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Archives: December 15, 2005

Iraq votes. Then what?

The Year of Living Stupidly

Despite global treaty, toxic pesticide still in widespread use in Calif.

DuPont Fined More Than $10M Over Teflon

What is the energy content of nuclear weapons?

The sickness bequeathed by the west to the Muslim world

Stand Up to Tehran's Lying Tyrant!

Has anyone read Campbell's "Deliver the Vote" ? Rated it?

Secretary of State Kevin Shelley banned problematic Diebold touch-screen

So. Cali. DUers: Two rabbits w/ new hutches free to good home (PHOTOS)

Nat'l Council of Churches Urge Congress to Reject Republican Budget

Is Google Going to the Opera?

Could Hensarling get away with this in Texas?

Independent World Television's .

Very impressed with Michael Schiavo....his interview at MyDD.

VIDEO-Jess Sessions and Tweety-Selected Comments

VIDEO-Murtha-We don't go to war to start democracies in other countries

NOW Russ is up (C-SPAN 2)

The Merlin Project/Link

Anyone know where I can find..

NBC-Wall St. Journal poll finds a SLIGHT uptick 38 to 39% (OH BOY!!!)

Meet the newest member of the punditocracy

Creating a Network to Fight the Far Right

Missed the News on the Peace Hostages - What ever happened to them?

Would You Support a Moratorium On Presents?

Bush's Poll Numbers Improve at NBC, by A Point

Allawi gave the go ahead for the incineration of parts of

Canada is a christian country for white people -

If Dems refused to talk about Iraq WMD, terrorism, democracy and ...

The Perils of Indifference, by Elie Wiesel ...

My Crass Attempt to Have Post #2,000,000

Boom! 20,000,0003

My Crass Attempt to Have Post #20,000,000

The 'liberal' Media did not report on the Scanlon Memo

at this point i don't know what makes my blood pressure (which is usually

Where there's smoke, there's ire

VIDEO-Novak, Schumer on Bush

VIDEO-Tweets-Why do Dems Dick Around? Why Don't They Tell Bush He's Nuts?

The War Profiteer and the $10 million Bat Mitzvah

WTF? Can someone define "complete victory" for me, please?

A timely repost: Blaming the CIA for "WMD" lies. What total BULLSHIT.

Re: Pentagon aims propaganda at foreign media

"faulty intelligence" is and always has been a smoke screen....

HAH! Tweety just asked EJ Dion why the Dems just Dick around!

*'s Speech today, something that makes it all so hallow

Who saw christians being arrested on NBC

Monty Python could do 'Bush Iraq Victory' speeches

a sack of coal

Quit Dreaming. We Will NEVER Leave Iraq. Because Bush Appeased Bin Laden

VIDEO-Worst Person in the World Dec 14 05

Why is a thread about the New Orleans Levees in the September11 Forum?

NBC's Brian Williams asked almost no follow-up questions of Bush

About Novak saying Bush knew who leaked.

Does anyone wonder how many Christians (even RW!) actually buy this 'war'?

This purple finger thing is really burning my ass!

House Panel Subpoenas Rumsfeld on Katrina

OMG this picture of barbara is reaL!

Tweety Made a Good Point. Why Aren't Dems Calling the bush ME Plan Insane?

King Kong = Insulting to Blondes?

60% of Iraqis want U.S. to stay until situation is "more stable"

On Fresh Air tonight, the author of "Misquoting Jesus" was on and . . .

Macabre Christmas Display Makes Statement

Bush takes responsibility for faulty intelligence....

Low Income Home Energy Assitance Program or War on Christmas?

OK, George, make with the friendly bombs

Sorry, But This Is Too GODDAMN FUNNY!

To All The Fine People In Madison...What's Satan Been Up To?

Japan Goes High-Tech to Catch Gropers

Forget the war on Christmas. The RW'ers are waging a war on Intelligence

Hey what's wit the boxes? Red box, blue box, gray box? Smiley table?


Why Doesn't Fitz Just Put Shrub On The Stand?

Put bushitler in a

Watch Frontline...

Culture of Life: Pull the plug on conscious patients - W's law.

Insane moments in punditry as posted by freepers

I attended the Florida Dem State Convention this week

Ford will again advertise in gay publications!!

Great news for "ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT" fans!!

Hey DUers, I need a source for how many insurgents are iraqi nationals

AFA now targeting Progressive Insurance for donating to ACLU

I just heard Peggy on Majority Report....

Journal Nature: Wikipedia Is Accurate

Pentagon is watching you....

Independant World Television news video clip - MUST SEE!

Question about countries labor is outsourced to...

Law and Order tonight!

Rita Cosby is like saltpeter.

POLL: Are there times when it's acceptable to torture terrorism suspects?

Witness Against Torture, vigil outside of Guantanamo (link)

Pentagon loses responsibility for rebuilding Iraq

VIDEO (BBC Special) WAR CRIMES: GUILTY? Cross examination debate (60 min)

Who/What do RW'ers hate the most?

Cunningham Plea Sparks Pension Questions

A good site for those who oppose the Death Penalty

"The Lord told me it was going to be A, a disaster, and B, messy" (Iraq)

GWB Must Resign. Now.

AP via MSNBC - Study: 100,000 Iraqis died in war, aftermath - Oct. 28, 2004

So, for Christmas, my Republican brother has asked for...

Dead soldiers shipped back home as "freight" on commercial airliners


BREAKING!! U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals outlaws Christmas

Bush is Making Nice With Dems Now 'Cuz Rove Will Be Indicted.

When will Fitzmas II come?

Kerry on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN now

Imagine if the $500 billion went to developing alternative energy instead?

Why "Saddamist", Not Baathist?

Stop tax breaks for shooting animals in fenced enclosures

39% approval rating is a "boost"???

rate this story

Patriot Act

to all RWers: Do the ends really justify the means???

Bush: Rumsfeld doing "heck of a job" as SecDef

N.Y. Adopts Code to Monitor Diabetics

US Treasury says Cuba can't send players to World Baseball Classic

O'Liely's in a new movie!!!

Dear Gov. Dean -- "Accumulated evil of the whole"

USMC Vet's Anti-War Website!!!

Tipping guidelines (if you can afford it)

Freepers winning. DU this poll that's giving Jean Schmidt an 'A'

John Nixon

I Have NEVER Seen Anything So Fucking Stupid!

DU Two Polls....

Has Jenna been a naughty girl?

CAPTION this freudian masterpiece

Does anyone ever ask shrub or Rove how Rove is coming along with

Conservative Christians Say Fighting Poverty Programs Cuts Not a Priority

I Rather Liked Christmas Until It Became An Annual Political Football.

National Debt increasing exponentially- can't go on much longer

Gov. Warner Orders DNA Testing of Old Cases to Determine and Free...


Rents too high for low incomes

44 DINO's who voted for USA PATRIOT and Terrorism Prevention Reauth Act

A Jewish history month?

for people who are "giving up" because of election fraud, please wait

I'm pissed AGAIN! AZ DMV screwed up D BUSH personal plate!

Debating Christmas on the House floor NOW No Freakin Kidding!!

So the truth doesn't matter, but then it never did for churchgoers.

King Kong = Racist?

M3 will no longer be reported by the Fed.

care and feeding of stainless steel pans?

Fess up! Have you ever refused to share a Recipe?

Bob Novak Says President Knows Leak Source

Civil Rights Groups, AFL-CIO Oppose Alito

Immigrant tuition law challenged in California

Re: Pentagon aims propaganda at foreign media

Indianapolis gay rights plan stands chance of passing this time

Ohio House rejects changes in election bill (stalls it until '06)

Indiana appealing federal prayer ban

Top US diplomat hid spy meetings

Reservoir breach in S.E. Missouri prompts evacuation, washes away homes

U.S. Trade Deficit Reaches All-Time High

UN urges Iraq, US to address human rights abuses

O'Liely's in a new movie!!!

