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Archives: December 21, 2005

The King's Red Herring by Kristen Breitweiser on HuffPost

Iraq's election result: a divided nation

Abbas to hold talks in Cairo on delaying PA elections

It Appears the FBI has the Black Boxes

Anybody see the anti pombo add on TV?

A question about education requirements

Sue's mom tries to take her place

Judge strikes down tobacco fee

Chronicle Editorial:DeLay deserves chance to be swiftly judged not guilty

Republican primary for Gov

Its 7:06 ET, and time for HEAD ON with Bob Kincaid!

High flying hypothetical: Homeland security agent to Senator

I I I dddoooon't testify...i mean I'd be happy to talk meet with em

Are not some of these "spinmeisters" particularly the elected ones

Laugh break time... let's take a moment or two to laugh out loud

Does "PayPal" discriminate against Liberal Websites?

Sen. Kit Bond R-Missouri on CSPAN2 (Presidential Power)

Must be one of ours?

Repukes keep saying the Senate already passed ANWR?

Fatso limbaugh: great role model for young substance abusers

So what mechanism exists right this moment to shut down

Isn't it amazing how many republicans are quoting Clinton

Who Would be the Nation's Top Spy if Something Happened to John Negroponte

The Twelve Days of Bushmas

Time for Dems to Fight/Frame Church and State! Example:

Lawmakers protest suspicious flights over Iranian cities

Mr. Gates, the NSA and your privacy..... read 'em and weep.

impasse declared

Terrorism ~ The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

The Bush Family Christmas ......... pics

Clinton Spied Myth Debunked Totaly

Cheney Says President Has Spying Authority

Clark on Iraq: "We need to do it right..but I'm not optimistic"

"You Can't Fool All of the People All the Time"

I just called my representative and senator re: spygate. Called yours yet?

I received this new "Bush Toy" link in my email...

DId I just see that Congress has adjourned for 2005? Bye-Bye Patriot-Act?

This is a busy time to post, isn't??

When the US Intervenes why do we always set up a "Parliamentary Govt.

Hartmann is giving *props* to Congressman Conyers...

What is jr. going to do when the election comes out "wrong"?

100 replies and only 34 recommendations

White House website says court orders are required for all wiretaps!

It slices, it dices, it authorizes wiretapping when YOU need it most!

This quote just popped into my head...

They Say Cheney Left To Go Vote But I Say He Left Cause He Was...

Start Watching For White Vans

Republican "moderates" live up to their name, for once.

Someone With NYTimes Select Please

"breathtaking inanity" ~ Judge Expels Intelligent Design...

AP: Bush Adviser Says Iraq Voting No Surprise

Psephologists predictions were way off in Iraq election. Sunnis cry fraud.

When last we saw Johnny HART

'We reject' Sunni bloc rejects Baghdad vote

It Appears the FBI has the Black Boxes

What the Republican House tried to hide.

Impact of Congress’ budget and tax reconciliation bills in your state

Hmmm - new RW talking point (via Drudge) Clinton did same on searches

The old neocon "I don't have to PROVE it, I just have to SAY it" backfires


Former Senator Graham's Questions for the Bush Administration

I hope everyone here has strong encryption on their wireless routers

Thom Hartmann gets it

Tell me one or two good things Hillary has done for this country

Fasten your seatbelts .. we have another circling plane

Homeland Security Interrogates College Student Regarding Library Book

Entrepreneurs abandon attempt to trademark "Michael Jackson" wine

Brooks & Dunn opening for the Rolling Stones...

China Lays Down Gauntlet in Energy War (US loses leverage in Eurasia)

War on Christmas

Please do this ANWR poll on

What's The Scoop On Air America Place ???

Here's one for the wingnuts...

Up the ante...NATIONWIDE STRIKE and MARCH ON DC on January 31th

Keep DUing this poll!

Can someone explain why this thread is not showing on the Latest Threads

Tony Blair to be knighted by the Queen

"The president needs unimpaired powers to protect the nation..."

The US people don't see that they/we are the enemy in the "War on Terra"

Chew on this: if NYT had released SPY story 1 yr ago, Kerry would be Pres

Iran hooked on TV show that highlights their sociopolitical difficulties

i went to have my nails done today and my nail tech who also

Iraq is going to be in a Civil War...just like we said it would

IIIIIIII'm off to the see the Barbara .....

Is Intelligent Design fundamentally racist?

Countdown on MSNBC: Interview with Barbara Boxer coming up

It's 2009

Times gets Bush again: NSA officials say domestic calls were tapped, too

What Democrats Stand For

The "Babe" Theory of Political Movements: Left lost it's Curves! Must Read

Tweety felt "sensitive" with Bush, he reminds him of Santa Claus

well fuck, they put Katrina funding in the defense bill


Mexico objects to border wall

The Total Information Awareness program was never abandoned

Ok who knows what shrubs latest poll numbers are

Mike Malloy- Peter Werbe fans & truthseekers check in

I just spent 3 hours at a FEMA/SBA disaster help site...

DU this Houston Chronicle poll re: domestic spying by Bush

Have you signed Conyer's letter advising president of censure

Barbara Boxer, 44th President of the United States


Maybe A Stupid Idea - Maybe Not

Sometimes I forget how real it all is

You are not going tobelieve the Christmas card I got from my RW

Have you seen this video clip?

Someone please... get that "f*cker's" face off the discussion board

Is Bartcop down?


Just because the illegitimate Cheney believes in it, US is more fascist

ABRAMOFF TURNS AGAINST CONGRESS-said to discuss plea deal

OK, it's Jan. 2007...

Scumbag Sludge misleads about Clinton ordering warrantless wiretaps

Tin Foil Time . . . Explosives Stolen in New Mexico

Beware, Barbie! Kids Find Torturing Fun- Study shows girls mutilate Barbie

Pre-emptive strike didn't work for Japan, why did Bush think

Have you ever heard of Citizen Corps or Freedom Corps?

Is there a Heaven?

I called Senator Pat Roberts today.

So Bush was lying again in 2004 when he spoke about gettin warrants

I wrote a book.

He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake..

Conyers: Censure and Investigate Possible Impeachment

Rep Slaughter: Help Me Demand Hearings for Domestic Spying ...

Demand Censure for Bush-Cheney Misconduct Investigate Impeachable Offenses

What they don't want you know about Santa & your letters... (Video)

a little love for Malloy.

support New York Transit Workers-- hits the streets

So, if Bush hadn't broke the law there wouldn't have been a leak?

Why I'm still a libertarian

With the spying case, the Democrats are now poised to kick some ass

I Stand With The New York Transit Workers (STRIKE) !!!

Date of Bush's State of the Union address announced: Tuesday, January 31

Deny smokers repeat heart ops: expert

Would you like to join me in wishing Raw Story a Merry Christmas ?

Infant Mortality Rate Rises in U.S. for First Time in More Than 40 Years

Malloy is sick of the Democrats. You may be too. Are you a precinct chair?

WTO Talks Close with Partial Trade Agreement, Over 900 Protesters Arrested

Ariz.'s Other Senator Tries to Step Out

Cheney says 9/11 changed the rules (IHT/NYT)

For Stevens, ANWR drilling is debt unpaid

Woodward Said Novak's Source "Was Not in the White House"

Congressmen seek to oppose India nuclear deal

White House man rejects Putin's offer of oil firm job (Bush's friend)

ANWR Drilling Foes Dispute Decision

Abramoff said to discuss plea deal - Look at what kpete put in GD -

Court orders anti-affirmative action proposal on ballot (Michigan)

NY Times Nails Bush again: NSA officials say domestic calls were tapped

Midwest Air plane (Boeing 717) lands safely in Boston (Reuters)

(NY) State official busted for buying crack. (Former Pataki Spokesperson)

Religious parties deal blow to US hopes for Iraq (The Guardian)

4 GOP Senators Hold Firm Against Patriot Act Renewal

U.S. Army Digs Up Weapons Cache in Iraq

Congress adjourns without buyout bill vote (for NOLA)

NYT: Lobbyist Is Said to Discuss Plea and Testimony

Civil Liberties Don’t Matter Much ‘after you’re dead,’ Cornyn Says On Spy

U.S. funds for Armenia come with a warning (IHT/NYT)

Royal, the Socialist, is Tipped as France's First Female President

Don't leave a case of Diet Pepsi in your trunks in sub-freezing temps

Beer sales banned(!) at the Pats/Jets game this weekend

What is all this talk of Hillary 08

Remember the old PSA commercial with Chicken Little?

Make me happy, give this thread a pity response.

What's the cheesiest, old school, tackiest hotel/casino in Reno?

"Right Here" ~ staind

DirectTV folks: Collective Soul concert on now Ch 124!

How in the heck do we get to the greatest page now?

Who hasn't wanted to do this to their local GAP store? (QT video)

Nip/Tuck: TONIGHT!!

Ever have chitlins?

Looks like it's divorce for Arh-nuld and Graz, Austria

I can't believe I'm saying this but Alright Kelly Clarkson!!

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Photos - sleeping animals (very cute)

Is there such a thing as bulk-order wholesale food web sites?

What the HELL is going on in here?!

question for parents...

