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Archives: June 12, 2005

When France sneezes ...

Dean Was Right (Will Pitt)

What if CNN hadn't happened? -- Mitch Albom

Michael Smith | Ministers were told of need for Gulf war ‘excuse’

WP: U.S. Campaign Produces Few Convictions on Terrorism Charges

Petition to Congress: Peak Oil Awareness

Plan to sell gold reserves worries some

PNA: Incitement in Palestinian Textbooks ‘a Myth’

I'm doing a copy and paste from Conyer's blog. Did anybody hear this?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 6/12/05

DNC announces National Lawyers Council for election reform

DU'ers listen online: Fitrakis claims Kerry knew about fraud !?!?

POLL BAD, VOTE COUNT GOOD: The RW (M)ost (O)utrageous (E)xcrement

Has the Consent of the Governed been withdrawn, YET?

Antiwar Activist Bids a Son Farewell (Sen Lourey in DC)

funny story

Looks like the Repubs have a new state chairman.

Burning to SVCD?

MSFT Outlook help. This stupid program just compacted most of my

CD-ROM drive not responding . ( this is for dweller :) )

Big congratulations to DUer jef4wi...

any WI DU at PrideFest today?

Democrats' virtue versus Republicans' "virtue": how to argue ?

gas company blues.....

Elliot Spitzer

Is "helping the police" helping us all anymore?

Is the video of the DNC meeting today posted anywhere?

GOP Sen. Suggests Closing Guantanamo Camp

Updates on Plame investigation? Kenny Boy trial?

NYTimes: "Interrogating Ourselves"

Eight leaked memo's of Iraq!

The DOD is turning all of our soldiers into mercs

New Googlebomb to implement.

Dustin Birch 22 dead in Iraq ..... come DU drop some love

I hope b*sh is not impeached....

WP-pgA1- Bush pads terror conviction #'s to push Patriot Act

75 Years Later

Did anyone else just hear Tweetys commencement address on CSPAN?

Dear Evangelical Christians looking for oil in Israel

You gotta hear Ray McGovern on BradBlog!

So I have an annoying Bush supporter's email addy ...

$100 Million for propaganda to make the Iraqis and Afghans like us?

Now I understand Sensenbrenner's actions

A different Da Nang (Come, frolic on vast expanses of sandy beaches)

Dean tells Dems: PEOPLE WANT US TO FIGHT!!!"

All That Matters Right Now Is....

War: Realities and Myth -- a must read

Deceptive television ads in campaigns illegal in WI

E&P: More Life on 'Downing Street' with Leak of New Document in London

Has the WP decided to become a newspaper again?

Sign The MoveOn Pac If You Haven't!

After DSM "Impeachment" is starting to sound do-able.

I hate to post a site that may have been posted before

Repukes are going batshit crazy over Dean. ROFL

MoveOn petition reaches 99%

Less than 5,000 signatures to go on Conyers petition

Cooper and Miller: Turds, Scapegoats, or ..... Hostages?

liberalism what it should be,,,

There are criminals and bad guys among us!!!!

can someone explain what that

The irony of this would be funny if it wasn't so damn sad

Hey,Mr. 700 Club,how do you explain 400 billion year old moon rocks?

On Progressive Taxation, or Freepernomics Disposed Of

How much of Blade Runner has come true?

Taser Gun Abuse In Portland Or.

Was there a South Park Episode featuring Paul Wellstone?

Why is it that everyone who is a cop on "cops" looks like steroids

This Yahoo article on the DSM needs a DU touch

Calling Gulf Coasters

Republicans are traitors...

What do you think will happen if we have the draft...

Black Republicans

Big Guns: When Cops Use Steroids

Editor of Bush climate report resigns

Mario Cuomo: "So step aside, Mr. Bush! You've had your parade!"

Collier cops cleared in Taser death

Democratic leaders back Dean, don't want 'wimp'

Our media is stupid! I have proof...

Now I understand why shrub took us out of the ICC in May of 2002

New UK Cabinet Paper leak, from Sunday Times today

Paul Wellstone ... just the latest?

Moron* is having a shitty month, boo fucking hoo! Things are building...

GREG PALAST with Bob McChesney for an hour -- Sunday 2pm EDT -- stream

Anyone just see Dan Rather

A Curious Thing About Sunday Times/Telegraph And The DSM...

Now that shrub's numbers are tanking,

First GD post!!!

There Are No Secrets In London...

Congressman Conyers blog 11 June 2005: Truly Provocative

Free Speech, Indecency, the FCC, the PTC, all at...

CSPAN Schedule Sunday June 12

WOW. Has everyone seen this corroborating evidence to go with DSM?

WashPost's report on Downing St Memo just hit the AP wire!

From now on, all Republicans and Taser Advocates shall be known as...

Ladies and Gentlemen.......we are at 99% . Only 5,000 sigs to go!!!

Poll shows We ARE the Values Party!

WP: Memo: U.S. Lacked Full Iraq Plan (DSM on A1)


For the first time in 4-1/2 years, I'm starting to believe in impeachment

"Redistribution of wealth is evil"

Anybody listening to BradBlog?

Ex-Oil Lobbyist Quits White House Job

General sees stronger ties between Iraqi-US troops

WP: Memo: U.S. Lacked Full Iraq Plan (includes DSM on A1)

WP/Pincus: Memo: U.S. Lacked Full Iraq Plan (Pg 1!!!)

WP: U.S. Campaign Produces Few Convictions on Terrorism Charges

WP: GOP Warms Up to Emissions Cuts

WP: Memo: U.S. Lacked Full Iraq Plan (includes DSM on A1)

Italian Fertility Votes to Test Benedict (Bishops urge voter boycott)

Sunday Times: The leak that changed minds on the Iraq war

Pakistan PM denies terror camps exist

Poll: Bush Job Approval Dips to New Low

Mystery of the nuclear whistleblower (brutal beating of Los Alamos auditor

WP: CAFTA in Peril on Capitol Hill

US regulator suppresses vital data on prescription drugs on sale

Teachers plan $50 million fight against Schwarzenegger agenda

NYT: Antiterror Head (Negroponte) Will Help Choose an F.B.I. Official

Protesters attempt to halt joint military exercise/ Australian, American

Gay-bash victim in coma (Brooklyn)

Antiwar Activist Bids a Son Farewell

AJC: FEC Questions Frist's Finances.

WP: Deep Throat's Daughter, The Kindred Free Spirit

WP: Dean Urges Appeal to Moral Values

Israel: A Vision of Oil in the Holy Land (Vision by Evangelical)

Bush and 50 Cent, check it out ----->>>>>>>

I'm "Hotter" than Paris Hilton

Little more on the passing of one of us, Ed Bishop of UFO

What picture thread did you want me start tonight?

Are you an American Idiot?

