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Archives: December 13, 2005

Military's Info War is Vast and Often Secretive/NYT/Link to full art.

The Burden of Medicaid Cuts

aol whoring for Bush

Helen Thomas on Torture

An American Nightmare - Part 1

Can Amtrak survive three more years of Bush?

Drop in black marriages hurts families

How was it for you?:Top US commentators deliver their verdicts on Bush.

The Society of the Spectacle

Bogle: Capitalism has suffered 'pathological mutation'

Next hot topic: Porn in schools

It Just Keeps Getting Worse -- from Jim Hightower

Killer whales have highest man-made toxin levels in Arctic, study says

Able Danger: What do you think we are going to learn?

US: Bush Pal O'Dell Resigns As Diebold CEO, Chairman

You Can Help Restore Democracy by January 2007 by ...

Best website I've ever seen on voting system company sleaziness...

Dear Gov. Dean -- Let’s take Wally O’Dell at his word …

LA/SD & Central Valley CA DU Meetup???

From bush_eats_beef, Enron employees win suit!

Eau Claire

Anyone have a list of radio markets where Rush is hurting?

How come when someone is put to death it's done at midnight?

You Can Help Save New Orleans Music

To All DP Supporters and Opponents, Just A Simple Question

I posted this on free reuublic.

The FEEL GOOD Story of the Night!! (Trust Me!)

Alan Colmes, Ken Starr, Eleanor Clift and a giant rat. Really. See this.

Mice Created With Human Brain Cells (this gives me pause)

Grandmother tasered 5 times in Ohio.

Hi, from a "sky marshall"'s DU Mommy :)

What is with Mitt Romney's HAIR?

Sunni and Shi’a Death Squads Operating at Night

What was Rove's big mistake?

Calling Ex-COn DUERS: Did prison suck ? Wouldn't death be a relief versus

How much ya wanna bet that Bush's ratings are artificially raised in 4 wks

To all DP Supporters and Opposition - A question

I can't wait to read how people's lives have improved after tonight!, Highlight Bush's "30,000 Dead" #; Buries It

Do you think that SpongeBob SquarePants could beat John McCain in 2008?

The chimperor** Protested in Philly Today! WooHoo!

Iraq; Ballet, school, soccer, though this never existed before

Tookie Williams, CIA, Brent Wilkes, and Gary Webb

Words of wisdom from the Muslim faith...

Saudi prince gives Sharon 'benefit of doubt' (... and CHANGES FOX NEWS!)

Enron Employee Committee Wins Suit to Recover $20 Million in Bonuses

Has Christmas been hit with a Google Bomb?

a couple of toons . . .

Execution as Spectacle can only poison the soul of our nation n/t

New Cook Political Report/RT Strategies national poll-Mixed

Campaign Underground 2006 - DU's front page?

help needed on college paper - editing for grammar and apa style

Christmas Chickenhawk Songs!

Hurry up, the new topical trendy topic o' the week.

Man do I long for a day when we are no longer at war and the state

R-E-V-O-L-T ... N-O-W!!! Paper ballots and Hand counts NOW!!!

Pig-boy Rush catches a break in court.

Is anyone watching Williams/Bush interview on Olberman?

What the fuck was with Arnold getting Tookie's hopes up?

Comedy Central's Last Laugh 2005

Bush's EPA approves testing poison on children

If Americans don't care about killing innocent people, god help the guilty

A Socialist Single Mother Will Become Chile's First Female President

What are "ear squats"?

Yet another death penalty poll

It's a DU Civil War - No wonder we can't win an election!

Reliable News Sources

Mike Farrell to Dennis Prager: YOU DISGUST ME.

Project 911 ruled "fraudulent and improperly preferential" (Enron)

Would I be a christmas war criminal if

Slavery didn't go away.... it hides in plain sight, complete with

Have you seen the threads rocketing to the top of the Greatest Page?

Forgiving Josef Mengele

Is it a "safe" assumption to think that anyone who is against the DP is

Fuck you chimpass**!! Here is your better Iraq! *graphic*

All you Bush scab and sores watchers

and what if this IS true?

The Purple Finger Song

Remember this: Jesus didn't need to kill before he found himself.

Bush, the phony prophet, the invader of riches...

Damn! My light bulb just blew! Dark in here! Creepy.

Richard, for better or worse, you made me laugh.

For my 1000th post I give you....

how about a war on christmas MUSIC?

How many people could this guy put out of work if he started talking?

So, uh, why DO they always do executions at midnight?

Bush says he does not live in a bubble

Dr. D is very ill in Bangalore, India.

What did Frank Rich mean by the cover-up of the Marines deaths?

Bush says 30,000 Iraqis killed (liberated) since war began

Keith Olberman doesn't have a drivers license???

"Bushback Mountain": A Sizzlin' Texas-Sized Gay Love Story

San Diego Union Tribune: Holidays are open season on military wallets

Just ONCE, could we ACTUALLY PROVE we are human rights',...

Isn't this the fifth anniversary...

How do Fundies justify breaking one of the Ten Commandments?

Violence against innocent people is wrong

Let's face facts folks, OBL is dead

Yeee-haaaa! Judge Allows Subpoenas of Limbaugh Doctors

I just thought I would start a thread that isn't about Tookie Williams.

Attention WalMart shoppers

What are they getting away with while we all debate Tookie?

So, how will the neocons thwart the Dem 06 election victory?

A small change in DP rules.

Anyone watch Byrd/Frist Debates over Fillibuster on C-Span!

Does being pro death penalty mean you CELEBRATE the death of the murderer?

Why don't we let the family of the victims kill Tookie?

I've got to say that this is just really messed up.

Would Tookie have converted against gangs if he never got caught?

In Case Ya Wanna See What LAT Readers Think Re: Tookie !!!

Are Republicans getting ready to slop the hogs again?

Tookie apparently is able to show more class on the night of his death

Why were there only 2 posts on DU about the execution of Kenneth Lee

Live coverage from San Quentin on Pacifica

These executions are surely the most heinous murders of all....

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Melee

War ?

Weird Question: Calif is liberal. DU is liberal. Why does CA have the DP?

Question: Tookie...yes I know...another one!

"Hillary Clinton would fare better vs. GOP than Kerry, poll finds"

Anyone feel like apologizing?

rita crosby Gloating and Looking Forward To Seeing Someone Murdered

Police: Elderly sell pain pills for cash

Other than DU, what is the coolest Progressive Group?

You're a failing American auto giant. What do you do?

Where are Arnold's Bishops? Deny him communion

Real or false dilemma? Abortion and the death penalty

One Year Ago December 14, I Posted This Piece

Do you think Hillary Clinton could beat John McCain in '08?

Official: Diebold CEO O'Dell resigns

We are the only industrialized nation with a death penalty!

Google Bomb Project on 'The War on Christmas'

"War is the Health of the State"

Did anyone else hear the report that Al-qaeda called for destruction

I'm sorry (Not Really) but you are a Racist Mr. Bush...

Why is MSNBC advertising "Porn" at DU NOW???

Amazing how truly divided DUers are over the Tookie issue

Brokeback SAME AS Passion of the Christ

The Wizard of Oil - A MUST SEE!

nancy grace deathwatch: she just can't wait.

Mike Farrell rocks


Two simple reasons I'm against the death penalty

The DP Country Club - of which the US is a proud member

Why did Arnold deny Tookie clemency?

"Beware of 'Brokeback Mountain' says Former Homosexual and Wife" !!!

CNN Poll: 74% say Schwarzenegger was right not to grant clemency

Here's a great idea: Hospital Credit Cards!

One murderer dies at midnight as another sleeps soundly in the White House

Conyers is up to something

The mother-and-child reunion - photo

VIDEO-Williams on Bush bubble-snippett

Should CEO's who knowingly cause 8,000 deaths be on death row? Bhopal

'Daily Show' halts production following suicide

What would you eat for your last meal? And do they really give you what

How Many Of You Have Been Accused Of Serious Crimes...

How many Americans are POWs in Iraq?

This isn't about Tookie Willliams--it's about the death penalty.

Holy SHIT This is scary

Hillary and Lieberman are weighing down the Democratic message.

Decorate YOUR FITZMAS TREE - an Interactive Animation, my Best Yet!

Has anyone ever done poll of how many DU'ers are Female?

white beans with lamb....

Ack! Rafe Mair voting Green?!

