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Archives: December 26, 2005

Taps, lies and presidential snoops Bush's eavesdropping fibs catch up with

"It's A Wonderful Life"--revisited

Sandra Dee, Gidget Doesn't Live Here Anymore! NYT's FEATURE Story!

Impeaching Presidents and Messengers: Bush, The NY Times & the Patriot Act

Q&A: Europe's Galileo project

Truth Alliance Meeting in San Fran, January 5?

Ray McGovern, July 22nd, 2005

How to Count Thousands of Paper Ballots by Hand

At least my nephews know how I think

Free advertising from Freeptard at the NY Mets forum!

An interesting revelation RE new fiber optic lines in Dallas

Merry Christmas... 2 U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad

Rumsfeld doubts Osama in position to command al-Qaeda

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST (Live)

10 of the top stories of 2005

The FESTIVUS for the REST OF US ! ....

HEY! Sandra Dee wasn't a "Sports Star" but her life Deserves Recognition!

Matt PUDGE Is Claiming He Warned the World abt the Tsunami

As Christmas 2005 comes to a close...

Christians vs Torture....Jan 13-15 conference at Princeton

WTF! I've tried 3 times to log onto Air America Radio, and NOTHING!

When the RW demonizes the word "Progressive" what will you call yourself

DU newbie offering constructive criticism of Cindy and the word "liberal"

Russia deploys new nuclear missiles

Sounds Like Karel Is Live On KGO Tonight

A Beary Christmas to all of DU

Does George Bush Have Nightmares? --->>>

Interesting quotes about money

proposal for MSM New Year's Resolution: BE HONEST, BE TRUTHFUL, BE FACT

I can say one think about w bush*

Is Santa a conservative because he wears Red?

Did others find something from in your stocking?

1984 Plus One Score 1 (PIC heavy) - - - - -> - - - - ->

Media Matters excellent research debunking the media's excuses re: Spying

CAPTION...............Powell loves Dubya!

Bizarre Crime at Sikh Temple in Bakersfield

Amazing Peace: A Christmas Poem by Maya Angelou

Condoleeza Rice HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NSA!!!!!!

Al Gore won the 2000 election

George W Bush war crimes

United for Peace and Justice's statement on why they dropped ANSWER

Miller Lite commercial tonight - Christmas wars? Toast to our side/reason?

"If a dictator ever took over" the NSA could impose total tyranny

So what political label do you use to describe yourself ?

AOL poll needs du love.

Dear Gov. Dean -- It’s no longer baseball …

Parties counting pennies

Catholic patriarch calls for dismantling of Israel's security wall

Lawsuit claims Florida personnel data was sent overseas to save money

Effort to speed executions stalls in Senate

'Mother of All Bombs' Designer Dies at 67

WP: Scholar Stands by Earlier Writings Sanctioning Torture, Eavesdropping

US eyes big Pakistan, India arms sales

Top commander admits Iraqis want US out 'as soon as possible'

For Agency's `Rendering' Teams, A Lavish Overseas Lifestyle

Happy Happy Hannukah to all our Hannukah celebrating sisters and brothers!

The FESTIVUS for the REST OF US ! ....

"Empire of Dreams" on A & E

Which tapestry should I get? POLL

"Twas the Day After Christmas..."

Jewish home cooking. It ain't diet food

Just when you thought you've heard every Christmas song...

Edit: Let's let it go.

Let's Have Festivus In The Lounge

I have a question about the ABC show "Lost"...???

Only 364 shopping days left until Christmas!

The Parents have Voted - "George" as a name is becoming less popular

I'm finding this very upsetting

Oh damn ... I just burnt my bagel!

Send me your christmas cheer!!!

This tin of fudge I bought for my friend is in serious danger

I had a wonderful Christmas...

I just received the most hilarious mp3 ever....

"I hope you get everything you wanted and nothing you needed." - source?

Xmas at evlbstrd's (pics)

I think I ate too much .......

My fellow won't believe this:


a little down tonight...

Anyone seen "Munich"?

Lot of us jabbering here on DU.

All your camera are belong to us (pic)


Instead of prime rib, I accidentally roasted a human boy child for supper.

Flame War about to begin

Saw King King --a few thoughts. Like why does the black guy always die.

