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Archives: July 21, 2004

Butler Report on WMD was watered down to protect Blair

IHT: Testing for mad cow disease

WSJ: So Far, Economic Recovery Tilts To Highest-Income Americans

Al Franken Photo on Yahoo

The `end of days' is coming for pan-blues


Lieberman and Kly form new Committee on the Present Danger

Salon: Halliburton's boss from hell

Outstanding essay by Thom Hartmann

Nana Mouskouri Fans and Anti-Iraq Invasion folks...Her "Ode Joy!" Album

West Africa Braces As Locust Swarms Approach - 82 In Mali Alone

Boys will be girls - eventually

Seventeen Chinese tourists disappear - TW

KMT still doesn't get democracy - TW

I'm asking: What are the practical effects of the assault weapons ban?

Will Gun owners vote for Kerry?

Whence the Crackdown?

Here, I've bought the mods a present

UN overwhelmingly adopts resolution condemning West Bank fence

"Girlie-men" reply for Kerry, etc.

Hinsdale legislator may face Obama (Tribune)

Help Stop City Council from shutting down St. Pete weekly peace vigil!

How the heck did Mitt Romney get elected???

Senate District 41 (Bloomington/Edina) Picnic

Homecoming update - i'm almost there - help me out

1 hour, 38 minutes until "Last Man Standing"!

Edwards coming to Milwaukee on Saturday

So when is Junior going to invade West Virginia?

Like clockwork & just as DU predicted: Rove's pre-convention diversions

I went to CBS to watch the MUCH OLDER military being sent to Iraq.

Would they negotiate with terrorists if Bush were held hostage?

Faux News violates GB law?

Will Karl Rove reveal that they have Bin Laden in custody by Friday?

Did Arnold Hurt The Feelings of His Favorite "Girly Boy", David Drier?

Oscar Goodman the mayor of Las Vegas: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH NUDITY!

35 years ago tonight...

Heard some Savage on the radio...he says the dems are

I haven't had a Cig in 3 1/2 days...put hannity/rush/oliely in front

FOX likes socks! ( a blatant example of RW media lies)

Scarborough still saying that Berger and his lawyer said he stuffed paper

If you haven't given to Kerry, do so now. Even 10 bucks helps!

I need some help with a response to this email I received

Iraqi police take over; look what we've done

F*ck Aaron Brown and F*ck CNN

Looking for link to "Kerry's middle class squeeze" message resonating more

Animal cruelty in the news lately.

People need to realize that for some, 'enough' doesn't exist

Anybody got any links on Sibel Edmonds ?

Anti-Bush T-Shirt Comments,

Unfreep this Sandy Berger poll at

David Gergen suprised me on Newsnight

I looked up "fascism" in my dictionary...

Sad to announce that US solder casualties now 900.

Western Canadians - WOW EIGHT Cabinetmembers - feel included?

Berger takes copies and Bush sent our soldiers to die in the wrong country

Ebert & Roeper to review "Outfoxed" this weekend!

Wiley's Scatological Language Offends Them in Omaha

Who's responsible for the current state of the Republican Party?

Test Your Knowledge of the Constitution! A Little Quiz:

Warner: New Report Backs Iraq WMD Claims

Is Jenna helping her father campaigning with this?

Why does 'lawyer' have a more negative connotation than 'CEO'?

Please DU my local wingnut talk-radio poll on F-911

There is NO EVIDENCE that suggests that Iraq was after Niger yellowcake.

Republican Party Census Document

Cynthia McKinney ahead!

Ok I need a history lesson... wasnt there a time when the left were the

Media Matters For America - New Activism Network

The Myth of the "Liberal Massachusetts"

Need some help! Need proof there has been a ramp up toward

Bush Girls look unprofessional unless they've chosen the oldest profession

Pay mix-ups plague soldiers

Radical Left Wing Internet Radio

CNN reminded me - 35 years today since the moon walk.

I worry about the self-esteem of the men of this country

Interesting left-wing critique of Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11

Bush drafts his State Of The Union 2005 - Cartoon

Linda Rondstadt... let me get this straight...

When will candidates raise billions of dollars?

The first thing Kerry needs to do as President

Buy F911 DVDs for All "Swing State" Libraries

The Military: Losing Hearts and Minds?

On Charlie Rose (PBS), Anonymous author of Imperial Hubris

Don't put bananas in the refrigerator......

Berger is in trouble for giving gov't secrets to a US Senator?

"I trust God speaks through me" -- WH denies Bush* said it!

"50 Reasons Not To Vote For Bush"

Bangladesh newspaper: Giant human skeleton found in Saudi Arabia

Is Cheney 'baiting' Edwards?....

Man, I'm a bit flabby, not well endowed, and girls don't look at me!

Tomorrow would be Paul D. Wellstone's 60th birthday.

Forget about a man on Mars anytime soon

Anyone seen this?

Grilling Berger...I just don't get it.

Speaking of cabinet level positions tha are supposed to protect

Whoa look at this quote

Have you noticed that those who always tout Freedom

Lisa Meyers' 12 missed opportunities to stop 9/11. on now

O liely is bashing the Tides foundation

Help with a quote...

Picture of * signing an American flag - Who has it?

CBS News reports that some senior vets are being called to Iraq.

Call Against Media Concentration in France

John and Elizabeth Edwards will be on CNN Larry King tomorrow (Wedn)

DU This CNN Nader Poll

(Randi) Rhodes' rage retains fury on new national stage left

"Crimes Against Nature"

Proof "abstinence only" doesn't work

does anyone know if kerry has personally killed anyone?

What is it with Republicans and flag burning?

White House Web Site on the economy, A.K.A. "Johnny Ringo, you look like

Today in Cedar Rapids: The "Peace President" dancing on the edge

The only thing we have to worry about is BBV! That's it folks!

O.K. so the economy is recovering - let's see (job poll)

My response to my congressman (King-R-NY 3rd) about canceling the election

Al Sharpton is kicking Deborah Norville's ass right now

Paula Zahn loves the mercenary Jonathan Keith Idema

If you have AOL, take this poll: Is Fox News Fair and Balanced?

We can win but I feel this must be done at the Convention speech..Agree?

Will the addition of Mike Malloy to the AAR line-up

what's an acceptable minimum amount to donate, and who should I donate to?

Linda Ronstadt should be invited to sing at the DNC...

Are You Ready To Rumble?

St. Petersburg to consider no protest zones - DU this poll!

Charlie Rose

Tearjerker! "Nightline" shows video letters from Iraq troops, home

Paul K. on Al Franken Now PST n/t

What is the cause of Bush's deteriorating mental state?

If Kerry wins he will have to contend w/ Fox News (comments on "Outfoxed")

So Bush thinks he can ride Arnold's coat tails to a California win?

Dupe, please delete

Apparently Jay Leno is having BILL MAHER in his show tonight

Two photos that should adorn the walls of every civilized house

No need to talk about the 900 soldiers that have died under Bush's orders

Bush/Cheney 2004: The team that has at least 3 DUIs BETWEEN THEM!

DU this poll---it needs Lots of help

A bearded Bobby waves the flag for freedom's cause

Linda Ronstadt, the Aladdin, Planet Hollywood and Gov. Girlie man.

Georgia: Freeper drives truck through polling place

Which states have term limits on their governors?

Have you noticed that all of the special congressional elections...

Alabama doctor going to Iraq war at age 68

What are your tax dollars doing? How do White House folk spend their time?

Dazed and Confused....

So after nearly 4 years of ALL OF IT, there is an investigation and

Bush brought "honor and dignity" to the White House.....or NOT!

I am giving up my cable....

Bill Maher on Leno is great! Getting quite a bit of applause and

Al Franken Beats O'Reilly in NY Radio Matchup

Cynthia McKinney Projected to win with no Run-Off.

I (finally) saw F-911!!

Bill Clinton says everybody should see "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Is it fair to charge prisoners for room and board?

