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Archives: June 14, 2005

present worth of War? Help

Syria To Send Suspects To U.S. For "Interrogation"

Supreme Court overturns racist death penalty conviction

The administration's hot air over global warming

Haitian kids suffer in servitude

The DSM and the Revenge of the Bloggers (Juan Cole...must read!)

My newspaper column re: Downing St Memo. Thoughts?

Flag desecration not a burning problem

WSJ op-ed: Why I'm Joining Al Jazeera

Canadian farmer saves family farm by going organic

Russia enacts credit history law

Orwellian Anglo-American War on Muslim Women and Children

Israeli envoy to be next vice president of UN General Assembly

$45 Million to Demolish a 42-story Building at Ground Zero!

Whatever hit Pentagon seems to have had high radioactivity??? What does

9-11 Commission's Zelikow grilled

June 8 NIST Presentation - Findings on WTC Fire and Collapse

This Cheered Me Up! I have a Vision of **** Truth emerging

A Curious Wrinkle... Who On Earth Is Christian Bailey (Shades Of Madsen)

READ THIS! It's excellent and it's important! And it's positive.

Any Los Angeles area Downing Street memo rally?

San Francisco Chronicle: Governor calls for special election

1st District Congressional candiddate Rick Dickinson...

Cape Ann Photos...


"The Man, The Legend, The Bowtie"

Wikitorial is coming to the LA Times (editorial you edit yourself)

A$$wipe calling for special election.

AP: 9/11 commissioner criticizes Negroponte

MSNBC reporting magnitude 7.9 earthquake rocks Northern Chile

Who hurt more people?

self delete


the Young Turks - cool leftish radio show

"Who's Line" making fun of Bush

DSM Rally Update


RW running away from "America's Golden Moment?"

Senate apologized for inaction on lynching, will Padilla get a regret?


It's all about the rage and the lack of faith in our systems.

W.’s Cousin Stands Up for the Media

Parents,teachers,culture are the real Child Abusers

Who just saw KO make fun of O'reilly?


just because michael jackson turns your stomach, doesn't make you racist

Justiice Was Done Today - Death Penalty Reversed, NOT MJ

"I've never even smoked a marijuana cigarette.''....said....?

The Media struck out big on Michael Jackson

Arundhati Roy Fights America Again in New Book

Take a look at this bunch of Evil Liberals

A true outrage from my home county

Bernie Sanders a Socialist?

I think the Neocons will lose.

Hey Wisconsin DUers... Any Local Fallout On Sensenbrenner ???

The Situation with Rachel Maddow thread

GOP USA on Downing Street Memo - says left is salivating

Rich white Party about to become richer

This Just In....

can i have a lot of young boys sleep with me now, cause i LOVE kids!

Hunter and the Chicken dinner

I'm sooo ashamed of myself

Democrat Senators "Apologize" for African-American Lynchings, Today

Please don't let the dream of independent Democratic Radio Die!!!

AHHHHH!!!!! *running around in circles, brains leaking from ears*

Tucker Carlson/First Show

How long will the Cable "news" Networks try to Milk the M.J. Verdict?

I wasn't going to do an MJ thread - but those 'fans' of his deserve one

"Former Lobbyist Leaves White House Post" (in shame)

Anyone see the end of Olbermann?

will there be even ONE sensational trial for ANY of the bushco criminals?

so if they started up the draft, what do you think the public would do?

You know my biggest satisfaction with the MJ verdict?

NIH encouraging stem-cell banks for teeth

Forget MJ For A Moment... Which Verdict Is Better For Getting On With It !



Homeland security and red cross: preparedness month (September...)

"Baghdad Cafe: A great place to get bombed"


Microsoft Censors Chinese Blogs

If you're poor and get in trouble with the law, it's better to be white,

Elvis catalogue remains Safe

Sears Catalog remains safe

shopping blue

Dean strategists involved in helping create left-wing CNN?


Daily Show

Belgian government compares B* to chimp in powerpoint presentation


Memos, verified by NBC News

how many troops have died since the elctions in iraq?

If Bush's approval is at 43% what's Cheney's?

The Times of London first reported on the Downing Street Minutes

Hang in there, I think they'll be going down soon...

FWIW: they cheered on daily show when jon mentioned dean

MJ railroaded by the media?

New Tucker Carlson show... Good or bad?

Larry Diamond on the Daily Show,

Beatles Catalogue remains Safe

A game and a very short thread on Dick Cheney

Condi Rice DSM Comments On Hardball - Lightweight Q&A

Who's hurt more people?

FEC Comissioner Bradley speaks (again)


Army enlistment and re-enlistment numbers

HAHAHAHAH! check the very first image

Why were contracts being let for Gitmo in the year 2000??

Did anyone see the bowtie factor on MSNBC?

Which Senators refused to co-sponsor S.Res. 39?

Everbody Knows...

Dean Haters FUCK OFF!!!

My newspaper column re: Downing St Memo. Thoughts?

Uhh...what's wrong with this SI poll on drug usage by PGA members?

Thunderclap Newman.

Bush Poll Not Accurate, GOP Says ("They couldn't hate us that much!")

Why is it that police are not punished for brutality/excessive force?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Shin Dig

Feb. 1, 2006 the Millions Against the Media March coming to a city near U

For 2006 a Democratic Contract with America

Duncan Hunter serving lunch on CSPAN right now (10:45 EST)

I won't sleep tonight until I have an answer to this question

Why does California have a special election??

Focus on events at hand...Michael off and now out of news! Celebrate!

