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Archives: June 1, 2005

Anyone familiar with the work of Jen Sorensen?

Why Amnesty demands higher standard from U.S.

Charter flight front for CIA air service

De Villepin the Wiretapper: Chirac Names New Prime Minister Following Defe

Dear Leader's Daily Thought, May 31 2005

The Secret Way to War

This nation needs another Deep Throat

Stripping Rumsfeld and Bush of Impunity (ACLU-FOIA 1st News!)

Greenpeace protests coal-fired power plants (Manila)

Re-vote in Gaza localities postponed

The Palestinian handicap

Intriguing New Entry

What do you know about "Project Vote?"

Elder Bush would like son Jeb to run for president

Using HAVA to our advantage -- what we're attempting in the Orange State

States w/evote machines: Paper Ballots not Vapor Ballots - Vote Absentee!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 6/1/05

Campaign for California's Future.

Can we recall Grassley?????

corruption in Twins stadium vote

rethug town hall meetings June 2 - open to the public

Pawlenty and Sviggum sowing seeds of dysfunction

Are you having CPU cooling problems?

Sirotablog-"A Leader named Sherrod Brown"

June 4 picnic meetup-I dropped the ball

Memorial event pics from Democratic Veterans Brigade

Road Block

DU Meet-Up This Sat .

Did anyone hear Wineke and Rammelt on WPR today?

Only 10 more days 'til State Convention

Anybody know anything about riding lawnmower engines?


Randi's testimony, for those who missed it.

Some more coverage of the Downing St. memo!

Who'll be the next X-President to go to "that big White House in the sky"?

Could there be another Abraham Lincoln Brigade today?

The first word in this song is 'dis-corp-o-rate"

The Importance of Speaking Truth to Power

Breaking from PAX Lie Detector: JimmyJeff has been cleared of all wrong..

A Boy Scout is TRUSTWORTHY . . . (Scouts LIED about black membership)

I thought you guys were making up the "disassemble" thing

Current covers of the newsweeklies: PATHETIC

Poppy wants Jeb to continue Bush pattern of destroying America.

Support for Same-Sex Marriage Up in Massachusetts

this Mark Felt guy - was he on anybodys list of possible 'deep throat'

WSJ: Seeking Insurance, Individuals Face Many Obstacles

C&L: Bush Press Conference Video

Get a load of this crapola from Limbaugh!

The Memo Is Bush's "Blue Dress"

Mr Anchor assure me, That Baghdad is burning, Your voice it is so soothing

DC Area DU'ers: Iraq Teach-in alongside the Take Back America Conference

Freeper's Secret Revealed: They Think Nixon Was A Hero

Is Bush against contraception? His press secretary evades an answer

Day 4 of New York Times coverup of ISP/Fascist privacy grab attempt

A Novel Way To Get Additional Traction On Downing Street Minutes

Hannity saying that Amnesty is a 'radical left-wing group"

Daddy bushy wants jebby in the white house...

Please-help us get DeLay fired-sign petition to be delivered

Message to Skinner: USE THE FORCE

A pic begging for a CAPTION

That`s one twisted "Culture of Life", George.

Minnesota is getting more presumptuous regarding people recruiting.

"What You Can Do"

Seriously: What is this Memo (or minutes) that...

More press conference quotes clearing matters right up. Right.

rethug hate mail: Every news groups make mistakes.

These things didn't need to happen

Talking Point against Jeb Bush in 2008: The Blue Tarp facts

Wow..the newest 4 LBN headlines are about different strikes looming

test... trying to post image

Want to know what bush REALLY believes in?

Air America Radio ads I HATE in New York area

Dan Froomkin (WaPo)-Submit Your ?s for Wed. Live Online Discussion

Conservative no more.


A sad but in a way sort of uplifting little story for you all

Did Air America just have a 'growth spurt'???

GOD? Should I pray for wealth before or after I pray for president bush?

Conyers Needs DU's HELP...Sign letter to *....He's a Fighter...OH, etc.

Bush has GOT to Go -- CHIMPEACH!

Gannon on PAX - They Ask 2 Questions

Oh please oh please oh please oh please...

NIN cancel MTV appearence over Bush poster.

Daily Show not a rerun.

just looked at sludge report, no mention of the minutes....

May 2004 and may 2005

Something I've noticed about Bush's SS "plans"

Now what the HELL is THIS look all about? (pic)

Lawmaker Wants Lower Soldier Drinking Age/What say you, DU?

If we keep stirring the Bush regime hornet's nest... (secret fear)

Jelly Donut.

PAX t.v. "Lie Detector" Wingnut Double Whammies KERRY & Annoints GUCKERT

Bush Hints He Will Withhold Further Data About Bolton

Jackie Kennedy, May 19, 1994....that long already?? Her memories of ....

U.S. living beyond means, Dodge warns (Bank of Canada Gov.)

GAO: Rules Worsen Private Pension Problem

sorry... dup

Top 3 reasons we will not have a Deep Throat in this administration:

'Tank girl' army accused of torture

Does anyone have any "inside" corporate media contacts ?

Condom ads going primetime

Trauma Common Feature of American Indian Life

Major Losses of Up to $250 B Projected for Earthquakes on Puente Hill

Blog about Free Speech

Since they are lurking tonight, here's one for the Freepers... Enjoy!

Deer Island Indian concentration camp victims remembered

Did Bush dissemble when he gave the definition of 'disassemble'?

Democrats should come out publically against CAFTA ....

Hillary and Laura set to take battle of dynasties back to White House why now? is Felt pissed at woodward being a bush

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Roll Call

No mention of the Downing Street Minutes or Galloway on The Daily Show

Michael Moore: "..we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons."

Freeper's get the message:

WSJ: Having Insurance Doesn't Guarantee Coverage

Felt must have had a "liaison" contact inside the WH to get certain info.

The 10 most "harmful" books of the 19th and 20th century.

Its so sad...I cant believe a Republican talking point is that Clinton..

States say $5.15 an hour too little

Wounded gay soldier DISCHARGED from Army: Country doesn't want you

DYNASTY: Poppy wants Jeb to be President

You guys keep ignoring an important new poster

Is the U.S. mission in Iraq worth the toll in troop deaths? Poll

Just how ignorant is our press?

Bush @ news conference: " I don't worry about anything here in Washington"

Who says stopping the Iraq war can't be fun?

Answer the &$%#* Question!

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday June 1

This man is my Hero!!!!!

Is there anyone left who DOESN'T think * is a complete moron?

Fox News Admits Bias!

Is the U.S. mission in Iraq worth the toll in troop deaths? msnbc poll

Wow...Matthews is nastier than usual tonight!

Something I would have died for...

BREVITY CHALLENGE! You have one word to describe Freepers. It's _______.

Ladies and Gentleman....Faux News goes "fair and balanced" on Downing St.!

The Sun...Is it getting hotter?

got milk?

What Books Do You Think Are Among The MOST Helpful Books...

It's The Downing Street MINUTES... And Not Memo. Repeat, NOT MEMO!

The Daily Show all but reported Bush-Saudis behind 911


This is a test of the left-wing blogosphere!

You need to read this. Found it on a Liberal Christian site!

DU Hate mailbag

W. Mark Felt , shown in Assoc of Former Intell Officers list

Urgent : Let's Do "Each One Reach + One More" For Conyers

WOW. Just wow. I couldn't have said this better myself:

W. Mark Felt should be honored as an American hero

Conyers MINUTES letter- for naysayers and those afraid to sign

Deep Throat tinfoil hat theory

Memos vs Minutes

On July 1, 2006, Dick Cheney will resign the Vice Presidency.

One man's letter to his * supporting friends

MissionNotAccomplished issues a "Desperate Neoconster" Alert.

What republican celebrity do you find attractive?

A good thought........(this is vitaly importaint !)


Hit Or Miss?

Did anyone else watch "Hell's Kitchen?"

Economics trumped human rights, Manley says

More than 59,000 view Conyers' letter on Downing Street memo over weekend

Brazil Farmers Block Roads to Demand Aid

Iran Makes Ballistic Missile Breakthrough.....Daily Star

Economics trumped human rights in U.S. security deal, says Manley

Geldof urges a million to march in Edinburgh protest (G-8 / Live 8)

High court sides with inmates on religion

Hundreds of activists warn they will be watching new World Bank head Wolfo

Stripping Rumsfeld and Bush of Impunity (ACLU-FOIA 1st News!)

