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Archives: December 31, 2005

Steve Martin (HuffPost):Leap Second Lovers are Traitors Says Bill O’Reilly

KR: Iraqis try to preserve some sense of celebration on New Year's Eve

Voices... Secret wiretaps

What I heard about Iraq in 2005

Pack of angry Chihuahuas attack police officer.

It's not all in the details. Amira Hass on checkpoints and their purpose

Roll Up Your Sleeves, We Ain't Done Yet!

BBV needs help in proving Diebold illegally programmed.

Another Bush supporter losing his job?

Last minute "gift" from Ohio

Ben Grant to run for Lt. Governor

the ultimate source for retro food recipes....

Sudan to abandon Baghdad embassy (in exchange for hostages)

The USA- Florida is a haven for terrorists-Double standards -hypocrisy

Support ban on handguns, Toronto mayor urges

Touch-screen voting machines a go

Peru revolt leader to fight polls

Haitian Elections Postponed a Fourth Time

Investigation launched into leak of NSA spying

Report: Trump Considering Run for Governor

US denies guards force-feed Guantanamo hunger strikers

Closing Bell Rings on Lackluster Year

Few Priests Sign Name To Ban Gay Marriage

Evacuee family found dead in Texas

Nonprofit Group Linked to DeLay Was Funded Mostly by Clients of Abramoff

What does everyone think?

News you missed that everyone else heard:

My flight's at 9:55 PM! I'm super excited!

Tony Curtis plays Jesus at Parties

What does everyone think about Mensa?

Brainsnap Leaks Karl Rove Memo (Satire)

The Big XII was way UNDER RATED this year.

Anyone else married to a party pooper?

About those staged audiences George always has.. FOUND the source

"W" the warning label

A Female Version of "BrokeBack Mountain", Who Would You Cast?

Post pics of your appendage extremities!

my freeper in denial friend is coming over

What does everyone think of menintights?

I have huge jones for Alton Brown!

"Whites can't sing as good as Luther whats-his name"

The wild and the weird from 2005 (dead cats for fuel...)

do you regularly take something to help your sheep?

Filled out an application on line and I feel horrible

I just got another bot phone call

A woman at work gave me xmas cookies.

Proof that I do not lead an exciting life...

Joe "Big Features" Paterno just won the Bobby Dodd award

Would you pay $175 for a pound of coffee beans?

I'm back! Anyone miss me?

New Year's Eve plans (call me crazy, people)

How much did they pay Ann Coulter to be Queen of Narnia?

Have you read _The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio_? Fabulous memoir.

For power pop fans

What snacks are you serving for New Year's Eve?

Oh yeah Vancouver DUers - HEyHEY is hitting the Cambie tonight!

I'm addicted to Nirvana's "With The Lights Out" box set.

Anyone watching the Miami Hurricanes get their asses kicked?

Can you whistle?

I just finished a Firefly marathon

My husband got a tattoo!

Here I am with my siblings

Chocolate covered cherries

'06 makeover: ID darkstar's new avatar and sig graphic and win

I hate commerical names for college football matches

What if they gave a love-in

What does everyone think of Fresca?

Are/were your parents cool?

Everybody needs to send me $20

Nancy or Tonya?

Everybody needs to work in a nursing home

Great bumper sticker at Bent 'n' Dent!

Everybody needs to work for better government.

Is Stevie Wonder A Neocon?

World Sumo Challenge on ESPN 2

PEZ....Not much flavor, gone in a second, too damned hard to load,

What to put in a postage-paid envelope to the RNC ????

Today is my daughter's birthday

Brian Henson talking about his Dad

Freeper New Year's Resolutions

My neighbor's Great Pyrenees/GoldenR mix has cancer.

The hot dog and the strawberry milkshake

I ordered Motorheads latest CD yesterday


The reason Democrats keep losing elections? Clinton.

Ooom Pah Pah Ooom Pah Pah Ooom Pah Pah

Tell me if I'm an asshole. Just had an incident.

I tell ya... 25 years from now, young Georgie will be president...

Post your pet's photo

Everybody needs to work in a restaurant

Politically appropriate Corporate Bowl Games

DU Album of the Year

Would a liberal even DATE this woman?

Anyone have a link to the banned "South Park" with Vigin Mary/Pope?

Good night, DU!

Do you live in your parents basement and have no job?

do you regularly take something to help you sleep?

Vektor and I had lunch together today!

Dinner at Blackbird


What is the greatest song ever written??

Attn Skinner: Officer Attacked By Pack Of Angry Chihuahuas

Skittles is acting like a little slut!

wah wah wah whiney "porn" addicts on CNN now

Best shopping trip ever

We need to dismantle the myths of homophobia

We Should Adopt The Language Of "Apartheid" For Gay Marriage Debate

Watch'n the Peach Bowl. Here is one truly fine team...

