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Archives: July 25, 2004

The poem that got teenager convicted of criminal threats

NYT/Richard Clarke Op-Ed: Honorable Commission, Toothless Report

MoDo-- Spinning Our Safety

Georgia Primary Heats up - Voting Machines breakdown - make a Buzz at DNC

Hate Faux News?

Experts on the media warn of different justice system for celebrities

Call Against Media Concentration in France

Odds Up! Satellite survey washes away wave theory

Growing political power of poor in India

Man gets 10 years for doing nothing

Can't get to the "My Posts" page

Keep getting Bug report id number: 13149

The "sixteen words"

just curious

I screwed up

U.S. policy on Israel key motive for 9/11 attack

How the zealots are killing a dream

Officials fear Jewish extremists may crash plane on Temple Mount

NZ: 2 more passport suspects may have fled to Israel

IL approves state budget...finally

for the happy hour...

How do you find out if you are in a new district?

Anyone else excited about nearly all of our candidates?

MSNBC: Special about Colombia. WHAT THE US IS DOING THERE NOW.

MSNBC: "War on Drugs" in Columbia 9:00 pm Eastern time

Did Bush* Receive an Undesireable Discharge?

What do you think of PETA?

I love the true believers "Howard Dean Campaign" CNN special

Ominus sign from North Korea: Al-Jazeera story was correct.

DU CHAT NOW AIM Room: Kerry Underground

The Reasons We Didn't Get Into Iraq

From the "sovereignty hand-off" until 7/21...45 US soldiers died

Update on FBI investigation of Wolfowitz, Perle for espionage

IF A POLL IS 45%-45%, ITS REALLY 52%-48% KERRY..

CNN Headline news talking about awol and saudi flight on sept 13

If Wolfowitz is found guilty of espionage, should he be executed?

Hugh Masakela flees South Africa - says the US was worse!!!

Red Sox and Yankees just had a bench clearing brawl!

Yankees Fight BoSox After A-Rod Plunked

Organizing an anti-Bush email campaign

43,000 signatures to get Nader on the Michigan ballot, filed by Repukes!

43,000 signatures to get Nader on the Michigan ballot, filed by Repukes!

43,000 signatures to get Nader on the Michigan ballot, filed by Repukes!

Presidential Election Focus Group on C-span now.

43,000 signatures to get Nader on the Michigan ballot, filed by Repukes!

ACK! A righties view on ashcroft and clinton ((banging head against wall)

Is the Media planning on screwing over the Dem's?

Is the Media planning on screwing over the Dem's?

Is the Media planning on screwing over the Dem's?

Wellstone vs. Dean

Awesome CNN Presents on Dean campaign


43,000 signatures to get Nader on the Michigan ballot, filed by Repukes!

Learn me 'bout Wellstone, please?

Please DU this poll

How many suicide bombings have there been in Iraq so far?

Polls are retarded; ignore them.

John Kerry's Purple Heart's

Bill Press on Bush proposal to reclassify fast food jobs as manufacturing

Any links to bush not allowing protesters at his speeches?

What are the "sixteen words"?

The Presidency is not enough--CONGRESS must shake Republican rule

Family Rsearch Council letter and survey I received

Will the Chimperor insist Nader be part of the debates?

New media reforms????

Is Ron Fournier of the AP a Bush tool?

CNN/HNN is leaning (ever so slightly) to the center tonight

more details of the Wolfowitz espionage: he leaked to Chalabi

Bobblehead election

Is the security for the Dem Convention a cover for Bush the coward?

Dean - Nader Debate (Funny Moment)

ha, this is the kind of person we're up against

With the "discovery"/release of *'s

Good Cop, Bad Cop, it's a Party shell game....

TBTM Movie Review: 'Bush's Brain'

Was bush dishonorably discharched because of drugs?

Went to see 3 bands last nite & at the back voters were being registered!

Time to give the country back its soldiers


Cal Thomas interviewing Bill Moyers on FAUX.... weird pairing

Cspan is really lying down on the job, imo

The Hunting of the President in Seattle

Todd Tihart (r) kansas...youngest son suicide

Sunday talk.

Hillary's billing records/ W's TANG records. Notice different coverage?

Since when did the WH say Bush didn't perform service those 6 months?

Sorry but this needs to be said!

Bush could put it all to rest - just make his discharge public......

convention speaker times????

Nevermind - Found It

I Need a Quick List of the Top Things Dems Have Done for Minorities!

I'm SOOOOO ready to dump AOL

What does "we're for individual rights, not group rights" mean?

I watched O'Reilly for the final time, last night

IMPORTANT Electoral vote question! Adding votes so Bush can win???

I hope Team Kerry doesn't make the same stupid mistake Team Gore did.

some really good and important John Edwards said about values

New quinnipiac Kerry 46-43--------------New Time Kerry 46-43

France,Canada and Germany are your friends.