I Got the BEST Present EVER

When homosexuals convert heteros, we get toasters...

So who got Sudoku puzzles


There is a guy selling bootleg DVD's where I work

it is a quiet night here in the neighborhood tonight.

Ho-ho-HO! Jolly man on Channel 23 (cable) TV this morning! (PHOTO)

I just saw "Fun with Dick & Jane"................ LOL!

My BESTEST Christmas Present was book of "GET FUZZY" CARTOONS!

My Brothers 6 Viszla's. (Hungarian hunting dogs)


I Put a Lump of Coal in My Stepson's Stocking

Happy Christ's birthday,

AIDS expert has theory on vaccine's delay

That's the NFC North Champion Chicago Bears ™

Need Spiritual Help Re My Cat

Wanted to share: Motherpeace Tarot with you ...

Activists to Place Toy Soldiers Under Christmas Trees in front of W.H.

(Snark Warning) NORAD can "track Santa" but not track & scramble on 9/11?

US Labor Against War

Cindy Sheehan... is she helping us?

Should people be able to beat up Bill O'Reilly with falafals?

When will we begin walking the walk?

Soldier loses an eye, gets sent back to Iraq

Dyckman: Innocent deserve more (re: DNA evidence)

I Believe Only In The Power Of The People by Evo Morales

Frankincense In Aisle Five!

Analysis: U.S. Preparing for Iraq Exit

WP: U.S. Seeks To Escape Brutal Cycle In Iraqi City, 3rd Try at Pullout

Lease: This call may be monitored

Lazarus: Big Payoff in CEO's Stockings

Bloggers, Money Now Weapons in Information War, U.S. Recruits Advocates

NSA and Domestic spying? It happened in Mississippi not so long ago

Why Times Ran Wiretap Story, Defying Bush

Novak: Control of Senate may hinge on Lott

Padilla case weaves web of risks for government (Miami Herald)

And To All, A Good Night: A Contemporary Christmas Tale (funny!)

Congress petitioned for return of Geronimo's remains

The NYT vs. The Civil Society

Study: More than half of East Baton Rouge residents aided evacuees

Christmas in New Orleans: Santa Drove a Bulldozer

MSNBC: Spying, the Constitution ---- and the I-word (Impeachment)

Silent nights on the Gulf Coast (NYT/IHT)

Recent events reignite debate over value, limits of propaganda

Cuban Revolution: 47, USA: 0

Senator Voldemort (Ted Stevens)

George W. Bush's Pathological Attack on America: Part I (Mel Seesholtz)

Tennessean - Bush "...has only himself to blame" for Patriot Act failures

New York City transit strike was quashed by the unions

Bitter Debate Over 'Birthright Citizenship'

"Diversity of Everything but Ideas" Davenport

It's no game/Unsportsmanlike conduct on the Baseball Classic(By Bush)

Security Watch: Congress loves identity thieves

Rice's image shines amid White House clouds

Will We Have Enough Oil And Natural Gas?

Oil shale may be fool's gold

Gaza gunmen turned back at Rafah

Israel leaning to permit east J'lem vote

Military sources: Abbas at political low point

Inappropriate behavior for Jews

Does Israel have a Hamas of its own?

Ministry releases tenders for building 228 houses in W. Bank

Israel's Sharon, Back After Stroke, to Have Heart Procedure

Tampa Millionaire Spends Millions To Prove 9/11 Was Inside Job

911 - American "Gunpowder Plot"

Why conspiracy theorists do not use these photos ...

Basic Demolition Question

Dem candidate for Ohio S.O.S. claims Diebold, Sequoia, &ESS stole election

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News MONDAY, 12/26/05

PA Gets a Big Lump of Coal from Harrisburg for Christmas

PA: Monroe won't pay for voting machines

OC Register: Gilchrist keeps options open; state seat sized up

OC Register: Paper ballots

I just came up with this one...

Deval Patrick Visits Attleboro - January 5th, 2006 - City Library - 7PM

A fantastic open source cross-platform media player

Anyone ever hear of nok nok

Okay, I've got a cd burner that I need to install (questions and photo)

Setting up a wireless network...