Peach Bowl. Miami vs. LSU.

23 Dogs Dead, 18 Ill From Tainted Dog Food

For those who evaluate astrological compatibility between pairs:

Anyone w/experience w/the study of Kabballah...?

Look at this!

A silly diversion. Remember that really ugly statue in Boston?


Vote for your favorite 2005 Keith Moment!

KOEB 12/30/05: Year End Clearance Edition

Regarding the Abramoff and Plame Cases...

Secret wiretaps for national security: Clinton did it too.


Shit, KQKE is cutting off Mike's show for a CNN produced show

Wow Mike played Emmylou & The Nash Ramblers

Kerry is kicking butt on Wolfie n/t

Malloy will be in his regular spot at 10PM on XM starting Jan 2!

So Kerry was on Mike Malloy?

Some really tough stories at Al-Jazeera to close out the Old Year

Bush's Messiah Complex --- "Call it Messianic Militarism"

Oh my, look what we have done...

So now it's a crime to tell the American people that their HIRED

Poor Nora O'Donnell was about to cry

Yep, I feel a whole lot safer now.....

Iraq Year 4, What Will Happen In 2006?


They are trying to say that not obtaining warrants is "classified

Question: War on New Year's

ANWR down in flames

How did I miss this..........Robot warriors?

WTF?!? "In this time of terror and insecurity, Call Protect America"

Worthless P.O.S. scum (M)Ann Coulter pens a gleefully racist Kwanzaa piece

Dear PJ-Comix........ (Pathetic Freeptard)

Lest we forget: The moment Uncle Dick got a taste of his own medicine

Man who issued U.F.O. release dies (Roswell - Walter Haut)

Hello!? Whoever leaked the warrantless searches is a whistleblower, not

What is the definition of war? Are we at war? What exactly is a "War on

Body Found in George Bush Park

Top Ten Conservative of the year: From my blog


She lies beneath the well heeled boot

Finally the Us Immigration Service gets tough on illegal

It's the dawning of a new morning in America

I just envisioned the '81 movie ROLLOVER with Jane Fonda

Steve Martin makes fun of Bill O'Reilly....pretty funny..

Who is the worst right winger?

Whacking Pickles

Report: Trump Weighs Run for N.Y. Governor

The USA- Florida is a haven for terrorists-Double standards -hypocrisy

Robert Steinback... Miami Herald, article at veterans for common

The Globalization of Poverty.... I suspected this... perhaps it only

"They brought electricity to my ass before they brought it to my house"

I don't give a shit how good someone skates, U.S. citizenship

In what stage of grief are you for our country, our constitution and our

If the president pulls out a gun and shoots a newsreporter

White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies'

SCARBOROUGH NOW! Is it me or....

BREAKING: Levée engineering flaws found & dismissed by ACE as early as1990

Can Cheney Save Bush's Presidency?

My poem for war profiteers from a soldier.

Don't let anyone Bullshit you, it is against the law to spy on Citizens...

Novak Replacement: Bill Bennett Becoming CNN Political Analyst In '06

Can we get 50,000 signatures for Congressman Conyers by Jan 31

IRAQ YEAR 4; "...a cakewalk... a cakewalk... a cakewalk... a cakewalk..."

AOL Poll: Has the U.S. casualties in Iraq been worth it?

Now that some time has passed, what SHOULD be the mission of FEMA?

Is there any news on the new computer virus? n/t

KGB's secret UFO files finally made public

New Email message from UK ex-Ambassador Craig Murray

South Park episode pulled due to condemnation by Catholic League .

Who knew so many of us are "good Germans"?

Mel Sembler exposed

*** TOONs: BEST of 2005 - Part IV: Katrina ***

*** TOONs: BEST of 2005 - Part I: Iraq ***

*** TOONs: BEST of 2005 - Part II: The (p)Resident ***

*** TOONs: BEST of 2005 - Part V: Life in the US ***

*** TOONs: BEST of 2005 - Part III: Religion ***

BookTV Schedule December 31 - January 3 2006

Coalescing Evidence of Massive Voter Registration Fraud in Ohio 2004

White House Web Site reads cookies you've acquired visiting OTHER sites...

Burch defends ‘house ni- -er’ comment (Bermuda. charged words within)

FISA ALLOWS TAPS w/o court order for 15 DAYS dont be fooled by imitations


Liberal Talk Show Host Barry Gordon’s 'From Left Field' Moves to KCAA

The War in Iraq Costs

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST (Live)

HAW HAW - Freepers having a love-fest

Camouflage Conservatives

How to make a campaign contribution in someone else's name?

