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Archives: July 30, 2004

Filmmaker Micheal Moore to take his cameras to Florida on Election Day

BBC (early Friday): Text of Senator Kerry's acceptance speech

Stepping on Big Brother's Toes

Sullen, Depressed President Retreats Into Private, Paranoid World

The full Ron Reagan-Esquire article

Anyone watching the CNN Convention coverage??

"After a very strong speech and convention, Kerry is stumbling."

CNN - "Go balloons! What the fuck are you guys doing up there?" - mp3

Who had the worst convention coverage other than cspan?

Who had the best convention coverage other than cspan?

My "Up North Simple Living" Forum!

My Daughter

Greenland ice-melt 'speeding up'

QUESTION: Will the Red Car Ban Sunset make the roads safer?

Almost an hour long speech...

Kerry is a gun owner

Registering for this site---

Thanks Admins!!!

Study raps IDF child recruitment

Interesting article on Obama

Pussies Galore! - OC Weekly

Who is dpbrown a delegate for? nt

So I stopped by a "convention party" tonight

DFW'ers where to meet for the next get together?

What Did Ya'll Think Kerry's Speech?

Andre Heinz is HOT!


Is anybody else disturbed by the way Robert Novak says crossfire?

Free propaganda with Big Mac

Alfs dads on now

A true republican.....joltin' Joe! eom

Go Clark GO!!!


*Fox News Alert* O'Reilly is an arrogant asshole!

America, hear ... this ... soilder

Wes On!

When is Kerry on tonight?

Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Zzzzzzzzzz-berman.

If you can't stomach Joe, the Big Dog

Here comes Joementum!

That, my friends, is why we love Wes Clark

WTF?? Lieberman following Clark!?!

Potential problem: Source of the Kerry family fortune?

Al smacks down Tweety

dupe -- please delete

I love Nancy

who has the Kucinich, Elizabeth and Cate Edwards speeches on MP3?

Mary Beth, Please Slap the Sh*t Out Of Judy Woodruff!!!


Will the John Kerry Bio movie be broadcast on the networks?


was that just a DUer on C-span??

A Kerry victory does not garuntee all the things he promises

Willie Nelson coming up!

I just saw I robot.

Here's Joementum!!!!!!!!!

Dupe....please delete.

Check out chimpy's official site homepage

Does anyone now doubt my conviction that I had for Wes Clark?

Am I wrong to hope that Al Sharpton...

Hooray for the faith leader crew!

Madeleine Albright is a goddess


Can Kerry really be a uniter?

sorry, but I'm really getting tired of all the war shit. it's getting old.

When John Kerry gets in, some in the media WILL have to pay....

Stuck in a hotel room but...AAAAUGH! Tweety!

O'Reilly & Newt GRINCH Are Deconstructing Advance Copy of JK Speech

I'm from Kentucky!

What time is Kerry expected to speak? nt

What is MoDo's problem with Kerry/Edwards?

Anyone else think Clark should have been named VP?

ABC News: What kind of question is that?


Ohio blocks further deployment of paperless voting machines; NJ close!!!

Carole King: Good. That version of "Proud Mary": BAD. REALLY BAD.

Willy and Hillery

Jesus I love Carol King eom

Ok, who passed the damn kool aid out here just now?

CNN NOT SHOWING CLARK'S SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they are WAY ahead of schedule!


C'mon Vanessa...

C'mon Vanessa...

Yes, the daughters are doing the "personal" stuff

3 Months From This Coming Tuesday - Jeez, Time Is Movin FAST !!!

My interview with Kucinich from today (he bashes the 'Free Speech Zone')

Need Quickdraw comebacks for Repuke Convention line-up...

Maureen Dowd looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

OUCH... Maddie that hurt!


INHD is broadcasting in HDTV.

I LOVE these little snippets of Republicans voting for Kerry/Edwards!

No they didn't just do this to "Proud Mary"

Has anyone else's C-SPAN 1 been hijacked by

Any questions?

GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love Peter Jennings!

High fives, DUers!!!


Sorry dupe, pls. delete

WOW - What a great speech!

Ok, Karl is shitting his pants right now. Jenna and Babs

The Kerry Intro Thread!!!

I stand corrected

Band of Brothers for Kerry

Is anyone else sick of hearing about "VALUES"?

Wow, what a contrast . . . Alexandra and Vanessa


So, I began this Thursday by getting a better-paying job...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's all I have to say tonight.

The Pundits are waiting for their talking points. They are mute!!!

Any DU-ers who can lip read?

OK, now let's see how our LIBERAL media is going to try to destroy

Dear Mr. Bush


From one country to another, I'm asking you to promise me something.

CNN trying to sabotage the moment

No TV at work, what are pundits saying please?

Oh CHRIST! Not Van Hagar!!

John Kerry OWNED!!!!

no balloons? what the f*ck are you guys doing up there?

Why is the volume so low on Fox?

Come on everyone.... it was a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN


How did his speech compare to your expectation?

Bob Dole's rhetoric on CNN is running on empty (GOP Kerry talking points)

Morgan Freeman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerry a senator since 1984 while :someone: was still a do-nothing.

Sorry to beat a dead Horse, but

Damn, Carole King looks good! Young!

Barney Frank to O'Reilly "I only voted for a perfect candidate once

Part of the timing issue?

Are They Stalling For PrimeTime ???

What's the delay?

coolest nonpolitical part of the convention.

didnt they already play this video??

i'm willing to give ya 10 to 1 odds neither kerry daughter

Viva Max!

Oh the vets are coming here it is freepers and non-believers


whew - what a video

See you all after the speech -- good luck to us, and John!

Morgan Freeman!! is that him doing the dialog in the video?

Help! Where can I hear Kerry online. I'm at work...

Who is Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani and who cares?

Anyone else think Lieberman's speech sucks?

Max Cleland!!!!!!!


To reiterate: Give some money to Big John NOW!


Why didn't they save the video for network coverage?

Ok, just sewed up the Jersey vote with Bruuuuuuuuuuuccccccccceee!!!!

CBS: Doesn't show Max Cleland speaking, says Kerry stole "Hope is on

Who's going to be bummed when the convention ends?

Talking about John Kerry's medals

A Surprise?

I would like to donate to the Kerry campaign.

Vets!! FALL IN

Hope is on the way

How long are the repubs going to sit on Ghailani?

Why do we have to endure Frank Luntz's F*ck-us Groups?

We are vindicated from Zell Miller

iizzit my imagination. or were there 90% rep pundits?

John Kerry Sounds Like An Historical President of days past when America

Whats that song that kerry is walking into with??? n/t

I'm nervous. What if he blows it. e-mail

Poor Republicans -- they must be trolling the honkey tonks in Alabama

This speaker is givng me chills!

I wonder what it feels like to be john kerry up on that stage right now..

I love this man

Holy Shit! Kerry's going to light the Fleet Center on Fire!!!

Bush* Corruption EXPOSED: Pakistan arrests al-Qaida figure RIGHT ON TIME

A rightie just asked if i was watching the dnc.. and i responded

who will be talked about more at the RNC?

As anyone declined the nomination?

As anyone declined the nomination?

What is the point of lying about John Kerry at this exact moment on DU?

Sammy Hagar? I thought he was a Bushite...

OK folks... this November


"Move America Forward"

"My vice president will not attend secret meetings with polluters"

A green beret???? A fucking green beret????

What a CHAMP!

Well, at least he didn't ride into the convention in a tank....

Anyone in Mas. see a roof fly by?

Oh here it comes he's goin after shrub!

"I will appoint an attorney general who will uphold the Constitution!"

"Proclaiming Mission Accomplished certainly doesn't make it so"

I hope chimpy bring his meds to the debates

What cabinet post for Max Cleland--I do hope he gets one.

I hope all of the military here and overseas watch this.

Did he just say Iraq was a 'real and imminent' threat

looks like it's hot up there

"The future doesn't belong to fear. It belongs to freedom!

"The future doesn't belong to fear it belongs to freedom"

I'm prejudiced but ....He's Nailing It


Kerry Is Our Guy!

Are you going to watch the RNC?

so thye will counter

Brokaw is a freeper

He tied the words of the National Anthem with the flag


I hear John Kerry restaged

Is It Me, Or Is He Rushing This ???


Go Go. . . Go Johnny Go. Go Go

He said the words: "Bring our troops home."


I heard Kerry is a closer

Ladies and Gentlemen.. I give you John Forbes Kerry...


BushCo's speech at the RNC...

I am just laughing at how *'s speech will compare!

Here's Wes Clark!!!!!

FUCK CNN ! Their headline on speech is "Kerry vows more troops"

He's gonna make mincemeat out of Shrub in the debates...

LOL, I bet Cheney and Bush both get 'heart attacks' rather than debate...

Chimp = Toast

Big NOD to Michael MOORE!

an American that relies on its ingenuity and innovations

John Kerry Has Just Said Some Things That I Have Felt For 4 Years


Damn if he didn't just slap Bush* !

Let's not misuse the constitution of the United States

let's never misuse the Constitution of the United States

This country will love John Kerry and John Edwards

John Kerry, how fast can you give us UNIVERSAL health coverage?!

The high road may be harder but it leads to a better place. . .

Corporate Welfare!

Best line of the convention....

He has blasted everything about * there is to blast

I want to pray that we are on god's side

"I want to pray humbly that we are on God's side."

I don't want to say God is on our side

Are they going to replay this???

I just want to say

How are the non C-Span stations covering this?

He's gone supersonic

Osama caught!!!

Did He Say 'Hair Pollution' ???

I missed most of this speech, did he bring up election reform at all?

THE SUN IS RISING!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey DUers ! From what country are you from ?

Hay everybody! I haven't heard even on aah, err, hmm tonight!

It's a beautiful day.

Bush isn't going to want to debate Kerry after tonight.

How are you voting in November?

I would hate to be Karl Rove right now!

Repeat after me: President John F. Kerry

"What if we have a president who believes in science?"

Home run!

Now, who doesn't feel energized for Kerry?

Damn it's over. Wish I could listen to this man forever!

C'mon! Where's the balloon/confetti drop?

Rush, Hannity and all the other pukes

buh-bye bushie boy!! Hey ... I'll help ya pack!

OK I'm pissed at ABC, CBS and NBC

The Speech of His Life

To Sen. John Kerry: You've given me what I haven't had in four years.

There were no Democrats, there were no Republicans....

Cutting taxes?

Kerry Has Kadence and Karisma.

War Is On The Way - Bush / Cheney '04

balloons, BALLOONS!

Cspanner asks did the networks show the whole speech?

CNN goes right to Gillespie for analysis

Balloon drops and confetti sprays

Max on now!

Let's egg Bushs' car on the way out!

"close the tax loopholes that reward companies

For the last few months ...

Why the problem with networks? They're GUSHING!

All they have left are LIES LIES LIES LIES

Kerry's entire speech is at the Drudge Report

Holy crap! everybody is on the stage!


I will not watch the pundits . .. I will not watch the pundits

Scarborough Just stuck up for Kerry...

Scarborough just blasted the networks. already on the attack against Kerry's speech

I'm feeling very positive about November...

Saudi Royal Family?

This is NOT a home run it is a GRAND SLAM!!!!

Kerry called Edwards a SON-OF-A-MILL-WORKER

Cable News spinning desparately

What the hell is with CNN?