Our New Chairman Of The Ohio Democratic Party, Chris Redfern

Bomb blast at Madison ramp

((((((((((((((((((((Happy Boxing Day!))))))))))))))))))))

latest from "treasure of baghdad" most excellent trip to the usa

Vietnam to drop ( Gary )Glitter child rape charge-lawyer

Clinton's Lighter Side Available on DVD

Republican 12 Days of Christmas

AP: Politician's wife scrutinized for her commission earnings

I'm calling on you DU---Goddammit let's do something !!

strib: Sputtering trucks lead state to lift fuel rule

Flashback: Amnesty report on Iraq the year before the attack (2002).

Hello, Mainstream Media? Here are some items for a slow news day.

Lawyer demands probe into Saddam torture claim

"the government will not let them build more gas refineries"

Judge Rules Against Slain Soldier's Family

Washington Report

Corporations are immortal

Slasher-Santa Display for Sale (Commercialization of Christmas)

It is already December 26 in the East Coast

Bush Tried to Kill Post CIA Prison Story

The National Security Agency Declassified...

The year when an outpouring of charity trumped the immorality of a billion

At the U.S. Border, Love Knows No Boundary

What two things would you do to change the country?

Analysis: Rice Sees Political Star on Rise

Christmas will be be canceled until America actually acts like Christians

Merry christmas to GWB and all the fine republicans who made

I am PISSED at these bush* sorry sons of bastards

Does W have the odor of flop sweat about him?

bush's bizarre body language, what does it tell us?

4 out of 6 LTTE's in Kentucky say IMPEACH the bastard!

Outcry Returns Menorah to California Mall

Impeachment is being mentioned each day with greater force

"Rice not readying herself to be Pres but getting ready to be McCain's VP

We can no longer risk our values, our history and our liberty.

Will call it for the sake of National Security

Elliott Spitzer Investigating Music Industry MP3 Price Fixing

White House lends a hand to Anna Nicole - * takes side of Playboy playmate

Watched "Wag the Dog" again...

Top US General: Iraqis Want US Out

Is America moral enough to just glass them Ay Rabs?????

Worth a re-run, for those who missed it

AP: In Las Vegas, people are being rolled out

Troop levels could decrease OR increase?

At what point does spying and security become wrong?

Was Jesus a "liberal" or a "conservative"? And why do you say that?

Man Jailed for Over a Year With No Lawyer

Did Adam have a navel?

US has never been less admired in NATO Europe, nor president more despised

Check out the comments in this poll from Bradenton FL

SDSU study: Germs hitch ride in plane bathrooms

Feingold Fans -- Weigh in here. I LIKE this guy! What should I know?

Reminder; Thom Hartmann is LIVE today.

Once Again—How Does A Pro-Iranian Government in Iraq Make Me Safer?

Repuke uncle strikes again.

Did everyone email ur Reps/Senators about INVADING IRAN??

What I'd like to know about this...

I wished Merry Fitzmas to my relatives today and they thought I was Kooky

US Associations of Broadcasters, 50 States (links - very useful)

We want LBJ !!!

Gunmen kill Iraqi forces, bombs shake Baghdad

What happened to us ???

So just how pissed is chimp over this Beijing-Tehran oil deal?

Who is more Evil? Osama or Bush?

What will it take to wake up the youth of America (18-19-20-21 yr. olds)?

I'm looking out over my whole human family and raising my glass in a toast

The "filters" the government is claiming

Okay, my husband works for a company that just started doing business

How much did China make this Xmas? I notice there is not much made

Benburch is on Thom Hartmann now!

As evidenced by some new "friends," what a pathetic life freepers lead

should bush be worried or not?

The Nun Bun has been stolen from Bongo Java in Nashville.


Time to Wag The Dog? (Iran rumors)

want to call a scammer from the holidays?

Lott's Decision Could Hand Democrats Control

Can Bush survive 2006?

Larisa Alexandrovna on Ed Schultz Show

On Bush: It's Time to Say 'Enough'

Bush Shows Long Pattern of Contempt For Rule of Law

Overheads take up to 1/3 of tsunami funds

"This war did little to help us. We are worse now than before."

test the NSA email spying effort ...courtesy of Boing Boing

Benjamin Ferencz Nuremberg War Crimes Chief

"The Danger of American Fascism" by Henry A. Wallace

Aren't we due for a good old fashioned backlash, yet?

