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Archives: December 16, 2005

2005 warmest year, etc etc...

Environmentalists concerned about pollution from Nevada mines

The world meterological society notes the extreme weather of 2005.

Fatah rebels insist on split

Former IDF chief sued in U.S. court for his role in Kafr Kana shelling

Israeli border 'violations' irk Lebanon

Analysis: Israeli politics in flux (Likud could be reduced to 9 seats)

Return to manual counting floated

Two from Brad re: Diebold/Florida. (To the matter at hand)

The ERD forum is alive and well it seems to me, stronger than ever!!

Who can make a bitchin' autorun cd menu?

Heavy contributors to Delays defense fund from Ohio.

Wisconsin Christmas Shopping is really easy

Milwaukee Area DU Meetup Anyone?

Dear Gov. Dean -- Just dial 1-800-CALL-SPY …

Democracy in Iraq is a smoke screen !

GOP Discovering Real Governing is Haaaarrrd

Janeane Garofalo Is Back With Sam

"Free speech on trial in Turkey" (poet, author Pamuk)

America the psychopathic

"There are signs of a real estate downturn everywhere." - CBS

Sweden Reports Attempted Iraq Poll

It won't be total victory until.....

Groundhog day in Iraq

Our fearless leader and John Kerry

German abduction case gets murkier - did

Hundreds? of detention centers in Iraq where (potentially) torture

Keeps gettin better and better; Zarqawi mistakenly released in Iraq

Anybody know what 'presidential prerogative" means?

How exactly, hypothetically speaking, does one travel to Cuba?

"Warriors' Walk" in Ft. Stewart, GA? I think it is the Walk of Sorrow.....

VIDEO-kO on Heckuva Job Rumsfeld

Poor oppressed English Canadians

has anyone else noticed that the number of posts on DU...

Rep Dingell on Countdown

SO - no significant response to "w's" speech??

Bush Secretly Lifted Some Limits on Spying in U.S. After 9/11

OMG... Rummy is Bat Shit CRAZY...... Get him a straitjacket pronto!

US blocks Cuba from international baseball tournament

Perhaps One of The Most BLATANT Iraq Propaganda Images From the WH....

Philippine “would-be” president arrested

The Deadly Skies Over Iraq--Asia Times

Maverick Sen. Proxmire dies at 90

Urgent !! GOP May Attach Arctic Drilling to Pentagon Budget!

Please Read! Plame Case Update by Raw Story!

VIDEO-Worst Person in the World Dec 15 05

BellSouth to Slash 1,500 Management Jobs.

AFA: Wal-Mart Preparing to Offer Another Carrot to GLBT Community

Bush lied ..... Congress doesn't see same intelligence as president, repor

Need 260 votes to defeat right wing conservative

Pursued to the end of their days for War Crimes, Count On It!

VIDEO-Big KO on Bush's Ongoing Investigation (DeLay) BS

Congress DOES NOT See Same Intell as President-Feinstein Gets Truth!!!

HEADS UP!! Bill Maher on NOW on Larry King(east)

I am so very tired of reading the "news" and thinking " shit."


Which One of These Iraqi Election Threads Should I Believe?

Am I the only one that just heard Sam Seder drop the "F-bomb" on AAR?

Wait a cotton pickin' minute now. What is Bush's approval rating again?

gas prices upupupupupupupupupup

VIDEO-Kit Bond on Torture (Hardball)

The REAL "Christmas Story"...


Thank you Senator McCain...

Will Mike Malloy be on tonight? There was an ice storm here

Christmas is a liberal holiday! Jesus was a liberal!

left out of hearing

New Bin Laden videotape alleged

CNN: We Recently Had Zarqawi In Custody But Let Him Go

PETA Names Paris Hilton Worst-Dressed

Goss in Ankara Turkey for talks re: Iran and Syria

The police state arrived in 2002

Democrats have no choice but to fight as liberal populists...

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Shout Out

Okay, "big government" is bad. Now tell us how "big corporation" is good.

And The Band Played Off Key

A purple finger miracle

Question about and Paul Krugman

Fire Destroys House Full Of Toys

How about we have an anti-genocide amendment?

US warned not to ignore China’s military advances

Jean Schmidt must not like the DNC ad roving by truck in her city Video.

NYT: Bush signed a secret order to let the NSA spy on you and me.

Um. If the MTA workers strike NYC is gonna be screwed.

ABC - Peter Jennings doing a special on Health Insurance Crisis

Supreme Court Upholds Drug Evidence Found In Lost Child Search

So are today's public statements from shrubco on New Orleans a response to

Over 20,000 posts in 24 hours

DU this Patriot Act poll

VIDEO: Biden sucks up to Shrub

New OBL video that can be downloaded

VIDEO-Dingell Christmas Poem (Olbermann)

Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseekers Ckeck in. Yes He's Live

The "Out to Lunch" Defense:Rove's story doesn't make sense (Slate)

Remember Billionaires for Bush? Could a group that IS for Abortion work?

Another Abramoff partner pleads guilty to conspiracy. Will testify

Everytime a Republican gets indicted, an angel gets his/her wings

Mavericks, Renegades & Troublemakers of 2005

House debate on completing our switch to FASCISM - CSPAN

They gave $15k to DeLay, $630k to Cunningham, yet they owe $40k in taxes.


Why does fascism keep coming back?

BRAD BLOG: Diebold and Florida Scramble to Cover Their Collective Asses...

Bush Condoms...

"Get out of Iraq Now!" is neither a strategy nor a plan for success.

Groups seek to remove Schwarzenegger's name from stadium

Congressman John D. Dingell shared a GREAT Christmas poem today.

Sen. Feinstein gets report debunking Bush's claim Congress saw same intel

Debate watching?

Democrats savage Ohio Rep. who called Murtha coward

Official: Al-Zarqawi caught, released - I didn't see this here yet

Arab Newspapers Reluctant to Criticize Iranian Leader's Remarks on Israel

NYT: Bush Secretly Lifted Some Limits on Spying in U.S. After 9/11

House GOP Bill Rejects Iraq Withdrawal - San Jose Mercury

Ethics Watchdog Seeks Info on Foreign Aid Offers

Police fail even to question men held as a terror threat

Rev. Al ordered to repay $100G after failed prez run

Prison terms for men who taunted black Sutter County students

Wells Fargo Targeted over Charges of Predatory Lending

House GOP Bill Rejects Iraq Withdrawal

Bolivian scores with anti-U.S., pro-coca stance

33 dead in China hospital inferno (AFP)

Congress doesn't see same intelligence as president, report finds

House OKs rewrite of pension funding rules (Reuters)

WP: 2005 Continues the Warming Trend

DeLay Seeks Testimony of Grand Jurors - AP

Welfare Overhaul Likely to Be Dropped

Bush cited as breaking ‘no comment’ policy

NTSB: Plane touched down too late (Southwest Accident)

Abramoff ex-partner pleads guilty to fraud charge - this is good

WP: Scientists Find DNA Change That Explains White Skin

Bush Secretly Lifted Some Limits on Spying in U.S. After 9/11

Is anyone here still in touch with JimmyJazz?

I hope this shite freezes


72 hours to go.

WTF???? WHEN was the last episode of Survivor???

What tips you off that a website is owned by a rw-inger?

What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

redqueen, stop feeling that way or I will breath on you!!

Fizzle. I failed.

Jon Stewart RULZ!!!

I have a cold from "H-E-Double Hockey Sticks"

Oh My God. Foxy Brown is Deaf!

What song caused you to pull over from driving, and stop and listen to it?

How many shrub admin officials needed to change a lightbulb

All good things...

Never stop looking.

CSI tonight: similar to a murder case here in Durham

Who can make a bitchin' autorun cd menu?

Google has found underpants' "undisclosed location"

Is it time for a new first lady?

Maverick Sen. Proxmire dies at 90

I just spent 4 hours getting my haircolor fixed

what would you rather have (re: short-term illness)

Well, I just found out...I'm borderline diabetic...

So my dad buys a paper shredder...

My hopes to finally own a cat have been dashed.

Name something you used to love but now loathe...

Fuck being progressive -- I'm for FREEDOM

aargh! Cable not working... Missing The Apprentice. keep me posted

I can't decide if I should get Tivo. Any sage advice?