RNC Convention Report. Today I went to Orientation

Time to start outing some prominent closeted gay Republicans

Countdown just played "This Land" cartoon spoof!!!

Watch the AOL Straw Poll! Its telling us something very interesting.

Jenna sticks tongue out at media

Why are we letting Fox News cover our convention?

Compassion in Action! Bush helps homeless - with website

Freepers: Clinton knew Iraqis helped w/OK City bombing (berger coverup)

Vote or Die in NYC

Greg Palast: Bush Family Fortunes: WOW! are scaring the rest of the world!

Silver City New Mexico lost its liberal radio intimidation

The Sandy Berger scandal is..

Have you ever been down in the ghetto?

The Ratings for Air America.

Who watched Last Man Standing?

A Horrible Thought: We Need An Emergency Plan

Bill Maher on Jay Leno tonite

Anybody Else Get The Feeling A Jail Cell Is In Their Future ???

GOP's already ready to use GOP convention protestors to their advantage

35th anniversay of 1st men on the moon

Governors Join as 'Big Four' to Pool Clout

Vladimir Putin puts the broom through military

Nine hospitalized from heat while awaiting Bush arrival

No Troops to Iraq (Russia-debunks Stratfor)/Moscow Times--New WMW

McKinney Vaults into 4th District Lead

(Georgia)DeKalb precinct to stay open an extra hour(Touch screen problems)

No peace in Liberia until Côte d'Ivoire disarms

Activists target Nigeria's 'kill and go' police

Butterfield Wins Special Election; Will Face Dority in November

Al Franken Beats O'Reilly in NY Radio Matchup

Iraq vet(Blind, Lost Leg) to stand trial in altercation with grandfather

Jenna Bush Crackes Up Media with Gesture

A `forest-fire of brain damage'

Warner: New Report Backs Iraq WMD Claims

Takeover of State Prisons Is Threatened (CA - Blow to Arnold)

Bush says: 'I want to be the peace president'

Brazilian Intellectuals and Artists Declare Support for Venezuela's Chavez

4 Marines Killed In Action

CBS Clocks Out on Airing Reagan's Convention Speech

Scientists Say Marijuana Research Blocked

Eritrean children live in extreme poverty

Clinton defends Berger: 'We were all laughing about it"

NALC endorses John Kerry for president.

Ronstadt has no regrets for concert comments

In Iraq, Booze Becomes a Risky Business

GOP to Set Up Boston 'War Room'

Bush Plans No Rest in Next Month; 2nd Term Agenda Near

Pope orders Austria abuse inquiry

GOP Says Dem. Contractor Outsourcing Work (Nadar sig checking)

Kerry Shatters Quarterly Pres. Record with $99.2 Million; Tops Bush 4 mo.

WP: 9/11 Panel to Cite 10 Missed Opportunities

Oil project threatens world's last western grey whales

Warner Linked to the Rev. Moon -WP

Army to begin 'Involuntary Classification' reassignments

A Shrinking Base (Support for Bush Wanes Among Military Families)

Jenna Bush Sticks out Tongue at Press (photo only)

Woolard Disputes McKinney Win

DJ FBI Imposes Oct 1 Deadline In Anthrax Letters Probe - ABC

Do any cell phones allow one to download your own mp3 ringers into them?

Do you think Aunt May knows Peter is Spider-Man?

Worst job for a character in a film?

Anyone here up for some NFS3(multiplayer)?

Holy crap, I had lost 2 pounds today alone...

O'Lielly calls out the NYT

Just listened to "The Passing Measures" by David Lang

Yowza, what a climb

Have you ever done a google image search and unexpectedly found

GeekSquad - geek squat

What will it cost you to play DOOM 3?

Watching Trading Spouses.....

need help with paper on Music Censorship since the 1980s by corporations

A fight to change Wal Mart practices!

To all of you that gave me car advice...thank you!

Jenna tongues media ....

Warner says Bush was right about Iraq's WMD's

White House Declares War On DSL Provider

His powers of cuteness will overpower mortals

OK, I'm in love with the three Santa's helpers from Copengahen

CAPTION the future charter school teacher

Kool Aid? Pretzel? pls define.

question for bearded/moustachioed DUers

I'm interested in buying a small turntable

Quick! DU this poll....

Is there some bandana & glasses trend I'm missing out on?

Law & Order rerun on TNT now:

There are more birds in the sky because of me

Pity my poor husband

Is there some kind of "banana" and asses trend I'm missing out on?

Four Inmates Flee Jail, Return With Beer

Why do people change their profile names here on DU?

If dogs ruled the world...

If I'm about to eat rice and drink a beer

Is tonight's "The Daily Show" gonna be another re-run?

Do you think the 9 people that collapsed from the heat

This is what will happen if Bush gets another term. In a song.

I had supper at the Medieval Times Restaurant this evening!

My 666 post is coming.ask me an evil question that requires an evil answer

So, if you were at a big Hollywood party - who would you want around?

Letters from Trixie #3: Drunken Neighbors Must Die

The movie "Gone" ....the worse one I ever saw.


Deadheads: which of Garcia's guitars was your favorite?

Has google done bad by you?

Quincy Jones on Ray Charles -- tonight's Tavis Smiley PBS show

Another tv rumor to prove or disprove...this time The Chappelle Show

Something wierd happened just now...

CAPTION Unsere Ehre heisst Treue

Does true romance (Life wise) come from adventures?

LWM seeking Box Turtle for fun

I hate Shrub, Shrub hates me

Dismantling the Empire--Would this loony plan work?

Doesn't John Stewart know that the only way I get news is through him?

Do we have a (insert religious leader position here) in the house?

John Kerry ate my guts! Share your John Kerry war stories here...

Jesus Quits as Bush Savior

I think I finally know what "Elad" stands for.

Has anyone else NEVER owned a moptop?

I have committed a grievous error

Sit by the river long enough, your enemies will float by...

Best airline: EVER!

Unemployed for 18 months. Career change?

Strong arm, small brain of the law.

There's a cat in heat on my patio

Clouds and clouds of little bugs tonight...

Look! I'm original!

This is so damn funny, you have to watch this!

Look! I'm virginal!

Look! I'm heterosexual!

Better movie battle yell?

Anyone up for another writer's poll?

pstokely, calling for pstokely....

F 911: Should I kick myself?

Try again: Unemployed for 18 months

Man, I'm a bit flabby, not well endowed, and girls don't look at me!

Something that you should never forget....

I need a new SIG...any suggestions?

T*ts in the ringer at the foodstore last night...

Do you feed stray cats or ignore them?

I am getting SO sick of banners and scrolls on my TV

The softest toilet paper ever...

Fellow procrastinators: fall in for inspection...

Look! I'm delusional!

Fun Song Bush & Kerry singing this is my land

Post your deficiencies

Should I be worried about ants going into my electronics?

Decorum and protocol at a freeper / fundie funeral: what is proper?

Copy of my speech for my buddy's Wedding this weekend - need critique

Anyone else use Hostsave for a web host?


Bailley's and Ice...

And now, let us all praise Elad.

Hey fellow hypochondriacs....

Has anyone else NEVER owned a mop?

Are Republican corporations like Clear Channel ruining country music?

I worry about the self-esteem of the men of this country

Rush Limbaugh throughout history

Neocon Riots Rock DC

Okay, so here's the problem. Please give me the answer...?

I have a confession: I have a crush on Trumad

I need some Kitty love!!!!

Fuck You Very Much - Eric Idle presents... The FCC Song

Kick ass poll:

DU Relationship Poll

DU Lounge subjects you thought you'd never see

I'm concerned about my friend and I think I need some advice...

What was the worst movie you ever saw?

CAPTION the 'piece' candidate

new Hannity advertiser (also an Oxyrush advertiser)

"Last Comic Standing:" So, what, is a New Yawk accent automatically funny?

