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Archives: December 28, 2005

If you cherish your rights, Alito bears questioning

Time for Chemical Plant Security, NY Times, 12/27/2005

Yezidi peoples of N. Iraq believe American invaders fulfilling prophecy

At Gas Stations in Iraq, Price Hike (8xs higher) Fuels Outrage

"Agroterrorists" Needn't Bother

Rice authorized National Security Agency to spy on UN Security Council

The "Jack Bauer" President (Craig Crawford)

TESTIFY ... And watch the right run

The FUNDIES are gonna LOSE THEIR MINDS over this one!!!!

The Psychology of Christian Fundamentalism

Shock, awe and Hobbes have backfired on America's neocons

Israeli Jets Hit Militant Base in Lebanon

OpEd: Doubtful Elections in George Bush's America

David Loebsack's latest endorsement...

Former Enron Accountant Strikes Plea Deal

Countries Engage In Hidden Trade

Have you ever caught yourself,...lying to yourself?

Liquidating Enron's Maze of Partnerships Could Cost More Than $1 Billion

Fox News Has a New Slogan: We Watch the Hen House So You Don't Have To

Reality Check: We Did Amend FISA After 9/11

"Possible legal challenges over NSA's domestic surveillance program"

Shock, awe and Hobbes have backfired on America's neocons (Guardian)

I just need to do this for a moment...

Maybe some obvious questions, re: bypassing FISA

Who's a greater threat to democracy, Dubya or Socks the Cat?

Chalabi's Gonna Take Over the Oil Ministry

Are we even for 9/11 YET???

I hear gunshots all around me,...

Ooh! Countdown looks good tonight -- Keith's back

Magi from the east came to Jerusalem and asked,

Which of these news events did you find most compelling

Anyone have a video link to Keith handing Gibson

India ready for disarmament if US, Russia destroy their nuclear warheads

Blog summary of Ritter v Hitchens debate

Bush spied only BAD Guys? - NSA Spied U.N. Diplomats in Push for Invasion

For those of you suffering through Mike Gallagher/Jason Mattera on H&C...

The best Liberal radio show you have never heard!

Wolf Blitzer blows off President Carter interview for Texas brush fire.

Are you picking up CNN's interview of Mary Mapes?

(TOON) Tom Tomorrow: An Equation For Our Time

WOW Barbara said the war is BASED ON LIES on CSPAN

Karzai Lauds Iran's Contributions

Email attachment - What do you think it means?

I need anti-wing nut back up

If you cherish your rights, this nominee bears questioning

Does anyone remember this picture?

I just came from "Fun With Dick and Jane" (spoilers)

Homeland Security intercepts drugs from this plausible?

Putin's Show of Strength Triggers Fear of Fresh Nuke Arms Race

Shouldn't Karl Rove hold a news conference about the rebuilding

Go Keith! Go Keith! Get your groove on!

My New Year's Resolution

The Nuge on Big Idea

Times vs Bush - How the Times got behind the times

A Message to Those who Know Our History

Did anyone just see Olberman put his entire foot up John Gibsons ass?


AP: Grape-eating wildlife becoming troublesome for some vintners

Congress First---Impeachment later

Keith Olbermann is LIVE! 7pmCT, MSNBC-yeah! nt

Peter Werbe filling in for Mike Malloy

Any Info Out There Debunking the GOP's Claim...

Barbara Boxer on CSPAN Now

Hundreds attend Dungy's funeral.. Are you Outraged?

So Bush is a "history buff" and "avid reader"!!??

US halts Arabic magazine meant to boost US image

MSNBC poll: Your money: Are you better off ..

9/11 was and is a criminal case. Remember?

Need photo of Karl Rove in WH Dining Room on Election Night.

Even if it was possible...Would someone explain to me WHY

VIDEO-Spies LIke Us -Olbermann on Bush Spying

Kennedy Center Honors on CBS!

Do you watch cable news?

How many people attend their local council meetings/school boards, etc

Now here's some news for you

What Was–and Wasn't on the Public's Mind… PEW Research

NSA Spied on UN Diplomats During Push for Invasion of Iraq

Constitutional question

Barron's article advocating impeachment - NEED LINK PLEASE!

VIDEO-John Dean on Impeachment of Bush over SPYING

I call out.....

making red beans and rice tonight....

what is your family's name for this dish?

Home made Irish Cream recipie...

'Flex-Fuel' Concept Fails to Deliver on Potential

Coca-Cola hits back at boycotters By COLIN PERKEL

Dutch cabinet refuses to give parliament clarity

Grassley Hails NIH Reinstatement of Expert

US punishes firms for Iran sales

Sleaze Watchdog Stalls Blair's 'Crony' Peer List--UK

Anti-immigration bill pits Jewish Republicans against House hard-liners

Skinhead racist murders in Russia spark protests from foreign students

HUGE: Defense Lawyers Plan Challenges Over Spy Efforts - NYT (Padilla?)

Pro-War Group Takes to the Airways (WSJ freebie)

Democrats: DHS hasn't fulfilled promises

Former Enron Accountant Strikes Plea Deal

Kurds in Iraqi army proclaim loyalty to militia

ABC names Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush its

Holy &%$#!!!

Please beware of them that stare

First one to PM me gets a DU bumpersticker!

Good night, Matilda


Dec. 25, 2005: Somewhere in the S.E. united states. I saw

My Dad went into hospital with a heart problem on f*ing Boxing Day...BUT

Just saw 'Munich" at the multiplex.....

My left ventricle is leaking hydraulic fluid. Is that bad?

West Coasters; make sure you catch Keith O tonight..

How much tape did Matcom use to wrap Mrs. Matcom's present?

Who has better hair...Travolta in Saturday Night Fever or Bill Frist?

Podcast recommendations?

Scum, Freezebags!!

Hey, can someone lend me a backbone?

How cool is it when Bootsy Collins makes a song/video for your NFL team?

Damn, Glen Campbell Needs To Cut His Hair!

TIME Best photos of 2005

I feel like kicking my friend in the nutz next time I see him.

Best Jeremy Irons role:

I have a resume question for any of you.

Tuesday night earworm.

What's the opposite of SAD? Cuz that's what I have.

What Famous American Poet Are You?

Sad news: A man whom I cared about for decades is near death tonight:

Where should I stick my DU sticker?