Democrats seek classified briefing with Rice

Killer's lawyers file last-ditch appeal

Maine governor calls for gradual normalization of relations with Cuba

Ford to meet with gay, human rights groups

Judge Allows Subpoenas of Limbaugh Doctors

US planes carrying prisoners were allowed to land in Britain, says Straw

Coroners, police try to solve mystery of Katrina's violent deaths

Alito snubs CBC's request for a meeting

Fired CEOs face big 'golden parachutes'

'Daily Show' halts production following suicide (25 yr old staffer)

Middle ground sought on morning-after pill (in Pennsylvania)

Ex-Enron traders must pay back bonuses to fired employees

Iraq troop pull-out to begin in months

BREAKING: Supreme Court turns down Tookie appeal

Authorities raid 13 San Diego area marijuana dispensaries

Blanco postpones New Orleans elections indefinitely

Family seeks the right to grow hemp

Bush: Race Not Factor in Katrina Response (Don't call me a racist)

Dunkin' Donuts Reportedly Sold (to Carlyle Group)

Arlo Guthrie Rides 'City Of New Orleans' For Katrina Victims

Officials Puzzled by Okla. Gas Geysers

I've started tivo'ing "Ellen". She is really funny.

Rudolph the rednosed reindeer

British Airways passengers join the mile high club

Snow Globe...

"Welcome to Porn Valley" where unfortunate Females "hump horns."

'The Daily Show' halts production following suicide


niño y pistola...

Gigapxl Project...

"Like Webster's Dictionary, we're Morocco bound."

The worst movie you never saw

Hey gang! Let's all play "Dramatic Good-bye!"

i have a dilemma

Ever think that someone else thinks that you did something bad,

What is with Mitt Romney's HAIR?

Sinatra's birthday

Holidays Poll

help needed - english editing and apa style correction on my college paper

I just had a dream about Matcom!

Oh no! They've outsourced Santa!

Please explain why I have these horrible visions

Presidential "grave" facts

I've got the strongest lips in my county.

"A Christmas Story" in 30 seconds!

help needed on college paper - editing for grammar and apa style

Something you probably didn't consider about the Tookie issue...

Do you need digital cable to use TIVO?


What is your all time favorite holiday food?

Someone help me, Dave Chapelle, Went Nuts? 3rd Season of Show?

I just threatened GD with the Brazillion Joke

My sister says I'm a cheapskate

I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign.

What a creepy looking man.

Anybody watching the Elton John concert?

Let's face facts foLks, ODB is dead

Need advise from you Business majors...

I just threatened Brazil with the GD folk

Sommersby made me cry!

all that she wants is another baby

My local college station is weirdly fascinated with Amon Düül

My parents are the most impossible people to shop for

No Nativity Scene in Washington this Christmas

Snow Flake...

An early Xmas present for Beatles fans - mp3's of their Christmas records

FUCK--- I can't fit into my nice dress slacks


Pardon me, but I have to say this. (dial up users beware)

So...did you hear about the Brazilian

Attention South park fans (10:00pm EST)

So the Bush Crime Family & Co. is about to cost us two major cities

I am sleepy

Hey Forrest, let me know when you score

Scientology satire on "South Park."

South Park is ridiculously funny


YIKES!! I just saw Basil Fawlty in my bedroom!

Narnia 9 minute trailer

Best Christmas Cookies Ever

If i find the person who ripped out the bunchgrass i planted yesterday

The answer is '31'.

Johnny Bravo is on Cartoon Network, the Scooby Doo crossover!

How many of you own a dildo?

Lol: I'm totally hormonal, crying over West Wing, unplug my phone, please.

Never mind.

I want my pager to go off so I will be up all night

CaliforniaPeggy & I think a Feb. DU Meetup would be fun!

self del

Did I hear correctly? Republicans are getting to slop the hogs

YIKES! I just saw Ann Coulter in my bedroom!

I just called work and left a message I will be late.....

One final down, two more tests to go....

My bed just blew up.

Best doubly-named musical act?

Damn! My light bulb just blew! Dark in here! Creepy.

that "Democratic Dates" girl in that DU advertisement is cute.....

Do you think that SpongeBob SquarePants could beat John McCain in 2008?

If you like horror films, seek out "Three...Extremes"

Xanax Saved Me Today


OK, everybody......I just told Will Pitt to f*ck off.......

Holy jeebus god! I'm staying the hell out of GD tooooo-night!!!

OK, I am running a contest that will test your weird creativity

Once again it's time for "Tell me something I don't already know"...

For my 1000th post I give you....

My cat wants to start a flamewar with you

The s.o. just gave cheesecake to one of the cats.

*******MILESTONES******* 12/12

The big secret is out about BigMcLargehuge: He's a Milli Vanilli fan

"Bushback Mountain": A Sizzlin' Texas-Sized Gay Love Story

The squirrel is back in town! (the squirrel is back in town)

Those MSNBC outlines really have nice ones.

I sent someone to jail today. How was YOUR workday?

Help Needed - Cats Locked In

Who is the best Piano Player?

Draw your house and see what it says about you

Omigod! Barry Manilow!!

What are your latest musical discoveries?

A possible tactic in the "War on Christmas" - taking it to the enemy

Colds 'may trigger child cancers'

Angelina Jolie's ex-girlfriend says Pitt and Jolie won't last . . .

Texans hire Dan Reeves as "consultant"....

Who here got an invite to TO's Atlantic City Party?.....

What's with Quackwatch and other entities...?

Let me break this down in pieces of a whole story. The Orchids

First things first: The Birthday Card!

12/12/05 Chickens comming home to roost & KOEB Meeting

Rita gets to watch Tookie die!

Full page pro-Santorum in my Sunday paper...

Tweety: "I LOVE polls. Giuliani is #1, McCain is #2 in your party."

A little insider info on Alito and Roberts...

Democrat Seeks a National Identity (Mark Warner)

Headline of the day

which bad boys got the Abramoff money???

Best website ever on just how sleazy voting system companies are...

Murtha? I have yet to see him on TV today and I have been

Washington Examiner: Poll Has Warner Flying High

Any one watching "Last Laugh 05" on Comedy Central? Bush and Right Wing

From Adlai To Gene To Dean

Jury gets N.H. Phone-Jamming Case (max 17-yr prison sentence if convicted)

Byrd Replay On C-Span 2 Now

DA must prove DeLay purposely avoided fund ban

I am so proud of my college freshman Democrat....

Im beginning to think it will be McCain in 2008.

O'Dell Resigns As Diebold CEO, Chairman

Energy--Thanks Repukes for letting the market work its magic.

It’s no surprise to learn that Schwarzenegger is a chickenshit politician

Please DU this Alabama poll on Iraq

Busted!...GOP's new attack ads use phony soldier image (Slate)

I dissed my boss pretty bad today

Helen Thomas hits it out of the park! Again!

WP: A Unit's Volatile Year at War

We Torture Prisoners, Don't We?

Rigoberto, Requiesce in Pace

Is UMass Pricing Out Kids Like Joe Drury?

'How often does a leader of the free world come along…resembles a monkey…

Immigrant Victims of Abuse Are Illegally Denied Benefits, Suit Says

Proposed Welfare Overhaul Targets Single Moms, Kids

Helen Thomas: If Democrats only had some courage

Iraq: 1,000 days of war

Making the World Safe for Theocracy

Celebrate Christmas, or Else!

O'Dell Resigns As Diebold CEO, Chairman

It's Time to Rebuild America(funding off budget viaDebt w/loan guarantees)

Torture And White Phosphorus

Independent: The war in numbers: From WMD to the victims


GU: How was it for you? (on five years of Bush)

Well, well: N.Y. Times reporter named in court filing

Iraq: A thousand days (UK Independent/E&P)

Byrd Warns Frist Against 'Nuclear Option'

'Tis the season for all to take offense

Tookie Dies, So Arnold Can Live

JAMES KUNSTLER: What On Earth Does George W. Bush Mean By Victory?

A Mute, But Unquiet, Exit for Williams

Punishment Park

Ernest Partridge: 'Dear Howard Dean: Why bother?'

Bolivian Could Be a 'Nightmare' for U.S.

Tookie died. Do you feel safer?

E.J. Dionne: Message to Democrats, "Buck up!"

Molly Ivins: Procrastination central (annual holiday gift book list)

Torture for Dummies:Exploding the "ticking bomb" argument

Schwarzenegger relished CTA deal, but it blew up in his face

JOSHUA FRANK: An Interview With Anarchist Scholar David Graeber

Republican politics delays Gulf Coast aid (in a move to save DeLay's hide)

Seeking outsourcing victims for documentary

Gas drilling equipment raises clouds of dust in West.

Preparation for "Syriana" - Kunstler's "End of Suburbia"

Saudi Arabia Looks Past Oil in Attempt to Diversify, NY Times, 12/13/2005

Officials Puzzled by Okla. Gas Geysers

What's with electricity prices?

Great Lakes Governors Sign protection Deal

Major coal slurry spill in tributary of WV's Coal River!

