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Archives: December 1, 2005

Asia Times: America's unsung war dead (280+ coalition contractors)

Jim Lobe: Bush authorizes talks with Iran to stabilize Iraq

Those Who Can't Teach

What 'staying the course' really means

American capillary vision and inventions of democracy - Part II

Victory, Mr President?

Bush the Dupe? - Counterpunch

Bradley Whitford - Get the IRS Out of My Church

Bill Clinton's discussion of environment w/Letterman...

Maybe a stupid question--what do christmas lights do

Alarm over dramatic weakening of Gulf Stream

"Peres quits Labour to back Sharon" (BBC)

Journalist: 'Seculars anti-Semitic to religious'

Preparations for a DRE HACK by Justin Moore, Dept. Comp. Sci. Duke Univ.

Huffington Post - GAO confirms - 2004 Election Was Stolen

Electronic Voting Examined; Deadline Nears

Didn't Grassley get some big bucks from Abramoff?

Hey Minnesota ... want to win in 2006?

Hey Ohio ... want to win in 2006?

Hey Texas ... want to win in 2006?

Well, I just submitted my application for graduate school to UW-Madison

Hey Wisconsin ... want to win in 2006?

Al Jazeera Staff have set up a Blog - called "Don't Bomb Us"

Alito worth $1.72 million Exxon stock is court nominee's biggest holding

Newsweek:Blair Didn't Think Al-Jazeera Threat a Joke

Has Gore said anything about a timetable for withdrawal?

Notice in the videos our soldiers are sweeping HOMES. These people

Has Any Woman Ever Aspired To Be The First Lady?

Presidential Prayer Team? Check this out...

Plan for Victory in Iraq

MSNBC: Reality check: How ready are Iraqi troops?

CSPAN-2 replaying the audio from SCOTUS today.

Total Victory = Big Profits For Haliburton......

Whose Iraq Plan do you support?

Al Gore event!

"Paper Clips" is on HBO right now. I'm already crying. Watch

PHOTO: Dig in, Laura!

Pickles: Let them eat gingerbread (photo)

Why Christian right against abortion and not Viagra??

Listened to Diane Rehm today (Ms. Cheney guest) a got a real bonus!

Newsweek >> "I don't think Tony Blair thought it was a joke." (Al Jazeera)

Did Scotty get reported here today?

Investigation Into How Accused Child Rapist Was Allowed To Adopt Kids

When is the media going to get down to brass tacks? This IS a war for oil!

Delphi picket gets support

AOL Poll needs DU help; How soon should troops withdraw and others.

Pres Bush:I can't believe a 10th grader like me is smarter than you!

Getcher Bill O'Reilly Holiday Ornaments for your Holiday Tree right here!

Support the "Hampton Seven".

If we ban violent video games...

Think newspaper: GD Breaking; GD Daily; GD Perspective

Help me I am a DU holic

Setting an artificial deadline to withdraw would send a signal to our

The Repubs Who Stole Christmas

Help: Where are the best offices to file complaints vs auctioneer?

New punch line for Dems: Republican policy equals "Corporate Communisum"

I didn't see the GWB speech

Defense contractor throws $10 million bat mitzvah

The biggest lie was the original lie

Dallas buses to honor Rosa Parks--(150 buses leave empty front seat)

FOX News and Bill O'Reilly Selling "Holiday Item's"

Lucky Find - - Pre Election Bumper Sticker

Re: Ted Nugent, super patriot and draft dodger.

Rethug Speaker Fee lists... anyone remember where it was??

Tweety said the n-word today!

Wal-Mart caught employing child laborers

Pelosi on Daily Show next - 11 est

I give you Casino Jack & The Republican Thuggees (response to

Soo...what you doing for '06?

Three more years of this guy? Wake me when it's over....

A question about Duke-stirs pension.

New post from Riverbend

BREAKING: Fox News changes "Holiday Ornaments" to "Christmas Ornaments"

An idea to end the war: Give Bush to Iraq.

GOP's Culture of Corruption

Dean on Leno tonight


VIDEO- Olbermann Treats Bush's Speech

An idea for the anti-abortion folks.

Have Bush, Rummy, Cheney, etc. ever been on the RECEIVING end of violence?

Gene Taylor (D) Mississippi on the Republican Budget and Lies (Video)

Interesting point from Rhandi on Bush's speech from today

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Roll Call

Did anyone else hear Rick Reilly rip * a new asshole today?

Arkansas Gov joins ARUBA BOYCOTT: "Unsafe for Arkansans"

how will bill o'reilly spin the 'holiday ornaments" thing?

Coulter: Jean Schmidt did not offer to have sex with John Murtha.

Who's up for the fight?

When is Rachel Maddow going to replace Marc Maron on "Morning Sedition?"

Source of the Pentagon Iraqi propaganda? 'The Lincoln Alliance Corp.....

My stay in Oneonta

What does this say about Bush's Iraqi plan? It has taken 3 years

ya know, i don't much give a damn if it looks like surrender,

George Bush, gangsta.

GOP advisers urge resignations NOW for those invoved in Abramoff scandal

"Amnesty International Report on British Army Torture of Irish Prisoners"

Which is the greatest threat to the planet

Lynne Cheney has written a new book

NYU Grad Students on Strike

What do other countries do about illegal immigrants? I know you can't just

If there is a first woman president in the near future--who would you want

Worried about videogame violence? Call the Army.

Spot The Difference

Caption Chimpy after his speech

I Haven't Decided If I Want Hillary In 08 Yet Or Not

How long until O'Reilly finally melts down?

KO's Countdown is #1 show on MSNBC in November

In Less Than Two Weeks This War Will Be 1000 Days Old. Some Perspective.

A la carte TV pricing

Just came back from the taping of The Colbert Report!

I don't think CNN, FOX, MSNBC was wrong, I Know they were.

The same idiot freeper who called Randi is now on w/ Sam Seder.

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World

LOL -- O'Reilly the "Worse", "Worser" and "Worst" person in the world!!!

Cute book! "Why Mommy is a Democrat"

United Peace Relief Journal from Slidell, LA, Katrina relief volunteers

Hey DU, Can We Please Decide If We Believe In Polls Or Not?

URGENT: Care packages for troops. Lots of holidays are upon us and

Here's a sure way to piss off fundies

2nd grade propaganda your child hopefully never finds...

I think Mary Landrieu of LA would make a fine VP nominee in '08

Has Anyone Taken A Hard Look At Brian Lamb?

Leaking At All Costs/Weekly Standard Seeking Standup Comics...

Rolling Stones to perform at Super Bowl

Gannon-Guckert Whining....

What if September 11th never happened?

The Saga of Jack Abramoff Goes Everywhere

Worried about bird flu? Take coconut oil!


Stephen Harper's false "Office of Public Prosecutions"

Electronic Voting Examined; Deadline Nears

MSNBC: Reality check: How ready are Iraqi troops?

WP: Democrats Attack Iraq Strategy

U.S. buys positive press in Iraq

"AIPAC slams White House on Iran"-

‘We will not give in to intimidation now’ (Al Jazeera's managing director)

Growing UK concern over US 'torture flights'

Study: Many White House aides accept free travel from companies, colleges

WP: E.U. Seeks Details On Secret CIA Jails

Study: White House Aides Get Free Trips

Ocean changes to cool Europe

Three More Indicted In Baton Rouge on Federal FEMA Fraud Charges

Committee to Probe Cunningham's Panel Work (Intelligence Committee)

FBI complains (to Congress) about newspaper article

U.S. Use of `pillars' Echoes Muslims

WP: Alito Helped Craft Reagan-Era Tack To Restrict 'Roe'

Arkansas Governor Joins In Call To Boycott Aruba

Death toll quickly mounts for 101st

Oil executives deny misleading Congress

NYT: U.S. Is Said to Pay to Plant Articles in Iraq Papers

Fox News Takes 'Journal Editorial Report'

Judge Rules in Indiana House Prayer Suit

Kyoto protocol kicks in

RNC chairman questions Democrats on Iraq

Europe condemns Blair as new Sheriff of Nottingham

Bush officials withheld key information on Iraq, former senator says

LAT: Evidence of Slowing Ocean Currents Alarms Scientists

How come the Packers get worse, yet their fans get more obnoxious???


"I'm reading Superfudge"

I can't believe I have been here for years now and still

Do you believe that posting something good

Women of DU!! What's the BEST thing about getting older?

Whooo hoooo! I'm Bra-less!!!

A very important dating tip from sbj405

Will you see the new Faces of Death XI: Emperor Penguin Babies movie?

i don't like being anxious....

Whats the deal with men's fashion this season??

Hey Rev! I got more copycats than you!

Winter Driving Advice for Fellow Drivers.

Good Evening! Pull up a chair...

Think I'll start refering to the X-mas tree shops as the Holiday Tree shop

Let's live blog the NBC tree lighting

What % of your Christmas shopping have you completed as of now?

What's the worst ever Keanu Reeves role?

What's the worst ever Sandra Bullock role?

