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Archives: December 11, 2005

Maryland's Shame: On Seeing Wesley Baker Die

Observer: MI6 and CIA 'sent student to Morocco to be tortured'

The Torture Administration--Anthony Lewis--The Nation

O "Imprisoned" Little Town of Bethlehem

Help with The New Pearl Harbor - Changes in FAA regulations pre 9/11?

Next week on "Ring of Fire" - Wasserman On Stolen Election 2004!

Pennsylvania ALERT - our good VVPR bill on agenda with BAD bill Tuesday!

Congratulations to the UNI Panthers!

Be a Texas Charter Member of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy!

I almost never hear "Peace on earth, good will toward men" any more.

CNN and FOX News Boadcasting Exact Same Headline

Richard Pryor and Eugene McCarthy, and racism and war

Bush releases easy-to-understand diagram of his plan for Iraq

Frank Rich: 'It takes a Potemkin village'

Credit Card Offers Stacking Up at Homes of the Newly Bankrupt

On AAR Now! Katrina Victims speak out - about missing, dead,

The US has used torture for decades. All that's new is the openness

Zogby poll on 08 candidates I just did.

'Integrity' Tops Web Dictionary's Lookups - No. 10 on list is "inept" LOL

Who here has done Candidate Signature Checking?

2006 Blue Awards - Looking for Advice

What kind of democrat are you?

For the James Dobson Fans On DU

AP: U.N. climate talks end with pivotal deal

Former senator Eugene McCarthy has died.

Am I just paranoid ?

Question.. what does the jesus fish mean?

Guardian Unlimited: The world can breathe again

Your most humble servant, Robert Cooper, is now a donor to DU...

Salon: Antiwar hero

Murtha on FOX now....

Does anyone have information on the

Iraq War: Here's what it's all about.

Help with The New Pearl Harbor - Changes in FAA regulations pre 9/11?

George Bush, George Bailey ... Happy Holidays!

Want to see a truly humble man named Bush?

Great toon in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Three reasons there's a WAR ON HANUKKAH!!!!

DU this msnbc poll: do you believe there is a war on Christmas?

I am almost afraid to bring this up

Court Rules Against Mom in Download Suit

Cynthia McKinney on AAR now! (Sat. 8:15 pm - midwest time)

the Holiday issue is Hollow Propaganda to pin 'Godless' on Democrats

Need Graphics Help!! Merh & JJ'ss Great Idea to help Katrina Survivors

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm! Hosts from two continents...

Sunday Talk Shows

Michael Reagan: "Dean should be "arrested and hung for treason" (video)

Neo-Nazi rally comes off with no major violence

If CNN is so darn liberal...

Well, we went and viewed Syriana this afternoon...

Does anyone know if/when the movie "Reds" will be put on DVD?

What's next quote song and go to jail?

"Where'd you get these pictures of my mother?"

Since when was Norm Coleman ever "a former left-wing radical"?

When Do You Get Access??

Are any of you aware of a "war tax" on your phone bills?

Is there a correlation between RW Homophobic Speech and Hate Crimes?

I don't understand this photo

So Angry - Tell me again why gays can't adopt?

Zogby Poll...........lets chat about

Brace Yourself for Dean Bashing on Sunday Talk Shows

What's Iraq war good for? Fundraising, Bush shows

Holiday Torture Songs ---> TOON

Why Torture Doesn't Work - By Brig. Gen. David R. Irvine

CNN lady: But some people quit smoking to keep their jobs. Isn't that good?

When all else fails, make dogs your spokesmen. It worked for Nixon.

A note of appreciation from the rich

Saudi Billionaire Boasts of Manipulating Fox News Coverage

How did **'s Presidential Ambitions originate

Dear Gov. Dean -- On Passing the "Nuremberg chalice" …

Frank Rich. It Takes Potemkin Village. Must Read!!!

Caption this photo:

The Significance of the Death of Raymond Lemme to the 2004 Election


Throw a brick at the Clinton's and Hillary throws a concrete block back

Pot Roast with Guinness Gravy

Richard Pryor has died

Independent: Climate campaigners claim greatest ever success at Montreal

Four US soldiers killed in Iraq ( # 2142 )

Haiti sacks Supreme Court judges --BBC World News

Bolivia MAS Warns Oil Transnationals

Democrats recommend adding some diverse states early in presidential votin

Iran's supreme ruler supports anti-Israel comments made by hardline presid

Al Qaeda link fuels fears for hostages

Insurgents Attack Afghan Police Station, Killing 6 Officers

EU concealed deal with US to allow 'rendition' flights

WP: In Iraq, Bush Pushed For Deadline Democracy

Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran

Karma Chameleon/Where Da Hood At?

I was having a burger in Berkeley yesterday when John began singing

Heisman presentation in 15 minutes. Who will get it?


"It's a Wonderful Life" is on

baby wants to post

Bah Humbug! Just can't get into the spirit!

How screwed are you if your piston blows & the engine falls out?

Post-Thanksgiving Turkey EMERGENCY. Help!!!

vicodin 1 kidney stones 0. ask me anything


Am I the only one who

Just to make things even MORE fun, thought I'd try cutting off my thumb!

Some nice motorist paid my toll on the Bay Bridge today.

I slept in till 7pm today- a new record

The life and career of Richard Pryor

Favorite Sade Lyrics

I've got 100 species for Trinity County!