What do you think of this?

Great Non Sequitur cartoon from the other day

Bush's 'Culture of Life' - More Babies, Young Kids Going Hungry in US

A jury has to be convinced to acquit or convict someone accused in court

China arrests nearly 600 underground churchgoers

"scores of african americans were brutaLized & suffered great injustices"

So. Is My KERRY Bell Bad Luck. (MJ tie-in)

If they start a draft, why not have everyone just say they're gay?

ya think maybe the king of pop might get a clue now?

important message

ACTION ALERTS! Please DU these

Corporate America is bowing to anti-gay Christian groups’ boycott demands

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday June 14

A shout out to RawStory...You guys...R O C K ! ! !

Howard Dean gives Republican voters the strong, principled alternative

Have you ever been the victim of a sex-related crime?

DRUDGE: Bush twins conceived with turkey baster! Breaking!

Ok,-- I can't stand not watching Tucker Carlson's show

Over a dozen US Senators refuse to sign on to anti-lynching resolution

Kerry to Force Key CAFTA Vote on Tuesday

Who DID NOT vote for the Anti-Lynching Bill?

How's The Christian Science Monitor get away reporting Real News?

DU we are going to have to agree to disagree

400 teenaged boys evicted from Utah/Arizona polygamist sect

If you've forgotten the latest Bushisms, ...

Michael Jackson is not in prison but he will never be free.

OMG. Bill Clinton has become a vegetarian?

OMG! Creating a Christian flag for God and country

Are We Really Even Looking For Bin Laden Anymore?

LA: The Christian right and its allies in the culture wars are mobilizing


Diet drug cuts blood sugar, trims waistline in type 2 diabetics, study

Congressman Conyers Blog: Downing Street Minutes -- Just posted.

Question about Sweden

Michael Jackson is innocent

Some EXTREMELY salient quotes from newly released docs supporting DSM

Know Your BFEE: Poppy’s CIA Made Saddam Into the Butcher of Baghdad.

Arar witness wants to tell story

Man shot on California Freeway

Powerful earthquake shakes northern chile

US Death Tolls in Iraq tops 1700- AZ Republic headlines today!

Powder scare shuts part of Australia parliament

Corporate America is bowing to anti-gay Christian groups’ boycott demands

EU Threatens Possible Sanctions Against Uzbekistan (RFERL)

Schwarzenegger calls 'Year of Reform' special election

W. House to project smaller budget deficit-Cheney

Police accused of breaching civil liberties of G8 campaigners

WP: Battle-Hard G.I.'s Learn To Release Their Pain

Arar witness wants to tell story

Town `in chaos' as truck bomb kills 15 in Indian Kashmir

China's rice exports may have GE contamination

Iranian women defy police whips to demonstrate against dictatorship

WP: Hard Cash Is Main Course for GOP Fundraiser

Vatican View Victorious in Italian Fertility Vote("more Texas than Mass.")

Iran hit by wave of bombings, blames US-backed "terrorists"

Hot new planet, possibly Earth-like, discovered orbiting nearby star

Downing Street Memo: The Prequel (Slate)

Reason for New Mad Cow Tests Still Unknown

Farmers Beat Back Police In Battle Over Pollution

Former Head of NRC (RNC) to Be (Insurance) Lobby Group CEO

For Texas Tribe, Prosperity Undone by Politics (W,Abramoff,Reed;SAD story)

Senate Apologizes for Lynching-Ban Delays

Senator Lamar Alexander fighting windmills

US scientists identify, grow brain stem cells

Lost to the Only Life They Knew (re: Polygamy, Sexism, American Taliban)

Democrats' moral values are stronger,Dean says[$100,000 w/o solicitation!]

Bolton nomination may get Senate vote soon

Rice says does not know if N.Korea's Kim is sane

Controversy lingers after UMUC speech some considered anti-American

(Topeka) Board member Morris: Evolution a 'fairy tale'

Army struggles as third of TA soldiers resign (Scotland)

WP: U.S. Opposed Calls at NATO for Probe of Uzbek Killings

Vouchers Breathe New Life Into D.C. Catholic Schools

Donny Osmond on a Sprint commercial!

A band I want to give props to...

tom cruise, michaeL jackson, and paris hiLton waLk into a bar....

Which Star Trek TNG (Picard-era) movie is your favorite?

Jesus Christ -- now they are pulling out Jermaine

Watch out, Minneapolis area. Severe storms all around.

Tom Cruise makes movies so he can run really fast

quick phone question: do i have to have a long distance carrier

I plan on going home and taking a bubble bath with lots of candles around.

Stormy midwest

Lazy Jew's dinner generates amusing juxtaposition

My TV isn't on

Waaahhh. An all MJ Countdown. Say it ain't so, Keith, say it ain't so!

how many in "scores" (4 score, and 7 yada yada)

My friend is on a safari to Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Tunesia). What should

There is very clearly a fly on the preacher's face, and it bugs me.

Who's Watching "Six Feet Under" tonight?

sweet Jesus, 3 tornados in my area and I saw wall clouds

i miss BouncyBall

I just saw a commercial from the britt-brat Kevin show...

Oh god I'm so sick.

Forget going after Jacko I WANNA SEE THE PARENTS ON TRIAL!!

I am really homesick tonight.

i Like my new che avatar best

Power Point question, for anyone who can help!

Michael Moore got a stylist!

Anybody familiar with a good yoga site?

I'm not gay, but I love Shirley Bassey

If I Ever Lose This Heaven

Do networks air ANY shows that are NOT 'reality' shows any more?