Simon And Garfunkel - 7 O'Clock News/Silent Night Lyrics

I am getting some Chinese take-out!

Anyone hear me on Majority Report??

I need some Intelligent advice on this Important Question.

*******MILESTONES******* 12/15

i am a kickass artist....

What do you own thats totally impractical but you love?

Time Warner can kiss my butt!

@#$@## GD!!!!

Best kind of cat?

Hershey's Kissables are better than M & M's.

Confucius say...

What kind of a guy wears a mustache these days?

ASS? What's your favorite "Ass-----" insult?

Here's an idea for a game show: /Twenty-Five Million Dollar Pyramid/

Brazilian Joke(s)

If I were to make a Democrat chess set, what would you choose for pieces?

I have an earache.

Is it just my Imagination or are folks looking Real Bad out there?

It's December 15th. Anyone thinking about New Year's Resolutions yet?

The REAL "Christmas Story"...

Pictures Of My Kids.

Do you believe in the Virgin Birth?

AFA: Wal-Mart Preparing to Offer Another Carrot to GLBT Community

Annie Proulx discusses " Brokeback MountaIn" (both story and movie)

Tony Batista to play for Twins

RNC response to impeachment joke

A few more (way less exciting) photos from Boston - Sorry, no JK

Can anyone recommend a good book for learning Photoshop?

Northern California, Yolo County

KOEB 12/15/05

Keith Olbermann Truth Teller

Labor/HHS Bill fails to adequately fund health, education, and workforce

Bush: " I would have done whatever my daddy, Dick Cheney, told me to do!"

Abramoff ex-partner pleads guilty to fraud charge (turns gov't witness)

Congress saw the same intel as the WH? non-partisan CRS says NO!

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: It’s Going to Take a Lot More Than That, George

Ohioan's big contributors to Delays defense fund.


I fear we have become the Soviet Union.

boo-hoo... Fitz DID cancel yesterday's GJ meeting...

Piercing tiny holes in the * bubble-ator

A summary on Bush polls by Froomkin

Viggo Mortensen: I’m not anti-Bush; I’m anti-Bush behavior

Patriot Act vote is TOMORROW -- contact your senators

Be Honest

Bill O'Lielly attacks Madison, WI as a bunch of devil worshippers (MP3)

DLC supporters! Gather here and tell us of the DLC plan for 2006!

DU this TV poll on the DNC's Jean Schmidt billboard

Bill Clinton: DLC committed to win elections and do right by the country

Feingold now has numbers on his side

Morgan Freeman calls Black History Month "ridiculous"

Freeps having a hissy fit over Bush's Acceptance of Ban on Torture

Two blogs about Cegelis and Duckworth situation.

With Ten Shopping Daze to Xmas

WP: Unresolved Murders of Women Rankle in Mexican Border City

"Meet the New Boss " - Pitt on the Iraqi election

A Credibility Chasm ----Thomas Oliphant

George F Will: Environmentalism = Collectivism.

Hillary abandons liberal principals - again

Ex-FBI translator's case may reveal Plame's crucial CIA role

What will it take to impeach the whole Bush regime?

The 'Retreat and Defeat' Dems

Pedestrian deaths: hold manufacturers accountable...

The Wonder and Horror of 2005

Bush Gesture to McCain: Less than Meets the Eye

Why Novak Called Rove(2 Women Targets of WH Leaks) ...Murray Waas

A Cradle of Civilization Rocked by War - the city of Uruk at 3500 BC

Economy not all that sunny

Producing ethanol & biodiesel from corn not worth the energy

An Increasingly Aerial Occupation

Persian Fire, by Chris Floyd

The Insane Society: Climate Change and the Media

Reed’s Greed(Ralph Reed is going down, down, down. And taking his GOP budd

Fun Bits About American Torture - By Mark Morford

Pentagon Rules: No pictures of coffins or damaged vehicles

What is the purpose of permitting prison rape?

Patriots Guide to Voting

Colin Greer: 'A new majority for the American left'

Bill Moyers - In the Kingdom of the Half-Blind

BBC study shows that 2005 was warmest year recorded in N Hemisphere

Reid bill: N-waste shouldn't be moved

Are forests a good thing?

ANWR oil = 1 day jet air travel

"An Ill Wind Off Cape Cod" - By ROBERT F. KENNEDY Jr.

A Fulcrum Moment

Abbas scrambles to heal split in Fatah

London conference looks to prosperous Palestinian state

49% of Israelis back Jerusalem division

IDF blows up car bomb after tip off from PA security forces

Actor Dean Haglund on CIA, Hollywood & 9-11

Another Prof. Joins 9/11 Skepticism Club.

NIST: Flight 77's left engine hit the ground

OH: New Blackwell Directive: No More RANDOM recounts

Please Repost Stories on the Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thread

EVIDENCE Computer Hackers Could Change Election Results +post

Diebold Sued by Two Groups of Investors AP

Voting system said to fail

Do any voting machine vendors have public stock offering besides Diebold?

Brad Blog: Volusia County, FL Dumps Diebold Too!

If Diebold is up for sale--

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 12/16/05

List of major news stories covering Leon County vote equipment hack!

National Defense Committee: Military Absentee Voting 2004 Election

How about ignoring Bev for a while and joining in a real fight?

2nd Eureka Paper Picks Up Call For Election Official's Resignation

ACORN Defeats Anti-Voter Legal Attacks

Don't Let the House Go Home w/o Funding Katrina Reconstruction!

Good news from California about solar energy.

San Joaquin: The new Appalachia?

Don't let the House recess before funding Katrina relief!

New blog about Iowa politics

Nussle has over $2 Million for Governor's race

First Congressional District, Take 2

Iowa Milestone

Gubernatorial Candidates

Another Minnesota Marine has lost his life in Iraq.

More GOP dishonesty in St. Cloud campaigns

Spybot question: What is DSO Exploit? Should I delete?

New computer running on a 28.8 kbps! WTF?!

John L. Wolfe for 13th CD to replace Brown

More TX schools drop in state ratings(2x the number of low-rated schools)

Texas Republican Legal Corruption

John Courage won the Progressive Patriot Award!

Barton hospitalized after falling ill at Capitol

Whoa...Bobby Eberle for VICE chair of TX Repukes???

Dallas/Fort Worth DUers - Did I ever tell you that I love you guys?

HCDP Holiday Party Photos - dialup warning

Tooting my own horn: I got mentioned in the Blog Box PART 2

Gov. AMF in Houston today for another education charade

WooHoo!!!!!!! John Courage wins Progressive Patriot Award

Finley to stay no-show at office

A Photo Journey Into the Demented X-Mas Gifts in Freeperland

The 10 Most Significant Censored or Under-reported Stories of 2005:

Freepers decide to rollover on their own

Need help with the They are teaching the Koran

I hope...

Minister who voted for Bush now has second thoughts

Note to Fundies: Here's a real war on Christmas

From an undisclosed location: Some are suggesting that Cheney is back.

"Bush's Top Political Advisor Will Be Indicted Soon"- Joe Conason

Caption this photo

Dating help for the mentally ill


Do you believe in the Virgin Birth?

*****MINUS 2 Days to SAVE TOOKIE WILLIAMS!*********

A poem I wrote ...

Now CNN Is Downplaying Zarqawi's Importance

Nightline next-lawsuit against govt. about global warming,polar bears&

Class warfare .....let's get the greedy bastards! boycott what you can and

Woman Found Dead On 'Big Bird' Actor's Property

CNN = Bill Maher repeat on now

The Officitous "Hellauva" Job Thread

Insurgents were providing security at some polling places

Chicago Tribune: Fly like eagle, sip like sparrow at $1 a can

New Bill Maher term for Christians

Al-Qaeda Launches Brand New Offensive To Spoil "Democratic-Kufr" Marriage

From our own Karendc, who was at the Kerry event discussed today

After ABC documentary on health ins., millions of repubs are scratching

Did you see Night line?- Drowning Polar Bears...Mr. Torture..

So who has read The Chalice and The Blade?

Which of these Kerry stories deserves more attention

Another Nixonian blunder for Bush...

just heard on ABC news about an explosion at a Russian nuclear

Interesting note from Rhandi on yesterday's show

A lesson for America in Ancient Athens?