Scumbag Nader Accepts Rethug Signatures for Ballot

DSA and The Socialist International

Company: State of FL Knew of Problems with Felons' List since 1998

FL: Election Sup. Attacked for criticizing touchscreen voting machines!

Who do you think will win and why?

Good attendance at Andreas fundraiser in Palm Springs today.

Kerry moves ahead of Bush in PA (46 - 41)

Would a different primary schedule have affected the outcome?

Should the Democrats adopt a strong-anti-war platform at the convention?

New opinion piece at the PaBlog...let's ban NASCAR.

NYT Editorial: Desperadoes

British Foreign Secretary breached Convention on Human Rights

Norwegian artists starts campaign against GWB

NYT: Basic Training Doesn't Guard Against Insurance Pitch to G.I.'s

Gene Lyons...

Rig My Election, Please

Sen. Robert Byrd, unapologetic, confronts Bush in a new book.

The Church of Bush (Village Voice)

Kathleen Parker claims to be an "independent"

A La Carte Cable TV

On Girlie Men and Our Manly Governor (LA TIMES)

Car Keys or Underwear? (satire)

America, the Bushieful -- Illustrated and Interlinked!

(Poll finds Leaders Lied) Bush and Blair keep howling about Saddam

Tom Toles does it again! "Did you look at their safety record?"

Doing Right By America - to be delivered 7/22 by Tom Dashle

Illegal Contributions to the Nader campaign?  - Alterman

A Right-Wing Smear Is Gathering Steam (Amb Wison notes GOP Lies/Smear)

Juan Cole's fascinating remarks on "Iran in Bush's Sights"

Editorial: Iraq, Niger/There was no uranium link



David Corn (The Nation): The Real Goal of the Get-Wilson Crusade

Linda Ronstadt at the Aladdin Las Vegas - NY TIMES

New Niger/uranium tale flops

Helen Thomas: Bush shows no sign of learning

Blue Jay star boycotts God Bless America

Bush Denies Black Farmers in Landmark Civil Rights Settlement

WWS: Terror in the Skies, Again?

Boston Social Forum

Coolest boss in the world

ON MSNBC'S "HARDBALL" TONIGHT: The missed opportunities of 9/11

"No Spin Zone" indeed.

Bill Moyers NOW - 3.0 -- O'Reilly Factor - 1.9

America, the Bushieful -- Illustrated and Interlinked!

Today's Thought

Today in History 07/21/04

This Is Why Science WORKS!!

BAT may have jumped the gun on tobacco deal in China

Congressional Negotiators Agree to Extend Some Tax Cuts for 2 Years

Building a Bridge to the 19th Century

Funding for space, science trimmed back

States to Sue Over Global Warming

Poverty, Corruption Threaten Pacific Tuna Fisheries - Last Healthy Stocks

Senior Thai Wildlife Official In Trouble - Exported 100 Tigers To China

Group uses ancient tree to protest Bush policies (Ancient Forest Roadshow

US Company Brings Minamata Disease To Indonesia - 30 Dead Since 1996

EPA Crackdown On Coal Power Plants Pending? Hardly.

Shortage Forces Power Cuts In Eastern China's Industrial Belt - Reuters

Crosley IcyBall

Arctic Ocean On Track For New Record Low Sea Ice Cover - NSIDC

Queensland Oil Shale Refinery Closes - Environmental & Economic Fiasco

Stephen Hawking Rethinks Black Hole Theory

Entangled Photon Production @ 1Mil/Sec (Faster-Than-Light Communication)

Radiation Monitor at Nuke Plant Malfunctions; everyone in Ohio will die.

DPP parliamentary majority vital for Taiwan, says President Chen

Question about the draft

ICC in Uganda and Congo, a report from Citizens for Global Solutions

Prison protests spread

US Air Force chief praises Eurofighter

Morocco aims to outlaw torture

GUNS IN THE NEWS--July 21, 2004

DNC acknowledges Americans' Second Amendment right to own firearms

Clerk carrying $1.25 stabbed to death in robbery

Tell me this has been debunked and that Feinstein never said this

Gun Lobby Racks Up Legislative Gains Across US (Reuters)

Woman's body found posed beside road

I gotta hand it to you guys.

Help: Question on Logging In/Out

God Bless the moderators and administrators!

Just a small suggestion

Kudos for the addition of country boards

WTF??? My message raising VALID points about Cynthia McKinney is DELETED

LBN headline must match original article headline?

Thank you so much, Skinner, for the Country Forums!

Have you guys ever been to Boston before?


Please delete all my posts from the beginning of my membership!

I'd like to report Bug number 0

OK guys I'm drawing a blank....

Alarm at US drift over Middle East

Nobody trusts Arafat any more...

UN to move 20 workers from Gaza to Jerusalem

Preview: 9/11 The Great Illusion by George Humphrey

the rat Henry Hyde (R-IL-6) does anybody know who could be opposing him?

Stealing votes

GOP strives to outdo 2000 in O.C.

DU Happy Hour -- Tuesday, July 27 at Clery's in Boston

Update On This Weekend's Democracy Fest

Who do you want for MA Dem Senate nominee when Kerry wins?

DFL Launches Scoop-based Community

Minneapolis faithful set to ignore Fred Phelps whirlwind tour

Two more from Michigan, Killed in Iraq - Reservist and Guardsman

Liberalpalooza! July 31!

What's the Matter with Macomb County?

My Adventures In Wearing a KERRY/EDWARDS T-Shirt In Cincinnati

Conference: Through the Stained Glass- Religion and the Media

Appeal Court Orders New Trial for Bush Protesters -Austin

Libertarian party is on the TX ballot!

Just a little levity for hump day ... Its been around but ....

Rosebud Cinema Drafthouse to show F/911 free again this weekend

Gary Kohlenberg is a giant tool.

Whats your Favorite Wisconsin Beer?

President of Seattle police union killed in traffic accident

Issues arising from the Butler report

The word of the day is "putsch" (from Merriam-Webster)

Props to the Dems for handling this Berger junk so well

First Signs of Draft Renewal?

Al Franken on Carson Daly NOW!!!!!

Caption Der Fuhrer at the Reichstag.

The repubs look like total fools after only one day of Berger news: HA HA

'The Liberal Threat to America' right now on MSNBS

John Kerry Kiteboards! How cool is that? Bet Shrub couldn't do it!

Black Farmers: Agriculture Dept. failed them: Racial Bias Settlement

We are the champions of the world, & we'll anally rape your children

John and Elizabeth Edwards on Larry King TONIGHT 7/21

The most important story the corporate media is COMPLETELY ignoring.

Bush Keeps Mum on Ideas for Second Term

AP Seeks Release of Bush Military Records

Democrats Worry Big Media Threaten Democracy

Evidence That Bush* Realizes Negative Campaigning is Not Working

The downside of fear-mongering for Bush

Bernie Ward rocking right now about the evils of Walmart.

Will Pres. Kerry Make Public the Activities of this admin

If Kerry pulled out of Iraq very soon after taking office

Cuomo on Fox...

Is Kerry playing from the Gore playbook?

Be afraid, be very very afraid, the big bad boogiewoman is coming!

If you've got a moment, will you check in on this poll, please?

Have the G.O.P. Given Up Illinois Yet?

Anybody knows when "The Daily Show" will have new segments? Repeats

Stewart Slams King Over Cell Makeover Joke

What kind of "Bat" to we need?

What Democratic Traits or Personalities Embarass you the most?

Micahel Jackson to have Quadruplets?

I don't get Veterans for Bush

What are their excuse for bush not making more public speeches?

The Invisible Dead

Dem talking heads need to use the Mario Cuomo line from now on!

Cable news programs wetting their pants over 30,000 lb. bomb...

Have you seen this?

Please vote in my Kerry senate seat replacement preference poll

Why not more coverage of this?: Union protesters killed in Long Island

U.S. death toll in Iraq hits 900 !!!

