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Archives: July 24, 2004

Salon/Conason: The president who took bin Laden seriously

Byrd vs. Bush (Interview)

Alterman - Slacker Friday

Washington Monthly - Ted Turner: My Beef With Big Media

No Oversight, No Shame - How Congress has abdicated- Ctr American Progress

Young, free and infected: UK faces teenage sexual health crisis

Sleepless in the Garden of Eden

Written in 1215. Needed today

Democrats blast GOP lawmaker's "suppress the Detroit vote."

Giant Sunspot has Scientists "on the edge of their seats"

'Multiverse Theory' - the Universe is a Virtual Reality Matrix

Need a Democracy for America small banner logo

Byron Pitts/John Roberts of CBS Evening news make my blood boil.

NPR still up to their tricks

its a community radio station

Life is God.

My sister is mentally ill...(long post)

China's power based on state terror

Police seek 4th suspect in home invasions

Brazil Woman Turns in 1,300 Guns for Bonanza

More good press for the Canadian gun registry...

Station may be liable for selling gas to drunk driver

How about a "most popular" forum

do you work shifts?

Please help me!!

Is there a way that I can delete one of my own posts?

Just another set of Kudos sent your way... I just read the hate

Early AM shadows at Dulles?

WLS is a joke except for Nate Clay. They used sneaky trick to oust Nancy

What's with those guys on WSCR the Score?

Come to St. Pete for Peace press conference tomorrow, 7/24!

Ohioans contact Rep Bob Ney about Voter Verifiable Electronic Voting

Driving by Halliburton in Dallas today...

Did you see the DNC ad on In Wisconsin that just aired?

Can someone bump the thread here that first talked about bushs missing

Bush supports "equal rights for gays, but not special rights"

Poll on CNN...WTF?

I want to move to Boston! After watching the end of Tweety's program, I

The House and Senate are run by Republicans, who go on vacation

HEADS UP: John Dean on Olbermann (CNN) 8:10 p.m. ET

Why we're scared about a terrorist attack in Boston

Sorry, but I just have to point out Freeper hypocrisy.

BBV: NY Times calls for same-day testing of electronic voting machines.


Carl Cameron says OUTFOXED is lying about his wife campaigning for Bush.

Has the convention started already

Spike Lee Joins Anti-Bush Rant

Where can we get BIG Kerry yard signs?

Bush, his Y2K Florida legal team, and their high-profile rewards (jobs)

Why is Joe Scarborough not on Fox? Is he too right-wing even for them??

Statistical Dead Heat?

Did this really happen??

Okrent replies to BurtWorm re: NYT ommission in Ashcroft story

9/11 Commission Report - HTML version is available

More 9/11 Commission Executive Summary BS

Guess who "helped" with the voting "problems"?? Phillip Zelikow..

Apparently the GOP has grabbed the high ground again.

Former Democratic stratigist and pollster Pat Cadell

Does Bush really think he "deserves" the black vote?

Evil Goes To Boston

Who's in Charge Here? (9/11)

Probably already heard about this but incase you haven't

Is Barack Obama the future of the Democratic party?

Richard Shelby under criminal investigation

Terrorists May Target TV News at Democratic Convention

Bush urges economy-minded blacks to "take a look at my agenda".

Sam Seder exposes Adam Nagourney misleading report in NY Times.

I've yet to believe that John Kerry is the same as Bush...

Why is Bobby Fischer in custody now? Politics.

F 9/11 opened in arts theaters known for tiny audiences?

Latest Anti-Edwards spam mail- please post your responses....

Obama will be only the third black Senator if he wins.

F-911 on the verge of $100 million mark

What the 9-11 Commision makes perfectly clear is that

Man, I had a lot of bad experiences this week with conservative assholes.

he's getting a turkey neck wattle

I got bad news for Bush when it comes to the DOW and incumbents

Kerry-Edwards rally today

Clinton's Book Sells Out First Printing (1.5 MILLION copies!!)

This right wing e-mail takes the cake, re: Iraqis.

9/11 Commission sent a list of questions to Tampa International Airport

When did we become consumers instead of citizens?

Anybody watch Katie Couric interview tonight

CNN's Headline News will have a Sept 13th flight peice this Half hr. East

New Kerry/Edwards Avatar, lets show some DU unity!

DU 20/20 and John Stossel

Caption this photo of Jesse Jackson and *

US soldiers Drugged Iraqi woman and raped her to Heavy Metal Music

MEME MEMO: Once again the Republicans are on vacation.

Why did they pick W?

Help Former SF Youth Commissioner Study at Harvard ($)

debunking the Berger "socks" meme

If Bush was a Democrat and the Pubs had Kerry......

Someone is providing the major news network, Al Jazerra, a booth at . . .

I am so tired of the way the media is spinning the DNC in Boston

Kerry would have a "winner" with this domestic plan

Kerry leads in Nevada!

9/11 Report Summary: In Case President Is Incompetent, Appoint Intel Czar

If I were Shrubco, I’d be scared shitless by the prospect

Warning: Tom Ridge Has 'Experience' With Political Conventions

Liberals vs Conservatives? Who will win in the end?