Best Ron Jeremy role:

I just had a brain storm!

What makes people pissed off for no apparent reason?

Okay, who sent me the promotional for Playboy magazine?


Do men find THIS attractive?

Calling all Viking fans....

Why should I relate to you all the troubles I'm going through with jobs?

Are skulls decorative?

Raise your hand if your regional NFL team sucked this season

OMG. He was here again. The Peeper.

Off to buy some books.

Revealed: the pill that prevents cancer

Bill White - Gay spokesman for the neo-nazi, National Socialism Movement

Gawd I want to talk about Iraq.


This is nice.

Fun activity for KERRY LOVERS!

I LOVE my new lenses...

Some more macro lens pictures

KOEB 12/27/05: Who's it gonna be tonight?

Pop goes the Housing Bubble. A Hindenburg of a Ka-Boom?

GOP pro-war group running ads claiming we found WMD in Iraq

support the Constitution... you might be a terrarist...

I still love John Kerry, so proud of him

"Kirkuk will be ours." Kurd leaders expect Iraq to disintegrate

War On email from a Republican

It's time to completely Boycott Hardball

My Letter to Focus on the Family re Anna Nicole Smith

Need advice of Lawyer!

CBS Producer has New Documents related to Bush AWOL

Clowntime is Over: The Last Stand of the American Republic - Floyd

Clinton Used NSA for Economic Espionage: Newshax

Are they afraid to show Bush on camera at the Awards tonight?

Good guys with cojones. List 'em here.

Deaniacs, Kerrycrats, Clarkies, Kucitizens, et al does this happen to you?


Steganography - Hiding a secret message inside an innocent-looking message

VIDEO-Olbermann's Commentary on O'Reilly/Gibson-WPW

Bush's High Crimes ......

ADL Deeply Disappointed in Congress Approving National School Voucher Plan

Democrats release report citing 33 Homeland Security priorities not met

"We're just doing whatever we have to do to protect you!"

Bwahahaha, KO just said John Gibson should leave the airways!

I've Been Listening To Talk Shows All Day And Reading DU....

Any Strickland v. Blackwell head-to-head polls out? (OH gov)

Christmas vac. reading: Fog Facts and Rove Exposed. Excellent!

FBI spying on political organizations (like the ACLU, PETA, & Greenpeace)

Blitzer blows off Jimmy Carter for Brush Fire Story!

Is New Orleans a Major City???

Who was the author on Hardball today?

Nora O'Donnell on Hardball- It's watchable for once

Where in New Orleans...

Diebold Dies at 79

It's Good to be King George

Utah Lawyer Hospitalized After Being Targeted by Homeland Security for Inf

3 congressmen need to explain their hasty retreat on ANWR


Congress has big plans for technology reform in 2006

Playing to the Base--George Wooddell--BUZZFLASH

Welcome To ScAlito World: Abortion --Georgia10--Daily Kos

What could happen if ? Martial Law

AFTER 9/11: Fear Destroys what Osama could not

`The Godfather' Fails to Play in U.S. Senate (ANWR): Andrew Ferguson

OC Register: Bush's Patriot Act setback a win for us

Shock, awe and Hobbes have backfired on America's neocons

Voice of San Diego: Dems Make Pitch in Reagan Country

MSNBC's Top 5 Stories of 2005

AFTER 9/11: Fear Destroys What Bin Laden Could Not

Big Lies

Hate crime reports increase 21.5 percent in Florida

Serving in Iraq convinces Roanoker (withdrawal "a critical mistake")

2005 was a year of good cheer for the nation's gays

Terri's Law Leaves Republicans Reeling

Juan Cole: Top Ten Myths About Iraq

Bush’s Secret Surveillance State

Bush's 'would-be assassin' on hunger strike

IMF approves loan for Iraq; let the oil drilling begin

GREAT Evo Morales Editorial Cartoon from Bolivian Newspaper

Pataki & Bloomberg: How to Bust a Union

U.S. No Longer Promoting Landmine Ban

This could scarcely be clearer - Molly Ivins

Did Maureen Dowd have an article today?

CIA prisoner 'rendition' program began under Clinton: ex-agent

Laura Rozen: Chalabi to take over oil ministry?

Jeff Koopersmith - The Party's Over for GW Bush

"Scandals: Six 'Conspiratorial and Six Not." / (Fascinating must Read!)

William Raspberry Resigning: "What I'll Do Next"

Mother Jones: The myth of conservative competence

OMAHA WEIRD HAROLD: A new day for dictators

"The Most Valuable Progressives of 2005" - The Nation

MOGAMBO GURU: "Things Will Be Weird"

White House Prevarications (WP editorial on global warming)

U.K. Natural Gas Prices Soar as Freezing Weather Increases Use of Heating

New Study - Multi-Meter Annual Permafrost Thaw Likely For Canada By 2050

Hotter, Drier Forecast For Desert Southwest As Climate Unravels - CBS

Fishermen wonder about new phenomenon following tsunami

Hi, I'm interested in Solar Power and have a few questions

Climate Breakdown Racing Ahead As IPCC Prepares Definitive 2007 Report

Feds Fight Tougher Coalbed Methane Wastewater Standards In Montana

Thorough article on M3, oil, dollars, and Euros.

ASPO Denver World Oil Conference Summary Report

Cute concept: blimp-based wind power.

Israeli planes attack in Lebanon

Four Gazans hurt when PA forces open fire at former settlement

Why Katyushas? Why Qassams? Why now?

Christmas In Bethlehem

IDF to enforce north Gaza buffer zone within hours

Muslim grinches steal Bethlehem Christmas.World leaders,media blame Israel

Israel warned CIA of large-scale terror attack in Aug 2001 - Telegraph

Did Dumya get the tera attack he wanted on 9/11. Shouldn't he have ....

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY 12/28/05

CA: (ES&S) Voting machines safe for now (or so they want us to believe)

Note to Diebold investors (info about class action suit)

Collisions Increase at Some Stockton Red Light Camera Intersections

Iowa for Health Care Annual Lobby Day

Staying the course

What do people here think about Constitutional change


Where are Firefox cookies?

What to type in address bar in IE to see javascript errors?

instillation problem on Windows XP

How do I add unallocated space to existing drive in XP?