Faux: Kondracke: Kerry has raised the bar with his vision

Who is the leader of the free world?

I have never been so proud to be a democrat!

I'm calling DishTV right now to cancel CNN

He's real, he's passionate and he's hitting a home run

Corporate girlie men

F CNN! Who's pumped up???


Has anyone here been happier to be a good Democrat?

Goodnight, DU

Hey, Kerry's a hockey player. Shouldn't it be...

ABC -- Best since 1964 for Democrats

CHENEY CNN! Those bastards....

I missed the speech

Democrats know how to party

"What are you fucking guys doing up there?"

Best night of the convention so far?

This convention was more about hate.

I wish I was there!!

Think We Could Get Soros And Turner To Buy CNN Back ???

Drudge is already trolling for audio of CNN's f-bomb feed

Hey did the DNC hire Cheney to work the balloon machine?

Bush might as well make his concession speech tonight

Have you seen Bush the Marlboro Man?

For those who have not yet donated to Kerry

Wonderful Wolf:

Email Drudge at MDRUDGE@AOL.COM and tell him what you think

Lifetime Emmy Award - C-SPAN: July 26 -29, 2004

Funny Randi Rhodes interview with Joe Scarborough today

Teresa Heinz Kerry defines Class

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

My favorite quotes from Kerrys speech

Wow! Did we pick the right man or what?

Daily Show

Gee I wish we could this all again!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no respect for puling news analysts...

Have you seen Bush the Marlboro Man?

MY VOTE IS FOR KERRY - not against Bush!

TDS Redeems itself

"Hair pollution"


Brokaw is saying that the networks would not have cut him off...

I just don't get Scarborough?

drudge headline


If you feel this good and proud now, imagine what

What happened on CNN

If the pace of the speech is all the pundits can talk about (MSNBC)

Jon Stewart just ripped Tweety a new one re: Sharpton last night

Lets hope that the American people don't vote based on the last thing they

no network coverage?

Someone interviewed by CNN reports Zogby poll

Are we going to get our country back, or will * hatch another nefarious

I have felt this way only once before...

By having their convention first, has the Dem's effectively...

Re CNN: I will volunteer to write a letter tomorrow

Best insight I've heard so far was on PBS...

Laura Bush as the real life "Stepford Wife" and the trashy daughters

OK, I admit, I used to doubt John Kerry

I'm content.

Hey Everybody

Anyone see Sharpton's Interview with Tweedy?

Email all the cable networks...


Calling C-span

LOL, did Kerry bring Edwards on board just to use his Lincoln quote?

It boils down to priorities...

someone from my hometown on the air on CSPAN!


Air America pissing me off

CBS was very respectful

Lutz's focus group very favorable about speech

Kerry KILLED. It's all over but the crying for Chimpy.


"Band of Brothers," check in. WWI & II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf. All wars.

after that speech...look what these fools


Why is there no LIBERAL commenting on the speech?

Do we dare dream...a 50-state sweep?

Kerry didn't give the pundits what they wanted so now they are complaining

wow Backdoor Draft

Republican C-SPAN caller from Boston is voting for Kerry

OK: Is there any CLEAN THE MEDIA site? I want to send letters to

Please tell my why the MSNBC pundits or "journalists" feel it necessary

CALL C-SPAN, tell them you love Kerry, will vote for him,

This speech is TOTALLY exceeding my expectations!

Bushites Flooding Yahoo

The Convention Was a Total Success


Will Bin Laden be captured tomorrow? How will Bush counter

That's official:Springfield is now called:

CSPAN caller talking about his son that was killed in Iraq.

Larry O'Donnell made a great point re: Cable news

Benediction ??? - What A BuzzKiller !!!

Listening to phone callers to CSPAN

THIS is why the Right is PISSING themselves tonight...

RNC... will it be all pious, reverent and holy...

MSNBC is running ALL of the SHRUB death blow clip...

President Kerry,


wonk...must have video

ABC has some decent coverage about history of Kerry campaign

I love that CSPAN is talking to Texans!!!

Letterman..."Kerry showed up with all his war buddies

Yeah, Kerry still bothers me. However, he is going to WIN.

My first donation EVER to a political candidate

MSNBC now!

The convention -- all days combined -- was a home run

Let's collect all of Kerry's legendary phrases in here !

C-Span Bush Supporter

He had me at "John Kerry reporting for Duty"

"What if" part of the speech was amazing

Tweety: "We're getting too much into substance here for my liking..."

my uber conservative father actually thought Kerry's speech was "alright"

I never want to hear CNN=Clinton News Network again!

I think I like these pics best

CSPAN2 showing Shrub's 2000 convention speech now!

Tucker on CNN: snide "Overall it was pretty good." JERK. n/t

Mathews is fellating his guests

List the celebrities you saw at the dem convention

Is Joe's panel just a little stacked toward Kerry tonight?? n/m

TV Alert: Trippi is on MSNBC 12:09am EDT

Buchanan loves Kerry's speech

Joe Scarborough Is Not Covering His Fear Very Well

A thank you not only to John Kerry but to those who supported him from the

Oh my God Pat Buchanan just said

Scarborough is such a ----ing punk!

CSPAN caller: Democrats are pedophiles

I have to admit I was skeptical.

These are some good looking Headlines

This guy from Florida is beyond ridiculous!

What is your prediction: How far will Kerry be up after this convention?

Every cable news network has negative coverage.

hahaha CSPAN freeper CALLERS...heavy breathing/stress..CLINTONS FAULT!!!

What the hell is sludge talking about

Kerry and Edwards are at the Boston Pops Live

Kerry at Boston Pops concert!

My family agrees, something is missing.

In tomorrow's NY Times...

bush speech in NY.....


Ladies and Gents...the gauntlet has been laid

Zogby Shows 5 pt. Monday-Thursday Lead for Kerry

Moore & Leno singing America the Beautiful.

You can feel it all ooooover...

Charlie Rose discussing the Kerry speech with several guests now.

Funny thing happening, Kerry becomes true in form and now has some GOP

My last blog report from the Democratic National Convention

sorry, but that was one hell of a speech. even kept it down to

OMG _Did anyone hear what Pat Buchanan said on MSNBC?

What's this I hear about an "F" bomb on CNN ?

Gillespie looked absolutely pathetic and desperate

Kerry's speech was beautiful.

Another Republican CSPAN caller for Kerry!!!!

I loved that Willie Nelson was sitting with Hillary.

Someone please record Shrub 2000 on CSPAN 2

Kerry, movingly: We're all in the same boat

Kerry: do you trust one who rides to the sound of gunfire or away from it?

Hope comes from working together

Pat Buchanan to have Kerry-Edwards Sticker on car

New Zogby poll has Kerry up by 5 over Bush

Writing to Teresa Heinz Kerry

Michael Moore coming up next on Leno

Vomit Alert.... Mr. Ed on CNN

GO TO CSPAN2!!! Dumbya in '00!!!

FOX folks look really, really glum

Barbara Boxer coming up on CNN with Larry King

"What you've seen is Democrats try to paint themselves as

Can we hear it one more time for Max C. and the Band of Brothers???

"Let us not say god is on our side...

Clark Dismisses Bush As Unfit To Command (MSNBC)

Letterman "To respond to Kerry showing up with his band of brothers-

Wow... Clark, Cleland and Kerry

Robert George Conservative Reporter Surprised!

Kerry speech coming up on CSPAN again! Showing the video now n/t

Did Kerry offer "Universal Healthcare"

How many people has George Bush ever helped in his life? (besides CEO's)

OK, OK, OK, I was wrong about Howard Dean


I am concerned by this quote from Kerry's Speech..

I'd like to say a few words now that we have a nominee

Some shitty M$RNC focus group is coming up with Luntz.

AP is reporting Baloongate

Check out Cheney's 2000 convention speech on C-SPAN 2

Does anyone have..

We all need to remember that it isn't over yet !!!

Ok, Psychics. What will Flush, O'Lielly, Insanity, and "weiner"

Keep your eye on the prize guys...

Hahaha! Look at this poster that Rev. Al was holding up tonight!

Scarborough is being surprisingly charitible tonight

David Brooks is just a lying shill for the neo-cons

Ok I've seen it in three posts - now we need a t-shirt "Kerry is a Badass"

PAT BUCHANAN loved Kerry's speech. "I was moved" (MSNBC)

I feel a real kinship with John Kerry

Mo Rocca: CNN's DNC reporter

CNN's Candy Crowley is truly pathetic

East Coast - C-Span is about to repeat Kerry's speech (12:50 AM)

Can someone report in..on the Leno/MM conversation..I missed it

So it's official: Hillary is not the nominee

Kerry Party at the Kentucky Theater --- Fantastic night

MAX!!! On C-SPAN again,

"born in the West Wing" (hospital-wing)

Response to "the speech was rushed"

Heheh... Boxer v Carlson

Silver lining on the neocon punks yakking over our convention?

John Kerry is truly a badass.

Tonight's icing on the cake: the latest Zogby poll

Holy cow! Turn on Fox News!


I got a Republican to convert today.

Kerry's speech: Too fast, too slow, or just right?

Is this the BEST night in a long time, or WHAT?????

Praise Bob, we are in good hands!

John Kerry has let me believe again...

Jon Stewart rips MSNBC, Tweety and Howard Fineman to shreds

Check out my l337 Paint Skills on behalf of the Kerry Campaign!

The picture of Kerry saluting will win him the election.

MSNBC- Somebody can't spell...

Who was the last truly Republican President?

Saw a Kerry ad on CNN!! in which he's talking about firehouse in


I loved the way he came to the defense of his wife!

HELP!!!!!!!! I just got this sent to me by a "friend"


Republican C-SPAN callers from Texas and Arkansas voting for Kerry

What should we call the Republican National Convention?


Bush is going to have position messages.....Yeah right!

Frank Luntz- Off The Charts For Kerry!!!

CNN: "When it comes to choosing a president, results matter," Bush said

Does flight deck Georgie have one of these?

letterman: hahahahahahahha!

I'm still excited!

John Kerry,"Reporting for Duty",

Tim Russert whores again

Let me give it up for Bob Shrum! I'm glad he's on OUR side!

Kerry did GREAT, which means something is going to explode shortly

Kerry is running a fascinating campaign

So, was there an "America Remembers" thing for Paul Wellstone?

cable out in Florida

What Faux Showed While Kerry Spoke...

Tune in MSNBC Frank Luntz has a focus group from Ohio

Some guy that looks like James Taylor is talking to the Edwards

So--quick, before the post-speech polls: How big a bump?


Jon Stewart just vindicated Sharpton....

Lol @ C-Span callers

Howard Fineman to Scarborough-- "I'll give you a reality check"

DO NOT miss The Daily Show...

Who is the idiot Mo something on CNN?

They ran the Worcester fire film two nights

Who wants to bet the media whores keep whining about the balloons.

OMG>>>fox just compared bush to napolean

Why is Joe Leiberman speaking on Thursday evening?

Thank You John Kerry! Tonight I'm Proud to be an American!


Let's make sense of the DNC TV Coverage ratings!


MSN/CNBC Poll: Whom will you vote for? Kerry, Nader or Bush?

Michael Moore on Leno!

No Retreat, No Surender

Democrats are now the party of Americans.....

Get your Repug Talking Points here!

Why were the balloons late?

