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Archives: July 26, 2004

Friendly Dealings With Dictators

NYT coverage of 9/11 Commission Report -- Israel not mentioned

Who will be brought to account for Iraq's war?

Civil War In Iraq?

Fourth Generation War In the Sudan

Successful Strategic Bombing

KTVU television to run program about protesters tomorrow

New Plame Metathread with Metanew Plame Metanews

NBC and Campbell Brown can't tell AZ from AR

Today in History 07/25

Civial War?

Coca-Cola nose-dives on sluggish sales

Space - the property hotspot

1 in 3 police shootings involve unarmed people

9/11 Comm Report -- the word - Israel - does not appear in Exec Summ

Officials: Jewish extremists may crash plane on Temple Mount (Haaretz)

Israeli Agents Arrested in Plot To Forge Passports

Dov Zakheim and the 9/11 Conspiracy

zamora is back at bartcop !!!!

Des Moines Register: Bush 46 Kerry 45, Nader 2, undecided 7 MOE 3.9%

Columbus Dispatch: Bush 47, Kerry 44, Nader 2, Undecided 7

Canvassing for Feingold

Just Saw O'Malley's March in concert

Slim Fast Hires Dick Cheney

For those of us without TV... places to watch the DNC on the internet:

Headlines and teasers from a REAL newspaper

Ray Taliaferro to be on Air America at 9EST

MSNBC Now Playing Convention Coverage

Do Kerry and Edwards attend the convention before their speech?

Politics 101 - Taking The Train To The White House

Anyone watching NOW is Bill Moyers?

ESPN now: Kerry to visit broadcast booth

KERRY up on ESPN soon

Candy Crowley hits all the RNC talking points in "Born to Run"

Convention backdrop: America: A stronger America?


Maybe Tweety is right

Great move bringing Kerry to the game

Is anybody playing that Osama bin Lotto game?

Not only was Bush AWOL, he committed payroll fraud!

Who is this Deutch guy and his Big Idea

Kerry opens lead in Florida poll 49-44

My neice is leaving basic training with a medical discharge

Rate some Kerry pictures!!

Kaption Kawntest

Aren't the convention security measures dictated by Homeland Security?

Looking for TV ad

DUers Who Were Around: Compare McGovern and Humphrey

What a Day!

Illinois DUers, it looks as if you're getting one hell of a Senator.

"LAW & ORDER" has a special Novak/Wilson/Plame episode tonight. . .

Tradesports Bush Futures contract at 49.7 -

Why would Gore & Kennedy convention speeches be off-limits to editors?

Don't forget to listen to Peter!

Brit Hume just said 100,000's are leaving Boston because of the DNC

Well, I really disagree with Kerry on an important issue.

Ali G is hilarious

My 80 yr old Dad saw Free Speech TV today for the first time

WOW-If Kerry takes Ohio he will not need-FL,IA,NH,MO,AZ,WV

Protesters shut down Baywalk in Florida

GEORGE STEPHANOPOLOS being interviewed on ESPN -- NOW.

John Kerry - born to run on CNN

Candy Crowley doing a good interview of John Kerry on CNN???....

Bush's Payroll Records show this article from 2002 is still true

Was Kerry really supposed to go to Florida today?

CNN/Kerry: Born to Run........CNN/Bush: Born to Run AWAY!!!!

"Powers that will make martial law seem like anarchy." PNAC"s blueprint

CNN's coverage of the empty DNC convention is amazing!

Boston Red Sox game on ESPN

Politically inclined youth: I was so impressed by my son today.

Who do you look foward to hearing the most at the DNConvention?


I found the election graphic I made on a website

Kerry Biography..."Born To Run" is on CNN again...NOW. n/t

Have there been any polls of the soldiers in Iraq? 140,000 lots of votes

I was push-polled yesterday about Norway

"All human beings begin life as a feces"

All you Colorado Dems...Get your Naderite buddies to vote for a cause

Here's a Homeland Security story...

Is anyone else watching the special on Kerry on MSNBC?

It's Sunday Night and Peter Werbe Time. Am I alone here?

I watched a town meeting with Kerry today. I thought he did a good job

F 911 Question

Just finished watching 3 hrs of MSNBC coverage of Kerry/convention

Just saw Meet the Press

I wish I was in Boston....It looks like one Big Parteee!

yahoo article: kerry says 4 more years of what? and the goes to boston

Check out this anti-bush/anti war vid...

Drudge on his radio show: Teresa is one cheeky--excuse me--bitch.

Semi-permanant Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers?

The Bush Curse:: Is it for real?? Everything he does, touches, turns to

Wonder what would have happened with a THIRD TERM CLINTON presidency


What do Bush supporters most like about their candidate ??

The Repigs are sliming Teresa Heinz-Kerry.

whats up with espn showing kerry multiple times and mentioning dnc

11:27pm C-SPAN - Mario Cuomo "Why Lincoln Matters" 1/2 left.

Dean proved that by saying what you please, you'll win every time!

God, if only Dems'd use this as their theme song tomorrow

photos of the DNC "free speech" pen

Teresa Heinz-Kerry's home-run on Hardball. Whiplashed me!

Polling for Nader . . .

Drudge just called Linda Ronstadt ..."Linda Ronfat"

Further proof that CNN has gone over to the dark side

F911 Question -- An Oregon family has charged

Two more "voted for Bush* - will vote for Kerry". My sister and her

My confrontation with a repub on I-95 or how I spent my Sunday

Gotta love the "liberal media"

For use this week -- CNN's viewer -comment line, 404-827-0234

Good liberal books, I heard about

EMAIL CNN: Crowley's 1hr piece on Kerry was 70% antiKerry.

Do You Agree With Teresa Heinz-Kerry That Bush* Is a Liar?

America as a third-world country = Good for Republicans?

Do we need a "Refuting the Freepers" forum?

Are Labor and the Conservatives both disintegrating?

Officials: Jewish extremists may crash plane on Temple Mount (Haaretz)

Help for SA 'mercenaries'

Gas prices dip less than a penny as refinery projects end (Yippee!)

WP: Life of the Party Turns Wallflower (Clinton Lets Kerry Have His Moment

Haitian rebels still armed and active

Pilot fatigue grows as problem for airlines

Islamabad Sets Terms for Sending Troops to Iraq--New World Media Watch

Clinton Takes Cautious Aim at Bush

U.S. Is Accused of Trading in Knockoff AK-47's

Massive quake hits Indonesia

Chávez effort boosts voter rolls

Animal-rights icon suggests scientists die - Assassinate scientists

NYTimes:Edwards Returns $44,000 in Donations

Floridians Get Pre-Affiliated Voter Forms

Mine-clearing is the new job fad


Al-Jazeera sign is removed from Boston's FleetCenter

2,000 U.S. troops killed in Iraq: Russian expert

WP: McAuliffe is Democrats' Comeback Kid

WP: Officers Question Visibility of Army in Iraq

Maker of Schizophrenia Medicine Clarifies Risks

Euro Disney's woes keep growing

Australia might suspend oil talks with East Timor

Bickering over politics is tearing New Jersey apart

(British) Official sacked over TV remarks (about Blair) on Iraq

Bush tells Lance Armstrong, "You're awesome"

Three Run Homer for Unfrozen Caveman Centerfielder.