I bought the oddest mag today...Aesthetics for Children?!

Chiles at Chez Gormy Cuss tonight.

Oh fudge...

Fine. Then I'm lettin' out THE BOYS!

Newsstand alert

"Prove it" - nice line, I'll have to remeber that one!

words that make people sound intelligent


Anyone watching the Cream reunion on PBS?

Anyone else planning on going to the Salley, SC Chitlin Strut?

Three cheers for Jack!!


"Animusic" on Milwaukee PBS station tonight.

Iraq Weekly Status Report: Key Pillar Erect

Little Rotten Johnny's New Era Christmas

Merry F*#$(*&G Christmas! Holiday Tree Got Nothing On THIS!

beware of new ebay phishing ads...

Best obscure (but true) Christmas factoid:

I would just like to say that baby emperor penquins are some of the cutest

I think every woman should own one tube of bright, rich red lipstick



Actress Wendie Jo Sperber of TV's 'Bosom Buddies' dies at 46

that dharma doctor on Lost sure is creepy

Women and men of DU!!!! What's the worst thing about getting odder?

I am totally nekkid

Christmas Lights


The official "I want to be on O'Reilly's Hate List" thread

George Michael pulls an Elton

Family Guy or The Simpsons?


What are you getting you loved one for the holidays?


I am only 9 posts from 5589, a number that when split into 2 digit numbers

Men of DU!!!! What's the worst thing about getting older?

Sid, my 6 year old cat peed in the house for the first time ever - HELP!

Anybody here ever pulled up their bootstraps?

Which is worse? Pirate patch or VPL?

Wendie Jo Sperber of ‘Bosom Buddies’ dies

When you drink alone...

Help! I just spilled a can of salmon over my couch and carpet!

Ah, the Hemingway Daiquiri - one of nature's perfect cocktails

If not for my pleather chaps, I'd be butt-ass naked. Ask me...anything?

What holiday movie do you HAVE to watch each Christmas?


Can Someone Please, Please, Please Explain To Me How Tom Arnold

does the lounge ever take anything seriesly?

I'm PANTILESS and no I wont post pics!


I worked 10 hours and then drove home 75 miles

How many porn, or just nude, pictures are on your computer right now?

Ok I'm a little weirded out by you guys...

Mr. Wonderful and myself got some news today that

Hey, folks! I've gots your tingley rubbers right here!

*******MILESTONES******* 11/30

I've made a major scientific discovery, ALL SNOWFLAKES ARE ALIKE!

official BRA BURNING thread!

'Panda Dog' Newest Designer Canine

So, the non-profit I volunteer for wants to hire me

I must be the only music geek on Earth who doesn't like Nick Drake.

Gray Hair is SEXY! And so is her amazing voice.

How to tell Bob the boss to bathe?

have you ever lied about your age?

Is this redundant? "The deadly dangers of meth"

311 kicks Scott Stapp's ass

Aeon Flux is here...

E-Bay sure has changed.

Working in Bars and Clubs in New York City in the 90s and Smoking.

Anyone watching Trading Spouses?

Bluegrasser Jerry Douglas coming to my neighborhood bar/cafe/record store!

Whoohoo! I'm clueless.

Worst "traditional" Christmas song?

What was the worst casting of an actor to play a different race?

Personality Test Time! What breed of dog are YOU?


Ok, that time again...Your Top 5 Books

OKAY! The latest sunset photos......for your viewing pleasure:


some pictures from ESA

Heavy Pot Smoking Might Raise Schizophrenia Risk

the day after tomorrow

Radar reveals ice deep below Martian surface

Folk music CD to benefit GLAD, NH Freedom To Marry, & Equality Maine

How gay is too gay?

Harper reopens same-sex debate (Canada may revisit 'marriage')

NHL: Joe Thorton traded to San Jose

Veterans respond to Bush's speech

Kerry's on NOW! Repeat broadcast. n/t

Today's pictures

kos is at it again

Alert - that other site is up to its evil ways again (Shield your eyes)

Okay, is Kos Draco Malfoy or Snape?

KOEB 11/30/05: Just add "ist" Edition


Today, 11/30, is the 12th anniversary of the Brady Bill


When exactly did the United States Naval Academy start offering

It's official: Diebold election bugware can't be trusted...

National Emergency for Iraqi Oil!

Pelosi on C-Span NOW (9:10) est

Ok DU look what you've started....

Note from Florida chair about the conference in Orlando....great Dems.

Top Democrat in CA takes job as Arnold's chief of staff. She is going to

Iraq Withdrawl: Feingold Leads and They Will Follow

Fox News Takes 'Journal Editorial Report'

How does * ask American troops to face insurgents in a hostile land

on Right now....Frontline...Katrina

MSNBC Poll...Bush's Victory Plan, a step in the right direction? (77% NO)

Dean on Leno tonight

Russ Feingold on TPMCafe

You guys will LOVE this image.

What do the polls say about immediate withdrawl?

My vote for dumbest Congress-Critter

GOP Congressional bribery scandal grows...

msnbc fron page: Bush’s view of Iraq doesn’t square with reality

Bush " As long as I am your commander in chief..." we will keep fighting t

Does anyone know where to find a video of Bush crying?

Anderson Cooper and Michael Ware expose the latest Bush lie

Representative Murtha on Hardball (MSNBC)

Limbaugh on kidnapping of peace activists in Iraq: "I'm telling you, folks

Sen. John Warner lied on Hardball tonight ...

"When was the last time that Bush spoke in a forum open to citizens... ?"

Barbara Boxer response to Bush's speech

I've boiled the W speech today down to a short sentence

Poll: Should Bush set a timetable for troop withdrawal?

Plan: We Win (NYT tears a hole in Bush speech)

Hil takes rights & lefts on fighting

Speech Offers No Timeline for U.S. Exit,focuses on Effort To Rebuild Midea

U.S. pays Iraq media for spin

Gaining Control in Iraq, and Regaining Support at Home

An Offering of Detail But No New Substance

In Baghdad, Reality Counters Rhetoric

Rewriting history

Wollcott: The Great Escape (How, not if, US bugs out of Iraq)

U.S. occupation makes Hussein regime look good

Fears of big freeze as scientists detect slower Gulf Stream

Alito nomination endangers civil-rights legacy

Holiday Tree? Christmas Tree? Dead Tree? Here’s What You are Missing…

Parry: "Bush In Iraq, Slouching Toward Genocide"

Wolcott: Red Skies over Green Zone (Hints at Bombshells to come)


Will Universal Preschool Give All Kids a Head Start?

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: The Art of Getting It

U.S. paid for Iraqi praise, paper says

Catholic Church's policy on gays isn't enlightened

A frightening "Strategy for Israel"

Hope Over History--measuring progress WH syle.

Hindering hemispheric travel

Frameshop: New Beginnings vs Responsibility/Iraq

Harris' refund offer goes begging

Wily politicians sorry — sorry they got caught

Another Bush crony put in charge of bird flu preparedness

"Throwing thier own words back at them"

The Good News—Bush Finally Has a Plan

OC (CA) Register: We're still waiting

(Mark Steel) The need for a modern free market in torture

The Abramoff Effect (The Nation)

General William Odom: Want stability in the Middle East? Get out of Iraq!

We aren't fooling the Middle East...

Stop doing the talking for God

European Commission President , Jose Manuel compares Blair

Talking for God, taking for personal gain

Where's Hillary on Iraq?

Bush Presents Plan to Win Iraq War (Pelosi joins Murtha)

Death Mask: The Deliberate Disintegration of Iraq (Floyd - Moscow Times)

CNN Poll: Most doubt Bush has plan for Iraq victory

NYT Editorial - Plan: We Win (MUST READ AND RECOMMEND!)

The Cheerleader at Annapolis: Somebody Should Tell Bush He Lost Iraq

Molly Ivins: Impersonating the Lord

The Dogs of New Orleans--the tragedy continues, please help

Bush Assministration won't pay for Great Lakes cleanup effort it cheered

Feds Settle Lawsuit Over Alternative Fuels

African Fruit Bats May Be Ebola Virus Reservoir - LA Times

US Whines, Screams On EU Plan To Control Aviation GHG Emissions - Reuters

Canada's Claim To Arctic Sovereignty Heats Up As Ice Melts Down - AFP

November Dirtiest Month For Beijing Air In Six Years - Shanghai Daily

Texas Environment Agency Fines 70 Violators: Average Fine - $4725.93

53% Of Malaysian Farmers In Testing Show Nerve Damage From Pesticides

Forest Service designates experimental forest in Sierra

2.5 bil. toilet bowl-fuls of untreated sewage overflow to Lake Erie yearly

ASEAN Official - Environmental Journalism "Too Gloomy" - BBC

Tracks Of 5-Foot Ancient Scorpion Discovered In Scotland - Reuters

Check out this GM hybrid car

Secret Israeli training site in Iraq

A frightening "Strategy for Israel"

Israel will not accept Iran nuclear weapons: Sharon

Answering two of your questions while you ignore mine

why wasn't the second tower evacuated????

