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Archives: July 28, 2004

Space Science Pioneer Van Allen Questions Human Spaceflight

Iraqi Women and Torture, Part One Rapes and Rumors of Rape

Salon: USA Today kills ludicrous Ann Coulter story! (Why was she hired?)

Right Wing Vitriol and Root of Nastiness Names Itself (Ickiest thing Alert

Johah Goldberg (USA Today): Democratic unity: Bush-hating

NPR: Doing its part for Bush ... again

Nightline: Michael Moore coming up (11:38pm est)

In 2006, Chris Matthews will probably be....

Michael Moore VS Bill O'Reilly - Video

NOT SATIRE: Belief in Hell Boosts Growth: Fed Report

Lots of Bugs popping up (or are they just DEFCON 4)...

What is this all about?

Skinner and will pitt

Muslim charity charged in U.S. with funding Hamas

Attack on USS Liberty: Accident or Deliberate?

Illinois DUer's - You were right!

Barack Obama made a KILLING on the floor

St. Pete - Protest at Sembler tomorrow 7/28 - come to City Council 8/2!

Report from the Johnson Co. Fair

Two MN DNC delegates interviewed on DEMOCRACY NOW!

Austin DUers...dinner on Thursday before the Kerry watching party

Where Does the Bush 2 Library Go Come January

Feingold's Appleton office officially opens

Convention blogs from WA attendees

Clinton on C-Span2

John Kerry Is A Douche Bag But I'm Voting For Him Anyway

Report Says 195,000 Deaths Due to Hospital Error

isn't bono supposed to be at the dnc tonight?

Deanies and alll......

The Only Thing We Have To Fear


The Cable And Satellite Alternative Has Arrived.


You're all step-children of the Lenin/Stalin Communist Party...

"We Want to finally get that cowboy out of our house!!"

dupe -- please delete

Howard Dean helped put the spark back into the party.........

One of President Kerry's first acts should be...

I need help debunking this email....

Dean speech in about 3 minutes....

All convention speeches save Obama's released

Kennedy: Bush is a lying idiot

Kennedy is my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone have the Ron Jr interview with Michael Moore?

DU had a HUGE dip in website traffic in the past week

Would someone get Carol some water please.....

I'd vote for this Daschle

Social Security Questions

Judy Woodruff claimed voters prefer Chimpy 3 to 1 on the "war on terror"

Did you see Maria?

Tom Daschle thread 1

Oh my. Dean's got that evil glimmer in his eye, don't he? LOL!

Did Tom Daschle Just leave the stand to Express Yourself by NWA??

I'm Howard Dean and im voting for John Kerry!

I'm Howard Dean and I'm voting for John Kerry thread

Ted Kennedy inspired me to make this:

Howard Dean is a freakin' Rock Star!

Dean's up!

Did anyone just see Hillary and Chelsea toasting with champagne. . .

It is all so GREAT then along comes larry

David Brooks is one smug bastard.

Give America President John Kerry!

Where will I be able to get a transcript of Kennedy's speech?

Matthews: We are goose-stepping around the world

Lets stop being BUSHED around!

Lets stop being BUSHED around!

Who is this John Kerry they keep talking about?

What a badass.

Hubert Humphrey on CSPAN2

So how can we get a bumper sticker that reads

I went to the Kerry rally in Philadelphia today!

Obama got an opponent yet?

Democratic Convention Night #2: Thread #2

Christie Vilsak should make Ann Coulter happy

PBS--David Brooks--The Essence of His Weirdness

Attack on USS Liberty: Accident or Deliberate?

Dick Durbin & Barack Obama

No "Dean Scream"? Darn....

Deaniacs -- check in!

Put a real Joe Schmo up on the stage, people

Michael Reagan is bashing his brother on Hannity & Colmes. . .

The theme for the Convention seems to be "Healthcare." What about Iraq?

Can I vote for Obama for Prez?

For a moment, I thought I was listening to Martin Luther King, Jr......

OBAMA ROCKS!!! He has my vote for President!!!

You're watching the convention on:

Ron is up next... Finally, A Reagan with Brains!

Is it true that Chris Matthews voted for Bush in the last election?

How much you wanna bet

I never thought I'd see the day

Rewinding Obama - Gotta watch that again nt

Now the whole country knows why Ditka didn't run.

For those away from a TV or don't have C-SPAN...

Is Obama channeling MLK on purpose?

Republicans love the fear of fear dont they?

Grinding a Political Axe... and they should BE ASHAMED!

Why not give some thanks to Howard Dean

Brilliant timing - Ron Reagan on right when the networks pick up coverage.

Carol Mosley-Braun!

Record 2004 federal budget deficit of $420 billion "a sign of progress?"


Getting Ready for Michael MOORE Slapdown of O'REILLY

Anybody tear up during Ron Reagan's speech? n/t

Mystery Creature Lurks In Baltimore County

Will Barack Obama be the first black President?


Ron Reagan Jr. up next

This is "our" moment and "we" must not falter....

My god, he speech is just like his father's

Will Obama be our President some day?

This 13yo Girl is kicking CHeneys butt!

I love this child

Ron Jr. up now!!!!

any videos of Obama's speech up yet?

Why are the major networks not carrying the DNC?

So When Is It OK to Use the F Word?

CSPAN coverage - Republicans Voting for Kerry

OK this kid

Ilana Wexler for prez in 2028.

When is Dennis Kucinich speaking?

Darn. After Ilana Wexler's speech, Teresa can't say

Anyone with a link yet on the Florida voting machine story?

This little girl, Ilana Wexler, is an amazing speaker...

Anyone else think Moore blew it?

So, does Ron Reagan Jr want a career in politics?

Teresa is 65?!?

Who here considers themselves an idealist to the point

Democratic presidential succession through 2028 ...

I you watched you sure can't say the Dems don't LOVE Howard!

"Outfoxing Sean Hannity"

Will Obama's speech make it onto the archive of vids?

Theresa Heinz-Kerry on NOW!!!

CNN commentary is making me SICK!!!!!!!!!


Illinois DUers, you are damn lucky

LOL this girl is ROCKING... lets put cheney in a time out!

ADVANCE TEXT OF Maya Angelou speech

Teresa's up!

Are the networks not showing coverage today?

That sucking sound you hear is the Illinois GOP giving up en masse.

Why isnt my siggy working?

The First Black President - BARACK OBAMA!!!!

Candy Crowley WHAT HAPPENED??

Ok how many signs do those people have???

Obama's gettin interviewed on PBS right now.

I would rather give up one of my cells tostem cell research than my son to

ADVANCE TEXT OF TeresaÕs speech

Even David "Fucking" Brooks thinks Obama kicked ass!

The Repubs can have their Stepford Wife...

FUCK anyone who thought Dean wasn't on

Way to go, Chris Heinz!

Pickles could NEVER hope to be so eloquent as Theresa...

OMG I LOVE TERESA!!! She was superb!

Tersa - First Lady, First Mother, First Earth Mother.

Will Media Whores Online actually return before the election ?

Buy stock in Hewlitt Packard, Lexmark, and Xerox

Obama makes me want to live in Illinois

hahahaha! Bill Kristol finds Ron Reagan's appearance "disgusting." WHY?

There goes any talk of removing the "born in America" requirement for Prez

Does anyone have any good links to read about Stem Cell Research?

Obama: "Our votes will be least most of the time..."

Will the networks air ALL of the GOP convention?

Best speech so far?

Imam Yahya Hendi

"Classic" Conventions on C-SPAN 2


Scarborough said that it won't play in Peoria... and that Kerry's

Daily Show - Turds of Wisdom!

Please Shut Up Joe Scarborough

How has the media been?

Will ALL the networks air the repub convention?

I am just a little annoyed at the conventioneers that are leaving during

I just watched Ronald Reagan at the Democratic Convention on FOX "News"...

after the DNC can ANYONE call the mainstream media "liberal?"

Will the networks air ALL of the repub convention?

I defy the Repugs to create a convention with as much heart as this one!

Damn, can we get Teresa to wear some BLUE?!?

Does anyone have any good links to read about Stem Cell Research?


I have never heard anything like that speech

I have seen the future, and his name is Barack Obama.

I am really enjoying this convention

I am really enjoying this convention

Drug/Rushball will mispronounce Obama name all day tomorrow

Howard Fineman has been the voice of reason today

SHUT THE HELL UP Scarborough

I was trying to lie down, but damn I had to get up and log back on

The WSJ guy on CNN said that people said Edwards was the sexiest

I have seen the future, and his name is Barack Obama.

2028 -- Ilana Wexler for President!!!

Kristol: "I've given up trying to understand women"

I am loving how the Democrats are fighting back

I have seen the future, and his name is Barack Obama.

You can help OBAMA get better committee assignments ($$$)

Bush-Cheney Campaign Headquarters: What They Don't Want You to Know


Will the speeches be rebroadcast on C-Span

Anyone got a transcript of Obama's speech?

Origin of "Tragedy" joke.

Mike Malloy Show on Air America Radio TONIGHT...

Best DNC Speaker on Tuesday

In Europe, passionate cheering for Kerry



"The true Patriots, are those who speak truth to power": Teresa H. Kerry

tweet with a woman who likes THK....AND Richard Holbrooke

On MSNBC ... new (but really always) Democrat Barbara Hafer

WOW... is down!

The NASA pic of Kerry would NOT be a problem except for one thing....

Teresa! What a woman.

Theresa is a combo of Eleanor Roosevelt and Jacqueline Kennedy

Is it too late to send Michael Reagan back to the adoption agency?