DFW- Fixing to watch the local news about those grass fires

Chris Bell's turn on the radio tonight

LTTE: Gov. Perry's record

Camp Casey Alumni bumper stickers/Malloy bush crime family @ D Air America

So The Oshkosh Northwestern contacted me today...

Source close to Farve

Has anyone here ever tried Michael Thurmond's 6-week

Wiretapping is something to which every American can relate

Dowd: "Checks, balances, warrants, civil liberties - they're all so 20th

Say goodbye to the War on Christmas...until next year!

"Happy Holidays"--quick test to see if you mean it

LAX-centered company helps overcome pet lag

If all this happened under a Democratic President?

Top Ten Myths about Iraq in 2005, U of Michigan Professor

The Trolls Here Are Killing Me. Their Presence Speaks More Than Sinking

the truth about george website!

The people who call those who don't agree with everything here trolls

What is the number one sign that a fellow DUer is a troll?

Feng shui alters Bay Area city's rules for addresses

Leftcoast techie alert: WSJ personal tech columnist on Charlie Rose

There's trouble with "tribbles" on the DU???

Many use 'theory' incorrectly in evolution debate, and that's a fact

1964 Bob Dylan "Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues"

Canada blames U.S. for gun violence- (CNN Propaganda included)

Watching Bush At The Kennedy Center Amidst A Virtual Sea Of Liberals

OMG! He really wasn't AWOL!

Bush's Monica Lewinsky

Addicted to meth? Free cash to quit!

Children and war. Our world's biggest disgrace.

Teen Internet Moguls

you mean there`s trouble with trolls?

End the Iraq War Town Hall Forums

Stars & Stripes letter: Why cheapen American ideals (Bush spying on US)

Who is this Mark Steyn on CSPAN now?? Comes across like

Ok when the head of the TSA says that bombs are more of a threat to the US

Conservative Threat Level: Orange, Elevated

Who's better on security, Ds or Rs? CSPAN first question of the day

My take on things concerning bush* this morning

As a Democrat, I'm more concerned about freedom in America than Iraq...

Bush Elected President of Iraq

Here's something "Fair & Balanced" ---->

Where are the Militias?

9-11 is over. Used up. Finished. Case Closed. Forget about it.

Homeland Security

Common Iraqi lament: "Maku kahrabaa" — there's no electricity

if nine eleven had never happened, bush might have been impeached by now

What's up with Americablog?

We start the new year with the same old fear: Dick Cheney. (Dowd)

Let's face it, bush IS above the law.

If Israel attacks Iran....

Who do you think the NSA may have spied upon?

DUer's I really need you recommendations.....4 dog lovers

As if the general decline of America wasn't bad enough already...

When Bush is left alone for so many days, he schemes....

heard on MSM this morning

Impeach Bush Because...

Al Gore Moves to San Francisco

pitiful, they destroyed Clinton over a b___ job, & we are powerless

Great Bush-monkey pic

cameron parish is still closed, update on what's happening

Recovery thread.....question

Its a crying assed shame that we have a pResident

Caption this Bush-Condi pic

Question on domestic spying. Could the BFEE be listening in on the Dem's?

Credit the Iraqis

News flash: Laura buys Bush Viking Gear?

A recommendation for DU

KKK to march in Des Moines Iowa against gays

Has a terror alert been issued in response to the Shreveport firebomb?

'Mrs. Anthrax' released -- no charges

Will O'Reilly and Gibson Talk About The War on MLK Day?

Why WHIG? If war was essential for our preservation there would be no need

Cindy Sheehan: "I don't want Casey's death to stand for killing and lies"

New York Times Accused of Toying with Treason

Judging the case for war (Chicago Tribune) Read it & Weep

"I got a blow job to make America safe and I will continue to do so"

Conyers(ahead of his time) introduced an impeachment resolution in May '72

Computer expert details e-mail snoop detector

Zarqawi is the subject of an Interpol Red Notice...from Algeria?

It wasn't terrorism because it was a bunch of good old boys

For Bush, math and science legislation is a gift horse

Islamic Civil Rights Group Files FOIA Request On Radiation Monitoring

Listening to the MSM this morning, They're saying that the taliban

Chipping away at democracy (Boston Globe)These are the issues at stake.

"Consumer Confidence Surges on economy, job growth, prices at the pump"

Nonsense about how the administration couldn't ask the pansy ass congress

Porn on computers?

Henceforth-throughout the land-let him be proclaimed"His Royal Texas-ship"

o.k., the "I" word is out there, now how about the "R" word?

Knight Ridder Report: Iraqi Unity Not 'Gaining Traction'

my lovable redneck neighbor has turned sour on bush

Democrats charge Homeland Security Dept. hasn't kept 33 of its promises

Bush/GOP Have No Incentive To Keep America Safe

Abramoff scandal = Dems retake the House BEFORE the election

"Whoever you're talking to, there's good chance Bush is on phone, too!"

My French classmate's Holiday card skewers Bush & Laura beautifully!

The Most Valuable Progressives of 2005 (Feingold, Conyers...)

Should I be paranoid? - Not *really* serious

bwwwwaaaaa Dems question HS....... LOL

What B* has managed to do with FISA Court is comparable to cheating

What were the Dems reactions to snoopgate?

How To Easily Debunk All NY Right Wing Media Pundits

One of the Better Recipes I've stolen...

The Book of Household Management (e-book free download)

I got a silicone muffin "tin" for Christmas. Anybody used these before?

Christmas Present: Fresh Venison!

Christmas Stars

Employee, Suspect Shot at Ga. Wal-Mart (Fort Oglethorpe)

Most Japanese want Iraq troops home soon: poll

TWU board OKs contract deal

WP: Enron Executive Agrees to Plea Deal

Democrats: DHS Hasn't Fulfilled Promises

Bolivian leader to cut own salary (Evo Morales)

Republican Strategist Is Taking Heat for Taking Mexico as Client

Israeli planes attack in Lebanon

Some Conservatives Return to Old Argument (Lying Ads on Iraq)

Mihos not taking GOP hints against run

Governor expected to move back to center in 2006

The Fight for Iraq: Some Conservatives Return to Old Argument

Revealed: the pill that prevents cancer

Kurds plan to invade South

11-year-old may have face transplant

Israelis Attack Militant Base in Lebanon

Afghans say blast kills two from U.S.-led force

Jet With Fuselage Hole Lands in Seattle

Spy claim over diplomat's suicide

Interpol issues red notice for Al Qaeda’s Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi

Peter Ueberroth Asks US Govt To Let Cuba Baseball Team Into US

Move (of US Gov agencies) to new airwaves to cost $936 mln

Lawsuit over 4 slain in Fallujah is crucial

European satellite navigation gets off the ground

Tobin seeks to reverse verdict (GOP phone jamming)

German politician kidnapped in Yemen(former ambassador to the US)

Poland postpones Iraq withdrawal - (why things are great there?!)

