welcome in Paris

House Approves Sanctions on Vietnam

Canada's pot exports overstated: RCMP

Iraqi Prime Minister Opens Controversial Newspaper Shut Down by Coalition

Halliburton Subpoenaed Over Unit's Iran Work (Cheney to get 10 yrs?)

How has the US been spending other people's billions?

Nader accepts GOP signatures for ballot

House members back resolution that says elections will never be postponed

Retirement Wave Creates Shortage of Air Traffic Controllers (Ron's fault)

Lawmaker Decries Kerry-Bin Laden Stickers

Bomb explodes in Russia

How has the US been spending other people's billions?

US offers SA help with defence

Area's foreclosure postings remain steady

WP: High Court Asked to End Executions Of Juveniles

Death of Marine on 16th Announced

Halliburton Subpoenaed Over Unit's Iran Work

WP: Bush Pushes Congress To Extend Tax Cuts

Search begins for answers on Allawi 'executions'(update, not dupe)

Spain's fatal error over Madrid bombings

W.Va. City Apologizes to Protesters

US Media Kills Story that Iraqi PM Executed 6 Prisoners

AP: Clinton Adviser Probed in Terror Memos

Ohio Voter Purge

Study: Antibiotics Don't Help Sick Vets

Bush to Take Break During Dem. Convention

NYTimes Companies Pitch Insurance and Investments to Soldiers in Barracks

DRUDGE: 'You're Not Going To Have To Look For Us On Vacation'...

Milbank: The Kerry Campaign's One-Word Weapon

America Hosts 76 percent of Islamic Terrorist Websites

'Fahrenheit 9/11' may yet show up near Crawford

Kerry's `Quality of Jobs' Argument Gains Wall Street Support

Tech du'ers, please explain to me how to do this

LOL...check out today's Engrish....right wing slippers

What is the strangest thing you ingest?

Erectile Dysfunction?

Watching George Lopez show... this is odd:

Refuse to lose!!!!!!!!! - Here’s your ticket

Hmmm, All State commercial just had a good point

Give a big FUCK YOU to Little Matty!

Will ALL the bots please leave?

A fond farewell to the 700 Club.

It's 8:21pm in Royal Oak, Mi, time for you wimps to Q&A w/ Mr. Scorpio

Matcom News™ - Should it stay or should it go-oh????

Anuder Editorial Cartoon.

Get Fuzzy!

I'm listening to ELO Live At Winterland '76 (ask me anything)

GlenGarry Glen Ross 10th Anniversary DVD for $4

Leg men, please explain - I don't get it

Cat Hoarding Problem near me...Interesting story but sad

What is your favorite Matcom post?

If matcom stops posting silly news in the Lounge will you...

The Doors' Ray Manzarek: "the tour that never was" (on DVD tomorrow)

I think I was subjected to some crafty Catholic propaganda.

DU Golfers: Could you beat Whistle-ass?..................

Matcom: Leper Messiah or the real thing

Are fat metabolism (ketosis) test strips a rip off?


Damn, smells like a slaughterhouse in here - f-ing dead mouse. Pew!

Geek Confessional

Any Disc Golf Fanatics?


Where'd the current fascination with box turtles come from?

Who is More Annoying: Me or Matcom?

:cuss: lag! (and doing stupid things)

Wicked: The Musical

What does "Crashcart" mean?

Are you coming to the Republican Party Meetup?

What is your favorite Non-Matcom post?


Can a box of Mac and Cheese be funny?

Am I the only person who will admit to liking Dashboard Confessional?

"Alien" as performed by rabbits

Republican Mail

Right-Wing Squares!

Daily Show is a repeat tonight

The OFFICIAL LincolnMcGrath DU Graphics Comp. Part II

Republican male

Which TV parent do you like best?

David Lang's "Born to Be Wild" - great stuff! Just heard it again

Zomby's German Dada Poetry Thread

The wild and crazy X-rated Dr. Laura

Rather have a beer with W?, not me

Nostalgic for your prison days? PRUNO!

Letters from Trixie #2: Yaks Supreme and Loser Box Turtles

I propose we implement the double cheek kiss in America

NYC DUers:

I forgot what I was going to post as a thread

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man

Techies please help- I need Windows ME CD-key

du has ruined me.

For all you girlie men: Link to Arnolds NUDE pics!

2 quarts of milk, under 60 minutes

Jack Black as Green Lantern??!!??

Bush parody of Citibank ad - it RAWKS!!!!!!

Crazed surgeon amputates man's penis

DU Dreamers: If you could be anywhere on the planet, where would you be?

Learn to enjoy the suffering.

Dried peaches....

What if?....

Spam alert! (My own posts.....)

ZombyWoof ?

Songs that should be re-released to awaken the masses

Have I missed good music?

Which Human Race is Superior?

Aaahhrgh! Restaurant RIGHT next door playing coy with possible job Op!

Any one use Toolbook to develop e-learning?

Sexiest prime number?

Steven Seagal: Action Movie Mega-God or Out-Of-Shape POS Has-Been

the Toyota Scion

Linda Ronstadt and The Dixie Chicks

Funniest "Party for the pResident" descriptions

Atkins Diet: a dangerous 'diet'

The bright blessed day,

We should all make an effort to go see F9/11 at least one more time..

The importance of a pie in the face. (rant)

Help - I Need Advice on an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Anime Fans...I need your opinions

need some tips on purchaseing a used car

A LEGAL solution to BEFOREATHOUGHT's problem

Some cute and silly animal pics....

Is there some sort of stomach flu going around or should I blame McDonalds

Delia's Gone

Rabrrrrrr's WTC Ground Zero uncourteous disrespectful tourist morans rant

IF Drugs were legal and you had a time machine

no caps to CAPTIONing the pro-corporation activist


little family--mama's out hunting, left her babies in a safe place (mew!)

Do you have any racists in your family?

CAPTION O'Really on "The Factor"

arab bombers on rhode isLand fLight?

Give Linda Ronstadt a few words of support.

oh... this is gonna be SO cool!!!

The Graham Norton Effect....

I'm back from watching "Anchorman" ask me anything

I'm allergic to seafood. Anyone else have weird allergies?

Hey Deadheads....the Dead are going to be on

So what do you think your last thought will be when you die?

I just watched "Ted Bundy" (who was a Republican)

Feral cat advisors: this is just killing me ---

My housecat/bobcat hybrid

My cat likes tomato sauce-do your pets like any weird food?

