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Archives: July 29, 2004

Patti Davis: Shining Moment

Unbearable Emptiness

Women fighters among Mahdi Army militia signal cleric building military

*blink blink* Well, that explains a lot...

The 800lb gorilla in American foreign policy

Groupthink and the slide into fascism

Protest Cheney in Tucson - July 31

Newsweek's Evan Thomas leads in the Gore-ing of John Kerry

Al Sharpton is being interviewed by PBS...

Media refuses to note CapitolHillBlue report that Bush on anti-depressant

Farmers fuming over elephants

Darfur will be the AU's trial by fire (and more on AU peacekeeping)

Halliburton KBR has "misplaced" about 1/3 of all their equipment in Iraq

Net activist finds that even a mouse roars too loudly for Beijing

Defense official to travel to the US to meet Wolfowitz - TW

'Guns will threaten our democracy' - SA

Edward's Tragic Great Society - It's President Johnson all over again!

Bush signs H.R. 218, letting some carry guns anywhere, any time

You Can't Criticize Al Sharpton Here?

Never mind.

Breaking from the convention mania here....the world is much more

Elaborate plot brought bombers to Ashdod

Ch. 11 just replayed Obama's address from last night...

du meetup

Saw dpbrown on TV

Anyone going to the convention party at the Holiday Inn in Burnsville

Action Alert! Bush Protest planned for Cambridge

Also, near Pgh a Kerry Edwards rally this Saturday 7/31

Kerry/Edwards in Bowling Green on 8/1

I challenge DUers near Pgh to go Kerry Edwards rally Saturday

What Did Ya'll Think of the Edwards Speech?

John Edwards is HOT! .... the t-shirt says so!

Anyone listening to MM on Majority Report?

What was the Falwell 9-11 quote?

Anyone just see McAllufe (sp?) on Bill O'Reilly?

Elijah Cummings: "This is the most important election of our lives!"

Rev Al is going to answer some questions Bush asked

Janeane on talking to Michael Moore on AAR

bush is NOT a fascist, so QUIT saying THAT!

Anyone else like this pro working/middle class theme by the speakers

I just got home. Who did I miss?

They've got Osama, We've got Obama

Michael Moore - Repubs practice Hatriotism

Smack the donkey everyone, its Rev Al

By any chance.....did this guy become a Democrat?

"This vote is sacred to us" Amen, Reverend!!!!

anyone else remember Joe Wilson / Wilkinson

"Our Vote is not for sale"

Steve Brozak!


you aren't watching C-Span.. turn it on now!

We never got the forty acres or the mule. So we decided that we

when are Max and Wes going to speak?

We got the Civil Rights Acts, the Voting Rights Act, and the right

"If Bush Had Selected The Court In '54, Clarence Thomas Would........

msnbc cut into sharpton speech

20 lbs. of manure dumped on Crawford F9/11 site? No Moore?

Good Grief, can you all get it together in one effin Al thread for

Will Bob Graham finally spill the beans

This is Al's moment. . .he is going to milk for all its worth. . .

Steve Brozac is great. One of the growing numbers of ex-

Chronology of *'s campaign

Poor Bob Graham....How do you follow AL?

It was not Saddam who attacked us, it was Osama bin Forgotten - Bob Graham

"Read my lips, Mr. President! OUR VOTES ARE NOT FOR SALE!"

C-Span is "Tweety" and Media Whore Free! Watch there and get the

CNN--On the ATTACK , spewing RNC talking points all night

"I thought McAuliffe like Graham and I but he put us after Al."-GovRendell

DISGUSTING! They're swaying to "America the Beautiful!"

Is Everything On Schedule?

Fuck you Tweety!! Cutting off Al! Grrrr.

I feel bad for Bob Grahm

It's AL!

Janet Reno sighting


I feel like i just had a long night of great sex! Al Sharpton ROCKS!

Three simple requests.

Dennis Kucinich mentioned Paul Wellstone!!!!!!

Hey Tweety, where's your hood and robe?

Oh, how far we have come as a party!

Kucinich-when speak to conventiion?

This convention is like a revival.. It is reviving my soul. I may have

Watching Zel Miller talk about optimism and unity on Fox...

ok I got all the speeches but one, who has Kennedy on MP3?


Graham is sucking the life out of the Fleet Center.

Breaking from the convention mania here....the world is much more


You Show 'Em Jennie!

Tweety's All-White Panel

The Dems need to release a CD of their music.

Jennings to O'Reilly-"If you knew how to use a telephone...

Well that was disrepectful


Does anyone know where to buy Obama items?

Ralph Reed just said that "Cheney is a complete ass..."

Any Deaniacs notice how many Dean dozens have spoken?

They know you're watching . . .

Max Cleland to join Larry King

Video for 'Get Out Our House"

Don't have CSpan this week; I have to see Conv as Am sees it - sorry all

Anyone think Fox will do a split screen on Kerry and/or Edwards speech?

The Democrats should make a big show about counting the votes tonight


AL SHARPTON was the only speaker to make me cry

Two simple requests

I'm lining up a bunch of my friends for protesting August 29th (RNC)- you?

Tribute to the 6 Worcester firefighters who died in 1999.

Rev. Al Sharpton's speech now on website for replay.

Know why I'm voting for Kerry instead of bush?

I just LOVE these republicans who are voting for Kerry...

Which band will play to introduce Kerry?

My version of a free speech zone

It's official, Tweety has outfoxed fox

I missed Sharpton -------Daaaaaaammmit!

Tweedy just called Al's speech "Angry"...AND!

WE ARE that the theme song?

Dammit, Castro OWNS Bush

Take that. . .Michael Dukakis shows up. . .

TELL ME! TELLME! that that ad of Generals is going to be a campaign ad

Miranda was just on

Al is on fire!!!!

The "we are family" theme song

How does Ralph Reed still have a public profile?

I'm getting butterflies in my stomach thinking about Edwards

Kerry is such a great guy

Democratic leaders cannot or will not say it but it must be said....

Shalikashvili's on, and Tweety's ignoring it Poll - Is Teresa Heinz Kerry offensive or refreshing?

Dems are anti military my ass

Don't criticise the president? Bullsh*t! Edwards, kick their ass!

Dyn-o-mite DNC video on C-Span-1. I'm glad I gave $$$!

These military officers are interesting to hear

Let's write the media some congratulatory letters.. (I need more names)

Clark looks awesome!!!!! Can't wait to hear him speak tomorrow!

"No one gave Hispanics an English test before they sent them to Iraq...

I'm disgusted with the media

The General is endorsing CNN interviews Repubs instead

Missed Kuccinich. What did I miss?


Jennifer Granholm is so

Medecins Sans Frontieres quits Afghanistan

E.E - rock the Hizouse!

Lieberman was just on CNN......

Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss JOHNNY

How was Wes Clarke on o'liely???

will you feel sorry for Smirky

it's EDWARDS now kids....

Local Fox Stations Not Carrying Edwards?

Just when I thought Edwards was going stand there and smile all night n/t

one major point that I hope JRE takes up tonight

I'm so proud of all the incredible women representing Democrats!

I'm in a serious media ass-kicking mood tonight. Who's with me?

Public Service Announcement: C-SPAN will REPLAY ALL SPEECHES

Where can I download convention speeches?

It doesn't have to be that way

MSRNC coverage is racist. Tweety is baiting.

Do you think they'll invite Air America to the RNC?

Atrios is on AAR. Talking about his "outing". nt

Wolf, Judy, CNN Sharpton reaction RACISM, pure and simple --

Mellencamp's on now, singing "Small Town."

I'm looking for quotes from BushCo about the "link" between Saddam & 9/11

Sharpton made me cry. That damn preacher can really lay it out.

Damn, where are those tissues

Hope is on the way!

Is that a mole on his lip?

Is John Edwards being carried by the networks right now?

edwards is great

Dope is on the Way!

Help with this e-mail

Is the Dennis Kucinich speech going to be re-aired on c-span?

So faux couldn't air the Gore speech, but delivers Black Eyed Peas


Right now on NPR ..

Can someone help me with sources for tracking political donations?

How do you get placards?

Ok listening to John Edwards

Asshole Wolf putting Ralph Reed "for a different perspective" UNBELIEVABLE

Hope is on the way.

Alice Germond

HE'S HOT!!!!!

I'm so brainwashed by Right Wing media


Dan Rather just said this:

John Edwards!

Best DNC Speaker for Wednesday

No votes for LaRouche!

Where can I see the Kucinich/Sharpton speeches?

Edwards has that little hand gesture that Clinton has.

That's the one that wins it for us.

Kate Edwards!!!!!!!

Skull & Bones

Zell Miller needs to get

Bob Shaeffer of CBS News Just Said....



It is still mathematically possible for Vermin Love Supreme to win!

Not a single fucking vote for Vincent Hamm

I *heart* CSPAN

Hanniity:"My 3 fave dems are with me tonight; Zell, Lieberman and Colmes"

Edwards' Towhead closed the deal

ABC is saying Sharpton veered from prepared, approved text

Lieberman speaks tomorrow?! Looks like prime time?!?!

Way to go Wes

All you need to know about "Swift Boat Veterans," ...

Whose voting other?

I think John Edwards will have a very strong VP role.

Edwards was great

I like seeing all these regular people on TV

Wes Clark on MSNBC

Edwards is a Silver-Tongued Devil...

Anyone watching the roll call on C-Span now?

Is it my computer or is the site not working?


LMAO-- Carl Cameron of Faux pointing out American flags left.....

Guerrilla operations night

using cspan since no tv without cable is advertising this....

