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Archives: July 27, 2004

NYPD Floats A Prison Ferry At Convention

The Pakistan connection and the US silence over an execution

News You Won't Find On CNN

Simon Tisdall (Guardian Utd): Don't expect a foreign policy revolution

Krugman: Fear of Fraud (BBV - Krugman takes on Jeb)

Oppose no protest zones in Florida (non-residents can help too!)

UFPJ Accepts Rally Location for Aug. 29

O'Reilly: World's smallest man, nation's biggest party-pooper


The American Media is a disgrace.

First - take back the media ....

i want to listen to mike malloy...

Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton's speeches at the Dem Convention

MSRNC is whoring bigtime.

My Daughter,

Anyone see "Holes in Heaven" about the military's project HAARP?

Magnetic Pole Shift? - Satellites Showing Radiation Damage

KMT gadfly accepts TSU's nomination

Arroyo promises poverty relief

Color bathes Bangkok poll

Hong Kong media on the attack over newspaper raids

Zim dead abandoned

Drug use growing among young despite crackdown

Clinton at DNC: AWB sunset will help arm terrorists.

Can we get an official DNC thread?

Consider moving media threads to the media forum


You guys need to throttle the performance.

Skinner--- Is Romeo enjoying the convention?

I was wondering

Dave Ross D-8th has his web site up now...

Big Thank You to all the DUers that suggested CSPAN

Has anyone in Big Media apologized to Moore

Yay Keith!!! finally something 'fair and balanced'!! n/m

so, will Teresa Kerry be our first African first lady?

Can anyone estimate how long before Clinton speaks?

where is Will Pitt?

You will only want to watch this convention on C-Span. The rest is shill

OK, Bill Richardson's calling the mtg to order. Here come the headliners.

Reclaiming Symbols of America

Richardson Introducing Gore Right Now 8:07

AAR's web site has Malloy listed as 'next' on their site.

Is O'Rielly at the convention ?

Couldn't they put up a curtain to block the empty seats behind the stage?

They doing the stewardess song!!!

Why the hell are Dems trying to out Bush Bush? Why can't they answer

Link to "Shove It" online?

Why is Fox let into the convention?

I adore Ms Stabenow and Ms. Milkulski

Howard Dean interviews tonight. Hannity and Larry King

a WINANS is singing the Anthem at the Convention?!?

Public radio is giving a really decent commentary,

Glenn Close (a big Edwards supporter in the primaries) is up.


AL GORE's in the hizzy.

NOW! Everyone flash the 2-fingered "Peace Sign!" PLEASE!

These kids are terrible... but adorable

Nader on O'Lielly Factor now (8:42 EST - now over)

is convention coverage pre-empting hate radio in your area?

Al Jazeera donating money to Kerry...?

AL Gore is speaking now at the Convention

Al just made me donate

"un-American activity" vs. "un-American" Shove it!!!

Thank you female senators.

Who Loves Al Gore? Post Your Thanks To Gore On Our Site!

So will FOX News not carry the Republican Convention as well?


Technical Question: Is Kerry GUARANTEED the nomination?

Did Dubya fall off his bike on purpose to deflect attention from the DNC?


Did You All Miss Gore's Speaches for Move-On?

When will Clinton be on?

any estimate on # in the crowd

Pastors inflamed by charges of campaigning

kids singen Woody Guthrie

Best convention coverage!

Sleighing Hannity's army of Black Knights

Everyday People!....the sly stone tune sung real fine

Scarborough Is A Nut Bag

Does this convention strike anyone else as AMAZING compared to others?

I wanna give Carter a big fat wet kiss!

Between Clark vs Tweety & Heinz-Kerry vs Scaiffe, is one of Dem msgs

"He showed up for duty..."

My name is Jimmy Carter and I am not running for president! n/t

Carter: In the world, we cannot lead if our leaders MISLEAD>

GEE - its funny there's seems to be enough criticsm of Bush tonight

C-Span - Unfiltered - True DNC Coverage

Help the 'Pubes compose tomorrow's talking points

Kerry' s daughters with Larry King on CNN n/t

I'm watching C-SPAN- I am watching the actual event

WTF!! Faux runs with Bill Bennett through Carter's entire address

Are They Building Up To The Big Dog?

Carter just Bitch slapped Bush!

quoting RFK, way to go

DU this TH-Z poll!

Jimmy - Sticking it to the shrub! n/t

Is Anyone Taping/Burning the DNC Convention?

"You can't be a war president one day...

Carter gives great speech - Hannity on floor


God bless Jimmy Carter!!!! Speaking the truth to power.

Johnny Be good!

Drudge allegedly snagged parts of the Clintons' speeches

This is going to sound really inappropriate...but...

how would you feel about Kerry dropping hints

VOTE on this poll!

OMG, Vanessa Kerry looks exactly like Ann Coulter

Advance copy of Clintons' speeches -- and NOT Drudge

WHRO public tv or so I thought

CNN's Greenfield implying "Failure to get Osama" Clinton legacy

Just how schitzo is the United States of America?

Anyone have a list of the NJ delegates to the convention?

GOP's latest strategy... Bash Teresa... and in the next chapter

Where is Amy Carter today?

Anyone watching C-Span 2? Dwight D's 1956 convention speech

Shut out the Corporate Media: Watch C-Span or PBS

This story about Kerry is inspiriational

Schedule of Speakers for the Convention? Also, my thoughts on convention

70% of Independents & 44% of Repubs have positive view of F 9/11

Is Mo Rocca a liberal?

Bob Menedez just delivered

F**king pundits on MSNBC: kicking the hell out of Carter

How does anyone follow that speech by Jimmy Carter

I am not familiar with Bob Menendez

Anyone see Kucinich on MSNBC?

Is anyone burning this on Tivo??? I would pay to have a copy

Larry King told Dean that he wanted to leave Iraq.

Complete Al Gore Coverage

FOX NEWS is talking through the National Anthem. . .

Bob Woodward to Larry King: "You people are drinking the Kool-Aid"...

Menendez is really kicking ass out there!

Do You Think That Right Now President Clinton's Speach Is Being Doctored?



Turn to C-Span to watch DNC....NO FREEPERS TALKING SHIT!

can someone ID quote tonight

Yawn ... thought the Big Dawg was on for 22:00 (10 pm).

I thought that Mrs. Tubbs was awesome and very moving.

Repigs Set to Smear Theresa Heinz Kerry over Old Interview

Transcript of Carter speech

FAUX NEWS not carrying Gore's speech. . .

CNN just went TOO FAR

A SC battle comrade of JFK

amazing grace on the violin.........................

I've known Jimmy a long, long time. Tonight was his best red-meat speech.

Who is willing to share the link showing campaign contributions?

Has Huffington been anywhere to be seen today?

"We shot a man with his hands up," he said, "We even shot women and childr

Michael Moore on O'Liely tomorrow night


Democratic Convention Thread #2

The big 3 are covering Hillary

The pundits and media whores will lose big bucks if Kerry is elected.

Those Filthy @#$%^&*@#$'S on MSNBC

Lil Hitler not having a good day at the convention

Shit Storm Alert

Who wants to "dish" about Bill's Speech.. Join in :)

Who remembers the 1960 DNC?

Hillary coming up

Hillary pays tribute to 9/11 families who pushed for Ind. Commission


Brilliant 9/11 Tribute----No Whoring of 9/11 Victims/Images

It must be killing faux to show Hillary's speech, and Bill's as well..


Ohhhhh... Poor **RUSH!**

Dupe due to slowdown :0

Jim Lehrer is best convention coverage-less talk, letting us hear speeches

Whew! Special Needs Sports.

I'm Changing My Name to SHOVE-IT n/t

Am I crazy?


"Our way works better!"


OUR way works better! Seriously!


I keep tearing up...I want my country back...

While we are distracted..George gets out his executive order pen


Do you believe there have been any mistakes yet tonight?

<<<"strength and wisdom are not opposing values">>>


Carter and Clinton: good one-two punch.

This is MY Superbowl! Anybody else feel like that?

please delete

Patti is singing her heart out!!

Rest for the night and JOY in the morning...

and thats just the first night. im excited.

John Kerry said, "Send Me!"

For the first time in 12 years, I feel good about being a Democrat!

Stewart on MSNBC

In answer to your question, no,

Damn!!! He's good!

Switched from CSPAN to NPR for 10 minutes and it's like being in an whole

*********** SEND ME*******

OMG! NBC just said a woman fainted during Clinton's speech at the DNC

do the networks have the convention on a delay?

What's this about Al Gore ripping up his speech?

I have an idea regarding all the negative media coverage of the Dem conven

"If our jobs are being sold to the lowest bidder, it's time we changed...

Now C-SPAN is bringing in a call-in segment.

A Swift Boat vet speaking now -- served with Kerry

The Daily Show - Lewis Black


The Big Three, CBS/NBC/ABC are only going to....

god i miss big dog!