Compilation of articles about UA 93

Lawsuit over state {Ohio} elections survives dismissal hearing

Election theft Makes "top ten" stories ignored by media in 2005

Have you done this yet?

DU this poll!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 12/1/05

Radio: Diebold & CA Sen Bowen on Friday

Activists Shut Out of CA Voting Summit

Did the Ohio recount amount to a criminal conspiracy?

Hart's E-slate system gave 2 diff. tallies for our votes last month:

Channel the TRUTH: Gore won. Kerry won. Naysayer heads will explode now

Forest Service designates experimental forest in Sierra

Governor's hire riles GOP conservatives

WooHoo! Code Pink OC was on the news

Redistricting not dead?

MoveOn: Save L.A. Times from from corporate greed!

Nussle proposes summit on energy - DM Register

Iowa Machine Shed TV commercial creates a stir - AP

This post is over in GD...anyone here have a clue?

Rasmussen: New Iowa Governor Poll 12/1/05

As Romney assumes RGA chair, Democrats brand him AWOL at home

It's official! Bonifaz announces for Secretary of State

Powerline ( KvM) Caught Making It Up

More fun with Bachmann in the Bushes

How does W2K handle startup items?

posting and email question?

problem with Firefox 1.5??

4 House seats that need to be contested

McLin makes history again today

Mary Jo Kilroy party

Mary Jo Kilroy party

I'm looking for a politically active RN in Columbus, Ohio

David Harris Air America interview now available on line.

TX Watchdog groups push for investigation of Reed (ralph)

Al Franken at ACLU gala 12/2 evening in Houston

Manufacturing doing well

FAUX NOTICED - it says "CHRISTMAS SET/ 3-pack" now

Question: Who would put this shit on their holiday tree anyhow>>>

Holiday Tree GOT NUTHIN on THIS:

Why did the US "Supreme" Court refuse to hear Sibel Edmonds

Pelosi on TDS NOW. n/t

Rep. Nancy Pelosi on Jon Stewart Now

WTF? Latest Zogby survey ...

ROFLMAO !!! - CNN\MSM Feel The Wrath Of The People !!!

Anyone listening to Lionel?

Shouldn't Fundies be trying to put Christ back into Christmas

NOVEMBER 30, 2005. DAY 3 of my plea. NO IRAQ WAR

Anyone else listen to Lionel?

Katrina Vanden Heuvel on Colbert: "In a few months, in Leavenworth..."

Those idiotic backdrops he has when he makes a speech,

I love Jon Stewart, but Steven Colbert is a poli-comic genius

insannity can't get anyone but Levin, Coulter, Dick Morris, or Lieberman

Lionel is having a live debate between a freeper!

Umm..Maureen Dowd is on Letterman

Ideologies separate us . . .

bush lies one more time .

Times Picayune exposes Katrina reporting errors, including its own

That Nick dude called Peter Werbe twice. Jesus, FReepers scare me.

Fox's "Holiday" flip-flop

What if the ’06 election is stolen?

Cool,a poster just accidently wrote a haiku here.

How would history look upon Germany if in, say, 1942 the German

Vietnam War Vet: the Bush plan is just hot air

BBC NEWS: Questions for Bill Clinton (LINK)

Fox News eStore still says "Holiday" Ideas-Why do they hate Xmas???

I got a great idea!

I love listening to Bernie Ward!

Now, THAT's logic . . .

Part 1 of the Dean interview on Leno....transcript.

What issues have you changed your stance on?

ACLU website down??

PETITION: Help Sean Hannity get his balls!

Dick Cheney is a war profiteer. Why doesn't anyone care?

Friggin' Hilarious -- Kick Back & Enjoy...

too bad the whole bush clan is so damned enmeshed.

just saw this: DEMOCRATS ARE SEXY... why? check this out

NEW TOON 12/1/05 - Victory over Flypaper?

400 heavily armed Iraqi rebels launch assault on U.S. base in Ramadi

Someone asked for the link to the Video of Bush Crying

"Are the Iraqis worth it?" Are they worth the 2000+ US lives that you've

please recommend some cool liberal websites to read

beyond Iraq -- then what?

Unhappy Holidays, and Unmerry Christmas thanks to the maniacs

Question about thread management...can't find in rules.

CNN: Most Americans doubt plan for Iraq victory

600 lbs. of Plutonium may be missing from Los Alamos (hmm)

please delete

how about a little Neutralism or Isolationism for a change?

Quitting IS an Exit Strategy

all in all, bush has had a really shitty year, & in this i find comfort

what's more important: saving lives or saving face?

I am going to meet Bill & Hillary next week!!!!!

Stay what course?

Guardian: Twist to terror suspects row... 80 CIA planes visited UK

Hey, George! About that God thing.

if another terror attack occurred today, how would the neonazis react?

Tests confirm levee sheet pilings only driven about 1/2 as far as recommed

What a chickens*** tactic. Typical for RW'ers afraid to make a stand.

Those #*&$(8I&^*# Powerpoint backdrops. Anyone else sick of them?

Beware of a new scam--IRS e-mails

BBC:South Africa's highest court rules in favour of same-sex marriage

Wyoming Repub Senator: Pombo's mining law is a chronic injury

Little Green Soldiers.....a cartoon

Up against the 2 year active ceiling, US looks to bring NG home

Bush, Democrats back protracted war in Iraq

I think Biden's approach is fine. "How bout a plan, Stan!"

NYT:Articles Prepared by US Part of Multi-Million $ Covert Campaign

Any one else Watching C-Span?

'we should all stand behind our president!'...unless he's a democrat

NYT Edit Rips Bush "Less in touch with reality than Nixon"

if they're so adamant about what to call christ's birthday,....

$1,020,000,000 set aside to "stabilize Iraq" - taking bids now!

'the terrorists possess small, sharp objects of mass destruction'

y'know who used the idiotic phrase 'stay the course'? daddybush

sending the troops to iraq to die needlessly sends the wrong message

the crippling inability to admit defeat

until the Islamists reject their religion and accept jesus the war goes on

OLIPHANT: What Bush didn't say about the war

Americans Say Big Business, Religion Too Powerful

Commercialism in national forests?

Make a Billion Bucks: Can You Help Achieve Victory in Iraq?

WSJ: In Abortion Fight, Little-Known Group Has Guiding Hand

Spreading Freedom ---pix->>>

This needs to be said -

Bible Curriculum: Public Schools Are End Time Battleground

Do we really believe that fighting "them" over there is keeping us from

Juan Cole/LA Times report on break up of Iraq

Powell's ex-Chief of Staff Asserts Cheney Advocates International Crimes

Good morning! Excellent political 'toon. gwb and Jesus. I love Keefe

Today's Orwellian Spectacular: Who was it For?

Plan For Victory? For Who? Iran is the victor in Iraq.

"We are building and have built hundreds of schools..."

How Glib To Commit Men To Endless Combat When He Ran From That Call.

Gas prices down right at the Big Spending Season,

Anyone get a video of Pelosi or Dean from last night?

Plan for Victory, or Pitting Americans against Americans?

we haven't been attacked by terrorists since nine eleven because....

Hey freeptards!!!!! YOUR president sucks and is a "non-truth teller".....

Connecticut Passes Tough Campaign Finance Laws

I called my wife a Rejectionist last night for not giving it up!

"Hooked on the Web: Help Is on the Way"

Fox changed their ornaments ordeal

Why are "benchmarks" so important for our children's education but not


another Katrina casualty

A question re: challenged books...

Howard Deans Blunt Message: Forget Palistine

Adding to Murtha's plan to "re-deploy"....

Rasmussen: Bush Disapproval Number Up 3 Points Today

Courts get tough on women who have sex with boys

Sam The "World's Ugliest Dog" Dies At Age Of 15.

who CARES about what message war critics send to the enemy?

Do you see any way out of this mess?

Actress Sperber Loses Breast Cancer Fight

Will we train the Islamic Iraqis as well as we trained Bin Laden

You think Cheney will blubber like a baby when his day of reckoning comes?

Misadministration propoganda

the 34% that worship bush no matter what, are they like retarded or what?

Iraqi Defense Ministry: "...we will need the Americans for a long time."

Heads up! Kerry is going to be on the Today Show soon.

Iraqi's want Saddam Hussein Back !!

Death Mask: The Deliberate Disintegration of Iraq - Iraqi Death Squads

Completely irrelevant, yet driving me insane..Did anyone else hear


Wash Post: "He's Got Such A Credibility Issue..."

Don Feder joins the fight for Christmas

Spreading corporatocracy not deomcracy or freedom!

Co-Worker here in Qatar, Venting.

An important question to ask

Today is World AIDS Day

Fox News Steps Up to Defend Christmas in our Nation's Hour of Need

While You Were Sleeping - Mark Fiore

Garlic Forces Passengers From Philadelphia Airport

Bush personally screwed up my commute yesterday!