Which state will put Kerry over the top?


I want a HOPE IS ON THE WAY sign

So did Moore premiere f9/11 in Crawford, TX today?


Hope Is On The Way

It's Ohio, and it's no accident

Washington Dream Team

Wow Minnesota passes to Ohio

What can we trade Zell Miller to the Repubs for?

Heads up on the new RNC talking point

I can't wait until Edwards Kicks go fuck yourselfs

Pro-life ethicists call Reagan's speech deceptive, dangerous

Sneaky DNC! You see they're making Ohio put Kerry over the top?

Florida Officials Oppose Elections Audit

Bush On Anti-Depressants?

How sweet is that Wes cast the votes for Arkansas

Maine is the only New England state with a Democratic governor?

I'm thinking of David Bloom right now.

What did Judas Miller say on MSRNC?

Elizabeth Edwards

Rate this convention - overall, so far

HOw does one become a delegate

Hooray North Carolina delegates!

CNN:Joe Kline from Time? magazine, explaining the $85B vote by Kerry.

Official Convention Roll Call Thread

That song that "Black Eyed Peas" performed after John Edwards....

O - H - I - O

Edwards Transcript?

Ugh. It's so easy to explain the 87 billion

WTF is the red signs about

I need pictures of Iraqi children, families, our service people

Bill Hemmer

Worry not for the cable channels own biases will lower ratings

Wow Virgin Islands!

Good God--Imagine if Lieberman were the nominee

Southerners- How do you all think Edwards' speech played out?

Good Job Jersey!

Hear about the upcoming film based on Dubya's military experience?

Al Franken on CNN now (11:35 pm. ET)

Saving the best for last!

NY Rules

In my 56 years

someone refresh my memory about the 1996 election...

Kerry having the previous democratic contenders on the stage for a minute

How many languages does Laura Bush speak?

Whoaaaaa roll call for President...WOW!

Proof conservatives are mentally ill and/or agents of Satan

which describes zell miller best? quisling, weasle-ferret, stanky ho....?

Did anyone notice that they have dropped the F in John F Kerry

I wish McGovern were giving a speech

Why is NEVADA a red state?

Agree or not

Get Zell Miller off the frickin TV

CNN:Joe Kline from Time? magazine, explaining the $87B vote by Kerry.

Man, this Archbishop looks 100 million years old


How was Edwards' speech? Out tonight, missed it - trying to catch up

Al's speech made me cry

What is this talk of Randi Rhodes' that the BIG THREE Networks...

Rendezvous with Destiny

wisconsin DUers......

I am SO PROUD of Mary Landrieu...bitch slapping Tucker

favorite state announcment so far?

!!!!!!!!!!Thhe CaiHr'linah DAAAAWWg is on!!!!!!!

Does anyone have an article on Laura Bu$h killing that boy?

CNN should have gotten a 'Dewey Wins' award for this old headline

Meanwhile, in Iraq........

Completely different stories from Yahoo and IOL. Purposely misleading!

Was Sharpton Screaming?

What is a delagate?

Clinton's 1992 convention speech on C-SPAN 2 NOW

Cooper from CNN was interviewing Jesse Jackson

Where is the gay contingent at the convention?

I think my dad is about to be on the convention

Too much unity is like a "trip to Abilene"

Imagine Cheney's convention speech..

What if Bush opts out of public financing?

Vcr/Tivo alert- Clinton '92 convention speech 1250am cspan2

CNN talking points

Scenario: Kerry Crushes Bush by Landslide. The Republicans Will:

Can Al Franken go to the RNC convention??

The Media isn't going to sway this election...

P.Diddy: the youf will decide this election

Tonight's Audio? Edwards/Sharpton/DK

Democratic Convention be nice!

The Pre-FDR era would have been a no-win situation

developing rw talking point

should LaRouche have been allowed to speak?

Bush campaign criticizing Edwards' speech....

If you dare to look at this.....

Will someone PLEASE explain Scarboy to me?

Never in our lives will we have seen the BS we are going to see in the RNC

Janeane Garafalo on Faux.

Frankie Luntz' focus group on MSNBC

So what other country needs 'liberating' at the moment?

OMG, I Feel Like Such a Crybaby

Preach it Al.

Kucinich supporters: I just got off the phone with Dennis

can people overseas watch C-Span?

RW headlines tomorrow...dems not united

Frank Luntz

One more reason to vote for Kerry/Edwards: The Edwards' like Wendy's

How about Kerry, THEN, Edwards 2004-2020; THEN, Obama 2020-2028!!

Message Board threatened by Boston Herald

Al Sharpton: Read My Lips --------------------------------- mp3

What Senate bills has Kerry written and gotten passed?

John Kerry: He's Not George Bush: A Daily Show Profile

Did John Edwards Speech Cause You To Change Your Opinion?

Anybody keeping track of the ratio of rethugs/dems on CNN?

Help me with this comeback.

Got another one of those Republicans"Why should I vote for Kerry?"

Michael Moore: My Plea to John Kerry

Putting Ralph Reed on air to... "comment" in the Dem Convention...

Al Sharptons Transcript up!!!!!!!!!!

Time to hammer CNN with phone calls!!!

BY THE WAY, WHERE IS BEV HARRIS? I haven't seen any of her posts

CNN goes right to Ralph Reed for analysis

I really hate CNN.

the Dems look hip baby!

Suggestion: If you live in a safe blue state SEND MONEY TO OHIO DEM PARTY.

Serious question about a homeland attack...

RNC...gonna be what do you think it will be???

Sharpton's address to Bush stole the entire show, in my view

OMG Nightline talking about media BIAS!!!!

I could do without black eyed peas

I.R.S. Says Americans' Income Shrank for 2 Consecutive Years

I let my Boss have it today...and it might have worked!!

Any of you watching the convention on a channel besides C-SPAN are dumb

Are you watching MSNBC with repug Luntz polling a focus group.


A Failure of Imagination?

Adopted Soldiers Update...***BEST NEWS---EVER***

It's a shame

Wow, Kate Edwards is gorgeous

Does anyone think right now that we can possibly lose this thing?

My interview with Ambassador Joseph Wilson from today

Worst Candidate Ever! (Election History)

DoD briefing today--Question re campaigning on military bases

Ted Koppel vs Jon Stewart west coast check it out

Votes for Dennis, yay!

Howard Dean was just interviewed on PBS/Lehrer/Brooks/Shields

Sharpton puts pundit panties in wad!

Uh oh, convention is running almost 20 minutes behind schedule

Anyone actually gonna watch the RNC?

Hot pic of Kerry!

Does the Republican Party have any rising stars?

the MAMMOTH in the living room

Anyone catch the connection? 44th President Kerry

Votes for Kucinich - a party divided

Edwards: Al Queda,"We will destroy you"

Tonight's Convention photos (and archive site)

All of you are about to be screened for "mental health" and put on drugs

they are taking signs at the convention- here is your confirmation

Yemen- Court Allows U.S. to Join USS Cole Case

WP: President Close to Announcing Plans for Revamping Intelligence System

More N Koreans airlifted to South

China arrests US man, charges him as Taiwanese spy

General witnessed prison abuses: suit

WP: Language of Restoration Permeates Campaign

I.R.S. Says Americans' Income Shrank for 2 Consecutive Years

SA woman 'on US terror list'

One-card Medicare rule proves cost-defective for some seniors

Medicare Cut for Cancer Drugs Proposed

NYC Cop Charged for Not Arresting Homeless

Michael Moore to tackle voting rights issues in Florida

Court OKs Alabama Ban on Sale of Sex Toys

Israel takes in 200 French Jews

Documentary critical of Bush finally plays in Crawford (3000+ showed up!)

Sudan issues threat over intervention (21st century GENOCIDE)

I.R.S. Says Americans' Income Shrank for 2 Consecutive Years

Whistle-Blowing Said to Be Factor in an F.B.I. Firing (Sibel Edmonds!)

Sergeant Says He Seized Vehicle for His Platoon

Four pounds of nuclear fuel missing from power plant

British 'mercenary' appears in Zimbabwe court

Will Pitt's Convention Posts Are Terrific! Of course I'm Biased...

Steve Brozak - The Anti-Zell

Can you Internet the TV over a watch?

Can you watch the Internet over TV?

Give 'em Hell, Al!!

Cool pic of an actress I love, from the convention last night

FINALLY a Hoosier onstage at the convention

Should I visit my in-laws or go to a Kerry Rally as a volunteer?

WOOHOOO Ed Rendell just mentioned me!!

Can you watch TV over the Internet?

Save me from Redneck Rock - 4 exceptions

How to start your week with a positive outlook

LOL.. I just asked my friend "who's that lesbian?"

New York New York

Bigger than silicon valley!

I was told today that I have a very small unit

I just got polled by one of the most bullshit polls ever check this out

Read the response 'greedy corporate CEOs' at the bottom

LOL, hackers are going after RFID!

Uh Oh! It's Tombstone Time!


"Strong" efficient market theory disproven on

ah ha ha ha ha commedy centeral said it


Drudge doesn't say Convention bio uses reenacted film

OMG Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog is at the Convention!

This yahoo music player is the shit.

Is Ben Vereen still alive?

Microsoft to enter antivirus market!

Right Now! It's your tomorrow.

no one wants to see puppy pics during the convention, right?

Right Now. Is time for the Democrats to set things right once and for all

Is that a mole on his lip?

question for computer gurus

It's time to Rock the Casbah.

Every Breath you take. Every Move you make.

