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Archives: December 24, 2005

Faith is Not Enough: Aids in Africa- Amazing Audio Slideshow

Reuters: "After tough year, White House cites only successes"


No President is Above the Law: Robert Byrd

Wages and Incomes Down, Poverty and Debt Up

New home sales fall more than expected

Oil, gas booming in Utah

Drugs, "Terror", and American Geostrategic Ambitions.

The 9/11 Truth Movement slides off the tracks

CA SoS *KNEW* that ES&S machines were problematic w/o publicizing it!

Mark Crispin Miller: Coming Up on Majority Report with Thom Hartmann!

Is the star tribune desperate for customers?

Speaking of Vista : Metadata Problem

Will someone explain these instructions in layman's terms?

Does anyone have an extra Gmail invite???

So how bad is the Ohio Patriot Act?

THANK YOU to whoever donated on my behalf.

Hell, they should be monitoring ALL houses of worship for radiation!

Jack Cafferty Question of the Day: Resolution for 2006?

Bob Novak on Plame Column: "It was just a THROWAWAY line."

Do Judges get too much unearned respect?

Bush pardons Denver attorney in '84 cocaine case

Cuba offers to donate World Baseball Classic money to Katrina aid

Some war criminals go to jail and some just go to work for Bush

Take the weight of the world off your shoulders

I wrote in this place why I don't say MC


here is an email from on impeachment

USMC Vet's Anti-War Website!!!

Wiretaps said to sift all overseas contacts

VIDEO-Favorite Things

I had to shoot these guys,

What is America changing into?

CNN trumpeted month-old news of Alito abortion memo; nix on wiretap suppor

As the Year Ends, Some Silver Linings

I just love Molly Ivins.

Why would B* do this?

What to do with that Walmart gift card?

Wow-- AAR is up to 84 stations!!

My (as yet unpublished) LTE re Christmas

MSNBC - 3 Nights in a Row?!?

"If you're not doing anything wrong...."

Mark Crispin Miller on w/Thom Hartmann: AAR right now

WH suggests 50K pullout "by end of 06". Isn't that a deadline/date?

"If it'll help them catch terrorists....

Everybody hates Chimpy

How to save Christmas -- and promote church/state separation

Stars turn backs on America's troops in Iraq

What To Do With Old Textbooks

Christmas Carol just started on TCM

Jesus sais "Judge not,lest yee be juged"

"We don't comment on on-going investigations"

I heard this song on the radio today -- "Santa God"

CBS Evening News "A Christmas Story"

Love violence,hate sex.

Compassionate conservative Santa

Is DU progressive? Someone posted welfare people don't want work.

Read this: essential to understanding the truth behind the war on terror

A rush to (weird) justice

Freepers are featuring scientific way to cook

Question about the PNAC.

Schism at DU! Liberals divide into two diametrically opposed

Breaking: U.S. and British Kings may share the same name:

UNCOVERED: CA SoS Threatened ES&S Decertification After Recent Election!

Former Jeff Gannon publisher running for Vice Chair of Texas GOP

I am bleeding heart lliberal.

Dear Gov. Dean -- Make room at the inn for the two ethnic Uighurs …

I Hate Revisiting This But....

Where has America gone wrong?

John Gibson whines: Blogs misquote me to build outrage against me

I can't wait for the new Bush coin.

Did Goss Warn Allies to Prepare for U.S. Bombing of Iran?

Bin Laden niece appears in racy photos

FISA in the Severed Garden

Why pay taxes?

aha! Pepper Paste

split pea soup....

Who has a good beef stew recipe?

Oooh, Christmas Roast Duck!

Canadians - Need your help re: socialized medicine argument

Wealthy Nations Agree to Cap U.N. Spending

Muslim-Americans held at border lose suit

Korean scientist resigns over fake stem cell research

WP: Alito Urged Wiretap Immunity

Breaking on local NM news, 4 arrested in connection

U.S. allocates more funds for Arrow missile

U.S. Airstrikes Take Toll on Civilians

GE gains majority stake in MSNBC from Microsoft.

Body of genocide witness found in river

OooH! New period movie coming! "Casanova"

Have a honking merry xmas, DUdes!

Cas in Stuff.

55 more minutes of work, ask me anything

Post your Festivus Miracles here

Bush Signs Bill That Creates New Dollar Coins

THANK YOU to whoever donated on my behalf.

HOLY CRAP! It's a real life PETER GRIFFIN!

Hug me

Hey Skinner! Hey EarlG.! Hey Elad!

I cannot do it.

Mixed feelings about the holidays

I cancelled Christmas

If you hear a click noise during a phone conversation, is that tapping?

I only like myself

Can you believe I have 2454 posts...and I wasn't in the milestones....

that deaf, dumb & blind kid sure plays a mean pinball...