Kerry calling for vets to come to Boston on 7/26

The LaRouchies head for Boston

More corruption from 9/11 Commission: stock gains not linked

Am I A Conservative?

Ok the "free speech zone" in Boston makes me want to hurl.

'Kill Gays' Singer To Begin US Tour

I've figured out why Bush acted the way he did in the kindergarden on 9-11

no wonder Fox News isn't allowed in Canada


Why we should never, ever, ever use the phrase, "War on Terror" ?

James R Bath, SuperTurd of the BFEE

DU: Respond to Katherine Harris's letter to the Palm Beach Post!

Listen Up: Who will protect us from Fox? CRTC Deadline.

Is "Hello City" about Vancouver? n/t

New TV channel for advertisement lovers

Myanmar praises China for help against the West

Maoists treat kidnap victims `nicely'

Beef Groups to Press USDA for Private BSE Tests

FBI, Secret Service agents in Taiwan to investigate counterfeit US$100s

Republican senator under investigation for intelligence leak??!

Unwilling Victims? U.S. Official: Some Iraqi Suicide Bombers May Have...

Brain injuries lead Iraq war injuries (UPI) -- Nearly 2/3 of U.S. solders

Virus Purporting Bin Laden Suicide Hits Web

Verizon seeks 75% increase for land lines

WP: Warner 'Deceived' on Rev. Moon Event

U.S. Public Found to Reject Detainee Torture and Coercion

Bush eliminates form prisoners used to start applying for rights

Sex slavery uncovered in Vermont

Pakistan's honor killings enjoy high-level support

The Pakistan Connection

More Troops Killed in July than June in Iraq, says Military

LAT: Latino Support Kerry, Say Bush Misled Public on Iraq…

Shelby(R-AL) a target of leak probe? (Fed Investigation re: 911

AMC theater chain has deal to sell - Majority owner to (make private)

Bush twins call Blair "amazing" (Amazing!!!)

Bush dominates at World Stupidity Awards

Trouble ahead for Bush from 9/11 panel

Homeland Security Officer Charged in Tourist Beating

Breaking - Reuters: Bush's Records Do Not Dispel AWOL Charges


new Savage Weiner advertiser DMI USA

And now a commentary from Emily Litella:

Transporter Beam Technology - What You Should Know

Bored at home & can't do anymore work. Ask me something interesting

Two news stories from next year...

Is This on the Level?


My Pedometer reading for today: 18,030 steps

Paranoia strikes deep

A good samaritan returned my cellphone!

My friend was inconvenienced by Air Force One--who can she sue?!

Washington State Takes Away Man's License Plate

Damn that was scary

Any pictures of Mr. Peebles??


Condom Necklace Sparks Outrage at Fair

Well, Jerry Goldsmith will not be doing Star Trek XI's score...

Whatever happened to Mr Peel.

Do you know that there's a spokesman for Mad Cow Disease?

Why are sooo many concerend with what others do with their genitals?

FOX News: BB guns found in Iraq, "Smoking gun found" says Dick Cheney

What do you think of my new sigline?

It's going to be a scary two weeks

I hope that you're watching "Now"

Geek needed-computer display problem?

Fair or not -- people judge you by the words you use!!

Short Thread Idea: DUers ZW has not offended!

Who's working tonight

Blue Freeze-Pop

About the hate mailbag.......

Who here is (or has ever been) on a college football team??

Ladies: never take dieting advice from a fat man.

As you probably might know, I got rid of Nasty Kermit.

Someone hit a skunk outside

Led Zeppelin. Every Album in Rev-Sucession. Yeah, its THAT kind of day...

All shall bow down to Bizarro Barney!

Why do former lovers come back?

Pet owners - need help urgently! Re: dog pee on carpet

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Fresh Air

Help! Looking for a site to post pics on!

For my 100th Post - A Fox News Warning

Cat question

KGs latest concert report - - Hunn Huur Tu

that's it for me

The more things change...

Help me get out of the 700 Club

Good night DU

If there was a E! True Hollywood Story about you...

I'm drinking cheap wine with ice out of a glass

I just bicycled 50 km - ask me anything

a silly question .....

please explain "hezzzbolah" to me...

If you like The Hives

That certain "je ne sais quois" Phase II: Natalie Merchant

Which movie should I watch tonight?

that new Dennis Leary fireman show......

I'm Looking for Oracle Cert Exams

listening to Deep Forrest....

"I hear those things are awfully loud"...


WATCHMEN fans rejoice!

Bumper sticker I saw tonight - "A Vet NOT Fonda Kerry"

Best Modern N. American Skit Comedy?

Who's seen the animated "Clerks"?

Oh Boy! FIST FIGHT with Andy the Right Wing Republican!!

What band do you like that few people have heard of??

The Hannity is more than an asshole poll

Uh oh. Third martini has been poured.

Have you ever seen this picture of LBJ?

sciatica question

I just ate the quintessential anti-Atkins meal!

I don't "get" Sarah Brightman.