Someone help me with some movie info, pretty please

Megachurch's pastor's wife ejected from flight to Vail.

I've been sucked into Deviant Art

No, I am only studying... I am very studious...

Brooks & Dunn opening for the Rolling Stones...

Is it just me or is the site slow tonight? n/t

6:00 here on the West Coast, what ya drinking?

Donald Robert Traill- 11 to 36

Are your parents still married to each other??

If you like Pina Coladas

Accident follies part 2...

"I Can Only Imagine"


Rant. So I was coming onto Farmer Jack this afternoon,

"They Paid Me to Read This Stuff"

Brilliant minds of DU: Please help!

Question RE: Revenge of the Sith & Palpatine

How about I give all seven cats some catnip

So, iff your only son has four more years in prison,

What's your most favorite t-shirt?

Fucking Borders.

Rant. So I was coming out of Farmer Jack this afternoon,

My daughter asked Santa for something I didn't get her

* sigh *

*******MILESTONES******* 12/20

Shouldn't have eaten dinner during a Bones cannibalism episode

I got some terrible news tonight

Naughty or Nice?

Is DU slow tonight

It feels like I got punched in the nose

"My Humps"

Entrepreneurs abandon attempt to trademark "Michael Jackson" wine

NEW sunset pictures! Hot off the press tonight.....

What are the least smelly breeds of dogs ?

I just made the best Christmas cookies of my LIFE!

Just saw the trailer for Mel Gibson's Apocalypto....

A recommended video, especially for this time of year.

Please post here and I will flirt with you.

Remembrance Thread: Who will you miss especially over the holidays?

NIP/TUCK Tonight Is The Night (Possible Spoilers)

You get to throw a party for any 9 people past or present.

Jesus birthdate not known. Almost certainly not Dec.25.

'Intelligent Design' Loses

I can't believe it.

Red Sox sign free-agent reliever - Seanez

Have you ever gone through "the dark night of the soul"?

Kerry, Isakson Push for Tougher Penalties for Child Internet Pornography

Question about Boxer and her email.

Great Pic site!

Toledo Blade on Bush Campaign Favors

Kerry on The Bill Press Show, Wednesday Morning

ASTB Barbara Boxer edition - 12/20


I am so fucking sick of Hillary bashing at DU

Bob Woodward is such an a**hole apologist and enemy of democracy

FBI spied on Enviro grps, PETA, Catholic Wrkrs' Movement, Dartmouth Studnt

BREAKING!: Cheney declares martial law - Bush in seclusion!

vote this story up on yahoo

Boxer to be on Countdown

Countdown opens with Boxer's call for impeachment. Boo-yah.

Gergen: "The most damaging thing to Bush will be Iraq elections.

Survival of Defeatist

Rude Pundit Live Vodka Shot Bloggin' of the President's Press Conference:

EarlG, here's a Repub Senator speaking on Clinton impeachment:

Nicknames I've Collected for Republicans


Kerry on The Bill Press Show, Wednesday Morning

Kerry, Isakson Push for Tougher Penalties for Child Internet Pornography

Maybe we will add Rove's indictment to this mess, anyone know?

Did my old ears (and eyes) deceive me?

Bill Schneider's Play of the Week

Check out this research tool

U.S. Dept. of Justice Press Release: Bush Grants Pardons to 11 Individuals

Bush ignored FISA

They don't recognize laws, they will not stand for impeachment

After watching the budget debate on Cspan 2

CNN's Pilgrim: Opposition to Bush "a fairly risky move"...could be attacks

Wire Taps/Clinton -- Carter

Where is the outrage at the New York Times?

NYT: Abramoff flipped; discussing plea deal (bye bye crooks)

RNC spokeswoman says Conyers isn't "a credible voice in the war on terror"

Digby (Hullabaloo) Fans.....He could use some help .. And Give to DU while

BWAH HA HA!!!! GOPer off MN Ballot, You will not believe this saga

Who Makes the Stronger Democratic Prez Candidate? Feinstein or Clinton?

In Final Hours, M.T.A. Took a Big Risk on Pensions

Help support those that supported anti Iraq war (TWU Local 100 NYC)

How many more like this?

Tie-breaking Cheney: Go F-- Yourself!

Cheney Breaks Senate Tie on Spending Cuts

The ‘Catastrophic’ Success of the Republican Party (Grim Reminder)

Campaign for the Supreme Court (All About Alito)--WaPo

Stalin's half-man, half-ape super-warriors

Persian Fire- Chris Floyd

Pentagon talks of slashing strength of National Guard ... SF Chronicle

The Breaking Strain (W Pitt)

Iran's victory revealed in Iraq election

Vulnerability links CPT hostages with the Christmas story

An Election That is Likely to Do More Harm Than Good in Iraq

Why the World Can't Wait

The war on Christmas

Gene Lyons on Police State Methods

E&P - newspaper readers better informed (on Darwin v. ID)

Spying and Lying

Spies Warned of Tube Attack (

Guilty When Charged - Paul Craig Roberts

Miller's Tale (Fighting Bush on Davis-Bacon)--The American Prospect

MOGAMBO GURU: 'Don't be a chump. Do it!'

Here I am, George... Come and Get Me

Think Tank Town--Ron Nessen--WaPo

CIA Goss Reportedly Warned Ankara of Iran Threat(Turk Press)

Robert Reich: Economic growth and strong civil liberties are inseparable

The Imminent Danger to Americans! tvnl

History warns Middle East could explode in war like pre-WWI Europe

Should U.S. Government apologize For American Indian Holocaust?

These neocons are nutts! Another NASA Plutonium Launch

N.H. heating oil merchants launch energy conservation campaign

People are soooooo stupid

Allow me to repost - US GHG Totals Rise To Record 7.12 BILLION Tons

Christmas is Damaging the Environment

Environmental safeguards challenged by opponents of Arctic refuge drilling

Sneak Attack on Wind Farm

Guardian:Melting of permafrost threatens homes and roads, scientists warn

Peretz: Sharon has created 'two nations within our own country'

Troops arrest two Palestinians carrying bombs near Jerusalem

Rate of Gaza Qassam fire unchanged since pullout

Bethlehem walled off by Israel this Christmas

Bethlehem walled off by Israel this Christmas

PA: No elections if Israel bans voting in Jerusalem

'Commando' jailed for cheating women

Poll: 50% back Hamas talks

Gunmen kidnap Belgian, Dutch teachers north of Gaza City

Katz: Bomb Strip, make Gazans flee

Bil'in residents set up 'outpost' west of separation fence

IDF girds for terror, warns it may cut power to Gaza

Is the Reopen 9/11 Documentary Reputable?

Shocking video

Did W actually say he saw the 1st crash on live TV?????

Fixing Elections for Fun and Profit

Support Fitrakis and Bonifaz

CA Secretary of State asks for more testing of Diebold machines

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 12/21/05

Diebold Hack Hints at Wider Flaws

These are serious times, we have a corrupt election system +


I missed it, maybe others did, Volusia poll tapes in garbage video.

Why the World Can't Wait

Feinstein takes lead in wiretap criticism

SF Bay Area Please Help Find Jerry Tang

Blanket Donations for the Homeless

Iowa should join in primary fight - DM Register - Dave Nagle Op-Ed

This week's Civic Skinny - 12-21-05 All about project labor agreements

District 2: Loebsack

More union support for Blouin

Don't worry, Johnny, we'll hardly recognize you but you'll get booed . . .

Anti-gay Rep. Emile Goguen (Fitchburg) may retire at end of term

Does Mark Kennedy support the ANWR filibuster?

Accused Murderer Escapes in Cincinnati

Jerry Springer won't run for office in 2006

Bomb Hits Clifton Mosque (Cincinnati)

Looking for what to do with that $5/$10 in your pocket? Donate to Hackett

Awww, Osteen family had a change of plans! Victoria testy?


Diane Wilson of Code Pink Jailed in Victoria on Old Charges

Texas Priest Accused of Groping Teen

Donald Robert Traill- 11 to 36

How Republicans view Bush vs. how Democrats view him:

Progressive Springfield Group Focusing on the Family

With all the amazing news, let's

Killer Evades Execution Because Jury Consulted Bible

Tucker on msnbc and Rachel talking of Barbara Boxer and impeachment.

Does Impeachment Fever Slow DU down?

Fla. Professor Develops Anthrax Vaccine From Tobacco Plants

drats, we --I jsut missed the Dem press conf on c-span

Doctor Charged for Giving Weed Killer

Is DU running very slow

Graphic profiles fundraising of House Majority Leader Tom Delay since 1995

Would some Canadian please kick Bow Tie boy's ass?

Polling average, Real Clear Politics, Fox News


Lott helps woo Dems in last-ditch attempt to pass ANWR

the I word (Impeachment)--Keith Olberman to do on show tomorrow

Dear Secretary (HHS) Leavitt

Question I hope someone can answer on wiretaps and such

Don't wait until (and if) Congress decides to impeach. Planned protest...

On Nightline NOW -- Bush's Spy Tactics Investigated...

Aerial maps online draw global attention, ire

Donald Rumsfeld is suffering from dementia. I mean this.

Spy court judge quits in protest.

