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Archives: July 22, 2004

WSJ: Bush Aides Strive For a Domestic Agenda

Blackwashing (The face behind black conservative groups)

Blumenthal: Kerry's war didn't end in the Mekong

Armed and Dangerous (Dems should be prepared re: election)

WSJ: Population Shifts In West Shape Kerry's Strategy

The 9/11 Report Smear: Gorelick, Wilson, and Berger

The pope and the president By Archbishop Bruce J. Simpson

Spooky Dick Cheney, serving up dripping red meat, defending the honor of H

9/11 Panel Is Said to Sharply Fault Role of Congress

pacifica talk radio and video documentary of USA vs Sweden

Atlanta newspaper misreports McKinney's vote percentage

MISSING in ACTION on this date 07/21

Envoy says Taiwan should be removed from IPR watch list

Army rations rehydrated by urine

China snubs Singapore trade delegation

Vote-buying has roots in one-party dictatorship

Two tales of BMWs reveal the scope of corruption in China

9/11 Hijackers On Airport Surveillance Tape

Bush protest at Kirkwood...were you there?

So what do you think about Seagren?

fahrenheit 9/11 was fantastic,

How's Pawlenty doing?

a real jerk running for Greg Huber's seat

Two articles on the Wild Sky Wilderness Bill

Tell me this has been debunked and that Feinstein never said this

The President's Dinner on CSPAN2 - This MOTHERFUCKER Is Our Leader *sigh*

Canada: New agriculture minister heads to Calgary for mad cow meetings

Operation INFORMATION OVERLOAD is now in effect

USA Today, Hollywood liberals and irony

Liberal friend/guardsman medic just volunteered for Iraq

Is Barbara Olsen on the new video?

Discussion board is currently too busy, please try again in a few minutes.

Does anyone have the latest poll numbers for bush/Kerry?

So let me get this straight about the whole 9-11 report thing.....

Oh my God that Hezbollah women scared the shit outta me

Mansoor Ijaz

Top-down memes & Bottom-up memes in mass media--What to do about it?

Write some letters about the speed of the Berger investigagion v. all the

Wall Street is betting on a second half decline

Josh Marshall has a great post on Hastert's comments

Watching Kerry with Brokaw now on Countdown....

"Running scared " From the Guardian

New 9/11 tape.

18 wheeler company putting Bush stuff on Trucks

Corddry - True Library

How do you think convention timing will affect the election?

Special on MSNBC about 12 missed chances

Sandy Berger is a man a high principles

What will happen if Bush cancels the elections?

Video Shows 9/11 Hijackers' Security Check

Talking points clip

Anybody see Bill Maher on Leno last night?

Can someone summarize the Plame threads?

Anybody See 'Filling The Ranks' On The News Hour ???

House Leadership E-mail?

CIA Culpa

Please sign this petition at about Faux News.....

"Fahrenheit 9/11" - a "bootleggers" view.

Links regarding the draft, please. Need them for a neighbor.

AOL Poll: Who does celebrity Bush-bashing hurt the most?

Four Inmates Flee Jail, Return With Beer

Just finished yet another Zogby poll...

Will the entire 9/11 commission report be made public?

I'm going to throw something out here

Army Recruit Pool Dwindles to Lowest Level in Three Years - Smudge

Whats the official Kerry/Edwards camp website?

Will this cycling jersey get me run over?

Two of the past three terrorist attacks were homegrown.

What's this Dry-Run Hijacking Thing on Aaron Brown?

Kerry hopes that celebrity supporters will keep things positive.

At Last! Homer Simpson's "Haig in '88" Shirt!

CNN - The Brown Table - The clips from the BushCo about 9/11

Jon Stewart and TDS is on...

CIgarette break conversation with a Repug about F/911

I'm thinking of moving to Oregon. What's it like?

O'Leilly offers $25,000 to anyone who can prove that "Stuart Smalley"

Blitzer rerun of Daily show interview on right now! 10:21PM Cdt

I'm watching film on TV of hijackers going through security..

'12 missed chances' on again on MSNBC now

Linda Ronstadt to return.

Could DU members get anyone fired?


is this Bushism for real?????

Don of the nationally syndicated Don and Mike show switches party

Kucinich endorsing Kerry tomorrow

Jenna Bush Sticks Out Her Tounge at the Media!

Anyone Just hear what Gingrich said on O'Reilly?

Highlights from the Republican Party Platform

Just came back from seeing F9/11 for the second time...

MSNBC: New Poll Smiles On Kerry


Ashcroft Sued Over Gay Marriage

Anyone listen to Doug Basham?

Did Linda Ronstadt really say this?

A horror story from Africa.

Terrorism: act of war or act of crime?

ooching? What is ooching?

Strom Thurmond revisited

Any bloggers writing about what the Howler had to say about Wilson?

So my take on the Berger deal

POLICE DEPUTIES Apparently TORTURE Man in Tennessee

"Fancy Clothes & Overalls" - by Wade Edwards

Boston Announces Deal to Buy Prescription Drugs From Canada

George W. Bush = Alan Jackson foreign policy

Any new info on the Nuclear weapons found in Iraq?

NOW Bush* receives messages from God through RAINBOWS. LOL!

Jenna "The Tongue" Bush Makes CNN!

10 stupid things Dr. Laura does to mess up our lives

Kids! Come Party With Jesus!!!

Army hits retention mark - You'll love this quote!!!

An "Expert" on CNN today said that gas prices....

Cho's been uninvited from Unity '04 at the Convention

Drudge Headline: It's Raining in Miami

Three years ago, I could not think that either LIHOP or MIHOP

The original 'Dry-Run' hijacking story...Part one

Author of 'Dry-Run' hijacking story replies to media attention:

former mayor Ed Koch prefers Chimpie

Bwaaah Berger

American on trial for private "war on terror" claims Rumsfeld link

Want some tongue?

Disgusting letter in my local paper.

Tom Tomrrow cartoon on "Sensible" liberals

"WBC to picket the sodomite whorehouse maquerading as the DNC"

Help me: What does 'passing through Iran' mean?

Dramatic video of news helicopter crash. Check it out...

Janeane Garofalo sounds off

I Robot is also anti-GOP

CNN NOW - John and Elizabeth Edwards w/ Larry King!

Electoral college and futility for me and mine here in a red state? Help?

Four Inmates Flee Jail, Return With Beer

Help me with this Sandy Berger stuff, I have heard sooo

Look at this: Alice Germond praises McAuliffe (via ABC News)

Were Liquor Stores in Iraq Before Bush's Invasion?

13 bin Laden family members leave US on White House jet !!

This is not good - new Berg Info.

Pretend you are God. What message would you send Bush?

Fahrenheit 9/11 to be released on DVD october 5th

How Come the Pubs are SO generous with Guilt?? Did ya ever notice

Billionaires For Bush!

GRRR! Norm Coleman To Go to Boston to "Expose Kerry's Lies and Flip-Flops"

John Kerry, the man who uncovered Iran-Contra..

Made a list of this admin's Scandals - Have I missed any?

I have $80 to contribute. Tell me whom I should donate it to.

Esp. Military Experts: What would a US-Iran War look like?

Probability of a Kerry win is 98 percent

Hey Duers PLEASE HELP, go check out these two commercials

Bush Is Eviler

Direct link to nutty freeper lady mp3 -- "HEZBOLLAAAAAH!!!"

So what do you folks think about the 9/11 Commission?

Can Canadians affect U.S. politics ?

Canadian Accents?

Mad Cow Found In Italy

Video Shows Pentagon Hijackers Passing Through Airport Security

Bush to reveal ROUGH 2nd term outline

Four Inmates Flee Jail, Return With Beer

dupe - sorry :(

Venezuela denounces decision for SAIC in contract dispute (oil)

Afghans Try Americans on Torture Charges

Bush says ex Kerry advisor will be 'fully' probed by Justice Department

Chinese 'Good Samaritan' reaches out to bridge's suicide jumpers

Iran reformists' meet starts in sombre atmosphere

Iran academic Aghajari sentenced 5-year imprisonment

Group ask Justice to monitor coalition activities(don't look at churches)

Red train bandit felled by bolt from blue

Man Steals Baggage Tractor at Atlanta Airport, Drives Onto Active Runway

Samarra a new hotbed of violence...

MITSUBISHI JOB CUTS (1200 jobs Normal, IL)

Torture suspected in death of scientist found slain near mosque in Samarra

9/11 Panel Blames 'Institutional Failings'

WP: War Funds Dwindling, GAO Warns

U.S. Underestimated War Costs by $12.3 Billion - GAO

Liberal Documentarians Are the Reel Majority (Lib film majority)

Army to Call Up Recruits Earlier

More than 7000 elected officials in Haiti have been driven out of office.