Is this the BEST night in a long time, or WHAT?????

Luntz: Kerry was literally off the charts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Cusak beating tucker to a bloody pulp

Thank you, thank you, thank you, C-SPAN

"We will end the backdoor draft of our National Guard and Reservists"

Your opinions about Kerry now

Let's be brutally honest: Sharpton did not belong on the convention podium

All I'm going to say about the speech is this.

Did our so called compassionate conservative even venture

Candy Crowley looks awful!

What Republicans Believe...SO ABSOLUTELY FUNNY & TRUE!!!

Zogby Bump - Before the speech - Already up 5 points.

I think I might have caught the bug...


Think Bush* wet himself on Blankie tonight?

Ok, I said I would do it after the convention was over, and I am a woman

Pat Buchanen: "I could readily vote for him"


This chick on CSPAN from San Gabriel is a total loser!

Use the new word "hatetriot" early and often

Daily show at 1am eastern, Stewart slams the media!!

Giuliani accuses Democrats of running away from Kerry's record

Because Of Fahrenheit 911- America Got Kerry's Saudi Royals Reference

what is the point of defending the Iraq invasion?

Louisiana: Bush 54% Kerry 38%

"Not the Saudi Royal Family!!!"

Who thinks the Repugs will get really, REALLY nasty???


Kerry Republicans?

Is it just me, or was this speech incredibly liberal?

Something pro Thomas talking heads need to look into

When you put up a Kerry sign RAISE YOUR FLAG

BOYCOTT CNN!!! Whose with me??! Dont watch them AGAIN EVER!!!!!!!

Freeper graphic: Unbelievable.

I offer my deepest, deepest thanks to the people of DemocraticUnderground

So what was your favorite part of Kerry's Speech?

Bush Bonkers...Ashcroft's the Boss --- -more from CHB

We need ONE bumper sticker that's anti-corporate media!

I really think Chris Matthews owes Rev. Al an apology

Failed State America: Scenes from the Death Chamber

To the "Holding-My-Nose" contingent: Are the nosepins still there?

Jeb Bush not sold on Canadian Internet drugs

The Unbearable Costs of Empire

Has anyone else's C-SPAN 1 been hijacked by

Kerry speech to spotlight security - snips from Kerry Speech

Union official sees more AT&T job cuts in KC area

How Kerry Is Different-And How He Isn't--ATimes Online/New WMW

Iraqi Official's Children Kidnapped

John Kerry Challenges Bush Over Iraq War

dupe - sorry :(

Democratic Party to Launch 100 million dollar Independent Ad campaign

What the hell is with CNN?

Kerry's entire speech is at the Drudge Report

Email all the cable networks...

Kerry Vows to Restore 'Trust, Credibility'

Australian companies win defence work - BAE Systems

Jon Stewart just vindicated Sharpton....

Michael Moore on Leno!

NYT: Iraqis Postpone Conference as Kidnappings Rise

Men Charged for Taping Explosive to Bunny

Fla. GOP advises some to vote absentee

List of Kerry Convention Speech Promises

FBI Whistleblower Claims Confirmed

Pinochet son arrested

Bush lifts sanctions against Iraq

Clark Dismisses Bush as Unfit to Command (MSNBC)

Democrats Tag Bush, Not Them, as Reckless Spender

China Warns of Military Clash with Taiwan by 2008

What makes a person switch to a Buxh vote ?

I have NEVER been asked for this before!

Love in an elevator!!!!!!

Turner Classic Movies or C-Span...

What's worse?

check this out

I think they just showed EarlG on C-span

My wife thinks Willie Nelson is hot.

What's worse?

Any Motley Crue fans here?

Peanut Butter Jedi Time!

What type of wolf are you?

Badmouth these people, and I'll punch your face in:

Jesus! Will Pitt looks demented!

Does Bob Woodward look at himself in the mirror anymore?

Dammit...Wes got to me...another $100 for Skinners tin cup

McDonalds testing a new idea... you're in MN and the drive thru taker is

Isn't it HORNY not HORNEY

flamingyouth LOVES the Moody Blues!

Vanessa Kerry is HOT!

It Will Stand.

HELP, I'm having a little senior moment

Everyone around the world.....COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does your fast food lunch break ever make or break your day?

Anybody watching on HD.Net? I haven't had any sound for 20 minutes

Just got my time-travelled copy of the 11/3/2004 newspaper

Kerry Video Bio Narrated By Morgan Freeman... How Cool Is That??

Lyrics to "No Surrender" (playing for Kerry at the convention)

Why is FoxNews the only assholes running the banner under Kerry's speech?

Spank me for thinking certain thoughts at the Kerry and Heinz offspring.

Good Breeding?

troll, troll, who's got the troll?

Poor Condi!

Did you ever use the word "ert" when you were younger?

Check out this Ronstadt/Moore spin from Faux.

Man I gotta peeeeee but I don't wanna mess a single syllabul in this

Cameras flashed on Teresa...She's in stark white...stunning

Woman arrested, handcuffed for eating candy bar in subway station

Does your cat eat cookies?

Happy Days are Here Again

GD threads lasting 2 minutes right now.

OMFG! John Kerry just knocked me on my ass.

Convention Music.

Did you guys know that Stern has a link to DU on his site?

I just saw I robot.

Coronation Street fans?

they are the future

"when they got here, the people were united

Songs they should play tonight but won't

So we've seen the Heinz, Kerry and Edwards kids speak....

I loudly said ""F**K YEAH!" at the end of Kerry's speech

I bet when Bush saw Thersa greeting the crowd in 5 languages he said:

"W: Turn Off the Lights and Close the Door When You Leave!"

All I can say is THANK GOD FOR C-SPAN!!

Uh oh! Kerry made out with a hamster!!!

It's a beautiful day!

I'm Canadian and I just donated to Kerry...ask me anything!

How are you going to handle Dem Convention withdrawal? n/t

LOL @ Letterman

A Hardcore Democrats only negative about the DNC


Locked out of paradise? No problema! New product as seen on TV

I've been married for four years today!

Please Pray For Us!

I am so lucky I get CNN + CNN FM

I got a Republican to convert today

Did John Kerry grab the Gay Vote by kissing his "Band of Brothers"?

Kerry's speech was?

ugh, cspan caller from arlington, VA (my home town) thought it was too

Where can I find audio for the speeches?

My neighbor's cat

Why is Captain Picard the new spokesvoice for Goodyear Tires?!

most beautiful woman in the world supports kerry

Mama T will be the next great gay Diva

Good night DU

WAH! Why can't I live in a state where my efforts make a difference????

I'm Horney - What Caused This?

Some caller on CSpan said Teresa and John Edwards looked like a couple

A toast to Max Cleland-

Hamsters for Kerry!

Steve send the phone spiders!

Do you clap to speakers on television

Who does jibjab skewer more?

Real estate law question.

Let's be brutally honest: Sharpton hates puppies.

Have you seen the Cheney motorcade??

I am done with my nursing prerequisites!!!

You'll BELIEVE a fat man can fly!

Whats up with those shorts with a message on the butt?

Who's playing the Dead's "Help on the Way"?

Hey, where did you watch the Convention speeches tonight?

Who gave the best speech of the Convention?

ZombyCoffee: "Hope and Help Are On The Way!" Blend!

DU Drummers: Does anyone understand the "Moeller Technique"?

Worst Rethuglican Talking Head Tool?

What was your favorite song in the convention?

How many years before another Republican is President?

William Shakespeare

A little grab-ass with Courtney Love...

Ever see people that look like DUers you've never met?

We Didn't Start the Fire...again...

Go 'crats!


Macho Macho Macho.. Enough Already !!!!!!!

The editor's letter to me...

Kittens for Kerry!

Lieberman is on

Plain and simple, if Fox runs the RNC speeches.....

Donated another $100 to Kerry through the DU tonight.

No they didn't just do this to "Proud Mary"

Short film about Kerry on CNN now...

It comes down to this...

Ed Gillespie just called our candidate "President Kerry"

Listen to that crowd!

I just donated $10 to Kerry's Campaign!

Kerry mentions Canton, Ohio!

OK, now let's GET TO WORK!

Kerry thanked his competetors, did he remember Dean?

State Polls:

Caller on C-SPAN

Slam Dunk

After A Lifetime of Preparation, Kerry Nails It!!!

on FAUX,

I simply can't wait to see The Daily Show coverage of the RNC!

Alexandra Kerry is HOT!!!

It's more than just the war

The best slogan of the convention:


"Laura [Ingraham] spreading stuff about you and me being fuck buddies."

natalie portman ripping Bush

Who was the narrator of the Kerry film?

Where/When can I see the speech again?

Best convention ever!

Why is CNN going on about the damned balloons?

Clark......damn, it should of been you....

I was inspired by John Kerry tonight:

John Kerry has made me believe again...

Well John Kerry face George Bush in the election?

The Joke is on the Pundits!

I missed Lieberman's bit. Was he booed? cheered?

The war- how are Dems different then Repubs?

Tweety's focus group of swing voters on Kerry's speech coming up soon.

Kerry DID say he would be bringing the troops home!!!

When was the last time that a President got the USA into a mess

What song is playing at the convention now?

Now that the convention is over...

ABC news dig on Kerry's speach ...

"Where are the fckin balloons!" why else beside sabotage would CNN

Dude, where did my party go???

John Kerry Was ON FIRE Tonight!!

If you still have doubts about Kerry

Be sure to watch tonite's Daily Show (destroys Tweety, MSNBC, Fineman..

The best Kerry line was...

Reselect George W. Bush!

Talking Points: Quotes From the DNC (Newsweek)

Ghost prisons a blot on America's moral leadership

Exposure to mercury linked to neurobehavioral disease epidemic in children

David Brock: Redefining 'Mainstream'

Borsellino: Movies from the left coming to the Mews (DSM Register)

Guardian: Pity the man who wins this election

TEXT OF SEN. JOHN F. KERRY'S SPEECH-'We Can Do Better, and We Will'

Planting a Flag on Bush's Turf

A Lot of Cloak, Not Much Dagger and a Bit of Genius(A CIA old boy

A nod to blogs -More views for the grass roots to graze on

Beginning to Believe Again(Democrats pump life into their liberal mojo

Get Your War On number 38

Reese: Vote for a man, not a puppet

Powell's fruitless mission

The 800lb gorilla in American foreign policy

Good Cartoon from the Guardian

The Raw Story--BUSH WAS AWOL...

Auth nails it!!!!!

My WaPo LTTE, wonder if it will see the light...

Fear and Anxiety in Network Newsrooms

Economic wobbles

Johnny Been Good?

'Fahrenheit 9/11' a Hit With Eisner

Coup d'Etat in America by Michael Chossudovsky

Rare Broadcast of John Kerry's 1971 Speech Against the Vietnam War

Tune In, Turn On and Decide

Bill Maher - Tune In, Turn On and Decide

Capitol Hill Blue: Bush using drugs to control depression

Top Ten Ways John Kerry Celebrated Winning The Democratic Nomination

Mother Jones w/ Jim Hightower- "Extremism on Viagra"

Why the Dems will Lose (Hilarious self-parody from the NRO)

Strong and Wrong -- Jonathan Schell

Will we ever again see a real Democrat run for president?

Krugman: TV Media bias and trivialization (plus inside information)

Edward's Tragic Great Society--Johnson all over again.