Over 300,000 workers prepare to strike in South Africa

Strike threat to BBC if no deal is agreed over job cuts

Health care union plans strike at three facilities (1000+ CT)

Coke Strike Update

Recruiting of Salvadoran mercenaries for Iraq denounced

Press freedom deteriorating world-wide, says WAN report

United Averts Strikes With Mechanics, Machinists

NYT: Unions Struggle as Communications Industry Shifts

NYT: In Vigilant Hillaryland, Advisers Stay Devoted

NYT/AP: Marburg Virus Outbreak Said Under Control

China edits CNN interview with New Zealand PM

Hillary and Laura set to take battle of dynasties back to White House

Yukos chief, associate, jailed for nine years

Tainted-blood scandal: Canadian Red Cross pleaded guilty

59,000 Web Page Hits For Downing Street, Deep Throat Revealed, other Dev.

WP: Border Patrol Cited for Inaction on Kickbacks

AG Madrid asks U.S. Senate to remove MTBE provision in energy bill

Rice Says U.S., Allies, Blocked Nuclear Material Headed to Iran

Wounded Gay Soldier Discharged From Army ( OK draft a College Repug to

U.S. Lawmakers Visit Venezuela

County To Study Locations For Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries

Judge: Ind. May See Minors' Medical Files(Planned Parenthood)

Bolivian Lawmakers Convene Under Guard

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (#1665)

Right Wing Losing Pull With Electorate

Europeans look for new direction from EU

Elder Bush would like son Jeb to run for president

8 US Troops Wounded In Attack Near Baghdad Airport -CNN

Funding for moon, Mars projects promised

Tobacco companies took aim at female smokers

U.S. Army officers cite lack of troops in key region (Iraq Syrian Border)

U.S. firms said to be named in withheld Bolton documents

WP,pg1: Bill Clinton Takes Spot On Global Stage

Downing Street Memo Mostly Ignored in U.S. (FOX News Reports!!!)

Stardate: I'm in love with Sandy Wood

Mark Felt doesn't look a thing like Linda Lovelace

My Songbird Just Pecked The Eyes Out Of Your Cat

Wow, Songbirds are fucking overrated!

Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?

the post has been found...return to your homes...repeat, the post

Bush said disassemble means to not tell the truth?

Anyone drink Squincher?

Has anyone ever had a thread disappear? Can't find my post of pics

Anybody know if there's a DU search feature?

Can anyone promise me

I took some allergy medicine, now I have a splitting headache

Your passion proves you're a terrestrial angel.

Puppy fishing

Do you like to grill?

"How do I know you’re on the level?"

Were you sent here by the devil?

Caption time....

Would you go on a space shuttle if GWB were also on it?

Are you looking at my bum?


Ack! Hubby has a slipped disc.

OMG The BUSH PEOPLE are on with LArry King

I Can't Focus On This Project I Have To Do!

I have nothing better to do than pull ticks off my dog and watch reruns.

I'm off to work!

How come we have romance novels, but no insurance novels?

What good movie should I rent ?

Kiss me hard and long (new Opus comic)


Hey, did you hear. Daily Show isn't a rerun.

Wasn't Skynet suppose to become self-aware by now?

My neighbor has a Bush Hates Freedom sign on his front lawn

Programming reminder: New Daily Show tonight

Mac OS X 10.4.2 update to patch dozens of Tiger glitches

Gimme yer favorite salad recipes!

So, how many miles to the gallon does a Hummer limo get?

Need help with finding a weather report

I will personally destroy C-Span

Gerald Posner is hitting it out of the park on the Daily Show

The real story the MSM is ignoring!

Would you vote for someone because they'd be fun to party with?

Holy cow, this is the funniest thing I have seen in years...

Please be advised that JimmyJazz is in great need of repair

What's the best way to open a locked bedroom door?

Post a picture of what is on your computer screen RIGHT NOW

How much time a day do yous spend on the DU?

I am a jelly donut.

Woo-Woo!! I have a new signature line.....Woo-Woo-Woo!!!

Post 3 things about yourself other DUers would NOT be surprised learn.

Well I get to take my new car in to get the hail dents out of it.

Listening to a live version of Deep Purple doing "Hey Joe"

Anyone read the new Hate Mailbag??

It's still light out

Tito Santana

Hey. Hey you! Yeah, YOU. Sit on this and spin.

Ok, I just graduated, need a DU LCSW to supervise me, near MO

DU chat

Don't look now, but.....

OK, 15 more posts til I reach 3000 and it only took me since 2002

Horses are the new kittys

The Bush Speech Drinking Game

What should I do?

Can it be?! Royals beat Yankees 5-3!

G'night, Ponyboy.

loo-weez-ee-ann-ah or louisiana?

I'm going on a trip - what should I not take to the airport?

Tell us about the best ? of your life

How fast do you drive to work?

Good Fellas is on and I can't stop myself from watching it......AGAIN.

A giant bucket of maggot-infested orange compote vs. Oasis

Did anyone know that Paris Hilton is engaged?? WOW!

I've just watched the most atrocious movie I've seen in some time.

New neighbors:could they be?

Has anyone ever heard of a free internet phone service.

Saw a trailer for "War of the Worlds". Unsuprisingly looks like total shit

Mom indicted for hiring stripper for son

My brother.

What is your favorite drink?

Eins, Dieu, Tres, Four... Time to start a CUTE WAR!!!!


Morrisey or Moby


Wish me luck - about to record my first podcast

Post your favorite muse

Ahem...testing...ATTENTION: yvr girl thinks she is leaving.

Absolutely magnificent (horse pic)

If you play Zoo Tycoon 2....

Farewell, Oscar Brown Jr. 1926-2005

Is it really as bad, in the U.S, as I read/see on DU?

I have given up pot. For a while, anyway.

Anybody in Greensboro NC want to take care of my Dog for some $$$?

Guess what?! IT'S JUNE OF 2005!

For those of you still interested in the story behind Will Pitt's thread:

Does anyone else here *not* disparage Steven Spielberg's oeuvre?

Baby Parrots!!!!!!

50 is larger than 48: Today's encounter with a Bushbot

mutter... must've posted these CUTE CATS at a lousy time... mutter

What is your favorite profane slang phrase?

What are your top funny movies?

Post three things about yourself other DUers would be surprised to learn.

Anybody else going through Kleeb withdrawl syndrome?

Songs with best "drop dead" lines in them?

How old are your computers?

Any good advice for being a kick ass supervisor?

My computer is sick! Why am I having hard core porn pop-ups?

Cramps are a BITCH!!

Mr. Scorpio - Please play some Smokey Robinson for me?

What are you here for? What's your purpose? Your special skill?

Missouri or Missourah?

High Court Sides With Inmates on Religion

School officials allow high school valedictorian to mention Jesus

Two million celebrate Pride in Brazil

Showing of Gay Tolerance Video in Hawaii High School Restricted

What should I do about homophobic teachers...?

Ha ! The Yankees just lost to the worst team in baseball

Boston 4-1 Over Baltimore

Fostering piggies

Need advice on placing kittens...

Northern Va chapel to check out

Kerry's public position on the Conyers's petition

I think this is what I've meant by 'there has been a change'

Self-deleted - use Patsy's

KOEB Tuesday 5/31/05

MSNBC Press Release about Tucker's Show....

Nice Chronology of Nixon, the plumbers and Watergate

The making of a hero. Hero Felt.

BRAD BLOG: Letter Queries Rumsfeld on Attacks Prior to Iraq War!

Judge: Iraq war illegal? Case of Pablo Paredes

Why doesn't the press use "sic" when quoting Bush?

Ban the Gop: traitors and criminals, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Iraq, Florida

Stem Cell Fact Check: Clinton - not * - first to fund stem cell research.

Senators need confirmation by the Senate to be seated????

Have you signed this petition yet?

* chastises Frist for preventing Bolton "up or down vote"

Letter writing campaign

Daddy bushy wants lill jebby in White he can continue be rich

MTV finds photo of Bush too offensive to allow on Music Awards

Why the hell haven't we gotten to 100,000 yet? KEEP KICKED!

There goes my theory that it was Hal Holbrook

Talking Point against Jeb Bush in 2008: The Blue Tarp facts

Bush White House and GOP Show Signs Of Cluelessness and Disarray

Corrupt Nixon, Agnew, John Mitchell & the rest of them.