"Prolly" is not a word

Am I the only one who notices that DU is just like High School?

What music have you listened to lately?

I am a 22 year old virgin... How big of a f*cking geek am I?

Is it just me, or is the 'deserter' Wassef Ali Hassoun kinda HOT?!?!

Attention Evil Geniuses!

So Nader's not going to accept Republican petitions but

Candidate's 15 year old daughter is doing his website.

Georgia Senate Primaries - Can we get Majette in and McKinney back?

Regardless of who they plan to vote for more voters expect Kerry to win

protestors at previous Democratic conventions...

If anyone wants to see some really cool grassroots democracy in action,

Could Kerry have some kind of "October" surprise up his

MediaMatters has a great page you must check out: Right Wing Squares!

Hey, guess what? There is no "Re-Elect Bush" merchandise

Latest electoral College Breakdowns:

When did you lose all respect for Nader?

To Anyone Considering Voting For A Third Party Presidential Candidate

Kerry speech to NAACP

Presidential hopefuls harness the power of music for voter appeal

I don't want to offend anyone, but...

Did Cheney's ties to Iran prevent Bush from taking action?

The COMPLETE Democratic Platform

We May Pickup a House Seat from Pennsylvania: Support Ginny Schrader

Is Kerry Freedom Tour a Gimick OR Start of Real Grassroots Mobilization?

Camp David failed because of manipulated intelligence

Department of Temptation (Florida)

Fisk: The Crisis of Information in Baghdad

The Daily Show With George Bush

Ernest Partridge: 'The assault upon trained intelligence'

GOP zinged for meeting in N.Y.: Convention locale called 9/11 exploitation

E-voting terminals: gambling with data?

Homophobia and Apple Pie (GOP is the party for "real"Americans)

'Master of the Game' -Clinton interview in Rolling Stone

In dispirited Baghdad, boredom fills the gaps between violence

Georgia voters MUST pay VERY close attention to today's primary races

George W. Bush’s Lasting Legacy to America: Part I of III

Calling all czars - Oversimplifying the (Intel) failures of 9/11

Iraq is not improving, it's a disaster

Tom Teepen: Nader on GOP Life Support

"I'm put off by putting off." "They'll call you a new name George,

Combat is not a video game; it is real and it can be traumatic. Does the U

Factual Problem with Front Page Oped on Nader & PIRG

Perspective: Communist Party USA supports John Kerry (repuke)

Who will protect us from Fox?

Iraq is not improving, it's a disaster

Shyness Can Be Deadly

Hagen wants Clinton to head NATO

The Drudge Guide To Internet Journalism (good article!)

Germany commemorates Hitler bomb plot

Torturing Children (in Iraq, US press ignores the story..WR Pitt)

Zeroing in on a Fox in the media henhouse (Report on a House Party)

Flying in the Face of Facts

'A better and safer place', Robert Fisk In Najaf

Who is Stephen Cambone?

Iraq's transition to dictatorship

Patti Davis: 'Defining love of country'

Kevin Phillips: How Kerry Can Win (The Nation)

Hello, God? It's Me, Dubya

Global Power Shift from West to East in Making

CALL TO ACTION>>>>if we all do this, maybe the media will wake

Please see this post in GD............ TWO MINUTE ACTION

Call to Action.... 9th Circuit is in trouble.

Georgia voters MUST pay VERY close attention to today's primary races

Dem Convention - Boston Area Activities for free - - click to register

Whatever happened to the porn that Faux showed

Paul Krugman Really Hits the Nail on the Head Today...

Media Bias--Your Theories Wanted...

Who will protect Canada from Fox

Today in History 7/20/04

Big Dog, bad dog, doesn't feel our pain?

Some thoughts for today

Refreshing Honesty... Water-Dowser Brags 85% Accuracy Rate

New Loonie Watch website

Economics of Health Care (The Economist)

13 ways to live a rich life on less

Thanks To Burning The Amazon, Brazil Now A Top Ten Polluter

Solomon Islands On Track To Wipe Out All Forests By 2015

US Domestic Oil Production Continues Steady Decline, High Prices Or No

Daimler Chrysler Plans Mass-Market Hydrogen Car In 10 Years Blah Blah Blah

Mild Wildfire Season So Far With Alaska The Big Exception

Palestinian PM to stay in the job

U.N. Weapons Inspectors (standard nuke treaty inspection) Bound for Iraq

Republicans overthrew Aristide

The inversion of ethnicity from perception to cause of violent conflicts

High Capacity Magazine

Giving credit where credit is due...

GUNS IN THE NEWS--July 20, 2004

Violence Policy Center claims over 1 million AWs sold since 1994

If I accidently nominate a thread for the homepage

Please remove all of my posts

Threatening the president and the line of successors

Worth a fundraiser?

I've heard a rumor that there's been a lot of

This is "Democratic" how?

Avatar/donor question

Disruptor question

I've Been Noticing a Lot of Low-Count Posters Putting Up "News" Stories

Question about Alerts

Hi guys,

What gives? (my observations)

Hezbollah snipers kill two IDF soldiers on northern border

Jordanians kill two on Israeli border

Dichter: Many Jews “actively wishing” for death of Sharon

Arafat Blocks Probe of U.S. Gaza Deaths - U.S. Official

Fighting Israel's Wall by Ann Petter

2004 Australian Labor Party Platform on the Middle East

Suit alleges strip-search violations - 2 women claim they were left nude i

getting out the vote

DFL Wants NRA Ad Info

Anybody want to help with my blog?

Norm Coleman named to GOP 'Truth Squad'

Convention Watching Party In Ferndale

Say it ain't so, Mooch!

Are there any gay folks around Zanesvile

BBV: Sign in from Franklin, Ross, Pickaway, Mahoney, Knox, Lake Counties

Life in the campaign office - day 2

6 Ohio Counties will be using DRE Voting machines in Nov.

Any Worthington grads, class of 1981?

Senate hopeful Hoeffel arrested in Sudan protest

Lawmaker wants smoke-free Pa. bars and restaurants

Rhinelander Meet-up -Way to go Rhinelander!!!

Congressional Rethuglicans using Wisconsin Rethug Playbook

Boycott Local Magician

kerry should fire berger

New Zogby email poll today - a ballot question

"The Communists Had Pravda. Republicans have FOX"

"Bush-Cheney '04 Announces African Americans for Bush"

Dubya To Be Buried In MASSACHUSETTS?!!

Europeans Discover Evidence of CURRENT Life on Mars!