Jimmy Carter - Ambassador to the UN perhaps? n/m

Did Bush get sh*tfaced today?

Jimmy carter said something great and i need help...

I am totally GROOVIN on the convention!

Is there anyone still ignorant enough

Jon Stewart on MSNBC!!!!!

Whores muster up compliments for Clinton

Clinton: "You cannot kill, jail or occupy all your potential enemies."

Rate tonight's Democratic Convention (C-Span version)


god i miss big dog!

Has any convention ever had 3 Presidents speak in one night?

"Send Me!" Good slogan or not?

Does anyone have a link to Al Gore's speech?

How am i going to sleep tonight? I'm on a high from the DNC!

Sorry, But This Benediction Crap IS Taking The Buzz Off Bill's Speech,


Bush: "Dont send me"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone else got chills?

Kerry vs. He Who Should Not Be Named

Check out the pic CNN is using of President Clinton...

How many DU'rs are AT the Democratic Convention?

SEND ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two Things:The media is full of whores and I'm very proud to be a Democrat

Al mentioning Tipper is gonna make me catch grief tomorrow

Our guy: Stong and Wise.

Letterman just said that while the Democrats are in Boston

Who's this whore Michael Duffy on Charlie Rose?

Expect a great speech from Kerry too.

PAraphrase..."Let's make sure that the Supreme Court does not pick

C Span Al Gore Replay NOW!!!


Evil Dick: "What this president has accomplished in 3 1/2 years...

"Strength and wisdom are not opposing values" BC

MSNBC is a Bu$h love-fest. Worse than ever!

Opinions of the Convention so far...

Would you consider the Reform Party to be Right Wing?

Was Clinton bringing up the AWB a good idea?

Did anyone hear Scarbourgh (sic) on MSNBC

Repeat of Gore speech on CSPAN


Cspan replaying NOW!!!

What do you usually do...

FYI, C-span is rerunning first-day coverage midnight-7 a.m.

Chelsea gets more beautiful every day.

Ron Reagan and Joe Dead-Aide-in-my-Office on ...

To those who wanted Bush Bashing...

Malloy Fans: Go Check The AAR Website

I missed the Big Dog's speech

Ron Reagan and Joe Trippi on MSNBC

C-Span caller just said speeches seemed too scripted.

lost my password and info on Kerry's site and it said

Transcript! Transcript! I need a Clinton transcript! n/m

OK what do you think the righties are going to do for their convention?

TV Alert: Sharpton, Affleck on Larry King-CNN 12:00am EDT

Linda Ronstadt and Michael Moore in Vegas: What is this about?

Oh My. Christine Baranski

They NEED a divided America. We don't.

media smells bush defeat...standing in line

It's a good day to be a Democrat.

The convention: A poll on

TRANCRIPTS and VIDEOS, inc Bill Clinton. Official Convention webpage

Big Dog will be replayed at 12:30 edt on CSPAN

Can someone who taped clinton mail it to me? Ill pay shipping..

Michael Moore has another film out this week? Never mind. on edit.

Henry Cabot Lodge on CSPAN2 / Gore on CSPAN

Jimmy Carter - - - One Word

Nail Scarborough About Dead Intern On 'After Hours'

Ron Reagan's Michael Moore interview coming on MSNBC!

Hearing Clinton's speech brought tears to my eyes.

!!! Carter is on now if you missed him earlier !!!

Ben Affleck on Larry King

Has Any Other Convention Ever Had 3 Presidents Speak In One Night?

Help me convince a Naderite to vote for Kerry.

When i speak about about Kerry i no longer mention *

Talking heads on MSNBC, CNN, and FOX-TV need serious therapy...

I just read Bill Clinton's speech.

This is only a start of a long battle, we must be ready.

General Announcement: Voom TV 24 hr Hi-Def coverage of the Convention

Apparently the repug rapid-response team went to the MSNBC

I sacrificed for you ...I watched Fox coverage after Big Dawg spoke

Hillary introducing Big Dog NOW- CSPAN

Did Clinton say...

Help will Clintons speech be rebroadcast?

So can the other nights be as good as tonight??

Bill Clinton's speech was AWESOME but don't forget

Speaker schedule is confusing at C-Span.

John Kerry tv ads should run clips of the convention

Replay of Clinton now on cspan

Democrats Nominate Kennedy on CSpan2

Clinton's already famous words - on a t-shirt

Al Jazeera Banner Removed From Skybox Without Explanation

Atrios has been outed!

How can you not LOVE Ron Reagan??

Let's hear it for C-Span!

Russell Simmons!!! Absolutely KILLING Bush on Tweety's Show NOW.

Did anyone catch Carl Cameron?

Dean's up tomorrow night, who's excited?

I am not discouraged. I do not despair for our country.

Lack of coverage and Kerry bashing seem to be the goal of some networks

Is Obama speaking tommorow night?


Where the hell is Bill's entire speech transcript?

LBJ at 1960 Dem Convention Now on C-Span2!!!!


Rev. David Alston's Speech - Transcript, anyone?

why the hell is REPUBLICAN FRANK LUTZ doing OUR

I hope Kerry's been practicing

"My Shipmate"----------and---------"Send ME!!!!"

DU this Poll On Teresa from Pgh Post Gazette (the good paper)

OK tonight was wonderful! I know that

Get JOE F###### Scarborogh OFF the tube

How do you feel about tonights convention?

Clinton is on CSPan now n/t

Hey Media Whores, Bush did Lie!

everyone PLEASE write a thank-you e-mail

Caller on Greta says after tonight she's voting Kerry!

Shirley Chisolm

Okay Bebe Winans was superb!!!!!!!!!!!!

You damn democrats!!

Clinton crushed one over the Green Monster.

Tonight made me realize something: It's the GOP who should HATE Bush

I consider the Republican Party to be on notice as of now......

Lefkowitz - violin solo of Amazing grace so gorgeous!

Is there a dry eye in the place?

Remember when we had an intelligent President?


Damn 22nd Amendment!

Not to wade into the swamp of the darkside this quickly but

Bill's Speech: What Theme Will Resonate Deepest In The Heartland?

My favoriter freeper quote of the evening...

Religious Right Protests Minneapolis Churches

Using a huge video screen behind the speakers at convention?


dubya has a dreadful toon

Who gave the best speech of the night tonight?

What Democrats Say / What Republicans Say -- David Letterman

The Repukes have no speaker as awe-inspiring as Clinton.

Dean on Hannity!

Is Ben Affleck planning on a future career in politics?

Allright, you "DNC Happy Talk" Bashers.. Tell me Carter isn't Tearing Bush

When was the last time the Dems were this energized and united?

Jimmy Carter just "bashed" the hell out of Bush !

Ed Gillespie: "very angry, bitter, harsh...they are united in their anger"

Sean Hannity getting stomped on Fox News

One serious Question - Is this news? CNN, MSNBC, FOX

I love Bill Clinton...

I haven't been here in forever but...

How in the world is Kerry going to give a better speech than Clinton????


This is the Convention opening I wanted - because right or wrong...

Truthout video: Vets for Kerry - now ready

Bill Clinton: Who's your daddy?

Fox News

I dont know about you guys but I feel very inspired

The Election is Over! Bill's Speech! DU Task, click here now

Show the whole world the Convention - on DVD!

Hillary just said racial reconciliation.

Repukes are freeping yahoo stories. Starting today! Conspiring!!!

You guys are dangerous!!!

Did Scarborough just endorse Kerry?

Scarborough just said he would sleep better at night knowing Kerry

AP Breaking: Freeper heads exploding all over America.

ANN COULTER - Dem Women: "hirsute, pie wagons they call 'women'"

F911 dvd may not be released before the election, so if there is

FOX convention reporter is calling Kerry a liar, weak... as Carter speaks!

Jimmy Carter on PBS is even more devastating to Bush than in speech

I was in the crowd at Hardball tonight; Tweety was sickening.

Dean just blushed

!!!!!!!The BIG DAAAAAAAAWG thread!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Just Watched a Brilliantly Orchestrated Strategy Tonight

Top Ten Things Republicans Are Doing Tonight (by me)

I will greatly miss Paul and Sheila Wellstone at Convention

Is Ann Coulter a Deadhead?

Jim Lehrer is best convention coverage-less talk, letting us hear speeches

Portland Cheney Protests

This Time Gore Heralds Clinton at Convention


Democrats Open Convention with Call to Arms

Sri Lanka Pushing Stationery Made of Dung

U.S. Finds No Evidence of Gulf War Pilot in Iraq

Greek security keeping tabs on Muslims

Senate candidate from Illinois in national spotlight at convention

Abu Ghraib inmates wonder if amnesty is empty promise

Father and his children beheaded in Kashmir

Terror advice 'alarmist' - UK

U.S. paramilitary adventurer imprisoned in Afghanistan takes up journalism

Australia `ignores' terrorists, slams erstwhile partners

Union Chief: Labor, Democrats might be better off if Kerry Loses

Iraqi unemployment rate reaches 70%

Gore Assails Bush on Iraq at Convention

Now a Message From a Sponsor of the Subway? (NY Times)

Pregnant woman wants re-entry to U.S., lawyers say fetus is citizen

Teresa's Ted K Tirade

Clintons Vow to Make Kerry Next President

FBI names new Phila. chief (head Plame investigator off case)

here it is - BAM - and you say, "godDAMN, this is the dope jam"...

