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Archives: December 30, 2005

Some Call It Freedom But It Smells Like Death

Molly Ivins: Big Brother Bush

Are we seeing the end of serendipity?

Cleaning up elections in Connecticut

Letter To a Spook - But You Don't Know Me

Top 10 Antiwar Stories of 2005

Most Valuable Progressives of 2005

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: The Season of the Middle Finger

Record drought a factor in the grass fires.

Climate change driving pika to extinction

Texas opens its first E85 (ethanol fueled) gas station.

Mt ST Helens: 15-month eruption still producing lava at astonishing rate

RWVER-2006 Toyota Solara, 331 miles, 32 MPG @ 60 MPH

US warns Israel of escalation

Suicide bomber planned attack at children's party

'C'mon, America! Israel does it!!'

40 + Jewish & Palestinian organisations defy EU secrecy

A "Best of 9/11 Truth Media, 2005" Compilation

My County Goes Down, But We Are Not Out.

Help...please...I have windows xp...and cox high speed service

I *am* the hostess with the mostest.

Bananas, This is interesting.


ICH: CIA renditions began under Clinton: agent

City of Compton Touts Successful ‘Gifts For Guns’ Campaign

Leahy wants to know about Pentagon spying on protests

Abramoff plea could bring everyone down according to attorney

Bush's Domestic Wiretaps May Complicate Criminal Prosecutions

Nevada tanning salon gets 9/11 loan: SBA Audit

US to spend £30million on Iraq prisons to hold insurgents

Russia corners Ukraine in gas dispute

Aid agencies predicted winter disaster - now it is reality for Kashmir

U.S. to Intensify Army Oversight of Iraqi Police

WP: Palestinians in Iraq Pay the Cost of Being 'Saddam's People'

US reports increase in Guantanamo hunger strike

Pace: U.S. to launch phased Iraq pullout

Houston oil companies return to Libya in venture

Snow urges Congress to raise debt limit (almost in default!)

Bible Guide For Public Schools Gets Jewish Okay

WSJ: Laura Bush Takes a Larger Role (Admin hopes to get lift from Pickles)

Women closing the internet gender gap

Abu Ghraib figure (Lynndie) England burned in prison mishap

This is HUGH!! -Ex-UK envoy to Uzbekistan goes public on TORTURE!!!

U. of Michigan kicks Coke out.

I just got back my NMR and mass spec.

How *bush REALLY "clears brush" on his pig farm (pic)

Anyone else's holiday season seem never-ending?



Honor Blackman!




This is great!



just listened to my first tune on my iPod - what was your first?

It has been pointed out to me (forcefully)



De nada

My apartment building got evacuated...



Should I go see Syriana tonight?

Check out this site!

Have to change my nic for obvious reasons and need advice!

My mom is watching CarlySimon live on PBS and is talking to the TV.. she

This is funny....

Absolution!! Get your shiny new absolution here!!!

Crook of the Day

I thought we agreed I wasn't gonna have to kick your ass.

Okay, okay, okay... Col Plumb, with the candelabra, in the Pantry

I'm tired of winter

Who are worse "musicians" - people who sing, or brass players?

Tonight, I played until my fingers bled!

Okay, so King Kong was pretty good.

Dard! A four day weekend and I got a code

Dropped in GD: Billboard of Bush Having Sex in Austria Removed

How many DUers have ever been called a cab ?

I'm Better Than You Are

How do you tell a friend that

Hmmm... Whale song sets my dachshund off...

A couple of good ones from Snopes.

Mr. Scorpio, in the Lounge, with a bigass microphone.

Hottest Sounds rebroacast tonite @ 11pm ET


What would you like to see in 2006?

You Won't Believe Town's Obscene Name!

I don't know why...Why? Why do I love Ween?????

anyone check out the that's advertised on the DU...

Poll: I want to cause trouble in the Lounge....

just ordered a pizza on line - ask me anything

Can I get a few hugs?

"Glue the lozenge to the lolly....

How many DUers have ever driven Taxi?

Bean Soup Recipe?

Favorite love song?

Recipe huntin': I'm starting to cook dinner again

Rabrrrrrr with a flair on ya window

How big is your wee-wee?

Check out what the fundies are saying about Brokeback Mountain...

Pangaea, Laurasia, or Gondwanaland??

Okay, fess up, who missed me?

GLBTQ DUers: I'm looking for a good lesbian or GLBTQ message board.

If you are not going to reply to this post, please post that you won't

Horn Blasters

Thread for words that make you sound drunk when you say them

Favortie Candy Bar

"The Silent Twins"- June & Jennifer Gibbons

Well, my posts just suck, so be brutal and tell me why, so I can

What brightens your day

I finally saw Goblet of Fire this afternoon - loved it!!

My dog again...

Let's gang up on Khashka night is officially over

Where are you spending New Year's Eve?

Jimmy Jazz Just Called - She Wants To Pose NAKED On My Scooter!!

Tragedies you are thankful for -- or at least, thankful for what you

Which is your LEAST favorite "Harry Potter" movie?

Free Association Thread

predictions for 2006 thread

DU Etiquette Forum. The topic: When does self-kicking become obnoxious?

Hey you! Yes, you! You may save somebody's life

A different Universe by Robert Laughlin -any one read it? - Any opinions?

Know of any good gay message boards?

Watch'n the Holiday Bowl. Here is the Oklahoma fight song:

A dream.

Is there something wrong with the upload page?

Here it is!-- my New Year's greeting

Interesting from Barney Frank on Kerry '08


KOEB -- 12/29/05: Shall we?

Falwell called to testify before grand jury investing Lynchburg mayor

A Shameful Year - By Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

Rate the year 2005 for you, the country and the World:

This is great!

Shiite family of 11 killed. This is just a sample of what is to come....

Harboring Germs and Illusions....

(TOON) Belated Steve Bell: Blair in Basra

On CNN NOW -- NSA put cookies on visiting computers...

Organic apparel breaks out of its niche

Has bush* said anything about the fires?

Norah O'Donnell at it again (torture at Gitmo not really torture)

Larissa sticks it to right-winger Andrew Sully

Any Live Streaming Out There?

Police Taser knife man (Sun Headline... Makes you think)

Billboards of Bush, Chirac, and Queen in risque poses taken down, Austria

Unbeknownst to the Bush administration (Does this guy know anything?)

VIDEO- Inside White House Strategery-Bush in FreeFall

Is DU really Democratic? At 60,000, should we elect representatives?

whats your ake on larry king's show on psychics

So Iraq al Qaeda posted a message on the al Qeada website?

