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Archives: December 19, 2005

Homeland Security - Disaster Inc. (remember this-jr has not made us safe)

Hilzoy on Bush and the separation of powers:--and MR. YOO

Great LTTE in today's Mpls Star Tribune

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Spying and Lying

Solatec to franchise solar-assist flexible PVs for hybrids.

Santee Cooper announces plans to build a new nuclear plant

Indira Singh: 9/11 Survivor, P-Tech Truthteller.

BradBlog - NY TIMES: 'Counting of Votes is a Public Trust'

Ion Sancho on Air America THIS HOUR w/Laura Flanders

Who's going to the Meyerland Democrats party?

DFA supports Kinky?

"You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" is nothing new in politics.

Here's a chilling thought, what if Congress passed a secret law allowing

Septuagenarian Canadian snowbirds can't evade vigilant U.S. border cops

Why do Republicans get away with EVERYTHING?

My God, we're no better than Pinochet. We have our own 'desaparecidos'

Americans are assholes.


Remember the NO Bridge... The original web page (B4 redaction)

My thesis on optimism -- Would anyone vote for this man for anything?

Anybody see this little tidbit in the Washington Post

Bush's assertion that NYT's outing his illegal spying hurts us is evil.

wHAT TIME IS "liar George" on?? Is he on all 4 stations?

Arghhh!!!! My Dish service has taken off MSNBC & replaced it with faux!

I Think The Time Has Come For Impeach Wear...

Wisdom of the Founding Fathers

It's hard missing all my Republican Friends for years this year...


Randi Rhodes on C-SPAN at 8PM

Big Brothers: Orwell & Hitchens.

DU this MSN poll: Surveillance on Americans: Do you agree with Bush?

Opposite man

We are so being punked. Hello, 1984.

Ok I Have Ate.....

Fox News @ 10:00 PM tonight ...... Liberals hate Jesus Show.

Bush to adress the nation: What do you think he'll say?

Wolf Blitzer making up news again

Minnesota National Guard troops get a realistic taste of war

official chimpy speech thread? - use the other thread, n/m this one

UFPJ will no longer work with ANSWER on a national level

I'm sure Randi on cspan has been posted, but I can't find it.

Bush's speech: Predictions?

Why does twit* look tired and worn out? Indeed,

Can he actually make it to the podium without looking stupid? nt

Smirk Smirk......

Reno TV news poll

Who choreographed Bush's hand job? I want his name so I can hire

F*** this. Bullshit oozing out of the speaker. Going out for ice cream.

Hes happy to tout that Iraq has a constitution while he wipes his ass with

Dr. D is back in the USA! (From Bangalore, India)


My take on Bushit's spying

George Bush has declared WAR on all Americans!


"Stuck his finger up my ass and said this is a thorn in the brown eye of

Who choreographed the shell game type hand movements?

Terror, terror, terror, terrorist, terror, terror, terror, 9/11, terror


Watch Black Bush Instead

Big Brother Bush ~ president took a step toward a police state...


US embraces Iraqi insurgents ~

Howard Dean is right, and his views have been proven accurate ->

If you are going to watch *, at least watch Olbermann!

Good People of DU. Save yourselves the heartburn. Turn the idiot OFF.

Great. Iraq is a democracy, they want us out, now. So when do we leave?

Just saw that lying, thieving, murdering, coke-sniffing scumbag on TV...

that was bush's "dinner table" speech

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST....

Pres BUSH blocking out Family Guy,,,, TO HELL WITH YOU!!!!

Do you hear what I hear?

"still the same raging tyrant -- only now without a throne" ---pix->>>

Local Fox Station cuts in on Bush speech. Anyone else see it?

I HATE it when DU glitches

My family, and I ,love the Simpsons. Now, their Christmas special,

The second time Bush said the U.S. would stay in Iraq until

Damn Bush! He pre-empted Family guy!!!!

Cheney Fields Tough Questions From Troops ~

Joe Biden , you blew it again!

Hilarious Xtian "Review" Of Brokeback Mountain

Never have I seen DU go down during a time like's been

The part of the "speech" where I lost it: "...As your president..."

In case you missed it at the end: We celebrate Christmas and Chaunukkah

Bush to America: Please impeach me!

Get your numbers here-Terrorist is #1 by a long ways, WMD comes in second

It's not a "war on terror"'s a...

Transcript via WaPost-Mr.bush's rantings tonight on Iraq

Watch for this re: Bush spying


Why do I get the impression that at any moment, he's going to say

Anybody notice Bush's "live" speech skipping?

Who choreographed the shell game like hand movements?

That warmonger with blood-stained hands just said "Peace on Earth"

Check out 60 min. NOW!

Dear Andy Rooney, please recycle

Tin foil, blackmail and Joe Biden

CNN sit room with woof....

good website on privacy issues

Pundit Wrap up: What did the pundits you heard have to say

Forget Joe Biden. I wanna hear Howard Dean's reponse!

Edward R. Murrow

One minute into it and I'm throwing things at the TV

We are witnessing a historic moment, not a political moment

The address to the nation he SHOULD have given

A democratic t-shirt will get you expelled from a Bush public speech


Bush called the war a 'noble cause' tonight. yes he did.

Maybe we should just start calling him President Nixon.

Outside Looking in

So did the supersecret NSA eavesdropping gear get overtaxed

George's Desk Is WAY Too Big For Him - Don't They Have A Booster Seat?

Who else saw shades of the Nixon Checkers speech tonight.

Bowtie cretin slapped down by Barney Frank. Must see TV.

The Kurds want autonomy;...

Randi Rhodes coming up on CSPAN!!!! n/t

Why does Joe Biden have a purple finger?

For the critics of the war, we have only two options :

least of these (graphic)

Why couldn't I log on to DU for about 2 hours? Very odd. I

Is this LIVE? It looks pre-recorded with audio glitches

WHERE is the Democratic Response ?

VIDEO- Was Bush's speech pre-recorded?

Capitol Hill Blue's Doug Thompson sorry he ever worked for Republicans.

Is anyone else having

anyone else having trouble getting Head On Radio to stream?

How was his speech slurring tonight?

It may be just me but I would never vote for a man

OK, here's something from Kansas you can belittle all you want

What's with all the yelling on MSNBC?

Bush speech hand gestures to be used in torture rooms.

Baptist Church sign: "Honk if you're not afraid to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Did Bush talk about anything that he is doing for the United States?

Oh Well, "senator lieberman said there's a plan and it is working"

"cute" little freeper email I just rec' stupid are these ppl anyway?

How would having paper receipts w/voting machines help?

okay - i admit a weak stomach. i can't watch * speak....

Who will invade us and overthrow our tyrannical dictator?

Santa's List: Which Dem Senators are "Naughty" and "Nice"

Once More, George, With Feeling ---pix->>>

Jesus: Prince of Peace or Prince of War?

Most C-Span Callers Did Not Support W's Speech n/t

We're not defeatist just because we don't think we've won anything


Latest "Facts" From Alternate Universe Of Conservative Talk Radio

hey pink tutus- want redemption?

HGTV has a christmas decoration show......

Spying? How many Americans did Bush render to Egypt for torture?

I didn't know Bush hated tourists that much.

I Wouldn't Kick Him Out of Embed (from PR Watch)

Santa's comment after seeing the speech

Let’s Review -> Fascism, FASCISM, F-A-S-C-I-S-M!!

CNN poll on * speech

Does DIEBOLD Tend to ATM Machines?

Peter King, R-Rep, NY, is laying out the entire republican strategy...

Not a damn thing about Katrina Families

Genetic Modification? For or against?

West Wing VP Predictions

How Soon Until DU is at Level 4

Dear Gov. Dean -- No One Is Above The Law In America

The real, gigantic story being missed , especially by the media

What is your Socio-Economic Position?

"Is this power and freedom or a post-feminist backslide?"

OMG this is fabulous! Everyone should see this! I collapsed in tears!

Please suggest a veggie dish with my meal

Pizza crust

Lawmakers Call for Domestic Spying Probe

GOP Leaders OK $41.6B in Deficit Cuts

Group Claims U.S. Torture in Afghan Prison

Did Bush talk about anything that he is doing for the United States?

(AP) Bush Asserts U.S. Is Winning Iraq War (do not...despair..give up).

Cheney backs torture ban but warns of complacency

Socialist Claims Victory in Bolivia

Police raid Beijing gay festival

Analysis: Bush Drops Rosy Iraq Scenarios

Swiss first to allow assisted suicide in hospital

ANWR face-off looms

House GOP Drops Campaign Finance Measure

Oranges are not the safest fruit - they all exceed pesticide limits

Cheney says Sept 11 attacks could have been averted with wiretaps

So is O'Reilly going to attack NFL on Fox tomorrow? Their scoreboard

Did King Kong deserve execution?

Looks like Cheney decided to tunnel his way to Iraq from one of his

Rum ball recipe???

Morgan Freeman coming up on 60 Minutes.

The local WB station is airing 'The Wizard of Oz'

Simpsons is hilarious tonight! (no spoilers)

Bush Bingo

I like to say "the" in front of every noun.

How come people in personals ads CLAIM they want someone different?

When you know that your kids truly understand the reason for the season

'The War at Home' HILARIOUS tonight!

How come all those baby diaper commercials use blue liquid to test with?


Dr. D is back in the USA! (From Bangalore, India)

Bill Cosby on raising kids


Anybody want to listen to Moran's Address? Lounge style.

DUers - please do my Christmas shopping for me. (not really)

Family Guy 'thread'

From Family Guy tonight... if you could have seen it

Is Randi Rhodes the greatest thing since sliced bread?

cuteness overload

Icy, icy hiking pix from today. (dial-up warning)

Journalist Jack Anderson died today. He was 83.

Don't forget this link when DU glitches

Air America is coming to Orlando!!!!!

New Xmas song from Kevin Bloody Wilson

is this holiday season better or worse for you than last year?

You need this drug. You just don't know why. Yet.