Edwards has perfect hair

I just got front row center seats to BB King and Jimmy Vaughan

Our guys got some damn good looking kids, don't they?

Osama Bin Forgotten

Hope is on the way...

Anybody got a killer political joke?

If you aren't watching the Daily Show YOU SHOULD BE!

Cate Edwards... Isn't She Just Adorable?

Why Did I Do It? Why Won't I Learn?

I'm going to a Graham Norton taping!

I just learned what "gypsy" means.

Cool people/famous people I've seen/spoken to at the DNC

Inventor of Pop Rocks candy dies in Stockton at 92

HOLY CRAP! Thats a big ass pig!

Just got off the telephone with my dad..... Clinton made him all excited

When I find myself in times of trouble. Mother Mary comes to me.

I hAvE nO LifE bUT YoU


Damn Canadians....

Pick up a junk TV off the street or in the alley (Re-thug Convention Ideas)

Do you have repug ESP ?

So my folks are coming near town with some Texan repub friends

Most godawful porn theme imaginable

i have a cat who doesn't purr, she barks

Hey Will Pitt, I think I just saw your dad on PBS

What the hell is wrong with David Letterman this week?

If Zell wants to suck Republican dick on Fox, he should join them

Damn - I missed most of "Romance"

registered kids to vote today

Another brutal day


Low Carb Diet... Passing Fad or Good Sense Plan?

DAMN my bones ache!

What is it with Repukes and their inability to spell MORON

What did/does your tuition cost per annum?

What Wildlife Near Your Home?

Butt-munch Assclown at the laundromat tonight...

Why did Laverne and Shirley have NY accents?

Weird phobias your pet has?

It's going to be a sexy night across America this evening.

Anyone else go thru a "fun with smilies" phase when new to DU?

I'm i crazy, or is Cate Edwards dressed like Jackie Kennedy?

I think I'm falling in love with Gov. Jennifer Granholm

I am not sure what happened here... can someone explain?


Ever feel like everything is tumbling down on you?

zen thread

I'm George W Bush, and I approved this message.

Are you new to DU? Come on in, say hi, and tell us a bit about yourself.

You can't play with your sex toys in Alabama

Besides being a complete bitch, my mom's a racist too.

I have a deep, deep dark secret to confess...


no one wants to see feral kitten pics during the convention, right?

Most godawful prom theme imaginable.

I can't find my mailbox keys.

CT DUers - how bout a weekend breakfast at O'Rourkes diner in Middletown?

Tomorrow is a big, sad anniversary for me...

What common nutrition and excercise myths annoy you?

Republican Convention...Unplugged .."Dance Party", USA

This Is not America

my god.....what a horrible napalm dream!

Just wanted to say sorry to any DUer's wives out there.

AOL now hiring in India

Dean on PBS now!

I don't care what anyone thinks: I love Al Sharpton

Go ahead and flame...last nights speakers should be tonights..

Somebody Needs to Disown Sharpton:

Kucinich supporters: Check this out

Stay focused

Bush is coming to Ohio and

Kerry/Edwards and Bush* are coming to my area Saturday

Anybody watching General Shalikashvili?

Is it normal for all the ex candidates to speak?

Will someone with the internet skill please post

Okay, who'll be the first jackass to start a thread saying

Is ANYONE counting the # of repub talking heads?

Michael Moore on Wesley Clark



WoooHooo for John Mellencamp :)

The right wing media is already spinning Edwards

Sharpton Speech Draws Standing Ovations

Now that Kerry is the nominee, I want to thank all the brawlers and

Dean, Lehrer, David Brooks on PBS tonight. Outstanding, long interview.

Another Tweety meltdown over Sharpton

Reflections on a convention

This candidate sponsored by....

Oil, Cars, Jobs: Kerry risks votes in sensible push for fuel efficiency

Putting E-Voting to Rest (David Pogue, tech corresp. - NYT)


Dowd: Banned in Boston (Puke Alert)

“Hope is on the Way” is on the Way. - Alterman

John Kerry and War (NYT Ed)

Iraq sets up committee to impose restrictions on news reporting

US intelligence agent criticises lack of blame in 9/11 report


Ivins :: One America, two Americas, red America, blue America

Bush Administration Misleads About Afghanistan

An E-mail to send to Bush supporters that will change their minds:

A mix of 1773 and 1968: What's REALLY Happening in NYC and Boston

The Metrosexual Superpower

Salon: The undeniable appeal of John Edwards

The Unbearable Costs of Empire

In response to the Bush on Meds thread....

There is hope

"How do you ask a man to be the last to die for a mistake?"

"The real reasons Bush went to war " - UK Guardian article...

Kerry 'will not change foreign policy'

The Lost American Value - by Selwynn

Will Scott Peterson go free?

Canadian journalist SLAMS AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA!!!!

The Morality of Intervention

The Unbearable Costs of Empire

a free "Kerry kit" w/DVD of "Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry"


Any DUers in Northern Indiana/ Southern Michigan??

Scary Photos of NY Police formations for the GOP convention

Great audio links from Boston

Mr. "Shove It" (AKA "Married") used to "shove it" to an AA at the Trib.

Not so great moment in political reporting (E.D.Hill this morning)

another great catch by the Daily Howler

MediaMatters-but not Nat'l media-notes NYT found "Kerry refilmed" is lie

Try not to read this and kick the

Al Franken is going to be interviewed from the floor on The View. Fox and Cameron caught misleading again

Edwards Leaves NPR to Host Satellite Radio Show

Fox News is trying to destroy us.

Enid Goldstien silenced; KNRC-AM, Denver ceases operations.

Today's Thought

Today's Quote

Can't get my signature to show up.

U.K. Consumer Debt Exceeds 1 Trillion Pounds for First Time

Exxon Mobil Profit Soars on Energy Prices

'Global oil production now flat out' - Petroleum Review

Apple: RealNetworks hacked iPod

What to do about outsourcing.......

Seattle's Natural Drainage Systems Wins Government 'Oscar'; Innovative

Forest Fires Rage In Portugal, Spain, France - AFP

LCVFirst Time leader of a major environmental group addressed A Convention

As African Locust Plague Begins, Aid Falls Short - Reuters

Francis Crick - RIP

BLM Nears Record for Drilling Permits

Ethanol Runs with the Pack at Le Mans

Dhaka Swamped By Monsoons - 1,000+ Dead Across S. Asia - Reuters

All-Time Monthly Ethanol Production Record for May

Four pounds of nuclear fuel missing in California...

Mercury No Problem, Warming "Myth", Says Harvard Professor

"Unbelievably Bad" Breeding Season For Scottish Seabirds

Human Rights Watch: Exploitation of migrant workers in Saudi Arabia

CNN:New Terror warnings- but Cheney said Bush closed Afghan Terror camps?

Amused: The name of the man who issues permits in Florida

Idaho Platform Goes Own Way On Gun Issue (IDAHO)

How to view S.1431

GUNS IN THE NEWS--July 29, 2004

Guns divide campaign. Kerry’s silence frustrates gun control advocates.

What gun laws do you see Kerry enacting...

Another anti-gun lawsuit is rejected by the courts

QUESTION: Is There Any Evidence That Letting the AWB Expire...

EarlG: Check your PM

Folks on ignore miraculously reappearing?

A question about why a post got deleted

Is it true...

May I second RummyTheDummy's request for an Obama avatar?

Is This Really What You Want?

Report: IAF missiles hit car in Gaza, killing two

Erez to be 'trial balloon' for withdrawal

22 life sentences for Hamas man who recruited T.A. bomber

Israelis to petition High Court against Fence

2 Qassams hit Sderot; 3 Palestinians killed in territories

Roger Waters tells Israel to "Tear down The Wall!!"

Israel Rerouting W.Bank Barrier Closer to Boundary

200 French immigrants arrive in Israel

Israel ignores the lessons of history

Kerry Coming Through Brewster, NY Tomorrow

The war- how are Dems different then Repubs?

Ryan resigned today

Senate leader questions Madigan's loyalty

What's the most pathetic thing about this John Kass column?

Jeb rivaling brother in no-bid contracts!

Latest Ventura County voter totals

Iowans split on Bush, Kerry traits

LOL! Steve Bell lampoons Duck Tours in The Guardian:

Ben Affleck for Governor...!

People of Michigan.....

Bush's foul presence will be in Canton Saturday

Michael Moore: 96% black precinct in Cleveland with 13% voter turnout

Outfoxed house party anyone?

Are there any DUers going to see Kerry on Saturday?

Mascara endorses Specter in re-election bid against Hoeffel

Tell me about this Fjetland guy running in the 22d

Barbecue: A Texas Love Story

Spotted local delegation at the Convention

I'm glad that Mary Panzer and her RW flake pals weren't able to ammend

A couple of my convention pictures:


McCauliffe: Fox fair and balanced....

Vote for Kerry or Bush at (1.9meg download required)

Republican Convention...Unplugged .."Dance Party", USA

Sharpton replay on CNN now

New Kerry/Edwards stuff, by yours truly.

Please watch MSNBC now (1:18 a.m.) Durst (cartoonist) funny..

Soldier says superiors TOLD him to drown Iraqis

Any more Qui Tams available?

John Fitzgerald Kerry?

Michael Moore takes Boston by Storm

Bill Clinton on C-SPAN 2 from 1992


Watching convention in C-Span reruns

from Pravda . . . "Boriska - A Boy From Mars" . . .

Al Gore in '92 on C-span 2

Should Hamm have been allowed to speak?

where do you think Kerry will end up ranked on the presidential list?

I love Stephanie Tubbs Jones!