Stop replacing "Fuck" with "Cheney"!

Barkley 1, Mice 0

Six Feet Under...

Need Convention streaming help, please!

My first freeper- head to head in another country

Have you seen the trailer for "Ray" (Charles movie)?

Longing for Democrats

Ladies and gentlemen... Introducing Finnfan Jr.!!!!

They Might Be Giants music video on!!!

Anyone know anything more on this Aaron McGruder story?

Giant Chicken-Man Run Over By FlamingYouth!!!!

Mrs. Cat wants to watch all 3 hours of the DNC.

The return of...Uber-Cute Attack!

42 Percent Of Matcom Pee's Daily

Stay on the sceen! Like a lovin machine!

Who's the house band at the Convention?

Happy Birthday Helen Mirren

I forgot to pick up my perscription before the pharmacy closed

can a man actually be under a bicycle curse?

Dream analasys study shows "chicken men" a symbol of youthful idealism

Anyone know how to change the default page that comes up when a pg dsn ld?

Messages have a 10 minute life-span in GD.

For what Kurt Vonnegut novels are you a whore for?

I just nearly ran over a man dressed as a giant chicken

It has recently been brought to my attention that I am

Lemme guess...the Repug convention will be broadcast on network TV

Why aren't the networks showing the convention in High Def?

When der Fuhrer says, "We is der master race..."

I'm taking the California Bar Exam Tomorrow.


DAMMIT!! I can't get the DNC on TV...

This just in: Democrats ARE more perfect people!


for once im filled with hope

If you have cable and you want to watch the conventions: C-SPAN!!!

I'm back from the 2 minute hate - what happened, ya pukes????!!!!!

"democrats in crazy hats"

I was on TV shaking hands with Wes Clark tonight!

Delete, whoops wrong forum

It's another Pager Post about Pups!

Deity question: Updated & fixed....

OK, Queens, that's MISS LaBelle

Watching the DNC Convention was great! Stimulating Entertaining

welcome Brother McLargehuge "madklr1322" to the lounge

Came home from campaigning on a bus full of wingnuts.

I am seriously drooling here...

Uh, Mr. Rove, about that truckload of manure you wanted delivered

And while the Democrats are up in Boston...

For the first time in 12 years, I feel good about being a Democrat!

I don't like you

Don't want to be your monkey wrench. One more indecent accident.

convention night chat

DU glossary?

"I can promise you one thing..." (and g'night)

My cat is lost...

Jerry Brown on MSNBC

Why do you whacky DUers love me so damn much?!?!?!

I saw The Fog of War last night

Damn...I drank a whole bottle of chardonnay

I was irradiated, now I must fight crime! (Attempted ID theft)

If I said you had an incredible body, would you hold it against me?

Amazing Grace

If John Lennon & MLK were alive they would have been speaking tonight

Good night, sweet DU, sleep tight...

What Democrats Say / What Republicans Say -- David Letterman

Raise your hand if Bill's speech made you cry

Link to Clinton/Carter/Convention speeches of tonight?

I just head a talking head on PBS say...

My 800th post!

Anyone else Crying?

Does time stand still at the speed of light?

If I ever get a cat, I'm gonna name him...

DNC celeb sightings?

Anyone own a JK Frisbee?

NYYankee Jason Giambi being tested for serious illness

Anyong going to a Kerry House Party on the 29th?

The Daily Show

Does any one know a site I can download books for free?

Has anyone ever heard of this group? NESARA?

New Orange County Choppers episode on

Seth McFarlane on "Tolerance" (Family Guy creator)

hey can I get a little help here?

Okay this is a strange thing to post

I'm so lonely

NYers: Where is a good bar to watch the Convention in Manhattan?


Yes!!!!! Bill Richardson is making the case for the Democratic Vision!!!!

Dean up next on Larry King. Maybe, confused schedule tonight.

Dean meets with his delegates. Great pics.

Please Help: What is that good electoral vote website??

This convention will be a sham if Wesley Clark does not speak!

If Tweety's Trashing The Dems And Nobody's Watching Does It Matter?

Heinz-Kerry bashing needs to stop...Proof of Bush skeletons...

I just got home from Logan Airport

Now, when I Google "Miserable Failure"

Hannity and Colmes is very funny....Rahm Emanuel is being

Is Obama speaking tommorow night?

A new member of the "With Friends Like These . . . " Hall of Fame

Al Gore is speaking and he is great

What Democrats Say / What Republicans Say -- David Letterman

Will the GOP glean 'bush* bashing' soundbites from tonight's magnificence?

Hands down the best speech I have ever heard Clinton give


Who is that lady senator speaking now at the DNC?

Tweety going nuts over Pres. Carter's comments

Do yourself a favor and stop flipping channels. CSPAN ROCKS!!

My Problem with Theresa Heinz Kerry's "Shove It" Comment

Dean's weekly column for Cagle: "Are Political Conventions Necessary?"

Fmr. CIA Analyst and FBI Whistleblower Dissect Final 9/11 Commission Repor

Christians Fear Persecution in New Iraq

Boston "Free Speech" Zone More Like Concentration Camp

"Kerry, Home-State Nominee, May Have to Bury History's `Curse'

Right wing paper's pre-meditated attack of Teresa Heinz Kerry

An Excuse-Spouting Bush Is Busted by 9/11 Report

Meanwhile, Bush pulls a con job

I Eat Depleted Uranium for Breakfast - by Donald Rumsfeld

David Brooks continues acting terrified in "Kerry at the Wheel"

Clinton charisma kicks off convention

Molly Ivins - Reality: irrelevant

About electors: Many are not bound to vote the way the state votes

DNC Day 1: An Evening of Losers (from RW rag)

Krugman: Fear of Fraud (anticipating another voting debacle)

Venezuela: So This is What Self-Determination Looks Like

Counterfeit Protégé in Port-au-Prince Bailed Out

Today in History (July 27)

New Low for Hated Former Leader

Is Blair deceiving himself about America yet again?-Guardian

Missing the wake-up calls

An Excuse-Spouting Bush Is Busted by 9/11 Report

Libraries Ordered To Destroy US Pamphlets

What if Bush cancels the football season? - Hunter Thompson

Bush-Cheney Jackets Made in Burma

Central Indiana Peace & Justice news - July 27, 2004

The Hip Hop get out the vote

Republican National Convention Travel Advisory

Shut down NYC during the convention.

Is it me, or is AAR down??? I've been trying for an hour to get on.

Will the media notice: Executive order can't implement 911 report ?

Randi's going to play the Reverend at 5:00

FoxNews Hits Convention Crescendo

Decided to have the TV on ABC Good Morning America

Another Liberal Talk Show Host Out of Work as KNRC Goes Silent


Right wing paper's pre-meditated attack of Teresa Heinz Kerry

Lou Dobbs says he doesn't blame Teresa

USA Today drops Coulter

Here is a link to Dem Conv. speeches by Clinton, Gore, Carter & Hillary

Today in History -- 07/27

Today's Thought

Did Ronald Reagan oppose stem cell research?

Today's Quotes

Question related to Bill Clinton's speech

Question about oil

Central Cuba Facing Worst Drought In 40 Years

British Columbia Forest Fires Ten Times Size Of Last Year's

Some African Plant Species Now Thriving In Dutch Outdoors - Reuters

Divers, Snorklers Worldwide Urged To Help With Reef, Habitat Data - BBC

Scientists Race To Fill DNA Ark w. 10,000 Likely Doomed Species - Reuters

sad picture

113F In Portugal As Forest Fires Rage - Reuters

COLD FUSION -Heating up a cold theory (Federal funding/new results)

"Homeland Security" costs compared with Iraq costs?

Bush "Speeds Up Review of 9/11 Proposals" but Congress needed for real

Senate panel moves up 9/11 intel hearing (to 7/30)

Clinton v. Clinton

Guns and travel... a question.

GUNS IN THE NEWS - July 27, 2004

Bush targets marijuana smokers (Guardian UK)

Driver with DVD on dashboard on trial for murder

1 in every 32 adult americans in prison , probation, or parole last yr.

How do I post an image?