Bush lied about the definition of "dissassemble"...

Bowtie the next to crash and burn on MSNBC.

More common sense about Iraq from Pat Buchanan

I just have one q. about Bush's press conference...

Democratic and Christian sites.

I'm Coming Around to Hilary in '08


Is There A Transcript Of The Giggling Murder's "Press Conference" Today?

Has Zogby drank the Kool-Aid?

IN DANGER: Senate seats from New Jersey

DU this poll! (Washington State Governor Election)

Rethug quotes of the week on the theme of POWER

When did you know you were a dem?

Iraq: What is the Real Reason We Invaded?

Let's move some of out best representatives up to the Senate.

Chaos in the Republican party when Hillary does not run in 08!!

disassemble -- that means not tell the truth

JC: 59,000 Web Page Hits For Downing St., Deep Throat Revealed, other Dev.

Pelosi: * Misguided Priorities, Mistaken Policies, & Misdirected Blame

Mark Felt pardoned in 1981 by Reagan....guess what for ?

Some issues with the Downing Street memo....

Boo hoo. I can't be Barbara Bush's friend.

What would you do if Bush disappeared?

Memos vs Minutes

Fox News: 33% of conservatives support Hillary.

creating progressive institutions: consumers' unions

Links to DOWNING STREET MEMO: Pass them around

'DeepThroat' revelation:Will it spur media investigation of * and Rove?

You May be Brainwashed by Corporate Media if You:

General Clark or Hillary? 2008

THE OFFICIAL Why the hell haven't we gotten to 100,000 yet? thread.

Did this guy's forehead tattoo, read "victim"?

Iraq War: Drafting the dead (D. St. Memo Alert)

TP: The Europe That Was (John Horvath)

FAUX article on Downing St. Memo

Asia Times: Gulags: Shooting the messenger

Asia Times: Jailhouse rock

Huffington Post: What Are They Waiting For? (Ed Markey)

Huffington Post: A Grimmer Primer

"We, Anonymous" by Matt Taibbi

Mosque bombing further highlights growing troubles in Afghanistan

A Late Decision, a Lasting Anguish

God...Bernard Weiner...WHAT AN AWESOME ARTICLE!!!

U.S. Has Long History of Waging Wrong Wars. (FOX News!)

Uzbekistan’s Growing Police State

Once in a while Thomas Friedman gets it right...

Bush Anxious to Learn More of Deep Throat

State of the State Secrets (Franklin, AIPAC)

Liberal Oasis: smackdown of Bush's May 31 Rose Garden chat

The last throes of truth in Iraq

Will Pitt - Breaking: Water Remains Wet

US military recruitment crisis deepens (WSWS)

Follow The Leader

Watergate Proves That Even Presidents Will Break Laws To Achieve Goals

Great Seattle PI editorial,,,Iraq War: Drafting the dead

The Media Politics of Impeachment

Gene Lyons on Paris

Europe in crisis after Dutch, French reject treaty: AMSTERDAM (Reuters)

What's Really Behind WH Stonewall Over Bolton Documents?

49ers' personal foul

Hightower: CAFTA's corporate giveaways

Can't Find Our Way Home

Danny Schechter (Common Dreams): CNN at 25

Deep Throat Cover Blown; Washington Post Still Sucks

How many conspiracy theories does it take to make one's head explode?

Poppy Bush offering another Bush Son for Prez

Why Did Douglas Feith Resign? The trial that will rock the War Party

CFAP: Ten Books That Scare Conservatives

Elder Bush would like son Jeb to run for president

US child poverty on the rise—statistics mask depth of crisis (WSWS)

You May be Brainwashed by Corporate Media if You: Campaign for America's Future

MSNBC and Watergate 'experts'

New at White Rose! - The Morning Wakup Call with Lizz Brown

Anti XM and Sirius radio spot

Monica Crowley (MSNBC) is the most evil telebimbo (imho)!

Rockies Snowpack Melting Quickly In Record Heat - ENS

EPA Announces Six-Week Delay In Low-Sulfur Diesel Plan - Reuters

Italian Eco-Mafia On A Par With Major Industries In Size, Wealth - Reuters

Mt. Rainier Glaciers Shrinking Rapidly

(Maine) Governor signs bill requiring more 'clean' cars

Mississippi Wilderness area opened up for oil drilling

Die Die SUVs Please Die

Wisconsin Power Plant Is Called A Setback for the Environment

Ma's father to kill himself if son runs against Lien

Migrant workers allege pressure - sexual abuse

PRC sub in South China Sea accident

`Casual' a hard sell to Japanese officials

Serious question about flying & checked luggage

Critics lambaste election charade in Hong Kong

Top Israeli news anchor attacks occupation

Jerusalem city council orders demolition of hundreds of Palestinian homes

What Indians And Palestinians Share

AP: IAEA May Scale Back Saudi Monitoring - SF Chron

MDA Tsunami Help

Getting off easy

Israel's new military chief calls for morality, respect for human life

The Arab version of the Citizenship Law - FREE DVD

I found this think piece about the collapses of the WTCs and

OK I am running here on the assumption of total government complicity.

Plane Crash in the Pentagon Lagoon?

Comments on verified voting

Please sign this petition!!!

Proprietary Software statement

compendium of Suits, concerning Election reform-

Exit Poll Response Optimization Analysis (Max/min Kerry/Bush vote%)

Calling the corporate media's "we want more Deep Throats" bluff

Voter Registration Software-The Key to Destroying Free and Fair Elections

Are you from Greenwich?

Looking for help with the millions against the media march in San Fran

Drunken police officer arrested in fatal hit-run

How much of DeLay's $$ will go to Nussle's Gov. run? - DM Register

Senator Kerry's Massachusetts schedule for June 1&2

Is Boston a great city or what?

Last chance to tell Gov. Pawlenty to do right by Minnesotans

Governor "Fees not Taxes" Pawlenty vetos MN Poet Laureate bill

LTTE in response to the Star Tribune's brave Memorial Day editorial

FBI whistle blower any one???

Petitions against Tom DeLay delivered today (pics)

My CD-R and DVD ROM wont work.!!! cant install drivers..

Broken lap top

Educate Ohio--Campaign to improve Ohio schools' funding

Dallas LWV: SATURDAY - Community Dialog on Homeland Security

AAR station 910 in Dallas is sure messed up today.

Who makes the best key lime pie in Houston?

Austin's Oasis restaurant burned down

Congrats, Sonia S, on your mention in the recent Texas Observer!

Fox Valley DUers, Check this out... June 28th


How heavy are our shackles?

Boycott Coke

Right Wing Blogger and former CIA agent FAIL to DEBUNK DSM!!!

"Fancy pants elitists" check-in!

With all the partying over Felt...

I did the nicest smackdown of a GREEDY republican today.

C-Span won't allow streaming of "Media Bias Forum!!! WTF!!

WaTimes op-ed: Syria is on the verge of revolution

Why they call me a Liberal!

War Crimes Trial of 2010 -- copy this picture and keep it near your heart

Found this link posted on Americablog...Soundbites for "Memogate"

Elder Bush would like son Jeb to run for President

I rented & watched "All the President's Men" tonight. "Plus ca change ..."

Strange News from the Netherlands

Our supposed volunteer military

"To hell with your facts! I've got patriot rhetoric to back me up"

Video worth watching. Send to your friends and ask to sign for Conyers

U.S. Soldier Acquitted In Iraqi's Death

The Colossal Gall of Scumbag Traitor Ex-Cons Liddy, Colson etc.

What Happened To "DU Treasonuos" Message?

A Cover-Up as Shameful as Tillman's Death

Airbus and Boeing telling tales on eachother. Boeing has reported Airbus

Did I hear correctly?

Downing St minutes story at *Fox*?!?


Draft Republicans!

Does anyone have that photo of Osama cornholing Bush?

Bush has,in effect, thrown down the gauntlet, to the rest of the world.

"The Killers Want us to Get Out"...president monkey ass

Commadeer Cuckoo Bananas speaks ... CAUTION HEAD EXPLODER .....

Caption the War Criminals

T-Shirt idea: disassemble the president n/t

I'm TIRED of being shouted down & pushed around by Bullys & Assholes

Bioterrorism Prosecution - USA: Thomas Butler

What did the Republican Plank say in 2000 and how has Bush* followed it?