Fire Someone - Alterman

Just got back from a concert ... what did I miss?

Anyone have the breakdown on Congress service?

Why won't the Democrats talk about judges? By Dahlia Lithwick

Sharpton replay on C-SPAN (2:22 EDT)

Bush signs H.R. 218, letting some carry guns anywhere, any time

So, it looks like Edwards has some bad boy nephews.

An interview with Cate Edwards, old but I bet seldom read

It's going to be a sexy night across America this evening.

Zell Miller gets confused on Fox and sounds like he has Alzheimer's

Does Al Gore potentially have another run inside him?

how many senate seats are up for grabs

At one point in history would you have become a Democrat?

Campaign theme songs

ugggg dennis hastert and Tom Delay were in my town today

"Hope is on the way" or,

had an idea, we can have some fun with this

A great Michael Moore speech...transcript online...

I'm i crazy, or is Cate Edwards dressed like Jackie Kennedy?

Zell Miller is insane. There I said it.

The "Left Coast" Thank you...The ONLY states to give Dennis Kucinich.

Just took another look at the Clinton speech video....

Who is your favorite Democratic couple?

Zogby's July 12th report looks pretty good!

Lieberman tomorrow nite, during the 8 oclock hour, along with...

Was ANYBODY watching C-Span this afternoon 3 to 4p.m. ?

Why did the US remove leadership from Chalabi in lieu of Allawi?

I just finally saw the video of Kucinich's speech

Berger Investigation Questioned - Rep. Waxman

The Tawana Brawley affair - Another View

I Hit My Uncle About Twelve Years Ago

George W. Bush is...

Bill Hemmer just said Rudy Giuliani will be speaking at the DNC today

Edwards is great but his terror part of the speech didn't go

Interesting quotes on RNC site.

Best Convention Speech Yet

Anybody But Kerry (in '08)--- unless...

are there speech transcripts available anywhere? nt

Question about Max Cleland

well I hope at least someday we can get away from having to play Macho

Jack Cafferty used my email on CNN!!!

Link to Reverend Al's transcript anywhere?

Are there any very recent polls?

Meant Well, Messed Up

where do you think Dumbass will end ranked?

When will Gore and Hyatt's News Channel start?

Did shrubya actually pick his cabinet? Or did poppy pick it for him?

Discovery does Republican Week this week

CNN poll question writtten by RNC?

Cable news jerks? forget em, CB4 is on Comedy Central!

Iraqi governor's son taken captive.

Time for Repugs to go into "Ridicule Mode"....

Tucker Carlson rates Edwards speech and weighs in on "meritocracy"

The struggle for Iraq is just beginning: Very interesting read.

who will have the temerity to ask w if he's on DRUGS?

I think the pundits are wrong about Kerry's speech being so important

Did anyone find out where the GOP War Room is in Boston?

This "Flipper" video the RNC is showing...has anyone seen it?

The Wound of Dispossession: by Kathleen Christison (fmr CIA)

Something disgusting you will not hear in the media in the USA....

Will w storm out of the debates with Kerry like he did 2 weeks ago?

From the Kerry blog

Democracy arrives in Iraq.

So, Karpinski witnessed torture at Abu Ghraib?

More Cheney lies

100 casualties in Iraq in one day ...

I thought, "I will watch the RNC with a real open, fair mind, and listen"

i am mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore!

No one wants to say it but Carter gave the best, substantive speech of

FOX NEWS and the toupe's

DUers: Please WATCH/read Michael Moore (take back the media)

Janeane Garofalo on Hannity yesterday, I heard? true?

Who is this Maureen Dowd woman on the "today show"

Why does anyone watch the talking heads news shows?

Sharpton's entire speech on Amy Goodman right now

Do the troops get to see the convention?

Jeanne Shaheen is on C-span!

RNC chairman namecalling- calls Kerry [ugly] duckling

CNN just showed part of JK film...

There will be no winner on election night

Hillary & Hispanic Woman's Caucus On C-SPAN

Guiliani raises an interesting point about missing Intel Comm meetings

My comments to CNN....hehe

Peggy Noonan on Barak Obama: "A star is born"

Who should DNC present to the networks to analyze the Repub Convention?

TAKE BACK THE MEDIA....please post all contact info here

"Retired to an undisclosed location"

remember the war on drugs? no one is talking about it. did we win?

Is anybody watching the Today Show right now?


Republican Civil War (Them fighting within themselves)

Missed most of the convention yesterday. Recommend some speakers?

Where can I download the Obama speech? (not stream but download)

The media needs to find out if our unstable leader is now on drugs....

The only issue I care about (Warning - self pitying rant)

Jackie Mason on MSRNC

Let's let the CapitolHillBlue story "settle" a little

Ready for a 55 minute Kerry speech tonight?

Randy Myers is his name

Please take 3 minutes of time to try to help oust Bush

We're gonna give ya tax incentives and breaks

As a progressive, I am excited about one of Kerry's platform stances

Just for fun...

Is Carlotta Gall (NYT) a Bush Whore or just sloppy?

Requiring reporters to declare their political views?

"The Manchurian Candidate": Katie Couric is a paid BushCo apologist!

Edwards' speech

I have never seen Kucinich, Sharpton or Edwards better than last night.

Would like your input on this letter I am sending CNN...

Hey DUers.....CSPAN replays all the speeches at side events...

Email from John Edwards: "We're in this together"

Yukos to stop production, is $3.00/gal gas far away?....

guys, anyone have a video link to obama's speech?

What are the so called "suprises"

How will you be voting this year?

Barack Obama..................WOW

Why the hell haven't they brought out Kerry's 'band of brothers'

Time Warner Auditing AOL


Is There An On-Line Way To Check One's Voter Registration?

So, is that terror alert put out when Edwards was chosen still in effect?

How can Repubs claim credit for the economy if they had to go into debt

I missed Al Sharpton speech last night!

Dems look hip (repost and more serious this time)

remembering mary jo - emaiL i got

US Incomes Drop Two Years in a ROW! (CNN)

Does Bush have longtime friends like

It's about trust, stupid.

were there any Gov't reports about war crimes committed in Vietnam?

Capital Hill Blue story get radio play

Phil Donahue???

Sharpton to Bush: Black vote 'is not for sale'

Playing Patriot Games: Patriotism or Nationalism?

What was Bush like when he was Gov. of Texas?

Help me respond to this Repuke BS email

700 club what is this bullshit???? open season for "librul" bashing

The outrage that is cable *news* versus choice

Is anyone doing low-band FM stations in their community?

Report: Afghanistan could implode (CNN)

Crawford, TX. is NOT w's hometown, I wish they'd stop saying it

IRS data shows first-ever consecutive-year drop in American incomes...

Edwards speech last night gave me an idea for a bumper sticker...

Book Burning in CR Update....

Stern Show: Voter in Bucks County, PA purged for not supporting Bush*

Will there be a backlash against jibjab?

Tip for Freepers from one of your own

Bob Dole on Larry King Live last night

The Nations Terror alert has been raised to RED!!!!!

What will the topic of the GOP convention be?

The Media Whores Should be Ashamed!!! (Vent)

HEADS UP: Katie Couric has AL SHARPTON now 10:08 a.m.

Is Bush down in Crawford morphing into a "moderate" ?

Meme: "the incumbent Presidential candidate" instead of

Bush Using Drugs to Control Rage

Have Shrubya/CrashCart actually agreeded to the debates yet?

could anyone use a LAUGH this morning? (TOON teaser)

September is Re-Registration Month

Bob Novak is a creep!

Is another Right Wing radio station needed in paradise?

Deficit now supposed to be over $420 billion... Boy the economy is great

Did F-9/11 play in Crawford last night? If did it go?

New: Sullen, Depressed President Retreats Into Private, Paranoid World

Is This America or Brownshirts Redux?

VP nomination question:

Does anybody have the video where Bush sits

Can the Republicans "party" for four days??

Message to Kerry: Defeat in the November election is too good for Smirk!

MSNBC Poll on John Edwards' speech

my man Al Sharpton was James Brown's road manager for 10 years

O'Reilly's George Constanza moment with Michael Moore

What is with Al Franken?

Who Makes You The Most Angry?

Kerry thinks the TV coverage of the convention sucks too!

Bush is so full of it, it's coming out his mouth!

Time to tally up Drudge's Kerry lies & fabrications?

Al-Zarqawi Captured - Report (?)

"Pissing on Liberals" still tops the charts

HOW LONG since Bush held a press conference???

Ron Reagan slams Bush

Has Zarqawi been CAPTURED?? Ruusin report says yes.

DRAFT talk causes shivers; KERRY HAS NO-DRAFT PLAN

anybody got the link on IQ in blue states vs IQ in red states?

Hillary and Chelsy drinking champaign during Convention

Election time again.....

"Fool me once........won't get fooled again.."

NYT Editorial Suggests Florida Vote Will be Worse than 2000...

"Barbershop" Actor Charged With Rape

MediaMatters discredits Drudge Kerry lies.

Limbaugh Just Claimed That John Edwards Ran for President...

Franken interviewing Tony Blankley who immediately ripped the

"The problem is the man in charge of you"

Internal Poll: DeLay leads Morrison 49%-39%

The $87 Billion dollar question: Kerry MUST respond!!!

What will my kids learn about *?

The Lost American Value, by selwynn

Moore coming to Fl. in Oct. -- focus on votes getting counted

What kind of band is Everclear?

No offense, but why does the media insist on reporting about Lori Hacking

Want a good laugh...?...Repuke comment...

Bush's numbers go up when he's out of the media spotlight.