Twenty detainees gunned down in Baghdad's military detention

Lebanese bank probe judge wounded in attack (mafia link to Hariri bomb?)

Bush's 'would-be assassin' on hunger strike

Bolivian leader to cut own salary (Pssst -someone call Congress)

Iraq Inmate Kills Eight in Escape Attempt

Fishermen wonder about new phenomenon following tsunami

U.N. official- Iraqi elections credible & calls for rerun not justified

20 Iraqis killed during failed jailbreak (NOT 8 as previously reported)

Poll: Not all find economy news uplifting

Serving in Iraq convinces Roanoker (withdrawal "a critical mistake")

Polish govt criticised for Iraq troops decision

Koppel and Brokaw Agree: Clinton Would Have Gone Into Iraq, Too

Mortar attack ends month long lull at base (Ramadi)

NYT- U.S. to Punish 9 Companies Said to Help Iran on Arms

French hostage 'shown in video'

Iraq militant group threatened to kill French hostage 'shown in video'

Pro-Syrian group threatens to kill UN official

Pakistani slays daughters to salvage ‘honor’

Insurgents stage attack on U.S. Special Forces camp in Afghanistan

Lights out in Baghdad as power remains erratic (down @ 6 hours/day)

Novello for Senate? (courted to run against Hillary Clinton)

As risky home loans rise, house-price 'bubble' inflates

Ukrainian premier says Russia owes Ukraine 1.5bln cu m of gas

CIA prisoner 'rendition' program began under Clinton: ex-agent

Spitzer Subpoenas Music Cos. on Pricing

White House wants Sahara Desert as new front for war on terror

4 Killed in Wind-Driven Texas Grass Fires

Rumsfeld's day targeted (Al Qaeda attack in Afghanistan)

Marriott unit loses personal data of 206,000 customers

Chiefs Demoted in Pentagon Succession Line (Rummy friends on nuc button

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 28 December

New Orleans Agrees Not to Raze Homes Yet

Iraqi Prisoner Kills Eight With Guard Gun

U.S. holds bulging prisoner population in Iraq (nearly 15k)

Judge Orders Accused Nazi Guard Deported

N.O. Police Chief Backs Shooting

U.S. No Longer Promoting Landmine Ban

MSNBC Breaking: Former top Enron accountant pleads guilty to securities...

Florida (!) Film Critics Give "Brokeback" Top Prize

Syria wants new rules for cooperation on UN probe

GAO Cites Army's Sloppy Record Keeping

Three killed in US air strike in Iraq (man, two daughters, home destroyed)

Delta Pilots Approve 14% Pay Cuts

US Service Member killed, two injured in IED attack (Afghanistan)

New York Transit Union OKs Tentative Deal

Alarm over Chinese incursion

Beslan massacre probe blames authorities (Reuters)

Iraq 'incapable of running jails'

New Bolivian President Vows to Take Action Against US (missing missiles)

Safavian Wins Access to E-mails in Abramoff-Related Case

Republicans say Spitzer made threat against Wall Street exec

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid cost $1 trillion in '04

China says opposes US sanctions over alleged arms supplies to Iran

At GI's funeral, church to picket America's 'sins' (led by Fred Phelps)

Rasmussen: 64% Say NSA Monitoring Okay

Some Veteran Journalists Say 'Times' And 'Post' Should Have Disclosed Meet

Lawyer Questions Evidence in Terror Case

Terror suspect (Padilla) challenges US president's 'unchecked' power

Court Asks for Response to DeLay Motion (disputes DeLay spokesman)

Pension problems loom for boomers

300 more Alito documents released

Ohio justice scolded for drunk driving

New Orleans Filmmaker Palfi Kills Himself (Katrina Depression)

Marines in Iraq exempt from fat limits

NSA inadvertently uses banned data-tracking ``cookies'' at Web site

Leave evolution out of standards, Bush says

Marines hand out toys to Iraqi children - (more PR campaigning-sigh)

Appeals court said to hear DeLay request

Huge new oil discovery in Brazil

Chiefs demoted in Pentagon succession line

Greece urged to investigate MI6 torture link

Suspects' body language can blow their cover

Vets get in races to fight GOP

Has anyone here ever tried Michael Thurmond's 6-week

OMG it was here again... The Freeper!

Holy fuck, we have new poll colors!

Over The Hedge!

You’ve Got To Let The Blood Coagulate

damn, I just took a nap, that means i wont be able to sleep tonite

Will that be all George?: Pakistani journo pokes fun at shrub

OMG! Iron Chef tonight is using ---- natto! ***disgusting**

Oy!! Now I got me fingers stuck in me bum!!!

Just saw a Jack Daniels commercial with Jane's Addiction as the soundtrack

Ass size & aging

OMG! It was here again. The Clapper.

OMG! They were here again. The Peeps.

HAPPY NEW YEAR DUers--this makes my 1000TH POST!!

OMG! The peeper was here again...

There's trouble with "tribbles" on the DU???

How organized is your existence?

I'm more bored than LaraMN, I *read* who her mom had a crush on...

OMG! She was here again. Nia Peeples.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

"Moe's Tavern... hold on, I'll check..."

"Fuck Your Yankee Bluejeans"

Missing member:

Wednesday morning earworm. One for the ladies!

How many moose could a mini-mouse move?

The Bendy Woman (LINK)

Christmas at my house.

The Lounge'd appreciate this I think. My French friend skewered Bush

Do men find this attractive?

U2, 1981, Berlin Live

Computer Discussion - cheap-ass

Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the Heart

Rammstein. Live in Berlin.

Does this make men cry?

Okay, who sent me the promotional for Playgirl magazine?

Has anyone actually read any books in the Great Books

My husband is in Paris without me- on our anniversary

OK, everybody....It is waaaay past my bedtime! Time to toddle off...

My Libertarian girlfriend says I'm addicted to the "Democratic UnderBoard"

It's after midnight.