Help! I messed with some some proceses in task manager & my desktop shrunk

Sometimes it don't pay to get out of bed! (Rant)

I almost ran over two nuns. Ask me anything.

Bad Santa is just starting on Encore East.

What A Great Weekend :-)

Cathy! Heathcliff! Cathy! Heathcliff! Cathy! Heathcliff!

Second hand smoke kills...

I just got the best Christmas card, ever.

So I go into the bathroom to, well you know....

OMG, I just checked the rain gauge.

Really awesome Americana photos from the 40's


DU women with SO's... sick hubby question

Would someone please ask Skinner to unplug the Holiday lights?

*******MILESTONES******* 12/18

Homerpalooza - Peter Frampton appreciation thread

this is the worst 'famiLy guy' episode ever!!

Apple. iTunes. Visualizer.


Lubinski had nothing to do with the Hucklebuck.

Cincinnati Bengals, 2005 AFC North division Champs

My first picture post on DU...My children.

So...Have you seen "Chronicals of Narnia" ...How is it?

Universist Jokes

Since the GD people all ignored me, maybe you will all like my poem...

DU women: I could really use some advice.

Gretna Louisiana. A day that will live in infamy.

I just finished re-readin' 'Salem's Lot...the NEW illustrated edition....

WTF? I have no words to describe the fuckedupedness.


I want to get married for political purposes:

Anyone else have abusive older siblings while growing up?

breaking : Scientists rebuild part of mammoth’s genome

Elton John: Gays Need Global Equal Rights

Grossman coming into the game???

'Skins BreakBack of Cowboys...

OT I posted this in GD it is one of the most powerful and touching things

Anyone know the Senate schedule for tonight?

OMG THIS IS HUGH!!!11!!! (Have you SEEN this?!)

The Frozen Falls of Minnehaha

Presidential Speech KOEB!

Does anyone else....


From My 14 Yr Old Son:"I am NOT proud to be an American!"

DU Psychics: Will Bush show more visible signs of anger tonight

Unfreep This "Bush Spy Approval" Poll, S'il vous plait!

This is why * thinks he can spy on you disregarding the Constitution:

Sen. Reid Calls US Congress 'Most Corrupt in History'

Big Brother Bush

We create terrorists by killing the innocent! n/t

Bigger Brother

Prez says PLEASE let me torture, bomb, and fight in Iraq

HIs speech tonight if you want to read it.

Congrats DC protestors! You made NBC news.

Give 'em hell Barney.

He's on now....

Randi Rhodes on C-Span now n/t

Gen. Pace: we have obligation to stop torture;Rumsfeld was perplexed.

what's worse: NYT revelation on spying on Americans or keeping it secret?

Look how much it took to bring Bush to his knees.

Jeb Bush questions the reliability of Florida's electronic voting system

My bumper sticker idea

Taking Back the House - dKos

Santa's List: Which Dem Senators are "Naughty" and "Nice"

He lies and lies and lies and lies.... And then he comes clean.

ThinkProgress: WH Lied About Having Briefed Congress About Domestic Spying

Big Brother Bush

FTCR: Approx. $16 Mil In Drug Stocks lock 42 Senators Out Of Vaccine Vote

Bush, NSA & Wiretaps - Hot Off The Biased, Leaky Press

Killings prompt rapper to change his tune

Presidential Pipeline: Bush's backers gain contracts, policy changes

Lease: Is Santa waging a war on Christmas?

Boston Globe: Past rulings don't support Bush's use of war powers

"...if you go with the Noah's Ark version...." The Crumbling of American Democracy

(on NSA) 'A Small Editorial' from the 'Cryptography Mailing List' mod

Big Brother Is Watching

Identity Theft of America!

WP: "Justice for Syria" (Assad = the new Saddam)

Stars and Stripes files challenge to Article 32 exclusion (MR&E)

Bigger brother...LA Times

Violating the Constitution .....

Presidential Pipeline: Bush's backers gain contracts, policy changes

Cash for columns: The scandal continues (paper dumps shills)

Did Congress Pass Legis allowing Bush to Violate the Law-illegal spying?

Tourists watch as mining companies level mountains

Bush vows to pursue controversial wiretap program


Police try to recruit more gay officers in Fort Lauderdale

Agents' visit chills UMass Dartmouth senior

A Christmas of Diamonds and Coal

The War on Drugs Is a Big Success - for the police state

America's health care albatross

It Should Have Been Unforgettable

Newsmax lies and says Clinton did same NSA spying

Free People Do Bad Things- Joe Bageant

John Nichols (The Nation): Cheney's Cheerleading Falls Flat

(This just in from Maniac Mike Moriarty) Are We Not Men?

The Left's New Majority

A Year without "Made in China"

Study Shows the Super-Rich Are Not the Most Generous

The Blame Game (Re: Racism, Hurricane Katrina)

MANUEL VALENZUELA: The Making of the Enemy [Part One of Two]


Reforms of pension funding rules pass House & Senate -spring conference

How does homeownership fare if the economy takes a dive?

A big wave of mini-hydro projects

US provides lesson in building fish stocks

US provides lesson in building fish stocks

Tourists watch as mining companies level mountains in Appalachia

Slow deaths of 5 tortoises expose horrifying practice (WalMart developm't)

With rising energy prices, woodstoves are making a comeback

Italian tycoon: Treasury offer to Bibi was joke

The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime

Tea For Two

Russia introduces anti-Nazi resolution at UN - US/Japan vote against it

Olmert: Wild exaggeration to suggest Kadima is one-man party

MI chief: W. Bank, Gaza could become Fatahstan, Hamastan


The Demolition of the World Trade Center Towers.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 12/18/05

Bucks County PA voting coalition growing (VotersUnite)

OC Regiater "buzz" - Poll hacking

There's no need to foul desert park with dump

Former state senator killed in traffic accident

Bush Addresses Nation?

First District candidates positions on Iraq - QC Times

Cutting the poor -- no big surprises here

Alternative holiday party /"Alive In Baghdad" fundraiser, Cambridge, 12/28

News from Bonifaz for Sec. of State: Kerry withdraws/Trippi blogging audio

Need information regarding a mayoral candidate for Minneapolis

Call Coleman and Dayton on ANWR drilling

FYI for Firefox and Spellbound Users

When did Symantec acquire Sygate?

Power Mac upgrade questions.

Going to the big ODP Holiday Party? COL OH Mon Nite 12-19-05!

I'm trying to verify election fraud in Cleveland, 2004

Why the @#$@# can't we have progressive radio in NEOhio?!?

I am looking for information on John Reardon..

Redfern's GOP connections

Constitutional Crisis

Nothing else matters now.

Texas Senate District 25 has a new candidate

The Texas filing deadline to become precinct chairs is JAN. 2. Let's go!

Two seats left at our table for Turn Texas Blue!

Earl Van Den Heuvel makes the DU Top Ten this week.

Sent this to The Oshkosh Northwestern this morning...


saving lives with illegal spying...bullshit...

Kill them all for peace on earth?

Why do the MSM and pResident....

Histroy Channel NOW! Duke Cunningham in Vietnam

Will We Hear From Murtha...............

Senator Frist AIDS Charity Paid Consultants- Paying Off Evangelical Groups

Gov. Bush Calls For Further Review Of Voting Machines

Sleeper Cell

Two views of Fallujah--the irony in the second is...well, so typical....

"Time's Person of the Year" on CNN!

Sen. Graham (R-SC) rewrites history on CNN: War Powers Act

Doober urges his opponents not to despair

"Humor is Dead"

Bush's talking point "Defeatism" is aimed at making Dems NOT speak truth.

Does this Sound Familiar....Bushspew tonight

Which story will get more press tomorrow: Bush's speech or Bush's spying?

Molly Ivins: "Dammit, when will they quit LYING?"

Neil Bush spotted in Asia with Sun Myung Moon & exiled Russian billionaire

The House just came back to debate the defense appropriations bill.

C-Span "Live" in the at 12 MN..Whats Up?

Right too busy now to fight gay cowboys

Once again, it's Residuncial poll time! How much of his horseshit did you

"Not The Main Story Of The Day"

Bring them Home Now George-

Photo of Bush joining some of his roommates

That sonofabitch, ending his blabbering by invoking God.

Randi Rhodes on CSPAN available ONLINE HERE:>

Randi Rhodes tonight on CSPAN was great, and here's why.

You might be a right winger if….


How About A Banned Pundit/Reporter/Media Person/Celebrity

God Bless the President. We must win the Civil War in Iraq. Our Nation

I'm off to bed. This is a major thank you post for the company today...we

Oh, NOW I feel better. DR. Rice says Bush spied on Americans LEGALLY.

Are the people in your life informed?

Did Bush ever make a gaffe of caling this year "205?"

DISGRACEFUL: Northwest Airlines asks courts to CUT retiree benefits

Are you an armchair internet warrior?

Anybody ever heard of the book

My fellow Americans,

Could pro-war politicians lose in 2006?

You know you are a redneck when......bush makes sense. How reliable is it?

Who is Ben Nelson and why the hell does he call himself a Democrat?

Condi Rice on MTP spinning, spinning, spinning. How does she do it?

If you call a pile of shit a democracy, it is still just a pile of shit!

Why does george w bush hate America?

How long has this been going on?

How do we change the way bills are dealt with? one bill one vote

Kucinich on the House floor now, grilling Duncan Hunter (C-SPAN)

Identity Theft of America!

Fox no longer mentions 'Fair and Balanced'

How can illegal wiretaps be used as evidence against an American?

Why Is Biden On The Sunday Talk Shows All The Time?

The AMERICAN PEOPLE wanted to pay for Katrina with

Check out Congresswoman canidate Tammy Duckworth

PHOTO: "We're nummmer one HIC!!!! Ish my finger purple? BURRP!"

Muslims back Holocaust memorial

Decision expected Tuesday in Dover, PA 'intelligent design' lawsuit

Who said "What luck for the rulers that men do not think" ?


fireworks on C-SPAN ,,,,House members wary of the defense

Toles : you are registered !