What is the longest concurrent time one party has spent in the oval office

Ron Reagan deserves his own show

Here we go.....Tweety on Theresa

Brit Hume on Fox: All star panel next to analyze Teresa's speech.

Andrea Mitchell: Obama is a rock star

Anyone having problems posting?

Check out Jimmy Carter's 1976 Acceptance speech on C-span 2

so i hear tonight was pretty cool

Here we go....Tweety on Theresa

FOX hurt by Ron Reagan Jr.

How 'bout someone put up an mp3 of Obama's speech? Anyone?

Obama's replaying on C-Span now

Ladies and Gentlemen I think that we just met the first black president

Will Teresa hatred overshadow Hillary hatred?

Repugs have nothing to run on


Meet Barack Obama!

I missed tonight...tell me about the speeches...were they the same

Obama is being rerun on CSPAN NOW

Barack Obama Audio by Yahoo

I look forward to Teresa Heinz Kerry debating Bush in Spanish

If Freepers hate Hillary

Obama and Teresa Heinz Kerry's speeches were great, however

I look forward to Teresa Heinz Kerry debating Bush in Spanish

Barack Obama = Future President of the United States

I look forward to Teresa Heinz Kerry debating Bush in Spanish

C-Span rebroadcasting Obama NOW - 11:48 EST.


Is Jim Breaux in pockets of Drug companies?

Michael Moore on Nightline

Is Jim Breaux in pockets of Drug companies?

I look forward to Teresa Heinz Kerry debating Bush in Spanish

My Nader-leaning friend checks in after the Con, quite a bit less Nader-y

Question about the Oreo chart at True Majority.

Dupe - let it drop.

Bwahahahaha Candy Crowley f*cks up!

Who is a better Orator? Who gives better speeches? Whose smarter?

If Chris Matthews allowed anyone to finish a sentence, I'd faint!

Iraq's October Surprise

Candy Creamed For Obama

Website created by an Iraq War Vet who wants to get the truth out!

On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate the DNC so far?

C-SPAN commentator said...Nader will be coming to the DNC floor..

What would happen if we stagged a block cable news channel day

Tweety: "Will Americans accept a foreign accent?" Re: Teresa.

Michael Moore is on Nightline tonight!

Michael Moore on CNN with Larry King now! 12:13am ET

My prediction: We will watch and consume the GOP convention

Anyone know where to fine Ted Kennedy's speech

Finally a DUer at the podium.. Go Chris!


Don't you wish there was a first lady debate now?

Shallow Thread: What cool Dem. celebs have you spotted in the hall?

Will CNN Etc. Have Phalanxes Of DEMOCRATIC Commentators For RNConvention?

Is Jim Breaux in pockets of Drug companies?

Teresa! What a woman.

Ok guys, I watched Obama's speech again, paying attention this time

AP: Twelve-Year-Old Wows Convention Delegates

The Networks can go fuck themselves

Andrea "I'm a media wh_r_" Mitchell

MSNBC has turned into FOX late night here...

"somebody talks about my wife like that... we're gonna have a problem".

anybody know where i can get clinton

"What about Lori!!!" screamed at Scarborough - I love LIVE TV!

Bush and the Kerry Photos

David "Fucking"Brooks spinning Teresa's speech as "Unpersonable"

What do you think Harold Ford Jr. is thinking right now?

FoxNews doesn't get it. Re: Teresa's speech.

Ron Reagan on MSGOP -- he's excellent.


Sorry If this is a Dupe - But Thanks for the DU Happy Hour in Boston!

Are ratings calculated for C-Span?

The Greatest Part of Obama's Speech - Right Here, plus link to text

Best day of the convention so far?

Freepers making fun of Ilana Wexler. Truly sick bunch of Cheneys.

Pickles -- you can't hold a candle, match, or flame

So what do you suppose was up Hillary's butt tonight?

I have to admit Kennedy lived up to his name tonight! God Bless Him!

Ilana Wexler

I want Obama video.

Chris Heinz reminds me of JFK jr and I can't help but think

oh SNAP, Teresa!

Can we stop saying "First Black President?"

it's DEAN that shoulda oughta been there....

Give Obama some love (make a donation and check out some pics I'm posting)

Bush-Cheney Campaign Headquarters: What They Don't Want You To Know

Okay, Robert Caro is my hero.

O' Really is on

JK ROCKED Philadelphia

My argument to Repubs...

Dan Rather on Convention: DULLSVILLE

I Wish Wellstone Were Here to See This

Freepers are madly posting pictures of Laura as contrast to THK

Will Teresa hatred overshadow Hillary hatred?

We live in the silliest, most superficial country in the world ever and

"Baghdad Burning" blog hasn't been updated since June 18th

Damnit I want to listen to Teresa for 8 years... NOT LAURA!

David Brooks, lying neocon shill, compares Kerry to Castro & Brezhnev.

Sludge: Dems Claim NASA released photos to smear

I was wondering what all this Obama hoopla

Bill Schneider: Speech was Dean's worst ever

One little thing about the Dem Convention that is bugging me...

Obama believes:

For freeper lurkers who might suggest Obama isn't "black" enough:

C-SPAN replay of OBAMA!!! Tune in now!

Access Denied

Bill O'Reilley will send my son to fight in Fallujah

I LOVE this guy!!!

they are playing some good music the convention

Scarborough!!!!!!!!!! What about Lori?

What Democrats are doing Wrong at this Convention

Bush-Cheney Campaign Headquarters: What They Don't Want You to Know

I'm having an argument with my dad...

Mary Matalin sez Dick Cheney is "the thinking woman's version of sexy"

Dammit. It's breaking my heart to watch Howard Dean.

Gep is dying out there....

Poor Gep!

Do you support National No Name Calling Day Sept. 21st?

Barack Obama thread!

How about the Mo Rocca effect on CNN?

Hey Mediawhores: How about reporting Bush's 2 lies in 1 sentence?!?!

The Teresa Thread!!!!!

Do me a favor - can you be rude and insulting and divisive next week?

PLAME INDICTMENTS #14 -High Crimes & Misdemeanors -"The Tip Of The Iceberg

Sweet Justice

Bush meets Charest to talk business

'Minister failed me,' Kazemi's son says

Black Democrats Gain Convention Influence but not Numbers

At Ports, Cargo Backlog Raises Security Questions

All convention speeches save Obama's released

Timor dispute threatens gas project

Europe, Down on Bush, Keeps a Keen Eye on Kerry/New World Media Watch

Annan to Appeal for Aid to Address Sudan Crisis

Chavez Likely to Win August Recall-Venezuela Poll

Canadians prefer Kerry to Bush: Poll

In front of the guns, Kerry plays military card

Fred LaRue, Nixon Administration Aide and Watergate Figure, Dies

Bush Filming Biographical Ads in Texas

Drudge: New Electronic Voting System in Florida: Flawed

'Bomb on board' or 'best on board'?

Report Says 195,000 Deaths Due to Hospital Error

Lost Record of Vote in '02 Florida Race Raises '04 Concern (NYT)

US Soldier Dies in Roadside Bomb

Bell Lashes DeLay on DNC Stage

War Weighs on Bush Hopes; Ratings Higher

Bishop snatched by rebels - Columbia

Doctor Group (Doctors Without Borders ) Withdraw From Afghanistan

Among Delegates, Fear of Bush Becomes Powerful Uniting Force

Boys Kill Homeless Man Out of Boredom


`War is almost unavoidable,' North Korea tells UN

Villagers burned alive in Sudan atrocity

DU chat tonight for convention.

If I ever find Ann Coulter's car...

I'm Back in Black. I hit the sack. n/t

Descriptions of pain.......

Alright, it's the day after thanksgiving, you're making a sammich...

DU is at Level 3!! What will happen at Level 42?!?

Damn DirectTV! Damn them!

Kennel Certificate Proves Who Puppy Daddy is.

I just got Yahoo messenger on my computer.

Home Improvement Assistance Request from DU Pros

I just got off the phone with the FBI!

In spirit of unity, and leading up to November, I've changed my avatar.

Cable showed Bush digging for gold

Behave yourself, boys.

best NFL news site?

Will someone plz link a streamline to Obama's speech?

Look at all those Democrats in GD. They love Osama

Damn, I make a fine sangria!!

Link to Obama address?

I wish

OMG the #$^%^#$%^ Whores!!!!!

New Steve Earle music!!!!!!

Here's the coolest cat in my house

The name of the game?

I'm sorry, but if my name was Dick Durbin....i'd change it.

Dookus, Tweedtheatre and Nickster are total...

If Ann Coulter was an accident, what kind would she be?

Help finding a pic, please?

as my first action from a new computer

Maury poll

GD down AGAIN?????

Why all the Ann Coulter threads?

Omigod, OMIGOD! Farscape is back!

Next Chris Isaak CD to be a Christmas album

Do you know it is monsoon season in NY.

Can't post to GD

Mystery Creature Lurks In Baltimore County

How Did Your Cat Acquire You?

WHOA!!! I just saw a bright flash of light ...

DU Career Counselors, help!: It's time for me to get out of retail.

If Ann Coulter Was a Woman, What Would She Look Like?

DU Photo request!

Obama's speech is being replayed on CSPAN right NOW!

Patience is a virtue.

This is my first DU post from a MAC!


Random musings from the DU party in Boston

I did 24 miles in 47 minutes tonight...

Bitch about your Union here:

Leno just zinged all the Bush males.

Simpsons character to come out of the closet

Saw my daughter on C-Span at the convention!