BTW- Why isn't Karl working on rebuilding New Orleans?

Which of the Amendments is taking the worst beating in America?

OH MAN!! I just saw the Austrian billboard and it is hilarious.


Presidential Medals of Freedom for All Bush Whistleblowers

An Extensive Web of Financial Ties

White House Photo: "G...E...O...R...G...D'OH!"

"Total Information Awareness" - Poindexter's baby is still alive

"Bush shakes up Pentagon's "Doomsday" emergency plans"

2008 Hopefuls: Warner had the best 2005. Frist had the worst.

"Dean's Rough Ride", and the reasons behind it.

Pick your favorite RW MORON moments of 2005 in 3 categories!

Fear destroys what bin Laden could not

Huffington: 2005 - Things I Want to Forget

The tumultuous and tawdry travels of Neil Bush

Empire of Shame - A Conversation with Jean Ziegler

Arnaud de Borchgrave: Freedom's pitfalls ("two new Talibans in Iraq")

Strength for your Journey

GO TO THE LIGHT! By Sheila Samples

Statement of the Council of Nineveh Province Notables, Sheikhs and Uleima.

LAT: Big 3 Find More Level Playing Field Abroad

Sen. Byrd: No President is Above the Law

Israel and the Neocons, The Libby Affair and the Internal War

Will the Real USA Please Stand Up?

E. J. Dionne: What Readers Taught Me

George McEvoy: Losing hope

"Patrick Henry Democrats" (some advice from Digby to gain back respect)

A few words about Ahmad Chalabi ("The Manipulator", New Yorker, 06/04)

LAT: Westinghouse Reactor Design Wins U.S. OK

GM crops created superweed, say scientists

Oil Prices Surge and May Keep Going Up

Can Peretz soar once more?

Marwan Barghouti apologizes to Palestinians for Fatah corruption

Officer's action prevented disaster

Israeli team to draft stand on Hamas takeover of PA

Democracy in Palestine

Abbas vows to stop chaos as Palestinian vote looms

With no Palestinian state in sight, aid becomes an adjunct to occupation

Palestinian militant factions say truce with Israel ends midnight

The lie of Palestine

Israel and the Neocons, The Libby Affair and the Internal War

The FBI Shut Down Arab & Muslim Websites in the Days Leading to 9/11

Collapse Examination of WTC7

Are WTC collapse times of any value ?

BBV-Diebold illegal screen "interpreter" -prohibited code

Re-Post: Bush's EAC (falsely?) implies Shelley's guilt. Why now?

help--What are the top ten 10 Election Reform & Fraud stories for 2005?

What’s All the Fuss About Diebold in FL & CA?

New Years Eve Election Reform News & Related events

What Role Did Missouri Republicans Play In The New Hampshire Phone Jamming

Has Arnold gone crazy. wants to raise the Min wage 1$. Begging for Votes?

California Friends please check in here

Hudson: renewable energy internship program starting.

Sign tallying Iraq casualties makes a stir in Duluth

Annoying browser problem - Java issue?

PDA owners: Do you use emulators on your devices?

How to copy LPs and tapes to digital (audio capture)

FYI: For those who would prefer browsing anonymously

A word of advice to you folks on the Ohio governor's race

Gary Page needs help now to get on the ballot

David Van OS in Cleburne and Fort Worth first week in January

Precinct Chair question

I have five egg whites leftover from a custard I just made.

Smellin' like garlic

so the (half) chicken is in the oven roasting with taters and carrots

For BettyEllen... Thin & Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookin' the black eyed peas?

What is your pre-cooking ritual?

New Afghanistan Theological Organisation

Ahmed Chalabi takes over Iraq oil ministry again

'Right to know' fails to open the Government's vaults of secrets

Novak 'Probably' Regrets Plame Leak

Indonesia bomb leaves seven dead

NATO will take fight into southern Afghanistan, says U.S. commander

Dow Closes Down 67, Ends Year in Negative

Chalabi Named Iraq Oil Minister - Cronyism Even In Iraq!

Chad angry at World Bank over oil

Chalabi Named Iraq Oil Minister

Sign Tallying Military Deaths Upsets Army

Mississippi county OKs memorial to Emmett Till

Thousands of US troops to oversee Iraqi police

Death Toll for the American Military in Iraq in 2005 Is 844

Dems Seek New Federal Budget in New Year

AP: Ex Envoy: British Used Intel After Torture

Sudanese embassy staff freed

'United States planning a military strike against Iran'

Bush highlights Iraq elections, US economy in 2005

Grand jury decision on '02 nuke power plant near-rupture may come soon

Pinochet Loses Another Battle Over Immunity

Statement of the Council of Nineveh Province Notables, Sheikhs and Uleima.

