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Archives: December 6, 2005

Pelosi is headed for bigger things

Does the FBI have the authority to regulate software?

White House problems stick to the 'Velcro veep'

Defending Hussein, Clark Seeks to Set Historical Record Straight

COUNTERPUNCH: What did the Democrats Know before Iraq War?

DiCaprio to Produce Environment Film

Attacks are so frequent that new shop signs are the only memorials

Did Big Oil participate in planning invasion of Iraq?, Thomas Eley, WSWS

NY -- Now there's a whole Vapor DRE!

Thee Gropenator in action!

Dec 14: Duncan Hunter's office: rally to bring troops home! (MoveOn)

Vote for Rowley in Feingold's Progressive Patriot Poll!

NE Ohio Repub operatives get in fistfight

Monday Head-On Listener's Thread!

If there is Persecution of Christians in this country...

Don't worry about being killed! Keep Christmas shopping and spending money

Fortunate America, a country with no problems!

Rice to EU: if you want our help, shut up! Yeah, like we helped London?

Rice to EU: if you want our help, shut up! Yeah, like we helped London?

AP: Anti-gay group scolds bank

RW'ers ARE Hip and Cool!

Breaking....really...CNN coming out with BAD poll numbers for DeLay.

Seniors seeking Medicare Information get sex line

Possible universal, all purpose response

435 Congressional Districts....435 Blogs!

Dissident Voice, link.

Sad...Our Dems Like Dean don't have "Clout" to come to Red States

So....why does the US keep those secrt CIA prisons secret?

Anyone have a link to the survey that Murtha and Kerry quoted last week

Republican congressman for OK demands Christmas tree be killed.

I have made my own Bush Poem

Paper ballots NOW!!! n/t

Heads up Tweety..... KO had Sheila Jackson Lee on and she

Need someone from Central Florida to write a counter LTTE

Veiled ode to George Bush deleted from Pakistani textbooks

VIDEO-Iraq-help wanted and Halliburton paying 45 cents an hour

Hidden Open Source Code In XCP Designed To Make CDs Work With iPods?

Smirky's Day in Photos

VIDEO-Paper Trail for Blanco/Hurricane Katrina

Olbermann going with the Viveca Novak/exonerates Rove slant tonight.

Are Keith Olbermann and Jon Stewart our last hopes?

DOWN GOES DELAY-Motion to Dismiss Rejected!!!

Is there a President who is currently WORSE than **?

Did you hear the Halliburton story on Olberman?

Michael Ware on CNN, Refutting Rummys rosy picture of Iraq.

VIDEO-Worst Person in the World

Will the US 'Aljazeera' Michael Ware?

If I were a parent of a soldier killed in Iraq, I would be really pissed

Hand counts NOW!!! n/t

Bush: Companies should keep promises to workers. (say ENRON) n/t

In light of the assault on Mirecki

Pfffffttttt.... According to Duncan Hunter

Bah Humbug! Tree Decorated by Okla. Students Removed

A Must Read...

Letters Show FEMA Knew Response 'Broken'

The RW'ers are on thin ice with me

The single biggest drag on the American economy

EXCELLENT site for e vote fraud issues: Vote Trust USA -> is down, anyone having trouble linking to it?

Something to ponder this holiday season

if I use the name 'george bush' & 9-11 in the same sentence repeatedly..

Mark Lyle 'The Human Vacuum" is 5th in Nation of Competative Eaters

Can we start a draft Sean Hannity pettition?

Should our State Dem Parties "Outsource" Fundraising Calls?

4 yrs after 9/11, don't you feel safer?

Outrage at Saddam

Can someone DU AOL's current poll...

Funny AOL Poll on Rating B*'s propaganda Slogans. People are not fooled...

The senior aide behind Condi's "rock star image"

What are you doing to defend yourself?

DeLay and family - Hurry to get away from protesters? (photos)

LOOK! -> take the "california subject exam for teachers" free ->

So Gov Blanco had time for Oprah but not Maxine Waters?

DNC Schmidt billboard denial is getting good coverage in media.

Right-Wing Bias at C-Span

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Shout Out


Hey didn't Ann Coulter commit a crime by accusing DU of Rape

I have a solution to the whole "War on Christmas" mess.

how many of you pot smokers out there have NOT killed anyone?

Is Ed Schultz or Al Franken being heard by soldiers via AFN Radio?

$70 million on Ken Starr investigating Clinton


What's happening with - Atrios, Americablog, firedoglake ....

No George, No!

Do they really dare Diebold 2006?

FUNDRAISER ---pix->>>

A video that arnie (the gropenator) doesn't want his base to see

The Economy is in Trouble (Read This to See Why)

Kansas Professor disputing intelligent design beaten

LA Daily News: UCLA uncovers autism defect

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW!! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!! n/t

Jackie Mason (star of "Caddyshack II") lambastes "UCLA types"

Where can I buy the DVD - "The Revolution will not be televised" ?

Dean says war in Iraq cant be won.

TOONS: We Wish You A Merry Whatever Edition

13 year old racist twins (Nazis)

America has never been "safe", nor can it ever BE "safe"

Surreal Telephone polling call I just received

MSNBC/NEWSWEEK refuses to print Chris Floyd's Headline in blog roundup

What's wrong with military recruiters on college campuses?

The evil fuck isn't smiling now, is he?

Stumbled upon Hannity and John O'Neill bashing Kerry, Murtha, and Dean.

Anderson Cooper - Story on Katrina families returning finding dead bodies

'X-Treme' Motivational Speaker Faces Child Porn Charges/Michael Fortino

How do I add chocolate to a spritz cookie recipe?

Holy Winnipeg, Batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where in Canada does $4.80 a day make a dent in child care costs?

AP: Anti-gay group scolds bank

The senior aide behind Condi's "rock star image"

DeLay conspiracy charge tossed out

U.S. Interrogations Are Saving European Lives, Rice Says

Protesters greet Cheney at DeLay fundraiser

Democratic Party files ethics complaint citing Romney use of jet

Democratic Leaders in House Will Seek to Block Party Vote on Iraq War

'X-Treme' Motivational Speaker Faces Child Porn Charges/Michael Fortino

Britain's role in war on terror revealed

Cuban musicians pay Afro-Cuba jazz tribute to Hurricane Katrina victims

U.K. denies direct contact with kidnappers (hostages in Iraq)

Pyongyang Demands US Troop Pullout From South Korea

Watergate Reporters Argue for Anonymity

Poll: DeLay faces political woes at home (CNN/Gallup)

Some oil executives worry prices may fall

U.S.: Rice Miscasts Policy on Torture (Human Rights Watch)

Sources Tell ABC News Top Al Qaeda Figures Held in Secret CIA Prisons

Letters Show FEMA Knew Response 'Broken' (Expected Rioting Mississippi)

Rumsfeld warns of Islamic superstate if U.S. leaves Iraq too soon

Venezuelans 'lost faith in polls' (US )

Only Pay for Channels You Plan to Watch?

"Where is he?" "He's DRT."

It's getting into the 10's at night.

I just ate fried chicken with Michael Brown.

Rock, the Ocean and Foam. Dial-up warning.

Hiding smiley: behind a wall or in a well?

OMG! Put on the History Channel!


Wickedest eyes, Alex Witt? I mean that in a nice way.

If you have TiVo and want to be put on the priority list for the new

Packer GM Ted Thompson: Favre is playing "playing as well as ever".

So now there is a polaroid Camera phone...check it out on Engadget!

Who hasn't started their holiday/Xmas shopping?

I'm making a pumpkin sour cream cake


Hey! I'm wireless at the DFW airport!

The stupid things stupid people do....and how it affects others....

I may be an awkward white boy, but "Funk bomb" by James Brown is my new

What's your favorite Weathercaster assumed name?

*geeks* Design your own keyboard

It's getting into the 30s at night

It's getting dark when the sun goes down.

It's getting late at night

Who's A True Blue American? Post your fave!