I'm in love with Helen Hunt

OK - I just got my DSL - why does my Air America and C-SPAN time out

Kennedy just tore Bush apart

Teresa! What a woman.


Every time I watch the Animal Cops shows....

Sideburn Overload on CSPAN-2

Photo AND caption of a pig

I hate doing laundry...redux

This line from Good WIll Hunting is amazingly familiar

If Ann Coulter was a disease, what would you call her?

What dental treatment would you give Ann Coulter?

Okay, so now Battlestar Galactica is coming back as a full series

An ARMY Nascar Race Car??? Whose idea was this?

Does blotter acid still exist - or did it die with Jerry?

Ok DU cat lovers - i have a crisis which might make me weep!

our feral kittens -- more than just their eyes!

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Whadda day.

Planning a bachelor party is a pain in the ass!

I'm in love with Helen Thomas

If Ann Coulter were an accident, what kind would she be?

DU couples, do you have a song?

This was the only cat I didn't have an electronic photo of....

Is Theresa Heinz Kerry really Beverly Crusher???

Janet Reno Dance Party

Is a 158/101 blood pressure a serious problem?

I HUMPED George W Bush Tonight!!!

Hilarious Videos, in a scary, geeky kind of way.

I am changing my name to ZombyObama

OK...who has the Franken-Hannity "debate" today in MP3 format

AP: White House to Project Record Deficit; Bush Screwed

Help debunking smear that Kerry covered up missing POWs in Vietnam

From another room Durbin sounded like The Rock....

Obama Rocks!

I'm gonna be the first to say it: EDWARDS/OBAMA 2012

DEAN At The Podium RIGHT NOW!!

Senator Kennedy is speaking eloquently against the war.

Political jargon aside I truly believe

Dick Cheney needs a time out

Guardian Utd: Kerry plays the military card

Teresa: Oil is the source of the GOP's Power

My Favorite Kerry is not heading the Democratic ticket

Any videos of Obama's speech up yet?

God-DAMN!! Barack OBAMA at the Podium Right NOW!! He is DYNAMIC!!!


I have never been more proud to be an Illinoisan than I was tonight!

What's up with the French references tonight

Info on Americans voting overseas in Denmark and beyond

"You Go, Girl!"

When will Kerry campaign whip out Chimp in Flight Suit ad?

"Our Vice President needs a very loooooooong time out!"


Let me be the first to say it: OBAMA/HEINZ 2020

THE ANWSER (Trebec voice) Nixon,Dole, Bush.

We should have a debate between the first lady and the candidate

Skinner and Will Pitt! Please phone home (actually dumail me!

Howard Dean speech: My Favorite Part


I Saw Wes Clark Today!

Democrats stifle free speech on convention floor

Too Late for Bush to be a "Peace President" (letter)

Populism Without Heavies

Will the real flip-flopper please stand up?

Let's Forget "The Charisma Thing" - (NY) Newsday

Populism Without Heavies

Left Comes Full Circle From Chicago '68

Terry McAuliffe, The Man Who Put the Pep in Rally (but with hyperbole?)

WSJ: Storm Clouds Spell A Chance of Rain On Democrat Parade

Guardian: The real reasons Bush went to war

Michael Moore is confident in Kerry's goodness

Is Bush "Loony Tunes" - Using Drugs to Control Erratic Behavior?

The real reasons Bush went to war

Joe Conason (NY Observer): Scaife’s Hired Hack Deserved Teresa’s Ire

The Right Wing's Deep, Dark Secret (Some hope for a Bush loss)

Christians, Hitler Christians, and Damned Christians

Ben Shapiro defends Ann Coulter

Kerry, Democrats still struggling with Iraq

European Press Review: Back to Justice

The GOP truth squad

Exit Bush, exit strategy

Micheal Moore - Stand Up for the Progressive Agenda .....

Scott Simon on Michael Moore

Doctors and Torture

Feminist criticizes Kerry's "butch' image.

Saddam stand trial?

Text Of Barack Obama's Speech To The DNC Last Night

Paul Krugman on the perils of electronic voting this November

Officials discount story on supposed terrorists' 'dry run' on LAX-bound je

Warren G Kerry - Peggy Noonan (Bush's term has been too "exciting?")

Considerations on the Stigma of Mental Illness by Julio Arboleda-Flórez

Princeton NJ: "Outfoxed" screening Aug 3.


Message from Not In Our Name/AGAPE

15,000 journalists and still a dearth of coverage(journalists as "business

Howard Fineman looking thru his Karl Rove glasses

This is the spin we get in the Stockton freeper rag owned by Dow Ottoway

Franken on fire

Just once......

Bob Edward moving to PRI on satellite radio (XM) next week.

Michael Moore and Ted Koppel - Video

Dan Rather calls Convention "Dullsville"

Today's Rethug Stalking Points: Patterson gets a hate "Buzz"

SFGate discusses GOP Media control - CNN's Blitzer guest (the AP Wire?)

Move-On Catches Carl Cameron (Faux) being a right wing hack. Call Fox!!!

Link to page listing owners of television networks

Why the HELL didn't CBS, NBC, and ABC cover the convention???

...FOX! I'm speechless.

Michael Moore's next documentary is...

Kerry Campaign Response to Misleading Bush Videos ignored by media

Today's Quote

Today in History 07/28

CNN: CEO pay hikes double

how the minimum wage fails to keep up with inflation

Was Clinton's Economic Record an Aberration?

Amazon Forest Fires Alter Weather Patterns, Further Speed Forest Collapse

New England Snows Decrease, Rains Increase Over Last 50 Years

Antarctic Science Summit Convenes In Bremen - Deutsche Welle

Sudden Oak Death Discovered In Nassau County, NY

Polar Bears May Have Only Decades Left - AFP

Refinery Industry - Clean Fuels' Price Effect "Minimal"

Bush Plans Trade in Methane to Curb Climate Change (tiny effect)

My problem with Genetic Modification in general...

Blue Whales Spotted Off Alaska For First Time In 30 Years

NASA to build 10,000-processor Linux computer

Greenland ice-melt 'speeding up'

Global Warming Overview

Biggest threat is selfish politicians - TW

Six life terms for 'Satan incarnate'

Human Rights Watch: Review Panels No Fix for Guantanamo

Force of 9/11 Panel Is Felt

(Iraq) Abductions Spark Debate Over the Right Response

112 die in Iraq violence (905 US military combat dead to date)

World Bank Challenged: Are the Poor Really Helped?

Sandusky Register Editorial: Smoke Clears on Hidden Gun Myth

Assclowns in the news: Cell phone in theatre leads to pepper spray!

S.1431 What is it?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--July 28, 2004

Lunabush's Gungeon Joke of the Day - Wed, Jul 28

Carolyn McCarthy spoke up for the AWB at the convention

Sheriff, Chief Disagree on Assault Weapons Ban (MD)

Deleted - I was going to weigh in on the language argument.

Troll in GD

"Cunt" and "bitch" in one thread


Are there words that are considered 'inappropriate' here now?

Elad... Aren't you PROUD to be an Illinoisan

Can we get an Obama avatar?

What happened to the hide thread feature?

Isn't it time to make a final decision about the use of the "C" word?

Why are do so many 9/11 conspiracy theorists hate Jews

How the zealots are killing the dreams of the kibbutz movement

Revised West Bank fence route to be unveiled

Hoenlein: Danger is from Islamic fundamentalists

Arafat cronies made $$ by helping Israel build the wall

Sharon praises Chirac's efforts to fight anti-semitism, in change of tone

A US veto on the wall is, sadly, a done deal

Marwan Bishara (IHT): Arafat Stalls while Palestine Burns

IDF uncovers tunnel north of Netzarim settlement

Knesset approves bill eliminating NII benefits to terrorists

Arabs shock Europeans, refuse to condemn anti-Semitism

Spanish bombing "coincidences" sound eerily familiar

Atta's car

Mark Suppelsa

Oswego may rename Route 34 after Hastert

Bet U think UR the Shi@#

DU this Florida poll please BBV

'Dognappers' Demand Money From Pet Owner

(CA) Gov. Plans Attack on Lawmakers' Power

i didnt know they were letting go guantanamo inmates

What is the Kerry-Edwards campaign doing to win Minnesota? nt

du poster says * might visit Ann Arbor/UM???? Not easy to believe this!

Just came from a Eric Fingerhut speech in Zanesville

Zanesville Kerry Rally Details

So what's a car emisson/inspection run these days in PA?

Candidate Philips Called to Iraq

Hoeffel Speaks at Convention

Business group funds Goodhair's interns

Hey Texans! Richard Morrison called me personally...

Who is heading to Crawford this evening?

BBQ Fundraiser for Martin Frost @ Gilley's - Aug. 24

Heads up Texas 22 !

Michael Moore a no-show in Crawford

Richard Morrison speaking in Austin August 4

Hey UWSP Alumni! I got my dorm assignment today!

Kerry's coming to Milwaukee Monday, 08/02!!

I'm sorry, but if my name was Dick Durbin....i'd change it.

O'Reilly losing his voice amidst 1000s of Dems is a great omen

if only the RNC would be rhetorically accurate

Ashcroft sings

Put your money where your mouse is!

Dean and Rob Reiner on Hardball tomorrow night.

DU the sign on poll on AOL

"Barack Osama will speak"

funny perspective

Michael Moore: I'm here on a cajones delivery.

Ahnuld CAVES! Kahl-ee-fohr-neea has a budget!

Nothing to fear but the GOP

Why you should ignore national polls

Can the Middle Class survive the shift to globalism? How will the Dems

Tonight we got a glimspe of a very bright future: Obama and Teresa is it.