SUV Trapped on Ice - In a Parking Lot

SHIT! I just found out

Is it ok to use the word 'blowhard' in scholarly writing?

Has anyone seen the movie Three Dollars?

Another saturday night, and I ain't got nobody

I've encountered some vandalism of Wikipedia.

Spooky thumping sounds in the Roberdel community in NC

Is there a DU cell phone wallpaper?

What do Scarlett Johanson and The Five Satins have in common?

Getting my Christmas tree today. My daughter and her boyfriend are

One of my favorite websites. (link) What's yours?

Who else here is a huge fan of David Wenham?

"It's A Wonderful Life" is on right now - if anyone cares.

Scary HITCHCOCK Birds at My House

OMFG!! Former US senator McCarthy dies

I'm flying out for a big job interview tomorrow

Any astronaut/space flight aficionados here that can help me?

Check your PM's

Reggie Bush wins the Heisman!

This is when you know you have a great boyfriend in your life

This is Actually pretty Cool (How to keep your Xmas Tree Green)

How screwed are you if your car's head gasket leaks?

CC on TV doesn't work!

Any DUers make jewelry?

Your most humble servant, Robert Cooper, is now a donor to DU...

A Draconian Request

Why do people like to post pics of themselves?

It's art. It's political. It's for politically mature adults.


Oh God. I think the coyotes have my cat.

I have a new drawing I'd like for you to check out

I LOVE resale stores!! Don't YOU? ? ? ?

What TV show would Bush be a good character on and how?

How many of you own a gun?

How do you feel about women changing their names after marriage?

Jingle bells jingle bells

ZombyWoof, GOPisEvil, and huskerlaw in SAN DIEGO!

I have watched Sponge Bob at least 10 times today

Sing-A-Long With ForrestGump!

Your opinions of "Syriana".

Christians: Missing the point on a massive scale.

A study in contrasts, re "War on Christmas"

Psychiatry Ponders Whether Extreme Bias Can Be an Illness

Gay cowboys hit US screen, but no rings just yet

Why was Roy Jr. hugging BHOPS Nuts so tightly?


An old tintype


A Confederacy of Dunces (The country cries out for an alternative to Bush)

Too Governor Schwarzenegger

Ending "One Party Rule" should be a consistent meme thru 2006.

Another RIP: Eugene McCarthy, 89

DU this msnbc poll: do you believe there is a war on Christmas?

Richard Pryor and Eugene McCarthy both passed on

Did anyone see Syrianna yet? I saw it last night. Good film

Tweety to Chaka Fattah (D-PA): "So what? You haven‘t been able to stop it"

Why is Dean excoriated for speaking the truth when * says

Which of these is a "real Democrat"?

The Nachi (virus) worm compromised Diebold ATMS in 2003

Who siad this?

The root? of the Diebold wireless port story

Sexual revolution sweeps across China. HIV, divorce & abortion rates soar.

St. Petersburg Times, 12/11: Tortuous excuses on torture

NYT: Newly Bankrupt Raking In Piles of Credit Offers

NYT/Kristoff: Bush Meets St. Peter..... WONDERFUL read!

Dinosaur OPEC Still Roars (UPI)

Charley Reese: We'll Miss Saddam

As Boomers Age, Legacy Doubts Surface

War-Mood Metrics

Mass-Produced Individuality

The Totally Religious, Absolutely Democratic Iraqi Constitution

Pssst. How much to buy Washington?

Absurd's the word: Condoleezza Rice versus Harold Pinter

Torture and the Lawless “New Paradigm”

Knee-jerk immigration reform

San Diego Untion Tribune: No to torture

The WAR on Christmas Subterfuge

Into harm's way : America sinks to the moral level of Saddam

St. Petersburg Times, 12/11: A whiff of Watergate in the air

Madness About a Method: The Politicizing of Science

NYT: Present at the Disintegration (of Iraq)

Rich: It takes a Potemkin Village

Vote for Time magazine person of the year

The Next Retirement Time Bomb

Market manipulation of precious metal stocks on Friday.

Iran Invites US to Bid on New Power Plant

Greenpeace Uncovers U.S. Plot to Kill Kyoto

Army searches for chemical weapons dumped in ocean from WWI to 1970

Would we sequester significant carbon if we stopped recycling wood fiber?

Israel accuses EU of breaching international terror law

Palestinians export crops from Gaza ex-settlements

Hiding behind a crystal

Israeli professor awarded Nobel Prize in Stockholm

Gallery traces anti-Semitism in political cartoons

Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran

Bradblog: OH Divinity Student on Hunger Strike to Stop HB 3

FL: Touchy voting issue returns - Volusia to decide on touch-screens

Who will uncover the Election Fraud?

Election Fraud, Reform, News & Related Events for Sunday, 12-11-05

Has anybody here compiled info or googled "diebold lobbyist"?

Ohio IS my back yard! NATIONAL PROTEST vs. HB3 - Voter Suppression Bill

Coup d'etat Redux in Ohio!

How easy is it to Steal an Election?

Activists unite! Why make change so difficult?

Petition to Save Tookie Williams

Are we on or off for the LA gathering tomorrow?

DEMS to challenge Bono in Freeperside co.-CA45

Group says military could get Santa Rosa Island

What are the Democrats doing to

Drinking Liberally to host State Sen. Jarrett Barrios Wed. Dec 14th

Are there any 533 MHz FSB P4's that do hyperthreading?