Animals fans - just discovered a tune I'd never heard before

It is raining and I am so totally pissed off

I am going to Las Vegas tomorrow for a week... wish me luck.

What are you listening to right now?

Your favorite baseball team

5 months until xmas

Are all Red Sox fans freepers or just the ones hanging out here?

I hit a 305 yard drive today

There are fireworks right now in Boston

Can Arnie ever turn that Terminator shit off?

Good night DU

'Murder on the Orient Express' butchered

Anybody have digitized Taco Bell burritos?

Red Sox and Yanks meet again!

XM Radio has a great deal going on

Take me out to the brawl game...

Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd...

The Onion parodies Democratic National Convention

Oh look at ben affleck hold back his tears

Okay temporary truce for you red sox fans

it's nearly midnight and I can't sleep

Boston Red Sox game on ESPN

Evil, Evil Tequila!

Damage your vision

Any Rockapella fans out there?

Liar Liar by the Castaways

Sleepless in the Garden of Eden

What's Joe Montana up to these days?

I'm watching the Kerry speech on C-Span...

Anybody have digitized Taco Bell commercials?

Portman Parties for Kerry - Vanessa too

So, I'm assuming no Top Ten Idiots this week.

Doom despair, and agony on me!

Boston Red Sox game on ESPN

Name some bad pick up lines.

Love Kerry

Bush or * Administration Member jokes

Worst referee ever?

Where the hell is matcom?

Horrible Political News About Megadeth's Dave Mustaine

What career should I move into next?

Animal lovers, how do you acquire your pets?

The Chicago political machine?

Listening to the Best of Van Morrison. Don't ask me anything.

Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance


time for Sealab 2021!

Okay. What's so great about baseball?

Can a computer person explain this??

ebert & roeper's review of outfoxed

"We Don't Have to Take Our clothes Off (To Have a Good Time)"

Found an Interesting Picture

Best "classic" but forgotten LP...

Is anybody else watching CNN's coverage of the DNC pre-convention?

Vanessa Kerry having fun at tonight's Red Sox game with NY at Fenway Park

The Strategy: Speakers...Make Effort to Follow...Rule on Positive Speeches

Dean opens Democrats' Rock the Vote in Boston tonight.

The Solitary Soldier - Newsweek

This land is my land....yada

Bush Bashing Banned in Boston?

Who can most effectively demonstrate Bush's flaws?

Nader not welcome at Democratic convention

"Four More Years Of What?"

Calling Skinner and Will Pitt

Good liberal books, I heard about

"The Uncertainty of Iraq's Transition"

Sherman's March To Wal-Mart

Those 16 Words Still Smell (Dennis Hans, DU front page)

Dickerson: Judges use Fieger tactics to rebuke him

Where Do They Stand? (NYT Op-Chart on Candidates)

Buchanan's scathing attack on the Committee on the Present Danger

The Waterman Paper (Plame Affair - High Crimes & Misdemeanors)

The Crisis Papers - Bernard Weiner : An Advance Peek at Kerry's Acceptance

How to Lose the War on Terror

The Strange Unexplored overlap between Homosexuality & Fascism

"Put the speakers in a cage" - Coulter's spiked column

Just as Scary as Terror (terrific article on theBush economy)

Michael Moore is coming to Crawford on July 28th to screen F911!

How do we contact USA Today?

Web Diarists Are Now Official Members of Convention Press Corps(w/list)

is there a term for peopLe/journaLists inserting a swipe

32 Spanish Directors made 32 micromovies against Conservative Government

hilarious Bush image...

Today's Thought

Today in History 07/26

How would you word a political house party invitation

Today's Quote

Today's Quote

Check Out Psychic Nikki's Predictions For 2003 and 2004

Astrologers: How does the convention look for Kerry-Edwards?

Kids Come First... "Rebirthing" and "Holding" Therapies Harmful To Kids.

EU Demands More Specifics From U.S. onEnding Farm Support to Save WTO Deal

Google going public...bad or good?

My liberal boss: Universal Healthcare is a failure

Apparent mistrust of science at DU

Bush's Dark Pages in Conservation History By Stewart L. Udall

Record Warm June Through Much Of Alaska - ADN

LA Mayor Visits Owens Valley, No Environment Committment Yet - LA Times

Solar Storm - update

Sudan: No talks says rebel group

Blast shakes Indonesia's election office

Angolan minister commits suicide

Swazi king to build new palaces for his wives

A (partial) List of (70) Foreigners Taken Hostage in Iraq (to date)

Corruption is sinking Kenya's ship

NATO&U.N. Accused of "catastrophically' Failing Minorities(Serbs)in Kosovo

Supreme Court (of Canada) limits police frisking rights

Portrait of an extremist Right Wing nutjob

Local Cops Won't Miss Assault Weapons Ban...(NW IN Times)

GUNS IN THE NEWS--July 26, 2004

Considering a career change. J/PS opinions sought.

How concerned are you about self defense?

Officers want to renew ban

Do any of you gungeonites ever have this fantasy?

What should the limit on magazine capacity be?

I can not access the posts in my bookmarks I saved from 2002, 2003.

Death In A Cemetery

Gov't to offer 4 compensation plans to evacuated settlers

Israeli soldiers kill teenage girl

Israeli soldiers kill teenage girl

Israel Completes Rerouting of West Bank Barrier

Bush Set to Act on Advice of 9/11 Panel - May Not Wait for Congress

'Mossad agents' jailed in fake New Zealand passport scandal

Why Dick Eastman's Latest 9/11 Proof is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

SPIEGEL debunks 9/11 final report

9/11 Report: FAA radar equipment tracked Flight 77 for entire flight

Obama shines brightly on national stage

photos from glenview protest

Poll: Senate race tightens for both sides

Florida.We have A PROBLEM........Get active Now........

Kendrick Meek on the schedule for tonight

How Did Massachusetts elect four Republican Governors

Commuters check in!

Help! We need yard signs!

Greenwood drops out

The Tour de 'toona starts today:

Michael Moore is coming to Crawford on July 28th to screen F911!

Still need Campaign Underground help

Tammy Baldwin

Nice LTTE that appeared in the local paper ...

Bush or * Administration Member jokes

6 feet under---anti bush

Funny how Martin Sheen hadn't done much "zinging" of George Bush lately ,

Most effective way to prevent terrorism is missing from 911 report

Behold the coordination of various elements of the RWAM.

MSNBC is running ads at liberal blogs for its convention coverage


I think I know why Boston was chosen for the convention

"Shove It" - Email and online Journal address of Colin McNickle

Check out this young cutie (a handsome young Kerry)!

My Perfect Can't-Be-Wrong Election Prediction

When will the Dean speech be on?

Among Troops, Growing Doubts About Mission

Islamaphobia sells.

Electoral college: Ignoring the popular vote--SCOTUS stinks!

Dean proved that real Democrats who value civil rights cannot win the nom!

Whose Convention Speech are you looking forward to the most?