Call it the year of lame excuses - MSNBC

bumpersticker: Jesus loves you; everybody else thinks ur an asshole

Impeachment awareness starting to spread

Why Rush Limbaugh is an inspiration to me

Abramoff's attorney: Some in Congress "are going to be taken down"

Did you ever wonder what 2000 looks like?

Toddler Found Drunk

'C'mon, America! Israel does it!!'

Job Opportunity - catch is they play Fox-News all day long

Republicans getting kookier

Austrian Billboard of Bush and other leaders having sex removed

Once upon a time our leaders lived in a fairytale world....

liberals take most top spots in book sales for year

For lurking freepers--there is more than one definition of "mercenary"

With 1 Trading Day Left, Still No Holiday Rally

Peter Werbe in for Mike Malloy check in

What I keep saying to righties

ALERT *** PETITION to Stop the Dousing of Wilderness Areas with Pesticides

More dead bodies being found by loved ones returning home to N.O.

Neocons persecute innocents, celebrate real criminals

OK-I thought I was in the clear...I never visited the NSA website

Babysitter gets 2 year old charge drunk- this is just WAY too much

Okay. I'm ready to handle it. Just how bad was our CIA in the 70s?

I have to say something about all this illegal spying or anything

Truthseeker Peter Werbe on Air for Malloy

Just about everyone in Iraq on 'tranquilizers'

Bush, Hillary Most Admired Americans

So Which Of You Lurking Freeps Wants To Defend Circumventing FISA?

The White House is ILLEGALLY tracking people on their site, too

Bill Frist: Time to act on Iran’s nuclear ambitions

They didn't want warrants because they never planned to go to court.

Don't you think with Bu$h it's the drinking.

CRITICAL THINKING ...Why we have it, and they don't

Gov. Jeb Bush still trying to kill the smaller class-size amendment

any way to find out if plants cookies in vistors computers?

*** Thursday TOONs: More Spying ***

Agent Mike, why haven't you arrested Bush yet?

****Great cartoon***** -- would make a great bumper sticker!

GRAPHIC: This Man (Nixon) Wasn't Above The Law -- Neither Is This One (W)

The Most Outrageous Statements of 2005...

Conyers Talks Impeachment

Rant: I think my RW friend is right, none of it matters anymore.

What's the Fuss About? My Parents Retired Great/ Medicare and the Rest

ENRON Trial Set to Start: Will Feds Set up an "Oliver North" ?

Why is it that Ms. Green had to be found nearly four months later by her

Wesley Clark: No case for war

Larry Johnson: We Should of Had Him (you know, OBL ...)

An 11th graders response to an opposing view

Why don't whistle blowers post at DU?

It's not about class? When it comes to inequality, America has no equals

Female genital mutilation is a custom practiced by indigenous peoples.

*sings* If You're A Freeper On DU, Click Right Here (click, click, click)

The UK Government Has Been Quick To Deny That We Practice

the "loony lefties" - what the hell are they up to now?

Potential VP's in 2008... What about Sen. Rockefeller?

Yay!!! The STL Post-Dispatch Printed My LTTE!!

Olbermann: "Bush's free-fall may not be over..."

Image problems hamper US on goals abroad

Andrew Sully and Moore Disorder (Larisa Alexandrovna, "HuffPuff")

Go watch this anti-war anti-GWB video. It's a MUST see.

Unbeknown to WH, outside contractor tracking visitors to WH Web site

After 25 Years of Work, Conservatives Demand Their Justices

Judge Alito and Executive Power

Term limits

What if they're spying on Bush ??

* Over Reached So We Must Impeach ........ Seen On Bumper Sticker....

They'll smear your spouse!

Bush visits to V.A. Hospitals?

Cartoon fun with TV game shows, Bush and Rove

Feingold and Warner would be a match made in heaven. Agree?

What Role Did Missouri Republicans Play In The New Hampshire Phone Jamming

Here's a new outgoing answering machine message for everyone to record..

Rep. Duncan Hunter: Ethical Issues Raised

Jeb Bush Endorses Increase in Gulf Oil Production

Congressional copycats (giving Hollywood unprecedented control over Homes)

Dimensional's 'Passive' (investment)Course Pays Off (as CEO retires)

A high-stakes nuclear gamble (Bush gives India Nuke info-Nonproliferation?

How Bedrock Promises Of Security Have Fractured Across America

Loans went here, there (50 went to LV!)

Ted Rall: The Return of Total Information Awareness

'Cheney's Law' gives absolute power BY ANDREW GREELEY

America wants to see an end to trillion-dollar war money pitIt's

Rumsfeld Admits to "Ghosting" Detainee--David Swanson

Hugo Chavez Is Crazy!

I'm a Soldier, Not a Spy

Bush's orders to spy `probably constitutional'

Bush's inner circle remains intact, but is change ahead?

KR: Al-Sadr emerging as a highly influential political leader

Secret Admirers - The Bushes and Washington Post

Blumenthal: Victory in name only

Leap Second Lovers Are Traitors Says Bill O`Rielly

One for the Kill the Messenger catagory

Bush walks in darkness--by Carol Wolman

USO entertainers leave politics behind (Franken, Robin Williams)

John Dean (FindLaw): George W. Bush as the new Richard M. Nixon

Chris Floyd - Clowntime is Over: The Last Stand of the American Republic

Nature Conservancy finalizes deal that preserves salmon in Maine

China eyes increased energy cooperation with US

For my 700th post: a great LTTE in our paper from yesterday

The AP published 4 articles today on dam removal in New England

Save up to $1 per gallon for gas

NYT: Environment pays price for Nevada gold (too bad for SLC)

Cross link: Tropical Storm Zeta.

Rafah crossing reopens as PA police end standoff

The Sharon effect

Israel mounts air attack on Gaza and Lebanon

Palestinian Police Storm Gaza-Egypt Border

Qassam rockets being fired .... are "Israel's problem

Michael Berg Changes His Story About Nick and Moussaoui. Announces April 2006 Chicago Event, And Kicks Off Fundraiser!

Former Skeptics: What changed your mind?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 12/30/05

Before the End of the Year: 2 Quick Actions 4 Election Integrity

Holiday Movie Viewing --- Starring "The Voting Machine"!

Mark Crispin Miller: Why Dems are in denial about the stolen election

Breaking news in Exit Poll Analysis & Ohio Analysis - coming soon.

Did Volusia drop Diebold too, or just Leon?

Action Alert: Say No to Prohibited Software in Voting Machines!

Have you signed the HR 550 petition yet?

San Francisco living... best areas?