NEED HELP!!! Anyone know about these anti-Kerry vets?On C-Span

Take Action for Gallo of Sonoma Workers!

Protest - Annual National Conservative Student Conference, Washington, DC

Protest: Road to Victory 2004 : Largest Pro-Family Conference in America

I volunteered to help in election protection

The GOP is going to be sending out "vets"to trash Kerry

Bay Area/Sac DU'ers -- I'm thinking about

More Protest information: Planned Parenthood Rally on August 28th

some old, old trudeau- bring a sense of humor along

Media distortion of Kerry 1/6/04"anti-war candidate" statement on Hardball

it's about time! I am finally hearing about BBV on CNN

FAIR ACTION ALERT - Stossel's smear of Edwards

Today's Thoughts

Today in History 07/30

At "The Lounge" the "discussion board is too busy-try later"

My father just died, but that's not the problem (long incoherent rant)

Miracle on Probability Street: The Law of Large Numbers

I'd like to propose a meditation/prayer/vibration raising

Safety Net:Fed Budget guys, how much can dems grab from RW projects?

SCO tries to revive Unix System Labs name

2001 Recession Revised Away

Real gross domestic product 2qtr 04- 3% increase per BEA

White House Projects Record $445B Deficit

I lost the deficit graph--do you have the link?

Amazon Basin GHG Release Estimates Far Too Low - Researchers - Reuters

Deforestation Drying Up Some Amazon Tributaries - AP

Kerry's speech

Diabetes Group Backing Stem Cell Research

China's Yellow River Drying Up - BBC

SW Louisianans Feel Shortchanged By Gutted Coastal Restoration Plan

It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Artifact looting ruins Cambodia's archaeology sites

Jiang desperately clinging to power

The July Surprise

The Gun Nuts' Peculiar New Martyr

GUNS IN THE NEWS--July 30, 2004

Next on Good Morning America - NBC - 3 yr old plays with gun

So I get into it at work with this rabidly pro-death penalty guy...

Search for shooting perpetrator becomes frustrating ...

So How Are Pro-Gun Groups Reacting To Kerry?

I take the test in the morning.

Does anyone here open carry....and have you been hassled?

I posted a notice about Moyers on TV

Will DemocraticUnderground be officially endorsing Kerry now?

Skinner, Earl, and Elad...

DU fundraising

Missing posts

How long after donating to DU does it take to get the stickers?

Can I be third to suggest an Obama avator

Is DU gonna have a fundraiser

So what was it like being so close to Hannity?

Problem with Mail

Why were my posts deleted from the latest Plame thread

Top Kerry aide denies report of rift with Sharon government

Explosions reported at Israeli, U.S. embassies in Teshkent

Peres: Likud-Labor-Shinui gov't can be formed immediately

Powell And My Grandmother

The Apologists here

a good Obama cartoon

akin to accepting a cancer transplant

This 2-sday - a new GOP candidate from Illinois. They promise! Really!

Three Tampa city council members walk out during atheist's invocation

Arnie releasing a plan to reorganize state government next week

Attention: North San Diego County Dems

Mention of Wellstones at the DNC?

Who is running against Rep. Jim Ramstad (R-MN)? nt

Bush coming to Minnesota Aug 4 - place to be determined

Come Help Campaign In Ferndale

Kerry/Edwards Stickers

NE Ohioans: Did you catch Jane Campbell at the DNC

So who's going to be at the Courthouse in Scranton tommorow?

Partisan Projects from Pittsburgh - Anti-W Posters

Dems challenging Nader's bid in Pa.

I think it was great

Milwaukeeans - WKLH ALERT!

Vanessa Kerry is HOT!

Take this and give it to your repuke coworkers/friends

*****Daily Show ReRun ON NOW*****

I wonder if Gilespie will take the bait on "Help Is On The Way"


dupe, mods please delete

Curse you, Alan Lichtman!

HAHA damn Jon is nailing Tweety and FOX on Sharpton

Luntz with undecideds replaying right now

Between tonight and the GOP convention

I got to know this For REAL !

Great post-speech photo of Kerry, ready to kick some Crawford tail


Kerry will be a "great" president

What is the national debt right now? Making a Bush Protest sign.

Interesting quote by Robert Kennedy Jr. about Ralph Nader

The guys behind the set at MSNBC's "After Hours"

Greg Palast on Mike Webb soon (10:20PM Pacific Time)


The Nation is advertising on MSNBC!

Bill Kristol's Reaction To Kerry

Meanwhile in Iraq: NO PARLIAMENT CHOSEN. Meeting fails.

A nervous prediction

NY Times Was Ready If Osama Was Captured Tonight!


A big up to Skinner, Elad, and EarlG for the Convention Pics...


Does anybody know where the Kerry speech is on the internet

Right wing spin zone is devistated

Wonder how hard the twins are being trained right now?

John Kerry seems like a great man and father

Bush losing even in AOL right-wing poll!

MOrgan Freeman did a great job

Song from convention end.

How Kerry will pay for his new programs

Time for another round of torture pics?

Post reactions to JK speech/Dem convention by friends/relatives,

Songs and politics.

RFK jr for president in the furture!!!!!!!!!!

Zogby: Kerry Ahead in South

Eliot Spitzer for Attorney General

Powell's in Iraq. Welcome to the general election campaign.

Will you be watching the RNC convention coverage?

Is That A Freeper On MSGOP???

To My fellow Kerry Voters...Hello and a word...

Max Cleland vs. Zell Miller in 2006? (dupe. ignore. sorry.)

Max Cleland vs. Zell Miller in 2006?

AOhelL poll

MSNBC BUchannan and Scarborough, FAUX and Napoleon...

CNN Bashers...Lou Dobbs is liberal and Crossfire's left owns the right

The Kerryspeechon theinternetI'mlistening to only has reporting for duty

gonna get and do whatever I can for Kerry especially after tonight

Letter from George W Bush....Heart and soul...I told those fucks to stop

Is Kerry's speech on MP3 yet?

I also liked the family farmers from Kentucky

MSGOP coverage was better than CNN, shameful

The future doesn't belong to fear; it belongs to freedom.

anyone have that great Kerry speech in MP3 audio?

Will the Democrats meet in some building across from the RNC

let the eagle soar and shit all over asscrack

I wonder what Wilgoren thought of this actual 'caged hamster' story

Text of Kerry's speech

Get ready...They will pull anything NOW !

Scarborough has met his match...

I think Kerry won over another life-long Republican tonight...

Any Kennedy politcians for a future white house run

Do you ever wonder how people like bush do it?

Pat Buchanan on MSNBC says Country moving to Dems in future...last

Bush administration has cried wolf too many times

Soldiers and Flight 93 in Kerry's speech.

Kerry should keep on opening up more

I missed Barack (sp?) Obama's speech on Tuesday night.

did you notice the line about the Wright Brothers?

Why no fans? No AC?

WOW! I watched the convention

Everybody Polka to World news polka now

has anyone seen this letter to NYT re Halliburton?

CNN BalloonGate/Balloon Malfunction MP3 available ! (Link Inside)

Assuming Kerry wins in two terms, Is edwards the right candidate in 2012

Regarding Randi Rhodes "race change" to a black woman-

Media that have reminded people of the New Republic July Surprise story

The Pundits on Kerry: He Nailed It (Salon)

The Sharpton Text transcription

How many days before Fox News Channel goes back to GOP News Channel?

Shouldn't we be reducing major military weapon production

Kerry and Dean

So how do the Dems build on the momentum?

I cheneying hate Carol Costello!

At the 2000 Dem Convention, did emotions and hope run this high?

Video Hightlights from the Convention

no terror attack, no osama capture...whew, we made it through

Boston Herald on Washington Journal (CSPAN) slamming Kerry....

PNAC on 911-Report(Iraq/Al-Qaida link)

Josh Marshall's, "Great work CNN!"

Stock market and Kerry

Kerry's "Reagan Legacy"

Why do you support GW? Really!

bush's brain CAN'T HANDLE another 4 years

Moran Joe Scarborough last night

Kerry learned a lot from his former rivals and he knows it

Here we go! battle stations everyone!

New slogan after last night

Would investing in alternative energy companies now

so it looks like the media is playing the balloon

What will the Saudis do to help Bush win/steal this election?

Here goes CNN again... Jack Cafferty needs to go!

need debunking help from yall :)

Quick Question (Bush's guard buddy)

Kerry's Speech and Nader Voters

Wes Clark was great too.

West coast Lettterman watcher just turned him off

How big a tax break for us middle/low income types?

Here is what the hell we all had better be paying attention to.

My independent voting sister is fired up about Kerry.

Anyone heard of a U.S. embassy explosion?

We need to get the voting records for Congress when controlled by the

C-SPAN callers on convention..anyone watching?

Props to Bill Richardson

Tom Ridge reportedly considering resigning after November 2.

Afghanistan could `implode,' British report warns

Please note for your talking points

Barbara Boxer & Tucker Carlson

I hate to rain on the parade but Kerry scared them so much even C-Span

"Bush has undergone intense scrutiny by the media."

The REthuglicans are pulling out all the stops: Powell in Baghdad

If past actions determine future actions.....shrub will be falling down

Tom Ridge first to put out resume after Kerry's FAB SPEECH! bwa-ha-ha-ha!

I need help

Does Terry McAulliffe really think Faux is 'Fair and Balanced'

Is Anyone on AAR . . .

The Multiple Personalities of "Herman Munster"!

Bush & Chavez: Two peas in a touchscreen pod

Can anyone deny that the Bush regime has set the world on fire?

Richard Mellon Scaife need to Shove it

My Letter to Time Magazine's Joe Klein

Who's Ill. Senate seat is Barack Obama vying for?

The"Viet Nam vet" on C-Span who was never in Viet Nam?

Let's give the Uzbek bombings some context:

These bastards stole their power

Teresa Kerry's comments to GLBT caucus - another reason to love her

Who do you think gave the best convention speech?

Except for the small incident on Sept 11th, Bush has done a good job....

Hey DUers, I need your help.

Bush has megadestablized the world: Be very afraid of four more years!

So take the word of anti-Kerry vets and not the men who were in the boat?

To get tickets to see Cheney, people must sign a "pledge of support".

Vermont loses another....

Go-o-o-o-o-o-o-d Morning, Democrats !!!

Carole King still sounds great after all these years.

Give Up 'Delusional Hope' of Iraq WMD, Kay Says

Wolfie Blitzkreig want's to know - "Have you memorized it Yet"

New Zogby Poll: Kerry Edwards 48, Bush/Cheney 43 Undecided 8

My parents met Kerry and Edwards this morning

Did anyone notice Bob Rubin at the convention?

Well, C-Span is 3 for 3 this morning. All Bush shills.

Wes Clark speech here

Is this unambiguous statement accurate?

I know what the CNN shit's all about

What moved me about the convention. Seeing some rainbow flags on the floor

"President Bush's moral clarity that is moving America forward"

The 'Ten Friends' challenge: A Challenge To All Of You

Kerry's eloquence of 33 years ago is mind blowing!!!

Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani

Well, we know what form the GOP attack meme is taking now

OK, I'm in!

TOON: Steve Bell on Kerry vs. Bush

Please read Krugman today.

Jack Ryan officially withdraws from Senate race

Redwitch reporting for duty

Jerry Stiller...