Red Sox celebrate Jackson verdict, beat Cincinnati 10-3.

You get to go to Cannes - Whatcha gonna do?

Revolution Calling

Devastatin' Dave, the Turntable Slave

dang. my cat molly is sleeping on the treadmill.

14,000 posts!


Nancy Grace is the best thing about the Jackson aquittal

A Michael Jackson thread for the rest of DU

...this monster, this coward, that we have empowered...

I Have no Crack -So How Can I Make Gorlic Smah

Hell's Kitchen tonight (spoiler alert) - woo hoo!

Paul McCartney concert in Red Square on A&E now

Another heads-up. Watch Nancy Grace completely lose it on CNN...

CRASH (The Movie)

Got to go to work

I have no crock - So how can I make Garlic Mash?

Help With Gift For Girl

Separation of Church and State

Has "The Family Guy" Surpassed "The Simpsons"?

In the past ten years, I've not been as excited as I am about the concert.

What is MJ doing tonight?

Now you KNOW Jon Stewert is gonna run with MJ

And now for some unpretentious Hollywood people

Name the Actor and Movie...

Post here if you don't care about Michael Jackson.

"A Time To Love," Stevie Wonder's first new album in a friggin' DECADE.

Experimental Poll. Vote at your own risk.

Kitchen Myths

So it's supposed to hit 95 degrees tomorrow

You can download 6 songs for $0.99

"Click click bloody click pancakes!"


"Out-- hurry-- there...key-- out..." were his dying words

Can I still be a college Democrat?

I love this quote:

Mick Jagger & Paul McCartney record song for Live8

Most Pretentious Hollywood Asshole?

Anybody ever seen "Harold and Maude"?

Sandra Bullock in "Two Weeks Notice" last night on AMCsaid this:


Name the Actress and Movie...

CAn we play a game or something?

Ok, so how in the hell does Will get 12 recs...

I'm tired of all of the Dollywood bashing in The Lounge!

I'm tired of all the Bollywood bashing in the Lounge!

Who Needs Sleep? by the Barenaked Ladies

All right, Fess up. Who here is packing Heat?

Saddam says get me a Kullyfoornia jury.

I will NEVER be a proctologist!

It Sincerely Fucked With My Head To See W Appear Intelligent

I owe Ralph Nader an apology.

I'm in New York, finally got the internets to work. Ask me anything!!

A Toast to those Who Are Gone by Phil Ochs

"South Park" experts... I need help...

Hear that lonesome whippoorwill,

I'm just tired.

Sorry for offending Scientologists!

I'm tired of all of the Hollywood bashing in The Lounge!

Here's your chance to publicly thank a DUer who has made a great impact...


Is anyone NOT going to see War of the Worlds because Cruise stars in it?

"How do you rape a wife?"

Your attention: Will JohnKleeb please pick up the white courtesy phone?

Best quote from 'Trainspotting'

When someone reaches a milestone

I'm off to see the Go-Go's at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga

Let's play a Historical game of "What if."


Is Nancy Grace crying or drunk!

Get your heaping hot portions of Crow here

Who is the DUer most guilty of serial monogamy?

I'm in so much pain I haven't slept ten minutes...


Should I hire a resume writing service?

Bloodthirsty Vegetarians

Is "Closer" by NIN the sexiest song ever...

Hey DC DUers: Wanna get together Thursday afternoon/evening?

OK, DU Patrick O'Brian Fans....

And the award for most creative DU name goes to...

Best Site For Archived Classic Comic Books?

I Will NEVER Be A Scientist.

Guess who got a scanner? Me! Pictures!!!

A question for men (or women of course)

Anyone watch "The Closer" on TNT? Terrific!

Anyone ever eaten...

Why does "Far Cry" keep crashing?

6FU. New episode on now, HBO. (possible spoilers)

The official 10th million post a picture of yourself thread*


OK, why would a Baptist church have a "Dinosaur Festival"?

Mad Cow One-liner

Same-sex marriage ban becomes law (Navajos)

Said tonight on MLB

Whats wrong with you Canadians?

All Right you Fuckers !!!

My dog Cody -- RIP

Pluto and Michael Jackson

Kerry: A Time to Heal A Nation's Wounds Over Lynching


Kerry offers Energy Bill Amendments this week

I'm so excited - I got my star, and I can join you Kerry-iacs!

So, why are you a Democrat anyway.

One more flower for the photography group:

Flower pics for Photography group (2 large ones)

Photo for cat lovers

KOEB 6/13

Must watch Condi on Hardball tomorrow

Everyone, Please ck out this great idea

With all the DSM/Impeach talk, let's not forget Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski

Help! Can someone sort of spell out the timelines..

Arnie's special election: GOP trying to pull a coup in California

Who will eventually have a worse reputation than Joe McCarthy?

Officials: Real intelligence reform could take 10 years

Point me to DSM/London Times/Conyers composite thread with links?

A call to action!

A short synopsis

Is Condi Rice Gay?

ANOTHER DSM PIECE: 5 top Bush admin lawyers LIED to UK's Goldsmith

idea re: Christian Coalition call for gays to wear labels

NEW grandtheftelectionohio: Sensenbrenner in the Service of King George

Boltons back!!

Iraq will never be an entire country again.

"Tony Blair Arrives in Russia to Meet Vladimir Putin"

What is the status of CAFTA?

What do you suppose is the reasoning behind this?

CSPAN-2 Mon eve 11:30 NY time: OBAMA speaking about lynching

American news people do not know how to report on the DSM?