I'd love to bake a pie

Has anyone read The River of Doubt : Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey?

The year in (Animal) pictures #2 - lots of pics

Not every actress should record Christmas albums....

HELP!! Need webpage with all the direct to live person custy service ph#s

Yikes. Remember the blog, PostSecret?

I saw this Hummer yesterday

Evidence that Santa works for Bush....

I had this Hummer yesterday.

The Best Reviewed Movies of 2005... from

Carol lost her panties....

are there any hoes up in this house?

Who's getting a Hummer for Christmas?

Worse spying than we knew...

GOPisEVIL is putting the MOVES on my SISTER-IN-LAW RIGHT NOW!!

Is curry really supposed to make you sweat?

Most hated Nip/Tuck villain?

The DU Lounge always cheers me up .

Matcom News Wire: House fire may have started in snake cage

*rofl* I just asked my 7 year old to spell "Kalamazoo" and

Christmas Carols with a twist

I'm pouring. Who wants a glass of wine?

What To Do With Old Textbooks

An Inspiring Civil War/Western Expansion Poem!

Less than 12 hours until we f*ck off and go to Florida

Christmas Carol just started on TCM

A message from Santa Claus...

I just put Russian Tea Cakes in the oven

Bah Humbug!! I don't like Christmas or you either thread.

Who else is working Christmas?

HEY GOPisEVIL!!! My YUMMY Sister-In-Law JUST Saw Your PIC!!!!!

I love the movie Casino...

If you could, would you?

Yeah, YOUR Kids Are REALLY Fucking Cute In Their Race-Car Shopping Carts

I'll be seeing my son...

How do you pronounce GIF?

I have been thinking about Crewleader for several months

Hey Zomby, Nini, NSMA, Neuvocat, Roni, Maddi, Mehr, Mrs.G!

I'm drunk on eggnog. Merry Crissmas

How much does it cost to move a house?

Is anyone's PBS channel running a Hollywood Palace Xmas special

Hail Eris!

Fairytale of New York

What does Santa drink on Christmas Eve?

Bob Evans Mac and Cheese with Salsa and Bob Evans

Osama Bin Laden's sexy niece, Wafah

CUTE XMAS PHOTO: Jolly Santa in tussle with two tearful twins!

To the lovelorn, and the lost, and the suffering, and the lonely


Let's do a Photographic A to Z

KOEB: 12/23/05 -- Favorite Things 2005 (...and it's Festivus!)

Freedom Is On The March (toon, commentary) ----------- >

The Year of Vanished Credibility

Viewer Alert -- C-Span

Thom Hartmann doing Republican quotes on

Calif. Officials Warn Voting Machine Co. - Election Systems & Software

For Iraq's Christians Bush's war rings in fear at Christmas

Do You Know About This website?

Without Civil Liberties Homeland Security Will Fail

Iraqis Denounce Iraqi Election As a Sham, several hundred thousand protest

Admending the Constitution.

Bush Locks in 3.44% Raise for Federal Employees

Spooky resemblance

Thom Hartmann is the real working man of radio

Anyone else find the ads of KBH and O'Reily with scars and eye patches....

How long before the Bush surveillance....

Katrina - in cartoons as it happened 8/29 - 9/11

Somehow those "Bush is an idiot" bloopers aren't funny anymore

GOP Hitting Limits of Aggressive Tactics

Democrats respond to Rummy's announced withdrawal of 7,000 troops

Throw Bush Out Now! Call for a National Recall Election in 2006!

Rep. Hayworth (R) AZ will keep tribal gifts despite scandals

Which state has the BEST US Senators?

The Hologram Ripples with the Cry of a Thrush: The Simulacrum Republic

Last victim of war's injustice

Alito's Zeal for Presidential Power

All the President's Confessions

"The anti-American president" in World Net Daily?

A nicely written account of the transit strike: Uptown and Back Via Vespa

Nuclear Monitoring of Muslims Done Without Search Warrants

Daniel Schorr - drinking the koolaid?

1962: Bay of Pigs prisoners fly to freedom

What happens when a newspaper criticizes Bush*

Letter From a Military Mom: Domestic Spying & Incident of Intimidation

News Quiz: When Will Trooops Come Home?--Humor From Ironic Times

Bush’s Abuse of Power : Joe Conason

Bush/Cheney Have Disgraced Their Office; They Should Resign

Biomass Is Net energy Negative (Peak Oil Related)

Barron’s: Congress Should Consider Impeacment…

"corporate inversion", tax evasion and terror financing

Raleigh N.C. firm removing Cape Fear River dams

Web forum aims to connect those with interest in Great Lakes

Happy Holidays, everybody...

Did anyone just see Nova's "World in the Balance" episode?

Christians, Jews and Muslims meet on the road to Bethlehem (by parish pri.