O'Reilly hated from the right and left

Might as well face it, they're addicted to........

concerning the ongoing religion flamefest

Bush does NOT have the EV lead according to this site

Presidential Election Focus Group on C-span

2,000 U.S. troops killed in Iraq: Russian expert

'64 convention stand drew all eyes to Freedom Party

Left-wing Democrats are debating DNC protests

I like these letters

Bush Haterz are EVERYWHERE

Now that Malloy is (Yeah!!!) on AAR, who should be added next?

Are we as a species incapable of an equitable social system?

Truthout Convention Coverage begins: Iraq Veterans Against the War

Bush AWOL: Undesirable Discharge?

Bush's UNDESIRABLE Discharge from the National Guard

Going to Canada for vacation in August - again

Martin needs to send message to the U.S. about relationship

Dems close convention door to Moore

From the "sovereignty hand-off" until 7/21...45 US soldiers died

Kerry Slightly Ahead of Bush in Time Magazine Poll (46-43% , 34 electoral

More American vigilantes may be in Afghanistan, U.S. military says

Outsourcing War Crimes

Plot quickens in thriller trial

California man claims he was jailed and beaten during stay in Egypt

WP: U.S. Helped Sweden in Deportation Of Suspects

Edwards's 'Burning Sense'

Court acquits sole defendant in Kazemi case

U.S. MPs Fear Being Tarred with Abu Ghraib Brush

Bloodstains Found in Hacking Apartment

Aides advised Bush to stay at Offutt after 9/11

Who Backs Nader?

Delegates Lean Left And Oppose the War -NYT

WP: Inside the Vote to Fund War, Rebuilding (Repugs loudest skeptics)

WP: GOP Gears To Spread Message on Airwaves

Bush wins big at Stupidity Awards

Sunni leaders press insurgents to fight US forces, not Iraqis

Sen. Shelby Probe Referred to Ethics Panel

Sensing Democratic victory, Pakistan shifting stance

Can Kerry Catch Up? Polls Show Bush Holds Lead

Osama being treated by Pak Army

Labour MPs will join fight in US to dislodge Bush

Wiring the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy -NYT

Convention protesters demand more visible space

Bush targets marijuana smokers

GW Bush and Ken Lay Share Same Attorney

UK banking link to fraud by Pinochet

Butler 'wrong' on Iraq uranium link

What's a "paralegal focus"?


Fried Chicken and Fries


Anybody having major probs with DU posting etc...?


Sox dump Yanks?

Behold the power of Cheesus

Where's Fenris?

Anybody see the Bull riding on TVOne?

If you like to gamble I tell you I'm your man...

hubba hubba HUBBA

w00t! My 2000th post!

They found Blood in Lori Hacking's apartment....This is so sad

I have this idea that snobbery is rooted in...

Are you allowed at the DU Happy Hour in Boston if you are a

Seriously stop what you are doing

I have 12 screaming girls in my house... ask me anything!

Beastie Boys "it takes time to build"

I REALLY should know better

Anyone know any streaming stations that play 90's era indie-grunge?

Why do people do this to themselves????

The Chemical Brothers kick ass

Anyone else going to order The Jacksons Story CD set?

I have discovered Soulseek....

Naked Quidditch!

No bush*/cheney signs in Florida panhandle. What up?

10 posts to go until 2000

My ears are assaulted, my eyes sting & I can't breath... I love it!

Uh oh - another "House For Sale" post

Is it just me, or is this picture really disturbing?

WOO HOO! My house is (finally) for sale.

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Saturday Night in CO Liberal's House

I need to learn PowerPoint.

What's the matter with Alan Colmes?

If your 13 year old fell off his bike, while apparently going really fast,

Is there anyway to download or copy Eric Blumrich's.....

There's so many cute gay women on DU

has everyone seen "this land is my land" at

The problem with this world is that people are idiots

I feel like a big loser... bored on a Saturday night... ask me anything

What kind of bar should I go to?

No or low cost date ideas,

I think I've done it! I think I've made the best short mix EVER!!!

Gibson - SG? or LesPaul?

Is there anyway to download or copy Eric Blumrich's.....

I just scraped off eight generations of wallpaper. Ask me anything.

What is the deal with the Pirates?

I just got back from a week in Maine! Ask me anything!

What is Emo?

Praise the Lord! I Have Entered the 700 Club!!!


Sealab 2021 is on!

I'm coming out of the club like a bat out of hell.ask me anything.

Man sleeping in hospital for 17 hours was dead (Classic CNN Headline)

Anyone ever see the video short "Stony does Houston"?


Saturday night.You know what that means,don't ya?It's time to PARTY!forJK

Wow this guy could pass for John Kerry (1950's photo)

My daughter potty trained today!

Best Joni Mitchell Album

Forrest triumphs over adversity!

Here's a good way to protect the "sanctity of marriage!"

Good night DU

Too bad A-Rod didn't play when Gibson and Drysdale were pitching.