Edwards Declined to Go Into Hiding on 9/11

Bush balks at 2-year deal, Five-year tax cut demand baffles GOP leadership

Woman Using Liquid Bandage Gets Stuck

2 Reservists Killed in Ore. Jet Collision

WP: Archives Staff Was Suspicious of Berger

WP: Running Low on Ammo (

Republican speaker urges pastors to get out the voter

Latino Majority Backs Kerry/Edwards In 2004

Democrats denounce allegations against Berger (Kerry camp sends out email)

WP: Fewer Army Recruits Lined Up

Army bungled management of Iraq support contract worth billions, GAO says

Abortion bill gets approval in Iran

WP:Manifest shows 13 bin Laden relatives left U.S. on charter flight(9/19)

Kucinich to Endorse Kerry for President

Ronstadt May Return To Vegas Stage

Rumsfeld knew all about me, says American 'jailer' held in Kabul

Now it's time for a famous person's death you might have missed

"Family Guy" is on TBS

I saw RichV. Don't make the same mistake.

I can feel knots in my neck muscles. What should I do?

Salt Lake City's missing woman mystery. My take.

Our new phrase now should be:

Kerry / Clinton staffer passed on secret documents to Al-Qaeda

Shatner to play Kirk in Enterprise. And Star Trek XI is a prequel.


Cartoon.... Edwards on drugs?

Another Cartoon

Ken Jennings caught cheating on Jeopardy


Coworker told me Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator found in Iraq!

tonight a coworker told me wmds were found in iraq


It's time for a frappucino and some Crumpets

"Everyone knows it's Butters! That's me!"

Bush v Bush...... oldie , but a goodie

ESPN: 'Sheed, Pistons agree to $57M deal

SCI FI Channel Brings the Stars Out to 2004's Comic-Con: San Diego

Here they are! Outfoxed pix!

Who watches Six Feet Under?

Any DU movie buffs, please help

Week seven of corn-blasting and painting at the NC log cabin.

"I need to go let out the donkey."

Six feet uner tonight....

GIANT RABBIT (no war criminal)

Need to update my resume

da ali g show is on hbo right now!

Total wickedness

I think I broke my Gmail...

More than his pants are on fire...

Of All The Strange Movies I've Seen, "Wild At Heart" Is The Strangest...

For fun: connect your favorite DUer to HEZBOLLAAAH!!!

1hour, 45 minutes left in Kauai Paradise..what to do?

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?

Listening to some internet radio. Ask me anything.

If you could...

hey DU! i miss you!

Men charged after brawl at Burger King bathroom

Changed my Sig! Testing!

All right, there's nothing to see here. Move along now.

What connections to foreign governments do you have?

Help with Realplayer download alternatives, please.


Third Party Candidates On Parade!

Remember my earlier posts? I asked you guys for some advice...

I'm almost at 200...a vanity post of my pets (and me)...if the pics work

I used to be paranoid

I need to upload images and the site i have been using is no more.

has anyone else felt we have a lot of visitors tonight .......

OMG...Cutest baby in the world

On Saturday night, why don't we have a camp-out or sleep-over?

I was just denied alcohol for the 1st time ever...and I'm legal

Kerry Would Look Cool if he Grew His Hair Out and Wore Glasses

How do you use itunes?

Caption the * daughter:

Remember the Sneaker Pimps?

Tonight, I have a craving for something very illegal.

Anyone else seen...Larry the Cable Guy's Git 'r' Done?

If you're happy and you know it.....

Meet my newest grandnephew

I saw Catwoman. Don't make the same mistake.

Need Help - Fairport Convention Fans

Hey, guess what?

CAPTION the pResident and the shiny thing that goes vroom vroom

Grateful Dead Dick's Picks 32 is out.

Boo is for Kerry!

Best Televangelist hair

What music soothes your wounded soul?

Still can't find my G-spot...

This song goes out to all the hopeless sinners...

Is a popular automaker lifting it's logo from a female anatomy book?

DU Men: Can you grow a full beard?

Phew!!! Just had to explain to an attractive young exchange student

Remastered Pink Floyd The Final Cut

a perennial favorite—freepers:

I notice so many DU Relationships. What's your experience?

San Franciso Chronical: Contest to guess the 'October surprise'.

How do we counter the energized conservative base?

Where is the John & Elizabeth Edwards on Larry King thread?

I love this advice from Rudepundit to Kerry (hope he's paying attention)

Non-Partisan, but the Bush parts are funny.

Boycott Chris Matthews...

"Which would you rather have a cup of coffee with?"

Bush tells Amish God speaks through him!

Poll Shows Kerry Leading Among Registered Latinos

Open thread for suggestions for Kerry's convention acceptance speech

I don't expect a big convention bounce (if any) in the polls

kerry/edwards on the verge of breaking out!!

Kerry's Minnesota campaign office opens

Chambliss and Smith Caught In Bald Faced Lie

House Republicans Set to Investigate Berger...that didn't take long!

GOP "Truth Squad" Heading to Boston

Margaret Cho uninvited from Unity event.

This Jeff Smith for congress looks like a neat guy.

The Kerry Persona: Hard-driving, thinking aloud, panoramic perspective

Are Dems subverting Democracy by challenging Naders petition signatures?

Darfur: US and UN could stop the slaughter

Dan Briody (Guardian Utd): Halliburton and the Profits of War

Not much on the Niger-uranium claims has changed - The Hill

Wake me up when real news arrives (Niger/Wilson)

F911 making GOP nervous....

Berger Smokescreen -rushing to judgment with cries of traitorous


Rig My Election, Please

Blame the CIA? Top 30 Bush - Iraq Lies Debunked BEFORE The Invasion: A Ref

About Thomas Kean

Bush Follows Demands of Donors on Global Warming (Daily Mislead)

David Crosby and Graham Nash Announce Candidacy for Joint Presidency

Damage Control (profile of John Kerry in The New Yorker)

Dowd's excellent point today in "Right Axis. Wrong Evil."

Dennis Miller Transformed

The lie that killed my son

Iraq on the record....Rep Henry base and report

Will the President Escape from New York?

Molly Ivins: The Peace President

Right Axis. Wrong Evil (Iraq - one letter to get Iran!)

Archives Staff Was Suspicious of Berger- Why Documents Were Missing Is Dis

The Neocon Con

A Chess Terrorist? Bobby Fischer and terrorism

New Activism opportunity.......immediate need

ACT:Sign the petition to investigate Cheney's ties to Halliburton and Iran


Demonstrate against Bush-Detroit Friday July 23

Rove/Media Bush advisor: Increasing Success by lowering Expectations

What's the status on Gore and acquiring a cable network?

Alternate site to listen to Al Franken - when our Air America link dies:

Hannity: 3 Iraqi Nukes Found!!!

9/11 Commission Final Report (A Schizophrenic Multilingual Kaleidoscope)

NYT reporter stands by his lie

Arab TV to get inside DNC look: Al-Jazeera grabs spot in FleetCenter

REPEAT AFTER ME: 'Berger stuffed docs in socks!'

Al Franken bitchslaps John Stossel

Astrologers...others pray pray asj yiur cgurcges ti oray

Today's Thoughts

Today's Quotes

Today in History 7/22

About Those Fearsome Black Holes? ....Never Mind.

A question about the freeps..

Will compasses point south?

Hex Signs

Cast Photos of The Question W Revue

Gardeners, Some Very Basic Advice, Pls

Sylvia Brow-Psychic Predictions-Politics,

New Age healer becomes a skeptic - tries to bridge the gap

Count the Pretend Self Employed, and UE rate drops to 4.1% (in Maine)

Income mobility, can someone help me with this?

Greenspan Says Workers' Lack of Skills Lowers Wages

Sales Clerk, Ph.D - Jobs with the largest growth between now and 2010

S&P 500 Falls Below 200-Day Moving Average

Memories - CATO: Al Gore's Risky Budget Policies & privatize Social Securi

Theme park under attack for breeding rare mutated tiger - TW

Enraged Taiwanese Fishermen Dump Reeking Shellfish At City Hall

Typhoid Outbreak Reported In Tajikistan - Reuters

House GOP Demands Continued Use Of Ozone-Destroying Pesticide

Anthrax Killing Great Apes In Ivory Coast - First Recorded Incidence

Rogue waves' reported by mariners get scientific backing

firstof-its-kind public nuisance airpollution case lawsuit filed by States

Major Flooding In S-Central China; Northern Drought Bakes On - China Daily

Vigorous Opposition to Administration's National Forest Assault;

Mislead: Bush follows demands of doners on Global Warning

Rock Faces Crumbling On Famous Mountains Across Europe

FWS Shoots Idaho's Biggest Wolf Pack

A Day At The Beach With Fecal Coliform - Disease Incidence Rising In US

Afghan violence-inability to disarm warlords -and Elections 10/9

GUNS IN THE NEWS--July 22, 2004

Posted bank robbed.