I'm dumber than you, and I can't prove it. nt

Bush awoke before dawn. He put his boots on. Took a face from...

Who in DU is the Genius Of Love

One more Post and I am out of the 700 club.

Hey Girl, Get The Frick Out of The Way!! LMAO!

Coolest World Cup Arena

I just met a lady named Dinah-Moe Humm

"Three hams will surely kill him."

I sure as shit DON'T FUCKING ROLL!Shomer Shabbos

The Great Commode in the Sky

Has anyone used supplement drinks?

Listen to Bonnaroo live for free

I'm off the wagon, as of NOW! yum beer...

Setting up an online store - anyone have any tips?

Right Now There Are 5 Guys In A Basement, Playing LAN Video Games

Yaaay! I finally got my garden planted!! With a cold even!


Attention photoshop experts....

Picture begging to be caption

I have a kind of stupid question regarding college in general:

Damn it! I have the hiccups

Favorite "One Hit Wonders" Song and Singer...

Supertroopers is on NOW. 10pm EDT Comedy Central.

CNN and NBC to merge to keep track of WWWA

PROG ALERT: Super Troopers on Comedy Central 10PM EST

Movie Alert: " The Big Sleep " is on TCM at 10:00 p.m.

I'm kicking up threads with no replies from Page 20....

Bananarama 2005

An ice-cold frosty bottle of IBC Diet Root Beer.


I want to share with the Lounge, a couple of pictures.. (scenery)

Speaking Of Dumb. I Can't Get My Avatar To Work.

Anyone like Aqua Teen?

How many of you are not in an urban area right now?

I'm grinding my teeth.

Tonight's photo thread. Something for everyone who voted in

Naked bike riding anyone? (pic)

Aw the Screwdiver... My moment of private happiness

Bob Evans Restaurants -- Patooey! They are DEAD to Me!

Football fans - Who will win the AFC East this year??

Football fans - Who will win the AFC North this year??

Dylan interview on "60 Minutes" re-airing tomorrow night n/t

Your favorite fictional narcotics officer?

The greatest first sixty seconds of a song ever

Football fans - Who will win the AFC South this year??

Football fans - Who will win the NFC East this year??

Football fans - Who will win the NFC South this year??

Blues Trivia pt. 2

If Stormtroopers are Clones, why are the voices different in the original

Football fans - Who will win the AFC West this year??

Anyone else in the Memphis area see that beautiful sky?

Football fans - Who will win the NFC West this year??

Hey, dammit, I FINALLY passed 4000 posts

Tom Cruise is after you.. He'll make you EAT Scientology

WTF??? Britney Spears has a reality show?????

As if five Viking threads aren't enough ..... This one is cool.

I just watched of Lemony Snicket. I thought it was boring. Actually

Football Fans- Who Will Win the AFC North This Year?

Football fans - Who will win the NFC North this year??

If only you could see what I've seen through your eyes.

Any Nazareth fans out there?


I liked "Ghost" with Swayze,Moore and Goldberg.

Lyrics to an excellent old Aerosmith song

I only ate 700 calories today, ask me anything!

Say something nice about General Motors!

WTF? Where is the "the fun's over" thread?

"Every day, I get up and pray to Jah..."

Cats use fax as toilet, spark house fire

My songs that start with "I' kick plenty ass

I'm only fifteen posts away from 3000. Ask me anything.

Who else is watching boxing on HBO?

"Son, do not call me DUDE again....

This cat is a Freeper!

Best advertising slogan

Not to sound like a total dumbass, but can someone please tell me what

I'm listening to Jeff Beck for the first time

Yngwie Malmsteen

What's mo' funner?

I'm making "Garlic Mash" for work tomorrow.

A friend I made at a DU cookout today

Mike Tyson quits after 6th, calls it a career (6th round TKO)

Have you ever actually watched a paid televison ad- the 30 minute kind?

The moment Metallica jumped the shark.

Check out this prick!

The deeper you dig into the DSM, the more dirt you find

Grrls having FUN at Cat's Meow.

What kind of drunk are you?

IFC is having "Punk Month" in July.

Saturday Night Karaoke Cam, Cat's Meow, Bourbon Street.

I'm enjoying a nice cigar right now.

I'm 6 post away from 4000, ask me anything

Marlin Perkins, Marlin Manson, Marlin Monroe, or Marlin Brando

I'm listening to Barry White right now

If you could have any other name what would it be?


Tom Cruise is a total loser, a shithead, and a fuck face!

Bizarre Sex Habits of The Extreme Right-Wing

Post the lyrics of the song you're listening to right now

Feel like being pissed off? Read this:

"Snuck" IS a word.

Anybody have any suggestions for a natural diuretic?

I just tried an Arbor Mist wine mixture.

What would you do if someone offered you this list of books?

Hey guys,why are sciengologists hitting celebrities?

NJ: The Nation's Turkish Bath.

Do you feel that Miller Lite is less filling?

I like buttons! Do you?

It's your turn. Rag on your least favorite university and give a reason..

Canadians watching the new Doctor Who series... (VERY minor spoilers)

OK ...My newly framed painting from Longgrain, home at last!

Who drinks sugar water?

Top this matcom. :-D

Crap. I just passed 5000 posts and I missed it.

Post your initials here.

Has anyone seen the movie "What the bleep do we know"?

Let me share with you another reason to love Private Insurance Companies

Canadians outsourcing the North Magnetic Pole......

A Short History of the Gay Right

LEONARD PITTS JR.: Stop calling it gay marriage

Gay teen in reeducation camp blogging

I quit

Anybody familiar with the symbolism represented in this old print?


Are you all familiar with the rBr (Reluctant Bush Responder) hypothesis?

NYTimes' Frank Rich: Don't Follow The Money...Follow the Bait and Switch

Blade article removed: BWC scandal put Presidential Election in Question

When Republicans get caught, they find God: Example #84154443254

"an incident in the No Fly Zones."

HuffPost, Justin Raimondo: Our Freedom Tower and Theirs

How do I defend the virtue of the Democratic Party ?

Breaking News on the Latest page, DSM2?

Check out the Website for Sensenbrenner's Opponent--Endorsed by DFA

um... is this the new and better D.S.M.???

Sensenbrenner is such a creepy man

Sensenbrenner pacifier crusade

MyDD, Obama: "A More Perfect Union"

TPMCafe, Ed Kilgore(DLC) and his take on The Dean Flap

I finally heard Mike Malloy

WE Have To Thank Rupert Murdoch

We need to edit Wikipedia's article on Sensenbrenner!


Someone get Conyers a wheel barrow.

THE BUSH GOSPEL for all your Sunday Services!