Is Bush planning to attack Delray Beach, FL...terrorist haven?

"Protect the sancity of DIVORCE from gays"

What happened to the Marine in F-11?

do we have any journalist worthy of Deep throat???

Democratic Candidate had to stop bid for Congress - called up to Iraq

new up all reservists bidding for a D seat in congress

DLC's 'transformation of the party agenda" and the 'Dem party of the past'

Hey! Some of us are "famous"!

Bush - less Riggs

What is to make of the Berger case?

Lets Not Forget: Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming Preside

Literary Journal seeks Anti-Bush poetry, essay, fiction, interview, photos

News Recap 7/21: Ix-nay on child rapes at Abu....but

Moonie Times Chairman Bo Hi Pak's campaign donations

Does anyone know if F 9/11 will show on Comcast Pay-Per-View?

good Cheney/Halliburton photo on CNN website

Argentina and the wonders of the global economy

Bush is now dragging 68 y/o Medicare recipients back into the military.

More confirmation all politicians are related

asshole Norm Coleman to attend Democratic National Convention

This is crazy...68 year old reactivated !

Irc. DUers dont be shy come chat.

Irc. DUers dont be shy come chat.

Child rapes? What child rapes? Berger did something others have done

Irc. DUers dont be shy come chat.

"Bush Tongue-ing", and old bush family toon

kerry's haLiburton scandaL - top 10 idiots hopefuL

Is Kerry's term expiring??? If god forbid he should lose

any counters/debunking of this available yet?

Grand Jury Steps Up Inquiry Into Possible Halliburton Ties to Iran

I have a question about this site...

Anyone have an ungroupable .gif of the United States?

David Kelly: A murder motive?

Mario Cuomo

What % will F9/11 add to the Kerry vote?

The missing link between the Contras and Al Qaeda - Very Informative

My LTTE was published today!!!!

Type in Santorum in Google and the first mention is this:

The missing link between the Contras and Al Qaeda - Very Informative

new electoral vote count...this page is great and usually up to date

Franken Beats O'Reilly in NY Radio Matchup

FSTV Recommendation: "To invade or not to invade*-showing today

To all those assholes clamoring for Berger's sculp.............

Joe Trippi: 'Howard Dean never believed in the movement' True or False?

The personal = the political. Discuss.

Senator Tom Daschle: Doing Right By America

Comparing UPI "three nukes in Iraq" to original

Does anyone suspect that the Bush strategy re Iraq & WMD has been...

Interesting article on the CPD

How Cheney ruined Halliburton (((Salon)))

An Interesting Analysis of the Last Presidential Election

Take the Pledge: No more silly conspiracy theories!

AAR catches a major Shrub flip-flop. Sorry if this is a dupe!

is it fair to call the president a killer?

An interesting take on Drug Patents!

Does anyone have the link to the poll about Fahrenheit, rural, etc voters?

Jenna Bush sticks her tongue out to photographers

Sen. Bond on C-Span-2 attacking Wilson!

Can't the Florida House dismiss election results?

American on trial for private "war on terror" claims Rumsfeld link

I got a call from DNC this morning. As soon as he said DNC I said "You

Boy, would I like to see The chimp kite surfing.....

Can't the Florida House dismiss election results?

Why didn't Berger leak news himself?

Isn't there someone who has debunked the "59 deceits of F9/11" ??

We may have an unlikely ally.......

MSNBC: Will F/911 be nominated for an oscar? (Poll and story)

Gore won 17 of 18 states where Clinton’s job rating was above average...

Anyone have political party info for Fl. bay area?

Need DU help, response to puke Trib. Wilson editorial

MY BUSH SONG! (Commander & Thief)

Different reactions to Snopes debunking of legends we'd like to be true

Car Keys Or Underwear? (satire)

Who leaked the Berger story?

Potentially homophobic cartoon

Interesting spin on Bush's miserably failed "job training initiatives"

Would you buy a used car from this man ??

Alphabetical Streets in Boston--- FYI for DNC folks

GWB: Human beings begin life as a "feces"

Breaking: Gall's Inc raided by Customs and FBI

Fencik or Connors to run v. Obama?

Halliburton Stock: "War Has Been Very Very Good to Me"

Berger is simply red meat for the base...(Discuss)

Texas DU'ER's do you know what T Delay's polling numbers are?

903 Soldiers killed in Bush's Invasion

If Bush Only Had a Brain (Must Sing Along !)

What states do we NOT have a chance in?

Want to know what KFC's secret is?

Excellent speech by Tom Daschle

Al Franken says Bill O'Reilly is "an out of control bully" and that

jibjab Animated Toon Hits Both Sides - Funny

Freeps show "appreciation" for Cynthia McKinney's return....

Time Mag. factoids: WH salary discrepancy, Powell low travel days

As heard on Franken..

"Saudis Say They Found American's Head"

Another poll to DU:

"U.S. Allies Defiant; New Hostages Taken"

CIA never sure what Curveball, who spoke English, really was saying

Moonie leader (Washington Times founder) busted for fraud

Missile hits hospital in Iraq, now I thought there was international

Is the "Berger story" more like the "Plame affair" or the Ollie North...

"Pilot Who Bombed Canadians Loses Appeal"

"Bush Bracing for 9/11 Panel's Report"

Dan Rather got dangerously close to telling the truth last night.

Joe Trippi: 'Howard Dean never believed in the movement' True or False?

MSNBC reports Bin Laden family 9/11 flights out of country

Please God, let someone good run against Rick Santorum.

"Many Elite Soldiers Leave for Better Pay"

Many Elite Soldiers Leave for Better Pay

"Bush Keeps Mum on Ideas for Second Term"

DU's Dorktv running for Congress in AZ,

What do you make of the Berger case?

why it is not working for bush

"A Change of Administrations would make us more vulnerable"

Eternal Debt: The IMF board game (Argentina)

Dubya orders a Pizza from Tony's...........................cartoon

Larry King/ Wed. John Edwards/Thrs. Bill Maher

Kerry Knocks Bush on Anti-Poverty Efforts

Does NV vote rule allow random precinct audits by both parties?

"Kerry Sets Democratic Fund-Raising Record"

How many soilders died in iraq before we declared war?

how hoover tried harder to create jobs than GW

"Bush Signs Bill to Stockpile Antidotes" (This makes me nervous)

Moonie Times Reports Nikes Found in Iraq

The Berger non story isn't going according to the con's plans

"P. Diddy Launches Group for Youth Vote"

Jenna Bush shows her true colors

I was thinking the other day

To Anyone that HATES CNN

WTF??? My message raising VALID points about Cynthia McKinney is DELETED

Ron Silver ("Democrat" for Bush) says that his Career in Hollywood is over

For GD dwellers, McCauliffe files FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT request

Real estate foreclosures rise in Northern California New York, Arizona fo

so what the heck's going on with Al Gore's "liberal news" station?

Anybody can tell Al Franken about being a RNC


Bush and Blair caught in another lie, this time about mass graves

Moonie Times backtracks on Iraqi "nuclear missiles" story.

"This hypocrite broke up my family" (Henry Hyde)

Curtis Larsen - Franken's "undecided voter" guest

NY Times: G.O.P. Blames Clinton for Intelligence Failures

"Ronstadt Will Continue Praising Moore"

"Republicans Aim for $21.5M at Fund Raiser"

Does the "conservative" brain work differently from the "liberal" brain ?

Poker with Dick Cheney

DU This poll

Does anyone have a link to the video of Condi saying Iraq isn't a threat?

what do you mean: "it's not about assigning blame"

McConnell on c-span2...

Seattle article on Pants on Fire mobile

DUers dont be shy, come chat on irc.

I went over 1,000 posts, and I'd like to thank DU!!! Love you guys!

Did Bush state how many Mass Graves found?

Could you be persuaded to back an attack on Iran?