I saw the coolest way to put Christmas lights on a Palm tree.

Now that Snow Skiing season is here, the "Skiers Code of Conduct"

The sun will come out tomorrow.

For a mere $300


83 yo Grandmother + A Beer Bong= Awesome!!

Has anybody here ordered tamales on line?

Am I wrong for likin' this song?

Anyone see Masters of Horror?

I'm sorry, but nips are totally gross!

I want to start planning for my next 2 vacations

Someone sent me this and it's delicious

An iPod accessory that will give you a REAL buzz

Someone PLEASE kick Hannity in the taco!

How is everyone this evenning?

Damnit, where is this "Cat 2" Snowstorm that is suppose to hit

Voting in George Bush's America

Just got "Arrested Development" Season 1 on DVD

I have my flame suit on

Roll Call! LA DU gathering this Sunday...

Does anyone have a link for the streaming of the Seahawks game?

Nixon Emerges From Spaceship in San Diego

Is there a cure for the satire impaired?

Scarlett Johansson sighting . . .

Give me some interesting "_____ of the month" clubs.

Say it ain't so: Britney kicks out Federline

Another crazy video- Lizard versus Japanese girls.

Jesus on the half shell!

Ouch! I got stitches and tetnis shot! now I'm all achey stupid am I?

It's getting dark at night

How do TV and radio commercials mostly affect you?

"Dubya, the spoiled, rich frat boy ..."

Vintage designer til you drop

Woo Hoo Smiley: How many people try to nail him with the cursor?

how traumatized were you when you 'found out' about santa claus?

By the power vested in me by scotch, I hereby banish pants from the Lounge

OK, call me crazy, but I think my house is haunted.

Someone help me Please, with iOffer website

GOPisEvil Invades California THIS Weekend!

OMG - I sound like Rita Cosby!!

How ugly is she?

oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please God,

What do I have in common with Bo Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor?

Still Life With Woodpecker

Would you ever want to live here?

Brand new for tonight: Sunset, moon, sky, sea! Dial-up warning

de-icing this morning was rough... then I got some good news.

Anyone else ever have a near death experience?

Just saw an anti Wal Mart ad on channel 4

Info please

the writing I promised to post

'Narnia represents everything that is most hateful about religion'

High-fructose corn syrup fueling obesity epidemic, doctors say

du women - anyone tried the nuvo-ring contraceptive?

'New mammal' seen in Borneo woods

The easy way out for the Supreme Court on "don't ask, don't tell."

Ask Ford what they'd do if the KKK told them not to advertise to blacks

School Board chair admits Web post

Support Brokeback Mountain!!

My God, do the Eagles SUCK or what?

Dark horses for 2006

Miami won, or Buffalo choked?

I hate this Tim Mcgraw Shit !!!!!

Tom Brady is SI's Sportsman of the Year. Comments?

Report: 41 percent of bowl-bound schools miss academic standard

Pics of 3 legged Jake and his sis, Annie

Prayers Requested

I am SOOOOO Happy. I FOUND this link I'd saved. Save it too!

Dec 5th Vanity Post - IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

KOEB - 12/5 Anti-flag burning edition

New Monica Blog!

Delay is going down!

Honor and dignity in FUBAR ...

self delete - dupe

Keith O. having fun with Hillary's anti-flag-burning law,

Contractor 'knew how to grease the wheels'

Re: Lincoln Group......

US political families

More New CIA Dirt (Cunningham)?

Another marathon reading of 'War and Peace' protests our latest quagmire

Rice will tell European allies to "back off" over issue. (secret prisons)

"Why we went into Iraq is not a debate anymore." Bow-tie boy on Tweety.

The Delay - Duke Cunningham link, culled from Daily Kos

Touting more tax cuts, President ignores bitter situation for most America

Brits Slam Rice-Talk

Voters in Tom DeLay's District would NOT vote for him again..

435 Congressional Districts....435 Blogs!

Warner is one funny guy.

Clinton's Dem Challenger To Push On Labor & Iraq

Hillary Clinton raises $600,000 at Louisville fundraiser in red Kentucky

The military curbs troop's freedom of speech. Is this right or wrong?

Ann Coulter's Address

" the anguish of trying to define a Democratic alternative."

I expect all those outraged over Hillary's support of the flag burning law

Here's what Tom Tancredo's opponent has to say

Some Dude raising HELL on CNN....

Lieberman on cspan3 tomorrow - could he really be replacing Rummy?!

A Sex Scandal in Washington about to break?

NC DEMS Using Minnesota PHONE BANKS to Solicit Funds! Disgusting!!!

is anyone sick of Corp. media saying people tired of BOTH parties?

Here's the story Hatch tried to kill - spread the word!!!

Another reason whatever "Hillary" does matters more

If your bored take this test...

Hatch tried to kill this story - so let's spread it ALL OVER THE WEB!!!

Where They Hide the Cash

Ten ways to argue about the war

Terrorism and torture: Extraordinary and unacceptable

Domestic Military Intelligence is Back

An innocent man's five months in CIA 'salt pit'

Shoot To Kill: Alito's blank check for cops.

NYT editorial: Profiles in Pusillanimity

Revealing Stories

Amendment I: Freedom of Assembly

Killing: No longer a practical instrument of political domination?

"You're a Moonbat"

George Monbiot: "The Struggle Against Ourselves" (Climate march speech)

Two Retired Generals Call for Prompt Withdrawal from Iraq: Support Murtha

Democracy under threat (Venezuela)

Sex and the church

Secrets and Lies: The DoD's disgraceful plot to plant rosy stories

National Journal: The Declining Bush Mandate

Rep. David Obey, the ranking member on the House Appropriations Committee,

Injustice at the Justice Department

"And, as we lead America in Your righteous path...."

Who pays biggest (heathcare) tab? Taxpayers

New Orleans, Two Reports by Jennifer Conner and Alexis Zeigler

Let Rumsfeld Go

Selling Jesus isn't the reason for the season

Leonard Pitts: One thousand deaths, unknown number of 'oops"

BBC: Rendition: Tales of torture

Bumiller Again Happily Used As a White House Propaganda Tool

Max Cleland (HuffPost): Speaking the Truth (in defense of Kerry)

David Cross: Open Letter to Larry the Cable Guy

The Poor Dead: The Relative Value of Human Lives

Donald Rumsfeld Is Mad As a Hatter

A Nation Under God-One of the scariest articles you will ever read

Mexico's Undiplomatic Diplomats

Stock Question?

Someone in another forum just said that Sears was able to

Verizon freezing managers' pensions; firms phase out plans

Help My Students

Business Week: The Race Against Climate Change

Toxin levels higher than normal in 11 Coast areas

Who's monitoring Alaska pipeline damage from permafrost warming?

2006 Hurricane Season

Cross//Post: LAT op/ed: "Giving Up On New Orleans"- WH kills wetlands plan

Murder in Israel underscores a culture of deceit

The Pragmatist

More women for Palestinian parliament

Blast destroys Monument to Gaza's Unknown Soldier

Why I didn't like the new Spielberg film

Netanya Bombing / Analysis: Leave Hamas alone

Concrete Cores Established By Default & Evidence. Steel Cannot Be.

Dr. David Ray Griffin's Latest Article

Never watch Fahrenheit 9/11 and Loose Change back to back


A Bright And Shining Lie.....

Clear evidence for why the Pentagon hit makes no sense

Open Letter to Victoria Ashley/Jim Hoffman (

Election Fraud & Reform MySpace Group

Raw Story To Splash New Dieb-Throat Interview Tuesday!

Wexler: Paper Trail Fight Continues In Federal Court

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 12/06/05

Touch screen voting heading to NY...

RawStory: Diebold insider alleges company plagued by technical woes...

My next project !

What is wrong with this picture?

Special election voters an unhappy lot, poll says

Daily Pilot: Race to the House draws to a close

Why isn't Nancy supporting HR 550?

