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Archives: December 27, 2005

Is the US State Department still keeping April Glaspie under wraps?

God helps those who help others

Bush's envoy sparks another diplomatic incident over war claims

Public catching onto GOP deception

Is George Bush a Mad Emperor?

Shell Says Brazil Oil Sites Are Viable

Sharon offers more land to Palestinians - and more settlers

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY 12/27/05

Help with Vendor: Advanced Voting Solutions

This Is How They Count The Ballots

RNC billboard: Tom DeLay. Putting the CON back into CONgress

Has security monitoring on your transit line increased

Another Bush Administration Skeptical Of The Geneva Conventions

Hey DUers, Guess What?

Anyone know who the mod is on LBN today?

I Think Baghdad Needs a New Name... "Car Bomb City" Is Appropriate....

Catch the rerun of'll definitely like what you hear.

Any speculation as to why Countdown is

BBC report tonight showed Aceh memorial--guess who was featured

The 'War on Christmas' - The Far Right's Experiment

Staying the course

CIA Chief Admits To Torture After Six-Hour Beating (The Onion)

Mobile phones to announce 'you've been indicted'

Question - How much property does the Catholic church

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death By Patrick Henry has a ton of videos from 2005

The "Get a Brain! Morans" pic was on Hardball

Are America's enemies happier or unhappier since 9/11?

Is the "oval offie" anything like the "oval innie"?

What I heard about Iraq in 2005-by:Eliot Weinberger

Christmas Eve with Grandpa

'You Republican a**holes only think about yourselves' - line from...

How the mighty fall

What will MSNBC do with the * impeachment poll? Not a peep so far...

I'm watching "The Hunting of the President" and I have to say

Conservative playbook-Annoy and provoke progressives-does it work?

LAPD coming to Gay Games to find cops

MediaMatters: Most Outrageous Statements of 2005

Human beings: able to create dreams or nightmares.

AOL Poll: Next year's outlook for *

Why European women are turning to Islam

(Capitol Hill Blue defends itself) Are We That Good?

Can somebody sit down and talk to Osama? This war is crazy!

Congress 2006 election and all the scandals

Mississippi Blues

the conservative attack on universities and colleges

Christmas shopping experience, the stores seemed empty to me

I just don't fit in anywhere...

I received a wonderful CD as a Christmas present to help the Gulf Coast.

Gov. Bill Richardson fears his calls monitored by NSA for Bolton

oh my, I MUST rave about this one dish dinner....

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Minority leader thinking of majority

‘Exhausted’ Bush, GOP scale back ambitions

Sharon offers more land to Palestinians - and more settlers

US embassy close to admitting Syria rendition flight

US jails overcrowded in Iraq

Chinese banks investigated over abuse of government funds

Argentina Sells Bonds to Venezuela for Second Time in a Week

Remap case encourages Democrats

Voters split over nuclear power

Texas Lawmakers vote against air pollution limits

Fraud Alleged at Red Cross Call Centers

Bush Hoping to Win More Battles in 2006

Ukraine and Russia go to brink over huge gas price rise

Toll mounts after deadly shooting amid Toronto shoppers

Mississippi's only abortion clinic faces new hurdle


"Crochet My Crotch"

I'm watching King Kong on AMC

I'm bored out of BouncyBall's skull

Character Actor Vincent Schiavelli Dies

My car died on the NJ turnpike

I'm new to iTunes - question

Do you cry like a baby at the movies (well done dramas)?

If you're bored, come over to my place.

Is something wrong with me? Sudoku puzzles do not appeal to me

My thoughts about God vs. G-d/G*d on the internet

Has anyone seen this commercial?

It's "Whine Night"! Who's with me?

Ever notice that Hannity sounds like Ross Perot?

Post a gift you GAVE you love....

GD is scary

Fill it to the rim...

Guess my credit card number and I'll give you my 12" iBook gG4!!!!

Woman swallows cell phone

The 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years

Gotta love jazz album covers

First photo o' my cat

Ricky Gervais fans...

I'm BORED out of my SKULL.

I just made the mistake of going to Best Buy today. Long Rant.

Question for dog owners: scraps vs healthy diet of plain dog food

lol.. actor Vincent Gallo's got his sperm for sale.

It's "Wine Night"! Who's with me?

Here is your God

My wife's divorcing me because I won't go on a Disney vacation

Today, I helped my friend, Bill, move a piano.

Who is your favorite movie villain?

I got my grades! Wow! :) (Bragging alert)

OMFG! Starbuck is a Philip Glass fan!!!!!!!!

Make me a playlist

I feel shitty...oh so shitty...I feel shitty and gritty and bad

We have a new member of the family

I'm pulling an all-nigher tonight. Keep me awake, DU!

Just saw Brokeback Mountain

Is it wrong to marry someone you love...but aren't "in love" with?

7 hours later.. 154 miles on my bike

Song help plzkthnx

May They Rest In Peace: those who passed in 2005

Am I a bad person for forwarding this back with comments?

My thoughts about God vs. G-d/G*d on the internet

Bullied Kansas Teen Wins $440,000 Settlement From School District

Ensnared: Internet Creates New Group of Sexual Addicts

Special Forces Association Takes Veteran/Author to Court.

So, I was talking to my brother at Chistmas

Things to share

Anyone around for the Oddball special?

Domestic spying, election theft, and illegal war.