Aw, man, this year is NEVER gonna end.....

'Time to make the doughnuts' actor dies

Separated at birth? You be the judge

Santa Arrested After Beating Up Street Sign

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

2005 - suck or not suck

Bad news comes in threes?

Do you have change for 25 Million People?

Man Accused Of Lobbing Urine Into Yards

Good Scrabble Words

Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah

Tone Loc's latest album released yesterday

Good Wednesday Morning, Everybody!

From this day forth- Brazillion joke=instant Ignore.

I watched March of the Penguins

If I posted a picture of me "strangling" a wax figure at Madame Tussaud's,

In your face!

"Ron White Long Lasting Air-Freshener"

Western Indiana and a thunderstorm is moving in.

"Regifting on ebay"


Text messaging while driving:

Our scholastically underachieving 18 yo son just got his ACT results.

What is up with all of this "what men find attractive"?

The Da Vinci Code

I'm crying right now

Do NOT pose for a picture while flying a plane.

Happy 72nd Birthday to Nichelle 'Uhura' Nichols!


Ah...Something tells me..This is not Jessica Simpson.

Would you date this person?

What's up with the K&R?

Super High Thongs are Always Wrong

Judge Throws Out Letterman Restraining Order (Woman Claimed He Used Code)

Hey everyone!!


LMAO on E-Bay - SNL Narnia rap T-Shirts

What Cool Guys Like

DUer's I really need you recommendations.....4 dog lovers

Ok DU, Let Me Know If I Have Your Blessing To Proceed.

Oh, that thud? That was just my head hitting the desk.

im off to Best Buy to cash in gift cards!!!

"Bad Santa"-a good gift for a 12 yr. old?

People Are Stupid-Nun Bun

Do you have a CANOE or KAYAK?

Help cure LaraMN's boredom...Help design her 1st drink for NYE...

Would you like to play with my yo-yos?

DU this poll


Away out in Egypt in the Valley of Kings...

Avatars, I got avatars. I got smilies, too.

By the way, HERE is your global warming, morans!

What kinds of birds do you have in your yard right now?

US adds 'Baby Face,' 'Rocky Horror' to registry


Have you ever met a girl that you tried to date

My oldest son is in a WAR..

are you of the tough love school.??

Worst news of the day, BY FAR: Oprah's jet plane kills a bird.

marconi pLays the mamba

I've got the "Uggs"

I've got the "Uggghs."

I am bored. Entertain me.

Steak and/or Pork: Do you eat the fat? Or trim it off and leave it?

Worst Song of All Time

Good quality kitchen knives?

Who's still up?

I've got the nuns

If you could relive 1 night what would it be? Mine-Birdland,NYC 1957/8

Ziggy played guitar

Damn , its Wednesday already ?

Should I get divorced?

"Time to make the donuts" actor dies.

Why does Windoze suck

If my dog talks to me is he crazy or am I?

Call me a cynic, but...

Name the Fox insider

The Colbert Report is Conservative Leaning

Can anyone help me price a truck?

So who else drinks hot water in the winter?

The Sweetest Thing : My 5 year old cousin just read me a story :)

Announcement: I'm PC-less and in the library

Not another "American Idol"

Why isn't the Star Trek theory of intelligent seeding being taught?

It is wrong to laugh at someone's obvious mental illness, and yet...

How could you NOT like this album? "Sgt Pepper" Movie Soundtrack!

I've seen bugs bigger than this remote-controlled helicopter model!

I keep laughing when I think of... (Not that brazilian joke I promise)

Just rode 50 miles round trip on my scooter. Not bad for December 28!

Porn on computers?

I am logged on as the admin

Need immediate advice: Silicone boobware.


Question about menu planning

Is there a virtual Santa who's been cyber-stocking you?


Friend of Stavros Niarchos serves Paris Hilton "cease and desist" letter

Need immediate advice: Silicone bakeware.

My New Credit Card informed me of my annual 59$ fee, after I...

Anyone here own a MINI Cooper?

Trend Watchers Share Predictions For 2006 (sounds like a shitty year)

A guy (me) comments on the 'hot guys' thread

Burger King pornography

Fashion question (need opinion)

Troll V.S. Freeper - Please Help Me Out!

Help! I'm having problems with iTunes.

I've got the "runs"



We haven't had one of these threads in a while... Post Your Age!!!

Why all of a sudden second chance

I've got the "nuns"

I just pulled a "Costanza" ask me anything

Help!!.. I just spilled Coke on my laptop keyboard..


BREAKING: Matthew McConaughey & George Clooney In Gay Love Triangle With..

I wish I could show you what MMjr. looks like right now. (Pic added)

are there any free or cheap DVD programs that support 5.1 sound?

"It's the most wonderful time, of the year..."

My cat is ignoring me for days

Time for bed

need advise on grandchildren

How would a snail end up in my kitchen?

New Year's Resolution: I'm Placing Put Options On Popcorn In 2006

My second baby girl is six years old today...

Where do you buy your clothes

I lost my install code for publisher 98

Okay, then, how about the stepdaughter of a Beatle?

Do women really find this attractive?

Someone should form a "Zombies" group

IT'S TRUE!!! I know Bill O'Reilly's secret DU screen name

I'm sorry to say that certain DUers have LIED to you!!!!!!

The definitive word on attractiveness...

Vegan Woman Gets Skinned Goat's Head Left On Her Porch

A Shrub free association word thread

Good quality kitchen wives?

Hey this you?

In order to get beyond one date, what can I do?

I just doubled my laptop memory!

My world grows smaller and smaller

Percentage of my 2005 posts you found a complete fucking waste of time

Can a person have vertigo during the day?

Anyone remember this awesome 80's song: "Genius of Love"

Boston College has a player named Larry Lester on the roster.

problem installing Sonic Cineplayer on Win XP,

Funny Mom and Dad story

Disgusting food deathmatch **(not for the weak-stomached)**

Firefox Gets P2P File Sharing Extension, Web Site gets slashdotted...

Is it wrong to marry someone old, rich & dying if you REALLY love money?

Dammit - help! - trying to find RKZ and me "the lounge is like" thread

No "new" Kevin Federline news today...would you settle for Tori Spelling?

I am a secret Freeper infiltrator

What do you think about this?