Israel attacks Spielberg over 'Munich', his movie on '72 Olympics massacre

Flight 93 and Flight Explorer's Flight Path GIFs

Then and now. Domestic Spying, Atta & 9/11 vs. NSA & activist groups!

X-mas eve edition of the Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News thread

Heres some tech info on the ES&S optical scanners- originally from BRC?

[Corporations] How to (Very Easily) Hack an Election, NYT editorial

Diebold problems in Ohio? Yep.. In Florida? Yep.. BUT ALASKA !?!? (+post)

I think I need to write an article about the NYT's complicity

Watchdog report: Closer look at wife's income (doolittle)

Durst is on 960 The Quake / SF Local AAR/ until noon

Out of Iraq Forum, Cambridge, January 7

Scan question.."Dataminer"

Has WinXP required you to reinstall random applications?

Hagan drops lawsuit accusing Taft & GOP of corruption

It had to happen...

How do you pronounce GIF?

Caption....Bin Ladens a Tub

FBI Tracks Radiation At Mosques Warrants Not Needed

I have got the SCOOP on Hillary.......

Spending half a trillion...

People who could have been worse than **

LOL LOL Freepers are thanking Jimmy Carter!!


the release of randi's book has been pushed back 6 months

XM question re: Mike Malloy: Does anyone know if he goes live in Jan?

South Bay sea mammals are hit hard by pounding waves

Christian Wire Service: "Christmas Wars CONTINUE in Public Schools!!!"

It seems the letter I wrote today with your help worked!!!

Knowing what you know now; caption this * & Daschle pic...

Bob Novak: I Had Better Sources Than Bush On Iraq

A question about Bush and Wiretapping

My pal;s radio show

Dems MUST tie "Culture of Corruption" to core GOP beliefs

CNN is bringing out the shark atack stories again.......

Funny bit on the McLAUGHLIN GROUP

The Bush Administration appears to be operating a secret shadow government

I just introduced a Conservative friend to Rummy and the bird flu

Martin Bashir: Yecch!

Wiretapping court cases

This makes a great & very unique present for someone

Oops, a dupe. Don't know what happened but self-delete

Iraq: "...conditions for Christians there have worsened"

Taking Christmas Back -- A reply

Resign or Impeach!

EXPERTS: Damage to NSA Reputation May Be Irreversible

NSA eavesdropping wider than Bush admitted

22 CIA agents wanted in Europe - Arrest warrants issued

UMass Mao library book story is a hoax

Kucinich endorses Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund

NYTimes: NSA domestic spying much broader than White House said

Alito defended domestic spying in '84 memo

just seen on French National TV : "George The Pious now Felon"

NYC probes theft, sale of corpses' body parts

The Outrageous Silence of George W. Bush:By Teresa Heinz Kerry

Bin Laden niece wants to be liked, does racy GQ spread

The fate of drugs in wastewater

NYT EDIT: ALITO's Invitation To DENY People Their Constitutional Rights

Federal agents' visit was a hoax

Since we're being surveilled, why not, during Bush's State of the Union

And what ABOUT the telecommunication Co.s that played along in Spygate?

Crossing the Rubicon = Treason

Cripes, can't they just jail this sicko?

Hey, freetraders, explain to me again how outsourcing my spinning

NYT: NSA Spying BROADER Than Bush Admitted


rumsfeld gives xmas talk to troops he sent to die in vain, how nice

Paul Orgel on C-SPAN does a commendable job.

It's time for Congress to take back it's power from Executive Branch..

An Observation On The War On Terror

Anyone watch

Feds nab 4 in theft of 400 lbs. of explosives

Remember "What if Spartacus had a Piper Cub?"

Another picture that screams "Freeper!"

"Christmas in the Workhouse"

If you hear it, and it comes from a reputable source, and you have

My fellow Americans

CBS whorrespondent Mark Knosher's to have "exclusive" Laura Bush

Wal Mart must pay $172 million for denying employees meal breaks

Oops. Got a "didn't go through" message.

How much did the other newspapers/media know, and when did they know it?

Keep Rumsfeld in Iraq, Bring Troops Home

Granny D's NEW ENGLAND REFORM SCHOOL - on-line classes

Fraud taints (Massachusetts) anti-gay / anti-civil rights measure

MSNBC has military apologist to defuse "Data Mining" fears

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld - Guilty of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

Boy Scout Gets Knife Lodged In Brain

An easy way to help America's poor stay warm this winter? Buy Citgo gas.

NYC transit strike: Did Toussaint screw up or was he betrayed?

In Vietnam we were engaged in combat with the 4th largest army in the worl

15 days, not 72 hours, to gain FISA warrant - Biden

Well, expect a right wing assault on Conyers over this.

Bush to face tough questions over Patriot Act, spy orders & the "I" word.