In an Awkward Dance, the President Is Forced to Follow

Last year in MD

Devastating piece by Arianna...precise... still..the NY Times...

Daily Show talking about Dover, PA - hilarious!

Jack Carter Senator for Nevada

Don't Panic, Here Come the Train Marshals!

The Straight Dope on Diplomatic Pouches

No really buy Pepsi

Hidden away on the MSNBC site (I clicked on Keith)...

Bush Lets U.S. Spy on Callers Without Courts

The no-fly list goes a LITTLE too far

just heard on ABC news about an explosion at a Russian nuclear

Complicit by Inaction: Jack Straw in 'rendition flights'probe

Dup by Proxy :)

Dem? Fish condemning hypocrisy is NOT anti-Christian IMHO.

Democrats to Fight ANWR Drilling in Defense Bill

NYC Transit Strike: MTA Demonstrates State of the Art Union Busting

Democrats to Fight ANWR Drilling in Defense Bill

Condi"I want to remind people that we are in Iraq under a UN mandate"

CIA rendition flights in Scotland confirmed!

USAToday on Bush's Iraq: Blind optimism>denial> acceptance>recalibration

Amidst all of the Iraqi Election Happy Horseshit 2153 US troops DEAD.

Stripes letters, one blasting a slightly injured Congressman in Iraq

Quit isolating poor or face riots, Daley warns

AP: Alaska Outlines Bridges' Spending Plan


CNN Reporting year old news as a NEW SCOOP! OMFG

All right! Enough bashing of The No Child Left Behind Act

Brian Lamb was VERY Pissed with the NYT's report on US Spying on Americans

Conrad Black charged with racketeering - Former Gov. Jim Thompson involved

Joe Wilson: "For the first time in 29 months, I agree with Bob Novak."


Version of class warfare that affects me...

Verizon latest to suspend pensions

DeLay's former deputy chief of staff Tony Rudy plea agreement?

THE WAR AT HOME 2006: Torture is a moral issue (&Conyers & DSM)

"We vote, then we throw you out"

Did anyone else hear on AAR News this morning about a resolution


What's your opinion of Bill Maher?

AUDIO-Russ Feingold speech on the Patriot Act -Dec 14 05

Need a Link to Senator John Dingell christmas poem.

??? Johnny HART's Headless Republican Doll

That LBN story about polar bears drowning... and the image of them

Torture claims 'forced US to cut terror charges'

Hagel says he'll support filibuster of Patriot Act

"Will Iraq elections bring stability"? DU This MSNBC Poll

Its December 16 where are our torture photos?

Residency Requirement waived for NOLA Police and firefighters

Self delete

Canadians are nice, it's official :)

MSNBC: "Science journal finds Wikipedia pretty accurate"

Murry Waas -Why Novak Called Rove & Other Questions

LOL CNN Poll today enjoy

How many DU'ers think that NSA spied on members?

"American Family" HOPPING MAD: may reinstitute FORD boycott

Who doesn't like Alito?

Peter Jennings' Health Care Report

Any news on Christiane Amanpour's own show on CNN?

Festivus in the news

What do you suppose USC quarterback Matt Leinhart is thinking - Graphic!

It's a Wonderful Life!!!

What Democratic Senator is most vulnerable in '06

A song & dance by the king of song & dance.

Damaged houses being seized in New Orleans?

So...what exactly did the US Govt hear when they spied on you? Here's

Which Republican Senator is most vulnerable to defeat in '06

DaimlerChrysler sells American LaFrance

Santa Claus: A Liberal?

ABC: Army Meets Recruiting Goals -- Surprise Success or Accounting Trick?

11 million adults in U.S. not literate in English - Fox News viewers

VIDEOS-Iraq War Resolution from this morning-DEMS SPEAKING OUT

My new bumper sticker idea. What do you think? (caution: finger involved)

Holy Frist! ---pix->>>

Feingold on now - C-SPAN2

What was that hissy fit Trent Lott just threw in the Senate?

Op-Eds for Sale: Doug Bandow Resigns-$ From Abramoff for Articles

Death Penalty vs Life Imprisonment (fiscal breakdown question)

Anyone else watching C-SPAN2?

Scare Tactic, Sen Jon Kyl of AZ (R) - Vote aginst Clocher vote for Terrror

Poll: America's New Year's Resolution For President Bush: End Iraq War

Oh, The Irony!

Ted Kennedy talking of Bush spying on floor of Senate also.

CNN poll: Do aliens abduct humans?

Anti-Semitism and the 'war on Christmas'

Patriot Act Debate: C-SPAN 2 NOW! Cloture vote today! Please keep kicked!

Social Security Administration to limit replacement cards.

compare/contrast america's growing fascist state

Caption Cat-Killer

Hmmmmmm....Is the Patriot Act Filibuster going on now?

Millions and Billions: a rule of thumb

Stephen King helps accident victims

First U.S. same-sex civil union headed for divorce in Vermont

VIDEO of Rice on the Today Show #5 of 17 now available 06:59 long

Patriot Act - can anyone explain what specific provisions would

TSA plans to conduct a domestic Registered Traveler program.

Here Comes The Vote

Remember the 1998 movie, 'Enemy of the State' ?

Costly health care, rent put L.A. County families on street

C-SPAN 2: Leahy is pissed, citing NYT article on Bush secret order.

JFK's watch sells for $350,000

OK: State Lawmaker To File Bill Requiring Ultrasound Before Abortions

Video Clip: Clueless Hannity calls major Saudi investor in Fox "a bad guy"

Did I just hear Biden say Bush needs to bring in Henry Kissinger to...

New York transit workers strike two private bus lines, very limited 4 now.

Stupidest thing Bush said in '05

Tourist attraction focuses on Katrina destruction


NFL's pat-down policy challenged - suit filed to stop searches

Planes to mark (DC-3) anniversary with flyover

Filibuster happy dance!

Don’t call it a comeback: Bush Approval UNCHANGED in new Fox poll

If this were BREAKING NEWS - Bush orders spying on three Congressmen

Where is the outrage!!?? RE: Domestic spying

Yoko Ono plans talking John Lennon Action Figure Doll.

PATSY Act vote now was just for cloture (closing debate)


What did you say Condi? - caption

The Scottie Mac Dog n Pony show is on CNN right now.

Bush, to Brit Hume, on his "legacy".

FITZ Scheduled to Meet With Grand Jury Today 9:00 a.m.

What's with Hegel?

vote count

Who is this fucking shill Snotty gave so much time to

Has Tweety made it on to spit and sputter about the PatAct cloture

In 4 days, Michael Jackson could lose rights to Beatles songs (and more)

PATRIOT ACT FAILS IN SENATE final vote was 52-47.

The Sorrows of Empire

Need some help....

Lautenberg D-NJ - Lowest Approval Rating on List of All Senators


Conservatives "reclaiming" Xmas leads to hate mail: "Go live in Israel!"

Fitz is meeting with the Grand Jury today!

DU This CNN Poll: Extension of Portions of the Patriot Act

Novak's Back On The Tube...At Faux

Now even Doctor Who & Burt Bacharach have come out against the war in Iraq

This Week in Anagrams: December 16 Edition (funny!)

Gotta love MSNBC homepage >>> "* License to Spy"

Brand new teevee show: "As The Worm Turns"

VIDEOS-two on Rice on the Today Show Today

Is It 1984 Yet? -- An avatar I made after seeing today's NYT article.

CSPAN3--Pelosi & Reid & the Dem Legislative Review LIVE & now

Isn't it cute how Congress is debating the Patriot Act provisions

Why Novak Called Rove

New Jib Jab video link.....Enjoy

Did NYT's spy-story delay hand Bush the 2004 election?

CONdosleeza Rice oversaw illegal domestic spying on American citizens!

NSA spying, Padilla jailing stem from same theory of presidential power

Why is Iran provoking Israel?

Groups sue to protect polar bears

Letting Kids believe in Santa vs. that America was Founded Justly

Amazing how that NYT article on spying on the people came out

headsup--Jim Lehrer interviews Shrub today and asks "the" question

Blinky: ...the ambassssador to the unined nations from

Why Novak Called Rove: Murray Waas in the National Journal

So, the 'continued debate' about the PA renewal is all praise for

"Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the conquest of it."