Evil Dick in Iowa: "This nation is going to continue moving forward"

Repubs vs. Veterans (something I wrote up)

Contact Congress about Child sexual abuse in Iraq

On CNN Bill Hemmer said soldier suicides are higher in the Iraq war,,

The rejected billboard design

Rummy Video- Lying about seeing photos

I will volunteer for Kerry on Friday.

"There is no Rosebud"

When is Obama speaking?

Need help. I swear I am not lazy. Kerry senate voting record.

"FCC’s news distortion policy is not a “law, rule, or regulation..."

This war is going to be haunting us for years to come

Do you think we, the current youths of America are more accepting?

AP: Allawi laughs at "rumors" of his bloodthirstiness

Buxh speaks to Amish

The Ministry of Truth prepares us for war with Iran :

I just realized what the anti-gay-marriage people are... TROLLS!

Palast: Is Kerry waking up to the theft of 1 million black votes in 2000?

financial situation continues to be dire: cooperative research

Really funny reviews of 'My Pet Goat'

Assistance please: somehow I missed the whole think with Clarke

About the Sandy Berger

a possible theory for invading iran

Strangest thing just happened to me.

Feces er fetus....

A growing prejudice I have against Republicans.

Welcome to Amerika under the Bush Fascist Regime.

The Daily Show With George Bush

So is there ANY chance whatsoever that Nader is pulling a fast

When did the Republicans become hateful?

8 minute German news report of child abuse in Iraq prison with transcript

Drudge yesterday claimed that "Americans need answers!"

Bush just wants the 'facts' on Iran and 9/11

I am intrigued to see...

The ultimate Lame Duck

I'd rather have Girlie-Men in charge than closeted homophobe maniacs

I saw Denis Leary on Leno...

Bill O'Reilly lying???

LATimes editorial: "Gov. Girlie Man" ("takes one to know one"?)

F-9/11 in Crawford

Ow...that's gonna leave a mark...

Buzzwords and false premises

What did Olbermann say about Schwarzenegger last night?

New Poll results covered on C-Span this AM.

C-Span - Open phones - Rwingers going to town with Sandy Berger

Denmark pressed to seek probe into reports of Iraqi child torture

you have GOT TO SEE this animation of bush and kerry! funny as hell

A good article by Thom Hartmann...

Sinister connections behind Pakistan's nuclear black market

Mark Fiore for a good morning laugh

Fox:Late-Night Leaning?

International reaction to war in Iran?

Crazed Surgeon Amputates Penis

War with Iran?

Homemade toons! Parody of current Citibank ad campaign.

HEADS UP: representative CORRINE BROWN on AAR after the break. 8:20 am ET

Millions STILL believe that Osama did 9-11

What else does the * Campaign have to use against us?

Must-Read KRUGMAN Today! (and hear him on Franken too)

Bush Sr. was our first Girlie-Man president, Jr. the second

COLD WAR in the Middle East – The Bush Legacy

Unusual platform ruffles GOP

Will the MoveOn vs Fox suit open the way for class action?

What has the PNAC said about Iran?

Sudan -Interview with UN 1st special adviser on the prevention of genocide

What are your thoughts on the Black Panther Party?


Whack the Iraq!

Monitor the Media for

Need rebuttle for RW Teresa Kerry E-mail Broadcast

adnan khashoggi and Toronto 9-11 inquiry (help requested)

LMAO!!! Must hear: What Nascar Dads really think

Okay I get it now

Did the TV people even mention the casualties passed 1000?

alice in wonderland

Do you think you might qualify as an 'Ememy of the State'?

Elton John attacks 'censorship' in US

Where are the Left Wing emails?

With all this Iran talk I remind you "The Men from Jinsa and the CSP"

Is there any worse torture than listening to that f*ing Broadcast Museum..

I need 2,500 Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers

Seymour Hersh charges published in Washington Times.

FAHRENHEIT 9/11---Total US Gross: $93,984,000

Homeland Security meets the pizza guy . . .

Joe Wilson's email address

Bush to Further investigate Iran's Possible Connection to Sept. 11.

Why the Cheney is David Bossie suddenly making the media rounds?

Political and Work funnies for your amusement

If you can't stand Kerry...

CNN: Lanny Davis bitch slaps Bill Hemmer over Sandy Berger...

"No one knows what goes on behind closed . . ."

RW radio...jokes abt Clinton OK because he did 'it'.....but

Does anybody know what year it is?

Berger headlines vs. Plame headlines. There's that "liberal" media again!

Google Bomb: White House Freudian Slip

Crisis in Sudan: Should the UN impose sanctions?

Krugman: The Arabian Candidate --- Allegory to Bush* and Manchurian

Crisis in Sudan: Do you support UN involvement?

Crisis in Sudan: If it's genocide, should the UN act to stop it?

My response to my brother's RW e-mail

Sudan Crisis: Is Genocide Occurring?

My response to brother's RW e-mail

Log Cabin Republicans haven't endorsed Bush

Ruppert on Peak Oil & 911 on RFPI Tues 07/20/04 11:30am

Where can I find a thread to prove

My TRAGIC realization!

DU this poll

Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, A disparaging view of Ralph on the DU front page!

Reporter alleges sodomy at Abu Ghraib

Come gather 'round people......Wherever you roam....

I'm sick of DU Kerry bashers bashers

Racing Cars: Sport, or Stupidity?

If we invade Iran are we going to lose WW3?

LTTE says Bush off the hook for Iraq by Senate Committee

Nader Accepts GOP Signatures for Ballot

Seriously, why did Dubya want to be a cheerleader ??

In most countries of the world, men in power are assumed to be

Iran's Guilty Because 'Terrists' Passed Through - Well So's My Local Hyatt

P2P used for accessing Cheney energy task documents

OK we know who are the most blatant RW TP panderers on Network/Cable

Fox News: Bush*=Masterful | Liberals=POOPYheads (TMW)

Lance Armstrong Yellow Jersey!!

Bush Has Spent About $160M, Report Says

Apache Wind talks about traitors

Green Pres. Nominee Says He Respects Kerry Voters

Article about MoveOn and Fox

Human rights comparison of Saddam's Iraq vs. say, Congo or Sudan?

The Bush Record: Top 10 Bush Lies (on DNC's web page)

"Democrats Plan Post-Convention Ad Blitz"

Ego Ego Ego Ego Ego Ego

Kerry campaign = LMAO

Video (5:01) Gergen on The Today show "suspicious"

I just received my copy of "Outfoxed" on DVD. Ask me anything.