The leak that changed minds on the Iraq war

Thoughts on the 9/11 memorial "controversy"

ACLU Statement on religious freedom - very succinct

Ben Nelson has a 52% lifetime ACU rating, Chuck Hagel has an 85%

uh oh could this be the first step

How Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner Lost His Way

Watergate and the balance of power?

Photos of LA Demonstration against Ahhnuld

Democratic leaders back Dean, don't want 'wimp'

Donna Brazile spreading inside conversations to the media

Top reasons to vote Republican in 2006

Keep pressure on Congress, re: Downing Memos

"... even calls into quetion the results of the election." Rep. Brown OH

Va. Gov. Mark Warner hires Gore advisor...possible presidential run

Cooney Resigns After NY Times Expose

New British memo: U.S. gave 'little thought' to Iraq war aftermath

Rob Kall/Dean is Doing What We Hired Him To Do

Abuse of Detainees. Needed: A full probe. (Philly Inquirer)

Conflicted Iraqi military ponders its future without US (Boston Globe)

The American people have been had

A missing story? (Manning Pynn)

Bush adopts new notion of states' rights

Howard Dean Will Not Be Silenced

Catastrophically counterproductive (Roanoke Times)

Code of conduct needed to block shady science

LAT: Shift to Green:corporations backing measures to reduce global warming

"Gore is transforming into fiery climate evangelist"

Gitmo, Koran by Juan Cole

WP: Iraq Used For Transit Of Drugs, Officials Say

WP: The Terrorism Case That Wasn't -- and Still Is

Kathleen Parker (Conservative) On Dean's Remarks

Mr. Bubble...NY Times

Dean's mouth gives the Democrats plenty to talk about.

Carl Hiaasen(Miami Herald): In Gitmo, diet rich in carbs, lean on rights

Longevity Crisis? Kill Grandma

Muzzled Activist in an Age of Terror.

Cheney Criticizes Dean Over Remarks

LA Times editorial - Leading with his Lip

Bush's 'Happy Thoughts' Death Trap (excellent article)

"Transformative Politics Is Not For Sissies." (On Dean's Tactics)

Released files indicate FBI spying on activists (Yes! Weekly / NC)

Scream 2: The Sequel (Rainmaker Dean narrows DNC fundraising gap with GOP)

Lower expectation, less accountability

Mother shut boy in basement to protect him from pit bull

Public starts to get a fix on 'fixing' intelligence (Boston Globe)

War: Realities and Myths by Chris Hedges

Article by Eric Margolis sums up Iraq war and Bush very well

Pentagon hires firms to polish U.S. image abroad

Construction of huge US military base in Qatar -- summer 2002

Oregonian Public Editor -- still spinning.not covering DSM

More Blood For Less Oil?

Attention Deficit Disorder---(kill your television)

Revealed: how New York's old money shuts its doors against the nouveau ric

A country divided by Christ

Anti-war protesters miffed at honking citations (CA)

Act now: Community Internet access is under attack in Congress

Justice at Guantanamo? 60 Minutes Tonight

Two guys, a girl and their veggie mobile

Letter trove provides window on Nazi labor camps

The long march to evil - CN

Ten arrested in military protest (Down Under)

PA donor states: Israel must relinquish control over Rafah

One Jerusalem for two nations

Fatah admits murdered Bethlehem 'collaborators' were innocent

Palestinians Issue Disarmament Conditions

The paradox of Jerusalem

PA frees 3 jailed for Stage bombing

Hamas, Jihad threaten to call off truce

Israel asks Egypt for Gaza help

Defense sources: Executed Palestinians were not collaborators

What are you reading?

Hamas must be boycotted till it halts terror, U.K.'s Straw tells Haaretz

A state of displaced people (Ha'aretz editorial)

PA On Verge of Collapse

LA Times on blocked investigation

Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse Likely A Controlled Demolition

Why did only Sweeney and Ong phone officials on 911?

What Does Representative John Murtha Know About 9/11?

Which Flight 77 Hijacker is "Mosear Caned"?


Peace Patriot Please Publish!

NOW - Sunday 2 PST - radio: Fitrakis claims Kerry knew about fraud !?!?

GOP turns to Censorship of Congresional Hearing

This is the NICE Bruce O'Dell thread

State checks voting-machine firms' backgrounds

(CA) State set to give Diebold the OK

HEADS UP: Bob Fitrakis on 'The Brad Show' RIGHT NOW

Conyers: Unless we act...our dem. will suffer a potentially fatal blow

Jerry Springer to discuss Coingate and Ohio on 6/13

Toledo Blade 6/12: Dems to meet Dean to discuss Ohio fraud

Announcing a National Election Reform Conference

great efraud flash

Are Californian's aware that

Did we just have an earthquake in So. Cal?

Arnie's FoistFest 2005: Special election - it's on

Anyone go to the Hall of Fame dinner in CR with Dean last night?

Rep Barney Frank at 5:00 today

'Cuz I just learned how to post photos...

Labor Day Weekend, Stalled Traffic, Cape Cod, Highway Blogging. You In?

Is there a special cord I should use for my dial-up? I use my regular tel

Migrate boot disk, XP, same computer

MS Outlook ate all my emails for the last 1.5 years!

Can't launch my VPN client since virus incident

Deep-six coroner secrecy bill

Ops wrong forum

Blade-Ohio has to go to Bermuda to sue for missing $215M

Looking for Gunderson Steel Fabrication information / anecdotes

Where we supposed to get any kind of registration materials for Democracy

Is this accurate about James Sensenbrenner's 2004 election?

This anti-gay ad was supposed to be pulled but it was just on NBC

I am 90% done with the Winnebago County Dems site

Feingold made a great convention moment.

Dem Party of Wisconsin Resolves to Impeach Bush, Cheney, etal

More Convention Pics

Rather on C-Span right now.

Response from my Representative.

Gay Rights/Schools

Bush lies again

anybody ever use one of these? . . .

The 14 points of Fascism

Only this mis-administration can make things seem so ugly

Secret vote on PA angers some conservatives

Here's your chance to question Joe Biden on Meet The Press tomorrow!

Check out the headline at Buzzflash (Tell me they're not pissed!)


DMS_1 & House Resolution for Exit strategy in Iraq (Boston Globe)

If the Runaway Bride had to pay for her lie

Sensenbrenner blow up repeating today on c-span

Is it a crime?

Rice In Concert

A Suggestion to the House Chaplain…

"Insurgents" fire upon occupying army.

On tweety matthew show...they were discussing "dizzy dean"...

"Dean Stepped Over the Line"...what about bush you dumbasses?

DSM being covered on CSPAN 1 NOW.... eom.

Common Ground within the Party


One bullet could have accomplished the goal of getting rid of Saddam...

DU should have a C-Span Forum

Downing Street Minutes and the Bolton UN Connection

Freeway Blog Downing Street Memo -

Got a good comment on my bumper stickers

Fox's spin on DSM - today:

gimme the reader's digest version of the DSM in one sentence

We need more examples of Democrats fighting...