Debunking Prewar Intelligence Falsehoods

Lincoln Group ... Propaganda in Iraq ... Ahmed Chalabi ... Billmon

I have been looking for Snotty now for weeks it seems, when checking

Palm Tree in our house at Christmas

world aids day discussion panel on c-span. n/t

Creepy Lincoln Group (PsyOps propagandist) website ripe for deconstruction

Bush Jury Duty: Will two lucky litigators get Bush under oath?

Dubya gets the call for jury duty

"H: The President" ...can someone explain what H stands for?

Message from Michael Moore

New Pentagon motto: Buy some press and bomb the rest.

Riverbend today

Psst. Important thread in little used science forum needs some love

Damn it Europe! It's vacation, not "on holiday". SAVE vacation now.

Wingers Struggle to Compute the Meaning of LA Times Iraq Propaganda Story

Baghdad Press Club .....good grief

Someone please set the freeper straight

Political Strategists Wanted

How fricking difficult can it be to setup a medicare prescription program

1000 Days

Dukester's Epic Boo-Hoo Hiding Massive Pentagon Rip-Off

Have the Wilsons filed a civil suit against this Administration yet?

MM: Fox now selling "Christmas" ornaments for "Christmas" trees

Hear Keith O on your XM radio

While our sons are away (in Iraq) the Coors Kids will play

CIA, friend or foe?

Jon Stewart asked Pelosi why Bush wanted to go into Iraq

.. and the Daily Show NEVER Made Fun of Howard Dean, Either

Fox News: The Only Cable News Network That Didn't Cover This Morning's Whi

"Incident" In Iraq: 3 Iraqis CRUSHED in Their Car By US Army Vehicle!

Please stop expecting The Daily Show to do the media's job

Truth in Anagrams 2: "War on Christmas"

EU tells African govts. to ignore bushgang's advice on AIDS

War profiteer throws a BIG party

Howard Fineman on Bush speech - Iraqis are "real audience"

CNN Poll: Most doubt Bush has plan for Iraq victory

E&P: So Who is Behind Planting Stories in Iraqi Press?

Press Briefing on right now by yours truly - Snotty - link is Now for real

Whats wrong with the little president's mouth?

Daily Pilot (CA): Police could enforce immigration law (in Costa Mesa, CA)

Caption condi and rummy

Laura "Compassionate Heart" just introduced * for speech of the

Juan Cole is eye-opening today...

My take on the Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday hucksters

Too Poor for Hot Housing Market, To Affluent for . . .

Choice Point seeking all CA DMV records

I don't believe the "Bush is religious" crap either

I'm starting the Rejectionists' Club of America. Want to join?

Newsweek Live Poll: 81% Would Vote for Congressional Democrat

Warning! New hurricane cycle just getting warmed up

Michael Ware, of Time Magazine is about to get Swift boated

Rep Murtha needs to hold Teach-Ins on Redeployment

Another hack in power: Head of USAID believes Muslims will burn in hell

Insight into the NWO....

Bush is Resolved to Defeat Terrorism…He Just Doesn’t Want to Pay the Bill.

anyone's DU pages running slow?

A Week Has Passed Since I Called Vetwife A Thief And A Liar. Yet No Denial

Wow. George was not truthful with America yesterday.

how many members of Bush Ad. does it take to change a lightbulb?

Hang Bill O'Reilly's Christmas balls from your tree!

Angela Merkel is a compassionate leader. She's on CSPAN

Does the military suck that bad?

How to make a Republican stutter

We Should Keep Our Promises to Africa

Unhand that Child you FREAK ---pix->>>

Anybody want to go "Arnold's Neighborhood"??? (Video - FUNNY!)

I've taken my annual test

Victory in Iraq .... A "Please Read"

are the neocons all sexually frustrated & using war as an outlet?

You might be a redneck if...

VIDEO-Pace Corrects Rumseld on abuse

Why are aren't more people asking about the REAL reasons for the war?

Howard Dean statement commemorating World AIDS Day

Would you vote for Daffy Duck for mayor?

WHERE was it seen that credit card companies will be...

Abramoff linked to troubled multibillion-$$$ Homeland Security contract

Another poll to DU

A hypothetical question to those knowledgeable in criminal law

Can anyone tell me what other countries, besides the US,

U.S. Is Said to Pay to Plant Articles in Iraq Papers

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday here in East Texas:

Jimmy Carter is on Al Franken show now

Air America streaming not working? Anyone?

WH says it is concerned that military is running positive stories. msnbc

VIDEO- Hillary Clinton on the Iraq War

'Screaming' Man Dies After Shocked By Deputy

There are 2114 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Embedded TIME reporter: W lied about Iraqi security in speech (w/video)

"Why Did You Want to Bomb Me, Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair?"

"The Unpopular in Pursuit of the Unwinnable?"

Katie Couric: CBS Evening News anchor?

FOX flip flop >> changes their website from Holiday to Christmas ornaments

VIDEO-Pelosi comments on Warner's Comments on Bush Exit Strategy

DU this poll (Is it time for the U.S. to withdraw from Iraq? )

85 US Troops Killed in Iraq in November.

White flight-- in the wrong direction

VIDEO-Snip of Murtha on Hardball Post Bush speech

Colbert gives Comedy Central a ratings boost

If you don't believe history is repeating itself, read this...

"Flight Logs Reveal Hundreds of CIA Flights to Europe: Report"

Mary Matalin on 'Today' again invokes 9/11 while defending *'s Iraq policy

Are you concerned that an early pullout will leave Iraq to the terrorists?

Spend up to a year in prison for selling a movie

A little off topic. Here is the the U.S. National Anthem. We must do what

"Lieberman In Step With GOP On How To Run War"

Brad Blog: I'm Deeply Sorry That Judith Miller Is Out of Her Mind

Russian squirrel pack 'kills dog'

"Fears of Big Freeze as Scientists Detect Slower Gulf Stre

VIDEO-Pelosi on TDS last night

Shooting at Joint Reserve Base in Ft. Worth

Strange Bush photo on NYT frontpage

Eureka! I just figured out why the RW Anti-Choice crowd is so screwed up!

Legacy Tobacco Documents Library

from this month's "Glamour"-sex fantasy about Rove

Shooting at Texas military base wounds 3

Bush called into jury duty

Some evangelicals finally wake up to AIDS crisis at home

VIDEO-Bush's Poll Numbers-..... the more he talks, the lower they go

Schieffer will have an 'exclusive' interview w/ Kerry on this Sunday's FTN

Ahnuld Hires A Democrat... A "Kennedy" as his chief of staff

WHERE'S DICK??? --->>>

DOE funds wingnut rockband's indoctrination assemblies in US high schools

Howard Dean on The Tonight Show.

What is an Iraqi Victory?

Weird synergy between East and Left Coast Timeses

Shouldn't 'doin' a heckuva job' disappear from Bush's speeches?

CatWoman's "Post of the Day"

Hey, it's my thousandth post

CNN 12/1/05 POLL: Most doubt Bush has plan for Iraq victory

Cafferty: Bush has been summoned for jury duty in Crawford, TX.

Dear Red States

So last time we heard from Bin Laden was a week before the '04 election

Why Did Iraq Just Fire Its Human Rights Minister?

I was indoctrinated into religion against my will as a child. Were you?

Expect to see lots of Freepers with purple stuff on their fingers....

South African Court Affirms Gay Marriage

Prosecutors Urged to Investigate RALPH REED's Covert Lobbying

Wal-Mart Flash-Mob Dance Party

US is the biggest reason the world is losing the battle against AIDS!

Speech makes Bush sound presidential (Tucker Carlson)

Peter Baker: Bushists seek to exploit a split among Dems on Iraq

"We've made our views very clear when it comes to freedom of press."

Osteen retracted his statements on Larry King

Joe Wilson calls Novak an "asshole" and a "jerk."

America will not run in the face of CarBombers & assassins as long as I am

Ironic that the paid pentagon propaganda sounds EXACTLY like

I wonder why Junior stopped wearing his snappy Kim Jung II costume?

Lincoln Group (propaganda machine in Iraq) employs Fox News contributor

VIDEO-Cafferty File-Bush Jury Duty-Comments

If oil is made from 'fossils' or plant remains

John Belushi's widow says Bob Woodward is a jerk

John Kerry reported for Jury Duty and Viet Nam - discuss.

To paraphrase Kanye West

is there a nice or sympathetic way to tell bushies they've been screwed?

Those Who Sell War:

Two-Headed Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Born in Costa Rica; Photo

More DoD news propaganda

If America Left Iraq: The case for cutting and running

50 Cent, You Are Dead To Me.

So Rush, just who IS getting the money from your "Adopt-a-Soldier"?

Momma Bush is NOT Happy with Dick, Rove and Card. Beware boys-she's nasty!

Secret CIA prisons in Europe : perspective from Europe

My grocery receipt was a bit more "political" than usual.

"It is ever so clear that this president is too incompetent to govern, ...