Reminder - end of reporting cycle - contribute to your candidate

MN Democrats Eating Their Own

What store has the most CDs in Minneaplis or St. Paul?

Two positive observations today and a question

Ohio Democratic Forum is being counter productive.

Richard Morrison to introduce Congressman Nick Lampson:

David Harris Press Release, TX CD 06

Equality Texas analysis of Prop 2 results.

Sen.Liebham and local dem having a go

Looking for an EASY and WONDERFUL Dessert?

Hanukkah dinner multi-tasking!

So who wants to participate in a retro food cook off?

This is just WRONG: Root Beer Tiramisu.

Sparkling Beet Cups---For those scratching their heads.

I have a cold. Will Stephen Harper promise me a tax break to help?

Mt ST Helens: 15-month eruption still producing lava at astonishing rate

Death threats cut Iraq oil flow

Rice welcomes outside review of Iraq election results

Marine jeep contract under fire ($100,000 Jeep)

Just about everyone in Iraq on 'tranquilizers'

Pentagon propaganda program orders soldiers to promote Iraq war while home

Just one U.S. valor medal given in 4 years

Former GOP official seeks new trial

Billions In 9/11 Loans Botched

Bill on Illegal-Immigrant Aid Draws Fire (would make charity a fed. crime)

Jeb Bush Endorses Increase in Gulf Oil Production

Iraqi fuel prices skyrocket

Ten Sudanese die as camp stormed (in Egypt)

Ensnared: Internet Creates New Group of Sexual Addicts

US probes leak of domestic eavesdropping program

Covert CIA program is expanding despite furor

Pentagon Shakes Up Emergency Hierarchy

NYT: Queens Woman Killed by Stray Bullet Through Her Window

Conservatives plan "Justice Sunday 3" to broadcast before Alito hearings

America wants to see an end to trillion-dollar war money pitIt's

A hospital where doctors are owners

Justice Dept. Probing Domestic Spying Leak

Cuba Insists on Five Release (from US high security gulag)

CAFTA likely to miss Jan. 1 target

(Illinois Gov. Rod) Blagojevich to Rumsfeld: Act against trafficking

Justice Dept. to probe leak of spy program

Time for the weekly severely critical Windows flaw

South Korea to withdraw troops from Iraq

Just got my gas bill $301.00 OMG

Bolivian president-elect starts global tour in Cuba

Ex-Columnist Bandow Quickly Gets New Job Despite Payola Controversy

Yemeni Negotiators to Take Hostages' Place

S.Korea cuts Iraq troops by a third to 2,300

U.S. Base in Germany Closes After 60 Years

Bush's inner circle remains intact, but is change ahead?

Cutoff for welfare aid debated

General Retreats on Rumsfeld Rift

Tropical storm Zeta???

Five killed, 23 injured in Baghdad blasts

Embattled Bush seeks new ideas to inspire the nation

Indonesian military admits being paid by US mining firm

Bush's staff at a glance

Navy secretary resigns, to be Rumsfeld's deputy

US embassy in Malaysia closed after threat

US Eases Visa Process for Chinese

Independence Air parent warns workers it may shut down on Jan. 7

US government warns it's running out of cash

White House will continue to track Net

Consumers say they wouldn't buy car made by bankrupt company

Democrats seek records on Romney, others

Democrats seeking information on Romney

Soldier Dies in Fallujah (2178)

Saudi Arabia's Katrina aid to fill tanks for Alabama shrimpers

Sudan to close its embassy in Baghdad - official

UC Chancellor asks lawmakers to look into alleged spying on campus

Special Tropical Disturbance Statement (Tropical Strom Zeta forms)

White House denies calling for probe (NSA spying leak)

Coalitions Reject Election Results

Botswana shows success in treating AIDS

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 30 December

American Indians getting more involved in politics

White House will continue tracking

Schwarzenegger bond plan at $25 bln-$27 bln-report

Heating costs imperil those who rely on aid

Gov. Bush: Educators, Not Politicians, Should Craft Science Curriculum

Bush issues New Year's message

US probes leak of domestic eavesdropping program

American dreams of a secular democracy in Iraq suffered in elections

AP: Word Spreads in Iraq of Refinery Shutdown (also election crisis?)

Mercury News:UCSC chief alleges spying (on campus protest)

Oil prices surge 40% in 2005 (Natural Gas 80%)

Former Idaho Republican chair takes libel case to state supreme court

Schwarzenegger proposes dollar hike in minimum wage

SoCal Edison to close coal plant at center of pollution dispute

Uranium suspected in Iraq merc's death

NYT: Egyptian Police Kill at Least 23 Unarmed Sudanese Migrants

Well, would you hire this man to be gov? (Trump as GOP Candidate?)

Goa villagers accused of lynching owner of stone-crushing unit arrested

BBC: UN concern at Guantanamo feeding

ACLU Slams DOJ Investigation of NSA Whistleblower....

Teens Accused of Being Lesbians Sue School

WV: Mittal formally announces Weirton layoffs (800 jobs)

Gulf War syndrome persists in US troops after 10 years

TV watchdogs unhappy that FCC had no bite in 2005

Florida gets an F in science

Assad, other Syrians, threatened Hariri -Khaddam (ex Syrian VP)

Bush Signs Patriot Act Extension at Ranch

Santorum-Casey Race Headlines 2006, So Far

"Son finds body in rubble" 4 months later he returns to find her body

Bush Rejects Request for Chinese Quotas

Soldier on leave in N.Y. charged in shooting death

Iraq appoints new oil minister (Chalabi!)

Washington poised for revelations from top lobbyist

Lobbyist, Prosecutors Said Close to Deal

WP: Raiding the Icebox (Plan to invade Canada)

German media: U.S. preparing Iran strike

i just discovered pretty damn cool

what is bertha katzenengel doing right now - besides posting a poll?

I have something terrible to admit.

Pizza Lovers Poll: What would you rather have?

Mmm, I have a Watermelon Pucker shot. What's your favorite?

anyone else watching Sinead O'Connor on Letterman?

This was for Liberalynn, But Figured I'd Post It For Anyone Else Too

Let's Give Abrahmoff a Hand

Let's give Abraham a handoff

Does this pic make my cat look fat and lazy?

What is your New Year Resolution?

What makes the best sig picture this week?

NDSU beats Montana State at the buzzer!!!

"It's like a nut you can play with outside."

What is Wilma doing to this animal.......

So I'm watching 'Shallow Hal'

HELP! Anybody here watch Boston Legal?

weird ass dream I keep having...

Come on every beatbox

Night-owls silly jokes

Sacrifice a goat to the computer gods for me.