Timing of Natl Sec Agency Spying on Americans Helps Kill Patriot Act

The SEARCH has been called OFF: After 4 yrs.NO SIGNs of INTEGRITY & TRUTH

Please help on this!

What penalties does the McCain amendment spell out for using torture?

Since when does the NYTimes or WashPost need guidance from the WH?

Kyra Phillips is real POS....

This jib-jab "Bush's Year in Review" all over CNN this morning.

Would you support the 'RINO's if they waged an effort...

Holy Novakulshit, that was FAST - NOVAK JOINS FAUX!!!

Reindeer are the same as caribou. You know what that means.

Bush has NEVER looked worse....Is Cheney sucking his blood at night? They're serious?

Student's Doodle Draws FBI's Attention

Katrina Chronicles III

Morning Sedition Show Finale on Air now

Condi Speaks the Truth......

Hah-lay_ay-lu-yah! We lefties have much to celebrate!

Email these GOP Senators with your support!

Novak just put * out there to twist in the wind. So why does FAUX

VIDEO-Kucinich on Getting out of Iraq-because he's so good

Purple Fingers for Bush ---pix->>>

In case you forgot, (Lieberman!) Ten Reasons for NOT going to war in Iraq

UFO's, JFK, 911, USS Cole, Bush's Natl Guard Records Avail Now

Byrd on C-span2: This administration's America . . .

Byrd on C-Span 2 giving a passionate speech about America.

VIDEOS- Several on the House proceedings on Immigration-DEMS SPEAKING OUT

dems have got to "support the troops"...

Kucinich on the Iraq election, CSPAN1 NOW

'Twas the Night Before the War on Christmas

Feinstein saying bush broke laws by spying on US citizens - Cspan2

When is Novakula leaving CNN for Faux?

"Our culture seems more comfortable with the F-word than the C-word,"

Breaking: Robert Novak is done at CNN!!!

South America:America's New Threat?

President Bush on 'NYT' Spying Scoop: Not Main Story of Day

"1st time a pres has authorized gov to violate criminal prohibition"

Can anyone give me a lead/link on theories of civilizations lasting

Orwell was a PROPHET!

bill frist wrote an editorial in my hometown paper today


Parents with children in public schools, a question

Actor Dean Haglund on CIA, Hollywood & 9-11

PLEASE HELP the Arizona Republic! ZERO mention of Patriot Act or NSA!!!

With Success in battle comes Complacency

I have an honest question about Unions (i don't know much about them)

mccain on senate floor speaking about crooked lobbyists. c-span2. n/t

Lest we forget during the upcoming corporate media blitzkrieg...

Byrd on CSPAN 2 - Just pulled out his copy of the Constitution

Unconstitutional Spying on Citizens = Good reason to block USSC Appointees

My Red Wing Shoes

USA Today: House moves to tighten immigration law at border, workplace

The civilized world must treat the Bush administration as criminals.

Ws year in review

C-SPAN 2: Campaign finance, lobbyists, Durbin on the "K Street Project"

Randi Rhodes' list of Holiday Gifts for 2005

Remember Bolton's use of NSA intercepts?

Hilarious post at FR regarding the Patriot act cloture vote

"Meet the New Boss " - Pitt on the Iraqi election

Condi vs. Katie on TODAY SHOW - Who's the bigger whore?

Is Morning Sedition being taken off Air America? Hope not. (EOM)

FLASH: Bob Novak Becoming Fox News Channel "Contributor"

Want to see Dick Cheney get slapped by Sidney Poitier?

Russia's fifth Topol-M regiment put on combat duty - commander

President signed an order allowing the NSA to spy on Americans

Please Get On The Current CNN On-Line Poll Right Now


Secular Democracy Goes on Trial

Bush: I Was “Just Saying He’s(DeLay) Presumed Innocent”

Which DU advertiser is your favorite?

They hate our freedoms- Suppression and Liberty

Patriot act not renewed?!!

VIDEO-White House Press Conf Dec 16 SEVERELY EDITED

EU Protests Russian-Iran Missile Deal

Riverbend on Iraq elections

All but 2 Dems did vote Nay on the Patriot Act today

John Gibson on "meaning of election day in Iraq": "We won. We won. We won.

Survey: Bush is "least popular" and "most bellicose" of presidents --->>>

Excellent background resource on the NSA

So, will this "no timetable" crock of horseshit affect anything?

THANK YOU U.S. Senate!

Have the repubs set up the election in Iraq...

peloisi? anyone know about her business anti labor

Muslim Student who wrote PLO on notebook in 2003 questioned by FBI

Planned Billboard Angers Arab-Americans

You know; the neocons really think they are doing what's best for us.

Startling sight: Women of Iraq now wearing abbayas.

I wonder how long before the domestic spying story involves Cheney.

Bob Novak Hired by FOX

Bush Animation on CNN - Anyone have the link?

How Big Pharma influences the FDA's drug approval process

If you had to guess, how many times a week does Bushco invoke 9/11 ?

DU this CNN poll (Spying on Americans without warrants)

HYPOCRITES Leahy and Frist !! (read)

Thank Media Matters for getting rid of Novak

Thank you Senators Feingold and Craig

Some people have NO problem with bush spying on Americans...

More US Aid Flows Through Pentagon - stop the insane rumsfeld dept...

America's Forced Labor Camps

Will the Democrats call for Impeachment

NOW & THEN: Trent Lott on Suing and Lawsuits

1000th Post : Specious reasoning – The WHOLE Republican Plan.

CAFFERTY: "You want to invade Iraq? Just do it."


Larry Johnson: Spying on Americans and John Bolton


Limbaugh named "Man of the Year"

I Worship the FSM and I say Have A Meatball!

It it just me, or does this sound familiar?

email from Murtha -- He's looking for signatures -- Take a look

Question about the domestic spying order

So THIS Is What Democracy Looks Like!

Teen Paid Homeless Man $5 To Drink Cleaning Solution.

Support the Bill of Rights!

who are you more pissed off at: bush? or the idiots that voted for bush?

Whore Brokaw on Hardball Saying It's Okay...Spy

MSNBC: Is it okay for the government to spy on Americans without court ...

Cal Thomas of all people, telling the war on Christmas people...

Bush:"But war is brutal, war is death, war is-- and I knew that going in."

Heads up: Fitz is back with his DC Grand Jury

Bush won't comment on spying --->

Sacramento Family Claims Title of Nation's Largest (17 kids)

The "Truth" about Taxes

New JibJab video up

FR: Rush Makes Lemonade Over WH Patriot Act Loss

Did the breaking of Shrub spying on us kill the Patriot Act today?

Message from Almighty... "I am sick and tired of 'religious' holidays."

What was in the latest news dump today?

"It is time to have some checks and balances in this country." - Leahy

when gov't subverts the constitution, aren't they terrorists?

Where Kerry really screwed up with this impeachment talk/"joke" of his

Sen. Biden Performs PROSTATE CHECK on BUSH! (His words & photo)

Holy shit! Some teacher told a bunch of 1st-graders there is no Santi Claus

my paper's front page says "Bush Allows Spying on Citizens"

Janeane Garofalo on "Majority Report?"

Saturday session in the Senate?

UFPJ decides to no longer coordinate with A.N.S.W.E.R. at national level


PBS: Jim Lehrer interviewing a war criminal


Saw a sick bumper sticker today in TX it read "Club Gitmo: Your

Gambling only half a sin, according to Trent Lott

Democracy Does Not Necessarily Equal Freedom

Ben Stein: Bush will go down in history as "great peacemaker"

(FIORE) Backdroppin'

How do Joe & Sally Bushbot think that voting Rep. is in their interests?

'West Wing' Actor John Spencer Dies at 58- AP news

"Brokedown Ministration" ->

As J. Edgar knew: domestic spying is also about blackmail

Cafferty "Just Do It" up on Crooks and Liars .... (Video)

Some Refreshing Candor From David Brooks

Dear Gov. Dean -- "Same Intel as Congress," NOT …

What's Your Opinion? .... People For the American Way Foundation

An important story that is not being noticed today...

I am an Athiest and a Progressive and I say Happy Holidays!