Thank God for new generations

Teresa video used "Beautiful Mind" music -- 'homage' to Babs?

Joe Scarborough said.....

no doubt in my mind now: President Obama IS the future

i am ignorant

Here's a free one DNC

Someone should compare the # of times the 'shove it' clip has been played

It's just sad

Hey, all you right handed people

WP/ABC poll: "VOL" means what?

Obama: Father from Africa, Mother from Kansas

anyone keeping track of whose speeches are being aired by the stations ?

ITV News - British whore media?

doesn't conservatism = anarchy ?

Drudge: Michael Reagan slams Ron Reagan


Don't reply to this thread (rant)

Obama or Clinton's speach

Are CNN/Faux/MSNBC fixated on that Kerry on the NASA tour picture?

Krugman : Fear of (Election) Fraud

RW Email! Need Help Here Please!

ok nevermind

Rock the Vote's Pace Poll

Castro responds to Bush’s prostitution charges

Jack Cafferty's question today: what would you do?

I have another idea for a tee shirt

George Bush picks a new running mate

Chimp campaign gives Dean, Kennedy, Obama "extreme makeovers"

things that repubs will have to do to top the DEM convention....

J.E.'s "Two Americas" / B.O.'s "United States of America" and the media.

Tweety Ragging On & On About Teresa's Accent. Idiot!

In response to the post earlier about * being reborn

The Watergate "Bagman" has died

Some good LTTE in my local (conservative) paper.

"A Tale of Two GEORGES" (Keef)

The Koreas: Mexico: doesn't it make sense to help N.Korea and

Why did the networks not cover tthe convention tonight?

Imus allowed Matlin to walk all over him...

Is Laura Bush really a robot?

shouldn't we have an official jester? what about george bush?

Please help DU this local poll......

What a great picture of Edwards

Convention videos posted

check out this bozo's LTTE

Seeking Clarity on Berger investigation

Put Cheney in TIME OUT!

Drudge is a thief!

Obama calls out David Brooks in keynote address

Images From Iraq

I love that during the DNC Fox is polling about Scott Peterson

Can you imagine a veteran from this current war

The War on Terror, Let the Voters Decide..................

Al Franken on CNN now

Think this ticket could win in 20012: Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton

Mickey Kaus, followed by Jonah the Whale on CSPAN

CEO Pay Hikes Double in 2003

Ted Koppel just said Ron Jr. was there to rile Repugs...

Neal Boortz compares John Kerry voters to terrorists

Doctors Without Borders to Withdraw from Afghanistan

CNN Polls: DNC Edition day 3

Moore to Kerry: stay left

FULL TEXT of Teresa's Speech

Apologies if this has been discussed

I'm running out of Ammo while troll hunting

Maya s speech last night..

Johnny Mac showed the Bush nose pic, the Bush Kimono pic

111 dead in Iraq.

Dean being pure Dean is on CSPAN...its a replay.from Tues...he is great..

Is David Brooks the most corrupt man in America?

If we win this year, how long will we hold the presidency?

Unhappy Hosts Awaiting the Republicans (GOP convention )

Obama's speech was a stake in the heart of the Bush strategy ?

Help me fight a conservative radio host

Heinz Kerry Speaks Her Mind as Convention Softens Its Tone

not enough bashing

Ann Coulter should speak at the GOP convention!

National Guard Officer Candidates dwindling As War Demands Increase

So, what is Kerry's move?

Please Don't Forget

I got to go to Barack Obama's party tonight!

Caption the Golddigger!

Obama's speech....does anyone know if it will be shown again on CSPAN

It is OK for your son to die in Iraq

Question About Terrorist Attack Numbers ?

Pizza & the Total Surveillance Society.

So what did you think about Teresa's speech?

Doc w/out borders - in Afghanistan for decades - pulls out, cites security

'Millionaire Trial Lawyer"

Did laura make a speech in 2000 about georgie?

Rant: "The public doesn't know John Kerry"

Moore Failed to Crush O'Reilly !

DNC day 3 speakers you most anticipate?

Reply to Op-Ed piece on Kerry's NASA photo

Your favorite speech at the convention so far...

A Convention present for Dean's admirers:

At least 70 dead, 30 injured in Baghdad today. Thanks, George.

Body of Midding Teen Found

You Go, Mrs. H-K!! Unlike The Commander In Chief...

Re: Obama.....I'm so psyched I moved to Chicago!

No Nancy Regan at GOP convention!

Jon Stewart on AAR now!

Jon Stewart on AAR right now

Suicide Car Bomb Kills 68 in Baghdad......I thought things were going well

What is the chance that the Old American Republic can be restored?

Rolling Thunder in Seattle Saturday

Bush Seen Projecting Record Deficit (REUTERS)

Will Florida disenfranchise voters again?

Transcript of obama's and Kennedy's speech from last night???

Wednesday News from the Dem convention!

Stumbled across a DUable poll...

Theresa Heinz-Kerry for First Goddess, not First Lady!

The myth of Hilary hatred.

Bush on drugs to control erratic behavior

If the Rethugs used Viet Nam against Clinton, why shouldn't Kerry use

Just heard on AAR...

Wash Post: Toles NAILS Bush: Compares to COMPUTER VIRUS infecting Country

Goldberg WANTS TO LEAVE CHILDREN BEHIND! talking about slow fat kids!

Olbermann Slams Fox & the Dems that appear on Fox

Main Speeches of Democratic Convention (On Demand)

Maria Shriver, What's Her Trip?

What were GW's 'credentials' on security before he was selected?

Did The GOP Hate Teresa When She Was Married To A Republican?

Speech by Prof. Cornell West, in one of the meetings in Boston

I liked the context of Obama's speech but..

For the people seeking Democratic unity on DU

Republican "flip-flpos" Post them everywhere

Robert Greenwald "Outfoxes" Carl Cameron Once Again

The Edwards Dynamic (Ctr. For American Progress)

Is it just me or have seniors been ignored thus far?

Maybe should use...

111 people killed in Iraq today.

Howard Dean on C-span right now...

did you hear the funny story on AAR?

Opportunity for Air America in Denver (KNRC off the air).

Freaky Feeding Frenzy

Mrs. kerry is fighting a 1964 fight not a 2004 fight...

looking for organized groups fighting fcc

Why aren't the Repugs using this pic of Kerry?

Kerry greeting his Vietnam vet posse in Boston

Anybody know where to get transcript of the speeches?

CNN sure has a lot of technical glitches in their coverage....

Still no one quoting Jimmy Carter. His was the 'kick butt' speech

Can I say one more thing about Obama: his relationship to imperialism

Castro speech Bush War on Terrorism

whoever planned this convention has done a great job....from the music

Good news on that seemingly disappointing ABC/WP poll

Kerry sailing with Buds.

We get too worked up over 20 people.

John McEnroe said it's time for a change in Washington.

Teresa Heinz Kerry

Okay People, Take A Deep Breath and Hear Me Out for A Moment

9/11 committee grilling Powell and Armitage on C-Span 3

Question: Is there a current tradition...

It's criminal that so few got to experience Obama's speech

America doesn't KNOW Kerry? we didn't know shit head either

Kerry quoting Bruce Springsteen's "No Surrender"

When was the Fairness Doctrine Repealed?


My opinion of convention - Two nights of home runs - Spectacular.

The Water Taxi's a nice touch

Bruce Springsteen posts AL GORE Speech on his website

taxes and the minimum wage

Isn't it illegal for Cheney to campaign when awarding medals?

hey any going back to 60's and 70's

One in four Americans lives within four miles of a toxic Superfund site

anyone have a schedule for the convention today? I don't wanna miss Kooch

Kerry gets 4 point bounce before he even speaks 48-45

Moore to go to Florida...someone please explain

Help me out...

Goofy Photos of Kerry and Bush, at "MoveLeft Media"

More Drudge desperation: Kerry 'reenacted' war scenes

Beastie Boys New Album "To the 5 Borroughs" a ROCKING anti-Bush CD!

Springsteen's "Thunder Road" playing over Kerry boat pix on C-span!

Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior

The Democrats are so out of touch.

will bush surround HIMself with his military pals from his youth?

All who attacked Obama earlier this week: Hang your heads in shame.

should we take up a collections & buy w some training wheels?

Bush Bashing hurts so much

DU this poll, please.

Can anyone get me some recent polls

Guess Who Holds America's Debt? You'd Be Surprised

"Neo-con" is a misnomer. We must change the frame.

Ilana Wexler coming up on Al Franken

Comic idea for Thursday night convention

EXCLUSIVE: Five of Bush’s makeup trainings invalid under Air Force regs


Jordanian corp. working for US to pull out of Iraq

LINK: Wireless Democratic Convention Connection...100's cell phone photos

Is it me, or were the morning shows NOT in GOP-Whore Mode today?

Just heard a political reporter from British Columbia

When will the repukes trot out Osama's freezer burned body?

For the first time in the last three years, I feel hope.

Re: Mrs. Kerry one pundit said she speaks more warmly of...

Is "" down?

Is there a difference in fighting "terrorists" and fighting "terrorism" ?

Obama reminded all of us

Wow! Teresa really has the right-wing in a tizzy!

Do you think that Harold Ford Jr. is feeling neglected today?

Male voters: Who would you rather be in a foxhole with?

CSPAN radio playing Obama speech NOW!!!

Moore on CSPAN now!

Pictures of Kerry testifying against Viet Nam War.

This is probably the best site so far to keep track of whose leading...