REMEMBER WHEN...we couldn't discuss poultry

Do you ever get the feeling

Are religions mutually exclusive?

Yoko Ono's voice

I just saw "War Of The Worlds" on DVD last night!

mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy...

What are the other liberal progressive boards?

I declare today Matthew McConaughey appreciation day!!

Taschen books!

Ever seen an UFO?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 12/28/05)

A good dog

Dammit All! Just Broke a Molar!

December....or March?

I just found my daughter's LiveJournal. Is it wrong for me to read it?

Rock n Roll's best Frontman/lady.

Do women find this attractive?

Favorite Color

Best website to buy used CD's (good selection&price)?

An all-new collaborative work dedicated to RevCheesehead,

Merry Christmas, Rabrrrrrr!

Yes! A morning show talking about etiquette of Thank You Notes!

men: did your Mama tell you this when you were young?

Biggest lounge event of 2005

Do men find this attractive?

babies daddies

What are your pets' favorite objects (besides you)?

The REAL God Warrior: Stonewall Jackson

PA, NJ people: Please come see me play this Thurs. and Fri. (Dec. 29 & 30)

Gals - looking for a boyfriend? How about a 30-something son of a Beatle?

My challenge to DU Lounge denizens

A Call for Nation States again - who is playing?

My cat was just hit by a car

My cat just got hit by a car

Tips Needed For How to see the Lighter /Brighter Side of LIfe

Post your home phone numbers here!


Scariest Lounge event of 2005

For IT DUers, How Stupid Are The Users That You Support?

The Estrogen Brigade has taken over the lounge

You may remember this ... some good thoughts please.

The American Heritage Dictionary - “atheism.”

Ramblings about lucifer

11-year-old may have face transplant

Prof Honored for Solving Old Math Problem (Kato's Conjecture)

A late Christmas flyby photos from Titan!

"don't let your left hand know what your right hand does"

Gay Marriage Foes Put Brave Face On Calif. Setback

Gay Civil Rights Law Comes Into Force In Maine

Gay Marriage Amendment Set To Return To Virginia Legislature

Russian Orthodox Sever Ties With Swedish Lutherans Over Gay Blessings

Pope Chastises Envoy Over Gay Unions

Dykes and the C-Word

Charles Socarides dies

KKK Rallies To Oppose Gay Marriage

Favorite Name In Sports

A tale layered with tragedy (Jeff Reardon's arrest)

who is this?

Longhair tabby kittens (sorry no pics!)

Maine Coon available in SW Wisconsin

Should I get another cat?

Lucky (cat) lost her fight with hepatic lipidosis…R.I.P. (1997-2005)

Remember this post predicting the re-election of Bush?

Fire the Grid

2012 & the Mayan calendar

I hate everything and everything hates me: A rant about Mars in Taurus.

Iraq Veterans Against the War: Conference in PA.

Lois Murphy. Pennsylvania. 72 Hours.

Help. I feel stupid today. Can someone answer this?

the myth of conservative competence

Question for TayTay

Kerry quote challenge

The investigator role

Help. I missed the Bush-Monkey strip.

Oh, dear. What a sad thing...

Juan Cole today: Excellent food for thought.

someone in discussion came up with the idea

Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest

What I got for christmas.... eat your hearts out

bvar22... your metadata is calling you

Another day, another sunrise

I also got a macro lens on Christmas morning.


who is running the next contest?

Enjoy the show tonight -- I probably won't be watching

A Wisconsin New Year or it is better to have some chedder

Wooooooo daytime Keith sighting.

GD thread re Rolling Stones article on Keith

Hi ladies! anyone around for the rerun?

Kazkhstan humor....Look out George Carlin

National Security Sprawl

How many Repug Senate seats are up for election in 2006?

That's it, I formally declare war on Groundhog's day

Once again, conservatives are addressing the wrong issue.....

Evolution vs Christian literalists: No Peace/No Surrender - Part II

Are there any MIAs in Iraq? (nt)

A Nation Called "Terror"

If Dems win back House in '06 and Don't Impeach--They will have failed

Who are the chickenshit Dems? List the ones we need to vote out

BUSH, YOU ARE A DIRTY, DIRTY MAN! and your POPPY and your MOMMY know it

How many Repug Senate seats are up for election in 2006?

I need a chickenhawk graphic, if any DUer is talented that way

New movie coming out, 'American Dreamz'....

Do YOU feel safer knowing Bush is president?

RW Hate websites

Arbor Day declares War on Christmas (breaking news)

Scandals: Six 'conspiratorial' and 6 not

Has anyone noticed gas prices lately?

U.S. Wants to Bar Militant Groups From Quake Work in Pakistan

Arctic Power lobby plots new strategy to open ANWR for drilling

What's the best web site to introduce PNAC to someone?

MSNBC Survey: What was the best political play of 2005?

Teacher pursues free speech lawsuit

Alterman: Shurb "Unpopular, but unimpeachable, ALAS"

Here's why the "war on terror" is a farce

Frank Gaffney is a paranoid, warmongering, bloodthirsty creep.


Sahara Next Front in Bush's War on Terror: ". . .will generate terrorism"

Wiretaps fail to make dent in terror war; al Qaeda used messengers

When will the corporate elite cash in; pull out all their stocks?

Interesting point about spying excuses.

Collisions Increase at Some Stockton Red Light Camera Intersections

The Year In Pictures - 2005

Is there an increased threat to our security because of Bush?

Why don't the British dump Blair and pull out of Iraq?

People who say "we dont want impeachment" arent thinking it through

We will get rid of Bush. We have no choice. And it will depend on us.

So They're Tapping Our Phones Because????

Critical Mass Bike Rides Face Police Crackdown

Canada blames U.S. for gun violence

When contacting your representatives about

Please critique my LTTE

How many Democrats took Abramoff's dirty money?

New GM Law Threatens Iraq’s Wheat Heritage

Why isn't the Star Trek theory of intelligent seeding being taught?

Looking for pre invasion quotes arguing that Saddam did not have WMD

Bob Barr Strikes Again: How Bush Will Try to Avoid Impeachment

Wolcott notes affinity between Daniel Pearl's murderers and US wingers

Tony Trupiano is Filling in for Schultz

Hurricane Takes a Further Toll: Suicides Up in New Orleans

Koppel and Brokaw Agree: Clinton Would Have Gone Into Iraq, Too

Ohio Repuke sues to end domestic-partner benefits

I can't get Air America to stream

I am a secret Freeper infiltrator

When they are talking about how happy retailers are

Do you honestly think Bush will be impeached.