Describe something hanging on your walls.

Attaching "Gate" to the end of scandal-associated nouns

Nighthawks at the diner

What the hell is it with Sony?

Well now

Handcuffed Man Drives Off In Police Car

Dead Man Comes Alive In Morgue

everybuddy... mc serch!

Why doesn't CaliforniaPeggy EVER post sunRISE pictures?

Run away! Run away!

I had this dream the other night

Happy Birthday Laila Ali!

Horse-Sex Story Was Newspaper's Most Popular Of 2005

Your "Dream worm" of the day


People who kill the earth for convenience piss me off

DU Deadheads: A Mindless Mind

you see some of the damndest things on CraigsList

Castaway: the price of abusing cabin crew

The Smoking Gun's Top15 mugshots of 2005

AHEM! You aren't reading the birthday/ANNIVERSARY thread!

People who criticize my convenience oriented lifestyle piss me off.

freeper responds to myspace spam

Texans insulted by Bush talk

Who knew so much crap could come out of one nose?

Is this a job you could do? (pic)

Okay, so kids in restaurants is a hot topic, but I think that the

The year of Tyra Banks big real boobs to be extended for 1 second

Finally, something to watch besides the goddamn Superbowl....

Will you be drinking alchohol or smoking marijuana on New Years eve?

Potluck Party for matcom. Bring your best dish. Behold:

How many here feel they are falling apart physically?

Who doesn't have a date on New Years Eve ...

Would you boil Matcom and bring his ribs to a potluck?

Man Bowls Perfect 300 Game And Dies Of Heart Attack

The Chronic-(What?)-cles of Narnia

Hold on. Hurricane season isn't really over.

Would you boil ribs and then bring them to a Matcom potluck?

NYC Meet UP... would anybody be interested?

Weird question: Is there such thing as a toxic burr?

Happy Birthday Odetta

Fashion Question....


In honor of the New Year: Words or phrases you hope to never hear again.

Ok, almost ready for New Year's eve


My mom decided to get a Honda Element

Woman with 17 dogs said to perform autopsy

Bono vs. King Kong

Why was she mowing the lawn if it was THAT dry?

David Lee Roth taking over the Howard Stern Show?

Because no perversion is too twisted...

Things Bono is better at than YOU are

I'm impaled

You know all those cute cat and dog pics.. . . .?


I'm mesmerized by this


CRITICAL THINKING ...Why we have it, and they don't

Jack's Off- Abramhoff Don't Need No Stinkin' Suggestions

Atlanta meet up?

I'm enraged!

What was your favorite DU Thread of the year?

NSMA-love in Barstow: a true story

Elmo is dead

Man Breaks Into Woman's Home, Puts Porn On Computer

Does this pic make my cat look fat and lazy?

40,000 stair-climbing ass-crack smileys!!!!

A little Negitivland on a Friday morning

Weird....Weird ....Weird .....

Where is my bonus????????

The Bengals pulled a no brainer earlier today

*Sneaking in*

Why is a gas bill post locked?

Post something about someone who never gets talked about

purchase order numbers

As an Oregon Ducks fan ... let me be the first to say...

Okay...Tom Cruise needs to be committed. NOW. I heard on the radio.....

NooO! THIS is the FUNNIEST thread of 2005

Ok, time for bed - JimmyJazz has left the building

Do you love the monkey or do you love me?

Anti-Christ Jeans Are Hot New Trend

Hello fellow insomniacs! Check in here, all you night owls!

Woody Allen serves a winning 'Match Point'

Nick Cave is awesome

Friday Afternoon In A Cube

OK! New and improved sunset and sea pictures.......dial-up warning...

LOL. Local porn store is advertising on our Air America affiliate.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/30/05)

Cookies: The insidious mysteries revealed

Let's all gang up on khashka DAY has offically begun!

How do you computer people stare at one all day?

I see that UCLA is doing a really good impersonation of the Packers today.

Suggestions for a new computer

Project X update!! The blue yak skates on the ice pond!!

It's "Tell RandomKoolzip To Piss Up a Rope Day!"

I lost my old dog but found him again

A gigantic step closer to the end of our world

There's nothing like sunshine to bring out the idiots

You know you're a goof when...Your family goes to see King Kong and

Ways to piss off Bill O'Reilly in 2006

Cat Owner Question

ARGGG!!!! my friend has another virus on his PC

Internet/computer question

everythingsxen's Ultimate End of Times (or at least end of year) theory!

I just told somebody I haven't been here much lately...I think I may have

I cannot find my TV remote anywhere! AAARRRGGHHH!

Fun suggestions for New Year's eve games? Add your own...

Wow, "Vacation" can be boring

What I learned from Narnia

Post your predictions for 2006. Political, personal, celebrity...

Pack of Chihuahuas attack Fremont cop

Pack Of Angry Chihuahuas Attack Police Officer

Everyone does or says something stupid sometimes.

Southern DU'ers: What is Chik-Fil-A like?

I'm not making any new years resolutions

BATTLE OF ATLANTA- Wild wacky story of the year

How do you sell cemetery plots?


Mail order prescriptions

The last copycat thread you'll ever need!

Here's an inside joke only a few of you will understand:

Another C.G. Computer poll. Do you have a DVD or CD writer?

Bush and Cheney walk into a local diner to eat

It's my last day of work, and it has been snowing all day

I'm an novice oenophile...

UVA 34 / Minn 31 Music City Bowl!

Awwwwww !!! the Pika (near extinction)

I'm going to a millionaire's house for New Year's Eve

Car Chases

You a Whisky drinker, or a Whiskey drinker?

Do you think the gym is a good place to meet women?

I'm going to sue matcom for a new mouse scroll wheel

Big Ten meltdown!!!

I really, really, really love chicken wings

women and convicts...I just dont get it.

Friday earworm.

Do chicken wings really, really, really love you?

Where oh where has KitchenWitch gone?

My local country club is offering initiation-free-entry - should I join?

Brits to research how clothes fit womens' BUTTS

Darkness warshed over the Dude.

What does everybody think of masamania?

So..I google "Brazillion" and look what's on the image page..

This is the guy who should compensate me for the fucking rug!

I'm a mac user without a lot of money who needs to upgrade....

Emo Phillips: 'New York's such a wonderful city. Although...

Emo is Dead

I am freeeezing!

Crap! I should go to bed, but I'm in artistic full flow!

Show me what you got, nihilist.

Question: Why do planes sometimes fly really low

100 Things We Didn't Know This Time Last Year (BBC News)

"new job matches" email -- "Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant" -- ME!