I got my first thumbs-up for an anti-Republican bumpersticker!

Redneck lawncare

Amusing Flash Animation on the Wonderful World of Joblessness


I love my job

Which Faux news employee do you dislike most?

Quick! what did Ari Onassis cover his bar stools with on his yacht?

Can somebody please explain the appeal of Strangefolk to me?

NYC by Night *gulp* Help?

I, ROBOT is much better than the trailers and TV spots suggest

Ever eaten (or drank, in my case) too many mushrooms (tea) . . .

what are you listening to right now?

My children told me their career choices tonight.

How about a good way to protect sanity in marriage?

"Frog march? Tang records?" define pls

Sorry folks, the ONLY guitar worth considering

Do you ever want to give up and become a conservative?

Meet one of my favorite poets: Anne Bradstreet. Who is yours?

Media Say Convention Restroom Facilities Lacking

My 1000 post - vanity thread - some background on me

What is your favorite foreign movie?

Have any of you seen the new Apollo moon landing images on the web?

My dear DU friends, sad news. My son-in-law has died.

What song would you want to be played at your funeral?

Ever had an absurd thought you can't shake?


anyone wanna gimme a lift to Boston?

What is your favorite sports rivalry?

Another e-mail from my friend in animal rescue seeking cat advice

DNC News Aggregator (Convention Bloggers portal)

General Election Focus Group on C-span right now.

DNC News Aggregator (Convention Bloggers portal)

Interesting campaign fund raising idea from cartoonist Fitzsimmons

Bush Leads Kerry?

Will the "designated protest areas" be equal for the DNC and RNC?


Presidential Election Focus Group on C-span now

New Florida newspaper poll: "Kerry opens up Lead"

Kerry ahead in Nevada 49-45

Andrew Sullivan has endorsed Kerry?

Will the NRA be as effective against Kerry?

Media find DNC restroom facilities lacking

They were willing to sacrifice her

Erosion of privacy reaches schoolhouse

Point, click, insure

Darfur's deep grievances defy all hopes for an easy solution

Kerry "can't be pigeonholed"

Iran new U.S. whipping boy

When faith meets politics

Saddam's People are Winning the War

The Intersection of Life & Fame: a tragic memory about Laura Welch(Bush)

Ehrenreich: Wal-Mars Invades Earth

Treating journalists like terrorists

The NYT says yes, we're liberals!

NY Times Magazine - Wiring the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy (LONG)

News Hot Enough To Fry Radio Stations

take action against the FCC

Fans of Sailor Songs?

Ever notice whenever the TV media is doing a story on Kerry,

What's with this "Katty Kay" from the BBC on Tweety's show?

Is Rove the Media Czar This week too?

CNN promo for Democratic Convention

It it my imagination, or do we now hear and read about insurgents

"My Beef With Big Media" by Ted Turner

NPR: Schorr just can't get over his hatred of Clinton

Today's Quotes

Today's Thought host Mike Malloy and Kathy had a baby girl!

Saturn in the 12th house: some sort of horrible thing?

Spacecraft to Begin Journey to Mercury

Here is a collection of galaxy photos.

Arab View Of U.S. Worsens Since 2002: Poll

'Pools of blood' threat

US, China to expand passenger and cargo flights (5 fold in 6 years)

They are burying me alive, says Iranian dissident

The Hawks and the Doves Are Aflutter over U.S. Iran Policy

Senator Richard Shelby Report On Inteligence Reform Dec. 2002

John Edwards this morning on This Week With George Stephanoupolos:

Small request to mods: please read the date on threads

Is DU1 dead or just temporarily down?

Skinner, will DU being doing a COUNTDOWN to election? 100 days today!

Would like to post a last minute auction fundraiser for Kerry

GD and GD Campaign 2004 sure are getting muddled...

About a thread I have in the lounge...

Progress on a DU campaign photo galllery?

RE: heckling of original poster in animal rescue thread

Six children injured after shell lands in Gaza settlement

Solana: UN vote on fence was 'victory of EU policy'

Israeli Missile Strike on Gaza Adds to Tension

People power urged in Gaza Strip

Protesters form 'human chain' to protest pullout

$ 1.000.000 to whoever proves the official 9/11 story is true!

Seismologist retreats from Flight 93 impact time

Was Tenet A Knowingly Complicit Fall Guy For PNAC on 9/11 and Iraq?

Wow, what a Sunday at DU! (re: Barack Obama)

Glitch in (ES&S) voting machines gets fixed (Pasco County)

No chance for Kerry riding a few miles in Ragbrai, I suppose

Not endorsed by their party

Post Convention Visibility Events: Who's Up For It?

Kerry, Bush to campaign in Pittsburgh region next week (Sat 7/31)

Where are you watching Kerry's acceptance speech?

Mark Belling is a big stupid Tool and should get Cheneyed

Washington's Top 50 Political Contributors in 2003-04

PR and finding out who makes the so-called news...

was anyone at the Boston Social Forum?