Darwinism completely refutes Intelligent design

Wing nuts up in arms about NBC series.

I interrupt this discussion board to make a public announcement

Tom Foreman on CNN makes me laugh-he's so stagey-he outdoes Wolf

I haven't totally vanished

Clowntime is Over: The Last Stand of the American Republic


So what PDB will * ignore while cutting and clearing brush @ the "ranch" ? puke-fest

Church Displays American Flags to Remind Others of War Dead

Whoa, it's a republican's a Rippie...

Radicals are looked down upon, but there are radicals in the white house

Teen Who Made Blog 'Confession' Gets 5 Years In Prison

Poverty and Red States

if we just endure & tolerate bush's tyranny then we might as well give up

Newsweek's best cartoons of 2005

Town May Offer Do-It-Yourself Funeral Site

Boxer/John Dean rerun on CSPAN....3:58 CDT

Do you believe a Democrat-controlled congress would impeach Bush?

Now This could get interesting.....

"Unprovoked Wars, Torture, Invasions of Privacy & Dictatorship"(Findlaw)

Billboard shows world leaders in menage a trois

Fla. Hate Crime Reports Up 21 Percent

Breaking on CNN: Ken Lay trial to be delayed because

'Mrs. Anthrax' released -- no charges

Pundit Payola - by Mike Kinsey - a worthwhile read

impeachment talk and the incremental loss of privacy

A taste of red state (Indiana) ignorance

Wasn't Malloy supposed to be in for Randi today?

God, when the U.S. Congress comes back in January ... please give those

CBS: Rough Year For Bush In Polls

anyone else get the debunked FCC petition #2493 AGAIN!

Next Iraqi Prime Minister May Be Iranian Ally

One Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Nine(1569)DAYS Since 9/11 -Bin Laden FREE!

Suspect Shot and Killed By Deputy (mentally ill man, Columbus Ohio)

Wolf/Carter CNN interview running now....3:40 PM CDT

Today's global warming snapshot: Northern roads *melting*

caption this * pic...

Chiefs Demoted in Pentagon Succession Line-Due To New Emphasis on Intell

Presidential Powers on CSPAN Now...

Aryan newsletter found on west side (Madison WI)

If we can't get rid of bush, let's Torture him for the next 3 years...

Mob Severely Beats Motorist Who Honked Horn

The Sierra Club called it "an against-all-odds" victory

I'm interested in Solar Power and have a few questions

The other dumbass Bush is at it again!!!!


Rush: dems to blame for hungry and freezing poor, old, children

A web page of mine was visited (by the NSA?)

Six Degrees of Seperation -- How close are you to a terrorist?

Look at the photo accompanying a "Consumer Confidence" story

so with all this wiretapping -- where are the war on terror victories?

What's going on in Milwaukee??

Safavian Wins Access to E-mails in Abramoff-Related Case

Kurt Vonnegut: "Your guess Is As Good As Mine"

One Response to Conyers' Resolution of Inquiry on spying:

Did anyone else see this poll.

Pakistani kills 4 of his daughters to salvage the family's honor

The Real Cost Of Outsourcing Jobs & Busting Unions

I say IMPEACH HIM for his commission of travesties to America

100 tons of explosives headed to Afghanistan "missing"

The Pentagon's partial file on domestic spying is available (.pdf)

Barbara Boxer asks presidential scholars if domestic spying is OK

Was spygate exposed deliberately in an attempt to shut down the left?

BEWARE Internet addiction

The Religious Right is NOT a RELIGION

NSA Spying: "So sue us!" .........Why don't we?

The BFEE inflicted hubris is manifesting in my dreams-

Maybe it's not Cheney who's in charge

Cindy Sheehan to be in DC for the State of the Union!

Marching Song of the Incompetents

Reuters: George Bush "is spending part of his Christmas holiday reading

Regardless of their age, should Nazis and other fascists be prosecuted?

School Buses Now Roll With Ads

Florida (!) Film Critics Give "Brokeback" Top Prize

It's good to be King George

Kurds in Iraqi Army Proclaim Loyalty to Militia

We tread on dangerous ground...Bush is a cornered rat

Who is the silly cow that's subbing for Lou Dobbs?

Dial M for Moron

25 Mind-Numbingly Stupid Quotes by Various Idiots Including W & His Mom

Political Cartoonists Cast an Eye Back on 2005

The Federal Government is Funding Public School Surveillance Cameras

Hillary argued for impeachment of Nixon. "One wonders where she is now."

Richard Cohen attacks Syriana, calls Iraq War naive compulsion to do good

"Impeachment will never happen"....

NSA Web Site Puts 'Cookies' on Visitors Computers.

Did we seize Iraq's oil for US as a whole or just for oil companies?

Find 'em here: Your 2006 end of the world predictions...

John Diebold has died. Wasn't connected to Diebold, Inc.

Transcript's UP - Keith's smackdown of Gibby & O'LOOFAH

Has MABUS arrived? (The Third Antichrist)

Republican reveals Bush Plan to avoid Impeachment

Constructionism and the Bill of Rights

Debate Over Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Politicized by Iraq War

We do NOT want impeachment in 2006, we do however want to ....

As long as the Big Lie of 9-11 is accepted, you are lost!

Drip....drip....drip....just like Watergate....

The Grand Duke of Waco, Little Lord Pissypants, Chimperor, King George! >

Impeach Bush & Cheney now or wait for Democratic House?

What could happen if ? Martial Law


what the hell is norah o'donnell up to?

Do you think bush will be impeached?

so,how long IS the MSNBC poll going to stay active?

Japanese fishing boat

James Carville Predicts Harold Ford Jr. Will Win Senate Seat In 2006

If you could write the Democratic Platform, what would it be?

White House Leaked Classified Intelligence to Make its Case for War

For the BEST in Liberal/Progressive talk radio...

Successful impeachment would be a disaster.

Funny anti-MOD squad film coming out... "Thank You For Smoking"


Democrats: Losers or Victims?

Chiefs Demoted in Pentagon Succession Line

Regarding cops and shootings. What is the answer?