Forgotten: US Suffers Terrorist WMD Attack— Republicans Do Nothing.

VIDEO-Spying History in last 30-40 years

Tonight's AAR Line-Up...

what BushCo fails to understand -- or just chooses to ignore -- is . . .

Does Heaven exist or is it only a denial of the finality of death?

Sadamma Bin Laden

DU Petition! make Bush's Skull&Bones give back Geronimo's skull!

Bernie Ward starting a deconstruction of RW counter attack:

Wartime powers in a state of endless war?

Cheney Argues For Nixon-Era Powers - Toronto Star

Does anyone listen to DirectTV music, and the changes?

the 2008 ticket to REALLY shake things up: Moyers-Redford

Why does Specter want to wait until after Alito for hearings?

Bon soir, my friends. One last question: has

The Presidential Oath Of Office

Oxy made me think today, which is more than he seems to do most days

Are TIA and the NSA wiretaps related ? Some behind the scene info...

Kids Being Conditioned To Big Brother and Police State

Proof of an Intelligent Designer is proof of HIS Intelligent Designer

Tabloid scumbag Martin Basheer is hosting Nightline?

CHRISTIAN COALITION sets agenda for 2006

US spy court judge quits amid spying debate

Why Do The Republicans Always Go For The Wrong Thing?

I've been pondering the War on Christmas again

Lawyer of the Year: Patrick Fitzgerald. The National Law Journal

BREAKING: AP reporting possible post-9/11 terrorist attack in Ohio!

I just perused some of the FBI docs RE: PETA on ACLU's website.

Guess who said this

Hogwash, John McCain, why are you shacking up with the big boys again?

BEHOLD America! BEHOLD how your President LIES TO YOUR FACES!

Dover, PA, a Republican County elects pro-evolution Democrats


Are we being set up?


The Globalization of our Values

What do you think of Mike Webb?

As long as the Repugs are loading up the defense bill, we can too!

Happy Holidays!

Looks like Southern New England is just a mecca for "terrorist activities"

I think I heard a click when I was talking to my Al Qaeda pals last night

For the the New Yorkers who have to walk this morning.........

Puh-leeze help DU this poll!!!

How can we get bush caught up in a Perjury Trap?

Abramoff is a snake in the grass please handle as such

Spy Briefings Failed to Meet Legal Test, Lawmakers Say (NYT)

The Christmas He Dreamed for All of Us

That judge who did the Dover ID Smackdown: BUSH APPOINTEE

Thank you, Matt Drudge

"BUSH presents a CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER to the rule of law"

4 GOP Senators Hold Firm Against Patriot Act Renewal

Santa worm eyeing IM users of AOL, MSN and Yahoo

I know this is old but....

happy solstice

Medical examiner says cold killed mother, son

Check out the post from TPM about our "Criminal President"

What I want

Corporate Media shows bias re: Judges with a Capital "B"...

Check Out the Local NYC Fox News Logo for the strike >>>

What am I doing wrong here?

Rumsfeld found it interesting that bin Laden not heard from in a year

I had to laugh when I read this, so please don't beat on me too bad.

Syria agrees to hide Iran nukes.

"So the real General in the Iraq war may now be Karl Rove"

Whats up with Bartcop tonight?

anti-terror investigators: Gay law school groups a "credible threat"

"Dear Osanta Bin Laden, I've been a good president"...

Rumsfeld speaks the truth

Tom Delay was right...!!!!! 'Follow the Truth Wherever It Leads'

Congressman Lets His Guitar Do The Talking/Rove leaks Santa's identity

"But we can't worry about the Constitution's fine print during war.'(Dowd)

"The only terrorist in this world that I know of is Bush."

Anti-terror squad produced Patrick Fitzgerald & blueprint for prosecutions

Showdown over ANWR

How the Spying Story will Unfold and Fade.....sigh

Blood Boil - Right Wingers Comment on Spy - Polls Up, so Okay?

Faux "News" musings

Face reality. "All politics is local" - Tip O'Neill

Is Capitol Hill Blue a reliable publication? (Dallas-free zone please)

Bush administration: we have to break the law because we're lazy.

What Judge Jones said plus a warning to Christians

this may upset a lot of people but

Iraq's election marks the final shipwreck of American and British hopes

Scott Ritter is on cspan WJ now, and he just said "It's imparitive that

According to most neocons(Freepers), Clinton must still be president

Cheney Breaks The Tie on Reconcilliation

Elton John prepares to 'marry'

Secret surveillance program apparently broke its own rules

FISA court judge has conscience, resigns.

Bush admin to delist wolves

If Bush Started to Sacrifice a Dozen Virgins...

What's the deal with Rush and drug use?


Please please please go away, Bill O'Reilly!!!!!

Do you remember Mayor John Street (PA) who's office was bugged while he

LAT: Skid Row Deaths Stun City Council

FBI Spying on Domestic Activist Groups

So when we learn that Bush wiretapped the Kerry Campaign

bush to hand out purple hearts to the g.i.'s who were needlessly crippled

I'd like to wish everybody

bush may be a Republican, but he is by no means a conservative.

How Is Spy Program Story 'Playing in Peoria'? Here's the Answer

Naive question re: wiretaps

Catholic School Group on U.S. 'THREAT' list

Mafia 'Oddfather' dies after faking madness

AAR just emailed me: Putting Marc Maron on air, but not MS

Karzai says unworried by U.S. Afghan troop cuts - Plenty of US mercenaries

For Mad Magazine Fans Who Hate Bushco - Spies vs. UandI

Don't expect an impeachment

What does Julius Caesar have to do with Jesus Christ?

Delete please

Allawi is the skunk at the party (Juan Cole)

Philadelphia Bar Association: Invoking the spirit of Independence Hall!

What's your highest priority?

We invaded a sovereign country and have called ourselves liberators

Two Explosions Reported at Ohio Mosque

Clinton is on Nickelodean,and he ROCKS!!

bush may be a Republican, but he is by no means a conservative.

My sons friend was killed last night. Hit and run.

The Sun Mother Created all things, why don't they teach that in Kansas?

The chimp on TV again?

Senate open for business - Frist and Reid up first

When being president just isn't enough

LAT: Officials Fault Case Bush Cited as Excuse for Spying

IF: FISA Needs to be Amended - THEN: Bush Committed Crimes

Senate Today: Profits from Rape of ANWR -> Hurricane Survivor Relief

Bethlehem walled off by Israel this Christmas

Divorce proceedings should be public record --- Discuss


Has much been said about who the "whistle blowers" are that

One more person signs up, and we're 82,000 DUers!

Greetings from Berlin - I just had a titanium implant in my neck

Jesus quits Jews, Signs with Romans -- Christmas Cancelled

now LIHEAP is on the Defense Bill?!??!

Don’t Be Fooled it is a Republican’s War

More from the supposed "lib'rul media"...

DeLay's going DOWN (also, please DU the Poll)

For the the New Yorkers who have to walk this morning.........

BREAKING: Freepers can't read

How can I show a photo on my DU posts?

FILIBUSTER. NOW. NOW. NOW. --> 1-800-426-8073

Freepers will be all over this FISA judge quitting- Combat spin???

Mosh - because it's still relevant

Did Clinton spy on US citizens?

Liberty Ebbs by Degrees

FISA Court Ruled Ashcroft's Policy Violated Right to Privacy in 2002 >>>

DU this poll

List Bush/Cheney reasons for impeachment here...

Someone Needs to Review the List of Names Involved in the Intercepts.

Chertoff stonewalling Waxman on procurements

Nightline Uses the C&I Words, Crime/Impeachment, & Promptly Freaks-Out

MSNBC - Do you Remember 2005?? Year in Review

DU MSRNC's poll of the day re:Intelligence

Labor losing to Corporate Propaganda! Time to help Labor frame the issues!

Can the Democrats request the Supreme Court to rule on "spying"

The question that no one has asked but demands an answer

Do You Really Want To Sign This? (on behalf of Badgerpup)

Stephens having a meltdown on the floor

Pain Ray Headed to Iraq?

Cloture vote just started on Defense Appropriations...

Do the rightwingers ever check even ONE of their batshit "facts?"

Bush secretly collected names of gun owners in America

vote time on Cloture to the defense bill

REID is voting against cloture on defense appropriations bill!


Air America insult

We need an Encyclopedia of Bush Administration Crimes and Atrocities

Have you seen "NewsBusters"?

Will the Dems Filibuster the defense bill? Will the Nuclear Option be used

Hillary vs McCain or Allen -- compare their records

Holiday conversations with freeper relatives - tis the season, but

30 minutes of life support left

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW!! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!

*FISA Spy Court Judge Quits In Protest *- WaPo

Quick! Need to know (for daughter)

C-Span Question

Religious Right's Claims Of A 'War On Christmas' Thinner Than Cheap

How many have quit this administration in protest of its policies?