Local man killed in Iraq 6 weeks into deployment (Fallujah)

Jet strikes light pole at Lindbergh Field

letter to B*sh from Iraqi

Court: (GM) diversity program not anti-Christian

Mortar attacks on Green Zone

Five killed in attack on Iraq Sunni party HQ

Coalition officials say they prepared for Nine-Eleven-type attack on Baghd

Fat city for Mike aides - They get $1.5M for work on campaign


US to resettle 5000 Tibetan refugees

NYT: President Uses a Quiet Vacation To Prepare an Ambitious Agenda

New Hariri Probe Head Faces Death Threat

Syrian lawmakers demand ex-VP be tried for treason

Bush confident in facing 2006 challenges

D.C.: Facing Weaker Home Sales, Builders Sweeten Deals

Bolivian president-elect visits Cuba

Dollar Rises Against the Euro, Yen in 2005, Gaining 15 Percent

Bush resolves to stay on the offensive in Iraq in 2006

US archdiocese loses claims fight

FEMA dumps unused hurricane drinking water

What to do with Capote, Frost, and Kissinger?

Two-Thirds of Australians Regret Iraq War

New Year Brings Array of New State Laws

Top General says getting bin Laden and Zarqawi won't eliminate terror

U.S. military deaths in Iraq at 841 for '05

Racicot talk backs Burns, Bush, war ("one of the best presidents ever")

Government Prepares for Next Big Hurricane

Some soldiers trying to get out of Army

DeLay Rep Says Boss Not Swayed by Donors

(Natural) Gas rates jump to record highs

[Boston] Housing prices in hard landing

Fla. Man Who Posted Military Photos On Internet Is Released From Jail

Russia prepares to cut gas to Europe

Current Watches, Warnings and Advisories for California-(Flooding)

Who has a big johnson

Bareback mountain. Some things just aint right

I love me some Morphine............

Putting Bible quotes, erm, behind you?

S.F. Bay Area people. Is it raining where you are?

I accidentally let Willie (my husband's cat) out tonight

Do you keep your parents in the basement?

Everybody needs to work in a house of Ill Repute

Everybody needs to work in a house of Ill Repuke

NDSU beats Northern Illinois on a last-second buzzer winner!!!

Ever have one of THOSE days? (pic)

What is happening in this picture?

Billy Connolly doesn't make me pee my pants.

I was standing by my window,

One should not work 32 hours in two days!

Hey, some conservatives called me the Dennis Hopper of the DU commune!

Did you have an imaginary friend?

Everybody wang chung tonight

Who's the biggest sore loser in sports these days?

caller on Coast to Coast just predicted for "06" that the Antichrist

I don't mean to break the medical advice or bodily function rules, but...

Hey everyone, say hello to my daughter, SeattleTurtle!!!!!

self delete

hello Nighthawks

I need a hot toddie

Going to a holiday party like the one I was at tonight reminds you

Sometimes Cheese Pizza is all you need....

Kate for a Saturday

Calvin & Hobbes wuz here (pic)

"who is this imbecile? where is he? bring him so that he can . . ."

Lunch at billyskank's, anyone?

Anyone seen The Matador yet?

US mayor to overturn snowball ban

Jewis Dolphin marries Brtish Milionaire

Bouncing 'the little idiot' for fun!

Don't you love HP?

Pompeii The Last Day - Discovery Channel

Thousands of crime victims mistakenly told inmates were let go

I propose we start a "War on New Years"

The characters in my kid's cartoon thought that a BRA


What's on the menu for this evening?

Heard a bad band tonight with a bad name

What happens in here? (1st post to lounge)

The housework log is awesome!

It's a pretty day here: I'm going to the flea market!

A chuckle ....

just a girl i used to know

Should 6 year olds be sedated after 7 pm?

I got called a bigot in GD

Attack of the Chihuahua

This Poll Needs Some DU Love

My 2006 Resolutions: Won't you make the same ones I've made?

In honor of the annual New Years diet

Saw the Wallace and Gromit movie yesterday

Check out

What makes a person go from being a liberal to being a moderator?


I need a good brie for this whine

HELP! I've got "golfer's elbow" and need advice!

question for the lizards...

For New Year's Eve-Auld Lang Syne, unplugged

Stop me if you've heard this joke: Gonorrhea Lectim

Help me settle something.

Saturday earworm. Warning! Annoying!


For us in retail or who were in retail, we now have our own "Dilbert."

Where's my Retro-Poem??

Have you noticed how much these guys look alike???

I'm trying to ignore my Boxer right now. He's driving me nuts.

heading to the liquor store in a little bit

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here

Jessie says,"What the Hell is going on in here?"

My sig pic

Now, once again, it's time to play, "Name your favorite Urban Legend!"