Can you all Imagine a City In Any Other Civilized Nation Looking Like This

Porn on Play Station?

Rant ON --- STOP say Diebold stole the election for Bush...

Legislative Assistant

List of News Stories

ATTENTION: Gunner Palace movie is playing in Discovery Channel NOW!!!

Is Bush Spying On You?

Monetary standards...

Rove, Rush, Al Quaeda, and Clinton - What would Bush do?

A Political Debate On Stress Disorder(As Claims Rise, VA Takes Stock)

Who Needs the Nobel Prize?

The C.I.A. Home Page...for KIDS. Not a satire site. God help us all.

The Presidential Oath of Office

How to drop 49 points in job approval polls in 3 easy steps.(A primer)

TVNL's 2005 Person of the Year!

If we had another attack in the U.S from Al-quada, what would Bush do??

It’s my party (Democratic)

Admin refuses to comply w/FOIA request, RE: Pre-War Intel

Did I hear them right on Hardball?

The power of attraction:Key figure in D.C. lobbying scandal( NY)

Question the PATRIOT Act Now Before It's Too Late( Rep. Ron Paul)

Foreign-born easy target for Bush

Vying for a Voice, Tribe in N. Iraq Feels Let Down

'Seduced' by the lifestyle" (Kidan 1st interview after pleading guilty)

When the Cutting Is Corrupted

Bring On the Rebels

A right to due process and presumption of innocence until proven guilty...

Dick Cheney "Goblet of Fire" Award for Courage in the Face of Action...

John Conyers: A Motion for Censure

Congressional housecleaning needed in '06

Constitution loses in Haiti election fight: analysts( U.S.-backed)

JASON MILLER: May a Flock of Thrushes Disrupt Your Hologram...

JOSHUA FRANK: IMF Approves Loan for Iraq -- Let the Oil Drilling Begin

Top Ten Myths about Iraq in 2005 (Juan Cole)

Legal, but not exactly likable [spying article by Bush apologist]

Nobel Peace Winner Sends Letter to Bush

Barron's: Investigate a possible impeachable offense

'Flex-Fuel' Concept Fails to Deliver on Potential

The I-Word is Gaining Ground

US stops publication of Arab youth mag

WP: S.D. Makes Abortion Rare Through Laws And Stigma

The Hidden State Steps Forward

Norman Solomon: NSA Spied on U.N. Diplomats in Push for Invasion of Iraq

MANUEL VALENZUELA: The Making of the Enemy (Part Two)

One debate I'd like to see

Farmers, environmentalists unite to clean Iowa's waters

Landfill isn't the place for your old electronics

Putting new energy into wind power

I offer a crazy energy idea about which I've fantasized: The Salton Sea.

IDF: Hamas may modify terror if it wins Palestinian elections

Israel to notify Gaza Strip residents before strikes

IDF responds with artillery strikes to Qassam fire from Gaza

Armed Palestinian gunmen take over governor's office in Gaza

BNN - Spotted on a noticeboard in Columbia University

There's a system for turning Palestinian property into Israel's state land

Israel strikes Gaza, poised for security zone

Towns in north hit by Hezbollah rocket fire

Israeli sonic booms terrorising Gaza

Rev. Donald Wildmon threatens Jews who criticize the religious right

Headhunters (James Wolcott)

Palestinian architect of Munich attack slams Spielberg's film

Hundreds of settler youths erect 14 illegal outposts in West Bank

A vote for Arab women

There's a system for turning Palestinian property into Israel's state land

Letourneau's Strange Family/Bush Gov Connections

Identifying Misinformation

Data recovery from WTC

John Diebold, 79, a Visionary of the Computer Age, Dies

"corn scanner" memory card reader/writer available here

Comparison of Testing Costs between PBOS and DRE Systems.

FBI Follows Money in Tribe's Beltway Success (pombo again)

Oh man, The Terminator is a robber!

Election day in St. Cloud and I'm a wreck

photostamp a new feature from photobucket

Best place online for Taiyo Yuden DVD-R media?

Democracy is on the rise in Texas

Greg Abbott defends the drug monopolies

BAR on the radio (on your computer)


Nueces County Party chief race heats up

Dallas--Our Pathetic Local Rag

Freepers have unique take on global warming (Shocking!)

A Veteran's Iraq Message Upsets Army Recruiters

My contractor's 22-year-old son is in Iraq

Noted in Passing: 2005---I forgot that Paul Duke and Shana Alexander

US Carbon Emissions at All-Time High

I'm so sick of hearing how George Bush has had a "bad year."

Car-door thieves slam NYC Toyota owners

Anyone seen a "Jesus is more like us" post at Freeperville?

Is it true that re-enlistment is high?

For those who haven't seen it yet: Is * drinking again?

What Happened to Bernie Ward?

George Said "We must persist... I know I am doing my duty and

Called on their errors CIA agents' use of cell phones

And The Religious Rightwing WAR ON SANTA Heats Up

Pennsylvania Gets a GREAT BIG LUMP of COAL for Christmas!

Murtha commands spotlight over Iraq policy

485 Kids Missing Since Katrina -- FEMA Refuses to Share Data

A Veteran's Iraq Message Upsets Army Recruiters

Um..lovely St. Louis is going with ES&S..sigh

Japanese bought 7-11

Sheer tragedy: Mother Teresa cinnamon bun stolen

Colorado tribes sponsoring 2006 Indigenous Games in Denver

PTSD disscussion on WJ right now...