Cross Post: Saudi Arabia Looks Past Oil in Attempt to Diversify, NY Times

Iran Supports Russia’s Participation in Multibillion Iran-India-Pakistan G

Gaza gunmen fire on PA security compound, storm election HQ

An extraordinary meeting

Iran's President Again Doubts Holocaust

EU ministers ditch sensitive Israel report

But seriously folks, this clown is dangerous

A blot on Israeli democracy

pro-"official conspiracy theory" videos/books ?

Katrina Survivors Tell Congress Levees Were Blown On Purpose

Eureka Times-Standard: Does your vote really count?

Election Justice Kits

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 12/13/05


E-vote fraud, phase two.

Many ballots are redone before they're counted

Crisis Papers: Dear Howard Dean -- Why Bother?

Any word from Ohio yet?

OC Weekly: Agranistas Fire Ordinance

Eureka Times-Standard: Does your vote really count?

For doolittle fans (not): an interesting money chart....

Poll on Iowa Caucus out come in GD-P

Is UMass Pricing Out Kids Like Joe Drury?

Galvin out of Gov Race in Secretary of State race

Firewire connection to printer is not recognised.

Republican Judge expunges conviction of top developer

Budget-bill vote puts LaTourette on hit list of TV attack ads

HB 3 election fraud is now the law? Ohio continues it's race to ruin.

When who to my wondering eyes DID APPEAR??

Polls show Petro's early, holy TV ads paying off

Earle appeals in DeLay case

Please come meet David Van Os (our next AG) TODAY in Corpus Christi!

DeLay and the 'culture of corruption' are having an impact:

HCDP Holiday Party - who's going?

Cardin had John Gibson on WPR today

Snow Day tommorrow?!

Evan Thomas (Time-Shill)..."The press is not that hard to seduce,

Will Rushbo get indicted this week? Judge rules that he has

Lol: I'm totally hormonal, crying over West Wing, unplug my phone, please.

Must see doc!! "Torture: The Dirty Business"

judge clears way for border fence in San Diego

So the FEMA trailers aren't needed

10:39pmCT, talking about Opus Dei on CNN. WTF?

Opus Dei discussion on CNN now! 11:40 PM

C-SPAN poll: Media on Iraq

Expatriot Iraqis voting in the election in Iraq.

Jenna & "ID-Gate"..."If a coke dealer has your ID it doesn’t look so good"

"Twenty thousand leaks under the sea...Aye matey...The sqabs were

Election in Iraq. What the hell are they voting on?

Hands down, the best political commercial ever -

LOL! "Brokeback Mt."trailer at the "Narnia" screening tonight!

Arnold's full statement on Tookie

The nut running America's war

I REALLY like E-Ring now

what i learned from tookie and christianity...

Opus Dei discussion on CNN now! 11:40 PM

Picture of room at Bush* farm...Does it show bad flag etiquette?

How America portrays itself to the world!

End of Year Push for Impeachment

Seniors Charged With Selling Prescriptions/Thank You GWB

So, what has been happening in Australia?

Is Colbert in repeats this week?

The Guardian Weekly---US subscription info

What was the webpage citing all the conservative sex scandals?

Tookies execution watch is LIVE on KPFA - Pacifica Network.

Prisoners are aloud to vote in Iraq.

Damn !

It's been 18 minutes


Schools build 'cultures of excellence'

So who else is surprised by the fact Tookie co-founded the Crips?

Prosecutor Will Appeal Dismissal in DeLay Case

Was the WaPo's Abramoff money chart yesterday incomplete & misleading?

Tommy Thompson hasn't been VeriChipped yet despite promise to

Infiltration of DU

Iraq Body Count: Deserves a look

An Ancient and Eternal Law

ANALYSIS-After election, no quick end to US role in Iraq

"First time a Bush has won when all the votes have been counted.”

Kennedy Son Could Challenge Lieberman

SNL: Celebrity Mugshot Poker (starring The Hammer)

Feds interview Burns' former top aide (Abramoff Investigation)

Bush Iraq advisor: Torture may be necessary, appropriate

please rate up this story. Thx!

Senior citizens are really getting ripped off with this so-called "social

many years ago phil donahue suggested that we televise an

Interesting trailer. Click the add on the left for "Dude, where's my God?"

Making the World Safe for Theocracy

It's just hard to to have empathy for Tookie.

World Can't Wait NY Times Ad on O'Reilly

Delete Dupe.

Where have all the hippies gone: a poll for hippies past and present

Why do companies look at credit reports?

Are you an "Air America Associate?"

Murder Is Wrong And It Is Evil...

Does anyone other than me hope the Tookie Williams Pro Death

Question for those of you wanting Williams to die

descent into darkness...not long now....AP report from scene

My mail to El Gran Grope. Contact link here. Post yours here.

How many here are staying up later than normal to catch

all pro Tookie threads are now being locked.

Can we have a neon outline of male parts on the home page too?

Time for the bloodlust crowd to start the celebrations...

Schwarzenegger would not consider clemency without a confession

On the Death Penalty and one hundred years from now.

The Death Penalty is taxpayer funded

message on the death penalty.{cross-posted}

They killed him 4 minutes ago.

A Sincere Message to DP Proponents/Opponents....

Propaganda Watch

Justice Has Been Served

To all Pro DP and anti Tookie posters

Inspiring story

3 Panels of Execution Witnesses and not 1 progressive media rep

On CNN Now - Press Conference on Tookie Williams...

True or False

Anybody listening to the Blues being played for Tookie?

True or False...

Moderator -- What's up with the thread locking tonight?

RW 2nd Amendment "Logic"

If life imprisonment is truly a harsher punishment than the death penalty

Why is the Election in Iraq a "Victory" for the US?

"Still can't find it?"

I Wish The Lincoln Had Let The South Secede. We Would All Be Better Off.

What kind of bounce would a Zarqawi, Zawahri, or Osama capture give Bush

I think Democratic Underground should be split into 2 sites.

and I thought that it has been ugly in here.

Torture, preemptive war, & DP

O'Reilly is in trouble with my school district (attorney involved)

Pregnant Skydiver survives so does fetus

Out of the bizarre and into the bizarrerer

Barack Obushama from Aaron Freeman

How was it for you? What is the Bush legacy after half a decade?

How many people did Tookie really help?

"Brokeback" leads Golden Globe nominations: earns 7

Democrats need to STOP running every time the Republicans yell BOO!!!

NYT TV critic: new "Nightline" is "ordinary," "flimsy"

Putin Calls Russia Defender of Islamic World

War on Christmas Humor

Major coal slurry spill in tributary of WV's Coal River!

Congressional Internal Polling Shows a "DeLay Effect"

So Now Theoretical Discussions Of Regional Autonomy Get Locked?

k harris...mzz fake tit bitch was on hannity radio yesterday promising win

Are Tookie's final words about to be read?

Next California prisoner up for execution?

FauxNews Coverage of Tookie Williams Execution - Atrocious

How about we light a candle for all senseless killing

Remember people, alert is your friend!

Good gravy. The Free Republic site is UGLY!

Light a candle for Stan 'Tookie' Williams.

Stanley 'Tookie' Williams died at 12:36 a.m. PST

What Other PROGRESSIVE Websites Do You Post At?

Tribute: Sister Helen Prejean

President Bush Paints Self Into Corner (humor)

RW'ers were dead wrong on Terri Schiavo

In Pictures: Vigil for Stan "Tookie" Williams RIP

Republicans eating their own in Pennsylvania

George Bush Admits To Ordering The Deaths Of At Least 30,000 Iraqis...

Serial Killer Confesses to 30,000 Murders... Receives Applause

Sick of ignorant rednecks

Putting all the Bushco BS aside, should we be concerned about Iran?

President of Iraq admits that the office of the President has no power

C-SPAN caller: "What about Bush's Stock Scandal" ???

Release near for Professor in Plague Case

Our Christmas Lights Accidentally Make An Anti-War Statement per a Freep:

MSNBC poll: "Do you think Bush is making progress with his critics?"

Tax Cuts for Top 1 % 7 Times Larger Than Budget Cuts Targeting Poor

Jeff Sessions (R-Dork), the twang of democracy.

Panhandling: Coming to a town near you?

More from the trenches in the war on Christmas....

It's come to this: " Police: Elderly sell pain pills for cash"

Oh,Joy...Lynne Cheney up next on CNN -about exit strategy

When did execution become a spectator sport???

(WTF???) Carlyle, Partners to Buy Dunkin' Donuts Parent

AP: bush's Speeches are "Too Rosy"!

Think Progress » VIDEO: Byrd Takes Frist To School

Can we stop using the word Breaking before Blog Items

Washington Journal -- RIP

Serial Killer Confesses to 30,000 Murders; Receives Applause

Virgin Galactic Spaceport to Be Built in N.M.


Our 1,000th day in Iraq.