Mrs. Clinton? Mrs. Clinton - NO

FYI SENATE already in session - CSPAN2

Resigned FISA Judge a Committed Clintonista (Newsmax headline)

A Matter of Trust

C-SPAN2 LIVE THREAD #2 -- Cloture Vote on Defense Bill with ANWR

Letter from Marc Maron

Ted Stevens: The Man Who Kept Funding From Our Troops

Toensing laughs at idea of investigating smirk spying on us

R Pete Dominici - It's ok to drill in Alaska, it's FROZEN!! (CSPAN-2)

Legal Shield for Vaccine Makers Is Inserted Into Military Bill


56 - 44 cloture is not agreed to

Wanna Win? I've got great idea!

post error

With the White House defiant : Why no outcry for Bush’s impeachment?

Cloture fails, motion to reconsider entered, revote coming

Tax Resistance?

MORE LIES & The 2002 Appeals Court Myth

Republican supporters are modern day TORIES; Stupid,unpatriotic Tory sheep

total war on Xmas : pope as "santa"

If we are "Do-Gooders" are Freepers "Do-Badders"?

WSJ Taranto: "108 Dems are now on record opposing victory"

YAYS 56/NOS 44

Looks like the DEMS have enough NO Votes to Filibuster ANWR

Hostages from some countries have a chance, but not U.S. and Brit captives

How Bush will weasel out of responsibility for illegal wiretapping

"Abramoff Lawyers in Plea Talks, Source Says"

Spy Court Judge Resigns In Protest!!!!

"Time of Useful Consciousness"- That's the time we're in right now.

"Computer worm traps child porn offender"

Armed Santa Claus takes on terrorist in holiday gun cards

I take it I missed Lord Vader in the Senate while I was out?

NYC strike: TWU displays for millions the power organized labor can have

"Saddam Says He's Been Beaten in Detention"

Answers are the easy part, Questions raise a doubt . . .

Merry Christmas to the Poor from the Evil Mr. Dick Potter ---pix-->>>

"I say the best disinfectant is full disclosure"- Tom DeLay, 11/16/95

"Pirro to Drop N.Y. Senate Bid, Sources Say"

O'Reilly Adds New Yorker Magazine to Blacklist

Judge in Scooter Libby, Sibel Edmonds cases is redacted in action

Why do they call it "intelligent design"?? What is intelligent about it?

Bush's crimes are so heinous it makes Clinton's crimes look like...

How many called and/or wrote Senators and Reps in the last week?


Corrupt is the Word

MSNBC 11:50EST: Smearing university faculty ("Jihad on Campus")

So I guess the Abu Gar-rebb photos have vanished once again...


Make Your Freedom of Information Act Request

"Donors Underwrite DeLay's Deluxe Lifestyle"

Feet that run speedily to cause mischief...

Ok, I missed the budget reconciliation vote and understand that

O'Lielly: I falsely accused Plano of banning red & green clothing.

Abramoff May Plead Guilty in Fraud Case Next Week (Bloomberg)

Abramoff is going to sing

Judge tells 'Intelligent Design' creeps to take a hike!

Question about the Intelligent Design ruling in Dover yesterday.

Bush Uses Military Doctors as Props for His Photo-Op ---pix->>>

Durbin(?) on C-SPAN: "SHAME on them."

Question for DU Oldbies (RW Attempting to Take Over Culture)

We're safer because of the Patriot Act and the idiot-in-chief

Cheney's January 2005 trip to Poland to visit secret CIA torture center

anyone have old "Prediction" posts?

Hang Your Head You Low Life Loser ---pix->>>

"Rumsfeld Doubts Bin Laden in Full Command"

woo hoo! Scott Ritter on C-Span

Onion: 'Operation Screw This'

Who aren't people enlisting?

How does the US government work?

Scott Ritter on CSPAN Now.!

Landing problems, car accidents, other local tragedies: Why national news?

Media Bias Is Real, Finds UCLA Political Scientist

The Next 24-Hour-A-Day News Story

TPM on Kristol's defender-of-the-constitution defense of *'s lawlessness

The spying story is hurting the Republcians, It's easy to tell because

Have you ever stared into the face of death????

Bush Lies, Again (Surprise, Surprise)

Is Spygate a Battle, the War, or something else?

Senate Roll Call Vote Results

"Kerry Calls Eavesdropping Defense 'Lame'"

Scotty BBQ BINGOoo!

New Will Pitt article up on

Scott McClellan question.

Sunnis are saying all hell will break lose, once the Iranians rule Iraq

MSM reports are on $40 billion in spending cuts, nothing about

Is GW Bush spying on us here at DU?

Would the Modern-Day C.S. Lewis Be a PETA Protester?

WH Press Gaggle on Now (1:28 central)


Goddam CNN, these people are PAID to get it right

MSNBC is reporting BUSH & Senate reach agreement on Patriot Act

Maybe a strange thing with mapquest. I moved a couple

Carnival of the Liberals #2 is up!

Remember Back In January Of 2000

I used to say Merry Christmas...but not anymore!

You have got to be F'ing kidding me...

Damn Yankees

My latest O'Reilly-mas experience

MSNBC: The "I" word. WTF, why can't they say it!

The Meaning Cower of FISA

Kos dismisses transit strike as "regional issue"

I have a horrible confession to make...I must rid myself of this burden...

Rockefeller and Pelosi COULDN'T Release Their Letters

Frist on C-Span 2 whining about "childish actions" by Dems

During these Holidays, some should be thankful for NSA...

Would the ACLU even care if freeps send them cards?

Mrs. K8

Another Scottie on CSPAN Now! McClellan .....

Doobie Brother now a secret weapon on terror

Clear Channel having troubles! I wonder why?

What's the Chimperor on live right now for?

Lawyers Guns and Money.. A Parody..

I have to share this-Homosexual views about going to war

Why Would Frist Vote Against Cloture?

Kennedy on Ed Schultz now

Have major Democrats criticized the media within the past five years?

DU this poll,

Freepers are SO DAMN Stupid (Buh, buh, buh Clinton Did It)

Union of Concerned Scientists : Food & Enviro Newsletter

More proof that Bush is an @55hole.

Why did Frist vote no on ANWR?

Armed Santa Claus takes on terrorist in holiday gun cards.

So Cheney comes home to vote to CUT Social Security!

$1M/day fine. Will TWU just declare bankruptcy?

Now that Pirro's out, who will run against Hillary?

Don't give up on Alaskans yet...

Is There Oil In Europe? Where Does Israel Get Its Oil?

"Operation Screw This!" New Troop Exit Strategy

Did anyone see Scott Ritter on C-span today?

is anyone keeping track of those who wouLd seLL out workers

Anybody have that Bill Maher clip or verbage

Some one needs to go through the transcript of Gonzales for Atty. Gen.

Attempt to Turn Ca. National Park into Private Hunting Grounds

The Greatest Political Event in History!

I miss Morning Sedition

FYI: Scott Ritter coming up on AMERICAN JOURNAL (C-SPAN)

Seniors can't afford life saving medication with new Medicare drug program

CSPAN: Leahy, Schumer on about the Patriot Act

XM ad for AirAmerica Radio: "More lies and distortion..."

Here's the top story being floated on a faux Homeland Security website

Sol Invictus is comin' to town..10:30am pst or so...

I'll try to lose weight, Sharon promises Bush

Toussaint: mayor's language is the problem: lack of respect for workers

Our party needs a Newt Gingrich!

Freeps think Photo of Pope's Silly Christmas Hat is Photoshopped

Remember when King George exempted himself from intelligence reporting

Leak probe not seen to end with Rove, lawyers say

Attention Surveillance Personnel!

For a week they've claimed they can do whatever they want. Now . . .

Now I'm totally depressed:this is the real effect of Bush breaking the law

Question for computer whiz -

Please help DU this poll...

Ohio Patriot Act to allow Gestapo to demand "Your papers please"

Have anyone been talking to freepers who are neighbors , relatives or

Judge Says Union Chiefs May Face Jail

"Malloy in the Morning" - has a nice ring to it, eh?


Jamie Gorelick.................. where are you

So ANWR is out..Patriot Act on-hold..ID in the trash bin..

LAT: Officials Fault Case Bush Cited (also poll)

CSPAN2: Scott Ritter on (Repeat)

Wiretapping and Presumed Innocence

After the next horrible terror attack, the Neocons will __________

LAZY Bush to Sharon: Stop working hard - Slack off like me!!!!

CSPAN2 - The Senate is going to do "something" soon

Breaking News: Cheney Breaks Senate Tie on Spending Cuts

so any legs to the story bill clinton also had warrantless wiretaps?

This is pure Rove, straight from the playbook...CONFUSE THE ISSUE

Great Response to WP's lame excuses...Read this!

Victoria Toensing = Pro-fascist, Repuke, Media Whore, S*it-for-brains

Reasons for hope and joy

Program == solution

“In Time of War...”

Credit card issued to tree (one result of the new bankruptcy bill)

Chertoff look-alike .... Which one is for real?

A question to computer experts

International Society for Human Rights: any info about this org? moonies?

Economy may slow next year (hiring will slow too)

Pirro Runs For The Hills

My president is terrorizing me.

I'm so tired of the Repubs saying that regular Americans weren't spied on

Bloomberg just crossed the republican line..

Beware of Eastman Kodak products

Lou Dobbs poll:

There have been MULTIPLE Terrorist attacks within the U.S. since 9/11

Joel Osteen's wife a terrorist? "Verbal altercation with flight attendant"

From Michael Moore's website: Drudge Blows It...