10 reasons why gay marriage should be illegal

How long will a pork chop remain safe to eat

It zeems you have forgotten our little deal, Lebowski

The 2005 version of the $200 hammer

Is there a fast way to thaw a big turkey?

Good Gawd People!

Could someone please explain my lemon curd addiction?

That "my humps" song by Black eyed peas

I dare you to click on this link

Who else is starting a diet January 1?

I'm engaged!

What does everyone think of online dating sites?

So what DVD should I watch . . .

FYI, Swimboy is a god among men...


What is the point of Human Resources?

What are your New Year's Eve plans?

What does everyone think of Menzies?

Okay, now I'm going to bed



MiniMandaRuth is dead.

Freepers are killing us (folding@home team)

So what's my value? Y'know, like in dollars?

HOLY SHIT!!!!!! Can you believe this crap??!!!??!!!

Least offensive network?

may the new year gift us all with health, inner peace,

What is your favorite beverage?

What does everyone think of meningitis?

Sqirrel Fishing!

I sent my credit card and driver's licence through the wash.

I am prejudiced against white males.

Hormones & interviews

What does everyone think of Menses?

The Pac 10 is....WAY OVERRATED!

Good Friday Morning, Everyone!

Pack of angry Chihuahuas attack officer in Fremont

I'm getting carpet bombed by junk e-mails. Does anyone know of a...

WOOOOHOOOOOOO . . . I think I'm getting a new car next week

Love among the small appliances

Sigh...(Mr. Scorpio...I think you need to check this out)

The DU Lounge Brazillion Deathwatch

The Lounge doesn't appear in the Latest page. Why ?

Just bought Guided by Voices' "Suitcase 2" box set. A brief review:

Another bad customer service rant (sorry)

Okay, why am I dreaming of women?!

I am pissed at you people

A sad kind of 'normal'..But we all seem to be just that.

Who else got an expresso maker for Xmas


It's The End Of 2005 - For That I Give You The Following...

Win a "Duke in 88" Bubblegum Cigar

Forrest Gump and I hung out yesterday

Could Use Some Good Thoughts, Prayers, Whatever

Dumbest social faux pas by an IT professional?

Have a happy new year y'all.

YOU have a dirty mind

At Last - Etta James

Longest-lived Lounge post - is it NSMA and Zomby-Los Angeles Waterfront?

When you are alone in your house at night.

i spent yesterday evening waxing someone....Ask Me Anything

Hot, steamy, Cleveland DUer love!

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Post a picture of yourself here:

Mixed up song lyrics, come on, don't be shy!

This is LeftyMom

Weird version of the fifth Brandenburg Concerto right now

The Mystery of Time and Space

Milk expiration dates are a LIE..

I didn't think it was possible

What word do you mis-pronounce

Nighthawks 54

I am having great success with my feral trap!

In praise of....XemaSab

How fast can a 747 go?

Favorite Defunct Soft-Drink

What does everyone think of Mensa?

Single women: Who are you looking for in 2006?

What's the biggest "line" you've ever heard while dating?

Cops Suspended For Mishandling Erectile Dysfunction Medication

I just saw "Serenity" and it F*cking ROCKS!!!

Have you had an alien or supernatural encounter?

It's time for another picture thread!

Anybody here do the scientology assessment?

What do you Athiests think about the Church of Reality?

Im an Agnostic.. why do people belive the bible is the word of god?

god free since 1972!

What if God held a Rapture and nobody came?

St. Francis of Assisi, Patron Saint of the Left?

One Comforting Thought

My problem with the Bible

Here is an article about hardright religious extremists ..

"MOM WAS RIGHT" - colds

Unified physics theory explains animals' running, flying and swimming

Anchorage, AK moves to comply with ruling granting gay benefits

UK Gay Couples Now Able To Adopt

Anchorage To Grant Gay Partner Benefits

Teens Accused of Being Lesbians Sue School

Teens Sue Evangelical School Over Lesbian Suspicions

Anti-Gay Amendment Set To Return In Iowa

Religious leaders rally for gay rights

'Brokeback' Crossing Sexual (Preference) Divide

Frank rips into Massachusetts groups trying to ban same-sex marriage

Threat Against Gay Prom

Court Upholds GM's Gay Diversity Program

Pat Summit

The Game wasn't over, it just looked that way. (NY times)

Shannon Sharpe: Great Tight End, crummy commentator.

So what team really NEEDS Reggie Bush?

Rangers sign free agent Kevin Millwood

Stop Killing Innocent Puppies! (Petition)

Ashiki update (serval hybrid) with a few pics

Do you feel that eating meat affects a person's frequency?

From LynnTheDem in GD:

Hey, what the fuck happened

OMG! Look at this beautiful thing I found!

Need links on Kerry's efforts for voting reform

Did anyone hear Malloy's

"President Kerry" from the alternate universe on Malloy now!

Re swiftliars....

Kerry to be on CNN Situation Room 7 pm EST

I missed last weekend's... and will probably miss this weekend's...SO ---

Ok, finally, someone brought it up. So let's talk.

Kerry to visit Pakistan in January

Kerry campaign's response to SBVT

Help (gulp!)


Anybody for a KOEB commando raid on MSNBC world ...

How big is your wee-wee?

VIDEO- Web Privacy Violated-NSA's Cookies

What Really Counts

Did anyone see Anderson Cooper today and the Katrina son

SBA Finds 9/11 Loan Recipients Ineligible

Has Bush been to a single soldier's funeral?


Talking about torture on Alex Jones' show

Army careless in tracking parts, watchdog says

Liberals Will Die In The Rapture

Would we be in Iraq if Clinton was President?

Interesting comment on the torture pics that were released

Blogs Help Foil UK Censorship-Can bloggers really bring a government down?

Karel subbing LIVE for Bernie Ward -- streaming

Aid workers 'stole $200,000 Katrina cash'

More Evidence of Bush's Duplicity __re:Domestic Spying...

"Nowhere Man" (1995-1996) now on DVD -- predicted Patriot Act, spying

Chaplain James Yee, charged/cleared spying, on Hardball rerun now.

If Bushco is slurping up all communications, he is also

LAT: Upton Sinclair Letter Suggests Sacco & Vanzetti Were Guilty

Looking for a site posted often here.

Can you help? Other than google - what are the best search engines?

Suggestions for a new computer

True test of a Liberal... share a house with your ex of 12 years and.....

Plame, Wire-tapping and leaks on Louisiana, global warming. Link

Wow. My music phone call really turned some heads on Malloy

it is so hard ... to connect with good feeligns these days of bush war and

Should a black politician respond to blatant racism? What would you do?