Need help in "F-9/11 Deceits" debunking

"Corporations are illegitimate institutions"

endearing moment on CSPAN: baby goes for Kerry's mic

CSPAN: Media Coverage of Presidential Campaign

Biggest difference between Kerry and Bush, our 'war' president?


Moore predicts F911 will bring out more dem voters

I won't make the classic Anti-Nader argument...

Bill Hemmer (CNN) Awfully 'Concerned' About "Bush Bashing" At Convention

Theresa K., vs. Laura B., steel cage match, no holds barred, who'd win?

Let's not bash bush at the convention? can we NOT?

1994: Heinz-Kerry called Santorum "Forrest Gump with an attitude"

Was Tenet A Knowingly Complicit Fall Guy For The PNAC on 9/11/Iraq?

The republicans are sending a "quote squad"???

Politicians, actors in Fenway spotlight (Some Great Quotes)

Great video---The Emperor Strikes Out!

funny how the repubs are DEMANDING apologies for bashing bush

Kerry: 'Four More Years of What?'

MSNBC's "John Kerry: Bringing the War Home" was GOOD

So we had an "Amber Alert" here in IN yesterday....

Something to know about the Paper who THK told to Shove

Thumbs down on the Garth Brooks/Madonna microphones at DNC!

"george, who chopped down the cherry tree?"......."the C.I.A!"

I love "compassionate conservatism" - * admin blocks law suits

Exactly what has Kerry Flip Flopped about?

Gillespie's "(un)Truth Squad" is hiding in Boston. Hi, Ed!

Mexican Puppy Mills Breed Grief in Southland

While we're cutting pay, union-busting, and and outsourcing...

PBS anchor chides big 3 networks as shirking convention duty

Diebold/black box voting

Is Rush dating Peggy Noonan? Interesting NY DAILY NEWS item. . .hmmmm

you wild-eyed loony liberals are so full of hatred and anger...why?

I want to thank Bush for Uniting Democrats!

"The 9-11 War"

10:05am CNN:again Teresa on the news on CNN: milking this to

AUGH! My lieutenant governor is a hatchetwoman for the RNC.

Okay, now that I've spent about 8 hours gardening and cooled down

........"now SHOVE IT".

Tweety is a pervert

We do NEED to continue sending E-MAILS, LETTERS, CALLS

Update on the Boston parachutist mystery

Hannity at the Convention!?!?!

9:23a.m. CNN- to discuss TERESA'S impasse with "journalist" SHOVE IT...

Love the fake Crawford Ranch backdrop on CNN

Bush's Fatal Political Mistake....

which party can help people achieve American Dream? Dem 50%, GOP 38%

Undated letter to JFK from John Kerry

CNN-Useless Today-Gallup Poll: Kerry 51% Bush 45% In Ohio

US Concerned About Possible Sale of Russian Migs to Sudan

Jeb Bush hid some important 9/11 information

Who was the "Reporter" that Theresa Heinz told off?

Is there more abuse or self-abuse at DU?

How military service personnel

Sweden (may have) violated legal rights of terror suspects

"Why don't Americans know Kerry yet?" BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT COVERED

How do you get an e-mail directly to CNN's Hemmer? We need to

Political phenomenon Obama vaults into national spotlight-Chicago Tribune

How Many States Will Have Nader On The Ballot?

Bush Flip Flop-Kills Migrant Bill -then at a Latino gathering calls for it

Seeya CNNservative...A Viewer's Guide

A B-29 just flew over -- Old soldiers recalled now this!

whats-up with this poll

CNN *already* promoting "George Bush: The Man, The President"

Whats with this Convention Coverage?.

FReeps scream that missing Utah woman has replaced Berger case

Soros' money, a report on NPR just now

A different way at looking how federal money is spent...

Why Are Republican Heroes, Heroes, but Ours Are Not?

What happened to the 527s?

Who did the Republicans entertain last night?

911 Commission concludes Ashcroft testimony False and Misleading

Wacko Watch on AAR

Convention podium schedule-Monday

Radical Republican Agenda

Is there a difference?

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's smear campaign on Teresa Heinz Kerry

Updated Bookmark for Air America Radio streaming...

About the "girlie throw"

Hmmmm.... "Shove it" or "Cheney off"....

Heather Thomas' campaign contributions

18 Months ago ...did you think the Dems would be this well positioned?

A Question For Ralph Nader............................................

Killing with Kindness???

Al From of DLC to be on WP On line at 2:30 PM EDT, Monday, 7/26

Mike Malloy now on AAR's website

I like the Dems theme...Stronger at home...Respected in the world!

Questions Persist Despite 9/11 Investigations:Who financed

C-SPAN airs interview with an anarchist protester at DNC

KATHARINE Q. SEELYE Ho'ing it up for the NYT

The "Fab Five" on Cable News. (Gag me)

Medieval Torture Devices

Good stuff on the truthout blog today

Look at all the Groovin' pop stars who want Bush's ass out of the WH!

someone was just photographing my house!

Lyrics to my favorite song of the year...

Colin "Shove It" McNickle's comment page link

Heard over the weekend that Bush* said by executive order that

Is torture OK now

Overall, the Democratic Convention will be EXTREMELY balanced

"shove it" video

A question...will "The Daily Show" be on the same time this week?

Neil Boortz near Al Franken at Convention.

All stations are covering the Repub Convention now!

Kerry's wife tells questioner to ‘shove it’

the 9/11 Commission Report book sold in bookstores is "abridged".....

When Kerry Is President, Can He Sign and Executive Order

Coming up on Franken, Garrison Keillor and Howard Dean, in studio.

July 26th headline "Ronald Reagan Remembered" ?? on CNN

State by State Convention Map floor plan> Interesting stuff

Where can I get the US News & WR with Kerry on the cover?

What's the deal with the "manhunt" in Boston after...

"Roll Call", a subscription site, is Open and Free this week

Rock the Vote party in pictures

GOP Truth Squads

Okay, so I am doing research on a Law Enforcement

Google CRASHED!.... Virus Alert: MyDoom.m or MyDoom.o

Could THIS be our "October Surprise"?

Virus Alert: MyDoom.m or MyDoom.o making a mess on the net.

Bloody, NO PAIN - NO GAIN - jesus shirts on sale now

States Cut Health Insurance for 145,000 Kids

Teresa just gave Democrats a talking point:

THANK GOD FOR AAR! I tuned in CNN this morning. PUKE!!!

USA Today Spikes Ann Coulter's Daily Dem Conv Column

Hillary made me believe it's gonna happen!

Is this what YOU want?

Dow continues to suck balls, below 10000 didn't make much news Friday

Richard Dreyfus being interviewed on AAR at Dem Convention?

Remember that IRAQ place?........

Faithless - Mass Destruction lyrics

Poll: Delegates, Kerry Differ on Key Issues

Please Al and Kathrine no more Oliphant

for years, ralph 'macho man' reed worked for pat robertson, now for bush

Michael Moore coming up on CNN....Next!

Google search/news goes down.

maybe F911 is having an even greater impact

O'Reilly Chickens Out of Debate?