Ray Taliaferro is on the air live: No vacation for him!

L'état Est Moi - Georgie the 2 or Louis the XIV?

Stars & Stripes letter: Coulter, O'Reilly and Limbaugh peddle lies

George Orwell's 1984, online, free, get it, spread it around.

Drug companies have no profit incentive to create an AIDS vaccine

Liberal talk in St. Louis?

it's nice to be able to at least MENTION Impeachment, if it happens or not

Prisons handover only after Iraqis improve standard: US - Irony alert

Former hostage says she will return to Iraq

Spain denies battleship took part in recent Iraq operations

This just in: Americans returning Christmas gifts at the mall!

Anna Nicole Smith and the Bush Administration

Mother fights music industry downloading suit

A Cry for Respect in a Sudan Camp

The recount in Iraq apparently was requested by Chalabi-on CSPAN now

Can You Imagine???

2 US soldiers in Iraq killed Christmas day; Bush hopes to turn page in Iraq

pResident bush* is acting as if he is the law, Richard Reeves

Bush was denied wiretaps, bypassed them, other news

VIDEO-Senator Warner in the Senate -THE ONLY ONE

Well done, Dick. The "Goblet of Fire" is yours once again (Guardian)

White Phosphorous: The U.S. Used It; The U.S. Says It's Illegal

Juan Cole has up his top 10 myths about Iraq in 2005. Worth a look.

Big Dawg up on CSPAN-older appearance, but it's nice

I have nothing to hide.... but

WP: Bloggers, Money Now Weapons in Information War

Army Nat. Guard Recruiting coming to a Pizza Box near you

If McCain is the 08 candidate, send these picture to everyone you know...

Clinton on C-SPAN now wesct coast !

Clift: Biggest Lies of 2005

Today, this day, I realize I'm but just a junkie, a DU junkie

Just a Reminder:One Year Ago Today 230,000 Lives Lost in Tsunami (Update)

Some T-shirts for you.

VIDEO-Talking Heads on Rove Indictment

Thousands protest election results in Baghdad - They know it was rigged

Count your blessings

Post Traumatic Shit Syndrome

VIDEO-Spying 101 0r understanding the NSA

How Britain Denies its Holocausts: The Atrocities Of Empire

President has no right to ignore law as if it were a mere nuisance (WAPO)

Two quotes I heard yesterday, from the same conservative

So RIGHT in so many ways...

"King George W. ?"--or-- WTF FOXNews?

WSJ: New Concerns on Plane Maintenance

Neighbor w/Bush '04 Sticker Sent us a X-Mas Card saying "Peace on Earth"

Maxine Waters:NSA program is reminiscent of the COINTELPRO program

Second EU Nation Moves To Ban Gay Marriage

MSNBC Survey: Your money: Are you better off this year than last year?

John Diebold, 79, a Visionary of the Computer Age, Dies

What is on Bush's palm? Shadow? Mark of Satan? Cigar Burn? Pretzel stab?

What Did They Say When They Were Impeaching Clinton?

I'm sure not interested in flames, I just want to say something

Where Was George During the Tsunami? On Vacation, Of Course! --->>>

White Supremacist kept a Sadistic 'Chamber of Horrors'

The Faces of Iraq - Let's see how Bush has "Fixed what was wrong"

In American Revolution, Howe called fighters "insurgents"

Boeing Chief: War spending has "been a great ride for the last 5 years"

W is really a loser

Can anyone tell me what the heck this is on Bush's hand?

Therapy and drugs to stop paedophiles committing sex offences

NBC Blogging Baghdad: "Do the Americans want the Iranians to rule Iraq?"

Bush's Data-Mining via NSA is only the tip of the Database Mining iceberg

"Santa, is that YOU?"

Different Groups on DU

Bush: the Year in Review

Condi's Approval Rating

Caption this * pic....

Does anyone know the Bill # passed in the House last week

Are Y'all seeing this: Palistinian Gvt Bldgs seized by militants?

VIDEO-Rangel and King on CNN after Bush's Sunday night speech disclosure

Is George Bush a Mad Emperor?

US War Resister faces court-martial. Refused Orders 40 years ago!

US appointed Iraqi leaders to meet after vote results fiction

Conservative columnist says Bush is "his own worst enemy"

Fires break out at Nigeria pipeline, cause unknown-Spontaneous combustion?

Remember this? The NSA spied on the UN in 2003

Rachel's Democracy & Health News #834 (Year End Summary)

John Cornyn to America: Take my liberty or give me death.

Flashback>> Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war (NSA Spying)

Bring On the Rebels

NSA has developed a secret Spyware application

God Rest Ye Merry Torturers

After watching two classic Jesus epics, the fundies still look wrong's new article on the evacuation effort

Only Known Target of NSA Eavesdropping-Says:"Happy to Sue Bush".

Message From United Management: Let Them Eat Cake

Bush's counsel on spying now under close scrutiny

Quick and easy way to check if some one is snooping your email...

Question for attorney or paralegal:

A question for a lawyer or paralegal.

One way to help Rice's approval ratings

What the HELL is wrong with the Discovery Channel???

Those post Christmas gas heating bills are coming.........beware

Could this administration of tapped into the voting

I sent frist an email telling him to kiss my ass

Question for a lawyer or paralegal.