What can $229 billion buy?

Call 1-202-737-0002 NOW! (Please) Let Widdle Brian Have It!

Just heard A Dem On C-Spin Ask Brian If He Knew About FAIR Study On C-Spin

There's no excuse for domestic spying (Mercury News Editorial)

So McCain is allowed by R leadership to trot out yet another one of his

Judy Miller Interview on Nightline

Senator Kerry To Visit Pakistan In January

we the crazy liberals want to wish the president an UNhappy New Year!

So why can't they call it like it really is?

Pace: U.S. to Launch Phased Iraq Pullout

Broader Wiretap Rule Draws Resistance

Shop The Union Label!


Yesterday Bush was "worst ever;" today CNN trying to make it sound good.

What's The Latest With Frist (Cat Killer)?

Brian Lamb said this morning, 6 out of 10 of the largest political donors

Bestselling Indian author paints grim view of outsourcing jobs

Chalabi takes over Iraq oil ministry amid 'crisis'

'9-11 is too distant a memory'...the U.S. is vulnerable to another attack

Norah O'Donnell's Husband's Restaurant

VICTORY IN NAME ONLY- By:Sidney Blumenthal

Feingold and Religion: Democrats look for inspiration

(FIORE) Whoopsmas


We need a "take a number" system like in the deli

The NY Times has really shitty puff pieces on Iraq

Im an Agnostic.. why do people belive the bible is the word of god?

My problem with the Bible

NSA Scandal Document Library

What if God held a Rapture and nobody came?

god free since 1972!

Science: Biggest Discoveries of 2005

What will you do with the "Leap Second"?

DU this Freeper poll: Can the President do any damn thing he wants?

Bolton & the UN: 'Physician, Heal Thyself'

Europe Abandons US Military-Controlled GPS for Civilian-Based System

Westcoasters: Judy Miller to be on Nightline tonight. Program has started

Austria pulls Chirac-Bush-Queen sex posters

man, I wish I could monitor dubya's recent phone calls...

War on New Year!

Don't be like the "publicans"

my local paper printed a response to my LTTE . . . of 5/31/05! . . .

if the rapture happened tomorrow, how would pat robertson...

This is an old article, BUT has anyone read the Newsweek...

RW who claim they are "Independent"

The 2005 Year in Review stream of consciousness

School For Scandal (Abramoff's "gifts to schools"... um.. not exactly)


Extraordinary Rendition by America (since 1980, at the very least)

How different will the political landscape be one year from today?

Iraqi Police Say Torture is "How Things Get Done"

Iraqi fuel prices skyrocket

If we applied the War on Terror to 40,000 traffic deaths

Craig Murray's site back up! - for those of you who have been following

Dear George:

Sibel Edmonds and Steve Green on WGDR today

many liberals are worried about how impeachment would 'make us look'

"Editorial: Talking about impeachment" Across The Political Spectrum

"It's a Waste of Time"

New CafePress store

Flammable Blue Tarps and Brisk Fire Works Sales

(News) Local Police Dept to issue Plate Armor to cops

Happy New Year to everyone here at DU !

Campbell Brown Engaged

The Los Angeles Times Prints the I Word

If there was any doubt there wasn't a civil war going on in Iraq....

they're not out looking for Osama because...

E-mail re: the Flowers for Murtha campaign by ActforChange

Why was she mowing the lawn if it was THAT dry?

What does everyone think of Mensa? New Years resolution...

Happy Birthday Odetta

Can anyone get Thom Hartmann streaming audio today?

Dallas bad smell ban sparks row

Democracy Now has a great summary (w/video) of the 2005

Thom Hartmann Hard to Not Streaming

What ever happened to the WashPo - CIA secret prison leak ?

why would H&R Block contribute to republicans?

Paul Krugman has a great article (NYT) "Heck of a Job, Bushie"

Kagan was just interviewing Mike Luckovich.

Did anyone catch the re-run of Randi Rhodes on C-Span?

women and convicts...I just dont get it.

Woody Allen serves a winning 'Match Point'

hey Osama, prove to us that you are alive O.K?

State lacks means to fight pollution from manure spills

George W. Bush-as the New Richard M. Nixon-By JOHN W. DEAN

Do you think bush would ever go in front of an unscreened audience of ...

Pentagon propaganda program orders soldiers to promote Iraq war while home

Building a better world through barbarity - STRONG Uzbekistan=STRONG US-UK

AOL Poll: NSA Leak Probe

Firestone Bribes Pollution Victims, But Management Denies

Leaked documents the UK Government are trying to block under Secrets Act

George Bush Slept Here! Monday August 29 2005 >

Borrow and spend Gov't going broke. Wants to raise the debt-limit.

Anyone know the makeup of the "independent commission"

Pataki may veto transit pension refunds

Is "Hooters" blue or red?

Man Breaks Into Woman's Home, Puts Porn On Computer

Justice Dept. Probe of 'NYT' Spying Story Underscores Need for Shield Law

University of California chancellor alleges spying


So WHY are more countries pulling out of iraq?

Did anyone happen to catch 'Biography of the year: 2005' on A&E

Covert CIA Program Withstands New Furor

Great comedy on c-span right now

Which are you more concerned about

WSJ: Abramoff entertained reporters along with lawmakers

Does anyone else feel that with our (b)administration's use of torture

A vet speaks out about Bush (CHB)

What will you do to empower the Left in 2006?

Papers pick up UK torture memos as site goes dead

Victims Identified in Corporate Jet Crash

The easiest, quickest, and best way to piss of a Republican

Idiot criminal of the day (a DOH moment)

Attila the Shrub: Once, leaders actually led their troops into battle.

request additional opinion on FISA law

What more proof do we need that the WH is trying to suppress dissent?


"Last throes" vs. "Hecka of a job, Brownie"

Gay Marriage Fight Ahead, Rep. Frank Says

Law is now a matter of public opinion (NSA Leak Polls)

Bush's jacket bulges... a new take

Question about the Abramoff case

Literary DUers! Just marked the 175th anniv. of Emily Dickinson's

LOLOL -- Mike Malloy is playing "Bounce Your Boobies"

Bush's Treasury chief is seeking increase in U.S. debt limit

LTTE I just sent off. Comment on it or crib it as you own...

The Extent of Our Spying

The Dirty Secret

Rhein-Main (Germany) airbase closes after 60 years

Friday December 30, 2005 "Newsdump" thread:

Meet Iona, the real-life face of Medicaid's ills

Is There A C-Span Moment In Your Future?