I think DU is having a problem

Qurei withdraws resignation letter

Russian parliamentarian supports fence (Zhirinovsky that is)

Israel expands West Bank settlements (The Guardian)

911 Probe? - The Joke's On Us 7-27-4


Democratic donor plans to purchase 3 stations

according to Sneed`s article today

Florida Democrats quickly going through their cash

Martinez set to launch ads featuring Bush today

Ellie Nesler's son wanted on suspicion of attempted murder

Democrats Running for Governor in 2006

Schwarzenegger and lawmakers agree on budget

CA 11th district. Can Pombo be taken down?

Eric Fingerhut will be in Zanesville tommorrow

Rooney lining up to keep slots away

Hoeffel Blog Melts Down

Moving update

Austin Convention Watching Parties

Even in Boston, Texas Dems working to make state house comeback

Ben Merens and annoying show today

Gore Transcript, Video, and Photos Here

Okay. Can someone help me understand this?

So a Nader-leaning friend watches the convention...

OMG--now they have Pat Buchanan doing a commentary for OUR

Hey, where's that big Republican attack machine tonight?

Before I go to bed, I want to leave you with this

"Going to ..Coulter for a FACT is like going to Hilter for a kosher recipe

reflecting on tonight's convention speeches . . .

Great Clinton Video from LA2000

Nader of FAUX right now

ann coulter can bite my ass

My 800th post!

BYRD on Charlie Rose! Now!

Ted Koppel just reported that Al Jazeera is televising 4 hours DNC

Clinton on Tavis Smiley now.... PBS

The speeches tonight brought me to the conclusion that...

Disturbing talk of Osama 'news' on WABC radio (NY) tonight

Joe Trippi looks rough

DU this poll...if elections were held tonight...

Help me out here, is Robert Novak

So the freepers are forced to defend chimp on these:

as an orator, where in history does clinton stand....

nightline was a waste tonight....

Moore vs CNN?

Buchanan: Clinton the Pavarotti of the stump speech!

Best joke of the night?

Clinton replay now on CSPAN

Please, Kerry, turn The Big Dog loose on America

Whats up with Mike Malloy on AAR, is that for real??!

9-11 Oddities Petition reaches 25,000 signatures

The "Christian" (answer) to Harry Potter (book)

when does ron reagan speak... I don't see his name on the list

how did the Freepers react to The Big Dawg's speech?

The viberance of culture.

You know who won't be speaking at this week's convention?

If I went back in time to 2000, or even to the mid to late 90's....

OMG I Love Ben Affleck! I am so glad that he is on our side.

Theresa said shove it! Theresa hated Teddy 30 years ago!

Rendezvous With Destiny

Just remember: Behind Dubya's shallow, idiotic exterior...

Here's the 'big bomb' that the GOP slime machine intends to drop on Teresa

Funny story (Lester Holt show)

Have you read the party platform???????

Has anyone seen this horseshit "deceits" page about "Fahrenheit 9-11"?

Did Tonight Make You Yurn For Clinton-Gore Again?

THIS JUST IN! Theresa Heinz-Kerry once tore the tag off a mattress.

Bill Clinton's FIRST "send me" speech

'The deterioration is steady, and it's spreading like a cancer'

The pendulum is swinging to left, and tonight it had a big push.

WHAT POSSESSED Tavis Smiley when he interviewed Bill Clinton?

I was pleasantly surprised by criticism of the war by various speakers

The great Chimperor fell off of his bike again?

Carol Costello and Neil Boortz whorefest on CNN.....

Moby/Chuck D/Flavor Flav: 'Make Love Fu** War' Video

In the evening. A convention that the networks refuse to show....

In addition to going after swing voters

Anyone have links to WJC's speech not in realplayer format?

I Hope The Repuke and RW Press Attack Teresa

My OUTFOXED "Pass it Around List" - 5 at a time

So the reclusive ATRIOS is a guy named Duncan? Picture included.

Garrison Keillor (sp?) on CSPAN now

Anything happening with the FAUX False Advertizing Petition/Lawsuit?

Bill Bennett - Where have you been, my boy?

He flies through the air

Investigator heading up Plame investigation gets transferred to Philly

C-Span 8:43a.m.ET- Ron Kaufman (repug strategist). He is amazingly

Karen Tumulty brings up "the Full Cheney" on AAR

Where Is Republican Rapid Response Team Hiding in Boston?

W has lost points, even in states he won in 2000

The best that FOX can do (pic)

Is anyone having trouble connecting to AAR website?

The repug "strategist" (Kaufman)says Bush going UP in polls in ALL issues?

For all those enamored with Pat Buchanan...

Right Wing Paper's pre-meditated attack of Teresa Heinz Kerry

How many fucking times did Chris Matthews show the "shove it" footage?

About terrorists and Assault Weapons

Proof that TV Hates Women...

Why is Teresa's statement of "Shove It" worse than Cheney's...

Seminal revelation of big time TV news' reality deficit on CSPAN II

Who's pissed at CNN?

Have you seen this shit in the NY Daily News?

Question: Were the troops around the world allowed to see the convention?

Boston area commute - Day 2

Top Ten Idiots for next week--Moderators please review!

Patriot Act Targets Stargate SG-1 Fan

RW Talking point for today - Democrats Divided

Tick...Tick....Tick...Tick.......George W Bush looks at his clock..

Kerry on MTV last night

The Big Tent

I have a friend who is a delegate...

95% of Delegates against the Iraq 'war'?

I think we have to go house to house and talk to people with documentation

The story line's already written -- Teresa Heinz Kerry is the next Hillary

The "Peace President" myass.

CSPAN's server is maxed - other sources for Clinton & Carter speeches?

GOP registering new citizens as Republicans? (I just saw this...old news?

From One Slacker to another Slacker ...Michael Moore understands

The Kurds are 'enraged' by US actions. Noone seems to notice

If You Watched The Convention... What Was Your Source

Finally! A picture of the chimp riding a bike

Who gave the best speech last night?

OK, It's Tuesday and No Surprises Yet, Still Holding My Breath Though

Carville on Imus

Spike Lee directs new 'Enron film'

Secret 9/11 meetings in the WH during the DNC

CNN Polls: "DNC Day 1 Edition"

Where Would My Vote Be Needed Most? VA or NC?


I is a WAR president! or is it PEACE president?

Bush Re-SelectionTalking Points (Ron Kaufman on CSPAN)

WP-describes Clinton as Elvis,The Beatles,James Brown and The Boss

The next knock on Teresa...

Michael Moore to be on O'Reilly tonight

DNCers' Disrupt FOX News Broadcasts - Do MORE!!!

Where can i see the AAR webcam?

"Kerry's Fiesty, Billionair Wife"

Updated Bookmark for Air America Radio streaming...

What wide screen videos will there be at Rethugs Convention?

Dem. Convention speaker schedule-Tuesday

America Needs To WAKE UP!!! *Rebuttal*

Deleted message

Did the Dems outfox the media and Repubs last nite?

What is driving me crazy(Kerry/Edwards war vote)

Arianna on AAR right now

Terrorism, Invasion, and Bush re-election

Kerry will ask for an extention of the 9/11 Commission.

Latest Bush campaign sticker, courtesy ImpeachDubya

Folks who watch the Networks for convention coverage are Masochists!

Hillary's position in Monday's schedule

How will they kill time at the RNC? 4 Days of Bush Praising? Impossible!

Last night's cspan delight has abruptly weaned me off most cable *news*

Kerry is in Norfolk and is on a roll....he is on channel13 ABC...rousing

A quick mediation on "Don't Stop"

Favorite sound bite from Monday?

Can Jimmy Carter run for Senator?

I just saw an ad on Fox of O'Reilly debating Moore at the DNC.

Cable and FOX and the nets won't touch the Carter speech

I just feel better when the President is a Democrat

How you bash Bush without bashing Bush

Not exactly flattering but funny.

Kerry's NASA Pic will get more play today than the speeches

Teresa's full history of campaign donations (see: $2000 to Ted Kennedy)

Kerry at NASA

Oh no. Someone gave out Colin McNickle's home number.

Is the GOP an insidious cult?

Hours ago, a UA jet returned urgently to Sydney Airport...

Josh Marshall: great point re "Bush may lose b/c he's too exciting" meme:

Need Info. on Moore's visit to Crawford

Barney Frank: Effective uses of the word "Cheney"

Help me understand how Campaign Financing works now

Control Room Vs. F9/11

Bush's $3,100 mountain bike!

Having a President that can speak coherently seems so decadent now

Andrew Sullivan has an excellent summation of Convention so far

Krugman column convinces me - Jeb Bush belongs in jail.

Should a person's race ever be asked on a government form?

Suggestions to Michael Moore for Tonight's Interview with O'Reilly

When is Teresa Heinz-Kerry going to be on at the convention? n/t

Conservatives already rationalizing why Bush lost

Moore calls TV networks f---kers and patsies

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Republicans and Nazis, Nuremberg Trials

Carter on C-SPAN now (12.15)

Who else is sick of hearing about the "likability factor"?