Rice authorized NSA to spy on UN Security Council in run-up to war

Disabled Veteran's Tribute Upsets Army Recruiters In Minnesota

Check out this story, from an email from my Supervisor:

Deputy catches kids dropped from burning building

Newest discovery of chemical element in Washington DC

Oklahomans check in... Grass fires


Sister bought a Focus On The Family magazine subscription

The Federalist Society weighs in...On Spygate

Now we know why Karen Huge called it her "listening tour".

So how do you think those ethics classes are going?

American politics changed forever?

New Video Evidence Shows NYPD Covert Surveillance of Cyclists and Protests

Project to Eat locally Prefigures Disaster of "Peak Oil " Crisis

Why does the Bush Administration view the UN as a terrorist group?

What did Powell know about the spying

The BFEE and Anna Nicole

Spychips: Are You Being Tracked?

Holiday sales are up 8.7% over last year! Mastercard just came

The one arguement about "Staying the Course" that really slays me

African-Americans Forced to Spend 2/3 of Their Retail Dollars Outside of T

anyone seen this clip?

This guy Trupiano is all right!

Contact your friends in the Liberal media everybody

AOL Poll on Pres. Clinton's place in history

Post-New Year prediction from Walt Starr: Andy Card will resign

Anyone know much about OH Gov. Taft's family?

2nd-parent curbs driving same-sex couple from Ariz.

My message to George W. Bush and Alberto Gonzales

White House recruited Clintonites to get out Iraq message

What happens when we have nothing to sell?

Remember the good old days at DU when everyone was more combative?

A Veteran's Iraq Message Upsets Army Recruiters

ThinkProgress>> Reality Check: We Did Amend FISA After 9/11

We don't need no steenkin human rights!!!

Maybe the CIA will cause the Marines 'rendition';

DU this MSNBC poll -- Impeachment

This Sun-Sentinel poll needs some DU love

Republican True Colors - Freedom be Damned! I'm a Coward!

VIDEO- McLaughlin Group Year End Awards-Selected bits

Freezing my maguppies for peace and protest

Rename FoxNews rupertmurdochandbilloreilly.

Where's today's Truthseekers thread?

Remember after 9-11

Businessman wins e-mail spam case

The party of the people returning in Texas

Pakistan to purchase more F-16's next year; Kasuri

Blue Roofs not a good mix with fireworks

10 Worst Quotes from DU/2005 according to Freepers

AP: Ear clipping riles humane society

this needs our attention

OK. Who here believes the idiot-in-chief bypassed FISA so he could spy on

New Deal Legacy Project

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts,

The "Jack Bauer" President (Craig Crawford)

WP: Iran Is Judged 10 Years From Nuclear Bomb

Thank you for the reality check guys (Please close)

If Dubya gets impeached, should he be brought up on war crimes?

PA Senator gets santorum smeared all over his face

Emergency Needs Continue in Pakistan Quake Zone

Time has Man Of The Year; can DU have Moran Of The Year?

BushCo: "These are designed to monitor calls from very bad people..."

My nomination for most disgusting web site EVER

The Chalice and The Blade is NOT a religious book.

Something else the NY Times didn't print?

Did he have a blank check or break the law? (Reuters)

I blame the media.

So the truth is, "Total Information Awareness" never went away at all,

Barbara Boxer and John Dean will be on CSPAN @ 8et

The I-Word is Gaining Ground

Muqtada Al-Sadr tooling around Iraq in a bullet-proof Mercedes these days

Do-it-yourself biodiesel

Heads up! Charlie Rose

VIDEO-Sauber-Congress has addressed the limits of Pres power

Repub Congress -- What if next Pres is a Dem who breaks the law?

Ldotters vs. Kwanzaa (Extreme Racism on display!)

Matt Lauer goes ga-ga for Coulter

Google Mocks Christ on Christmas Eve( FR warning)

VIDEO-Sauber, FISA Law expert on Vewwy Vewwy Bad Men baloney

Security officials spying on chat rooms (2004)

VIDEO-Sauber and Bamford on the Too Much Paperwork/Too Much Time argument

VIDEO-Kelly O'Donnell on Domestic Spying with Trent Whatsis TalkDown

VIDEO-Answer to Why did FISA turn down or amend Bushco requests

VIDEO-Answer to "CIC protects people and can do what he wants" -Bamford

Is it fear of terror that drives republicans, or is it fear of EXPOSURE?

Norah O'Donnell got her talking points today- what a shill she is

Blix: I was a target, too ( Blix believed he was bugged)

An Asteroid Is Maybe Gonna Visit Earth (Relatively) Soon

You Damnned Well KNOW Plame & Wilson were BUGGED.

If Dems Do Not Re-Take Congress in '06, Bush Will Invade Iran

hear great music, support hurricane relief . . .

Malloy........"Bush Is Toast" Minutes ago.....

Who are the Theocrats in Congress?

"Stocks tumbled Tuesday, with investors bailing out of a variety of..."

Prediction: Bush will seek third term - here's how

CNN: Hey Betty, did you catch what the airline guy just told ya???

Crap from the Right

add in help wanted in Wichita Eagle DEFEND FREEDom 10,000 signing bonus

100 Orders enacted by L. Paul Bremer, III

UPDATE of "100 Orders enacted by Bremer"

There is only 1 thing that could make me think twice about voting in 2008

Milton Friedman Says That The American Economy Is Fantastic

Quote from Springsteen:"Every adult was brought up on fairy tales so..."