Prosecuting the NSA whistleblowers will destroy Bush.

Look out, here come the "legal experts" and they're packing...

Why They Launched a DOJ Investigation into Illegal Domestic Spying

US government warns it's running out of cash

Gen. Webster: "Since the elections, the Iraqi insurgency is weaker..."

"Russ Feingold: Introduce This..."

I just saw "Serenity" and it F*cking ROCKS!!!

We're fighting the War on Guerilla Warfare there so we don't have to

CNN runs story about woman marrying a dolphin as America slowly dies

Cool website of the day....

Many Americans Still Believe Hussein Had Links to al Qaeda WSJ Poll

Beautiful!! Mike Malloy is tearing some right-wing nut


Intelligence agencies miss kid's trip to Iraq - too busy spying on us

His Majesty takes what is rightfully his

Have a great New Years everybody.

Could the iraq war itself be a distraction?

How much are you willing to bet that the WH "leaker" (Spygate)

Iran and Syria Still in the Crosshairs

Watch this video from Faux Snooze and see the racism

Hitler and Bush / Both needed a national disaster to rally support

White House denies calling for probe...ummm sure....

The Onion's Top 10 is Out

The Nation: The Most Valuable Progressives of 2005

How will history treat Bush? You are the historian

Leap Second Lovers are Traitors Says Bill O’Reilly

Just Got Through On C-Spin, And Then Cut Off


Yippeeee!. Let's all run out and buy something that has been

Chalabi takes over Iraq oil ministry. Surprised? LOL

ROFL Headline of the Day: "U.S. to mentor Iraqi police in halting torture"

george's Spying on Americans is UN-AMERICAN... can we agree on that?

Iran and Syria Still in the Crosshairs

BushCo: "Al-Qaeda's playbook is not printed on page one"

Ever wonder how Clear Channel takes Dem/Lib requests for airtime?

Not sure if this has been posted before

W: 'we can trust in God's promise of peace on Earth & goodwill toward men'

What was your favorite political moment of 2005?

White House To Probe Itself

Just one U.S. valor medal given in 4 years

Apollo Alliance

China's energy shortage will be gone by 2007; Russia will double oil in 06

I remember hearing before the '04 election, that the MSM has this vault...

The "conservative" definition of freedom

"President Kerry" from the alternate universe on Malloy now!

bush impeachment: two scenarios

Now that the Justice dept launched an investigation to find the leaker...

[World Can't Wait] Resolved: BUSH STEP DOWN!

What protocols exist for arresting a President....

'Devilish' Jeans a Hot Seller in Sweden ....

The Monster. must read! Warning-based on reality and may cause nightmares

John Kerry and Mike Malloy? What happened!? What happened?!

I copied this from the yahoo market summary

Toronto shootings won't stop lobby group's media drive

You Say You Want A Resolution ....

Congressional Band to Entertain the Troops (take a listen....)

Do you think that some C-span hosts are...

Shrub suddenly declares war on his little lapdogs, the press

US Treasury secretary says $8.18 trillion borrowing cap might not suffice

Kerry to be on the Situation Room on CNN at 7 pm EST

Can we trust the Red Cross with our humanitarian donations?

Leak investigation

Anyone else see Novakula on CNN this afternoon?

Caption this * pic

Who Leaked on Bush?

minirant - "They All Do It!" - Rallying Cry Of The Losing And Dishonest

Just got my gas bill $301.00 OMG

Should the Democrats take on a Populist-Labor agenda?

"Bush Wars Episode III Revenge of the Neocons"

Abramoff, Prosecutors Said Close to Deal -may be finalized by Tuesday

President Bush Calls for Boycott of Arugula

Fake voting rights activists and groups linked to White House

Just a reminder Mike Malloy is in for Randi today

Several Mob Beating Suspects in Custody

So, Jack'off made a deal to squeal ? LOL

Casey's Mom: "I made the Nation Magazine's Most Valuable Progressive List"

Saboteurs turn to Baghdad water pipes; officials warn of ‘real tragedy’

Which members of Congress might the Abramoff scandal involve?

Amazing Article in WaPo About CIA Operations Known as GST

Another Dog Attack!!!

The TRUTH about what is going on in Iraq!

Man Changes Name To for the top 5 stories of 2005

Poll: Is war necessary?

Your share of the federal debt? About $30,000

not even TRYING to impeach bush is the same as admitting defeat

I don't think the NSA spied on EVERYONE in America

Justice Also Going After Washington Post for the Secret Prisons Story >>>

Would the economy be better for average people if Clinton was still Prez

If Abramoff gave money to Dems it was part of a COVERUP.

Bush Declares War on NY Times-Historic Battle Between Freedom & Fascism

During the Clinton Chronicles, was the media bending over backwards

Is the person who leaked the NSA spy story protected in any way?

I Hereby Declare All Freepers To Be "Illegal Enemy Combatants"

So the 16-year-old kid who went to Iraq might get a detention

Sam's Club To Sell Health Plans

Paper Inquiry: 548 "Pioneers", "Rangers," who raised up to $2000k for *

Breaking News MSNBC: Justice Dept to Investigate "NSA INFO LEAK TO NYT"

'DOWNING STREET DOCUMENTS'- Confirmed and Corroborated!

Breaking >> School principal: Teen had dad's permission to go to Iraq

In the shadow of staggering assholes

Here's a lovely way to spend a holiday with a 3 year old - go hunting!

Wow look what I found on the normally useless Yahoo message boards.

I just talked to Mike Webb (recently fired liberal talk show host)...

Are you afraid of your own damn government? I'm not.

The Making of Mental Patients --"TeenScreen" diagnoses high schoolers

2005 US Deaths in Iraq: 841 - - - - 2004 US Deaths in Iraq: 846

Please help me here, HUGH, SERIES, MORANS ect ... please explain this to

Far From Narnia

Land below sea level in danger from possible levee collapses

CAPTION--->The Bug Man!

Cookies: The insidious mysteries revealed

Attention Southwestern PA DUers or people who know SWPA DUers

So they want to read our email?

Loving America... Under Bush, it's like a deathwatch.

Fake voting rights activists and groups linked to White House

My New Year's Resolution is all about IMPEACHMENT!

Ultimate Wingnut Finalists

The NSA is an organization to revered and respected.

NYT: re evangelical megachurch for youth (see pic)

This is ABUSE OF POWER >>>

Action Alert: Say No to Prohibited Software in Voting Machines!

Impeachment Buzz (THE PROGRESSIVE)

Conflicted. An experience just now.

What if bushbots understand themselves better than we do?