Springer re: Howard Dean. Springer was addressing a bunch of PD's at a

O.K., Who Here Got Rep. Walter JONES (R-SC) into the Light

Labor Day Weekend, Stalled Traffic, Cape Cod, Highway Blogging. You In?

Complete timeline of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq: The decision to invade Ira

Is America now the evil empire?

Is DU running extremely slow or am I just imagining things....

When you want to hollar "WELL, DUH!" at the tv:


Do Not Allow Them To Divert Attention To Post War Planning

How do I respond to an Active Military about this ?

YOU are helping destroy the world...

Ever notice?

Emergency polio campaign to be launched in Iraq

Did anyone see Rod Nordland from Newsweek on Wash.Jour.?

remember Scott Ritter?

Hey, check out this Something Awful story

LOL dsm on "inside washington" with gordon peterson


Bastard Nazi Freepers are voting down the DSM yahoo article

Face the Nation thread 1

Criminal case against HALLIBURTON in Kazakhstan

US troops fire on Iraqis for driving too slowly

Jeeezuz, now Judy Woodruff is on MTP

Meet The Press - 6/12

Talking Heads Schedule

CNN is finally starting to acknowledge the DSM stink, albeit indirectly...

You will never believe what is going to be on Dateline tonight.

CNN mini-piece on Dean

David Sedaris - This American Life

Why haven't I heard about the mysterious "18,181" vote totals before?

David Broder is WRONG on MTP. The MEDIA is DEAD.

Gen. Wesley Clark on CSPAN2 now...

I wish Juan Williams would leave FAUX NEWS!

If you ask me, our country's society is a mess:

Letter to editor that hits the nail on the head

FREE ZACH--Gay Tenn. teenager held in brainwashing camp--

I see many hopeful signs among the younger generation.

Yesterday, my husband was watching "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson. I pouted

Skills Based Selective Service Draft

498,531 Signatures (99%) - Just Hours to Go

Do Americans KNOW how to have a revolution?

It seems like everyone in this administration has to be a made man.

Air Force Academy INFESTED W/Religious Intolerance

St. Petersburg Times: The American people have been had

Why do people still believe anything that comes out of this administration

FOX is talking about the July 21 British memo, on now!

SF Chron: Lodi "terror" arrest may be another confused name

Suffolk tombs hold key to US founding father

Anyone watch George Stephanopolis this morning?

499,149 Maybe an Hour to Go

What will happen when the full weight of the DSM comes down on Bush?

American Concentration Camps aka Civilian Inmate Labor Program

FYI, the Minuteman press release (didn't see it elsewhere)

Trapping Cambodia's sex tourists

Senator Clinton tells the media to get a spine!

Mother shut boy in basement to protect him from pit bull

FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Locations and Executive Orders

My Sunday morning news roundup

Constitution? We aint got no constitution!

Reliable Sources on CNN?

Patriot Act: Is any of it worth keeping?

Oooooo.... We sound so ...SUBVERSIVE!!!

Send that fucking punk Matthews an e-mail.

"Losing Moses on the Freeway"

Those who are not White Male Christians are welcome in the GOP

remember the GOP Convention? All Black Stars, All White Audience

Pricking the Public Psyche - a comment and suggestion

Tycoon recruits Cherie Blair for luxury PR stunt

Some context on why the smiling American faces have been replaced by the

"Secret papers show Blair was warned of Iraq chaos" 9/18/2004

Less than 50 to make 500,000!!!!!!!! n/t

Spineless dems

499,173 Less than a thousand to go!

Sixties nostalgia? Neocon irony.

Does WP reporter Pincus work for the CIA?

Will You Be the 500,000th Person to Sign?

Create the Conditions. Where have we heard that before? In the PNAC

LTTE Saturday's Cape Cod Times AWESOME

cnn just read two emails from listeners saying that the Downing

Question: How could Dean hurt something that is already moribund?

The fundies now "own" the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

6 signatures to go

Dean-Bashing Fest on Chris Matthews show today >

Way to go Patriot Act!! Keeping those terra-ists like my fiancee

Exit Strategy, Old American Century......

Bush* insists the world give up it's weapons...yet we are stockpiling.

Clear views from across the big pond..... refreshing.

Lebanese voter beats Bush* effigy with her shoe

One dummy on ABC just stated that Scalia and Thomas

Feds. won't let dairy lower prices for milk - really

More ammo out of Britain! Blair Briefing memo!!

We cannot compare Watergate to Bush's war

DSM, "coingate", Repukes cutting microphones, Enron, Conyers and more

Interesting Raymond Chandler passage on cops and politicians

How to frame the debate over our energy future-

We need a law

A political truck

Keep these numbers in mind: 3,000 and 360,000

Purple Heart Bandaid Wearing Repugs - My Daughter's Experience

cnn will do segment on DSM--coming up--they just had the teaser.

One minute after the USA leaves Iraq an anti-American hard line

can't we effectively torture p.o.w.'s at our own stateside facilities?

DU this DSM poll please!

Ewwww. I got a letter from Rick Santorum

am considering going to see Congressman Frank

Is there any way that Dean, or someone else, expose the media's hypocrisy?

How Soon Will the Mass Desertions from Bush Begin?

Damsel In Distress

Sonoma County Democracy for America - June 15th Call to Action


Why is the world a better place without Saddam?

This is rich, should DUers who disagree with Dean leave the party?

3,000 and 360,000

Racism 21st Century

Idea - The Reinforcement of American Freedom Act

Has Joe Klien ever said he's a Democrat?

‘Minutemen’ gear up for mainstream movement

Do people believe Democrats are responsible for the mess we have?

In the defense of tin-foil hats.

Since when did Conservatism equal Intrusionism?

I think Howard Dean is in the perfect job...

Does Joe Klien have just one redeeming social value?

Will you be covering this and airing it?

HELP: How many British memos are there now?

When Conservatives Collide

Police Avert Attack On HALLIBURTON in Nigeria: They don't pay their bills!

Be Ready for really dirty stuff

Description of repubs - the gloves come off

Some DSM Context/Amunition

What's more sad ? People that think bush* is in control or

Letter to my Senators re Briitish invasion planning docs (DSM, etc.)

Unionizing Temporary workers?

The question simply must be asked

Newest tactic of those fighting against the DSM

How to argue with a Republican.

Dean forgot to include "fat." republicans all look like funeral directors.

Which WH Media Whore Should Recieve "Best" Award From Cheney Tomorrow

Should we start a DU Labor Issues group?

have yall seen this sticker yet??

GREAT slam by NY Time's Frank Rich on media Felt / Iraq coverage

Any Chance On Attending The Hearing?

Anybody watch "Into the West"?