Letter to my legislators on Diebold & McPherson

Anybody know if there'll be real time results for CA 48?

Go Steve Young District 48 NO MORE OCCUPATION!

take the "California teachers subject exam" for free at your home!

Feinstein re-election race should be piece of cake

Nonstandard Jobs, Substandard Benefits (Iowa Policy Project)

Hope this works

AFL-CIO December 10th events in Iowa!

Bill Gluba calls Nussle's bluff

Just do it!

Chomsky in JP tonight

Putting and end to torture - Major speech by Reps. Conyers, Meehan & Moran

Pillars of light?

Self delete, wrong forum

OH-01 John Cranley to challenge (and defeat) Chabot

Whats wrong with this picture? (delay protest picture)

Gammage will run for guv says source

Will Governor Hopeful Kinky Friedman help GOP in Texas?

Looks like Gard has competition

The AP Picked Up Part of Our Story on Scott Walker!

Defacing the flag bothers me

C-Span 2 is a MUST!!!! Katrina victims speaking truth to power!!

VIDEO-Cunningham's Resignation read out in the House

What do Republicans hold sacred?

An Anti-War Challenge to Hillary Clinton

A World Turned Upside Down - My Katrina Photo Essay

Stripes: (67 y.o.) Prisoner dies at U.S. military facility in Iraq

VIDEO-Gingrey Slams Pelosi for appearing on TDS

On a mission from Gawd to destroy "bad people"

DAY 9. 12/6/05. DRUMBEAT to PEACE. Call congress today!

The Republican Talking Points Method & How It Works So Well

Randy & 'the boys': Scandal figure tied to Iran Contra Drug Trafficking

I missed Snotty's PB today - did anyone hear it? the WH site does not

140 years ago today Georgia ratifies 13th Amendment ending slavery.

Old photo of Ah-nold groping woman at Rio carnival...

dupe delete

Call Congress Today!

Ford embraces anti-gay bigotry

WaPo: DON'T rebuild the levees til LA agrees to federal mortgage LAND GRAB


Most Obscure Caption Ever? ---pix->>>

The DLC Political Strategy For Democratic Politicians and Officeholders

Christianity is like being a Lady

U.S. lawmakers accept pay raise, after some had offered to skip it

had referred to religious conservatives as "fundies.......professor beaten

Ariz. board approves schools takeover from secluded polygamist community

Look at these pictures and tell me he's not drinking/drugging again.

National Call In Day to Stop the War

I laugh when HannityRushSavage claim that Dems "attack" the military...

How many lockstep ReThugs were voting because of bribery?

President Katrina's Death Toll in Lousiana : 1,086

ABU GHRAIB PIX ! ? ? ! whatever happened to that story?

Republicans are sending the wrong message to our enemies and our troops

Scandal figure tied to Iran Contra Drug Trafficking

Ed Masry, mentor to real-life Erin Brockovich, dies at age 73

To heck with Xmas, try the GOVERNMENT WAR ON CATHOLICISM!!!

Join the National Call-in Day to End the War

"FAIR"ness On C-Span This Morning?

Scandal update needed: Abu Garhib pictures?

Scandal update needed: Limbaugh Drug Case

Scandal update needed: 9/11 Second phase report due 11/14?

I just quit a job...well, handed in a two week notice.

economy getting better? for who? a tiny rant

49% Would Vote For Tom DeLay's Unnamed Dem Opponent Next Yr

enonomy getting better? for who?

Michael Reagan advocates LYNCHING Howard Dean! (newsmax)

RACISTS also believe that lib'ruls are waging a war against Xmas

Pre-Election Violence Explodes in Iraq

the iraqi war is not winnable-per Dean. Discussion coming up on Wolf.

Bush/Cheney "win"- hired mercenaries in Iraq engage in murder for sport.

IMAGES from the film _Darwin's Nightmare_

Republicans Send Seniors to Phone Sex Line

Another one of my LTTE published.

The storm that keeps killing (suicide in New Orleans)

Wow, Did Someone Hire ME to Do the Pix at CBS?

Bush "win" - more troops dead in Iraq than all conflicts since Vietnam

Blacks’ Joblessness Growing While White Unemployment Rate Holds Steady

Low wage workers asked to donate money to buy a Christmas gift.

Tell McCain to return Judy Miller’s kneepads and stop servicing W

Funny * joke

Dick's Against Early Pullout --->>>

Senator Joe Panderman

Another Bush "win" - creating a Theocracy in Iraq

Afghanistan..1 out of every 200 American soldiers died so far this year

Cindy Sheehan about to be on with Blitzer (4:35pm EST as I post)

Big Ed says Michael Schiavo will be on his show tomorrow AND

Were Do I Go To Collect the Billion Dollars for My Iraq Pacification Plan.

Lieberman Calls For Formation Of 'War Cabinet'

CNN has a NEW poll that needs DU.

SYRIANA - What impact do you think this movie will have on public opinion?

"Merry Christmas" kant + Blind to Innocent Iraqi War Dead.

Pit bull kills 91-year-old Detroit woman

SOaB!!! Kerry's Office is blasting the f* out of Mehlman!!!

Stupid, stupid email.......

A Birthday Farewell to my Dear Neighbor

U.S. Newswire: CREW Sues Department of Interior Over Abramoff Documents

Jamaican Government Spends More on Organic Agriculture Than US?

Will Randall Terry, Frist, Dobson, Delay take up this cause????

bush to give MAJOR speech on war tomorrow!--(yawn) zzzzzzzzzzz

I just figured out why the economy is doing so well!

Short on Guests, DeLay Fundraiser Lets In Protestors

I almost talked to hannity but screener figured out my sctick and hung up

"Tell me something to make me feel good about Katrina response"

AP Poll: Most Say Torture OK in Rare Cases

DU this CT poll-Joseph Lieberman vs. Lowell Weicker who would you vote for

Bring the troops home to help fight the War On Christmas!

"Merry Christmas!"

More and more Americans are moving to get away from overheated housing

German suing Tenet over torture was not allowed into US on Saturday

McKinney--House Select Com on Katrina Response--Dem leadership

Major combat operations in Iraq have ended.

Can anyone tell me how long a thread stays on the GREATEST page?

Ramsey Clark sez Bush should be impeached:CNN Wolf

Check out Der Bötoxführer!

"Bush Was Right" people release a music video, "challenge" MTV

What good are Bushists at actually catching and prosecuting terrorists?!

I see Dimson more than I see my own family

I've stopped crying. THANKS EVERYONE for your wonderful posts!!!!

Whatever happened with the LIMBAUGH drug case? n/t

DU this poll on cnn. Can the US win the war in Iraq?

Re: Dean and Kerry--What's more important, "framing" or telling the truth?

Death Penalty.

Tweety: Are we better off now than we were in 2002?

Sami Al Arian found not guilty. Just reported on my local news.

Can we put Zell Lieberman on one of those all expense paid torture flights

Bush Responds to Dean: 'We're Going to Win' in Iraq

Things are too quiet. I'm hungry for another Bush/GOP meltdown.

Bush in 2004 on Iraq (and I quote) - "I don't think you can win it".

Bush lowest Quinnipiac poll rating since taking office - 40%

What happened to Reid's new hard stance?

Stupid poll


New Info Surfaces Tying Senator Burns to Abramoff

Excellent Chinese movie must see: TO LIVE

Georgia-Pacific plans mill sale(why unions are important!)

Randi Rhodes is doing a Very Good job this evening.

Do you think we are safe over here because we are in Iraq?

So I was driving home from my substitute teaching gig...

Dear Gov. Dean --- America, Or Not?

Let's see -- criticizing Bush hurts the troops

Brits and others seem to outshine us again (global warming protests)

I don't understand the Christmas dichotomy, ho ho ho.

The Nation: Dictionary of Republicanisms Sequel

Update on the hostages in Iraq

Red Republican Guard

Wonkette refers us to Condi on the frontpage of the National Enquirer

To Malloy listeners: anyone sent cards to Marge yet?