Stop Yahoo Groups from Stalking You

Hey Ohioans!!!!!

Bradblog: OH Divinity Student on Hunger Strike to Stop HB3

Ohio considers special license plates for sex offenders

Bay Area New Democrats December Dinner. Tues Dec 13.

Protesters arrested at "secretive U.S.-Australian intelligence base"

Christmas blows up in the end, ya'll know that, right?

A very telling statistic - most looked-up word of the year:

Groaners.. from

NYT: "If a Meteorite Crashed Down on the White House Today"

Does anyone have latest poll numbers on * approval?

MSNBC Poll: Do you believe there is really a "war on Christmas"?

Der Gropinator and Mary Matalin do their part for the "war" on Christmas

Does anyone remember *this* kind of stuff?

This "war on Christmas" bs will be over in 2 weeks.

Deja vu? The Christmas War of 2004

Bumper Sticker on my State Senator's SUV: "If you think health care is...

Hey Friends of Bill W. have you seen these links?

A personal manifesto

Air Force fighters destroy terrorist hideout

Replay of Fourth Estate Radio Show at 1am!

(yes CHRISTmas party not holiday party)

Any word on the hostages? Today was the deadline. n/t

What was the big story on Fox News last year at about this time?

The state should not have the right to take a life.

'Integrity' tops online dictionary's searches

Breaking news: Gov. Schwarzenegger to allow clemency for Tookie!

I have a really difficult (hypothetical) situation to ponder

hol - i - day (noun)

2142 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Three massive explosions at London Oil Refinery

Bush -on the Constitution; 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'

MI6 and CIA 'sent student to Morocco to be tortured' (new one)

Anyone know anything about this Michael Moore "hypocrisy"

EU concealed deal with US to allow 'rendition' flights

Listen Live Now to 30+yr-old progressive talk show - 'Open Line'

It's 1:30AM and Rush Limbaugh is talking to me

The One Dem Who Voted to Table "Culture of Corruption Resolution":

What 'War on Christmas'?

We Need a Constitutional Amendment to Fix our Election System!

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW!! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!! n/t

US "peace mom" Sheehan in new play by Nobel winner

satellite picture of the blast in the UK

Bush - Guilty of High Treason???...

Ilene Prusher from Christian Science Monitor on MSNBC reporting from...

New TALKING POINTS for us......we need to do this

First they came for the welfare.

Is Bush a Moonie?

9/11 - The swiss army knife of excuses

Liberal Vermont Has Most Iraq Soldiers Per Capita

SHARON: Ready by the end of March for possible strikes on IRAN Condi's Trail Of Lies

Gee, Karl Rove looks like he's on the Rush Limbaugh diet?

China's Shocking Dog and Cat Fur Trade.

'Integrity' tops Web dictionary's lookups

Republicans are all starting to look alike

How much do those plastic bracelets cost?

Dinosaur OPEC Still Roars

Israel to attack Iran in March 2006

as a tribute to Richard Pryor, here's his SNL bit with Chevy Chase . . .

Who is more advanced? China or US?

Seriously, do you think the US will leave Iraq in 10 years or less?

3 Hispanic Senators now in US Senate

Viveca Novak article

Principal Suspends Spanish-Speaking Boy

LUSKIN's spin to the press includes verifiable LIES

FRIST, still big liar: Continues To Mislead on Stock Sale

'Integrity' Tops Web Dictionary's Lookups

My prediction for New Orleans

Freedom is on the march ..... say the wrong thing in Afghanistan and die?

Has Anyone Read Diane Wilson's "An Unreasonable Woman" ?

Medford single mother called back to active duty in Iraq

Wow, did you see Laura Ingraham on "Reliable Sources"? Ick.

NOLA Mayor blames slow relief response on Washington "CONSTIPATION"

Do yout think the neothugs want to reinstate the draft?

Company to Workers: We Can't Afford to Provide Health Insurance

Free beer, Howard Dean, and an open bar.

I love Thom Hartmann, "We're being Screwed."


Veggies with no vitamins

I was waiting to see which would be first to run the Repub Internet ad ?

First we need to get our asses out of Iraq, Second we need to

Live fundie end times Christmas drama

Christmas at the WH and Jesus is nowhere to be found

Is it my computer or is DU really slow loading pages this a.m.?nt

A Meterorite Crashed Down On the WH Today (NYT)

"...CIA 'Sent student to Morocco to be tortured'"

"Bronx Tale" star Lillo Brancato Jr. held in police shooting.

The United States of America is 'intellectualizing' torture.

WP:What 'War on Christmas' (Great Read!!)

"War on Christmas" turns at least 15

Without victory in 2006 IMPEACHMENT is off the table. . .

Iraq: women protest draft constitution due to loss of women's rights

Are there Secret Laws we don't know about?

Sacred Terror: The Global Death Squad of George W. Bush

Ho-LieDays: O'Reilly Caller vs. Waitstaffer vs. O'Rile-'em-up

Racial tension erupted into violence in Sydney

Why do Repukes laugh at death, destruction, and terrible things?

Republican dummy on Face the Nation taling about Liebermann.

Pro-life action center HOPPING MAD at Denis Leary's war on Christmas

5000-strong riot erupts in Sydney, attacking anyone Middle Eastern

Barack vs. McCain?