"You will go the way of the Nixon supporter."

I want this bumper sticker

On CSPAN re: Guantanamo: "Just Kill them where we find them."

1702? When? Four higher than this morning.

A Mass Grave In Bagdad

Must-listen interviews w/ Justin Raimondo re: neo-cons, east Europe, etc.

More proof that PBS is the turning to the dark side...

ONCE MORE!!! C-SPAN The Patriot Act hearing..Sensenbrenner fit!

What exactly is a "neoconservative"?

It just occurred to me...about the news of

I made it! ...... MY 1000 Post!

Grow Your Own

Conyers, Downing Street and YOU...

Will there be any reportial books about the Bush Adminstration?

Impeach Dick Too! He's guilty ! War profiteering bastard; never elected

"Red Meat" comic disses O'Really

"A large percentage of the posters on DU have occultic/satanic avatars"

June 12,2005 what have the Republicans done for you?

Any news lately on this last boy scout?


So WP & AP finally take on the DSM & the bs lead is no "postwar planning"?

CNN may be covering downing street memo on Wolfie!!!

bio of Dean: he has won quite a few races, dickhead

Who do you LOVE?

Top 2006 campaign issue - Impeachment

Please DU this poll

is there a tactful way to tell a stupid idiot that he's a moron?

This reminds me of the 1993 movie "Rudy"

So lets name all the "wag the dog"ish moments of this war..

If we started a 3rd party, what would you want in the platform?

Bush has simply ignored the letter from Dems in Congress

What Dean flap can teach us about DSM and other issues

Weird question -- Re: Super glue injected into a deadbolt lock

How would you compose a letter to a conservative Congressman re: DSM?

story on Dean on CNN now n/t

Comprehensive list of email addresses to be used in a bulk mailing

Baby deaths don't shake church's faith

Cheney is criticizing Dean because he doesn't want him to hurt....

Fox Sunday: Hume and Kristol bicker over Gitmo fate - (VIDEO)

Here's a zip file of 6 of the "Downing Street" documents

Is this just TOO deceitful an idea?

Bike Summer lets L.A. put mettle to pedal

The opposition is calling in the Clinton defense.

Building Iraq's Army: Mission Improbable

When Conyers Walks Down To The White House Where Will You Be?

Thoughts on those who disagree with Dean's remarks

Petition to demand Congress investigate ex-gay "gulags"

"My Fellow Americans...either raise my poll numbers...or I'll...I'll...

How's this for a stupid comparison?

...Health Care: Americans pay MORE, get LESS...:

Marine recruiters wear down, practically kidnap potential recruit

Shouldn't any discussion about FOX News or for that matter.....

Fox NewsWatch: Downing Memo; Hillary Slams Press - (VIDEO)

HDTV convergence

Curious - what page in YOUR paper is the DSM story on?

Police Reviewing Officer's Use Of Taser On 12-Year-Old

Must have passed 500,000 (Conyers letter), counter has been deleted!

DSM hits Yahoo world news

When Tony Blair goes down, will we think impeachment?

DU members....Please Stop the Hate!

Sometimes I wish that I could give the cons a world without liberals

POLL: Cause of Dean flap

Will the whistleblowers inside the US and UK gov't please....

In 2003 I said Bush was melba and would be impeached for lying about Iraq

Cyclists flesh out their stand against cars — and clothes

DU this CNN Poll: Is Dean helping or hurting the party?

Knight Ridder kicks the AP's ass on the Downing Street Memo (MUST READ!)

Republican defense of torture tactics..Orange glazed chicken!!


How Should Howard Respond To Dick?

For those who would back Kurita over Harold Ford read this. . .

I'm ashamed to be an American....

Rep. Harold Ford...STFU

Deadly explosions hit two Iran cities

"Maybe his mother loved him." Cheney sure has class.

I see where F9/11 is going to premiere on Showtime

Dateline NBC going to pretend Bush is a dog-loving wonderful person in

Oh the twisted logic, RE: CNN Dean poll/Freepers

I love it when this happens....

YOU are being complicit in tyranny everytime you distract from it.

Cheney's remark about Dean is geared to perpetuate the Dean conflict/story

We MUST demand Sensenbrenner's RESIGNATION!!!

An IED blew off my neighbor's son's arm. The soldier next to him...

The white house says there was lots of planning for the post war..

Shinnecock Tribes plans lawsuit, seeks most of the Hamptons

Will Bush hit the Rapture Button before leaving office?

When do we march on Washington if a Draft is re-instated?

So, there IS a new Deep Throat.

Laugh break - hilarious dubbed VIDEO of * and Blair declaring their love

More babies, young kids going hungry in US

are the *'s daughters 'snowflake' babies?

A newspaper's ombudsman talks about the DSM -- Interesting!

Voting Link for Discovery Ch's "25 Greatest Americans"

CHENEY has spoken: NO plans to close Gitmo

"Texas Governor Mobilizes Evangelicals": "I can legislate morality"

Novel idea: A Dean bashing group

Why is sMel Martinez proposing to close GitMo?

NOT MEMO - MINUTES, MINUTES are more Legally Binding

were the federalists

Is this for real? Is the US this totalitarian?

CNN poll

Now That You've Signed The Conyers Letter Go To The Next Step

Please help! City of Beijing has passed unfair law to confiscate dogs

CBS news leads with repub criticism of bush


Joe Wilson and Richard Dearlove to testify at Conyer's hearing?

Fire Tom DeLay petition, please sign, almost to 500.000 sigs

The DSM hearings: the 15th? the 16th?

Latest in from Washington: Congress to hold hearings on DSM.

I bought some of that "Glass Chalk"

CHENEY: "Dean has never won anything, as best as I can tell."

Kinsley stabs Conyers & everyone pissed about BushCo's war in the back.

Clue To Christian Churches -- Unlock Your Doors

Can we reduce the number of seniors in time to save the welfare state?

The problem with Iraq

An Open Letter to Dr. Dobson - Focus on the Family

Hey Lynne Cheney: "THIS IS NOT A GOOD MAN"

Simple question for those telling Ford to STFU

Rape victims victimized again by bush theocracy

Why is Dean the issue when Bush is tanking in the polls?

Let's try something new - things Dean has done right

A positive left alternative to "personal accounts."

A Strategy of Lies (Col. Sam Gardiner)

H.R. 551: The Student Privacy Protection Act

Visualizing 1,700 (if that is even possible)

Your child is the work of the devil, Church tells world's oldest mother

little observation about Support Our troops magnets

The "Current Threat Level" is ELEVATED--(Yellow) according to CNN

1,700 dead, 19,262 wounded, 6,454 wounded & returned to duty, on our side


Fox Sunday: Is Gitmo a Gulag or Gourmet Bistro? - (VIDEO)

Dem Party of Wisconsin Resolves to Impeach Bush, Cheney, etal


"it is necessary to create the conditions ..."