I just donated to the Kerry/Edwards Campaign YOU SHOULD TOO!

hope in the heartland (Indianapolis)

F-911 Cause of Low Morale Among Troops- Sez Troop

Those who call the DNC an "Extreme Makeover" are WRONG!

I just donated to the Kerry/Edewards Campaign, YOU SHOULD TOO!

Another reason to get rid of Bush: He makes Castro look good.

Christianity is not a bonding force in a diverse society.

Favorite Speech from Monday Night

The truth behind African American conservatives

Shouln't Kerry stop running away from the $87 bil topic and embrace it?

Why was Daily Show a repeat last night?

PLEASE HELP: Democratic Convention History Lesson Needed

was ann coulter fired yesterday from USA Today over a column about...

Why we DON'T "hate" him..

Anyone see Letterman last night?

Michael Moore on TV ... Leno, O'Reilly and Miller

Federal Funding of Stem Cell Research

Will Michael Moore have to do the work of the media?

Say - what if Ann Coulter "crossed over"

Michael Moore is on the O'Reilly Factor tonight!

Investor's Business Daily/TIPP Poll, Kerry maintains lead 46-43

The 2004 GOP Platform

Dept. Homeland Sec. bullies TSCM specalist James Atkinson (conv.)

First, They Came For the Anarchists

I wish there were more mentions of electing a Dem Congress in Boston.

Any transcripts online of last night's speeches?

CNN..."The big dick" speaking to a captive audience....

A few comments on last night

Sneak preview of Rep Convention toon

Anyone else catch Obama's subtle dig @ Fox News?

Hannity on Al Franken's Show

St. Louis Dems online

Jon Stewart last night

Daryn Kagan said "The ratings were not very good last night

Disrupt FAUX News Broadcasts DNCers!

If we were not fighting over there, we would be fighting them over here...

Educational Funding

freepers haven't received their talking points yet

Kerry looks like a sperm swimming up a uterus

LOL: Sean Hannity - voted sexiest by the men who read playgirl magazine

Why George Bush won't fund education...

Please help me collect all hard evidence on prison torture

So, if horror of horrors Bush is re-elected...

British Labour MPs want to help elect Kerry--smirk menace to world

Hannity on Al Franken now (1:13 p.m. ET) n/t

You know it would seem to me that the amount of media coverage

Some pics from last night.

I'd like to see Kerry announce he'll refuse his salary if elected

Convention ratings in the crapper

USA Today's editorial comments on Coulter's column

Very wicked protest sign/shirt idea I just had...

Fraud: The Secrets of Bush’s Payroll Records Revealed

Clinton's Speech - Amazing

Copyright bill poses threat to iPod's future

;-) - SHOVE IT ! A more aggressive THK shirt!

Meet Barack Obama - your 'first ever' black Democrat Senator

I need an audio link to Reverend Alston's speech last night.

O.K., I admit I enjoyed the softer stance taken at the convention

Check the "poll results" MSNBC has on today: KERRY losing GROUND TO BUSH?

Do you think the Democratic Party will be caught off guard in November

Allawi Shooting Story: Help Out My Father-In-Law

Scarborough tries to smear TH and Kerry

Was watching Hubert Humphrey's 1964 acceptance speech

Lehrer criticizes the big three anchors.

OK - why is Chris Matthews referred to on DU as Tweety?

Did Scarborough say he was Impressed w/ Kerry last night...

AARRGGHH! Right-Wing Nut-Job Boss Talks About Convention

LTTE/childish tantrum from a Naderite/Indymedia/ANSWER-type lefty

Dear Mr. McAuliffe

Toesucker Morris is kissing Big Dawg's ass

Based upon last night, I may not vote AGAINST Bush

Where Are DU'ers Watching or Listening to the Democratic Convention?

Utah TV station on the "controversy over Hillary's speech" -Too Funny

Tucker Carlson & David Brooks..

Teresa's "Shove it" target admits he is "proud member of vast right-wing

Twatty, Scar Intern, & InSannity

Senator Kennedy - a cabinet position for him or not?

Where can I download the DNC Speeches?

HaHa--Nancy Reagan To Skip Republican Convention

Should the platform call for a repeal of USA-PATRIOT?

You do realize that if we Lib's stop watching the Tweety's of the world

Gov. Rounds bullies state library to remove link to Teenwire

Moore: I’ve always felt kinda sorry for Pres. Bush

Who will speak at the GOP National Convention?

A Perfect Third Way Convention ;(


Who was Franken speaking to...said not to question who was right or wrong?

I just read something about FAUX...

Meet Barack Obama - your 'first ever' black Democratic Senator

The Repugs on C-Span with a big "blow-up" of Kerry's Safety Suit picture!

After watching MSNBC and admiring Ron Reagan

Ashcroft announcing terrorism indictment right NOW

My dream DNC last night scenario...

This is the bit Gore took out of his Speech

Grrr! During the opening segment of InsidePolitics on CNN...

Best Senator from Minnesota?

Oh shit. I can't wait to hear about Moore and O'reilly meet up today.

A running list of RW lies meant to divide the left this week:

Oscars vs. Election - are MM's priorities changing?

Media Mugs: anyone doing a *good* job?

I'M PSYCHIC!!! I didn't know it until last night after Bill and Hillary .

Rush on Clinton speech

Judy the whore drags out one poll to show Kerry slipping.

So the RW media is firmly ensconced in our convention...

I am glad to see this:

Bush* Republicans: setting the Democratic agenda?

Brent Bozell -- Dissing Clinton and pretending Chimp's a hero

Even FReeps think Coulter's USA Today piece was crap

Robert Byrd on NPR right now

Send Me

Face the Nation asked a dem politician a question that made my jaw drop

Bush debates you'd like to see.

Karen Hughes opens her mouth and says something strange

A rant about supermarket prices

"Boy, that Teresa is so outspoken! Her husband can never be president."

Did anybody read about the Moore/Hemmer (CNN) dust-up?

HELP! Looking for passenger list 9-13-01/ Tampa to Lexington flight

Shut down NYC during the convention.

Franken and Hannity fighting on AAR!!!!

Iraq out of the news = Bush poll #s rise?

Ann Coulter.......

Did Justice Dept Settle 2000 Vote right violations with NAACP.?

Some thoughts on lowering expectations

The Kerry contribution lines are very busy--I finally got through

Faux Pau

GOP article

CNN will be showing 1hr. Bush special on Sunday.

Who should replace McAullife when he steps down?

Anybody care to caption this?

Anybody know which blogs received credentials for convention?

This Convention displays

100'S OF cell phone photos from Convention floor's one of Franken

Red State Suckers .....

I am ready to SCREAM because the DEMS won't photoshop BUSH*'S

Question about AAR

Wait a min, the Pubs are distracting with"What did Clinton do for 8

Is Katie Couric a GOP media whore?

Robert Reich on Randi Rhodes (AAR)

How I answered a Right wing slur. How'd I do?

i know the cnn tv slant. at least on their website front page:

to anyone who is definitely Pro-Choice

Night 2 schedule, Dean on at 9. Then Obama, Reagan Jr., Teresa

Jan. 31, 2003, Bush and Blair say Iraq, Al Qaeda, no connection.

Bill & Hillary: Lighting Rods for the Right

Are any Freepers protesting the Convention?

Bush getting a bump in polls from DNC?

Weekly Standard moran stunned he can't get into women's event in Boston

Cool! Ricky (bestiality) Santorum to speak at Repugnant Convention!

Conan Video at the Convention

Tell me: why did the DNC think that they would get a clean report from

Should I watch Michael Moore on O'Liely ?

Pic of W on his new bike

"The jobs picture isn't healthy yet,

John Kerry makes me think of Michael Douglas in the American

My friend Alicia called me and was ecstatic that her parents are turning

Almost 40% of Democratic delegates are minorities

Hey Tucker!! Go Cheney Yourself

Kerry's proposal to extend the 9/11 Commission...brilliant!

My dream lineup of speakers for the RNC!!! Add yours here!

Clueless in Buffalo -Check out this pukefest of a LTTE

We should be protesting in front of CNN!

Here Goes Ashcroft Again....

Rep. Earl Blumenauer

OK I'm sick of Randi Rhodes

I know it shouldn't bother me, but "Shrub Strongarm" pisses me off.

patty wetterling on cspan now

John Kerry Resume -- Some debunking help needed

Paul and James of Crossfire

Has anyone read Bamford's "A Pretext for War"

oops the republicans might want to stop showing that Kerry photo

Are there any photos of Bush's bike booboos today?

Maria Shriver at the DNC...?

CNN rates Big Dawg's speech!

Media Reminder: Every Action Has An Equal & Opposite Reaction

Al Jazeera's Report from last night's Democratic Convention...

Kerry really needs votes at this site.......

CROSSFIRE: Did Paul Just Say That?