Paying for sunshine & light stories in Iraq, paying reporters for good PR

Pentagon has issued orders for the next war

Cindy needs our help

Embedded TIME Reporter: Bush Lied In Speech Yesterday

I'm a liberal and I think Bush did something right

Tonight on Countdown: Pay the Press !

Good news for poor and elderly: dog food "not too bad."

Students to Boycott Slavery Banks;

NH Abortion Case; can someone please explain?

PLEASE checkout this very very cool website U.S. Presidential Elections

Breaking: Bush Lights National Christmas Tree

Not Satire: USA Toady 'debate' on 'intelligent' design vs. evolution

OUTSOURCING at Alaska Airlines leads to big safety concerns

I wish Charles Dickens was still alive

The DCCC is making me angry

$10,000,000 bat mitzvah dad made his money on body armour

DU this Poll

Dems seek inquiry into whether oil executives lied to Congress

Is it time to reset the Government?

Texas Students Exchange Bibles for Porn

Given the fact that Cunningham took more money in bribes

Take A Deep Breath

I wish Randi would stop singing praises to Tweety

Open letter to Barney the scotish terrier.....

Olberman pissed me off last night

9/11: The Significance of Numbers

Pa. Gov. Ed Rendell says: Says Dems won't run on Iraq because we will

End federal support for seal hunt (Green Party Canada)

A very simple economy plan. Feel free to shoot it down.

South Africa's High Court Rules in Favor of Gay Marriage

So what now? re: Iraq

O’Reilly says, “Judaism and Christianity under Secular assualt"

Daddy bush in Wichita KS right now...Century II any protestors?

Having heard the * Plan for Victory

About that Tom Daschle saluting with wrong hand pic.

Nir Rosen in Atlantic Monthly: "The case for cutting and running"

OMG! The US Army is marketing a video game.

Does anyone know??

Nova..The flood of 1936 (Connecticut river) WHITE looters..lots of 'em

The war in Iraq was a declaration of war against America itself...

FOX news: It's Our Own Troops Fault That Iraqi Troops Won't Stand Up

it's too bad most of the U.S. is against the war cause we're stuck with it

If Propaganda is a legit tool of war...

NYT: "It's like watching a computerized model of a president."

Maimed soldiers recruited for US Paralympic Team

Kerry blames election loss on Sept. 11 attacks

Is anybody watching Tweety?

New Reep Talking Points: Fitzgerald Pushing for Presidential Lobotomy!

Proud to be a Bush hater?

L. Logan, CBS News "US Marines are surrounded by AL-QAIDA Fighters"!

most americans think bush is a damn liar, & they impeached Bill for that

At last, at last someone says it!

THIS is the guy who told Franken "I'm NOT splotchy?" THIS splotchy guy?

Why don't we have a "draft" ? Huh?

PHOTOS: Merry Christmas, Barbara Bush!!!

Are the Iraqis we are "training" the former military?

Today Show In Full Whoring Mode Today: Kerry v Matlin

I would like for one person on DU to make a convincing argument for

How about Laura Logan as CBS News Anchor?

dec 1rst -- eviction day

Smirky too busy for jury duty.

Good Morning Rejectionists and Enemies of Democracy and Freedom!

Times Reporter: Iraq that Joey L. sees is not the Iraq he sees!

At One Point Yesterday…I Thought for Sure…Bush Was Going to Bring Up

In less than nine hours, a young Vietnamese-Australian goes to the gallows

Become Republican

"Plan For Victory" My Ass! "Plan For Misery" Is More Like It!

Lou Dobbs poll:Banks Exporting jobs from America

'St. Pete Times' Reacts to Being On Bill O'Reilly's 'Enemies List'

Ralph Reed is in deep shit

New Children's book: Why Mommy is a Democrat

Jeez...with all that is going on, what is Abrams focusing (endlessly) on??

Does Bush have Kerry envy?

50 Years Ago Today...

Please DU this poll

Why does Junior ALWAYS look like he sorts bobcats for a living?

Nobody saw Jack Cafferty's latest obnoxious, disgusting eruption?

"Anderson Keeps Him Honest" - Anderson Cooper about Clinton

"'Tis The Season To Be Broke"

"So you were outraged that Republicans supported Saddam back in the 80's?"

TAP: Democratic 'Gang of Four' and Rule 21

NEW MEME: Bush shot his load too soon on Iraq.

Mike Thompson's "World AIDS Day" toon -- WOW!

Diebold gets slapped down....corroborates they're rigged.

Ann Coulter 11/23/05: Saddam was working with Al Qaeda & getting uranium

Why didn't you all include me in your master plan to kill Christmas?

From my local cartoonist Rex Babin

Is DU being redesigned only for DSL and high speed users?

Whistleblower! - US Interrogator Confirms Routine Iraq Torture

Sign Rush Holt's "Verified Voting" Petition

Great Graphic I Found On All Hat No Cattle.

Damn I wish I could see this movie!

Al Sharpton — "When George Bush reaches out his hand, he's usually got

4 yrs. later & bush STILL hasn't gotten bin Laden...what a WIMP!

O’Reilly Claims He Is Personally Responsible For Lower Gas Prices

12/1 *** URGENT*** 12 Days to STOP the EXECUTION!! PLEASE ACT!!

Do You See Any Meaningful Distinction Between...

Who are you mad at in politics? and WHY? I'll start with Gore ...

Bush's name in Arabic...

Gibson: Christians tolerate those following the "wrong religion."

Crusader Bush appoints guy who believes Muslims will burn in hell.

Could you recommend some "required" Dem reading for me?

The 12 questions that can detect autism in your child

U.S. paid for "news reports" in Iraqi Press but WHAT ABOUT HERE?!?!

I was so impressed by Jimmy Carter on Al Franken today

The MOST BRIEFED PRESIDENT in American History: Bush 43

Police Fine Students For Cursing

CNN: Democrats grumbling about Pelosi support for Iraq withdrawal.

Brzezenski's Devastating Critique of Bush & Dems PETITION: Fight L.A. Times news cuts for Chicago profits!

Did You See Tonight's CBS News? The Segment About The Amputees...

Do you prefer Coulter on acid or on speed? Compare --->>

Message from Leonard Peltier

DU this No Bush Zone Map. It only takes 30 seconds.

Kos: MoveOn mulls financing Lieberman opponent

The girl who went from baker's assistant to Baghdad bomber

Freeper LTTE: Radical liberal thinking has led to behavioral decay

A Daily Show thread...

You can't win a "war" on Terror

Good News: O'Reilly Factor Ratings Are Dropping

Rush Limbaugh: Lieberman Has Guts

America the butt of jokes around the world

The Internet can take the worst of us, especially in politics

Defense Contractor bilks company and soldiers -shoddy bulletproof vests!

A small gripe, but... "Intelligent Design" is a tautology

Is bush the new Belshazzar? Most apt description I've read yet!


As many as 60 Congressmen may be implicated in Bribery scandal

Paper ballots and Hand counts...Nothing more, nothing less,,,,,NOW!!! n/t

Trudeau says "Doonesbury" showing Bush defending frat torture "fact-based"

Is it ethical for a psychiatrist to diagnose a public figure?

Calling adult females "girls"

Lynne Cheney Unhinged: Insists Her Husband Never Connected Saddam to 9/11

Pentagon in CNN newsroom.

Al Jazeera and MSM

good rant about Maureen O'Dowd on Letterman

VIDEO-ASSKICK!!!! Reagan Jr thrashes Buchanan on Iraq Propaganda

OK, this might sound crazy, but bear with me here...

A beautifully eloquent post by H2O Man...

DEBATE: Should Stan Tookie Williams receive clemency?

Staggering death rate for youth in Chicago juvenile justice system

When Freepers send their kids to public school

Niger Forgeries Update: "When the US State Department finally gave ...

Defense Contractor Brooks Buys Teenage Daughter $10,000,000 Party

Do you think that Lowell Weicker could defeat Lieberman in a primary?

"Should the US harden its immigration policies?" (a poll to DU)

Why Have So Many Bush Administration Enemies Died Untimely Deaths?

50 State Attorney General Elections...50 good people. You do the math!

Jon Stewart Mocks Kerry For 'Balance'

Tim Robbins: "Hillary Clinton can kiss my butt."

Obama continues to disappoint....

Cynthia McKinney - one of the best

Gulf Coast (Mississippi) Still in Ruins 3 Months After Katrina

DNC: Billboard denied.

Make this Christmas special for a soldier

WHAT rational person could look at this PHOTO & not think he's incompetent

Their Levees VS Our Levees

"Crockpot Indian Pudding"

Jon Stewart Reports on the fall of our government

US set to carry out 1,000th execution this week

Phishers trying to reel in taxpayers(fake IRS e-mails promise tax refunds)

NYT: Lawmakers (Dems Miller and Markey) Seek Inquiry on Pensions

(legal) Setback for BlackBerry maker (possible shutdown in service)

NYT: Louisiana's Levee Inquiry Faults Army Corps

Critics: More Turning Away From Wal-Mart

WP:"In Baghdad, Reality Counters Rhetoric"

Parry: "Bush In Iraq, Slouching Toward Genocide"

Two women win in Saudi election (BBC)

Alito Helped Craft Reagan-Era Move To Restrict 'Roe' (WaPo)

Jimmy Carter's Son May Run For Senate

Secret Israeli training site in Iraq

Conn. Lawmakers Pass Campaign Finance Laws

Mall demands 'blue roof' Christmas display be taken down (Katrina Xmas?)