Yes? or No? Discuss

My weiner has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R

Need car audio? Here's a hint - DON'T go to Fry's.

I'm trying to ignore my boxers right now. They're driving me


Espresso Machine is on and coffee is made.

"Whatever" This old fool muses.

Happy New Year to DU (fireworks link)

Oxymoron of the Week: Conservative Comedian

Survival Guide to Drunken New Year's Eve

Has it ever taken anyone else this long to get to 2K posts?

My 1000th Post : Thank You DU !!!

Here's THE website for New Year's Eve!

We've got a river outside our window now....

Post your pest's photo

Mrs. Venation is a gentle and generous woman.

Wenn ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer?

What was the most important event that happened in your life in 2005?

I spent yesterday faxing someone...ask me anything.

It's supposed to White Christmas

What's that stuff that eliminates cat pee smell? Enzyme stuff?


I got bad news about an old friend last night.....


So just how hard IS Rocket Science?


Deleted Message

i spent yesterday whacking someone...ask me anything.

Taking down some of the decorations...

So just how hard IS Rockette Science?

How 'bout dem LSU TIGERS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Everybody needs to sling a mop for a living.

You can have all this money if you figure a way in.

What makes a person go from being a liberal to being a moderator?

2006 is starting off as sucky as 2005 is ending

Screw 2005.

Happy New Year, DU! All the best to the dems who post here!

What makes a person go from being a liberal to being a moderate?

I miss the cranky, belligerent Beware the Beast Man

Rapper Obie Trice Shot on Detroit Freeway

What are your New Years Eve plans?

What's the best way to find old friends on the web?

This is sick, but funny

I need a nap

Hoppin John

Happy Future New Year DU!

I need a map

I need some action..

I need a man

We broke up over a year ago, but he still emails me...

45 minutes to go here:

Canada VRS USA coming up in about an hour and a half

Cat called 911 to help ill owner, police say

Phil Simms drinking game!

I just ate an entire box of Wheat Thins. Will I lose an eye?

Fellow Californians, fear not!

Call Me Wesley & Heidi

I got the toilet out of my living room.

Don't tell anyone but

I need help remembering the name of a movie

Weeeeeee! I just got a labret piercing!! (Updated with pics)

Post here to send out support to DUers facing flood waters

Rachel Ray, you're a fucking genius! Iced tea for drinking! Who'da thunk?

So what's in your flask for tonight?

Darth_Kitten's Rockin' New Year's Eve Party......

2005 is almost done. Post your deep thoughts...

It's New Years, I want to say something to all of you, so please read this

What celebrity do you look like?

Would I be a stalker?

The old half filled glass of water debate

Super Bowl predictions

My god, everyone must have left!

we have to work today, both off @ 2:30p & back home, storm & flood...

evlspwn belly dancing at the Donkey Show last night.

What was your second choice for a username?

I can barely walk ...

I want to apologize to any of those I may have made uncomfortable.

Eu sou a leitura Du no português. (I am reading DU in Portuguese.)


Has anyone ever seen "A Tale of Two Sisters?"

I'm sick of people who think the Monkees and the Beach Boys are cool.

Have we heard from our CA DUers snice this AM?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/31/05)

I pick up my new Honda Element TOMORROW!

I just evacuated our house! Major Flooding in Marin Cty, CA! H20 rising !

How Important Is George Bush - Compared To You and Me?

I'm in a really really really baaaaad mood.

My holiday gift? Some fuckhead cleared out my checking account!

OK, who is partying with DUers tonite?

It's New Years Eve and Everything just Sucks

Happy New Year from Norway!

How will you spend New Years Eve?

I met XemaSab today!

New Year's Eve wHine....


We've got us a movement, folks: khaska for moderator '06!

If you were going to buy ONE kick-butt reggae CD, what would it be?

Any DUers feel like coming over for New Years?

Cat called 911 to help ill owner, police say

What is a good New York movie for me to rent?

Single Men: What are you looking for in 2006?


To All Of You At DU ~ Have A Wonderful New Years Eve ~

My cat just took a dump on my carpet Again. I'm afraid this is it.


I am still in love with my ex.

MSN's "10 Worst Movies of 2005." Good picks.

Any fans and/or former players of Zork or Scott Adams...


I applied to be a moderator for the Lounge

What is your New Years Resolution??

"Breaking News," "Up Or Down Vote," "FEMA" among Banished Words for 2006

Tonight I served the most acerbic comic of days gone by...

DU NYC Gathering: February 4th, 2006. Would anyone show up?

Do you believe that child abusers should be forgiven...?

My SO is singing "Hiroshima Mon Amour" to get his child to sleep.

Need good NON-COPYRIGHTED music snippets / files. Know any web-sites?