Democracy in Action?

CNN Reliable Sources: Biased media buries Downing Memo - (VIDEO)

Standing Up To Tyranny - Who's Responsibility?

How can one defeat an "insurgency"? This is their home, they aren't

IF your young child murdered a sibling. What would you do?

A/P's first and only article on the DSM is DISAPPEARING!

I can't WAIT to Fire Up my Diesel Powered "I Told You So" Machine

Every Democrat Who Criticized Dean Last Week Should Now Denounce Cheney

Should a police officer be able to subdue an unruly child without a taser?

Who is the Greatest American, if you can vote for anyone?

Is 'memogate' an embarrassment to the US media? London Times wants to hear

Darfur? Fuck 'em. They don't have the resources to attract US business.,

Michael Moore asks for your help!

1 in 600 Americans have signed Conyers Letter

Let's get this straight . . .

Sick of Tom Delay? Lets Hammer him!! - - - Keep this kicked - - -

Has anyone tried hamburgers made with Hidden Valley

BC DUers - Question about the BOWMAC sign


Frist's finances questioned; Experts see violation of campaign rules

Pakistani 'honor' rape suspects to go free -- again

"More Life on DSM' with Leak of New Document"

Fire, flood kill 95 people in China

White House official resigns after climate documents flap (ah ha)

NYT/AP: Blast Derails Moscow-Bound Train

LAT: Shift to Green:corporations backing measures to reduce global warming

Court Files Shed Light on DeLay's PAC Ties -LAT

DeLay's charity for children under fire

(OH) Coin Scandal Resonates to DC

CNN is finally starting to acknowledge the DSM stink, albeit indirectly...

FOX is talking about the July 21 British memo, on now!


Wolfowitz on Africa trip in wake of debt deal

Your child is the work of the devil, Church tells world's oldest mother

Blair embarks on G8 summit talks

LAT: Nuclear Waste Outpaces Solutions (major Times story)

Many in U.S., Canada View China as Threat

Laredo soldier dies in Iraq on last day before return

Nuclear plants vulnerable to attack

U.S. Deaths From Roadside Bombs 41% Higher Than Last Year;

Mandela, Stars Make Plea at AIDS Concert

Insurgents Fire Mortar Rounds at Funeral (killing two)

Banned Contractor Soliciting Iraq Deals (Custer Battles)

Dean renews attacks on Republicans

Pink Floyd to play Live 8 Show! (BBC News)

White House official who edited global warming reports resigns

U.S. Asks Others to Pressure Iraq to Be Inclusive

Insurgents'' financier turns himself in to Iraqi authorities

CNN: 20 Bodies found near Baghdad show signs of torture, Iraqi Police say

Bound corpses found near firing range in Iraq

UW professor holds North Korea talks

French hostage released in Iraq

Banned Contractor Soliciting Iraq Deals

Man accused of selling secrets to Iraq says he's U.S. AGENT

Winning or losing in Iraq (optimistic officer vs. pessimistic enlisted)

Nerve Agent Spills at Indiana Facility

Iraq Used For Transit Of Drugs, Officials Say

Police Reviewing Officer's Use Of Taser On 12-Year-Old

Four U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Cheney Deflects Calls to Close Gitmo

New Bolivian president meets with protest leaders

Anti-gay protesters opposed by 20 times as many locals- Tracy, CA

Democratic leader’s affiliation with Chamber raises eyebrows

Militant Castro Foe Faces Uncertain Future ( * is looking for a safe home

Scream 2: The Sequel (Rainmaker Dean narrows DNC fundraising gap with GOP)

Patriot Act Push Angers Some on Right

Cheney: No plans to shut Guantanamo jail

At scene of Iraq air strikes, casualties unclear (no bodies found)

Protesters stop Lalu's train near Barauni (Railway Minister / India)

S. Korea:Cloning pioneer hopes to work with Baylor(US fed $ not allowed)

Kurds elect Barzani president

Coin scandal concerns resonate to D.C. (Toledo Blade)

War divides; pride unites (Stats of military town's feelings re: Iraq)

Who Keeps Tabs on Contractors in Iraq?

Texas Governor Mobilizes Evangelicals

No draft for now, official reports

Chavez Says U.S. Free-Market Policies Led to Bolivia Crisis

Military action won't end insurgency, growing number of U.S. officers say

TIME: Inside The Interrogation Of Detainee 063 (20th Hijacker)

White House Disputes U.S. Lacked Planning on Iraq (Reuters)

Syria says U.S. accusations like those of Iraq WMD

At scene of Iraq air strikes, casualties unclear (children's clothes...)

Bombs kill several in IRAN city

Hundreds protest Klan in Tomball

Reuters: Democratic leaders back Dean, don't want 'wimp'

Cheney Deflects Calls to Close Gitmo

Republican lawmakers urge shift in U.S. Iraq plans- woohoo

British Memo(#3) Blasts Iraq Planning (CBS/AP)

Cheney Criticizes Dean Over Remarks

Anti-Syrian Candidates Concede in Lebanon

The power struggle in CALIFORNIA - Arnold versus public workers

Venezuela's Chavez blames Bush for Bolivia crisis

US will 'have to face' military draft dilemma: senator (Biden)

5.6 Earthquake S. CAL

Iraqis unmoved by call to withdraw food and oil subsidies

Lawmaker's home sale questioned

Judges order disclosure of secret study on GM risks

Heat wave fries Central Canada ("extreme heat emergency")

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Crosses 1,700

Secret vote on Patriot Act angers some conservatives

MSNBC: U.S. produces fewer terror convictions than officials claim

Ex-soldier prompts probe with stories, pictures from Iraq

Domestic Violence Drops by More Than Half

America apologises for the horrors of lynching (The Observer)

Microsoft bans 'democracy' for China web users - Moneycentral

TVLand showing "Scarecrow & Mrs. King.....just finished up

"The representative from California has the floor"


Did anyone watch the Tyson fight tonite?

What should I do tomorrow?

Hello, my name is Johnny Cash

Hurdy Gurdy Man.

It's 1:30 and I have been at work by myself since 10:30 AM

Life is good: White Sox lose and the Cubs win.

It's 1:25a.m. Why are there birds chirping outside?

Do dreadlocks look cool?

Just for Men

im bored...

Silence is Sexy...

People I'm impressed by:

This just in - I'm boring

I just came back from a party with one of my friends who is a Marine

Any Nick Drake fans???

You can start by wiping that fucking dumbass grin of your ROSY fucking

Nature or Nurture

It's 2:37, why are the cats barking outside.

Okay, okay... I've been ignoring them but I must ask - why all the posts..