Did anyone else view/listen to Democracy NOW! today?

Anyone Who Approves of Bush's Wiretapping

Kurt Vonnegut's Last Stand: A Man Without a Country

"We believed that Jesus Christ was coming with a force from overseas

Bush was denied wiretaps, bypassed them

How Much You Wanna Bet Bush Wiretapped Kerry

GOP Investigated Clinton’s Cat-But Only Plans ‘Oversight’ on Bush’s Spying

TIME Best photos of 2005

Bush Claims He Is READING BOOKS On His Current Vacation ---->>>

A Veteran's Iraq Message Upsets Army Recruiters

Headhunters (James Wolcott)

Anyone remember the Will Ferrell SNL skit in '00?

Ann Coulter on the Today Show this morning

Bob Barr (who called * regime Totalitarian) on Stephanie Miller *now* -

It's not like we're not in danger. Bush's sneaking tactics make it worse.

Why does the US make it so difficult to visit Cuba?

Amazing read at MinstrelBoy place Letourneau's Strange Family/Bush Gov

Hey Georgie, why didn't you intercept THIS communication?

*** Tuesday TOONs: Gift Returns Edition ***

OMG The local newspaper just called me and offered me 6 months for $35

Okay, I've got a bag of shrimp left over from the 'holidays'

Dip Masters, Rejoice....

my Stepmom had Tabasco Jelly and even my "not to HOT Please" hubby

I got a kitchen torch for xmas!!


I burned the Christmas cookies

Meatloaf popularity grows among foodies

Gov. Bill Richardson fears his calls monitored by NSA for Bolton

Saddam Half Brother Says No Deal With U.S.

US embassy close to admitting Syria rendition flight

A Veteran's Iraq Message Upsets Army Recruiters

WP: S.D. Makes Abortion Rare Through Laws And Stigma

MSNBC poll shows 86% approval for Bush impeachment (unscientific e-survey)

U.S. puts sanctions on Chinese firms for aiding Tehran

Court to look at French role in 1994 (Rwandan) genocide (The Guardian)

Maine Indian tribe enters mail-order drug business

Powell Supports Government Eavesdropping

Higher execution rate is predicted in California

Roadside explosion injures soldiers, civilians(Afghanistan)

Greeks name MI6 chief over 'torture of terror suspects'

IsraAID documents tsunami aftermath

Israel, Arab nations trade despite ban

Defense Contractors Are Warned: Cuts Coming for Weapons

AP: Rock Slides In VT Force 50 To Evacuate

BBC: Mass grave unearthed in Iraq city

Attempts to make morning-after pill more readily available blocked

WP: Dispute Delays Handoff to Iraqi Unit

World marks year since tsunami roared ashore, killing 216,000

Bush was denied wiretaps, bypassed them, other news

Iraqi forces lack ethnic balance

U.S. stalls on human trafficking

Greek newspaper names 'MI6 chief'

WP: A Political Debate On Stress Disorder (or "how to deny PTSD vets")

WP: Bloggers, Money Now Weapons in Information War

Iraq Protesters Call for Unity Government

Bulgaria ends troop pullout from Iraq


Ukraine withdraws troops from Iraq

WP: White House Press Room To Be Closed For Makeover

Evo to Thump Privatization (Bolivia)

Kidnappings Plague Residents Across Haiti

Cleaning Up After the Fall (Enron)--WaPo

U.S. Raises Doubts Over Iraq Prison Control

Chalabi may be shut out of Iraqi Assembly

Israel strikes Gaza, poised for security zone

Iraq Shi'ites, Kurds agree to open govt to Sunnis

Iraq Shiites insist poll results stand despite protests

Medical marijuana changes among new Jan. 1 laws

Guard Turns to Pizza, iTunes for Recruiting

Palestinian architect of Munich attack slams Spielberg's film

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 27 December

Towns in north hit by Hezbollah rocket fire

Russia and US in the Throes of a New Arms Race

CIA Probes 10 Renditions of Terror Suspects

Two U.S. pilots die in Baghdad helicopter crash

Torture jails force ouster of Iraq chief

Nobel Winners Invited to Bolivia Ceremony

Lebanon detains Syrian suspect in killing of lawmaker Tueni

Secret court modified wiretap requests (This is huge!)

Schwarzenegger May Not Be Back to Hometown

WP: Iran Is Judged 10 Years From Nuclear Bomb

Poland Says Alleged CIA Prison Probe Ended

(Abramoff)Lobbyist's Friend(Kidan)Says He Was a Willing Partner in Venture

Official sees Venezuela economic growth

Bush's counsel on spying now under close scrutiny

History Texts Take Up Clinton Impeachment

USA Today: Advertisers catch the school bus

Holiday retail spending up 8.7 pct: report

U.S. Rep. Boozman returns from visit to Iraq ('going very, very well')

NYT: Putin's Senior Economic Adviser Abruptly Resigns

Poland Wants Troops in Iraq Another Year

Bush reads up on Teddy Roosevelt, US troops

Scientists recruit wasps for war on terror

Treasury yield curve inverts

(Rep. Roger) Wicker says GOP, Bush will rebound in new year

Combat proves Stryker's worth but also reveals its shortcomings

Disabled Veteran's Tribute Upsets Army Recruiters In Minnesota

John Diebold, 79, a Visionary of the Computer Age, Dies

Rice authorized National Security Agency to spy on UN Security Council

Venezuela Discloses US Plotting

WP: A Political Debate On Stress Disorder

TX: Range fires burn Tarrant homes (disaster declaration)