So I've finally converted all the way this morning

Are Murders born evil? Or did something change them?

Religious Coalitions in American Politics

My "Falafel Bill O'Reilly" Letter makes it to print!

DU this poll re: student being suspended for speaking Spanish at school

VP's Office Refuses to Disclose Taxpayer Funded Travel Costs

NYT - A Little Sleuthing Unmasks Writer of Wikipedia Prank

Attn Freeptards: We've Got Santa, Rudolph and the Baby Jeebus

Newsweek's Fineman blasts Bob Woodward

Did we KNOW that re-use of one-time-use medical devices was common?

Pictures of Tookie Williams victims

Mr. (ugh) President: Where's your NOLA "Plan for Victory" ?

It's the Fifth Anniversary

True or False? Convicted felons get NO social security!

Tuesday TOONarama

I could be convinced to be anti-DP

Is Rita Cosby trying to "outfox" the FOXes ?

Was there an insurgency after the American revolution Cheney?

If you care about the exploitation of Dolphins, please hit this poll:

Everytime Bush speaks, we need to have a democrat nearby speaking

Call me a Luddite and a freaking paranoid, but why the heck is the

Methinks Fitz may be wrapping it up soon (GJ2)

Investing Types - Interesting article to chew on:

The "War on Christmas" is Actually a Method of Restoring Ethnocentrism

Senate going into session now on CSPAN2

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly -- called home in 2005

Well there aren't any riots in California today

Who has the video of...

Diebold Watch - "official" GD thread

After Texas, which states have had the highest number of executions?

Nation editor vanden Heuvel on public radio now

-Pregnant skydiver survives face-first fall- thats terrible , but...

In pictures: Unseen North Korea

Appalachian trend: Elderly selling meds to addicts to buy food

Bush's speech today: Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations for Victory

Did Duke's bribers get payola to 'prove' aluminum tubes were

Curious about that "30,000 Iraqis killed" figure Shrub cited today?

Dana Milbank BUSTS Norton, Chao on ANWR baloney

Rita Cosby was a witness to the execution???!!!????

The Army meets with Iraqis every weekend to compensate them for grievances

Remember: the death penalty is ultimately about us, not the criminal.

"It Was LIBBY NOT HADLEY Who Told ROVE" (How Convenient!)

So * took his troop number recommendations from Tommy Franks

The truth behind: " I would say 30,000, more or less, have died"

Old news? Coulter gets totally owned

gawd it is sickening to see how bushwashed some people are

TVNL Radio about to shred Bush's speech! Now!

Bad Day for Rush; D.A. to see his medical files.

So, Iraqi voters in US have more secure voting rights than US citizens.

John Sununu is on the Senate floor right now...

Open Meeting Law & def. of a "public body;" need advice RE: local gov.

Daily Show suicide

Has the information you read on DU changed your opinion on death penalty?

CT TV commentator: Unusual to have DP on weak circumstantial evidence

Two years ago today the Iraqi insurgency stopped

Patriot Act reauthorization being debated in Senate, on CSPAN2

Does Bush have bad posture? he always leans against a podium

DUers: Please help New Orleans by responding to this letter

more ammo for the WoX (war on xmas)

Rachel is subbing for Al Franken today

Soldiers voted, but were their votes counted?

Two repubs were pissed at * today b/c of Patriot Act renewal...

Do you have concerns when Dubya says " I believe" or "I am confident"...

Just a question about the "Tookie" execution...

I didn't realize Bush was a Tookie supporter! Did you?

"Fitzgerald Closes In" by Jason Leopold ( and Fitz has "MORE evidence" )

ONE THOUSAND DAYS: A History of the Iraq War

Thank you...for helping me with my skyrocketing medical bills.

What constitutes a "qualified" candidate?

What If Fitz Get's His Hands on the WH Email Server?

Millions of Weapons of Mass Destruction Found in the US!!!!

Osama Found Hanged - ** VIRUS ALERT**

No Couch Potato Left Behind Act

How Relevant is Tookie's "Repentance?"

I am sick of O'Lielly's fear-mongering.

I just ordered this from Amazon


Sr Citizens Have To Sell Prescriptions To pay for heat


Uproar at the Times: Unreliable Sources - Vanity Fair Article

Four More Soldiers Killed today in Iraq...

The torture prisons in Poland

For those who claim Tookie is irrelevant in this crusade against DP

My post to's message board re: Tookie Williams

Just heard on St. Louis news

Bill O'Reilly: Please add me to your media blacklist

This Footsoldier's Sitting Out The War On Christmas

Oreilly absolutely NAILED. On his Holiday/Christmas hypocrisy

Would anyone like to join in wishing fellow DUers joy and peace...

NY Times: TEN BEST BOOKS OF 2005 and 100 most notable books

I am really happy with all of the upgrades here at the DU!

The Culture of LIfe.

sorry if duped, just needed to get out

the washington times -- waging war on Christmas

2150 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Tookie Williams controlled the emotions of the DP advocates

Rice Happy Talk Hour on CSPAN

Well I am, now convinced we are a very powerful

Frank Rich: The Butcher of the Beltway

Condi: The Mary Hart Of Politics..

CONdi on C-SPAN right now.

who else has tears in their eyes?

Does anybody know WHY Bush released the Happy Holidays card?

"Kucinich: White House Must Come Clean On Iraqi Civilian Deaths 100,000?"

Can we please call a truce in here

So why was Tookie special? Why not this much fuss for the last 1000?

In case anyone is hedging on going after Ford and the AFA

World Health Body Links Ecosystem Injury to Human Health Problems

Need a little help here. Does anyone have the URL for El Diablo?

WP Toles: TORTURE: New American Tradition

It’s the Appearance of Paradox that Drives 51% of Americans Crazy

Would Grey Davis have granted Tookie Clemency?

Powerful Katrina slideshow shows the human devastation.

Was there really a Jesus? Or is that just a Fantasy

Pregnant Skydiver Survives Plunge

Have you been a victim of the Patriot Act?

Warner would defeat Allen in hypothetical presidential election in VA

How to oppose the war without sounding like a wimp

Check this out !! AFA propaganda attack against Progressive Insurance

Are there other discussion boards more progressive than DU?

Fox News in Miami

so what's today's poLarizing issue?

Check out this article from the University Paper where I go to Grad School

Do you think it's possible that Jesus and the Apostles were gay?

Torture? Pre-emptive war? We're the moral/cultural relativists?

Arctic Oil Gets an Administration Gusher

Predicted Iraqi Election Outcome (Looks alot like Italy)

Steve Bell: Liar Liar

If the sheet fits...

'Brokeback Mtn' - This weeks NON-STORY

Holy Shit this is Scary pt. 2

Feingold up on Patriot Act now! CSPAN2!

Support Russ in the PATRIOT Act Showdown

Able Danger Congressional Documents

Prosecutor issues subpoenas in DeLay case

'Brokeback Mountain' Leads Globe Nods

Everyone knows what happened

"Raise a Purple Finger For Freedom"

Hillary vs. Pickles: Who is/was the best First Lady?

What would be some of the sentences in the Bush family Christmas letter?

Caption Condi

Ethics group sues State Department over Katrina records

Hey look, Kenneth Lay gave a speech today in Houston - photos

How many innocents executed?

I really hate these Minutemen yahoos...

Prosecutor in the Tookie Williams case being sued for killing unarmed man

Just another WTF??? -- Citizens or Consumers What are we now?

Iraq: 1,000 days of war

Did You See Sam Sedeer Spank the War On Christmas..CNN

Iraqis exiles voting for Iraqi Parliament in the United States.

The War in Numbers:From WMD to the Victims

Wal-Mart Apologizes To Black Man For Bad Check Accusation


Keep our public lands ad free

Listen to Rhandi's show archive

Whatever you do, do NOT go to the Yahoo! message board on the Tookie story

Newspaper Marks 1000 Days of Iraq War with Key Stats

Happy Winter Solstice.

Poll: Santorum's support of Bush hurts re-election prospects

The reason the price of natural gas is so high is that the energy

MSNBC poll Do you think President Bush is making progress with his critics

Bush Allows Actual Questions (Surprise, Surprise), But Responds With Spin

Max Baucus' New American Rennaissance.

My Co-Worker just told me that Christians can't donate organs.

The Death Penalty in China

Is anyone else having trouble streaming from the Air America Website?

Geov Parrish: The Abramoff primer

I just got back from the Senate floor...By Russ Feingold

I reject the premise

Boxer on Rhandi Rhodes!

Dorgan was talking about Free Trade and job loss.

Capitol HIll Blue or RawStory: which do you trust more?

(We're) Wigging Out

Have you signed the HR 550 petition yet? (verified voting)

Cell Phone Users Could Get $9 Billion in Tax Refunds!!!

