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Archives: December 23, 2005

Absolut Bush- "I Swear to Upturn and Rear End the Constitution..."

The ultimate quagmire

Phila. newspaper blog: "Black boxes," re-open 9/11 probe

Mel Goodman, afternoon remarks, July 22nd, 2005.

HAVA: The Endgame, Part 3 - For a host of reasons, states will miss...mark

Any of our congress critters criticize the House adjourning til 1/31/06

Holy smokes this state forum is hot anymore

Windows Vista (Build 5270)

Read this insane letter...

Can't keep a bad man unindited;

Bush Says This PM That September 2001 Resolution Gave Him Authority To Spy

NOLA Housing is finally on it's way??

I wonder what toxic shit has been dumped into Holmes lake

Luckovich: My favorite carTOONist --> TOON within

Daniel Pipes Loses Control of His Facilities (James Wolcott)

There's not a shovel big enough to clean up after all these bullshitters..

Man, Thom Hartmann just took that right-wing clown apart so smoothly...

Just my thought of the day...

Remember, when you are busy mistrusting gays/muslims/abortionists/

Terror case challengesWH strategy of unlimited power through AUMF

New Orleans Night Before Christmas

Is it me, or do Gonazeles and Chertoff look like the odd couple?

Countdown opening flashed "Get a Brain Moran" photo!

SEVEN (7) Terrorist Attacks ON U.S. Soil SINCE 9/11 (Feeling Safer Now?)

The Senate is in session n/t C-SPAN

Worth another read: E.L.Doctorow on Bush & his war. please read!

Lott (R-MS) is quoted: "The leader has to be prepared to roll people"


Thanks!! For moving down the ad with the Pirate O'Reilly!!!!

Evil Alliance - Council for National Policy and Canada's Leader of the RW

Orlando Sentinel finally printing my letter

VIDEO-Schuster on Domestic Spying

Former Roy Moore supporter reveals chilling prophecy

Senate agrees to 5 week Patriot Act extension

In this time of (no) Peace on Earth and (little) Goodwill to Man

Rumsfeld: It will be Iraqi soldiers kicking in doors instead of Americans

Hehehe... Yahoo search the two words: Stupid Motherfuckers

VIDEO-Mehlman "I respectfully disagree"-Countdown's Oddball

"Asset dumping" and republicans

All Hardball Watchers TUNE IT...ANDREA IS ON! Rips Holes in Repugs!@

Ha! Charles Barkley just now on TNT: "I like to piss the Republicans off"

BRAD BLOG: Amidst Intense Drama, St. Louis County Rejects Diebold!

Can someone please explain to me Sensenbrenner's move today?

Can someone post a good overview of the new Fed. cuts?

Strange Talking Point: The End of the Democrat Party?

VIDEO-Bush "Ah'm Lookin' Forward" -Countdown's Oddball

Anybody see the start of Countdown?

The O'Grinch Factor

Anyone else think the holidays are slightly sexist?

Why do I care.....

Whenever I forget why I prefer animals to most humans,

King George arrested?

Rightwingers are a great source of laughs...

Anybody remember "Jam Echelon Day"?

Where The Hell Is Ralph Nader???

Bill Keller's e-mail response to readers questioning timing of spy story

Josh Marshall asked a very interesting question

The frame Game - RE: "La, la, la - Iraq is doing great..."

VIDEO-Mitchell, Day 2, Smacks Down Republican Bill Owen

VIDEO-Political Oddball-this is REALLY funny

Holly Mackerel! Daniel Schorr now posting on Huffington!

AOL Poll: WOW! Bush gets failing grades in 7 out of 7 categories!

The End of the Period

"GET A BRAIN MORANS" dude was on intro to KO!

It is so great for us PC people that fundies don't get offended

I don't know how good of an idea Hillary "bashing" is

I discovered I'm on Pretzelboy's enemies list and all I got was:

Iraqis Protest Gov't Decision to Hike Fuel Prices--Azzaman, Iraq

Nadler on Hannity and Colmes just said that he requested a

India, China Win Joint Bid to Buy Stake in Syrian Oil Fields

You know what?? It would be so much easier if we all were rethuglicans.

Help...Anyone have link to Mayer's "They Thought they Would Be Free"


Teaser from TWN re: Al-Jazeera Bombing Topic: Blair Benefited?

The DOJ argument is BULLSHIT, here's why:

Now is the time to resurect this video: Truman on Spying on Americans.


Va. Governor Pardons Two Men Cleared by DNA

Maybe Bush Can Send Out Another $500 Tax Refund

Is anyone paying attention to me?

Merriam-Webster's #1 Word of the Year 2005 (based on online lookups) is..

Are we scrimping on soldiers' camouflage now?

Do the "purple finger" people know what is happening in Iraq?

Is Global Warming Killing the Polar Bears?

My modest suggestion for a party poster for next year

What does liberty mean to you?

In celebration of a holiday about unconditional love and giving,...

My fantasy for the State of the Union Address

Nun Who Defaced Nuclear Missile Silo In 2002 Released From Prison

CRYBABY John Gibson: The "War on Christmas" people are smearing my book...

How do you kill E-Commerce ? Tax it.

ain't it odd that republicans have no fucking sense of humor?

Question for people who understand statistics (and polls)

FBI Offers Reward in Ohio Mosque Bombing

Please, Please, Can Someone Explain the Iraqi Election to Me?



Mega-dump on John (let's spy and torture) Yoo in the NYTimes ...

UK to monitor every journey by every car-"Every trip you take..."

MSNBC Poll: Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Hoe Down ~LIVE~

What I Want For Christmas

4th Circuit in Padilla case complains about Bush admin. media manipulation

The miscreant dynasty

Caption this picture

Just saw the Walmart movie-I will NEVER step foot in a Walmart again

71 yrs old, and can't stand to look at him.

Okay, why isn't 400 lbs. of missing plastic explosives huge news?


Maureen Dowd - Like or Not

Volunteers from Amish to 60's-style hippies fill the gap as FEMA Fails

I don't want to start a fight with anyone, but...

Anyone else had their company bank account closed due to Patriot Act?

Here is all the SMACKDOWN you need for RW'ers on the Bush spygate thing...

And Another Thing - Homemade Egg Nog

The Gallery of Regrettable Food

Man, MacLean's sucks now

PM plays into Bloc's hands

Congress has sent President Bush a one-month extension of Patriot Act

Bodysnatchers took Cooke's bones to sell for transplants

Iraq war has had a crippling effect on Iraq's orange growers

Row over Malaysian family laws (Subjugating women to men)

Nadler Demands Appointment of Special Counsel to Investigate Illegal Eaves

SKorea’s Hwang faked at least nine of 11 stem-cell lines, university says

Kennedy Seeks Alito Docs on Princeton Case

NYT: Untested Aide Laid Legal Basis For White House Terror Policies


Daschle: Congress Denied Bush War Powers in U.S. (unf***ing believable)

Chalabi’s defeat puts U.S. friends in quandary (Got only 0.36% votes)

Brotherhood chief: Holocaust a myth (Egypt)

Yep, that sounds about right..

when buildings could fly

"Andy, for the last time, I DON'T want your giant box of pornography!"

greyfields, labelscars, and other things

Christmas in So Cal.. 90 degrees and then there's THIS too

San Diego: Winter, and Big Waves, Arrive

Holiday traffic makes Baby Jesus cry!


I'm enjoying the best of communism!