US soldier killed in Afghan clash, prisoners freed

That does it. I will never watch Hardball again.

an argument to leave Iraq now

What if McCain and Lieberman ran on a ticket together?

I didn't realize Fitz examined WH contacts with *25* reporters >>>

prewar intel withheld?

NY MTA strike

UN appoints elder Bush as special envoy for Pakistan quake relief

West Wing star John Spencer dead of heart attack...

Spying on Americans and John Bolton: By Larry Johnson

Kerry's Impeachment Crack Not Funny, Republicans Say

"An enemy that lurks".....

FAIR Media Advisory: Counting Iraqi Casualties, Why didn't the press ask?

U.S. moves to sell howitzers to Pakistan - I thought they needed tents?

Did the NYTimes know about the spying BEFORE the election?

What ever happened to the "Al Jazeerah Memo" story?

Joe Scarborough?

This just in: World Leader doesn't fall off Segway.

Breast-feeding while drunk

Anyone watching the House?

Breaking: UAW Endorses Paul Hackett

Horrors! I was wished "happy holidays"!!!!

Swell! Yet Another LIEberman Photo-op With Repukes on Iraq...

Did I miss the tribute to William Proxmire who died

Did the Protestant leaders who urged budget reform help at all?

GDam it Reid! He's calling for the Patriot act to be extended!

Interferes In Delay Indictments Saying Innocent & spies On American

NEW EVIDENCE Computer Hackers Could Change Election Results

OMG... John Spencer died! Leo McGarry from The West Wing!

I am a LIBERAL and a Christian and I say MERRY CHRISTMAS

One reason we lose elections. Denying the existence of God.

C-SPAN: Jean Schmidt is presiding House and has no clue what she is doing.

Feingold Statement on Blocking the Patriot Act (!!!)

We don't lose elections


'Body Worlds' exhibit -- Fascinating? Creepy? Both?

War on XMAS??? READ THIS!!!!!!!!

Who Are YOU More Pissed At? Bush Or The NY Times?

Rich white trash in N.Orleans don't want their darkeys back

Ds and Fs for No Child Left Behind

Lou Dobbs poll... spying on Americans.

Kucinich Urges Immediate Congressional Action On Home Heating Costs

Bush acknowledges his own criminal tendencies...


MORE TROUBLE FOR ROVE-Withheld E-mail After 2 Subpoenas

The Forgotten Hurricane

Remember when Richard Clarke was "just selling a book"?

Does anyone on this board give a damn about the poor???

VIDEO-Tweety Sez Bush Should Be On Mt Rushmore

Should a Teacher tell a bunch of First Graders there is no Santa?

*** STOP *** the Immoral Budget; Please contact Congress NOW

Mr. DINGELL. "Madam Speaker, I have a little poem"

Jib Jab is at it again! Hilarious...Chimpy's year in review!!!!

White House Briefing: McClellan Battles Reporters Over Bush Backing DeLay

BRAD BLOG BREAKING: Volusia County, FL Dumps Diebold Too!

TOONs to end my week

The Mideast perspective on PNAC & Sadaam‘s Trial (Why we’re screwed!)

Why Howard Stern's Departure from Broadcast Radio Should Concern You

Conyers to announce 'something' next week????

Fun Bits About American Torture

Between 175,000 & 650,000 people have died as a direct result of Iraq War

Boy Accused Of Attacking 7-Year-Old With Peanut Butter Cracker

Jack Cafferty is going OFF

PLEASE HELP US - Time is running out!

Separated at Birth?

Ex-FBI translator's case may reveal Plame's crucial CIA role(Sibel Edmonds

Cooking magazine features same-sex couple, gets flamed, responds

Raw Story :NYT admits it held domestic spying story for a full year

More Bush/Cheney spying on American citizens - the Talon database?

Report your neighborhood spy at this number: 1-800-225-5779

More evidence of GLOBAL WARMING: BBC: "2005 warmest on record in north"

Lol! Loyal Republican offended by rude Repuke fund raiser!

I HATE Lou Dobbs! He's a racist, loud mouthed mofo (nt)

Have you heard of Americans Standing Against Brokeback Mountain?


Enquirer: "Lil Jenna caught in Cocaine Scandal

Congress in a trance about Iraq - Kucinich speech

CNN on people choosing not to have children....


SIBEL EDMONDS Case May Reveal Plame's Crucial CIA Role

any FOREX traders here?

These people saying Vietnam could have been "won" are beyond the pale!

Cookies for redqueen--Molasses Crinkles

Coconut Oil

In Praise of FoodSavers

Mom always cooks perogies and cabbage rolls at Christmas for dinner.

Check out Canada's external debt.

Veteran of 'Great War' will be missed

Protect against U.S. water exports, former Alta. premier

So my good friend Mike Duffy is at it again....

A Cinnamon Bear For Canadian DUers - Merry Christmas!

Does anybody think Karl Rove is helping the Tories?

Children Are the Future, But Beer is Now

Harper takes aim at Ont. premier

Another CN train derails in B.C.

New OBL video that can be downloaded

Most S. Korean Study Stem Cell Lines Reportedly Were Faked

NSA spied in US with B*sh's approval

Minister molests own daughter...fathers 4 kids!

Elections Official: Some Voting Machines Could Be Hacked (re Florida 2000)

GOP consultant convicted of telephone harassment during election

Military bill may give refuge drilling a ride

Accused Embezzler Deported to Guatemala

Reports: Bush Authorized NSA to Spy in U.S.

Craddick paid legal fees during probe, avoided indictment

Congressmen take act on the road

Ohio congressman accused of taking bribes in Tigua plot

Immigration May Again Drive a Wedge Between GOP, Latinos

Volusia (County, FL) to decide future of its (voting) system

FBI Questions High School Student Over 'PLO' Doodle

Lott Sues Insurer for Storm Damages

President Relents, Backs Torture Ban (BUT WHERE WAS CHENEY?)

Conservation groups sue to protect polar bears

Why Novak Called Rove(2 Women Targets of WH Leaks) ...Murray Waas

GOP Battles to Save Legislation on Patriot Act, Arctic Drilling

NYC Transit Strike News

Stephen King helps accident victims

WP: Pelosi Hails Democrats' Diverse War Stances

(AP) Patriot Act's Future in Doubt in Senate

Radio man apology for race comment (Sydney riots)

Iraq insurgents say election truce won't last

Conservative American Family Ass. may reinstate boycott against Ford!

Uzbek Security Chief Accused of Crimes against Humanity

Maine tribes meet with Venezuela for low-cost heating oil

PATSY Act vote now was just for cloture (closing debate)

Leon County FL Supervisor of Elections, alleges fraud in 2000 elections!

Report of NSA Spying Prompts Call for Probe (Specter)

TV reporter wins unfair dismissal case over Iraq (refused to go)

Federal judges consider evolution stickers

CNBC- Renewal of Patriot Act fails 52/47!!

White House does not deny report on broad domestic spying

Senate Rejects Extension of Patriot Act

Senate Blocks Extension of Patriot Act

'Rubble' Made Up Part of Mo. Reservoir

Voting machines won't be retested, state officials say (Florida)

Indictment Looms for Rove, Hadley email at crux' of CIA leak investigation

Robert Novak Leaving CNN for Fox News (Who'da thunk?)

Key gene 'controls skin colour'

Senate rejects reauthorization of Patriot

(Sen. Conrad ) Burns to return Abramoff donations ($150k)

No Republican Matches Spitzer in New York

Radiation alert at Chechen plant

Bible literacy bill for Alabama draws fire from state school board

Millions in U.S. can barely read English

DeLay Seeks Testimony of Grand Jurors

Chechen factory on brink of radioactive 'catastrophe'

Alaska Outlines Bridges' Spending Plan ($600m waste is back!)


What was in the latest news dump today?