This sounds eerily familiar!

Frank Rich - The Manchurian Candidate (Puke Alert-Column Sludge hyping)

DU this poll! It's being targetted by ProtestWarrior!

Any National Urban League members?

I threw my shoe at the television earlier today!

Nate Clay attacking 9/11 Commission -- Everybody's doing CYA

Bush administration goal is "not to shield drug companies" from lawsuits

saw f/911, Friday night. guess what happen. they turned off

Bush/Cheney SUCK!

Terrorist Dry Run, or Racial Paranoia?

Poll: Favorite DU feature?

Dead Heat on the Washington Merry-Go-Round

Teresa Heinz Kerry will make a fine first lady

"We find that if we don't go in there, they won't shoot us" (Al-Anbar)

Why can't John Kerry say something like this?

Got in a huge argument about Reagan and Clinton tonight

Former FLA Christian Coal. leader and Jeb Bush politco is OUTED

Now I know that the polls are totally bogus....

WE are becoming THEM

Bush a Big Winner at World Stupidity Awards

MTP on NBC - Kean and Hamilton: WHY do you believe an ATTACK

Howard Winant and the politics of race

Don't forget...Barack Obama on Meet the Press today

The Passion Thing

Joe Trippi: "The key to this election will be young people...

OMG--has anybody seen Barack Obama's website--I think it's been

take action against the FCC!!!!

" a tide of immorality in Louisiana"....good grief

An Aussie *tries* to understand "1st Amendment Zones."

AP: Bush leads among current Florida Governors

Washington Journal hack job--ripping up Kerry and trashing the Dems

Freeper Homophobe Madness RE: Andrew Sullivan

DeLay Cuts Aid to American Allies


Sneak preview of New Dem Website

G.E.RUSSERT, Meet-the-One-Non-Journalist, Two Tongue Slips & Counting

Terrorism at the Democratic Convention?

Jenna [Bush] is unwanted [in Harlem]

What are the top 10 Bush contributors to his campaign?

Silver City Radio replaces Michael Savage

Of George W. Bush and "free speech zones"

AP: Bush leads among REALLY STUPID people.

Look at the cover of today's Boston Herald (right-wing rag)

Local headline:" Bush leads in Electoral Votes". Dems on TV sound robotic.

Do Bush's military records get a medal for Being Missing In Action?

When Will Mediawhores Ask Bush If His Being A NeoConservative Radical

Bush & O'Reilly Win Stupid Awards

I'm getting psyched for the DNC! How about you?

Tom Hayden on CSpan2 -- "Street Wars" -- Gang bangers who

Is there a bigger whore out there than Cokie Roberts?

100 Days Until November 2nd. nt

Michael Moore WILL BE welcome at the Democratic Convention

DNC should announce no FSZ if RNC agrees to do this also, as

Howie the Ho just got "bitchslapped" by.......

How is Kerry going to make sure the election is not stolen again

AP Reporting Bush leads in Supreme Court Votes

DU'er at the convention check in!

To anyone here who is not part of the DFA

Conservative family members

I Found The Paris Business Review (O'Reilly)

Has anyone been to a John Kerry rally?

Lester Holt-NBC

DU This, please!

Outing of Gay Republicans continue........

How is Kerry going to make sure the election is not stolen again

Saw the "free speech zone" on CSPAN last night.

AP: Kerry leads among people with that FANCY BOOK LEARNIN'

How seriously are the "Pundits" taken? Does the public at large....

National Organization of Women gathers in Vegas

New GOP talking point.

Dixie Chicks: Did they get PERMANENTLY booted from the Clear Channel

Bush: "gagging on the donkey but not yet ready to swallow the elephant."

Bush at the Ranch or the Grove?

God must be a real prick!

Waiter..."I like your Kerry/Edwards button!"

DU'er at the convention check in!

My Reply From Slim Fast

I just saw an O'Reilly/Factor/FoxNews commerical on CNN...

Kerry town hall meeting live on CSPAN at 1:15 pm eastern time today

US Energy Department to shut down labs over leaks

McGovern live on CNN.

U.S. President George W. Bush a big winner at World Stupidity Awards

Yale Law Sues Uncle Sam (bushgang messing with universities)

Who has more money?

WOW! Atrios now advertising for MSNBC.....

11:42 a.m. Anybody watching C-Span? News Anchors' Perspective

Why, oh why, doesn't Leslie "Wolf" Blitzer have his own show on Fox News?

I LOVE BARACK OBAMA... he stood Wolf on his head: Wolf was

Have Kerry and Edwards ever said that Bush LIED about WMD?

Kerry coming up live on CSPAN 1:40 Eastern 7.25

Kerry in Ohio: I would have gone to MODERATE Muslims to work with them


Chris Heinz on CNN NOW

Does anyone have the link to the GOP Platform parody

Urgent! Call 1-202-585-3881 to Support Kerry

HEADS UP: C-Span at 4:00pm ET: AL FRANKEN ON.