Wow! hippies destroyed america because they are selfish

Spy expert James Bamford: Bush's wiretapping is illegal.

Huffington Post : Justin Frank / What else don't we know?

News of Surveillance Is Awkward for Agency

Benjamin Ferencz website, audio, link.....

(FIORE) Get Smarter (about the NSA spying)

"Lewinsky and Kaczynski" email...

Frankincense In Aisle Five!

Will You Warmongering Bastards Make Up Your F**king Minds?!

Now that the gifts have been unwrapped and the leftovers shelved

When will the Iraq elections results be made known? Any info out there

Fox's Rick Folbaum - Wouldn't Most Americans Agree With The President...

Interview with Medialens: The Myth of the Liberal Media

955% increase in references to Bush's impending impeachment in just 26 day

Character Actor Vincent Schiavelli Dies

Have you heard? Trent Lott may not run in '06 and

Subpoena Power to the People

SpyGate or a Rove Indictment........

Millions More MAY Pay AMT for 2006

I somehow made it through Christmas without having to go to church.

I'm looking for a photo I saw on DU

What happened to the 1,000's of abuse photos

Iraqi court disqualifies prominent Sunni candidates

deleted by self.

Russia Brings New Nukes On-Line

Some People are Genuine & Thoughtful Conservatives (America needs them)

Battle for Fallujah - "Get in there and get down to business"

Those who don’t care about our constitution call us “unpatriotic"?

norton internet sec blocks DU as "sex education/advanced"

Here's something fun -- INSULT TIME!!!!

Great. My sister's fiance is a Bushite.

NSA abandons wondrous stuff

Christmas dinner: Did the 'I' word come up?

People we should realize that spying on terrorist sympathizers is needed

A call for all links on fascism


Here is my take on the Evolution/Creation issue..

What In Hell Is Wrong With Democrats - SOTU

Tell me that I am paranoid here - A chimp theocracy question.

"You've been indicted" will now be a text message....

Whitehouse Spying on E-Voter watch dog groups?

Who Believes This AP Story? Analysis: U.S. Preparing for Iraq Exit

Does anyone see the hypocrisy of Air America criticizing Wal-Mart

Help! My husband's 17-year-old nephew wants to join the Army

How EXACTLY do the FASCISTS tap our phones?

Bush ends his Camp David vacation today

"We cursed Saddam in his time, but NOW we are WORSE OFF."

Published Version of the Conyers Report

New angle to Abramoff scandal: He paid reporters for positive stories

Found this CHILLING Obit from 2018

Benjamin B. Ferencz and Henry King (Nuremberg prosecutors) on cspan now

AP: Bitter Debate Over 'Birthright Citizenship'

Update 3: NYC Authorities Probe Theft of Body Parts

*** Monday TOONS ***

Kucinich signs on to Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund

*: No time for warrants, plenty of time to defend Anna Nicole Smith!

Re NSA, Do I have this right?

Repug says FDR provoked Germany into attacking USA

declining church attendance

On Bush: It's Time to Say 'Enough'

Sen. Bond: Constitution gives president authority to protect us

Bush impeached or resigned?

yaaayyy we got away with murder!!! look at these shit eaters....

Stripes letter: "Thank you...for publishing...'War based on a lie'"

Love is all you need

Well color me a Satanist then...(long)

What people or group do today's Republicans remind you of the most?

AAR = Always Another Repeat

The Duke and Duchess of Crawford ---pix->>>

The Shame of the Nation

Dammit people!

Iraq: "We are worse now than before" (** Caution Graphic Pictures **)

Lori Price responds to rightwinger who says she will 'burn in hell'

Xmas Meet The Press (when they think No One's watching)

The New David Project: Horowitz Solicits for Campus Hit-Jobs

Silent Night

Well, here's a tasty bit of good news...

Broken Heart

Bush just loves fucking us over

If the Democrats take back the entire congress next year,

Is it still on ??? Jan,20 2006 @ the Big House ?

Court OKs Cell Phone Tracking Without Warrant (Can you hear me now...Good)

How exactly did Shrub get the NSA to spy for him (on the side) ?

Listen -Up...Benburch on Tom Hartman...NOW

Santa Hating Teacher Turns Out To Be Religious Rightwing Nutjob

Guns - I Just Don't Know What To Say

Question: Shouldn't Bolton be gone now?