Do I have a sexy vaice?

Gambling Resort for Christmas: Good idea?

Uncyclopedia on John Seigenthaler (the Wikipedia controversy guy)

Lite beer....

i know it is a pedestrian

Skating with the Ramones

This is the Oddest E-Mail Forward I've Seen In a Long Time...

Cesarean Sections & Virgin Births.... Could it happen in ID?

Hehehe... Yahoo search the two words: Stupid Motherfuckers

SmileyBoy needs volunteers to serve as

Do I have a sexy vase?

OK ipod users I have a question

I think there needs to be an Earl Hickey Society.

ANDY P where are you? We miss you on DU!!!!!

Share your "Christmas Finery" items here:

Wild video

What a nice pair of boobies

They found more rings around Uranus!

Help Me! Pick my music for the evening that is...

Great article by Len Pasquarelli on Tony Dungy and the death of his son.

So how long has Charlie Daniels been a freepin', freep o rama?

New Jersey: Land Without Sarcasm

I've been going thru my Photobucket, and I wanna show you a couple pics:

Is it possible to live in Tijuana and work or go to college in San Diego?

New Hooters calender for 2006

Come on,anybody else have a sibling that's just a moody fucking lunatic?

Do you have a sexy voice?

What are you listening to right NOW!

hey evlbstrd!!

Need some advice..

Hey, kids! Grade W!

Do you moisturize?

My boyfriend is sleeping on the couch and I hate that!

OK everybody, gather 'round for the Airing of Greivances...


Please post your favorite holiday SNL skits...!

Nicknames for Ann Coulter


Cardboard doors and plywood floors, warm budweiser and

Forgive me, but I must vent.

Putting one's hand through a window hurts.

Anybody here understand Latin or ancient Greek?

A broke Courtney Love wants to sell Nirvana song catalog for $100 million

This asphyxiation sex thing. How prevalent is it? Just saw another

Con forums you've been banned from

Okay, Andrew Lloyd Weber never topped Jesus Christ Superstar...

Did everyone see "The Chronic of Narnia Rap" -- pretty damn funny!

Because ShellBeau found a "pacifier" I made this

"...and a most lovely lavender tie..."

A Christmas Card For You All.....and Merry Christmas!


Video of George Bush Drunk. LOL

Apparently, the Religious Hardrighties aren't happy with the

Singer Don Ho Says [Stem Cell] Procedure Saved Him

Romantic relationships: How does one end them "correctly"?

Is there a term for what my daughter and I seem to possess?

Don't thank me for my service

Guilty Pleasures-- Fun With Mittens (and Joe Klein...)

I invite you to caption this picture:

Meet my new Senator

Rethugs trying to derail Sen. Intel bill cuz of Kerry/Kennedy amendments

Some new-agey, *rocky* actually, thoughts I've had about Our Senator.

Nancy Grace was just talking about Sen Kerry

Pic thread, cuz, I'm tired and need a pic thread

This would've been my Christmas Lights entry

KOEB 12/22/05: Best of Oddball; tomorrow's: Favorite Things 2005


DU Folding@Home team

A holiday card from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Q- What do Katrina and 9/11 have in common?

Will the rightwing echo chamber EVER get tired of lying?

Media desperately trying to make Bush's case? IBD: Unwarranted Flak

Has Bill Clinton commented on Bush spying?

GOP Blocks Action on Senate Intelligence Authorization Bill

Get down on your Camp David knees, George.

It does not matter if rules of evidence...

top ABC news headline: "What's on Cheney's iPod?"

Even if Bush's warrantless taps are legal

Should Democrats call for an immediate Amendment to the FISA law..?

Do we have a foreign policy beyond Iraq?

Maureen Dowd coming up next on Hardball. Heard she did good.

Diebold Pulls Out Of North Carolina

DU This Lou Dobbs Poll - Patriot Act = Should it be extended?

What would you do differently if you were in the US Senate.....?

People, Hear Me! Hear Me Now!

FISA Judges Want Answers On Bush's Surveillance Program

IMPEACH BUSH PDF availaible for download. Print and distribute

From 50's bogey (Commun-ism) to 00's bogey (Terra-ism)

Surveillance UK: why this revolution is only the start

Brown's Turf Wars Sapped FEMA's Strength - Washington Post 12/23/05

A Junior Aide Had a Big Role in Terror Policy - John Yoo (NY Times)

A Grown-Up Kid Makes Some TV Requests - Frazier Moore- AP

FEMA Slows Search for Kids From Katrina - Washington Post 12/23/05

Early Warning - Pentagon Breaks The Law - William Arkin - Wa Post

Al Qaeda must be making a lot of phone calls from the US

Analysis: Democrats Win Some Fights

A Ten-Step Program

Parts from a single body could fetch up to $150,000

'Intelligent design' ruling may have ripples

Their Own Patriot Act

Looking for the Truth About Bush's Eavesdropping (Ann Woolner, Bloomberg)

NTY OpEd: Mr. Cheney's Imperial Presidency

Ruben Navarette: "First, let's get the foreigners "

A Design That's Anti-Faith - Eugene Robinson - Washington Post

P.U.: Stinkiest media performances of the year

Impeachment Nonsense By Charles Krauthammer

Paul Krugman - The Tax-Cut Zombies - NY Times 12/23/05

The Squires of Surveillance

The Real War on Christmas (By Wil Wheaton, Salon)

Ellen Goodman: Bush's false choices

'Impeachment' Talk, Pro and Con, Appears in (mainstream) Media at Last

Ha, Ha, Ha: Pa. senator pulls support for Christian-rights group

Post Christmas Sales; Sign of Economic Trouble

Brown thrush might be mercury 'canary in the mine'

Buyers from Dominion face January natural gas rate up 64% in year

UPDATE 1-Placer relents as Barrick ups offer to $10.4 bln: Bush alert!


ANWR oil = 1 day California Consumption

Hamas credits Sharon with poll boost

"Celebrating Non-violence Conference" in Bethlehem. Israeli authorities

Noam Chomsky v. Alan Dershowitz: A Debate on the Israeli-Palestinian Confl

Killing of Iraq Kurds 'genocide'

Report: Security forces beat four protesters near Bil'in village

On apathy (Ha'aretz editorial)

How Much More Do You Need To Know Before You Admit It Was MIHOP?

Why Americans Refuse to Believe the 9/11 Evidence

New! Diebold Pulls Out of NC But Offers to Help Change the Law

St. Louis County Rejects Diebold!"

Elections Officials Believe (Detroit) Mayoral Recount Is Hopeless

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 12/23/05

"Fooled Again" ... utterly destroys the reflexive "It can't happen here"

Huge demonstrations in Iraq - "elections were rigged"

LTTE - Eureka Reporter: Area Voting Machines Discredited By Gov't Reports

DIEBOLD and ways to stop voter fraud

John Gideon: An Open Letter To The Election Assistance Commission

WTF!!! Diebold was ALREADY tested in CA by Hursti (this Tuesday)?!!!

Deborah Bowen (CA Dem4SoS) throws down gauntlet on secret vote counting!

Four of the winners of the PHDC awards are from California

Liberty News TV -

Watch out for Ted Stevens!

Deborah Bowen (CA Dem4SoS) throws down gauntlet on secret vote counting!

Half-page ad in my paper this week: Nussle=Scrooge!