Visit Ah-nold's Neighborhood! (animation)

I think that Kerry losing was the best thing that could happen to us.

Seized, held, tortured: six tell same tale

VIDEO- Jon Stewart DESTROYS Bushie position re planted Iraq news on TDS

Should I boycott Walt Disney World--for having *...?

Jimmy Carter coming up on The Daily Show (nt)

Anyone else ever have a near death experience?

Focus on Family quits business w/Wells Fargo banks.

EXCLUSIVE:CIA move prisoners-Europe to North Africa before Rice visit

Leno on USC-UCLA game: (spoiler)

ImpeachPAC...because they lied!

Maureen Dowd is going to be on The Colbert Report tonight!!

I just heard about five minutes of the insane Michael Savage.

How do you tell someone why you are MIHOP?

Will the religious right extremists back this up in the USA? Doubt it.

Hey Rush...Check out the Eagles w/o McNabb

Illegal Immigration and Democrats

Ritter takes on key conservative WMD talking point

Good answer for Hillary on the flag thing

Did someone tell President Carter to go f*** himself on TDS?

Operation Dove Ornament (for the troops)

Question for White Rose Society

First Intelligent Design, Now Wrathful Dispersion

Ex-Conn. Gov. Wants Lieberman Challenged

education - let's talk.

Mathews was almost getting tonight, but not quite

Nevermind. I stupidly read the story wrong! Delete please.

Please - One more time DU this poll

AUDIO (MP3)-Rice Speech today on Secret CIA Prisons

German women offered man-free banking

The Alito nomination must be in real trouble -Ads say he'll save Christmas

They're An American Firm

Showtime Sleeper Cell series.. anyone watching this?

(TOON) Rowson: An Extraordinary Rendition

Hey Garth Brooks and Queen Latifah, Screw You, W-M Whores

Hillary, are you able to stake a stand on principle on anything, or are

Buchanan: Putin vs the Neo-Comitern

I am so tired of all the cheap, useless and cheesy things that are made in

Recent Mary Mapes / Brent Bozell interview re CBS snafu good viewing.

NBC anchor Williams: Bush administration has "right" to buy media coverage

Can we call them "mean-spirited" again?

I think this can only have come from Lynne Cheney

I'm ready to do it again, says face surgeon

You all have to see the freudian slip * made today.

'Torture' is such a harsh term, let's use the word 'Rendition' instead

Joe Wilson Spoke at XU (Cincinnati) last night

should the US send troops to Darfur ?

"Say hello to my little friend!" BRAND NEW MAMMAL! !!!

Freepers claim Paul Mirecki beat himself up.

Bill Scher from LO has a great post on Huffington Post showing how what

Yes, Iraq is now America Lite. . .they have a big drug problem

UK Labour party passes oil windfall tax

i have to rant but the lies, lies, lies and more lies of the BFEE is

CSPAN caller asking Rachel Brand about Federalist Soc. membership,

God is Love

The Bush administration should all be impeached!

EXPOSED.... Dubya's new hobby

YES, I Said, the "Quivering Jowls of Justice" and I'll say it again!

Two Female Suicide Bombers Kill 27 in Iraq

The era of democratic pacifism needs to end

What was the name of the racist book Henry Ford wrote?

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! n/t

Earle can wait til near Xmas and let DeLay twist in wind

LAT: Using horror to make a political statement: Showtime's "Homecoming"

Was Bush Wrong About Alito's Father? (Phony baloney, plastic banana..etc.)

Cheney to greet soldiers returning from Iraq...OH BOY!

Lieberman is on cspan3 - could he really be replacing Rummy?!

Congressman Murtha about to be on Today Show.....

No one is permitted to dispute the Esteemed Leader..

$20 bill - "UNITED" marked out, "DIVIDED" written above it!

OMG - We won the war on terror at home !!

Can The U.S. Spin Insurgents? The Pentagon Is Trying

Oh My God! Bush Appoints Religious Zealot To Key USAID Post

Jon Stewart is on FIRE

NBC First Read - House to delay returning to work after Christmas holidays

US security adviser captured in Iraq

NYT op-ed: "The Next Iraq Offensive," by Wesley K. Clark

Ramsey Clark: A plant to disrupt and spy on the defense or legitimately

Fox News Watch's Gabler: Fox News "pumping Christmas war"


10 Marines killed in Falluja were at promotion ceremony. Not on foot patrol

Pond Scum John Bolton will be Lou Dobbs special guest today

Did Media Fall for False Claims About Death of Alleged Al-Qaeda Leader?

Kansas U. Professor Sent Email Taunting "Fundies". Poke An Animal W/ Stick

If God keeps hanging out with politicians, it's gonna hurt his reputation.

Hillary backs anti-flag burning amendment. WTF

German who says U.S. imprisoned him sues CIA

Spy says his 'death' was all a misunderstanding

10 Marine deaths last week said to be at Patrol Base, not on foot patrol

How long before Bush orders trigger pulled on Saddam ?

self-delete, we don't need TWO Clinton threads

Should there be a minimum wage in Iraq?

More Lies? Alito's Dad No Immigrant?


VIDEO-Bush Isolated? Read the Newspaper?

Pre$$titute Central: The Note Pushes The "Liberal Media" Joke

Oh, Yuck! I accidentally wound up at FR!

Fed Time for Gonzo at Rolling Stone

Pakastini Ode to Bush: "solid as steel, strong in his faith"

300 protest Cheney's fundraiser for DeLay.

What did you think of Joe Dante's anti-Bush movie, "Homecoming" on HBO?

Don't follow the ogre !

Defense Contractor spends $10 million on bat mitzvah!!!

Arguing FAIR before the Supreme Court

Couple, 97 and 89, are found dead in their Gentilly home (Katrina victims)

I have created a new Group, Wage Up.

Reality Check

"Donald Rumsfeld Is Mad As a Hatter. Shouldn't someone do something? "

Ed (Ditto-Head) on Springer

Breaking Story: ACLU sues Tenet and others for Torture

Stewart weighs in on Pentagon's propaganda campaign in Iraq

Springer's "Nixon speech" AUDIO from yesterday available here!

First it was scrub on cnn lying. now big time dick is on lying

Bird flu is the lead story on mainstream "headline" radio news.

LOL check out this ABCNews headline about teens and oral sex...

Common Sense time

To HELL with saying "We can't win the war in Iraq"


public school girl dramatically increases reading level first semester

Neil Bush Meets the Messiah (an underwater highway to Russia)

Ah, yes...

Brass in Pocket, Blood on the Tracks

Wingers pretend to believe in "victory" in Iraq w/o having to define it

OK, I'm asking it: Is there a war on Christmas?

Prisoners Transfer Done in a Rush to Help Rice Save Face (ABC)

Cheney Lying About Forged Letter on MSRNC...

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Pitaki running for president?

Did Dean really say we are going to lose in Iraq?

O'Reilly Chickened Out of Debate With Clooney

Would you be shocked if arms lobbyists pimped for Congressmen?

Insurgents dismiss Iraq polls, brace for battle

German Man Claims U.S. Tortured Him

Park service being skinned from the inside out

Parliamentary Procedure: Abstentions

Critical thinking - See what a bullshit "news story" looks like

FORD negotiates end to gay support with American "Family" Association

DU this poll !

Tom Delay just might not run for re-election in 2006.

Researchers to trap mysterious cat-fox animal

Just how stupid is Karen Hughes, anyway?

Iraq's version of Hatfields and McCoys - U.S. soldiers try to broker peace

Jane Hamsher: A Few Questions For Viveca Novak

Judge Sam Alito: 'Protector of Christmas' t. v. spot---I kid you not

On the Firse Day of X-Mas my Fundie President gave to me..

Hurricane Epsilon -- brought to you by Exxon-Mobil

Anyone have good Christmas exchange ideas?

RE the Penn & Teller/PETA Video...