A Day in the Life (everyone should email this out!)

"President Bush Wants You To Know . . .

IF YOU CAN'T BEAT'EM, BRIBE'EM! U.S. troops use cash to woo Iraqis

Meme: Tax cuts for the Super Rich.

Here's a good Web page for schedule of DNC speakers

Ann COMPTON Says SHE Decides What/Who Gets Covered

DU this poll for Theresa Heinz-Kerry

Dean on AAR right now

My feeble attempt with CNN

Freepers stole out IRC channel #Democrats on Undernet

If Bush is elected, what right will slip down the drain first?

To repay Boston for sacrifice, let's all visit AFTER the convention!

Is the Dem Convetion going to be on non cable news also?

Please DU this Ft Collins, CO poll...

As Clinton would Say: Remember THESE Words!!

Unfortunatly I have to give props to Wolf and Crowley

NPR's Dick Gordon is a tool (convention coverage)

A CNN critter called Gore "A JUNKYARD DOG!" How do they dare???

Dem convention greener then ever - SUPER

Bushevik Talking Points Memo from Long Ago...

Is there a source of streaming audio (not video) from convention on web???

How do you get to be a convention delegate?

Barney Frank must read DU...check out this article...LOL

A CNNI mouthpiece at the dem convention shocked the hell out of me today

Wow! Air America redesigned their website

"Breaking News: Dems Hit Boston Under Al Qaeda Threat"

Leader of GOP Senate effort is outed (Jay Timmons)

Only thing people need to know to vote Democratic

Barney Frank to run for the United States Senate? First I've heard of this

EVIDENCE FREE ZONE Created by Bush because he is not nuanced!!!

Sound bite abbreviations

Cable media strategy: 75% Republican talking heads

What is with these MTP polls?

"Terror in the Skies, Again?" -- DEBUNKED

Pretty much a dead heat?

Who here still gets sick....

David Brock with Franken at Convention.

What are Bush's policies on immigration?

Send emails to Miles O'Brien on CNN Here's the address

What is up with all these new polls, no numbers except the %'s?

Three photos from the "Free Speech Zone"

Everyone enjoying the Republican convention?

"Outfoxed"--does anyone know when it will be widely released?

Louis Black , (from the Daily Show).....

It is time to take the Republican rule book...

Hillary, kickin' tail and takin' names on CNN with Woodruff

Jimmy Carter on CNN.

Wilson remarks from encounter on Saturday

Did Kerry get booed at the game yesterday?

F/911 has made more $ than *ANY* Disney film this year

I get so mad....

If you were running the convention

Air America spreads wings - hiring MIKE MALLOY 8/02/04!!!!!!!!

Somewere in Texas a village is missing it's idiot

C-SPAN: "9/11 Remembrance" planned for 1st night of Convention

Re-Elect * / F*** Yourself - Website Face Count -

What does it take to be a uniter

Heinz-Kerry's beef: Un-American activities vs. Un-American traits.

did anyone watch betty haviland on cspan just now? she was great

Heard earlier on Al Franken: Bush is behind 2000 numbers in all 50 states

Bush Underfunding Homeland Security while saying he's doing all he can !?!

Let's be pragmatic RE: Michael Moore at the Democratic Convention. . .

Betty Havil - Iowa Delegate

No Top Ten list this week

"Big News on Teresa Heinz-Kerry tonight at about 9PM"

Any press nailing Bush's WH coverup of his AWOL days?

Since the GOP has broken tradition, Dems should do the same in NY

Kerry To Cross Picket Lines?

help me refute my sister's friends email!!!

Team Bush has shown to be so Inept, Maybe we shoulda got Amateurs

Michael Moore is coming to Crawford on July 28th to screen F911


Are the convention rules racist or otherwise unfriendly to minorities?

Yes! Repugs rapidly spinning their wheels on a ride to nowhere!

Anyone as sick of this media coverage as I am? Ready to complain?

DNConvention should be major message of hope

Excuse me while I go hurl

Meanwhile: Housing Bust: It Won't Be Pretty

The Liberal Media is working overtime today

CNN says these are the "most popular" blogs...

Bush Bashing Poll: Should we or shouldn't we?

We're at war and all you can say is "Shove It?"................cartoon

Michael Moore goes to RNC convention for USAToday.

AOL openly campaigning for the Unelected Chimp

I don't think the party insiders should engage in Bush bashing

Incredible stupidity -- Teresa is worth close to $1 Billion

Will Pitt - updates every 5 min. from Veterans for Kerry event

My e-mail to skeletor Woodruff (Inside Politics) she had Goldberg on!

Yesterday it was Obama, today's it's Harold Ford !!!

c-Span is wonderful-no commercials, no RNC talking heads, just

Randi's show is a riot today!

Libertarianism... What a bunch of BULLSHIT!!!!


Hey Fellow Bostonians! Check Out SmartTraveller....

Who knew Bush loved elephant dung so much!

NOW I know why all those prostitutes were converging on Boston!

Bush's New Campaign Song

Rally Today in Boston: Carville, Clark, Cleland

2,000 U.S. troops killed in Iraq: Russian expert

I woke up this morning to right-wing spin - AGAIN.

Larry King tonight at the convention. Looks good.

Where Does Sean Hannity Get Off...

When Kerry is elected, Judy Woodruff will...

Don't believe that Bushco is planning a draft? Check this out...

Will the Dem Talking Heads be around during the Rep Convention

Bill Schneider, CNN, bashing the Dems.

Is this what our October Surprise will be like...?

Bush* is gonna try to cash in on 911 report.

shove it shove it shove lol lol

Many of you still don't get it about the death of democracy

Would you join the Iraqi resistance movement if you were an Iraqi?

Anybody just see that Move America Forward (stifle Michael Moore) ad

Atrios is coming out today.

Carville just told Nofacts to "shove it"

When will the DNC hall fill up? It is looking a tad sparse at the moment.

Let's play! Be 1st to identify RW talking points for today's DC.

Why don't the Dems make more hay out of how extreme the Bushists are?

"Not all combat is fought on the battlfield of war with weapons and tanks,

Gillespie and Repubs plan on "bashing" Kerry and the Democrats....

No Bush Bashing?

Without Republicans, would Clinton have caught bin Laden?

The Unveiling of the National Security State

Today's rethug Stalking Point: "Extreme Makeover"

I did a little payback to Nader today.

What a special day! My first Move America Forward ad!!!!

Are you fuming at the media tonight?

Protesters are blaming DEMOCRATS for protest zones? Excuse Me?

Do you agree with the "no bashing Bush policy" at the DNC?

Did Richard Mellon Scaife murder Robert Duggan?

I cannot WAIT for the Daily Show tonight! Will be the best coverage!! :)

I realized today that Dubya ketchup perfectly sums up the symbolism of....

bush falls off bicycle...........AGAIN

Did anyone catch this about the "shove it" thing?

Iheard Bush fell off his bike. is there a thread about it?

The biggest entourage so far at the Convention belongs to ??????

New Randi Rhodes photo

Bush falls off bike AGAIN... a fine omen for the convention, hmmm?

Bush fell off his bike again....What a fool!