Giant Rabbit (with war criminal)!

mommy cat update

This is one of my favorite times to be on the DU .

its nearly 4 why are YOU still up?

I just found this link on the baby site

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Do you say Bush or Retarded scumbag ?

Got a good comment on my bumper stickers

Ultimate geek keyboard

Does this render properly in IE, Opera, Safari. ect...

Kirstie Alley's weight loss program: Why J. Craig and NOT Scientology?

I dream a little dream and it ends up on the Greatest Page

Typing Question

self delete nt

I will likely be moving in a couple of months...

Someone is enjoying his salad.

Big Guns: When Cops Use Steroids

Fishermen snare yellow submarine

I'm a 35 inch waist damn it

It's so humid out...


Just felt a light earthquake in San Diego


I've got to find a job ASAP.

Arrest for 'gay' horse jibe is absurd, says Tatchell

hostess gift ideas -- no flowers...

Miles Davis 'Round About Midnight Legacy Edition, 9 live Coltrane tracks

DU artwork is always appreciated

Pink Floyd reuniting for Live 8..WITH EFFING ROGER WATERS, folks!

Whoa, earthquake!

How do you preserve a 4-leaf clover?

Desperately in need of topic ideas for phone call

Job searching in Washington DC.


New Rule: no astronomer shall be allowed to use the following adjective...

Wow! I just inherited some money from Dennis Thatcher!

Who wants a slice?

Let me tell you about my cousin Mike.

Medical types, your thoughts please.

Damn, I got some knowledge from my fortune cookie

I'm the only Democrat in my small department! It is fun

Politically Correct Speak....

Oh shit, there's a trojan on my computer

Not only does "Tom Goes to the Mayor" suck

America FUCK YEAH!

Your Pink Floyd set list for Live 8?

Guy James: "Michelle Malkin. Uh, let's see, I don't wanna bother with her"

Do we still post "ask me anything" and copycat threads here?

finally, a way to bring the thing together and I have DU to thank...

The Secret Neocon’s other Masquerade ball

do we still roast copycat and "ask me anything" threads here?

Do we still post copycat and "ask me anything" threads here?

Has Anybody Seen the Movie, BROTHERS?

My house smells from the three bums in my living room

The GOP's Top 5 Hottest Hunks

Bush plans next radio address

If you could insert any dialogue in a Star Wars film...

I just had a Sonic try to charge me 25% sales tax


Looser/loser does it drive anyone else crazy?

I love my Dish Network, but I become totally pissed off

Would someone PM the Lost Toys URL Please ?

Worst bumpersticker ever

If I can't sell it, I'm gonna keep sittin on it.

145,467 and counting

I have a job interview tomorrow evening and have an infected stye.

Poor kid: looks just like her father

What's the max MPH you can drive on a spare tire?

Do you believe in coincidence?

Are you going to watch Deadzone tonight?

Today's first for me; two rants in a row

What is your favorite film genre?

I'm feeling more politically revved up..


Yearly compensation for TBN's Paul & Jan Crouch: $764,700. + perks

Please help with this poll

I'm going grocery shopping. Anyone need anything? nt

Yeah, you're gonna say it's never happened to you... (comic)

My attitude toward people who come to devour liberals

Dirty Potatoe Chips

"Dubya is a poopweasel!" Give me your less obscene obscenities

How to Spot a Killer Whackjob

Is anyone else looking at the Pistons vs Spurs as

I just saw Seven Samurai

We rented the movie DEBS last night

DU members....Please Stop the Hate!

Nothing is More Distracting than a White Woman

I just watched "Hotel Rwanda," and I'm ashamed of my government. nt

Found a way to get Money 99 to run on XP SP2. What a

Ha- Rather good ha sa new cat dance thingy

The Mars Volta - anybody listen to them??


I really like my Girlfriend

I'm having a hysterectomy on Friday.

Need help...


Cats use fax as toilet, spark house fire

I just want to say

what did you think of Dodgeball?

Alright....I admit it.

Paris Hilton gets snubbed at LA Pride.

Matisyahu to be at Vintage Vinyl in St Louis

Is anyone even gonna bother to watch "Greatest American?"

M-m-m-m-m...Whiskey steaks tonight.

Rented Meet the Fockers last night - oh my god what an awful movie

**JimmyJazz, LynneSin & Joan_Alpern becoming nuns: a lounge exclusive**

Two new Texas liberals were born at 1 pm today.

HILARIOUS dubbed VIDEO - Blair & Dubya declaring their love - MUST SEE

"My Husband won't let me cut my hair"

Make $5000/day picking mushrooms

Weird question -- Re: Super glue injected into a deadbolt lock

How smart are you?

I don't like the "Americanized" version of Iron Chef

Two kids given $5 each and told by mom to "pack and leave" .

I'm never buying fruit at the grocery store again...

recorded phone calls from anti-gay phone company ...

You Should Be Dancing.

Why Did They Have To Kill 'The Honeymooners'?

Look who is visiting my house (dial-up warning)

Just got back from kitty emergency vet run, she'll be ok!

What does one do before a "blue screen" appears on "XP Pro"?

Favourite Sport?

It doesn't seem like 7 years since we lost Phil Hartman.

Least dignified TV ad voiceover work (for more or less famous actors)

why does suck so bad???

Do you believe in ghosts?? (I'm serious)

Pink Floyd to play Live 8 Show! (BBC News)

Is this illegal? (Cuban grapefruit juice question)

Well, I had "the talk" with my son today.

My Ebay auction: I'm trying to get rid of stuff

Life in your new world turning 'round and 'round.

So, what do you do with *this* kid?

"A large percentage of the posters on DU have occultic/satanic avatars"

Modem Doesn't Live Here Anymore

having a nostalgia moment here . . .

Tom Cruise: "If they don't like it, f--- them, f--- off."

Summertime's a beach for us. Whatchoo got planned?

I made it! ...... MY 1000 Post!

HDTV Makes People Ugly

Any shortwave radio enthusiasts here?

This dog is in for the shock of his life.

FISH! It's what's for dinner

What am I watching on FX?

A Sunday Morning Stroll in a Wildlife/Wetlands Preserve

Who has used a clay bar to clean their car?

unleashed pitbull wandering in my back yard - should I be

What is your political affiliation?

Has anybody heard of this brainwashing camp in Tennessee for gay kids

Your thoughts on summer

F W B ~ check-in

Do you owe it to society to pay your debts before you die?

Post a picture of a relatively obscure musician whom you love.

Rhiannon would like to thank DU on the occasion of her 10,000th post!

Urgent, Please help deter confiscation of pets in Beijing! New law passed

Mad Cow threads.

Hog deaths in Virginia

"Italy vote on assisted fertility...