Congressman's bribery plea sparks call to deny pensions

House Panel Subpoenas Rumsfeld on Katrina

Denver Archbishop says anti-Christian sentiment growing

Houston to stop issuing rent & utilities vouchers to Katrina evacuees

Envoy: 120 Abuse Cases at Iraqi Detention Centers

Religious leaders decry planned budget cuts for social services

Sen. Clinton seeks 'conservative' budget policy

U.S. Appeals Court rejects gay Zimbabwe man's appeal for asylum

Enemies of the state?

House backs anti-torture amendment

Bush Asked to Protect Chaplains' Rights

Premature birth rates soaring, with babies' long-term outlook poor

Sex offender challenges ban; ordinance bars man from parks

Bush says Iran a 'real threat' (has objective to "end tyranny")

Bush Backs Rumsfeld, DeLay in Interview ("heck of a good job")

Report: Millions of Children Exploited

is mailing out new debt cars official an official bank function?

Irony n 1: witty language used to convey insults or scorn

UGH! Bertie Bott's every flavor beans!!!

The Gay Agenda

Boom! 20,000,0003

My Crass Attempt to Have Post #20,000,000

Well, we made it 20,000,000 posts!!

20,000,000th WILL be on this thread

Post a part of your personals ad!

I had brussel sprouts and a baked yam for supper

Lion's Fans! (yes both of you) take a look!

I have been too broke to contribute to DU but someone must have

Can we please have a matcom photo thread?

Which is more lamb?

HR 587 on CSPAN - the Ultimate WTF

Doing laundry at the hotel...

A friend of mine found a cat 5 about months ago...

OMG I think we are getting Thundersnow!

573 posts until 20,000,000. How will you celebrate?

Which is more lame

Another "einstein" walking his dog in the dark with black clothes on

My open Christmas letter to freepers, republicans, and other unfaithfuls:

Hey what's wit the boxes? Red box, blue box, gray box? Smiley table?


Woo hoo! David Horowitz is mad at me!

I have become a thread-killer.

People in Madison WI commune with Satan

Early 80s synth-drum and synth-trumpet machines

The REAL reason the mid-east is in so much trouble (pic)

We're supposed to get sleet and freezing rain tonight


I found a pic of a naked, younger Dick Cheney...

Hey my post got put into a

If Ann Coulter was in the bunker instead of Eva Braun...

(Pssst. Guys. I'm whispering because I don't want them to hear me...

What's this guy doing, anyway?

LOST colorbars Jin, Sun, Jack, Kate and Driveshaft *DIALUP ALERT*

Most evil Xmas gift ever...

Little bit of a Christmas problem here...

Linguistics question: the formal "you" in Europe.

AH, the lounge

WHOS baby is this?

Any tips for my aunt on how to litter box train a kitten?

*******MILESTONES******* 12/14

Play the Christmas Maze Game!!

dude, I just made peanut brittle

DU; I HAVE A Proposal for the site; PLEASE READ & respond..(cross-posted)

OMG this picture of barbara is reaL!

Speaking of babies: If you had another kid (or your first), what would

Here's my nephew:

Can we have a baby thread?

Where can I pick up my "War on Christmas" fatigues and weapon?

I just saw King Kong

Wilco: Kicking Television. Best album of the year?

Bill O'Lielly was standing right next to me

So. Cali. DUers: Two rabbits w/ new hutches free to good home (PHOTOS)

Hey, it's after 9:11 in the evening (East Coast time);

Cyclist and bike commuters - Do you wear a helmet?

NYC-area DUers: how will you handle a MTA strike?

Someone in Argentina has their priorites straight

Good read-aloud chapter books for a first grader?

Great news for "ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT" fans!!

What's your final exam rituals?

"Pull On My Penis and See Me Pee!"

AMAZING THANKS to DU'ers who Recommended "Harold and Maude."

Crap. Ice and snow in the forecast

I just went to confession

"DuPont Fined More Than $10M Over Teflon"

AIM's Kincaid called for "Quit Gay Sex" campaign

Brazilian city may require transvestite bathrooms

So. Cali. DUers: Two rabbits w/ new hutches free to good home (PHOTOS)

A great big Charley/Pad Thai rolly polly thread -DIAL UP Warning

anyone have any predictions regarding Fitzgerald's latest indictments?

May I jump in?

The coolest thing about all of you that went to see JK this past weekend..

Just reading this on Yahoo: Mass. Gov. to Skip Re-Election Bid in 2006

Kerry on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN?

KOEB 12/14/05: Bug the President Edition

A hello the idiot still has a 38-42% approval rating

So who is going to make the 20,000,000th post?

Is Novak's comment related to the grand jury not meeting??

Jean Schmidt's first 100 days

Spitzer leads NY governor's poll; Golisano leads GOP

Texan pushes GOP to live up to fiscal promises

Supreme Court observers see Texas redistricting case as pivotal

Lieberman In A Political Crossfire

Conservative law professor crosses evolution battle lines, sides with ACLU

New poll: NBC/Wall St. Jour.: Bush @ 39%; Congress @ 25%

I smell a former bug killer --- Houston HAD 24,000 empty apartments.

44 House Dems voted today to pass the Tyranny Act (Patriot Act)

MSNBC "analyst" Charlie Cook: "We've had good economic news all year"

Unbelievable. Lectures to and letters to Dean and RW vicious attacks...

Tim Ryan for Leader / Debbie Wasserman Schultz for Whip

NPR ombudsman: Most think tank guests are right wingers

Truthout Used To Have Maureen Dowd's Columns.....

Sen. Jeff Sessions on "Hardball"...what a beady-eyed little fuck.

Basra, a City of Heartbreaking Poverty, Despite Massive Oil Reserves

A defendants' guide to the GOP "revolution

Iraqis will vote to oust their foreign protectors

Soldiers Versus Defense Contractors

Privatize Me...Corporatize Me.... Blackwaterize Me...

The Arsonist

JOSHUA FRANK: Federal Food Policy -- Organic Inconsistencies

THOMAS OLIPHANT A credibility chasm

Freedom of Expression in an Era of State Terror

Bush's torture chambers

The End of Democracy in Ohio?

Pentagon calls Lake Worth peace meeting a 'threat'

Twas the week before Christmas

Historian Howard Zinn Ties Dem's Viet Nam/Iraq War Postions

The Real Christmas Scandal

Plano schools angered over comment by Bill O'Reilly

UPI Analysis: Iraq rebels in talks

Bush Appoints Rice To Stabilize Iraq…Again

Sen. Feinstein opposes FY06 Labor/HHS/Education Conference Report

USA can't protect indeginous people's rights due to natural disasters???

JASON MILLER: Privatize Me...Corporatize Me.... Blackwaterize Me...

Bush BIA Now Questioning Federal Indian Trust Relationship

Torture for Dummies: Exploding Krauthammer's "ticking bomb" argument

WaPo: Speeches on Iraq Balance Resolve and Realism

Since when did cowardice and perfidy become heroic?

Brookings and Heritage agree on something? Wow!

Canadian Air Quality Declines, Water Problems "Troublesome" 1990-2003

Indonesia To Increase Logging Quotas 30% In 2006

IEA: Stupid, Manipulative or Corrupt?

Have A Hot, Dry, Stormy Life, Kids - IHT

Portable solar chargers - any good ones out there?