AG Gonzales is to have a Press Conference this AM 8:30 EST.

Question from a tech illiterate

Is this elusive "Victory" all it's cracked up to be

PELOSI Letter Re: Spying: I Expressed Strong Concerns In Classified Letter

CNN Poll: How do you feel about our mission in Iraq

No apology from pharmacist disciplined for refusing contraception

Rep. Peter King -R on CNN with Leslie cheerleading the domestic


"We are winning this war..." KABOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did anybody see Major Tammy Duckworth on "This Week"?

"When will the Democrats stop dicking around and say, 'Mr. President you

Bush is getting smoked on tonight's 710 KIRO poll!

That freeper caller on WJ-CSPAN just now called yesterday too.

Doin' that crazy hand jive (photos)

U.S. firm paid $20M for Iraq propaganda:"poorly run &largely ineffective."

Is there a complete list of Patriot Act abuses since 9/11 somewhere?

Senator Specter: Surveillance of Americans Is Unlawful Without Court Order

Bush's "Hand Jive" Speech last night

I just watched the speech replay and WE HAVE LOST THE WAR IN IRAQ

Did you hear? Another speech coming up from dimson this

du heresy? We DO Need Pubs to help FIGHT King George.

OH MAN! Shrub is having a news conference at 10:30AM EST.

probably has the authority under the use of force resolution that congress

Now THAT Was Some Great News From President Bush Tonight!

Say HOWDY to all our NSA & Pentagon monitors HERE ON DU

coryn just said on msnbc that of course the american people

Help me!!

Just how many freaking elections are they having in Iraq

PINCUS WAPO: More Cops Than Robbers: Pentagon Spying Without Oversight

Katie Couric is an imbecile!! Read this now!

A small aside on domestic spying, Nixon and the Kennedy assassination

Good comics this morning!

Call Wash. Journal:Thank saxby chambliss for his service!

Cheney's people get a taste of their own medicine (body search, etc..)

House Democrats call for hearings on warrantless spying

Has BushCo gone to the FISA court in some cases?

Elections under occupation lack real credibility - NYT doesn't get it yet

25 Saddam's top officials released in Iraq - The deck of cards guys

Crap! C-Span Just Quoted the "Media Bias Is Real" (Left Wing Bias!) Report

New Vocabulary Word: Now We Have Terrorists, Saddamists & DEFEATISTS >>

Did Nixon EVER admit to domestic spying?


Where have all the white knights gone?

If you could ask Bush a question at Press Conference

VIDEO-Gonzales on Why it's Okay for Bush to Spy

VIDEO- Leno on Blair's Attention Span

Rumsfeld buys "Mount Misery" (really)

Cheney's Traveling Party Body Searched Outside Karzai's Palace

If Abu Ghraib is any indicator, here’s the result of the NSA Spy Scandal:

Jay Marvin is in for Springer today

GONZALES: Look, over there. It's a candy bar?

Why did the ACLU bother?

I am EXTREMELY Disappointed in Sen. Kennedy's ** Speech Response.....

A view this administration - From a distance

Ak Representative's son-in-law owns land on other side of proposed bridge

Bush's STRAW MAN in his speech "Do not give in to despar"

Feingold vs. Stevens in the Senate...

* to have a press conference at 10 am.

Prosperity? Hardly.

WOW!!!-JEB Bush Questions Security Of Electronic Voting Machines

Sreven's back peddling big time on C-Span 1

I don't want to face the ugly face of O'Reilly

So does unauthorized spying on US citizens

Was Bill Clinton convicted of anything?

Damnit, Fox-4 switches from Johnny Knoxville to Bush presser

Bush look desperate. A quick review of his performance

Nobody's Listening

Who is Bush's new advisor??? My money's on Poppy.

A call to action

Gonzales lying now on MSNBC.

News For The Economists Out There

why is chimpy

9/11 Gone Wild: We are asked to destroy country in order to save it

Ever wonder what 2000 looks like? This is gut wrenching.

Letter from a Red Cross volunteer in New Orleans

Isn't this just a re-run of Fridays conference?

What's the chance that NSA will leak r.e. targtes of phone tapping?

Office Right Winger: "How The HELL Did Bush Get Elected"? - HE voted for *

What question would you ask Bush this morning?

U.S. Operated Secret 'Dark Prison' in Kabul

"A can't-pass measure added to a must-pass measure" & WE LOSE ANWAR!

Turning his bullshit off... I'll de-mute when Q&A starts.

So, are they trotting out the giggling murderer so much to try and cause

VIDEO-Arlen Specter on This Week about BUSH SPYING

Loved one line in the article re: Chimpy's speech last night.

"It's a shameful act to squeal on our illegal behavior" what an ass

The shameful act was illegally spying on Americans! n/t

MSNBC: Do you agree with Pres. Bush that the U.S. is winning the war ...

There will always be an enemy who wants to attack us...

Osama Bin Laden???

taking bets.... when will DU go down?

Bush: "I know what y'all are sayin' about my secret evesdropping program"

A Christmas gift for the troops- Iraqi resistance offers cease fire

Feingold-Notice how he doesn't fall for the bait in Wolf's question.

'Dr. Germ,' Others Released in Iraq

How many times did W use FISA BEFORE 9/11?

Here's why, chimpy

Our talking point: If Bush had spied on Saudis, 9/11 could have been

Bush acts like he can tell the Senate what to do- THREE BRANCHES, sucker

What's wrong with sacrificing some of our rights in a time of war?


He MUST stop saying "tool"

Holy Shit, how does someone state a phone conversation ....

"Dr. Germ," "Mrs. Anthrax" and other high value Saddam aides FREED

Bush: "accepting the consequences" of the deaths he's responsible for

The "C-student" defensive posture.

Will SOMEONE please bring up the FACT that FISA allowed them

Will SOMEONE please bring up the FACT that FISA allowed them

Will SOMEONE please bring up the FACT that FISA allowed them

"Democracies don't war, Democracies are peaceful" The there is us...

Democracies don't war. Secret torture prisons are unacceptable

"Democracies don't war, Democracies are peaceful" The there is us...

Uh-Oh, he's entered the pathetic zone.... I'm started to feel embarrassed

The intelligence committee knew about his spying? Tell

Bush Is Right When He Says This Is A "Historic Moment" We Are Seeing.

Another rambling, incoherent performance

FEINGOLD"The president has, I think, made up a law that we never passed"

I felt the 12 threads about the * press conference wasn't enough.

America I give you ...... 1984

Looks like he just suppressed a burp, or vomited into his mouth.

Boy did he bristle over "unchecked power"...

self-delete...Centrist Democrats are obviously not welcome at DU anymore

I hate the word “meme” but, nevertheless

Chimpy Has Declared Himself DICTATOR Today

OMG, is this fool for real?

BUSH-OPEN DEBATE (Democracy) would embolden the enemy!!!

Quick and Lethal

America just Fell Down through the Rabbit Hole today..

Snotty Chimp said..

Bush's Keyword today: Optimism, optimistic

HOLD EVERYTHING!!! "the Constitution is nothing but a GODDAMN piece of

Is this STAGED again??? It sure seems like the "journalists"

Hey, does anyone here want this idiot protecting them?

"Ya gotta" has any other President ever talked so poorly?

Catapult the Propaganda - America's latest Daily comedy

One of my hopes is people will have hope.

"We cannot afford to be without this law for a single moment," he said.

"The fact that we're discussing this program is helping the enemy"

BUSH - I Am NOT a Dictator

Did I just Hear Bush Correctly?

So, Bush* blames Tommy Franks by name for lack of

Back to doing what he does best-THREATEN people

I actually agree with MSNBC >> "* A Shameful Act"

Stephanie Miller will be commentating as "press conference"

What I wish Bush had said :

Did he say that he's making sure Gulf Coast residents have housing?

Can You See Rove's Hand Up Bush's Ass on the Wiretaps?

"and a Happy Holidays to ya" all pissy-like. LOL


Anyone else catch the Sadaam slip when he was talking about OBL?

the chimp just came on....

Again with the bin Laden phone story. One incident. Anyone buying it?

Would you want your candidate to say what Wellstone did?

CSPAN 1 taking phone calls about press conference

Late Night Roll Call Votes from the House

BUSH News Conference Highlight: little Freudian slip: "Saddamosama."

bush declares war on christmas!!

HA HA HA -- CNN Just Cut Away From The Conference!

One of his 'many' press conferences??

Isn't it odd that he didn't attack senators from Wisconsin?

Its settled. The pResident really is a freaking Idiot

A question Mr. President...

OMG. . .the President just said "Happy Holidays"

Did he just blame 9/11 on a newpaper for disclosing their spying?

He said happy holidays and left out the "May God continue to bless

Did anyone ask the * why the FISA is not "quick" enough???????

Camp Wellstone is a great way to get some activist training

Who does more harm to the middle class? Welfare recipients or rich/corp.?

Hard hitting CNN segues into piece on deja vu

Will * be taking questions from the Press in this upcoming "Unexpected PC"

O'Riley Will Simply Shit

spying on americans is ok - cuz cLinton did it first

Is anyone else losing the CSPAN feed frequently?

The nadir of occupation - former spokesman for the UN mission in Iraq

Bush: Spaceships vs Spys. "I checked w/ NASA." (on the wiretaps)

Power Company Is Said to Agree to Buy Another for $11 Billion Fl.


ROFLMAO The pot calling the kettle black-Jeff Gannon

Remember that guy who was shot by a US Air Marshal a few weeks ago?

A Person Who Matters - Patrick J. Fitzgerald by Time Magazine

(Bush spying issue) Why isn't anyone asking:

It's not about security

Laura's holiday cookie recipe

Levin, Reid Feingold response to Chimp, CSPAN1, "shortly":

NEWSMAX DEBUNKED, Clinton signed HR 1555, reigning in NSA

Chances of Impeachment By January 2009 (An Interactive Thread)

MSNBC online just changed headline. From Holiday sales slow to "solid"

Santa flies commercial. Probed by TSA (Humor Column)

*: "Thank you for violating the multiple-part question rule."