St. Louis archbishop excommunicates leaders at Polish parish

Robert Novak leaving CNN (Going to FAUX)

Earle Subpoenas Delay's FEF friends

Explosion at nuclear plant near St. Petersburg, Russia

Alaska Outlines Bridges' Spending Plan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 16 December

Tests dash hopes of rapid production of bird flu vaccine

Dems get 2nd gubernatorial hopeful

Rice Denies U.S. Broke Law Amid Report Bush Authorized Spying

Bloomberg: McCain Proposes Lobbying Curbs in Response to Abramoff Scandal

Britain's first full face transplant is given go-ahead

(Sen. Tim ) Johnson one of two Democrats to support Patriot Act

Geely will be first Chinese automaker to display at Detroit show

U.S. troops in Iraq to pre-vote levels end Jan (Gen. Casey - back to 138k)

Two protesters arrested outside North Lauderdale Wal-Mart

U.S.: PA may lose aid if Hamas runs in elections

Senate passes $8 billion in Gulf Coast tax breaks

Bush calls Iran's leader 'odd' ('guy')

Sen. Ted Stevens defends tactics for opening Arctic refuge to drilling

Conservative Christian group considers reinstating Ford boycott

Army accepts more low-aptitude recruits

Breaking: Bush to address nation on Iraq Sunday

Sinn Fein man admits he was (British) agent

She'd lift ban on executions, Topinka says

Bishop says opening window for old abuse cases isn't fair

Rice: Iraqis 'Have Long Way to Go'

Iran’s Rafsanjani hails Iraqi vote ‘victory’

FBI arrests reputed mob enforcer in Kentucky

Bush says wrestled with decision to invade Iraq (for months)

(NC) Planned billboard angers Arab-Americans("Don’t license terrorists")

Diebold sued by investors

Reed says he regrets working with Abramoff

Iraq war makes US safer: US Defense Secretary Rumsfeld

Lawyers Hied For for Marshals Who Shot Plane Passenger

Weyerhaeuser announces mill sales and closures in U.S. and Canada

CNN: John Spencer (West Wing's Leo McGarry) Dead

Bush skeptical of voting test but will study Sancho's complaint (Diebold)

Senate Turns Down Patriot Act Extension

Lott Sues Insurance Co. in Katrina Damage

Govt. Cracking Down on Child Prostitution

Murtha asks for money for Democratic Party

Bush won't address report of NSA spying ("we do not discuss ongoing...")

Oklahoma lawmaker to file bill requiring ultrasound before abortions

Op-Eds for Sale (Abramoff pays Copley columnist to write favorably)

Jewish History Month proposal up to president (House approved resolution)

After meeting with Bush, Lieberman affirms Iraq-war support

Robert Novak leaves CNN on Dec. 31

Iran: Holocaust remarks misunderstood

Officer Accused of Damaging Pro-Bush Cars (Bush & Limbaugh stickers)

Bush least popular US president: survey (JFK #1, Clinton #2, Reagan #3)

Video game unlocks orgasm secrets

Can you believe that jerk Randal on Apprentice

Southlandshari wants to mud wrestle...

My Husband's Big Snoopy Christmas Lights: They're BAAAAACK....!!!

BUSH YOGA: poses by the world's least likely person to perform them!

btw: "Brazilian Joke(s)" thread has nothing to do with "THAT" joke

So, why am I persona non grata?

Brokeback Christmas

Who won Martha's Apprentice?

A turtle with braces - photo

A Present From My Cat

Hot chocolate is proof there is a benevolent supreme being...

To coin a phrase.

Who's drinking what?

Colbert Report to address the War on Christmas

Anyone listening to my show?

A customer called wanting a program that runs on Windows 3.1 today

The great marshmallow debate

The Southland. Great new band or what?

Tyler's Holiday Challenge

Once upon a time, I really liked

can anyone tell me how to add a gif to my signature line???

DU MovieRatings: Brokeback Mountain

DU MovieRatings: The Chronicles of Narnia: LWW

Marvin & Jackie found another home

DU MovieRatings: Syriana

How much longer do I have to look at the Keith Olbermann ad?!

DU MovieRatings: King Kong

Good night, y'all!

DU MovieRatings: Walk The Line

That David Benoit, you know the Smooooooth Jazz Pianist...

The SHUT UP! Movement

Could use some help - at least a few kicks

Two boat rentals on Lake Minnetonka, a few thousand $$$...

Ugh, I'm depressed....


Winter driving RANT

Ack. Kirk Cameron has a show on TBN.

Stained glass pic for the Lounge

Big Balls

Whoa, black betty (bam-ba-lam)

Tonight I am feeling rather innocent, and naive.......

My friend wants me to be in his band.

Where's Floogeldy?

Happy birthday to ME!

Stay away from aisle 3, CaliforniaPeggy is being deflowered!

Rate up Bonnie Raitt!!!

Got grades turned in. Finished Crimmus shopping.

hi lounge, is this the GD de-tox center?

Low cost wireless security system

Puker fans are SOOOOO fucking arrogant, even when they're losing...

I saw a Charlie Brown christmas play tonight

One of the TRUE "reasons for the season..."

So, he, theFlyers lost eh?

So, what did you think of the show?

How many times have you been in love?

Half baked

Who's the guy that does the Blue Lizard Lounge thing


NFL fans - Which team will win the ReggieBush Bowl?

Yea! My last recital is finished!!!!!!!!!


I actually bought a country CD. That was rather awkward.

Fellas. you got a helmet on that soldier?

_____ fans are SOOOOO fucking arrogant, even when they're losing...




Whattaya think of my poem?





I NEED TO SLEEP!!! (***Channelling Ren Hoek***)


"Pipe problem tied to naked man in basement"

My kitty's making a poopy.

Anyone notice the large circle around the moon tonight.

I showed my son the "Asshole" filmstrip

Whose night is it to push the envelope in the Lounge?

Akira Kurosawa ~ Throne of Blood, on TCM...

Just add water.

I sent my old flame a Christmas card.

Where has enigmatic been lately?

Now we have an ad with naked guys wrestling?

Which smiley gets the most use here in the lounge?

Is it possible--no temp reading on a thermometer, but have a fever?

There is a must read in GD. Really.

Stay tuned for a test of the Emergency Peter Frampton Broadcast System

*'s BEST EVER one-liner!

Help! I'm talking and I can't shut up.

silly thread

Friday morning earworm.

i know you guys are gonna hate me for this....

took my kids to wwe smackdown taping this week

Early morning gross out -- 13-yr-old sick

Good Night, all.

Good Friday Morning, Everybody!

If I had a million dollars

Lock and Sawyer Love *dial up so so*

i have a job interview today!

I had a date last night

Time for some dirty south? Time to shake that laffy taffy?

Should I take advantage of a drunk Cathyclysmic tonight?

Changing a tire on a Jetta is much more complex than it needs to be.

Hairstylist Steals Kevin Costner's Laptop During Wedding

Greatest Queens of the Stone Age disc (to date)

I need a hug

Dammit, Dammit, Dammit, it's snowing.

Hey, Networking techies...

Pops smoke to create a diversion...throws on ground....runs away

Man, is the Bronx Zoo tough or what?

Robot bartender gets it right!


Oops! ..I did it again

Wisdom of the ancients

in a word.. Fashion

What kind of gift would you get for a brand new US citizen?

How underrated as a genius is Stevie Wonder?

A joke about kids and cussin'.

Any special holiday doings at your office?

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus (thanks for the reminder to Springer)

Look at this erection!

Trump Blew It on Apprentice !

Call ME rude or snobbish but


Doobie Brother now a secret weapon on terror


Oh. My god. The WEIRDEST dream!

I think we should have a circular firing squad smiley


We're going for Indian buffet. Any of y'all in?


I went over to the DU Gallery earlier this morning.

what is the lounge to YOU?

Uh oh...

Looks like I'm gonna have to haul my ass and tramp through a foot of snow.

Who knew The Apprentice would cause such a ruckus

CNN poll: Do aliens abduct humans?

Is this guy a little scared?

nondescript week continues


My work Christmas party is today at lunch!

Y'know, spinach is delicious, but it sure is disgusting-looking when it

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

Is this the day?

I am feeling very happy today!

Who is/was Greater Elvis or Michael Jackson

You are my sunshine, my only sunshiiiiinne...

Is "Return to Forever" the most overrated, pretentious Jazz act ever?

Doctors Fit "Hermie" With Braces (He is a Turtle)

I will now try to mesmerize you...

Best part of California?

Are flying cars overdue?

Have you heard the one about

I declined my BMG Music selection of the month.

Yes! I have them!