Let's start calling Michael Reagan his REAL name

Any DUers have high Triglyceride Levels? I just came back from the Doctor

Arianna Huffington: Woodward woes

Bush's future legacy of lies, corruption, graft and poor public speaking

NATIONAL CALL-IN DAY, Tues Dec 6: Tell Congress to END the WAR

A question for DUers who were around during the civil rights movement

Books for Liberals

Heads up CSPAN junkies - House returns at 2pm EST

Should gay people be allowed to get married and adopt children?

Why Does Dick Tell the SAME LIES Over & Over & Over Again? --->>>

China is aiming for energy INDEPENDENCE within the next 20 years...

Oliphant gets down and dirty in column today about Duke Cunningham

with all this fuss about what Dean said conviences me that

NPR talking now about how Texas murdered (executed) a Rubin Cantu

"Saddam - Bush commemorative F-16 Fighting Falcon cigarette lighter"

574-Pound Man Argues He's Too Overweight For Jail

Letter to Hackett's campaign manager

I Declare War on Pat Robertson

From which gas station do you purchace gas?

Freeper demands examples of Bush's blue dresses, please post your favorite

Pat Robertson declares war on Kwanzaa

Bummer, dude! Impending surfboard shortage. Really.

Does it really matter what the words are?

how do I "kick" a post? nt

John Lennon: The Wenner Tapes . . .

Stepdad seeks life support for 11-year-old he allegedly beat into a coma

Has there ever been a time when politics was so ugly?

NBC anchor Williams: Bush administration has "right" to buy media coverage

Can someone help me get this Bill O'Reilly off my shoe?

FL Gov Jeb Bush vigorously defends his $14 billion tax cuts since 1999

Crackdown on Panhandling: Council Backs Restrictions

OK, I’ve decided that I’m a conservative:

Dumb and Dumber ---pix->>>

Castro targets Jeb Bush with 'fat little brother' poke

When we get back and power, here's what we will do with Rush

Dammit! Missed Scotty again! Anyone catch the WH briefing?

Something's Wrong With This Picture ---pix->>>

Peace activist or terrorist?

A New And Fitting Name For The Shrub

Burning the flag bothers me

Inhuman vermin jubilant about Tehran plane crash that killed 111

Bush slams Howard Dean's comments on Iraq

Stores you should shop at this HOLIDAY season

Paralyzed Iraq War Vet Tomas Young Speaks Out Against the War

Caption *

Next dirty look I get from some Christian fundie over Christmas gets

Dean's Iraq remarks will be the mainstream in a couple of months

I finally added google ads to my website - so glad I did. Found a gem!

On C-span2 now - House Select Committee on Katrina response.

Chinese Doctors Tell Patients To Pay Upfront, or No Treatment

FL Gov. Jeb Bush pushing Medicaid overhaul (for $$$ HMO benefit)

Why isn't the USA promoting a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Iraq?

The Next Iraq Offensive: By WESLEY K. CLARK (NYT)

NYT EDITORIAL: Fixing the Game

Two-Plus-Two Equals Four

LIEberman says we dems should lay off the president & support his war

Report: Cheney/DeLay protest. HUGE success!

US offering $1,020,000,000 in grant for Iraq Cities Stabilization Plan


If you didn't support Wes Clark in 04, would you in 08?

All this hoopla over a co-opted Pagan custom is just moronic.

Zombies Attack George Bush (My pleasure to post)

Why we loved Clinton and we can't stand Bush

This is so overwhelming

Most of what goes into the American salad bowl was picked by illegal immig

(VIDEO) President Jimmy Carter on the Daily Show

more wonderful conservative views from Hillary

Is This Enigmatic Message From My Airman Relative Unusual?

Novel Approach, Limited Supreme Court Justices' Years in Office.....

Hydrogen Peroxide, Cancer Cure? - On TVNL Radio Today

Go Steve Young District #48 California! NO MORE OCCUPATION!

Cheney speaking to the troops on cable right now

Things no longer made in America

Every neocon nutbag in Sarasota is tying up traffic for Zig Ziglar

Int Hearld Tribune: No exceptions to the ban on torture

DU this CNN Howard Dean Poll

Prediction: American civil war within ten years.

12/6 *** DEBATE *** Death Penalty & Stan Tookie Williams - For or Against?

an :Internet Memo" from AAR

There's this country we all need to help

Proof: Bill O'Reilly hates Christmas!

Putting and end to torture - Major speech by Reps. Conyers, Meehan & Moran


If we must put "Christ" back in Christmas

Regarding Gov. Dean's comment .......

Can the English language survive "The Madness of King George"?

So... I got laid off today....

Michael Reagan says Dean should be arrested and hung for treason.

springer is an idiot

US prepares for worst-case scenario with bird flu

LAT op/ed: "Giving Up On New Orleans" - WH is killing plan to protect NO

Brrrrr. Any other home-workers freezing this year?

Privatization: The Radical Republican Plan to Steal Our Democracy

Can a veteran familiar with online AFN radio listings,

Diebold insider breaks silence on politics role in electronic voting

I got an email from Ben Marble, M.D

Youth suspended for speaking Spanish

Election Reform: It's Now or Never


"Oh, crap, it's cold. I don't want to go anywhere. Do we have food?"

OMG! I have eaten a 1.5 pound box of Peanut brittle since Friday

Chili con carne

What's on your kitchen countertop?

So, DH & I wondered into my favorite

Rosemary-Cheese Spritz Cookies

Canada will investigate allegations of secret CIA flights

Bah Humbug! Tree Decorated by Okla. Students Removed

WP: FBI Bungled Florida Terrorism Investigation, Justice Department Finds

Navy to Expand Fleet With New Enemies in Mind

House ethics panels slammed

Letters Show FEMA Knew Response 'Broken'

Police say 20 bodies found in western Iraq

The Cancer-Antiperspirant 'Myth' (breast cancer, aluminum, & shaving)

Poll shows divide on question of torture (The World Opposes Bush)

German women offered man-free banking

Sources Tell ABC News Top Al Qaeda Figures Held in Secret CIA Prisons

Weicker: Anti-War Candidate? (may challenge Lieberman)

An innocent man's five months in CIA 'salt pit'

I'm ready to do it again, says face surgeon

Poll: DeLay faces political woes at home

LAT: Plame Is Set to Leave the CIA

Iraq PM says wants coalition forces to stay

Greens label Parkin report a whitewash

Consensus close on new round of negotiations to extend Kyoto agreement

Nobel laureates urge recognition of workers' rights

Poll: Most voters want U.S. out of Iraq (60% want out, 54% war was wrong)


WP: For Liberal Parties, a Win of Sorts in Moscow

Christian group pulls Wells Fargo accounts

Delay is going to trial

Iraq Video Claims to Show Captive American ('security consultant')

Nowhere to run for Pirro? (preparing to drop out of NY Senate race)

E. European support waning in Iraq

Iranian Military Plane hits building in Tehran

Madrid blasts after Eta warning

Al-Hariri probe chief to step down

Ads Portray Alito as Protector of Christmas

WP: Bush Adviser Is Against Auto Bailout

Howard accused of Senate bullying(Australia)

US security adviser captured in Iraq

US may make mistakes in "war on terror": Rice

Activist to American Family Association: 'PULL VIDEO'

Cheney to Greet Troops Returning From Iraq (gag alert)

Clash over military recruiters on US college campuses

Miss. Republican challenges White House hurricane relief plan (Cochran)

Alito's policy on recusals is questioned

Professor beaten; attackers cite his creationism mythology class as reason

Bush says no ransom, but will try to free Americans held in Iraq

House Members Urged to Oppose Corrupt Soft Money in Federal Elections

Iraq Shiite leader wants small parties out

New charges against Gen Pinochet

German man files torture case against CIA

Government unsatisfied with electoral results (Venezuela)

Documents show FEMA's breakdown - Agency expected riots in Mississippi

LAT: Lockyer (CA AG) Asks (USSC) Justices to Rein In 9th Circuit Court

Toxin levels higher than normal in 11 Coast areas

Leaning on Tom (Golisano to run for NY Senate instead of Gov)