The skinny on ENMOD (hostile weather treaty)

OK...if it is so fast moving that FISA would slow it down....

Anyone know of a news reporter site similar to DU?

Help me out, exactly what law was broken?

and that was before they attacked us!

BUSH - I am NOT a Dictator with Transcripts from Hotline


Some sort of Dem response in a few minutes.

Ted Stevens is on the Senate floor again...

As ANWR Vote Moves to Senate, 5 Generals Urge Senate to Drop ANWR

Georgie's Letter to Santa

Excellent Talking Point from Josh Marshall - TPM

* Press conference: THIS IS SO COOL!

Has anyone noticed the gas prices?

Who's listening to CSPAN callers?

Feingold kicking it

Do you think that barbar phyically abused * when he was a child?

What If It Were You?

the freepers are using the old "well Clinton did it"

Dem response to begin in a min. on cspan1.

Could your Dems in Congress honestly say this Wellstone commercial?

The Official bush "I am not a crook" Press Conference Photos....

The courts were nixed because they were spying on their POLITICAL enemies!

Is * part of the WAR ON CHRISTMAS??

Done a FOIA request for FBI or other files on self in last 5 years?

Did anyone see Randi Rhodes on C-SPAN last night??

Feingold: "Give me Liberty or Give Me Death!"

Jack Reed: "Forcing it to remain secret isn't a 'check' on power"

What's up with that grunting noise he makes after the questions are asked?

If the Bush WH isn't targeting rivals like Cindy Sheehan and Joe Wilson

George? Shut Up!

Colin Powell Validates Outlines of Wilkerson "Rumsfeld-Cheney Cabal" Comme

Phony Photo-Op President Poses for Pix by Giving His Speech Twice --->>>

The "Pain" of the Nation will not end the Reign of Bush...

So....9/11 changed everything? (Including our Constitution?)



Comments from Senate Dems on *'s speech on CSPAN - NOW

The Constitution Belongs to the People

Petrodollar Warfare:

Look there is simply no excuse for not abiding by the law. It's too damned

What a morning

DU this poll.. President Bush's decision allowing domestic surveillance

Was Osama bin Laden a citizen of the US? Then explain to me how

***** CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW!! ***** 1-800-426-8073 *****

Levin just said that * has no authority based on Constitution - HUGH!!11

Press Conference Pix: The Prickly President --->>>


Blue Collar Workers Turn Back on Unions

Will Pitt's Latest Gem - I love this guy...

who thinks they should shut down the government?

Whoa he just showed his little tyrant colors to peter baker!

Who Were The Republican Conferees For The Defense Bill?

Well, I think it's just a matter of time before the shit hits the fan.

USDA Appoints a General Mills Bureaucrat as "Consumer Representative" to t

Were "Americans" being spied on or foreign nationals that live here?

Did Bush ask for more money last night?

LAX bombing plot (2000 millennium attack)

From 9-11 to Peak Oil and Beyond - Michael Ruppert on TVNL Radio

CSPAN2 - Senate Debating ANWR

B*SH: "...well...wait a minnit...

DU is acting funny or slow

Check out what I just found at About .com!!

House Committee Chairman Admits GOP Not Sufficiently Investigating Bush

How do we find out if the government has been spying on us?

Hey Freepers - Bush's Stormtroopers are listening in on you too!

HURRY UP Fitzgerald indict them before it's too late!

Reporter to bushitler, What terrorist acts did you thwart by spying on

So what happened to the "Law and Order" party? They abide by no law

Caption Time

"He's president, NOT THE KING"

Lately there's been a HUGH increase in spelling errors on DU

Ooooooh. There could be “hearings” about the domestic spying.

"Those who do not remember their past...

You know he was and is still doing it.

Bush could have gotten warrants AFTER THE FACT....

Another poll anyone? Come on it's Texas Talk Radio!

Caption this * press conference photo

Explain To Me, What's Going On In The Senate Right Now

Cheney:"what I'm concerned we get farther and farther from 9/11"

MSNBC Poll - Do you agree with Pres. Bush that the U.S. is winning the war

wasn't the fake car bomb threat in dc just too conveniently timely after the

DU this poll it is being seriously FREEPED

A View from the Chapare and Cochabamba

AOL Poll on Patriot Act

Presidents are just like Pimples

Eminem (and Dr. Dre) Music Allegedly Used As U.S. Torture Device

LTTE in local paper: NASCAR with hybrids? (As if!)

Sorry, but I don't think "spying on your own people" will go over...

"Enemy of the State," and to think I actually thought

20 Amazing Voting Facts

Listening to Press Conference right now, Welcome to HELL America


Tweety: "Bush Belongs on Mount Rushmore"

Fourth-Graders Accused Of Counterfeiting

Abramoff: Has anyone considered that he is a wholly owned

Levee Systems Face Looming Financial Crisis

Women for Aryan Unity keeps busy sending Christmas cards

Bumper sticker just seen: Keep Reagan Dead in 04

VIDEO- Bush Press conference questions


Naomi Klein - Torture not unique to Bush Admin

Is this proof that Bush is using wiretapping for political purposes?

Filmmakers re-create rubble of ground zero on Westside

Blitzer: "They're so poor, and so black..."

I usually don't swear, but our pResident need to hear this message...

USCCB reclassifies gay Western "Brokeback Mountain" after complaints

ABN AMRO has screwed me (and many others)

Bush invoked "appreciate" in today's speech 7 times

Illegal NSA Spying? It Isn't the First Time. Remember Frank Church?

In light of recent revelations of Bush criminality, did he order Anthrax?

Will Jr go after the Times reporters who wrote the story or their sources?

Bush: "we need to detect, not monitor." Key clue to whats happening.

CNN has a page open now for commenting on spying

President George W. Bush briefly turned Osama bin Laden into Saddam Hussei

Flash Guy from MoveOn.orgs 'Bush in 30 Years'

Breaking:Colombian President Uribe Confirms Plot to Overthrow Chavez

The left is winning in Latin America - Bolivia

To All Americans: Please Don't Fall for Bush's B.S. Again

Are you being spied on?

Watch what you check out at the library.

Why the press could not see ** spechifying...

One is too many A thousand not enough

Won't someone think of the chickens? (a bird flu post)

Trivia: What President banned the Christmas Tree from the WH?

As was seen on Boston Legal recently - in time for "holidays" shopping


Medical History of the Presidents of the United States

Give it to me straight, I can handle it

He really does think that he's King george...

The young and rich give less, study says

Senate is back, - CSPAN2

Will schools soon be encouraged to ask children to spy on parents?

Scotty Defends Bush's Attempt at Texas Jury Tampering

NSA listening post Sugar Grove, West Virginia ECHELON Station

today's Caffertyfile questions

CNN doesn't know the dif between a HYDROPLANE and an AIRPLANE.

Lucky that universities hire mostly liberals

Just how far off are the "thought police"??

Malloy is in for Randi the next few days

NSA listening post Yakima, Washington ECHELON Station

Here are the Facts on the intelligence bill and eavesdropping. (Bush Weak)

Firefox Victory (

Space cadets fooled into thinking they went into space.

It was a shameful act for someone to disclose the spying info, BUT

Did You Catch Bush's Comment On "Secret Prisons"?

Last night, I appreciated President Bush for the first time...

The excuse de jour on illegal wire-tapping ... Clinton did it.

Which political figures has Bush wiretapped w/out warrant?

Cheney's new "retreat" in St Michael's MD

Damn, Ted Stevens is such an ass! What a smary little screaming bastard

What In The Fuck Is It About ANWAR?

September 11 attacks could have been averted with wiretaps ...

Would you support a Revolution if the Congress will not impeach Bush?

Karl Enjoys His Final Press Conference as an Unindicted Man ---pix->>>

Did Bush Domestic Spy Program Eavesdrop On American Journalists?

Journalists' Credentials Pulled After Publishing War Photo

Who Will Be The Next President - And When?

Is secession the Final Solution to all this?

--> If ever there was a day to call your Senators, THIS IS IT !!

So why is NASA involved in this whole spying thing?

Martha Radditz of ABC news asked the key question.

Las Vegas is the next 'terrorist' target.

Does anyone know the status of Whistleblower legislation in congress?

Study shows economic, educational benefits of universal preschool plan

Alberto Slick Operator Gonzalez, looked like someone in the WH

Self- delete - liveoaktx has posted already on the VIDEOS of Bush's

Tom Shales (WP) on Bush's performance last night

The impeachment process

Need link to the Internal Republican E-Mail bashing their base

Jon Kyl is a tool

Orange County Register "buzz" - Poll hacking

"Still waiting to hear what part of the Constitution was violated"

My LTTE to St. Pete Times, and Tampa Trib. Universal Health Care

Corect me if I'm wrong, but don't presidents only pull the stunts

I'm confused about this spying business.

MSNBC scroll: ..."stalled effort to renew the terrorism-fighting Patriot..

How is a spying on US citizens less impeachable than

Why do the Freepers hate America?

Eighth graders can't imagine life minus cell phones

Did anyone see Russ Feingold on the Today Show this morning?

They freed Dr. Anthrax and Dr. Germ. Where's Baghdad Bob?

Why I believe suppression of dissent by the WH is behind the NSA scandal

The media could confirm some important information...

Anybody have the Frank Rich piece from the Sunday NYTimes?

CNN >> Toobin: Bush on 'questionable legal footing'

President Kerry speaking on CSPAN2 now

DU this South Florida Sun-Sentinel poll

If you could have witnessed any historical event what would it be?

DU'ers have forgotten about the lessons we learned on 9/11

Is this NSA wiretapping not only grounds for impeachment, but treason?