What's Your Favorite Movie Theater Candy or Snack?

CD purchases for July so far

DU Aquarium owners: How do I deal with spike in ammonia levels?

Favorite Summer Veggie Recipe!?

Are suction cups supposed to look like nipples?

Remember Clippy?

What could he POSSIBLY be saying?

The Hives or The Vines?


Do you take Gabitril?

Post Your Favorite Random Photo Here!

While vacationing on his ranch, George Bush* gets thrown from his pickup..

Screen names that will get you banned from DU right off the bat.

WHAT IS IT with you people and CATS!?!

"He's a Nazi"

Kerry needs to remind Bush of SO many things he's apparently forgotten

Kerry calling for vets to come to Boston on 7/26

On 7/24, it's 100 days until the election!

Highlights from the Republican Party Platform ~ From the Kerry website

So Chimpy is at his ranch during the Dem National Convention.

Hi-Larious Jenna And Barb On-Line Chat Written By Some GOP Hacks

Not a Good Kerry Day in Denver ...

Kerry's Chances In New Hampshire

An Army Whitewash (WashPost Editorial)

The Olympics as They Were

REGION: America has itself to blame for 9/11: Iran

"Those Dang Liberals!"

The peace president...Molly Ivins

'P2OG' allows Pentagon to fight dirty

China's waters of life are the waters of death

Like A Tree Which Has Been Uprooted"

Echoes of War: Remembering Tragedies in Liberia and Sierra-Leone

No Defense for Sandy Berger (Dems should say good riddance)

Low-carb revolution unhealthy, and perhaps dangerous

The 911 Commission Report is Full of Holes

The Saddam-ist / Islamist Resistance Will Win

Darfur Crisis (Arab News Editorial)

Gildan Activewear Taking Sweatshops to new depths in Haiti

Please check out this post about the DNC's free speech zone

Give Bush and the RNC the window treatment!!

Gannett Buys Rival Green Bay Paper, Plus 22 Others

Air America Spreads Wings (Expansion/Malloy Info)

It is simply fucking hopeless.

Al Jazeera was made to take down their sign . . .

Today's Quotes

On this day in history 7/24


I don't believe in God, and here's why

Keep on praying for my daughter

Applying Economics to Economists

Huge Sunspot Causes Concern at NASA

The Oil We Eat

'Refugee approval rates vary widely" The myth that Canada is

Joe Cahill, Irish Patriot: 1920-2004

BBC (July 24): Iranian agent cleared over death of Canadian journalist

F9/11 and DU:newsletter needed fm DU to newbies fm F9/11

I want to echo welshTerrier

We're closing in on the end of the Kerry contribution window.

Could we have a facility to turn a post into a poll

Just a thought...

I have a small problem here.

I thought 'bitch' was supposed to be taboo, overall

A BIIIG thank you to the mod who deleted the


We must support Dem-Green Unity - Please Unlock this Thread

PA officials concerned turmoil will escalate

Walled in or walled out?

Solana: EU has role in Mideast peace talks, like it or not

Chirac ends row over Sharon's call for Jews to flee France

Arafat: My government is not in crisis

Citizenship Law, entry to Israel bill draw fire

zamora reads bartcop!!!

Who will the GOP pick to sacrifice themselves in the race for senate?

Wrigley inspections? Fact or a secret plan?

Does August 31 Mean Anything To You?

Christopher Cox's "Annual Report on the U.S. Government 2003"

On Girlie Men and Our Manly Governor

John Kerry in Sioux City today, July 24

my state rep Mady Reiter. boooooooo!!!

Coleman to give nominating speech for Kerry

Kerry and Edwards to visit Zanesville July 31st

Polls: Kerry Leads in Pennsylvania

Pgh City Councilman Bill Peduto's Guyasuta Fellowship 2004


Air America in Seattle

I know a lot of people believe in God

RW Texans love Lance Armstrong! People who would know nothing

"Democrat Party"? - let's clarify our name

Larry King and BOB DOLE will talk about our convention.

Anthem/Wellpoint Merger Rejected

Joe Wilson scheduled to be on Mike Webb - show begins 10PM PST


:sigh: I just love this picture of Bill Clinton.

Repugs: If we Can't Get BACK To The Fifties, Let's CLONE Them!

I just talked with someone who had no idea . .

"Iraq: Echoes of VietNam"

Bush and Nat. Urban League

4 more legislative proposals against gays by house republicans

Ted Turner agrees with us about media rules

Where is Howard Beale when you need him?

Did you ever meet the son or daughter of a rich person in the military?

3 Kinds of Republicans

I have a convention question. I have an opportunity to go to Boston.

Jesus Christ: NAZI PARENTS!

Two Ways To Cover A Convention

All Convention Bloggers on one site....or two

C-Span 6-15 a.m. anybody listened to Bush*'s Harvard professor?

"Bush's military records seem to show up as randomly as he did for duty"

The 9/11 Commission joins its predecessors in creating more

Who can we get in touch with to get rid of the "free speech zone"?

LA Times Poll: Kerry Takes 10 Point Lead In PA

Patriot Act Gone Wild...