Psst! Look here for the first picture of TomKat's baby:

Beethoven would have been 235 today!

Arguing with Repub friends....

WooHooo!!!!!! The King Kong Thread fell to the second page!

I'm looking at the new 'Charlotte's Web' movie and already not happy

I'm having a birthday party tonight!

You keep only darkness, my distant female.....

New republican dictionary:

I went to a Mississippi State basketball game

Have you ever taken out your own stitches?

Can someone in San Diego go over to Einstein Brother's Bagels...

Bring tea for the tillerman

My Kwanzaa card says "Merry Christmas" inside

Terrell Owens - All Pro Whiner

New Toilet Seat Has Hot Air, Warm Water

I used to love Christmas so much

mmmmmm hummus!

Are flying bars overdue?

mmmmmm humans!


My Rush Limbaugh painting

Are flying bears overdue?

Wow. You just never know when the end will come.

Friday afternoon news of the weird.

Sometimes I miss Peter Jennings.

Haha! SNOW DAY! You Gotta Love It!

Man who fell off car hood dies

I just finished dusting my computer desk...

Shop New Orleans for Christmas - Here is a link....

i'm trying to think of a pleasant,

New Forum!

About my telephone job interview w/ Portland

any "Apprentice" fans? About last night...

The LeftCoast shopping challenge

Karen Carpenter

My husband's cousin was in a wreck the night before last.

Bounce your Boobies, The last show of the year with Randi Rhodes

Tim Hardin

What's the most deliciously evil laugh you've heard in a movie?

Okay, since LaraMN can post about her pop rocks . . . does anyone

I just saw the biggest stinkinest pile of dog doo last night...

Good grief.......

I'm going out for donuts. Whadda-ya-wan'??

Don't look! Please, I beg you not to!

I don't want Pop Rocks, I want SMARTIES!!!


I Heart Shell Beau!

My boss obviously didn't get the memo.

Drunk, Half Naked Finn Sets Norway Record (For Unpaid Fines)

I'm cranky today.

the holidays bring out the worst in everyone

Since John McCain is running in 08, Kerry should try to get him as V.P.

my co-worker's kids are going around singing anti-Bush carols!

Has anyone ever done copycat threads in GD or GD:Politics?


nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey GOODBYE!

I just don't understand Christmas, I guess.

This just might be the BEST DAY EVER!

The Human Voice: Am I the only person who can be

a great short video

Okay. I'm declaring the War on Groundhog's Day. Who's with me?

Is my new avatar too obnoxious to look at?

Ashlee Simpson collapses after performance

Annual Firm Party Tonight - Hello Hangover Tomorrow

Rock, rot or rule?

Does anyone remember the Sissy Fight 2000 online game?

What's up with "whilst"?

Annual Farm Party Tonight - Hello Little Heffers Tomorrow

scary picture this...

In honor of nondescript week

Pomegranates and winter

Do people that solely do things for money/profit piss you off?

I hereby declare Jihad on any further JibJab threads

Anybody want some Christmas Cookies???

Are flying cats overdue?

Stephen King has a big PEACE sign in front of his house this yr.

Ok, I got my reason to be grumpy for the holiday...

How many of you have an MBA?

I missed the whole "Window of Joy" thing - please fill me in


Is this where a girl comes on a Friday night when...

Scary cheese today at work

I will put the first 5 recommendations in my netflix queue!

Limbaugh named "Man of the Year"

I lost my virginity today

is this for real or a trick?

Speaking of Viggo....

14 to go til I FINALLY hit 8000 Posts.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/16/05)


Astronomers: Why doesn't our solar system have a second sun?

For my 8000th post here is a nickel.


Hi its me Worst Username Ever

A shout out to the NSA

never been so lonesome . . .

The Ugly Club

Jeezus - It's cold as a mug here in San Francisco!

What show, living or dead, would you do anything to see?

nondescript friday evening post

OMG! This guy at my work just gave all of the women

A rare, semi-clothed picture of a certain DUer...

Habanero cheese. HooWee!!!

The Bar is Open!!

Yawwwwwwn, I'm tired

Problem with sound sync converting VOB to other file formats.

Friday afternoon earworm,

Call me rude or snobbish I don't care - my rant on the English language

Here's a link to my adult film debut...

Maggots in the fridge.

DS1's Window of Joy

Looks like I'm gonna have to haul my bass and amp through a foot of snow..


Who wants to see my butt?

Well, looks like I screwed up and got a job interview.

Woman's Water Pipe Problem Tied To Naked Man Hiding In Her Basement

High tryglicerides? what does it mean?

Looks like the MTA has voted to strike

Ordering from the big on-line bookstores and free shipping

Separated at birth?

I just got an update on the lady who I saw hit yesterday . . . :(

So I'm not well known in the Lounge, but here's my 1000th Post:

Mike Ditka

PROJECT: "War and Peace - The Dangerously Amusing, Updated Edition"

Time again for the "Star Wars Holiday Special."

I just saw "Bulletproof Monk." Chow Yun Fat is so cool.

The Big Chill -- opinions?

merry xmas chewbacca (click link for funny)

Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" commercials

"West Wing" star John Spencer has died of a heart attack


My favorite Christmas Carol has to be Silent Night.

silly jokes #1...

Recording at Ladyhawk's 12-8-05 Recital

A C.G. computer poll. Actually more of a request. Could some of you

Did a Twilight Zone episode ever scare you? Which one?

Sadly, I am NOT the "Cool Stephanie"

Tampax joke...

Anyone listen to XM radio?

I just watched the finale of "The Apprentice".

Favorite off-beat or lesser-known superhero:

Who's a full-on Monty Python geek?

Baking with the Ramones


best albums of the year?

Can you excommunicate someone who's not a member of your religion?

St. Louis archbishop excommunicates leaders at Polish parish

So who has read The Chalice and The Blade?

How about a fun "holiday" game

Hair tests show 5 states with over 30% having dangerous levels of mercury

Most S. Korean Study Stem Cell Lines Reportedly Were Faked

Hayabusa in trouble (again)

Buffy the theory slayer?

Key gene 'controls skin colour'

The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

Researchers seek brain wave access to bank accounts and homes

Anyone here a fan of singer John Wesley Harding?

Very Much at Home: A Gay Mayor in Wyoming

Habit forming: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Czech Republic, Austria Move To Legalize Gay Unions

Gay Marriage Repeal Raised In Canadian Election Debate

Spain's High Court Upholds Gay Marriage Law

U.S. military spying on "don't ask, don't tell" protestsors

Why do so many folks assume homophobia is accepted?

Far right group renews threat of Ford boycott

Brokeback Author Annie Proulx On Homophobia & Rural Life

French Official Faces Jail For Homophobic Remarks

Should the Detroit Lions fire Matt Millen?

My new foster pup - Meggie (pics)

I'm concerned

Democrats to Fight ANWR Drilling in Defense Bill (JK included)

Does anyone know the name of the thread we had with all the

There is some good debate going on in the Senate this a.m.

Un-named Senator Stalls Intelligence Spending Bill

I need a strong writer

Kerry, Pryor, Obama Provision to Help Troops Save Thousands on Their Taxes

One good thing......

An observation about GD and reactions to JK

West Wing fans: John Spencer (Leo) died today

Proof that Kerry is a huge threat to the Bush/wingnut agenda

Who says Kerry isn't approachable?

Sen Kerry on Cspan 2 NOW!!!

Do you think * had the NSA wiretap the Kerry campaign?

Here's your chance to ask questions at the Press conference!

Do people sometimes listen to politicians before they applaude them

Knights in Shining Armor needed here:

Seems to me

Pensacola - 15 Months after Hurricane Ivan Landfall

"Extreme Processing" Challenge/Contest - FINAL RESULTS

JibJab's Back with Dubya in 2-0-5!

A stolen elections xmas package ..... all wrapped up and pretty.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Shout Out

Getting into the sick MoFo's mind....

The SHUT UP! Movement

O'Reilly Painting - Dialup warning

Do you want to ask any questions about the

A poll question I would like to see on FOX-TV...

Bush would have been facing a very hostile audience.

Democratic Chairman Howard Dean to Keynote WV Party Fundraiser

Way to go!