An Intercepted IM Conversation Between Bush and Blair !!!

Cheney(re: DSM): "The record is out there for anyone to look at."

What do we become when we support torture - from a fireman's wife

When is Mr. Oxycontin Limbaugh going on trial?

Dick Cheney disses the honorable Dr. Dean

After Decades of Inaction, A Time to Heal A Nation's Wounds Over Lynching

Over a dozen US Senators refuse to sign on to anti-lynching resolution

Is bush trying to form a mercenary army?

How much of the "Dems don't want Dean" schtick is being

What TV News directors tell reporters when they cover a Howard Dean event

Tonight's Daily Show Videos - Chairman Dean; Intl. Pamphlet

Ouch, my brain...

BBC: 50% Iraq w/o water, 25% w/ food hand outs...1.8 mil barrel oil/day

Possible indication that BushCo planned for war before Election2000

Democrats, don't put muzzle on Dean - USA Today

GOP Seek to turn California Into Red State (Paperless Diebold machines?)

A truckload of nonsense

Letter From Tehran: In Washington's Cross-Hairs

Despite the Helms whitewash, we can still see the hood

Gantanamo/It's hurting the U.S. cause (hearing on Wed on this)

LTTE: All deserve access to free education

Waking to reality Bush numbers drop as Americans reject spin

Flattering the popinjays

Arms Sales to Undemocratic Regimes Thru the Roof.

Uzbek protesters ran gantlet of death

Real Democracy and How The 2004 election was stolen using the same

Global interest rate “conundrum” recalls the 1930s

LA Times MJ analysis -' The Mother ... Was a Disaster'

Molly Ivins: The definition of insanity

Inland Valley (CA) Daily Bulletin: REAL ID raises real danger of identity

Revolution in Bolivia: All Power to the Popular Assemblies!

ROBERT SCHEER Pattern of Deception Persists in Tillman's Death

Missoulian editorial: "GOP shows no spending restraint"

US auto union signals capitulation on GM health-care costs

Editorial: Dean's day / Democrats should appreciate his tough talk

Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse Likely A Controlled Demolition..

IAEA Wants Access to Iran Military Site

Mother of dead soldier vilifies Bush over war.

Editorial blindly supports problem that keeps DeLay in office

More links to stories about DSM

LAT Editorial: Bolton's First Defeat

WaPo: Deep Throat of Downing Street...

The Pig Dressed in His Finest Fine (MO GOP crooks)

Toronto Sun columnist on DSM: "Lie after lie. Scare upon scare..."

"Raped, Kidnapped and Silenced" By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

British memos on Iraq provide one piece of puzzle, but no smoking gun

'Great Leaders Lead from a Better Vision of a Possible Future'

Middle Class Blues

Web Of Cold-Blooded Lies

Tierney's NYT OP-ED: American Elderly are Lazy SOB's. (Neocon BS)

Bush for Life: GOP Introduces new bill to Congress

A Truckload of Nonsense, by George Monbiot

Newly-leaked document "even more damning" than DSM

Pro-Howard Stern petition to the FCC.

Take it to the Streets SAN DIEGO!

Feb. 1, 2006 the millions against the Media March coming to a city near U

Become an ACTivist

Business Cycle or Credit Cycle?

Some Spanish Reservoirs At 20% As Political Bickering Intensifies

General Motors(?)survey On HarrisPoll OnLine (and interesting statistics)

USAID Official Reports 2,000+ Cholera Cases In Kabul - LA Times

Problems With Farm Runoff May Persist For Centuries In Waterways, Soils

Thugs attack Chinese village, kill 6

War crime suspect arrested (Srebrenica)

Former Bush Official says 9/11 story bogus

Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse Likely A Controlled Demolition..

WHAT??? former Bush team member says 9/11 MIHOP???

Photo of WTC Construction Phase: Steel Beams Are Mounted Together

NY Times: "Bush Labor Economist Says 9/11 Engineered by Administration"

Former Bush Official says 9/11 story bogus

Wargame on 9/11 at Ft. Monmouth, NJ... (hey Paul Thompson, check this)

For People Who Don't Believe the Twin Towers Were Demolished by Explosives

UPI Hears ... (WTC Likely a Planned Demolition)

The Ground Effect: Why a 757 Going 500 mph Couldn't Have Hit the Pentagon

LIHOP v. MIHOP - The most irrelevant question of all time...

Some friends of mine have a new site--message board

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 6/14/05

Please: Stop thinking paper ballots SOLVE EVERYTHING!

Dean's talking about Voting Rights, the Machines, Voter Suppression


CA GOP State Senate leader won't run for Congress

Help Save 800 dogs from Animal Abuse

Arnold thread on yahoo asks what CA thinks of him

Tonight's Election Brought to You By...(Arnold's special interests)

Showing up for Arnold at Santa Monica College tonight 6 pm?

SAN DIEGO-- Take it to the Streets!

San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales brokers illegal $11 million "back room" deal

L.A. Downing Street Rally -- - Thursday at 5:30 --- in front of KTLA News

CONYERS IN SAN DIEGO!!!! 6/25 conf. & rally on Downing St

Did Duke Cunningham take a bribe for defense contracts?

Who is going to run against Tom Latham in Iowa's 4th district?

Cedar Rapids Vote Jun-14

Dave Loebsack Update

Senators who refused to sign anti lynching resolution - GRASSLEY

Cape Support for *ush Polls at 37.8%-Cape Cod Times

The Heat Has FINALLY Broken!!!!!