More CIA planes spotted in Malta flying suspects to EU for interrogation

Why we should all be thankful this holiday season.

Get Used to it Children, The USA is NEVER Leaving Your Country...

American Hunger- 11.9% Are "Food Insecure" & 14.7% Increase in one year

Family Upset Over Marine's Body Arriving As Freight

Can Mommy Know Best?

Iraq PM hopeful Allawi eyes 6 mln bpd of oil production in 4 years

Iraq ex-PM (still CIA) Allawi eyes old job

Meat vs. Tookie

JORDAN: Iraqi expats urged to vote in elections - Irony alert!

Did you know that there is a DU gathering in L.A. today?

Frist says he's ready to use Nuclear Option-I Say Let Him "DO IT!!!"

the ongoing murdering of Amtrack by the bushgang

Milwaukee's Voucher Scandal

H*ppy H*olidays DU!

(VIDEO) SNL's tribute to Richard Pryor

Once And For All

I watched "Its a Wonderful Life" I in trouble.....

My Personal War on Christmas.

Bush trotted out Snow the secretary of the Treasury or is it commerce...

"Spend Your Life Away"

having a senior moment - quick, what was the new term the

US Oil Industry seeks to derail Kyoto

Is the vote in Iraq even relevant ?

US awards deals for post-war Iraq on march 10 2003

Psychiatry Ponders Whether Extreme Bias Can Be an Illness.(Bush?)

DU this MSNBC Poll- Do you believe there is really a "war on Christmas"?

Took the fam to church this AM...

Separated at birth: Karl Rove & Mark David Chapman

Torture forum, Boston, Monday (Reps. Conyers, Meehan, Moran, others)

No one could have foreseen using planes as weapons...oh really?

Even my liberal friends are falling for this "War on Christmas" crap

a question for those concerned about authoritarianism in schools

Nancy Emerson letter:

Killed sparrow to go on display

Why does everyone seem to care so much about Eugene McCarthy?

Ease of Internet sales fueling historical artifact thefts

Cindy Sheehan Goes to Downing Street

Waxman: Does He Also Have the Goods on Rumsfeld and Cheney?

I Support The Troop + A Jesus Fish +............

The so called war against Christmas is not being waged by atheists

"A message from homeless New Orleanians" - Katrina victims buy ad in paper

George Bush, what do you say? How many LIES did you tell today? ---pix->>>

What's up with the porn advertisement?

War Anonymous. Recognizing and Going Beyond Addiction

Am watching rerun of speech by Gore on global warming. I can't help but w

Rachel Maddow on "The Situation with Tucker Carlson" question

An Insurance "Click"

Mark Levine's Christmas message: repug hypocrites

Bird-dogging Hillary / The anti-war movement steps it up.

Plameologists: Did anyone else see this important NYT correction?

What company did Plame work for (in the middle of a puke debate)

New definition for MPG:

Time: "What Viveca Novak Told Fitzgerald"

Hardball Special - Plame & Pre-War Intelligence - Tonight

Curbing the Puppy Trade

In Okemos MI we pulled up to

There WAS a War on Christmas...

Albert Einstein - A True Liberal

Looks like Chimpy's speech last week was a bust

Tonight, the game America waits for: The Lions on the frozen tundra.

Racial tension sparks Sydney riots

At least we're not ruled by the 'Islamo-Fascists'

Gee, can't you just smell that democracy growing in Iraq?

can't we at least drape the breast of the porn ad?

Sorry everyone, but it's time for you to leave DU

Saudi billionaire stock owner brags of manipulating FOX NEWS coverage

Powerful NYT editorial: "We are about to lose New Orleans."

Did anyones Airamerica station go off this weekend?

Peaceful protesters are labeled terrorists by FBI

Company To Workers: Light Up And You're Fired (Scotts Miracle- Gro)

Poems written by the late Sen.Eugene McCarthy

Say it Sen. Boxer!! - Thank goodness for AAR.

Caption Laura and *

Frist: "Degrade vs Torture vs Hurt"

"The Slow Poisoning of America [and Canada] "

Pombo says his public lands garage sale bill is "non-negotiable"

I support immediate withdrawl. From Japan and Germany.

Another angle on the "War on Christmas" -- The employees.

Martin Dyckman: A whiff of Watergate in the air

Harold Pinter, 2005 Nobel Prize Literature, writes Bush a speech!

Rest In the Peace you loved so much, Eugene J. McCarthy

once and for all: meat eating is the cause of most human illness

Everyone wants to be a cat, but wants everyone else to be a lap dog.

The threat of the United States being occupied by a foreign power

Evil Song: "There's no place like home for the HOLIDAYS"

The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning

David Brooks on MTP

Just on CNN- 50% death rate from bird flu

Michael Berg (beheading victim's father) to run for Congress

Reason For Iraq War: Oil For Euros

On the upcoming execution of Tookie Williams

Joke:This may have gone around before, but it was new to me.

Church bought building with adult video store to shut it down

Must read cover article in new Newsweek: Bush In The Bubble

Penis scalpels, leather strappados, enemas - CIA and MI6 torture games

Looking for information on the Christian Coalition

Domestic military intelligence article...who watches the 'watchers' ?

Federal Government has 900,000 secret employees.

How come murderers & rapists get easy death yet the homeless slowly rot?

Mexico Abolishes Death Penalty

Bastard Republicans!

What is the emotional hook that the Repub. party has on its voters?