Condi's mad the rest of the world won't help manipulate Saddam's trial

Grover Norquist and his bunch of goons must just

I feel I need to post these links.

Tookie? How about Damien Echols?

So now the yapping Luskin has sealed his flapping lips!?!?!

I believe there is a du forum for religion related

Freeper disruptors giving religion/athiests in general a bad name!

Why Bother

Possible dupe, but here goes anyway

Vatican Official: Torture Is Unacceptable

A tale of two Golden Globe stories.

Updating The Bush War in Iraq

Evil Magazine

LTTE: "Mission accomplished" was about us, not Bush

She was born poor on the mountain; her mother died when she was 3 mos.

"The Situation Room" Brazile vs Torrie Clark

We deny a war on Christmas, but we ridicule and "fuck" Christmas...

Email addresses for Republican "Gang of 14 members"

Embezzling from Our Future

Death penalty supporters - Please read the cases on this site.

"With her dominatrix jacket and sandpaper voice, anchor Rita Cosby..."

Help choose the winners of this year's *Falsies Awards*

Pope Benedict re Christmas: "subjected to a sort of commercial pollution."

GW Bush Approval Rating at 100%

The sad thing is, shrub had an chance to redeem his benighted

DU hits 20,000,000 posts Dec. 14th !!!

Rita Cosby's voice

Don't tell Bill O'Reilly! Little kids have declared war on Santa?

Reality Bytes: Eight Myths About Video Games Debunked

Pro Death Penalty advocates are cowards and nothing more.

DeLay and The Duke: Together At Last

Howard Stern on The Daily show tonight!!

School says O'Reilly fabricated dress code story

When to grant clemency... that is the question

Tookie injection observers all over cable news: What is going on?

CondiLIEza Rice: What Evil can I do today? HMMM? (photo)

Fed Raises Interest Rate---Highest in 4 ½ years.

Pssssst. I think I'm alone.

DeLay, Republicans Face Political Setback on Texas Voting Map

Is there really a "global war on terror"?

Prosecutor in DeLay case subpoenas records from defense contractors

Fitzgerald convicted the 1993 WTC Bombers - Here are the transcripts

Does anybody know of any right wing editorial cartoons

Why would they need a Constitutional Ammendment on flag burning

An extraordinary meeting

"'Please,' Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, ...

Someone REALLY wants Troops injected with Anthrax Vaccine

[World Can't Wait] Ad in NY Times Today; Bush Step Down!

I think someone is playing a great joke on O'Reilly.

RAWSTORY: Fitzgerald seen to press for Rove's indictment

Who loves and buys super natural books and movies like Harry Potter,

Can someone explain the redistricting issue to me?

remember the Vietnam babies our troops left behind?

Big Box Backlash: Local Control Over Land Use Threatened by WTO

How much hate is in your heart to watch someone get executed?

Is the death penalty ever justified?

Looks like that @sshole Rush will get off...!#@$!@%%!%!

Death Penalty - The Bigger Picture

I've come to accept Ford's reasons for pardoning Nixon

Buyers Beware:

As someone who is descended from these "ignorant redneck fundies"...

Katrina Survivors Tell Congress Levees Were Blown On Purpose

Breaking: Voice of God revealed to be Cheney

Sneering at Redemption: Why Arnold Killed Tookie

fuck it

"Maine Aid Worker Dies in New Orleans"

Is the application of the DP Racist?

Just took an interesting poll at PollingPoint

Face Transplant Gives Burn Survivors Hope

Elderly Turn To Drug Dealing...

A Lil' Holiday Prayer for Jesus Christ Almighty!!!

The Emergence of Social Values Driven Commerce

Honestly, who has done more damage, Stanley Williams, or Ken Lay?

Post Katrina Bathroom Facility (PIC)

I've been in and out helping the young'un with his truck

What happens when we run out of oil?

By Their Spoor Shall Ye Know Them

It’s Not Our White Flag, Mr. Bush

Do any Iraqis understand yet?

A state senator and evolution/creation

Questions about the Tookie Williams case?

2 million bombs. Just from one air wing in Iraq.

Are white New Orleans people more liberal than whites outside of the city?


Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News Anchor: Sean Hannity's Pal

Here's one question I have about American torture...

Are all the RW fools going to walk around with purple fingers this week?

What's the point? RE: Dependence on oil

Did anyone else see the High Speed LA car chase they just had Live on CNN?

What if the core problems were resolved? And just what is a "liberal"?

What position would today's Republicans take in WWII

No Room At Cemetery, So Mayor Proposes Ban On Death

Here war on. Christmas is coming, better watch out better not shout

Here is the “Message From Homeless New Orleanians" ad from Katrina victims

Rednecks vs. the Powerful Elite: Who's To Blame???

Laura Bush urges families in Katrina areas: 'Try not to be sad'

(I know this is flamebait but) death penalty supporters -- could you throw

Tuesday, December 12,2000. Five years gone. Thanks Supremes

Dude, where's my Goddess?


NY Times Judith Miller has to testify about torture session she witnessed

DU this poll on voting rights and photo ID's

Today I went to the Pandemic Influenza Conference in Texas

"Evidence could not be traced to Stanley Williams"

Support "Media Matters"

Sign the letter to Joementum!

Damn! They had Rita Cosby *that* close to the death chamber

Book that caused me to question my beliefs

I find it amazing that Ronald Reagan was the last governor to grant

500-Pound Man Accused Of Fast-Food Scam

Ford "responds" to Southern dealers, cancels ads in gay publications

Tookie joked with executioner. "You doing that right?"

DU this poll for Randi Rhodes- She needs at least 10 more votes!


NEW ZOGBY: Bush Approval Fades Again to 38%

Do you support the Death Penalty for...


"To use the word Kwanza in the same sentence with Christmas is ridiculous"

" the leading cause of acute liver failure in the U.S." guess what?

Dear Howard Dean: Why Bother?

Can you imagine being an African American in the USA today ?

I believe the people in my country will learn

Demand category 5 protection for New Orleans and Southern Louisiana!!!

President's Arms Seem To Float During Brian Williams Interview


Kucinich: White House Must Come Clean On Iraqi Deaths-closer to 100,000

A message from Cindy Sheehan

For my 1000th post,can we list all the scandals for this adm?

Its 61 degrees here in Florida-and I am cold---soup is on!

Question re dry active yeast

Recipe - Leek Yorkshire Pudding

Speaking of soups - anyone ever have soup from the "Soup Nazi"?

ANyone know an email for David Wilkins?

In wartime, this lawyer has got Bush's back

Saudi prince gives Sharon 'benefit of doubt' (... and CHANGES FOX NEWS!)

Colds 'may trigger child cancers'

Crowds capture al-Qaida 'Butcher' (Ramadi)

Police: Elderly sell pain pills for cash

Judge Clears Way for Border Fence

Jack Carter steps out of his father's shadow at 58

Immigrant Victims of Abuse Are Illegally Denied Benefits, Suit Says

Ex-US official admits taking secrets during "relationship" with Taiwan spy

Lebanon newspaper chief assassinated in car bombing

US, Britain plan phased Iraq pullout after polls

Powerful earthquakes hit under sea near Fiji

New Orleans Residents Place an Ad to Plead With Congress

Early vote begins in Iraq; insurgents call it 'satanic'

Jury Talks Begin in N.H. Phone-Jamming Case

Leading Sunni candidate killed in Iraq

London Times: Iraq troop pull-out to begin in months (not what Bush said!)

Putin wants Yushchenko to pay full price for Russian gas

Chinese authorities kill peasants protesting against withdrawal of their l

Bush Estimates 30,000 Iraqis Killed in War

Crips Gang Co-Founder Executed in Calif.

Terror suspect becomes UK citizen

Earle asks to stay DeLay proceedings

Bills Would Shield DIA Documents From FOIA

U.K. Oil Depot Blaze May Be Extinguished Today, Fire Chief Says

N.Y. Times reporter named in court filing (Judith Miller-1993 Hamas case)

Iraq vote promises little succour for oil sector

Votes may avenge death of mufti

Great Lakes overhaul plan approved

Attorneys seek info. about interrogation

NYT: Report Calls for Huge Efforts on Great Lakes (but who will pay?)

(Australian) Race attacks spread to Perth, Adelaide

Saudi Arabia Looks Past Oil in Attempt to Diversify

Saudi Prince Gives Millions to Harvard and Georgetown

Iran's President Again Doubts Holocaust

Barack Obushama from Aaron Freeman

Poll: Most say Bush has no Iraq victory plan (58% - Gallup Poll)

Ex-Burns aide talks to Justice (Abramoff investigation)

GM credit cut to junk by S&P

WP: More Scrutiny Sought For Reused (one-time-use medical) Devices

LAT: Signs Point to Prolonged Trend of High Oil Prices (OPEC, DOE)

Iraq president says he will not seek re-election

November retail sales fall short

Fed set to raise US rates, outlook hazier

ConocoPhillips to Buy Burlington for $35.6 Billion

FEMA loses ruling on hotel deadline

Pope says war no excuse for human rights abuses

Security breach at Sam's Club exposes credit card data

U.S. paid for media firm Afghans didn't want (Millions to Rendon Group)

ACLU challenges Fla. county's speech-zone rules

CIA Prisons Moved To North Africa?