FDA approves new nasal flu vaccine plant

Rural Hospitals Face Doctor ShortagesRural Hospitals Face Increasing Docto

Man waving knife killed by New Orleans police

(Sen) Specter, in Iraq, says he's 'disappointed' in Saddam court

Tribune-Review publisher's wife charged with trespass (R Mellon Scaife)

Four US marines charged with rape

Democrats target seven states in 2006 Senate races

Venezuela may repay World Bank, IADB debt in 2006

What is your reason for not watching MSNBC on weekends in January

Hey kids, plug into the faithless

It's Pizza Time


LOL caption this priceless bush 41 pic!

Experimental Post!

I'm stuck at work and can't leave yet

A soliloquy in Spam

DU: Alternate Reality Night.

I'm a little drunk right now

Okay, one more Christmas cookie and I'm going to bed!

Caption Bush 43


How stupid can you get?

Experimental coast

I have seen what anarchy looks like... and it is today, on a Monday.

Experimental Ghost!

Experimental host

Experimental Roast!!

Huh, I went to my first-ever "Boxing Day Madness Sale"

do I hear the drip drip drip of water ?

Sports fans: best /worst play-by-play/analyst teams

Experimental Joust

Experimental Most!

what's your favorite southern state?

actor Vincent Schiavelli passed away

I must be more tired than I thought. I keep hallucinating that I'm posting

What's your favorite Western State that starts with A?

I have been up for 49 hours with no sleep at all... ask me anything.

Experimental Toast!

What's your fave Canadian Province bordering the Pacific Ocean and Alaska?

What's your favorite mental state?

Turkey farts: Are you coping?


DU Holiday Buffet ALL YOU CAN EAT (Bring your favorite dish)

maybe u guys can help me whats the url to a web site that advertises on DU

sleep - a bodily function

I bought George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass", for the 4th time.

MODS!! California Peggy swore!!

All we want is a headrush...


that little penquin and that little polar bear are the cutest

Turkey coping, Are you farting?

I have seen what anarchy looks like...and it is Todai on a Monday

Can I ditch the McAfee that came with my computer?

I think I will go park my car on the lake

Oh goody!

Good night all.

What's your favorite Altered State?

Good night everyone.

My feline overlord demands that I go back to bed with him

I think I will work on forgiveness in the New Year

Oh poo

Woman Lights Firecracker Instead Of Candle - Blows Off Four Fingers

Woman Puts Husband's Body In Suitcase After He Dies At Home

Heh, Dunkin Donuts is advertising REAL LATTES by the road

Did you ever have one of those times when you wanted to go out and party?

I've done it. I've posted my NINTH Catster page.

I just chewed two tablets of Mylanta, from a package which expired in 93

Petey just brought me a mouse.

How WINGNUT Blogs grow

John Belushi question

Timing is everything.

The woman who tried to swallow a cell phone

Who was your favorite Rutle?

Come Together Now--DUers Use Your Gift Cards

Today, this day, I realize I'm but just a junkie, a DU junkie

So, did Gump finally go to sleep?

My Favorite Gifts this year...

Song help Mxyzptlk

Any Luka Bloom fans?

Quantum Trickery: Scientists put Atoms into "Cat State"

i need another 6 days off from work

Guess who had an argument with themselves last night?

Deputy Catches TWO Children Tossed From Burning Apartment


The answer is Michigan

newfangled photbucket display of the ortega's in alaska


Anyone still awake?

Happy Birthday to flamingyouth!

just setting here thinking.

There is no theory of evolution


Is it wrong to love the lounge and not be "in love" with it?

Artistic rock...

Just How Awful Does One Have to be for NY99 to Ignore Your Birthday?

how many shiny, flashing, or blinking things do you own?

Artistic block...

"I know what you're asking yourself, and the answer is, yes,

east side or west side

Timely Political Commentary in Manchurian Candidate Movie this one disappear. Come on. You can do it. Hmmm. It's

How's your knowledge of Television Trivia - Take the Quiz

Vacation day 2

Hey MAC users.

New Crime Wave - Toyota Automobile Doors

Who was your favorite Beatle?

TODAY!!! On Molto Mario: Trattoria A Grado

Don Ho: "Stem Cell Procedure Saved My Life"

Wisdom, Knowlege ignorance and bless

Since We're Playing "Favorite States"--What's Your Favorite NE State?

This will be my last post on DU.

Oprah's Jet Has Mid-Air Collision With Bird

OMG it's snowing

I am going out. I may be some time.

If you are a good worker, would your coworkers 'test' you?

Calling techie gurus of DU

Who was your favorite member of Led Zeppelin

el troquero

Who's the bigger moran?

Lots of talk about "changing teams" over in GD

Who was your favorite Dave Clark Five?

Newest discovery of chemical element in Washington DC

Character Actor Vincent Schiavelli Dies

What is your favorite mental state?

post your neologisms here

the healing begins here

Cat owners HELP!!! Two questions about cat issues and need advice

I don't know who the heck Scott Bateman is, but his sketchbook

One more question

Well, I am going to go format my hard drive

Would Googling a crossword clue be considered cheating?