Cindy Sheehan is on Book TV on CSPAN

Today's Doonesbury-"911 scapegoat"

There's something to learn from Murtha that has nothing to do with Iraq

An Open Letter to Jerry Falwell - from AUs Barry W. Lynn re: War on Xmas

Panicky Bush slinks away from Chavez

Christmas? Bah! Humbug!

Anybody on DU who voted for Gene McCarthy in '68?

The Inherent Problems in Indigenous Health

Despite the "Christmas" flak

Australian news: "Airline bomb claim unravels" re: Air Marshal shooting

War on Christmas : Papal attack !

Is A. Chalabi on the ballot in Iraq this week?? nt

The Pentagon is underreporting the number of American soldier casualties i

Junior's approval rating up to 40%??

Fweepers applauding bashing people of Middle Eastern appearance thread

President Clinton

Heads up on Face The Nation: Murtha vs. Sessions

The Twelve Steps of War Anonymous

Tookie and "Pokie": An Editorial Cartoon by Mark Fiore

Statement by Ralph Nader on the Passing of Sen. Eugene McCarthy

The 341 meeting with our creditors . . .

News Media Tricks

* Condi Torture TOONs *

Now we have Secret Laws???? WTF??? When/How did this happen??

Join the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy - Originating in Texas

Is Lindsey Graham for real?

Salt Lake City news:"Christian soldiers battle the 'War on Christmas' "

What would you rather do?

Check your fire,check your fire.


HOW THE BEATLES SAVED MY ASS! (Warning: ACTUALLY About Catholicism!)

How to end War on Christmas BS: Send O'Reilly a fruitcake and

Marine L/Cpl Andrew Patten, 19 yrs old, Arrives Home From Iraq.....

Lieberman's Op-Ed printed in the houston chronicle.

What does this mean? Truly

No one deserves to die.

Time's Person (Entity) of the Year

Pass it on... This page is the 'sine qua non' of Pinter's Nobel Speech...

READ THIS! Just got hit with PayPal "phishing" email from spoof address.

WaPo:"Post-Taliban Free Speech Blocked by Courts, Clerics" Author jailed

Is the Jack Abramoff scandal getting ready to explode with New details?

If The McCaine Torture Provision Passes Will Bushco Comply?

MUST READ- bush to turn Iraq over to terrorists

DU this poll on immigration

A "Crysmas" alternative!!

Kucinich wants Iraqi vote on withdrawal

Who is this guy?

Police Hit Great-Grandmother, 68, Five Times With Taser Gun


The hardcore Right Wing will never believe us on anything--

America's Most literate cities

I'm sorry -- taxes are just too high... (a mini-rant)

Tim Russert did it again....

Should be our #1 Story - NYT links torture w/ fabricated Iraq war excuse!

LAT: French warned US in 2001 & 2002 about bogus Niger Uranium claims

DU this poll on gay marriage- organized mass-freeping

Tell me about the Great Depression.

WaPo Finally Gets It: "Bush admin wants to torture AMERICANS"

Freak Republic Is Obsessed! Eight threads on Brokeback Mountain!

Giving a "Hats Off" to Hewlet t Packard for their Planet Partners

Al-Jazeerah OpEd: Trickle-Down is a Giant Again, and the Poor Grow Poorer

What’s the Deal With Sibel Edmonds?

The Siren Song of Sex With Boys

Krauthammer Says Yes to Legalized Torture

Stop Diebold in CA Petition *** (This one is from "Speak Out California")

I'm fed up: A Beam Me Up Rant

Death of an American City

PARRY: Journalism's Shameful Anniversary -- R.I.P. Gary Webb

what if these four things are all true? . . .

Once and for all, eating meat does NOT cause cancer

There is indeed a war on Christmas.

DOD Has No Clue Why Our Dead Soldiers Are Shipped Home As FREIGHT!

FRENCH told CIA: NIGER Intelligence was BOGUS in 2001 & 2002

Newsweek: Bush in the Bubble --->>>

Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'

What is your most unpopular DU view?

I'm trying SoCalDem's pie crust recipe today

OK, I admit it, I'm getting old and I need a can opener

Gratuitous self-congratulatory bread thread

Income trust scandal not a scandal at all

Climate-change conference ends with key deals

Looking for Canada People Searching and Public Records web sites

'Integrity' Tops Web Dictionary's Lookups

ElBaradei: Don't bomb Iran's nuclear facilities

Iraqi-style politics: Stormy, flashy and often furtive

Oil depot blasts cause casualties in city north of London

'Integrity' tops online dictionary's searches

Man subdued on flight here (to Hawaii)

Sexual revolution sweeps across China. HIV, divorce & abortion rates soar.

Report: Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities

"Bronx Tale" star Lillo Brancato Jr. held in police shooting.

U.S. Foreign Money Addiction Means Trouble

Chaos As (Cape Town) Airport Runs Out of Fuel

Reaction to remarks on Israel surprises Iran

CBS: Egypt: 26 Percent Turnout in Elections

Commander Held in Chinese Villager Deaths

Iran Invites U.S. to Bid on Power Plant

FEMA Extends Hotel Program for Evacuees (what a mess!).

Media use backfires on U.S.