CBC news: Michael Moore broke election law, alleges young Tory

MSBC: 533,575 votes, Kerry 55-42-3; AOL straw poll: 70,250, Kerry: 55-43-2

Anyone else see the talking Bush doll at Foleys? (Funny)

If the 'election' were held today...

Marked Women: A rash of unpunished honor killings highlights the

Oregon profs wield influence with Bush

Bush Attacks Aussie Health Care System

At least 135,000 foreign extremists in Iraq! I figured it out!

OK - I give-up - why re-elect Bush - is there an agenda for a second term?

901 American Deaths in Iraq

Repugs get 9/11 commission briefing before Democrats!

Save Sunday Aug. 29th for Mass Protest in NYC

Random thought.....

Radio is frightening - Randi's on air and doesn't know it

We invaded Iraq because Iran was more of a threat to us

"Ice Cream Entrepreneur Totes Bush Effigy"

Randi excellent today. NH REPUBLICANS politicians want to vote for Kerry!

"U.S. Commits 400 Special Forces for Games"

god now talking to *

What liberal infidels will never understand about the "president"

SF editor suspended for donating to Kerry

John Kerry Quotes... anyone else get this?

Live election poll right now

Why Bush is reducing DRAFT ACTIVATION time from 193 to 75 days: IRAN!!

Robert Byrd is on the Senate floor....NOW! n/t

Abducted? It helps to be a white woman.

Randi: Bush War President/Peace President: TWO, TWO PRESIDENTS for

UPJ agree to West Side route

When John Kerry's sister was asked 'What if they cancel the election?'

Gross misinformation in NYT today

"I expect that from mealy mouthed little bitches".... ROFL

Bush made the world a safer place????

"Among Troops, Growing Doubts About Mission, Leaders Who Sent Them"

Russia denies plans to send troops to Iraq

Hannity Message boards were hacked

Right-Wingers Spinning The Sandy Berger Story

Wingnuts are already calling the Berger scandal Kerry's Watergate

BRILLIANT article!!

Joe Wilson sets the record straight. Yet again.

John Snow on the economy: "the jobs are being created everywhere"

Randi Rhodes says Al Qaeda supports Bush's re-election.

DU this MSNBC Poll on Sandy Berger

McKinney's back!!!

What will become of the 'Presidential Prayer Team' when Kerry is elected?

I need help with this project,

Funny How All Of a Sudden NOW We're Hearing About Free Speech Zones

Democratic Party moves sights from poor to middle class

Anyone notice how Bush supporters are getting angrier by the day?

Wilson: A Right-Wing Smear is Gathering Steam

You Watch - 9/11 is Going To Be Clinton's Fault

Randi just went off on that chick........!!!!!!!!!!!!1

LOL - god poor randi...

Where is your liberal rage today?

Bush's spokesperson, Scott McClellan, caught in lie (with links)

Bush babbling about a rainbow in Bucharest ...

Whacko Freepers on Randi!

A question for Army guys or ex Army

Does anyone have bad F 9/11 stories to share? Friends not liking it?

The Bush/Cheney Sloganator Memorial

Crossfire: Begala/Tucker will be discussing Berger. 4:38 ET

customer's reaction to F911 today

Greenspan testifies that corporations are NOT hiring.... I guess AWOL lied

Poor Bush Dow about to go under 10000

What's with the Pubs going to Boston to "tell the truth"?

When DID The "Shot Across The Bow" Happen?

Loyalty quiz...GWB and John Kerry

ALERT - DU may be under a minor right wing attack

"Clinton was Just as Bad as Bush"" - How to Respond?

I added a new cell phone to my account today and the price had increased

DNC- Kicking Ass

Playing into Rove's hands

What I learned today on FOX and CNN.


My dream perp walk.

Progressives: Moving from what we are against to what we are for!

No Conservatives or Sensible Conservatives?

Sumthin's going down in N.Korea. RevMoon's #2 arrested for fraud there.

AAR Ratings- Mentions Randi Rhodes

When family members shill the right wing: NO INFLATION just rising prices

Stock market to Chimperor: "Buh-Bye!"

U.S. Underestimated War Costs by $12.3 Billion -GAO

900- It's not possible to predict when the casualty count will drop. "


I just answered questions for a Zogby poll on line.

A great view of Liberals by a Republican

New Kerry ad....excellent

Department of Labor Launches Web Site For Homeless People...

Bush knows he is in trouble. What do you think is going to happen?

Project Censored recommends another documentary film.

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Hits 900 (Defreep this)

Help! Can't Stream Air America! (Wed 1433 PDT)

freeper Doug From Upland up to dirty tricks again

NRC hits Eugene churches. So, "Who Would Jusus Bomb?"

Everyone has already seen the Berger documents. I want to see Bush's docs.

Why Won't Jeb Bush Pressure the President to Deliver Bulletproof Vests?

Bush knew

Anybody know if Gore is still on Apple's board of directors?

They're BAAACCK!

BBV: League of Women Voters issue another report...

The coming "Hunting of the President" will put the final kabosh on BushCo

Can anyone give me a place find unbiased information no Sudan/Kenya?

I need help on Drudge from my fellow DUers

Does anybody remember...

This 9/11 Report is going to hang Bush up naked for all the world to see

Jerry Falwell thumbs his nose at "fright letters to churches"

Should Kerry distance himself from the Catholic church?

The Lancaster Letter!

House's New Anti-Gay Marriage Bill Unconstitutional Groups Warn

Is it just me...

The Next Time You Feel Like Knocking Detroit

Terror in the Skies Again?

HEADS UP: Dan Rather interviews Kerry TONIGHT -- CBS Evening News!

All that Bush has to do to be the hero

Bush OKs Arms Sales to Iraq

The missed opportunities of 9/11 from MSNBC

Just ran into my neighbor kid fresh back from Iraq at the store,

Forbes says Stock Market Performs Better Under Democrats

should I be ready to cast an absentee ballot just in case?...

Bottom line: Will Bush protect this country better than Kerry?

think a lot of Dems will vote GOP against McKinney?

History repeats: Bush approves arms sales to Iraq. Remember Stingers?

Poll: Blacks Favor Kerry, 8 to 1

Kofi Annan sends a mixed message on Bush and his "safer world"

Pregnant Utah jogger missing

After one day of the Berger news the repubs look like idiots: HA HA HA

Video of hijackers up next on 360

Aladdin Las Vegas Contact info

Someone stole my 'No More BUllSHit' bumper sticker

Gimme a break! Wilson had an agenda in going to Niger? BS


Bush's State of the Union (on crack)

Viewer Alert - Linda Ronstadt will be on Today Show tomorrow morning

The Sensible Liberal - Tom Tomorrow

Wilson/Niger summary

One of my conservative coworkers went to F 9-11 last night.

CBS evening news-back from the dark side?

Thomas Frank..Whatsa Matta Wit Kansas...chilling.

Trouble getting AAR...anyone else??

Freeper caller coming up on Randi in Portland

Coming up on CBS 7:30et per promo: "Jenna Behaving Badly.."

Only 4 more till $100 million!

CNN Now!: Video shows 911 hijackers going thru security....

Bush is going hogwild with his negative ads !

I'm beginning to hate the Democratic Party - need encouragement

Neocons Revive Cold War Group - Committee on the Present Danger

Reminder: John and Elizabeth Edwards on Larry King tonight for the hour.

Write CNN and complain about Paula Zahn.

How politically active are you?

Germany May Seek Cap on CEO Pay

SlimFast email response

USA biker was spit at in France

For fans of "The people's history of the United States" H. Zinn

nukes were found in bagdad today.

68% of DU'ers polled dont care to hear what Drudge has to say!

What to call a Christian Coalition for the Left?

I Have a Deal for Our Repuke Freinds...............

Can't cry hard enough - Waiting for the 911 report

DU this poll

I'm having another "freaked out by the state of my Country" moment !!!

Who Here Was Around During Watergate?