States and blah blah blah

I re-arranged my furniture, ever so slightly, and it's great!

If The 49ers Draft Reggie Bush, Then They'll Have A Backfield of Gore..

I want to add one of my painting as my personal avatar

had GD taken its pills today?

What would Brian Boitano do

So,what would a Rabrrrrrr-moderated Lounge, or even DU, look like?

When people say they want 'different' in personal ads,

"Snakes on a Plane"

Does anyone have a Roomba? Which model

Do men find this attractive? GRAPHIC GRAPHIC, WINCE-INDUCING. Don't look!

I am so SICK of overcast skies.

The house from "Christmas Story" has its own web site

Since I'm a little disruptor, help me pick out my protest shirt...

What's your favorite "what's your favorite" thread?

I think I've invented a drink

Oh, my, this bean soup I made is delicious!

I'm on a two-day earworm:

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year...

I don't normally shill for

Need help with an earworm

Anyone have the new Talking Heads Brick?


I just finished reading "Tab Hunter - Confidential"

It is official. We shall attack Easter at dawn.

(SPOILER) Brokeback Mountain: End of Movie, & other spoilers, discussion..

I have to go to the dentist this afternoon.

Seaquest marathon on SciFi

Another one bites the dust

The first time

the meaningless Tuesday late afternoon thread

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/27/05)

How would you answer this:

Should I go see Trans Siberian Orchestra tonight?

Bored? Try This Hysterical Game That Was Posted Earlier This Month...

Have you ever caught yourself,...lying to yourself?

Favorite member of Liberace?

Goodnight DU

I took first place in Lynnesin's FF league

XM subscribers - what are your favorite channels?

How many eggs is she going to lay? The cockatiel that just won't stop!


GRR - I am catching a cold

Requesting permission to initiate Project X,

Who's your favorite member of Up With People?

Bwahaha, I won my Fantasy footbal league


Former Twins closer (from 1987) Jeff Reardon arrested for armed robbery!

What should I drink for my Bday?

Now that the War on Christmas is over, what should us heathens attack

How humiliating...

Listening to "O Holy Nightmare" because I NEED a laugh

You're NOT ready for this jelly: ""

Mr. DTBK's brother in Pakistan has died.

New Year's plans?

Uhhmmmm, excuse me, but the person in charge of winter

bush = heroes of LOTR and Narnia???

Full spectrum lights for SAD- love 'em or hate 'em?

Who's your favorite member of No Doubt?

Home made Irish Cream recipie...

I'm feelin' lonely, y'all

My son begged me for one of my cats, Miss Cuddles.....

The Tarn-X worked....

I'm listening to the new Fiona Apple CD

One Hit Wonders

Good Tuesday Morning, Everyone!

Don't be a Cleausau. Get a clue.

home remedies for head cold?

HAs anyone ever been to Zihuatanejo, Mexico?

Techies: need info on Sony SLR digital camera

Things unseen from the corner of the eye.

New Mormon boys

Favorite member of Billy Joel?

What's a father to do?

Hey, can someone lend me a backhoe?

I'm just a picture posting fool today! (holiday related)

How many here have worked in retail?

Do men find this attractive?

The film "Serenity." Dislike it very much. It is corny TV-worthy crap.

For Khephra on our birthday:

Because I'm so damn bored; People My Mom Has Had a Crush On.:

I'm listening to Camel right now

What's your favorite Midwestern State?

" This is bullshit! There should be wheelchair paths here."

ATTN: January/February babies

OK, who's got a slate for this year's Oscar winners?

The View from a Broad. Back from Sicily. Anybody been there?

How is it that threads I didn't even *see* before

Idea for a new forum: SALAMI (LeftyMom appreciation forum)

Favorite member of Spinal Tap?

Best place online for Taiyo Yuden DVD-R media?

What's your favorite Northern State?

Missing members:

Got my first freeper reply on my DA account

Hey, Lounge. Check this out.

What is Your Zen?

My thoughts concerning the theist/non-theist dialogue here.

Disgraced cloning expert blames colleague

National Genographic Project: Anyone else participating?

Quantum Trickery: Testing Einstein's Strangest Theory

A hopelessly lame and vague request for info?

Georgia Legislature Braces For New Gay Rights Battles

Gays Vow To Fight Conservatives In Canadian Election

Spanish Judge Quits To Avoid Performing Gay Marriages

Supporters Of Gay Marriage Ban Say They're Being Threatened

I'm proud of my mother

Indianapolis Businesses Scramble Over New Gay Rights Law

Many Californians Unaware Of Gay Tax Break Assessor Says

Anti-Gay AFA Turns Sights On NBC

Will the Pistons ever get any respect?

Just for (not so) much fun: My sister's astro info and her fiance's.

What can anyone tell me about hawk medicine?

The Spoof: Votes recounted, John Kerry assumes Presidency

This is the paper that trashed Teresa.

Sen. Kerry's LTTE in the NYTimes on 12/23/05

Christmas talk: Some political, some not

Is it possible when pictures are posted that................

Iraq Wall & Peace Park in Asheville NC

Despite Billions Spent Lights in Iraq remain on `off'

Did YOU give or receive any anonymous gifts this Christmas??

Can anybody refer me to a good Dem interior decorator in Central Florida?