Do people here hate Randi

Cheney" Terror attacks don't happen b/c use of force-but by "perception

I watched opening night with a die-hard Republican

How Kerry can "work" the "bunny-suit" image..

an extraordinary letter from a victim of the blacklist

Raise a glass to Tom Shales!

Rendezvous With Destiny

LOL! * is given stationery made of elephant dung!

Does Howie Fineman bug you?

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. new

Any Texans wanna go see F911 in Crawford Tomorrow? Details...

Why is Tucker Carlson

Haiku For Democratic National Convention & President Kerry

Here's an email I just sent to CNN

Seriously and Objectivly: Will any Democrats be....

Convention Highlights -------------------------------------- mp3s

Which advisers are in Crawford with Dubya ??

907 Boots Display in Boston for 907 Dead Soldiers in Iraq

Who is worried that MM may be physically assaulted in Crawford?

Senator Mark Dayton (MN) the only one to write me back

I just sent CNN some photos that

Is this e-mail to CNN too tough?

What do you think Republicans will do....

Between Carter, Gore or Clinton

The Media Sucks

Drudge : CNN beats FAUX in convention ratings

Will you watch the RNC?

CNN Jumps Shark: Shows Photoshopped Pix Of Kerry

Toronto DUers: Appalling rape/immigration debacle.

Another attack on Teresa

Do they know what "Liberal" means?

Stars and Stripes letter corrects the Clinton record

Muley: Who's the Shawnee Land and Cattle Company?" (Film: The Corporation)

for every silly Kerry photo, I'll show you a thousand of bush

Calling all teachers! Reg Weaver addressing conv. now

Inside Al Jazeera -- and Rumsfeld's attack on journalism.

Bush Compares 9/11 To Miss Marple Mystery

Wow ~those Democratic Women Senators

Darn I love Demoratic national conventions

I Saw the Movie "The Corporation" on Saturday.

How much time will Dick Durbin be given


RNC to unveil a new ad tomorrow morning!

Y'all should be watching Kwame Kilpatrick. (mayor of Detroit)

People, I wouldn't worry too much about that "Hazmat Kerry" picture

Peter Paul and Mary singing at convention right now

Our nation is fully "IDIOTIZED"... any country that allows the media to

This guy Kwame Kilpatrick is all right!

Bill & Hillary: Lighting Rods for the Right

So Fidel Castro considers Bush to be "sinister", he doesn't read

YES--Someone is holding up a "Bush lied soldiers died" sign above tweety

Have the republicans changed the way we view debates?

Hey, did everybody else get an email from Bill Clinton?

this convention is great! its america. and now the city youth ballet

are the broadcast networks covering the convention tonight?

DUers in the know - Will Clark be a guest on any of the networks tonight?

So, is there an mp3 of the Clinton speech out there yet?

I saw mobile today!

Dem platform regarding Iraq

Does the B* shot in the flight suit

NBC: people think Bush did a good job on 9/11.

An argument Dems can make re: Bush lies

Did anyone hear Mike Malloy last night ?...Air America was saying

Bill Maher to be on CNN Newsnight (post convention coverage)

If Bush wins in Nov. the draft notices will start going out in June

Here is the entire transcript of tonights Moore versus O'Reilly show

Diary of a Kucinich supporter at the Convention

Cato Institute is a glorified PR firm for Koch Industries.

Its pretty obvious Kerry will have to hit a HR

I'm writing this from the press bullpen inside the DNC

Local news: Dean says Teresa's remarks embodied what we think of media."

Democratic leadership is...

A few scenes from inside the "Cage"

Link to Stream of Convention? The officail sites links keep giving an

I don't want to hear any bitching about the Cable Networks tonight!

weblink of interest...

Moore creams O'Reilly! Transcript of tonight's interview.....

"Bush Is Reviewing The 9/11 Report"

In your opinion: Is Iraq technically part of the United States??

Huge crowd at Take Back America......Dean speaks to overflow on balconey.

Anyone hear Judy Woodruff Interview Kerry Campaign Mngr?

Hmmm? Did The Iraqi Insurgents Take A Break For The DNC?

LOL!!! "Dukakis in the Tank" Comparison Backfires!!

Maya Angelou on now!

Why was Kerry Booed in his hometown?

Something to think about regarding Repukes and Democrats

Hey, where can I get my own Pink Peace Scarf??

Finally!! A retort! "Would you rather have Saddam Hussein in power?"

1st Tweety Slimings of the Evening

Larry King/Ann Richards/Robert Byrd

"Send John Kerry" is an absolutely crushing meme

Turn on NBC Brokaw Now!

What is up with the DNC confiscating PEACE SCARVES from DK delegates?

When is the roll call of the state delegations?

I'm confused about Joe Scarborough...

now my flag is being burnt

George W. Bush net wealth $13 million, Pappy $2.0, Big Dog $0.93

* falls off his bike....... again

The Presidential Candidates Go toon

Ben Affleck on Hardball...

Picking Glenn Close to speak on 9-11 shows the Dems are tone deaf

Nader to Crash Dems' Party?

OK, what's the lineup of speeches tonight?


Democratic Convention night #2 thread #1

finally, some REAL Americans

Where are the polls saying kerry is leading..

Here's what Ann Coulter called Dem women at the convention:

So you won't have to go to drudge! Here is the O'Reilly/Moore transcipt

WTF is Norm Coleman doing at the Dem convention?


Nobody cares that california was bilked out of 9 billion dollars?


About electors: Many are not bound to vote the way the state votes

Bush's Military Records Fail to Dispel AWOL Charges

Thank you, AFP: A nice, large copy of the Bush-Card "My Pet Goat" photo

Poor Will Marshall, admits to "Dean-induced depression." Poor guy.

David Brooks: "Howard Dean was a Liberal for about 6 months"

Huge LIE on CNN: "Ken Lay spent 13 nights in Clinton's Lincoln Bedroom"

Is there really a significant number of "undecided" voters?

Schools: we have met the enemy...

The No Child Left Behind Act

Conventions and Corporate $ an Analysis

My talking point: Kerry looks good, but Bush will cream him in the debates

Greatest Democratic Convention Speech?

Why isn't there a boycott of Fox advertisers?

Transcript for O'Liely vs. Moore is on Drudge

Kerry and the anti-war Vets camped out by the White House, would they ..

Harold Schaitberger, discuss, fire fighters head

"Shove it!! SHOVE IT"??"The Lady don't look like the type to go around

Could someone please post the Dukakis in a tank picture?

Here's how close I was at the Convention

No concrete in AZ because it's being sent to Iraq and China

The reason for crime and the reason why we are not a society. x(

Transcript of the DN report on complaints of 2 Kucinich delegates

Garrison Keillor on C-span Now

What's up with Jesse Jackson NOT APPLAUDING Gore & Clinton?

We need to send President Carter Congratulations Emails!!!

The electoral college has outsurvived it's utility.

You know the righties are going to have a field day with ted kennedy ...

Post bad pictures of Bush in this thread.

boy plays with a handgun

how many of you would simply "not accept" a second bush term?

What happened to Vietnam after America pulled out? Did millions more die?

AP Breaking: Ann Coulter has come out against apple pie.

progressive "527" groups in the fight to oust George


BLUMENTHAL: On Clinton's Speech. (excellent!)

Dean, got to hand it to his supporters a bat went up today to thank

Randi Rhodes by far the best AAR show

Where was W born?

Is it OK for the DNC to prohibit delegates from displaying anti-war signs?

What line of work should Bush go into when he leaves office in January?

Reclaimed the IRC channel from the Freepers! PLEASE JOIN US

Theocratic Dominionism Gains Influence

Another Republican Child Molester....

Holy #$%!, has anyone been watching C-SPAN 2?

Dean: "we are all centrists now." Redefining the terms.

Kerry Dumps Joe Wilson From Campaign Team

The lower middle class, constituting the bulk of the middle class

Toronto DUers: Appalling rape/immigration debacle.

How much of our health care do you use?

(Canada) National Post is whoring away, as usual...

Tony Bliar and his perverted vision of the 60's

Couple Pepper Sprayed After Cell Phone Call In Movie Theater

Woman sentenced for anti-semitism lie

Kerry visit signals fight for Virginia

Iraq violence spirals:New kidnappings seek to hamper rebuilding of war-rav

'Fahrenheit 9/11' fans welcome hero to hotbed

Spain Govt Puts 'Social' Back in Socialism

theresa heinz Kerry and shove it vs %&%^ You

AP: Mountain Biking New Pastime for bush*

Kurds Wonder Where They Fit in the New Iraq

US grants People's Mujahedeen members protection

New law delays workers' comp for many (California)

BBC (Tuesday): Guantanamo inmates back in France

gitmo or boston?

Explosions Rock Central Baghdad Close to U.S., Iraq Offices

Cranks and jokesters take US protest to the streets

NYT: Now a Message From a Sponsor of the Subway?