David Gergen coming up on Hardball

Newsmax reporting that Clear Channel Picks Up O'Franken Network

A question about our military.

How on Earth is it Air America Radio isn't broadcast in DC?

Allawi shootings on CNN 360 Now!!!

Well, sad news.......communication with my right wing friends has been cut

"Reservist Called Up, Ends Congress Run"

What is the point of the Electoral College?

Bush- the "peace" President? (Iowa speech)

Article "56 Deceits of F9/11" --- Intriguing.

My Adventures In Wearing a KERRY/EDWARDS T-Shirt In Cincinnati

Plz confirm what I just heard Saxby Chambliss say

What will Kerry say our State of the Nation is when he gives his address?

The Pubs have perfected the ART of Rationalization and Spin...

The "Peace President". Doesn't that

If Osama Bin Laden is captured

How does Rush do it ??

Caption this B*sh campaign photo

"S.F. Chronicle Editor Suspended for Kerry Donation"

The House That Thomas Jefferson Built.

Greg Palast and others team up at Take Back the Media Summit

Matt Damon's first vote EVER will be for Kerry.

Is anybody going to do anything about Sudan?

Current Administration's effect on education funding

Abu Ghraib: Male Rape Witness statement from Taguba Report

Bonnie Raitt's political donations

Blue Jays slugger Carlos Delgado protests Iraq war by skipping

U.S mercenary running torture chamber in Kabul "worked for Rumsfeld"

Saxby Chambliss go Cheney yourself

7/21/2004 KERRY WIN PROBABILITY: 97.4%, 329EV, 52.92%

"How to Handle Nader"

Bumper stickers in a bi-partisan family

Who thinks that Michael Moore should speak at the convention?

Chevron makes me watch Faux News

Space Radar Funding Slashed- Threat from Korean Misslies Discounted

Which scream is better?

"Terror in the Skies" paranoid, bigoted B.S., sez pilot on Salon.

9/11's BIG DIRTY SECRET: Trafficking with the Taliban

Want To Stick it to FOX???

Bush: He's in a heap of trouble

Were my neice's rights violated?

Ok, the *offcial* Randi-owned-the-wicked-witch-of-the-Right Thread!

Helen Thomas got Scotty again:

International DUers: Discuss politics in our new country forums!

Well well well just got off the phone with a FORMER bush supporter!

Jon Stewart's "Talking Points" Piece from the Daily Show

Cynthia McKinney Congratulations Thread

"The Manchurian Candidate" will close the F9/11 sale. Bush is TOAST.

Why are Neocons considered rightwingers?

Figured I might as well start a thread on the NEW cabinet....

I'm predicting this will be one of the coolest forums on DU

How's it goin, eh?

Hey HeyHey where are you?

Congratulations, Canadian DUers on getting your own forum!

Post your Canadian images here

Tony Blair's dismal record on gay rights

Ten years since Tony Blair secured the Labour leadership

UK Parties: The Liberal Democrats

UK Parties: The Conservative Party

UK Parties: The Labour Party

Hello, British friends!

- duplicate -

Group to fight 'present danger'

Iraq Interior Ministry Says Report on Nukes 'Stupid'

High oil prices are made in the United States

WP, pg1: China Frees Dissident Physician (SARs hero)

Is it fair to charge prisoners for room and board?

U.S. death toll in Iraq hits 900

Kabul 'bounty hunter' accuses US (Rumsfeld)

Arafat critic shot in Ramallah

US turns down Centre’s plea for Anderson extradition (Bhopal tragedy)

Felon voting rights trial is delayed (Florida)

Nuclear arms found in Iraq?

DCF chief criticized for deals in past position (Jeb's appointee)

Cynthia McKinney is BACK!

(Ark.) Baptist Preacher Accused of Using Pulpit for Politics (IRS filing)

900th GI Dies Since War Began in Iraq

Taiwan Prepares for Possible Air Attack

Governor's tough talk criticized as partisan (CA)

Car Bomb Kills Four in Baghdad - Police

Militants threaten to behead six new hostages...

Fox News documentary tops Amazon sales chart

Nuclear Arms Reportedly found In Iraq

9/11 Report to Cite 10 Missed Opportunities (long shots or required luck?)

Al Franken Beats O'Reilly in NY Radio Matchup

Peace protesters fail in 'illegal war' plea

Two killed when missile hits Baghdad hospital: medics

20,000 jobs to go in (UK) defence shake-up

Iraq Interior Ministry Says Report on Nukes 'Stupid'

20,000 jobs to go in defence shake-up (Brits downsize armed services)

Electric Prunes band members sue for music royalties

CNN: Latest killing brings U.S. military deaths to 901

Cult leader (Moonies) detained on fraud charges

Grand Jury Steps Up Inquiry Into Possible Halliburton Ties to Iran

Police lose bid to halt arbitration (Boston)

School Funds Cut for Migrant Workers' Kids

Delay on Berger: "It could be a national security crisis"

Head of slain U.S. hostage found in fridge

N Korea urged to follow Libya

BBC reporting breaking news:The head of US hostage Paul Johnson

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Comes to Barn Near Bush Ranch

Vigilante in Afghanistan Says He Worked for U.S.

Picking Up the Pieces (Fisk: Ceasefire Details/alSadr in control)

Pressured by U.S., Greece Will Allow Troops at Olympics

Americans accused of torturing Afghans in private jail go on trial

Coors and Molson to proclaim merger by Thursday

US Helicopter Shot Down in Iraq

The Fall of Riggs

Marked Women: A rash of unpunished honor killings highlights the

Kimberly Clark announces layoffs

Libertarians will be on Texas election ballot

National and local Jewish leaders welcome the Democratic National Conventi

'Rejoice over Iraq': fury at Blair's echo of Thatcher

Berger: Incident was Honest Mistake

GOP Primaries Matter (Cynthia McKinney Wins!)

Vatican begins child-porn scandal inquiry

Reverse air rage on Russia flight

DuPont says allegations over teflon will not stick

Troops scale back Anbar patrols

Capital One: Elimination of 1,400 Call Center Postions

Silver City New Mexico lost its liberal radio intimidation

Annan Rejects Bush Claim That World Is Safer Now

Rep. Bob Ney introduces bill to never change election dates

O'Reilly scolds guest who outed gays, then calls judge a lesbian

This time, poll has candidates tied in Arizona

Kerry Camp Accuses White House of Berger Leak ....

Bush OKs Arms Sales to Iraq

Video Shows Abuse of Chickens at KFC Supplier

Bush approves arms sales to Iraq.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 21 July

Michael Moore called 'ugly American' for criticizing Australia's premier

House Backs Block on Military Housing (GOP abandons military needs)

Clear Channel sues Stern distributor

Fear of Nuclear Iran Could Influence U.S. Diplomacy

NYT: Officer Is Focus in Subway Pipe Bomb Case (troubled since 9/11)

Democrats denounce allegations against Berger

VOA: 11 Killed, 6 Kidnapped in Iraq Violence (foreign truck drivers)

WP:Greenspan Tells Panel Economy in "Soft Patch," Expansion Not Threatened

Bush Bracing for 9/11 Panel's Report

Democrats out-fundraise Republicans :

DJ 9/11 Panel: Deep Institutional Failings Blamed In Attack

Fake Clinton Biography (in China: quotes Mao!)