A Great Conversion Opportunity for DU!

Al Franken talking to a conservative Iraq war vet

Electronic Records of Some Florida Elections Wiped Out in Computer Crash,

Tom Brokaw: "Bush and Kerry Had Sex." (Wonkette!)

Anyone else notice No Barack on Drudge, keeping on message

What's Karl Rove thinking about Obama now?

M Moore's Likely Voters comment about the polls

OK...I'm probably the only one out here who doesn't know...

Howard Dean will be Surgeon general in a Kerry admin.

Burial of Prez Reagan, also bury Reagan family....

Micheal Moore on Cspan 1

Hey DU Girls, Do you love Teresa Heinz Kerry as much as I do?

Kerry's Hate Tape?

Investigation into Guard Service?

Granholm goes on at 9PM, Shaliskavili (sp) & Edwardses start at 10.

I need the Obama speech to D/L on a CD

Ways Chimpy will try to upstage Kerry's entrance into Boston

I IMPLORE YOU - If you are at the convention, PLEASE READ THIS.

So I take it we're all pretty much OK with Obama today?

I Need Help in Convincing a Friend to Vote for Kerry

Need Info On Heinz Company v. Heinz-Kerry

Are most GREAT Republican speakers of recent times bigots ?

White House Set To Project Record Deficit

"Kerry's Poetic Gamble" (WSJ calls Langston Hughes "communist")

Separated At Birth: Laura Bush and...

"President Aces Prostate Exam, Reconsiders Gay Unions"

seen this? The Crawford Wives.......Stepford parody

Move-On Catches Carl Cameron (Faux) being a right wing hack. Call Fox!!!

Will Moore give a speech at the Convention?

Does anyone know if there are plans to clean out chad from

Do we need a Rapid Response Team to the NRO Rapid Response Team?

Need info on Ted Kennedy and Chappawhatchacallit

7/28 KERRY: 96.62% WIN PROBABILITY with 324EV and 52.76% of the vote

This is perfect for the RNC: "Today Iraq, Tomorrow... the WORLD!"

I have a grievence with the "Send'em back to Crawford" people

DU this new poll quesion on CNN!

Was anybody watching the hack job on "ABC World News"?

Florida ---setting up to be a mess again...rate this story...keep it front

No French at the DNC

Just got an invitation to join the anti_kerry group

My new bumper sticker prototype.

Rush Limbaugh Keeps Making Fun of John Kerry & His Wife

Elizabeth Edwards Rocks with Lifetime Television and Rock the Vote!

Go over to the website, then just sit down and relax.

Limbaugh: "Michael Moore's Film Is Full of Lies."

Online Convention Video Links (Please add and kick)

Obama with skeletor Woodruff CNN 3:14 ET n/t

Does anyone have a link to a do it yourself Electoral Vote...

Mr. National Anthem Improviser!!

You won't know the enemy if you don't pay attention to them.

Who will rock the house tonight?

Ron Reagan dared to say it. There is a double standard in politics.

Did Dean really not write his own speech?

Whoopi pulls out of "The View" to spare the Democrats

Barack Obama: A star is born . . .

Take action: Email Whorge Stephanopoulos about the "stabilization" of Iraq

Thingswhich frighten the right

My f***ing boss

Moore on right now

Whatever happened to the Larry Flynt book on Bush?

RNC releases 11 minute Kerry bashing video.

Is it true, Moore not going to Crawford?

The most important meme: CONSERVATIVES ARE WHINERS!

Obama: My real role model is Paul Simon

I wish I could rewrite THIS poll for all the DU'ers...

Jerry Falwell to give invocation on opening night of Republican Conv.

Someone just plugged us on AAR

Du this poll please

Jan Schakowsky is telling the Bush/Barack/Osama/Obama story


Limbaugh: "Rumsfeld is one of the Nicest People You'd Ever Want To Meet."

DUer on Randi

Chalabi, a 2-bit flim-flam man in a $1,000 suit! Great line of attack!

Whoa Aaron McGruder on AAR next.

Are the Repubs trying extra hard to find opponent for Obama ??

before i leave for work i`ll leave with this....

wh00t! DU plug on Randi! sweet!!!!!

Anyone been watching the convention on HDNET???

I think Levin is my favorite Senator

The Way Things Aren't: Rush Limbaugh Debates Reality

dupe - delete please

The Right Wing Of America are a bunch of Scaredy Cats

(More tasteful) Most important meme: Conservatives are WHINERS!

Is's steaming working?

Matthew Dowd (Bush campaign) uses Obama comment to boost agenda

Anyone have a list of CNN and MSNBC's advertisers

Okay, we need all of you at DU. We are holding the premier of 911 in

Wouldn't it be ironic if the first black President was from Illinois?

looking for an appetite suppressant? | A Day in the Life of Candy Crowley

What is this Chinese Loan the Big Dog was talking about?

Shout out for Wilkerson

Did you hear that ad on Randi? She was with McGovern and this

Learn and change your mind or remain ignorant and stick with a lie?

12 Generals and Admirals Endorse John Kerry (today)

OH MY! C-Span caller just said Dems are evil and Obama & Osama

cnn wolfie puts on saxby chambliss

Is Falwell really giving the invocation at the RNC?

Hannity: "Michael Moore: Propagandist for the 'Hate America' Crowd"

Norm Coleman (R-MN) Responds to me!

Too funny... Joe Wilson at Take Back America...

F911 in Crawford is needing help. From us all.

Upset about the FS zones call the DNC (617) 342-2004, it may help

Did you see CNN: DEMS no fear. REPUGS: be VERY AFRAID...

So if the RNC's Kerry video is fair...

Another Convert Story...almost

Dupe Crossfire thread - OK to lock

Just making sure you all heard Saddam supposedly had stroke

It's refreshing to get political mail without being hit up for money

October surprise

Got this today, the bastards..

Why is Kerry constantly called cold and aloof?

Does anyone know when Kucinich is going to speak?

Randi says that the repugs already attacked Obama? anybody heard about

DEM talking point to use: Historically, Repubs are WEAKER on terrorism.

how the minimum wage fails to keep up with inflation

Jack Ryan back in the IL Senate race???

What's wrong with the tax raises under Clinton. With tax cuts there was

You know how ''miserable failure'' is linked at the bottom?


My friends on the left, repubs are in charge of security, not dems.

WOW... doing a great job (CNN crossfire).

3:00 EDT, 7-28-04 -- Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker goes on my car

Saddam had a stroke


Under Kerry our soldiers would be peace keepers not warriors

What does a free speech zone look like?

Passion / Power starting early today - DNC - C-Span

Have You Seen Drudge Right Now

How many important speeches have the networks missed at the Convention?

Leahy's up now.

Deep Throat suspect dies


DU this poll

2002 "The President's Real Goal in Iraq"....AJC, Jay Bookman.

moore with holt on msnbc

LISTEN UP: It's Usama Bin Laden, not Osama. Bushies changed the spelling

Dean didn't even need to speak last night...The ovation he was given hacked?

Schumer just kicked Bushco's ass!

Nancy Farmer v. Kit Bond

Wow, these are most flame-free few days on DU I can remember!

where in hell do you get a list of convention speakers *in order?*

I'm going to ask a very controversial question....

who's randi talking to right now?

Why was Charlie Rangel trashed so Obama could shine?

New Stats Show Bush's Deficit Dishonesty

Amy Klobuchar (Cty Atty Hennepin Cty MN) has me hooked with 2 sentences.

Dick Cheney needs a Time Out! Clearly one of the best moments last night!

What will be Teresa and Elizabeth's "areas of concern"?

Ike Shelton may be a conservative dem but hes making some nice points

Lakoff on Frameworks: GOP/Bush==SternFather; Dems==NurturingParent

I hope Saddam's supposed stroke kills the bastard!

Boy, the Repugs WANT DISSENTION in the Dem party and convention.

"Second Lady"? Excuse me, but isn't

53 Americans have died in Iraq this month

new plan for California -- ricin in baby food

I'm SO proud

Netscape headline: Losers fall in line

All this talk about Ron Reagan as a DNC puppet...

If Saddam dies wouldn't Bush look like a moron?

Clark Supporters. . . weigh in please.

It didn't take long at all. "Osama Obama"

Look What I Found In Freeperland!!! LOL!!!!

Gary Doers big fat embarrassing gay wedding!

How Republicans around America are reacting to Obama's speech...

Do any of you plan on watching the GOP convention?

How many signs is each conventioneer issued?

Anybody know when the roll call is?

Would it be a bad idea for Obama to campaign

Margins Of Greenland Ice Sheet Now Dropping Up To 1 Meter Per Month - BBC

When is the actual voting for Prez and VP?

Who Replaced JFK in Mass. U. S. Senate Seat in 1961?

RFK Jr. bashing bu$h's environmental policies.

Kerry is on CSPAN

Administration picks disgraced judge for anti-terrorism post

Once and for all regarding the Drudge report,

The "Omega Letter Intelligence Digest" Is Carrying Ann Coulter's Water

Convention DVD to be available?

Canada prefers Kerry to Bush, 60% vs. 22%

George Soros

Stem Cell- Correction

Bill Bennet on CNN: Slots more addictive than Craps.

Psst. Hey, right wingers, if you want wedge issues to work...

"To Earn my Vote, Kerry must Protect my Civil Rights"

Bob Novak gives Obama speech "a B minus"

Help refute monkey mail in my local newspaper...

Michael Reagan is a vindictive little *

Are they doing the Nader-Trader vote swapping thing again this election?