Will Senate Republicans have temper-tantrums over all of Kerry's Judges?

I think I've got a decent talking point for discussing Iraq with moderates

Social Security Email debunking.

okay...I want to know...are ALL congressional seats up for re-election???

BLUMENTHAL: On Edwards' Speech ("Invisible Bush")

Is there a site that follows the Congressional races?

Canadian Sent to Syrian Prison Disputes US Claims Against Torture

Al and Hillary!

Read this and try not to kick

Franken interviewing Hillary now

The Network's Policy Giving "Equal Time" And "GOP Response" Is BULLSHIT.

Any radio outlets carrying Kerry's speech tonight?

Does August worry anyone?

Support your fellow Liberal/Progressive/Democratic folks.

"Plan Of Attack"-should I throw it out?

Draft Bruce

George Bush can brag about this:

Link to transcripts of DNC speeches?

Hooray for my local Barnes and Noble!

Which major speaker had the best message (so far)?

Anyone having a problem with Radio Power's broadcast of Tom Hartman?

Who's introducing Kerry tonight?

CNN poll on BBV

New (for me at least) google bomb! "Next President"

Wait, I thought Bush said the new Iraqi "democracy" was doing great...

Is there a list anywhere showing which states have Touchscreen "Voting"

Just to piss some people off!

Hilarious Republican "press conference" on CSPAN now...

Sharptons critical meme: Bush MISLED us

The DNC "Tut-Tut" Thread (no dancing, no champagne...

Wanna help me compile a short list of reasons to not vote GW?

(Truth Squad rant) I want to see every Dem Senator, Governor,

I just went to pay my rent

Bush* Slips Again on "Political Odds" website....

"Free speech" in Boston: Eyewitness report from the FSZ

This Poll needs some DU-ing

Whoopie Goldberg---and transcript

The New Macho: Feminism

Free "Kerry Kit" from

Bumper Sticker Count in Greensboro, NC

MUST SEE: Link for video of Michael Moore's incredible speech today.

Cam said Kerry had Israel in his heart

How much did college tuition cost 10 years ago?

My first Bush Protest tomorrow, help me design a sign...

Whoa Whoa Kerry takes lead in WV 48-44

Is there a company making DVDs of the Convention?

Anyone watched the RNC Attacks on CSPAN around 1:30-2PM EST?

President Kerry

Official speech archive thread (post your links to the speeches here)

Anybody know why Holy Joe LIEBERMAN

Great quote from Howard Dean on Democratic unity

Would any of the wealthy donate their tax cuts to the Federal deficit?

No Dean delegate fights, no Dean for VP disruptions....apology anyone?

Where can I find the RFK jr speech? Anyone know? isnt

Would someone tell me what this says....

Check Out New Veterans Site For Kerry

THIS COULD BE IT PEOPLE!!FBI Issues Terror Warning for Calif

The 9/11 Commission Report

Sharpton proved the Democrats deserve the African American vote!

Please call C-span, DUers!

Can you laugh at satire that targets 'our side'?

Huge jump in jibjab traffic.

"The Word PROFIT Means Working for GOD" says TV Fundie.....

Convention Viewership did NOT FALL - The Truth (The American Prospect)

Only Republicans are Patriotic

John Kerry's statement on his Iraq War vote

What did the WH know about this coverup of Bush's AWOL record and

Are we setting ourselves up to fail by going positive first?

When they attack Kerry's service, they bring up the Purple Hearts

Powell and Allawi in Saudi Arabia begging for Muslim troops for Iraq..

"Mama T" : a mom in the whitehouse who loves you

SO Saddam has a prostate infection, he must be in ABU GHRAIB prison!

How well informed are you?

Scarborough baffles me

Will John Kerry be the first President born in the state of Colorado ?

Not to belabor a point, but concerning Carnahan, JFK, Jr., and

Full three minute tape of Carl Cameron fellating Dubya

Weird Things I Think Of While I'm Watching The Convention

RNC steals idea from TBTM (and me)!

Watching C-SPAN? Fox employee says she believes draft is coming.

The Unofficial Republican Convention party and seminar schedule

So, Kerry's limited to $75M from now until 11/02?

Portland, OR - KPOJ just announced/advertised they're carrying Malloy

DU the CNN poll- Do you know what Kerry stands for?

I have a question for the next president

why doesn`t some of these people who are

Bill Moyers' Keynote Address on Link TV

What do you expect from General Wes Clark's speech tonight ??

to all complaining about Jon Stewart

Repub: "my respect for Kerry is growing by leaps and bounds"

It looks like Kerry's swiftboat shipmates will not be seen on network TV.

Once and for all, this is why we are in Iraq:

Should Kerry forfeit his salary and donate to military vest?

"The Democratic Party has become a party of doves."

This is why another terror attack would give Bush the Win

Kerry's plan, it just dawned on me!!!!

They Just pulled the July surprise

Let's make a list!

Randi Rhodes changing her race to "black" - Show introduction

Report: Afghanistan could implode

"Hate for George Bush" the repugs and networks answer for the support

For those "Bush Liberated Two Countries" e-mails...

Just go read these comments.

White House May Be Planning Nationwide Program to Diagnose, Drug Kids

HOT DAMN: People ARE watching the Convention

"Where are apologies to Bush?"

CNN's meme: You can't be 'comfortable' being a Democrat

Can someone help me like Edwards?

Is there a full transcript of John Edwards speech last night somewhere?

Irony alert: Blitzer corrects Jesse Jackson, Jr. on black Senators.

Patriot Act in action...lookie here

High-Level Al Qaeda Operative CAUGHT! Aka July Surprise

Is Obama the Democratic Reagan?

Must sign pledge of support to hear Cheney

more dark clouds on the horizon-

Crossfire BS indicator

For my 2000 Post....

jebus...judy is more stupid today than before

Is there a full transcript of John Edwards speech last night somewhere?

They're LOSING it!

Who will revive my favorite anti-Nixon button for Cheney?

MSNBC Poll on Edwards - VOTE!

Bush is really frightening kids who care

The media is starting to make me really sick---how about you--

Check out this excellent photo essay of Bush in Marquette, MI

I really wish I could figure out a way to destroy American News Media!

Republican judge withdraws from Nader/IL lawsuit b/c he signed petition

For those, like myself, that may have been confused about Medals....

Ron Reagan on Bush

Woman appalled by Theresa Heinz's "shove it" comment!

Who knows what was in the bill that John Kerry voted against?

Woman Arrested for Eating Payday Bar

Why all the fuss about Al Sharpton?

Religion and the Republican Party

One more question about Ann Coulter's column

Where is the liberal media?

DU this poll please!

Pretend I'm Crawling Out From Under A Rock...

Pop Quiz...............

Report: Saddam has chronic prostate infection

Prayer At The Convention?

picture of Kerry and his shipmates....

CNN reported small fire set by Boston protestors.

What Station Will You Be Watching Tonight?

Kerry/Edward's "Liberal Labels" and " That Weird Vote" explained

About the $87 Billion "flip-flop"

Great Front Page CNN Photo...

MY (mine, all mine) Mary Landrieu on Randi's show this afternoon!

When Kerry wins, how much hell are they gonna give him?

Brock debunks Sludge's Kerry Reenacted Combat Scenes Charge

Cheney doesn't like WHOSE tone of voice?

For all of you who think the country is turning into a Stalinist paradise

My 13 year old daughter and I just got back from F9-11

DU THis Poll: Rate Edwards's Speech

The NY Times is trying to outdo their cable competitors

Kerry still losing to Bush with Veterans

Kerry to Challenge Bush Over Iraq War

Media angry over lack of controversy at convention

Kerry speech prediction thread: How "horrible" will it be?

Poll Watchers -- what are they allowed to do?

Hey kids, whose up for some good ol' hippy protesting?

My cats are politicians

Question about Palast's Florida 2000 investigation.

FOUND: New Republican Platform

What a coincidence: Key embassy bomb suspects seized in Pakistan...

fun quote/story from john kerry: "members of the fourth estate, ive called

Is Jon Stewart making a tactical mistake by criticizing Dems too harshly?

Unhappy Workers Should Take Prozac --Bush Campaigner (Rate it!)

Mcauliffe to Oreielly on Michael Moore: WHO CARES?

Bush is a good president?

Shove Hackworth up the wingers ass when they demean Kerry's

Josh Marshall on today's Pakistani "capture":

Stars and Stripes letter: Bush’s leadership weak

after two decades, cnn, abc, msnbc, , i say goodbye

Oh Joy! Flag burning in Boston (DNC protestors-anarchist crowd)

Who's running that circus in Iraq?

Anybody have a good video link to Obama's speech?

I have Limited Confidence in the media and their Mean Standard Errors

If they don't trot OBL out in the next few hours . . .

Carlson and Novak lose again on Crossfire

Conyers on KPFA radio saying post-election impeachment


Latest Limbaugh Lie: "Bush Sends NO ONE Off To Die."

What do you want Teresa to focus on as First Goddess?

Dem House candidate: "We're about to have a DRAFT unless we make a change"

So, what role do you see for DU after we win in November?

Jesse Jackson, Willie Nelson, Indigo Girls rally in WV on Labor Day

Books for soldiers

Barney Frank on C-SPAN speaking at convention. NOW! n/t

Edwards promises to win the Iraq war! Do you support that?

kweisi mfume

Kerry/Edwards stuff

The 800lb gorilla in American foreign policy

Did you just see Jesse flip the script on Wolf

Nader submits signatures for WV ballot

Roger Waters tells Israel to "Tear down The Wall!!"