Greenspan Urges Businessmen to Be Bold

New poll smiles on Kerry

Heavy duty for new Iraqi police

Textbook debate in Texas over sex education

Christian Group Pushes for God on World War II Memorial

Damsels in Distress (Analysis of Race and Gender in Kidnap Reporting)

House Backs Block on Military Housing

Documents detail wider abuse of Iraqi prisoners

Iran responsible for terrorism in Iraq says minister

Report Criticizes Halliburton Iraq Logistics Deal

Nuke Plant Closure Birds' Doing? CBS/AP

Firm hires soldiers for R200m mission - SA

7 in 10 Americans Say Genocide Must Be Prevented in Sudan

NYC, 8 States Sue to Curb Global Warming

Bush Signs Bill to Stockpile Antidotes

Iraq Militant Group Takes 6 New Hostages


Halliburton's Work in Iran Stirs Democrats

Rumsfeld says more troops in Iraq possible

Bonnie Raitt dedicates 'About to End' to Bush

Special Report: Running scared

Bush-Mart vs Kerry and Costco

Tuwaitha free of radiation (Iraq nuclear sites)

U.S. Troops Fear Mounting Casualties

Vehicle explodes in hotel-convention center parking lot kills one in Nashv


Australia backs US over Israel barrier

Video Shows 9/11 Hijackers' Security Check

bush green lights arms sales to iraq (yahoo story)

E Guinea warning after bank probe

S.F. Chronicle Editor Suspended for Kerry Donation

Ice Cream Entrepreneur Totes Bush Effigy(liar, liar..pants on fire)

Bush supporters fire back with book praising president

G.O.P. Blames Clinton for Intelligence Failures

Chile to Take Key Role in Haiti's Reconstruction

House Republicans want out of pesticide treaty

LAT: (National Guard) Troops Could Stay Beyond (24-mo.) Limit

Annan Rejects Bush Claim That World Is Safer Now

Democrats blast GOP lawmaker's "suppress the Detroit vote" remark

Convention speaker list released, alphabetical order.

Fox News doc (Outfoxed) tops Amazon sales chart

Blair draws up plans to send troops to Sudan

Troops scale back Anbar patrols (US losing the whole province)

Armstrong sprints to the finish to obliterate his rivals in time trial

Look! I'm making fun of someone making fun of my post!

Beck fans, put this in your pipe..

Look! I'm making fun of someone making fun of my post making fun of

What happened to the Writer thread, HeyHey?

Hooray! 100 posts!

Short story thread

Worst sexual experience?

Who has the coolest parent?

Wurst sexual experience?

Dirty Dancing time

Post for the grand/greatgrand parents

blastocysts fail to attach to the uterine wall!

Boast your efficiencies

It's a post about nothing!

Baygon's latest advertisement!

A just curious question

Question about STDs and testing...

I'm watching Halle Berry on Letterman...

A small Tribute to Eddy Howard, Thanks to Dookus

remember the stupid penguin game?

Recommendations for "Right Wing Loony War Cheerleader" list

I need suggestions on how to protest in front of my ex-College

Is the blue haired woman a younger Barbara Bush?

Graphic stick people violence

What are you doing up at this hour?

how many of these words and phrases do you know?

British Retiree Loses His Kitchen, Bedroom & Half His Living Room In Court

it's all in the marketing, folks . . .

Infiltrating Freeperville

The Sandy Berger Brouhaha Made Me Miss Shaq's Miami Introduction...

Man Pleads Guilty To Keeping Tiger In Apartment

Error On Post Office Information Card Sends Callers To Sex Line

This getting up and exercising thing is working out ok after all...

New web site dedicated to providing documents....

I just had a sick thought come to my head

Good Morning DU!

House shopping and political activism ethics - a question;

HELP WANTED: I need someone from NYC to help organize DU gathering

50,000 people killed om Alexandria earthquake

I NEED HELP! Anyone know where i can host an mp3 file?

Of course I put ketchup on my food!! How else am I to get my veggies???

So, I saw Ben & Jerry's on a list in a thread the other day...

'I Want to Be the Peace President' and other bullcrap lines

My Dog Ate A Box of SOS Pads Yesterday

10 Foot Python Captured After Cornering Family's Puppy

Man "Flips Off" Passing Trains, Got Too Close - Train Clips His Wheelchair

3 inch sandals? What's up with that?

Do you put ketchup on your scrambled eggs?

Someone removed my Kerry bumper sticker lastnight!

Let's count it down!!!!

Doesn't *so called* REALITY...SUCK?

ARRGGH, beautiful coworker again- I am the protecter.....

Man Hurt When Manhole Cover Flies Through Windshield

Parody! Get your opera parody here!

A 27 LB Bunny? 4 Foot long??

Pronunciation poll

OMG Bush just said "NUCLEAR" and pronounced it correctly...

Web host DOS attacks

I just met my new boss

Favorite Wham-O toy?

So, I met some Astronauts last night...

kids shouLdn't taLk to atheists

Bush offers detailed plans of his next four years in office

So my dog shits RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOOR...

Ladies, name some things your mom does you've SWORN you will never do?

CAPTION this spoiled little tart

You can now DRINK your Krispy Kreme! Oh joy!

listening to Neil Young-Hawks and doves. What would you like to know?

Help! Stupid question! How do I cook chicken?

Endless opportuniites for captions (my first caption thread, I think)

Do you put ketchup on maccaroni and cheese?

The ultimate hypochondriac

When does Red Dwarf Series V come out on DVD?

I have already had a very weird morning.

What should I get for lunch?

anyone else having trouble streaming Air America?

Dan Savage would marry either Wonkette or Mary Cheney.

any DUer's going to see Dean in Boston next Tuesday the 27th

Armstrong wins the 15th stage (L'Alpe D'Huez)

I just got vaccinated for chicken pox. Ask me anything!

Erskine Bowles sure was pumped up this morning!

New Doctor Who series officially starts production.

I'd really like to see the twins!

I have a love bite on my left ear

Racism rears it's ugly head.

I have a bug bite on my left ear.

Feelin' the heat, dry drunk? (Captions please)

Starbuck's to give free coffee for wearing your Kerry Button!

I wanna buy my 2 year old a kick-ass tricycle - any tips?

Any Colin Cowie fans here?

300 Births Expected 9 Months After Army Unit Comes Home

Inspired by another thread in GD - what get's your Irish up?

Warren Zevon bashing

Rogue Mormon Censoring "Murder She Wrote" Books In Library

When did the 2004 Cubs Jump the Shark?

best seafood places in the Boston area - per NYT convention guide

Is it not illegal for a job application to ask your DOB?

Jockeys' code of silence re fasting, vomiting is slowly being broken

To Anyone that HATES CNN

Ben Cohen: 12 ft. effigy of Bush with fake flames shooting from the pants

I humbly request we stop referring to the * twins as "tarts" or "floozies"

I'm listening to the Remains' debut

Lipids are cool, but they pale in comparison to proteins.

remember 'Stangers with Candy" on comedy central?

Men Charged In Burger King "Potty Rage" Incident

Something about DU I will never understand

Mindball: Futuristic game from Sweden uses brainwaves to move the ball

"Da Ali G Show"; Funniest Thing On TV or What?

Radio Birdman kicks ass.

I humbly request we stop referring to the sus and I as "tarts"or"floozies"

you and me baby ain't nuffin but mammaLs


Waiting for the whitewash and crying in vain

Have you ever been away from a site this long?

DUers dont be shy, come chat on irc.

Damn you, Stephen Hawking!

Moving company recommendations, anyone?

Am I the Luckiest Person on the Planet?

Waxie's Dargle!!! It's the Irish Drinking Song Thread!

If Matcom were a cat........

I'm mentioned on the Kerry Cal website.

Does Pogo the Clown scare you?

Thinking of setting up a cult. Who should be our deity?

Why is Radiohead's "OK Computer" such a freakin' awesome CD?

Monkey At Zoo Now Walking On Hind 2 Legs After Near Death Experience

Ever find an old pair of shoes in your closet....

Russian gangsters shoot mafia TV serial after their own heart

What a shocker!!! AOL Subscribers think FoxNews is "Fair & Balanced"

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... Angry Kid Season Two!!!

World's Smallest Cat (Mr. Peebles) Weighs Only 3 Pounds (Uber Cute Pic)

DU Exclusive!!!! Repubs writing Pro * book, and I have advance copy!!!