DNC: Vitally important that we get to the bottom of this explosive scandal

Looking for some last-minute gift ideas? The GOP has some for you!

Boxer Introduces Legislation to Honor Fallen Prisoners of War

From the Edwards: "We Wish You Grace"

Frist just called the Democrats in the Senate "CHILDISH"..on C-SPAN.

Does anyone have positive quotes from dictators?

Bush Pardons Fellow Cokehead

Randi Rhodes CACI Lawsuit -- Anybody have the Latest?

Now OFFICIAL ... as of Jan 2nd, 2006 - Colmes OFF XM 167, Malloy LIVE...

Help! DU this Poll in Houston Chron re Bush's illegal wiretapping

TV feed of Saddam trial being censored as he said mean things about US

Why has the Senate been so quiet for so long?

Meanwhile: on another issue Bush acknowledges failure to find WMD may

Bird flu sure got put on the back burner all of a sudden like

Ask your Congress Member to support these efforts!

looking back, it's been a really shitty year for little georgey

Hardball-Biden told Mitchell that the Dec to use force was EQUAL

Specter wants Alito confirmation hearings before


Fuck you, wolfie.

Aldrich Ames? Clinton? What the hell does this have to do with wire tappin

The Real Christmas Scandal Continues

"2006 will offer up Nixon-era nastiness and a chorus of calls to impeach"

California nixes Diebold machines.

most folks want bush impeached now, that means we are in grave danger

Hoekstra, Chair HI Committee Press Conf.Trashing Dems over NSA Intell

VIDEO-Schuster on Bush Spying

How Long Will the Chimp's Christmas Vacation Be?

Pirro would have dropped out of the race sooner but

Bush started the spying on Americans before 9/11

Apologies to Sir Ian Flemming - Dick's Cheney's "The Spy Who Bugged Me"


Venezuela gives Exxon ultimatum

Why doesn't Bloomberg just freakin' settle with the union?

I believe that the president should suspend the Bill of Rights

Question about the spying

Zaccarias Moussaoui and the FBI FISA court screwups

Again, I want to know WHO Bush has been spying on.

Why doesn't Clinton & Carter Just Come Out and Speak Out

You know, I think I'd take more pleasure in seeing Dick Weenie impeached

CBS leads with the resigning judge. 3 other judges upset.

Under the Elevated Track, a New Sensation: Silence

VIDEO- Biden Says Declaration of Force Equiv to War Decl

Wednesday's Mike Malloy- Randi Rhodes Truthseekers check in

Bush proves to Iraqis their constitution is worthless, just go around it

Poor Ted Stevens

What can the recent Republican failures be chalked up to?

My new blog

On the solstice

Cheney needs a new name. Pick one for him.

A thorough debunking of the whores incessant lies about Carter and Clinton

Why can't we hear what is going on in the Saddam Trial?

Lieberman: "It took a lot of guts for a lot of people to stand up"

Pat Robertson expresses his disgust for religion

Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska-Asswipe) looks really evil....

Does Bush = OJ?

BREAKING: Santa Only Gifting Rich Kids This Year Due to War on Christmas!

How come there are no ex-gay dating services?

vickie toensing CALLS IN to wolfie's show about Clinton's "abuse" of FISA

Caption *

Bogus Story That Pentagon Labelled a Gay Kiss-In a “Credible Threat”

Child support payments to go to feds - Families to lose income

W's New Trifecta: Watergate, Iran-Contra, and Monica all in one week.

My Tarot Cards Say

"Fair and Balanced" CNN questions businesses if strikers are "UNPATRIOTIC"

Which right-wing hackass disgusts you the most?

Need a union to join? Here's one that could help us all...

ID idiots might face perjury charges!

Help save a marriage! Synonyms needed for "lying scumbag"

Now how could B*sh poll ratings keep going up on faux,

Turn on the Abrams Report on MSNBC, re: wiretapping.

Iraq election a DISASTER - two new Talibans created !

Ted Kennedy Wants You...

Is the WaPo a reliable source?

Patriot Act

MSNBC poll Do you think that disclosing intelligence

The Radical Right-Wing War on Politeness

cheney: its no accident that we haven't been attacked in 4 years

Update on UMASS student who was visited by the feds for Little Red Book

Whos of goodwill love their Consti-Who-Tion

15 days * has to go to court in a time of war!!

effin Will Pitt is on Malloy!!!

Ted Stevens is a miserable piece of shit.

Can Shrub be indicted?

If you want to see how contemptuous they are of the press and the public

What if you were offered $500 MILLION to join them?

Demand Bush Turn Over to the FISA Court the List of Who He Spied On NOW >

I hope the Patriot Act is extended. Here's why:

'High' risk in Symantec antivirus software flaw

Hope This ISN'T A Dupe... Question To Those In NYC...

check it out!: The Lost Scrolls of Frosty

It's not a war, so why does * get all of these "wartime" powers?

killer paragraph from judge's decision in Dover intelligent design case:

Critics Cheer Dick Cheney in "PRIVATE DICK"!

". . . when Americans wake up on January 1, we will not be as safe."

What states can we turn blue?


WashPost: Froomkin >> Return of the 'I-Word'

Teen abuse of pain killers up as they mimic Rush Limbaugh's behavior

Censure and Impeachment

Stephanie Miller is on - tune in!

International Transit Workers Union Condemns NYC strike

ATTN. Union Busters and Corporate Sympathizers

Beware! * means to let the PATRIOT Act expire

I'm sticking to the union

Why Do The Republicans Always Go For The Wrong Thing?

Let's coin a term. The opposite of TIN FOIL HAT.

The FISA Judge who quit learned of it through news reports! Dammit all

I want to be Queen for a day

An Easy Way to Keep America's Poor Warm

Signals intelligence and human rights: the ECHELON report

Christian Science Monitor Poll

Gonzales just refused to answer if domestic to domestic communications...

Armed and dangerous: Taliban gear up thanks to poppies...

Are people waking up?

attempts to placate, mollify, justify and encourage conciliation coming

Happy Birthday Granny D! ... please sign her virtual "birthday card"

Why did Akaka and Inoyue vote 'aye' for cloture? Answer:

TOONS: Making a List and Tapping it Twice Edition! (dialup warning)

Gonzales: "when Americans wake up on January 1, we will not be as safe"

Dedicated to those who do nothing... those who are indifferent...

Admin admits it didn't want to get the FISA law changed and too

Iraq's election result: a divided nation (UK Independent)

NYT: Frist slips broad legal shield for vaccine makers into military bill

Senate blocks ANWR - its official from the AP wire!

What Democratic lawmakers BELIEVE there is voting machine fraud?

Bush was sporting a bulge during his press conference on Monday. (pics)

Are We a Nation of Laws, or Aren't We? Bush Broke the Law! IMPEACH!!!!!

HOLIDAY SPECIAL -- Ads on DU are 75% OFF! -- Limited Time Only!

Attention Repuke CSPAN Callers!

The Smoking Gun: Why Bush Issued His Illegal Executive Order in 2002

Who do you consider the REAL president of the USA?

In honor of hwmnbn...DU 1000 sign in!

Imagine my jaw dropping when I saw my energy bill for this month!

How would you define the golden rule?

I miss the way American companies used to do business.

It's beginning to look a lot like Solstice...

Usual republican cant:"We want strict constructionists on the bench!"

If you have not already read this Diary on Daily Kos you must read it.

Happy Solstice everyone

To my friends at the office ann coulter board

Disgusting e-mail I got from Freeper woman I know.

Iran's victory revealed in Iraq election (Robert Scheer, SF Chronicle)

No one is going to convince me that bushitler won't be impeached over

Damn, that Jay guy filling in for Springer...

Kansas becomes dumping ground for radioactive war waste

Famous pastor's wife involved in flight disturbance

VIDEO-Hardball/Mitchell SMACKDOWN of Repub Clinton/Carter Spy BS

Dear Gov. Dean -- The BIG New York Times story yet to be told …

Do They Know It's Christmas Time - Hurricane Survivors Flash Video

Treason's Greetings !!!

A message to all those previously Tombstoned:

Under what circumstances would you cross a picket line?

MSNBC poll: Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?

The Problem with Religious Moderates

I've been counting the cards and PNAC still has an ace up their sleeve

Sign Barbara Boxer's petition to have

Breitweiser exposes *'s phony 9/11 justification for warrantless wiretaps

Are You Canvassing In SanFrancisco ? Please Help Find Jerry Tang.


Help me recreate a dish

Anyone ever heard of "Whites"?

Technical question about self-cleaning ovens & high temp cooking

Thoughts on breadmakers

What childhood foods gross you out?

What are you doing for Christmas veggies?

We have the best group on all of DU right here.

Conservative candidate in serious condition after car accident

AP--Cheney Says President Has Spying Authority

WP: Spy Court Judge Quits In Protest

NYT: Spy Briefings Failed to Meet Legal Test, Lawmakers Say

News Corp to stand trial for contract breaches

Plan to split up U.S. 9th Circuit court dropped – for now

Guardian:Melting of permafrost threatens homes and roads, scientists warn

Texas Priest Accused of Groping Teen

Toyota could overtake GM as top automaker in 2006

Two foreign teachers abducted in northern Gaza

Government fails to block Iraqi death inquiry

Kerry calls Bush defence of domestic spying: "Lame".