Military deaths in W's war continues to rise

Make Your Own Bush Speech

Democrats to Fight ANWR Drilling in Defense Bill - a great website

Un-named Senator Stalls Intelligence Spending Bill

On the U.S. Constitution: First Amendment

NJ rocks: N.J. Senate passes resolution honoring Springsteen

go bug bubble boy....

NYT admits it held domestic spying story for a full year, RAW STORY!

Breaking News: The Third Way has gone Progressive!

Whoo hooo! We finally got something for our 2000+ dead and 500 Billion

bush can now update his resume

(Rant) don't try scoring points w/me saying, "fire the NY transit workers"

Congressmen take act on the road

Immigration May Again Drive a Wedge Between GOP, Latinos

Volusia (County, FL) to decide future of its (voting) system

Photo: What's the frequency, Pappy?

Scotty has a new name for * fuck ups - "presidential perogative"

Detrimental to Iraqi Troops

DNC: Ashcroft Values on the Supreme Court?

Bush Caves to McCain on Torture

Am trying to stay calm, but REALLY want to kick someone's ass about

A different view of abortion and gay marriage

bush should now pardon delay

FOX NEWS ALERT! O'Reilly tells the truth

Please sign this petition

DNC: America's Tradition as a Nation of Immigrants under Attack

so lets say you are a grassroots candidate who has been campaigning in 05

My LTTE in The Day: Lieberman In League With Bush Warmongers

The Murtha Billboard

Republicans Try to Outflank Democrats on Key Measures

Experts cautious in assessing Iraq election

Help! AP article on NSA spying changing before my eyes.

what democrats...

Pelosi backing down on war

This is why we Dems STILL Get Kicked in the teeth (Pelosi/WP)....

SR-485 on age appropiate video game sales introduced in Senate

MAJOR RANT! He's not a "boy genius," he's Piggly Wiggly for Pete's Sake!

LOL-O'Reilly thinks "people from India" own Circuit City

notice how the repugs want everyone to come together after they have...

Bush prejudges DeLay case. Bush verdict: innocent. Bush = delusional

McClellan: "You can get all dramatic about it, but you know our policy"

bush's New England Campaign Chairman heading to jail

San Diego congressman's crimes spark call for bill to deny pensions

Four Republican Senators on record supporting Pat Act filibuster.

Imagined Rethug Talking Point about Iraq - how much you want to bet....

Pelosi Hails Democrats' Diverse War Stances (as Dems try to get coalesced

Why do Repubs insist on Democratic validation ??

We are crushing the neocons!

LA Daily News: State GOP leaders will back Arnold's re-election

Alberto Gonzales is buzzflash's hypocrite of the week

Nice, sleazy Bush pic accompanying MSNBC's "License To Spy" story

Thank You Senator Corzine

More fake christian zealot outrage

Will bush now admit to insider trading and military desertion?

US embraces Iraqi insurgents (and more)

My eavesdropping story/theory........

The Roll Call for Cloture of the Patriot Act (Dem filibuster succeeded)

Here's your chance to ask questions at the Press conference!

hey, whatever happened to the second half of the 9/11 commission report?

FITZ back before GJ today!

Tobin convicted on two counts

Thank You Senator Feingold!

Zarqawi Captured and Freed

Why do the people of the State of Alabama keep Jeff Sessions in office?

No elections will be credible while occupation continues

White House Press Corps Presses McClellan On An Administration Flip-Flop

A quote form the 1946 Nuremberg Tribunal

What up with the house?

Wolfie Does Some Trust-Busting at the World Bank

Do YOU fear terrorists?

It was heartening, if a long time in coming, to hear GOP'ers speaking out

Senator Byrd is now speaking eloquently on the Senate floor about

Congressional Mushrooms: kept in the dark, and fed bullsh!t

DU this poll CNN: Should we spy on americans?

Read this Editorial on South America: What do you think?

Falwell: The Return Of ‘Silent Night’

A REAL Progressive Platform

President signed an order allowing the NSA to spy on Americans

Introducing the DLC's choice for 2008: John McCain

We are crushing the neocons!

Frist just switched his vote to no so he can call for another vote.

Bush Says DeLay is Innocent - Democratic Leaders Hit Back

Pentagon Now Taking A Refresher Course To Make Sure....

How did the McMooney press briefing go today?

CNN: "Failure to break a filibuster on the Patriot Act a blow to Frist"

AP: Former Nader organizer to challenge Feinstein for Senate seat

Bush Won’t Talk - Declines Comment on NSA Spying Report

If Allawi or Chalibi are voted as the head of the country...

Patriot Act Rejected

Domestic Spying Criminal Penalties and Civil Liabilities

How Low Will Chimpy's Numbers Go Now?

In order to "prevent a fire on Capitol Hill"...Bush is sending in CHENEY.

Darn! Turns out that whole "W allowed spying" story isn't true

careful when you awaken the slumbering giant.....

Bob and Weave McClellan-Gotta love this guy...

I hope Cheney was monitoring

Read and DU the poll :)

Updated: National preference for Democratic Presidential nominee

Kerry, Pryor, Obama Provision to Help Troops Save Thousands on Their Taxes

Trent Lott: "I want to keep it dangling out there to keep everyone uneasy"

So long as we have a national media that turns the other way...

Russ Feingold is a minor deity, and I stand in awe

GOP leader: Cox would reconsider Senate race if Pirro quits

Do you like to DU Polls? "Is religion under attack?"

Homo and homo or hetro and hetro...

How many Iraqii's is Sadaam supposed to have killed?

Peace sign in Christmas lights adorns (Stephen) King´s castle

Arnie's Neighborhood

I hope this one is new because it's really funny!

All three networks lead with Bush spying on Americans

Why TV news will NOT cover Sun Myung Moon's influence on our nation

John Edwards

CNN Sit. Rm: "Is the govt spying on you? Bush Allowed Spying on Americans

What we have to get past to win the WH

Iraqi elections...okay...fine...

Lehrer Interview with Bush - Got to give Lehrer credit for trying to get a

If dems retake house in 2006

Bush cited as breaking ‘no comment’ policy (Delay)

DID Fitz meet with GJ today?

Discuss Patriot Act in Senate from CSpan2 here

Sen. Specter: "That's wrong, clearly and categorically wrong,..." (W-Spy)

Catholics hope to get in on religious radio boom

Bush administration ships bodies of dead soldiers home as Freight

We need a better term than "corporatism."

Feinstein Denounces Bush Spying

They did it! DEMS filibustered the Patriot Act! Hello? Anyone listening?

Bush to Speak Live at 9:00pm EST Sunday - Anyone dare watch?

This is why it has to be "it's the economy, stupid" again

Granny Bee – Another Bailout

CNN POLL: Should US have right to spy on Americans w/o warrants?

The Red Cross

Did anyone just see Lieberman with his fellow Republicans?

Bill Clinton fundraises for Ford in NY. Thought he had a primary opponent

Indictment Looms for Rove, Hadley email at crux' of CIA leak investigation

Do we need any more proof that the NSA needs constant oversight ?

Freeper Friday "If you are a democracy, you are less likely to start a war

socialists/greens/fringe Dems gather here and tell us the plan for 2006

Fringe Democrats gather here.

Novak: "I'm confident the president knows who the source is"

Rove's lawyer says there's an innocent explanation

Progressive Democrats For America (PDA) Vision, Strategy, Plan

Republican Congressman Says Totalitarian Regime a Danger (Yes, in the US)

A stolen elections xmas package ..... all wrapped up and pretty.

Is America ready to elect a Mormon as its President? (Mitt Romney)

New JIB-JAB!!! Year-End Round-Up.

In the end, everybody agreed: They had seen this movie before.

Bush secretly authorized the NSA to eavesdrop on Americans

In Georgia we are DOOMED! If you want to see the future, read this!

Morning Sedition gone forever...

The Freepers really fear a Hillary win in 2008

Merle Haggard on CMT, "America First".

Can there not be a balance between two extremes here on DU?

Name 5 politicians who influenced you early in your political life

Mirror Images - far left and far right

Would some "christian" tell me how large the Iraq Vet Memorial has to be

Bush ranks as the least popular recent Prez. JFK/Clinton most popular.

Something I just noticed about the vote on the Patriot Act