Please help me refute this moran

"It isn't Leadership if no one will follow"

A Challenge to the GOP on Values, Security

driving from southern ky. yesterday...

CatWoman, Television commentators wowed by Kerry

Sharpton's homemade sign

PUKE ALERT: E-Mail Message From Pretzelboy

This man's going places

The Manchurian Candidate: A candidate for our time

Republicans - The greatest pessimists of all time.

New Meme: I'm voting for John Kerry because he'll give me a REAL tax cut!

wasnt it nice to listen to a whole speech

Who our are future stars?

think this cartoonist is EATING CROW this morning?

I call "Piling On!!!"

I'll be away for the next hour - I'm going to stream the speech.

How we respond to all questions/critiques of Kerry's military service

Some great info to counter tripe about Kerry's defense spending votes

Please tell me since when

I think I am gonna be chugging a lot of Pepto for the next 6 months

What are the 21 states Kerry will be visiting?**

Bush is on the tube......

Does anyone have info on Bush's military application?

"Look, I support Bush. I even went to see that movie he starred in, F9/11"

"I don't want to claim that God is on our side."

Pat Buchanan is voting for Kerry

please delete. Duplicate by accident.

The role of government is NOT to CONTROL the life of its CITIZENS?

I knew Kerry was going to win this election when. . .

George W. Bush's Health and C-Span Last Night

Bush: "Before Sept. 11, the ruler of Iraq was a sworn enemy of the U.S."

Bumper sticker in Sarasota

New freeper site run by RNC

Well people, BUSH provided the best slogan against him: RESULTS MATTER!

Is it possible to give CPR to a hamster? (Air America asks)

Why aren't they talking over Bush on CNN and MSNBC?

Bush's Missouri Speech...

What does this say about the economy?

NY Repub "Compassion Across America" Stunt: Support Iraqi School Kids

In my 57 years on this planet...

Early Friday Data Dump?-The audit of the CPA in Iraq

Kerry wants to create jobs in US...bush wants to create jobs in Iraq

do you envision a DU future after January?

How does a person manage their own health care account?

Need a fast source to debate freeperism

Has the chimp mentioned faith, values, God , baby killers yet?

Just checked my email...Kerry signs are at my local DNC

Is there a TV covered Kerry/Edwards speech today?

Rate the Democratic Convention Overall!

Why was Kerry so mean to the Saudi royal family?

Four words to counter any Freeper or Republican

"Audit: Spending Records on Iraq Lacking"

New bumper sticker suggestion!

How does a person manage their own health care account?

MSNBC Poll....GO VOTE....

Did anyone notice Bob Rubin in the family box?

This lying SOB has me po'd this morning!

Mr. Rubin

PBS WHRO answer to my email about too much commentary

"The Heart and Soul of America Tour"....

Losing Patience With The US Trade Deficit - CSM

After Alex and Vanessa's excellent introduction of their dad..

Senator Kerry Wrote his own Speech

C-span today..........

Questioning Kerry's wounds now...C-Span. How low are some Americans?

Q: re E-voting: Does anyone think there is a Repub contingency

More Republicans Behaving Badly

KERRY must speak about the 87B vote... and mention that

I'm worried that Cheney will be replaced by "Cover-Up Colin."

Observing some of the comments on BBC News

Stop trying to understand the enemy.

"[Saddam] had to go. 9/11 changed everything" - Mark Davis (WBAP)

George Bush:Elect me for wife Laura as First Lady

Two themes in one to get veteran votes

We are making progress

Help! My dad is still planning on voting for Bush!

Bush/Cheney rally on C-Span now, could someone.....

When is the first debate ??

Mario Cuomo sez Barack Obama speech was the best at

Taking back the flag and faith


"Republicans Hone Kerry-The-Liberal Theme"

CNBC Poll - It's being freeped....Shows Bu$h w/ a 58% lead....right....

Democrats vs. Republicans using Van Halen songs. Your thoughts.

Looks like the Bush/Cheney sticker/sign blast has begun

Kerry thinks too much?

What time does the Kerry rally in Harrisburg start?

Anyone have a link to FULL Kerry speech ?

This politicizing of terrorism has gone on long enough

Bill O'Reilly - 'a skunk at a picnic'?

Kerry's speech: One hour of truth demolishes a million hours of lies.

This story shall the good man teach his son; (Post-Vietnam Generation)

Chicago Sun-Times seeks to divide Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson Jr.

What would a BAD president do?

Well, I think that Bush committed a big FAUX PAS: USED THE WIFE

Bush is all talk on Domestic Violence..

AAR Al Franken rebroadcast right now?

"I am John Kerry and I'm Reporting for Duty"

Another Repug Will Switch Vote in November

Help with IRS income figures

Highlights of Kerry's Acceptance Speech at MoveLeft Media

Yesterday I was voting against Bush, today I am voting for Kerry!

I think they'll go after Edwards now.....

Hi du'ers, It's me again, the 8 year old kid

Can Kerry undo all the pardons * will issue to himself and his cronies?

The Kerry campaign must have the goods on AWOL

Read My Lips

As Kerry's numbers rise, have you noticed a change in yourself?

CSPAN Caller ... "This race is between a lion and a chicken!"

Is Al's show on

Serious question about CNN editorial direction

What a guy said to my dad...

Did Madeline Albright refer to the aWol issue in her speech?

Do you think Bush will say "help is on the way" during the GOP convention?

Well.....Any takers on the speech last night

Grade Kerry's Speech - AZ Republic Newspaper

Anyone listen to Limpballs this morning?

Negative associations for the shrubco years.

Oh steady there we're about to experience the Bush crowd strike

Terrorists for Bush

Lincoln, FDR, John Kerry any other great long faced presidents?

Fun Edwards Interchange With My Right Wing Father

"Wrong Direction" comment from businessman in elevator

Bush Didn't Stay Up to Watch the Speech

Terrorists for Bush

Poll Counter-Freep

Powell: US Will SPEED UP SPENDING on Reconstruction in Iraq!

"One if by land, two if by sea" - great JK line this a.m. at Boston Harbor

Free Republic is a hoot today

Why Are There 900 American Soldiers Dead?

Al Franken is a repeat. LISTEN TO Thom Hartman today.

CNN: "Study: Fear shapes voters' views"

Kerry Gets Bounce in First Poll

Can anybody help me out?

Natalie Portman is one of us!

Did anyone else notice

Does CNBC belong to Murdoch and FOX News?

DU this CNBC poll re Kerry's speech - to logo

Guys, it's "SHARE MY GLEE" time - look what happened to me this a.m.:

Where did Ivins get this quote?

Shrub is on CNN now. Having a tough time reading his speech!

Scarbourough swings to the right more than Marmaduke's pink thing.

On "Unfiltered" AAR this morning....honest criticism of THE SPEECH

Was Clinton loved outside the U.S.???

Here's a possible new slogan for us - "Is that the best you can do?"

"Great Work CNN!" Josh Marshall waxes cryptic.

The Progressive Revolution in America

How could Kerry project any more "Strength" than he already has?!

Dem Senators party hard during DNC proceedings..

anyone else feeling a Kerry landslide

(PA) Attorney General Sues Bulletproof Vest Maker

Perhaps the reason Hollywood celebs are more to the left

More Kerry than Bush Bumperstickers in Dallas so far!

So, will bob barr soon draw up Impeachment papers for Kerry?

Brokaw is on Imus in the Morning running Democrats into the ground...

Wolf and Carlos are at it again!

You think Kerry invoked some of F9/11's points in his speech?

You have been lied to

"Diplomacy backed by force"

So, Why Have I NOT Seen Any Snips Of Kerry's Speech on Headline News?

If There is a African-American President

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Nutty C-Span Caller: "bush* ASKED to go to Viet Nam"!! ROFL!

Anyone know where I can hear Wesley Clarks speach?

If GOD asked you to choose one of these -

Greenland ice-melt 'speeding up' (bad, bad news)

How dangerous would the GOP be with a slightly less scary front man?

this commentary is right on---

Sandy Berger Cleared of Withholding Material From 9/11 Commission

Did the repug July-Surprise make a dent in the DNC?

self deleted


Tell me what you guys think of my newest shirts...?

Republicans rally to President's call to "Leave no balloon behind"

DUers are the best!

THK will be the first African-American, Latino first lady


could use a little help RE: Iraqi oil holdings..

Three Tampa city council members walk out during atheist's invocation

The parties are just beginning.

DU this poll -

Note from the trading floor-

I am so thrilled. Just received an email from a conservative

I saw my first Bush*/Cheney Bumper Sticker yesterday

My wife and I had the same terrible thought at the same moment last night

Barack Obama - Will he be our first president of color?

Krugman - Triumph of the Trivial (Takes on the Media Whores)!

Will the Faith based Administration drive America into Theocracy?

New Franken on AAR now...

Panicked Freepers: "Why Bush MUST Invoke 9/11 and Imminent Death"

OK: C-Span 1 2:35 p.m. Bolten WH Budget Director LYING LIKE CRAZY!

Limbaugh listeners are the world's worst hypocrites.....

Caption the Chimp (photo)

The party's over.

Rush spewing vile

Kerry needs to make stem cell research a wedge issue

"If they can't manage balloons falling..."

To Be Lied To: Has It Become Normal?

Why is it taking so long....

Who is relieved?

OMG! Did you hear that?

If you haven't gone to the John Kerry website lately

Hey Freepers! One can be both against war and still know how to fight!

Nice things that happened with the media yesterday:

1st. ammendment zones, you know what has to happen

Help - am surrounded by Republicans

Up is down. Kira Phillips was nice to Dean. Has her change been sudden?

We need a poll on Iraq.

Franken going live at 2pm to discuss the speech

Could someone please repost the picture of the Bush/Dog Salute?

If you Haven't Been to in Awhile - Take a Look!

TDS Special Friday Edition - Who will be the guest?

A funny thing happened at the supermarket today

Picked up my Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker from dem headquarters today!

Tom Ridge-- Impoverished Public Citizen

1000 soldiers, thousands of innocents all died in vain, PULL OUT NOW!

I have a question about Bush's WMD lies...

Pittsburgh site with some great anti-W Posters

Listen: JFK Entire Speech "Senate Foreign Relations Cmte." 1ST BEST SPEECH

John Kerry and his band of brothers

the states are turning blue....check this out

Something Kerry Should Have Included in his speech

Bush's Budget (and Bush) getting slammed on C-Span right now!

How many presidential elections in this country were stolen?

One ho "critiques" the others: Kurtz coming up on CNN next

Hope Is NOT On The Way. Hope Is HERE. Bush is FINISHED.

Why didn't y'all TELL me there is a Homosexual Wing in Democratic Party?!

GOP Party Monsters

What's the appropriate response when the troops come home?

Who knows the current national debt?

So Dennis will run for re-election

Savage commentary on DNC - and they are upset with Whoopie?

Thanks to Kerry I can keep my American flag on my car...

Support The Troops?

Franken in tears, it is very moving.

Was the Convention Producer on-the-air with his knowledge?

Homeland Security works door at Gates' party

My friend wrote something really great and I wanted to share

Ron Reagan Esquire article: destroys Bush.

I got paid a visit by the Dept. of Homeland Security

How about a "no negative ads" challenge to Bush?

We're going to win because of one word: VALUES

Putting the RW Radicals in perspective...