Bin Laden may be unable to command, Rumsfeld says

Paper: Judge Resigns Over Bush Spy Program

Chalk's under money cloud (Miami seaplane crash)

Religious parties deal blow to US hopes for Iraq

(British) Government fails to block Iraqi death inquiry (War Crimes)

Iraq election losers unite to contest result

LA Times: Skid Row Deaths Stun City Council

Witness Recounts Torture by Saddam Regime

Frist, Hastert Aid Vaccine Companies

U.S. EPA ignores its own scientists in new soot rules

Santa Claus Uses Handgun to Protect Children From Terrorist

Bin Laden may be unable to command: Rumsfeld

California prisons to end race-based policy

US Senate vote on Alaska drilling too close to call

Lobbyist Abramoff lawyers in plea talks with feds, source says

Federal appeals court upholds Kentucky Ten Commandments display

Senate blocks oil drilling in an Alaska wildlife refuge Wednesday!!

Ottawa demands answers in death of Canadian peacekeeper in Haiti

CNN: Cloture fails on DOD Spending Bill (W/ANWR)

Sunnis see fraud, call for new election

Study Documents Menopause in Gorillas

US 'disappointed' Germany freed TWA hijacker

University of California retains contract to run Los Alamos lab

'Upset' Ralston says she's not going anywhere (Assistant to Rove & *)

'Upset' Ralston says she's not going anywhere- Keep the crooks in the WH

Bush decries Democrats for stalling Patriot Act - Wednesday 12/21/05

Hispanic Caucus Furious Over Frontline Dems Immigration Vote

Sen. Specter poised to revive Patriot Act (chances of a deal "brighter")

Americans tortured me - Saddam

Police probing explosion outside Cincinnati mosque

Iraqi Sunni party says rebels intensify violence(much blood will be spilt)

Safety fears for fleet of new LNG tankers after leaks are found (Guardian)

US inducts 66 soldier citizens in Saddam palace

LA Times: Taking the Christmas Out of Christ

Update on UMASS student who was visited by the feds for Little Red Book

Bush administration urges quick settlement of New York transit strike

U. of Cal. to Run Los Alamos Laboratory

WHouse calls Saddam claim of torture 'preposterous'

Abramoff's `Equal Money' Went Mostly to Republicans

Appeals Court Slams Administration on Padilla Detention

Buyout bill was thrown last-minute curveball (LA recovery)

Morales builds lead for Bolivian presidency

federal appeals court denied Wednesday a Bush administration

Sen. Clinton's GOP challenger quits race

Senate imposes budget cuts - barely - that trim Medicaid and student loans

Ruling may create new interest in intelligent design movement | Seattle PI

Two New Orleans cops fired in taped beating case

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

Update: Senate passes $40 billion in budget cuts (WTF??)

MSNBC: Pirro to withdraw from run against Hillary Clinton tomorrow

19 States to Miss Fair Vote Law Deadline

CENTCOM: Task Force Baghdad Soldier killed (2158)

Fla. argues shackling inmate during his trial did not violate his rights

Bush: future generations will say "thank God" for perseverence Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 21 December

The poll says ... Merry Christmas! (69% use greeting - Gallup Poll)

'Bloodshed will last five years' (former UK envoy to Iraq)

News Conference Held About Bombs At Mosque

Katrina was weaker than first thought (was Category 3 storm)

Jail 'Possibility' for NYC Transit Leaders

Feinstein takes lead in wiretap criticism

Morales to nationalize Bolivia oil, gas

Schwarzenegger faces 'Tookie' backlash in Austria (Revoke Citizenship)

Yates to leave prison for mental hospital

Leak probe not seen to end with Rove, lawyers say - Merry Fitzmas

BREAKING: Senate Blocks Alaska Refuge Drilling

NYT: Spying Program Snared U.S. Calls

US diamond valuing scandal spreads

FISA Judge Quits in Protest

HOLIDAY SPECIAL -- Ads on DU are 75% OFF! -- Limited Time Only!

Judge rejects challenge over N.C. voting equipment (Diebold wins one)

US court rules against US govt in Padilla case

Pelosi Requests Declassification of Her Letter on NSA Activities

NOTEBOOK: Cheney Comfortable in the Air

(Bob) Graham shares details of his wiretap "briefing" (Miami Herald)

Cuba launches verbal assault on top US diplomat (Reuters)

Pelosi Salutes Senate Democrats on ANWR Vote; Force House Budget Vote

Fragile beach mice survive hurricanes

Specter wants Jan. surveillance hearings (Gonzales leadoff witness)

Odessa, Texas School Board chooses Bible-based curriculum for class

California refuses approval of Diebold voting machines

Cheney Calls for Stronger Presidential Powers

Saddam says tortured and beaten by Americans

Supreme Court of Canada says OK to swingers clubs with group sex, swapping

Gonzales asked Germany to hold hijacker

Analog TV broadcasts to end by 2009

Bush pardons Denver attorney

Pirro Abandons Challenge to Sen. Clinton

And another thing, I posted in LBN, something that I thought was hugh,

I know I'm early, but Happy Winter Solstice, everyone!


Did DU just kinda shit the bed for a while there...

Yankees Sign Johnny Damon

I have about had it with du

What works better?

Serenity at last! I've found it and it feels good! Ahhhhhh...

I'm putting Kitchen ELVES on my xmas list again this year

Celebrity Culture: The "Sophisticates" Of The Chattering And...

My cockatiel laid an egg!

damn, what a day in GD, im pooped

If, as Master Yoda sez, "Size matters not"...




I feel like I've reached a new nadir of self respect




Why did Randi take two weeks off?

I realize I've done nothing but complain all day,


DU this poll Lounge! crosspost

So, I go Friday, to my Arsonist Parole hearing

One more person signs up, and we're 82,000 DUers!

Quick, somebody call a buddy to join DU



someone go on yahoo and offer a free ipod to whoever signs up on DU

Who else loves yanking out ear hair that's 1 inch long?

We're almost at 82,000 mebmers!!!

It's official! 82,000 user registrations!

Office Rats 2

Nothing better than almost dying for pride...



hey spys, im going to bed now, dont forget to log it


What do you do to control your anger?

I'm sure the elections in Bolivia willusher in a new era of good relations


All together now...

Of course beauty is only skin deep..

Bush defends eavesdropping, and restroom peeping

Every time I think I have an insight, something profound

The Greatest and Worst Presidents Ever: The Definitive Poll

1000+ points of discussion. Thanks everyone! n/t



I just about lost my cookies....

Gwen Stefani Pregnant


Have you ever watched the new game show Steal or No Steal?

My Love



The office was priceless tonight

Stupid question here


G'night all.

Dry winter air can cause skin to crack and get itchy and cause nosebleeds

Scientists Find Sand On Seafloor (Actual Headline)

I see cornermouse finally made it to the big time..... now has

I just about lost my boobies!

the one I love

Finally! Finished art!

I just about lost my bookies!

Congratulations to Elton John!

Wednesday morning earworm.

SANTARCHY! "Forty drunken Santas rampaged through central Auckland....."

**YAWN** What The HELL Goes On Here At This Hour?

Fire Official Didn't Know He Was Masturbating On Webcam For Other Firemen

Rumsfeld says he doubts bin Laden is in charge if he is still alive.

Okay who got me this?

The LAST Battle of the WAR ON CHRISTMAS: by Fox News (Parody)

Good Wednesday Morning, Everybody!

Have you watched the new game show, Deal or No Deal?

I lose

How do I pull up "bookmarked " items? I can't find the icon.

Are you having something non-traditional for Christmas meal?

I'm not sure I like Firefox

Well, that sucked.

Riddle of "corpse bride" draws crowds

Cranium: a major disappointment.

I'm not sure I like Foxfire

Decorate your own virtual Xmas cookie.

Stalin Had Plan To Create Half-Man, Half-Ape Super Warrior Army

When was the last time Hanukkah started on Christmas day?

Ah, the trek to work begins anew

House last night!

Well it's the solstice..

Yule Day 2005.....Happy Winter Solstice

I get confused when I'm shopping for women's clothes.

Dubya has a new CD

2005: Were you Naughty or Nice this year?

Avant News: Talking Points Delivery Mix-up Shakes American Right Wing.


Man Tasered In Court Room

HAPPY SOLSTICE EVERYONE!! Days get longer from here on out!

I need some Christian Camo

Mmm! We just had homemade biscuits and tomato gravy!

Porn Found On Judge's Work Computer

Time for another stupid joke-off!

Screw TWA.

UPDATE about my real estate tax problem


Do you think Listerine really works....

If you choke a smurf...

This is Annabanana-- our Hurricane Rita child. (PiCS!)

Someone asked me to post this here as well... (photo)

How do you teach your wife to play golf?

I just slept for 24 hours. Ask me almost anything.

Hey! Wanna hear a funny joke about Brazilians?

After several months, this is post numer :

A poll for married (or equivalent) folks...