On A Warming Planet, It's Business As Usual - Oregonian

Augustine Volcano (Alaska) May Be Rumbling To Life

Bangladesh Groundwater Woes Permanent - Geology Behind Arsenic Levels

Romney Yanks MA From Regional Climate Talks - RI Out Too - Boston Globe

Kazakh - Chinese Oil Pipeline Begins Operations - BBC

Appeals court reverses ruling in logging case

California Trout, Inc. (CalTrout)

Report: Separation fence making patients, hospitals suffer

Saddam's WMD Moved to Syria, An Israeli Says

Fatah Activists Sting Abbas, Leave Party

Hamas wins big in local Palestinian elections, takes control from Fatah

Sharon 'plans to share Jerusalem with Palestinians'

Fewer officers to be armed as suicide becomes IDF's top killer

Arab Newspapers Reluctant to Criticize Iranian Leader's Remarks on Israel

Israel fears it is Zarqawi's next target (Israel less safe due to Iraq)

Israel adds to settlements

Settlers who invaded Hebron market face evacuation

Demolition contractors say the darndest things--demolition, tipping over

9/11 SMOKING GUNS - Found in the Mainstream Media

From Sancho

Vote Groups Cleared in Voter Fraud Investigations

Serious question for vote machine activists.

New tests fuel doubts about vote machines

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 12/15/05

I would like to suggest a practical solution to the BEVWORLD derailing

Election Official Asked To Resign For Defending Diebold

**Flash Sell Alert** Diebold Inc. (DBD: NYSE) is ready for sale.

I'm convinced now that Bev Harris is working against us

Salt Lake City bishop named archbishop of San Francisco, Vatican says

Will Durst on 960 The Quake this Saturday and next Saturday

18% of Santa Clara County households have income to buy median-priced home

Ok which one of you did this?

Laborers endorse Braley

This week's Civic Skinny 12-15-05

Make sure AIPAC is not funding any of our candidates

We could really do without Boswell.

Dems push for increases in minimum wage, cigarette tax

House Torture Ban Roll Call

Mitt's going, going, gone!

Boston Globe calls on Romney to resign

Join HRC at the L-Word Season 3 Premiere Event at Avalon!

Is Gov. Mitt Romney ( R ) a viable presidential candidate?

New Wetterling Video

Who's going to the Progressive Caucus Organizing Meeting tonight?

Lydia's annual shameless self-promotion thread

Firefox browser question...

Please recommend a good tutorial book on Win XP

Complex web site construction

I have a question regarding WiFi hardware....

I would like recommendations on domain reg and host/parking

Does the PD's Kevin O'Brien actually get paid to write this crap?

Former Rep. Bryan Flannery To Run For Governor

Coalition tries to foil Strickland’s choice for Democratic chairman

Just got a call from American Family Voices- Call

Juan Garcia to Announce Soon

Suprise visit at BAND's party!

Bob Gammage files for TX Governor 12/15

OK, which one of you was in Green Bay late this afternoon?

(Former Senator) Bill Proxmire has died?

Time once again for .... Mommy Brag!

Georgia's spay, neuter program gets help from new license plate

Pack Your Shit & Get Ready = Mass Evictions From Limbo...


If US ever attack Iran

God is Big

Iran's Ahmadinejad says Holocaust a myth...

Australia:Two tribes go to war

Crafty Chalabi still player in Iraq politics

Astroturf vs Grassroots (Froomkin: Harris pretends RNC guy is "grassroots"

Do you consider

Question - When Bubble Boy spoke in Philadelphia this

Start a Media Campaign Fast B4 We All Catch the "Gay"

bush the hammer--hammers into our heads that,

Aryan tabloid pops up in Spotsylvania, VA

CNN - Poll: For how long would you like to see the controversial sections


Heads Up: O'Loofah calling out catholic clergy on War on Christmas

I hope the Iraqi election goes long as the people win

Boynton Little League may get extreme help

US warned Saudis about plane attacks

anyone ever hear this about the neocons vis-a-vis the DLC?

POLL: Do you think Bush knows the source of the CIA leak?

Saudi prince gives Harvard, Georgetown $40 million

Man hurt after falling off hood of moving car

Question of liberality - Re: Lotteries, etc

voting in iraq-news from the bloggers

Military watching South Florida anti-war activists

It's only terrorism when it happens to us

What If George Bush Were a Black Man? - Dr. Boyce Watkins

House Renews Antiterror Law BUT Opposition Builds in Senate

Who here thinks Chalabi will be the winner of the Iraq *cough* election?

what happend on the resolution to protect the symbols of Christmas?

Bob Grant Will Exit WOR, New York in Early January

Sentenced to a cell(phone)

???will OH bill really make all fed election challenges illegal????

new border plan dont check ID for new hire for 2 yr, 6 yr for already hired

Ever wonder how it feels to get an ax in the head?

Nancy Grace Gets Order Against Accused Stalker

Coca-Cola Faces Mounting Pressure over Abusive Practices at Plants

Check this out!!

NY Times Headline - "An Islamist-Secular Split Is Seen ..."

What happened in the Green Zone this morning?

Hillary campaign mail to California - its going nuts!

No Casualties today in THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS

Ole' Judith Miller was quite the bossy embed, it seems

US Intelligence Expert: Regime-Change the Answer in Iran

Chronically Ill Patients Turn to Yoga for Relief

Bush says his goal is to end tyranny in Iran

WSJ poll number tidbit which is going to scare the Republicans

Riverbend: ” He who sees death, is content with a fever."

McCain & Feingold Move to Tighten Lobbying Laws. Why? Abramoff!

Patriot Act debate is on now on C-SPAN 2 - please keep this kicked. eom

Churches *GASP* attack Christmas!

The insensitivity of the compassionate conservative

It's time to wage an economic war on the RW

Gas prices down, industrial production up

Uh-oh: Abramoff charity's claims disputed

Would you send hate mail to an injured soldier?? Me neither!!!

Bush today: "You're doing a heckuva good job, Rummy!"

No, we don't want Iraqi democracy to fail

Hey George, It's Not Your Prerogative to Wantonly Attack Other Nations >>>

"I take responsibility" = "I, pesky liberationist" (Truth in Anagrams)

Psssst...Mitt Romney is running for President.

UNOFFICIAL DU "Virgin" Mary Poll

Do you think Bush's Operation Candor is going to work?

Bush Says DeLay Is Not Guilty of Money Laundering

Clooney endorses Obama for President...

What if we all vote by absentee ballot come November?

Even more Stupid - the Patriot Debate

CNN Vs. Fox on Iraqi election coverage

Spinning Bush's Poll Numbers Like A Whirling Dervish

Culture of Life: Pull the plug on conscious patients - W's law.

What happened to the Bird Flu ?

War on Christmas” conspiracy rhetoric has a very nasty history

No elections will be credible while occupation continues

If Bush bombs Iran, does it mean a draft is inevitable?

"How the Grinch Started a War on Christmas! (A FOX News Christmas Story)"

The pure irony regarding the idiotic "war on Christmas"

ABC: Strength of Iraqi Forces Promoted by the Lincoln Group

If Karl Rove is indicted, what impact will it have on Junior?

Activist Judge Cancels Christmas!

Ford REVERSES gay ad policy, defies "Family" group & southern dealers!

Election statement from Federation of Worker Council and Unions in Iraq

Crying out for a Photoshop: * on Brokeback Mountain

I've a poem I like to recite in my head that reminds me of our occupation

Arkin: "We, Ladies and Gentlemen, are the potential enemy"

Caption Robert Novak

Insurers' Road Service Could Prove Costly (FYI insurance db

What We Know Today..Saddam was no danger & USA was not threatened

religiously insane still trying to take over Air Force Academy

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing to begin at 12:15 eastern!

Why is diesel more expensive than gas?

Those Iraqi ballot boxes look a lot like paper shredders

Just on Faux News Banner: Iraqi who saved Jessica Lynch votes today!

Hey George, don't have a cow man

The Lie of the Century

MUST READ being missed in Editorials. ALL Dems should get on this page

Hey! Why do they get paper ballots and we don't?!?!?

A fatal trend in Sonoma County 8 teens killed in crashes this year -- up f

Another soldier turns against the war

RightWingNuts Boycott Stores to Stop Charitable Donations to Girls Clubs

listening to Malloy from last night, he is pissing me off

Bush's* admission

Do marines fight on the front lines?