Party stars send their message (Boston Globe)

Gore Asks Voters to Weigh Bush Policies

In Boston, the word is ‘mum’, dissent gets no invitation

Heinz Kerry Set to Speak at Convention

Sunspot Grows to 20 Times Size of Earth

Poll shows Democratic candidate losing ground to Bush

Vanunu: Israel behind Kennedys assassination

Jenna Bush not morally fit to teach kids at Harlem!

NMPEP: Army Chief Sees No Need for Draft, (Also: Brooklyn Bridge for Sale)

Jordanian Firm Plans to Leave Iraq

Sudan hits back over sanctions

Army National Guard Recruiting Falling Short

Democratic Party's platform is giving Kerry room to run

Spike Lee directs new 'Enron' film

SEIU chief says Dems lack fresh ideas

President Bush builds on his lead in Louisiana

Fed's View Too Rosy for Some Analysts

Tempers Rise in Afghanistan Before Vote(rejected warlord as running mate

'Mercenaries' face prison court

Wesley Clark courts Alabama Dems


Motorola Cell Phones Set to Play iTunes

US threatens to withdraw aid for Fallujah

Gay-marriage ban qualifies for ballot

Cheney lends presence to Oregon GOP campaigns

Kerry wants Sept. 11 commission to extend its work

Democrats Offer a Simple Message Aimed at the Middle

Militants Threaten Iraqi-Jordanian Highway

Bush Bites the Dust

Anyone having DU troubles?

‘The Bullying...Will Come to an End’

U.S. imprisoning 58 Iraqi teens, colonel admits; Fresh torture charges

'USA Today' Drops Coulter Column

Bush leads trade mission to Canada

Satanism Linked to Priest's Murder in Chilean Cathedral

Sales of new homes drop 0.8%

Iraq abductions stun embassies across Baghdad

Iraqi 'mediator' says hostages' employer, embassies not doing enough

Freed Egyptian Says Treated Well by Iraqi Captors

Powell: Iraq Coalition Must Not Become Weak-Kneed

Kerry urges fast action on Sept. 11 commission recommendations

We need to send President Carter Congratulations Emails!!!

Iraqi president vows not to cave in to kidnappers

A Tough job but someone's got to do it...

Castro responds to Bush’s prostitution charges

Democrat Goes Into Convention With Slim Lead

Voters want more specifics from Kerry

Iraqi Says U.S. General Witnessed Abuse (Karpinski)

Blair backs reforging of Democratic ties

Hostages' relatives threaten to kill abductees' employer

Report: Large group of North Koreans arrives in South Korea

'Frozen Ark' to save animal DNA

Hostages taken at Chilean Embassy

Kerry to arrive in Boston by water taxi

Making Their Talking Heads spin - (GOP Dem Conv location known)

Bush administration proposes cut in Medicare payments for cancer drugs

Assassination Plot Widens (Hugo Chavez)

AP Enterprise: Al-Qaida, Other Terrorists Got South African Passports Thro

U.S. Indicts Muslim Charity in Texas

Many blacks staying true to Democrats


Democrats Stress Kerry Family, Skip Platform Spat

Papal Envoy Insists on Need to Guarantee Aid for Darfur

Bush campaign wants Nancy Reagan at GOP convention

US Wants Shady Bank Moves Reported Faster

Soldier Ordered To Repay Army ($916-He volunteered for Iraq)

Cheney to Democrats: Weakness Invites Terror

Renewed Call For Cockpit Cameras

Spain Govt Puts 'Social' Back in Socialism

CBS: Nader to Crash Dems' Party?

Peru's Toledo Slams Bribe Report

60 children died from acute respiratory infections in Peru says UNICEF

GOP Aims to Pull a 'Dukakis' on Kerry (most biased AP article ever?)

Halliburton Wins $500 Mln Navy Deal

Bush Seen Projecting Record Deficit (REUTERS)

Bush: It reads like a mystery


Heinz Kerry: No regrets for 'shove it' remark

Photo war on first nite-Kerry counters his silly shot with Bush follies

More Americans Are Getting Osteoporosis

Actor Richard Dreyfuss slams Bush

France annuls first same-sex marriage

Drinking Tea Keeps Blood Pressure Down -- Study

DR of Congo:20,000 Flee Fighting in East in 'Critical Humanitarian State'

(Venezuelan President, Hugo) Chavez assassination plot widens

Belief in Hell Boosts Growth: Fed Report

Bank Investigated for Pinochet's Fraud

Diplomats: Iran resumes nuclear program

Castro Slams Bush 'Lies and Slanders' on Sex Tours

The funny thing about that Team America movie

Ed Anger died -- and was replaced by Ann Coulter!

My Iranian neo conservative(satire)

Missed Monday Night at the Democratic Convention

Pssst... The secret reason you never see GW Bush at the zoo

My LIfe Is One Sixteenth Alabama Football

How's this for a midnight snack?

Air America's webpage is down

Anybody else up late and still excited?

What should next weeks "animal of the week" be?

Ladies, how do you like the Depo shot?

Mozilla flaw allows SSL certificate abuse

Nina Simone is still the bomb!!!!

Avatar Check Thread (Sinfonians Represent)

did anyone else see Kimmel, tonight

i'm wearing a john kerry shirt today

DNC Coverage Drinking Game


So why is the media still reporting that * fell off his bike last month

OK, OK - I'll watch Gigli

Daikaiju fans. Godzilla v. Mothra (1992) is on the Action Channel

Underrated word: WHEE!!!!!!!

Savage Weiner!

new Oxyrush & Hannity advertiser Smart Balance

poor poor resident bush

new Hannity advertiser Motel 6/Accor Hotels

funny bush pics?

CAPTION the newest Log Cabiner

which of these pics do you think goes best with my sig?

South Park Watchers Please Help Settle A Question

Check out this e-mail!

AlienVsPredator, FreddyVsJason: What 2 Characters would you like to see..

A Special Good Morning DU!

Would you get a tattoo to help fight censorship? (Elfquest, PAD, Trek)

SHOWGIRLS fans rejoice!!!!

New low for Bush Futures Contract on - 49.1


Days Of Our Lives (WARNING: Another Spoiler Request)

Would you rather be Poor and Smart or Rich and Stupid?

Police shoot the hero in gun incident

Favorite Vic Tayback guest starring role

300th Post - All About Bill

did anyone else like "Lou Grant?"

Convention songs

What time does O ' Reilly come on? I wanna see Moore's interview

Will someone volunteer to hit on me?

Howard Stern Daily Synopsis?

Gov. Mark Warner, Va is on The Al Franken Show now.

When taking a picture watch your back!

Most likely to be an elaborate practical joke.

What will happen to a car if you put a bannanna in the tail pipe?

I'm going to go for a walk...

I'm sorry for post spam, but anyone have text of the Rev.'s speech?

Meet The "World's Most Beautiful Transsexual"

Almost everyone read a comic when they were growing up....

Man Revives Chocolate Labrador With CPR ...(Yay..lovely story)

Any fans of The Notorious Cherry Bombs?

My job has been rained out for the past two days..............

A peeve from me.

GD has crashed.

Boy in Norway Rides Luggage Conveyor Belt

Anyone have info on the Moore, Franken and Jackson chat at the DNC?

Is there text of Clinton's speech anywhere yet?


More good news, Re Russian microbiologist internet 'girlfriend'

Ugh Sean Hannity on Al Franken Show

Would your rather be poor & dumb or...............

Kerry wants to abolish the Yankees!

Will someone (18-24, pert, blonde) volunteer to hit on me?

Have You Ever Hitch-Hiked? Or Picked Up A Hitch-Hiker?

W picture from 9/11

Is poverty a moral failing like the repugs believe?

OK, did GD just dissapear for anyone else?

So, it's kind of boring around here with so many at the convention

Only in America....

Will someone volunteer to hit me any time I think of eating garlic again?

Hannity on Franken right now!!!

so who's going to the happy hour?

what position shouLd ken jennings have in kerry's cabinet?


Who else got the new Taking Back Sunday album?

Regis & Kelly on Teresa Heinz Kerry

Is there an Air America streaming site that doesn't suck?

Israel supports Bush

WooHoo! Cholesterol count down to 188!

oh god, Look what i started

Zone Alarm.........good, or bad?

Ann Coulter in comic form

The grass ain't greener,

New Repub mantra: 'People hate Bush because he's a Christian'...

Terra! Terra! Terra! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will someone volunteer to hit me?

what position shouLd ken jennings have in kerry's cabinet?

Ministry goes on tour starting Sept . 7th, here's the lyrics to "No W"

I was trying to post slowly to stave off the 700 club but...

CAPTIONs via DU Handout

Peter Yarrow is rehearsing right now at the convention!

Will someone please volunteer to hit this?

Is DU lagging for you today? Or is it my server?

I just drank some old milk.