Spirit world: Pope: God considers embryos 'full and complete' humans

The End of Faith by Sam Harris, has anyone read it?

California Flu: NOT the "Bird Flu," But Still Needs Your Attention

Gay Rights Fellowship To Advance LGBT Issues In S. Florida

Race for leader of state Democratic Party heats up

Blessed bigotry: Pope Benedict XVI is "Anti-Gay Person of the Year"

Looking for feedback on comments by a local politician....

Gays Ruining Families Cardinal Says

A letter to Dr. Laura...

Rose Bowl - Texas v. USC

lets go cyclones!!!


HELP!!! My 9-month-old cat will not use the litter box!!!

Interesting question: has anybody had any experience with

Question dealing with being pulled to someone

2006 Is a "8" Year: Transformation!

I just stumbled across this great article about Kerry in the NYT from '03

Rain sucks

Best petblogging ever

Kerry LOVERS have nothing to worry about

Mark Crispin Miller: Why Dem's are in denial about the stolen election

Here They Go Again

What is

You guys should check this out.

Did you guys see this picture?

LTE in Virginia: Votes still not counting

A picture thread and treat

Happy New Year Kerrycrats!

Need some camera setting advice

Question about M3 and the national debt.

Chalabi: Embezzelor, Businessman, Student of American History,Conman,Thug

Hinkley granted overnight passes: Good Luck, Boy!

Bush family friend & Reagan would be assassin to have unsupervised visits

20/20 getting ready to talk about how Republicans want less government

This is hilarious

Novak 'Probably' Regrets Plame Leak

Tribes donated to Dem's BEFORE Abramoff.

Here's the WaPo's "makeup call" for Bush for nailing Hot Tub Tom

What did we expect when we allowed the establishment to call us

The Ratings Mirage: Why Fox has higher ratings--when CNN has more viewers

"Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job" wins award as most memorable phrase

GE Seed Law Divides Farmers, Legislators(good read on GE debate)

FYI: Abramoff, DeLay money

North Carolina Supreme Court nominee: B**h is like Roman dictator, Julius

Cops Swat,military police stormed my neighborhood.

Unbelievable Hypocrisy: What about the spying itself? What about the

TV watchdog group is unhappy with FCC

RE: the I'm glad I had breast cancer article.... fyi you need to be

Rathergate Redux

"I do solemnly swear...

since they're listening, is there anything you'd like to say to them?

bush will destroy America exactly as much as we allow him to

Millions are out to kill us....

2005: Annus Horriblis

mainstream Islamic conferences equal to terrorism


A great idea and no time to implement - (WARNING:GRAPHIC)

Shining Path resurgence may be financed by cocaine money

'Devilish' Jeans a Hot Seller in Sweden

Half-truths that cloak a lawless world of depravity

2006: What we already know

Happy New Year from the Hermit Kingdom

Conrad Black named Business Newsmaker of the Year ...

Anyone notice there hasn't been any leaks lately

Exactly the same number of G.I.'s killed in 05 as in 04. this is winning?

King Mango Strut is today!

Remember How for months before Iraq the Adm. kept

Dear Americans, Aruba is great

Warrantless wiretaps have been challenged in court, and have been upheld

2005 weepers from Kansas MOSTLY bush's blunders hehe

Chalabi's career is really taking off. Guess HOW he ascended to oil chief

Did You Know There Is One Long-Term MIA In Iraq?

Iran hails "first Islamist Arab state" in Iraq

"Mercy Now" - Fitting song to hear as the year comes to a close.

New York records another drop in crime

FEMA Dumps Unused Hurricane Drinking Water

Natalie Morales of NBC says job outlook is WONDERFUL. WHAT???

Go Molly go, We really do need a living wage law

Dar Williams song, "Empire"

Are there enough Dem Office holders with the integrity to say no to Ins.

My 2006 New Year's Resolutions for DU and America


Are we looking at desperation from this White House?

The End of Faith by Sam Harris, has anyone read it?

Saddam spied on his own people.... but I wonder if he sent them

Controversial Conservative Bill Bennett Becoming CNN Political Analyst In

Dollars to doughnuts Bush's drug benefit is no bargain

It made the news! Uzbekistan torture story is on HOMEPAGE!

What are the major issues for 2006?

Richmond Va residents please check in to help on environmental issues.

White man takes the Indians' resources once again

What do libertarians propose to replace public schools with?

Death Toll for the American Military in Iraq in 2005 Is 844

My two cents.... What do you think?

It's no fun being a biology teacher in Kansas

Another Unreported Casualty of the War in Iraq

I am Pre-Emptively Accusing bushco of the next Terror Attack on U.S. soil.

DUer's Predictions for 2005....How close did they come? See here>>>

Do you find yourself looking over your shoulder as you post?