Hillary is not polling well on AOL

Katrina House panel subpoenas Rumsfeld

The bad news, Rummy, is that we are giving Iraq to Condi,

Vote may have big impact on views of Iraq war

Oh yeah, MSNBC advertises on DU, WHY NOT TURN LEFT??

Will chickenhawk house republicans dye their fingers purple today?

please explain how Viveca Novak timeline helps Rove

Lieberman responds to the DFA letter....says the same thing as before.

Did you hear Bush say Rumsfeld is doing a "heckuva job"?

For my 1000 Post I want PEACE, LOVE & UNDERSTANDING

Nature mag.: 'wikipedia as reliable as Encyclopaedia Britannica'

Isn't there an Abu Ghraib picture update due today?

Looks like the greatest generation is going to bail us out again!

Please Don't Flame Me... I am just a cying cut & paster

Harkin is exactly right. * could have demanded that the budget be fair

I usually post bashing the Catholic Church's stands on issues...but

About McCain's anti-torture amendment

Here's a gift to give to all the freepers on your list ->

"He keeps saying the same thing over and over" Murtha on Bush

Christmas: denude or neuter?

The Iraq Invasion costs WHAT?

If Bush knows who the leaker is, and he didn't take it directly to Fitz

Check out the wingnut group the young Priest O`Reilly had on belongs to.

* Official response to the War on Christmas *

Common Dreams: It's Your Life

Jon Stewart Last Night: B** on Iraqi Deaths

''I think people want a new style of anchorman,. . ."

Bush didn't "accept responsibility" for jack shit.

Latest CHB: The White House's bitter debate over admitting a mistake

Faulty fingerprints debunk forensic science ‘zero error’ claim

Would Someone Please Define The Term "Flamebait " For Me?

Where Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden fail --- Gene McCarthy succeeded

Did Jesus exist?

Latest RW TV Ad >> "Bush Was Right!"

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy = Homophobic?

Quakers are now a threat. I'm afraid to go out of the house.

Where do you shop for food?

Army Psyop Planning Guide

2005 WARMEST YEAR EVER In North-We're right, the sceptics are wrong!

"The 007 of Warsaw": Polish CIA airport man, ex-Iraq hostage!

Culture of Corruption. Is there a site that tracks who is in trouble?

Diebold Apparently Kicked Out Of Florida County After Hack Test

It seems the latest DU trend is to fight about movies

And now for something completely different... A thread we can all enjoy

Wikipedia survives research test

Don't forget your avian friends this winter!

"Judy’s departure has kind of freed people up"

New Fiore Toon: Backdroppin'

is it time to break cover on Plan Xmas yet...?

Feingold Washington Journal replay on CSPAN2 now

G. Clooney "I knew it then and I don’t have national security clearance"

Four Full Years Into Recovery Still No Overall Wage Gains

Williams tells why smirk gave him an interview (you may puke)

Anyone else see this email going around?

How serious are you about separation of Church and State?

Which way of framing issue is ethical while getting most attn & support?

Just got a call from American Family Voices-Call 281-240-3700

BP Alert: Ann Coulter asks "WHY CAN'T I GET ARRESTED?"

Where the President Isn't--or, Why They Call Him Bubble Boy

Wasn't there supposed to be a ruling on Abu Ghraib photos today?

Does anyone have a bookmarked thread

Texas Redistricting Cases: Supreme Court Schedule (Can't Wait)

Dear Governor Dean, keep talking.

Pirro told to zip it

Hannity's Hypocrisy - Criticizes Saudi Prince

Why is it that when the wingnuts talk about Bush...

Oil prices enter "super-spike" phase

"German Abduction Case Gets Murkier - Did U.S. Pay?"

"Better Safe Than Sorry: Airport Security and Global Climate Change"

So after these elections in Iraq, Iraq can institute the draft, right?

Judy Miller's new job as lecturer on cruise ships

Anybody else watching Kyra Phillips

SCARY....Consumer prices plunge; production jumps

After Iraqi elections, they'll be able to ally themselves with Teheran

DNC Unveils New 'Shame on Jean Schmidt' Ads

Post Your No-Sweatshop-Made Gift Ideas/Websites Here

The catch of a lifetime

"Have a Hot, Dry, Stormy Life, Kid"

The compassionate Dr. Coburn thinks the DHHS budget is

unblock's 10-point plan for economic reform:

Feingold PAct update: "Your voices are being heard"

"Iraqis voted Thursday in one of the largest and freest elections..."

It isn't a crime to admit to a mistake, it does cause concern though

God, every time the bushboy opens his mouth and spills out yet another lie

Is it possible that Fitz could indite Bush?

"Feds to Rebuild New Orleans Levees"

There's a new man in charge of the White House & We're in Trouble

Disgusting website I found

Our own kind of rapture???

"Joe Lieberman's finest hour" - link

CNN >> Your e-mails: What will make democracy work in Iraq?

House GOP wants to make illegal immigration a federal offense

You know what I notice about the GOP???!!!

Russ Feingold on CSPAN now! Talking about Patriot Act & bill of rights.

Chimpy to be named Time's "person of the year"?????

Secret Wal-Mart Memo Intercepted

CNN: McCain reaches deal with White House on torture

Heads up on ANWR-Watch for republican attempt to attach it to Defense bill

Bushbot Freeper Declares war on Chanukah

Robert McFarlane on the board of company who shot Iraqi "trophy" video.

I dream of a post oil dependent society....

"War on Xmas" source:

Kyra Phillips Watch: "Fingers are purple, and hearts are light...

Enough purple fingers, already. MSM, why so quiet on the Rove/GJ2 story?

Emperor Bush speaks to his subjects! (Spit take warning!!!)

DNC Ad: Shame on You Jean Schmidt!

U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth to Vicente Fox: "Shut up!"

Bush Refuses to Influence DeLay Trial, Then Declares DeLay’s Innocence

"Marine Census Shows Diversity, Declines"

Their voting in Iraq now the world is going to be a wonderful place...

pic of Iraqi ballot here:

Creepy Anti-Abortion Site (I find the photos rather odd)

Was 3+ billion dollar for levees planned for today?

Are you better off today than four years ago. Hell, no . . .

I am almost embarrassed to be a Catholic!

One nagging question about the Iraqi constitution...

Lance Armstrong Ordered to Stand Trial

I just wanted to tell y'all that the Free*ers are after me...

What would happen if * suddenly switched parties?

Poll indicates that Lieberman could be vulnerable in a Dem primary

Tom DeLay's staff avoids the draft. (and Move On petitions delivered)

** admits the intelligence was wrong, but the invasion was right anyway.

Excellent piece on the history of Rummy, Bechtel, and Iraq

Sorry, but women should not be allowed to drive.

Ford backs down in a big way - will sell and adv. to gays

Check out my Snowman!


So Why Is Novak "Talking' Now?

OMG!!! They Killed Rudolph!!! Those Bastards!!

PICTURES OF THE YEAR 2005, part 3 ----->>>

Purple Finger Photo-Op ---pix->>>

Reminder: Watch "Tom Brokaw Reports: To War And Back" This Sunday @ 8 EST

Randi Rhodes listeners:

Interim Ambassador Bolton: The Most Hated Man at the UN

Compelled to caption:... and just before the little cats died,

I want to vote with a purple fingerprint!

Take a look at storyboard for new MoveOn ad - nice!

Wolf Blitzer is at it again....

(former Bengal) Wilkinson apologizes to Cincinnati for 'racist' comment

Boy, that 'liberal' media sure is big

Is it time to mobilize for a General Strike?


Preening for the cameras

You have a right to free speech....

Cheney's Astrology Chart

FITZ forced to cancel grand jury for Conrad Black indictments

Which would be better?

Empire of Shame - A Conversation with Jean Ziegler

Act Now to Save the Hotel Bauen Cooperative

We Were Expecting This: Kidan Pleads "Guilty Your Honor"

Tweety will be discussing *'s "double standard"; Delay

Well whaddaya know -- now McCain's got his own halo, too!