So, no one blew up any news vans this week

Mary Matalin looked JUST LIKE Dennis Kucinich this morning!

Bush's Budget (and Bush) just slammed on C-Span!

If Bush wins, it is definitely a sign that something is wrong

Wow, I just visited one of my old weight loss boards! Good News!

Some question for those who follow the freeper follies...

Bush said something amazing this morning in Springfield , MO...

Did you send your emails today?

9/11 and Iraq are NOT connected! (repeat after me)

Check out poll BBC is running

Damn, Dennis Miller is on" the view" ..what a creep

Bush's answer to Kerry's speech "attack Hollywood"


Bush campaign worker - Unhappy workers "should take Prozac".

Budget deficit is $445 billion. That's GOOD!

Kerry Saves Hamsters - Bush Blows Up Frogs

Whoever thought of havng Kerry walk in from the back is a genius

Al Gore LOST the election.

I'm semi-new but have a question about the Top 10

Little bush asking select Pickles Stepford wife ....

Does anyone else get DUTV?

Who was prez during "Blackhawk Down?"

Spyware targeting Randi Rhodes ?

C-SPAN 2 FCC Discussing 'Ala Carte' Cable/Satellite

OK, I have gone off the deep end.

AAR is now with please tune back during broadcast hours

Put a Kerry bumper sticker on my car: Gets keyed within 12 hours

Who is John E O'Neill?

GITMO: What will Kerry do about it?

I wonder what Rove was thinking when he saw the Kerry Speech.

George Will opens his mouth

"Roves Blunder" - How Bush wrote Kerry's acceptance speech (Slate)

lifelong Dem asks: is a Bush win preferable to a Kerry squeaker?

DNC 2004 archive here!

Seriously, is there anyway bush can be positive at his convention??

Letter to editor in LA Times nails it!

Canton Ohio - Is Timkin gonna save jobs for *

Air National Guard types... (on Bush's AWOL)

Berger Cleared Of Document Theft... Will Mediawhores Bother To Mention It?

OK. OK. I'm breaking out the extra-strength Nose-Pin again.

what points in Kerry's speech stand out in you memory????

Condi Rice's "Dirt" File (Drudge reference from the last campaign)


Ratings good for Kerry Speech?

Bush and Dr.Phil teaming up?

George W. Bush: man of action, sword of steel.

Has anyone at AAR said anything about Mike Malloy joining the station?

My opinion of the slow balloon drop.

2004 Deficit Set to Hit Record $450 Billion

Reminder.....Bill Maher tonight with Michael Moore

Bounce your boobies time at Randi's... YEAHHHHH! n/t

Does anyone know where I can DL Bill Clinton and Al Sharpton's Speeches?

Need help on the 87 billion thing!

What was missing from John Kerry's speech?

Anyone have a link to recent state-by-state polling results?

Anybody have a link to the Sharpton speech?

Jennifer Millerwise on CNN (Bush Spokeswoman).

Anyone in need of a current goofy picture of Bush?

Could someone give me some clarification on Kerry's war vote?

for me, this convention was the july august september AND october surprise

bushie says that the best reason to put him back in the Whitehouse is so

Dumbya sinking fast on TradeSports

Democrats launch Marathon Campaign tour.

Everyone on this board and who supports this party owes Howard Dean

Kerry is a Better Candidate Than Gore

Democrats launch Marathon Campaign tour.

Looking at online media, you'd never know that John Kerry existed today...

anyone have a link to recent state-by-state polling results?

Question to Bush*: Can you name ONE achievement you've earned in life?

Will they be releasing a DVD of the DNC highlights?

Licorice, The Unlucky Hamster

what happened at the end of the convention?

Will any retired military support Bush at his convention ? I washed my car and finally affixed a Kerry sticker to the

I went to the democratic party's Kerry event

We owe Dean, Clark, DK, Graham, Gep, Braun, Sharpton a huge Thank you

five million voices (Kerry-Edwards email)

Bill Moyers' Keynote Address on Link TV

Machines that vote , so you don't have to.. (oldie, but goodie)

Oh shrub is doing a GREAT job !!

How do I address this so-called Kerry flip-flops?

Republicans are not the opposition

7 Reasons a vote for Bush is a vote against the Christian faith

Georgie-Boy Bush And His Band Of Others !!!

Fear and Anxiety in Network Newsrooms

"The balloons not dropping was Gods way of saying Kerry is evil"

Post your favorite graphic of the day

Reuters: Frenchmen Say Guantanamo Detention Was Like Hell (torture)

Urgent if true: Just heard on Ed Schultz Show......

Is Nancy Reagan really pissed at Bush? Is this article for real??

Democrats search for sexy, smart, liberals

Bush Derides Kerry as Man of Few Achievements

One of the things I would like to propose to our team of

Did anyone watch Crossfire today???

Watching a snippet of Kerry on PBS right now........

Chimpy's trying to give a speech now

CNN profiles the highest decorated reservist in Iraq

Could you afford to send your kids to college if you made only $175K/year?

What are we going to do....

are MOST Americans as stupid as bush?

The true facts on Bush* AWOL

Oy vey there is a Friday night "Daily Show" airing against "Real Time"

Here's a nasty pic from Bartcop

Is Capitol Hill Blue a reliable news source?

MP3s of all (or most) DNC speeches here...

When R-wingers trash Teresa shut them up in one word !

Jon Stewart don't miss the repeat. 6 central .

Dear Rusty,

If you want to know how well Kerry did, just listen to lil Hitler today

Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior

Kerry doesn't look "constipated."

Interesting Image on Bartcop

Democracy Now playing Kerry 1971 Senate testimony audio only

Tora! Tora! Tora! ....or Not to Tora ??

DNC 2004 Convention Coverage--worst ever!

So does Kerry's sweating put to rest the botox rumors?

AAAKKK!!! Zell Miller on Meet the Press

Let's get started - Thursday's Convention photos

I have one petty complaint about Kerry's speech

Bush on the attack! Is this trouble for Kerry?

Bush didn't watch the speech? I hope that when the Bush gives his

Comments by Bill Maher....Don't forget him tonight on HBO

Wolf Blitzer RIGHT NOW

Un freep the vote on Kerry's speech last night....

Clinton Deficit/Surplus

Ron Reagan Jr. writes about the Bush administration

did 72 DNC lead to 1-2hr/nite convention coverage?????

The Johns need to go horseback riding a.s.a.p. Just because Bush can't.

Balloongate As Mini-disaster? CNN's actions "inadvertent"?

Help Texas Democrats raise "15K in 14 Days"

Liberals Want Their Own Network

Do any of you give two

Recent Laura Bush comments?

Bush "didn't watch" the Kerry speech...he was "briefed"...but he said:

Beer with Bush vs. Foxhole with Kerry

Leiberman. What a panderer

I was solicited by a Bush volunteer today.

Bush* killed frogs - and JK saves family pet?


Gas prices dropping just like Bandar Bush promised his brother *

AWOL story CONFIRMED? (by a DUer)

Caution : Rush Matthews, may be hazardous to your health!

does anyone know of a good polling site....

Russ Holt just saaid Republicans in Fla have been told to vote

Al Franken doesn't need Katherine Lanpher

My reply to a right-wing email

Including many other presidents were handicapped?

bloggers at Convention, so fewer articles by them

Hmmm, GDP is down and everybody's surprised... I'm not.

Ok, I see this all the time on here

RealTime/Bill Maher on tonite... M Moore as guest...

Berger Cleared: Media Silence

"akin to accepting a cancer transplant"

I Love NY (just not the Yankees)

Fearless Bush on bike...Looks kinda like Pewee Herman huh?

Matthews' Show is Great Tonight-So Far

The best spin the pundits could come up with for Kerry's speech...

Kerry win will force progressives to focus on real issues

So, what do you think Chimp will do after he loses?

What's the story behind Thomas Oliphant? He trashed Kerry's speech.

I just called CNN

9/11 Put Options and the SEC

Be security conscious, DUers! The freepers are freaked!

Nancy Reagan to Bush...."We don't support your re-election"

Never was into politics until now...

Next Speaker of the House

Bu$h - "What matters is Results" - huh????

Ralph Nader to Kerry, "Call of your Dogs".

Wage growth slowest in 20 years.

Kerry vs

If you have not yet read this Zogby article, please do, its a doozy.

Thank you Dennis Kucinich

WTF * on Dr. Phil

How did ya' like ole' Max tonight?

Where's Kerry going to get 40,000 more troops?

We are now talking about taking back the word "liberal", or not. Views.

Anyone else here on the DU who falls in the top 2%? Increased taxes ok?

Kerry has some damage control to do

{{{tremble}}} Anyone else here...

Fun with the folks from ""

Not only did that guy screw up the balloons, he played wingnut Hagar...

when jenna bush was a little girl, a six pack fell in the water and

Please help Barney in the WH!!!

"Europe has collapsed on itself."

Did any primary freaks notice Kerry's borrowing from Edwards?

Zogby article with devastating news for Bush lovers

My e-mail to Wolf Blitzer today (I am e-mailing everyday):

as a "peace worker" watching the convention,

2001 Recession Revised Away (There was no recession)

Notice you don't hear much commentary on the "Kerry girls?"

DNC Delegate Arrested After Being Refused Entry To Fleet Center

Any DU'ers attending Kerry Edwards appearance tomorrow in Greensburg PA?

Thank you Denis Kucinich and "Kucinich-ites"

How many of us have never contributed to a presidential campaign

Republicans who don't help remove Bush are seething piles of shit.


What is untrue about this email? And does a two party system really mean

Bush's Poll Numbers Show Underlying Weakness

"All the Christians are going to vote for Bush"

7/30 KERRY WIN PROBABILITY: 96.13% VOTE: 52.74% EV: 323

Do you believe Paul Wellstone's plane crash was an accident?

Mark Dayton just stated that NORAD and the FAA lied about 9/11 (C-SPAN)

please stop calling him jfk

Taking on Tom DeLay.

Am I the only one who was in tears for most of the Convention

Which Universities do you most associate with liberalism?

Kerry's secret weapon, his ace in the hole: Bush's thin skin.

We had our chance to go after Al-qaeda in Afghanistan and get out of

The very fact, that Vets will "trash" other Vets is a sad, sad situation.

Poll on medical testing on animals:

'Terrorist attack to trigger coup d'etat'

Why is health care a right ?


"From The Henhouse, This Is Fox News" | conventional TOONs

Call to Octafish: We need massive linkage on BCCI and IranContra.

"Leftist troll 12 o' clock."

Kim Campbell on Bill Maher's show, July 30

Help! We're going to die

If there were a general election tomorrow....

Foundation didn't delay reopening of Statue of Liberty, report says

Powell's in Iraq. Welcome to the general election campaign.

SA shakes hands with the devil

Deep divides halt key Iraq meeting - (No parliament chosen as scheduled)

The Raw Story--BUSH WAS AWOL...