Counterpunch review of 2005: Hitchens, Sheehan, Murtha, Fleeing Dems etc.

Question about latest Zogby ? Were you contacted, I wasn't. I'm registered

Journalists gone wild, lest we forget. It WAS that bad. Please watch.

self-delete! they took it down, dammit

interesting programming by cinemax . . .

Steve Martin (as O'Reilly) leap second backers hate America! (hilarious!)

Here's what happens when some Katrina survivors lose all hope . . .

Israel and the Neocons, The Libby Affair and the Internal War

FREE XM Radio if you activated an XM Radio in December.. HOT, HOT, HOT

Senator Imhofe of Oklahoma

Your tax dollars at work . . .

My 1000th Post : Thank You DU !!!

The New Year could bring us a shiny New War! no kidding

John Conyers:Impeachment, the Constitution in Crisis, Election Reform

War without end / By Robert Fisk

Pressuring the CIA to Lie, Calling Result an Accident

What Do You Think About On-Line Polls?

Amazing Wirefire Photos

Autozone Liberty Bowl?

Some Soldiers Trying to Get Out of Army

MSNBC: Midwest families will pay $400 more for natural gas this winter

Anyone else here audited by IRS this year?

"Current TV" is doing a Top 25 pod countdown

Today's global warming snapshot: Record warm December in NWT

Anyone have a link to the banned "South Park" with Vigin Mary/Pope?

My head is going to explode!! Regarding spying and whistleblowers-

This is sick, but funny

My predictions for 2006

'United States planning a military strike against Iran'

At the breaking point

Let's introduce a Constitutional Amendment that makes W Dictator...

2006 Is The Year To See Bush Impeached By Electing Folks That Will Do It!

Bush to stonewall spying investigation

Sign Tallying Military Deaths Upsets Army

Is it just me or is there a glut of disproprtionate glumness on GD ATM?


Thank goodness "Baby Noor" was born in Iraq

Pat Buchanan's crystal ball's

As we move into the 2006 & 2008 campaigns...

Predictions for '06?

For Those Who Don't Know

I want to say my goodbyes early lets get them in before 2005 is over

Props to MnFats...Steve Martin's hilarious take on O'Liely

Attention Freedom Loving Republicans: Iraq has job openings for Police!


Is Guy James Streaming?

Who was at the ranch with the Shrub?

Happy End of 2005 to my friends at DU.

Get ready for an invasion of the whack jobs

2006 . . .WHY, everything is hopelessly inverted.

Mann Coulter Being A Racist Prick (Again)

Happy 2006 from France America ! nt


Big Tony Moscatiello implicates Abramoff partner in murder

Grounds for a fight: Farmer protection battle plans take root

What is the role of government?

Comes the year we have our turn.

Cat called 911 to help ill owner, police say

Farm closes for lack of legal labor

Pitching a graphic novel --- any takers?

Happy New Year DU!

Katrina Survivors to Rally in Washington, D.C.

Just talked to a friend who works in a pharmacy (Wal Mart)

Let's make negative predictions for 2006

What ever happened with the 2 British SAS guys caught dressed like Arabs?


Why is it that Libs have more fun?

Just got my free C.D. A Call To Reopen 911, Confronting The Evidence

I see on Raw Story where German newspapers are predicting

Bush posed in front of books.

George W. Bush has Made the Middle East Safe.............

AOL Poll: Sign Tallying Iraq Casualties Causes Stir

AP: In an astounding show of Compassion, US Doctor to rebuild 20 Iraqis

2005 WORST Cheeziest Journalist of the Year

82.5% Fweepers Vote For Dictatorship

Something interesting I just saw

What is the difference between Clinton and Bush? (joke)

Bush resolves "to work tirelessly for peace abroad and prosperity at home"

Think, George. What comes after B? ---pix->>>

What does section 2.5 of Executive Order 12333 mean?

Why do many on this board hold the CIA & NSA in such high regard?

Netscape News: the smartest states

So where's all the FReeper discussion of Abramoff this morning? NOWHERE!

A question about my email from WesPAC...

Chalabi may "win" one of the 275 seats in Iraq parliament with 8,645 votes

Trent Duffy says bush is working for peace abroad and prosperity at home

Sign Tallying Military Deaths Upsets Army

No Press Credentials, State Tells Bloggers

'bush clears brush like he rides his bike' - from WP

2 Katrina videos to see, Journalists and Wake Me Up When Sept Ends

AOL Poll: Are you following the Jack Abramoff Story

Cool AOL Poll! Do you consult with conservative Christian critics....