Survey USA Evolution Vs. Creationism Poll (Charleston SC)

Mark Fiores -- Backdropping to Victory.... rofl... but so true...

TOBIN guilty on two counts

Why are Iraqis in the US using the "purple-finger" method??

Can anyone please fnd a link to CNN's story about Christian Sex Toys?

Happy Birthday Bill of Rights!

Taking "Responsibility" means nothing without consequences. Nothing!!!!

Conservatives now back nation-building missions(against it during Clinton)

The latest evidence of global warming: Polar bears are drowning.

How to get Dems to answer: Do you support oil hegemony foreign policy?

Maybe the conspiracy of the Reps in this admin has made so suspicios of

Mean-while, over at the WH briefing, here's some fun with Dave and Scott

Does anyone know the details about Kurdish persecution of

GOP Game plan for '06: The Memo

France Seizes Suspected Militants' Arms

This is how these f**ks do us. $500bil for Iraq and crumbs for U.S. poor

Limbaugh's lawyer to be on Situation Room w/Blitzer, 7pm eastern

Maybe it's his breath? (see headline in paper's top story)


"compromise and act as if was your idea all along"--cnn about McCain

Say it with me now: Get the Government Spies out of our Churches!

Lowcost wireless security system

Duncan Hunter is playing "Bad cop" regarding McCain's Torture ammed.

BIG DAWG: To Dems: Get Your Act Together

Found this article

REMINDER: Watch Peter Jenning's Health Care in Crisis report tonite


Remember: Vietnamese voted in large numbers in 1967, too.

Tired of the Current State of Politics? Here's a Novel Idea...

In the future parents can choose their child's sex;

FBI Pressured to Gin Up Iraq-al-Qaeda Links

Report: Satellite Used After Ok. Bombing To Watch White Separatist Compound

Poll at Lou Dobbs

WE are NOT the worlds democracy maker...this war is still wrong

One way to guarantee a paper trail is to institute "vote by mail"

Man Kills Wife, Children Over Household Chores

Heads up, Bill Maher on Larry King. 8 central n/t

Conrad Black indicted today on additional charges!

I would LOVE to have a wage of $200/month. Wouldn't you? Seriously.

Abramoff gave NO money to democrats

Sensenbrenner is a pig.

Not to miss voting machine story in LateBreakingNews.

HELP! Plame investigation debate

What's the deal with this Countdown Keith Olbermann ad, where' the porn?

Seems people are confused over the total cost of Iraq. Did they miss this?

Cory Maye: "An Interesting Test Of The Power Of The Blogosphere."

Yeah! Keith Olbermann is now on the front page.

"Intoxicated" Playboy models arrested after rowdy in-flight antics

So is anyone else's local winger crowing about the Iraqi elections

Would you support the Anti-Abortion Crowd IF...

Global warming's toll begins

Will they explode? Repubs caught paying themselves with TAXPAYER money

After watching today's news, what if we are wrong?

The best economy since Reagan was in office!

CNN: Bush accepts McCain call for ban on torture

New Orleans' black colleges in big trouble

Roll call on House non-binding vote agaisnt torture?

Since apparently Bush knows exactly who is the LEAKER

Here is Murtha's petition:

CATO and CDI's Charles Pena on Iraq. Withdrwal is the only option.

WIKIPEDIA - MORE accurate than Britannica

The neo-con circle jerk is beginning

TOONs for Thursday

Terror chief mistakenly released, official says

Freep who "Got banned from DU" gives FR "credit where credit is due"

The Democrats should offer an amendment to Davis' Christmas resolution

1 of the best feel-good stories: that dude catching that baby in NY

TX gov: Boy Scout critics are "fringe groups" and "extremists"

Katrina Relief organizations openly using government funds to win converts

Pentagon lied to Congress about dangers of Anthrax vaccine

A Proposal: Democratic Underground Studios

The president needs to be impeached on the charge of high treason.

Ice storm hits home .. literally!

map of the CIA flights (dial up !)

Official Says Voting Machines Can Be Hacked

"Concerned Women" update naughty/nice list of retailers waging war on Xmas

the Puritans: a criminal offense, Christmas must be stopped

So, if Bush would make same decision knowing what he knows now,

Who we lost in 2005: From Rosa Parks to Johnny Carson to who we cared for

Propaganda: "Patriot Act Used to Spy on Americans !" - Feedback requested

Earle looking at campaign finance records of Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt?

Have you guys seen the Jean Schmidt billboard yet! It's Great!

‘We won’t go back!’: Ohio unionists rally for human rights

Randi just said 6,000 missing Katrina victims are dead.

KERRY speech on War on Terror makes me wish he was president

Kerry Calls for Impeachment...But Only in Private

Life in our Anti-Christian America

Be sure to Click Keith Olbermann's ad a couple times a day!!

I missed the opportunity to get indignant about the MSNBC nude porno ad

Diet Sodas: Refreshing & Guilt-Free, or Evil, addicitive Swill?

Kill Your Sons

Case for Calling Kerry a "flip-flopper" solid.

Save New Orleans. DO IT NOW.


Why do the Democrats not vote "en bloc" more often?

"Kucinich: The President Is Responsible"

My wife got the job in California, we are leaving Ohio!

Something has been bugging me about *'s 30,000 dead Iraqi quote

This should be on the front page of every newspaper in America

Wikipedia survives research test - BBC

"U.S. women seek a second first time with hymen surgery"

May We Remind The Wingers Of The REAL Meaning Of Christmas?

The good news, and the bad news

9/11 and Able Danger program finally get a hearing

Kerry Calls for Bush Impeachment if Dems Retake House

Don't we have to have a big upset about the penis in the ad now?

Hey, WTF? Gasoline prices jumped $0.10 per Gallon in a week here!

In as few, or as many words you want, answer this...

Why the anti-choice crowd will always be anti-choice: $$$$ and white babes

Imagine a Democratic president with the full powers of the Patriot Act

Protest Tookie's death YES, celebrate his life - NO.

If you think Christmas sucks this year and you think liberals...

Co-Worker Sues For Share Of Big Lottery Jackpot

After watching the networks report the Iraq vote today...

KERRY-Links-Retaking House to-BUSH IMPEACHMENT!!!

The real Christmas scandal

Tom Brokaw is a military industry propagandist.

THE Joe Wilson donated for a copy of my Film "Rove's War" I'm Pumped!

Breadmaster Plus Bread Machine. Anyone own one?

There's nothing quite so good as the sublimity of an unexpected GREAT meal

Cookies for redqueen--Hobnails

OMG! Stepmom just gave me the menu of our Xmas visit

I'm chairman of a cookbook committee - any advice?

need a wok HELP

What Stephen Harper really thinks about Canada

Black hit with racketeering, obstruction charges

Schwarzenegger Clemency Denial Called Politically Safe

Despite global treaty, toxic pesticide still in widespread use in Calif.

Japan Goes High-Tech to Catch Gropers

Texan pushes GOP to live up to fiscal promises

College Class President (son of Baptist minister) Charged in Robbery

Brazilian city may require transvestite bathrooms

NYT: G.O.P. May Harness Arctic Drilling to Pentagon Budget

FDA advisers: Rotavirus vaccine OK

Large Blast Heard in Iraq As Polls Open

Lawmakers want Bush to intervene on military chaplain guidelines

Fire bombs thrown at Iraq voting station in Sweden

Sharon 'plans to share Jerusalem with Palestinians'

President Bush Says DeLay Is Not Guilty of Money Laundering

Italy to cut its Iraq forces in January

New Orleans Soil Poses Hazard. Study Finds Elevated Lead Levels.