Iraqis riot over gas price increases

Fox poll

Pete King (R) said if Clinton had Spied, 9/11 Wouldn't have Happened?!?

Case for Iran war difficult to make, says little Emperor

LOL -- Mike's got a live one!!!

Osama, Saddama... Ooh! Pretty!

What Must Poppy Be Thinking About Young Son Now?

Certain folks?

Robert Byrd Has Asked For 15 Minutes

If Bubble Boy committed murder on TV

February 7, 1995 - House Republicans Vote Down Fourth Amendment

What's with O'Reilly's eyepatch?

The Bush Administrations contribution to Science via Iraq

The Bush Administrations contribution to Science via Iraq

Dems Should Start Mentioning the "I" Word

House Drops Plan to Split 9th Circuit Court

How long have we been fighting

Tucker Carlson: "Canada is like a retarded cousin we tap on the head..."

Careful!! You can bet the little tyrant is....

WH Press Conference on NOW! - links provided, Hope this helps

My God! I get it! Bush is living up to his "uniter" campaign promise!

Heh... Heh... Heh...

Isnt it ok for a soldier to disobey an order they know is illegal ?

I am convienced that our country has not felt enough pain from

John Kerry's email - Big Oil: Mission Accomplished? (Call your senators)

Was * Spying On His Political Opponents?

Repubs still lying that the terrorists came from Canada on 9/11!!!

Listening to Limbaugh for a few minutes....

No President Is Above the Law - by Senator Robert C. Byrd

The Barbara Ann Radnofsky ad is the SHIT!!! I love it !!! n/t

Snowmobiles in Yellowstone...

ONE MILLION DOLLARS....on a website. WOW...

Isn't there a Congressional recess coming up??

Feingold thought the impeachment of Clinton was a "close case." Will he

Socialist website making lotsa sense re: Dictator and Democratic impotence

"By spying on you, I'm protecting your civil liberties."

If The Illegal Wiretaps Worked, How Come The War On Xmas Is Going Strong?

About those "People with links to Al Queda"

Know what SKYPE is? You should...

What is the connection between Echelon, CIFA, and the Exec. Order to spy?

Breaking: Kevin Bacon called by US Gov't to set Iran "Footloose"...

14 Said Killed in Plane Crash Off Miami By

Look, people, what we saw and heard will bump * up in the polls.

Anyone watching Tweety? What's he talking about today.

MSNBC/CNN/FAUX all reporting for hours! Small Plane Crash Miami!

Umm, Mr. Bush just exactly what does your authority NOT allow you to do?

Changing thread name to All is lost and we can't win... becasue we give up

I guess they won't hate us for our freedoms much longer

'West Wing' confronts loss (of John Spencer)

"Inherent Powers of the Presidency" = The Divine Right of Kings

Who was it that released the info about the CIA monitoring Osama's

ATTN: Now that Dubya has been crowned King

Did the NYTimes make a deal with the "leaker"?

Dam, they really don't like dissent over at FR

Rupert Murdoch's Warmest "Holiday" Wishes (Faux company e-mail)

Bush, passive voiced, avoids taking responsibility for "the decision"

Did Bush commit perjury and criminal fraud?

My Local 4:30 Newscast *Starts* With: Bush Puts Himself Above the Law

I love the constitution THIS much

CNN Poll: Iraq speeches, election don't help Bush

Who else noticed how *'s hula jaw was under control last night but going

Boxer Asks Presedential Scholars If Bush Admitted to an 'Impeachable Offen

Anyone else watchin Blitzer with Condi?

Report Calls 1898 N.C. Riot an Insurrection


Mike Malloy Is on Fire

Press Conference Transcript >>>

How long have we been fighting

Idea for a bumper sticker

Breaking >>> Bush sends Chanukah greetings

Wir haben zwei Wahlen, Sieg oder Niederlage.

What is this vote in the Senate now?

Mike Malloy filling in for Randi - outrageous & hilarious -

Bush: "America will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire!"

Goerge & Laura send KWANZAA greetings. Why do they hate CHRISTmas?

Combined Federal Campaign.....

Who does Bush think he is?

Official "thank me" thread

Gonzales seems to be a crackheaded fascist enabler.

My Rep on TEEVEEE- Chet Edwards

Senate voting on Cloture on the DOD appropriations conf. rpt. RIGHT NOW

Thing to keep in mind about domestic spying....


Seriously- do small plane crashes generally get this much coverage?

Quote from WH Press Conf - This Jawdropper Needs to be Repeated !

Did anyone else get their Bush calendar yet?

Reminder - it was Senator Hatch (R) Re: Osama Satellite Phone

Round Four: Bill O'Reilly Hits Back at Nick Kristof("absolutely clueless")

Don't Tread On Me.

Karen Kwiatkowski: Decoding Mr. Bush

Mike Malloy- Randi Rhodes Truthseekers Check in

Bush WILL NOT Make It To 08. This SHOULD Terrify You.

Post your headlines...

"I am searching for a clue"..... oh good god he is pathetic!

U.S. Rep. John Lewis calls for Bush impeachment

Visit from DHS prompted by history assignment

What is the specific difference in role and power between FISA and NSA?

A racist really ticked me off today

Senator Byrd coming up on C-Span 2 n/t

War on Christmas is over, now, huh ?

BREAKING CNN PHOTOS of small plane crash!

So My son's JROTC Commander hopes the wiretaps continue know what to do!

Check out this blogging post!

Okay, Agent Mike, let me explain this about "threatening groups"

Each of us a minuteman! (Please read and act accordingly)

Polar bears drown as ice shelf melts

Best bumper sticker yet

America's not going to wake up, is it? (personal rant)

New WH Talking point on spying on us: THE FISA COURT IS NOT FAST ENOUGH!

House Leadership seeks to invoke "MARTIAL LAW"

more corruption exposed: Cunningham-Wilkes-Abramoff scandal

Have you seen a TV ad discussing "the Other Iraq" as a travel destination?

Mike Malloy: "Realizes that these fucking fascists are fucking with him

Is Congress on yet another vacation, despite the fact our

What's it called when you know a crime is going on and ignore it?

Jim Cramer....Mad Money....

What Was With Bush's Jazz Hands?

Another Poll

DU this new CNN poll - needs help

Who is the REAL enemy?

VIDEO-Feingold on whether Torture Pimp should investigate Bush

VIDEO-Feingold on whether Bush should STOP wiretapping illegally

VIDEO-Feingold on Cornyn's ASSININE statement

What's the lastest on Abramoff?

VIDEO-Feingold's statements from Rebuttal Press Conf today

"Senators from NY, Los Angeles and Las Vegas"

I propose a new amendment to the US Constitution.

Dear Gov. Dean -- Why did Bush violate FISA and the 4th Amendment?

An excellent day to join or contribute to the ACLU

PHOTOS: Two CHRISTmas houses . . . .

So - is Bush eavsdropping on Fitzgerald's phone conversations?

I Just Scared the LIFE out of a Freeper

Something doesn't make sense about the NSA revelation.

It's not a Press Conference - It's a sales pitch

Strike up TIVO's /VCR's and Tape C-Span 8:00 p.m. (est) Press Conference!!

Local Washington DC NBC affiliate poll on Bush's domestic spying

Bush's crimes make me want a parliamentary system more and more.

I can't wait until Hillary is president...

[NPR] Cokie Roberts pinpoints opponents of the Patriot Act

Harry on the floor now

Mike Malloy is filling in for Randi today!!!! He's on!

Cut to the chase


Why do the media keep calling it "THE PATRIOT ACT?"

Boycott MSNBC due to Nora O'Donnell's Bush Ass Kissing....

looks like Time whimped out over person of the year

NYT reports study of Katrina dead - MOST DIED AFTER THE STORM

Letter From Kerry:RE ANWAR

Tired of Republican revisionist history? Help right it!

Interlibrary Loan Monitoring Story Smelling Fishy

Another Poll being Freeped

Has It Finally Happened? Is He On His Way Out?

What's the latest on Abu Ghraib photos?

Freaking Kerry

A Trip Down IMPEACHMENT Memory Lane

Cheney has Air Stream Motor Home installed in Plane for Iraq Visit!

Variety: Diverse Audience for "Brokeback Mountain"

Nixon's Enemy List

Call Senate! 95B tax relief for rich, 29B for Gulf Coast - TRY AGAIN!

How does it happen that for centuries the wealthy

Firewall hits by DOD.

Reid has threatened to shut down the government. Call him and tell him to

Conyers is going to blow the coverup wide open !!!


Nice Coat, Dick! ---pix->>>

Researchers find Barbie suffers mutilation, torture, by young girls.

Three Iraq Possibilities: Victory, Defeat and Quagmire

FISA court never turned down govt warrants to wiretap--until 2003

Agents' visit chills UMass Dartmouth senior (Library-related)

Enjoy your flight - $23 mil daily subsidy

Elephant in the room? Who keeps giving journalists security info?

I need help, DUers

Demand Hearings for Domestic Spying (Rep. Slaughter)

How is Watergate ANY different than the NSA wiretaps?

The media must learn the difference between a wiretap and "Echelon."

Demand Hearings for Domestic Spying -- Petition

diminutives usually denote youth, familiarity or affection, hence, when

Bush & NSA are monitoring satellite communications

Does anybody here not believe that Bush's illegal spying

Oh GOD some people are so stupid...check out this link...jebus

Are we becoming fascist?

Josh Marshall >> Sen. Rockefeller knew in '03, couldn't tell anyone

Did you all catch what Karen Kwiatkowski said about this NSA spying issue?

The Situation Room for the past half hour: "A small plane crashed in FL"

Why are Republican scarred of Terrorism???

My idea to promote World Peace

Is CIA helping the GOP subvert the Constitution and rip-off taxpayers?

If you could have six people, living or dead, to dinner --

Demanding Impeachment: -- We MUST get past "Can't happen, so don't try" !!

fess up - who didn't watch bubble-boy's speech?

Cookies for redqueen--Snickerdoodles

I think I'm all baked out.