Fox (Cameron) Brings Up Old Distortion...

Email from Greg Palast - "Don't Let Them Steal Florida Again!"

Kucinich speaks at 7:45 Eastern as per C-SPAN.

Hardball line-up tonight.....Ron Reagan, Rob Reiner, Howard Dean, Rangel.

Kerry says HE would keep the 9/11 Commission on for 18 more months . . .

Another Republican Wife-Beater

Will there even be a convention bounce?

Theresa was the bomb also. Obama will be the media star because

Did anyone see the freeper Tweety just

Photos of Bush Spazing (graphic rich)

Undeniable After Today - Fox = BBN (Bush Base Network)


Obama vs Hienz-Kerry...Let's be honest here

Why does David Brooks keep harping on

Federal Reserve: Believing In Hell Has Its Benefits

Stop the war Sunday, Send the Troops home monday... if I were president!

A close friend waffled and dissed DU...and regretted it

If I was President...

Folks it looks like Obama is dominating front pages across America

OK, everybody knows Howard Dean is on Hardball now, right?

Bush formula on Iraq

Did someone at Faux say a lot of people want Moore dead?

Mike backs out of Crawford appearance

President on heavy meds for depression?

Where can I watch O'Reilly Factor w/ O'Reilly vs. Moore

New Bush/Guard information??

Boston Globe takes cheap shot at TX delegates with photo

Did Bush comment on the bombing in Iraq?

Anyone see Crossfire today?

can someone point me to a transcript of RFK Jr's. speech today...

For DUers Visiting Boston This Week

Is Wyclef Jean the first to mention stopping the war at this convention?

Yes, Jesse....bring our troops home! You and Carter the only ones with

They didnt censor Ted, Wyclef, Obama or Jesse, so that means DK's speech

Great disinfopedia article on bush-cheney 2004 campaign

while we decided who SUCKED, more hostages killed???

Bush admin ignoring threat of North Korea, has sights on Iran


Put in your vote for the most eye catching thread subject!

Anderson Cooper Snubs Rebug - Right on!

Tim Russet....STFU

Dennis next?

This "people don't know Kerry" line is a bunch of BS

in what states is nader on the ballot?

Who is going to make "Fox News - SHOVE IT" signs

I saw where the Bush/Cheney campaign is going to air bio ads of *.

Bin Laden Brother Disputes F911 - Republicans in a quandry

What have we lost to Bush (So far)

Bill Bennett on CNN: The economy is not an issue in this election

OK - I'm confused - who sucks right now?

Kucinich on very shortly

Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior

When is Kucinich going to speak tonight.

How was John Kerry's ride in the water taxi played by the media today?

Nominating speech! on NOW

How dare they (the pundits) complain about not hearing about the future?

I love it! BIODIESEL (talking point re: OIL)

Flash*** Henry Hyde exonerates Bush with WMD find

OMG! The music they're playing at the DNC is knocking me out!

We will carry america for Kerry, and kerry will carry america for us

Live Free or Die - Photos from Afghanistan - Courtesy of NH Troops

Nancy and Ron Reagan spell trouble for the Chimpster

Where is Barney Frank this week? Speaking? nt

Power to the People. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy Reagan bashing at FR

Anyone catch the ABC News story that showed connections between

Don't like extortion or Nader? Don't read this. But if you are pragmatic

Dean on Hardball!

I wish the Repukes could have convinced Ditka

What McDonald's job would W be qualified for?

Should convention delegates be elected based on their gender?

Reid reminding me of Edwards somewhat

The DNC drinking game. (Take a shot every time someone says "Kerry".)

Blacks and minorities can provide the "swing vote" (If we appeal to them)

Michael Moore a no show for Crawford screening of 911

DNC depresses me, party diversity doesn't include atheists

The USA in the era of its decline, awaiting its evolution or death.

WTF??? "Florida officials: Some voting records wiped out"

I need help with this Tax Freedom Day thing

That's OBAMA to you, Dubya

Conservative West Mich. Republican Goes To Mat For Gay Marriage Issue

POLL - Fla Election System - Please DU

Dennis is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerry and pink ties???

ok I need Gore's, Hiliary, and Kennedy's speech on MP3

Can I have a likn to the following speeches

Can't WAIT for tonite! Dennis! Mellencamp! Edwards! The Black Eyed Peas!!

Phoney Fighter Pilot book about Bush coming out soon,

What is the biggest Republican lie?

Today's encounter w/ a Moran

Mr. pResident, Sir your pants are on fire.

Get your head out of the clouds or whatever part of your anatomy ........

Letter to the editor.

The core of the problem we face (not convention-related)

Who Falls for Bush's Bull shit?

Did you miss the Obama speech? Truthout has it, + Dean + Moore

Has CNN been listening to us? They sound different today.

Faux News Calls "Billionaires for Bush" a rare Pro-Bush group!!!!! Honest!

Disturbing e-mail from an acquaintance - need help with a response

Convention Watchers!!! - I IMPLORE YOU To Watch Jennifer Granholm At 9:00!

Whoa. No wonder I never go to Baltimore.

Michael Moore loves America, just not John Kerry

Anyone else wish it was Edwards/Kerry instead of Kerry/Edwards?

Stem cell opposition has nothing to do with right to life.

Under Reagan: 254 Marines killed; Under GW Bush: 9/11

Goodbye, CNN......

Hilarious parody of Bush by Will Ferrell

3 Companies Own Almost 2/3 Of Most Popular TV Stations

Kucinich on now!!

Medea Benjamin (Code Pink) unfurls banner, ejected by police

Okay, folks, it's my birthday, and I'm challenging all of DU.

Faux News is being very Careful

John Kerry,Iran-Contra and those TREACHEROUS REPUKES!

Drudge Tries Again: claims Kerry reinacted war events for camera

Who is still buzzing over Obama's speech?

"Pre-Prime-Time Dean takes a sharper tone" USA Today

Message to DU'ers Protect not Barrage

* Kucinich scheduled to speak at 7:45...

Hey people - I need some pics of * after his "pretzel" accident!!

Congressman Conyers :"Coltrane should be studied with the great musicians

Kerry's ol' crewmates giving him bearhugs. Says it all for me

Anheiser Bush Twins speaking for "Dad"

KERRY Campaign, Can You Hear Me?

Who was that guardsman Bushies put forward to say he served with Bush?

Bill Bennet on CNN: Teresa is worse than Cheney

Best position for Howard Dean in Kerry's cabinet/Democratic Party?


Drudge stole Moore/O'Reilly pic off Tom Tomorrow's blog

What is the Kerry/Edwards Music theme?

How Can A Wealthy Patriarch and A Trial Lawyer Represent America?


Janeane Garofalo on Sean Hannity RIGHT NOW!!!!

Democratic Convention night #3 thread #1

Top 5 Cities You Associate With Republicanism

Please Answer this for Me - How Come No one is Speaking up About 9/11?

Cincinnati B&N sold out of the 9/11 Commission Report on its first day

The Republican's Have Finally Convinced Me........

New Song about Fox, the War, and Bush. Need your support

Take Back America had to close doors....over a mile long outdoors.

"If I was President"

Is it good politics not to mention *'s name?

Michael Moore slammed us all. I don't know what to do with it. Just say

GI: Pushing Iraqis in River Was Ordered

What Republicans Believe

What is the first convention you recall?

Question about NTV from a USer

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Power but no purpose

7 Iraqi Troops Killed (working with US Special Forces)

Suit Challenges Detention of American

Gore: Kerry can win Tennessee

51 Killed in Suicide Bomb Attack (Iraq)

14 (US) Soldiers Wounded in Iraq Attack

DCF worker charged with bilking more than $93,000 from state (Florida)

Former GOP director to plead guilty in phone-jamming case (NH)

France could block NATO training for Iraq: diplomats

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 28 July

Australian Military Ban Fahrenheit

California officials visit Manitoba's Internet pharmacies

Man Kills 3, Himself, in Costa Rica Hostage Crisis

airman charged after contraband investigation

U.S. colonel admits holding Iraqi teens; Fresh torture charges

Polish Troops in Iraq Blasted

Doctors Without Borders pulling out of Afghanistan

Called a Vigilante, Praised as a Newsman

Envoy says it may take time to track Iraqi oil revenues

Rights: EU Warns Sudan of Sanctions

Counterfeit Protégé in Port-au-Prince Bailed Out

Darfur Conflict Could Worsen, Warns Vatican Official

Another Charge Against U.S.-Syrian Airman Dropped

Millions homeless after floods

Six killed in Afghan bomb blast

(S. Korea) Roh Accepts Defense Minister's Resignation

Mercenary suspects plead guilty to lesser charges in Zimbabwe

White House to Project Record Deficit bid hits $150,000

Ethiopia Needs Nearly $7 Million to Avert Malaria Epidemic - UN

US unclear on listed terrorists

Falwell to give Invocation @ RNC

White House to Project Record Deficit

Maytag sues Electrolux

Crude Oil Rises to Record After Yukos Says It May Cut Output

Deception was Marine recruiter's game

Suicide car blast kills at least 68 in Iraq

Some Online Music Providers Allow Sharing

Kerry ready to "ride the ferry"

In Iraqi Homes, A Constant Battle Just to Stay Cool (energy rationing)

Zimbabwe: Leader of Suspected Mercenaries Pleads Guilty to Weapons Charge

200 Jordan truck drivers killed in Iraq

Touchscreen Vote Records Lost in Florida

Is Bush Loony Tunes?

CBS: Traffic Stop Foils Terror Plot?

Unemployment in Iraq reaches 70%!!