Holy crap, this is great!

So, I was just listening to Kevin Phillips on KPFK / Pacfica

Anti-gay Senate candidate has two gay advisers (Martinez)

Al Jazeera net cartoon...."So Shall You Reap"

B.D. receives his Purple Heart (from *!)

CSPAN 2: Thomas Frank "What's the Matter with Kansas?"

wonder what she's thinking, to me it's a small window to the soul

DU a poll, Play a game, have a nice Saturday all in one stop.

Deleted message

Forget "Pickles"...Laura's Secret Service name is much more apt

Kerry and the Neocons

What Happened to Those Nuclear Bombs in Iraq?

Here is Barack Obama's e-mail. Tell him he's a traitor

Which speaker at the convention gets to stick it to Bush?

The CITY OF BOSTON Is Responsible For Free Speech Zone People NOT KERRY


To Condi: July 1945: Aircraft hits Empire State Bldg; many dead

Sandy Berger.....copies or originals

Bash Bush or Stay Positive or Do Both?

Where are those Plame Indictments I was promised?

Matthews program: Will Kerry LOOK like a president? Who is Matthews

With friends like us, who the f*ck needs Fox News?

News reports per 911 commission state: bush reading the report this

Anybody watching the docu about Napoleon? French vs Spanish war

Protest pen lawsuit. Who is involved.

Kerry waving to Bush/Cheney people

Values and Leadership

Obama shines brightly on national stage

Since the thugs have made Liberal a dirty word....let's turn it around and

F9/11 officially over $100M domestic last night

Will we now spend the week echoing the RW "free speech zone" mantra?

Dupe, sorry!

MediaNation, a two-page daily newspaper covering the news media @ DNC

Obama: "The President has good intentions"

Box Office Mojo Spotlight: Fahrenheit 9/11 tops $103 Million Domestic...

Tweety Takes on the Convention!

F 9/11 in Korea

Amazing reading! Chicago '68: A Chronology (Wow!)

Bringing Competance and Good Leadership back to the White House

George W Bush was born to be a bully, an asshole, and a divider....

FAHRENHEIT 9/11 clears 100 million

Wilson - Niger - "outing"

Moore Donors Versus Gibson Donors

Lost in academics, Poli Sci 437 Choosing the Best Presidents

Undecided voters are tilting toward......

Undecided voters tilting toward...

"If you can't say anything nasty, shut up!" Is this the way we feel about

Kerry Promises Every Vote Will Count

Bush vs. Kerry Ignites Battles Over Dinner and the TV

I Wanna Be a Republican!

How will Religion Affect your Vote?

Protestors in Boston "clash" -- anti-choice & anti-war

Those Golden Moments From Past Conventions

Congress quietly keeps School of the Americas alive (teaches torture)

Al Jazeera plans more coverage of convention than 3 networks

Transcript -- The Jesus Factor

Question: Any DNC stuff going on tonight? On TV?

Why is this Chimp smiling? (Caption the photo!)

Has anybody been hassled by the police for their political views?

Richard Clarke's op-ed peace..slams 9/11 report because they.....

The Fish Symbol and an Idea

Farouk Abdel-Muhti dies at 57

Who are you? (What's your ideology?)

Some campaign advice from a winner

The definition of "Sincere" and the definition of "Moron"!

Index of Words NOT Contained in the 9/11 Commission Report do you all stay calm and forget all of this mess

Now that you've seen F911, go see The Corporation

Here are some OTHER things that Obama has said....

Poll: Will John Kerry convince voters that he's better for war on terra?

Dead Whales Land in Canaries After Naval Exercises

Duct Tape & Paranoia Corner: What if Ridge is right about the elections?

I got F'd with by some jackass in a HUMMER while driving my wife's PRIUS!

Glance at Democratic Delegates : Associated Press delegate survey.

Franken bitch-slapping Matthews on Hardball

Is time for some DUers to grow the hell up RE: Obama on MTP

ant-war and anti-abortion protest groups clash at DNC convention site

So I have one of the HOTTEST DNC event tickets...

here's an example of what I wish Obama had said

Here is Another Potential US CREATED "Resistance Fighter"......

Would that Barbara Jordan could speak out against George W. Bush

I got a HUMMER by some jackass's wife while driving my PRIUS!

Fox News going Left??

Rush using doctored pics of Kerry and Edwards... what a loser

Yes, another Obama thread!

Progressive Democratic Summit in Boston

Bush told a lie in the SOTU speech.

Why don't we all wait until Obama give his speech before hating it?

Kerry to throw out the first pitch at Sox game

Why all the hatred for DFA members?

For Those that loved "Head Office" aka "I.N.C., Inc." - The Corporation!

How many people here call the Democratic party, the Democrat party?

Bush has sown the seeds for a 21st century boodier than the 20th.

Obama transcript

Free News feeds?

who is zell miller?