Almost off to Mushroom Soup land

Dessert for the Very Soap Opera Christmas?

And, on a related note...a kid-pleasing, South Beach-friendly Hanukkah.

Paul Martin is an idiot.

Look who's kissing Quebec Derrier now!

Elections Canada talking with Greens about possible election-law violation

U.S. sub may have toured Canadian Arctic zone

Long after the tsunami's deluge, 1.5m homeless still battle to survive

Reuters- US defends decision on domestic eavesdropping (now Cheney)

U.S. Is Winning the War in Iraq, Bush Declares (IHT/NYT)

Dead men voted in poll, claim Iraq parties

Kristof challenges O'Reilly to visit Darfur with him

WP: Pentagon's Intelligence Authority Widens

Reid pleased with first year leading Senate Democrats

Bolivian Activist Morales Wins Election as President

Bankruptcy law backfires on credit card issuers

Sharon May be Released from Hospital Monday AM

WP: Violence Surges as Cheney Visits Iraq

Presidential Pipeline: Bush's backers gain contracts, policy changes

Florida felons granted child care licenses

Decision expected Tuesday in Dover, PA 'intelligent design' lawsuit

South Carolina legislators want illegal immigrants sent to prison

Suicide car bombing in Iraq kills two

House stays up late over GOP effort to open refuge to oil drilling

Lawmakers: Let Cuba play ball

A Battle Looms to Succeed 'Duke'

McCain says some torture justified

Vermont governor wants troops home

Boehlert's actions make him target of conservatives

Lawmakers call for wiretap review

Senator Rips Own Party for Criticism of Trip

Blunt administration a frequent target of lawsuits

Human Rights Watch Reports Afghanistan Torture

US provides lesson in building fish stocks

Study Shows the Super-Rich Are Not the Most Generous

Iraqi group shows 'hostage death'

House Opens Way for Oil Drilling in Artic (ANWR)

LAT: Leaders in Congress OK Cuts to Budget (GOP sneaked ANWR drilling in)

President Gives Both Reassurance, Warnings on Iraq (and Blah blah blah)...

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 19 December

Two New York City Bus Lines Shut Down

Saddam-era figures freed in Iraq

Newly Elected Afghan Parliament Convenes

Violence Surges as Cheney Visits Iraq--WaPo

ABC GMA Just Reporting: 24 Top Saddam Officials Released from Jail

Archbishop's Veracity Is Questioned--WaPo

Clinton seeks ways to protect New Orleans

Firefox Victory (

Iraq Officials Struggle to Contain Tension

(AP) Bush's Candor on Iraq Draws Praise

Early Baghdad Returns Show Shiites Leading

Bush to hold press conference shortly

Gonzales Says Congress Authorized Spying (this will surprize many

Customs intercepts counterfeit Tamiflu

Bolivia's Morales Vows to Challenge U.S. After Presidential Win

'Dr. Germ' among detainees released in Iraq (and Mrs Anthrax)


Cash for columns: The scandal continues (paper dumps shills)


Morales poised to win Bolivian Presidency

Bush says presumes Justice Dept probe underway (NSA leak)

Slow deaths of 5 tortoises expose horrifying practice (WalMart developm't)

Iraqis protest as goverment hikes fuel prices (as much as 3x the amount)

Bush admits that Iraq intelligence failures hinder Iran strategy

FBI reports US murder (and robbery) rate increases

Marine officer wins Silver Star for gallantry/Iraq (ambushed by thousands)

Political Notes: Pombo's ethics questioned

Italian central bank chief Fazio resigns (Financial Times)

Osama, Saddam? What's in a name? (* slip of the tongue)

CNN: President Bush defends eavesdropping program in U.S., says he'll keep

Army friend: Suicide doesn't fit (Sgt. found dead while on leave in VA)

Iran: Tehran Denies Report of Assassination Attempt on Ahmadinejad

Fallujah turns into unlikely model for US-Iraqi ties

Russia introduces anti-Nazi resolution at UN - US/Japan vote against it

Former Blackhawk Pilot To Run For Congress (lost her legs, opposes Bush)


Fox poll shows Alito support Alito just 35%

Democrats plan sharp rebuke of pre-war intelligence, Iraq war...

Iraq war vet launches Congressional bid

US military releases former Saddam era officials (AFP)

Stevens celebrates 30 years on High Court

Bush Says NSA Surveillance Necessary, Legal (raising his voice he

Western music banned in Iran

Social safety net braces for layoffs at MBNA

Did Bush Domestic Spy Program Eavesdrop On American Journalists?

Senate Democrats speak out against domestic wiretaps (Feingold & Levin)

Sydney suburbs are sealed off after discovery of petrol bombs

Newspapers to drop columnist who took cash (Abramoff)

US Congress makes changes in Medicaid health for poor

Raw Story : Congressional Report Accusing Bush Coverup, Deception...

U.K. minister 'lied over CIA flights'

Cox appoints special prosecutor in Fieger case

Ariel Sharon taken to a Jerusalem hospital

Ohio anti-terrorism bill draws Democrat, GOP opponents

Most talked-about news in US: Katrina, oil prices(then Iraq war & Tsunami)

Early Results Show Religious Groups Leading in Iraqi Vote

BBC News:Trade can 'export' CO2 emissions (unintended by-product)

At least six dead in South Beach (Miami) plane crash

N. Ireland Begins Granting Gay Unions

At Press Conference, Bush Says He's Hurt By Charges He 'Doesn't Care' ....

Bush Leaves Out the Bad News in Iraqi Poll

Bush, Democrats in showdown over anti-terror bill

Iraq speeches, election don't help Bush (Gallup poll - 56% disapproval)

Vincent 'The Chin' Gigante Dies in Prison

Bush mixes Saddam, Osama Targets (New Mexico Rep. Heather) Wilson, 5 Other GOP Reps.

Congressman calls for Bush impeachment (Rep. John Lewis)

Bush, Democrats in showdown over anti-terror bill

Experts: Steward flew doomed plane (Crash in Greece last August)

Teens Smoking Less, but Using More Pills

TSA top local managers are paid top dollar (Overpaid?)

Seaplane crashes off Miami, killing at least 6

Iraq speeches, election don't help Bush (CNN/USA Today Gallup)

Bush covers bases with holiday messages (Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa)

Polish president hints at CIA stopovers in Poland

Firefighter-author sentenced for church arson(To Sleep with the Angels)

Photo ID bus gets little use (Georgia's voter ID mess turns into a joke)

Gas prices may surge on 2006 green rules (57 cents by July)

Schwarzenegger strips hometown of right to use his name (for the stadium)

D'Iberville residents living in tents - 4,000 in city left homeless

Explosives Stolen from U.S. Lab

Drop in visitors to Canada (U.S. to blame): StatsCan

Senator says she's asked for opinions on Bush impeachment (Boxer)

Congress rebuffs Rice on Darfur troop funding

How was the Simpsons tonight? Worth seeing?

The Boondocks is really good tonight


Has anyone else used these Crest Whitestrips?

"Your reality, sir, is lies and balderdash

Spoiler Alert - This new King Kong was a bad mofo!

See Beautiful Windows for FREE. First digital work of Radio_Lady's hubby.

Hmm, is there a PC "task manager" processes bible of good/

Hey Kids! Santa is dead.

Hey ladies who bash howard Stern...

Hey kids! There's no Santa Claus!! LOL.

Instead of a dank hole in the ground....

Grandma got run over by a reindeer

Let me say it here, let me say it proud.

Anyone watching (or WATCHED) "America's Tsunami" on the Discovery


I've been baking all night.

Need some help with a movie...

Mission Accomplished.


Argle. Bargle. Nerp. Feez. Goop. Nuuh. Fiz. Berz. Umph.

My cat's eatin' a mouse

Stupid computer question, but it'll go quicker if someone helps me

I just finished my public admin term paper, anyone have a beer?

body temperature drops

The official 'I don't want to marry Crazy Guggenheim' thread

I am soooooo sexy.

Ever notice that Ray Taliaferro's first caller is usually a Freeper?

I'm watching Kindasleezzy on the 'MTP' repeat

I ate a Happy Meal. Ask me anything.


Hey MissHoneychurch

So now that the Vikings are all but eliminated from the Playoffs...

Owl. Train.

Monday morning earworm. Seasonal.

Just hit a deer 45 minutes ago...

Remember the Extreme Christmas lights?

Anyone see 60 Minutes last night?

Question for firefox users.

Okay. . .DUers who are sane, help me please

Police On Hunt For Flashing Santa Claus

G'ahead. Put your head right here. (kitty pic)

I'm wasting time on eharmony, ask me anything.

Stocking Stuffer -The PENGUIN POOPER ($2.49 at Eckerd's)

ROTFLMAO!!! Get a load of this!

So, this guy goes to see his doctor .....

Ahhhh! Love notes on a Monday morning!

Women Throw Panties At Dead Rabbi

Colder than hell outside..

"Oooh, horseys and sheeps and bears! Can I see this movie, Stacie?"

Well .. do I LOOK crazy to you?

Woo Hoo! I get to work from home this week and next

I picked up a winter job today!

Looks like it's NoBadgers vs Avenging Finns for DU Fantasy Football Title

MatcomNews Update: Banana Boy SENTENCED!

had a demented christmas weekend!

What America needs - a good dog movie.

I'm so depressed.... (so much for comfort and joy)

Surf's UP

George Bush made me break the law!

I'm sorry but this man scares me even more than another 4 years of Bush

Today I'm listening to nothing but Led Zeppelin

John Spencer's Obituary

Anonymous E-Mail Tells Partners Of Your STD

MatcomNews Update: Fourth Graders Who Made Counterfeit Money Arrested

I went to a party over the weekend...

"May God damn this newspaper for running the photo of the snow penis"

Whatever happened to the pic of Oberon in the santa hat?