WILD photo of anti-bush protester! Email it as many times as you can, to

"What's REALLY behind the WH Stonewall over Bolton documents?

OK yall have to watch

Gorilla dogs Louisiana repuke congressmen

It's sickening.

"False Statements Accountability Act of 1996"

Howard Stern says "buy Ford" in response to boycott.

Felt is a "hero" and to whom could you report wrongdoing by Bush?

Sugar Smack 's young girl thread is why DU is truly the best!

Republicans are engaged in a Great American Experiment

Kansas doctor probed over late term abortions.

Sneak legislation

Dem Talking Points (re Deepthroat)

Ginnie Mae releases responses to its business improvement initiative

Separated at Birth?-The conspiracy edition

Deep Throat: The Game Is Afoot

Racial profiling by MO cops down by 2%

When we refer to Downing Street, should we change the word Memo?

Geldof urges a million to march on G8


if daddybush wants jeb to be the pres., there's nothing we can do about it

Uh oh! Bev's pissed: This from FR.

Reagan PARDONED Felt, said he served 'with great distinction'

Fog of War

Anyone have a list of Jebs follies?

The timing couldn't be any better for "DEEP THROAT II: The Sequel"

Bush's personal library destroyed

Chris Matthews a liberal??

So, Bush* calls Amnesty International report 'absurd'.

CNN: Israeli Court Room goes Berzerk - (VIDEO)

Why is Faith Healing Legal? why is Benny Hinn allowed to profit this way?

Serious question...Do we have time to wait?

MSNBC POLL-Is the U.S. mission in Iraq worth the toll in troop deaths?

The Iraqi's Are Coming To Your City! Tour Event Update

Fascinating Sociopaths

Is Mark Felt/Deep Throat a Hero or a Turncoat {MSNBC poll}

Skeletor is on CSPAN now

US sponsored death squads in Iraq. Why are our heads in the sand on this?

Anyone listen to Buchanan on Imus this morning?

Katie's Ratings

the president is 'folksy' according to the msnbc talking head lady

A Thought About The Republican Mindset

Bush, the word is "dissemble" not "disassemble" you freaking idiot

Happy 25th Birthday CNN. I just wish Ted still ran the show and that CNN

I saw Reid talking about this timeline on Cspan.

Sadam's Labor Laws Live On In Iraq

Hitchens v. Hitchens

New more efficient and effective security alert system

The 100th Monkey is waiting for an "Impeach Bush" bumper sticker

What's REALLY holding up Bolton? Bush won't give Senate needed documents

Deep Throat Revealed

"Live Aid Organizers Announce New Shows"

Cigarette prices going up, soon it'll be cheaper to smoke marijuana

"Thank You, Mark Felt, We Need More Deep Throats" by Senator Mike Gravel

Suit to fight for bilingual testing

Does anybody here actually know Steve Jobs?

Read here about how Ronald Reagan won D-Day and saved the world

Hmmm anyone able to help find something (and paranoia)

RW blowback on "Deep throat"-Colson and Buchanan QUOTES

Just slap on a fish or an American flag on your product and the idiots ..

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner >>>

Today Show *VIDEO LINK* parts 2-4 of 9 "Deep throat"

Breaking....DOJ Scare?

The more I watch Bush on TV these days, the lighter my heart becomes.

"its a very dangerous thing to civilize societies" says Rummy. on c-span

Pope's author rights go to Vatican publisher

"This Nation Needs Another Deep Throat" (Sally Kalson, Pitt. P-G)

9/11 made US system toughest

Iran taking advantage of the neocons screw up of Iraq war. is gravity.

Ever heard of the Gnostics?

"White House Insider", is it true?

On same day it confirms Deep Throat, WP praises Bush press accessibility

The American personality

Has GWB ever had to address the Downing Street Memos?

Campus Conservatives stage fake antiwar protest

Just what "Reforms" are so vital at the UN that care cannot be taken in

LA Law Enforcement Wants "Registration" Of Political Dissidents

Art World In Chaos As Swamp Rat Forgeries Flood The Art Market!!!


John Lennon's Strawberry fields to close. The Childrens Home

Finally figured out what this Bush administration is good for.

The Official "Thank You Mark Felt" Thread:

Watergate now looks like the last gasp of Hoover

You gotta love the Nixon whores.

Texas reservist dies of illness in Qatar

Rumsfeld press conference, 11AM - live on CSPAN

Fox covers the Downing Street Memo!

What about that Terry Schiavo autopsy?

This needs to be said... Stephanie Miller is hilarious!

And next they bring the torches

White House Press Corp Names - Help Me w/ Names

WHITEWASH AT THE BORDER (only lower downs held accountable)

Do You Think George Bush PURPOSELY Tanked The Economy?

Am I the only one not excited about "Deep Throat"?

Trigger Man

US Program of Green Card Lottery 2005

Wingnuts Angry at Deep Throat for violating GOP Cosa Nostra

DU this poll.

New at White Rose! - The Morning Wakup Call with Lizz Brown

Need information on number of IED attacks in Iraq over time

Conyers MINUTES letter- for naysayers and those afraid to sign

Bolton documents contain classified company names

The seafood in San Francisco really sucks.

The weather in San Francisco is just horrible!

The San Francisco Giants suck.

Gay people in Miami are nicer than gay people in San Francisco.

The last throes of truth in Iraq

Boy Scouts Lied About Black Members

Attorney: Girl, 12, killed mom in self-defense

Oil price hits three-week high

At least MSNBC is calling the Iraq quagmire what it is:

Former Nixon aides condemn 'Deep Throat'


Hmmmmm... Let's name something after something!

Stop ragging on San Francisco!!!

Never thought Mark Felt would stoop to this?

We take for granted

POLL: How rich is rich?

King Fahd of Saudi Arabia reported dead ..Is this true ??

Former KBR Employee Home From Iraq Says Money Wasted

This Credit Card Scam is Unreal !!!!

OLielly on the View calling Felt a hero

Another POLL to DU

NRA has guns for kids media called: Kooky Kidz Korner

How did George and Laura Bush really meet?

I would like to see a TV ad showing..

Meet Chuck Schumer today

What ALL DEMOCRATS should say RE Social Security!

Letter to friends about the Downing Minutes

We badly mishandled Gannon

Who's watching c-span "Take Back America" conference

Woman Charged With Abusing Grandmother To Buy Humvee

New GOP meme: Equate the terms "traitor" and "whistleblower"

Sudan opposition leader to boycott interim government:

YAAAAAAY!!! Nothing else happening in the world but DEEP THROAT!!

"Outfoxed," "Uncovered" filmmaker takes on Wal-Mart

Hmm, Bankruptcy Bill Passes, CC's RAISE THEIR RATES!!!!


Celebrate Conservatism

Watergate storytime with Randi on AAR now!

Anyone else happen to notice that

massive increase to student loans July 1

Annenberg study: Shoppers naive about online retail prices

Saddam trial 'within two months'

DU this CNN online POLL: Should Jeb run for president?

a question about Guantanamo

* & Blair's nose jobs

So, we can provide "aid and comfort" to a terrorist who blew up a Cuban

Housing Boom Creates Increase in Foreclosure

Which left publications do you read?

Need advice on socializing cats

OK we take the word of "terrorist website" saying Abu Musab al-Zarqawi ...

Speaking of books deemed harmful by conservatives. I'm curious:

AP: Gitmo Detainees Say They Were Sold

POLL: Why do you wear a tie?

Hey Pat Buchanan -- It's about Democracy! Not that you care.

The anti-Judicial movement strikes again

Donna Brazile's on c-span giving a rousing speech... n/t

Why are we the only country where exit polls don't work?

Who do you think would win?

ZAMBIA: Lusaka to send peacekeepers to Sudan

Dr. Phil Launches Vicious Verbal Assault on TV'S "Nannies".

Alittle rhyme about voting republican ;) lol (ala Dr. Seuss)

Are there any books by conservatives that liberals should read?

Staged Terror?

Is this true or not? US Helicopter down in

Paul Krugman vs. Dan Okrent (Daily Howler)

Why can't every baby survive?

Donna Brazile called for a voter-verified paper ballot

Media raged for 3yrs about bad CIA intel - Quiet on FIXED INTEL from WH

Deep Throat solution - one for the tinfoil hatters

Boo-yaa's: The Citizen as Fan

"Boomer" subs

Think that they will put up Colin Powell as V.P.