To people who hate high taxes,

Why Are Right Wingers So Stupid?

It's Christmas Eve

"Spying broader than admissions"

Bush tells us we ought to keep more of our money.

Some travelers taking fliers on Tijuana

No Chyld Left Behynd has mayde me smert

group denies claim for sheep kill

Camp Casey alums! Buy yourself a Christmas gift!!

Hole in Bush excuse:Information obtained illegally can't be used in court

Bush and Wiretaps: Congress, Citizens, This Means War

Wisconsin LTTE: Impeach Bush over NSA spying order

Nasty piece of goods named Lofton on Washington Journal debating

LAT: Story behind one skid row death (holes in US medical system)

A Christmas Prayer for the Republican Jesus

Well this sums up alot about the holidays

How does one go about finding if the government has a file on you?

RNC's war on Christmas


Someone gave * a book for Holiday! ->

Double Rebuke for Bush as Judges Attack Terror Moves

San Francisco IMPEACH freeway blogging-posted last night - one of many

NSA-CIA Special Collection Service

Rumsfeld in Iraq

Oct 2001, WaPo: after 9.11 -White House wanted to run US without congress

Night Before Christmas (parody) - re: O'Reilly, et al.

Iraq Troop Reductions: The Numbers Tell a Different Story

Remember Poindexter/The Pentagon and Total Information Awareness Program

How Close Are You To Your Government

Judge "lets" man change name to Jesus Christ

What do Freepers think the role of government should be

Action needed: SSA Proposes Raising Age Levels For Evaluating Disability

he knows when you've been sleeping, he knows when you're awake,

Daily Fascist

What does it mean to you to believe in god?

I just saw a real Christian on c-span...James Winkler...

Question regarding the national debt.

Bush, YOU do not FOOL us. YOUR lies do not fool us. YOUR propaganda does

Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report

I thought they searched everyone that entered a jail cell;

Troop Reduction Spin Distracts From Escalating Bombings of Civilians

Free Impeachment banner for your blog

So why is it...

Would you debate a right-winger on television?

CIA’s Goss Reportedly Warned Ankara Of Iranian Threat

Are we still a free country?

Domestic Spying & Incident of Intimidation of Military Families

"The Only Thing we have to Fear, is Fear Itself"

Has anyone been following the comic thread about Arnold executing Santa?

Taxes: "I want to give you back YOUR money." OK so whose DEBT is it?

What causes inflation?

Craig ferguson's: Is Bush Drinking? comedy skit

It's worse than we thought: wishing "Merry Christmas" is NOT ALLOWED

FYI - Federal government wiretaps do not cause clicks on your line!

Recruitment aid - say you are "pulling out"

Happy Holidays DU!

sales of new homes plunges - 12 yr. low

Warrentless surveillance plus no Habeus Corpus

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, the White House Gave to Me...

Hypocritical GOP/RNC cry "War on Christmas" & push to protect Xmas symbols

If ONE Senator can pass legislation then WHY - oh WHY….

First Lady Addresses White House Leaking

I know who stole Christmas!!@

"Whensoever the general government assumes undelegated power"

Note to members of Congress: before you finalize the Patriot Act

We didn't revolt in 1776 because everyone had been Victimized

Okla. Woman Has 14-Pound, 3-Ounce Baby...WOW!

Republican Government employees. Hypocrites of the year.

Does Bin Laden actually exist?

Should oil execs who pushed for Iraq War be tried as war criminals?

"Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas"????? ( from RNC)

I work for a telecommunications company

**Now** Jeb Bush worries about FEMA overpaying Fla residents??

Civil Liberties/Civil Rights

LOL !!! - Is Bush Drinking Again ??? (Video)

Sung to the tune of "Crying" by Roy Orbison

GOP Blocks Action on Senate Intelligence Authorization Bill

HELP! Web site issue

Documentary "Off to War" is playing all day in Discovery Channel

The Philosophy of Liberty

A word about the geiger counter spies at your places of worship.

For merh and all the Katrina victims forgotten by BushCo

OH Fish ALL Christmas/Holiday/whatever thread link

Action alert: Make this Christmas request of CA residents

Teacher Debunks Santa Claus In Front Of Seven Year Olds

Bush bashing part of Berkeley holiday spirit

The Grinch is a republican n.t

Smoking!! Ex-Powell Aide says Powell the "only sane" person in W's admin

FISA...why Bushit is wrong!

BREAKING: DNN: Bush authorized CIA to tap Santa's List

Could Anti-Semitism in France be caused by RW'ers?

IMF approves $685 million loan for Iraq

Do you know Mike Papantonio has DU as one of his favorite sites

No Joy in Baghdad This Christmas

LOL Why dubya has so few press conferences

In the spirit of Democratic caring, Gov. Dean notes two worthy groups.