Bush is bin Laden's man

much to do about nothing

How many Repugnants will be voting twice this year?

"Lawmakers Want No Election Postponements"

MSNBC: "First time both daughters have joined their dad"

"Appeals Court Questions Bush's Appointment"

Is AAR healthy?

Clinton on Fahrenheit 911

"Low-Income Workers Seeing Housing Woes"

Meryl Streep as Karen Hughes in "The Manchurian Candidate"?

Doonesbury: OUTFOXING Murdoch on OUTFOXED. Good cartoons

So what's Halliburton gonna do when we go to war with Iran?

Krugman coming up on Franken

"Woman Who Sold Sex Toy Has Charges Dropped"

Call to Action... 9th Circuit Appointment

Call to ACTION: I am printing out every doc/pict that should be mainstrea

What is it with Bill Clinton, anyway?

Did I hear right? Did Malloy get hired?

"Protestant Majority Disappearing in U.S."

Helen Thomas smacks Scottie McClellan around

'Fahrenheit 9/11' may yet show up near Crawford

Whoa! Busheviks must be pretty worried about War Crime charges!

Deleted message

"Lawmaker Decries Kerry-bin Laden Stickers"

Incumbent State Rep (R) caught in lie - by US!

William Safire: Claim about Saddam, Niger uranium was true

Media Matters lauches board to collect media misrepresentations

HELP! Need list of criminals appointed or nominated by Dubya

Most Dems oppose the war. So why is Kerry's support for it acceptable?

TIA Forecast Simulation: Kerry 52.83%, 324 EV, 95.7% Win Probability

Wall Street Journal Memo Strictly Prohibits Staff Political Activities


first thing every morning in Iraq, Bremer talked to Rice on the phone

Dennis Hastert is soo concerned over this Sandy Berger issue.

Funny clip featuring John Kerry and George Bush.

W is on TV here...


Sugar Wars: Taking it to the Peddlers of Diabetes and Osteoporosis

"Cheney Slams Kerry, Edwards on Malpractice"

Women With Big Ones

Heads Up! KRUGMAN on FRANKEN next!! (1pm Eastern)

Franken is blowin it on the interview with the Science guy

Where are there convention watching parties in Houston? Elsewhere?

Video clip: Bush's Nation Building statement (2000)

If you caught

What's up with this Sandy Berger business?

Florida: Is Hood's office falling down on the job qualifying candidates?

Some of the Reagan kids are "being a hairshirt" for shrub

In Vietnam, and WWI, and Korea, was there more or less pictures

Scenario laid out for progressives and peace activists, (as I see it)

30's-Style Cartoon About Bush's Economic Failures

hail storm/roof signs thru out neighborhood

Georgia voters MUST pay VERY close attention to today's primary races

lets smash this rethug

Stars and Stripes letter: Conservatives are like sheep

BartCop has a cartoon today that made me cry (injured troops)

National Geographic goes over to the dark side

Lannie Breuer/ Lannie Davis

What kind of special features will be in the F 9/11 DVD?

I told a MegaGiantCorpCo to F*ck off...and now...

CNN - Inside Politics - Woodruff with Ted Kennedy and his son. 3:50p.m

is Greenspan a supply-sider?

The timing of this "investigation" into Sandy Berger reeks

W had an "Ask the President" in Iowa today-seriously

WOO-HOO! Sports Illustrated's "Dr. Z" is on-board!

Sheperd Smith orgasming over Berger "scandal"

What will it take for Kerry to RAISE taxes on rich?

Do you pay off your credit card balance in full?

Write a "snail mail" letter to Andrew Heyward...(CBS)

Berger: Tempest in a Teapot?

Pat Robertson, Central America, death squads, and the contras

My letter to the editor regarding Gay marriage and indecency

JUst WHAT did Berger do?????

"American fascists" among us

How much does a billboard cost?

What type of leader does the Democratic Party need for these times ?

Unfortunately Kerry needs to make an example out of Sandy Berger

Judy Woodruff, might as well ask Bushy if she can suck his

clothing of the american mind cross country trip hits dc this friday night

Will saber-rattling against Iran hurt or help Bush?

Barbara Bush Jr helping get younger voters with entertainment "stars" ?

Why are the fundies okay with taxpayer funded boob jobs?

We the People organization suing US government over Iraq war, the Patriot

Pro-war/anti-war yard signs...

People whom blindly support the Bush Gang are Traitors


Flag Amendment vote soon in Senate.

6 Ohio Counties will be using DRE Voting machines in Nov.

Hey kids! Molly Ivins is on NPR tomorrow!

sorry dupe

Looking for people with knowledge about Bushs mercury regulations

Why is bush* not responsible.

Rhetoric then and now

Which Senators oppose the flag burning amendment

Anybody watching Crossfire? Too much Novak, but Rich is on.

Al Franken SMASHES Bill O'Reily in New York

Sandy Berger is a true American Hero

Will Kerry support or resist war with Iran?

AHHHHH!!!! Bush is Comin' to my town today!!!!(rant)

Maitreya ad on AA?!?!?

Berger resigns as advisor to Kerry.

Heads Up: CNN said that Blitzer will have Berger's LAWYER with

First Gay Marriage, Now Flag Burning

Is Sandy the Willie HORTON Oct Surprise? Plus, ATWATER Repented

Greg Palast: "Black Americans Discovered By Democratic Party"

The Bush Record Exposed (on the DNC web)

Would a second Bush term radicalize the survivors?

Berger's motives

Touré - VOTE or DIE.

Bashing Joe Wilson

Are there dictatorships in the UN?

DU Sticker spotted in Germantown, MD. Anybody know who it is?

Lieberman and AIPAC

"How I would protest the Republican Convention"

Ronald Regan memory game

"Now is the time for this nation to fulfill it's promise...

This is an email a repub friend sent me. Apologies if this is a dupe!

an hour left until the polls close in Georgia

Manchurian Candidate evil mom modeled after Hughes and Noonan-Streep

Berger(ler) stuffed docs in his socks

Personally, I think it's INCREDIBLY demeaning to call Bush "CHIMP"

Another casualty of Bush's War: the Sudanese

Lou Dobbs Poll on Paper Receipts for Voting

WHY DIDN'T WE find Osama FIRST before anything else? Question not

So, if a terrorist 'passes through' your nation, you get invaded & bombed?