Kerry, Former Crewmates Sail Into Boston

Nearly 1,000 Iraqis killed or wounded since handover...

9/11 families plan Congress watchdog list


Al-Qaida suspect Arrested in Texas


Millions in U.S. property lost in Iraq, report says (Halliburton)

Stocks Sag on Soaring Oil Prices, Lower-Than-Expected Durable Goods Orders

Hostage truckers 'forced to enter Iraq'

Nader files suit to gain ballot spot in Michigan

Moore decides to skip Crawford screening of his film

Kerry Scrapes for Top CEO Backers to Join Buffett, Steve Jobs

Wella to cut 1,200 jobs after merger with P&G

Much more to come in Iraq hostage crisis (100s of Pakistanis missing)

SADDAM'S 'STROKE' Ex-dictator's lawyer says he had brain scan -could die

NATO fails to overcome differences on Iraq training

USA/Africa: Oil And Transparency

Troops 'took turns' beating Iraqi detainees, court told (UK-AFP)

Saddam Hussein's 'Stroke'

70 Countries Identified As Possible Recipients of New US Aid

US troops pay Iraqis millions to reduce insurgence

Doctors and Torture

CEO pay hikes double

Touchscreen Vote Records Lost in Florida

Transplant hope for stroke sufferers (via stem cells)

Radical Islam grows among Iraq's Sunnis

In Sunni stronghold, a longing for Hussein

Attacks Outpace Iraqis' Ability to Restore Order

Sealed Bryant Filing Mistakenly Posted

Missouri call center for welfare recipients moved to the US from India

Michael Moore on Democracy Now !

Suspicious Incident Prompts Port Evacuation, Hundreds Of Workers Evacuated

Illinois GOP frustrated that Jack Ryan lingers on official ballot

Oil Hits 21-Year High, Yukos to Stop Sales

Sharon praises Chirac's efforts to fight anti-semitism, in change of tone

Anti-abortion group challenges campaign finance law

Head up, watch for announcement re Saudi troops

Iraq captors kill 2 Pakistani Hostages

Soldier says he was ordered to drown Iraqi

13 Dead in Iraq Blast (update: at least 20 dead)

Insurgents Kill 2 Coalition Soldiers (Anbar prov., 2 aircraft forced down)

Bare-Bones DNC Coverage Draws Lower Ratings

Whose lies hurt more? (Australian take on F 9/11)

(Networks') Bare-Bones DNC Coverage Draws Lower Ratings

Alert: Baby food in So. California laced with Ricin

Nancy & Ron Reagan spell Dubya trouble (Nancy Just says No)

Saddam has had a stroke, says lawyer

US soldier killed in bomb attack in northern Iraq

Medea Benjamin Dragged off DNC floor in Handcuffs for Unfurling "End..."

Five of Bush’s substitute trainings invalid under Air Force regulations


GOP committeeman vote fraud cited

Florida audit: Big money contracts landed with politically powerful

Oil tops $43 for the first time

Iraq sets up news censorship committee

Give Up 'Delusional Hope' of Iraq WMD, Kay Says

LOTT calls Kerry a “a French-speaking socialist from Boston..."

Fattest Cat (Democrat's Biggest Money Man Has Mob Connections)

Lawyer Shortage Said Hurting Defendants

Oakland 12-Year-Old Wows Democratic Convention

Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior

War in Iraq 'Preventing Efforts to Stop Sudan Genocide'

ok's your chance to jump my bones...

Matcom sent some GUY to impersonate him

Oh, give me a break...Jenna's gone too far this time

well DU2, my mom has inoperable cancer

'Simpsons' Character To Come Out of the Closet

The "Chris Matthews Hardball Drinking Game"

Who's listening to Stern rip on Imus?

I didn't know OJ Simpson was 73!

Dammit! They had to choose TODAY to let my boss off jury duty

Cause some controversy here. What much-loved thing do you hate?

let me tell you something about myself that may not know, joe rogan..

I am drinking again, oh!

Here's a Bush Bumper Sticker which might be worth displaying...

Can we get a report on the DU Boston party tonight?

A wolf among wolves


Have you ever heard of the band Taking Back Sunday?

MSGOP replaying Scarbag & Reagan now.

Got a link to Lettermans, "Differences between Dem and Repugs" joke?

Was I just dreaming or did I see Michael Moore?

Thank god I had the insight...

freeper smaked down hard - re: Obama


I'm petting an invisible corpse

MM coming up on O'Lielly on Faux

News of Obsurd - Residents Camp Out for Kripy Cream Opening (pic)


Trailer for the NEW Battlestar Galactica is now online (quicktime)

who do you want to punch in the neck?

ARRRGH! My coffee pot died this morning

Man Talked To Cop About "Dumb Criminals" With Bag Of Pot In Pocket

Top Ten Worst Album Covers of ALL time

I see in Carter's eyes in 1980 what I see in Dubya's eyes right now

Good Morning DU!

Let dAnn speak at the GOPer convention to win the female vote!

I missed the first day of the convention because I was near Boston...

NASA to use giant SGI Linux Itanium cluster

Woman Uses Body To Shield Child From Pit Bull Attack

Since W is "born again" does he have to RELEARN how to ride a bike?

A question we must all ask ourselves, as Americans

Man who decapitated mom thought she was the devil

How Did Your Cat Acquire You?

Co-worker emailed me this garbage

Do you ever sometimes feel like getting away from civilization?

Buy Lenny Kravitz's Penthouse! Only $12.95 Million

Supporters See Image Of Captive Soldier's Face In Tree

We were very, very stupid five years ago.

Any pics of Georgies latest bike spill?

Tom Tomorrow busts Drudge for stealing & doctoring photo...

"Chairman Mao is like the Red Sun in our hearts!" Now flame.

Highly improbable situations that have actually come true...

Is marking a misdelivered letter "deceased" a crime?

What do you think of Georgie's photo-op?

Last Night at the Convention: What speech made you go WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!

I am in love with Barack Obama

"Arnold Layne": Most cheerful song about an underwear-stealing perv

Is it wrong that I cried when I learned a friend's son enlisted in Marines

DU Pirates Fans: Benson Trade Strategy

Congressman conyers to submit jazz cd's for Chuck D's show on ARR

Please help me get to 800 so I can get back to packing

Made my very first donation to Kerry/Edwards, used the link provided

Anyone done video conferencing with iChat AV?

Very funny car review

Kenny Ball & the Jazzmen's American Patrol on my old turntable, speakers

Rob Corddry is the funniest correspondent on THE DAILY SHOW.

Was anyone else humbled by Ilana Wexler last night?

KITT is for sale!

Those damn FRENCH sit around and dodge housework all day

Anyone know what celebrities have been in the audience at the conv.?

Church Ladies With Typewriters... Fun Typos

Why aren't the Repugs using this pic of Kerry?

What events will the Repukes copycat at their own convention

Never mind.

Okay, DU, drink up: It's my birthday today! Bar's open!

"Bat Out Of Hell" Most cheerful song about a motorcycle accident,

How do you put pics of yourself in your profile?

Maddox hits the nail on the head again

Tell me what'd I say.

DSL Marketing Insanity

Freaky Feeding Frenzy

listening to hot tuna while...

Fill the lounge, GD is buggy

Am I the ONLY one that missed Obama's speech???

Heard On The Radio Yesterday That Teresa Heinz Kerry...

Ghost rider, motorcycle hero.

Is marking the deceased as a "misdelivered letter" a crime?

Message from Not In Our Name/AGAPE

Oops, Wrong Car. Sorry.

Hotmail question

The Museum of Modern Art: Tall Buildings

Preparing for emergencies

I wanna' ditch Verizon - other options?

We're behind the curve, but, we're going to see F911 today

DU couples, do you have a thong?

"Maxwell's Silver Hammer": Most cheerful song about a serial killer

Which came first Deepthroat the porn or Deepthroat the political informant


Vegas DU'ers, Cannikin is about to invade!!!

"Alien vs. Predator"

My 900th post! Post pix of yourself here!

Here's the plan for this evening...

Space Ghost, poorly animated hero

This might be controversial, but I really like that jibjab thing!

Simpson Character to come out of Closet

If you were a Simpsons character you would be:

"Fishheads" is the most cheerful song about a rotting animal carcass.

did anyone have trouble posting yesterday?

my new avatar

This might be controversial, but I really like Bill O

This might be controversial, but I really like Rush...

Were you so mean, you once killed a man for snoring?

Brokaw: "Bush & Kerry had sex"

Hey, all you right handed people

This might be controversial, but I like tush.

This might be controvertial, but I like rust.

Woman Pepper-Sprayed For Talking On Cell Phone In A Theater

This might be controversial, but I like lust.

Pierce Brosnan says goodbye to Bond

I love that National Review has a guy named "Moran" covering the DNC

promiscuous women

I could use some help with a tedious task

Cause some controversy here, what much hugged thing do you bake?

Cell phones are not evil!

Who says herding cats was hard?

The Nutty Nightmare of all CAPTIONS!!!!

THIS may really be controversial...

i have links! want one?

circumstances of this JFK/TH-K photo

This might be controversial, but I like tusk.

Love Obama! Love him!

Get to Know Beware the Beast Man (#1 in a series)

Colin Farrel as Bond?

The new "Get Your War On' went up yesterday, looks like

Cause no controversy here. What much-loved thing do you love?

Why is Boston called "Bean Town"?

A freeper email I just got from a co-worker

Do You Own Any Hard Rock Cafe Tee-Shirts? From Which Cities?

Strange request!