Powell aide gives the Administration a broadside.

How Many Has Bush Jr. Pardoned So Far?

And as Tiny Tim said: "God bless us, every one!"

We "might" be overlooking someone during this holiday

What in hell does one give George Bush for Xmas?

"My Pet Goat" reviews at Amazon

Suppose You're Living In A Full-Blown Facist State

Where does Rush stand on this whole PATRIOT/privacy thing?

Let's coin a term (ala "security moms") but for Civil Liberties

I heard Bev Harris in an interview about Diebold the other day

Rumsfeld Serves Dinner to Troops in Iraq (Vomit Alert!)

...And I bet he has cable

George W. Bush's Pathological Attack on America: Part 1

A question about telemarketing...

My Fox news watching son in-law doesn't understand all the hubbub...

Barron's: Investigate a possible impeachable offense

Help me compile: top ten articles to give your Republican friends.

Caption Rummy

Happy Holidays from the Clinton family!

John Conyers: Latest Impeachment Results; My Nation Op-ed

Holy Freakin Crap! Even the Aryans want Bush Impeached

George and Dick, you are so through.

Impeachment Breakthrough

Can the government really monitor everything I email?

'THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS " by Clement Clarke Moore

Which issue will best motivate our base, and ensure victory in 2006?

New Orleans Set To Demolish 2,500 Homes (homeowners may/may not know)

Ann Coulter is nuts, example #32 bazillion

The Party's Over for George W. Bush


Has anyone had a disrupter lie about your post (prev edit?)

Sail, sail thy best, ship of Democracy,

So what's the plan for Chalabi now that he was blown out in the glorious

Congress doesn't take control because they don't want responsibility

I don't care WHAT officials say, stealing 400 lbs. of explosives


George Carlin's take on people like DeLay (hilariously true!)

Trying to find that you know your a Republican......if post.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Little Red Book story a HOAX

State (CA) Threatens To Pull Plug On Vote Machine Firm - SF Chronicle

"the worst thing to happen legislatively in my history as a civil rights

India having problems with outsoucing

Fox News host tied to white supremacist group, anti-King site (Snow)

I used to love holidays and weekends

The War on Terror is OVER. We WON.

The First Intention Read at Mass tonight was for bush!

A warning to george bush from Marley's ghost...

man, what a fucked up christmas bush has given us

Merry Christmas (or whatever) to all you godless democrats

We can all enjoy peace this holiday season by thinking of 05 progress

Dog, cat food recalled over deadly fungus risk 12-24-2005 posting

Poacher used to work for Abramoff, Conrad Burns, FL Recount riot team

'Lethal Document' That Could Lead To Bush Impeachment Next Year

Don't A Lot Of People Commit Suicide On Christmas Eve?

I Don't Think This Is Cute Anymore - NORAD Tracks Santa for 50th Christmas

clicks on my phone. this is so funny. talking to repug who starting

Anyone have link to Ahnold in Rio video?

Power of Mischief- Spattered Remains of Precious Meal From A Pigs Trough

Season's Greetings to all...

My Angolan Fam. Member Jailed as Suspected Terrorist – Pat. Act Hits Home

I am sorry, but we are NOT a fascist nation.

So, which of us have gotten pulled out of line while flying?

Sold: Three-bedroom colonial, one acre, the real Uncle Tom's cabin

Rock and Roll Belongs To Leftwing Liberals!

Iran Hails 'First Islamist Arab State': Iraq

Cindy Sheehan - Language of the Heart

has anyone seen the documentary "the god who wasn't there"?

BookTV December 24 - 27 2005

I'm Confused. Are there two Conyers?

Bush Convicts Himself of Lying -- his own words...

Veterans, their widows often unaware of pensions

Top 12 media myths on the Bush admin Spy Scandal (from MediaMatters)

Corporate America May Be in Big Trouble

Prove to me that guns stop crime.

Letter From a Military Mom: Spying and Intimidation of Military Families


What do you do to prepare a rib roast?

Beef stock - do you have a favorite?

Christmas Eve dinner's 'in the can'! Hallelujah!

Breaking: U.S. and British Kings may share the same name:

Bush pardons moonshiners, bank robber

Ohio congressman says he'll be cleared in probe (Rep. Bob Ney)

Spanish radio's apology ends row over spoof call

NYT: NSA Spying Broader Than Bush Admitted

Parties Set Stage for Another Turbulent Year in Congress

Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report

It seems the letter I wrote today with your help worked!!!