Holiday greetings from Massachusetts ex-patriot Ellis Paul

Liberty News TV list names & addresses who signed anti-gay petition

Excellent Explanation of Domestic Spying Program

Michele Bachmann draws 70% of campaign $$$ from outside her district

Minnesota Democratic Primary US Senate Poll

New Minnesota Candidate for Governor: Satanic Dark Priest and Vampyre

Microsoft is RUMORED to have bought Opera!

recommended Firefox extension: ReminderFox

PETA urges Dayton to ban chaining animals outside

Looking for one night of housing around Childress on Jan. 12th.

Raiding the Piggy-Bank (TRS) & Request for Additional Info

TX Court Challenges to Pledge Law?

Is Texas Turning Blue?

For you Texas DUers. A Democratic Night before Christmas

Letter to Santa

St. Paul police officer from Wisconsin killed in Iraq

War Against Reason "The Intelligent Design Scam"

Phrases we'll be hearing more and more in the years ahead

*ucker Carlson - encapsulation of everything that's wrong with the right

ABC's Nightline, 10:35pmCT, somethin' about wiretapping. nt

Bush's Legacy

David Letterman bashes Bush over wiretaps...

Spying. That explains a lot.

"800 billion flies can't be wrong" says Olbermann about O'Reilly

(LA) County considers selling pot-laced food

Bush To Spend Holidays at Camp David......Where

predicted post-scandal realignments - #1

BUSH POLLS AT 79% Negative.

Rumsfeld says Gen. Shinseki was not fired.

when I opened my sister's Christmas card today, I became ill . . .

Rember something about Cheney

Give me your best definition of a Fundie please:

FOXNews: Clean Air Leads to Global Warming.

Seattle P-I new online poll on Chimpeachment (with editorial)

6-Month Prediction

Just Finished Watching "3 Days of Condor" on Cable TV.....

Why are our leaders intentionally destroying civilization?

So I'm driving home (in Utah) sporting my new bumper sticker when I pass a

Was the Bush Crime Syndicate spying on Corporations?

Watching CNN interviewing Cheney: Did Saddam have a 'robust'

Trey Ellis: "The Only Cat Out of the Bag Is Bush's Dictatorial Designs"

What in the world is the deal w/Sensenbrenner and the one-month extension?

Anyone see Tucker on Conan? I just caught the end. Very funny.

Harry Potter and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" . . .

Daschle's revelation is huge

New Zogby poll: approval up; 49% think Pres. has power to authorize spying


Has Bush named himself "King" yet?

Anyone in Dallas know what's happening on 75?

AP: Southwest luvs Midway

How to turn domestic calls into international calls.

How in the hell was Syriana allowed to be produced and shown in US?

Absolutely MINDBENDING "Syriana" info...Really! REALLY!

Rumsfeld Quote Needed

Lets Just Start Blamming Cheney.....

For What its Worth.

A day in the life of Tom Daschle : September 18, 2001.

Parents in raw food case get probation for child neglect

Peggy Noonan on with Steve Colbert.

I know Jon Stewart & Colbert needs breaks BUT

Bush up close is very much like Clinton

Look. It's not spying when you post something on the INTERNET!!!!

FYI - Larry Johnson on C-Span

For a dusting of snow

Evolution tops 2005's scientific breakthrough

Twas the fright before Christmas.....

Republican thought process...

Diebold pulls out of North Carolina

so, is Tyranny Fatigue finally setting in at long last?

You want a feelgood story coming out of the rubble of Katrina?

downside to expediency = Rumsfeld: Bush to cut back U.S. troops in Iraq...

Bush Lies mini documentary ~This is Wire Tap

BBC - Bin Laden niece in glamour shots

Bush & Blair both cave in to Murtha ON THE SAME DAY!!

10 Commandments OK'd at courthouse;

A little Xmas Carol for Democrats

Tracks give archeologists foot in door to 18,000 B.C.

Wouldn't Rumsfeld's announcement of troop reduction (albeit

come on, let's make 2006 bush's worst year ever, whaddaya say?

The Daschle story is on yahoo--vote it up!

NYT Editorial "Mr. Cheney's Imperial Presidency"

I worry about folks who say bush is the best president we ever had

TX "judge" --- 'can't sue Pope' ---- guess Pope IS God on earth?

Would you support denying

The Obituaries of New Orleans

Daschle Story From Wash Post On Washington Journal This Morning

is Laura Bush off limits when it comes to comedy ?

Lol, it may be against rules (which is why I'm doing it);

Where have all the terror warnings gone?

Safer "seafood" for my DU friends.... this is probably a good

Help - need terror in the US since 9/11 - need for LTTE

Tax forms: Frist's AIDS charity paid pals

All they have to do is just SAY IT, and...

Alito said in 1985 doc that the landmark Roe v. Wade should be overturned

"What you have seen is a Congress, which has been AWOL" Graham(R-SC)

"Our Political leaders and masters"

GOD Explains His Resignation from the Republican Party

Has Brian Lamb apologized for his NYTs RANT last week?

Look what I found!

I Need Some Help Here - When Did Bush Begin His Eavesdropping Program???

Merry Christmas DU (a parody)

Bush's "Presidency" Is The Same As His Governorship of Texas.

Miami Police Chief (Timoney)'s Son Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges

anybody listening to these clueless bozos on Washington Journal?

Happy Holidays!!!

MSNBC on wasted Katrina disaster funds... some people still

PNAC's beloved Iraq National Congress ekes out .36% of Baghdad vote

Mining defeat draws cheers

Damn lib'rul media...

Support Girls, Inc. since mattel is pulling out due to fundie

"Analysis: Democrats Win Some Fights"

"Broadcaster Alistair Cooke's bones stolen"

We Are All Complicit (in US crimes in Timor, in Vietnam, in the Sudan)

"Journal Cites Evolution Studies in 2005"

How Much More Do You Need To Know Before You Admit It Was MIHOP?

"Al-Libi had one mission: Kill Bush and Musharraf,"

Several Hundred Thousand Iraqis March, Say Elections Were Rigged!

Eleanor Clift: Biggest Lies of 2005

Generalissimo George --->>>

Let's start counting the times they "talking point" a known lie


Men and Jane Roe v. Henry Wade

Jury slaps Wal-Mart with $172M ruling

"Gulf Coast Aid Will Be Siphoned From FEMA"

Survey USA Poll: Benito Busholini Approval @ 40%

Will Bush Be Impeached?

Couldn't any old DC policeman walk up to Bush and arrest him?

coulter's crying for attention is getting really sad...and nobody cares

Daschle: Congress Denied Bush War Powers in U.S.

"Ky. Court: Winner of '04 Race Can't Serve"

"Judge Halts Calif. Violent Video Game Law"

Who is Yoo?

"We totally reject the results of these rigged elections"...

Pentagon on its domestic spying- Kept in JPEN database-BROKE THE LAW

Hardball, McKinnon, & Election 2008

"South Korean Stem-Cell Researcher Resigns over faked research"


Enough is enough

One odd thing the NSA story does is blow *'s Katrina defense up

"France Lawmakers Endorse File-Sharing"

Fascist of the Day

CPT Interview Exclusive: 'Waiting Has Taken on a Whole New Meaning'

Memo Released >> Alito Defended Officials From Wiretap Suits

Ritter vs Hitchens - Wasn't even a contest.

Ok,DU-rate up this Yahoo story re:Daschle

Evidence indicates Pentagon wire-tapped alternative media

Would someone please explain this War Powers thing for me?