Randi Rhodes: Dems right for voting for war

CBS Evening news will have Sibel Edmonds on

Kweisi Mfume- anyone else love that speech?

You must hear the Diane Rhem show about 'Counting the Votes'

Is there a link or transcript for Al Sharpton's speech last night?

what time does Kerry speak

Obama: One America, Edwards: Two Americas

Something smells wicked fishy about all these polls...

There's really nothing these people won't do.....

Why the fuck aren't people cheering for Barney Frank?

"Kerry Must Deliver 'Speech of His Life'" --- MEDIA

Anybody know what time Clark is coming on tonight?

ALRIGHT! Voting rights for DC!

Anyone driving around Richmond who has a John Kerry sticker and

Heading into Kerry's speech, the convention has been

Bombs found in Troy man's home (Illinois Domestic Terrorist wannabe)

State Agriculture Commissioner Arrested On 12 Charges

A question about personal privacy and the government

Just heard this on CNN...Kerry told the 4th estate...soon you will be out


Francis Crick has died (Man Who Deciphered DNA)

The best part of Rev. Sharpton's Speech.

Help us send Tom Delay, Rick Perry, and Tom Craddick a special gift!

I'm from Connecticut and am boycotting Lieberman's speech tonight.

Dee Dee Myers & Richard Trumka (AFL-CIO) Tag Team on Tweety's Head


Ben Affleck Doing Great Job On Crossfire

Will there be Exit Polling?

I got another republican over to our side!!!

How can I refute this?

Ladies and Gentlemen...your Pittsbuuuuuurgh Piiiiiiirates

Attn: Louise Slaughter -- It's DEMOCRATIC, not Democrat

Just because an Actor's a Dem don't mean they're a good Actor.

Mark Warner

From the Bush web site: "Introducing Barbara and Jenna's Journal"

Bet Joe Bidens good ..

Bush family values and shit!

I want Kerry's speech to be the oration of the century and it won't be.

I'm worried (yeah yeah doom and gloom)

Nixon vs. Bush II: Who is worse?

JULY Surprise: TODAY is the day. Be ready for Bush* to pull ANYTHING

Democratic Convention night #4 thread #1

25 Minutes until naptime

It sounds like Biden's explaining what would happen if bush was smart

Wow Mark Warner

Has Bartcop Jumped the Shark?

Are all centrists flip-floppers?

"Members of the Fourth Estate:

HA HA HA HA--GOP stradegy---Run on Dubya's record

3 More Kerry Voters!!!!

I Had Lunch With Michigan Delegate

Sorry people but Joe Biden's a tool...

Bush Attitude Toward Low Income Workers

Lee Greenwood at the RNC??

7/29 KERRY WIN PROBABILITY: 96.07%, VOTE: 52.72% , EV: 322


Should Lieberman be booed and will he be?

Who is (are) the power(s) behind CNN?

New poll from

You're a green beret, in the water in the Mekong Delta, under fire and

Corporate Democracy

DNC's big booboo - They shoulda had Eliot Spitzer talk about Kerry's work

So this is the world we've made...

'Penny For Your Thoughts' Time: How Are You Feeling About Tonight ???

Is Joe Biden getting a bad reception?

Damn, should of bought my house in New Mexico

Oh...this is one to watch.!

Kerry, Veterans, & National Security--a little help with this email please

Hey! Did You Know Wes Clark COULD Be Sec. of Defense, There's Precedent...

About this "May GOD bless you" stuff

I Need Reassurance....

The full Ron Reagan-Esquire Article...

Desperately need help responding to this email.

Gillespie rattled by Tweety

I need some liberal help in the economic post area

5 favorite speeches so far:

1st thing Kerry should do is Apologize for what Bush has done to the world

Info on benefit CD

Brit Hume on Edwards: "My heart was moved... My bowels were moved."

Fox forgets convention in Democratic coverage

HELP: Democratic friend needs convincing that Iraq war is unnecessary...

Micheal Moore: "When Kerry is inaugarated on Jan 20....


Things the cameras won't show at the RNC

Bush campaigner urges low-paid workers to take a Prozac

Best line of the convention so far?

I can't wait to see Bo Derek at the Repub convention!

Breslin: “The Media Should Have Their Licenses Revoked”

Edwards speech tonight should quiet any unease about

Convention Viewers Turn Away From CNN, MSNBC, & FOX.

Wayne Madsen gets a look at GOP Tracking Polls

I just read kerry's speech for tonight

The Hermann Goering quote - Very creepy

OK ... new rule for the Heinz boys. No more dancing.

"We worship an Awesome God"

HELP: Need links regarding George W Bush's "civilian" flight career

Kerry/Edwards Total Contribution Poll


Luntz's focus group proves Bush is finished

What I didn't know about Florida recount

What do you think of the atmosphere here at DU?

Help, "Mission Accomplished" related debunking ...

beaking: DOJ Report: Edmonds Was Fired For Speaking Out

Full Collection Of Convention Videos (So Far) Here:

MOYERS - Voting Nightmare Ahead?/Dovish Dems paint themselves as warriors

for Cdns watching the Democratic convention

I.R.S. Says Americans' Income Shrank for 2 Consecutive Years

DLCer, CEO of Boston Non-Profit to Address Challenge of Outsourcing

Oil and Gas in Abundance in Washington

Spielberg Aids Film Version of Kerry's Life

Belief in hell boosts economic growth

Soldier in (Iraqi) drowning case says he was ordered

Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior

Colorado Hispanic voters could sway Nov. election

Whistle-Blowing Said to Be Factor in an F.B.I. Firing


Federal Court OKs Ban on Sale of Sex Toys

Americans' incomes fell for two years

Florida companies send goods to Cuba under embargo exception

Mallove slaying may be linked

Is Carlotta Gall (NYT) a Bush Whore or just sloppy?

Amb. Wilson ambushed on road to Boston by RNC smears

Maintaining momentum for the 9/11 report (private funding?)

Joe Wilson Says Kerry Hasn't Asked Him to Resign

Six Killed in Afghanistan Bomb Blast (30 aid workers this year)

WaPo: Justice Dept. to Probe Former Examiner at Riggs

The Heaviest Load Is for Kerry Alone

Cleland relishes his 'resurrection

First OTC Cholesterol Drug Launched in Britain

Chalabi Reinvents Himself as a Populist

Reep Attack: Kerry won Purple Hearts for self-inflicted wounds

Saudis offer to help build Muslim force for Iraq

Kerry's War Tour Serves as Theme, Target

Oil hits 21-year high

Hastert, DeLay Announce 9/11 Congressional Hearings;

Violence Delays Iraq National Conference

Tempers fray as WTO talks rumble on without result

Fugitive nabbed (in Toronto) for 1969 crime (in Chicago)

Ryan Pulls Name Off Ill. Senate Ballot

New David Brock Book Reveals 30-Year R-Wing Campaign to Influence US Media

Sudan threatens BBC with legal action

I.R.S. Says Americans' Income Shrank for 2 Consecutive Years

Iraq now an Al-Qaeda battleground, British report says...

Feds tried to lengthen Sky Harbor waits

Iraqi Prime Minister Urges Islamic Unity (Arab League wants US out)

Cleland foe defends GOP 'truth squad's' stop in Boston

Fear of Death Wins Minds and Votes, Study Finds (Bush finding)

N. Korea lashes out over defectors

Edwards's Courtroom Appeal

Iraqi Human Rights Minister Says Saddam Has Prostate Infection

Exxon Mobil Profit Soars on Energy Prices

Wages Sluggish (smallest 12m gain since 82, help-wanted ads decrease)

Any DUers in Northern Indiana/ Southern Michigan??

Social Psychologists Study Relationship Between Fear of Death, Political

Kerry Daughters Revel in Sublime Experience (attempted smear ala WilHORen)

NATO Makes Progress on Iraq Mission Plans

Italian Troops In Firefight With Insurgents In Southern Iraq (Nasiriyah)

'Fahrenheit' soldier in hot water?

Pakistan says it captured a 'most wanted' Al Qaeda Man

President Mbeki salutes President Aristide

FCC Launches Inquiry Into Violence on Television

Crewmates Attest to Kerry's Mettle as Wartime Commander

Wall Street Economists See Fed Rate at 2% or Higher (5% EOY 2005)

Chalabi Reinvents Himself as a Populist (reaching out to Sadr)

Pakistan holds 'top al-Qaeda man' (Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani of 98 bombings

Americans' incomes fell for two years

Sue You: This Song Is Our Song (Guthrie Parody Copyright C & D)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 29 July

Dean, Dems sound off on e-voting security

Boston police deal with rowdier protests on DNC's last day

Kerry Win Would Leave Blair Looking Lonely -Analysts

Militants in Iraq threaten hostage deaths ( Iraq Nat'l Conf postponed)

Al-Qaeda warns (disobey orders or risk attack -re) Muslim Iraq force

Kerry 'will not change foreign policy'

Falwell Endorsement Target of Complaint

Washington Delegates Protest Democratic Convention Protest Zone

Lynx Thriving In Maine Forest

Reversal of 'De-Baathification' Proves Divisive

Subway attacked for anti-American advertising in Europe

Man who helped unlock DNA (Francis Crick) dies | BBC

Haiti Protesters Seek Aristide's Return

Moore's movie stirs up Crawford

Lawyers Question Iraq Drowning Case (drowning faked?)