Lobbies forming to press on Alito

London mayor to face hearing for 'Nazi' jibe to Jewish journalist

CNN: Most say Bush has no Iraq victory plan

Building collapses in New Jersey

Lynne Cheney Offers Democracy Lesson (compares Iraq to US)

Legislation for 'Black Belt' Aid on Hold

Ex-general says Iranian led torture of detainees

Torture may be necessary: former W.House advisor

NYT: Senators Criticize Decision to Allow Scissors on Planes

GOP senators upbeat after White House Iraq briefing

Talking Action Figure Stars In Gubernatorial Hopeful's 1st Round Of TV Ads

Harper (Canadian conservative leader) responds to pro-American label

Katrina victims: 'Living in barns' (1,400 unused trailers in SB Parish)

Senate Democrat may delay Pentagon spokesman vote (Levin)

Liberal protesters target GOP budget $500,000 ad buy combines with pray-in

Human Brain Cells Are Grown In Mice

(Rep. Stephanie) Herseth will talk to Bush about Iraq war (other Dems too)

Navy helicopter crashes in waters off Colombia

Predicted Iraqi Election Outcome

U.S. dismisses Iran security guarantees call

CIA abduction claims 'credible'

DirecTV to pay $5.3M penalty

Four U.S. soldiers killed on patrol today

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 13 December

Insurgents seek dialogue with U.S., role in new Iraq

House Leader May Delay Budget Vote

Iran gaining influence, power in Iraq through militia

AT&T , BellSouth lobbying congress for "two-tier" Internet

Pension Reform bill goes to vote Thursday with UAW support

WP/AP: Nov. Retail Sales Weaker Than Expected

Pa. Lawmaker Guilty of Conflict of Interest (more GOP corruption)

Badr threatens to take up arms against former Saddam loyalists

Reuters: US, Canadian governors sign Great Lakes water pact

Pentagon spokesman pick may be in jeopardy

Poll: Santorum's support of Bush hurts re-election prospects

AP: More Blacks Live With Pollution

Congress expects up to $100B wartime request

Virgin spaceport to be built in N.M.

Saginaw Township On The O'Reilly Factor Radio Program (Caught Lying)

Broward (FL) voters won't be able to double-check ballot with printout

Student Wins Battle To Wear Anti-Bush T-Shirt At School

Tampa Wal-Mart fires manager over detaining of black customer

Federal judge clears way for construction of border fence

Soldier's dad confronts protesters, with love

Judge Clears Way for Border Fence

WTO: Red Carpet for Delegates, Activists Get Harassment

BBC: Second night of riots hits Sydney (Target: Arabs, Mediterraneans)

Interior Ministry Commando Units Are Infiltrated (by Iran)

State Department Announces International Journalist Fellows Program

The war in numbers: From WMD to the victims

Sen. Dorgan Returns Tribes' Donations

Judge OKs subpoenas of Limbaugh doctors

Former President Gerald Ford hospitalized

A bah humbug moment (Bill O'Reilly lies about Saginaw, Michigan)

IDF: Iran to hit nuclear 'no return' within 3 months

Congress Eyes Cruise Ship Dangers (Disappearing Passengers)

President of American Red Cross Resigns

CIA abduction claims 'credible'

Lesbian: Doctors denied artificial insemination because of religion

Goldman Sachs: Oil prices to stay high for years ('super spike' phase)

U.S. health gains hurt by obesity, smoking (23.1% considered obese)

Zogby: Bush Approval at 38%.

GM to Nearly Triple India Production

"Brokeback Mountain" leads Golden Globe Nominees

Rice: World Not Helping With Saddam Trial

US Intelligence Expert: Regime-Change the Answer in Iran

Diebold president resigns, evoting woes cited as risk for future

Fed Raises Rate to 4.25%, Drops Reference to `Accommodation'

ACLU Opposes Patriot Act Provision

Crips gang co-founder Stanley Tookie Williams has been executed

Ships, trains could solve US energy crisis

Prosecutor in DeLay case subpoenas records from defense contractors

Liberals of faith speak up


Australian at Guantanamo Wins Court Battle

Ex-Enron chief Lay blasts prosecutors, Fastow

Europeans Outraged at Schwarzenegger

Gallup: Poll Finds Americans' Belief in God Remains Strong

Canada warned to stop dragging U.S. into election (U.S. ambassador)

U.S. buyers more open to foreign cars, survey says

Pick a theme song for another DUer

So, I'm thinking of becoming a man

This is the only date I could find for the neon lady.

I just made THE tastiest chicken burger EVER

who is this tookie of which people speak?

Thai Porn!

My Loving Tribute to MrsGrumpy

With all the newsworthy items to research today, and all the ethics

For Annie Coulter, stupider is as stupider does

anybody know anything about hiking boots?

Look Up inthe Sky it's Stay-the-Course Man!

Invitation to a "safe' GD thread on the NYT's choice of BEST BOOKS OF 2005

Damn !

I'm going to Chicago tomorrow

Combine two movies NOW! DO IT NOW!

It's Christmas / Hannukah / Kwanzaa soon!

That's it, I'm boycotting Nancy Grace's sponsors

Does anyone recall the inedible Xmas candy

MMMM Thai Spring Rolls!

Help!!! I keep getting drawn like a bug to a light on a dark night

Did I hear correctly?

I heard something very sad last evening........

My dog has fleas,

I have to go to bed now......

I am wondering if Skinner wishes...


EEEEWWWWW!!!! It stinks in there!!!

There are no words.

It's out tomorrow. Are you getting in line?

New Old cat pic


Life is all about ASSES

Has anybody heard yet what Bullwinkle's baby sister

Christmas has been CANCELLED, and it's all YOUR fault!

OK. I thought I could go play in the GD cesspool

message on the death penalty.{cross-posted}

dupe n/t

OK the Navel thing is NOT my story

25 posts, 4 replies. Bite me, I'm out.

We live in a very strange society

CNN: Tookie has been executed!!

Calvin and Hobbes snowman cartoon collection here:

Remember what Cheetah from Tarzan sounded like?

There are "things" having sex 2 feet away from me in my shed!!!!


Monna monnah Do do do do do

I'm baseball challenged. Is the choice of two GM's by the Red Sox

OK, where did the term P-U originate to describe stink?

I NEED ADVICE!!!!! - What would you do???


something to rise the mood ;)


I dropped off some toys for the Christmas charity today.

Something to rise the Mod

Hilton named worse celebrity dog owner


The Incredible world of Navel Fluff

KitchenWitch...I tried...I really ,really did...

Girl Injured After Firing Flare Gun On School Bus

is it safe to say mookie yet

Tuesday mornings earworm.

something to rise the mood

is it safe to say nookie yet

My legs hurt so bad I don't know which side to limp on

College Class President Charged In Bank Robbery

Something to give rise to the moops

so i ask myself, "just where does 'soft serve' ice cream come from?"

I'm a highwayman

iPodChing foretells good times ahead for us, bad for DeLay.

Anybody know how to rid their computer of "Winfixer"?

My mind is permanently in the gutter.

question to our British friends

Pryor fans: Comedy Central has "I Ain't Dead Yet, #*%$#@!!" tonight at 10


Superman is too super for some

I am offended. Elvis right out in the open. I can no longer post from work


Is the Cream re-union concert at Albert Hall available on DVD?

Is it safe to say cookie yet?

"authentic" hot chocolate

Man Bet $870 He Would Be Dead By Now - He Is Still Alive & Must Pay Up

So, I'm thinking of becoming a ladies man

I'm getting a new 'puter!!!!

Complete this line: Penn State _______.

Something else to raise the Moog

Who here goes to 'Drinking Liberally' events

Bar Harbug

The Part Of Chad Will Now Be Played By MrScorpio - Play Along

In this Post, you may think I sound like the Christmas Grinch....

Comptroller on CSPAN last night..........

Anyone having problems with Media Matters website?

"Miami Vice" the movie trailer-Colin Farrell and Jaimie Foxx

Bob Barker needs to retire! He totally screwed a contestant!

Ever derail your train of thought?

Something to raise the moog

I have to die for this love.

Ron Mexico goes down

I'm about to hit the open road. Road Trip I.