Cheney as Spanish Inquisition - article in Executive Intelligence Review

LTTE in NYT...well, it's ONE way Kerry can get elusive media coverage.

Have any conservatives spoken out against Bush illegal wiretaps?

It's Malloy! Truthseekers, check in here!

Caption this pic of W and Pickles

Congress might as well stop meeting if they won't impeach Bush

Dear Gov. Dean -- It’s the oppression of females …

A Repub's Point of View:Domestic Surveillance and the Patriot Act

Questions for George W. Bush

"How bin Laden Ruined America With Bush’s Help" (Miami Herald)

Christ on a cracker, is the LA times a rightwing rag now, or what?

Who really is being persecuted? Conservatives or Liberals?

"It is a mistake. We didn't mean to kill the child...."

Post your favorite pics of Chimpy here

If this Administration will illegally SPY, then they'll HACK Elections

Telling it like it isn't-By Robert Fisk

Bush just signed a new order changing FOIA headline: "Bush hopes for better year in 2006"

HAIKU therapy for mother of autistic child.


"Pro-lifers" firebombed a clinic in Shreveport

Would you let a drowning man die? Or would you jump in?

Any Shortwave Worldband enthusiasts about?

Frontline Program on the Secret History Of Credit Cards

Faux's latest we're not biased, we're just asking the question chyron

Just witnessed something sad at my local pharmacy.

I found the most disgusting pro-life website EVER

Are you contemptible of those who express fear of terrorists?

"The I-Word is Gaining Ground" (The Nation)

In Praise of the South

Can we get beyond 9/11?

AP: Uproar erupts over spanking advocates

The Second Amendment - a closer look

Racist comment or joke? What would you do?

Bush Administration Should Follow Lead of Iraqi Voters And Reject Chalabi

East Texas tribe still waiting for its due

Film focuses on fight for Maine river

Georgia gay rights advocates ready for fights over adoption, school clubs

Luskin (Rove's lawyer) quiet these days... what's the meaning?

'Whatever It Takes' Hayworth new Book: Publisher: Same as Swift Boat Liars

Johnny Wendell filling in for Stephanie Miller today and tomorrow

Bush refused to check Iraqi agression before August (1st Gulf War)

Missouri lawmaker wants to put end to cameras at intersections

Who cares ?

William Pitt's blog- Rep Waters states NSA reminiscent of COINTELPRO

Sen. Byrd: "No President Is Above The Law"

MSNBC will be renamed - NBC News Plus

OC (CA) Register: Sheriff's plan takes aim at hot voter issue (immigration

"Pray for President Bush as questions over intelligence gathering..."

Undisclosed Cheney in Jackson Hole WY

College rallies shift to the right

Parties ready to rumble over Frist's Senate seat

Providing an Order of Succession Within the Department of Defense

Dick Morris: spying on Americans will prevent Brooklyn Bridge bombing

PTSDs: a telling phone call

Pop Goes the Bubble! (Housing Bubble)

South Carolina taxes the internet

White House Press Room To Be Closed For Makeover

Repugs Building A Dossier On Repugs .....

Wait a second. The NSA spyed on UN Security Council members

bu$h´s xmas song quote--the song actually calls bu$h a mocker of peace!

Troop Level May Raise

NSA spied on UN Security Council

If We Collectively Believe That *Co Is Blackmailing Dems & Repugs.....

As You Know, Wally O'Dell Has Resigned As CEO of Diebold

It's treason to have constitutional rights violated then reported in

Since 911...

MSNBC poll shows 86% approval for Bush impeachment (unscientific e-survey)

Rice's star keeps rising even as public's view of Bush, Iraq war declines

Holidays, Lobbyists & Murder

"On the political calendar, every day is Christmas Day" Hayworth reminds

Lt. Tim Dunn runnning for Congress on Lou Dobbs now.

CIC Bush sees good 2005 (the year in pictures)

Can George weasel his way out this time? nt

In the President's own words...

Bill Richardson is worried that the NSA passed on his info to Bolton.

"irreparable harm" Rehnquist Bush v. Gore court ended in 2005! Yeah!

Hardball Transcript: Andrea Mitchell tries to sell Maureen on Dick Cheney

Looking for scapegoats? Cronies Miers, Gonzales now deemed not qualified.

Chris Matthews?

Democrats target 7 states in 2006 Senate races

Mr. Lisst Goes to Washington - we take the White House in cartoon

Bush is "reading about troops in Iraq, clearing brush and biking"

Anyone know who the "key white house aide" who was "charged

Texas Repulican congressman Ron Paul on the Patriot Act.

Oakland Tribune wants your old copies of 1984, sending to guess who?


Coulter on Today Show

Is anyone else feeling extra angry at the POS today?

LaRouche? I was just called by LaRouche PAC. Can DU educate me?

Any other sad Xmas visit stories? My parents are lost..

New Grand Theft Election Ohio: "Nixonians:Myth of Birth of Karl Rove"

Well, that's the end of the "Condi not affected by Bush spying" headlines.

DU this poll

Holy shit.. Rice authorized spying on UN Security Council prior Iraq vote

We have problems, and they won't get better without addressing them.

Spygate turning into a big loser for the Dems

Orwell - Notes on Nationalism

Fascism Refresher

Senator Schumer Says "Iraq War is Good for America"

Poll: What will be the biggest story in 2006??