Syriana - Deepak Chopra's comments (possible spoiler)

If you are worried about a US attack on Iran...

Mark Shields at CNN says baldly that the US is not a morally just nation!

How many in DNC, Congress, and Senate KNOW about machine fraud and

"2005? Oh yes, that was the year of the coup." (The Boston Globe)

College Conservatives crow about rightward shift on campus'

Homeland Spying - "Slam-dunk Proof" - Bush's Disregard for Law and Honesty

U.S. Opposes Litany of Global Treaties in 2005

ex-Nazi Pope calls for New World Order

Chef/cooking videos

What I I got for Christmas was...

Conser...oh wait, Liberal bigwig's racist blog post

Rumsfeld doubts Osama in position to command al-Qaeda

Q&A: Europe's Galileo project

Scholar Stands by Post-9/11 Writings On Torture, Eavesdropping(Yoo)

Americans Won't Hand Over Jails to Iraqis

Microsoft may face daily EU fine

Vietnam to drop ( Gary )Glitter child rape charge-lawyer

EU-wide warrant over 'CIA kidnap'

GOP looks to new leaders for help in '06 session

Five Killed in D.C. Apparent Murder-Suicide

Gunmen Kill Five Police at Iraq Checkpoint

WP: No Date Is Set for Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

Iraqi court bars 90 candidates from serving in Iraq's Parliament

N.H. Republicans drift from national party

Doc Makes Candid Comments on HIV Vaccine

Poll says U.S. majority believes in God (82% believe)

Pivotal Enron plea talks ongoing

Child molestation on FEMA ship alleged

Terrorism Drill Reveals Flaws in Response

Bush Pressed Papers to Kill Scoops on Domestic Spying, Secret Prisons

Tribes under increasing pressure in casino lobbying scandal

19 people killed in attacks in Iraq; 6 vehicle bombs explode in Baghdad

Israel's Sharon, Back After Stroke, to Have Heart Procedure

Overheads take up to 1/3 of tsunami funds

Gas capsules with timers found in Russian stores

When will the Iraq elections results be made known? Any info out there

Iran denies receiving Russian nuke offer

Rice's image shines amid White House clouds

Rivals Demonstrate Over Iraq Vote

Bitter Debate Over 'Birthright Citizenship'

At least 78 sickened by gas release in St. Petersburg stores - Russia

Iraq War Veteran to Become Action Figure

Performance Outweighs Lapses in Ethics for Many Ohio Voters

Pivotal Enron plea talks ongoing - potentially devastating witness

Montanans back Alito confirmation, poll shows

Innovations from a Robot Rally (DARPA) to take an unconventional approac

Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan Issues a Video of the Beheading of a Spy for US

Biden Gets Jump Start On Campaigning ("...Cheney...lied...")

Taliban Leader Threatens Suicide Attacks

Bush to spend holiday week at ranch

Lawmaker's stand-up routine pokes fun at president

US details Afghanistan withdrawal plan

NYT: Bush Confidante Finds Latest Role to Be Uphill Battle (Karen Hughes)

Bush Presses Editors on Security

Courts Criticize Judges' Handling of Asylum Cases

Freed German hostage says Iraq captors not criminals

Morales' Triumph Has Washington Concerned

Outsourcing boom creates worker shortage

Pope warns against tech advances

White House Aids Playboy Playmate in Court

Mom Fights Downloading Suit on Her Own

Check this out

need help identifying a Christmas song

Angelina Jolie is a terrible piano player

I Googled news stories for the phrase "Just asking for it"


What does it mean when...

Why Christmas seems so big when you're a child. (pic)




A question for medical doctors or Pharmacists (not looking for advice)


If you can't find your "cat " in a hurry, bury it yourself.


May I ask you a question?

Xmas in Detroit--The kids are totally out of control.

Wilco live anyone?

Duplicate: Spoor!

Who the H said Liberals AREN'T sexy....DAMMIT!!

Anyone drunk on Christmas?

How is the sanctity of everyone's marriage this holiday season?

Dude at a bar was complaining about gays who try to "recruit us"

No retail for me tomorrow

I want to apologize to you all who got no gifts from Santa this year

Next up: "The war on Lobster..."

so I googled "Barney"

BOA on scifi channel

is there anything else?

remember those corduroy Ocean Pacific shorts?