Soldier accused of attempted murder

Republican Senator blames Democrats for deaths of children

Judge: Tobin faces trial on charge of denying voting rights

AP Interview: Romney says re-election delay hurts Dems, not GOP

Farkas refuses Senate inquiry

Critics go to court against new law

Boycott blog, GOP chief urges members

Utah Republicans to 'date' lobbyists

Al-Qa'ida recuiters call for loyalty oath

NYT: Agency (GAO) Uncovers Problems in (Medicare) Drug Discount Program

Holocaust Left "Indelible Mark Of Shame," Pope Says

Iraqi rebels attack in Ramadi, seize some streets

State Dept. having staffing trouble

NYT: For New Court, Abortion Case Takes Old Path (incl. AUDIO link)


Any one else Watching C-Span?

Iraqi rebels attack in Ramadi

1000 Days

Corzine May Tap Minority for Senate Seat

Significant Changes in Air Passenger Screening Lie Ahead

(CT) State votes on (state) election financing (banning lobbyists)

Mehlman attacks Democrats

The 50-Point Drop: How Did Bush Fall This Far?

Initial Unemployment claims at 320,000 for latest week

WP, Robin Wright: Pres's 'Strategy for Victory' Does Not Address Problems

Ashcroft: Patriot act tools needed

US to Pull Out Most of National Guard

Donor in (Cunningham) bribe case has links to (Virgil) Goode (R-VA)

WP: Study: U.S. Fisheries Discard 22% of Catch (unwanted "bycatch")

Catholics should not marry Muslims, say Italian bishops

Kerry says U-S lacks strategy for pulling troops out of Iraq

South Africa to Have Gay Weddings

General: Iraq suicide attacks fell in Nov.

NYT: G.O.P. Dispute Over Pirro's (Senate) Bid (v. Clinton) Grows Fiercer

AP: Murtha Says Army is 'Broken, Worn Out'

Montgomery (and bus systems around country) Mark Rosa Parks Anniversary

LAT: Kurdish Oil Deal (w/ Norwegian firm) Shocks Iraq's Political Leaders

"Peres quits Labour to back Sharon" (BBC)

Groups Protest Cannibalism in Video Games (Lieberman fighting zombies)

Pace: Battling Terrorism Will Be Long War

One Egyptian killed in election violence (police blocking voters)

Poll: Most Doubt Bush Has Plan For Iraq Victory

David Sirota email describes possible Moveon actions against Lieberman.

Crescent dropped from 9/11 Pa. memorial

Lieberman In Step With GOP On How To Run War

Fears of Big Freeze as Scientists Detect Slower Gulf Stream

UK embassy lied over fate of Timor journalists

Israel will not accept Iran nuclear weapons: Sharon

Walgreens places 4 pharmacists on leave - Contraceptive wasn't dispensed

WHouse concerned at reports of planted Iraq stories

Harris' refund offer goes begging

NYT: For Once, President and His Generals See the Same War

AP: Agreement will scuttle much of LAX modernization plan

Weak Strain Of Bird Flu Found At Sun Valley Farm, U.S.

Insurgents Attack U.S. Bases in Iraq

Poll: Most doubt plan for Iraq victory

Mehlis slams Syria for "propaganda" in Hariri probe

LAT: San Jose Airport to Offer Fast-Track System

Four federal agencies agree to buy more alternative fuel vehicles

Europeans reject abstinence message in split with US on Aids

When the truth doesn't work, try a lie.

Black Woman Among Contenders for NJ Senate

Zogby: Nearly 4 In 10 Americans Hold Unfavorable Opinion Of Wal-Mart

Bush reaffirms commitment to fighting AIDS

Bush remains vague on date for withdrawing troops (the Canadian version)

Cunningham, Scanlon Help Keep Republican Scandals in Public Eye

"Anderson Keeps Him Honest" - Anderson Cooper about Clinton

(Iraqi Shia cleric) Sadr criticises Bush on troop pullout

UK security firm to investigate Iraq video clips (Aegis "Trophy" Video)

(Dem Rep Maurice) Hinchey sees 'evolution' in Senator Clinton's war stance

Fumes that prompted evacuations identified as tear gas(source mystery)

Black set to appear in US court

White House calls Democrats irresponsible on Iraq


Protection for sexual orientation (in Little Rock, Ark. public schools)

The first Australian to be executed in 12 years

U.S. Ambassador Makes Drumming Debut

Roberts inclined to salvage abortion law

Alito Once a Defendant in Crash Lawsuit

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 1 December

Court sets S.Africa on course for gay marriage

Three U.S. soldiers, four Iraqis killed (2113)

Iowa Republicans renew drive to reinstate death penalty

Bush Called for Jury Duty in Waco

Churches call on McDonald's to pay more to tomato pickers

University Cancels Class on Creationism

Stem cell research to get cash boost

White House calls Democrats irresponsible on Iraq

N.J. group buys airtime for ad backing transgender rights

New Hampshire gay marriage panel sharply divided

Two US Allies Leaving Iraq, More May Go..

U.S. Home Prices Jump 12.02 Percent

4 U.S. Troops Killed in Push Against Iraqi Rebels

Cronies' deals may have put GIs at risk(Duke Cunningham)

Democrats want literacy class on Bible (in Alabama public schools)

Fortenberry money from tainted source going to charity (R-Ne)

Russian City Braces For Arrival Of Toxic Spill

Tests confirm levee sheet pilings only driven about 1/2 as far as recommen

WP: Hurricane Victims' Bills Coming Due (3 mortgage payments due 12/1)

Belgian Woman Identified As an Iraq Bomber

Will Bush heed his call to (jury) service?

Western white woman a suicide bomber

US on defensive as reports of 'secret torture flights' pile up..

US downplays Iraqi rebel attack on US-Iraqi base (3 US troops die) but

US Army officer charged in Iraq contract bribe scam

Black's bail in tens of millions

Abramoff, lobbyists linked to troubled multibillion-dollar Homeland Securi

'Donor fatigue' a new impact from storms (Houston Salv Army $ down 4%)

Pentagon sets exit rules for next war

Reed Reportedly Received Millions to Lobby In Texas-But He Never Registere

Sen. Evan Bayh to back bill targeting violent video game sales

WHouse concerned at reports of planted Iraq stories

Murtha predicts most U.S. troops will leave Iraq within a year

Democrat demands criminal probe of oil execs - Go Lautenberg!

Insurgent offensive on Iraqi city

CNN:Three wounded, one person in custody after shooting at Texas military

Two U.S. Allies Leaving Iraq, More May Go (Bulgaria & Ukraine)

Federal agents raid Fieger office

(Dem Rep. George) Miller: Bush, Cheney emerge as 'liars' (impeachment ?)

Neo-Nazis get OK for Dec. 10 rally in Toledo

Kerry blames election loss on Sept. 11 attacks

Candidate From Allawi's List Killed

Weldon rips 9/11 commission over intelligence failures

Military develops a Star Trek-like phaser

"Life, my dear, is more than just freezing toads."

Hey, this is the last night of Sweeps month!

Anybody here ever pulled up their boobstraps?

Great Bush joke I got in my inbox (no use of "brazillion", I promise!)

Warum wohl fährt Österreich nicht zur WM ???

Mmmmm.... day old popcorn!

Trolls - a puck

Window Washer High-Rise Drama - Video

lounge lizards - your movie is on the way!!!

Sign in the front yard of a house in Framingham today

HOWARD DEAN is on The Tonight Show

"Law & Order" star Mariska Hargitay pregnant

I have a TWO-DAY job interview in SC

Anyone else catch "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" tonight?

"While You Were Sleeping" - New Mark Fiore animation

damn, i really miss Paris... (Pic Heavy)

It's 45 degrees right now, and my mom has the A/C on!!!

Have you ever been badly in love?

I just attended my first Dave Matthews Band Concert!!

i'm just so

self delete

I'm PAINTLESS and no I wont post pics!

...and so i end my day as it began...

WTF?? Eat me, Leno!

I am looking to hide a secretion

"I wish that I had Jesse's girl"

Nighthawks thread

Kangaroo Steals The Show - Video, so tired....

Metrosexuals....if there was a pill that could make you a slob...

Whoa--South Park really sucks now!

OMG! 2,000 posts!

just saw this: DEMOCRATS ARE SEXY... why? check this out

Protest in NYC against record companies that vandalize people's PCs

Which "Grease" character(s) are you?