Does merely purchasing a handgun increase your risk of death?

Where guns are banned, criminals change the fashion industry

An honest question for the pro-gunners.

5 days to renew AWB.

Has DU exceeded your expectations?

Why and how am I getting 3rd party cookies when reading DU?

Need Help Understanding pseudo "pop-ups".

I Second Trumad's Request!

Ok for a France forum

Weird error

Nice Above-the-Fold Banners on the Home Page!

You guys are the best. That's all.

Please let a thread about sexism stay up

why did you lock this story?

Question about donating.

This question is neither here nor there, but that isn't stopping me..

Not a question - just a thank you for . .

About the creation of a country forum

Why was my post deleted in J/P forum. ? I see plenty of

IDF foils Haifa suicide bombing

ISM activist allowed to enter Israel after a month in lockup

EU Passport Gets Popular in Israel

FM: EU vote encourages PA to avoid fighting terror

Need details on 9/11.

according to the sun times the "Milkman"

Champaign County Ballot Access

Did Emil Jones just call Mike Madigan a Republican?

Crane's hearing footsteps in 9th District race

Floridians-are you getting tired of the 2000 Election comments?

Young Professionals for Boxer Event Tomorrow Night (Friday, July 23) in LA

Terrorism and the Election: California is the Target!

4 those who know SoCal weather:What time(s) of year have the worst weather

Can some one please out David Drier?

I have a question for Minnesotans: Which is worse?

Michigan jobs destroyed in manufacturing, but new jobs created at WalMart

Democrats blast GOP lawmaker's "suppress the Detroit vote" remark

sign the online petition re: EMU

Demonstrate against Bush!---- Tomorrow-Hart Plaza-Detroit

EMU faculty asks governor to step in

Dayton -- our supply of Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers

Buckeyes: have you seen any Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers?

Pennsylvania Young Democrats Launch Redesigned Website

Chiodo's may make way for new Walgreens (Homestead)

Kerry to visit Harrisburg

What guarantee do we have that our legislators even know our opinions?

I"m ticked-Edwards AGAIN voted with the Republicans

The Jerry Taff (Ch.12) - Michael Moore connection

Malathion fogging: better living through chemistry or hazardous chem WMD?

Bush turns Baghdad into fundy paradise

dupe, mods, please delete

Slim-fast wrote me back...

Why are Bushies so afraid of the 911 comission report

Dry Heave author Annie Jacobsen uses Bush catch phrase as site slogan

I love America

How long before Las Vegas takes bets on how many GI's

Please, could you help me find a test someone posted a few days ago?

Does Bush deserve "a second chance"?

ALL DUers - I want your input on choreographing a Dance about War...

Air America is on the move.....

Military Makeover, breast implants for soldiers

Fact: Berger wasn't passing secrets to Kerry

Pastor crosses line between church, state - Tax Exempt status threatened

Wal-Mart Facing More Chicago Opposition


DU this poll!

edwards on larry king...

any bets we will have a "vague-non-specific" terralert

Replay: Bush-Hinkley Jr. Link Exposed---AP/Houston Post Report

Thinking like Cheney - toon

Iraqi's should now go home

What sort of legislation or regulation will improve our media?

Pilgrim's Pride fires 11 workers after a PETA video shows animal cruelty

When did unions and workers become "special interests"?

9/11 commission isnt placing blame on either bush or clinton...

Will the Illinois GOP write off the Senate race?

My local newspaper has a article saying that one of the people who we flew


All Bush all the time. Out this morning no doubt to spin 9/11 Report

Floating an idea... Progressive Newspaper?

Cafferty on CNN just lost it..

Need Techs To Explain Possible Tracking Of DU Website Visits:

Did anyone see the ad "who's gonna fall for that?"

Anyone hear Michael Moore on the Howard Stern Show this morning?

USDA Announces Recall of Chicken in Arkansas, Georgia, Maryland and NY

Kerry/Edwards: Pessimists or Optimists?

Congressional Accountability for Judicial Activism Act of 2004 (Introduced

Bob Eubanks Wants To Beat Up Michael Moore In A Toilet

George Bush Is Perfect as President.....

LOL, a wingnut mail and my radical mom's response's petition to the FTC. Please sign if you haven't already.

The REAL jobs numbers...just read your "briefs"

Saddam files new complaint

Will the 9/11 Commission deal with the war games?

Political donation history of the 9/11 Commission

How do we KNOW there have been "no new attacks?"

Another sad story brought to you by the bush administration.

Will Conventioners Boo Joe Lieberman When He Speaks

Homeless man gives $10,000 to the art gallery where he panhandled

Politicians don’t want controversy (Why Cho, Whoopi are out of the conv.)

It Was Printed: LTTE Regarding Election Postponement

Ronstadt’s Vegas row fuels debate

Schwarzenegger: "Hasta la vista special interests."

How do we expose the GOP and their Orwellian newspeak and

A ‘gift Of God' Deserves More Respect

Scott petterson guilt and righties...

Why does the news about some pregnant women disappering make

Michael Moore on Howard Stern this morning

Worm turning at CNN?

Some old "Dennis Miller rant on Bush" quotes

House to Vote on Stripping Federal Courts of Jurisdiction Over Gay Marriag

Ha Ha ..The Brits are Drunks!

RE: Rep. Ford (D-TN): Why the hell do these people go on Fox "News"?

Nothing means anything unless we get rid of the Republican Congress

White House Says It Was Contacted About Berger Probe Months Ago

I will bag your meat for democracy!

Law Enforcement Says Berger Took Alot Of "Bathroom Breaks"

Washington Times Founder & Moonie Cult Leader Arrested for Fraud(in SKorea

George, I don't read, Bush will read the 9-11 Report this weekend?

Do we have a talking point about Moore being greedy with F9/11?

A drowning man will cling to a straw...Repubs are clinging to Berger story

I honestly think that bashing Bush is a good career move nowadays!

So, we are now selling weapons to Iraq? How interesting.

Now a Kansas bimbo is telling Australians who to vote for !

"ABC News Now": a new permanent cable channel?

New Aladdin Owner: Ronstadt, Moore Welcome

C-Span Foley (R. Fla) with a huge photo of Berger with arrows

MSNBC Poll: Should Linda Ronstadt have said what she did at her concerts?

Tax Talks Break off as WH Insists on 5 Year Extension of Expiring tax cuts

waiting for copies of Outfoxed to arrive . . .just found a great

Bumper sticker for dyslexic Bush: Bush is an untier!

Don't you find it odd?

Breaking News: OPEC to drop prices 10%. Didn't we hear about this?

Trial by media (or by Joe Sixpack) vs. "innocent until proven guilty"

Dudes You Don't Want to Run Into at an All-Male Romp (Bohemian Grove)

I just watched: "Orwell Rolls in his Grave"

More than one-third of Republicans expected to see Fahrenheit 9/11...

9/11 Report will be available for DOWNLOAD at 11:30 edt!

KCET (our PBS station) is covering the convention LIVE..wall to wall

"Presidential Market 2004"...anyone here participating in this??

Anyone watch Washington Journal on CSPAN

Is anyone listening to Democracy Now!?

Patriot Act Gives Bush Power to Cancel Elections - must read!

Give me your theory on why Bush appointed Deep Throat to 911 Commission

another one bites the dust----

House: Considering a resolution to FORBID courts the right to

Check out the "Free Speech Zone" in Boston

Iraq: How the US is getting a free trade agreement minus the negotiations

Please call your Representatives to defeat HR 3313. Voted on today.

Big time liberal stars in Hollywood, and how liberal?

The Republican National Convention Agenda

Affleck to address Convention, Damon gives $20,000 to

Frontline shows (37 of them) are online and streaming

"Street Hassle" A poem about street harassment by watrfae

Pro-Bush banner across from Fleet center..

"House Takes Up Gay Marriage Issue Again"

"House Panel to Investigate Berger Case"

Michael Moore on Howard Stern this morning...

"House Backs Block on Military Housing"

Can ABB beat bush or do we need JFK ?