So I gooched Barney

So I ogled Barney

*sob* Only two of my friends had ANY comments on my pic thread...

OUUUUUCH! I just caught my hand between the rocks and a hard place!


Dumb question about the term wingnut.

just finished watching The Lord of the Rings


My mother gave me a wingnut book for Christmas!

Merry Chris Parnell does the Britney Spears Rap

Chris Parnell drops mad science on the Kirsten Dunst Rap

Dig on Chris Parnell with his Jennifer Garner Spy Rap

Bovine love-Man pleads guilty to molestering cows!

I always miss everybody!

OUUUUUCH! I just caught my ta-tas between my hand and the

That's one big hairy ass

Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

Cool! My mom gave me "The Complete Spike Milligan" for Christmas!!

Next Up: "The War On Easter"

Satanic messages hidden in Holiday songs?

Time to say goodbye.

Ralphie say, "Get a life. Mutha Phuckas!"

Happy Boxing Day!

Recalling your childhood, what was your FAVORITE memory...

does anyone think Punk'd on MTV is funny?

off color towel joke (18+ please)

Okay straight chicks, give it to me straight!

CritterKwanza!!! a Christmas rant...


What is your New-Years-Resolution-That- You-Are-Doing Now?

Happy 42nd Birthday to Lars "Fucking Napster CRYBABY" Ulrich of Metallica

ABC's hit show LOST... What is your theory of the show?

two great tees from

It's getting dark!

Who else is suffering...

Do you respond to your own polls?

Okay straight chicks, give it to me straight!

Anybody wanna have some tricks with me?

Once innocence is lost Can you ever go back

Okay, okay, my hairline is receding...

GREATEST Master Of Your Domain Song

Well, I did get one Christmas present today...

I'm going to the video store,.... suggest some anti-bush documentaries.

Favorite scene in "A Christmas Story"

Dog Frozen To Track As Train Approaches (happy but sore ending)

Anyone sober on Christmas?

Because my mother in law raises chickens

Can somebody with an Amazon account report this?

"Merry fucking Christmas!"

Am i an @$$HOLE?


Okay straight guys, give it to me straight!

Sufjan Stevens Christmas music!

This just in...

kitty advice

Is today a mail holiday?

This is CUTE....

Happy Boxing Day?! (Dec. 26th)

Is anyone planning to join the shopping madness today?

Darren McGavin will always be known as:

The WORLD junior hockey championship starts today!

The jpgray Daily Goyim Thread (Mon 12/26/05)

Some people call it a one night stand, but we can call it paradise

Is today a male holiday?

Time for your 2006 PREDICTIONS!!

Why have the talibornagain

Turner Classic Movies....great shows on today.

I saw both and prefered (movie question)

Check THIS out

Our pug likes the pillow he got for Christmas.

Caption The Pope who stole Christmas

The Beast calls the 700 club (really funny stuff)

Time to change the lights on the Palm Tree

Lounge Against The Machine

Is there mail delivery today?

Who else is cleaning the whole house today?

Today is my birthday

'Bear Down' composer Lee dies

Fig Newtons + Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate = Crazy Delicious

Hola from Mexico!

Ganymede Totalled In Three-Moon Pileup

Just read the book "Shop Girl"

check THAT out

"Duh" moment: So I finally clued in that drinking in moderation during the


Should we tell my cousin we don't like her Christmas meals?

RIP Mr. Vargas...aka Vincent Schiavelli..Dies at 57

My children brought tears to my wife's eyes on Christmas Eve.

Happy Birthday, "Magical Mystery Tour!"

Scotch and soda...

Reminder: Hottest Sounds rebroadcast today @ 4PM ET - Please tune in

No Chinese Turkey

Don't you hate it when

Goodnight lounge

Cats and Christmas Trees

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 12/26/05)

I've never done this before - cute pictures of two of our pets...

So at the Christmas gathering my brother in law says to me...

Attention, gay DUers. Who among you has converted* the greatest number

$770 for a friggin alternator??

Cat Haiku for my 1,000 post

Post a picture of a gift you got you love

They're MINE!!!

Hey DUers, Guess What?

Lounge Lizards: Need you input on a family problem.