Papers pick up UK torture memos as site goes dead

Molly Ivins OUT of Impeachment Closet ! :)

Judge Grants Hinckley Overnight Visits

Clark on FOX news 12/28...full transcript and video links.

Pentagon propaganda program orders soldiers to promote Iraq war while home

lately I keep thinking of Shakespeare's stories

I Better Not Hear People Defending Dems Associated With Abramoff.

Let me be the first to say it: 2005 sucked. Bring on 2006!

Kerry, you've got to be kidding me!

Dear Congress - Pack it up and come home, you're no longer needed

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you TROPICAL STORM ZETA!

Please help DU this poll, it's being Freeped!!!

Which Prescription Medicare Program for Seniors is the Best?

Why did this pop up on Free Republic?

German media: U.S. prepares Iran strike (This from UPI)

Ensnared: Internet Creates New Group of Sexual Addicts

Every Republican in congress will vote to impeach Bush

Why is JFK so Revered?

Health care costs will literally kill the middle class

Katherine Harris going on tour with Hannity.

Happy New Year from Mark Morford

PNAC and ANTHRAX ATTACKS (Tin foil hats NOT required!)

Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Nominee in 2008?

Despots, Deposits & Directors - Riggs Bank - Jonathan Bush

DU Folding@Home team avatar

WSJ on Sensenbrenner illegal immigration bill

Does anyone remember the MoveOn video "In My Country" ?

Pentagon Shakes Up Emergency Hierachy -Yahoo

Rep. Louise M. Slaughter - Rule of law ...

So, CookieGate.

From Rep. Conyers blog today:

Rep. Barney Frank on Massachusetts' upcoming gay marriage ban fight

Gov. Rendell to propose limits on political cash in Pennsylvania

When does congress go back in session?

Right wing radio talk show nuts. Lots of fun.

GWB's Appeasment Plan

The Conservative Mind

When will we start seeing 2006 political ads?

NSA cookies / tempest in a teapot

Brokeback Mountain 2

Please--I want everyone's opinion:

Is Iraq Going to End Badly? What do you think?

Question re: My LTTE

Photo: "..a Habitat for Humanity project which he assisted in building.."

Manassas, Virginia's Racist War on Immigrants

US intelligence service bugged website visitors despite ban

The Propagandists (Pentagon ordering on-leave soldiers to "sell" war)

Why Congress doesn't investigate the possible abuse of power by scrub

Letter from Mary MacElveen re Chicago rejection of fuel aid for poor.

So when does the investigation into Bush's illegal spying begin?

a message from Jon Tester (please read)

Will you be drinking alchohol or smoking marijuana on New Years eve?

Need help with the Barrett Report:

Tennessee State Senator Jeff Miller threatens newspaper not to spill

CNN reports Justice Dept. to investigate leak to NYT re Dubya's spying!

Got guts?

Guess Who? (Oh great--we've put Chalabi in charge of Iraq's Oil Ministry)

love those Vienna, Austria artists: Bush/Chirac/Queen threesome

NEW Grand Theft Election OHIO: "Nixonians: pt 3 Violets are Blue"

Murtha to speak at Moran's town hall Jan. 5

A deliveryman came by my wife's store.

War should be made a crime....

Who's this stooge filling in for Rush? Roger Hedgecock/HalfCocked

Rumsfeld Admits to "Ghosting" Detainee (Tenet admits too)

more on: Chiefs demoted in Pentagon succession line

America under POPPY'S IDIOTIC SON is fast becoming this ...

All the King's, I Mean Rummy's, Men

Justice Dept. Probing Domestic Spying Leak

Immigration Costs Spark Debate...this state representative is soo....dim.

Friends of mine died on 9/11 for Nevada tanning salons...

Republicans Are Crazy

President Pelosi! Been hearing more about this recently

Tipping Points - How many does Bush get?

"Red Cross Leadership at Issue" in today's Washington Post

Angles of attack on Spygate

MSNBC: Justice Dept. to probe leak of NSA material to paper. More to come

Clean Money statutes?

John Dean: Bush 's actions broad compared to Nixon's, both impeachable

The reason for the investigation of NSA leak...

Dover to rerun school election (Dover, PA)

Bush's staff at a glance

Next few months important for Louisiana Democrats

Query: Cheney's draft board classification?

Fla. Man Who Posted Military Photos On Internet Is Released From Jail

Change the definition of Bushism.

Let Al Franken do the Dem response to the SOTU.

Who Leaked on Bush? (redo)

The so-called "Faith-Based Initiative" - is there ANY oversight?

Bush Adm. Eerily Quiet After Iraq Elections

Pennsylvania Senate race will be one to watch in 2006

From FireDog Lake some responses to the moribund "tax and spend".

Who Leaked on Bush?

WH denies it asked DOJ to probe wiretap leak

Will Durst and Willie Brown are going to have a radio show


My letter to my congressman.

Paul Krugman: Heck of a Job, Bushie:

Conundrum: FISA allows 15 days- not 72 hrs, in time of war

* admin and its Iraqi puppets take collective dump on Iraq's elections!

We've been handed a really nice opportunity to paint the GOP as cowards

I'm not buying into this "Teen flies to Iraq" BS

New Yorkers should get their confetti personalized -Impeach Bush

Goodbye, 'Hi' (mag-push American values to Arabic-speaking audiences)

Was the owner of the MWO website ever named

Egypt's "Democracy" : Another Bush embarrassment...


I am predicting the next WH scandal will be:

Good morning, NSA voyeurs!!!

Humor- A poker game with Dick Cheney

NJ : Star Ledger-- calls for Howard Dean to be “bound and gagged”.

Why No General Panic at BushCo?

Congress Must Meet Before January 31

Great idea to bug O'Reilly

Photos from San Jose CA, today: "George Bush Dances With The Devil"

Very interested in DUers opinions on this.

Prediction: Cheney will attempt a coup

Pennsylvania Senate seat and Tennessee Senate seat

Do You Feel Personally Hunted By The Religious Right?

Who should be Hillary's VP candidate?

How we win -- Republican Corruption Makes us Less Safe

How does someone go about running for congress?

Orwell's 1984 vs present day reality

Vet Calls * a Buffoon in Roanoke Times Guest Editorial

CSPAN claiming 11 out of 20 suspects involved in Abramoff

What will history say about Clinton impeachment?

Need help with Republican girlfriend

Embattled Bush seeks new ideas to inspire the nation

Mark Crispin Miller: Why Dems are in denial about the stolen election

Figures that he's a Republican

Announcing the Best New Government Program Since 1984!!!