MSN is repeating crap about Berger

"House Measure Would Change Endangered Law"

"Report Alleges Halliburton Overcharges"

"President Receives 9/11 Report"

"GAO: Army Bungled Iraq Contract Management"

"General Criticizes Larger Army" / "Plan to Extend Nat'l Guard Denied"

Tavis Smilely vs. Jaun Williams

Big Bad John poem sent to me by sister in law. yuckkkkk

DU makes some website about calling Bush "the Chimp in Charge"

"Congress, White House Deadlock on Tax Cut"

5000 children a month?

Is a free speech zone constituional?

I have a question: Why doesn't Berger call a press conference

What is the job of the National Security Advisor?

MSNBC front page achieves perfection: "Intelligence Failure"

Attn BBV and military: how are military votes secured

Ok, I've tried to listen to Howard Stern...

Jackson Lee (D-Texas) If it were not for the COURTS I WOULD NOT BE HERE!

CNN's "Walking Upright Monkey" is SUCH Old news! Happened before!

Help - Need Bush photo!

"I am going to win."

The Revolution Will Be Webcast! (CLG's strategy if election is stolen)

Yes, I too have a political blog!

"get their head up out of their mashed potatoes" Ronstadt's awesome!

Here it is...

does anyone know if the marriage protection act passed the house just now?

The continuing problem of no Congressional oversight ...

Bush's "Second Term Agenda" is a real "Where's The Beef" moment

Heard on AAR: CBS will NOT televise Ron Reagan's speech

AP notes records released so far do not put to rest Guard questions

"Harry Potter and the War on Terror"

Anyone have any quick 'dems are more intelligent than repub' arguments?

Gas prices coming down! I forgive Bush...

Ronstadt rides pro-Moore anti-Bush wave

A (political) Poison Pill for the GOP

"Leading Indicators, Jobless Claims Drop"

Something I don't get ... Bush's numbers how can anyone believe them?

Bob Kerrey just called a freeper an asshole!

Bush response to report: "learning what went wrong prior to Sept 11th?

George McGovern on Diane Rehm right now!

Hilarious cartoon. Duet with Bush & Kerry singing 'This Land is Your Land

Did * REALLY say this...?

WP has link to Executive Summary of 9/11 Commission Report

In praise of unruly women

All three branches of government, a media wide echo chamber,

Kerry wants zero-tolerance for gang violence

many americans have learned to enjoy a steady diet of shit

Unfiltered reporting that * will be speaking today re: 9/11 report

Bush and the 911 report.

Does the 9-11 report mention the Hart/Rudman report or the Gore report?

Does this Sandy Berger thing really have legs?

Janeane Garofalo and Greg Palast get into a fight!!

Roman Landmarks Invisible Behind Gigantic Advertisements

DeLay stays neutral on a fight between constituents and contributors

NYC DUers - Franken/Krugman book signing

LOL Gay porn star serves (GOP) moguls

Michael Moore in Atlanta 7/23 ?!

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Making GOP Nervous

FDA Recommends Firms Not Use High-Risk Protein (mad cow in cosmetics)

Go to your nearest book store for a copy of the 911 report.

The Bush Plan to manipulate the military votes....

We need more DUers to slap down the freepers in the Stern message board

Bush (with inkling) would have "moved heaven and Earth to protect America"

some call you elitist, i call you my base

Zogby Poll in my email

Time for the monthly PETA bashing thread.

Franken talking ratings and Orielly

Walking monkey apes humans

9-11 whitewash..errrr "report"...available in PDF???

Why can't the 9/11 report being printed on copier paper

Info please: What % is Moore supposed to donate, and to whom?

This Report is a joke and don't tell us Bu$h did not have an advanced copy

Know why the 'news' doesn't report when Bush lies?

Didn't Karen Hughes "steal" Bush's TX Nat Guard Records

Kean just said this 9/11 report has had NO redactions.

Ever see the enron bankruptcy filing?? I found it

WP's Kaiser: Lack of curiosity on Hill and in WH over 9/11 is "striking"

"10 out of 10 terrorists agree - ABB"

10 out of 10 Terrorists Agree....

I know this has nothing to do with politics but, Eddie Robinson

How desperate are we? "Join the Army, get a boob job!"

Question about states recognizing marriages

Iraqis don't have jobs either

How can anyone think for a second that nobody

What's your message to Kerry/Edwards after they win in November?

Does anyone think that Ariel Sharon's Israel is participating in the

Question about HR 313 - Marriage Protection Act

the 9/11 report proves Moore's movie is lies??

Academics Says It's Kerry's To Lose

911 report PROVES Moore and Wilson are LIARS Redux/Redux/Redux

Bill Timmins, Aladdin CEO, on record donating to GOP

Drudge making a big deal out of party at Ted Kennedy's

Hoax E-mail "Osama Found Hanged Sez CNN" Contains Virus

Proof that protest letters & email works

CNN: 911 families on the 911 report (heads up)

How does Kerry's wealth compare to Bush's wealth?

Do you ever wonder if the world is a darker place than you could imagine?

Electronic voting machines in GA

Ooooh! John McCain's speaking on the 9/11 report!

question about 9/11 committee - did they review Hopsicker's reports?

911 report PROVES Moore and Wilson (+ dems) are LIARS

How could this administration be more of a total failure?

Did CBS actually announce that they will censor Ron Reagan's speech

Why is no one asking these questions? (About Berger)

Mass layoffs picked up across the Buckeye State, and nationwide in June

Is there a skewed left wing search engine?

Should Kerry tax the ultra rich to pay for this war?

Modo's Latest: Props To ALI G!!! BOOYAKASHA!!!!

Boston "Free Speech" zone question

Al Franken talking to idiot from Kentucky

Selected freeper reactions to today's "Jobless Claims Drop" news item

The Peace President, By Molly Ivins

Bush Support Among Hispanics Slipping

CNN to carry stumbo's speech to Urban League.....LIVE!

Will you read the 9/11 Commission report?

How big were the missing hardrives from Los Alamos?

Dog runs for office ( At least he's smarter than Bush)

Lance Armstrong's political views

9-11 report to be SOLD IN STORES...

Excellent PNAC who's-who resource: bio's, employment history, chairs, etc

Does Kerry have a tattoo?

Lieberman and fellow travelers: They're Baaaack!

CNN STILL showing 4-year old footage of masked terr'ists

Peter Boyle on the view

it's over.

The Warren Commission just made things worse and I suspect

Matchup: Who Would You Rather Have As Your Senator?

Reminder for anyone interested......

"The system was blinking red."

Ready to invade IraN? Vote Bush/Cheney!

How different would politics be today without the internet.

France should sue Fox News for Defamation of Character

A question for DU'ers.....

your attention please, bush is an idiot & mike moore rocks, zat a problem?

Great Phrase: "Republican Pearl Harbor"...

Two minute activism...Congress voting on anti-gay bill today

Is there ANYONE who benefitted MORE from 9-11 than the Imperial Bush Clan?

So when will Reality TV enter politics?

Hey, fast DU'ers, I need links to Bush's bicycle fall injuries, THANKS

RW Glen Beck---911 report PROVES Moore's F911 ALL LIES

Which 'Journalists' or TV Anchors/reporters will loose their jobs when ...

Subject: My goodness we're a gutless bunch.

Bill O'Reilly is a devious, conniving hate mongerer

My Paranoia: The Next Week

Anyone who gets MSNBC: re Kennebunkport for Kerry campaign

Al Franken has become a terrific radio professional!

list of speakers at the Convention for primetime (primary candidates too)

The Christian right is neither......

Randi Rhodes on the 9-11 commission report


"Rape, sodomy, whatever"

The Whitewash Commission (9/11) Lives Up to its Name

EJ Dionne: Stand Up, Fight Back

St. Pete Times: It's Bush who has an Al-Arian problem

Like the Warren Commission, 9/11 comm proves "We cant handle the truth."

9/11 Commission Report Summary Is Available in HTML

Seems like Bill Schneider manages to sneak in

Who's watcing Cspan? Who are the Dems supporting HR 3313?

I'm sending 20% of Kerry shirt profits to campaign

OK DU -- What's the verdict?

Heads Up Tweety Alert

Another Mike Miller sends obscenity-laced responses to e-mails

What was kerrys quote about being the last to die for a mistake?

The lies of Bush, 9/11 report, and bull...

Would appreciate the link for political donations by zipcode n/t

Mastectomy Bill in Congress - Your help is needed!

Did the report state how many FISA warrants were issued for 2001 pre-9/11?

Bonnie Raitt Dedicates Song to Bush

Ten Ways to Become a Better Democrat

Can someone give me the civilian death toll in Iraq?

Heads Up Tweety Alert

Linda Ronstadt isn’t piping down. (Continues to comment at concerts)

One thing the Republicans are very good at: Getting a stupid meme out fast

Ice Cream Icon Assails Bush

Media lies started a war....The Guardian...