(PHOTOS) Army and National Guard invade Cambridge (and Patriots met them)

Martin Olav Sabo (D) wants to repeal the 22nd ammendment!

being transgendered may be the closest that humans can get to holiness

MoveOn Petition Drive TOMORROW in MN

From Dayton's office (hearing on paper trails for voting machines)

Anybody here know anything about DVD's and DVD players?

File (password) encryption?

E-mail flood follows Perry's gay veteran comments

Capital March - Austin?

Chris Bell needs help!

Join me in Writing the Dallas Morning News for DSM coverage.

Hey, folks-Anybody know if Obey signed on with Conyers?

Who eats raw beef?

The Northwestern's editorial on DSM

who has a link to the 'thanks for the memory' video of Saddam

Microsoft Censors "Human Rights" for bloggers in China

Gay community growing in Utah

WH press secretary chops logic to justify Gitmo crimes.

Did The Big Bad Corporate Media Get You?

Senate apologizes for inaction on lynching of African Americans

I just noticed a sound that's been going on for a few hours now.

The objectification of a childhood

msnbc reporting that the MJ verdict is front page news around the

(The leak that changed minds on the Iraq war)--I do think these papers


New toon for Tuesday 6/14

State Dems: Impeach Bush - say Wisconsin Democrats

The developer in TX offering a "safe" neighborhood -- SCAM(ish)

I had a lousy childhood, so i can do ANYTHING i want to now

Olbermann/Espn Radio


Yesterday's real news that I liked... :) Airbus 380

seriously, what's the point of pushing the DSM news? nobody cares

scandals bounce off bush like bullets off superman

Saw this on Bart, and this is what we should do:

Hey, America! Remember US? --- February 15, 2003 ->>>

Democrats answer boobingraber back. (special election)

The Golden Goose has been killed.It ain't going to lay them golden eggs

WOW look at this local story getting national news:Christian group's attem

What the media is missing about the pension "scandal."

C-Span Coverage of Conyers Hearing Decision Wednesday Afternoon

Swearing on Bible scrapped for jurors (Australia)

Left's Love for Radical Islam Examined (BWAHAHAHAHA - they are desperate)

There are no real Pro-Life Leaders are there?

What should I listen to at my desk?

When will the media turn it loose?

Let us say we have proof positive that Bush ordered 9/11.Will there

Last night I saw a lot of people putting out those little plastic US flags

Sometimes, CEO's do good things; PeopleSoft/Oracle

SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!! (Ignore the dead and wounded. )

Lohan's breasts too big for Disney film

I hate when that happens.

next time i'm accused of a crime:

Is there any possibility that

Poll: Who's a Journalist?--------O'LOOFAH & LIMBOsevic & Geo.WILL

Where does the bible promote Laissez-Faire Capitalism?

my local paper printed a reply to my LTTE today . . .

American hero dead consistantly spit on and dumped in latter paragraphs

Armchair Freeper Playing With Plastic Soldiers and Planes

The Risks of the al-Zarqawi Myth

Why does Working Assets use MBNA?

Iraqi Oil Workers Fight Privatization & Occupation: On "Democracy Now!"

I just got a ride home from a co-worker who turns out to be a fascist

My blog...

have the fascists essentially brought back the institution of slavery?

George W. Bush should be president of...

9/11 Commissioner Criticizes Negroponte

Gold Star and Military Families Call for Truth Regarding Downing St. Memo

WP (Jefferson Morley): Deep Throat of Downing Street

I am shocked this woman is not handcuffed and on her way to Gitmo

Hey, check out this article: This woman is on the warpath against Bush!

Human Toll of a Pension Default

Tests For Democrats: Doing The Right Thing Also Politically Expedient

Polygamist charged in sex case

So if the repukes are the party of moral values, when frigging when

Next to last throe of the insurgency

On February 5, 2003

Happy Flag Day!!!

West Berkeley Residents Demand Quieter Train Whistles

Someone please tell me why

When Margaret Thatcher said we are not a society,

The list of Anti-Lynching Resolution Co-Sponsors

A plea to Paul Krugman and Frank Rich

1,705.....numbers on a piece of paper

So now Carl Levin is upset about the new memos

What percentage of Republicans are white Christians?

I need a good resource to debunk conservative myths of our welfare "state"

Sen Harry Reid's office claims no knowledge of Conyers...

The Bush-Blair-Clinton Axis.

Anyone hear if this is true?

Who does Michael Kinsley think his audience is?

Here's a great 1975 Howard Zinn column about the CIA...

Question of the Day via The Adventures of the Smart Patrol

Flag Day Activities

The bell tolls for VHS tape releases

CALL TO ACTION!!! Striking UC Clericals in CA NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

Jackson Won't Share Bed With Kids Again

I received this a Republican & was challenged to debunk it!

Will Kerry kick Bush while he's down?

Any Repub. outrage over the DSM?

All you people who bashed us who didn't like the MJ verdict

Here's my LTTE to the NYT this Sunday. Think they'll print it?

Lack of Postwar Planning Unimportant

Stephanie Miller.....any archives?

God Hates Shrimp.

Do we need another Citizens Committee to Investigate the FBI?

From Pakistan: An amazing story of a woman fighting for liberty


Decoding "Pledge": history of flag oath

Is MJ weird enough to like to sleep with boys non-sexually?

Howard Dean might be calling you.

Any Young Democrats out there who oppose this war?

This doesn't make any sense about Bush...