Road builder fined for using minority fronts

Fox News host tied to white supremacist group, anti-King site (Tony Snow)

Bin Laden niece appears in racy photos

Kindness cloaked scheme to steal votes on border

NSA spy program broader than Bush admitted

Last victim of war's injustice

Holocaust victim 'avengers' reunite on television broadcast

Di Canio (soccer player) 'fascist but not racist'

Free clinics popping up to serve millions of uninsured

Triumphant Iraq Shi'ites dismiss vote fraud claims

Alito Urged Wiretap Immunity

Civilian toll from U.S. airstrikes hard to gauge

McCain's plan for King Day speech worries S.C. blacks

Some travelers taking fliers on Tijuana

US wants Egypt politician freed

President Grants Pardons To 11 (Hoiday weekend news dump)

Enron Defendant Discusses Plea Deal

Breaking: NYT: NSA Spying Broader Than Bush Admitted

Watchdog report: Closer look at wife's income (Doolittle, Ca-R)

Hagan drops lawsuit accusing Taft, GOP leaders of corruption

US Soldier Killed in North Iraq (RPG in Hawija)

NYT: Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report (Snoopgate)

Oregon adopts Calif.-based (environmental) rules

Moscow Offers to Move Iranian Enrichment

Psychiatrist implicated in Nazi crimes dies aged 90

Bin Laden deputy praises Taleban

Blair to stand down next year if Labour fails to back reforms, say aides

Iraqi court disqualifies prominent Sunni candidates

GAO: Data too fuzzy to measure drug war

Military Confirms Surge in Airstrikes

4 US soldiers killed in western Iraq

Rumsfeld Tells Troops They'll Win Iraq War

Probe of lobbyist ties Pombo to web of Indian money

Congressman's wife in barroom altercation (Conyers)

Eighteen Iraqis die in series of attacks

FEMA Slows Search for Kids From Katrina (Washington Post)

Santorum Breaks With Christian-Rights Law Center (AP)

Federal agents' visit was a hoax

Gift rift: Evangelicals split over plan to ban presents

Does the vodka in Screwdriver kill the vitamin C in the OJ?

What movie shall I see this week-end?

I have got the SCOOP on Hillary.......

Don't Look At This If You Hate Sexy Men

What did you miss? Top 10 films of 2005 (Non new-release division)

A Visit From St. George, Alas

How's this for STUPID?

Crazy Guggenheim has to step out for a few minutes, im taking his place

Calgary/Vancouver - now THAT was a fucking hockey game!

Sex In The City....I don't get the attraction

I'm baking Fudge Pie! Here's the recipe...

take the XMas gullibility test....

Good night lounge!

Award Winning Holiday Light display.

The Lounge is getting sloppy!

What color hair do you prefer for a potential mate?


Merry Christmas little children. Santa's here to see you.


Did anybody wish Wesley Clark

the kids should be asleep by now, time for a sex thread

Ok... we are in trouble

Talk about rushing the seasons!

Rude Santa! LOL.

Don't look at this if you hate sexy women.

Good night.

Happy Arbor Day everybody!!!!!!!

I've made it all the way through Christmas Eve

Make O'Reilly's head spin.

Does anyone remember the Master Shake threads a couple of weeks ago?

My freeper cat's proof that Steven's dad is a terrorist

Stop arguing about christmas

It's Christmas Eve now. I don't wish you happiness my fellow DU'ers.

Ferris Bueller Should Be Euthanized to Protect Popular Culture

This is hilarious!

Jesus is coming back to send all you sinners straight to Hell!

It's not only Christmas, but it's my 15th anniversary!

Holiday Greetings to all at DU! Here's a Chuckle...


Christmas Eve and 50 DEGREES Today in Boston!

Bill Brasky is a son of a bitch!

I want to wish you all HAPPY/MERRY whatever it is you celebrate or

why am i up sooooo early?

Question: Repairing a ring, Solder or Superglue?

Is Call Me Wesley on today?

Help me please. I need an intervention.

Global Warming Killed Christmas

The Brazilian Joke is fo' suckaz

Have you been naughty... or nice?

My name is America. You killed my Democracy.Prepare to die.


The Rapture Pool - When?

Dr Who question....

Bonus Anyone?

The Washington Post's Mensa Invitational

Happy Holidays, one and all...


Thomas Hardy's "The Oxen"

MAKE IT STOP!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!! Turn off the music PLEASE turn

Feral Cats Should Be Euthanized to Protect Wildlife

What brings you joy this holiday season?

Sushi.. I'm addicted.

ok, just a few more hours and then time to START shopping

I'm through with politics until Monday,December 26.

"12 Days of Christmas" is a dirty song

Trying to think of a last-minute gift for my dad-any ideas?

A Law & Order Poll!

So I hear there's a joke about a Brazilian?

World Baseball Classic...I hate to admit it but I'm looking forward to it.

Last-minute gift ideas for last-minute shoppers

Everyone, say Happy Birthday to my wife.

got to get busy, cake to bake and rolls to mix up for

The song 'Deck the Halls' promotes the homosexual lifestyle!

The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from King's College

This morning, I learned that cola doesn't keep.