Post 9/11 Saudi-bin Laden escape flight: same plane as the WH Press Corps

Bush Didn't Do It Intentionally? From Free Republic

did we know that the pdb said that lower manhattan may be targeted?

FYI...don't open "Osama" email attachment

Why does my AAR keep 'Stopping'??? It never happened before

House voting now on that "defense of marriage" thing

Looks like someone found Randi's real last name

Do you think that Bill Clinton will come forward and...

Key genetic differences among people revealed

What emergency could you do something about in 7 minutes?

Kerry-Edwards buttons!

Confirmation of Kerry Win Probability Model: National 96.7%; State 97.4%

do you think I should go to Cash

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Making GOP Nervous

Carville to Tucker will do anything including ralph nader

Don't let your govt get away this time (tinfoil)

9-11 Commission Report (please keep kicked)

Its getting late in the day....Any news on the House Gay Marriage thingy?

Tom Ridge wants you to be scared and keep your fridge stocked.

Is any of our EXCELLENT writers going to DEBUNK the 9/11 Commission report

when a Republican tells you we need to unify,

Major Paranoia... is BushCo TRYING to lose/throw the election???

When the Dem's get both houses and the presidency,

Book List: Corporate Media vs. The Powers That Be

Why are people so sensitive to criticisms of Bush?

Ugh...Bu$h is on CNN Live kissing "Mayor Daly's" A$$ and praising him

OMG...Fridays 'Morning Sedition' will read 'The Pet Goat' on air!!!!

LOL MUST SEE VIDEO of freepers heckling Sen. Kerrey!

Why is AWOLBU911SH Live on CNN EVERY day ?

The Daily Show Withdrawal - Anybody else feeling it?

The Republicans are going to teach my neighborhood about community!

DU CNN Poll on the 9/11 Commission - STUPID WORDING AS ALWAYS!

Why are they showing Bush* during Crossfire? Free propaganda? n/t

"Failure of Imagination"--pretty much sums it up for this administration

Army probing 94 claims of prisoner abuse

president freeptard within 9 miles of me as I type!

The Danger Within the Committee for the Present Danger! (Haider Pal Axed)

Poll: Kerry Has Hispanic Vote Locked Up

RW undermines democracy at every opportunity

"If we do not suppress the Detroit vote,

DOMA, FMA, Marriage Protection Act... I'm confused

A good way to put it to the Aladdin Hotel in Vegas

George W. Bush coloring book

The Republicans have crossed the line: destruction of America complete

Richard Clarke DID NOT authorize the bin Laden flights

Anybody receive their copy of OUTFOXED yet?

I rank Napoleon Bonaparte as a better leader than Bush

Could Freeperville, CA be mellowing?

Has anyone ever noticed what seems to get replies?

With Repubs it is always "Look forward, not backward." EXCEPT...

Trudeau: Bush branded fraternity initiates with hot irons at Yale

Where's W? Something funny going on in Hartford

If you haven't read this need's a "must read"

Am I getting this right (re. gay marriages)

Wolf Blitzer has really OD'ed on the Kool-Aid...

Bush says he's gonna 'study' the 9/11 report.

DU this poll

Internet political wars of words! (everyone help debunk this weiner)

I do declare, Kerry's Biceps get me all woosy...

AP: BE AFRAID!!! Their headline: "9/11 Panel Says 'We Are Not Safe"

Could somebody make a bumper sticker with Bush/binLaden?

Do you feel stupid after being fooled by bushco?

Cho uninvited from convention-week event

anyone starting to realize just HOW evil bushco is?

What is up with all the big job losses in the news today?

they are worried about gay marriage while the country is failing

Need list of W's actions that go against the religious values he espouses

Here's a pretty picture...

Kerry on w/ Dan Rather shortly in central timezone

Has anyone thought of this re: Sandy Berger ?

Boy King: "human beings begin life as a feces"

About this cabinet-level intelligence director that's been proposed

Chapter 3 from the commission report

Oh, boy, cat trouble!

Bush* slipping in latest Fox News polls

Spread this: Saudi flights out of U.S. had 2 suspected terrorists onboard

More Dan Rather w/ Kerry coming up NOW (5:50 pm CDT) CBS evening news

informal poll - please help

Has anyone actually come across a Kerry > Bush defector??/

I see a great deal of similarities between the PNAC and supply

What's wrong with you guys?

Lehman just blew Hannity out of the water (OBL-Sudan-Clinton-Ijaz story)

It's down and dirty...Both sides are playing hardball....

DU THIS POLL!! "Do you think the 9/11 commission accomplished its goal?"

Don't forget...

Remember today who opposed the 9/11 Commission.

Get your GIRLIE MAN T-shirt here!

House Votes To Tie Judges' Hands In Gay Marriage Cases

This just boggles the mind. . .

Hannity: "Have You Seen Linda Ronstadt Lately?"

ABC calling bush a liar, pretty much

US "out of bullets"....buys at a "premium" from UK and Israel. Pure BS

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT From 'The Morning Sedition' on AAR

This is good news!

Boston MBTA searches? Bring them on!

I Want to Donate to Kerry-Edwards, But . . .

The man who made it good for John Kerry

CNN: "F9/11 is GOP headache". WOOHOOOOOO!!!!

Republicans + "stuffing" and "socks"

Why haven't any airtraffic controllers

"Corporate Conventions: How Millions of Dollars will buy Influence .."

Kerry Is Ahead in Missouri

Latest Speakers Schedule (sort of) For Democratic Convention Here:

Clear Channel purges?

Chris Matthews: QUESTION: who PAID for 9/11?


Can someone please tell us why Rush Limbaugh

GOP Urges Pastors To Recruit Voters

We need Universal Healthcare Coverage in this Country!

Is PBS the ONLY news program covering the TORTURE of detainees?

Franken is Going After Stossel

Roll Call of "Marriage Protection Act"

Reminder for Bill Maher fans - Larry King tonight.. n/t

Will somebody explain to me how Iran is now behind 9/11?!

Anybody have a recording of today's Howard Stern show, July 22? nt

What is our top priority, once we elect Kerry

Eight words which refute the "nobody's fault" 9/11 whitewash

I'm George Bush and I approv

The "lack of imagination" award goes to Condi Rice 'planes?'

Chicken-Shit Form Letter Recieved From The Good Folks At Slim-Fast

What will most of the media glean from the 9/11 Report ?

What happens to the anti-W mo' if we win? Wal-Mart anyone?

Will Kerry Resort to Attack Ads? Will He Have To?

How many will have to be brought to Justice?

If you haven't read this need's a "must read"

One Last Time --- When Do The rePublicans Start 'Jumping Ship' ???

Beware the "O" word ("ownership")

I am failing to see the big deal about Cho.

After you watch Manchurian Candidate...

Good article with substantive comparisons of Bush-Hitler

“trying to keep someone from taking a plane and crashing into the WTC"

Who are the greatest governors from your state (of all time)?

Bumper sticker

9/11 - It's Not Over Yet...................... Take Heart

Quick, Name FIVE Muslim leaders who have spoken out against violence!!

A serious question: Sy Hersh told the ACLU that this

GREAT thoughts on "Big Government"....

Newspaper chain votes to drop Doonesbury (Continental - 38 papers)

Shelby said it on Matthews: He (Shelby) TALKED TO PEOPLE IN SUDAN

Has Shrub damaged any of your friendships?

Anti Bush(..or Anti-War) Songs

Which of these prominent Democrats do you most admire?

Margaret Cho pays for Whoopi backlash, canned from gig

Coalition of the Defeated (Bush policy influencing foreign elections?)

"Homeland Security means Unionizing Wal-Mart"

A calm discussion of the Jurisdiction question

Freepers scared Kerry could name 4 Supreme Court justices!

Kucinich To Endorse Kerry

George Galloway cleared of appeal fund wrongdoing

So I Wrote This Letter...

Mark the date -- August 31, 2004

Berger and his socks

Please Help Me by Dick Cheney

Are you 100% convinced Bin Laden did it?

Put Bush on the stand....and ask him if he's DRINKING on the job

"Desire to Beat Bush Masks Deep Divisions within Democratic Party"

Did Berger lose drafts or copies?

Are these docs screened from video or film?

What is happening to America?

9/11 Comm. contradicts Rice about airplanes as weapons

Looking for post from yesterday. re: day in the life of republican

Prisoner TORTURE NEWSDUMP during 9/11 Report release!

Does Andrea Yates have the right to starve herself to death?

Kerry's security clearance.

DU posters have been asking where our Navy has gone to

another one bites the dust

Voter Test

WTF was dumbo doing in Crawford after August 6, huh?