Support Quality Education by Signing This Petition to Overhaul NCLB

Christmas warriors declare the war rages on

Indicted officials consider suing pro-Israel lobby (AIPAC)

'A Republican businessman vilifies George Bush'

Wow letter in paper equates torture to listening to heavy metal music

MSNBC: Billboard shows world leaders in menage a trois (no photo)

My sister's boyfriend is ready to come over to our side, help me help him!

Is your email being watched?

Fox calls Keith Olbermann "twisted and sick"!

Impeachment March on State of the Union Jan 31

Got Spine?

Chertoff: "FEMA is not a response agency for disasters" . . .

The DoD scanned my ports yesterday

Tori Spelling engaged again!

Deck is stacked against blacks returning to New Orleans (WaPo)

Manassas Changes Definition of Family

Impeachment is not about you, me, or the Democratic candidates!!!

"I Miss You" - grab a kleenex first

Carlyle Group buys Dunkin Donuts, Fred the Baker dies....

A very conservative, strict constructionist is blasting Bush (Wash Times)

Whatever happened to the DU Activist Corps?

Freepers Target USMC Vet's Anti-War Website

Damn! Georgia is one F-CKED up state! (Child Rape Ruling)

Impeachment Doesn't Exist So That It Could Make You Feel Good Politically

How drunk is Bush? (Funny Video)

San Francisco agrees to delay handgun ban (strikes deal with NRA)

Dear Gov. Dean -- “GOP wins Senate, holds House, CNN projects"

Politics 101 - Impeachment in a GOP-dominated congress

2006 The Year The Chicknhawks Will Go Home To Roost (Cindy Sheehan)

How would you react to this photo if it were in your hometown paper?

What Bushes do when they're being investigated - plant false stories

Twenty feet away, a quarter inch deep, and a lunge.

a schizophrenic with a knife...

Howard Dean Scores! DNC 50-State Plan for a "Voters' Bill of Rights"

I am on social security and own a corporation....

Rolling Stone: Keith Olbermann, TRUTH TELLER

Very important security question. Can I now take my knitting needles

There are ZERO Democrats who took Abramoff money.

Great RFK quote on materialism -- who talks like this today?

Communication Theory Explains GOP control

Depleted Uranium Scandal Reason for Heads Rolling At Veterans Admin.

Which of the 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights can we do without?

George W. Bush, September 17th, 2001: "Islam is Peace"...

Diebold aside, aren't the Repukes risking a lot by saying to the

Ashcroft, Miers, Gonzales "now under close scrutiny" for advising Spy Boy

HAPPY NEW YEAR DUers--this makes my 1000TH POST!!

Anyone watching Red&Blue on Discovery Times?

How to take over America

Carville on Today..NOW



Civil War in Iraq? Wow who could have seen this coming?

Looks like Condi is a rising star in Iraq too

Governor expected to move back to center in 2006

Civil War in Iraq? Wow who could have seen this coming?

38% with either veterans or someone in Iraq approve of George Bush

Anotehr "Fighting Democrat" candidate

Dr. Germ and Mrs. Antrax released from US- Iraq custody

Does Colin Powell have any credibility left...

Military leader says troop level could rise

"Due Process vs. Efficient Enforcement " and Spygate

Pro-War Group Running Ads That We found WMD & Saddam Connected to al Queda

our power crazed military officers

Pa. Councilman-Elect Balks at Cold War Oath

Bush attempting to become Dictator of America-Impeachment march SOTU

Jan. 5: Rep. Jim Moran Town Hall featuring Rep. Murtha

How long until Bush attacks the newly elected Iraqi government?

A "centrist" dem spokesman was just on FOX news...

"a wiretap requires a court order"

Is it a real "war" ?

Antiwar Election Oath (petition)

NYT: The Face and Voice of Civilian Sacrifice in Iraq

New Bumper Sticker Idea...

How will we find out who they spied on? Unless we find out

oops nevermind

The Republicans will protect us....

Ex-Enron Accountant Strikes Plea Deal (agrees to testify against Lay)

Ed Koch - the SOB backed Bush in '04, but he's right today.

More than 30 Iraq and Persian Gulf War veterans have entered...

My case against Impeachment....for now...

I'll post this as a stand alone...


Ralph con man Reed lined his pockets with religious money

Sen. Boxer & John Dean coming up on CSpan

Washington Notes' Bolton Watch to Launch in Early 2006

Never mind the wire out for the

Al Gore moving to San Francisco

I'm not sure if this should go under the Religion Forum; however, the

never forget: NBC's Pete Williams worked for CHENEY

Spygate is interesting test case for the MSM

Sypgate (aka Bush WIRETAPPED) Turning into Big Loser for the GOP

All the king's horses ect...

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "Nixonians: Part 2, OHIO"

I took a plea bargain once and my lawyer said that if the judge did

Name repbeelzepublicans Who Seem To Have Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth

A question.....Why couldn't NO police...

I have an idea for a video game!!!

Again I ask, "Where are the Pennsylvania Avenue Minutes?"

Plame Game - our cartoon James Bond treatment of treason

Any replies from Gibsons or O'Liely to KO rant last night ??

Most appropriate new career for a used, low-mileage Ahmed Chalabi



Kerry, the BCCI scandal, the Swiftboat liars and other overlapping

Interesting point about spying excuses.

Bush's failed war -- Kurds showing signs of secession; civil war looming?

Centrist Democrats hit anti-Bush tactics

Bush reading reveals history fan

WSJ: Some Conservatives Return To Old Argument

James Carville Predicts Harold Ford Jr. Will Win Senate Seat In 2006

Falwell, Santorum and Dobson's "Justice Sunday III," 1/8/06


It's the cheap food, stupid.

It's been 1563 days since Bush said he'd catch Osama bin Laden...

Bush's envoy sparks another diplomatic incident over war claims

is there any video of ritter vs. hitchens debate?

Donkey Rising: Vets Boost Dems '06 Chances

The Slate In 2008

Just so Bush knows I ordered a salad pizza last night...

Obamas reply to my 'Impeachment Plea"

(Family Value: Extortion)Tenn Republican Lawmaker in Battle With Newspaper

A Second Look At President Bill Clinton, and a Change of Heart

Where are the "libertarians" when you need them ?

Wage Decline: No Mystery Whatsoever

If I just assaulted a local merchant and I'm in front of your house

because it's so easy to buy a gun in the US, terrorists can easily...