More horror from Katrina

Freak Republic Now Up To 20 (Twenty!) Threads On Brokeback Mountain

Another gas attack by the "farter of talk radio,"

Unofficial New Year Resolutions thread

Ed Naha: 'The first annual M.F. awards'

Flame away if you must, but this is how I feel right now about some things

Say What: Condom joke backfires

Let's make positive predictions for 2006

The Church of Reality

Pat Robertson's 2005 Predictions....What a DORK!!!

Abramoff for Idiots:

To my Friends who think there is too much data for the NSA to deal with...

LOL GO CODE PINK!! They silenced the war mongers!!!

German Papers are reporting US is Ready to strike Iran

Right Wingers "F"-ing up the Party

What are the top ten 10 Election Reform & Fraud stories for 2005?

Mel Gibsons theory of evolution.........

10 Things I Learned from the Holocaust Memorial Museum

DeLay should be resigning after the new WP headline. He's toast.

MANUEL VALENZUELA: America’s Tomorrow

It’s What We Do

Austrians don't mess around

It's Morning In America & We're Finally WAKING UP! New Years Eve 05/06

Internal Scuffle at NYT

Will people be shooting their guns in the air tonight?

Scholars fight arms flow, violent culture

The left needs to start grooming an anti-hillary for 'o8...

WP, pg A03: Down on the Ranch, President Wages War on the Underbrush

Around my home town, with two stops for beer - Joe Bageant

Report: Trump Weighs Run for N.Y. Governor

I bought a 3 year subscription to XM today..

Please Post Your Favorite 2005 images here

Predicting the Shit Out of Stuff


When The Future Happened Before

My neighbor, who lives kitty corner to me died last night.....

Rummy admits that $2.3 trillion (not billion) “missing”

We have become a Nazi monster...

Happy New Year: Florida's last year under Jeb! Things will

Fake voting rights activists and groups linked to White House

I just evacuated our house! Major Flooding in Marin Cty, CA! H20 rising !

Some Words Of Wisdom From Ben Franklin During These Troubled Times

USA Today LTTE: "Brokeback Mountain success likely to FIZZLE!"

Ahmed Chalabi, after being trounced in the elections

Letterman on Bush

Wanna Read Something Laughable

Bush to Bring Troops Home, Resign on Bizarro Earth

Why do we have to have protests and petitions to get this president

When Can We Expect Abramoff To Start Singing? ........


BBC interview with George SOROS

Timing of Justice Dept's NYT probe shows Bush's vengeful motive.

Feingold said "no one is above the law".

Who will replace the Mad King Bush?

more voter suppression professionals exposed

Please DU these polls asap - help needed

Another Example of The New York Times' Service to Imperial Power

"Mercy Now" - Fitting song to hear as the year comes to a close.

Best of HLs Political Comics 2005

Atrios selects Joe Lieberman as Wanker of the Year for his WSJ piece

This ACLU add in the NYT has right-wingers all pissed off

Will Bush hail "5 short of last year's U.S. death toll" as "progress?"

Democrats urge reordering priorities in federal budget

This is your Bush on drugs: "U.S. Economy is the envy of the world"

Spygate as a National ID. Spygate as gun registration.

The continuing saga of GOP Tenn. State Senator Jeff Miller

San Fran AAR affilliate to become even more crappy, espec. on weekends

since smirk is being a Nixon copycat we should start calling him

Scare them out of complacency/alter the status quo

This case needs to go to trial...

Notes allege "FEMA is not a response agency for disasters"

NO! But I would make damn sure that they understood that a first

The White House has thrown down the gauntlet to the NYTimes...

Whatever happened to the hostages recently taken? Did they die?

Puke Alert!!! Bill Bennett to join...CNN (Jeezus, another liar joins the

Is Bush Watching the Far Right Wing? Why Not?

Why didn't Kerry just tell the truth on Iraq?

I'd like to share these photos

The Osama tape

A lot of Kerry questions here today: Iraq, election fraud, running mate

President sent sympathy on Hitler's death

Research on right-wingers

Monica, We Need You Now

Published in The Seattle PI My LTTE

is the bombing of IRAN imminent ??

DU this poll re: NSA eavesdropping revelation

Group linked to Delay secretly funded by Abramoff

Hillary Clinton "most admired woman" 4th year in a row

"Conspiring against the voters": 12/31/05 NY Times Editorial

Abramoff/DeLay Group implicated in Russian Funding & Dem Attack Ads/....

mail the UN received from Iraq

Terrorists in High Places

Mitt Romney, "The Smiling Cobra" ..........Wolcott

Help me here.. What's wrong in OHIO??

2008 Democratic Convention Watch

The Beltway Boys on FOX NEWS - Year End Show

Why oh why didn't Kerry pick Wesley Clark as his VP nom?

IF Iran really is building nukes, would you support US air strikes