Gee, what are the chances that Dems will be on every channel for the RNC?

constant attacks on Theresa Heinz Kerry

Breaking News: Lesbian is speaking at the DNC convention

The End of Suburbia tomorrow in Mt. Shasta (peak oil)

"Shove it" vs. "No Bush Bashing"

With all the RW moran commentators covering the DEM

Hannity Will Be On The DNC Floor

LOL Randi says Hannity has asked for police protection!

The proper way to respond to mock outrage over Teresa Kerry's "shove it"

Justice Stevens quote just cited at the convention...

Is Randi talking to herself

Randi just said Hannity got police protection!!

Democratic National Convention-A Joy to Watch- on Cspan in particular

A quick question

DU this poll

"This admin. failed, how do the people not get it?"

what's the DNC tv schedule for those of us who had our cable disconnected?

Callers-in on CSPAN:

George W Bush has made us a weaker nation....

'Fahrenheit' may be boon for charities

Whining Email Fahrenheit 9-11 Destroying U.S. Military Morale Iraq

Molly Ivins on Lou Dobbs

"Shove-it" will only improve Kerry's ratings.

Doing this again, switch Avatar, Show DU Unity

Gay Cyclists Escape Arson Attack in Michigan

hannity threatened that massive news re:teresa would break within 24 hours

Poll: Teach Safe Sex Not Abstinence To Combat AIDS

I just did a bad thing.

Malkin to write a book about why WWII Japanese internment was GOOD

Watch bush* steal the 'Headlines' this week!

need a picture of Kerry with little VC

Another Bush* flip-flop!

Karl "Kerry/America Hater" Rove

Zogby Poll in my email

Are you one of Pavlov's dogs?

If TV media keeps this up, will we come out of Conv. with no bounce...

Arnold's appointees on energy paid junket

What does this gesture Bush is making mean?

Where is Camille Paglia?

New England Cable News Covention Commentator a REPUBLICAN!

Can anyone name presidential candidates

Bloggers' Breakfast: Dean: Net will bypass traditional media. BBC

Hey, why is Ed Gillespie demanding an apology for a "reporter?"

Remember . If you repeat Bush*'s actual words you are bashing Bush*

Liberal Women should be more like Laura & Barb, not like Teresa

When the hell will I get me Kerry/Edwards bumperstickers?

MEME MEMO: Public Protection Attorneys

Bush Anti-Gay Stand Not Resonating With Voters

Sometimes DU pisses me the fuck off

"Did Teresa Heinz Kerry murder Vince Foster?"

Ann "She's a man baby" Coulter's spiked article from USA Today

Trippi: Opt out of public funding

Matthews (Tweedy) playing the Teresa Kerry "shove it" comment...

Larry King has Dean, and the Kerry daughters at 9. Blitzer on at 9.

CBS News: "Hating President Bush"

DNC removes A-Jazeera banner

Jeb's son Prescott finishes law school and plans to marry fellow grad

Unfreep the poll on Teresa being a good First Lady

Teaching Torture:

Channel 4 viewer response to "shove it"

Excuse me? "Where's the left?" Dee Dee Myers says you try to

Gore Convention Speech Being Rewritten

that is your position, not ours

Mountain-biker Bush takes fall


Kerry latest state poll % ahead of Gore 2000 in ALL key states, except FL

SURPRISE-New ABC poll to show Bush leading 48-46

Can we all contact Judy to find out who the hell "we" is?

Don't worry. There'll be Bush-Bashing.

Michael Moore admits he was on drugs at Boston Convention

Speaker Schedule - 2004 Democratic National Convention (DNC link)

Chimp's "W" and the peace sign

Local LTTE says there are WMD in Iraq

7/26 KERRY: 97.19% WIN PROBABILITY, 327 EV, 52.90% of the vote

Women shouldn't vote

where is the convention schedule posted?

Kendrick Meeks -- short but sweet.

Stream the convention at the offical site. Link here:

Now Mitchell Says Gore's Speech Was Just Edited For Time

Republicans: When in trouble - send out your wife, or attack theirs

Speaker Schedule - 2004 Democratic National Convention (DNC links)

Wow, Phil Angelides just laid it down. "The California idea is the...

#2 story on cnn's website? --- shove it

9-11 changed everything.... Everytime they say Kerry Flip/flops just say

Any debunking on this sent from my brother? Another idiot Bush lover.

Convention Homepage - schedule, streaming video, more

M. Moore interview on MSNBC...Question

Google going public...bad or good?

think abt conventions you've this the most biased

What time does Carter speak today?

Democrats finally have a slogan ! SHOVE IT !

Come Join Our Convention Chat!

We MUST STOP this Media Assault on Dems

Michael Moore is going to Crawford, Texas on Wednesday for the

OK what would be the best ironic twist?

What if the THK flap is a test?

Hey All...WE ARE FAMILY!!!!!

The crowd just booed a FOX affiliate. . .LOL

FOX seems upset that the DNC protests aren't "as large as expected."

48% Of Registered Voters Will Watch President Clinton Tonight

The 'unofficial' Election 2004 slogan.... 'TAKE THAT SHRUB AND SHOVE IT!'

Michael Moore, Norm Coleman, David Drier on "Real Time" this week

Anyone here think David Brock has not redeemed himself?

Do you think that the repuke convention wil take a "hands off"

Contrast with RNC coverage - "A resolute president"

NPR: Florida not as close as 2k, Bush leading by 4 points

Sounds like Wes Clark is eating Tweety's lunch n/m

Thank gawd for PBS's Convention coverage

Robert Novak on CNN: "When you have a billion dollars in your pocket...

Economic Realities (or, Why Republicans Should Be Voting for Kerry Too)

Clark on Hardball - "Let's get off your script for a second"

Wes Clark kicking Mathews but!

Gen. Smackdown to Tweety, "get rid of the script can you play hardball...

who's got the musical line-up from the DNC?

the great jimmy carter coming up on judy woodruff! thank you cnn

Gloria Burger (sp?) on MSRNC: What a hateful sneer and mocking tone.

Laura Bush faked us out

I'll never understand how "the greatest democracy of the world" works !

POLL: Shove it or go fuck yourself?

Convention floor press credentials

I love it! Matthews getting booed by the crowd

Would you lie for money?

Moore Killing Military Morale

I am tired of the "Stepford First Lady" syndrome that the media seems

ABC whoring for the Republicans

Fox just got booed by the delegates.

I am OUTRAGED at the unquestioned truth behind troop support rallies

Who Made This Decision?

Gore's Remarks As Prepared

Has anyone seen "Control Room" yet?

I get a chill when I see Wes

I So Fucking HATE Politics

How many times will CNN repeat that Kerry was booed at the Boston game?

Bush-Bashing...Fair Game?

The dems don't seem to be holding back, WTF was the media talking about?

My selfish, personal reason for backing Kerry....

Is this unprecedented what the Republicans are doing?

CNN Hasn't Shown Teresa's "Shove It" ENOUGH! Play It Again - PLEASE???

Are the Dems under seige by the media today?

I'm so sick of this "Bush-Bashing" shit I could scream.