Israeli professor awarded Nobel Prize in Stockholm

US 'out of goodwill in Iraq'

Iraq group claims kidnapping of four Iranians: video

Violence, corruption dog Iraqi construction

88 OFWs barred from Iraq (overseas Filipino workers)

Frist Predicts Agreement on Torture Ban (from "Fox News Sunday")

Open Lesbian Wins Run-Off for Houston City Council

Polling station blown up in Samara

Saddam loyalists urge Sunnis to vote

Iraq ex-PM Allawi eyes old job, backed by old (insurgent) foes

Just on CNN- 50% death rate from bird flu

Iran offers America shares in nuclear power plants

Ease of Internet sales fueling historical artifact thefts

Photos: Hempel-Hertfordshire UK Oil Depo Explosion

Counterprotest far outnumbers 8 anti-gay pickets at memorial

Quebec lefty lifts NDP

Huge explosions rip through London oil depot

DeLay's involvement in fund-raiser an 'affirmation'

Storm Evacuations: Elderly were left with weak safety net

Iraqi terror hotline not so hot

Iraqi insurgents urge Sunnis to vote, warn Zarqawi

Campaigns on Alito are starting to build

Colo. Player Suspended Over Racist Email

Tempe, AZ will go wall-to-wall wireless

More secret Iraqi prison sites revealed

Iraqi general tells of prison torture horror

FEMA reimbursements mainly benefit higher income groups

New Orleanians Plan March On Washington

His Search For A New Groove (Time Bush article)

Senators Unsure of U.S. Troop Withdrawal

Two N.J. Congressmen regret their votes in favor of Iraq war

'Evolution is theory' sticker on court docket

Jeanine to disa-Pirro from race vs. Hil (NY Senate)

CIA scours blogs for useful intelligence

'The Deceit of Jihad': Saudis tackle extremism through medium of TV

Kurds want to remain part of Iraq - US ambassador

Intelligent Design Supporter To Run For Wagnon's Seat (Chimps Demeaned)

Lapses don't affect Marine's patriotism

Bush plans overhaul of US foreign aid system

London suspect in CIA torture claim

Man subdued on flight here

Tony Blair plans U-turn on cannabis

Young Adults Admire Boomers - Sometimes

Ohio: Layoffs keep pantries busy (30% rise in needy)

Syria warns against sanctions ("Syria is the heart of the Middle East")

Bus crash on I-10 kills relief volunteer

More Black Families Home Schooling

Arkansas housing thousands of empty FEMA trailers

Cruel winter picks off Pakistani quake survivors

Beach erupts into violence (Sydney)

Chile Elections Up for Grabs

What Viveca Novak Told Fitzgerald (by Viveca Novak)

NOTP: More bad news at a bad time (Subprime lenders are getting nasty )

Massive blaze rages at fuel depot

Tookie Williams Seeks Stay of Execution

Wikipedia prankster confesses

Newly Bankrupt Raking In Piles of Credit Offers

Frist Says He's Ready to Block Filibuster

Winter Olympics under threat from 40,000 violent protesters

Thrust reversers failed in deadly jetliner skid

Drowned city cuts its poor adrift (The Observer)

Professor says he was forced out over comment

Large explosions reported north of London: witnesses

French Told CIA of Bogus Intelligence

Obama says Republicans practice "Social Darwinism"

Britain's Prince Charles questioned over Diana's death

Socialist Bachelet leads in Chile elections

It's been an interesting evening.

Is the LA DU gathering still on for tomorrow?

A "Crysmas" alternative!!

How do you feel about men changing their underwear after marriage?

Happy Rockin' Hollidays-Groove on Love and Peace

A sad pet story

Guys: Does it turn you on to see 2 women together?

It's kind of sad watching the "old ice skaters" perform

Fun with Yahoo MSG boards, in the Investments Division

Are the terms "quid" and "pound" interchangeable?

Can Bill Cosby give it rest and go back to eating pudding pops?

My husband's Christmas present

The Story of the Weeping Camel

Who's this?

How screwed are you if your cat's lead casket leaks?

Miami Vice or the Matrix - what to watch???

I'm done with bars.

Tell me something boring

Proposal to Boycott the Brazillion Joke

Zomby fought Cold Stone...

Fundy classmate noticed "that noodly thing" all over campus. :D

I'm about to grab a gun and some coke

Damn mystery nuts.

People who paint rooms beige

How do you feel about men changing their names after marriage?

"Bolivia".....don't miss it

Desis, come out of the woodwork!

WTF!!!!! Is math a lost art???????

Caption this picture!

In the spirit of It's a Wonderful Life, please share...

There's j-just one thing more though..

Okay kids, I'm going to bed.

Egg Nog: Yea or Nay?

What old favorite (pre-CD) albums have you not replaced on CD?

Tonight, I have officially "retired" from the nightlife scene!

Have I done a bad thing?

Alright damn it! Hold me back!! I'm going out and howl!!

OK, the tree is up.

What "Bad Movie" Can You Not Resist?

What commonly used term, phrase, euphemism or figure of speech

How many of you own a Terminator?

A Christmas thought from The Big Dog.

Holiday Snow Globe!!!

ah, the white russian

I wish I'd fallen asleep before finding out about Richard Pryor

December in SoCal...yes, that's the BEACH! (pics)

Build your own snowman/woman

I'm about to grab another rum and coke

Anger Management

Stress Management


If you ever get confused by life, just remember:

song that means alot to me right now

Good citizens check for duplicates!

the other paper I promised to post, about Indigenous health care...

Sunday morning earworm.