My loving tribute to... (dial-up warning)

I just passed 10,000 posts! n/t

Make me

So how many of you keep your posts kicked

Picture thread: ForrestGump REVEALED!

Who wants to see my *incredible* Grinch impression?

Hmmm etiquette from Rabrrrrrr

Zen riddle: What's the sound of one hand eating ice cream?

For 60 bucks, Jessica Simpson's dad teaches "Be An A-Lister In Life"

A loving tribute to... Hong Kong prostitutes

I have a Holiday theory....

my nephew...

Golden Globe Nominations list here: Discuss


Does anyone here pay bills electronically?

Best. Spam. Subject Line. Ever.

Do you think we'll all be here precisely 12 months and 1 day from now?

Santa Claus in the lobby. May I now barf my guts out?



Important followup to Rabrrrrrr's Christmas Card Etiquette thread, by DS1

Listening to Our New Orleans right now

Teacher Forces Girl To Remove Religious Necklace (WICCAN SYMBOL)

Playing got your nose with Rove.

I finally started my 'holiday' presents

Time for cute cat pics! (dial-up warning)

We had a real life Grinch here yesterday!


What's the stupidest thing you've ever argued about?

The ASCII version of Star Wars:

My loving tribute to nobody

So, I figured out why my Boss was smiling when I quit

mmmmmmmmm Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say

Laziest Bankrobber Of All Time

Who needs a Bush pen holder for their desk?

What do I need to do to get CaliforniaPeggy to tell me to "F#ck Off"?

Is Superman packing too much superpower or what?

MatcomNews Update: Student Wins Right To Wear Anti-Bush T-Shirt At School

Now me.... My Loving Tribute to

A loving tribute to... Brazilian prostitutes

pranks to pull in the office{joke}

Windows users. It's the second Tuesday of the month so updates

A mother-in-law joke with a twist.

Guys — your beard/mustache grooming implement

W.A.S.P. Appreciation Thread (the band only please).

Cat question re: leaving them alone (and our new Christmas plans)


2 more days until the return of...Jackie The Joke Man Martling!!

Could someone please give Rita Cosby a *#@#&!% throat lozenge?

My god, I might have to replace my Cowbell sigline pick

What ancient ruins have you destroyed?

Has this been historically debunked yet....or is it all TRUE?

Christmas Eve Dinner: What to Make

Man Arrested After Police Find Live Deer In Trunk Of Car

Good Tuesday Morning, Everyone!

Subway Station Quiz Question #1


Helen Rowland on flirting

Re-watched The Graduate last night

Have youy ever been put unconscious for surgery?

My loving tribute to people who piss me off

Bob Dylan to host weekly radio music show

try this

All your base are belong to us

Subway Station Quiz Question #2

Heard an ad for a novel during an AAR break - was it Axium?


I need a Bush pic -- the one where his fly was open as he stepped

It's the Flying Spaghetti Monster game

Hm. I guess seafood pizza takes longer to cook.

How are commissions on sales usually determined?

Wisconsin Driver Strikes, Kills Stray Kangaroo (Wisconsin)

This is FUN!

Woman pregnant after parachute fails to open (Video)

Liam in the tub..this one worked...

Why does Windows Update insist on telling me I need to restart...

Do you ever argue religion at work?

I can't wait for tomorrow's window of joy.

I'm wearing progmom's Christmas socks tomorrow!

Will FOX News viewers ever tire of "War On Christmas" themed stories?

Are you acquainted with ENGRISH? (dial-up warning)

Get pregnant. Go skydiving. SPLAT! (and live). Should make a great mom!

Jeff Gannon and I are gonna go see that new cowboy movie...

I am feeling a little horsey today.

the little baby snoogle-fleejer, by jimmy carter

Greatest "War on Christmas"/anti-FOX rant EVAH!

Just to make Bill O'Reilly's head explode: Xmas Smilies!!

i found my kitty!

Bumper sticker I must have:

Have you seen the commercial for NBC's Book of Daniel?

Goodnight DU

Liam with Santa...

If there are better Christmas songs than Elvis's "Blue Christmas" or

James Dean Museum to Close at End December

Are you for or against the death penalty

Spaghetti for supper. Hubby will be mad b/c it is Ragu and not homemade!

Another DU Holiday Tradition Lives ON!

My local grocery store now carries bottled Dr Pepper!!!!!


Are you for or Against the Meth Penalty

Are you for or Against the Dearth Penalty

Sexual politics

Ever been in the same room with another DU'er?

Pet people, what do you do when your old dog w/bad heart has a toothache?

Glass of milk...

Why the holidays are like Bad Nookie

The official Lounge's meth appreciation thread!

Pagans are way better than Christians

The official Lounge's mesh appreciation thread!

Okay, E is running a two hour, two hour special about

Porked a couple of Brine Tenderloins all day...

Are you for or against the Darth penalty?

Reagan was against Christmas, too!

12 more days until....THE YULE LOG!!!!

Shiny Happy Thread

Who has had a NY pizza and thought there was anything betta? Fungool!

Tell me it's okay to skip my workout today...

What music acts do you wish you'd seen live before they broke up or died?

is it safe to say tookie yet

Question for DU women

If you're at work, don't run an image search for the word Brazilian!

Disturbing news at work

Ok please help a Canadian out here

BREAKING: Smoking cures smallpox.

Want to own a Plymouth Belvedere and used to live in Tulsa, OK?

Man, think of all the people goin' to gitmo...

First picture of my Christmas decorations...

When you see the US referred to as a member of the "DP club"...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/13/05)

As sailors often are. Got a Christmas story?

Sitcom 'One Day at a Time' ('75 to '84)


Tenderly Porked a couple of Briny Loins all day...

Does your car/truck/whatever live in a garage?

Okay, now that the neon porn thing is gone.....

My Turn...My Loving Tribute to ZombyWoof.....

Post your Holiday plans here

Best TV Comedy of all time

The official Lounge's merh appreciation thread!

Every time you say "holiday"....

pitcher of Harp, two glasses, fish & chips...

Shameless plea for ego-stroking - "Woo for me!"

Does Southlandshari really like moon pies?

Does anyone else remember One Day at a time with Schneider

HEY! i'm try'n to get a little shut-eye here!!!

Peter Jackson Then and Now

Time again for smilies that DU needs!!

Hey, the "" guy is back, and funnier than ever!

I need 12 ingredients used to make a trail mix -- QUICK!


Snowball Fight game

Position: That Madonna was actually quite good in "Evita"

I'm in a jovial kind of I'm thinking of giving y'all either a

So what are you listening to today?

With my 1000th post, Let me wish all of you.....

I am Yongary: Monster from the Deep, ask me anything

What have fundies said about "Brokeback Mountain"?

Garrison in SLO

Ahh the holidays, when DU turns into a winter wonderland most like...

The official merh Lounge appreciation thread!

What's a good anti-wrinkle cream or regimen that won't cause acne?

Something to rise the Mods

Who's the best saxophone player?

I'm wearing Christmas socks today.

A desperate cry for help from knowledgable dog owners

Because you need it, Rabrrrrrr's Christmas Card etiquette

My loving tribute to everybody

Yay! I bought "Amelie" today!!

Is there a Cheesy Rev In The House?

My loving tribute to Janet Pilgrim Miss December 1955!

God is Big

A (legal) question about Mail Boxes, mail, ups, etc

Will Pitt's cat is has mange

Ed Harris

Navy Wife Carries Mannequin With Her In Place Of Husband

Nephew turning 21. Unconventional young man. Gift ideas?

Brined a couple of pork tenderloins all day.

"The Facts Of Life" was a truly horrible show

How to win in an argument

Bob Dylan vs. The Beatles

WORST 1970's rock band?

have a favorite of these photos i've posted in the past? DIALUP WARNING!

I am a DU Ninja.

Philly DUers! Come see me play at Maddie's in Frazer, PA this Fri. (12/16)

What ancient ruins have you visited?

I need some movies that burn rubber (No it's not porn related)

What's your favorite music?

Do you think it's possible that Jesus and the Apostles were gay?

Not in my name: Tookie's sins are also "Ours".

Was there really a Jesus? Or is that just a Fantasy

Pope Benedict re Christmas: "subjected to a sort of commercial pollution."

Why don't we hear from the capitalist rightwingers who have the

Merck Deleted Data

Hate-Crime Levels in L.A. County at 15-Year Low

Fla Dems For Gov. Oppose Gay Adoption Ban

Princeton Says 'I Do' To Gay Marriage

Pastor's rights not violated, federal judge rules

Gay Cowboys Gallop To Oscars With 7 Golden Globe Nods

Don't you have to be a DU donor in order to post in these 'groups'

Forgive me for pulling a NSMA.