The White Christian Party that still doesn't mind lynching

Sign up now for your vacation at Gitmo!

Should there be age limits to Extreme Amusement Park Attractions? Boy, 4

Another Must Read Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

New Evidence Suggests Noah's Sons Rode Flying Dinosaurs

U.S. mayors endorse action against warming...

What shocked the newsies about Jackson jury?They followed the law

Failure in the Pentagon to stand up for those who are/were

RUMMY is Live on MSNBC defnding Guantanamo - PRESS CONF.

Web of cold-blooded lies

Just got this from a Republican about DSM

Top Officials' Names Censored From Report on Lawbreaking

So I was just at Starbucks, and this woman next to me asks if the $100

Who are our real ememies?

Can the UN send an Ambassador to the US to Reform the US?

Does ANYONE Think MSM Is EVER Going To Get IT????

Tea Anyone?



Well here's a Bright Spot - Supremes and Media Consolidation...

Many Americans Call O'Reilly a Journalist

What's in YOUR wallet? Get rid of it!

HELP: There was a quote from a general in Iraq about political solution

To defend Gitmo, Rumsfiend mentioned it cost $100,000,000 to build

JUST IN: WAPO publicizes Conyers DSM public forum on Thursday

I would like a government apology for not passing an equal rights

A Second Puzzler For You: End The War Immediately OR See Bush Impeached?

Porn queen gets date with Dubya (Tonight's the night)

They're delusional.

Porn queen gets date with Dubya

DSM confirms Iraq was invaded for Republican election advantage

Since you all are dying to know-My opinion of the Jackson jurors

Is racism a factor in all the comparisons to OJ Simpson

Comes a Time - The Downing Street Rally and Hearing

Anybody in Brooklyn? is puttin' on a really good shew...

I need some facts

The two most popular Senatorial delegations in the US are:

Deja vu all over again - business owns government, and more

Here's six of the twelve senators who did not vote yes anti lynching bill

Any body ever have to get creative about a job reference?

It's not easy being Me, at 43% >>>

The corporate and religious forces have struck an unholy bargain

please email and call CSPAN and request the DSM hearings

"Beating a political stake in your black heart will be the fulfillment"

What do they REALLY believe/want?

The 'allies' Bush supports

Man, the sun is brutal anymore.,

When the Senate's official apology for lynchings were announced,

Wow, The DSM's got the Right trying to pull a Clinton...

Frist: Gitmo, Abu Graib, "image problems."

Why do they keep saying we're at war?

The Nazis never killed Jews....

It's time to stop being CONNED by pols using "Pro-choice" & "gay rights"

Legal terms Bushies should know

Jackson, Aruba, Kofi's a crook...REPEAT

Hope is on the Way!

Conyers on Ed Shultz right now!!

June, 14 - Flag Day (Today)

WHAT??? former Bush team member says 9/11 MIHOP???

Depends on your definition of "fixed" - Freepbags pulling a Clinton

How Would YOU Prioritize The Following Important Political Goals!

Why does Arnold want a "special" election?

CNN's news anchors play trading places

Phil Jackson is returning to the Lakers.

"Drive a political stake in your black heart!" Read This!

(See The Video) The Fix is In: Why the Downing Street Memo Matters

"Get Him Out of My Sight.He Creeps Me Out". So said Richard Nixon

We could have knocked off Hussein instead of sacrificing 1700 young lives

Everything that could possibly go wrong in the country and around the

Gary Bauer blames MSM for recruitment woes

Is anyone watching C-span 2? Did Bill Nelson just say he is going to

If I just say tomorrow is "ELDERLY APPRECIATION DAY"

Can't Conyers use the Congressional hearing room and force the repukes

Pachamama goes to Washington - Come join me if you can!

Are the neocons a little nutty?

was looking up DSM, and found this article, bcuz I remember 6 months b4

Randi's show sound odd, tech probs?

Schiavo autopsy results to be released Wednesday

Proof that republicans are the racist ones, 19 NO's on the anti lynching

Just got a phone call from the NRA.

Crappy post and great response on another message board

Putting aside the great Hillary Clinton debate for a second . . .

Kent Conrad is going to be added as a co-sponsor of the Anti-Lynching bill

1, was 1,705 just a few hours ago

That Douchebag Pat O'Brien is hinting at toppling the government

An amazing story of Pakistani gov't retribution against woman

Getting a little tired of the "so-called" crap (re: DSM)

so what does 1,706 look like? . . .

The Seven Subtle Seductions Of Patriarchy

Hey, sorry that after we made you work for nothin', beat you, whipped you,

Rummi's response to a question re: Boeing GAO Report

Steve Jobs: Quitting school made me smart

Single Biggest Development of the Day (Week, Month, Year... Decade?)...

Clandestine Christianity: "Only way to stop terror is convert Muslims"

Hey, America! Remember Us? -- February 15, 2003 -->>>

The London Sunday Times is owned by Murdoch

Intern scandal.... courtesy Wonkette

Kerry was waiting for Jackson trial to end

It's easy to say, folks! Impeach. Say it. Say it everyday.

I never left ESPN, I just had a lot of vacation time! (Keith Olbermann)

Background info on Guantanamo Bay detention center

Check out the bumper sticker I just bought!

Millions Against the Media March, Wed., Feb. 1, 2006 off to a great start!

Filming the Conyers events and offering DVD's for a donation

John Conyers is going to be on

Is it possible that Michael Jackson is mentally ill and has been for some

And Then There Are The Dead Iraqi Chidren... *warning graphic*

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Monday, 13 June 2005

House Committee wants to avoid pro-environmentalists knowing about hearing

Who here thinks Conyers will get any press on this DSM thing?