The Republicans have crossed the line: debasement of America complete

Pew Research Shows Huge Gains for Dems.

Who are the greatest senators from your state (of all time)?

"2,000 people booed Linda Ronstadt off stage in Las Vegas"

Kucinich: John Kerry can be trusted with power.


Why the hell is Hannity being allowed near the convention?

Kucinich is endorsing Kerry today. How are you feeling about that?

MOYERS - Political connections on the 9/11 Commission, etc.


Nice forum, Hosers.


Math didn't add up for the Tories

UK Democratic Links

Voter Registration

UK Parties: The UK Independence Party

UK Parties: The Greens & RESPECT Coalition

UK Parties: The SNP & Plaid Cymru

Their own personal war on terror

Pentagon overshoots war budget by $17 billion

Craddick (R), PAC spoke often in '02 campaign -TX Speaker/Grand Jury

12,000 jobs to be cut in Bank One merger

High court is asked to fix sentencing confusion (on last month's decision)

Online Matchmakers Give Dating a Partisan Tilt

Video Shows 9/11 Hijackers' Security Check (tinfoiler's welcomed)

Israeli in NZ passport case worked for government

Abu Ghraib: Male Rape Witness statement from Taguba Report

Poll: GOP Senate race lacks voters' attention (Dem.Sen. Bob Graham's seat)

Nelson frustrated over failure to reopen beef markets(Japan still says No)

Governor made hay with horse-racing lobby (Rick Perry)

Drug bill lacks safeguard on Social Security

Marines' fierce firefight in Iraq (25 Iraqis killed)

dupe - sorry :(

Russians to Claim YUKOS Prize (well, maybe)

UN to Evacuate Non-Essential Staff from Gaza

Advertiser Charged in Massive Database Theft

Weinberger Jr. running for House (Maine)

Congress, White House Deadlock on Tax Cut - (GOP Schisim)

Australia's Iraq war case damned

2 parties halted over picket threats

Did CBS actually announce that they will censor Ron Reagan's speech

Chavez calls Bush meddling "Emperor of Evil"

Variety: MPAA (Film ratings board) Wooing GOP?

Trust business is hidden gem in PNC's Riggs deal

seasonally adjusted initial claims was 339,000

President Bush Receives 9/11 Report

Corpse of Beheaded Westerner Found in Iraq

Blair's survival baffles the soldiers

Force Would Not Stop Any Iran Nuke Plans: Experts

On street, police union tactics questioned

Bush’s former professor says he’s not qualified to be president

(Right wing) org takes aim at Sony's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' homevideo ads

NYT White House Knew of Inquiry on Aide; Kerry Camp Irked

Report: Bigger breasts offered as perk to soldiers

Undervoting Added to List Of Florida's Election Woes

Child-Killer Yates in Hospital for Refusing Food

The Final Report of the 9-11 Commission will be released at 11:30 AM

Whats in your wallet? Capitol One sends 1,100 jobs overseas!

Greenspan Says Workers' Lack of Skills Lowers Wages

Kerry Overtakes Bush in Swing States, Nationwide

Dyncorp seeks to overturn Iraq contract

Canadian PM pledges to decriminalize possession of marijuana

Lesbian couple in legal limbo as they seek to divorce

Panel to Hear of Halliburton Waste (abuse and profiteering )

EU: Israel Violating International Law

US Army running out of ammo, seeks bullets from foreigners.

Eight states, New York City sue power companies over pollution

Kenya Wants Its Citizens Out of Iraq

Leading indicators fall 0.2% in June

Second Patient 'Caught vCJD (mad cow) from Blood Transfusion'

Police Question N.J. Amtrak Passengers

MO: Kerry 46, * 44

Troops running low on ammunition ...

Whalers OK Resolutions on Killing Methods...More Humane Killing...

Leading Indicators Fall, Economy Slows

Bush Support Among Hispanics Slipping, Poll Shows

Senate Democrats Block Votes on 3 Judges

Election-reform group says signature gatherers use deception (Florida)

Mitsubishi cuts 1,200 U.S. jobs

Body of Decapitated Westerner Found in Iraq

House panel to consider complaint against DeLay

9/11 final report: a 'failure of imagination'

Mass. Starts Random Searches on Trains

Coors and Molson Announce Plans to Merge

U.S. asked (sic) Iraq to set aside contract cash

Greenpeace fined for abuse of French nuclear logo

J.P. Morgan plans more job cuts (2000 additional jobs gone)

Barroso Seals Top EU Job, Hints at Closer U.S. Ties, Stronger EU Head Offi

Join the US army... and get bigger breasts

Moussaoui Arrest Might Have Halted 9/11Attack-Panel

Monkey starts walking like a human

Capitol One Ends 1,100 Tampa Jobs

Nukes in Iraq? (DNC timing?)

Anne Gorsuch Burford, 62, Reagan E.P.A. Chief, Dies

Michigan Supreme Court Overturns $21 Million Sex Harassment Verdict

Gay Pair Seeks Canada's First Same-Sex Divorce.

CIA Rebuffs 9/11 Commission Criticism (Warned of terrorists using planes)

CIA Rebuffs 9/11 Commission Criticism(Warned of hijacked Planes before 911

Northern Afghan warlord intends to stand against Karzai for president

Fahrenheit 9/11 impact worries republicans

James Cameron Apologizes to Titanic Officer's Family

Cheney Lobbied Congress to Ease Sanction Against Terrorist Countries While

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 22 July

WaPo: Plane Carried 13 Bin Ladens (same plane the WH Press Corps uses)

U.S. Reports 94 Cases of Prisoner Abuse

U.S. Reports 94 Cases of Prisoner Abuse

Dozens killed in Turkey derailment

Kerry, Bush about even in new Missouri poll

As America Obsesses Over Kerry Service Record, Vietnam Moves on After War

1,500 Homing Pigeons Get Lost During Race

Muslim Women Seeking a Place in the Mosque

Oscar-winning composer Goldsmith dies ("Star Trek: TMP/TNG")

Sept. 11 Panel Says Government Failures Not to Blame for Attacks

US army criticised over Halliburton contract

Cheney, Leahy meet in the White House, but just a nod this time

Bomb Threat Aboard Turkish Ship off U.S.

Bush Administration Blocked Payments to Black Farmers

USS Reagan, Navy's Newest Carrier, to Get Presidential Welcome

AP Wire: Kerry Campaign Building Sealed Off Due to White Powder Found

France Rejects Draft Deal on Global Trade(until US export credit chg)

Washington Mutual to cut 2,500 jobs

Senators Demand Speed-Up of Aid to Iraq

Dupe - Please Delete

War Costs Exceed Budget, Watchdog Panel Says

I-5 breaking down: Disruptions, delays and risks mount; no solutions in si

Military admits to contact with freelance soldiers

Wash DC's Rich-Poor Gap One of Widest in US--Study

CIA Rebuffs 9/11 Commission Criticism

Few Americans believe handing over sovereignty to Iraq will achieve positi

U.S., Japan Compromise on Mad Cow Tests

Army Report on Prison Abuse Sets Off Partisan Uproar

Panel to Hear of Halliburton Waste

Kerry Overtakes Bush in Swing States, Nationwide

Thank Goodness! Agreement between Boston Mayor and Police Union

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Making GOP Nervous

Bush drops war drum for 20 puffs on peace pipe

Greenspan Says Workers' Lack of Skills Lowers Wages

U.S. Says It Got Afghan From Vigilantes

07/22/04: Race Neck and Neck (Fox News)

NYT: White House Helps Block Extension of Tax Cuts (Thanks, George)

Anaheim 2008

CNN:OPEC to boost oil output by 10 percent to help stabilize crude prices

Powell lashes out at Manila for withdrawing troops from Iraq to save hosta

Annan urges more action on Sudan

Veterans' group critical of Kerry backed by Bush supporter

U.S. Reports 94 Cases of Prisoner Abuse

Nineteen workers put on investigative leave at Los Alamos lab

Mass layoffs rise in June

Since 2001, EPA clean-air enforcement actions have been declining

Rare look inside state crime labs reveals recurring DNA test problems

Police Seal Kerry Campaign Building

House Votes on Federal Gay Marriage Bill

Tax Bill A "Christmas Tree" Of Tax Breaks For Every Donor - Chicago Trib

US Failed to Grasp Bin Laden Threat: Sept 11 Panel (Ashcroft]

Red Cross named jail before alleged killings by PM

CNN: Kerry wants zero-tolerance for gang violence

New Study Reveals Gaping Holes in Mad Cow 'Firewall'

Boston Police Deal Won't Stop Convention Picketing, Union Says

Presidential race tied before convention

Bush Hints at What He'd Do in Another Term- "new era of ownership"

Big Three Networks Dim Their Lights on Kerry

Halliburton Faces Heat at Testy Hearing

Aljazeera: Sudan cautions against Darfur deployment

U.S. Marine Force Pulls Out of Taliban Stronghold Killing More Than 100

Station pulls liberal show after threats

Castro's sex-trade point lost on Bush, student says

Marines Kill 25 Iraqis in Ramadi Clashes (14 US wounded)


My chimney swifts are getting ready to leave the nest...