White House conference on aging rips drug plan, backs services bill

French arrests 'linked to Zarqawi'

Pentagon calls Lake Worth peace meeting a 'threat'

‘We won’t go back!’: Ohio unionists rally for human rights

Reversing Its Stance, Ford WILL Advertise In Gay Magazines

Saddam's WMD Moved to Syria, An Israeli Says

Wikipedia survives research test

Survey finds Hawaii voters support smoking ban

Vote may have big impact on views of Iraq war

US soldier killed in Afghan clash

Lance Armstrong Ordered to Stand Trial

NYT: Federal Loans to Homeowners Along Gulf Lag

HIV Rate Stagnates At 6.5%, Lowest Among Muslims (Africa)

Bob Novak Says President Knows Leak Source

White House Closer on McCain Torture Ban

Anderson Cooper in Iraq, explosions going off

U.S. Senate wants secret prison details

Iraq war veteran to challenge GOP congresswoman in Kentucky

U.S. tells Cuban team: 'You're out!'

William Proxmire, Senator Who Abhored Waste, Dies

Poor countries flex muscles at WTO talks

Egypt says US ignores offer to train Iraqi troops

UN envoy terms Iraqi parliamentary election 'successful'

IRAQ: Morgue can't cope with numbers of bodies arriving on a daily basis

In Iraq's disputed Kirkuk, voting highly sensitive(allegations of cheating

Ark. Court Orders More School Funding

Initial Unemployment claims up - at 329,000 for latest week

EU lawmakers agree to set up CIA prisons inquiry

Dingell’s HOLIDAY Jingle for O’Reilly and House GOP

Bush Accepts McCain's Ban on Torture

Eighteen House Democrats meet Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld to discuss Iraq

Breaking BIG TIME: Terror suspect Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was detained

New Orleans Company to Offer Disaster Tours

In Messages, Lobbyist Says DeLay Pressed for Donation

Voting Hours Extended In Iraq

Tobacco giant wins damages appeal

US marine killed in Iraq

US marine killed in bomb attack in Iraq (2152)

AP: U.S. Nixes Cuba for Baseball Classic

Britain Won't Target Extremist Mosques

Terror chief mistakenly released, official says -CNN-

Poll suggests Bush’s free-fall appears to be over (39% @ NBC/WSJ Poll)

Ballot Shortage Keeps Some From Iraq Polls

Four Vikings Charged in Boat Scandal

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 15 December

French film about riots draws applause

Wikipedia survives research test - BBC

First Civil-Union Couple Parting Ways (in Vermont)

Abramoff's charity's claims disputed.

US-Mexico border wall would be 'disgraceful': Fox (Reuters)

Senator Russ Feingold's statement/speech on the Patriot Act

Memphis Paper Finds Dead Voters, Prompts Fraud Probe

Illinois Supreme Court Reverses $10B Verdict Against Philip Morris

New Jersey Senate Passes Bill to Suspend Executions

Reuters: GM suspends 401(k) match for salaried employees

Feingold Now Has Numbers on His Side

Republicans Say Bush Needs to Do More to Rebuild Iraq Support

Consumer prices plunge 0.6% in Nov.

White House announces ($3.1 Billion) for levees

Big turnout in election despite scattered attacks (Reuters did exit polls)

Ice storm cuts power across Georgia, Carolinas

Convicted Hitman, 77, Executed in Miss.

CBO paints bleak fiscal picture (long term fiscal woes)

Britain's Straw in 'rendition flights' probe

(A ``risk-averse'' ) Bush Administration May Affect Elections, DeMint Says

Sources: White House to Accept Torture Ban

BreakingTobin (New Hampshire phone jammer) Guilty on 2 counts

Miami Herald 12/15: New tests fuel doubts about vote machines

W.House takes issue with Novak on CIA leak claim

Black charged with racketeering, obstruction - RICO!

Democrats blast Bush comment on pending legal case ("DeLay is innocent")

32% Favor Bush Impeachment

Iraq Extends Voting After High Turnout

Bush has plan to strengthen New Orleans levees

AUSTRALIA: SMS calls for race riots out in four states

CNN: Iraq Dep. Interior Minister Says Al-Zarqawi Caught & Released in '04

NAACP president outraged by McNabb column

William Proxmire dies

Reservist Arrested on Iraqi Bribe Charges

11 Million Adults Illiterate, Study Shows

Receding ice pushes polar bears into sea

Sen. Clinton: Iranian leader's Holocaust comments ``disgusting''

Iran president: Islam is the solution

US Jews feel threatened by religious right

Pirro told to zip it

Staff Christmas party in the year 2005

Psychiatric Clinic for Abused Cuddly Toys, free them...

i realize it's been done before but who thinks of these tag lines...

Which Family to Spend Christmas with

So... how does one write a press release?

I just saw Ding Dong

Dr. D is well, again; In India. It wasn't always so.

Seen in the Grocery Store Tonight

help, im trapped in the easy chair and the TV is on

DAVID CROSS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Here's what I want for Christmas.

Is this picture OK for the Lounge?

ladies...haggis anyone?

I need help picking out a gift for someone very special to me

I've never appealed the locking of a thread

telephone without a phone bill attached

I'm giving Green Day entrance to my good tunes list again

Best Vince Clarke band?

Do you consider

I can't fall asleep

Where would you rather spend 4 years?

I'm going out for snacks! Whadda-ya-wan'??

Damnit!!! Not again...

Woohoo!!!! It's gonna snow!!! Woohoo!!!

Dave Schwartz. The Weather Channel. He is the man!!

Super Cool Christian Christmas Coloring Pages

Rejoice, Fellow Dems! The War on Christmas is Over! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

I feel like it is my duty to explain my outburst the other night.

Ok, who here likes Patty Loveless and who couldn't care less?

Mods! Rock this thread!

Computer-type question to any geeks still awake who likes a good enigma.

Heating dilemma...

I gotta stop watching Jim Lehrer

This is stupid fresh. Laffy Taffy, the video. This song is crackin me up

Baby bush toys...seen this yet:

Any amateur weatherologists out there?

When I grow up I want to be like Jack Bauer...

Finished my last final... Free at last! Free at last!!!

I started to watch the MSNBC Porn thing. I got board and turned

I did it again!

Sand is overrated.

Aerial photos of greenland.

There, happy now?

The people at my weekday job are pure evil

Driver, 88 & Drunk On Vodka, Leaves Path Of Destruction With Pickup Truck

Nudge nudge

4th Grade Boy Tries To Buy School Lunch With Fake $20 Bill

Law Requires Bathrooms For Transvestites

Who wants homemade muffins?

Carly Simon's "You're so Vain"

Good Thursday Morning, Everyone!

If I ever go off the deep end and stalk this woman, please

Ice. twenty some degrees. And the dog has to potty.

NBC Cuts Pamela Anderson Pole Dance Video From Elton John Special

Terrorists and Saddamists???

the beautiful thing about having really short hair

Now even CANDY has gone to war against Christmas!

Thursday morning earworm.

Pack Your Shit & Get Ready = Mass Evictions From Limbo...

Holy shit. I just saw a lady (pedestrian) get hit by a car.

I picked the worst day to fly

Try to piss Santa off as much as possible.

Thursday's weird news.

Yet another banking problem- paycheck deposited (+500 bucks)

breakfast anyone?

The best christmas cookie recipe EVER.. even the non bakers will like this


I'm not a "real" Minnesotan.

Bald Eagle Pair Return to Chicago's South Side

Man Catches Baby Tossed From 3rd Floor Of Burning Building

Holiday Display Shows Bleeding Rudolph Hanging From Tree

H.S. Students Face Criminal Charges For Having Oral Sex In Classroom

Speeding Tickets. Does your insurance

It's icy and I've got a rental car. Should I drive to the office?

"How the Grinch Started the War on Christmas!"

Help! My son wants an ipod and I can't afford it.

Dancer and Prancer's Christmas view

For the benefit of Mr. Kite, there will be a show tonight on trampoline


Snow penis story#2-Hamilton Alberta Canada

'Body Worlds' exhibit -- Fascinating? Creepy? Both?

OMG!!!! THey Killed Rudolph!!!!!

Has Karaoke become too easy for you? Here's a challenging song.

so ... is SIRUIS radio good for anything BESIDES howard stern 2?