Six same-sex couples file marriage lawsuit (in Iowa)

Two More Former Players Accuse Coach Of 'Lesbian Baiting'

'Ex-Gays' Launch Ad Campaign Opposing Hate Crime Laws

Ford won't budge on ads after meeting with gay leaders

Allen to reverse stance on crimes against gays

Music star Usher goes homophobic

"Latter Days"

Idea for GLBT forum posters

TOP SECRET MESSAGE TO ALL "THE GAYS" ----- Please forward !

Guess The College Sports Logos?

Mistrial declared in lawsuit against Williams sisters

Meet Peanut

Crate training, yes or no?

Days of awe and wonder: Venus in Aquarius from 15 Dec

Changing the topic du jour -

Just got home and I only have one thing to say about the weekend.

What you missed: TayTayisms

A tidbit about Kerry in the gossip column of the NY Daily News.

Ya know what I would love from those of you that were there?

Unity Thread, Part 3

If you still have some energy to defend Kerry, there is a thead on GDP

Do we have photos from Boston?

A suggestion to those fretting over "priveleged" information

My impressions of the Boston weekend

Wicked Awesome Weekend in Boston

Please, could you stop this now!

Attention BOSTON TRIP KERRYCRATS! My buddy "J" needs help.

"Are we there yet Mom?" The TayTay story.

I cannot take it anymore. I have to spill the beans. John Kerry told us...

Here's my post.

Curious question about last night...

That's IT!!! I want these juicy details answered, NOW!


Q&A Up from the Foreign Policy speech last week

“HOLIDAY LIGHTS” Submission Thread

Has anyone made their plane reservations for NYC yet?

Have any of you ever nominated Keith for Queer Eye?

Well, I guess Keith got his ad on DU today.

Anybody notice the new emoticons?

Missed the first part of Countdown because my Mom called...

Finally! How we got the Chimp...

Seven warning signs and Fourteen Charactaristics of Fascism

"New Book Suggests Mattel, Boeing, Google, Walgreens and Time Warner Are

GD Politics: Election Fraud News Alert--It's Diebold Day

Why do the Right-Wingers hate religious freedom?

Can Democrats get the DLC to cease and desist: Control over DNC!

Predict the Outcome of the '08 Iowa Caucus

Delay, Republicans Face Political Setback on Texas Voting Map

Robert Byrd - Why I'm Against Term Limits....

Will conspiracy charges be made against

Professor: Medical Marijuana Grown By the Fed. Government Isn’t Very Good

Decoding Bush

The Iraqi Constitution allows free health care for all Iraqis

Hardball / Jim VandeHei Vid Clip on C&L: Hadley told Rove about Plame

phone jamming (election crime) case goes to jury

MP3 enhancement of Bush's 30,000 dead Iraqis statement

When Arnold Called * And Asked Him Do You Think I Should.....

What IS a 'Progressive'?? Or a'REAL Liberal', for that matter?

Jack Carter steps out of his father's shadow at 58

This cartoon says it all RE: the sorry state of US media

K Harris was on hannity yesterday guaranteeing a win

So Will The NBC/Brian Williams 'Day With The President' Interview.....

Anybody else get this 'letter' from Walter Cronkite?

Murtha is kicking some serious ass, speaks in Philly 1hr after Bush

Volpac back to one-sided polls

We live in a very powerful (not for long) but truly

Oh Holy Crap! is the the History Channel in trouble

Raw Story teaser: "Fitzgerald zeroing in on Rove: Developing..."

Congress this week


Democrats attack their own before Republicans can so they won't look weak.

Trent Duffy: Bush "pleased" that we're "more optimistic about the economy"

If they are right, then we are wrong....?

Bush Allows Actual Questions (Surprise, Surprise), But Responds With Spin

The next person Karl Rove will throw under the bus to save his fat ass

We should all be looking into this (dkos)!

AlterNet: "The End of Democracy in Ohio" -- WAKE UP AMERICA!

What If It's More Than Corruption?

Nip it in the bud dept: Do we need to worry about Lynn Swann?

M.C. Miller on Kerry/Dems and rigged voting

For a guy who Talks FREEDOM all the Time: Why does BUSH SUPPRESS IT?

Redistrict Fight Will Go Before High Court

Beyond The War Spin(Can/will Dems beat"Retreat and Defeat is not an option

Boxed in politically(GOP says Dems stupid/liars?-morally not against evil

President Bush: Blowing the Job

Bush's job approval rating bounces up a few points (to 42%)

Rahm won’t echo Dean in bold 2006 forecasts

Labor, MoveOn Fund New Group (making SocSec coalition permanent)

Measuring homeland security (Homeland Security funding cuts blasted)

Divided Republicans Struggle Over Size of Tax and Spending Cuts

Winning The Iraq Debate

Corzine Expected to Tap Menendez for Senate

Just saw Bernard Kerik on FauxNews....

Carper says Iraq not winnable, advocates gradual withdrawal, same as Dean.

Crumbling case for Granite State(add caucuses and time between Iowa,NH.2/5

When I saw this earlier today, I thought ........

DU this AOheL poll on Bush's* numbers

You will like this video, Bush and the military:

Arnold = " cold-hearted political calculation and cowardice."

Evan Thomas who wrote the bush in bubble article

Yike's! Feingold is in Trouble on the Senate Floor (C-Span now)

Reporter says she ".and others in the audience are insulted..."

federal deficit was $83.06 billion in November, up 43% from a year earlier

Kucinich: White House Must Come Clean On Iraqi Civilian Deaths

LBJ in 1968 and George W. Bush in 2005.

Slow roasted pork: Fitz not swayed by VNak, going pig hunting in Rove Town

The Vietnam War still lingers in the consciousness of most Democrats...

Justices To Review DeLay-Led Districting(could we get back those 6 seats?)

Falafel O'Reilly takes issue with "disruptive" group The World Can't Wait

Poll: Santorum's support of Bush hurts re-election prospects

Regarding the story of the KIA soldier coming back via commercial freight

The Governor of Mississippi should threaten to use his WMD

The reason why I was against Tookie's Execution...

From Daily Kos "Five Years Ago Today Democracy Surrendered"

CNN doing a piece basically nominating Bush as Time's Person of the Year

Why Bush is wrong about his place in history.

Wash. Times Provides Press Credentials to Right-Wing Lobbyist

Condi on CSPAN today: "In 10, 20 or 30 years,

FOCUS | Byrd Warns Frist against 'Nuclear Option'

Has O'Reilly ever told the truth?

Is there a bigger douchebag than Stephen Hayes?

What is the story with O'Lielly and Falafel?

Sen. Dorgan Returns Tribes' Donations- AP and Yahoo news

Cost of government - 58% of national income?

Wes Clark 12/11/05 on Fox Video, Audio Clips....also KTAR interview

Aren't there more important things to worry about besides flag burning?

Support Subpoena For Bush 2003 State of Union "Smoking Gun"

Irony alert - Bush claims he's "not in a bubble"

DLC is everywhere!

Internal Polling Shows a "DeLay Effect"

Its Just A Piece Of Paper.

Fineman says Woodward is a Bush 'court stenographer'

Just ordered a lasting 'statement'

DUers: Please help New Orleans by responding to this letter

To those who support the death penalty

Cost of government - 58% of national income?

DUers in my local paper re: Target

Sick of the extremist fundies? Do something positive and fun

DNC: Honoring a Half Century of Service (Dingell)

"I'm confident I know what's going on"

DNC: Gallup Wallops Bush

Lynne Cheney selling the Iraq War to ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KIDS???

The complicated issue of saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS: cartoon

LIVE FREE Or DieBold!! Slogan, battlecry?

"Bush Likens Iraqi Action to Transition in 40's Japan"

Is ABC the Good Ole Boy Network?

I saw a Hillary bumper sticker today.

Sign the letter to Joementum!


Dean on 1000th Day of Iraq War

The DLC is "in control?": Power, politics, and Democrats.

DLC is everywhere! Even Obama is helping them!

I just called Liebermans office

Helen Thomas: a wake-up call for Democrats

Byrd Takes Frist to School

Photos: Condi "addresses an invited audience at the Heritage Foundation"

"Cheney, Speaking From Experience"

In Al Franken's book he points out that the army & batthists in Iraq

Listen media : I don't give a damn about the Iraqis voting...

Democrats are conflicted on Iraq, because most of them voted for the war

Kerry is a member of the DLC. Discuss

At the risk of sounding redundant...I love Barbara Boxer!

Unbelievable! Bush said, basically, that even knowing that the WMD report

Bush approval back down to 38%

Please thank Sen. Levin for uncovering lies at the heart of the Iraq war

Robert Byrd to Frist: "If the senator wants a fight, let him try it"

"W" is for WEIRD.... the man is a one of a kind...the confirmation

Decorate YOUR FITZMAS TREE - an Interactive Animation, my Best Yet!