POLL - Is Kerry Campaigning yet?

Anybody heard more about Senator Shelby's investigation?

How much of the DNC convention will you watch?

Kicking Sadaam Out - Good or Bad Thing?

Ignorant atheist's question: Where is heaven?

It's gonna be a GREAT week for us!!!

I don't believe in God, and here's why

Shut Up! Okay, Just SHUT UP!!

Congress votes for $417 billion defense budget !

'Murkans made aware of "FreeSpeechZones" at Dem.convention ($100 offer)

We lost a good man

B* plans for second term re. healthcare

This is what Democracy looks like.

Would you rather go to Heaven or Hell?

Keep Your Mouth Closed On Gay Marriage GOP Tells Lynne Cheney

bushs*biggest flip-flop.

Check out the "Waterman Paper" on DU home Page

Which political blog is your #1 favorite?

A Radical Assault on the Constitution

C-Span caller just now sounds VERY familiar. (9:50 a.m.)

Why arent we doing more in Sudan?

Is our good ally, Pakistan, still hiding Osama ?

It is clearly a fact that George W. Bush was Awol!

What is the best way to criticize George W Bush, with ridicule, anger, or


From now on Trial Lawyers are Public Protection Lawyers

BYRD: "he wasn't prepared to be president" (Salon Interview)

So Nader, Bad, cost the election for Gore, but a diety, no problem !!??

Let's make a bet about free speech zones and conventions

The Decisive President shrub

A new outrage. congress ignores 9/11 report

Couldn't private citizens try 911 in a civil suit?

Best headline I've seen in a while

Doesn't Bush's released military records prove cocaine bust?

What the news didn't show in Detroit last night...

Michigan Democrats filing challenge to Nader's candidacy... Responds

Yes! Just got my new Kerry/Edwards . . .

which convention would terrorists be most likely to strike, D, or R?

Framing the Dems

Kerry/Edwards forest initiative sounds great!

DNC Convention Speakers list

Can someone explain what this Berger thing is all about? sends message to FTC about FOX . FUNNY O'Reilly clip!

Dayum! The freeptards are a pessimistic bunch.

A rant about the media

So the FBI says the media may be threatened at Democratic Convention?

Jenna and her tonque were just copycatting her father

A&E Washington Wives on now

Watching Wolf Blitzer's tumor

My undies are still in a bunch over that 20/20 hatchet job last night

How many of you liberals hate America?

Richard Clarke this a.m.: Berger "malicious"? "Fictitious!"

excellent info page on fox

If some states have Nader & Green & Reform Candidate...

The Chimp is S-L-O-W...

A HUGE North Korea story going unnoticed.

Is SHELBY Probe Not News? Nothing in WP, NYT

Dang, ESPN is running some Smirkaganda

9-11 recommendations, bush* and congress

looks like "This is Hell" will be streaming today

Someone Who Gets It - They didn't want to stop the attacks......

Help! Need good debunking articles about

Republicans gearing up to rain on John Kerry's parade

CNN at the * Potemkin Ranch

Why can Republicans get away with balatant hypocrisy?

A story a day.....

I Just Gave Bush a "0" out of "0-100". Was I Too Harsh?

A Legacy of Fear: This is Bush*'s America.

The 911 Commission Conclusions: "Shit Happens, Nobody's Responsible"

A prayer posted on the internet....

Kerry can't accept donations? Take Senior Centers to F9/11!

Clinton's "Ma Vie" is in bookstore windows all over France and Belgium

Great now they are saying we bring prostitutes.

Spanish Socialist Workers Party

No and low-income people at higher risk of being thrown out in the streets

Who wrote the 911 report..? Are we being the Patriot Act

If you can, watch CNN now (3:04 ET) about Blogs on the campaigns n/t

at 5 pm: Chris Matthews: 12 Missed Chances That Could Have Prevented 9/11

If The Kerry Campaign Can No Longer Accept Donations

This Los Alamos Lab scandal smells big time

Sibel Edmonds on the 9/11 report

CNN just Covered BBV (as well as cable "covers" anything) but mentioned:

Moran Alert at FR

I just realized how the Repubs screwed themselves in 2000.

A terminal illness

Looking for study that showed Faux news was the worst

Armed militants drive through the streets of Fallujah - Not trying to hide

Looking for study that showed Faux news was the worst

* on vacation AGAIN????

Fahrenheit 9/11 will break $100M today!

Jenna and Barbara cannot compete with Edwards's kids wearing hats

A call to GodBushandCheney for the Bush collegiate male antics

Repugs endangering NYC by holding convention there? Selfish!

The Bush Economic Record: What a Difference Three Years Makes

Things you have to believe if you're a Republican.

When do I make a donation to the Kerry campaign?

Another Bush Ripoff: The Hazards of Halliburton

Stars and Stripes letters: Bush v. military standards & gay marriage

The Jenna and Barb chat? Riiiight.

Comparative Religions?

from Swiftboat Vets: Fitness Reports are CRUCIAL -- Where's George's??