Best Democratic Convention Speech

Kerry! National Poll (16) model: 52.93%; State Poll EV Model: 53.16%

Blitzer: Clinton ignored memo from CIA

I see the trolls, hacks, and "dividers" will be out in full force

"Please Come to Boston...

DU as Chaos Theory or Cellular Automata

9/11 commission appointees

It is official: the "all-powerful" Stephanopolous: IRAQ STABILIZED!!!

A real Christian will speak to Arabs in Egypt on 9/11/04

Tom Daschle's tough race for Senate

Uncovered...The whole truth about the Iraq War...

So, who's land is it?

What is Chris Matthew's obsession with drunks and alcoholism?

Where To Get Best Convention Coverage?

So is Mike Malloy REALLY going to be back on the air???

Bush Military Records (good website)

"Saddam's people are winning the war"

Will Air America ever find a CLEVELAND radio affiliate?

Whatever happened to "Al Gore TV Network?"

which candidate has better comic potential, bush or kerry?

Cokie Roberts interviewing Edwards: She is a repulsive human being.

Will Marshall: Kerry has been proven right on Iraq.

Teresa Heinz-Kerry pretty much called Bush a liar

Bill Clinton on RFK: The First "New Democrat"

Something Russert said today.........

Good news: Wal-Marts of the world will soon go bankrupt.

Is the choice really 'talk centrist and win or talk progressive and lose'?

A new idea for DU. Let's collectively write the "9/11 OMISSION Report"

Kerry in Cape Canaveral?

Photos of the "Boston Cage"

Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo, donated $2000 to *

REMEMBER THIS WEEK: The July Surprise!!!! Bin Laden to be "caught?"

Since 1980, the taller guy has won the Pres. Election (except once).

Kerry to throw out first pitch at Sox game tonight! 8pm edt

When Daughter Seems a Bit Too Much Like Father...Jenna

Kerry staff enforces be-positive mandate for Democratic Convention speaker

HELP! I need your worst examples of Freeper hate.

Anbar province (40% of Iraq) LOST by Bush to insurgents + 3 mil in Baghdad

LOL I just saw a CNN special presentation about kerry (ad) ...

Long Term Project: Which Plains State(TX to ND) Should Democrats Target?

Kerry should announce: "I will visit Iraq" this week

I have a Kerry/Edwards sticker on my car and am very nervous...

May I make an observation, re: the "burn Obama at the stake thread"?

Truthout blog reports from DNC for 07-25

Why is the government even involved in ANY personal relationship at all?

Obama comments= Democratic talking point for the convention

Instead of a Minimum Wage, how about a Maximum Wage in America?

Do you support the "Free Speech Zone" at the DNC?

Hubby is sitting on fence

Go vote at the MSNBC online poll and see if it tracks my Kerry projections

I am undecided on the issue of immediate withdraw from Iraq

Life as we know it is gone….Really?

Americans who move to Canada. What do you think about them?

Should I start campaigning

Kidnapping and Killings in Baghdad (CNN headline--today)

Two Pakistanis Feared Kidnapped in Iraq - FO

US Soldier Dies While Escorting Convey (new Sat. night)

Pakistan Battle Leads to 12 Terror Arrests

Powerful Explosion in Baghdad

Boston Globe: City, firefighters reach agreement ‘in principle’

Jenna [Bush] is unwanted [in Harlem]

Wavering Voters Have Doubts About Bush

Bush AWOL: Undesirable Discharge?

Boston Globe: Antiviolence Bl(A)ck Tea activists draw attention

Secret deportation of terror suspects

BAE probed on £60m Saudi slush fund

Russia Rejects Iraq's Troop Demand

The NYT says yes, we're liberals!

Ill. Sen. Hears of Nephew's Death in Iraq

In a Shift, Bush Moves to Block Medical Suits

Red, white and Boston

Bush camp to air Kerry video to counter Dems convention message

AP Survey: Top priority of Democratic delegates? It's the economy

Iraq's PM Allawi Visits Beirut for Talks

Bush Likely to Start 9/11 Panel Ideas

UNR stem cell research focuses on sheep

9/11 Panel Said to Have Avoided Iraq

Don't fence us in: Activists shun `protest pen'

Bloggers Offer Inside View to Convention

Clark Throws Delegates to Kerry

Firefighter Deal Averts DNC Picket Lines

Iraqi police face charges of past (Mukhabarat back in the saddle)