Why Lie About "I Spy?" They Are Spying On Folks So They Can KILL Them

Gift Ideas for the Naughty, Nice...and Indicted

Cheney berated over 'imperial presidency'

Bush: "It's been a good year for the American people."

The US doesn't stand a chance of keeping Iraq out of the hands of Iran.

So, Iraq is taking precisely the shape al Qaeda wanted all along.

A year-end NPR political poll Sees Hope for Democrats in 2006

Senator Stevens throws a fit over ANWR loss


"The Oil Factor: Behind The War on Terror" on LinkTV now,

GOP Blocks Intel Bill to Keep Daily Intel Briefs Of Bush & Clinton Secret

The ChicagoTrib asked it's readers how they felt about *'s eavesdropping

Funny how each CRIME is followed with a 49% Americans AGREE with the CRIME

12% unemployment in La, mortgages coming due. Welcome to

I just realized something... (yet another conspiracy theory)

"Ah'm a republican, and I am proud of President Bush"

Something DOESN'T Add up on SPYGATE

Dashel's Revelation's Simplified

"Fla. attorney general says his e-mails aren't spam"

I still get sick

"They have a capacity to listen to every overseas phone call"

Oh sorry bugman: Appeals court rejects Tom DeLays bid......

Aesop lands in the 21st century

Republicans enraged over NSA leak..

LAT: 45-Hour Delay: Nonstop Plight

Be Patient DUers! The Daschel Revelation is < 24 Hours Old Yet

DU This Poll: Should The Poop be immune from prosecution for cover-ups?

Tell me why the American Health Care consumer shouldn't just drop

Harold Pinter Nobel Lecture

Italian judge issues warrant for CIA thugs.

Conyers in Venezuela's paper as tireless leader working for the people

A freeper's attempt at humor?

Take the pledge!

Samuel Alito said in 1985 document that Roe v. W

Texas judge grants Pope immunity in sexual abuse cover-up lawsuit.

Who wants to go in with me to buy Bush a Christmas present?

Self delete, better post on this a few up the line.

I like what Mike Malloy calls Shrub

Another poll needing some du love about Patriot Act

Holiday greetings from Ellis Paul

Okay, Who Posted THIS on Freepercentral? Good Job!

Calling IWW staff or officers!

Their child-like faith is so touching . . .

Who do you think will give Bush a Christmas present and what do you think

What a Pig John Gibson really is

Diebold takes its defective toys and goes home

CNN declares war on Christmas!

Grandson- Followup


So George doesn't like long hair and beards

At least 12 Iraqi vets running for Congress - CNN

A Visit From St. George, Alas (funny stuff from larre, at the LeftCoaster)

Alito called for overturning Roe in 1985 document.

"Santorum Breaks Ties With Law Center"

"There was once a dream that was Rome...

Watch out!

Darksided! Everything's darksided! Devil masks in the school!

The President is a Mobster

Asking DU'ers help: How many warrantless spy searches were done?

The CRUCIAL question - - Why did chimp-fucker break the law?!

Who are the Best Constitutional Scholars?

MSNBC Clip of Bob Baer on Torture?

Arrest warrants issued for 22 CIA agents by Italy

Move over, Bill. George Bush is going to be taking your place

When is somebody going to jump up and yell? The whole thing is fucked.

"Hark the herald Repubs sing..."

The main thing you need to know about Cheney....

Depating a FReep: Need references to conservatives calling us traitors etc

DC Muslims React to Report of Secret Radiation Monitoring

Face it, if the NYTimes revealed wiretapping by Clinton

The price is right? Not always if scanned

Wait till Congresscritters find out they have been spied on

"The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear"

Caption Rummy >>>

OK, which one of you is having weekly conference calls with Harry Reid?

No matter what your beliefs....

Several HUNDRED THOUSAND Iraqis Disagree With Those "Successful" Elections

Do you think?

''Whatever it takes" does not mean ''whatever the president says it takes.

After 1000 Days of Failure in Iraq: DOD Out/State Dept. In (Juan Cole)

U.S. Troops Draw Up Own Exit Strategy

Bush & Republicans in deep shit !! So blame it on the "Liberal Media"

MSNBC Announces Cable News Channel Restructuring.

Spying on Liberals -- Why are they so afraid of us?

Dupe, sorry!

Know what? I don't even want to know the names on the List!

It seems Keith O has struck a nerve over at FNC!

How did this happen?

I know what the freepers have been doing lately;

CNN Poll:Do you agree with plans to reduce U.S. troop levels in Iraq?

Headlines from the year 2029:

Is it time to stop insulting the tin foil hat crowd?

What's dumbest GOP distraction after War on Christmas?

Ecoterror Suspect Commits Suicide in Jail

Good human interest story;

The "War on Christmas" needed to happen this year. How else

Bomb Al Jazeera - non denial denial

If a middle eastern women came out today saying..

If He Is Not Impeached Will He Leave Office In '08?

Fema, Brown, Ridge, Chertoff: A Fatal Study In Bureaucratic Forensics.

How to save yourself alot of money this year on christmas

Wo Purr's r mine I tell ya! Lookie here see! I got dem wo purrs cuzz

Liberty News TV -

Why the Nazis and the Soviets must be brought up (My Email to KFOR 1240)

K8-EEE, please pick up the white courtesy phone and claim your prize....

A couple of things that really bother me....

I pledge to identify the best Dem candidate for Pres in 08 that I can

Take a stroll down memory lane w/ MediaMatters most outrageous quotes 2005

I promise to do what I can to make sure we have an 08

If Bush And Cheney Had Superpowers What Would They Be?

A Harry Potter meme...

A short clip called Beyond Treason dealing with

Oh Gawd Faux! Gimme a break...

Corporations Pay CEO's Income Taxes

The lawyers in the Wal Mart case will make out with millions.

School Accused Of Stealing Christmas Spirit

Sex Toy Company Gets N.C. Business Award (ROFL)

War on Saturnalia MUST STOP

My dad makes me so proud here is his letter to the editor

Too Funny!!...

Tommy Thompson Still Hasn't Been Chipped Even Though He Promised

Pastor's Wife Says She Chose To Exit Plane (Yeah... Sure...) - AP

How many of the 80,000 on the "watchlist" oppose Bush policies?

So... we think it's Eschalon or a derivative that Bush is talking about

Another "War on Christmas" Question

Osama's Niece Poses in Racy Photo Shoot

Check out my Flooded Car (PIC)

Uh, Oh... Shark Attack In Hawaii... Get Ready For Level Orange Alert !!!

Police States with Dictatorial Powers Aren't Stronger, They're Weaker

Someone wanted to assassinate Bush in the WH!

Bin Laden's niece bares much in GQ spread

It's Much More than NSA Spying

Here I go, getting my hopes up again for a Bush downfall (Spygate)

Got Any Recently Converted W-Supporters You Talk To?

What's wrong with the economy?

What the heck would the freepers want with?

c-span callers missing the key point

The Presidential Oath of Office

fox news in south carolina is promoting

George Clooney (L-LIBERAL) Up Soon on MSRNC! I Love You George!

Make an Observation about 2005

Is there any doubt that Cheney is really the president?

According to this There are 100,000 "Contractors" Working with the US!

Saw Brokeback Mtn. last nite -- a short review

NEWS: US illegally monitored Muslim US mosques for radiation

Murtha: Rumsfeld's announced drawdown "not what I had in mind".