Democratic Convention Viewing thread #1

Tradesports Bush "futures" contract hits 49.6 - it's sinking in

is AAR broadcasting speeches live?

A John Kerry Sticker Made My Day Today!

Al Gore's speech wasn't rewritten....Kerry campaign

Please explain to me why the GOP get a "war room" at the DNC?

Is it true that Therea Kerry told a reporter to "shove it"

HELP Serious freeper problem at work

Question: Do any of you EVER scan the page before posting?

"Howard Dean: Good Soldier" The New Republic.

Mike Malloy and Janeane Garofalo and Al Franken interview Dennis Kucinich

"If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning."

Carville...we got "A MAN"--why can't he run the Campaign...he is a stud

I don't see Kerry/Edwards bashing Laura....They know its an Unmanly

Dean on CNN

Going nuts over Teresa.

CNN Breaking: the chimp fell off his bike AGAIN!!!

"Whole Mother", teen suicide, and why commercial media is worthless.

AM I the only one who can't watch this horsemanure?

Theme songs that describe the Democratic Party

contact list for cable networks to complain about DNC coverage!

Tom Brokaw on MSGOP just said that "Ohio is an ECONOMIC DISASTER ZONE"!

Gay Hero: New details of Mark Bingham's battle With 9-11 Terrorists

Here's that Coulter column that USA today rejected

Rumsfeld wrote a letter to the troops in today's Stars and Stripes

9/11 Commission: Lies a Sixth Grader Would Not Accept by Michael C.

I just watched Outfoxed and wanted to vent

I think it's time to remember STEVE KANGAS of LIBERALISM RESURGENT.

Chris Matthews is awful today!

Ed Gillespie now says Teresa should APOLOGIZE

Big Brother Alive and Well: AP "Exclusive" on Chimperor Bike King

Springsteen, Young, R.E.M., Pearl Jam & others to Join Voices Against Bush

Just when I thought that me and the DLC

Teresa should include "SHOVE IT" in her speech...

Team Bush goes into Hyper Drive denigrating the Kerry/Edwards team/Family

"Both sides failed to prevent 9/11"... that's total BS.

Does Ann Coulter suffer from Marfans Syndrome?

SHOVE IT! (the t-shirt)

Jenna Bush not morally fit to teach kids at Harlem!

Democratic National Convention -- BORING!... again...

New South Park movie may be right wing attack just before election?

Last minute KERRY FUNDRAISER book auction!

'I had an abortion' tees go on sale

"Jiggy George Sportin' the Bling Bling" | and other TOONs

A Message to DU from the President of the United States

Jazeera Shows Film of Two Pakistanis Seized in Iraq

Kerry's ex-manager spurs anti-Bush effort

A Transformed Al Gore Returns to the Spotlight at a Risky Moment

Abu Ghraib Stain Makes It Tough for U.S.

Iraq Leader: No Normalization With Israel

Clinton in Spotlight at Kerry Convention

Senior Iraqi Interior Ministry Official Killed

Talk of corruption trails Toledo

Sudan Denies Darfur Conflict Is Genocide

Kerry arrives in Florida after surprise Boston detour

Californians road-tripping to register Nevada voters

Teresa Heinz Kerry tells reporter to," shove it".

China's Li Talks to Powell Over Beating

Is it true that Therea Kerry told a reporter to "shove it"

Car Bomb explodes near US Base in Mosul

Bin Laden/Kerry election stickers

"Breaking News: Dems Hit Boston Under Al Qaeda Threat"

Undated letter to JFK from John Kerry

2 Jordanians Taken Hostage in Iraq

(Kenya and HIV discordant couples) Scenario Largely Unnoticed

LRA Kill 40 in Southern Sudan

Boy in Guarded Condition After Shark Bite

Arafat Wants Bush to Lose Election, Israeli Intelligence Claims

AMBER ALERT - Miamisburg, OH

Protesters compete for attention

Charles Taylor snubs Nigerian court

Police Officer in Kerry Motorcade Injured

Google search/news goes down.

US cuts funds for foreign press centers

An Automobile With Feelings (Toyota invents auto with facial expressions)

Fallujah free of foreign fighters, group says

Israeli soldiers kill teenage girl

Gallup: Slight Leads for Kerry in Ohio, Bush in Florida; Missouri a Tie

Bush wins "hotly contested" Stupidity Award

Kerry Throws Yankees-Red Sox First Pitch

America's voices for peace refuse to be locked in a razor wire cage


Bush Pedals New Program: Mountain Biking

Nevzlin Faces Murder Charges

Bush to Push for 9/11 Reforms, Aide Says

Labor Groups Calls for Return of (Enron) Campaign Money


Washington Post Makes Printing Error(Convention Issue Election 2000)

Washington Post goofs: 'ELECTION 2000'

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq (906)

Rock Royalty to Join Voices Against Bush With Fall Concerts

Bush Administration Outlines New Medicare Rules

Abortion Protest Barred at Kerry House

As political rancor rises, anger could boost voter turnout

Big powers bullying poor to get trade deal in WTO talks critics say

Conflict simmers over new pay rules

British MPs call for World Court ruling on Iraq war

Board overseeing Iraq oil revenues briefs Security Council

Democrats feel victory is at hand; Republicans call it overconfidence

Iraq War Deepens Hostility to U.S. Policies in Arab World, Surveys Find

Dean Wants Delegates to Vote As They Wish

Adult Corrections Population Hits Record

Dentist Allegedly Injected Semen Into Patients' Mouths

ACLU Sues Ohio Over Punch Card Ballots

'Experts' among looters of national treasures

Moore to Show 'Fahrenheit' in Bush's Texas Town (Invites bush)

Poll Shows Support for Kerry Weakens on Issues and Attributes(Iraq-fear-?)

Go for wedge issues, Gingrich tells lawmakers

"Bush falls off his bike, again"

Sales of Existing Homes Climb 2.1 Percent to New Record in June

Democrats Defend Heinz Kerry's 'Shove It'

U.S. troops use cash to woo Iraqis

Democrats divided on assault gun ban


7,000 gun purchases slip through system (2002-2003)

Investigations into Pinochet unnerve British institutions

'I had an abortion' tees go on sale

OUTRAGE: "Vanunu loses appeal in Israeli Supreme Court"

US admits imprisoning adolescents in Iraq

Joe Bob Briggs on WGN AM right now

An Age question:

PLAME THREAD # 853 High Times and Misdemeanors

Yak meat for sale

I just read Russert's book about his dad and was moved by it.

Guess what's fun???

Right - so who's this Obama dude and what's the issue?

I just did my laundry

Weird: There's a little window "glued" to the bottom right corner of

"Well I love that dirty water...

Playing possum

Bush goes after hard core Jaywalkers, Citing a National Threat

Anybody else awake at this hour ?

OK, who's still awake? It's 1am PDT....

Does anybody else's cats make them take the garbage out at 1 a.m.?

Rant: The American Dream has become my nightmare

Town Bans Citizens From Keeping Goldfish In Goldfish Bowls

FYI: C-Span will have coverage from 3-11 for the Convention!!