I have watched Bob sponge at least 10 times today

I have a Kitty problem

The Goonies is on TBS right now!

Where do you spend most of your posting/reading time?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/11/05)

What books are on your Xmas list?

Please don't tell the SPCA

How many of you own a flamethrower?

Good morning, Lounge =)

I am using my computer to process data for Einstein@Home.

This is surreal!!

Dashing through the snow...

Battlestar Galactica SPOILER

Like Google Earth?

If you're going to get into a duel.... don't shoot up in the air....

Etiquette question - re: holiday tipping

Yule times songs that DO NOT actually make you WANT TO PUKE!

When England went missing, and we moved to Paraguayee

How many of you are a flamethrower?

does anyone else find grandiose syrupy expressions of emotion

I haven't seen the Window Of Joy, I sure hope everything is ok!

I saw this at Wal-Mart today. (Keyboard alert)

It's better than a slap in the belly with a wet fish.

tough love .. is TOUGH

Question? Virus intercepted

How to use your avatar? Help please.

Both my browsers(Explorer& Firefox)keep opening up "help" pages over and

A Meterorite Crashed Down On the WH Today (NYT)

Self delete

Does anybody else miss the question mark message icon?

Damn numbers....

Really nice photos on Mt. Washington (NH) web site

Well I saw "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe". It was actually pretty

Oh, shove me hard, it's time for Xmas/Holiday spending...

Hey! Look at the cool advert on the Discussion main page!

I saw, "Beyond Borders" last night - wow

My dentist has joined the War on Christmas

nobody really even cares about the windows of 95 do they?

I'm bored. I think I'll start a flamewar in GD. Who can I mock?

Let's face it!! Hillary is going to be the nominee in 2008! So let's get

Can I sue my pharmacy ?

Browns v Bengals My prediction

Siberia: Everlasting Winter Wonderland Love * 350K image*

Anybody have any good appetizer recipes for a Christmas day dinner?

I remember it like it was yesterday.....

Looking for a lyrics to a song

I'm going to the fridge. Who needs a beer?

Active women of DU!

How Long Before Freeper's Believe Their pResident Won The Heisman ?

I'm only gonna say this once:

Damnit to hell. Becoming self actualized is a pain in the ass.

Roger Clemens to return to the Red Sox? Maybe.

Photoshop contest!

The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning

Just saw STARSHIP TROOPERS again - how 'bout that Federal Network?

Why do they show Sonic commercials here?

Whatever happened to jpgray?

Remember Melrose Place and 90210?

Have you ever bought a diet or beauty product which promised

the cost of boycotting

Does anyone think that Poker is rigged?

I think these anti-abortion fucks should do time for every sperm and egg

Nobody really even cares about the Umbrellas of Cherbourg, do they?

Does anyone have Bad Neighbor Stories??

The Messiah...

Can someone decipher these new ads?

Remember Bush 41? Remember Clinton? God, things were so

World Of Warcraft meets...what??!!??

OK everybody! Soon, very soon, I will be heading out for LA's DU

Anyone have any hope with the Packers tonight?

Holiday rituals you wish would just GO AWAY.

To Bill Brasky!!!!!

Come on Dolphins . . .

OK, but what KIND of flying Spaghetti?

Ladies, have you seen the Porn ad on home page?

My sooterkin is a sloberchops (article on how language changes)

My niece finally came out to the family.

Is anybody tired of this Christmas/Holiday so-called controversy?

Any flashers on DU?

Survivor finale is on tonight!

Phò phans check in.

For Men: Whom here is mystified/disgusted by machismo?

Indy COLTS...

MacArthur Park--brilliant or bust?

Let's have a good vibes thread for all college students going thru finals!

So, um... are any of you DU guys out there North Korean?

Who do you ignore more: broken English, poor English, or accented English?

I think Skinner should hold a DU-only *FREE* Ozfest next year!

That June Allyson, couldn't she just be rotten in even one picture?

I'm posting on DU because I don't want to write two papers.

Horatio Sanz is one unfunny mofo.

Will Lieberman be on this weeks "Top Ten Conservitive Idiots"

No really DU

Oh shit it is beer 30, (AKA my sister fucking rules)

What's your favorite current comic strip? Post one!

Caption this

"You lied to me!" The customer of the day

"Deck us all..."

AlienGirl and I just got back from seeing Syriana.....

*******MILESTONES******* 12/11

did anyone else do a double take when they saw 'PORN' on the latest page?

I just labeled 1000 songs with the Artist Milli Vanilli

MORE Pics of GOPisEvil, huskerlaw, and ZeeDub!

Who should guest host Saturday Night Live?

This week, DU to pass 20,000,000 posts since 2001, what to do to celebrate

What does your handwriting say about you?

Well I'm very depressed.

Can anyone recommend an honest foreign/global charity?

I just heard the most ghastly song...

Can I have some honest feedback, please?

Baby's first DU appearance

How many of you own a Ford?

Any Flash MX 2004 mavens on DU?

Somebody PLEASE post a college class horror story

Richard Pryor memorial thread

Kinda depressed, and would appreciate some comforting words...

Shellfish gives me gout (Rant)

How many of you own a sword?

Tonight my wife and I went to Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire

So, who likes "ER" in here? *DIAL UP WARNING*

My first picture thread!

nobody really even cares about the windows of joy do they?

Do you have a favorite 'liberal' film? What is it?