Louisiana Cajundome Needs 70 Volunteers To Flush Toilets In 'Flushoff'

I"m in a great mood...

Who Will Buy This Wonderful Morning.....

Check out this flash video linked in GD

I thought it was a dream I kicked some guys ass. But it was real. He was

This Solstice BIG LIE


Johnny Damon sells soul to now a Yankee.

Accessibility Options ROCK - do you modify yours?

I spent 24 hours prancing around naked and farting on a sleeping guy

HEY! Southlandshari!!! You feeling better today?

If you were a vegetable/fruit/nut

Phil Spector's Christmas album is the best there is

Which of these CDs would you most like to hear repeatedly

Nip/Tuck Spoiler, Spoiler, Spoiler, Carver Reveal

News Web Site Runs MUG SHOTS Of Criminals (They are 10 & 13 Years Old)

The VP Elect in waiting and his family

how do you run eight wireless cameras to one computer?

Lunch just isn't "LUNCH" when your on vacation

Coltrane...Love Supreme....

Damn. GDP is like a freakin' graveyard right now with all the...

Happy birthday to me--the big 39!

HELLO from california!

Happy Festivus!! Today let us have the "Airing of the Grievances"

Matcom and DS1 stole my popcorn!

I just about lost my hut!

If you have time on your hands, here's something a co-worker

My latest sun is sinking fast

Favorite Christmas food?

A Poll for Single People

Rut-ro, Reorge....

Hello boys! Have a good night's rest? I missed you!

So I Google image searched Yuppie Hell -and got this as the first hit

Dave Chapelle is the victim of a conspiracy!

You want to hear something really sad?

If you want it, here it is, Come and get it

Five days off in a row

Mmmm. I having a cup of Peet's Holiday Blend. It's good, as usual,

Need someone to adopt my baby cockatiels

Little known Chuck Norris facts...

D'oh! I'm too late for the mitten tree.

Pilots Hate Bush, too

I betcha I know who you all miss!

24 (the show) starts next month...

Have you ever stared into the face of death????

This sounds like a GREAT job.

Merry Christmas !

Will F'n Pitt

Your Album of the Year for 2005.

Shocker! Officials: Sen. Clinton's GOP challenger to quit race

How many times have you been glued to a toilet?

American Idol (the show) starts next month

The Christmas Truce of 1914

take THAT, Barbie!

I think we need to see Shell Beau dance!

I think my brain exploded...

stay out of this thread!

Hey Ron Mexico - your namesake made the Pro Bowl

Things are cool!

Argh . I just ranted at a post on another board.


You may be wrong

So I don't get this - Venom is to be the baddie in Spiderman 3

ATTENTION: Non-brazillion joke here (I promise)

I am a man of constant sorrow

I am really craving a tickle!

Which AAR listener are you?

Hooray! Quittin' time is here!

Is Marvin Gay?

I am really craving a pickle!

German towns may erect 'No Prostitutes Here' signs

I really need

post your favorite smilies thread

A Spinal Tap Christmas

it's days like this that i just want to scream...

Ahh the Transit Strike....We New Yorkers are Such Special People

Question about Bill O'Reilly

What's your favorite lineup of Ringo Starr's "All-Starr Band"?

is it matcom's?

Yay for me! I have tonsilitis!!

So. In what manner may I make an arse of myself tonight?

Time to name Shell's baby!

What is your favorite "Holiday" film?

its that time again!

Let's create our own Hemingway short story...

You people REALLY need to STOP with the RUMORS!

Great news...

Canadians Can Have Group Sex in Clubs - Top Court

I No Feel Good!

Dear Penthouse

Why do women who've lost some weight, tuck in their shirts

Underwear goes Inside the Pants - Greg Giraldo

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

WHY does this guy have to stand in the hall, 4 feet from my desk, and

Ladies of your ob matcom?

Is this considered spam?

HOLD IT! ... WAIT!... since when has Elton John been gay?

I just about lost my nuts!

Ladies of your ob a guy or gal?

SHOCKING George W. Bush photo. I PRAY that Laura never sees this.

In the Left Is Write kitchen today...

two more days of work

Giggling Murderer impeachment poll. What do you think?

Presenting the SeattleGirl hairdo makeover!

Oh Holy Nightmare on Malloy!

Bi_baby is coming over to celebrate...

Music suggestions needed...

Frank Zappa, born 12/21/40: The present day composer refuses to die

15,000 posts! You may worship me!!


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 12/21/05)

Do you (sometimes) Sympathy Post?

Question about Sirius left

I'm off to party for awhile...have a good night all...

nice gift for readers, booklovers and creative souls...

Anybody have any optimism they'd like to share?

I just realized I haven't been in the lounge in a long time

Matcom knocked up my sister, ask me anything

Dammit. Ok. I admit it. Matcom and DS1

French Fries the right way

Atrios website question

On the scanner: A woman was just beaten by her husband with a wrench

Tom Cruise, PLEASE come out of the Closet...

Ok, if I suspected I had carpal tunnels, what kind of doc should I see?

Weird neighbors?

Whoever designed the packaging for this DVD should be flogged

Is it me or can a well-done cappucino bring tears to your eyes too?

Who wants some homemade dark chocolate-covered almond clusters?

Where's the @#$%^ Hide-A-Thread, Skinner !?!

several of us are close to milestones - ask us anything!

No more billyskank

Everyone at DU have a great holiday season!

Crate & Barrel Chocolate-covered marshmallows

Judged a chili cooking contest the other day:

The Twelve Days of Christmas: post your own favorite version! Make one up!

would you call this doo wop?

What. The. Fuck? A tale of road rage.

what exactly is a piss ant?

Winter Solstice: time to light a candle for Peace, Hope and Love

Am I the only one who hates hearing "Cali"?

Does this model look like she's wearing $6,140 worth or clothes?

Today, I am a DU man!......

DAMMIT! I Need A Woman!!


Video of kid playing video games

Confession: I have never eaten a twinkie

Question for computer whiz -


Time to put on some Wagner for this Administration: Götterdämmerung

Here's a good one for ya!

I just ate 10 ounces of brussels sprouts...ask me anything

Doctor Charged for Giving Weed Killer

lazy dogs on the wrong solstice...

There was no election fraud! Get over it!

Anyone else got a MySpace page?

Okay, I have a question

HELP! QUICK! Recipes please? I have zucchini, onions, mushrooms and

stoners under 35 (yes, I am being ageist)

Yo matcom: Mike Malloy just called your punk ass out

I win

Got to tell you about the best purchase I ever made

I get contused when I'm shopping in women's clothes.

My favorite memory of Christmas....

Best free file sharing (P2P) and pop-up blocker programs?

I hate surprises

Is the plural of Jesus Jesuses or Jesi?

Nighthawks 52 (dial-up warning)

Saturnalia Greetings!

I'm having dinner with JimmyJazz tonight!!! Ask me anything

Is putting a wreath on the grill of your giant pickup truck necessary?

This Christmas, when you put out milk and cookies for Santa...

I am a conservative disruptor. Ask me anything.

I hope everyone is through with their shopping!

Wednesday art. (dial-up warning, one photo)

Ho Ho Ho

Why do you hate America? (#2) (humor)

Joan is posting porn smilies

Advanced studies show that 6 out of 7 cats like catnip (PHOTO WARNING)

2005: Your year in review!

Free Republic needs volunteers to serve as moderators!!

Has anyone here worked with wild cats? (serval/ bengal hybrid in the house

Merry Christmas, Baby.

Share a time when you should have said something but...

Can anorexia ever be a healthy lifestyle choice?

Ever notice that finales to movie trilogies generally suck?

Stoner question for those over 35 (yes, I am being ageist)

LEAST favourite Christmas food - what is it?

ATTENTION: brazillion joke here (I promise)

We got Panda tickets!

"Twas the Night Before Christmas" Mafia Style!

Does anyone know if Tarn-X really works?

My son, the classic rock fan...

DU, I'm in the 700 club. Ask me anything so I can GET OUT!

Language Shit

So George doesn't like long hair and beards

Human resources people - HELP!

I think I figured out why Joel Osteen preaches

HOLIDAY SPECIAL -- Ads on DU are 75% OFF! -- Limited Time Only!

Support the dancers of the Washington Ballet

Nip/Tuck finale was actually decent

CNN:"The right wing burst into flames and went down!"

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

Does Heaven exist or is it only a denial of the finality of death?

Jesus quits Jews, Signs with Romans -- Christmas Cancelled

here`s is a very interesting article i found at aljazeera

FDA Warns Maker of Blood-Sugar Monitors

Anyone know a website that shows the current phase of Venus"

Benefits Of Flu Vaccine Substantially Overestimated Says Study

Cool website on extrasolar planets.

Fear of death factors into how we vote

Failed Beagle 2 probe "found" on Mars - scientist (Reuters)

Robot Demonstrates Self-Awareness

Gay rights campaign costs filed

Ex-inmates allege harassment

Someone asked me to post this here as well... (photo)

Budget Chops $-Billions From Medicare, Harms PWAs

Indianapolis bans discrimination against gays

Next year I'm going to talk to churches about gay rights

'Brokeback' showdown!