Former Scout Exec Sentenced in Porn Case

Gold At 23 Year High

Toxin levels higher than normal in 11 Coast areas

Iraqi court sentences Saddam nephew to 15 years

NYT: WH Tries to Trim Military Cost (awareness that nation cannot afford)

American (contractor) taken hostage, Iraq militants claim

LAT: State (California) Looks to Lead Pollution Fight

Ford ad decision angers gay groups

BBC: Rendition: Tales of torture

Republican wants to change Census count (exclude ALL non-citizens)

Castro urges 'fat' Gov. Bush to get fit

(Reuters) Chinese girl is latest human bird flu victim

Bloomberg: DeLay Court Ruling Makes Leadership Vote More Likely (Update1)

Lieberman Calls For Formation Of 'War Cabinet' (more Chimp kissing)

GOP Blasts Howard Dean For Comparing Iraq To Vietnam

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 6 December

Romania, Poland Scrutinized Over Prisons

WP,pg1: CIA Ruse Is Said to Have Damaged Milan Probe (Italy Misled by CIA)

Focus on the Family takes shot at Salazar

'Girlcott' organizers meet with Abercrombie & Fitch execs over T-shirts

Don't dwell on Iraq deaths, says Rumsfeld

Justices hear campus recruiting case

White House slams Howard Dean's comments on Iraq

Supreme Ct. Hears Case of Recruiters on Campuses (Solomon update)

Four Kurds killed in attack

Republican wants to change Census count

U.S. to take over bases in Romania

Suit Decries New Secrecy in Government

Benefactor's group to fight effort to ban gay marriage

Allawi office attacked in Iraq

Marine Jet Crashes Off Coast of Florida

Bush: Prisoners aren't sent to nations that torture

Saddam threatens to boycott court hearings ("Go to hell" to judge)

WP: Ameriquest Dispute (fraud charges) Holds Up Founder's Ambassadorship

Cheney insists ‘steady progress‘ happening in Iraq

Thieves target Medicare plan. New drug plan invites scams, officials say.

Judge rules Micmac tribe not subject to state employment laws

Iran Plans to Build Two More Reactors

Poll: Bush immigration stance unpopular (65 percent disapprove)

CBS News/AP: Records Show Burns' Abramoff Meetings

German man files torture case against CIA

Rice says US does not condone torture, wins German support

Electric Boat to eliminate up to 2,400 jobs

Postal Service Climbs Out of Debt (rate hike still coming in Jan 2006)

Iran military plane carrying 90 crashes in Tehran

AP: Baghdad Police Academy Attacked; 43 Dead

Female Suicide Bombers Kill 27 in Iraq

Military revises account of how 10 Marines died (at Promotion Ceremony)

Bush: 'Best days are yet to come'

David Cameron chosen as new Tory leader

Under Pressure, Ford Will Cut Its Ads in Gay Publications (HatefulBIGOTS!)

ACLU sues over faith-based rehab

Toxin levels higher than normal in 11 Coast areas

Rice’s European troubleshooting fails threefold

Lieberman Calls For Formation Of 'War Cabinet' (Bipartisan Group)

Supreme Court says Kansas can tax fuel on Indian reservations

Thousands Flee Volcano Threat in Vanuatu

Ex-Professor Acquitted on Several Charges

Warmth for poor (New York City) consumers (Courtesy Hugo Chavez)

Bodies of 2 (Actually 3) more Katrina victims found

KU Prof Beaten for Remarks on Intelligent Design

Sen. Clinton co-sponsors anti-flag burning law

More Than 50 Black Bears Killed in N.J.

Feinstein may encounter Green challenge in'06

Carter on Daily show.

Oh my dear, KitchenWitch!

My dear lounge Lizards...


Did anyone else hear Jerry Springer play the "Bengals Growl" today?

A good post in GD.

Popcorn smilie....

Dolly Parton rocks, err...

Bad News: MNF is a lopsided game tonight Good News: IT'S SNOWING!!

Kentucky Jelly

do you know any millionaires?

I love spaghetti! With a nice sauce on it. Freshly grated cheese.

Well, might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, so

Where would one find recent statistical data on how many people are

Just saw Walk The Line. Talk about living up to the DU hype and then some.

Narnia led me astray! (warning:sad)

Sometimes I wonder why I click on certain threads

An inflatable manger scene

"Locomotive Breath" I hate to re-post this but read these lyrics .........

For you loungers that do not normally venture into GD

Places that do not have "Sample Day" that should

Is anyone else plagued by outsourced (to India)

In the next world war

I have this in my head now. Aqualung. I guess there's worse.

As much as it pains me, my friends and enemies

Both my cats were simply out cold on the bed.

You know what drove me nuts about Archie comics?

Laughing my ass off

Artists you like that confuse sombunall other people

Is this where DU insomniacs come, or is there a separate forum for that?

I tipped over a half-frozen bucket of water in the backyard today.

Hot Damn! Battlestar Galactica is available on iTunes!!

Some Airport "PA" Humor

Seniors Seeking Medicare Info Get Phone Sex Line

Mall Raises Black Curtain Between Santa Clause & Victoria's Secret Store


Makes ya proud to be an American.....

The Idiot's Guide to Redundancy for Stupid Dummies....

Boy Oh Boy!..Monday night Football was sure exciting last night!

Feel Better RevCheesehead. :)

DU Moms and Dads!!! I confess! I love the magazine Family Fun.

Reducing calories question - (disability related.)

OMG - I sound like Bill Cosby!!

Nissan Offering Cars With Self-Repairing Paint (Repairs Scratches Itself)

Jethro's Cyphering now on tv

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/6/05)

Does your cat have a theme song?

Controversy Over...Motown's Stevie Wonder joins Super Bowl lineup

Man Argues That He Is Too Overweight For Jail

I'm sick, I'm tired, and there's too much stress in my life for one person

I am the best friend ever. or not.

It took me almost 2 and half years to make 200 posts.

TONIGHT 10pm EST - Victoria's Secret TELEVISION SHOW!! (CBS)

Jennifer Anniston Suing Paparazzo For Topless Photos

Am I a bad person? (there's a point - not a ploy for attention)

Okay, so who knows how to give a good hunger strike?

Is it just me or does President Carter seem like a genuine warm person?

EXPOSED.... what Dumbya does on weekends!

Do you not have a cat?

Hollywood Henderson

Do not open the link inside here.

You all have me on ignore, but I got to 2600 posts anyway!

The Tyrone Green Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/6/05)

The reason I like this time of year...

Delightful evening

You can say what you want

What's the weirdest job you've ever done?

After all these years, Farah Fawcett is still hot

No no no no no NO

What types of clothing do your pets wear......

Fiber One cereal looks like rabbit food!

Progressive Stocking Stuffer Thread

Weird ritual of the burning goat

Little Johnny's Letter to Santa...(pic)

Geez, not only do my Eagles suck - but so does my fantasy football team

Music Trivia Question of the Day: John Lennon


"New animal" found in Borneo (pic) the Loch Ness Cat?

Good Tuesday Morning, Everybody!

What do you think about ouija boards?

For the few who REALLY think the Eagles were better off w/out McNabb

Music Trivia Question of the Day: John Lennon PART 2

My apologies....

"Thongs of Praise": Kitschmas gifts for the faithful from Ship of Fools

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen: "On special occasions, for special people"

Why I don't mind celebrating Christmas

Caption the axis of "Sweeping dirt under the carpet"

What do you put in your eggnog?

Erotic moments from Bible...

Have you ever received or given a new car for Christmas?

does anyone else like to wear happy socks?

no editing or correcting of posts is the new smilie of the day

Should pets wear clothing?

I awaken to yet another day of "Dark Shadows" hovering over our

Damn snow. Made me re-injure my back!

Remembering Favorite Teachers. Post Here To Show Some Love For Teachers!