Defense Firm's Profit Jumps

Some Democrats Backing the Party From a Distance

Judge Orders U.S. to Defend Detentions

Fear of Death Wins Minds and Votes, Study Finds

Texas delegates laud convention

Spiegel gives notice of layoffs (100 jobs)

Kerry's Rise Lifts Fellow Vietnam Vets

Record White House deficit projection to fuel campaign fight on economy

Pakistan Arrests Embassy Bombings Suspect

Edwards issues a wake-up call: V.P. candidate rises early, goes straight t

NEBS layoffs begin (M&A - 107 jobs lost to begin with)

New job cuts and closures at WaMu (another 850 jobs)

Retired general (Franks) pushes for more U.S. spies

Blasts hit U.S., Israeli embassies in Uzbekistan

Explosions Hit Embassies in Uzbekistan

Pesticide Approval Route Shortened

Iraq Funds Are Focus of 27 Criminal Inquiries

Satanists accused of ordering serial killings

"Imperial sex" (military sex tourism)

Ridge Tells Colleagues He May Retire

Maine domestic partner registry starts today

Fallujah attacks kill some 13 people, hostage given hours to live

Audit: Spending Records on Iraq Lacking

Kerry Promises Trust, Strength, Leadership

TEXT OF SEN. JOHN F. KERRY'S SPEECH-'We Can Do Better, and We Will'

Planting a Flag on Bush's Turf

U.S. Eases Its Stance on Sudan Resolution (term 'sanctions' dropped)

So does Kerry's sweating put to rest the botox rumors?

Some Democrats Support the Party From a Distance

Big Brother Awards: US entry scheme shame

Iraq Funds Are Focus of 27 Criminal Inquiries

U.S. Eases Review of Pesticides for Endangered Species

IRAQ)Conference Postponed Amid Fraud Allegations(interim national assembly

U.S. Economy Slowed to a 3% Rate in Second Quarter (compared to 4.5% 1st q

Amy Fisher Publishing Autobiography

US to Begin Guantanamo Prisoners Pretrial Hearings (gd news/bd news dept)

U.S. Authorities Didn't Keep Track of Iraq Reconstruction Spending

Senators Hold First Hearing on Sept. 11 Commission Recommendations

Study: Fear shapes voters' views - CNN

White House projecting record $445B deficit

Attack on Pakistan PM-designate

Powell Visits Baghdad; 13 Dead in Fallujah

WP: Across State, Kerry Backers Sense a Shift

Bloomberg:Pakistan's Prime Minister-Designate Aziz Escapes Suicide Attack

Barclays complete Telegraph deal (out of Conrad Black's hands)

Older Soldiers' Combat Fitness Debated

Drug Maker to Pay $346 Million in Medicaid Case (Ashcroft related)

Zogby Poll Presidential Matchup 7/26-29/04

U.S. Economy Slows Dramatically in Spring

Moore vows to take cameras to Florida

World media paying attention to U.S. election

Ridge may go after election

Response from the Heartland

Sikh student detained by Secret Service

US Arabs 'fear for their family'

Pataki vetoes minimum-wage hike

UN Demands Sudan Disarm Militia, Threatens Sanctions

Report: Homeland Security Gets Data on Arab-Americans

Hundreds protest outside Bush speech in Springfield

Kerry statement distorted to push flip-flop claim

Economic wobbles

Infoworld: Kerry decries outsourcing, speaks of health care, tech

Loud Blast Heard in Central Baghdad (I know, I know - dog bites man)

AP: Kerry in Favor of U.S. Bin Laden Trial

Democrats' Security Comes in Under Budget

Johnny Been Good?


A promise to make America stronger

First Lady to Christian Texas Sub (USS Texas)

Commanders Get Immunity in Iraq Case

Suicide bombers hit embassies in Uzbekistan

Iraq draws a bead on 'enemy' Iran

Baghdad doctors struggle to care amid the chaos

Kerry: 'One America'-Terrorism:Any attack would draw strong and quick resp

Deep divides halt key Iraq meeting

Belgian gas blast kills some, injures 100-spokesman

Palestinian militants abduct three foreign activists, including an America

Fla. Elections Officials Find 2002 Data

Oil prices hit new highs on supply fears ($43.80 a barrel)

Powell Promises to Speed Aid to Iraq

President campaigns in Missouri, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania

Cover-Up of Iraq Bridge Incident Admitted

Judge Orders U.S. to Defend Detentions

Police: Donor list, money faked (Miami)

Scientists Make Madcow Prion in Lab for First Time

Bush Names New FTC Chief Over Democrat Opposition

UN demands Sudan action on Darfur

(UK)Amazon will not handle book on Bush-Saudi links

Kerry's campaign zeros in on middle-of-the-road voters

Suit says dead inmate was victim of 'savage beating' (CCA Prison)

Interior Secretary Norton defends national parks spending

Inquiries into killing of Iraqis 'flawed' (UK)

Ex-Riggs Examiner Said Under Investigation

Obtaining Cheney Rally Ticket Requires Signing Bush Endorsement

Record White House Deficit Projection to Fuel Campaign Fight on Economy

US Economy slows drastically in Spring

Powell Makes Unannounced Trip to Baghdad

Bush Criticizes Kerry's Achievements

Kuwaiti newspaper: Zarqawi captured on Syrian - Iraq border

Despite illnesses and death, CDC can't name disease - TW

White House eases rules on use of pesticides


Study Lends Support to Mad Cow Theory

BCCI latest update: BoE wins landmark legal priviledge appeal

NATO agrees to begin training Iraqi forces

The Secret File of Abu Ghraib

Bush Plans Flextime Proposal

Some Republicans Defect to Kerry's Camp

Liberals Want Their Own Network

GE cutting 525 workers at Bloomington (Ind) plant

Berger Cleared of Document Theft

Many in Europe rooting for Kerry

Ridge Tells Colleagues He May Retire

Prosecutor wants US to release 9/11 evidence

Disaster at sea: global warming hits UK birds

UK Anti-War Party Wins First Election

Powell: U.S. Will Help Iraq Create Jobs

Ex-Enron Exec Pleads Guilty to Fraud

$1 billion missing

Hanford nuclear power plant undergoes emergency shutdown (WA)

Woman handcuffed for eating candy at subway

GOP sorry for sending flier (Florida)

Sex changes are not effective, say researchers

Latest "Leisure Suit Larry" game info.

Nick at Nite - Nip it in the bud!!!

My girlfriend is a semi-nude model.

Free"Kerry Kit" from

My girlfriend is a semi-rude model

Some random convention photos. (pt 1).

My girlfriend is a semi-prude bobble

My girlfriend is a semi-dude

I can't remember anything. Can't tell if this is true or dream.

Yet another right wing screed, and my answer:

kids who ride their bikes through east berlin and proudly boast

someone on another forum just drew their first political cartoon

Stand up and be counted for what you are about to receive.

Old people like to take walks...(Adventures of Millie & Rupert)

What's your post-Kerry speech experience?

like my new sig?

Hey.. The "moran" guy has a relative in Crawford..

That's what friends are for

I can't believe I heard Colin Quinn say this.

Who wants to chat on AIM?

I just covered four days of the DNC, and I have to catch a plane

My favorite far-right LJ asshole posted another rant.

What are the dates of the Republican convention?

Chef:NO a/c for White Hse Chef,nor restraunt kitchens-WHY?

Please... contribute to the Natalie Portman Sandwich Fund

Latest Craze? Orangutan Kickboxing

How come we never hear of Eric Rudolph anymore?

Boy Impaled By Arrow While Hunting With Father

Teen Eats Hash Cookie At School - Collapses

Today Is System Administrator Appreciation Day

Used Bras And Panties To Be Auctioned Off At "Bra Bar"

When Bush loses the election, what else will he lose?

My 100th Post!!

Expect the FCC to have a fit....'South Park' Drawn to Syndication

Steve Patterson, ex-UCLA Center dies at 56

So will John Cornyn denounce hamster love next

I got my "Go Fuck Yourself," Vice President Cheney T-Shirt today!

Frank Zappa

Today is my last day on the job....

Favorite Convention Moment

Good Friday Morning DU!

Invitation to my blog

Seen in NYC....

Caller: Stuff $500 In Hollow Tree To Get Cow Back - Owner Can't Find Tree

"Comando Sheep" Are Getting Smarter

I'm going to an Amish Wedding Feast tonight - ask me anything.

If you don't want a Nazi in your house don't let one...

I'm hovering like a fly, waiting for the windshield on the freeway.

Sorry DNC

Your "song that makes you go WHEEEEEEEE" earworm for the morning...

liberal conservative or undecided....

Anyone have any experience with Pilates?

City's NUDE Potluck A Bust - No "Unclothed Genitals"

The Muffin Man is here: What type of muffin would you like for breakfast?

So, I finally got Sirius radio.

Well, he gives me a reason to play some Punchout.

Victoria's Secret Raiding Colleges - PINK THONGS!

I eat peanut butter out of the jar with a big spoon

Anybody else think Jon Stewart did a good job

Bands who completely changed their sound...

People Allegedly Lured Into Stripping By Fake Radio Contest

Images from Iraq ... Up-Dated


I saw this incredbile boat this morning - Le Grande Bleu

Damn medication transition......

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

Nominations, people. Nominate the Blandest Band Ever.

My 900th Post!

Out... of... coffee... Must.. use... instant!

"White House Pastry Chef Discusses Desserts, Career"

Finally! A dating service for Dems only

Deuce Bigelow 2?

Working on a convert

Man Found Innocent Of Diarrhea Medicine Shoplifting

Thief Steals Mayor's Brand New Lexus

Introducing Barbara and Jenna's Campaign Journal!!

Can anyone suggest a web-hosting company?

Why don't my smilies dance?

In Honor of Last Night's Kick-Ass Speech By Our Next President....

What parent(s) would let their teens at Neverland at this point?

HOO-AHH! The Alert Button!

I saw "The Village" last night

CONFESS!!! Raise your hand if you've convert at least 1 person for Kerry!

Something that has been bugging me lately:

ASCII Art Test: Can you tell who this is?

Is it time to close this forum?

Looks like the Yankees are inviting a Babe Ruth curse of their own...

Is My New Sig Line Too Big Or Too Small?

Bush cites new reason for his re-election:

Hey! Grok This Fnord!

Teresa Heinz Kerry is like a Bond chick!

Friday Humor

I'm leaving on vacation today!

Smelly poster angers Italian salami.

Save my Dean t-shirts from my fascist wife!!!!!

Italian Poster Angers Smelly Salami

Touch Screen Voting Machines Used To Elect Garlic Bread

Favorite Yiddish word?

Smelly Salami Poster Angers Italians

Anyone know of video postings of Kerry's speech!?

Teen Claims She Found Joint in Parfait

My baby is in the Vet. hospital tonight. Attacked by another dog

Pickles, Freddy, Jason, & Michael Myers: "¿quién es más aterrorizante?"

Anyone else still getting "MyDoom" junk?

Watching the convention kinda made me sad...

What percentage do you fall into?

family gathering sunday, ugh

Why wasn't Zell Miller given a speaking slot?

Any fans of the group "The Helio Sequence"?

Show of hands! Who is happiest that HELP IS ON THE WAY?

I'm married but still in love with someone else. Advice?

Pinkey the Cat

Take the quiz: What kind of catfish are you?

If your SO was president/emperor/queen

Who wants to see my undies?

Who Here Absolutely Loved the Hamster Story?

I woke up to the worst, most terrible noise ever this morning!!!!

Quick! DU this poll!

What's your favorite sonora?

Which was you favorite Al Gore-a ?

What's your favorite Obama

Whats your favorite Alabama?

What's your favorite aurora?

What's your favorite Armada?

What's your favorite Angora?

What is your favorite Begorrah?