Garlic In Bag Forces Evacuation Of Philadelphia Airport

GREAT LINK - hacks to bypass phone prompts and talk to a PERSON

Jerry Hall Launches Erectile Dysfunction Campaign

What does a sonic boom sound like?

Farmer Paints Cows, Horses, Dog Orange To Protect From Hunters

Good Thursday Morning, Everyone!

Is it christmas fever in the lounge or what?

4-Year-Old Girl Denied Santa Visit For Not Buying Photo

Bogus IRS E-Mails

'Stowaway cat' to fly business class to U.S. home

Captain Christmas?

So just what can we do to help get ourselves on O'Reilly's "Enemy List"

Do you like Tom Cruise with or without a beard?

Dial-up warning.

WTF is it with ending personal calls w/ thanks for calling? (rant)

Connecticut Police Fine Students For Cursing

Have you ever been manly in love?

Should I wear a tie?

No offense but....

Chav Christmas

I have an interview tomorrow

More Dada-esque spam poetry....

I'm starting the Rejectionists' Club of America. Want to join?

I am stranded at home due to snow...

A Rant about Doctors

does anyone else think life would be more fun if it was a musical

I want to go .......

Minor panty hose vent

I believe this comic sums up the job market well enough...

Hello, my name is Mr. Typo

Matt Damon on why he enjoys working with George Clooney:

Today is Richard Pryor's 65th Birthday!

I love Cats. They taste like chicken!

Coincidence? You decide...

Honor the Vet's

EZ-Pass in New York (rant)

Argh! I frickin HATE winter! Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

And now, a snowblower with a V-8 engine...

I had a dream that Ahhnold-The-Groper was thinking about killing me

Mrs. V.'s cousin: It's lung cancer that metastasized to the brain.

Women Suing After Being 'Eaten Alive' By Bedbugs In Hotel

A rant about Lawyers

quote thread

Training a rescued cat. Help!

A note to runners (Mardi Gras Marathon)


Dec. 13th: Simpsons Season 7 DVD w/ "Collectible Marge Head Package"

Yankee pigs...kneel before the Socialist Might of my new sig image.

I had a bad dream- the Trading Spouses "darksided" lady was in it.

Cat question

Cool. I accidentally found a stolen car!

Sam The "World's Ugliest Dog" Dies At Age Of 15.

Twist ties are supposed to be fastened in a clockwise direction . Damn it!

Bertha's vacation photos still waiting in the wings, so (DIALUP WARN!)

Fox "news" screwup with "Christmas/Holiday."

Christ Almighty!!! That term paper is done!

How many times have you wanted to do this?

any other quoties here

Which fucked up genius composer are you?


Grateful Dead to Allow Free Web Downloads


Well, my girlfriend's gone.

Alright...I am off to sacrifice virgins or some such

The lounge is my salvation this morning.

Please respond to this question


$24,000 for an associate's degree online?!?! Fuck that!

OK who else is having issues with corporate email today?

How do you do crossed out words in a post? nt

Sam & Dave, Otis, Percy, Aretha, Sam Cooke....

Redskins owner to "deep six" Six Flags "Mr.Six"

Man claims to be bullet proof, gets shot dead

Movie Discussion - The House of Sand and Fog

HELP needed from IPOD owners please!!!

What was the name of your Senior paper/thesis/project?

Some bastard that works for me just came up and told me, "Bob,

Is hanging around on DU a good excuse

Incorrect usage of Vocabulary: Journalist edition

At this moment, red-hot lava is pouring into the Pacific Ocean

Cell phone SMS'ers

how many of you would let me practice accupuncture on you?

Naked Drunk Man Fires Gun At Traffic

How easy would it be to buy a car in a foreign country and import it here?

The universe told me to come back ...

some bastard at work just came up to me and said

I'm going to go get Chinese (food). Anyone want anything?

"Superbowl of Love" tonight on Letterman!

Conference calls on speakerphone in cube farm.

How to Hook Up Your Ugly Friends (Humor)

I just bought Richard Clarke's new book


im feeling feisty today!!!

Discrepancies between CBS's "Rudolph" and the Bible's

Just in time for the holidays...

Hey you cool groovy cats! You want to make the scene?

Do You People REALIZE What Yesterday Was?

Who remembers "Don't Take the Ice"?

Know Your Schitt


Let me sing praises........

Dick Van Patten Selling Dog Food - He Eats It Too

Pelle Lindberg has been dead for more than 20 years.

screw Shell Beau...What is everyone getting ME for Christmas?

Keep the change you filthy animal!

Does anyone have a CafePress shop?

"I have Gummi Worms... if that doesn't scream 'LUNCH!' I don't know what

Since we are talking massages here,

Damnit can we have a preview button for our profile

Here are 29 more cute/funny animal pictures (dialup warning - 900 k total)

Vonage is the best known.........

why do people expect IT guys to know every program that was ever written??

How many Guys would let me massage them?

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 ...Korean....Hip Hop...

ANTM Fans: Why was Kim ousted the other week

OK, I have some eggnog, rum, and vodka


Russian squirrel pack 'kills dog'

Well my mind has been in the gutter all day!

Is there some kind of Avian Flu Computer virus going around?

Hey, did the Lemon Chicken recipe win the contest?

Employers: Is your hobby your employee's job to deal with?

Shameless flirting thread

I just found a cat - not sure what to do...

One of the funniest conversations I've ever overheard...

A question for those who have seen "Batman Begins."

Do people seriously buy O'Reilly's christmas balls?

1 In 10 Men Has Paid For Sex

*show of hands*Who here wanted to be a dentist?

Let's critique each others blogs.

Do The Tropical Fish In My Aquarium Get Bored?

I just drove 100 miles for lunch

I coined a new phrase!

A blatant plea for attention from an old DUer--What a ride I've had!

Anyone from SoCal ever eaten at Philippe's?

Owwww. I love my dentist, but damn this hurts!

Echo and the Bunnymen are in front of my building - ask me anything.

I think I tripped over ForrestGump

12 hour live webcast on Einstien's Theory of Relativity

You might be a redneck if...

I want sushi!

I'm grateful for such compelling contributions to the Research Group

Eggnog *hiccup*

Tommorow is FRIDAY!!

I think Matcom is a gerkin

Who remembers "Vanilla Ice"

I think Matcom is a virgin (non sequitor, post from your history time)

So, is there a better year than this? "The Andy Griffith Show," year 4.

ruffruffruff ruffruffruff ruffruffRAFFRAFFruff

Is $485 Too Much To Spend For A Blow Job From A Crew Of Five Men?

Corny Thread


Is ForrestGump the new King of the Lounge?

Shocker! Kansas Votes 4-1 To Allow Intelligent Design!

Mark E. Smith reads the football scores (6 MB Real)

mods, are you ready to just burn the lounge and start over?

its post a pic of Shell Beau time again

Liberalitch snorts, pounds chest, throws shit.....


photoshopped... or proof that hobbits exist?

Customer rant ( yeah, another one)


What's WRONG with you people?

Thy Hummer Overfloweth...This is hilarious

What's not WRONG with you people?

How often do you engage in self-massage?

rob zombie ~ devil's rejects...

Is this inhumane?

Who remembers "Don't Break the Ice"?

Should we have a controversial subject poll OR a poll about a blue bear?

AOL asks "What do You Call This" poll...huh?

Wendie Jo Sperber of ‘Bosom Buddies’ dies

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 12/1/05)

The right wingers are jazzed about Bush's last speech.

I received some boring mail today.

So, what's everybody getting me for Christmas?

I challenge skygazer

Boomers. What TV Xmas special did you family watch every year?

Examples of common eyesight problems.

So I am thinking about making toffee, but I have never done it before and

A blog about indecency. And the media.

50 Years Ago Today In Montgomery, Alabama


OK< so who is going to be the next DU couple to marry?

Is Thtwudbeme ever actually funny?

What NFL teams do Los Angeles football fans root for?

Three months without Fast Food

My 1000th post and it only took 4 years!


5,000th post party thread!

Cute cat pics!

Wow! Googling "string bikini" is not so safe for work!!

She svelte get pandemonium headset

Just HOW wrong is it to have a cocktail before work?

Should I be grateful?

One oif the funniest conversations I've ever overheard...

who is in your body lust?

Something I'd like to share w/ all of you...

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are now parents.


how many girls would a guy let massage them....

I've been goofing off on DU for the last 6 hours

How many Girls Would Let Me Massage them?

Trucks - a poll

Fuck "Vanilla Ice"! Who remembers "The Chronic"?

Emily, the Stowaway Cat, Is Coming Home

Narnia? Is it a crazy fundie thing or not?

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A couple of interesting new Scott Stapp stories

I think I'm falling for ForrestGump

So what should we get ForrestGump for Christmas?

who is on your buddy list?

The Force is strong with you nutty-one

Remember that Squirrel I was telling you about yesterday?? Apparently

The U.S. National Anthem. Let's take our country back from the current

What are holiday gift ideas for someone who is rich

Now all we need for the mother of all the LBN flamewars...

Name a movie you walked out of before it was half over with.