Got this great song forwarded to my e-mail

I dreamed last night that I slept with a 22 year old Virgin....

Martha Stewart, inmate number ............


before i go to work

Are you suspicious of people who block their profiles?

I hate being lied to

If you could somehow swap identities with another DU'er, who would it be?

Where should I put my DU and Kerry/Edwards stickers?

I have been a total waste of a human today.

What is this bit about Bush being "likable"? I've heard pundits mention it

Rush gives relationship advice!

Genealogical disaster-I'm related to Cheney through the Witch Susan Martin

I went over 1,000 posts, and I'd like to thank DU!!! Love you guys!

Can you tell me how to get to Bagel street?

new 'TOON - bush* the ?????? pResident

Biggest tortoise surprise/disappointment.

Song you'll play when Bush loses in November

New Bush Banner:

Biggest Tourist Surprise

Sunday Night Sex Show


I have an interview Friday!!!

NYC DUers! LAST July Performance of The ?W Revue Tonight!


Yeah! 1000 Posts! I'm not a Virgin anymore! Here is how I celebrated it!

Holy crap! I hit 2000 posts!

Tonight TV Land showing top ten episodes of Andy Griffith Show Special

Not Jib-Jab, but kind of funny..

Need help finding a comic strip...

Ethics question - perjury

Give Me $5 Or I'm Going Home To Kill Mr. Peebles!

Why did the box turtle cross the street?

joan osbourne

You are what you eat!!

Lodi Low-life Crime blotter

B Movies!

Woman Gives 12 Year Old Daughter Keys To Car - Daughter Crashes

Did Ken just misread his cue card? (Ken from Jeopardy)

Let the eagle soar!

Therefore, I resign the Presidency ......

I'll take "Things I'd like to yell right now for $1,000 Alex"

Does it ever freak you out a little watching an old film knowing.........

What was/is your favorite comic strip?

Dog behavior question.

On DVD 8/31: "MST3K: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians"

My Gawd, Slim Fast just sent me this chicken-shit e-mail.

Brother can you spare a job

How's your mouse finger???

The most potent excuse for invading Iraq?

Part 2: Does it ever freak you out a little watching an old film......

Least favorite number between 1-10

Has anyone else seen "Bubba Ho-Tep?

Are ants constantly hatching plots to overthrow the monarchy?

So I want to break into the writing biz...

Exploding ass implants...

Today's Doonesbury: The real reason for the daily FOX memos!

Do you value a piece of music more if it is little known?

heheh... going to see Linda Ronstadt friday

Ken Jennings is still on a roll.

Crazy freeper day on Randi

Tool fans...check in and show your love.......

Sat hello to Merlin, our newest employee

What do the call Iriaqi insurgents in your newspaper?

Legal question....

Don Knotts' hometown to honor him as he turns 80

Titans Release RB Eddie George


What is your favorite commercial?

Oh, the Warren Hayes/Dave Matthews Band version of "Cortez the Killer"...

new "Manchurian Candidate" is sent by Halliburton-like company...

Favorite 60's military sitcom.

Do you smoke cigarettes or cigars?

It's not the heat, it's the humidity!

VolcanoJen is bee-YOO-tee-ful!

MY BUSH SONG! (Commander & Thief)

Raitt Dedicates 'About to End' to Bush

Non-Stale Just for SoCalDem

What is the goofiest, most embarrassing thing that happened on a date?


Abandoned baby otters rescued.. They are sooooo cute

Don Knotts turns 80 today. Atta Boy Luther!!

Today Would've Been Paul Wellstone's 60th Birthday...

A Hannity Haiku

Favourite Dennis Hopper quote from Blue Velvet?

Time for another round of Name My Business!

An e-mail from my friend in animal rescue seeking advice

Which Filmmaker would you like to pal around with?

I Think Mr. Peebles Should Be DU's Official Mascot

I'm thinking of moving to Oregon. What's it like?

"Police entered the home after neighbors complained of a foul stench..."

My Wednesday morning "Case of the Mondays" -

Porn star or Pony?

I just noticed. Today is my one year anniversary at DU!

Disc Golf!

Mystery fanatics, I need help writing a script

A list of movies that endure

European DUers, I need help.

Who would play you if your life was a movie?

Is THIS why the internet was invented???

So what do you say to cell phoners using the world as a phone booth?

Parents like these should never be allowed to have kids.

I have another question I need to ask...

Anna Kournikova in August's Maxim

Do you even want to watch the Summer Games this year?

Box turtles -vs- Yaks- The better critter

Realy. Huge. Cats.

Just when you thought the music industry couldn't get any worse

Tour de France: "...who is painting the big penises on the climbs..."

Tour director says fans spat at Armstrong

Just a quick census: How many DUers are teachers, professors, or

Bush daily briefing paper here!

Ever had a crush on a TV or movie character?

DU bicyclists, what is a good bike in the $300 to $500 range?

I Just Receive an E-Mail From the Bush Campaign - AT MY JOB!!!!

What's the scariest movie scene?

Woman (Drunk) Pets Lion - Lion "Pets" Her Back - Woman Hospitalized

Great ideas for porno movie titles?

Arizona poll: Bush, Kerry in tight race

Despite heat, candidates draw 15,000 to N.C. rally (July 10th rally)

House GOP runnin' scared, accusing Berger of pilfering, 3rd rate burglary!

McKinney wins Georgia Primary without a runoff.

So how do we stand in terms of picking up senate/congressional seats?

The Bush/Cheney Campaign Can Be Contacted At 703-647-2700

Two glimmers of hope ....

Poll finds Libertarian candidate may cost Bush support

Democrats call appearance at college ironic after cuts (to education)

selling fear via being for a "safer America - but now avoiding Negative

Bush's Retreaton Immigration Reform(bipartisan backing loses to BushBase)

DNC website posts AWOL resource page

tax bill indulges lobbyists (new tax benefits for moving jobs overseas)

Nader Says He'll Now Accept Signatures Collected by GOP

Berger Quits as an Adviser to Kerry(Orig Docs in Archive/no charges likely

Early reminder: Senator and Mrs. Edwards are on Larry King Live

Kerry Press Release: Kerry-Edwards Opportunity Agenda

Kerry Press Release: Another Failure to Keep Faith With America’s Military

Support for War Wanes Among Military Families Facing Redeployment

7/21/2004 KERRY WIN PROBABILITY: 97.4%, 329EV, 52.92%

"Edwards bounce" evident in new state polls

GOP billionaires:Koch brothers Corp. front "Citizens for a Sound Economy"

Proposed plank in Dem platform focuses on media concentration

Molly's on NPR right now!!!

S.F. Chronicle Editor Suspended for Kerry Donation

Caspar W. Weinberger, Jr - is this the son of our former SecDef?

KERRY 332, Asshat 195

Reverse diebold tinfoil theory....

Bush Plans No Rest in Next Month; 2nd Term Agenda Near (finally)

Little Scottie admits WH told of Berger flap before it leaked ...

Frist backs rule change on judges (forbid filibuster for far-right judges)

Jesse Helms is back and this time he's black!!

Mike Miles looks like an interesting candidate.

DLC defends Kerry (? notes National Journal "liberal vote" #is subjective)


So, inform me of Diebold

Some More Great Kerry/Edwards Photos

"Get Out of Our House" song

A complete stranger gave me a Kerry bumper sticker today!

New Poll: Kerry barely up in Arizona!

New Pew Poll

Joke Of The Day

New New National Polls

GOP to Hear Conservatives at Convention (they revised the moderate lineup

Wait a minute, if George W. Bush calls himself the "Peace President",

DIY: Printable Kerry-Edwards stickers for grassroots events

Terry Holt just described this as a "light-hearted" moment on CNN...

Update on the Take Back America Conference...Michael Moore added.

Cynthia McKinney is BACK!

MSBC: 533,575 votes, Kerry 55-42-3; AOL straw poll 70,250, Kerry: 55-43-2