BANDS THAT SHOULD TOUR TOGETHER (i.e., Boston & Chicago...)

I don't know if this is true, but it is funny.

Kegel Exercises from Ann Coulter

For those with Caller ID....

Freeper sighted on investment messageboard

A cartoon for everyone

Any Mary Black fans at DU

OMG! First the producer of Halloween dies, now the producer of Saw! - 80's Hair Band Tournament - Motley Crue vs Cindarella FINALS!

So yeah, the other night I was actually caught off guard and speechless..

Police: Woman Hired Hit Man To Steal Cheese Mistaken For Cocaine

Who will win?

i am so damned tired...

what is the weirdest dream you've ever had

Hey, I just found ten bucks in my pocket ...

It's gotta be Cheney !

are you accident prone

This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse...Doggie Cell Phones

Spheno Palatine Gangleoneuralgia

San Antonio - What's to do, here?

need a respite?

I had my first Coke Zero..............

Taxi Driver Bites Off Man's Finger In Cab Brawl

a riddle

Cold Enough for You?

LaraMN lost her money and BattyDem found ten bucks in her pocket..

Holy Crap! An octoupus eating a fucking shark!

I have a dilemma

What are your favorite kinds of threads?

As soon as you're born they make you feel small...

So, who likes

Today's challenge: No editiing or correcting your posts...

Pepsi sucks. BLEAGH! Does anything go flatter faster than Diet Pepsi?

it's afternoon: how many posts did YOU edit today?

Men of the lounge, in this Xmas season, I want to share one thing with you

hey lounge lizards, you are hurting our troops

Bird eating Feet? Or, why I need better drugs.

Hey, look at this!

A short story of a little boy and a flying bird....

Any Frank Zappa and the Mothers fans here?

Is this a training film? ~ Mr. & Mrs. Smith ~

You're a classic, Charlie Brown

Neighborhood Put On High Alert Over Man's Antique Cannonball

Did you hear about the lady who was madly in love with her priest? (joke)

matcom has scooter envy!!!

real player update & AAR

Who needs Rudolph or Frosty .......?

I just gave myself a B-12 shot!

I just quit a job...well, handed in a two week notice.

Just for matcom

does anyone want to play verbal tennis?

SUDOKU -- what is it, who does it?

self delete nt

Go grannies, go grannies, go grannies, GO!

Mike Malloy fans, help!!!!

Have you been good?

Anyone here know how easy it is to open a European Bank account?

What would it do to Bushco if we started keeping money in Euro banks?

Attention, Lounge Lizards! Allow me to introduce SarahinMexico!

So, I'm turning 40 this weekend -- any suggestions for celebrating?

Posted speed limits. Maximum allowed or minimum required?

Which one?

the best thing about this cold weather is -fill in the blank-

Is this what we all fear crawling up the pipes and into the toilet?

Is it wrong for me to throw things at cars that nearly hit me?

How tall are you?

do karen carpenter christmas songs fill you with festive holiday cheer?

Paper Cuts NOW! Hand Jobs NOW!! IMPALEMENT NOW!!! n/t

How much did you weigh when you were born again?

Am I a bad citizen if I do not check for duplicates?

Florida Cities Sued Over Nativity Scene Ban

Am I a bad citizen if I do not check for duplicates?

Study Concludes Beethoven Died From Lead Poisoning

Bill O'Reilly's favorite movies

That zany Hitler!

What song makes you sentimental and why?

Am I the only one who hopes Scott Stapps new album fails miserably

Does anyone know of a up to date search engine to find

Rachael Ray is going to overtake Martha Stewart soon !

"Convenience checks"

Help! I need to be reminded that I can't afford an iPod

What does everyone think of Dane Cook?

Okay, I've finally managed to get in a minor flamewar with myself

what is the stupidest thing you have done to impress someone you liked?

My e-mail from John Murtha!

Study Concludes Wild Bill Hickok Died From Lead Poisoning

"Where You At?"

Putting Firefox, Greasemonkey and the new 'smilies' to use

Oh, hell. I'm in the 700 club.

It's Just Plain Wrong

Ice Ice baby!

I am so @#$#% tired of acting like an adult!

Rebates - scam or savings?

-35 degrees in my forecast tonight

Pink Floyd. Tell me your greatest or best moment with Pink Floyd.

Today is my niece's 18th birthday.

Mug shots of gals from Lost that were arrested for DUI?

Strange credit card offer in today's mail

Support Nun Control.

What is the most fun gun to shoot?

A gratuitous photo of my Christmas Cactus in bloom.


So the cat moved right in and we didn't notice...

Panties, Panties, Panties!!!!

The ringtones commercial "Just a Good Ole Boy"............

OK - tell me if you think this is weird...... (mouse story)......

I can completely see why Vicodin is addictive....

Karla Holmolka is free

Rest in Peace, Ben. (Dial-up Warning)

This isn't your average everyday darkness

Breaking Supereme Court rules against Nativity scene in Washington DC

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares

Which of your deceased pets do you miss the most?

I know this is wrong and irrelevent, but...

What do the three new smilies mean? nt.

Trading bibles for porn

So, if you heard some bad gossip about * past would you tell?

The Semi-Annual M.A.T.C.O.M. Claasic Re-Post

In my driveway is a shiny, new Infiniti G35!

what is the strangest nick name you ever had

MissHoneychurch in the Big Apple New Year 2001

I am FREAKING out, right now.

How much did you weigh when you were born?

If you had a mouse in your house, what would you do?

Desperate Housewive's gay non-kiss has some peeps upset!

Utility Thread 2: Christmas

I HATE dinner time

This is to promote abstinence only!! Discuss.

Is Rev Acts in the house yet?

DU Walking Wounded list - list your current ailment here.

Latest Comic Episode in Chappelle Saga

It's all about the tits.

Post a Picture of your KID or PET...

Does anyone else have their own names for stores?

How many telephones do you own? We counted, and it's astounding.

First Obscure Movies, Now Favorite Obscure TV Shows!





Have any of the religious nuts tried to claim (yet) that the Christians

How important to you is the Utah crosses lawsuit?

Do you believe that Mary was a virgin?

Does this explain the "Christians are persecuted" phenomenon?


Christianity is like being a Lady

Does Intelligent Design abandon Faith?

"Baby Got Book" (Christian humor music video) very funny

If the Religious Right is fighting "the good fight" in the War on

Implant Maker Fixed Samples Only

Help From Above

The Cancer-Antiperspirant 'Myth' (breast cancer, aluminum, & shaving)

'New mammal' seen in Borneo woods

Poison gas 'caused' great dying

More news from Titan: "Titan's 'rivers' might flow as Earth's do"

A Bad Marriage Can Make You Sick

Black Hole Makes Plumes that Span Intergalactic Space

FOR GROUP DISCUSSION: Moratorium on creationist jokes

Israeli Gays Fight Supreme Court Appointment

FORD response: Does anyone have a high level contact at HRC?

Activist to American Family Association: 'PULL VIDEO'

Lawyers Get Grilling By Justices In Gay Issues Case

Methodist clergy blast gay exclusion

Md. Marriage Ruling Could Impact 06 Election

Tim Gill forms group to fight gay marriage bans

Lawsuits Escalate Against Universities With Gay Rights Regulations

Tickets now on sale- Winter Party Festival on March 1-6 in Miami

Make Gay Man Testify At Partner's Trial Prosecutors Tell Judge

Author Demands AFA Pull Fraudulent Video that Promotes HIV

They call me "slippers" at work...

Nomar to the Yankees? that we're past week 13...

My Boston Bruin's superfan brother liked the Joe Thornton trade.

Grady Little to be named LA Dodgers head coach

Who won the Bronco Nagurski Award today?

Cats and colds - bad colds

Update on the Peace Activist hostages in Iraq

How do I invite change?

How do you know that a particular thought is psychic?

Request for links on Tarot

I have a Pluto trine Venus transit approaching.