W. Mark Felt Was No Idealistic Defender Of Democracy

Rumsfeld: Military has mistreated some grievously, blames media for focus

Can't spell, don't worry.........

I ran into an old buddy of mine at the commissary yesterday.

MoveOnPac got 450,000 to petition Delay; they should help Conyers!

Protecting The World-Wide U.S. Terrorist Network

School Principal/Grandmother is now a terrorist!

Don't throw old batteries in the trash.

Red State Fun

TX: Former Panhandle DA gets five years on federal charge (drugs/firearms)

Christian dominionists and old time racism

"Deep Throat Cover Blown, Washington Post Still Sucks" Greg Palast

Judge Bars Firing Of Muslim Firefighter Over Beard

Rightwingnuts; how quickly they forget their own TREASON.

Is it wise to give Shiites the seats of all whom they have assassinated?

Are republicans in power becausemoney buys American Power

Once upon a time… No wait. It was a dark and stormy night… No wait.

The man who speaks to God, the man who receives his instructions from God,

New Documentary-- WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price

Invasion of Iraq Successes

Protest New Law that Undermines Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Reframing "patriotism"

A house is not a home.

Does anyone have that clip of bush saying ..

Can I ask a knuckleheaded question re: the EU constitution votes?

fuck richard nixon, he was the worst president ever, until jr. came along

We haven't been attacked since 9/11!!!!!

Child Murderers

KKK Hoods, Robes Sell For $600 Each At Controversial Auction

Nixon "obstructed justice" and quit the Presidency like a big baby........

Boy Injured When Man Fires On Wasp's Nest

Tweety about to talk about Amnesty Int'l FWIW. 6:20CT/MSNBC.

Residents to collect 200 soccer balls for Iraqi children (Pascagoula)

Want to Fight the Right? Want to be the Media? Make a Blog.

Arthur Anderson Conviction Overturned! WTF?

Education speaker on Dobbs: Orwellian Education Push

Why isn't anyone mentioning the Howard Hughes connection to Watergate?


Caption bushie: Are those horns coming out of his head?

CSPAN-2 8pm EDT 'Covering Watergate' (Woodward, BenVeniste,

Halliburton employee home from Iraq says money wasted

What ever happened with the whole Glenn Beck

Um, AOL wants to know if Laura should run for President... WTF?

Anyone want a taste of delicious irony?

Drawing uncovered of 'Nazi nuke'

Outsourcing America: New Book Brings it Home

ON AAR: 69 Yr Old Woman begs all to go to library pc & sign Conyers letter

rummy: any nation giving succor to Zarqawi had just better WATCH IT

The Destruction Of Our Pensions: Where Is The Progressive Movement?

UH - UH - UH... The U.S. President is SOOOOOO STUUUUPIIIIID!

Have the mag. ribbons reached their lowest point?

"Deep Throat Cover Blown Washington Post Still Sucks" Greg Palast

I got a letter back from the Washington Post!

I have a new slogan I am going to paste on the back of my car

Breaking: Water Remains Wet

Shirley Temple BLACK Does NOT Support BOLTON for the U.N.

Which one book would you ask a repug to read.. and I'm not talking

True or false? Being in debt makes people more dishonest.

Offshore the poor.Can one live in, say, Mexico on 300 to 800 per month US?

Whatever happened to investigative journalism?

if I lived in Cally, I'd sleep with my clothes on.

Cell phone as drug

Which of these people looks more HONEST to you?

Okay. I give up.

Another question for lurking conservatives:

Dean, Jackson and Huffington, Oh My! (Take Back America Conf. in DC)

It is about the separation of Church and State...

In Honor of Deep Throat: Hunter S. Thompson's Nixon Obituary

Repug on Randi saying that Clinton's BJ was the most terrible thing...

Mark Felt: Hero or Villain?

Antidote to the Kool-Aid?

In your dream election.. who would you want to run?

Why did Faux News (online) report on Downing Street?

Alisha Owen sentenced to 27 years in prison for perjury

Deep Throat tinfoilers: Please take a breather from your paranoia.

Brent Bozell admits Murdoch Ownership bad for America/Repugs Failed FV's

Would You Accept A Full Pardon For Bush If He Agreed To Resign?

Rumor around the block: Wachovia may buyout MBNA

The Mysterious Suiciding of Gary Webb.

Should you get turned down for a job because of bad credit?

Final Version: Any thoughts on the distribution list?

Conyers calls for Deep Throat resolution (Raw Story)

How about taking a day to make sure the "Cuckoo-Bananas" google bomb works

Downing street minutes/memo to be priority for starting NOW.

Elderly people are scaring the bejeebus out of me

Supporting troops = supporting war - A RANT

Calling All Atlanta Area DU'ers!

We need 2 organize to prevent Howard Stern stations from replaceing him w/

Were liberals more rebellious in the 1960s?

War on terrrr comes uncomfortably close -- what should I do?

it's comical how the repubs STILL worship nixon's ass & attack Clinton

As someone who checks credit for employment...

MissionNOTAccomplished: “Remind Us” powerful video summary of Bush's lies.

Announcing new DU group: John Conyers

CSPAN Schedule Thursday June 2

Now is the moment: DeLay found guilty

Bush Must Have Known!

Amnesty's blistering response to Cheney

Darfur Daily News: June 01, 2005

What's the latest news on Sirius & Air America?

Australian woman gets 20 years for pot

Proposed Group: Page One News

Headsup! NY Times glamorizes CIA kidnappings and prisoner outsourcing!

let's list the impeachable offenses of gwb

Dear Future Deep Throat (I Promise you a new name)

Do you know any relationships that ended because of this past election?

Hey, all lurkers, trolls, and disruptors. We need to talk.

Nancy Grace. What do you make of her?

Another Cheney fashion faux pas...

LA Sheriff proposes registering/listing those convicted of a hate crime

Monica Crowley gets Kaboshed by Jonathan Alter and Bernard Kalb

Remember Last Year when the Crawford paper publisher endorsed Kerry.

PHOTO: Boycott Ford! Disgusting Volvo ad is "phallic"!!!

What's your Vision for America?

Parents Face Jail Time for Hiring Stripper

Making sausage (a pictorial)

Any suggestions for hotels/b & b on Vancouver Island, near UVic?

American-style TV drug advertising comes to the UK - in an underhand way

Hi, folks. Back after two weeks' absence following a major computer crash.

AP: Gitmo Detainees Say They Were Sold

Ex-FBI Official Unmasked As 'Deep Throat'

Violent protests derail Bolivian Congress session

Israeli firms 'ran vast spy ring' -- BBC

Children quizzed over murder bid (11 and 12 years old, UK story)

Wash.Times: Director of rights group defends critical study

Council Votes to Ask Spokane Mayor to Quit

Rebels suspected in Sri Lankan assassination

BBC (Wednesday): Dutch vote on Europe constitution, rejection forecast

Weary Bush to renew agenda

Bush Hints He Will Withhold Other Papers on Bolton

Attorney: Girl, 12, killed mom in self-defense

Air Force Cadet E-Mails Religious Quotes

US 'losing its grip' on Baghdad's political process

Foreign spying in 2004 impaired U.S. military edge

Bleak outlook for Blair's think tank

Last Chance for Blair to Aid Bombing Inquiry

Journalist admits to espionage, China says

THE FALL OF ENRON: Judge asked to drop several charges

Egypt anger over 'grope attacks'

Residents to collect 200 soccer balls for Iraqi children (Pascagoula)

LAT: California Democrats Propose Income Tax Hike

U.S. Economy: Manufacturing Growth Slows in May for Sixth Month


Search for Al-Zarqawi Highlights Problems (we don't know where he is?)

LA police use cameras to catch pirated DVD sellers: Corporate Bought!