Two Protest Groups Clash Near DNC Center

Iraqi army chief is fired

Report shatters conventional wisdom about 9/11

Butler 'wrong' on Iraq uranium link

Moore: I'm now welcome at convention

Secret Service Arrests Man During DNC Protests

Iraq Conference Hits Snag Before Start

Protesters clash near Democratic Convention - AP

Rivalry between Wal-Mart, Costco also extends to national politics

Heavy Clashes in Iraq; Hostage Crisis Spirals

Aljazeera 'outraged' at Iraq criticism

Saddam's day: gardening, reading and eating muffins

Taxes Cut, Not Saved

U.S. Air Raid Goes Astray, Hurts 8 Afghan Soldiers

Obama shines brightly on national stage

4-Year-Old Chained To Crib In Burning Home

Texan funds anti-Kerry vets

Wrong Pilot Held in Bush No-Fly Violation

'Fahrenheit 9/11' a Hit With Disney Chief

Media Upset With DNC Restroom Facilities (Oh No 60 per john ;)

No Shortage of Fighters in Iraq's Wild West (Ramadi)

Diana divorce left Charles broke. . . almost

Dead Whales Land in Canaries After Naval Exercises

Australia Blames Philippines, Spain for Terrorist Threats

US report on prison abuse a 'whitewash'

Children to get jabs against drug addiction

Exploratory Oil Drilling Done Off Cuba

Worst US drought in 500 years fuels raging California wildfires

Kerry heckled on his own front porch

Kerry Staff Enforces Be-Positive Mandate

'F9/11' sets new documentary mark, tops $100 million

Rockers to Sing Against Bush in Fall Concert Series

Economists Question Fed Projections

World creeping closer to "oil shock"

Sudan accuses Bush of exploiting Darfur crisis for election campaign

Bloodied knife is found at Hackings'

Carlyle Interested in BAE's Shipbuilding Unit, Telegraph Says

My sister is mentally ill...(long post)

Ricky Williams to retire!

Any proof that the "spongebob" producers are liberal?

Androgeny for a thousand please Alex

OK. So who's wet pussy this?

Lucy! Were not in the 1950's anymore!


(Blank) against Bush!

The universe is expanding by a mile or two each day

I wish Bush was a contestant on American Idol

Post 3000!

Back from wedding - HEyHEY is now bald

Does *anybody* still play D&D?

ever been to Alabama, New York?

How do they make Buttermilk?

"Vote as though freedom depends on it." The strangest thing. There

an interesting addition to the menu at McDonalds . . .

Stop the Presses! They just named the new Star Wars Film!

Do you feel like this?

Just saw something really different in a porn movie.

I'm back from my formal high school reunion and have seen many things

MMMMMMM.... My Newest Breakfast creation!

Dupe, feel free to ignore

Top 30 Bush - Iraq Lies Debunked BEFORE The Invasion:

Nick Carter and Paris Hilton: is there nothing left to believe in?

If Bush wins in a close election, will you believe it?

Are you going to see The Manchurian Candidate?

A question for computer buffs

I want to get 2 kitty cats, but my SO says...

Was Ford right in nixing the commercial where a CAT gets killed?

How will you primarily keep up with the DNC this week?

How is Kerry going to make sure the election is not stolen again

Ricky Williams Retiring...Thank God Miami Has Shaq....

Saddam Sez:


Best MP3 to CD software?

Does Anyone Have Experience With Birch Telecom? Opinions?

New Images of Your State from space.

Happy Birthday to Me, Today I'm Fifty Threeee

Anyone Here Know How to Make Spinach-Artichoke Dip?

I just refinished my wood floors.

Looking for links to sound bites.

Blogging from Belize

Just saw The Corporation

Can you believe it? Bush has an IMDB entry

Somebody find me a video link of ARod talking to the hand

What should I call my online computer game character?

I just got to know you...

If I listened to 'ABBA's Greatest Hits' at work, what will people do?

I declare "....."

Will, you got 'splainin to do!

Newest Reality Show - Just Saw The Commercial - "AMISH IN THE CITY"!

I'm gonna go take a piss

Boston has the DNC and something else too!

Hey Yankees! A-Rod is a Repug!

Heh heh. Heh heh heh heh. Heh heh heh.

Be cool mah babies!!

Another recipe thread -- Eggplant Creole

I'm firing up the grill today

I'm gonna go hop in the shower

Hot or Not - Val Kilmer

What Kind of Mother Are You?????

I'm so exhausted...

Georgie's Report Card

Going to look at a new (well,new to me) car

Help!! Can't remove DyFuCA, sidefind, and istbar programs

Who wants to hear my Michael Jackson joke?

I've won the "International Lottery!" Twice!

I had to break down and apply for credit to buy a lawn tractor today

Droopy's trucking fact of the day

"Outfoxed" is it available to rent?

Who here holds/held public office?

really, REALLY democratic bazaar is Tuesday

agh I think I already got spyware christ

WE just FROZE at the zoo in Tulsa, OK in JULY!

Star Wars Fans, Episode III title revealed

You must listen to this.....Making fun of our preseedint, ha ha

The Cubs are getting no-hit through 7.

Worst. Hoax. Ever! Genochoice??

If Will Pitt meets Wonkette, I will plotz.

Update on the "Everytime you *"/Kitten picture {it's a hoot}

What Is The Appeal Of William Hung?

Why do I bother going into GD?