CAPTION *W looking for CAPTIONs

Power outage in Santa Monica

They're making a movie about Kerry & Edwards: Who do you cast?

Pie-wagon, comin' through! Who wants pie?

Dirty political sex talk....

What the heck ever happened to solar in Popular science?

Least Flattering Pic Ever?

Siegfried And Roy Show Over For Good, Publicist Says

No, your Business is NOT beautiful, and your commercial sucks.

Australian Military Ban 'Fahrenheit'

Why you shouldn't let your dog eat a bag of weed

AOL has been double billing my friend for possibly years!

My kid is such a good guy!

Oh those Sports Illustrated reporters...

Have you seen the new street sign in Crawford??

Am I right here when I say vote Democrat is not correct?

They'd never let me be a delegate

file this next to Pork Rinds as oddo food trend - liquid donuts

Peter, Paul and Mary are practicing...

Caption Bush riding his $3000 bicycle

Walk, Don't Run, To Your Nearest Newsstand...

On a scale of 1 to 10

Time to go Awwwwwww... Animal pictures

Most memorable sports moment that you've seen

What the heck ever happened to Solos in Popular Music?

I just finished Scene One! I'm so proud!

Business Sign in the Window

James P. Hoffa on CSPAN

Anyone seen "De-lovely" yet?

"No, Tinker, we don't eat the cat poop!"

Correction: Bush shoots six detainees:

Simpsons to feature gay wedding

Minnesota Vikings to sign wrestler Brock Lesnar

Holy cow....I have chigger bites all over my feet

I'm CONFESSING! ... The bunny ears made me laugh.

Does anyone know what the KP Index is? Got an email about it being

Here's Our Chance To Mess With The Republican's Minds

New Baghdad city map

LBN! Bush photographed in space gear at NASA facility!

Aw crap... just heard one of my old poker buddies died..

OMG! Mary Travers ate Linda Ronstadt!

OMG! Dookus killed Kenny!

Ice Cream Icon Assails Bush

Ms Uly's making brownies

KITT (Knight Rider) IS FOR SALE!!!!

Clinton's words from last night - on a t-shirt

Any Paralegals here?


RIP Cary Horne

Guess what No Body watched us last night at all "WOW"

OMG! Kwame Kilpatrick ate Mary Travers!

Do cats get toe fungus?

What's a Chigger?

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today:

Here's a Bush animation I have never seen before..

SNL fans-question about one of the regulars

Anyone listening to Maya Angelou?

What time is Obama on?

What's a Dookus?

Best use of Ann Coulter

Paris Hilton to host Teen Choice awards on Faux

Rumsfeld Sick of Jokes About His Fat Girlfriend

OMFG!!!!!!!!! The Air America website says Malloy is up next!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch all the Comedy Central voter registration PSAs dir. by Kevin Smith!

Ever done any Cuban Smoking?

Did someone say Kerry throws like a girl? Caption this!

Why is Candy Crowley CNN's senior political correspondent?

Super W rides again!

Do you think 'On the Waterfront' was an anti-union film?

"The Iron Council" by China Mieville ... who else bought it today?

Saw a big SUV with this message


You wake up for school but you don't want to go.

What happens when DU goes to Level 4 due to high traffic?

Why can't I date more than one woman?

What if you could be the other gender

At the end of the David Letterman show each night, what is the gag

Steal my Faux News bumper art



SO...what do the GOPers really think about the Dem Convention?

Wrestling fans: Who would win this cage match?

Sh*t.....I need a new cat name

self deleted.. don't want people bugged by Gain

Help with credit recovery harassment

Pie? What kind is Ann Coulter?

Movies that would have been completely different with cell phones?

Does the GOP have a theme song?

Kind veggie burritos!! Kind veggie Burritos!!! I need a Miracle!!! DOSES!!

Night 2 schedule, Dean on at 9. Then Obama, Reagan Jr., Teresa

Pain after Chiropractic Work - Normal??

I think I've found Cheney's cat...

Dog & Cat Owners... What Brand Pet Food Do You Use?

"Boy plays with a handgun" in GD. Question:

CONTROL ROOM (the movie) Rocks! Rolls! Bumps! Grinds! A MUST SEE!

Rosebud is the name of a famous woman's errrrr...private parts

high-altitude marmot (cute animal pic!)

White House West with Will Ferrell

What a f*@!#%*ing outrage!

Behold the wonder that is Mischief! (Cat Pics!)

CAPTION Roger Mooron!

CAPTION Lord Vader reviewing his Storm Troopers!

Why is my divorce turning me into a misogynist?

DU Convention photos -- Day 3 -- (Convention Opening Night)

The State Of Education In This Country SUCKS!!

DU MEETS THE DAILY SHOW: More Pics From The Convention!

Dean's op ed with The Hill today. Replace the guy who does health care.

Support family values!

Kerryfest: Shining, Happy People - CBS/The Nation

A tip from Barney Frank

Anyone else notice how Carter never actually mentioned Bush in name?

' Send John Kerry ' What a perfect chant in reply to . . .

Kerry campaign raised 205 milion dollars

"Sweaty" Eddie Gillespie

Democrats Talk Up Kerry (on Nat'l Security) While Confronting Bush

Gay agenda keeps low profile at convention

Major Fiscal Worries (Not on Anyone's Agenda?)

Hating President Bush? - Whore CBS

Clinton's best line: "They need a divided America. We don't."

Rig My Election, Please

Just Like 60's Coverage: C-SPAN is the BEST!!!

Media Benjamin and others (CommonDreams): An Open Letter to Progressives

Stark Contrasts With the GOP from Clinton, Carter and Gore


Anybody see Bobby Byrd on Charlie Rose last night?

How long is it taking to receive Kerry gear, on the avg?

Gotta hand it to Bush/Cheney. Their chutzpah, using troops they've abused

Req: Where to find d/l-able Kerry posters/lawn signs (PDF, etc)

Interesting and prophetic statement about W

Anne Wolfe (NJ candidate) on Randi Rhodes this afternoon!

HRC: We need JK. JK is a serious man for a serious job at a serious time.

The Clintons were great!!

BBC Analysis (Tuesday): Democrats off to a good start

Eliot Spitzer on Air America Radio now--1:40PM! Link below.

Did anyone else notice what was missing from Clinton's speech?

I Just Saw Something Really Cool....

Kerry Urges Swift Action on 9/11 Report



Inthesetimesoffers a 'progressive' platform as progressive as lieberman

Kerry's "Dukakis Moment"or How the Media Takes Talking Points from the RNC

Survey USA Poll shows California solid for Kerry.(53 to 41)

Bush Supporters Passing Denial and into Bargaining Stage (Josh Marshall)

Bill Clinton: "We need to seal the deal this week"

What is going on with Granny D???? Is she still running for office???

National Security only a "big strength" for Dubya b/c media not doing job!

Something in Al Gore's speech that bothered me...

Help Duer's Eric Fingerhut campaign

What is the Achilles heel for Kerry/Edwards?

Audio trickery by ABC?????

CNN sit down, let's talk about Bush's "shifting with the political winds"

A forgotten classic from Atlanta Sept. 22, 2002. Jay Bookman, AJC

Before my time....What was "Putrid" about the 70's Dem. Party to Theresa?

Kerry in Control

For those who missed all or part of the speeches...

Canadians on Bush: "You are all screwed"

THE DEMOCRACTIC CONVENTION 2004 Platform to be approved today

"Dukakis" Photo And "Shove It" Show Signs of Desperation

For Debate #2 ...

Can it be said enough times, Clinton ROCKED?

Tennesseans snap up presidential campaign pins, signs

Has Fox used the entire Dem convention to interview republicans?

Which network has the least whore-ific convention coverage?

"Some Dems question Kerry strategy" (article much better than headline)


Krugman: Jeb must allow independent audits of FL e-voting machines

Zogby: Good news for Kerry.

A Japanese-American from California speaking Spanish. I love my party.

CNBC just interviewed Al Sharpton.....

It's John Kerry -- the human condom! (link to photo)

Dean's bat is UP..............

Will many Muslim-Americans vote Bush again this year?

Where do I find Kerry/Edwards signs?

I'm confused who is the Democratic nominee?

Very Cool: Snopes final comes out with a DEBUNK on the Kerry/Weapons myth

First Topic Post - Got my Mom to register!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Clinton help or hurt? CNN poll, lets DU it!

smirk falls off bike 2nd time - really - and something he said afterward

Let Michael Moore speak!!!

Who is Barack Obama?

This Land Is MY Land You Right Wing Nut Jobs! (MUST SEE!!)

How will the RNC counter Rev. Alston?

Federal Review Composite: Kerry 291, Bush 247 (7-27-07)

Bush Bumper Sticker ... Shock

Our Unity is Real Despite Our Passionate Differences

National Enquirer: Bush to Pick Rudy Giuliani


No bush bashing? Was I watching a different convention?

A vanity fair. And an expensive one at that.