Bill for universal health system OK'd (in CA)

Constituents Hammer 7 Vulnerable GOP Reps for Ties to Scandal-Ridden Delay

(Ohio Coin Dealer) Noe to Face Federal Grand Jury (for Bush fund raiser)

Foes seeking vote to kill pact with Central America

Texas Press Assn: Texas highway signs to add pro-Bush Message:

FBI to Begin Exhumation of Emmett Till

Donaldson Announces Resignation as S.E.C. Chairman

Nixon aides(thugs and crooks)condemn 'Deep Throat' for betrayal

Christian groups criticize DeWine's role in compromise

Rumsfeld Decries Amnesty Rights Report(report reprehensible, outlandish)

Calif. Landslide Sends 18 Homes Crashing

Civilian and Military Death Toll in Iraq

End Cherie's lucrative lecture tours say Tories

State approves deal ending threat of oil drilling off Fla. shores

Spike in Iraq attacks exacts bloody toll in May

California appeals judge's ruling on gay marriage

Pentagon envisions electronic office assistant for busy human bosses

"Wolfowitz Pledges to Change Africa"

U.S., EU to Hold Iraq Donor Conference

Iraq government, insurgents open channels

Mortar Blast Kills 3 Kids, Uncle in Iraq

Iraq Government, Insurgents Open Channels

Iraq Government, Insurgents Open Channels

U.S.(Rummy) warns Iraq's neighbors not to treat Zarqawi

Northwest under gun to cut costs (NWA using UAL as a model)

Can the rich, famous save Social Security ? (USA Today)

UN fires first staffer over oil-for-food role

Boy, 7, suspected in (7 month old) tot's beating death

Casualties From Iraq Insurgency Up in May

What do Al and Rush share? (AAR Madison affiliate - excellent ratings)

Howard Dean renews call for Bush to return money raised by Noe

Doctors' suit against insurance companies heads for Miami trial

'This Is Not Right' (Principal put on Terrorist Watch List)

Indonesia condemns 'terrorist attack' on embassy (Australia)

Venezuela govt ready to close oil cos that evaded taxes till they pay

Prius probed for engine stalls

AP: Iraq Concerned U.S. May Leave Too Soon

Federal judge throws out Mississippi's latest abortion law

Rumsfeld defends treatment of prisoners (AP-Military)

Cheney Invokes 9/11, Lauds Air Force Grads

4 Iraqi plane crash victims were air commandos from Florida

Groups to Complain at Wal-Mart Meeting

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 1 June

Jeb Bush brushes off White House talk

Bomb at Afghan mosque leaves many dead

Use of ibuprofen, aspirin linked to breast cancer

NYT: New World Bank Chief (Wolf Man) Says Aiding Africa Is His Top Goal

Task force will study slaves' role in building of Capitol

Rift opens between border watch groups

Yes, grade-school kids can be trained to eat better

Bush urges Mubarak hold fair elections -Yahoo

Sony Debuts Anti-CD Copying Technology in U.S

Air Force Cadet E - Mails Religious Quotes

Khodorkovsky was CIA target

Window Tinting Law in Effect Today,GEORGIA

Evangelicals divided over evolution

Area supporters display their pride for embattled DeLay

White House, N.Y. Face Off Over 9/11 Funds

Bush Anxious to Learn More of Deep Throat

Condom Ads Hit Network TV (1st prime-time network commercial tonight)

Schwarzenegger unveiling global warming plan at U.N. conference

Doctors Separate Legs of 'Mermaid' Baby (OK some good LBN)

Can Rev. Al (Sharpton) be Limbaugh's air apparent?

Promise Keepers pans 'feminization' of males (the cult of misogynism)

Iraqi soldier dies of poison (watermelon) near Mosul

Laguna Beach landslide sends homes crashing down hill

Bush Says He Fears for Americans in Iraq

Mom Charged in Daughter's Rape

NYT: The Five-Bedroom, Six-Figure Rootless Life (economic segregation)

BREAKING: Dutch vote AGAINST EU Constitution

'Deep Throat' Family May Cash in on Fame

Police unknowingly use Taser on diabetic officer (KY)

Thousands held in Zimbabwe blitz (BBC News)

Turner: CNN spends too much time on 'pervert of the day'

Pentagon delays release of May recruiting data

Mississippi or Missippi?

New Hampshire or N' Hamshah

Hey, progmom, how come Don Ellis doesn't get his props?!

Michiganian or Michigander?

Format DU:

What was your favorite mean thing to do to siblings?

What would you do if you were locked in a room and

Are there any men here who were raised primarily by women?

Maddox hits the nail on the head YET AGAIN. (Do not enter, Star Wars fans)

I touched you last.

Morey Amsterdam.

OK, these Starbucks "Hank" commercials are terrible!

Did this guy's forehead tattoo, read "victim"?

What could the UPS delivery gal have thunk?

What a weird weekend

My AIM has crashed

Let's organize a group and go on a cruise!!!

Nightly Astronomy thread.

Tom Cruise in the Candy Shop with Katie Holmes?

Illinois or Illinois?

For HEYHey

Late Night video laughs..

Padres win again! 8-4 over Brewers. Best record in NL (tie)!

Be careful when you get drunk and pass out... (Know your friends...well)

I love the flower girl

Great new movie from Robert Greenwald - WalMart:The High Cost of Low Price

Who says communism isn't sexy?

Post your BFEE Haikus here

Fire Destroys Presidential Library

Join Arnold!

What shows do your kids watch and you secretly enjoy?

Sherpa Guide Scales Mount Everest For Record 15th Time

Bush To Sacrifice Own Life For Good Of Nation

Hang on, Sloopy.....?

I've written 2 songs that I can play on the guitar!

Okay Computer Gurus! My email is being used to send out spam.

American Idol (Carrie Underwood) Etched Toast For Sale On eBay ($500)

The following will be a test of the General, Chemical, and

Latest Breaking News-like

Nickname for today's Deep Throat?

I can't believe I just paid $310 for 2 lousy books

Why didn't Hitler drink tequila?

I dedicate this post to the right click

Who in DU wants to cruise Tom Cruise?

Who on DU wants to booze Tom Cruise?

what did the Zodiac Killer have against inflatable dinghies?

Typical Conservative Learning Process

I miss my bf

Who would be interested in a DU crisis?

What did the giraffe say when he walked up to the bar?


I'm going to see DAN BERN tonight! You are jealous.

What Is The Most ANNOYING Air America Radio Ad?

Bush Disassembled


Auto Mechanic: "I'd Go Broke If The Prius Was All I Worked On"

Tales from the 'burbs- The Ice Cream man may be a crackhead

Have an ailment? Bankrupt? Miracle Spring Water is the answer ...

The Hate Mailbag is the best gawddammed thing about DU

Slap yo mammy

Boy, 8, Takes 20-Mile Midnight Go-Cart Ride

I'm sitting at my cold, cold desk at work

Dyslexic smileys!

Yesterday's Lounge was testosterone-soaked!

Rod Stewart is 60.....jeez I feel old

World's Longest Married Couple Celebrate 80th Wedding Anniversary

Sigh......melancholy... .....lachrymose..... ...lugubrious.......

Several varieties of potatoes are displayed in Lima, Peru

A tribute to dead Jazz musicians

State Of Oregon Makes Over $1 MILLION On Marijuana Sales

What sound really hurts your ears?


Britain's military told to wear underpants when going to tailors

I miss random, anonymous sex MORE than I miss WilliamPitt!!!

"Students bare naked truth about schools"

If God talks to you, would he use verbs or nouns, mainly?

Who's the most evil Sith Lord?

Who is the douchiest of them all?? Round II

Time to Post Something Nice about Another DUer

A day in the life of..... Seth

Flag-burning is cool. Discuss.

Does anyone here know anything about feline cognition?

I miss WilliamPitt!!

Who's in for a flag-freezing protest?

Poor, Poor Swamp Rat!!!

Mom and Apple Pie are Fascist. Discuss

Who is this WilliamPitt people keep posting about? Did I miss something?

I like to hide under bridges and throw things at good people passing by

Is it true liberals eat cakes baked with the blood of Repuke children?

my daughter went to LA with 3 friends

Have you ever vandalized a Repuke-owned business?

Any Insurance Salesman/women out there?

An *Important Note* about movie rentals

I'm thinking that I want to rent the first season of "24"

Fox News Radio: "not opinionated, it's straight news, fair and balanced"

Please help me develop nuclear weapons for Brazil, so we and Venezuela can

oh i get it!

I made a sculpture called the Eternally Burning American Flag.

So, do any of you hate Christians as much as I do?

Retro Geek Post... Favorite Atari Games and why....

Stupid Fucking Useless Poll

Post your dog beating stories here:

Westminster Abbey counters Da Vinci Code

I'm thankful to have:

All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Samuel L. Jackson, Part One

REPORT: Bouncy Ball feeling much better now!!!