So if they banned flag desecration. Could you....

so democrats are left with nothing to fight with???? ie attacks on

"All in all, it's been a fabulous year for Laura and me"!

You are now witnessing the Conservative Media in action (((Berger)))

Democrats and Bush

FBI looks for fresh clues in anthrax case

Bulwar Lytton Awards announced (Really Bad Literature)

I do not fear homosexuality because I am comfortable with my sexuality.

E-mail SPAM needs debunking...

Randi: Dorm beds are a little bit longer! I was so mad about this too!

here's the latest meme: Iran/Iraq. makes no difference

I just gotta yell: Where is MALLOOOOOYYYYYY!??!

Dems Seen Favoring Sen. Clinton in '08

Is there any proof that Clinton sold Nuclear Secrets

Maher said no more presidents from Texas

C-SPAN now: Ney talking about election w/KKK Harris as Chair

Video shows KFC supplier harming chickens

Berger's lawyer on Blitzer, what do you think?

His Best Con - toon

Miss America to speak at GOP convention

I cannot watch more TV tonight. The DOGS are out and in power.n/t

DUers COMING TO BOSTON: Read this thread

Don't worry too much about Berger

Seeds of Hope in my heavily Democratic district at the polls.

How Can I Find How, or Where, To See OutFoxed?

wonkette says that the Berger socks story is bogus

Our Tolstoyan president

Getting ready to put on my snorkle and submerge for a week

"Republicans Don't Want To Ban Birth Control!"..'cept for the ones who do.

Bush: Re-Election Will Ensure U.S. Safety , by Pete Yost, AP writer...

CNN on Crossfire it was pointed out that the White House

I believe we are officially at 900 US killed in Iraq

Suppose we want to bring BACK the Fairness Doctrine

There is a God! Republican FIL undecided about who to vote for in Nov

Bunker busters' may grow to 30,000 pounds

So I asked a poll worker today,

DU Lou Dobbs Poll: re: PAPER receipts of electronic votes

Help needed from DU! How is Bush pandering to the right?

St. Petersburg considers no-protest zones

Where is Riverbend/ Baghdad Burning?

New Yorkers: Does WLIB get good reception throughout New York City? nt

What is with my conservative neighborhood?

In another context, Gore Vidal called the U.S. a predatory nation

Right Wing Hate Radio Show

Low-Income Workers Seeing Housing Woes

The mods at Free Republic won't send me my password.

I'm not normally a big PETA supporter, but THIS is too SICK ***KFC***

"Lord Donald Shaffer's Weekly Planner" (Cheney's Energy Task Force)

So now the morning freeper Dave Skylar is railing against Ronstandt

Haiti has problems and Bush refuses to help

Connecting some dots?

Progressive Democrats of America: READ THIS

The Repuke assault on the Democratic Party is in full throttle.

What products and services do you boycott?

Isn't it amazing how the only black person at a Bush rally always sits

God, you'd think Sandy Berger outted a CIA agent or something.

Stuart woman(freeper bitch) starts campaign to keep Howard Stern off air

Plame Indictments Coming???

Did Kerry cast a vote for war or for giving Bush* authority to make the

I just had my first "Hate Walmart" experience

Georgia Election Returns?

Six Months

Fairness Doctrine.

Any results coming in for NC GOP primary?

I don't like where this is headed

Do you assume a person is stupid if you find out they are a republican?

Who is Bill O'Reilly's female radio co-host?

Do you assume a person is a republican if they are stupid?

Freedom of speech doesn't apply to you.

DU this poll

I just saw George W Bush on the news announce that jobs....

Saw OUTFOXED last night in LA

D.C area DUers, what ya doin Thursday? Die in at the WH sound like fun?

How is * looking these days, both in person and in the polls?

Anyone noticed the uptick in RW chain e-mails

'Bunker busters' may grow to 30,000 pounds

The Aladdin casino owner is a right wing LIAR

New KRUGMAN! HOLY SHIT! (Must See To Believe!)

man, I LOVE that Kerry commercial with Edwards

No privacy in our future? Check out this ACLU 'spoof'

P. Diddy & Politics - Apparently trying to get out the vote. Not partisan.

Do you think people really truly believe Bush* is a great communicater?

US Military Replete With Criminals?

Doonsbury NIXED in 38 papers - What is this country coming to?

I need HELP! A repug friend of mine just sent me this.

If You REALLY Want to Demonstrate During the Republican Convention ...

Factual Problem with Front Page Oped on Nader & PIRG

Are we all too chickenshit to look at all the dead and crippled people?

GOP Incumbent Drops Out! Donate to Ginny Schrader (D-PA) Now!

Bush*: "I want to be the peace president."

Rapper Jadakiss Blames Bush for Sept. 11

Kerry says he will stop the downsizing moves in Germany if elected

Exerpts from John Kerry's "The New War" on BCCI & Iran Contra. MUST READ!

Life Choices I Completely Regret - I Want To Drop My Life & Help In Sudan

Kentucky Rep. Anne Northup: She's a Republican, and she deserves thanks


105 DAYS. 105 DAYS. 105 DAYS. 105 DAYS. CALL TO ACTION!!!!

Help Me Understand the July 29 Contributions Deadline

This preoccupation with homosexuality by right wingers is weird.

Hands off my Constitution!

FMR CIA Chief Woolsey defends Burger on Lou Dobbs.

My IRISH is yours?

What is considered good money?

Top 10 Reasons to Oppose the World Trade Organization

Bush Twins: Like Game Show Models For BushCo?

David Gergen Calls Timing of Berger Story "Suspicious"

14% of U.S. has no religious affiliation and the numbers are growing!

Michael Moore responds to Aladdin hotel regarding Ronstadt

I'm sick of George W. Bush.

Cynthia McKinney on the comeback trail

PETA exposes animal cruelty at Pilgrim's Pride Chicken farms

DU this AOL Poll - Do you think Fox News is "fair and balanced"?

"Moore Film to Screen Near Bush's Hometown"

Someone educate me: what exactly is so horrible about lawyers???

Have you heard about H.R. 3313 yet? (Re: "Defense of Marriage")

Joe Wilson on PBS now, so let me get this straight the British have

When Democrats Lean Right, They Lose: A History Lesson

Who in 2008, if God forbid Kerry loses?

My 75 yr old Father-in-laws review of F 9/11 (he's a retired Professor....

Ldotters laugh at Abu Ghraib sodomy

Daily Show wins an award!! I'm posting my favorite clips in honor....