What Is The Appeal Of Being Well Hung?

So you can't make the convention in Boston? Why not come to the RNC in NY

FSBO update, week two: the house SOLD for 98% of the asking price!


I have made a decision!

Poll: Favorite DU feature?


I dig my Rhapsody account (unlimited music streaming)...

What sentence are you looking forward to hearing soon?

That's it. I will NOT be voting for Obama!!

I'm going to say something to gay DUers that's really going to bum you out

My Job ends next week

Car warranty question

Color my face Red!


Pirates win. Are just two games under .500. 6 games behind WC.

Air America: What a movie.

Zomby's Simple Pleasures #2: Fresh undies from the dryer

Favorite kitten/gun picture

Has anyone here replaced a CV boot on their car?

Dumb question: who sang "I Ain't Got No Home" (modern version)

Where Should I Live When I'm Older?

Alabama Isn't The Most Republican State.

Dumb Freeper Quotes

Will Pitt in rave about my son!

Catfish/Trixie (our cars) 4 Kerry/Edwards!


I can pronounce supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Do you use hair gel?

Say 'toodles' to Slate...


Please post suggested roll-call descriptions of your state.

It's astounding, time is fleeting

TimeWarp Sunday - Squeeze!!

Does Jenna Bush want to be a teacher?

Rented Beverly Hills Cop. Ask me anything.

Rented Beverly Hills Cop. Ask me anything.

"What if God Smoked Cannabis?" catchy little tune

Ladies and gentlemen: THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS!

Favorite Boston-ized word

Slim Fast Hires Dick Cheney

Black People Love Us!


I'm Going To Bumbershoot!!

I am taking Zoloft. Is there a herbal equivalent?

Has anyone here ever been to a major party convention?

Hey, I'm sea-kayaking!

Incredible song

I am Morpheus. What Matrix character are you?

This is too stupid to post in General Discussion.

Saddam appeared in gay pornos

August 16....

To apply, or not to apply---Makeup, that is the subject.

Anyone like Cake?

What Shall I Grill?

Which B-Movie Monster Do You Most Relate To

Is it safe?

How balance self care with responsibility?

The Bill O'Reilly Truth Bash is coming. Are you ready?

Badda Bing, Badda Boom!! 900 Posts!!


Almost to 1000 posts! Ask me anything...

hilarious Bush image...

Obama bama bo bama, banana fanna fo fama, me my mo mama,

Problem I have with a video game device



Teach me the ABCs (i'm bored)

What are some liberal places to live in Virginia?

Anyone watching the Tour de Lance!

!!!RATS!!! Richmond being overrun with RATS!!!

I got F'd with by some jackass in a HUMMER while driving my wife's PRIUS!

Can't find the "HEZBOLLLLAH!" soundbyte

So I spent the afternoon yesterday reading the New Testament.

I would like to make a public apology to someone that I was a jerk to.

Democratic party macaroni and cheese


Word trivia anyone?

ATTN: August/September babies

Snobbery. Is it.....

I am so proud of this: 1st Amendment Rant(in defense of)

What is "the gay lifestyle" that the rw is so concerned about?

Best (or worst) record producer?

Anyone know how to read .dbx files?

fine rescue foto (not mine)

DU Road trip to Boston! (w/Photos!)

So her ex-husband keeps popping by to hurl insults...

candidates up close

Leauge of Conservation Voters: Nader- Riding the Elephant?

Kerry/Edwards need to offer a vision/product.

MSNBC Question: Will JK convince voters he is better to fight terror war?

What do you want to hear from John Kerry on Thursday night?

Will we ever stop hearing "Who is John Kerry? Nobody knows!"

How do you pronounce E L E C T O R A L

Bush-Cheney has 3 times as much cash on hand as Kerry-Edwards

Kerry needs to captivate Dean fans

Jerry McNerney -- The Campaign is Catching Fire

Campaign Contributions

Does anyone know where to find the DNC bloggers?

Convention Speakers

Any chance of taking back the House?

Poll choices: why would 1% vote "Other", but 5% vote Nader?

Why undecideds will go for Kerry


Campaign finance question?

Ordered these magnetic Kerry-Edwards bumperstickers. They're great!

Poll question

Republican Dirty Tricks in Florida - Again!

Kerry says his legal team will make sure every vote is counted

Very nervous and concerned about the BIG money differential

TIME's B&W portfolio of photos of John Kerry taken by George Butler

Toby Keith doing an ad for a Democrat???

Tulsa World - Bush leads in electoral college math?

Call me naive or call me stupid, but...

Choose a bumper sticker for my truck

I would post this on the Kerry site if anyone gave a damn.

What time tomorrow does TV coverage of the DNC start?

The Post Convention Money Problem: Why Can't We Be The Difference?

Are Americans Stupid?

Nader's grass root are completely dead (and he's broke)

Bet Dean doesn't say this in his convention speech.

TOON: Planet Of The Candidapes