BUSH'S SPIDERWEB of INFLUENCE. great graphical presentation!

So now Bush wants dog owners in Oregon to hate him

After Bush Loses...

Can a presidential pardon be reversed?

need some good DEMOCRACY related quotes

IL launches compulsory mental health screening for children and pregnant w

Where did the discussion board go?

Someone departed the U.S. on 9/11 on a Saudi plane

Wired: "Outfoxed: A Unique Sleeper Hit "

Bush gets 4 X media coverage as Kerry;steep slide since March

New Citizens Say GOP Took Away Their Right To Choose

The Bush Record: Top 5 Scandals

GOP Bimbo of the Week

CNN "People in the News" Segment: covering DEMOCRATS: Kerry,

Navy: USS John F. Kennedy collide with dhow in Gulf

Just got a Culberson letter - some far right stuff

Looking for good convention coverage? Truthout is the place.

Laci and Lori....I have had enough already!

Good Teresa report by Candy Crowley on CNN now


The 3 months of AWOL...

Polls: Kerry Leads Bush in Pa. and Ore.

Harkin asking GAO to investigate handling of Mad Cow surveillance

"Where have all our heroes gone? " Mallick slams Ronstadt. Brutal

Where do you stand on religion?

Official "Guy James Show" thread - please keep kicked

It's time to get rid of Bush AND the Republican Congress.

Why didn't Bush try find out IMMEDIATELY where his family was?

On the Shelby Leak-Is it that the FBI knew on Sept 10th

How did Mike Tyson Do It?

Looking for photo of Bush in Annapolis

Joe Cahill, Irish Patriot: 1920-2004

Free Speech Zones: USA v. Bursey

when is kerry in norfolk va? It was mentioned in his places on the

Welcome to Texas Åmerica! We fooled you once.....

how do you stop a religion that WANTS the world to END?

HEADS UP: for those who don't know about Teresa, CNN "People" on 5:29 ET

Bush-Cheney '04 announce NW 'Truth Squad'

" a new Pearl Harbor..."

Poles Say 'Fahrenheit 911' Is Propaganda (Compares it to Leni Riefenstahl)

Bush to Jesse Jackson: "He said, 'I'll check with Karl Rove.' "

Sibil Edmonds retroactively RE-classified?

Sept. 11 Panel Addresses Lewinsky Scandal

This election will be won in your own backyard.

"Here, Stick This Dog Under Your Arm and Walk Around W/ It!" mom with the falling for scare tactics...

Kerry in Norfolk on Tuesday July 27th

N.Korea truns down US offer.

ok. So the Dem Convention Begins In 72 Hours - Where Is Osama?

New Time poll Kerry 46-43

Capitol Gang live from the floor of the Fleet Center

Do you think 9/11 would have happened under Gore?

"If you want to live like a Republican, you have to vote Democrat.."

Are the Most Powerful Groups Secretly Pulling For Kerry?

So what will be the July surprise from the repugs?

Isn't John Kerry going to be in Columbus,Ohio tomorrow?

From the mind of Bill O'Reilly

Brain Fart: What does the DLC stand for again?

Fences at a protest just challenge the protestors to tear them down.

If Ashcroft is thrown in Prison...

(F9/11) Documentary "a lie" - Andrew Bolt (Aussie RW pundit)

Who's in Charge Here?

Bush buying time 'til hijacked planes hit government targets on 911

Article: RON FOURNIER & AP Hyping Bush* AGAIN

If Bushler steals another close election......

CNN talking heads look like they each have a huge pimple on their face..

Help my Uncle respond to this Anti-DEM spam...

What exactly are these people protesting?

Studies link Marijuana to Schizophrenia.

Respond to Bush Deceit About the $87 Billion

Take The Ralph Nader Kool-Aid Test

My Anger has Reached a Boiling Point - I'm calling you out.

does ANYONE have the pic of Clinton playing tag with kids?

If Kerry wins, what does that say about the media?

Democrats bar Nader from convention. Nader will not endorse Kerry.

What's wrong with higher taxes

Air America Spreads Wings (Expansion/Malloy Info)

It's going to be a tough week for us

Potential big story: Wolfowitz and Perle being investigated for espionage?

Cultural fissure: How the enemy is defining us

Crack Campaign Ace Susan Estrich Sez: Bashing Bush at Con "Kiss of Death"

those who do not, or refuse to believe in god, will they be punished?

"I DO" in 30 seconds (Gay Marriage Commercial! Vote!)

Dem spokesman: "You're going to think it's a Republican convention"

Black Americans Discovered by Democratic Party-Kerry mentions the 'D' Word

Psychological warfare ? What can we do to drive the Repubs crazy?

"Bush Holds Slight Lead in Electoral Votes " ???

Media Upset With DNC Restroom Facilities

7/24/2004 KERRY: 98.4% WIN PROBABILITY with 331 EV and 53.16% of vote

The problem with moving to the right

While vacationing on his ranch, George Bush* gets thrown from his pickup..

RW media is already harping on that "free speech zone".

Anyone have a complete shot of the form where Bush refuses Vietnam duty?