State Agriculture Commissioner Arrested On 12 Charges

Iraqis Say U.S. Air Strike Destroys House in Falluja

Report: Saddam has chronic prostate infection

GOP flier questions new voting equipment

Warren Buffett's wife dies of stroke

Among Delegates, Fear of Bush Becomes Powerful Uniting Force

Ukraine Weighs Pulling Troops From Iraq

South Carolina agriculture commissioner indicted in cockfighting ring

GI Convicted of Carjacking Shiek in Iraq

Iraq Police Arrest 270 Militants in Raids

Wal-Mart Tries to Block Zoning Rules

Ben & Jerry Arrested Thursday at Sudan Embassy

unemployment seasonally adjusted 345,000 - up 4000 from last week

Gay Support on Display at Convention: Mama T loves you


Why a Conflicted Kerry Voted Yes -- and Later No -- on Iraq

Judge Who Resigned Under Cloud Helps Run Homeland Security Anti-Terrorism

Canadian disputes U.S. claims against torture

Spouses of War on Terrorism Veterans May Not Get Full Survivor Benefits

Personally Penning the Speech of His Life

Justice Dept. to Probe Former Examiner at Riggs

BLM Nears Record for Drilling Permits

Continuing Unemployment claims rose by 174,000 to 2.96 million

UK Troops Held Torture Contests- Injured Iraqi Says

U.S. Proposes Shrimp Tariffs for 4 Nations

Preview of Kerry's speech ..

CACI Defense Contracts Hazy on Civilian Authority

Michael Reagan bashes brother's stem-cell speech

SEC probing Krispy Kreme books


Bush eases pesticide reviews for endangered species

Sullen, Depressed President Retreats Into Private, Paranoid World

Cheney protesters pack Salt Lake sidewalks

Poll: 30% Want Yukos Nationalized

U.S. Officer Arrested for Beating a Chinese Tourist

Iraq Is a Battleground

Local TV news: Protesters roughed up at convention.

Cancer Spreading Like Wildfire in Iraq

Police: Award-winning teacher kills baby, self

FBI Issues Terror Warning for Calif., N.M.

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed, Three Hurt in Iraqi Blast

Kerry Plans TV Blackout In August - AP\MSNBC

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Shown on Prime Time TV in Cuba

President Bush returns to Ohio

Unhappy Workers Should Take Prozac --Bush Campaigner

Five charged with harassing, beating Sikh in US

Unreported war: US document reveals scale of conflict

Report: Afghanistan could implode

U.S. Lacks Records for Iraq Spending


Fear of Death Wins Minds and Votes, Study Finds (Terror Warnings)

'Terror' Against the Press: The ... Boston FBI's 'unconfirmed reports' ...

9/11 Panel Urges Firmer Security Grip(trip to Mexico would require a passp

You! Yeah, YOU!! You want a piece of this?

HEyHEY's apartment is a safe zone - you can play with sex toys there

Ambush - Video from Iraq?

BATMAN BEGINS teaser trailer online

Should Hamm have been allowed to speak?

Nirvana "Unplugged" - I forgot how beautiful of an album this was

Whatever happened to Jitterbug Perfume?

Growing Up Gotti . . .

Help ! i've fallen into DU and I can't get up!

kids waving lighters in the air at concerts during slow songs

Dang the mods are fast and furious!

While watching the Fuax News convention coverage

WHOOOHOOO! I'm seeing Kerry on FRIDAY

$111 Coin Contains $140 Worth Of Gold


Gang Of "Oversized" Shoplifters On The Rampage

A Little Star Trek Help Please

Good Morning DU!

Dallas DUers...The Stonewall Democrats are hosting

So what states can sex toys be played with in?

It's official, I'm nuts.

Todays my last day at work! Should I go postal!?!??!

Yep. That's Our Song. That's Our Message.

Man Arrested For Wearing Thong In Walmart - "Triple-Dog Dare"

Could I *BE* any more drunk?

NFL's "Beuerlein era" is over

Movie buffs: Did "OutFOXed"'s Robert Greenwald give us XANADU?!

Bush bashing seems to be busting out

Man Attacked By Alligator Gets Arrested One Day Later

The Office Mens Room Smells Like Burned Cinnamon Toast

FOX NEWS and the toupe's

disgusting things of the moment

CNN "headline "news"" this morning:

Woman Handcuffed And Arrested For Eating Candy In A D.C. Metro Station

Did anyone else get an email from PayPal?

how cool is this place?

Jude Law to play Ian Curtis in Hollywood Joy Division biopic - reports.


Carry on my wayward son. There'll be peace when you are done.

If I sign on Yahoo as invisible, what will that do?

Ugh....Percodan hangover.

Knock Knock .....Avon "lady"!!!

Ya know.... depression sucks

Why not bash Bush?

Canada denies foreign strippers must bare all to get visas

It has happened - my fiancé has moved in!!!

HELP! What do I do? Motherinlaw spewing ...

Charlotte Delegate spots a famous face

Hubert Humphrey in 2004!

Ilana Wexler: Art Garfunkel?

mmmmmmmm Lesbian Concentrate...

I'm a little bit of a lush

What am I supposed to do?

Separated at Birth: James Carville....

I have no problem with disagreement

Like expensive coffee? What about a "'crappuccino'"?

Radiohead + Rocket = ( 2 + 2 ) = 5

Seriously, do you plan to watch the Republican Convention

MatcomNews Story Update: "Jap" Road To Be Renamed To "Boondocks" Road

where's wiLL pitt?

CONFESS!!!!!!!!!!! Songs that make you go WWWHHHHHEEEEEE!!!!

Widower, 80, Pays $10,000 Ransom After His Dog Disappears

Man Gets Year In Jail For Selling Bootleg DVD's Out Of His Car

Porn Industry Seeks Recruits At Youth Job Fair

Girl Scout Cookie Sales No Longer Illegal

The Squirrels are talking to each other!!!

Duplicating my post from GD re CNN poll

songs for speakers at the convention

Lets have some fun and hone some skills

man Cheney's coming to Tucson and the only way

I will be 25 in a little over 2 months and I am a virgin.

Is anyone going to bother...

Hey sports people

Is it wrong to miss the Kerry speech for baseball? Isotopes vs. Beavers!

Anyone have a link to Al Sharpton's speech?

Vanessa Kerry is closer to my age and more my type than Cate Edwards

Is youngred a lush?

Comedy Central's "Boy, Do I Know Kerry!" online quiz

Help! What text should I add to Dyba & his flightsuit?

Photo Of Elderly Buggy Racing

Anyone here remember the private lounge they use to have at DU

Poem by George W Bush

PLEASE HELP, 20 Posts till 800, ask me......stuff!

Thanks Skinner, Elad and Earl G

Somebody's gonna hurt someone. Before the night is through.

800th post...

FARK Photoshop Contest. Help Nancy Reagan revive her movie career!

The Right Wing Record Collection

catwoman, though bad, was better than Spiderman 2

What kind of band is Everclear?

My personal Favorites*

Daddy was a turd miner, and grandpa was.....

Mo Rocca gives Edwards speech a D

Rowdyboy! HAHAHAHA! Where are you?

What is your favorite Spy/Secret Agent series?

Does anyone else have cats with this odd behavior?

At the time it probably didn't set off any alarms

Bush proposes a panel to prepare a 'Cliffs Notes' version of 9/11 report.

anyone have audio/video of Kucinich, Kennedy, Sharpton Speeches?

Carrot's a cake....and a vegetable!

finally have an avatar! comments?

Name for a wellness/fitness program???

Daddy was a Turd Miner and Grandpa was a Goat Ball Licker

Official Extreme Comb-Over Competition Thread

Attention Austin DUers: FSC/Reprehensor are heading up 290

Am I using the "Mark Posts" feature wrong?

Greatest American Hero

Anyone have the link to Billionaires for Bush pictures?

Anyone else psyched about "The Village"???

Question for medical folk

My sister made me LMAO the other night: New name for *

Trees being murdered right now

Its good luck at conventions to play "Happy Days are Here Again"

Hey Canadian DU'ers ,,, I wanna be a Canucklehead

Why is the O'Franken Factor now called the Al Franken Show?

The Amazing Kreskin picked the presidential winner.

For those who missed it once again Will Ferrell as George Dubya Bush

Anyone else totally sweet on Cate Edwards now?

I'm Almost to Post #1594 -- ASK ME ANYTHING

'GOAN' and laugh

wanna buy a winnebago? Don't bother this dude..

Patting self on back in re: Spielberg working on film for Kerry.

....bursting at seams.. most rapid.. growth.. ever... grimace

I'm outta here DU'ers...

Mrs. Miller, where have you been all my life!


And they thought we should worry about Box Turtle Love

GOP Asks Miramax To Distribute Anti-Kerry Flick

If Kerry wins (and is recognized as the President)...

Ester Williams is still alive?????? and she's black!?!?!?

Another self-aggrandizing bike photo....

My favorite picture from last night...

Any DUers on

Natalie Portman on GMA this morning

Am I the only one who digs Warrant's version of "We Will Rock You"

I had a three-hour lap dance the other night

New Radio Station: JACK FM - "playing what we want"

Today it's CHILLY in San Francisco.


Something REALLY DISGUSTING about my city.

NOOOOOO! Fox cancels "On Air With Ryan Seacrest"!

jpgray is a scandalous swine!

Anybody here ever heard of Allesandra Belloni?

That "DNC Nightly News" theme really creeps me out.

Funniest Movie Ever!

Mini-Me - A Lego-esque model of ME!

Is the Wyclef Jean song "If I Was President" a track on a CD of his?

whoisalhedges, you are the crack-whorey-est scummy tryst.

Hedges and Gray.

Anyone know if hop tea really works on Crohn's disease?