Stern fans: How did Jackie The Joke Man do today?

Misheard Christmas lyrics

I have to sit through Parent/Teacher conferences tonight...ask me anything

Teacher Tells First Graders There Is No Santa Claus

Lounge --> GD link-You HAVE to see this MUST SEE!

One child got left behind in Crawford, TX

Smurfs = Racist?

A great Xmas idea for you parents and grandparents

"When does the Window of Joy open again?"


zuni is risen again

Taking a Job as a Personal Advisor to 1 of the Wealthiest Men in the World

Campaign slogans for Presidential hopeful Romney that rhyme with Mitt

Inspirational or disturbing cat photo...YOU decide.

The simple elegance of a Holiday cocktail party

Tom Leykis

Pics of the first Beast Family Festivus Pole!

the pLain beLLied sneetches are now cooL


I graduate from college tomorrow!

Music Video(warning language): Dennis Leary.."I'm An Asshole"

another annoying game to kill time

Permission to rant, captain?


amazing synchronized Christmas light display

In praise of light sensitive nightlights

Display Shows Bleeding Rudolph Hanging From Tree

If you have me on ignore, please say so here!

I have a talking Stewie Griffin doll...ask me anything

What's your recurring nightmare?

HA! Got this Christmas cookie recipe from a friend today.

Wow, that was nice. One of the ladies whose car I shoveled out last

I am not, currently, among the undead

anyone else get down this holiday? I seriously dislike this holiday.

I played a woman's lunch today - was I being bought?

" Coca-Cola Faces Mounting Pressure over Abusive Practices at Plants World

Hey, my band's playing in Chicago tonight. Anyone interested?

"U.S. Oil From Nigeria Tainted With Blood"

Nothing says Xmas like Burl Ives....

This is beautiful !!!! Have a look...

"What Is It That Lies Beneath the Lion's Balls?"

mp3: The Reverend Glen Armstrong - "Even Squeaky Fromme Loves Christmas"

Pics from my CA road trip exerience. Dial-up warning!

"U.S. Court to Weigh Evolution Disclaimer"

Panda Dog!

*sigh* I just got an email at my work account, with a word doc attached

Ugh! Help! I've got Laughitosis again...

Today seems slow!

Tucked or Untucked?

Cake Lady...those silly frenchies......too funny

How many dates should you go on before going "exclusive"?


does zuni keep staging his death so everyone will say "oh zuni we are so

Anybody else remember Slim Goodbody?

video Blue Man Group... "Earth To America"

I am so happy and bouncy!

My Birthday is this weekend!!

Video...Will Farrell..."Earth to America" bush on global warming..FUNNY!

K-Fed consults with attorney RE: "$125 million settlement" from Brittney

Is "zuni lives" the *new* "Snow Penis"?

Anybody seen mutley_r_us?

It's the "Slander an Innocent Celebrity" thread

StopTheMorans Tribute Thread

should sundog kiss more or less ass today...

Blah blah blah blah blah

peek-a-boo bridgit

Mary Fahl

matcom is special too

Somebody messed with my HO HO HO socks!

My brain actually hurts.

What can you make Santa do?

if anyone else wants a special person thread...

This thread is for Shell Beau...C'mon people...

I want a Snow Taco!

Well, goodnight from me

VW Veyron $1,000,000 car 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds 1,001 horses


the lounge is a special place when Fenris is near

Drive Safe everyone

Shell Beau seems fast today.

Sigh...Why does the DOT have to ban "Right Hand Drive" Vehicles?

How good does fried stuffed mushrooms sound about now?

RIP K-W's: "Mod's Lock This Thread" ....

I believe in abortion up to the 200th trimester

Twas the night of the rose bowl....

Santos vs Vinick

Crap...I think I'm about to have another Class 1 download

message from the vast left wing conspiracy....

the musical christmas commercial

Ministry of Silly Hats Picture Thread time - Post 'em if you got em!

Will someone go clean out my catbox and lint holder?

Another parenting failure for me: two year old in time-out.

Identify the book of the Bible this comes from

Don't forget your avian friends this winter!

Dear Mr. Postman, Your chances of a holiday tip would greatly increase

If you want your kitties to leave your tree alone

We passed 20 million!!!!

Pray for me. I'm driving to Minneapolis in near-blizzard conditions.

What's there to do in Santa Cruz in December?

Time for a jog

Self delete

Some days, I think my heart might burst...

Why was the snowman smiling?

Time for Daunte Culpepper to go...

Poor little Steve Guttenberg, "not allowed" to say "I’m f**king rich, bro"

my New Year's Resolution...

Sundog de-flowered me

Whats your favorite "mixed drink", cocktail?

Attention all people who can read English . . .

Workplace holiday colouring contest RIGGED!!

See i am wonder mike and i like to say hello

Learning a programming language...

Help nudity beat down conservatism

I am in this picture. Guess which one I am.

Am I the only one totally in love with Tyra Banks?

it's been one year since i've had fast food

Most annoying song ever.

Forlorn Lover Leaves $15,000 Diamond Ring In Stranger's Unlocked Car

All the leaves are brown.........


Roll Call: Winter Weather Advisory

Tabasco Cheez-its....if you haven't tried 'em.....

Are you a dog person or cat person

What RW fundies do for Christmas

Incident with fundie Dentist am I an anti dentite

I thought Black Squirrels were supposed to be endangered?

I lost my job today

***ZombyClaus zips thru Lounge, dispensing coffee***

What to do with some used toys?

I am so proud of my kid! We have another progressive in the making.

Jon Stewart's memorial to staffer

Will someone go clean out my inbox and sent folder?

Words that should NEVER be used together

RPG people: HELP!

Chemistry final today

If you were a newborn baby, what would you want to see first?

I've got a brand new show on tonight @ 11PM - Check out the playlist

Cover your ears Sundog has a potty mouth.

I hurt

A CatBoreal Update (not for the squeamish)

Sing along! It's beginning to look a lot like syphilis,

I bought a woman's lunch today - was I being played?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 12/15/05)

After we fence out Mexicans, can we fence out Canadians?

Nobody loves me!

Has Anybody Ever Used These Solar Phone Chargers?


Ken Burns documentaries may be better than porn...

Time once again for .... Mommy Brag!

Midlodemocrat is a very nice person

I want to do with you, what spring does with the cherry trees....

Scientists Figure Out Why Mona Lisa Smiles

What happened to...

Do bedouin women say "assalam alaikum?"

WTF happened on Morning Sedition this morning?

employed folks: does your employer give any kind of year-end gift?

My brain is fried.... heeeelp

Four Vikings Charged in Boat Scandal

What if someone got your kid the book "Walter the Farting Dog"?

This is the ANTI-Open Window Thread - The Window Is SHUT!

Call me rude or snobbish I don't care - minor rant on the English language

Please send good thoughts and prayers for my family...

Does anyone remember Hemo the Magnificent

Two cat quandaries; please advise



Fans of ambient music: I'm plugging my rubbish again.

This is for _newyawker99_

Jessie says,"BBBBRRRRRR.....Let me in Mama!!!"

Crack appreciation thread

Man hurt after falling off hood of moving car

Video (PG13) sarah silverman: santa give the jew girl toys

Is it cruel to take Christmas away from kids as punishment?

How special is Redqueen?

Mortensen Defends Bush Criticism

Shit isn't holy!

How many gifts is too many gifts, for kids?

Would you join a match making group that promotes this guy?

what did you look like as a kid?

Tell me if I'm being too sensitive...

Do they know it's Christmas time at all?

Okay, who here is loveless and couldn't care less?

A review of "Memoirs of a Geisha" from the Japan Times

Cops Kick Down Woman's Snow Penis

Rant: Annoying Chrismercialism Commercial.....

I saw Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe last night. People, calm down.