Great timeline comparing the "Hero" and the "Zero" !

Natl Guard Service-CAN YOU EVEN DO THAT?????

Kerry MUST condemn the DNC free speech zone NOW!!!!

Patricia Heaton: How can she be a feminist and vote for Bush?

Killing the poor

The Silver Star story finally told - Kerry disobeys procedure and attacks

The Puzzling 9/11 Report ***** by SIBEL EDMONDS !!!!!!!!!!

Action: on Monday Call your Cong & FCC to ask for public hearings

What about Basic Income Guarantee?

PLAME INDICTMENTS #13 High Crimes & Misdemeanors-"The Tip Of The Iceberg"

B.C. to guard privacy against Patriot Act

Someone is providing the major news network, Al Jazerra, a booth at . . .

Sudan Official Rejects Claims of Genocide

In Boston, Area Democrats To Mark 1964's Racial Strife

Unit hit by friendly fire returning to Afghanistan

US Marine Dies of Wounds in Baghdad

Lawmakers to break recess for 9/11 hearings

Graffiti ads tag NBC for possible city fines

Kerry gets personal on the trail

Brevard anxious for Kerry visit:Event to focus on health care (Florida)

Head of Iraq construction group kidnapped in Baghdad

Analysts Wonder Where Markets Are Headed

NYT: New York Police and Fire Unions to Picket G.O.P. Events

DCF plan called disservice to poor (Jeb Bush's administration)

News conference in Paris re: Euro Space Program findings - canceled.

Russia Again Refuses Iraq Troop Request

Kerry Sees Hope of Gaining Edge on Terror Issue | NYT

Internet release may thwart U2 album thieves

Kuwait bans companies from sending workers to Iraq

Ex-President of Mexico (Luis Echeverria) Indicted | LA Times

No troops to Iraq, says Russia

State Farm announces Monroe job cuts (900 jobs)

US, RoK reach agreement on redeploying US troops

Iraq's embattled premier yet to show results after a month in office

FDA Says Monsanto Biotech Wheat Safe for Consumers

N Korea refuses to follow Libya

Enron memo could be big problem for Causey:Handwritten note sets out secre

Urban League cool to president

In Pennsylvania, a Parallel Campaign, Neither Neutral Nor Partisan

Iran's Challenge to the Bush Doctrine

Bush Weighs 9/11 Panel's Ideas as Pressure Builds

Former warlord bids for Afghan presidency (Guardian)

(St. Paul Travelers) Insurer To Cut 3,000 Jobs, Boost Reserves

The Saddam-ist / Islamist Resistance Will Win

The Puzzling 9/11 Report ***** by SIBEL EDMONDS !!!!!!!!!!

Al Jazeera was made to take down their sign . . .

Arabs: It's the Policy, Stupid

Blair Defends Transformation of Labour

Court in Tehran Acquits Only Defendant in Murder of Iranian-Canadian Photo

Survey: US Public Rejects Torture

Thousands face pensions blow-out

Prostitutes join police convering on DNC Boston

Cleric condemns beheading

Judge Denies Arrest of Ex-Mexican Leader

A longtime liberal archdiocese leans right

Kuwait targets leading rights activist

Mexico Judge Rejects Charge Against Ex-President

Eclectic crowd for annual Bohemian Grove gathering

2 presidents' contrasting approaches to terrorism

Iraqi PM rejects kidnapping deal

Abducted, beaten and sold into prostitution: two women's story In Iraq

PB Soldier Says Situation Tense in Baghdad

Iraq Committee Shows Torture Equipment

States Cut Health Insurance for 145,000 Poor Kids

Teaching Torture - Congress quietly keeps School of the Americas alive

Rebels face Sierra Leone tribunal...BBC

What's the Presidential Tipping Point? | NYT

US tank crash kills Iraqis (hit & run manslaughter involving a bus)

NYT- Correcting the Record on Sept. 11, in Great Detail

Wavering Voters Have Doubts About Bush

Polls: Kerry Leads Bush in Pa. and Ore.

Soldiers Die in Apparent Murder-Suicide

Cleric fights Bush 'prejudice'

Texas Congressman Files Appeal on Loss (Rodriquez)

North Korea rejects US nuke proposal

Boston Globe: 45% say Kerry should quit seat, poll indicates

AP: Kerry Trails Bush in Electoral Votes (poor analysis)

Sudan's cruel and slow starvation

Wolfowitz talks to 800 airmen, soldiers at McChord base

Teenage Son of Kansas Congressman Dies

Air America spreads wings

NY Times: In a Shift, Bush Moves to Block Medical Suits

Prostitutes Converging on DNC Boston

Democratic Boot Camp Trains Politicos (about time IMHO

Armstrong Virtually Wraps Up Tour Title

Children in Abu Gharib - Unreported by Media

Rice: US may not go to war with Iran

Panel: Berger didn't impede Sept. 11 report

U.S. Spending Billions on Planes Unfit for War

Sunspot Grows to 20 Times Size of Earth

I'm on hold to talk to Caesar Romero

I'm on hold to talk to Caesar Chavez

I'm on hold to talk to Caesar Salad

I'm on hold to talk to George Romero

"La Belle Vie" - Sacha Distel

I'm on hold to talk to Teddy_Salad

Any DUer's living in Birmingham, AL?