A "Golden Oldie", The Secret War on Tom Daschle

Technopoly-the surrender of culture to technology

U.S. Soldiers Train For Iraq On Sheep Farm (Too Wide Open To The Funny)

John Gibson is P*ssed off

Why is Bush so anxious to use the military here in the US?

How likely do you think it is that Colin Powell..........

What exactly does "tinfoil hat" mean?

What Happened to the Terror Alerts?


I've Been Under The weather Today - Cafferty Leaving CNN-WTF???

The Dictator, the Senile President, and a cannister of Mustard Gas

The Scary Possibilities of Computerized Snooping

wife of Democratic U.S. Rep. John Conyers has been accused of punching a w

I think Hillary is co-dependent and would not make a good Pres. Candidate.

George Carlin rants on religion

List the databases and spy tools that are collecting info on citizens here

Consequences for the nation if Bush is not impeached

how did I get a gold star next to my name?

Oakland Tribune seeks copies of "1984" to send to politicos

Bush at Camp David for Christmas

Pundit Payola-Money talks. It writes, too. By Michael Kinsley

A Declaration Of War On ''The War On Christmas'' Crowd

Garamendi Calls For Auto Insurance Changes to End "ZIP Code" Rates

I saw this bumper sticker this afternoon and thought of Transit workers

I'm seeing a lot of headlines/OpEd pieces about "Imperial Presidency".

The Turning Away

WTF! Was Diebold ALREADY tested in CA by Hursti (this Tuesday)?!

Reservist Home for Christmas Slain in N.C. (wife and boyfriend charged)

Kiss it goodbye Alito---They got ya now !!!

Fighting for my freedom?

Tehran Arrests 14 Pro-Union Bus Drivers

Head of CIA Tells Turks to Prepare for Attack on Iran

If Republicans takes 60 Senate seats and Majority Congress in '06...

Rep. Jerry Nadler demands Special Counsel to Investigate Eavsedropping

FISAGATE Is Keeping Me Busy - Inherent Powers, Inc.

CNN: Prisoner put to death was innocent, Novak finally speaks out.

Let's agree on an acronym re: Bush's Eavesdropping Effort - How about ...

Just gotta love them fundies;

Two more rings around Uranus discovered

Nudge from CNN's Malveaux- US Spying Hearings Are Up TO YOU!!!

Hey Fundies...Guess who says "Merry Christmas" ...this time of year?

When the Shiites take over in Iraq, won't the current Iraq Army dissolve?

LOL Jack Cafferty sent me an email

anybody have experience with Working Assets?

They're BUILDING the "bridge to nowhere"!

Look at what I saw at Target tonight

The tumultuous and tawdry travels of Neil Bush

A new species is discovered;

Image of Jesus appears in nacho warming tray

"Condom-capped Madonna embarrasses Catholic weekly"

Chalabi's results in Iraq election - 00.36%

Senator Bond thinks the NY Times is guilty of a felony!!

Man who gave chemical weapons to Saddam linked to Dutch Intelligence

There are two things about chimpeachment that are bugging me.

Kurt Vonnegut is an odd duck...

Has anyone looked at the economic implications of 'living within means'?

IMPEACH Guerrilla Marketing Train and my ride to work

Gambling establishment re-opens post Katrina?

National debt should be called deferred taxes.

Capitol Hill Intelligence Malfeasance Probe and Samuel Alito.

My conversation with a Freeper today.

Developing : Gannon publisher runs for Texas GOP office ...

Scientists' Open Letter on the Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods & C

Bush changed Order of Succession for DOD: Intel Sec. now #3

My call to Sen. DeWine & Voinovich's office about spying

Flying Monkeys

Contact info for Tony Snow, Fox News host tied to white supremacist site


Dear Gov. Dean -- Bush’s treasonous Christmas gift to Iran …

Big Lies: Who told the worst political untruth of 2005? (NEWSWEEK)

O Holy Nightmare MP3

Thank You David Allen for helping to push Diebold out of NC

A New Salvo of Bright Spinning Lies- Bush Downplays Growing Iraq Air War

AP Video: Watermelon Phenomenon Baffles Experts (Katrina-related)

OMG! I Am A Fucking Idiot!


Just got my Ho, Ho, Ho from my Health Insurance Company.

Patrick Cockburn on Iraq's Election Result: A Nation disintegrating

Goss in Iran? From German publication...

Fitz Has Real Motive for CIA Outing: Covering Up the "Yellow Cake Fakes"

Emnity between enemies is not inevitable


The Truth About The Troop Cutbacks (MEDIA SPIN SPIN SPIN)

The Festivus Airing of Grievances

Mommy! I Want To Grow Up To Be Just Like The President!

What we now have in America is a BRUTAL DICTATORSHIP!

Chris 'Tweety' Matthews named Misinformer Of The Year!!

Does anyone know exactly what it takes to get a FISA warrant?

Bush's 2005 ---pix->>>

Dating Mining and the Curious Section 126 of the Patriot Act

My Gift to DU


Christmas Card to end ALL Christmas Cards!!

Lawsuit Against Bush ? - Salon

Sweet songs never last too long on broken radios

I received an overseas call this morning


Pastor's wife says she chose to leave plane

Congratulations Dennis and Maxine: Congressman & Congresswoman of 2005

"17 tricks or Weapons of Massive Reconstruction for Global Amelioration"

EXCLUSIVE: Nuclear Monitoring of Muslims Done Without Search Warrants

Oh DAMN! Conyers' wife beats down woman, gives her black eye!

GM & Ford are dead.

Double Rebuke for Bush as Judges Attack Terror Moves...

Conyers must read blog today

Language of the Heart (By Cindy Sheehan)

I Pledge Support To The Democratic Nominee in 2008, WHOEVER IT MAY BE

Just In! .... How To Get Banned From The D U

Jan 31, 2006 - SOTU Address: IMPEACH NOW March on Washington

CASTRO:"They are a group of shit-eaters who don't deserve world's respect"

Evolution vs literal biblical interpretation: No Peace/No Surrender

OMG----Total Decadence arrived on my door step

My Food-Related Photos (Dial-up Warning)

So I'm thinking of erecting a shrine to the person....

What's your favorite "I'm lazy but want a tasty meal" food?

How do you jazz up your hamburgers?

What goes with lamb and standing rib roast?

Christmas cookie emergency

Harper pledges larger Arctic military presence

Ramos warns Arroyo on no-election plan (scrap '07 elections)

Congress Extends Patriot Act for One Month (Senate just went with House)

WP: GOP Blocks Action on Senate Intelligence Authorization Bill

WP: Department's Mission Was Undermined From Start (Homeland Security)

Okla. Congressman Donating Abramoff Money

OPEC opens talks with Chinese officials

EU threatens Microsoft with penalties over antitrust compliance

Power We Didn't Grant

Watchdog: apartments biased against black hurricane evacuees

Diebold withdraws as N.C. voting equipment vendor; only one left

DNO discovers oil in Northern Iraq

Herd of wild boars on the loose in England

Congress hands Bush string of setbacks for the holidays

LA Times: Judge Halts Limits on Game Sales to Kids

Fake surveys seek voter data for Blackwell (in race for Ohio governor)

Tony Blair: troops could begin Iraq pullout within six months

Evolution Named 2005's Top Scientific Breakthrough

Singer Don Ho Says [Stem Cell] Procedure Saved Him

DeLay heads for top appeals court

Someone wanted to assassinate Bush in the WH!