Hey Misunderestimator - did you have a good weekend?

Yawning Said To Be Contagious Among Chimps

"Sexercise" Latest Excercise Craze

Women Offer Their Breastmilk To Chimps

i just saw 2 giant fLip fLops waLking down the street

Protestors!! You want protestors?!?!?!? --PICS--(slight WARNING)

Six Feet Under: BEST. QUOTE. EVER!!!!

Jay Severin is on Imus. One Sick Son of a B******

Good Monday Morning DU!

Woman Turns In 1,300 Guns In Exchange Program

Mystery Lottery Winner DONATES $1.8 Million Ticket

The Boston parachutists mystery solved


Paco Bell-The donkey who would be mayor

My birthday present

For my fellow Miami Dolphin Fans.,...

Clothing Label with a message

What I really want to know is... Are you gonna go my way?

I will be laying low off DU for awhile

416 Pound Woman Wins Beauty Contest

Company Selling Candy Wrapped In Bible Verses ("Scripture Candy")

Creepy stuff from the heartland: 'Too Blessed to be Stressed' Stuff

As your attorney, I advise you to take the mescaline.

Support your local Costco Stores!!!!! I know I will after reading this:

Danger -- angry kitten!

Can you believe how globalized the economy has gotten ?

Special Cat Breed Costs $255,000

Do you guys know anything about Averatec, a brand of laptops/computers?

If you were asked to give a eulogy at George W. Bush's funeral...

Is there more abuse or self-abuse at DU?

Why does Chris Matthews have two shows on television?

What I really want to know is, Are you gonna go my way?

Cool daddio-LISTEN to The ELECTRAS (Kerry on bass)

ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! How come.........???

Farhenheit 9/11 has outgrossed all other films distributed by Disney

Watched Mystic River this weekend. I am officially disappointed.

Anyone seen ESPN Classics "Cheap Seats"?

Check out my "Jesse meets with Georgeie" cartoon

Best Todd Rundgren Produced non-Todd Album

Who was the candidate going door to door with Borat?

My cheap lunch for today

NPR Question: will they offer live coverage of primetime speeches?

Man Found Biggotry In His Milk At Denny's

Mexican Puppy Mills Breed Grief in Southland

Milk found in man at Denny's.

Man milks find at Denny's

Sleazy Guests Prompt Call To Ban Hotel Porn

Maggots find a man in their meal at Denny's

Big Dog in Boston, looking very "Oceans 11, Rat Pack, Ring-A-Ding-Ding"

Favourite Martin Hannett Production.

Man found oxycontin pills in car park at Denny's

Man Found Faggotts In His Milk At Denny's

Anyone heard of the group "The Glands"?

I'm trying out for ESPN's "Dream Job" today...any advice?

The R.E.M. (Republic's Empty Man) of all CAPTIONS!

No Cable TV - Will I Be Able to Hear Clinton Tonite?

Listening to Coming Down the Mountain by Jane's Addiction

Man found bemused resignation in his milk at Denny's.

Man Found Maggots In His Milk At Denny's

Twins Fans...looks like Mientkiewicz is gettin traded

I am so Thor today!

Black Eyed Peas Finding the Love, Finally

If GrandmaBear is in the house...

Where in the hell is Marion Illinois?

Radio Adventures while driving through the Midwest.

The Creepy Big Guy of all CAPTIONS!!!

i hope you aLL watched the sox/yankees game Last night

I am tho thore today

Let my inspiration flow in token rhyme, suggesting rhythm,....

Played two rounds at Firestone CC in Akron last week...ask me anything

My non-confrontation with a repub on US-290, or how I spent my Monday

I have a most unpleasant earworm medley right now...


What's with CNN's stupid headset mics? A lavalier is too good for them?

Funny story, "The Divorce"

To help eyesroll's earworm affliction:

NFL Trivia Question (This May Surprise You)

How does it feel?

Followup NFL History Question (You'll Never Get This One)

WOO HOO - Buzzflash Envelope in my mail - I know whats in it

Listening to Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come

What's the deal with the "manhunt" in Boston after...

For this I went to college?

Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican

and now a TRAFFIC UPDATE -we have a problem on the Channel 2 bridge (Fla.)

The Dead dedicate "Desperado" to Linda Ronstadt

Man finds MILF in meal at Denny's

If BigBigBear is in the house....

I have an abnormally large coccyx.

Computer Question: AMD or Intel

Virus Alert: MyDoom.m or MyDoom.o making a mess on the net.

Caddyshack fans, you'll love this

I am so sore today.

DU needs more emoticons!

Improved CNN headline: "President Al Gore checks out the convention floor"

Virus Alert: MyDoom.m or MyDoom.o making a mess on the net.

Argh! These menstrual cramps are killing me!

Some help with "The Ring"

Anyone catch the book that George was reading on "Six Feet Under"

Monday Morning Stress Rant

It's a rainy day and I'm watching "Barefoot in the Park"...

Ann Coulter's New Book Cover

Best Eno Produced non-exclusively Eno Album

To the DU'er formerly known as Absynthe....

ladies and gents... its party time...

I learned it from you, Dad! I learned it from watching YOU!

How to Talk to a Ann Coulter (If You Must): The way the world really is

Ooooooo Noooo We Are Being Boycotted (for a good laugh check this out)

I finally figured out why neo-cons and republicans are so up-tight

Boy, I wish I was back in Boston!



Beware if you have dealt with EBay

Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong?

Whooooa, We're halfway there. WHOOOA Livin' On a Prayer.

Where the hell is Rabrrrrrr?

The Sage Advice of all CAPTIONS!!!

I just cracked 5000 - I should

"Do you know who I am, Mr. Worley?"

Having trouble with AAR stream, need some help

OK, so since we're cutting edge and all that, who owns a Scion?

Lugubrious, Loquacious or Lecherous

That's My Cracker of all CAPTIONS!!

Convention watch poll?

Proper way to list a married couple of the same gender?

Favorite line from "Caddyshack"?

So now that the convention is under way...

Help... computer dummy need help with beagle virus

I think I figured out who Ed Gillespie's father is!

I am kinda like jesus but not in a sacrilegious way...

Touchpad tapping -- am I just an idiot?

Best Rick Rubin produced album

I'm eating shrimp--that's an abomination, right?

it's rainy and I'm in a moody, romantic frame of mind


A Very Special Separated at Birth....

does anybody know who did the theme song for Beverly Hills Cop?

Kitten, baby, or pie?


Favorite Dead Can Dance Album

Pompous, Pretentious or Pedantic.


I have an abnormally large cock-a-leekie

Please read my updated sig line and tell me what you think of it.


ok ok , am I that bad?

Thanks for scaring me half to death, Air America!

Forensics Enthusiasts, I have a question...


Bartcop is running my cartoon today!

What's your favorite pre-1950s comedy team?

Pretty Funny Video

Sexologist blames "porn creep" on former top U.S. doc C. Everett Koop

Anyone else streaming via c-span or elsewhere?

MatcomNews Needs CUB REPORTERS For Tomorrow - Going To Boston

Why are people so dumb?