Errie photo...


OK. Need Techs To Explain Possible Tracking Of DU Log In

Some say Bush Twins I say Bush Oysters help me explain why

Van Morrison - Into the Mystic on repeat, Percocet, and a cigarette -

blech- I just had a lot of pizza and I feel not so kosher...

Hey loungies.... check this GD post out and toss in your two cents

Punk Rock Fans ?

"Family Guy" question here.

Political astrology - George W. Bush (and some Cheney stuff)

Political astrology - John Kerry

Political astrology - the Bush administration

Why are hemorrhoids called "hemorrhoids" instead of "assteroids"?

paging LynneSin and other Spongebob fans

Wow. I've been getting trippy messages trying to access DU.

History Lovers, wanna DU this one for fun?

A proud sponsor of the USA PATRIOT Act

New Owners of the Aladdin would invite Ronstadt back!!

Ever seen the film "A Face in the Crowd,"

Fiction writers: does this ever happen to you?

For Matcom: 2 Men Arrested for Potty Rage


Jellyfish Causes Prolonged Erections - Viagra Of The Sea

Couple Convicted Of Smuggling Cocaine In Stomachs Of Two Dogs

MatcomNews Posted Yesterday Of Monkey Walking Upright - PHOTO (NOT W*)

Bank Robber Has Teller Call 9-1-1 Before Robbing Bank - Arrested

My Birthday Is July 29th And All I Want

Need Techs To Explain Possible Tracking Of DU Website Visits:

My sandwich today? Salami, brie, tomato & mango chutney....

Got my 'The Simpsons: Season 4' on DVD yesterday

Bailey's and coffee at my place. Come on.

Good Morning DU!

Alligator Savages Woman In 'Tug-Of-War'

Homeless man gives $10,000 to the art gallery where he panhandled

Interesting things in the Newsmeat Hall of Fame list

IRS Man Trades Advice For "Special Dances" from Stripper

Woman Puts 100 Year Old Gold Coin In Parking Meter (Worth $1,000)

Jonathan Frakes (Riker) in talks to be Director for next Star Trek film

Letter to editor

Question about your body getting used to excercise......

Emergency Crews Free Teenage Boy Being Squeezed By 15 Foot Python

Bikini Maker Being Sued By Peter Frampton, "Baby I Love Your Waves" On Ass

New Martian Meteorite Found In Antarctica

The cover of the 9/11 Commission Report looks OK, but something's missing

Boo is for Kerry!

DeLay introduces bill to display Reagan's mummified corpse.

Three charged with robbing store to get Ozzy Osbourne tickets

The Defeatist Club

Dad to comatose son: "I'll buy you a Corvette if you wake up" - He Did

What's some good airplane reading?

I saw Incubus last night -- one of the greatest concerts I've ever seen

A message from Surfermaw...

New Rations Invented For Soldiers - They Can Rehydrate With Urine

CAPTION the helter skelter of the New World Order

You ain't a cowboy

If I were King of the Kingdom for a Day!

First thing you'd do if you went to Heaven

Kerry kicking ass on CNN right now.

OMG: The Paris Business Review is real!!!

You people have your minds in the gutter....

* career options in the absence of daddy's influence and power

Krispy Kreme introduces glazed doughnut frozen beverage.

CONFESS!!!!!! What gives you gas!!!

Where do I find liberal radio archives?

When does the new "Get Your War On" cartoon usually come out? n/t

to my DU conscience: did i cross a Line here?

Linda Blair Bush? What was the plot of "The Omen" again?Re(a)gan?

What's for lunch today ?

The Onion jabs at Bush's "Kerry is out of the mainstream!"

What type of person read Alpha Flight?

Ouch! Delayed pain from exercise? what's up with this?

Want Bigger Boobs? Join The Army!

Did anyone watch Conan O'Brien last night?


Have Y'all Seen This Yet? Damn GREAT Stuff!!

Roman Landmarks Invisible Behind Gigantic Advertisements

Come on Baby Run Linspire! (great parody/advertisement from Linux)

Are the polls on CNN likely to change your opinion of CNN?

'NOTAG' vanity license plate bring flood of unpaid tickets

I got a JOB!

Which of these two classic comedies of the 60's do you like best

DU this Poll!!!

A funny "priest and rabbi" joke I just got from my Dad!

A few cool anti shrub items.

Anybody else seen "Orwell Rolls in his Grave"?


@#%$#^%$@ Spyware!

CAPTION making the 911 Report happen on purpose

Walking monkey apes humans

my band mentioned in local press

I think I've been at DU too long

Virginia's Sen. Allen BUSTED*!

to my DU conscience: did i cross a Line here?

The funniest damned thing just happened at the barbershop

Yes, another blog

Favorite X-Man

brain dead this morning need a clue

Did Sandy Berger really stuff classified documents in his ass?

Anyone see this story about Carlos Delgado of Toronto Blue Jays?


Red "oriental" dress!

GO!! Electoral College GO!!


Man Feels FANTASTIC After He Was Struck By Lightning


For all you Rupert Murdoch fans - Summary of this week's Doonesbury


"The Emperor Strikes Out"

CAPTION the missing subtitles

President Sasquatch....again!!

Check out my cartoon du jour

Teen Stole SUV For Girlfriend's Prom

Can't find the G-Spot....

Hmmmm. The version I bought seems different....

Man On Charter Fishing Boat Bitten By Barracuda

New national emblem?

Great Titles for Space Themed Adult Movies

So what WAS the buried secret of M. Night Shyamalan?

What Does "Meme" mean?

Errie photo...

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga.

LMFAO-Cuberats& office workers must see!!--- Glen! GlenGlenGlen!

Early photo

Ellie Photo

Bush says "Freedom" is a 2nd term goal...

Forgery suspect tries to eat phony $4,125 check

Erskine photo

Trial by media (or by Joe Sixpack) vs. "innocent until proven guilty"

OK - what's your favorite Marvel Title?

"Mel's Hole"---any comments? Merely a hoax, or... (n/t)

Do you read manga? What manga do you read?

Is he thumbing his nose...or asking permission to go potty??

Separated at birth? Our very own HEyHEY and....

A little rant about work

That damn Barber is hammered and has been since 9:00 am

Erie photo

Man In Pajama Bottoms Steals Airport Baggage Tractor, Drives On Runway

Game: Who Am I?

email from my rethug Mom


Look at the size of Ann Coulter's hands. I really think she is a man.

Favorite Beatles Drummer

EQUAL TIME - Dog Haiku

It's like "The Pet Goat", but longer

Benidict, Arnold donates $250 to *

Ernie Photo...

I used to be disgusted.

Dog runs for office ( At least he's smarter than Bush)

Write your own punk rock thrash.

Just saw TV ad for a place to buy tire rims...on an installment plan


Hesh wants sex!

Arrowhead "Spring Water": $1.00. Arrowhead "Drinking Water": $1.45

Is Ben Folds "Emo"?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WAR MONKEYs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Droopy's trucking fact of the day


Stretch Armstrong is amazing.

You mean there's a "Black Stormy?"

Weekly World News satire: Bush's plan to protect the White House

Armstrong-Whitworth is amazing

Favorite Roofer

Does anything shock you anymore?

The Dumb-is-never-having-to-say-you're-sorry of all CAPTIONS!!!!

god damn dvd player

My grandmother's name was Armstrong...

MSNBC: An evening with Swingers (with bonus Jack Ryan barb!)

I'm Getting Old - I Mailed in My AARP Membership This Morning

Teens Accused Of Shooting Air Gun At Kids While Quoting Scripture

Edwin Armstrong is amazing

Afternoon Delight!

Check It Out - I Am Writing For MetroBlog!

Who kicks everybody else's ass the hardest?

James Cameron Apologizes to Titanic Officer's Family

DU Kitty Death Match: Mr. Peebles vs. Boo

Please no chewing gum thanks---just a CAPTION please

Please GO VOTE... in the DNC's American Made Video Contest!!!

Shell game

With this post I officially enter the 700 Club

The real reason kerry MUST win...

What should I make for dinner tonight?

KERRY'S Coming to PHILLY on July 27th @ 4 PM (Yo! Adrianne!)