What Chinese restaurant runs out of snow pea pods?

What are your plans for New Year's Eve?

Hello, my name is Althea and I'm a chickenaholic.

Computer peoples!!!

RW Grandma gifts our seven year old "elephant" pendant...

White House lends a hand to Anna Nicole

Four currently playing love pictures. Which one is the best? eom

My FEMAnsion Christmas Tree (photo)

Tricia extends Jesus a helping hand.

The Nun Bun has been stolen from Bongo Java in Nashville.

I'm famous! I'm farked!

"Turn Out the Lights" - The end of Monday Night Football on ABC


A good read: Chris Stein, guitarist from Blondie. His messages on

can I complain a bit?



What a Dead Day

"King Kong" Is A Great Movie

What do you think of using a credit card to play online games?

Attention happy DUers who among you has turned the most

hang on.... Mariah Carey is Black?!

Tell me your home-haircoloring disaster story, please.

okay anti-christians!!!!!! check in here! war on xmas update.

So, what did Santa or the Winter Solstice fairy bring you?

Anyone else married to a right winger?

I'm going to Syriana; Need Advice

Hey all you coffee fans

What Your Life Would Be If You Married Jessica Simpson

Jennifer Love Hewitt hosts event at L.A. Mission, feeds over 3000 homeless


Did Adam have a navel?

Spain's Bishops Caught In Dirty Tricks Operation

Alzheimer's disease, ClinicalTrials.Gov, check it out.

Twists of faith (L.A. Times story on Anne Rice)

Virginia Methodists Call For Gay Inclusion

Spain's Bishops Caught In Dirty Tricks Operation

New Cultural Approach for Conservative Christians: Reviews, Not Protests

Gay 'marriage' battles rage on into third year

Second EU Nation Moves To Ban Gay Marriage

Parker and Longeria Stopped by Police

Little cat who could sure use a wonderful home for 2006!

One-eyed Jax and Miss Sugar - cute pet pix

By popular demand..."A Visit From St. Keithicas"

*********What are your top 10 D.U threads of 2005?*********

"Silent nights on the Gulf Coast" (by John Grisham/NYT)

Not to be missed - "Information is better than gold" - Octafish threads

Does anyone have a clue why Kerry didn't 'win' 2004?

Why Bush decided to bypass court in ordering wiretaps

If you're going to Washington to protest

"Let us impeach George Bush, and let it begin with me"

Send your used copy of "1984" to the Oakland Trib! They send to Congress!

How reliable is

Choice for VP?

Some Conservatives Mentioning Dreaded "Impeachment"

American women troops killed

Domestic Spying, the War on Terror, and The Patriot Act.

Analysis: Rice's Stock Is on the Rise (AP)

Who will get to tell Bush

just found this political strip...i am posting it here,belatedly,..or

Special memories of a Bush Family Christmas, Camp David, 2005

Bush Administration to provide support to Anna Nicole Smith...

Bush Administration sides with Drunken Playmate Anna Nicole Smith in Legal

Big spin: spying an error in political judgement (No Bush broke the law)

Bush's butt-saving meetings "confirmed, but off the record, so no comment"

How Does * Know About Stories Editors Will Print Before They....

Bush won't survive, if he used NSA here for anything other than terrorism.

Maybe it's me but if you post something about poll numbers...

Is Bush Spying On You?

It just occurred to me that another shoe is going to drop. Don't know

Did Ted Stevens say he was quitting the Senate last week?

American soldiers play Grinch, attack Whoville (in their own words)

Some Media Didn't Buy RNC Spin About Bush's Domestic Surveillance Program

And then there is Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)

For thos who won't vote for certain democrats in the General election....

Novak: If Trent Lott Retires, Democrat Moore Would Win His Seat...

My Take On The 2002 Court Ruling The RNC Is Propogating

My letter to the NSA

Alert!!! John Conyers to be on the Ed Schultz show coming up!!

Network Aims to Help Harassed Campus Conservatives

Extreme Hypocrisy: The Sex Lives of Republicans

Parents in college may lose aid

Probably Berkeley's Biggest Free Speech Effort Yet

The DLC without Al From would be?

Neil Lisst cartoon - Sept 19th -27th

Freepers plan to attack Howard Dean's campaign info on Wikipedia

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