More have died from communism then Inquisition (the new spin)

A country divided by Christ

'Greying' pet population a financial headache to owners

More Rivers Spotted on Mars

Gays see billboards as signs of change in Mormon Utah

Independent Lens -"Brother to Brother": Homosexual themes in Harlem

"Stonewall revisted" more on the straight camp stuff....

That guy from that 'StraightCamp' (owns the domain): dad was gay?

Warsaw Gays Ignore Pride Parade Ban (Threatened with arrest)

La Hilton bombs as LA Pride.

anybody see that Mets game last night? . . .

Big Red is still the greatest

Someone is enjoying his salad.

The Ancient Order of Free Gardeners

new article on Starlight News, American Militarism

Sunday Entertainment...

Today's Sermon

Mysterious...Weekend Bolton

The death of liberal America

Now this REALLY makes me furious! Who is this alleged reporter?

McCain's big payoff?

Interesting. No interest in Dean's comment about his own mispeech!

Excellent Knight Ridder wire story on the DSM

More reflection, a sunset and a bird.

A Sunday Morning Stroll in a Wildlife/Wetlands Preserve

FISH! It's what's for dinner

Has anyone here ever had an entire roll of film turn out blank?

Gearing up for June's photo contest

To my Fav EDV of the KOEB ...... the news we have been wiating for?

DU this poll! Should we close GITMO?

Conyers letter update from moveon

Breaking, new evidence of Bush Lies

Check out this blog by John Nichols

“necessary to create the conditions” ???

Cowboy Bush thinks the world is his rodeo.

Who knew Condi had so many talents other then lying?

Are you still trying to explain what being a democrat means.....

I want a bumper sticker showing my support for DEAN

* Lied Again, This Time About How Many Terrorists

More proof Blair was indeed Bush's poodle...

Bryan Kennedy to run against Senssenbrenner

Gen. Wesley Clark on CSPAN2 now...

MTP - Dem Hatefest

Michael Kinsley has his head up his ass!

Please DU this yahoo article on British memo

Ministers were told of need for Gulf war ‘excuse’

DSM will not sink Bush, BET ON IT

Jim Hightower: "What's really inside CAFTA"

"Ask The White House," Patriot Act Edition: "How do I report a neighbor?"

CNN Reports:Dean renews attacks on Republicans

Fox NewsWatch: Downing Memo; Hillary Slams Press - (VIDEO)

Sensenbrenner's Catch-22

Why did Moveon do it this way?

Army command hires three firms to sway Afghans and Iraqis (100mil)

499,256 And Counting VOTE

Did the WaPo miss the REAL story?

Dean headlines THIS week:

Patriot Act on c-span Repeat From Friday

I'll be in DC until July 30

Looking for aggressive, teeth baring Democratic donkey icon for avatar.

U.S. Deaths From Roadside Bombs 41% Higher Than Last Year

CNNi has a great forum on blogs right now

WP Exposes Whopping Discrepancies on Prosecution Claims from Bush

Dean's revenge

A quote ..... by a republican saying that the election was fixed

I still smell the stench of the PNAC in the European Constitution crisis

News Hounds: Bizarre Sex Habits Of The Extreme Right-Wing

Write your Congressman NOW. Ask him/her to support Conyers on Thurs.

ChimpCo Inc. Corporate M$M whores are scared shitless of DSM....

I just sent a letter to Walter Pincus about "excuse" for war issue

The latest document proves Blair and Bush were lying at their news...

Amnesty's Chip Pitts on the PATRIOT "hearing"

Is there someone close to Blair who's trying to bring down Bush?

What is our Job One?

Dean is getting battered in CNN Poll !

What will happen if the election is proved to be fraudulent?

Bob Scheiffer's New Theory on FACE THE NATION.

Is it true that Congressional committee heads last 6 years?

"The death of liberal America"

Amnesty International stood up to Sensenbrenner this past Friday:

Does this story have "legs" ?

Dean speaks and nails it!

story on Dean on CNN now n/t

MSNBC reports congress will hold hearings on DSM and the

Chris Matthews Sunday Show--geeez!

Vote for your 2008 Presidential Pick in this local forum poll

Thom Hartmann rocks!!!!

Military outsources 'psy ops"

Republicans call for deadline to pull U.S. troops from Iraq.

"George Bush's father does profit when the Carlyle Group profits"

"Freedom Fries" Congressman throws in the towel.

A letter from a friend.

Let's argue about keeping Dean AFTER we impeach Bush

Bush = Attila "the AWOL republican" Hun

Reminder: DU the "Quick Vote" on this page on CNN

If the big money kick Dean out from being the Chairman, I will quit the

RNC Chairman George H. W. Bush's memo to Nixon, urging him to resign

I don't get it: Why is it okay for Repubs to make liberal a dirty word

Why does the media feel they have to push Republican talking points?

Fox Sunday: Hume and Kristol bicker over Gitmo fate - (VIDEO)

DSM: "Readers won't let story die" -- Oregonian Newspaper's ombudsman

Why are right-wingers so damn angry all the time?

Cheney Criticizes Dean Over Remarks

Here it is, the perfect way to overhaul government:

How many DUers are familiar with The New Democrats as outlined

Action Alert

Howard Dean: Raising Issues Or Becoming The Issue?

Howard Dean and the DNC: The Democratic Party's Last Great Hope

What is going on in Iran?

How come Galloway's sworn testim./ Congress is erased fm Congressrecord?

Has the local media just now started talking about the DSM?

Wedge issues..................#1

Howard Dean's speech yesterday

Misleading headline - Democrats Fail to Keep Ethics Panel Non-Partisan

CNN Reliable Sources: Biased media buries Downing Memo - (VIDEO)

Someone explain to me--like I am a 6-year old--why

We need to link the DSM revelations to the PNAC publications

C-span is taping Clark's speech this evening in NH.

Senssenbrenner's Big Mistake, Our Opportunity?


Sign the DEAN SPEAKS FOR ME Petition Today.

Floored by a Born Again Christian

Clark says we need to commit to Economic Development in Afghanistan.

Fox Sunday: Is Gitmo a Gulag or Gourmet Bistro? - (VIDEO)

ABC shows Teens Can't Get Jobs because "Retirees/Downsided Taking Them!

Wes Clark and the Southern Strategy

Cornyn: "decidedly anti-American" in Greece, Turkey, Hungary and Romania.

What day next week will Rove pull another 9/11 "terrorist attack"?

You Don't Know How To Argue Economics To Save Your Life, Here I'll Help

Cheney insulted Dean. It's time to donate to the DNC again.

We must do our best to prevent COWARDS from ever holding high office again

An Open Letter to Dr. Dobson - Focus on the Family

Got a baby face? Don't run for office, study says (Reuters)

Creating a Christian flag for God and country (sales are up)

There are over 70K DUers, but only 6K sigs on the "Dean Speaks for Me"

The Impeachability of the Bush Administration