How can I connect my scanner?

I think Kleeb is trying a little too hard with the "I wasn't drunk" thing

Dead Squirrel Thought To Be Source Of Courthouse Stench


How long until HEyHEY checks back into DU?

Kerry and I are like brothers

Advance Script of Ohio Delegation putting Bush "Over the Top" In NYC

Having to Have connections is so lame!

angry venting rant thread of anger

the official tucker carlson is an overexposed idiot thread.

can someone please help this guy? . . .

The Naughty Meat Puppet of all CAPTIONS!!!

whoisalhedges, join me in a sacriligious, rummy tryst!

Teen Taped Explosives To "Lucky" The Rabbit

Priest and nun convicted after car romp (Yahoo/Reuters)

My case of DNC nerves...please calm them for me!

BREAKING: First Kerry Inauguration Picture!

DUers punning 'sanctimonious gummy tyst'

so amuse me will you with short tales of rumor, imagination

Late night talk show funny comment thread

My cats are politicians

Proof that Fox is both fair and balanced!

Hmmm: Picture on Diebold's homepage looks like the back of GW's head

Nice quote from the convention found at Bartcop

Am I Weird? Are you Weird?

John Kerry - He Can Ride a Bike

Thanks, it's nice to be back.

Completely self-serving post: Our travelogue for the shelter trip

whoisalhedges, you are a sanctimonious, gummy tyst!

Woman gets maced after refusing to turn off cell phone in theater.

DU - I bid you farewell (for now)

Barney Frank on c-span now 6:14 EDT.

Your Love is like Bad Medicine.

Cops Raid Home Mistaking Hibiscus For Pot

My My, Hey Hey

My SO rocks!

Ah we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind

God, I love Al Sharpton

My wife is toooooo funny!

Gay Bears Unite!

We built this city, we built this city on rock an' roll

Wish me luck!

14 posts till 8000.. Ask me anything!

Another shining example of Republican values....

For my 8000th post.

The 'Turkey's a Greal Friend of all CAPTIONS!!!!


Would you please (magic word used) share with me


Django fans? I saw some GREAT guitar playing last night...

DU Convention Photos -- Day 5 -- Edwards Speech, etc.

So what secret is NSMA keeping from us

I decided I want to run for Senate


Does good public policy turn you on?

Got Boston Magazine? Please help! Oh please!

Got my first tattoo yesterday!

If Dumbya Wins, I Will Slit My Throat!!

Drudge the thief redux: Take action!

Thanks to the DU lounge for helping me today...

Is it true that Micheal Moore has recieved death threats?

whoisalhedges, you are a sack of nachoes, a yummy cyst!




I regret that I cannot watch the Convention with DU tonight...

Damn... I have "Deadwood" withdrawal..

I'm having trouble getting windows media player streaming video

Y'all ready for some "Joementum"??

What is your favorite song by WAR?

I need a back rub

"Barbershop" Actor Charged With Rape

What's the civillian award a president can give to artists & entertainers?

My nine year old is a bit too much into the convention, I think

Best Paint Job On A Work Truck. EVER.

What's in your Clipboard right now?

EW EW EW EW - I just got invited to a "Church Social"

The Cutting Hedge of all CAPTIONS!!

True or not: Post rehab music is really shitty

What are the best plays ever written?

The Record Setting President of all CAPTIONS!!!

I am NOT a lush

A@#hole destroyed my neighbor's Kerry sign

Donizetti.: La Fille Du Regiment-O mes amis: Pavarotti.

Today I Learned That THREE Republicans I Know Are Voting for Kerry

Info on benefit CD

Post your breaking news tip for Drudge. (Truth not required)

The Faux Paw of all CAPTIONS!!!!

ok, Scorpio...

Foxtrot fans - sound off!

Rudy needs a caption

How much would you have to be paid to French kiss Dubya?

18,999 ...

Car buying dilemma--*&^*$&#^&%#^$@!!!!

Someone shot a video

Today's Joke

I just got a job! And it's better than my old one.

just saw my classroom for the first time!

generally speaking, when should you poke something with a stick?

Bush/Cheney booth at the county fair

My convention pictures with my two female Senators!

Favorite old school words, phrases, or slang?

Just got NYC Man: The Lou Reed Collection

D.U. ABCs. Use a DUer


Airline Humor: HILARIOUS!

Lazy joke lands author in trouble


Eli Manning 6 yrs. $54 Million + Williams failed 3rd drug test?

You're head delegate for your state: Give your state introduction/

"Alien" in 30 seconds - re-enacted by bunnies

I had a three-hour lap kitty the other night


Cartoon Network looking at some BOONDOCKS

Can someone recommend a good Spanish Learning CD?

Share with me please your "Holy shit!" moments in music

FLASH: Edwards gets the veep nomination.

Today's cartoons.

Did you ever feel like you should keep something a secret

The 5000th post vanity thread!

Woman Arrested for Eating Payday Bar

BIG CONVENTION PHOTO LIST (updated Sunday, 9:15 pm)

Are the Repubs planning to assassinate John Kerry?

This Is The Best Campaign T-Shirt Ever!

Highest office in the land down the lowest possible road

Pll: What was Edwards' best line in support of Kerry?

Giulani was just on American Morning. What a sorry interview, Hemmer!

Something about cancelling the elections I didn't think of (push polls)

Re: Teresa H-K, I know it's not all about looks, BUT

Hey, Deaniacs!,

82nd Airborne Loves Yippee!!


Where's Steve Earle?

P Diddy's On CNN With Bill Hummer Now....

Senator Russ Feingold is the only Senator to have voted against the

A question about Edwards' speech

Rappers on c-span now. Watch!

Best Edwards line: "It doesn't have to be this way"

Kerry seeks advantage on security issue

Little Help Going Forward (No 911 report on practices of preemption)

Kerry's deliberative style sometimes has helped, hurt him

John Kerry, Ready For His Close-Up In Campaign Film

The Vietnam Vet, Leaving No One Behind

The Moment of a Lifetime for Kerry

Convention Speakers Refine the Art of the Sly Slap

A Nostalgia for The Consensus Of the 1990s

WTF! GOP Flier Questions FL Touchscreen Voting, Urges Absentee Voting!

BOOSTING FUEL EFFICIENCY: Kerry: Billions for car industry

Kerry Vows Stronger U.S. With Nomination - Yahoo's 'false' ratings.

Anderson Cooper 360 website says Howard Dean on tonight.

Transcripts of Last Night's Speeches

Sharpton on now on C-Span.

Speaker times?

TruthOut - Will Pitt video interviews

Signs we'd like to see tonight...

Replay of Kucinich on C-Span right now!

2004 campaign - This campaign is different

Why would we donate to the Kerry campaign today?

Interesting article on Obama

Anyone else just hear Joe Trippi on Stern?

How Bush will compete with Kerry's ex-crew mates praise of him

I liked Harry Truman's response as to why he finally endorsed JFK

Great photo of John Kerry checking out the podium today at Fleet Center!

CLARK, Albright, Lieberman giving prime time speeches

Is Bush still talking about "fiscal discipline?"

HELP: Seeking docs, info on voting precinct redistricting guidelines....

As a New Yorker I once appreciated Gulliani for a few days

Clue: Speakers, don't yell into the microphone

Kerry must prove he's a war president

There's not enough enough Red Meat

What is a likely voter?

Strategy for Kerry: 'Wind up' Cuban vote

speaking of warmth...

How and how much will you watch the REpublican convention?

David Ashe Campaign Event with Senator Max Cleland

Facts About Al Sharpton:

I have Limited Confidence in the media and their Mean Standard Errors.

FREE Kerry Kit at MOVEON.ORG. Get yours today!

If Bush Only Had A Brain ! (campaign song for rallies, parties)

Hold on to your hat. At least 14 scenarios that lead to an EV tie!

Why KERRY Will Win!!!

Tidbit from Hotline Convention Alert re Secret Service code names...

William Weld, Bush does not have "warmth." He is an arrogant jerk who

Help DU this CNN poll

Believe it! It doesn't matter to Repubs what Kerry says tonight.

Dean and Clark coming up on Anderson Cooper 360

Dean and supporters at Hurricane O'Reilly's in Boston. Article and pic.

We're in this together (email from John Edwards)

7/29 KERRY WIN PROBABILITY: 96.07%, VOTE: 52.72% , EV: 322

Att. Clarkies...C-Span just said WES CLARK woul be on at 8:10

Photos of the "Free Speach Zone" - barbed wire and all

HEY! Did You Know Clark COULD Be Sec. of Defense? There Is A Precedent...

I have absoCHENEYINGlutely had it! What part of "War Hero" ...

Today's My Birthday And All I Want...

I finally donated to Kerry

CNN carping all day about length of Kerry' speech, either 50 or 55 mins...

Why are you a Democrat and why are you for Kerry/Edwards:

ARG: Iowa Bush 47% Kerry 47%; West Virginia Kerry 48% Bush 44%

Alright, Betty Castor! E-mail urging FL voters to ask for absentee ballot!

Lets talk about electoral votes

Edwards was NOT Credible on Destroying Terrorists. Was he?

ATTN: PA DUERS -- Kerry in Scranton on Friday 7/30

Made the mistake in switching to MSRNC for


Is this DNConvention a mistake?

Damn, I'm glad Jennifer Granholm's on my team.

Sharpton is my MAN!!!

Does anyone know the post-convention tour schedule

Something we will NOT see at the RNC convention!

Last Chance to Hammer Repub Fraud Machine and Defeat Flip-Flopper Charge!