Will SOMEBODY boycot government employment?

CALL FOR HELP - Republicans Denying Democrats Use of Rooms on Hill

Iraq poll finds that insurgents 3 times more popular than occupation force

AWESOME response to one of the right wing spam emails

Argentine Supreme Court overtuns Amnesty for "Dirty War".

Gary Bauer blames recruitment woes on the media.

"i can't let you get away with calling the president a liar

would you take your kids to a michael jackson concert?

Why don't these two things ever get any attention?

Now It Pays to Get Stuck on a Runway

Kerry was waiting for Jackson trial to end

FAIR Alert: Downing Street Memo Activists "Wing Nuts," "Paranoid"

Sinn Fein teams up with the Tory party in the UK!!!!!!

THIS takes the cake: USA ready to offer amnesty to INSURGENTS!

Domain Expirations

Trent Lott should run on a Pro-Lynching platform next election...

DAILY KOS: Lynching Wall of Shame: holdouts now an ALL-GOP cast!!

Rumsfield moved to block NATO investigation into Uzbek massacres

NY Times: "Bush Labor Economist Says 9/11 Engineered by Administration"

Which are you: "Reform the Media" or "We don't need the Media anymore"?


AWWWW SHIT!!! Who misinformed Randi about the gawdamned Gitmo K?

Hillarious comment from a conservative.

Microsoft censors "freedom", "democracy" "human rights" on Chinese web

PFAW urges people to save PBS from Conservative Propaganda

Weigh In: What Will the MSM Cover Instead Of Conyers on Thursday?

24 killed in blast outside bank in Kirkuk

Heads up Walmart story on Frontline tonight

Whoa! Repugs AND Dems critcize ** for policy on N. Korea?

Public High Schools REQUIRED to give STUDENT INFO to U.S. MILITARY

Re: Howard Dean's "outrageous" comments

"Wealthy should keep their money...they create jobs" RWer's comment

If Given The Choice: Would You Legalize Weed OR Repeal The Patriot Act?

NBC Nightly News just teased a story on the DSM - "Paper trail -

All this talk surrounding the recent accusations concerning the WTC

Sniper lobbyist hosts Homeland Security Officials

ACTION ALERT: Downing Street Memo Activists “Wing Nuts,” “Paranoid”

So will c-span cover the conyers hearing tomorrow?

Which News Outlet Will Bring Out A "Legal Expert" On DSM

Scott Ritter..

WHOA!WHOA! wait a minute! 2 questions

Lying On Lynching Vote - More From Kos With Updated List (16 Senators)

Anyone in Illinois want to ride with me to DC tomorrow?

If you're wondering what the MSM will use to replace Michael Jackson...

Jacko compares himself to M.L. King, N. Mandela, & the Berlin Wall

Wandering Angelenos! Protest Arnold at Santa Monica College tonight!

Brass: We Won't Solve This With Bullets

New DSM bumper stickers

What's the difference between Bill O'Reilly and Michael Jackson?

Protesters Outnumber Supporters: Army Recruitment on Cambridge Common

Do NOT miss the Daily Show repeat- on now (7 EST)

Should Conyers hold the DSM Hearing on the Capitol Steps?

Tweety and Condi

Baltimore houses troubled kids in offices(no beds, showers, blankets)

Naomi Klein: A Noose, Not a Bracelet

GET TO WORK HERE and call C-SPAN about the DSM rally/hearing

Hmm. Interesting observation I've just made.

Nail It to the White House Door (seeking criticism, critique)

"MJ found not guilty after a 14 week trial!!!! And in other news..."

Question about Hophead Limbaugh

I'm going to England on Friday. Anything you'd like me to pass

Rich-poor gap gaining attention

Tonight on Countdown (Olbermann) 6/14/05

There is indeed a Christian flag.

what's wrong with posting on Lost Boys?

NBC Nightly News "reports" the DSM .... Andre Mitchell the reporter

Building a Left Wing CNN

The Situation

Ask Barry Zito to enlist...

"Military marches into NASCAR"

I was Googling "famous homosexual soldiers" to see if I was able...

Willian Cohen

So far, the fundamentalist churches seem to have missed the opportunity

Anyone watching shithead live on CSPAN?

My SUPER CHALLENGE to everyone!

Google claims that Dan Senor (neocon) is not an employee...

the usa in the 1930's (caution: graphic pics)

I'm filming the Conyers events, any questions you want answered?

OSOMA'S In IRAN !!!!!!!!!!

OMG - I can't believe it - the bible-thumpers are really on a roll

The Solution to the Problem

Isn't Jury Selection Jury Tampering?

The Harper's index: May

Buzzflash Interview with Congressman Conyers, June 13 2005

Bush supporters have 'outsourced reality'!

Raped, Kidnapped and Silenced

(PHOTOS) Army and National Guard invade Cambridge (and Patriots met them)

World News Tonight...Californians

Ask CSPAN to carry Conyers hearing Thursday on Downing St Minutes!!

WTF? Bush for Life? Bill in Congress to Repeal 22nd Amendment


Fascist Sensenbrenner At DSM Hearings Thursday?

What Do You Think The State Of The American Political Pendulum Is?

Veterans - question:

no longer off the record


25 U.S. Soldiers Killed This Week in Iraq

Let's get it straight. Bush and Friends wanted to take Iraq since Day 1

Caption This

Former Def. Sec. Bill Cohen's Wife (AfAm) Comments On Lynching Res. !!!