Diebold leaves NC rather than disclose software

Boston Globe: Spy net may pull in all U.S. calls overseas

Rumsfeld, in Iraq, announces troop reduction (Rummy's announcement!)

Parts from a single body could fetch up to $150,000

CENTCOM: Two Task Force Baghdad Soldiers Killed (2163)

PETA urges Dayton to ban chaining animals outside

Miami Police Chief (Timoney)'s Son Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges

Alito - Abortion

'Intelligent design' ruling may have ripples

Hardball, McKinnon, & Election 2008

Judge: 2 held illegally by U.S. (Judge James Robertson)

Morales met Rodriguez in Bolivia (incoming met outgoing President)

Big Ticket Factory Orders Surge in November

Police give out heat vouchers for guns

AP Video: Watermelon Phenomenon Baffles Experts (Katrina-related)

Iraqis March, Say Elections Were Rigged


USO cheers troops, but Iraq gigs tough to book (Al Franken featured)

Italy seeks 'CIA kidnap agents'

Relationship between India and U.S. begins to cool

US says mosque suicide bombing killed 10 Iraqis

Israel ready to strike Iran

Alito defended government wiretap rights


Democrats maintain call for Iraq withdrawal timetable (Reid & Murtha)


Italy warrants for 22 purported CIA operatives

Pentagon uses PR muscle to boost groups aiding GIs

10 Iraqi soldiers killed in checkpoint attack

U.S. State Dept. slams media coverage of Saddam trial

ACLU asks state if it is providing data to FBI

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 23 December

Bush Pardons Moonshiners, Bank Robber

11 MPs expelled from Parliament

Alaska braces for possible volcanic eruption

USGS: 6.1 quake in Ecuador

London's Olympics win a mistake: official

Killing of Iraq Kurds 'genocide'

Chad in 'state of war' with Sudan

Arab women's groups: Men must speak out against honor killings

Opec playing for high stakes in China

Papers Show Alito Wanted Roe V. Wade Overturned

Four US soldiers killed in Baghdad over two days

China to try NY Times researcher

FBI Official Defends Radiation Monitoring

Browns Turf Wars Sapped FEMA Strength

Poland supresses CIA prisons report

Man Jailed for Over a Year Saw No Lawyer

Federal Judge Rules Chinese Gitmo Detainees Can be Held Indefinitely

Sen. Salazar: Bush ‘arguably’ broke the law

Ecoterror Suspect Commits Suicide in Jail

Soaring heat bills leave many shivering (up 40% around Chicago region)

Ney Says He's Confident He'll Be Cleared

Iraqis March, Say Elections Were Rigged

Alito Defended Officials From Wiretap Suits

Godalming geek made millions running the Pentagon's propaganda war in Iraq

Florida student sues over Pledge of Allegiance

Company recalls tainted pet food

Judge Rules Against Slain Soldier's Family

IMF grants Iraq crucial loan

Officials Say Marine Death in Iraq Was Accidental (Shot in the Head)

DeLay heads for top appeals court

Bush Cutting U.S. Troops Levels in Iraq

Illinois A-G tells gas stations to donate money to Red Cross or face...


New home sales plunge in November by biggest amount in nearly 12 years

Cuba offers to donate money to hurricane victims (from baseball tourny)

Remember Tomorrow it's Festivus for the rest of us

The War on Ganesh

should I get head?

Can you see the following word?

does anyone have any idea if it would be safe to drink this?

Look what I bought my niece for xmas

New! 100% Effective, Completely Humanitarian RatTrapTM

Is this defensive?

We haven't had a post your pitcher thread in a while.

Charlie Rose last (Wed) night? Movie Criticzs - names of films mentioned?

Just saw, "I Walk the Line."

"Goth" Christmas music.

You know, kitchen gadgets are just getting too weird... roomate invited his girlfriend to move in without even asking me

What Do President Bush, Lindsay Lohan and Star Wars Have in Common?

I am a Johnny Cake! You are a begrudgingly charismatic staple collector!

First things first. Where's yer shitter at? I go' a turtle'ead pokin' out.

Really need advice..caring for parents (pls, I need it)

Need a gift idea for my 13 yr old niece

I am a computer! You are a carbon life form!

Still... you turn me on

A few one-liners from Jay, Dave and Conan

Jingle Bells?

Here I am....a fully functional and durable human unit, version 3.01!

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Previous

i got a solution for Crazy Guggenheims girl troubles


I am the sun, You are the moon

I am the sun. I rise above the world.

Is that "HOLIDAY SPECIAL" pin being misread by anyone else

Any Pantera &Metallica& VH &ZZ Topp fans here?

Screw Christmas.........

nothing like some Jane's Addiction...

this esteban "master guitarist's"...

I'm having to use Vise Grips on my nuts

Has anyone else just jumped past LIHOP to MIHOP in a flash?

Tired of MIHOP and LIHOP - I wanna go to IHOP

Do you masticate?

I have never seen an episode of CSI or Ameircan Idol

Catholic Charities cancels the Village People because they're too gay

So when do we get to see Mistress Heidi's new boots?

My 2 year old wears a toddler size 7 shoe. Is that unusual?

I'm the one natural one, make it easy

Okay, my Naughty Girls and Boys, gotta say goodnight!

Sgt. Bilko

Holiday gift poll: It's better to give than to receive.

So how do you like the new sig?

What happened to the paranoid schizophrenic jokes thread?

Sign of obvious Freeper mental disconnect

So, what's Linda Tripp been up to lately?

Catholic Magazine Apologizes Over Mistakenly Publishing Ad With Condom

Alchemist's dream, new technology can change

Happy Christmas

More stupid dog tricks: Lola noshing on my underpanties.... *sigh*

Time to go persecute some Christians

Second coolest picture ever

Geraldo Rivera: Is that woman his wife or his daughter?

What the Bible says about Christmas trees

What's for lunch today .....dang only 8.30 and am hungry.

Yup yup, my family asked for my fancy smancy fudge again this yr

A Holiday Story For Your Amusement

Its going to be one of those days in the lounge today . . .

Christmas is a special time of year

Do NOT Bash The Texas Education System People!

On Christmas, let us think of the poor in other countries

People. Listen. It's been done before. Better than you can. Give up.

I met this girl. But I think she only likes bad guys though.

Can we just have a thread of Holiday Wishes? Post yours here!

Merry Christmas DU (a parody)

$40 for Charlie Brown holiday 3-pack

Oh God said to Abraham, "Kill me a son"

Now that we have ruined Christmas....what do I do with

Since we successfully ruined Christmas, I'm now going after Easter!

"Cruise's Faith Nurtured at Secret Compound"

Important cat question!!

FESTIVUS: Learn all about it with this interesting Video

Who's the jackass

I just ran across the best last name ever

Admins: Any chance of "Funniest Post" voting a la "Greatest ...

Franken is playing old interview with Chimpy from the 1988 campaign

Ooooh... I just read the fine print!

Freeper Bells

Hey, post your bank account numbers.

FUNNY! Why Women Hate Sports (Video)

I married a nice guy!

Forgive me, but I must rent.

What's your favorite kind of sex?

Check this crap my fundie relative sent me!

Brazillion Jokes vs. Thomas Kinkade - Which defines 'Hell' Best?

So, I painted over some dude's window

Don't leave the "X" out of X-mas!

Any DUers in the Lake Tahoe area?

Funniest GD post in months!

Wine question...