Sometimes I feel like I just can't do anything right.

Combine thread topics in the Lounge.



Anybody know a good way to research credit cards?

Are fleas bad?

SF 49ers Training Video Has Lesbian Porn, Racial Slurs & Bush*s Erection

Is chess bad?


Is renting from BlockBuster bad?

Bush really fires up the young people, doesn't he?

This place is frikkin NUTS today

I'm recruiting young people for a life of homosexuality and general

I'll be in Boston August 20-27

so i watched "Phantom of the Opera" last night...

Who would be interested in crusing DU'ers?

Barber Sells Neil Armstrong's Hair For $3,000 - Armstrong Threatens To Sue

Bouncy said I could use her account again.

Happy Birthday Andy Griffith

Post your monkey spanking stories here:

Are "Uncle Mo" and "Aunt Flo" married?

Happy Birthday Frank Morgan... 115 Years Old

America Is Not The World

Hot water vs. cold water in a freeze-fest! Be there!

Look at this crap (Warning...may cause laughter, nausea or both)

Latest picture that screams "Freeper!"

1st Annual DU Snipe Hunt and Submarine Races this Friday!

West Coasters: Still up for a West Coast Meetup July 16th?

Confessions of an Economic Hitman . Who has read it and is it worthy of

Fish fry

Best thing about the Lounge

FOR SHAME! For shame posts here!

"FBI hoping Emmett Till's Body Will yeild clues" WTF

Anything random that you want to get off your chest, post here.

The seafood in San Francisco really sucks.

Anyone know where I can buy vintage 80's clothing?

DU keeps me more amused than porn, and thats saying something

Guess who the two young hipsters in this photo are...

I'm working in a church office.

*NEED HELP* What makes ice cubes fastest?

GM Offers Employee Discounts To ALL Car Buyers

Caption! CAPTION!! NOW! NOW!

Ok Women Of DU, I have a question concerning matters of the heart

Are you able to wash your face with a "moist towelette?"

Has anyone seen "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"??

Become a lord or lady. Buy a title on EBay.

Is cheese bad?

Stop ragging on San Francisco!!!

What are you listening to right now?

Hey, Guys! Who posted that little Bush in front of the BIG flag pic?

They really are such a bunch of fucking idiots

Crawfish Festival in NJ this weekend!!! Anyone going???

ATTENTION lowly denizens of the lounge! Sign the Conyers petition, or....

You Know That "Get A Brain! Morans" Guy?

As a salute to "Deep Throat"

OK, Musicians! I'm Gonna Post This Here In The Lounge Too

Who is listening to you right now?

This is the 'have some sympathy for a mod" post. Be nice.

Here is a product that might come in handy.

CNN BREAKING NEWS: Houses sliding downhill in Laguna Beach!

My son is going to perform at Lincoln Center!

Tenn. church to hold `Porn Sunday` event

The official " PILE ON" thread!

Tell me something: Can Teller talk? Or does Penn forbid him?

Al Franken's Show Returns To The Sundance Channel...

"Loving you......was like going off to war........"

OK men of DU, I have a question concerning matters of the lungs.

Get your Bjork right here. Hot, delicious Bjork!

This is my interpretation of what a Lounge Screenshot would be

I need a nap.

Anyone coming to Philly for the new Live Aid concert?

Stupid Useless Thought Experiment: How many people...

making chicken quesadillas for supper

Are you what you eat?

Let me be the first to say.....

This woman needs medicating...

Need ideas: where can I hide my gadgets from thieves?


So.. have you seen the video of the Fox weatherman with tourettes?

Don't get Fresh with ME!-Pug Question

Post your favorite album cover art here:

What is this about WillPitt's water breaking?

Whine Schmine

Jam Up And Jelly Tight

Doctor Phil - Democrat Incognito?

Longest encore you've ever seen at a concert?

If you are tired of being outraged, say so here.

The most heinous, chilling, gut-wrenching Olivia Newton-John earworm

Be a part of Rocky history! Bid on the Rocky Statue from the movie

Ugh! That Binder and Binder ad on AAR

"Ten Most Harmful Books" (wingnut site's list)

Got me one of these today


"Old Nego Space Program." Not a Ken Burns Film. Funny Stuff!

Why does my grocer now think I'm a crook?!

Do you post in the Lounge when you are drunk?

Did Air America Radio grow by eight new stations overnight?

MJ fans at trial

Cop’s bluster should cost city

Hilarious comparison of Wille Nelson and Bob Dylan at concert

"life's a gas!"

The Tube Bar Tapes

People teach disco!

My 5000th post!!!

Gay people in Miami are nicer than gay people in San Francisco.

Do you remember when....

Would it be wrong

Bell shaped!

If Ice Cube drank vodka, would he drink it hot or cold?

Ever notice: DUers with Twain, Marx and Malcolm avatars pull no punches?

I'm now a furry, but not one of those loons who wear costumes...

If I want to make Vodka ice cubes, should i use HOT Vodka or COLD Vodka?

Tom On Oprah Remix Video - Very Funny

talking to the dinosaurs on the big white phone

Hey, what time is it?

Nanny Went XMas Shopping In Family Car - Left Baby Alone - Sentenced

How should asthmaticeog (more of an asthmatichog recently) be

"fears of an epidemic of children eating open-mouthed"

Your thoughts on polyandry?

I just walked out on my endodontist

Student loan question: Is it possible to pay just the principal first?

Backstreet Boys Run Over Fan

I'm now a costumes fan, but not one of those loons who likes Star Wars

which is more disturbing?

"President Pickles." John Carpenter's "They Live" is prophetic GENIUS.

anyone like gorillaz~ (no not an evolution thread)

Headsup! NY Times glamorizes CIA kidnappings and prisoner outsourcing!

Man Fires Shotgun At Wasp's Nest - Shoots Boy In Apartment - Jailed

I have HAD IT with my college sports message board!!!

I'd like DU to weigh in on this

Do Godfathers still exist?

I Belive In Miracles

What's your limit?

Please help!!! Computer problem... lost my CD-R/DVD drivers

fun with Tony & George

Whoever changed the Hedges picture! COME FORTH!

Do you have a favorite sex toy?

Lets have a serious discussion: Liberals have no sense of humour

Take a Visual Break Here

Geek Argument Blues, Ya'll

I don't get the whole General Discussion thing and the Lounge?

Fox asks "Is Kevin Federline looking for money as much as love?"

Holy crap!

Just realized it's 2005 meaning it's been 11 years

OOPS: Salvation Army Exec Admits Dabbling In Internet Porn

Anderson Cooper just said Deep Throat brought down Pres. bush!

What is your favorite car?

OK, tell me these people don't make you wanna barf.

A Futurama Movie!

Now you can own Green Day's very first tour van.

Armstrong Williams is suing his barber?

What the heck is there to do in Chicago anyway?

Is FedEx a repuke org?

Steve McQueen: The Essence of Cool


Looking for article about MBNA profits being down.

Anyone ever purchase prescriptions online?


I've made a decision to attend Yoga classes but I'm terrified I'll be

If You Could Stick A Sign On Bush's Back, What Would It Say?

'The Amazing Race 7' couple Lynn and Alex marry in Canada

Hot Water Freezes Faster when making ice cubes

Goddamn M&Ms!

Post your latest dog pictures!

stupid cow-irkers

This is a thread about Something....

New Star Wars Discussion - The original triology and questions

Yeah, Baby, I've got yer coconuts right 'cher

Did you ever just have one of those really trying days?

Post your favorite Christian album cover art here:

Janet's "Boob" did more for America than anything else in the last 5 yrs.

asthmaticeog, paging. hello? someone here to see you!! yoohoo!

PRINCE. Still a genius, Forever a genius, Never a genius

Anderson Cooper just said Deep Throat brought down Pres. bush!

Building evacuation!

Best progmom on American radio today?

Anyone want to help Mission of Burma do their website?

Cat Question

Just in case you weren't absolutely sure...

I want to see Star Wars Bloopers

does anyone here know anything about feline copulation?

Sid Meirer's Pirates!

I'm now a Star Wars fan

Put all your random pictures in this thread.


Hey progmom

In what year did you first own/purchase a computer?

Are there any priests reading DU Lounge?

Should we stop using taxpayer money to destroy life?