Oliphant: The King of Congressional Corruption (Kerry mention)

Kerry hires former Celtics coach as state office director

McCain: Most Dangerous Man in America

Positions of the Dems in Iraq - Help because this is giving me a headache.

??Hillary sent me a bumper sticker??

Is it possible to win the war in Iraq?

If David Wade says something in a professional capacity

Families of the Fallen

when did Kerry first call for Rumsfield's resignation?

I'm starting to think that going on the Ed Schultz Show

Kerry's spokeman David Wade on the attack

John Kerry to Address Council on Foreign Relations on Thursday

U.S. Sen. John Kerry and others To Speak At National Meeting In PA

Map your Kerry love! Show K0S up too....

Does this 'Photographer' smilie drive anyone else nuts?


My first Katrina photos are posted in GD.

Guess where Rita Skeeter is, you'll never guess.

I can't believe it!

Botany just told Stephanie she was easy

OT but INF is back from helping on the Gulf coast

Countdown Newsletter -- 12/06/05: Cheney Speak

Anyone around for the Monday rerun?

Here's more on the CunningScam from Cannonfire (which is now up)...

Urgent: Ford Motor Co. slams the "gay agenda"; pulls ads. Bigots.

Former President Jimmy Carter on The Daily Show Tonight!!!

Al Franken needs to learn more about PNAC

Working From the Top Down

CBS News trying to raise our Iraq war morale...

Wes Clark will be on FAUX 8:10 AM Central Times & Diane Rehm

99 recommendations! Anyone want to give us the 100th?

Taleban profiting from Afghani poppy production

9/11 Commish sez we're not safer. BUT ..........

Recent Gallup Poll for TX-22: Delay 36%, Unnamed Democrat 49%

Is it really VICTORY if we leave Iraq in the hands of Chalabi or Sadr?

Name the Cunningham-ADCS-Wilkes Corp.-Group W scandal

No Surprise That Administration Got Failing Grades on Homeland Security

Dobson's "Focus on the Money" foundation supports Ford & dumps

Cheney's at Fort Drum today.

If I were a Republican, here's what I'd do about 2008... (Hillary)

DNC: Bush on the Economy: Long on Rhetoric, Short on Results

DNC:Veteran and Ohio State Representative Protests Rejection of Billboard

Clark on Faux NOW....disagreeing with Rummy

Concern about a Lieberman-Weicker race:

DNC: Bush's Failed Leadership Undermines War Effort

I predict Howard Dean will qualify his remarks

A Must See Extra-Dition 'Toon Starring C*ndi

Daily Kos: CA-48: NRCC spending with abandon on MSNBC now -nt

WOW. Britain now has its very own Ted Rall!!!!>>>>>>>>>>

LAT: Race for Cox Seat Heats Up Airwaves

Daily Pilot (CA): Race to the House draws to a close

Pass the buck:Rumsfeld Cites Contractor in Planting Reports in Iraqi Media

Letter to my local paper on Condi:

Murtha on NBC Today Show

NYT: Weicker may run against Lieberman

Condi's S**T HAPPENS attitude toward Iraq...Presidential or Pathetic?

"Military action that defies international law is sometimes justified."

The Party of Lies and Deceptions....

Does anyone else think it's odd that the CunningScam is set up just like..

"Dialing for Dollars" /Minnesota Phone Bank used by DNC as Cost Effective.

Cong Blumenauer (Oregon) website - Plan for Iraq

86 Americans died in Iraq in November

Addressing The Legion

Bring Home the Troops: I am not too sure about this

President and VP are afraid of the American people. Won't speak

Please DU stupid Rummy the dummy Poll

Would JFK Have Been Bashed Here As A DNC DINO?

Military back drop speeches - what really happens...Cheney's speech...

Angry, maniacal dictator lashes out at court system,

What's your favorite piece of evidence that * lied

Star Spangled Banner should never be played again IF....

Will You Publish the Memo?

Analysis Shows Frist's Votes Favored HCA Interests

Jack Burkman says "They" have to train Chimpy to be a better speaker.

haunting testimony on C-Span2

The Bush Administration Is Revolutionizing the World of Law:

Having fun "debate" on a RW to join in?

Treasury Seeking Comments on Revised Anti-Terrorist Financing Guidelines

ThinkFast: Ethics Reformers Unveil Major House Legislation

The Treasonous Howard Dean

got my LTTE published today!

Why Big Business will turn against Bush, Dems need to take advantage

Navy to Expand Fleet With New Enemies in Mind

Fred Barnes: Bush is Unpopular Because He Has So Much Integrity

What would the penalty be? A Fine, Federal penitentiary or Firing squad,

Regarding Joe Lieberman staying... Weiker says he may run(DU this Poll)

Some good info on CunningScam from a fellow DUer...

The Hill: A fellow torture victim splits with Sen. McCain

Idiot's Attacking Dems AGAIN Re: War! Dems Attack Dean AGAIN!

Note To Bush: Scalito's dad was born in NJ. He WASN'T "an immigrant."

Revolution in congress: Rep. Smith 'most troops want to come home'

Chimp Polls: Quinnipiac 40% Approve, Time: 41% Approve- lowest for both

A list of everyone that voted for devoping Florida wilderness. PLEASE!!!

How can you win a occupation?

2006: Run ads against RW pundits/henchmen

Texas Gubernatorial Race...

Your Progressive Opposition in Action (Chris Floyd on Hillary)


Lawful becomes Awful if you

So...if the majority of americans oppose this war, and disapprove

Jimmy Carter is a National Treasure

Tonight on Countdown: Cheney Speak

Confused as Hell, Please Help. Why did we go to war?

Bush quote on Iraq in 2004: "I DON'T THINK YOU CAN WIN IT"

CNN is using "the Swift Boat" method to give the Narnia series free ads.

Can we pre-emptively threaten suit against RNC if they use

The GOP doesn't even call it Christmas

Had another LTTE printed in my local paper.

Will Governor Hopeful Kinky Friedman help GOP in Texas?

2006: Don't forget about Gubernatorial races!

In this spirit of the season, be nice to Republicans...

Rep. John Hostettler (R-IN) said on NPR "we're $800billion in the Red!!!

hannity figured out my game and hung up before I could get on the air

Illegal Immigrants - costing Jobs for Democrats?

What movie is Randi talking about?

Lieberman should be slapped down HARD for his idiocy

CIA allegedly spread disinformation, damaged major Italian investigation

Go Steve Young District 48 California! NO MORE OCCUPATION!

Ed Schultz -AND- Al Franken added to Armed Forces Radio (as of today!)

"What was in the minds of the president and his political advisers?"

Kerry Spokesman David Wade:

Are most Americans conservative?

Dean's latest statement on the war will have to be defended

Lieberman Calls For Formation Of 'War Cabinet'

I need suggestions for bumper stickers

Audio and transcript of Dean on Stephanie Miller today.

how do we get unity??

Will we ever see this Gabler guy on Fox News again?

Keep quiet about secret flights to secret jails, Rice tells Europe

Can People Please Shut Up About Hillary?

Where are all of the Christians?

An Open Letter to Europe on Condoleeza's Propaganda and Bullying Tour

DEBATE: Save the people that will be killed by the people that tookie....

write Coulter at and wish her a happy 44th birthday

Two Retired Generals Call for Prompt Withdrawal from Iraq: Support Murtha

Weicker v. Lieberman

Senator Hillary Clinton is a DEMOCRATIC Senator, she's a DEMOCRAT

John Kerry to Address Council on Foreign Relations on Thursday

What was so wrong with what Howard Dean said??

What have you done to piss off a Republican today?

The Elephant in the Room: The BushBoy Ain't Right

The more I read posts debating nomination, the more I think GORE

Were Abramoff, Wilkes and Cunningham running a brothel for lobbyists?

More McCain Attacks: Murtha ‘Sentimental,’ ‘Never Been a Big Thinker’

NYTimes Op/Ed - Wes Clark challenges us to "change the course"