This is for anyone who has ever worked retail.

FIRST LOOK! - Rex Raygun Lego-esque prototype toy

This is really really controversial: I HATE MILK ON MY CEREAL!!!

The repugs are calling Barack Obama, Barack Osama !

the perfect James Bond

Bush Campaign Costs...

This is controversial: Boo is for Kerry (again)!

So if we had Ron Reagan at our convention and...

OK, who's the DU'r on Rhandi Rhodes right now?

Dick Head is onboard

What happened to everone's sig lines?

Were 1 million new jobs created in the last 3 months?

This might be controversial, but I like Bush.

Can we change the DU "levels" to a vague color chart?

How's this for a flood?

Pick Your Enemy: OBL/AQ or the USSR

This may be controversial, but I like tush.

Big fat Irving...the most cheerful song about the 142nd fastest gun..

That's no moon...

i want "wendy the waitress"

So I missed the convention speeches yesterday.

You guys! This thing from jib jab is so funny!

I may hate George Allen's SOL tests but I passed all them

Top 5 U.S. cities you associate with hedonism?

Memo to the outside world: Ok, I've seen the Jib Jab thing.

Michael Jackson Accused of Imprisoning Boy

NEW 'TOON - Job Retraining - bush* style

THIS may really be controversial, but I like MUSH

I just had the BEST CHILLY SLEESTAK outside of the Land of the Lost

Help with a quick fact check? re: "Miserable Failure"

Man Drowns In His 6-Foot Septic Tank

Why the hell wasn't Dookus invited to speak at the Dem Convention?

"Hitchhiker" trailer

Separated At Birth? Matcom and Tim Curry??

I'm going to Vegas to croak a scag baron named Savage Henry.

I have a serious question about the Jib Jab cartoon.

This may cause some controversy. But I like George

Have You Seen The JibJab (Kerry/Bush) Flash Video (This Land Is Your Land)

What channel are you watching the Convention?

What is the best on-line coffee store?

Happy, Happy, Happy, all the time.

Best Part of Last Nights (Tuesday) Daily Show?

Anymore JibJab posts and somebody is going to the woodshed

What's Your Favorite "Schoolhouse Rock"?

A book, a purring lap cat, and percodan....ah the simple joys of life.

Palindrome thread daerht emordnilap

I'm listening to Electric Light Orchestra: WWWWWHHHHEEEEE!!!!

I tried the President's "Training Mantra" last night...



A bottle, a lap dance, and a line of coke, ah the simple joys of life.


GOP Response To Teresa Heinz Kerry's Speech: "A Good Wife Knows Her Place"

Observations from rewatching Quest for Fire last night

Not just a supermarket chain, but a way of life. UKROPS!!

Why aren't the Repugs using this pic of Kerry?

Hey, gang! look at my latest ride!

What would you say to the pundits if you were at the Convention?


Man, this game looks SICK!!

CAPTIONing at the Coffee Station roadside cafe

George Bush is so stupid...

Where can I upload images?

You know , it's a good thing handguns are hard to get in Canada

You ever hit the "Nominate this thread" button by mistake


Breaking: Podium at DNC goes haywire...Daschle pinned to ceiling!


I'm listening to Bad Religion: WWWWWHHHHEEEEE!!!!

DDRing DUers!

Do your dogs know when it's bath time?

LOL! Latest Doug Marlette 'Toon

The Channel 7 talking heads have no brain matter!

Ugh. My face feels like it is on fire.

Pubic apology thread

Some people call me a space cowboy.

Things I learned during my teen years (1975-1982, more or less)

Public apology thread

Last night a convert was made (at the happy hour)

On the dangers of DU

"Keep Hope Alive!"

Public anthology thread

Bill O'Reilly is a pompous fool. But I guess you already knew that...

What much-hated things do you love?

Barak Obama makes my podium rise...

The best things in life are?

Bostonians...what is best about your city?

Bush is either a Liar or I missing something?

WoooHoooo! 500 posts!

Vacation Starts Tomorrow!!!!

John Edwards is HOT! .... the t-shirt says so!

A Celebration of Father Ted.

Will Pitt (TruthOut.Com) unfurls banner, ejected by police



City Garbage Worker Finds $46,000 - Turns It In

George Bush loves us all

Who is this dingbag and who gave her a column???

more cartoons.

DU Chat?

Some assistance, please.

Donkey Thread

Everyone on my Ignore list has been tombstoned!

Kucinich... Is That A Bad Toupee, A Bad Comb-Over... Or...

Will Ferrell as George Bush

Is it just me?

Skinner's adorable dog deserves a club...

I'd Fuck Michael Moore!

Is The .Net Framework The Same As The Java Virtual Machine?

How many people here are involved in local politics?



I love Trader Joe's!

Who will be the character outed on "The Simpsons"

Admins & Boston DUers - There Is A CHANCE I Can Take Off Thursday!!

I Met Max Clealand last night.

my god.....what a horrible naptime dream!

How do you handle an employee like this?

Finish This Sentence: "We ...."

Some people call me the Lace Cowboy

Need some fantasy baseball advice.

Worst Sitcom Ever



Names for "Bond Guys"?

Why all the Ann Coulter threads?

Celebrities seen at the DNC

What is your favorite episode of the ABC after school special.

Cubs Haven't Sucked Two Games In A Row! Can They Make It 3?

HeyHey's baby picture....

Best Animated Show

Women, er, "ladies" behaving BADLY thread!!!

I'm running out of Ammo while troll hunting


School Adds Marijuana, Wine To School Lunches To Make Them Taste Good

Recycling Medical Implants? Info desperately needed!

I just had the BEST PHILLY CHEESESTEAK for lunch . . . outside of Philly

Is it Christian to call oneself a *real* Christian?

Who does John Edwards look like?

O'Rourke's Diner, Middletown CT - The best on Earth!


Greatest American city

Luscious 'Roller Girl' is on board!

Why is LynneSin so damned happy?

Greatest and/or favorite comic-book series ever (whether you've read em

Holly Golightly on the CAPTIONs

Anyone remember when Bush took a fit in the backseat of a limo?

Emily's List Pics & A Few DU PARTY Pics!


My brother is going to be on 60 Minutes tonight

Best Situation Comedy EVER!

DU Convention Photos -- Day 4 -- Lots of DU Party Photos!

CSPAN2 Showing the Reagan convention speech from 1980

Everyone at NASA wears those funny suits in a shuttle

Kerry, Bush and the "Waffle" issue.

OK, so I'm home for a couple of hours...

Desperate email from Jeb Bush

Democrats Assail Bush on Iraq, Laud Kerry - 500 votes at 1 minute? bid hits $150,000

IS Ron Reagan a Trekker ?

Dem Conv: Media schedule - list of speakers

International troops are not in Iraq because

Breakfast at Kucinich's

When is the roll call being held?

Even if we can prevent vote-stealing...

Your favorite Kerry bumper stickers

Bush Camp Welcomes Showdown on Security

Sounds like Franken is going to replay the Obama speech

Where can I find complete transcript of Barak Obama's speech?

Link to transcripts for all dem convention speakers

Teresa's speech-they all missed the mark

'Better angels of our nature' -Teresa and Reagan both invoked Lincoln's

Medea Benjamin taken off convention floor for anti-Iraq banner.

Contrast in styles: 12-year-old girl out-"speeches" current pResident

Many in Boston Will Settle for Boring Over Bush

Richard Morrison (Tom Delay's opponent) just called me personally...

Oh brother....Sullivan on Obama...


Falwell to give Invocation @ RNC

My co-worker just told me Ron Reagan convinced him to vote for Kerry

Chris Heinz, if you're out there today, you did a good job!

Did Obama write his own speech or use the help of a speech writer?

Are the President or VP subject to the Hatch Act?

"The Deaniacs Live... on the floor with the last true believers."

Take Back America had to close doors....over a mile long. C-Span 12:30

debunk help

Does George Bush even have any friends?

What's the deal with all the hooraw about NASA pics?

John Kerry "chose his medals"

Anyone else think the rethugs will just try to run out the clock?

Is John Kerry the new JFK?

found another convert today . . .

Will any speakers at the RNC mention bestiality on prime time network TV?

7/28 KERRY: 96.62% WIN PROBABILITY, 324EV, 52.76% of the vote

Don't let the Bush Administration Postpone or Cancel the Election

Touchscreen Vote Records Lost in Florida

Michael Moore on Democracy Now !

Can somebody help me?

New Republican slogan

Does anyone have video clips of the speeches?

I truly feel Oregon is in the bag for Kerry.

So, (a) Ron Reagan pretty much says "Vote for the Dem Pres Candidate"

A very important detail (good for Dems) buried deep in the last Gallup

Jack Germond, "Fat Man, Fed Up" "Big deal!" re THK's "Shove it" remark

DNC Streaming Video

no Obama on broadcast network TV, no Arnold - new meme

has anyone ever witnessed Kerry giving a GREAT speech?

7/27 Zogby Poll - Most convoluted question from Zogby ever

I heard a rumor this afternoon; Re * and stem cell research

Al Sharpton is speaking at the wrong convention...

Rasmussen: Kerry 48, Bush 45. The Convention bounce is starting!

And The Most Important Leader At The Democratic National Convention Is…

Cheney vs. Edward

Is Kucinich scheduled speak?

Dear Dennis: Sorry you didn't get pres. nom, please run for Senate

Why are people still spreading the "no peace signs lie" at DU?

What will the "surprises" be in Kerry's speech?

Laugh Until You Cry...

Is this "campaign" tactic legal?