Dubya the Brown Nosed President

Boy Scout Gets Knife Lodged In Brain

Merry effing christmas, just got a mailbox full of medical bills

What's your Christmas Eve mood?

I think were in trouble...

Pictures of very patient kitties!

Khaska is in meltdown here.

An Eggnog/Peach ice cream shake

Mmmmm marzipan!

I've said F#CK! more times in the last 20 minutes

Does anyone remember the masturbation threads a few weeks ago?

blatant violation of khashka rule #2

Sold: Three-bedroom colonial, one acre, the real Uncle Tom's cabin

Looking for a desktop calendar

An early Christmas present for D.U....enjoy!

Cute alert

progmom on the air - post your jazz requests here

I smell like my Grandma . . .


waiting for the Xmas knitting to dry...yawn

Mmmmm Marzipan!

We are in meltdown here...

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, the White House Gave to Me...

Stray wild cat has kittens in my crawl space opening.

who's having fish and spagetti today? Italian DUers check in!

What a depressing day . . .

Important Holiday Gift Information

A classic Christmas Carol

Have you seen this?

My Christmas Card to the Lounge: My church on Christmas Eve

Guys - need some practice eating out...?

How many elve's does Santa have?

Does anybody know what happened to jpgray?

One very cat-nipped cat

Mmmmm..... eggnog ice cream!

Still Christmas Shopping? Please be nice to the clerk.

An important pharmaceutical breakthrough that many should consider.

Can you bring a dessert? One without sugar would be great.

***Woo-Hoo... 36 Hour Christmas Music Marathon!!***

Dad, do you remember when I was a German Shepherd?

Which poster looks better?

"My Pet Goat" reviews at Amazon

This is the only day of the year I can stand Celine Dion

3 presents left to wrap, whos coming over to do it?

Silver Bells

My AT&T ISP debit

"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night"- Dylan Thomas

Wow - Wolf Creek looks like it's going to be an excellent first-date movie

Not TODAY Giant Fans

A Christmas Joke

Billy and I shoot some Mistletoe

wish me luck

can someone tell me why ipod software sucks so bad???

Feel good story: Anonymous shopper pays for Marine's engagement ring

I'm off to play Santa... advice welcome

WAR on Christmas: X-mas Tree victim of drive by shooting

Merry Christmas!!! It's Charlize Theron and an Apple Bong

Happy Holidays DU Military Families...

Peet's coffee in your area is giving away their drip coffee.

Santa is a lucky sonofabitch.

Funny websites. Look at this one!!

SANTA PINUP! (Not the Brazilian joke).

why am I working tonight? I have little kids.


Saturday morning earworm.

So hey, we realized we never decorated the tree.

I buried a man on Christmas Eve

Ever seen "A Very Brady Christmas"?

Serving birthday cake on Christmas: Where did this come from?

I am moody. So I think I will try to

NORAD-Santa over Paris.

Comes a time when the blind man takes your hand

I truly loathe people that just... can't.... stop talking. They just keep

Happy Holidays to all the children.


A Christian question from a BuJew?

What commercial makes you go--Awwwww......?

stoopid stationery!

Should I sue? Those aluminum baking cups do not work.


Season's Greetings from Yoda, to DU

And now, a Christmas carol for everybody at DU:


Oh my GOD this store is jammed (hi from the Apple Store in Chicago)


Bah, Humbug! A Possum in The Christmas Tree Too You!

Wishing my Lounge Buds all the best for the Holiday

Dec. 24, 1:51 p.m., 73 degrees

Cookies.... Shrimp.... Tenderloin.....

What Should I get a Straight Male in his early 30's

Who else was born on

On the first day of Christmas my president gave to me

Should I begin an illicit internet affair with Crazy Guggenheim?


Good Saturday Morning, Everyone!

When is the last time a really GOOD new Christmas song was written?

Diet be damned. I'm gorging myself on sweets!

ROFLMAO. This one is seriously funny.

why does asparagus make your pee smell funny?

An instrumental version of the 12 days of Christmas....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/24/05)

Twas the night before Christmas,

Happy Holidays everyone!

Matcom's HOLIDAY MESSAGE For My DU Family! (AUDIO)

Is anyone eating Lutefisk tonight?

For merh and all the Katrina victims forgotten by BushCo

Right. I'm off. Almost.

Shopper Pays for Marine's Engagement Ring

for my aunt Dorothy, who passed away yesterday

a different kind of Christmas Song

A Jon Stewart shaped Xmas present for y'all

Holiday thread: post your favorite childhood toys here!

Christmas Weekend on Radio Enigma

We had to put our 19 yr old cat to rest this morning...

what are you cooking this christmas eve?

My iPod saga continued

It's My 18th Birthday! Ya-Hoooooo!