Psssst, don't tell anybody....but,

Heeeerrrrss Tony!! Pictures inside!

"Retarded Grandparents" (NOT making fun of the mentally challenged)

You got to pimp my nutcracker

I have a low post count and a disabled user profile ask me anything

Happy Festivus!

I think we need to head over to GD for this one...

Drunk caterwauling seamstresses of the chthonic abyss, UNITE!

Prag has found the ULTIMATE Thomas Kinkade drawing!!!

Titles of DU Threads that would make Baby Jesus Cry

Best place to get shoes for someone who doesn't wear leather

Now this is a cool Christmas (Holiday) Tree....

Ever been to casinos around Christmas time? What are they like?

Who will dare me to post this in General Discussion

It was Christmas Eve babe-

WTF is wrong with the people in GD today?

That's it! I'm leaving DU! Goodbye!

Jingle Bells Reversed

Christmas is ruined


FUCK budget car rental

It is so nice to see a work of art instead of manufactured drivel.

Anyone wanna have fun with a freeper troll in GD:P?

women of DU - is this man attractive?

One of my old Christmas "Beat 13" Colums reprinted just for you

tell Santa what to do!!1

the next person who posts the brazilian joke will not be responded to

The "I can't believe it's not butter" woman on the telly.... would

Does anybody remember what my password is?

are we at level X? why cant i post a poll?

Hillary Clinton is co-dependent that's why she shouldn't run for President

Long hair or short hair?

Ho! Ho! Ho! Annthrax Counter really wants us to have a Merry Xmas!!

Hillary Swank is co-dependent and needs a powerful man to be with.

Someone loves us!

A clue for everyone

Johnny Cash on Dick Cheney's iPOD....

My yummy lunch!

Breaking.... Walmart asks employees to forego

WHO is Thomas Kinkade???????

Is Triple-X more "X-Mas-y" than the rest of us?

008 days of 007 on Spike TV right now.

I am officially Quarantining the Lounge - We all have Brazilian Virus

so how insane will the stores be today?

Do you get sick riding in a cab?

Good Friday Morning, Everybody!

The Christmas cards are depressing this year

Uh oh, work is gonna be a gas today - boss is gone, bailey's in the coffee

My DU Christmas Carol

I'm leaving for the day! Merry Christmas, DU!!!! I love you guys!

What are you muttering about over there in the corner?

I'm sick of multi-recipient emails from friends. Its like legal spam. I

It was December 24th on Hollis Ave in the dark

Why am I attracted to unattractive people just because we're in the shower

Hey Kitchen Witch....check this one out....might replace the "other" joke

Why does the fattest ugliest man in the bar

Does anyone open presents Christmas Eve??

Yuletide Greetings at Whole Foods parking garage: YOU SUCK!!!!


why don't women like unattractive men?

Aeroplane In A Bottle --- And A Pretty Small Bottle Too (Pictures)

Heartwarming, really

Stuff On My Cat

christmas cookie poll

how man mcg in one cc? A thousand or a hundred?

Osama's Niece Poses in Racy Photo Shoot

Who's been naughty? Who's been nice?

watched "Flight of the Phoenix" yesterday - have you seen it?

Some support here....

And you thought YOU had good Christmas lights...

saw this movie tonight....

For my 800'th post, I would like to say this to you all:

A Legal Twist on Twas the Night before Christmas - Humor

I think Crazy Guggenheim is co-dependent and needs to be with a Hilary.

Apprentice Fans: New Joke About The Donald Has Trump in Stitches

My five year old sez...

I almost have the job.

Grandson- Followup

I had my laptop seized by the cops - and made a webmaster go Code Brown

This is not the Brazilian Joke. That thread right above is, though.

A joke you *haven't* heard

Why can't unattractive pool players get a cue?

What are your rights against an Ebay fraud?

Is there any moment you would root for your "nemesis team"?

Why don't "attractive" men get a clue?

look in here to see what i really think of all you hippies...

To help the war on Christmas, here's SATURNALIA!!!

Edmund Hillary is co-dependent and needs a powerful sherpa.

Can I just say...

Question about salary requirements when applying for a job

Why being a rice guy won't get you paid

Merry Chthonic Christmas everyone!

i was a nice guy, then I met the lounge

Why being a rice guy won't get you a maid

Anyone remember advent calenders?

I would rather _______________ then wrap gifts (discuss)

It's Xmas Eve Eve! Home from San Diego at LAST!

Merry Chrispness

Porn Actress Convinced Boy To Run Away From Home, Have Sex

DS1 wants to kidnap a 15-year-old Matcom, for use as a love slave.

Why being a wise guy won't get you made

I would definitely get on him:

As you count your Holiday blessings, remember: THIS man isn't your Dad.

We haven't had a picture your post thread in a while.

Shoot. I see myself in this comic.

Bin Laden's niece bares much in GQ spread!!

Linda Tripp Has Built a Second Career...

Why being a lice guy won't get you Raid

books for people you don't really know

How to save yourself alot of money this year on christmas

We have the WORST movie theater ever!

Rings Around Uranus-----------I couldn't resist

All I want for Christmas ...

Anyone know anything about computer speakers?

i'll follow you into the dark. ask me things.

Messing with the NSA...

Have a "cool yule," DU!

Santaland Diaries on NPR now!

I get to leave work in a half an hour & then I am on vacation until


I'm going to reformate and convert back to Gentoo linux.

Any other parents up with a kid with the stomach virus?

Queen Elizabeth II delivers her annual holiday message.

Somehow, I have to find something do to in Sacramento

For anyone drinking today

Shopper returns clerk's lost diamond,ring donates reward to charity

OMG we had no power for an hour

If I could work my will, every idiot who goes about with "Merry Christmas"

No more Mister Nice Guy...

Anyone here Old School Pagan?

Finished the shopathon! Who wants to help me wrap?

Not every band should record Christmas albums....

Merry Christmas! and Happy Holidays to you all!!!!!!!!!!


Woman swallows cellphone playing "keep-away" from boyfriend

Drinking problem?

Happy Festivus!

Santa Claus is a Democrat

A Christmas Song for You

I'm getting really tired of this...

Is it me or are clothes sold today poorly made?

The year in (Animal) pictures - lots of pics

Please! Can't we Dems find another Job for Donna Brazille? She is

DU'ers might like to rent "Scrooged" Bill Murray...when Poppy Was Pres.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/23/05)


matcom wants to be 15 and kidnapped by a porn start to be a love slave

Digital camera question - shutter speed/frames per second

I got an email from Senator Frist

Let's play a game. What did matcom get the long suffering Mrs.matcom

Friday evening earworm.

Here. Have some crazy Christmas stuff. Ya bastards!

Tell me what your favourite appetizers are .. here's one I like

Why being a nice guy won't get you laid

Time for a kitten Thread!!!

I choked out a Freeper at the office Christmas party last night.

Restaurant Worker's See Jesus Image In Nacho Pan - HE IS RISEN!

Ducking out of the VA really fast like in a red state. (Funny one)

I want to marry a nice guy!

post here if you HAVE NOT posted the brazilian joke today

My freeper dad's proof that Cat Stevens is a terrorist

So long, farewell....

I am guilty until proven innocent to Child Services

What have you found yourself saying the most over the holidays?

AACK! I'm in the 700 Club - Ask me anything!

What gifts are you getting for your family members

For my 1000th post I give you full disclosure. I AM SANTA CLAUS - Repent!