Human Finger Found On Ft Lauderdale Beach

Millionaire Loses Everything, Files Bankruptcy Because She Won't Mow Lawn

Merry Christmas BABY PICS from Josie

What temperature is your thermostat set to ?

What do you all think of Rhapsody?

This Christmas, I only want sweaters, sweatsuits, and thick socks.

"Kong Size your Whopper"

please tell me this is a fake letter to "Annie's Mailbox"

Tech Ransom....Marc Anthony's laptop hs been stolen!!!

Are the Redskins from Washington DC or Washington State?

My head feels like Dwight Yoakam's at the end of "Slingblade."

Dear God the people who live near me are so fucking stupid.

What do you do when you can't sleep?

Proud2bLib: Is that actually you in your sigline pic?

If we could give 2006 a name, what would it be? The Year of the _______.

Please give me an example of an attorney who's NOT "at law."

Am I crazy?

I was in a really bad mood til I watched this.

some beauty for Monday morning (Dial-up warning)

Gift of music for DUer's from Soul Amp

Spent all weekend watching Season Two dvds of "The L-Word"

Here's what happens to those who don't belong to AAA

What agencies have been spying on you?

Baby Jesus II mutilated,abducted

Painting By Chimpanzee Fools Art Expert

They published my LTTE!

I can't beleive they're making a FOURTH Scary Movie

A repost: Oh Catsmas Tree, Oh Catsmas Tree

Because you demanded it: The first Christian Nudist Camp opens in FL

test your coordination using bush's brain. no not

Do you dream about your company's evil Human Resources Manager?

What? Did NOBODY Wish Cicely Tyson A Happy Birthday Today?

It's not in the way that you hold me

Camcorder geeks: I'm looking for one, need advice

Chicago hotels -- recommendations?

Here I am!

What would have happened if....

Very sad... RIght before Christmas... My friends aunt passed this morn...

My cocker spaniel is in heat. My town has a leash law. I put her leash

"Signature lines are currently turned off due to high traffic"

I hate wearing back braces.

I like to break out this book quote from 1975 sometimes

*BONUS* my baby's Holiday message to fascists

Detainees Were Tortured By U.S. Using Eminem Music

Top Ten Signs You're A Gay Cowboy

Flash guy from MoveOn.orgs 'Bush in 30 Years'

hickman1937 and wildhorses: i'm better today

SNL may suck lately but this video is pretty damn funny

Woman Accuses Ex-Boyfriend Of Serving Her Rat Tacos

If you had an issue with a partner, would you dump him/her right away?

Since I guess spying is legal now - who's phone do you want to tap

Osama bin Laden says "Death to America"...sort of.

I called you to fix it because I can't, jackass!!

Warm Hearted Story Dept: Trip Sets Samaritan's Wheels Turning

this post is really stupid

War on Christmas casualties


Denis Leary Seen sliding down bannister naked at NYC hotel.

My mission for Xmas in Vegas: find Ray Dennis Steckler (MST3000 fame).

Patriots looked real good on Saturday! The boys are BACK!

Waaaaaa, a woman in our office just got a holiday plant.....

No-one uses the smiley face better than SoCalDem!

Don't forget Mike Malloy's in Randi Rhodes' timeslot today

Mavs' player fined for cheering for NFL team

DU teachers....... What Do You Really Want For Christmas?

Dear Lounge, as of now I am renouncing bad language

Tolkien reads Tolkien (LOTR gift idea) $25



Good News Department: Trip Sets Samaritan's Wheels Turning

Please Delete - dup

When voting in DU polls, do you

Dear Language, as of now I am renouncing bad lounge

They Published My LTTE, Too!

Scared of of kids freaking out at the old gent

Chronic ________

Dear Lounge, as of now I is renouncing good language

I come from the land where the oceans freeze

Any good restaurants in Grand Rapids Michigan?

Caption this Bush Whooper

Betcha can't post a pic scarier than this...


Dear Lounge: as of now, I am renouncing language

Does Your Cat Want Lots Of Heavy Petting??

God, I hate cats that poop in my garden-- they should stay home.

Me clicker is broken!

I'll say it again: all cats should be shot

What? Did NOBODY Wish Alyssa Milano A Happy Birthday Today?

I am sooooooo crazy

I was watching

I'm excited!

Mike Luckovich picks his favorites of the year. Enjoy!

Ya-hilk...all systems go

dr lng, s f nw, m rnncng vwls.

Update: the news is good

Is it just me or is DU F***ed up right now? LAG!!

Any other Yahoo Mail users slowing down?

Wow - here's a fuckin' nutcase Christian Taliban assclown for you

Is anyone else getting sick of fund raising calls,letters and emails

Self delete - double post

Christians To Get Naked (Christian Nudist Camp)

You've got the WRONG man, St. Nick screamed


Ahhh!! Back in San Diego where its warm & sunny!


I'm filling out a feedback form for my company holiday party.

Good Juju for LaraMN's back thread...

It's been nice knowing you all,

Butt racing!

Hey, Ms southlandshari...look...a sex thread! Lock me up, baby!

I just wish Xmas was over....

The best e-mail forward of all time!

Screw the stroy on Brokeback Mountain....


DOUBLE CONFESSION!!!! Who was your FIRST celebrity crush?

Priceless wacko blog about MS

Sigh... had my last lunch at "Cute waitress's" restaurant.

Just saw this at Freeperville

What is your favorite cop/private eye show?

My car got broken into last night

I just had a bowl of my pot.

Total eBay weirdness

"Cape Fear" original or remake--which do you think is better

I'm leaving DU

Goodnight everyone

You have GOT to see this. You have REALLY got to see THIS!!!

It's Cold out...which makes my job yicky....

God, I hate noisy kids in restaurants -- they should stay home

The RetroLounge Daily Poetry Thread (Mon 12/19/05)

OH MY GOD!!! Have you seen the new Heavyweight Champ? (OMG)

Sign seen at a local store (Seattle)

Merry Christmas to someone with lots of Hare on their head. (Funny!)

Space cadets fooled into thinking they went into space.

Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel (R-MI) for President 2008! (Really)

Confession - this card made me blubber like an idiot

Women of DU: In principle, would you date a bisexual male?

Major grocery chains in northern NY State?

Chicago bar serves up $950 cocktail

I'm going to ask one more time...Where Is Arwalden???

Ow! Ow! OWWW!!!

Where are M.A.T.C.O.M. now that we need them???

So I am just asking...

Do you tip your postman/letter carrier?

As a Dallas Cowboys fan I have to ask

has anyone here ever hitchhiked outside of the US or Canada?


Egads! My Friend Is Moving To Turkey (Internet Romance)

Great review of King Kong

would you fly halfway across country just to meet someone for coffee?

Who saw Schindler's List? I have a question, pls...

xmas shopping...DONE!!!!!!!


so, according to some nazi asswipe on the radio this morning

Will the McRib be the next flaimbait in the Lounge?

What is the greatest pro football rivalry of all time?

Anyone else do this?

Special Hallo to MissHoneychurch!

About King Kong: I need some help.


Liberal Pick Up Lines....

Today on Oprah

My addition to the "war on Christmas".

Do you know what HAIKU is?

I'm listening to Sleep's "Jerusalem" LP- ask me anything!

CONFESS!!!!!! Who is your celebrity crush??

Overheard Conversation-Women who hate women

Want to send a lump of coal to that special someone?

More casualties from the front line of The War On Christmas...

This is the way the Chicago Bears play football

Kids say the darnedest things...about Bush.

where the HELL is southlandshari??????

A rare glimpse behind the curtain at the

Gratuitous PET PICS Thread - Aaaaayuga

Is it time for another picture thread?

I don't believe in an interventionist God

There is nothing sexier than _____________

OK DU....Time to Play.... NAME---MY---CHIWAWA!!!!!

The Time Traveler's Wife

Woo hoo, I'm at 700 posts!!

Old School DU Lounge flamebait: Chicken!!

Where did you go to college?

TRIPLE CONFESSION: Who is your DU crush

HOLIDAY LIGHTS.... sorry Christmas-only freaks....

Minister's Christmas Message Includes 200-Word Legal Disclaimer

Noisy kids and trespassing cats should be locked in a smoking section

Has anyone read "The Legacy of Jihad. Islamic Holy War..."?

Humor: Intelligent Design

Biblical analogy?

I know the reason for the Medicare Drug Benefit

why is the homeopathy topic still open?

SETI@Home Project Ends-( but will evolve thankfully)

Science on a Lighter Note in 2005

ok -- could this be more offensive?

First gay 'marriages' celebrated in the UK

Is There a 'Brokeback Mountain' Syndrome?

Report: Banner Year For Gay Rights

In the interest of a certain movie, some might be interested in this

Vatican Announces Extensive "De-Gaying" Campaign

Gay Solider Fears For Life From Fellow Troops

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear...

Male Bengal cat available for adoption!

My baby is getting adopted!!! (pic heavy)


Kerry on CSPAN now from today, RE: ANWR. 11:48amCT. nt

Kerry’s Floor Statement on Inserting ANWR Drilling into Defense Bill

Hey, we passed 60,000 posts last night

Does C-SPAN have a monopoly on footage from the Senate floor?

Broken modem

Go get one more person, that's my goal. Just one more.

Now in the Senate

Last Kerry email - Big Oil: Mission Accomplished?

Kerry on the Senate Floor just after Kyl.

The Great Soul Suck sets in...

I think my eye is not bad...I need to admit I love photography....

The post is in the lounge...

my christmas present

Sunrise out my front door -- red skies in the morning

a foggy day

no "fresh" KO on Countdown this week

is anyone listening to the press conference?

I'm thinking it's time for Presidential Puppet Theatre.

Next thing you know, he'll have Harry Reid over for dinner....

"his first address from the Oval Office since he announced the..."

Bush manipulation: wait til after the elections, confess, say US must stay

"Weapons of Mass Destruction-Related Program Activities"

could those who watched TV analysis of * please comment?

A Message to the White House: We are not going to cut and run or retreat

Bonifaz for Sec of State News - Kerry withdraws, Trippi blogging audio...