Why Do The Repukes Always Get A Free Pass On "Thin-Skinnedness??"

Just... Wow... 'How the Left Lost Its Heart'

Anyone have any idea what Kucinich was hinting at on Randi Rhodes?

Response to this crazy religious nonsense needed ASAP

What do the names Forrestal, Olsen, Kokal and Weiss have in common?

Nader '00 voters voting for Kerry, check in here

Seen this e-mail? Ugly.

October surprise petition

Crisis in Sudan: Should the US contribute troops?

Daily Howler's Somerby totally takes apart Joe Wilson

Report: Michael Jackson to Be Father of Quadruplets

nyt Going Off to War, and Vulnerable to the Pitches of Salesmen

Americans Face More Charges In Afghan Jail Case

Fox News Use of Fair and Balanced challenged legally

Key member quits Italy coalition

Bush wants ‘facts’ on Iran’s actions toward al-Qaida

President Says U.S. to Examine Iran-Qaeda Tie . NYT

WP: Bush Pushes Congress to Extend Tax Cuts (to sign during Dem Conv?)

Senior Basra official, guards shot dead

China admits first rise in poverty since 1978 (unregulated capitalism?)

Six Foreign Oil Workers Kidnapped in Bayelsa

Basra Council Member Killed by Gunmen

NYT,pg1:Govs Tell of War's Impact on Local Needs(severe manpower shortage)

US Casualty Rate High Since Handover

Grasso Countersues NYSE for $50 Million

Palestinian PM to Stay on Temporarily (but has no powers?)

Filipino Hostage Released in Iraq

Housing Starts Tumble Unexpectedly

Bush Looks at Possible Iran-Sept. 11 Link

Another APS substation catches fire; 50,000 without power

Kerry set to disburse millions, get US funds

WSJ - Yes Edwards is correct - under Bush there are 2 America's

Zarqawi Demands Japan Withdraw from Iraq

Appeals Court Questions Bush's Appointment

Nader (In an about face) Accepts GOP Signatures for Ballot

Trooper Pulls Woman To Safety From Edge Of Bridge (Green Bay, WI)

Falcon Products Closes Factory In Belmont, MS (180 Layoffs)

Filipino hostage in Iraq released: TV report

Myth of Allawi Showcases Iraq's Turmoil

Afghan President Removes Three Militia Commanders

Bush Has Spent About $160M, Report Says

Russia denies plans to send troops to Iraq

Iraq Says It Will Hit at Countries Backing Rebels

Russia not to send troops to Iraq

Bush Took Quote Out of Context, Researcher Says

Iraq is not improving, it's a disaster

Sudan: Government Officials Implicated in Supporting Janjawid Militias


Schwab CFO Sees Job Cuts After CEO Ouster

CENTCOM: Marine Killed In Action Today - Al Anbar Province

Schroeder Honours Germans Who Resisted Hitler

Sudan: Government Officials Implicated in Supporting Janjawid Militias


Iraq deployments worry governors

UK serviceman dies in Iraq crash (helicopter)

U.S., Afghan Forces Kill Suspected Militant, Capture Relative of Taliban L

Layoffs push SC unemployment rate to 6.6% in June - see county-by- county

insurance companies ripping off our soldiers!

Protestant Majority Disappearing in U.S.

In Anbar province, change of course rankles many U.S. soldiers

Poll: Protestant majority in U.S. eroding (63% to 52% in last decade)

Iraq Requests Return of UN Weapons Inspectors


Scandals Engulf N.J. Govs Associates; Dems Start Thinking About a Replacem

U.S. sees Libya as model on North Korea

U.S. claim of terror cases in Iowa raises doubt

Progress on (CA) State Budget Stalls as Talks Give Way to Rancor


Frist hopes for 55 Republicans in Senate

N.Korean Official Allowed to Visit Washington

Thousands of Iraqis overwhelm newly opened passport offices

Moore: "Gibson Quit After White House Warnings"

DWI trial for Edwards' bro

Convictions Erased for Four Men in McDonald's Game Scam

Bonds Sink on Greenspan Testimony

Strained Army National Guard having tough time recruiting

Norwegian Artists back effort to unseat Bush

Ala. Doctor Reactivated for Iraq War at 68

Aladdin Officials Defend Eviction of Singer After Political Comments

For Press at the Convention, Pens, Pads and a Concierge

China, U.S. Each Hold Major War Exercises

Israeli Jets Terrorize Beirut with Thunderous Supersonic Runs

Afghan Refugees Forced to Flee in Push by Pakistani Army

Program That Pays to Keep Children of Migrant Workers in School Cut Nation

Veggies promote mental sharpness

Cheney Lies About Medical Malpractice Claims Impact On Health Care Costs

Union chief fears big layoff at Bloomington (GE) refrigerator factory

US Airways to cut 135 daily flights at Pittsburgh

Republican complaints over 'liberal image'.

Ill-Tempered Whaling Talks Target Energy Sector

Hastert: I am profoundly troubled

Iraq insurgency could last 18 months: US (Powell)

In Anbar province, change of course rankles many U.S. soldiers

Senate hopeful Hoeffel arrested in Sudan protest (PA vs. Specter)

9/11 Report Won't Say Attack Preventable

NYT: GOP Poised to Tighten Grip on Ga.(only So. Dem Sen. race not toss-up)

Gallup: Majority of Adults Expect to See Fahrenheit 9/11

Governors consider business's No. 1 problem: health-care costs

Anniston Star protests "Doonesbury" censorship (38 papers affected)

Contradictory News of Zarqawi Threat Against Japan

Lies about penis-size to scare smokers

Many Elite Soldiers Leave for Better Pay

Bush's manned Mars mission funds cut in House bill

Extremist judicial nominee to 9th Circuit Blocked by Senate!