Why don't "unattractive" men get a clue?

The 17 year-old heard a heartbeat yesterday.

anyone know where I can get the version of Oh Holy Night, from Malloy's

My daughter and her boyfriend asked us for their blessing


Favorite microbrew?

If only 700 of you donated 10 dollars

Finally found a Xmas Roast Duck recipe I like!!!!

The geese are scaring me

The one thing I suck at is the one thing that matters most to me.

Happy Holidays to all my DU friends!

Caption....Bin Ladens a Tub

That's it, I am putting the entire Lounge on ignore!!!

Calling Female Du'ers, I need your assistance.

Merry Kwanzannukayulesticemas!

DU computers of the world, UNITE!

new to DU, have some constructive criticism for you liberals.

What is the purpose of Religion? Do Humans NEED it?

I've just quit my job. I've been a NAC for over fifteen years.

Selling Out Science

Evolution named 2005's top scientific breakthrough

Great news! Encourages fundies to get Mercury poisoning!

Snowflake Physicist's Photographs to Be Featured on 2006 Postage Stamps

Cool: The Cosmic Christmas Ghost

Explosion on the Moon

CFI Launches Point of Inquiry Podcast

DU computers UNITE!!

The Weekly Standard's Absurd Case Against Gay Marriage

Anti-Gay Polish President Takes Office

No Christmas Gay Weddings For Washington

Australian PM Faces Party Backlash Over Anti-Gay Marriage Stand

Guatemalan Police murder transgender women

Group derides 'bizarre,' 'leftist' courses

Gay vicar gets Church of England civil union blessing

Dead Soldier's Mom Accuses Military Of Ignoring Gay Attacks

Bill Simmons makes an excellent point about the Damon signing

Warning! Incredibly graphic photo!

Damon gets his haircut

Partial mandibulectomy

My kitty had a feeding tube inserted today (hepatic lipidosis)...

Charley's Christmas Album (lots of pictures)

Please send good wishes to my friend- her beloved Golden died

Astrology: Having no planets in certain elements -- can feng shui help?

Dec 11, message, from Matthew

Earth Changes Have Begun by

Happy Festivus to All

Washington Monthly on Kos

Festivus Greetings

LIHEAP Funds slashed due to ANWR vote

A little Nostalgia. I'm so proud of myself.


After the Rain

First shots with my new camera / My holiday lights entry

Wow. The big MSNBC news is out.

Attn KOEB: The best posting ever on DU .........

Holiday Tribute/Thank you to & Symbolman

J. Edgar Hoover... McCarthy...Bush - the Axis of Unconstitutionality

Explain how it could be possible that the domestic spying is lawful?

*'s Pledge.......

Has everyone done this aol poll?

Please sign the DNC's/Dean's FOIA request for *'s wiretaps!

Security of new (CA) voting machines questioned

WH List Of Accomplishments -- A Mix Of Spin And A Padded Resume

Is this the essence of Liberalism?

The rule of law...

Daschle: Congress Denied Bush War Powers in U.S. (Bush dead in the water)

HOKEY SMOKES! FREEPERS have gone bat shit crazy!

I wonder if * wiretapped Joe Wilson. Seems to me that would be one

The war on judges comes to South Dakota

Justice Department letter explaining wiretaps

Unconservative Listening

Chalabi nets 0.36% of the vote in Iraqi elections!!!

Diebold leaves NC rather than disclose software

I just went to the PNAC site...

Bush's "Strong" economy: Housing affordability has hit a 14-year low

Deborah Bowen (D-Calif) throws down gauntlet on secret vote counting!

Today's announcement: WE ARE LEAVING IRAQ. Is this NOT a timetable?

Froomkin calls for WaPo impeachment poll! Gasp!

I Wonder If bu$h's Wiretapping Bullshit Is All About Stealing Elections

Republicans think "land of laws" is a movie least this week

The scope of the Abramoff scandal (tale of a GOP lobbyist's deal gone bad)

Let's get it into the Dictionary: "The Diebold Margin".

Big Lies - Who told the worst political untruth of 2005?

Medis Study

BREAKING: Alito called for overturning Roe in 1985 document

"It's been a good year for the American people. "

Jeezus! MSNBC live poll sez 85% (!!!) now SUPPORT Impeachment!

The Illusion of Victory in Iraq.

Bush** is following Hermann Goering's rule perfectly now, and the media

Awesome bumpersticker

Every American should be familiar with "Case # 435 U.S. 765."

Here's a little Christmas card for you

"Voter Suppression Specialist"

New York Times Complicit In Bush's Winning 2004 Election

Alito Defended Officials From Wiretap Suits (Bush trying to stack court?)

Letter to Santa

Victoria Toensing is buzzflash Hypocrite of the Week


First-Ever National Private School Voucher Program

Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Whole Shebang

Civil Liberties, Good or Bad?

Is George Bush a Mad Emperor?

Iraq's election result: a divided nation

Video of Sen. Boxer's speech the night Sen. Stevens had a hissy fit

Why did the NY Times sit on the illegal wiretapping story for a YEAR?

bushgang paying communists to cause trouble in Iran

How do you find the CEO's and Owners of a company?

One talking point everyone alludes to

Brownie's "good job" and "bad job" ...

Be honest. How many are worried about EVIL spying on DU?

The Bush's Christmas - What's The Conversation Going To Be Around....

Is it legal for a for profit company to use a non-profit organization to

Dowd VidClip: "Bush wanted to be Reagan II, Cheney and Rummy are Nixon II"

Here it comes! Here comes the admin framing of "victory in Iraq"!

I think Jefford's Jump in 2001 set Chimpy off--He felt violated,...

No Democrats Harmed in the making of today's Cartoon!

GW: 2005 Good Year for American People

Coaltion of Iraqi parties threaten to boycott the new parliament

A fun question to ask your favorite wingnut

Tom Daschle: Power We Didn't Grant (Bush knowingly violated the law)

I just received an e mail form Billy Frist!


Report says US monitors mosques for nuclear radiation

Pat Olipant gets the last word in on the 'war on Christmas'.

Another Wedge Issue Idea For '06 and '08

It's time for the ultimate Friday news dump

Toensing phones Blitzer on air to make comments on spying

My top 10 Senate races

Reasons to Love New York...

Troop Withdrawel aka The Victory Moonwalk

SurveyUSA: Bush Approval Ratings In All 50 States

All overseas phone calls may have been tapped...

"The Sound of Silence", "For What It's Worth"

Well I did it and it felt good

Conservatives tell us that cutting taxes will increase revenues

I am appalled at the lack of outrage from our Demo leaders. Every day

Baghdad Year Zero.. Pillaging Iraq in pursuit of a neocon utopia

Housing Bubble RAPIDLY Deflating

Letterman bashes Bush over wire taps..

The bulge is back? Is Bush wired? DU mentioned on

Ann Coulter, Nutcase: "The government should be spying on all Arabs...

another article on the 911 black boxes


Bush becomes issue number one in Canada's January national election

Biden says Bush has a "declaration of war"

Which state do you think has the worst pair of senators?

Governor Mark Warner launches first ad...

Number 1 With a Bullet: Google News Returns "556 Related" Hits on Daschle

FOX News' Napolitano: in retrospect, Clinton crime not impeachable offense

Will republicans ever get over Clinton?

Media Matters names Chris "Tweety" Matthews "2005 Misinformer of the Year"

Imagine Bushco had PREVENTED 9-11...

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