I'm eating a Caesar Salad

I'm on hold to talk to Little Caesar

Flock Of Seagulls or...Steven Seagal

My personal playlist tonight from

How long have you been an insomniac?

Should we skin a cat in this Forum?

TCM NOW, Thier showing Yojimbo

The Cult - Love is one of the best albums/CD's of all time.

when do children typically come to terms with Mort Sahl?


how do youse people feel of posters with correct gramar?

Guy Fawkes

I'm on hold to talk to Sen. Rick Santorum

I'm gonna regret hitting "My Posts" tomorrow morning

right-wing Japanese slippers

When do kids come to terms with Robert Downey, Jr?

"The Avengers" is on!

I have credible evidence the sun will explode in 48 hours.

Post your creepy pictures

I'm a cowboy. On a steel horse I ride.

OK, so where should I throw up?


So should I go bar hopping?

linux question

OMG! Ralph Nader just made a sexist remark about abortion and yaks!

Where should I pash out?

I'm on hold to talk to Al Gore's collective ass!

I've always thought that two was a pretty damn lonely number, too.

A 10-year-old's description of Smirk'n'Sneer

Help..........wife has man problems and I need advice to give her!!

My 666th Post! An Evil Question!

I shouldn't laugh at this, but I did.

On hold to talk to George Romero; what should I axe?

work starts in 6 hours, and i cant sleep.

Hopelessness - By Wulf

dont you hate when people talk like this? (warning: profanity)

I bought some really, really stale donuts today...

Deflecting Specific CAPTIONs

Should Skinner start a Cat Forum?

I have credible evidence that my nose hairs are the anti-Christ.

Who controlls the brittish pound?

recently discovered, but faded CAPTIONs

I need help with my Dells sound card

Does anyone else find this funny? Or is it just me?

I believe in an omnipotent, caring and ever-present Dog

DU's own "Underpants" appears in nationally syndicated strip!

How about a little quid pro quo? Or is it...

Can this really be true ??????????

I just stuffed my neighbors Sunday paper in my socks...

Dr Rimi Umar of Nigeria scamming anyone else here?

Which was the bigger home run? Maz or Thompson?

Polls still give *ush big lead in trust on handling terrorism

How much would you pay for a used car?

Why would someone need a 250GB hard drive?

Poll about DU polls

Yes, there really is a noble and honorable male in the White House.

I can't take this shit anymore! I'm moving to Napolation!

Who did Ohio State hire to coach basketball?

Favorite song by the Staple Singers

does anyone besides me believe in the exsistence of mo paul?

July 2004 aurora gallery (Northern Lights)

Is it still a mid life crisis if you die immediately afterwards?

Even Crusader Bush can't protect you from "Barry Manilow: 2 Nights Live"

I got the Batteries for Bush's Hearing aid when he talks to GOD, ask me

Metallica no longer mandatory

"Kama Sutra II: Menage a Trois" - It's horrible, but like a car accident..

The Dead St Louis, Missouri 7/23/04

obscure question - that's why i'm asking it here

Allstate dropped our homeowners insurance after shoddy work by

CAPTION Bush and his hand

Desert Plains

Gardeners - anyone ever brought in a mandevilla for the winter?

Which tastes the best?

Cool guys with moustaches!

Drug mugging great granny held

i'm still in my jammies! anyone else?

New Kerry/Edwards Logo gear

Witness the smoking out of a freeper on DU

equal opportunity CAPTIONing

You Know, for a brief moment in time,

Finally, the damn internet is fixed.


DreamWorks to Oversee Live Action Transformers Movie

What, exactly, happened last night?

Simpsons: Springfield, USA Map

Quick! Need an Ark!

Working class DUers....Even if you don't live in MO

DU Gamers...screenshot


WOOHOO! New Nikka Costa CD in stores soon! (links to new audio, video)

Hello DUers. I have a question regarding a drug.

Show time or Showcase now showing Michael Moore's

Drunk on Conservatism Poll

Is it wrong to not answer the phone

Computer Gurus

Should Dean give us a loud Yearrrrgh at the convention.

When did I go over 4000?

Favorite heteroerotic moment in "Queer As Folk"

I am Mardok! The Sun God!

Plug-N-Pray Software

How are we going to pay for this?

Need very low fat pizza ideas

Which is the more energy-efficient way to boil water?

"Today is Saturday Eddie."

This just makes me sad...

Anyone know any good jazz radio stations that stream on www?

Star Wars Ep 3 Title Revealed

Best place for a newbie to host a political blog?

Any truth to the rumor that the "Veggie Tales" creators are liberals?

Nothing says "Saturday Morning??" like ZOMBY COFFEE!

A year ago today...

Just back from Linda Ronstadt concert....

I used to visit all the very gay places

Title of Star Wars Episode III released:


Anybody here ever drink Slimfast?