Nip/Tuck Who's The Carver Poll

Denny Hasterate (sp) Jokes

My Favorite Things - As sung by the Bush Administration -Song in pics

How can an atheist discussion religion with theists and not piss them off

Did Jesus exist?

Researchers seek brain wave access to bank accounts and homes

S Korea stem cell success 'faked'

First in-depth account of scheme to engineer with atom bombs

HuffPo Covers the "Great Ford Debate"

Three's company when a new family settles in for a quiet holiday.

Who Murdered Steve Harvey?

Wal-Mart Preparing to Offer Another Carrot to GLBT Community

Pray the Gay Away

Should we ask gay publications to refuse advertising from Wal-Mart?

AFA considering boycott of Ford Motor Company

Pride at Work to LGBT community: Don't be fooled by Wal-Mart

Utah Moves To Ban Gay Clubs In Schools

Gay patients urged to confide in doctors

Where are the GLBT people of color?

Brokeback Mountain destroys 1 marriage already!

4 Vikings players charged in boat case

Judge Invokes 1894 Law in Cat Custody Dispute

Neutered male still spraying...HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody read Mark Warner's chart?

My dad's death

Some groups follow the rules on polls, some don't

Treason's Greetings!

The Hill on Kerry-Reed press conference

Thank God, I wasn't in Boston.

John Bolton's first report card

Best BGlobe smackdown EVER: Romney abandons Mass.

Audio from JK's

Kerry: Senate Holding Our Troops and Hurricane Victims Hostage to Big Oil

RNC Ad Fails to Change Voter Perceptions

Sen Kerry on Cspan 2 NOW

Kerry on C-Span 2 NOW /nt

Hey, anyone know when Sen Kerry is going to be on C-Span?

Kerry on C-SPAN NOW

Top Secret Kerry Party Quotes

Who will win Massachusetts in 2008?

How much harder will it be to take what folks say about Kerry

Word from Kerry on DCP

The Haiku are a defense mechanism...

If anyone wants to chime in... and why

Escape From the Valley of the Porn!

John Dingell rips O'Rielly a new butt ..... a must see for an EDV

Ooh, now THAT's pretty!!!!

Just write a check or give them cash....

Iraqis will vote to oust their foreign protectors

AP: Iraq War Vet to Challenge Northrup in Ky.

Mike Malloy makes me laugh

An Evening With Tim Johnson

DU Action item: Please help save the Peace Activists in Iraq

need a link, please, to a story about dobson, robertson and falwell

On December 5 and 6 there were polls put up on CNN and MSNBC

WTFMSNBC: Poll suggests Bush’s free-fall appears to be over...

* took responsibility for NOTHING.

Lindsey Graham on GMA: "This is not George Bush's war"

Bob Barr in a Tin Foil Hat; Conservatives are getting it.

part II of the Iraq War intelligence investigation??????????

Gen. Clark goes to the Dark Side

Reuters: Did German citizen adbucted by US receive payment to keep quite?

C&L vid clip of Bush on Rummy: "Ahh-good, he's done a heck of a job"

Audio of Kerry's Real Security in the Post 9/11 World Speech

Senators step into House Dem leadership race

A "WTF" Raw Story teaser..."Bush privately meets with 18 Democrats...

Is Fuckhead scheduled to make a TV appearance today or are

Has anyone come across an aud/vid link to B. Clinton's Kyoto speech?

KR: Democratic discipline delaying top Bush administration priorities

Pentagon caught spying on peaceful activists

Murtha on C-span: Bush is no Ronald Reagan-Raygun adjusted to mistakes.

Chambliss a Democrat???

How the PUBs WIN...Come, we go learn the ways of the Weasels

Wait a Minute:The USA is paying out $250 Mil to fund Propaganda in Iraq??

Egypt says Bush has ignored offer to train Iraqi troops for two years

George Clooney has harsh words for Hillary...

Innocent Abroad (Bushista Ugly American "Sells" America)

Alabama may get an early primary. Democrats could vote the week after N.H.

My theory on who was Bob Novak's source

Go ahead Patrick Ftizgerald, go ahead supeona George W. Bush

No Justice - No Peace.

Time Person of the Year Prediction: The Iraqi Citizen

Lieutenant General Ahmed al- Khafaji says ballot truck a LIE

Impeachment? 42% 'if' he lied about war (2005-06-30), 32% today (no if)

Bush on Rove: "Karl had a lot to do with me getting here"

The WH 'come around"---most likely to accept all of McCain anti-torture

Hillary Clinton's Hawkish Stance Riling Critics on the Jewish Left

Bush got in everyone's face yesterday and said he lied...

"And in this corner, the new Dem. Challenger to the Rep. Heavyweight...."

So Warner Is Way Ahead Of The Curve On DNA Testing

""The mushroom cloud of corruption hovering over the administration ..."

James Dobson's hit list of pro-gay companies

The Patriot Act and the War - How to Smear a Dem

Schumer joins Novak in asking Bush who leaked Plame's name.

Will the high turnout and peaceful Iraqi election affect US opinion?

Ive been in and out of a study induced coma the past week. What strike?

OK. It's December 15th. Where are the pictures from Abu?

Chris Matthews: "You mean, like mice like cheese"

Murtha, Dean, and Kerry.."Weapons of Morale Destruction"

Oh good grief. Howard Zinn is accusing Dean of being too silent.

Question on the Patriot Act

scotty: The WH now has a policy in place about Fitzmas

So what, if anything, does the Iraq election mean?

Guilty! Jurors Return Mixed Phone-Jamming Verdict

Bill O'Reilly: "As you may know, Murtha will not talk with me."

Bush "Fakes" Move to Center to Appease Indies while Allowing Conservs.

Devastating hack proven - Leon County, FL dumps Diebold

Democrats to fight ANWR drilling in defense bill

Thought this was interesting, found it on the NRSC website

If you can stand the smell....

Gne Clark on Faux 12:20EST today

Joe Biden's Purple Finger Photo Op (C&L Video Clip)

Randie Rhodes is talking about the legal credit card

Article: Democrats united on the issues

Zogby: Democrats want leaders to make compromises to attract moderates

Bush 2.0 Released - but will it sell this season?

Finally, someone to save us from Rumsfeld

Wrong and strong beats weak and right. Exploiting fears.

What is your most realistic assessment of Iraq after this election?

Bush's Poll Numbers: I wouldn't be all too upset...

I just can't wait for the GOP primaries...

Who do you respect more?

Registered Democrats: What has the DLC accomplished for you?

Guess Which DiNOs sold you out

Kerry: Senate Holding Our Troops and Hurricane Victims Hostage to Big Oil

Wake the phuck up people!!! Bush admitted, Novak told you so...

Military Investigating Payments To Iraqi Press To Produce Happy News

A lot of DUers use Conyers's pic as an avatar

Inflation Worsening, despite deceptive CPI

A New Ultra-Secret Government Agency (is being formed)

Dingell’s HOLIDAY Jingle for O’Reilly and House GOP

Paypal-ing International Development

Bush vs. Osama: Your rating?

Democrats savage Ohio Rep. who called Murtha coward

KONG! the political cartoon ..

Bush: "Knowing what I know today, I would have still made that decision."

Biting our tongues and holding our tempers

Last Night's Vote - Christmas Symbols and War On Christmas

George Allen tops CNNs repug poll. McCain second.

27-year-old couldn't pay the bill, so Texas hospital unplugged her

Kerry Jokes About Impeachment, Some Bloggers Don’t Get It


THE Joe Wilson donated for a copy of my Film "Rove's War"! I'm PUMPED!

Justice Bob Gammage files for TX Governor 12/15

Which candidate can take votes from McCain? (poll)

Kerry Calls for Bush Impeachment if Dems Retake House

The Republican Party is.....

John Dingell smacks O'Reilly on the House floor! (with a poem)

Without Bev Harris and Andy Stephenson and David Allen (Plan Pub 9)

Would You Vote For A Nominee Who Was Against You On Your Pet Issue?