L. Tammy Duckworth, distinguished Iraq veteran

Hmmm...solemn video message? Finger in the air? Could it be...

Hey Bushler, didn't you say

Sen. Graham: “I Don’t Know Of Any Legal Basis” For Bush’s Secret Spying

Do you have to be 25 on election day or sworn in day to be US Rep?

Bob Schieffer...sucked in hook, line & sinker by Bush's "sober" speech

Optimistic or Pessimistic

Did ANYONE record and save MSNBC's coverage of the speech? Pretty please?

Sen. Reid calls US Congress 'most corrupt in history'

ACLU knew since 2002? President's surveillance authorizations lawful?

So what do we do if Bush's massive PR campaign works?

If you had any doubt that Jeb is being primed to be the next Commander

Spying revelation stirs GOP senators

About Wiretaps Making America Safer...

Please rate this down for the headline alone

What is the 800#

(AP) Bush's Candor on Iraq Draws Praise

I wonder if Bush supports this kind of democracy

Boehlert's actions make him target of conservatives

Has there been a Dem. Response like, Yes, you should say we have

John McCain is looking quite the tool in his response to the spying

NIH Uses Live Viruses for Bird Flu Vaccine

Faith & Consequences: What Terri's Law cost the Republicans in Congress.

Bush's 1st term: Avoid taking responsiblity for any mistakes. 2nd term:

WH press party pics---dig "rabbit ears" over Karl Rove's noggin...

Bush to Hold White House News Conference (this morning)

Drilling in ANWR is a matter of national security

Anyone see Barney Frank beat up on Ticker Carlson last nite?

Newsweek fluff piece: Bush must "win the battle of the airwaves at home"

American Girls caves-in to fundamentalist agenda

Republicans don't attack veterans?

How will the press handle Bush this morning?

Where is the Democrats' "praise" for W's speech?

Domestic Spying

The last person that does not need "oversight" is George W Bush...

Bob Kur, MSNBC: The W. H. "moving quickly & aggressively to defend" Bush

Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'

2006's unofficial dem meme : "Throw out the Rubberstamp Republicans."

Only a fool would believe they were only spying on al Qaeda and contacts?

MSNBC Live video feed of * Press Conference

Now that Bush has admitted he lied and people died.

Bush will "moderate those two extremes before heading off to Crawford"

Bush* to Protect America but what exactly is America?

How many times did Shrub (re)authorize domestic spying?

Civil War analogy has a major flaw

Why have a Congress then?

W.H. Transcript, tonight's Bush speech: "We are winning the war in Iraq"

Bush is talking about "strong" economy with a COMPLETE lack of enthusiasm

Osama, Saddam, whatever

Is he drunk?

Thank you Cindy Sheehan. Thank you Michael Moore.

Why the speech? Why now?

He's Being Very Appreciative and Understanding.....


Unchecked Power - A Questioner Strikes A Nerve.....

Leak on Osama communicating with a phone BEFORE 9/11 happened??

how come yahoo changed all my curse words to ##### ?q

Considering running for office toward decade's end - where to start?

Everybody just put your Burkha on

Why does "fiscal discipline" always seem to begin and end

The Biggest, Baddest, Scariest Enemy ever

Oversight, of govt. activities was what made us the Good Guys in Cold War.

Now He's Pounding On The Podium.......

After watching Bush this morning, how so you feel about his leadership

"I will continue to do what I think is right."

If the NYT had ran the spy story

OMG He said "Happy Holidays"

No - I'm Not Going To Talk About That.....

Bushes morning press conference really upsetting me

How good was Clinton?

von Spokovsky, Lenhard, Mason, Walther - smirk's men

There were 12 people that leaked to the NYTimes?

Russert on MSNBC: "YES, Mr. President, do whatever you have to do"

Juan Cole is kicking ass again!

What is he doing that we still don't know about?

Pakistan to stand by Iran in case of US aggression

Last night, I appreciated President Bush for the first time...

Does anyone know where you can find a schedule of poll result releases?


This says volumes about King George

So, you still don't want to wear ORANGE for the holidays?

FISA ...FISA....FISA....FISA.... get used to the phrase...

Has the next speech been announced?

He Speaks About the 'Rule of Law' While He Continually Breaks....

Bush: Disclosure of spy program "a shameful act that is helping the enemy"

Activist Judge Cancels Christmas

How to Stop Future Wars...

C'mon vote in this FOX Poll. I know they aren't a real news station


Latest "Facts" From Alternate Universe Of Conservative Talk Radio

Have the oil robber barons struck? AP: Iraqis protest fuel price hike

After watching Bush's speech last night I realized

So, the Propagandist claims Article II gives him the authority to spy??

The lemmings now have their latest talking points

Two hawks a-nesting, under a no-flight zone

How many ways can this chicken s*** prove his cowardice?

Mike Malloy is sitting in for Randi today!

So how often can we expect to see W demanding prime time

Senator Kerry now speaking on the Senate floor re Patriot Act, 3:23PM EST!

Veterans, did you serve to allow for illegal spying,

Here ya go! Proof that unchecked spying is perfectly legal!

Jin-go-ist, jin-go-ist, jin-go all the way....

The gauntlet was thrown down today in the press conference.

* complains of leak re:bin Laden phone monitoring? Moonie Times leaked!!

The question we must ask ourselves "Why is the NSA story breaking now?"

Political Notes: Pombo's ethics questioned

Agents' visit chills UMass Dartmouth senior (Library-related)

Is * trying to prove he's not the bubble boy like his daddy had to

OMG! Another news conference (Bushliar is pleading for his political life)

Bush Admin had intercepts of bin Laden and al Qaeda BEFORE 9/11

Hasn't the US government (whatever party) always been spying on us?

a prediction I made 3 years ago coming true...3 prong neocon agenda

I know what he MEANT to say, but...

General WesClark will be blogging at CCN @ 4:30PM 12/19

Any Human Resources workers here? I have a question...nt

Bush likes to remind us of his accomplishments ...

I do not blame the Republican rank and file

So Spain just captured 14 people recruiting for the

Overheard in the White House secret spying office.

DNC: "There He Goes Again"

Bush is getting wall-to-wall coverage for each of these speeches

Speaking of Tony Blair...Where is he anyway?

Bush just said they were monitoring Osama Bin Laden with cell phones

BTW, who is spying on us Americans??? are there tens of thousands of peeps

Bush photos from this morning: "Come on, now. I hear you’re feeling down."

What are the chances...

Is it realistic to hope to win both houses in '06?

Here are the specific laws Bush broke with his warrant-less wiretaps.

Of handfuls, battalions, trained Iraqis and fucking lies:

Another teaser from RawStory?!

Hastert Statement on 2005 Repub Accomplishments. Wiretaps not mentioned.

If Clinton, Gore or Kerry had been POTUS on Sep 11, 2001

hmmm... a prez's Blowj*b vs. authorizing spying on Americans w/o a warrant

MANUEL VALENZUELA: The Making of the Enemy [Part One of Two]

Thank You to all the

Did Gonzales Perjure Himself?

WP Froomkin's White House Briefing: Imbalance of Power?

And guess what happened? Saddam -- Osama bin Laden changed his behavior.

What Questions would you like answered at the FISA waver hearings?

Anyone know what is was that the Senate voted on at about 5:30-6:00?

ANWR!!! Calls to Senators needed NOW!!!!

A President and his bike. Go for a ride. Make some CRISP decisions.

Domestic phone snooping upsets the ruling classes--finally some outrage.

2004 presidential election by average SAT scores

Repugnican tactic to spin in the face of impeachment

Dear Kofi Annan,

Veterans - who would you want covering your Six

DU this poll

Is it possible for a private group to get restraining order to stop spying

Another poll they are almost winning

Look at the unemployment rates 1990-2005

Newspapers to drop columnist who took cash (Abramoff link)

The drumbeat is already beginning...


Comparisons! bush's Approval Ratings Are Dropping As Fast As...

Bush thinks a no vote on the Patriot Act will have a price.


Bush is making a list and checkin' it twice: Monday Cartoon

WTF: ABC/WaPo Poll has Chimp approval @ 47% (+8)???

Reid: I was briefed on wiretaps once, three years after it began

Top 10 Things To Do When We Win Back Congress in '06 (Fun edition)

General Clark blogging on CCN at 5:30pm ET (12/19/05)

did Bush actually say "it's just a goddamn piece of paper!"?

Would anybody be shocked.....

Russ Feingold friggin ROCKS

Grover Norquist Looks at 2008 Presidential Race

Congressman calls for Bush impeachment

Impeach Bush Mix of Nine Inch Nails "The Hand That Feeds"

Doesn't Impeachment mean we get Cheney?

Kerry’s Floor Statement on Inserting ANWR Drilling into Defense Bill

What do you think about Senator Susan Collins- (R) Maine?

".. Constitutional lawyers versus real Americans?"

Question re: Oklahoma City

To destroy what's left of the 4th amendment...

Poll, but a dupe? RE: wiretapping

DNC Launches "America Deserves The Truth" Video

Cheney, In "Nightline" Interview Tonight, Misleads About Surveillance

SENATOR Boxer rocks AGAIN! Impeachment!!

Questions for the PDA (and everyone else who wishes to participate)

Is He Wearing A Wire? ....

Conyers lets loose with massive report-setting the stage for Impeachment?

2006 Senate Picks...

Who leaked ??

The Dems need to take over the term "Conservative"

Bush vows to continue breaking the law


If Bush wanted trust, he shouldn't have lied to us.

Good Question raised on radio, could the GOP have Tapped Kerry in '04?

Former Blackhawk Pilot To Run For Congress (lost her legs, opposes Bush)

Bush’s Snoopgate

Iraq war vet launches Congressional bid

Letter from Rockefeller to Cheney re NSA domestic wiretapping - 7/17/2003

Irony: Kerry used the law to bring down terrorist bank; Bush abused it