Extemporaneous Screenplay Time - Add a Line

I'm learning to play chess!

The Yak Before Christmas (A Modified Repost)

Andrew WK - A gateway band. M.A.N.

What kind of car should my mom get?

Christmas Eve Post Your Picture Thread

free association word thread

Could God be a Dimension?

What about pets?

What percentage of DUers classify themselves as "atheist?"

A question for atheists

What does it mean to you to believe in god?

Sickle cell, clinical trials at NIH, calling L-Arginine a "drug".

Didgeridoo linked to sleep apnoea cure

Web forum aims to connect those with interest in Great Lakes

12/24/1968 - the best Christmas present ever

Student, target of anti-gay harassment in KS school, wins $440K settlement

Elton's A Knight -- What Do We Call His Partner?

Adoption laws driving gay couple from Arizona

Di Canio (soccer player) 'fascist but not racist'

Dog, cat food recalled over deadly fungus risk 12-24-2005 DU-GD-link

(Insert your name for this holiday here) greetings to my fellow Moon-bats!

Romney is a question mark

My admiration overfloweth!

Anyone heard of Eleanor Clift?

Not serious thread: How are the Holidays going

Inspired by europegirl4jk....Vektor's Movie Debut.

On getting tough

Kerry and Conyers to be on AAR on Sunday 12/25 2 pm EST

Born to Kvetch

Merry Christmas

"I DON'T CARE" - says: Senator Russ Feingold

Do you know about the Graham-Levin-Kyl amendment? Torture legal on

HOLY MOLY! In Kerry's own words: The Diebold Machines CAN BE HACKED!

Able Danger didn't rely on domestic spying, yet foresaw 9/11!

Good Christmas Eve Morn, DU. Here is a story circa Early Christian times.

Then and now. Domestic Spying, Atta & 9/11 vs. NSA & activist groups!

Bush Lottery

You, Too, Can Be a TV Pundit!

Not being asked enough!

It's Not Even About Bush Anymore - It's About Saving Our Country .....

Bush and Wiretaps: Congress, Citizens, This Means War

Murtha is a cat lover!

24 December - another red letter day in GOP History

Supporting a (Dangerous) War Time President

The Rebels....Greider's case that it might be good for the party overall.

Hole in Bush excuse:Information obtained illegally can't be used in court Campaign Launched in Response to New House Legislation

As challenges to evolution mount, museums train guides to respond

60+ "Out of Iraq" forums January 7

Bob Novak admits there never were WMD's.

A Lone G.O.P. Senator, Unknown, Holds Up an Intelligence Bill

Ohio bill "brings us frighteningly close to a show me your papers society"

How many citizens did the WH actually spy on?

My thoughts on Impeachment! Focus on the WAR!!!

the English people must be asleep or distracted. warning!

U.S. Dist. Judge Full Of Hate Richard J. Leon said NO cheaper prices

Wilkerson (former aide to Powell) still unloading on the Bush cabal

Freep-hole smackdown on HuffPo that'll make you feel warm all over

Lone G.O.P. Senator, Unknown, Holds Up an Intelligence Bill/NYT's

1st Century Christian martyrs: slaughtered by lions. 21st Century...

Fed Judge: Govt can target US citizens returning from religious conference

NYT: Spy operation larger than WH said (telecomm network backdoor access)

Barron's mag: Congress should consider impeaching Bush

Why did Bush need to sidestep the super secret FISC process?

IMPEACHMENT BREAKTHROUGH - comprehensive summary of great things happening

"My Pet Goat" reviews at Amazon

Nice, safe & warm at Camp David, d**kless wonder calls the troops

Where is the brave judge that will subpoena spy records ??

Neil Lisst political cartoon - after Katrina, time for a break

Help me understand this spying issue better.......

Chomsky interview

To The Religious Right: Merry Christmas!

Does anyone know the last time Bush mingled with "the people"?

So Is Bush Now Officially a Lame Duck?

Will the Ohio Gov. sign and become a political dead man?

Liberals: making our lives and our stocks less safe?

A talking point for every single Democrat especially our Leaders

Is there anyway to override a Presidential Pardon?

Parties Set Stage for Another Turbulent Year in Congress

Mitchell, Fineman portrayed bipartisan opposition to Bush as Democratic

Great cartoon from Jen Sorensen

Bush's actions are illegal and Alito's defense of same is inexcusable

Is wishing you guys Merry Christmas on Christmas Eve

Support of Impeachment

Why impeachment may happen before the 2006 House races

CALLING theCOPS ON Diebold in CA: "Scoop" Independent Media

Diebold problems in Ohio? Yep.. In Florida? Yep.. --BUT ALASKA !?!?

McCain=Bush* shell game! TORTURE to be legalized on MONDAY!?

I Will Stand In Support of Hillary Clinton.