13 ducks shot to death at Sequoia Park

Saudi Forces, Militants Engage in Gunfight

Pipe Bomb May Have Caused Small NYC Blast

Bush: Re-Election Will Ensure U.S. Safety

Iranian History Professor Sentenced to Three Years for "insulting Islamic

Poll: Half of New Yorkers like Mike, but as for Dubya... (24 % NYC)

Eckerd to Lay off 1,400 Florida Headquarters Workers

Low-Income Workers Seeing Housing Woes

Lesbian Couple Sues to Have All States Recognize Massachusetts Marriage

Colleagues defend Berger in documents probe

School Funds Cut for Migrant Workers' Kids

"Al Franken smashes Bill O'Reilly in NYC radio matchup" (sludge)

TelevisionCriticsAssoc to give The Daily Show award for best news program

Tech Bust Zaps Interest in Computer Careers

Housing Starts Tumble Unexpectedly

UKIP MEP: Pregnant women should resign

Bush: 'I Want to Be the Peace President'

Judge Slams Calif. Prison Guards' Contract

Yukos Production Unit to Be Sold

Nevada senator calls for resignation of two FERC appointees

LAT: Bush, CIA at Odds on Iran

Iran Dismisses Talk of Sept. 11 Links as 'Fantasy'

Halliburton admits to criminal probe on Iran

U.N. Demands Israel Tear Down Barrier

How has the US been spending other people's billions? (Asked by Waxman)

KFC Supplier Accused of Animal Cruelty

Republicans Blast President Bush on Environment

AP: Berger Steps Down As Kerry Adviser

Analysts still question PNC's deal for Riggs

Massages and "HAPPY ENDINGS!"

Hi Gang!!! It's Back Trouble Time Again!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Cosmo and Ricco!!!

Lance Armstrong Yellow Jersey!!

Racing Cars: Sport, or Stupidity?

Steve Sipek -- ower of tiger that was shot -- house burns down.

ANy drummers in Milwaukee?

I'm listening to SuperTramp. You have a problem with that???

Which series of bad movies with more than two sequals is the worst?

National Geographic Pushes Junk Food to Kids, Says CSPI

Say something nice about another DUer...

Come to the DU Happy Hour in Boston! -- Tuesday, July 27 (UPDATED!)

Question for expert Musicians/Tech Heads

New NWERTY keyboards delivered to White House Staff

Alright, some disgusting propaganda before I go to bed.

"The legal age should be lowered to 15"

Pizza's ready!

dammit, i can't sleep!

i now have 534 posts! this is a momentous occasion!

Damn, Walk-off Grand Slam Home runs rule!

Just bought a Linda Ronstadt CD

Even Beavis and Butthead had it figured out

Google Race

7/20/04 - HSN Already Shilling Xmas Merchandise

Crazed surgeon amputates penis

AP: "Go F*** Yourself" added to Pledge of Allegiance

Is his head about to explode?

Miner Digs Up 182 Carat Diamond (Matcom News Lives On)

Granny lulls thief to sleep - shows him family pictures

My computer won't come on!! Help

"Spider Men" Take Over University - Demand Removal Of Dean

Michael Moore's Ronstadt Response.

"Jap Road" To Get Name Change

Naked nacho man busted on his birthday

Moore: "Gibson Quit After White House Warnings"

Rio To Offer YEAR-ROUND Carnival

Man Attacked With Samurai Sword

My boss is too funny!

new Oxyrush advertiser Budget Rent a Car

At what age do you stop giving french kisses?

Ernest Hemingway Cause Of Bar Fight

WORST Itch or Rash You Ever Got?

It finally happened.

can .ram fiLes be changed?

Perp Walk!!

D'ja miss me???

I'm In Love With This Video On MTV

We can put a man on the moon but we can't.......

Work backlog in the engineering community.

New Device Turns Plants & Flowers Into Speaker Amplifiers

Funny Winnebago commercial shoot

Paging Matcom: Did You Miss This? How?

Listening to the Foo Fighters "The Colour and Shape".

Jury Rejects $2M Lawsuit (Softball Player Broke Leg) - MatcomNews Update

Wisconsin man eats his 20,000th McDonald's Big Mac

Las Vegas Casino Boots Out Singer Ronstadt for Praising Moore

Screw the Good Morning.

Pamela Anderson's first NOVEL finally to hit bookstores

For the single DU women...will you take your SO's last name?

John Fogerty: Deja Vu (All Over Again)

Ta DA!!!

"This Land" Bush-Kerry video creators on CBS news

My Girlfriend Says I'm Weird Because I Do This With Clothing....

I'm allergic to last names. Anyone else have weird allergies?

'net nanny rant

Rate This Picture:

Armstrong takes the Maillot Jaune!

Who you calling yellow? And the Tour de France GC leader is...

check the banner ad at the bottom of Ironic Times

I just love driving past this sign is a yard not too far from my house...

Museum Apologizes For Tour Guide Rubbing Black Children's Heads

I should not be allowed to say the following things about America

I had the time of my life !!!!!!!!

Have you ever hit on a married woman who didn't change her name

New suit for my first 'first date' in eight years...

Here's a way to get Republicans to vote for Democrats


The "Fredo" Hall of Fame

Mr. Kerry Edwards (Real Name) Selling His Domain Name At Auction

This was really a Church Sign by my home

I love my governor!

Du this poll

Should DU have a substitute Conservative Idiots writer this week?

Kill me

Why do you need DU?

Iraq, Iran, I CAPTION

"Woman Who Sold Sex Toy Has Charges Dropped"

I'm just dropping by to get my Matcom News fix

Most Important "Moore" = Part 2

How many DUers does it take to write a novel?

you picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille...

One of these men is a serial killer

Police Officer Promotes Traffic Safety By Shooting At Pedestrian

Isn't it ironic Arnold's movies are actually pretty left wing?

I was just picked up at the gym by a box turtle.

Laugh-a-Minute Rumsfeld Becomes a Clown! Must read!

Wayne and Garth or Bill and Ted?

What's the connection between billboard signs and broadcasting empires?

What kind of trade-in value can I get for my Yak? Buyin' me a box turtle

can someone donate for me?

Should I Take My Box-Turtle's Last Name?

Actors photoshopped into STAR TREK that might save the franchise (pics)

the uncoordinated dress code of all CAPTIONs

Man Fires Stolen Gun Out Limousine Window To Celebrate Wedding - Arrested

Four Inmates Flee Jail, Return With Beer

Any Todd Rundgren/Joe Jackson/Ethel fans?

I'm disappointed in DU's blatant deturtleization today.

Is this therapy, or is it a date?

Just Got Back from Venezuela -- Ask Me Anything!

1989: the number, another summer (get down!)...sound of the funky drummer!

Should I take my fiancé's last name?

A du poem

Awwww! Cuddly Fuzzy pet picture

Supertramp no more - Time for Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

Computer Help - Where to buy one?

My, how times have changed... who remembers Salt n Pepa??

Police Ticket Cars With "For Sale" Signs In Window

DU hetguys & gaygirrls:

The Must Have in Pet Accessories!!!!