Is this hate speech?

Zealots mask real struggles

Hospitals Save Money, But Safety Is Questioned

Some (additional) much needed perspective

MODIS Photo:Atmospheric gravity waves between Indonesia and Australia

Bill O'Reilly-- Lesbians okay in the shower, but not in a No-Spin Jacket

A chance to voice your opinion on gay marriage bill in WI

Drinking Liberally hosting Jarrett Barrios (D-MA) Wed Dec. 14th

3.6m people in Britain are gay - official

DU this poll on gay marriage. Organized mass-freeping

Leader of Mass. anti-gay group was Marxist who used to frequent gay bars

If Brokeback Wins Best Picture Oscar

BoSox reportedly contact Clemens about return

Tonight, the game America waits for: The Lions on the frozen tundra.

If cats can catch colds, I assume dogs can too ?

Recommended wet/ canned cat food

Do you ever call your pet

Cat health question. Need help.

Navy view of Iraq: "Scouring the skeletons of war"

2002 JK address - posted in honor of the passing of Eugene McCarthy

A Kerry thread on a non-political board

Boston Globe: The new machismo (Wow!)

I only have time for one post, forgive me. Boston news!

Letter to the editor

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Island Blue's Movie in Celebration of JK's Birthday

The ultimate bird perspective (dial-up heavy)

My letter to Keith and his staff....

GD is really starting to worry me....

US retreats at climate change talks

A Sign that We are in the Darkest of Modern Times

POLL: What kind of Democrat are you?

AP: No budging in GOP split over Alaska drilling

Aljazeera: Bush's war, incompetence and human failure

Pretend we win the elections in 2006, will the Dem leadership change?

Attacking "Happy Holidays" is just plain silly.

WSJ: Democrats Face Tax Dilemma

Greenpeace Uncovers U.S. Plot to Kill Kyoto

would you vote for someone for President if you knew he would...

Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran

Ohio to outlaw recounts and shield Diebold

Military Bodies Returning As Freight

Pentagon Covering up 10s of 1,000s of US Casualties In Official Reports

BBC interview with Wes Clark airing Sunday AM, 12/11 on

David Brooks Seems Nuts To Me!

Frist lies and LIES AND LIES on Faux Snooze Sunday

"They hate us for our freedoms"???

Now when RW'ers are confronted about Osama

George Will on George Steph's show just now.......

Condi's new words: "freedom deficit" (really)

Today's Pics: Bush 'n' Pickles go to church. MEANWHILE, in Hong Kong...

Lieberman: Flip Flopper.

Is NOW the time to push for Impeachment?

Yesterday Listening To Some Radio Talk Show I Heard The Following....

David Brooks said he wants the Dems to win some of the spotsin 2006..

The Tom DeLay Instructional Video On GOP Money Laundering Techniques

"the pending bankruptcy of the U.S."

Am I weak on defense?

more proof the bushgang hates children

Heads roll at Veterans Administration (over DU scandal)

Is Arnold going to execute Tweety? I keep reading all posts about

Did anyone see this article by V. Novak about Luskin?

Dems rally party spirit at Disney

Republican Elitism

So, Chairman Dean sent 2 Democrats to the red states and rural America.

These before and after movies of * are amazing!!!!!!

Conservative Blogs are More Effective

The Zero-Emissions SUV

Here's my read on V. Novak and Luskin. Please help me out here.

He Says Yes to Legalized Torture

Martin says darts at Bush are paying dividends

Hey Joe! Which is it? Politics or Principle?

Al-Jazeera's "Don't Bomb Us" Blog

NYT on Viveca Novak: Lawyer Knew That Rove Was a Source, Reporter Says

If you support Murtha please read this email and act on it

Eugene McCarthy voted for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Cheney and Fried Rice in Hot Water by Ray McGovern

Could Repubs get their "permanent majority" by using Dems?

Don't Say "Tort Reform", Say "Consumer Penalty"

Lieberman:"We undermine the president's credibility at our nation's peril"

Three reasons there's a WAR ON HANUKKAH!!!!

Warner on Road to the White House tonight!

Bush Threatened U.N. Over Clinton Climate Speech

So this is how George Bush supports the troops

Would you vote for McCain or Hillary in 2008?

MUST READ- bush to turn Iraq over to terrorists

Kucinich: let an Iraqi plebiscite determine when the US leaves

Bush in the Bubble

Embryo Adoption

John Kenneth Galbraith on Eugene McCarthy

This one goes out to all the ladies...

Dems get message: Connect with the people

Al Franken gets in a good dig at O'Reilly

John Kerry Video - Your Life is Now - Happy Birthday John Kerry!

TruthIsAll in PLAIN ENGLISH. Debunking the Naysayers

i had surgery on friday so i've been away from the discussion

Why the fuck did all but 4 Dem Reps vote to scrap the Alt. Min. Tax?

The deepest fear of many Republicans is that they might win again...

Gen. Clark was LIVE today (12/11) on report

I've Been Seeing Here On DU That Some Of You Have Bought......

Here's how YOU can help us in New Orleans

Monopolies are still being built -- And most Democrats say NOTHING

Daniel Ellsberg on Iraq (a must-read; also my analysis of Kerry's plan)

Will it make any difference if Sunnis vote in large numbers in Iraq?

Hillary better get on board with the rest of the Democrats.

Do you like the DLC or progressives?