Art World In Chaos As Swamp Rat Forgeries Flood The Art Market!!!

Libruls-I'm thinking of giving my kids some crack, its OK right?

yes it's "wearing" a neck tie

So, who else here hates puppies, babies, and pies?


Are You a Redneck? Take this test!

Does anyone here speak creole?

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

POLL: Why do you wear a tie?

Yet another incredible lamb thread.

Yet another incredibly lame thread.

Stupid Fucking Useless Thread

Men: Do you enjoy spending time with women?

Currently...what is your biggest addiction?

Which of these languages is the most beautiful?

10+ Most Destructive Pieces of Conservative Crap

Where's Longgrain?

Gorgeous DU WOMEN: Check in! (pic post time)

Most enjoyable time period in your life so far?

Lindsey Lohan is okay REPEAT Lindsey Lohan is OKAY!!!

I am a terrible person

Need advice on socializing cats

STILL having website issues

What do you wear to bed?

Why The Hell Do Games With Direct X Crash Both Of My Computers?

Best program on Air America Radio today?


Question for the DU youngsters

Dean, Jackson and Huffington, Oh My! (Take Back America Conf. in DC)


Driving rants

If you wanted to change your name....what would your new name be?

Can somebody explain typecasting to me?

why do *-lovers put those stupid magentic ribbons next to the gas covers?

Well I'm off to take the Core OS part of the A+ exam

Vote for PETA's "World's Sexiest Vegetarian"

Worst. Movie. Ever.

Who would be interested in a DU cruise?

All DUers check in ---- how old are you?

Do you shop at PetSmart?

Mammon is a Pervert: "Free Market Theology" What is this?


Biggest ever cosmos simulation

Drawing uncovered of 'Nazi nuke'

Maryland Domestic Partner Bill May Be Revived

Washington's Jewish Community To Support Gay Civil Rights Bill

Gay Soldier Wounded In Iraq Discharged From Army

Georgia Revives Anti-Gay School Plan

The San Francisco Giants suck.

Danica (Patrick) WINS 2005 INDY 500 "ROOKIE OF THE YEAR"

49ers' training video includes lesbian porn, racial slurs, barbs at Newsom

Alright Kleeb. You tell them to back off!

Dewey, my foster dog.

Triangulated Kitties

Mars Spectacular

This thread REALLY bothered me.

Checking in

Organized religion waning?

Children of deployed soldiers offered free summer camps

Bolton News: What's in the docs the Dems want

Kerry raps Bush on elderly

Is it wrong of me to say "No kidding" in regard to the Downing Street memo

don't miss this

K/E: filing for divorce after a brief separation?

can someone please post without taking sides, what

Brand Spankin' New Blog: "More questions than answers" - 6/1/05

Countdown Newsletter: 6/1/05

"HOT BLOG" at Krispy Keith's! For REAL this time...

Governor Riley to serve as National Bible Week leader

TX: Pass the popcorn, whole lot of repuke infighting to start soon

Bush Diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder

It's official. Bush is a Sociopath.

When Bush is Impeached will he be removed from office

Court Overturns Arthur Andersen Conviction - Seems the Jury, well...

Freeoers are freeping this poll RE: UW-Stout allowing ROTC on campus.

DO you think the suicide bombings in Iraq help or hurt the U.S in Iraq....

The REAL Nuclear Option

What if Jeffrey Dahmer had been a right-wing pundit?

I need an answer..Could this be another "memogate"? What is Fox's agenda?

The Ford Motor Company supports the homo agenda - Boycott!

Sensenbrenner talking points for nurse-midwife?

How can I best infiltrate the GOP on-line hive?

thoughts about impeachment

CSPAN WJ: Wash. Times reporter says * press conferences are "news-free."

can anyone find some backup on this?

Verified Voting - Lobby Days: June 9-14 in D.C.

Study: Feelings of threat lead to restricted civil liberties

Cheney says insurgency is 'in the last throes' figures

You Know You're A bu$hie If . . .

Get out your red pens!

"The Downing Street Memo is wholly untrue...we did not have a plan

Senators threaten to subpoena base closing documents

Caller On C-Span Mentions Downing Street Memo

Deepthroat has opened a lot of old wounds and animosities...

Huffington tears Evil Dick a new one re: "turning the corner" in Iraq

TIME: A Whistle-Blower's Wish

CNN Poll: "Should Jebbie Run For President?"

Rumsfeld's ''Full-Spectrum Dominance'' goal dominate earth from Space

Now that I've read Commande Cuckoobananas' latest spiel...

So when the Chimperor, Cheney, Rummy, et al go to prison

What did Nixon mean about W. Mark Felt Being "Jewish" (on tape)?

Hillary and Laura setto take battle of dynasties back to White House

Bush Anxious to Learn More of Deep Throat (real headline)

So, any samples of what FR is saying about Deep Throat?

Has President Bush Lost His Mojo? (wouldn't it be GRAND)

" he took a suitcase of $3 million in cash into Afghanistan"

Anybody Seen This Site? ?

Gorilla dogs Louisiana Repuke Congressmen

Bush urges Mubarak hold fair elections

Riverbend has been prolific for last few days

Faux News Was Careful to Leave Out One Crucial Point

What Ever Happened To The Enron Movie?

CSPAN-2:Bob Woodward talks about Watergate, Wed June 1 4pm EDT

What was Malloy talking about last night in regards to September?

I getting worried, if Bush feels his initiative slipping as has happened

Instead of saying the US takes ALL charges of prisoner abuse seriously and

faux news poll hero or traitor du it

Has local TV news turned the public against the war?

I accidentally noticed that Rumsfeld was a guest on Laura Ingraham(S.S.

He's a whiny little bastard...

Pappy on Jeb: "awfully good, smart, big, strong, not without controversy"

Listening to CSPAN from yesterday. Hillary for President question.


Eli Pariser, MoveOn, coming up on C-Span at CAF Conference, 4:45PM EST

Watergate Proves That Even Presidents Will Break Laws To Achieve Goals

Congressman to introduce resolution commending Deep Throat. Developing...

Blacks urged to form independent political movement

God it's mind numbing

Loyalty -- more important a value than Truth, Honesty and Integrity

Headsup! NY Times glamorizes CIA kidnappings and prisoner outsourcing!


Brent Bozell admits Murdoch Ownership bad for America/Repugs Failed FV's

USA also a Party to the Convention against Torture

Court ruling violates medical privacy

Kerry raps Bush on elderly

Should we be pushing Democrats to stand with Amnesty Int'l?

Predictions of Paul Wolfowitz's performance as head of.....

"Third Way" - DLC wannbe - get to know them so they don't surprises us

Wolfowitz is going to "fix" Africa, Bolton is going to "fix" the UN

This article popped up while I was looking for Wolfowitz's....

**Great PICs** of Anti-Arnie Protest in LA -- He's so screwed!!!

This petition everybody's so worked up about...

Tweety is desperate - he is talking about Big Dog and Monica...again.

Fill 'er up, maam? Hard water or distilled?

Gordon Strachan's role in Watergate...

Hillary's Political Operations Team

Downing Street Memo -- Fox News is on the case

What is Watergate?

POLL: If Watergate happened in 2004 instead of '72, with the current MSM

The Free-Traders' Blind Spot

More hypociracy from Bush

Hillary is positioning herself for 08/Kerry is positioning himself for 08

"God and the Fight against AIDS" in NY Review of Books

Disheartening conversation based on a bumper sticker.

Dear Warren Beatty-

Can The Hillary Machine Be Stopped????

The right's 10 most dangerous books

Religious people changing views on morality of stem-cell research

Reid to Rolling: Bush still a liar

Why do we only hear "Hillary '08" in 2005? Why?

Generic poll: Man v Woman

Blackwell, Indian Gambling, Regnery Publishing, Abe Fortas, and Pat Sajak?

Big Dog on Larry King LIVE tonight ....

Hartmann interview: Galloway Says Blair and Bush Should Be Prosecuted

Find out if your state has made recounting paper ballots illegal...

Rep. Conyers' letter to Rumsfeld: smoking bullet inside the smoking gun!

After Downing Street Dot Org: coalition supporting Resolution of Inquiry

CIA's EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION finally comes to the NY Times - sort of

I hope one day that the US will have "free and fair elections."

Announcing the John Conyers group


DNC Chairman Howard Dean says Georgia still in play for Dems