Drunken Flight Crew Members Beat Up Russian Plane Passenger

Uh-oh I think Jane Goodall is on the W team


Crazed Surgeon Amputates Penis

I hate seafood!!

ow my brain

What would be your perfect vacation?

Play the Tucker Carlson Game?

Norwegian Artists Launching Campaign To Unseat Bush*

Weirdo anti-gay guy at my gym...

Got my tickets to see Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson - problem

Math magic..

Fahrenheit 9/11 on DVD Oct 5

My Kerry/Edwards t-shirt was just delivered!!!

Just a note: I like everyone here, even the peeps I can't stand

DU (straight) men: do you want your wife to take your last name?

computer question about snoops

"Bush* is Bin Laden's Bit*h!"

Any gay folks near Zanesvile, ohio?

That "Six Flags" commericial....that music. I can't get it out of my head

Discussion board is currently too busy, please try again in a few minutes.

Original art gallery for the Lounge.

A box turtle ate my damn thesis!

For America-Jackson Browne

Yet Another Math Puzzle....

Movie question - who do you consider protagonist of Pelican Brief

Going to China soon - tell me something

Best Rocker Love song

Help come up with a name for my fiancé and I to adopt when we marry!

Best use of music in "F9/11"

how do you encode subtitles into a foreign movie

ewwww icky ice!

Man Taught His 4 Children How To Shoplift

Check out this Georgie at NATO cartoon

Beep Beep Raise the bridge, raise the bridge!

Help me write a story with random photos you've found on the internet.

Linda Ronstadt - Hubba Hubba!!!

F-911 in Yuma Arizona

Okay, don't ignore this thread... HELP me!!


avatar test

Need help naming a new blog

Stinky Skunk Gets Stuck

Is something really bad going to happen to you when you don't expect it?

mathematics dunce needs help calculating cost of cat litter

Book review: Carl Hiaasen's "Skinny Dip"

The Number of The Beast

Lyrics you THOUGHT were misunderstood but weren't

How many Cold/Sweet teeth do you have?

Which quote by a Nazi official is most relevant in todays world?

Droopy's trucking fact of the day.

Sorry, Plaiddy. I think the Cubs are in free-fall.

Sandy Berger is a stupid butt-head!


__________ isn't/aren't ____________, so stop saying that!!!

"X-Men" director to make "Superman," Wolverine not too pleased!

Thanks for the star!

Check out these cool college kids!!!

Only for true DC comics heroes fans... download shock and awe!

How does one get talking points?

So, isn't this insulting to men? Another thread

Favorite Beatle?

The Candid Campaign of all CAPTIONS!!!

Telling someone to go away, nicely if possible?

Max the Closet Cat

I bought a new cell phone today, ask me anything...

where do I post?

Rama lama fa fa fa.

If you haven't seen "Archie is Branded", go and see it now!

for true DC superhero fans only - download shock and awe!

Banana Rama Joy Division Bush SM?

Sandy Berger Stole "Socks" from Chelsea Clinton!!!

She's got electric boots! A mohair suit!

Anyone remember where you can get those cool Kerry shirts?

Ask a felon: There's a lot to like about Republicans

Help DUers, what movie should I see tonight?

Do you pay off your credit card balance in full?

Something Totally Cool Happened In My Children's Lit Class Today!

The good news is south asians speak english... freshmen at Duke University this fall are all getting....iPods


Watching Willy it..but....

Church Uses Water Park Wave Pool For Baptisms

The Movie "Starship Troopers" and Bushco. Any Similarities?

Sex, drugs, and rock & roll... what a weekend!

Who is your Little Known Movie Hero?

My new '50s-music radio show!

Time to battle it out: Twinkies vs. Peeps

Has Lance motivated anyone else to get back on the bike!


Wow, a whole right-wing blog entry devoted to ME! I'm so proud.

So I still can't talk without sounding like a weird vibrating robot

Help! Is there any way to uninstall Internet Explorer on XP?

Thumbnail looks at the Hub's sites when you're not at the convention.:

Missing pregnant jogger in Utah?

Hooray! Kiki & Herb

Got in a zinger at the bookstore last night...

Can I Plug A Book Here? (Rainforest/Civilization/FASCINATING Read!)

Land Of Confusion By Genesis

The Cubs Are Not Having A Midseason Meltdown So Stop Saying That!!!!!!

GOP Incumbent Drops Out! Donate to Ginny Schrader (D-PA) Now!

You are about to enter the fascinating world of forensic medicine!

What new screen name should m-jean03 take

Hey, DU made me famous!!!

Damn it...I was going to bed...SONIC YOUTH on Greg tonight

Worst breakup stories?

Any DUers into D&D or other RPGs?

Man On The Moon! --- "Houston, ...the Eagle has landed"

"In My Pants" quote thread

when did 'no worries' officially replace 'you're welcome'?

DU straight guys: why not take your SO's surname?

Which RSS Reader?

How many DUers are currently writing a novel?

Micahel Jackson to have Quadruplets?

This land is your land

Shrek 2 for young kids?

Schlitz poll

Holy (insert expletive of your choice)...His Majesty has

I just had box-turtle sex - it had the Virgin Mary on its shell...

All in favor of Box Turtle avatars, say AYE!

Biggest Tourist Disappointment?

OMG! Could my State go DEM in November???

I just watched True Romance - Ask Me Anything!

If you could live anywhere on Earth, where would you live?

wagga wagga wagga wagga wagga wagga (like you've never seen it before)

Tourons on getting on my last nerve.

Who The Hell Is Mara Steele?

The typical obnoxious SUV driver on my way to work...

Nader is totally a stooge of the Republican party

DUers: Help Ginny Schrader pick up this House seat!

Kerry's team has found the 2004 GOP platform

NADER is BUSH'S tool

Hey, Okies! Is Don Nickles' Senate seat in play?

Kerry taking federal election funds sounds like a stupid idea.

North Carolina Senate: Bowles leads by ten points

Will the Sandy Berger scandal hurt Kerry?

The Sandy Berger Flap...

Uh oh - John Edwards has a "problem" brother!

TIA Forecast Simulation: Kerry 52.83%, 324 EV, 95.7% Win Probability

Democratic Party Platform

Ralph Nader-- Keep your word & stop taking help from Republicans

Ad Idea

Suspending November elections

AP: Senator Nelson calls for Audit of Touch Screen Voting Machiners

Lynn Cullen is railing at conservative Democrats

clothing of the american mind cross country trip hits dc this friday night

Highlights from the Republican Party Platform (

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