Now it's time for another famous person's death you might have missed

How Do You Feel At This Particular Moment In Time


Peebles and Boo: Sepperated at birth?

Matcom, Willpitt accused of throwing water balloons while quoting Belushi

Lance Armstong is amazing.

See Dick. See Jane. See Spot. See Dick and Jane vivisect Spot.

This land will surly vote for me.

Caged Death Match: Mr. Winkle vs. Mr. Peebles

Curious George and the High Tension Power Line

Legendary Film Composer dies at 75 in LA

Favorite Carpenter

JCCyC will cease to exist in a few months

Just got back my buddy's stag pics - $24 for two rolls!!!!!!!!!!

tampons are getting on mr. peebles

Lampoons are getting on my last nerve.

Walt Whitman officially de-lurks.

Louis Armstrong is amazing

John Kerry talks sports in this week's ESPN the Magazine

Boom Shaka-Laka-Laka, Boom Shaka-Laka

Male, Female!

Harpoons are getting on my last nerve.

Crystal Method's Vegas is the best CD to design/code/PShop to EVAR!

"Say No To Gay Marriage" banner on I-35 overpass in Austin

Mr. Peebles or Mario Van Peebles

Separated at Birth?

Every Time You Masturbate, Mr. Peebles Kills A Domo-Kun

Oscar-winning composer Goldsmith dies ("Star Trek: TMP/TNG")

Quite Possibly the Dumbest Person in Arizona

Errrie Photos

Chex Thread

What defines the "Mr. Scorpio Mystique"?

Dragoons are getting on my last nerve.

Smoke a Cigarette After Thread.

Will Smith turned down the role of 'Neo' in 'The Matrix'

It's been over an hour, and I still can't feal my tongue... Help!

Sex Thread

tampons are getting on my last nerve

Favorite Star Trek series

Hex Thread (Warning - Graphic!)

DU parents-Love your children? Gotten them this yet?

Large inflatable plastic whale toys are getting on my nerves

Award-Winning Composer Jerry Goldsmith Dies

Jefferson Airplane or Starship

Box Thread

New Kerry/Edwards Products - (shameless plug...I made them)

Sox Thread

Earie photo.

Name Groups or performers with "Head" in their monikers

White House thinking of running a Tour De Iraq as a means of normalizing

So, I've been deep undercover for awhile.

How come hair salons won't dye hair silver?

Time to share your more colorful sayings and witty words of wisdom...

Recommend a good Pay for download Music site!

The Simpsons -- an episode request

How big is your weiner?

Pecs thread

beer beer beer beer......

My new Krispy Kreme idea...

Great Combovers of History.

Milks that are not chocolate (milk) are getting on my nerves!

Great things that "great" people *should* have said

World Beard and Mustache Championship!

Peculiar: British Airways has a plane with registration ID G-Bush


I love Mr. Peebles....But we need some new cat pictures!

I am basking in the warm glow

David Crosby and Graham Nash Announce Candidacy for Joint Presidency

Who's Your Favorite ''Tracy Takes On'' Character

Let's suggest a new product to the good folks at Slim-Fast.

Ask me for a definition of something!

I am now an official DU'er ... my first cat thread!

My Pet Goat.. a poem for Gee Dumbya..

any dentists around, please? I have a question ...



The George Bush "Redd Foxx: It's the big one, I'm comin' Elizabeth" look

You're so Nashville if you need a war to sell records.

Bands you know are good, but you just don't like


Trailer for WIMBLEDON -- yay, finally a tennis movie!!! Order Included Conservative Book Brochure

It's time once again for: Fun with Google!

Favorite Grateful Dead Keyboardist

Stretch Armstrong Was Fun

Musicians who were great in bands but suck as solo artists

DU CYCLISTS! Wish me luck.

Who Is Your Favorite Professional Athlete Of All-Time

BREAKING: Expos to DC...could be!!!

See Jon Stewart smackdown Wolf Blitzer

Anybody have the pix of Bush and Ted Bundy

Just threw in my last 15 dollars to the John Kerry campaign!

My older son says "Now watch this drive!"

Okay, I'm going to change my name.

and for my 1000 th post

Thank you, Mr. Peebles. Thank you.

Did Someone Say New Cat Pictures?

Cat Haiku...

Need VCR Wonk. NOW!

Did you ever get industrial equipment for your birthday?

I support a constitutional amendment banning same sex presidential tickets

What Star Trek character sticks out in your mind?

Just because I don't reply to your thread doesn't mean I didn't read it

Least favorite geographically-named band

Would you join the military if you could get a breast/penis enlargement?

If condoms had sponsors

What are steamers?

Songs that make you want to beat the singer


More Mr. Peebles shots...

What music wounds your soothed soul?


Ready, DU? Best radio station ever hits the Web

Oh, boy, cat trouble!

How did you find DU?

Please listen to my Bush song (when i posted it yesterday nobody replied)

Going from dial-up to dsl at home tomorrow - will it be much faster?

What is your favorite DU regular feature?

I do declare, Kerry's Biceps get me all woosy...

Where shall I establish my Evil Bond Villain Secret Base?

Why Does Bush* Look Like He's Holding Tennis Balls In His Armpits

The official song titles including the word "rain" thread.

Damn I must be getting old I am really looking forward to

How rich is this guy?

Linux people: SCO get their asses handed to them by court!!!

Neil Armstrong is Amazing

Think she's down there in hell, still cranking out this trash?

George Lucas has tainted my entire childhood and I hate him - do you?

Rename the GOP!

Musicians who were great solo but suck as artists in bands

Could someone describe "hot flashes"

Box turtles are sooooo yesterday-- it's WOMBAT love!

What's your favorite animated film?

Hannity makes me want break my vow of non-violence

Who Has The Sexiest Uniforms?

Help me name the characters in my screenplay for fun & profit!!!


Kids for Kerry (cute kid's site and interview)

It's the misleading, stupid!

Sean InSannity to use Vietnam Vets Against Kerry as his DemCon schtick

Libertarian Michael Badnarik for President?

Controversial developer raises pro-Bush sign, and some eyebrows

Kerry leads 84-0 percent among African-Americans in Michigan

F911 not on DVD before election?

Potential problem for Kerry? on troops issue many don't know Kerry's posi

clearly a campaign for commander in chief -Security issues return to top

AP: 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Making GOP Nervous

Please take two minutes for immediate political NEED

Kerry leads in Missouri 46-44. Edwards 51% favorable. Cheney 39% favorab

Zell Miller will be part of GOP truth squad at Dem convention!!

Could This Reason for Vilsack Being on the VP Short List be True?

Kerry Gives Bush Camp A Little Religion - And They Don't Like It Much!!

Looking for good sites that track campaign donations of celebrities and...

Halliburton+Cheney+Iran sign the ACT petition

Check out the new electoral map and interactive tool

Here's a funny video about Kerry and Bush

I'm Still Pissed At Sandy Berger....

At DNC "greenest" Convention - even ballons will be biodegradable

Will Bush Get Grumpy Without His Vacation And Lose His (Stuff) Publicly?

Wow - Franken is tearing John Stossel a new one!

Bush Support Among Hispanics Slipping

Dean will speak in primetime to the Democratic National Convention.

How are military votes secured/counted?

If You Are Watching CNN What Do You Think Of Judy Wodruff's New Hairstyle

Rove or Cahill: Who has a shrewder political mind?

Kerry Press Release: Still waiting for a Bush Domestic Agenda

Kerry Press Release: Statement by John Kerry on the 9/11 Commission Report

I'm John Kerry and I approved this message

Kerry Press Release: Defeating Terrorism and Protecting America

What's Kerry doing with all of his campaign money?

MO: Kerry 46, * 44

NCLB - an underfunded copy of Goals 2000

Dean means it when he says board in TN.

07/22/04 Race Neck and Neck

Victory is lying there, waiting for us to seize it

New Kerry Products - (They're my own...please be gentle)

A message from WES CLARK

Do Lieberman and McCain want Bush out?

Is It Time To Ask Democrats Who Vote For Bush To Leave The Party

I'm not ready to hear that Kerry will win by 98%

Dennis Kuchinich now supports/endorses Kerry.

Once They Switch To Kerry, They Ain't Comin' Back!

some pictures of Kerry with Kucinich

Probability of Bush Losing: 98%

Are Missouri Democrats going to repudiate the sitting governor?

Kucinich to Endorse Kerry for President

Disgusting message from the kerry site

My final conclusion on Nader.....

Where are polls about House races, esp. Jeff Seeman's? nt

What Senate seats are seriously in play?

"With Friends Like These . . . " -- Welcome, Sandy Berger!