JK Rowling expecting her third child

Red Sox / Yankee$ thread Saturday 7/24/04. Let's go ....

Yankees Fight BoSox After A-Rod Plunked

Some good news... Finally

For jazz fans - Illinois Jacquet 1922-2004

Zee "telk leeke-a zee Svedeesh Cheff" threed.


Favorite homoerotic moment in "Lord of the Rings"

This Could Be the Most Ironic Thing in the Patriotic Canon, Ever

Just had a visit today from a cousin I had not seen in 30 years.

No welcome back for the prodigal daughter

Somebody Bjork me now

Does it get any gayer? LIZA!

I got my computer back - Finally!

people like this make me depressed

Anyone remember CWA?

I just finished my makeup and hair for my 20 yr class reunion tonight.

What the "Hell" is Novak doing at the Democratic Convention?


GOOD NEWS!!! Remember I asked you guys for some advice about my friend...

Breaking News. Dubya has 61 African Americans that will vote for him

What is Liebfraumilch?

Waiting for his 'dad' to get home (cute dog pic)

New employee makes outrageous demands of employer

More Arizona sunset photos

So, so you think you tell . . .

What are the weirdest things you've eaten and how did they taste?

Popsicles... Do you like them very much?

Joe Cahill, Irish patriot: 1920-2004

The cult of Ken Jennings

Noam Chomsky from US- Viewpoint

Person on "Friends" You'd Like as a Friend

Well, I lost my identity today.

HUGE BRAWL: Yankees/Red Sox

Warthogs RULE!.......cats drool

Things I hate:

Tell us one thing we still don't know about you

HUGE FLAMEWAR: Yankees/Red Sox thread

Your encore dedication to George W. Bush....

Which member of Monty Python was/is the funniest?

Funny Pieces Of Clothing You Own But Don't Admit - Until NOW!

Person on "Seinfeld" you'd like as a Seinfeld

More idiotic repub behavior

finally back online at home, god bless my dad's friend

The Challenge: Name TWO people more frightening than Joan & Melissa Rivers

My Favorite Songs By Year

Went to a Psychedelic Furs show last night.......

Red Sox and Yankees just had a bench clearing brawl!

There's so many cute gay men on DU

Trying to prove or disprove a theory...what do you think of Ben Folds?

Married Straight Guys - Sho yo stuff!!

I have cleared a Discussion forum. Ask me anything.


Reminder: my '60s and '70s soul-music radio show is on tonight.


Which song is more sexist?

Pick a BETTER name for Star Wars Episode III

Best feminist anthem by a soul singer?

If you haven't already, meet a Puggle! Pug/Beagle Mix! I'm in LOVE!

WTF? It's in the upper 90's in Wash.State...and upper 70's in TEXAS?

Heterosexual Males: What love song are you afraid to admit you like?

Molly Malloy has arrived!!!

Tell us a 'non-sequitor' about yourself...

My hubby just got laid-off...

The crappiest websites (business websites mind you!) out there.

Anyone know where I can get a block of cheese the size of a car battery?

Last big woo hah at Tour de France! TT to Besancon nearing its end.

I made the paper twice today!

The best of the "Brit Coms"?

List the things that you know taste like chicken

My dad is dying and I'm probably going bankrupt, ask me anything

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked.....Oooooh I get NO rest!!! EvilDU'ers UNITE!

This is bullshit!!!! Tools for women??!!????

Ever been so angry you didn't know what to do?

What is your horrible, possibly irrational fear?

My brain is in a odd state- studying Micro and watching VH1 Classics.

We lost a good man

I'm listening to Christmas music right now in July, SO SUE ME!!!!!

When do children typically come to terms with mortality?

My dog would do anything for me...

GOP Bimbo of the Week

need help from the "grammar police"

Any of your friends doing convention blogs?

Har!! F9/11 is almost at $100 MILLION......

Time-tested formulas suggest both Bush and Kerry will win on Nov. 2

Johns, just talk to us

Convention blogger's site

New Kerry/Edwards Logo Gear

Question regarding campaign contributions

There is one Kerry "flip-flop" I may need help debunking....

Democratic Boot Camp Trains New Generation of Politicos

Important Info RE: Kerry and the DNC Free Speech Zone

Betty Castor wants to investigate Jeb's Elections Office

Is Edwards too Nice?

Michael Moore and Discrediting Faranheit 911

Kerry camp spins its wheels (More "Kerry is rich" crap)

Hot New Polls...

MSNBC's headline states Kerry is behind

Clarkies - Clark to speak on Thursday

Doonesbury's Trudeau comments on Dean....funny. On Bush...scary.

Have you voted on

I think Kerry should ride his Harley more to political events

Some New Poll Data:

E-voting and Kerry

7/24/2004 KERRY: 98.4% WIN PROBABILITY with 331 EV and 53.16% of vote

Understand one thing: The stupid polls do not factor in Undecideds!

Kerry goes on offensive - - first Bush-bashing radio ad

An idea concerning the Nader syndrome

Check it out: Kerry-Edwards Car Magnets!