Here's the first thing Bush will do if he's re-elected...

What's your favorite andorra?

Name some cool Andorran-Americans

Whose your favorite Vigoda?

What's your favorite aroma?

How many surrealistic painters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Garden Help

Is it just me, or does the Lounge reek of Screaming Lord Byron?

Anyone here a fan of "The Station Agent"?


gosh, goll dang

No Surrender---most popular Springsteen download on itunes

The new batmobile - pics from Batman Begins

OMG! Did you hear that?

I just got back from Al Capone's grave ask me anything

Ya know, its amazing how busy it gets here on Fri. afternoons...

Enough of this politics crap, Stillers camp is starting!!!

I just had a great idea for a new slogan:

Sports Trivia Question (not as Easy as it Sounds)

folks, if you would like people to DU a poll, please post the damn link

Kind of gross but appropriate for weekend: "Five levels of Hangovers"


See that big mess around my chair: My head just exploded. Why you ask?

Hey vets -- could you render a "snappy" salute?

When I die, I want my ashes scattered

Aldrin decks dumbass

I just took narcotics-feeling kinda of groovy

Has anyone bought this book from Barack Obama?

Kerry/Edwards PLEASE don't hang out of that bus window!

Horseradish: take it or leave it?

My 81 year old Bush/O'Reilly loving Mom watched the whole convention

What are you reading, DU?

Is it just me, or does the Lounge reek of Swedish-Americans?

Pinky the Cat

I was officially in a crack house

It's Friday where are

Listen to Sean Cullen. The Funniest Comedian EVER!

What Name Would GOP Chairman Ed Gillespie Re-Register Under?

Is it just me, or does the Lounge reek of Spam?

The Onion: Bush campaign expenses

Boys Busted For Smoking Pot In Grandma's House

I've been offered my dream job.

Challenge to DU Political Cartoonists!

What's your favorite Andromeda Strain?

From now on, anyone who wants to speak to me must sign a loyalty oath

damn wondered why it was so hazy

Best place to buy a sirius subscription?

Obscure movie/TV lines

ESPN/USA Today Top 25 College Football COACHES Poll

OK, I just want to know: who's Kerry's first wife and where is she hiding?

She's 52 years old and voting for the first time.

The Johns at Wendy's!

I have a pretty juicy scoop on MTV that could hurt their image again...


Question about the Simpsons - trying to remember a specific show point

Anybody using voice over IP phone service?

What do you think of this "Hairdo"?

fear and loathing 72 by HST

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

Ferrell is Back as Bush!

The "Yellow Rogue of Texas" ..the song

dinner at wendy's for John and Elizabeth's anniversary and then

What's your theme song?

Gone fishing. Y'all be nice to each other

i just stubbed my toe, & said a VERY BAD WORD

Kerry is a GIANT!

"Visions" on the UNBREAKABLE soundtrack

33 Thursday Convention & Celebration photos in this GD thread

I say * should be dogged wherever he goes even when his ass is tossed

It's System Administrator Appreciation Day!

Anyone want to help me...

Help! I'm watching a Sarbanes-Oxley training video.

Hi, Honey how are you?

Make New Words Here.

I got flamed, torched, burned,

New Ahh-nuld postage stamp issued

The "jukes appreciation thread"! OFFICIAL, I might add.

Post words from your mouth you never hear anymore.

Hamsters for Kerry........

Do you know of sites that alter other sites in a funny way?

My Citi Finance experience today- A den of snakes! long rant!

Should I see Tiffany tonight?

If it feels good, do it

Anyone else think that with a Kerrry victory Europe will immediately love

Machines that vote , so you don't have to.. (oldie, but goodie)

Get some tonight

My girlfriend is seriously ready to kill someone here people

Just saw the The Village (no spoilers)

Raven Simone

What fresh hell is this? Miss America cancels talent competition!!

WOW! auto checkouts at the local mal-wart

Whoever says Democrats are unpatriotic...

VT's MARCUS Vick transferring? to Ga.Southern? Hampton U?

Serious question.

I just sent the following email to JFK

Post words from your youth you never hear anymore.

dodgers trade lo duca to marlins in 6 player deal..

Don't run with arrows!

Are you a crazy cat person? Take the quiz!


Alert, Alert, Alarm, Alarm

Canon Digital Rebel & Nikon D70 Camera's

Worst. Name. Ever.

Making a DemoCon CD

What does it mean to be simple?

Anyone get the expansion pack to Karaoke revolution?

Was it just me or...

Was I the last DU'er to see F-9/11?

All right everybody move along now.

What's your favorite menora?

"Hope" and "Love" do work! My dog will live!!!!!!!!!!

A story about the Democrat I voted against. What to do?

Read this fabulous e-mail from my RW friend!! OMG!

What The F*ck Is Your Problem?

I officially hate everything.

A big welcome to new DU'ers...drop in and say HI!

The let no thread go unanswered initiative

Name some cool Swedish-Americans

Sheeesh...what a bad day for movie remakes and sequels!

Name some cool Italian-Americans

has everyone seen the monkey that walks upright?

Stuff from movies that actually works in real life: love & romance edition

Anyone going to watch Mike Tyson tonight?

I have just GOT to rant

What should be done about Bin Laden when he is captured

Who is more shaggable?

I DID IT!! 1,000 Posts!! Cha-CHING!!!!


Crap. Did I have a manic episode yesterday.

What is the longest you've worked at the same job?


It's official - Lindsay Lohan is HOT

If you had a chance to punch Tucker Carlson in the neck...

Which State Universities Do You Most Associate With Republicanism?

CAPTION the incredible shrinking candidate (2 pics)

Favorite Iron Maiden album

My daughter is about to miss out on the chance of a lifetime/Ghana Airways

Ridge sees the CAPTION on the wall

Aqua teen hunger force


Last night in his acceptance speech John Kerry reclaimed our flag

ATTN. SE PA DUers! Come see my band this Saturday night! (July 31)

Fuck the Amish

Do you want a free ipod?

Department of DU Rumors: Rod Paige to resign?

It's all over bar the shouting... final day Convention pics

DU Convention photos -- Day 6 -- Kerry accepts the Nomination

Wow this is exactly what you want around the house for kids to play with

Join "ConservativeMatch" dating service (can you believe this?)

The wingnuts are getting really defensive (review slams "liberal" village)

Great Job DUers -- You raised $40,000 for John Kerry in ONE MONTH!

Reject `hateful politics,' Edwards urges

Aol poll: 97,000 votes. Kerry better than Bush, 62-38. 56% = excellen

GOP flier questions new voting equipment (Florida)

Kerry has 57 varieties to carry Pennsylvania.

Fucker Carlson

Fun with polling data

I'm no longer just voting against Bush....

5-6 Point Bounce Prior to Speech

Kerry's Surrogates Need To Get The "Landslide" Meme Out There

Swift Boat Vets for Truth: Fact or Fiction

O.K. clearly I missed something...Balloons?

7/30 KERRY WIN PROBABILITY: 96.13% VOTE: 52.74% EV: 323

There you have it...Powell and the repukes wasting your tax $$$$$$$$$$$$

LOOK AT THIS AOL POLL!!! Kerry kicking Bush's ASS!!!

Do you think the media turned off average voters during DNC?

only two things can prevent a Kerry landslide, imo . . .

About that "Mission Accomplished" thingie...

The Freeps are watching all the polls.

I am guilty, once again, of underestimating John Kerry.

That hamster was lucky to be a Kerry hamster!

Why I know that Kerry is going to win?--add more information

The DNC should hand out DVD's and CD's of this great convention!!!

I want to record Obama's speech...does anyone know if it will be re-aired?

The 2004 Presidential Election: Substance Vs. Desperate Bashing

Bads news for Bush: US economy grew at a rate of only 3% in Spring

I just noticed John K was wearing a Lance Armstrong "Live Strong"

Republicans jumping ship!

Was going to look for Kerry images... did a search for 'next president'


Invoking His Past, Kerry Vows to Command 'a Nation at War'-& NYT other col

Mainers praise message: hope, unity, security

Local Democrats: 'He nailed it'

Yepsen: Tough rhetoric peppers Kerry's acceptance speech

America can do better, Kerry says

My, My! Prozac Girl has a history of spewing crap!

The Kerry daughters did a terrific job!

MSNBC poll: Did John Kerry Convince You That He Is Ready To Be President?

Moore on Real Time Tonight

The $87B vote by Kerry & Edwards will hurt, but is not a deciding factor.

I Am Feeling Something I Haven't Felt In YEARS....

Powell: U.S. Will Help Iraq Create Jobs

Bush's rationale today for why he should be returned to the White House..

When even Mickey Kaus like Kerry's speech, you know he did well

Don't Buy The Republican Dogfood....

Where Can I watch Kerry's Speech?

Kerry's Running of The Convo and His Speech Show He will Be Great

Tough message aims at those outside arena Party means to reassure swing vo

Declares War on DUBYA(Frank Luntz focus group liked speech)

Anyone have an itinerary of the Kerry/Edwards 21 state tour?

Who is the face of the 2004 Democratic Convention?

Bush pressures Pakistanis to make arrests before Nov. election

Pre-Conv & Kerry Speech - CBS poll has Kerry leading 45-42-5(Nader)

What was the big surprise??? A rare broadcast - whole Kerry speech post Vietnam

Bush: avoiding "watching sicko democratic hatefest in faggachusetts"

Kerry Sends A Message To George Bush

Kerry's Political Instincts

Why are moderates doing the most post-speech carping?

On MSNBC, they showed the Edward's at Wendy's celebrating their

Help! Best source for debating Rethug talking points & attacks

Bush Validates Kerry's Speech - Press Release

Statistical/analytical comparison of 2004 with 1994?

Reporting for Duty

Zogby phone poll taken during convention has Kerry/Edwards up 48%-43%!

Am I the only one who thinks Cleland gave the most powerful speech?

Call it both ways!

Some people still don't appear to have gotten it

LISTEN: Entire 1971 Kerry Anti War Speech - Foreign Relations Cmt.

Electoral Votes Show Kerry Ahead


Amazing responses when I wore my Kerry t-shirt today

Bush's 2000 GOP acceptance speech has plenty of ammunition

RNC chairman Gillespie set upon by prank callers

Who do you support for president?

Do we need GD:2004 anymore?

Interesting Info from latest Zogby

Kerry did not generate enough red tape?

Campaign Question: What are the 21 states Kerry is visiting?

How I think Kerry should answer the $87 billion question

Excellent site to debunk Bush campaign lies about Kerry

Here's some "compassionate conservatism" fer ya!


District of Columbia Question

Has anyone in your "real life" actually watched the speech?

Interesting Site: Registering Swing State Students for Absentee Ballots

Will the Bush* daughters speak for their father?

Last night, we saw John Kerry make political history. Think about it.!

57 Bills and Resolutions John Kerry Sponsored

Time to Close this Forum?

Bush campaign plans/themes for Aug/Sept

When Is The Last Time You've Heard That Many Great Speeches In One Week?

Will George Bush be brave enough to debate John Kerry?

Will Ferrell back as Bush in ACT commercial

An e-mail from my Bush-loving brother...

An Ode to the Democrat's General

Zogby: Bush's Approval Rating Tumbles During Dem Convention

Why do people consider this election so important?

Volunteers to watch the republican convention

Updated Polls