Computer Question

I love Mondays off but, now I hate Tuesdays

I go away for a week, and return to find

Police: Men Brawl Over a Game of Chess

The AP must be hard up for photo ops in Texas

"A wager a wager and I will go with you away to the May blooming fields"

What kind of fluid goes in older Colman camp stoves?

Why are republicans destructive a-holes?

W falls this time on ass - more serious this time.

"Prince Bandar" answered my question...

Play Warped.

who are these dipsh*ts that call into C-Span

Fiona Apple's new album delayed indefinitely by record label

Teen Claims She Found a Joint in her McDonald's Yogurt Parfait

This pic is SCREAMING for photoshop "therapy"

We have the most beautiful cat up for adoption - a Bengal Mix

The Bitch Factor - A Fuzz rant in text form (parental advisory)

Best Out-Of-Production US Car Line

A vote for Nader IS a vote for Bush,

Athens athletes get free condoms (News-Yahoo-Reuters)

I just shook Alberta Premier Ralph Klein's hand - ask me anything

Up In The Air In My Favorite Balloon

protesters in the "cage" today

Sorry to sway attn from convention but I must praise Dream Theater

eBay question

"I'm never gonna work another day in my life...............

anyone here from cincinnati?

So, what was the first ROCK record???

Favorite "G-Rated" movie!!!! (Kiddie movies that even adults can love!!!)

I Will Soon Depart on a Great American Adventure. Any Advice?

I've done it - I've gotten myself to love Dark Chocolate!!!

Unpleasant decision of the moment

Question for Physics Buffs...(Theory of Relativity?)

Dream Theater's "Take The Time" really seizes the current moment

Enough with Kerry and the Baseball, already.

What catergory should I put Fugazi under in my iTunes?

If I were a woman Cat Steven's Wild World would piss me off

My hair is crimped--that's an aberration, right?

My co-worker says I'm mean-spirited for bashing Bush

No more Mister Nice Guy

Clearing out my saved msgs, I found this quote from last year:

Who want's to photo shop this as a Nader/Bush date?

Ladies and gentlemen - I have acheived DSL speed!!!

What do you think is in Dubya's internet browser history?

someone was just photographing my house!



Theory of Relativity Question? (I think)

Anyone ever do Sinus Irrigation? Does it work & advice you have

96 Percent Of Republicans Masturbate In The Shower

SHOVE IT! (Teresa, you GO girl!) t-shirt

Guess what I'm going to listen to for the first time tonight?

where's all the cat love?

My trades are smellin', but who cares! I'm gellin!

ROFL - Bush photoshop.

Lots of DU Convention photos -- Day 2 -- Sunday (w/celebrity sightings!)


"Abortion should be safe, legal....and RARE."

Let's make our own Top 10 Conservative Idiots List: List your nominees!!!

OK so I am prejudiced, I don't want to hire right wingers!

Did you miss me?

Nominations for Worst Acting Ever please.

take you tongue, touch your nose and CAPTION

I made the USA Today!

What's cuter... kittens, puppies, or human babies?

I can't get used to this baldness thing

For what corporations are you a whore for?

PETA Stages Vegetarian 'Love-In' in Idaho (Yahoo-news)


I'm a corporate shill dream analyst - let me analyze your dreams

42 Percent Of Americans Pee In The Shower

Twin Peaks fans...looks like Leyland Palmer did it.

It's Time for the Bill O'Reilly Truth Bash guys!!!

The movie every little action script wants to become when it grows up

Just listened to Toby Keith's "Angry American"

digging through archives for W photos of all CAPTIONs

I just got in a big fight while driving, and I don't know what to do.

Okay, gimme your best BeBop (hard bop, post bop, etc.) suggestions.

Dems are not missing a beat in Boston!

Ok, Lets say Nader see's the light

Check out these electoral projections

"THESE ARE BAD GUYS" It is the theme of this campaign, like it or not...

McAuliffe says "We WON the Election in 2000, They STOLE the ELECTION!"

Truth Squad?

Political Road Rage

Sen. Robert C. Byrd on Charlie Rose tonight (7/26)

Anyone have a schedule for the convention?

Harold Ford's speech on C-Span

Hey Reagan Democrats: Bush tells miners to choke to death

WOW I just saw a great Edwards ad in NC

GOP "Truth Squads", irony, or contradiction in terms?

How Do You Stop A Lame Duck Government?

Further proof CNN is in bed with the Republicans ....

You know, that one idiot is right - let's cancel the convention

GOP "Truth Squads", irony or contradiction of terms?

wtf? cnn "reagan remembered" banner over DNC coverage

Where can I get the US News &W.R. w/ Kerry on the cover?

Florida Poll: Race in Florida too close to call (Bush 48%, Kerry 46%)

Nevada Poll: Race in Nevada a tossup (Bush 46%, Kerry 43%)

Iowa Poll: Race in Iowa is a squeaker (Bush 46%, Kerry 45%)

In the event of 269 EV would the District of Columbia withhold its' votes?

How confident are you in a Kerry Victory?

Do you like Kerry/ Edwards? Like to read? Like a bargain?

----Monday Democratic convention thread---

Michigan Poll: Slight Lead For Kerry/Edwards (Kerry 46%, Bush 44%)

Call-out CNN on Support for Flip-Flop Slander against Kerry.

Ohio Poll: Bush, Kerry nearly even in Dispatch poll (Bush 47%, Kerry 44%)

Here's one for the Banana Republicans

Let me EXPLAIN the problem with polls

Vanessa and Alexa rally crowd at Rock the Vote rally yesterday in Boston!

Will C-Span cover Take Back America conference starting tomorrow?

To people obsessed with having Bush*-bashing at the convention.

Gallup has Bush 18 pts up on war on terrorism; Rasmussen has them tied!

"Let America Be America Again" - A Stalinist Slogan?

Lets not take all of this too seriously.

An electoral map closer to the REAL picture

Know what would help Kerry?

7/26 KERRY: 97.19% WIN PROBABILITY, 327 EV, 52.90% of the vote


Serious Question...What are the issues DNC protesters are protesting?

Ron Reagan (MSNBC) Interviewing Michael Moore right now!

Hey Tweety-Shove It.....

AP Story Giving Bush Electoral Lead Is Faulty

Who do you wish was our nominee right now more ? Please read before voting

Any SHOVE IT t-shirts available yet?

Is Dennis Speaking at the Convention?

Teresa's "Shove-it" to SimeBall should have been F*-it. She is Too Nice!

New Polls:

THE TRUTH: Bush did the First Flip-Flop on Iraq Funding !

Zogby July-12 electoral vote projections; Kerry 322, Bush 205

DNC Convention!! Looking good!!!

If you would like to donate to Kerry-Edwards and

Dennis, we thought we knew you!

AOL Straw Poll by state -update daily

How many times will CNN repeat that Kerry was booed at the Boston game?

Iowa's First Lady......and something she said.

Media Alert...WES CLARK going to talk to Chris Matthews on MSNBC

Kerry's Forced Smile

What is your biggest issue this November?

Gallup: Kerry Leads in Ohio and Tied in Missouri

What is up with Harold Ford from Tenn.?