'Lesbian Baiting Coach' Hauled Into Federal Court

Loophole Slipped Into Measure

Noted U.S. Psychologists Condemn Gay Activist Influence on APA

California Anti-Gay Marriage Group Misses Deadline

Latvian Gay Marriage Ban Signed Into Law

Will Steinbrenner make Damon cut his hair?


Leinart reinstated by NCAA

Koke 62

Belief-O-Matic: On-line quiz about religious & spiritual beliefs

Do you believe in 'Synchronicity'? If so...please share!


Senate actions today: Round 1 to the Dems.

On his way to becoming former governor of MA is at it again (being stupid)

Kerry: A Win for Reform as ANWR Drilling is Removed from Defense Bill

Kerry bashing from the Washington Times

JK on CSPAN2 NOW n/t

Good article with Kerry quote: Senate GOP effort on ANWR falls short

E-mail from Sen Kerry

Never mind!

ANWR defeated!

Kerry interview on AAR's Politically Direct

Happy Holiday's Everyone


On Lake after snowstorm.

Wow, this week is amazingly fucked up.

Hi EDV's and the men that love them, Merh's thread needs

What did I just read on another thread...

Hey! Dan's on after the CD rerun!

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

E-mailed my Republican Congressman about Bush spying on Americans

Impeachment. Intel Design Killed. Domestic Spying ..... and on the news??

PSYOPS, Lincoln Group, Iraqex

Newsday: Who needs the Patriot Act? President Run-amok would ignore it

Illegal immigration concerns could split both parties

Gallatin County (MT) Republicans post "essay" supporting I.D.

Season's Bleatings...a treasure from Betty Bowers.

Must-See TV: C&L Vid Clip, Barbara Boxer, Countdown Tuesday 12/20/05

Explosives stolen while they are spying on us (good work idiots)

Kentucky scandal in new flavor: BlackBerry

Does ANWR stand a chance?

"Give me liberty or give me death!"

The Irony of Red States, Terror and Homeland Security

Question on illegal wiretaps.

Decision in Dover, PA case makes Kansas standards vulnerable, some say

Impeachment Quiz

Rummy and Cheney have been awfully "talky" the last few days.

For Sen. Ted Stevens, drilling in Alaska is personal payback

High crimes and misdemeanors

Presidential Oath of Office

The new freeper angle on Spygate

"Preserve, protect and defend the Constitution"

The American nightmare

All FISA judges should resign...

Final vote on Conference report on Budget now on C-Span2

Evolution Rumble

Spying was a blatant and arrogant violation of American law

Will PSA's signed by the interim government in Iraq be valid?

Impeachment joke's on Bush

Exclusive: Pic of Bush's "pResidential" toilet paper...

I'm glad Kerry didn't win

Latest Ted Rall

CSPAN callers - ya love 'em, ya hate 'em!

He's lost it...

Here's A Christmas, Sort A - E-Mail I Received Today From A Repug Friend..

I wonder what other info the New York Times is hiding...

Help... Defense Bill counter-points

Why doesn't Bush make Andrea Mitchell assistant to Karen Hughes?

Lets call the attorney general's office today

One hour debate on defense bill stuffed with ANWR drilling has begun!

As recently as a year ago

Spy Briefings Failed to Meet Legal Test, Lawmakers Say

Stevens will pull Katrina and LIHEAP from Defense bill if cloture fails!

FISA court judge resigns in protest of Bush spying on Americans

Cloture vote on the conference report to the defense bill!

Are We Living In A Bad James Bond Movie?......

What's the status on th UN Patriot Act? Are they going to vote on it? n/t

Rundown of TV Spygate coverage?

Crocodile Tears (Re: Senate Defense Bill Filibuster effort)

Why Bush admitted to spying:

Frist votes No???

Stevens threatens to keep Senate in session til New Year, if necessary!

So it Judge Robertson going to be spun (swifted) into W's justification?


The Hammer May Fall

So ANWR is a done deal for now; what does this mean for

Is George Bush A Homosexual ?

Did W actually say he saw the 1st crash on live TV?????

Will Dover, PA judge be subject of "christian" persecution

Lieberman just became a Democrat

Hagel & Byrd Just Voted Aye? WTF nt

Give the Bush Administration a break over these warrants, please?

Anybody Hear About A Deal In The Works for the Patriot Act?....nt

Roll Call Underway on Alaska Drilling

Lawyer of the Year: Patrick Fitzgerald

Do you think Bush/Cheney tapped Fitzgerald's Phone?

Kent Conrad: I don't know of any religion practicing in America today that

DU Person of the Year poll? What do you think?

How did Bushco learn that Harry Reid said, "We killed the Patriot Act."

Domenici on ANWR defeat

Get your bingo cards ready: Briefing w/ Scotty McClellan at 2:15 (C-SPAN)

Hispanic Caucus Furious Over Frontline Dems Immigration Vote

* will get away with this high crime because no repub will break ranks

Dems have important win, even losing the budget reduction bill.

We need to start the drumbeat now: Bush "lost" Iraq to the Ayatollahs!

Have you or anyone you know ever been polled?

Somebody help me out

Senate Blocks Alaska Refuge Drilling

Stick a Fork In Iraq: WE LOST

Limbaugh says every known law in the universe

Reid needs to come out NOW firing both barrels before the "MEME" start

Can we win in 08?

Here's the voting breakdown for the Cloture

New Repug catch phrases...

Malloy is at it again. Called * a pissant and did a little redneck

Bush on live- C-SPAN 1

Conyers set to censure Bush (video)

Pirro quits. MSNBC

Doot Doo Doo! NewsHacks to the rescue! (Re: FISA Judge resignation)

Bush on now talking about Jobs ... what good economy?

Kerry: A Win for Reform as ANWR Drilling is Removed from Defense Bill

DiMinici: "(ANWR) is dead for the year"

Whats more "morally reprehensible"...striking TWU

Don't these dumbasses know there really isn't enough oil in ANWR

Warner 7th most popular governor, most popular southern governor

Isn't Frist voting No on ANWR a slippery slope for him????

12/21/05 Photos: The Sunny Nobility of George W. Bush (hat tip to Tweety)

Applying GOPper logic to the "internet worm catches pedo" story

If I am not on Bush's spy "list"...

My New Year's Wish List for "Christians"

Now on Hardball: Sen. Biden

"The Grinch Factor" a poem by UV law professor Rosa Brooks

What is Stevens going to do now?

If you can get Salon . . .

Molly Ivins: So 9/11 Means It's OK To Spy On Americans?

New Political Comic at The HL

Pentagon Rolls Out Stealth PR

Why Isn't The Video Of Dear Leader's Speech at Walter Reed

Raise Congressional and Presidential salaries through the roof!

Norm Fucking Coleman will vote for ANWR drilling

"Is it just an accident we haven't been attacked in the last 4 years?"

Please help with this poll

George Galloway facing fresh inquiry by charity watchdog

HOLIDAY SPECIAL -- Ads on DU are 75% OFF! -- Limited Time Only!

Will Warrantless Spying Blow Over?

If repukes were smart: Why bother running someone against Hillary

Democrats block GOP effort on ANWR

Irony of Saddam Trial

Did anyone see the CNN report on Chechnya earlier this eve?

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

Can someone add guns?

Cut Spending on Social Programs Cut Taxes

From the response, I'd say that this has already been 'DU'ed';

84% believes Shrub needs to be held accountable!

Our Fuhrer: Leader of the New World Order

Clinton Nor Carter Did NOT Authorize Warrantless Searches of Americans

Lieberman vs. McCain vs. Collins: How do their vote records rate

The Meaning of Christmas: a controversial interpretive cartoon

Yet ANOTHER Freeper angle, now that Carter is debunked



DU's anti-DLC activists have some explaining to do:

What Bush really meant to say in recent statements (MP3)

I will reaffirm this " GWB You shall NOT pass" vision once again

MSNBC say extension on Patriot Act....Bush blinked

wow. VERY interesting new Fineman article.

Why did I get a RNC "Commitment" Renewal Form in the mail?

My friend had the CIA coming back from Italy to London , tagged her bag.

Andrea Mitchell: Domestic spying a choice between civil liberties & safety

msnbc is to report in the next hour...

Sign Barbara Boxer's petion to ask Specter

Will Someone Tell Me About This Controversy Over Christmas....

look out - Goss visited Ukraine Pres.

ANWR Question?

Kerry on Ed Schultz talking about vote fraud

Republicans killed it all

Spying on non-citizens in the U.S. is legal without a warrent.

Cheney casts the tie breaking vote $40 billion gone from kids, old folks,

Domestic Taps Smoking Gun? WorldCom Routed US-to-US Calls Through Canada!

In honor of Kyl, Frist, Santorum's ridiculous rhetoric, I just contributed

Why is he breathing so hard?

How about IMPEACHMENT for STEALING an Election: 11/04/04 11:07PM

UK Independent: "Bush has succeeded in creating two new Talibans in Iraq"

Alterman: 'Feingold shouldn't be out there alone'

Brit Hume: Bush "trending strongly upward in wake of a vigorous defense"

somebody got to help me out

Is Capitalism just a huge pyramid scheme?

Why Hillary Won't Win

Lockdown has already started in some places - edited