Every actor, writer, musician and artist that has ever lived SUCKS!

I think I'm falling for ShellBeau

Of these five PLAYFUL CATS photos, which do you think is best?

OMFGS Wes Jr is so hot!

Attention please: Kitchen Witch is looking for a virgin.

Walk The Line


What? No LOST threads today? **Spoilers**

(NOT a copycat!) How many guys would let a guy massage them?

When IE fucks up, it fucks up GOOD.

Name a movie you have watched more than 5 times, all the way through.

How Would YOU Play It?

25 more posts and I escape the 700 club ask me anything

I won't be posting on DU for a while.

What makes YOU feel hot?

Giftmas greed and consumerism "Angel Tree" - a rant

It's snowing it's snowing!!

Know anything about TRUCKS? (calling all greasemonkeys!)

free association thread

I guess this is about the time billyskank would be going to bed!

how many girls would let a guy massage them....

123 posts until 13,000 - ask me anything

Favourite Hitchcock film?

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Catholics should not marry Muslims, say Italian bishops

I was indoctrinated into religion against my will as a child. Were you?

Theologians to ask Pope to suspend limbo?

Agency Uncovers Problems in Drug Discount Program

Tracks of extinct, giant scorpion found in Scotland

Creativity Linked to Sexual Success and Schizophrenia

Tracks of extinct, giant scorpion found in Scotland

New Scientist: 30% reduction in Gulf Stream

Bats may be carriers of Ebola virus

Miniature Solar System

Alleged 40,000-yr-old human footprints, much older than thought

University Of Florida Mulls Gay Partner Benefits

U.S. condemns Emirates' arrest of gays

Wis. marriage ban hearing draws crowd

Black Pastors Pray For Defeat Of Gay Rights Ordinance

South African court affirms same-sex marriage

Gay, lesbian couples can teach heterosexuals how to improve relationships

Evangelicals venture into AIDS activism

Gay Mormon gets real on 'Survivor'

UPDATE: South Africa must allow Gay marriage!

Latest Zogby Poll (12/1/2005)

Gays decry Vatican ban; priest quits

Dual Classic Winner Afleet Alex Retired

Houston Pastor, Deion Sanders Defend Michael Irvin

I have a question about MLB extra innings


Open letter to barney......

devilgrrl, how is Calvin?

Anyone here done any astral travel?

May We Re-visit "The Brights"?

Brian Wilson is on

Armando doesn't like boiled bunnies

Another good article to understand why the media may be avoiding

Mass folks - look who's hanging out at that evil site -

Proof God has a sense of humor: Bush gets jury duty summons

Hart endorsement of Kerry's Iraq plan covered on

For people from PA - There is a thread on GD saying that Rendell

How much clearer can it be on Iraq

Jon Stewart dissed JK tonight on TDS (not once but twice)

According to TNR Kerry is a DailyKos Pleaseasaurus

Did anyone see Sen. Kerry on The Today show (NBC)

Senator Kerry to appear on Face the Nation

Rosa Parks statue bill signed today - Photo here

Kerry certainly ruffled some feathers yesterday,

One interesting thing (to me anyway) about Senate cliques

About Pelosi's remarks and why I am not bothered by it

Kerry on Pentagon paying Iraqi newspapers


Interesting item from Radar

Piss off Kos - donate to John Kerry!


Any D- SLR reccomendations in the under 1k range?

Desperate to take pictures

"Extreme Processing" Challenge COMMENTS thread...

"Extreme Processing" Challenge SUBMISSION thread...

Countdown Newsletter -- 12/01/05: Pay the Press

Women Sue After Hotel Bedbug Attacks

Nov ratings: Countdown/KO is the highest-ranked show on MSNBC!

The word is out

National security whistleblowers boycott upcoming hearing (Sibel)

Howard Dean will be on Leno tonight!

White House: "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"

F*CK BUSH! ******DEMS must retake initiative*******F*CK BUSH!!!

DLC's BullMoose calling for "Democracy Truce" - I Say Hell No!

Openly gay canidate to run against anti-gay candidate for Texas 150th

Did * Coin A New Term Yesterday - Saddamists?.......

Can Dems run in new election in California. Arnold must provide a new ele

Notice How Today The MSM Is Reporting How Iraqi Troops Are...

My buddy Howard is on Leno!

I don't want a government that sends messages and signals!

Matthews gushes again: MSNBC host praised Bush's "brilliant political move"

(Hahahaha) Midshipmen at yesterday's W speech

condi defends detaining people who've committed no crime, because...

Alito: OK for cops to execute boy for stealing $10

Have you noticed that no other democrats support Joe Lieberman

understanding Murtha's "over-the-horizon" redeployment

Did you hear Donald Trump talking about Iraq on Imus?

Keith Olberman last night

Gossip: Some big-money Republicans are likely to support Giuliani in '08

Iraqi city of Ramadi attacked

Top Oil Company Executives Retool Responses on Energy Task Force Roles

Lieberman vs. Snowe -- who would you vote for?

CBS News poll: exit strategy

Unknown Soldiers

Right-Wing Rock - Coming soon to a school near you at taxpayer expense

If Democrats can win the Congress, they will win the Presidency..

Poll: Kerry Would Top Bush Today

Sharpton doing car title loan ads here in Virginia

Here's what's puzzling me about Bush's Iraq 'Plan for Victory':

Cheney's politics of fear and smear

Pentagon pays Iraqi papers to print its 'good news' stories

My retarded hamster is smarter than your President.

Saudi women make electoral breakthrough

Inquiry Launched on Cunningham Abuses (by GOP?)

Cunningham scandal) Contractor spends big on (32) key lawmakers

a Fiore lullaby

WH Briefing starts.....NOW. (only at

Justice Department Didn't Act on Warning About Abramoff Client

David Sirota email describes possible Moveon actions against Lieberman.

Being John Kerry

US 'national security' favors Indonesian thugs

Governors 50 State Approval Ratings. Jodi Rell (R-CT) #1.

Kerry on the Today Show

Chertoff sent an APB bulletin out for Brown

Would you get hired with bush's resume?

Don't tell me you are a Christian, Let me figure it our for myself

The politics of troop withdrawal - let's discuss

Sherrod Brown’s Flip, Paul Hackett’s Strength

Introducing my new sig-line: Five house races that deserve more cowbell

Army is “broken, worn out” - Murtha

Bush is just putting lipstick on a Pig...

Congressmen who commit crimes deserve NO PENSION !

California bars election reform advocates

O' Reilly's Comments

Bush's speech disconnected from reality

* won't cover this in any speech...guaranteed!

I finally get the "flypaper" analogy for Iraq. It's brilliant.

The 50-Point Drop: How Did Bush Fall This Far?

Moving the Senate Dems to Murtha's plan

I refuse to subscribe to the culture of victimization that plagues

This Print survived the Hurricane

Bush Boost a Bust?

"Vice President's Office Keeps Travel Expenses Under Wraps"

Iraqis want Saddam to run for election ("We lost security after Saddam")

Senator Reid is on Big Eddie Schultz right now...

Confused about the growing Abramoff/Scanlon scandal? Listen to this!

Bush in Denver- Rep.Musgrave doesn't get why she's in such a select group.

LOL,yet another Repuke admits to using campaign funds for buying a home.

Jean Schmidt works, campaigns while seen as hero or villain

VIDEO from last nights "Daily Show" is FINALLY at Comedy Central!

We shouldn't allow them to divide and conquer

House Democratic Leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi on The Daily Show Tonight!


John Warner - Max Headroom?

Has Scotty McCellan Been Seen Lately? .......n/t

41 in Wichita KS right now...gonna give a speech at Century II protestors

Diebold Execs give big to Christian Reconstructionists.

Is Charles Krauthammer the son of Dr. Strangelove?

What rational person can argue that Iraq is better off today....?

PLEASE Checkout this very very cool website U.S. Presidential Elections

Why is there NO interest in the DNC meeting being held in Phoenix this

Rumsfeld & Pentagon using psy-ops, surveillance on journalists & bloggers

Lieberman Uses Parts of Bush Speech Hours Before Bush Delivers It

Political Economy issues are going to kill R's in the '06, '08 elections

How do we get Murtha to run for president in '08?

White, Married with Children, attends church

Olympia Snowe Rocks

Bush takes Cheney out of the loop on national security

What issues have you changed your stance on?

Lieberman or McCain?

Credit Card Minimum Monthly Payments: The Facts

Hardball is covering the "Pentagon Plants Propaganda" story

Remember its your money...

Hillary updates her position on war - letter to constituent

does criticism of the party

Booting Joe Lieberman Would Be a Sign of Weakness

Bonifaz announces candidacy for Secretary of State

Hillary backs off Iraq vote

BUY BLUE ! The Buy Blue 2005 Christmas list ...

Put on your seatbelts its time for the big setups...

Ralph Reed: Plagirist who hated Mohandas Gandhi

Transcript of Dean on Jay Leno.... a few snips.

The Economist---Why America must stay (in iraq)