FAIR Action Alert re: Kinsley's dismissal of Downing Street/Media concerns

America's Ministry of Propaganda Exposed

Has Rep Ron Paul (R)

NBC Can Kiss My Ass

Teen Charged With Vomiting On Teacher


Can I tell the Repubs and freepers to move to Canada?

The House Chaplain’s Prayer for June 14, 2005

CDC mystery.

Rumsfeld doing his "1984" Propaganda routine.

The 'christian' Right has crossed the line

We've turned the corner in Iraq!

Who are the 20 Senators who voted against the Anti-Lynching law?

I called my local paper about GOP disallowing Dems to hold any hearings.

C-SPAN/DSM Action - Please Forward to your networks!

Rep Duncan (R) Tenn.

Men have nipples to sooth crying baby until it can be fed

Number of Google hits on DSM increasing dramatically...

Have you asked C-SPAN to cover the DSM hearing/rally yet?

Red Cross-Breaking the coffee and doughnut myth

Iraqi Union Leaders Arrive In U.S.: Call For The End Of U.S. Occupation

Penn & Teller: The Patriot Act is Bullshit -(MUST WATCH VIDEO!!)


Matthews asks Rice about Downing St. on Hardball

Are there ANY TV media programs that are LIBERAL?????

Randi Reading Off The Lynching Non- Signers !!!

Top Officials' Names Censored From Report on Lawbreaking

You're forced to vote: "Pro-Choice Freeper Nazi or Pro-Life Progressive"

Anyone That Does Not Think People Are Dying For Oil Needs To See This!

Intelligent Design Theory of Homosexuality: Is God Gay?

I just stopped listening to liberal talk radio

OK Guys, The War is Getting To me Now.

I am so proud of myself...

Anyone see Penn & Teller Bullshit last night?

What is a democratic corporatocracy?

Porn queen gets date with Dubya

Lorain PD zaps yet another kid

June 29th 2000? WTF? "Phase THREE"!!!???

Last night I tried to do a good deed. Just a simple nicety. I was on my

There will be no draft! i.e. No daily mass protests of BushCo.

Hearings to be held at DNC because Repub. Denying Dems Use of Room

"Christian" press: Hostile MEDIA to blame for bad military recruit figures

OMG! Did you hear this about Michael Jackson?!?!?!

Know your BFEE: New Blog


Kerry is getting ready to make his move according to the Washington Post


We are going to be making some major changes today

Juan Cole: DSM and the Revenge of the Bloggers

The Lynching of Michael Jackson

Filming the Conyers events and offering DVD's for a donation

$200,000: The New Standard Salary?

Objecting Soldier Sgt. Kevin Benderman to Face Larceny Charges

Request: Vegetarian biscuits and gravy? Does it exist?

Tory insiders question party leadership: report

MP O'Brien throws wrench into night of confidence votes

UK email scam - be aware

Geldof blasts 'sick' eBay sales

Brother's Who Sit at Blair's Right Hand (Ties to Enron)

Wisconsin's Feingold Tests Presidential Waters

Britain to reduce troops in Iraq, send more to Afghanistan: newspaper

China arrests nearly 600 underground churchgoers

Amnesty Mulled for Some Iraqi Insurgents

'Senate Issues an Apology for Inaction on Lynchings'--LA Times

Supreme Court puts media rules back in FCC's lap

Afghan Capital Said on Verge of Epidemic (cholera


Israel denies US spy work

Conservative's popularity may be problem for GOP

KKK Imperial Wizard Greets Killen as (Civil Rights Murders) Trial Unfolds

Aljazeera.Net: Iraq car bombing targets US diplomat

Mother of dead soldier vilifies Bush over war

Taysir Alluni: A Reporter Behind Bars

Microsoft censors Chinese blogs

Sixteen dead in suicide attack in Iraq's Kirkuk

No bin Laden leads in arrest, Pakistan says

U.S., Iraq Consider Amnesty for Insurgents

Few in GOP Considering Guantanamo Closure

Israel tries to defuse arms sale dispute with U.S.

Schwarzenegger Moving to Campaign Mode

(Ohio)State pumped money into high-risk fund(after it started losing money

U.S. Scales Back Passport Standards

Maryland (D) candidate critically wounded

Electricity top priority in Basra (BBC)

At least two injured after several explosions reported in Iran (6/14)

4 U.S. Troops Hurt in Afghan Bomb Attack

Electronic Voting Has No Safety Net, Critics Say (FL)

Ark. AG Announces Candidacy for Governor

BBC (Tuesday): Argentine amnesty laws scrapped

(CA) State to fund rental units

New 'Downing Street Memo' says Bush, Blair agreed on 'regime change'

Hiring plans stay the course

China can control AIDS, prime minister tells UN

Kansas School Officials Calls Evolution 'Fairy Tale'

Top Officials' Names Censored From Report on Lawbreaking (moving to GD)

Annan in new oil-for-food probe

Britain and France fail to resolve EU budget row

Ex-Ambassadors tell Congress not to dock UN dues

Sens. to Rumsfeld: Don't jump gun on base closings

Court delays U.N. oil-for-food case for a 4th time

(Spain)Conservative gays threaten to 'out' party members

UPI Hears ... (WTC Likely a Planned Demolition)

US blocked NATO call for probe of Uzbek 'massacre'?

N.J. Court Rules Against Same-Sex Couples

Porn queen gets date with Dubya

Wholesale prices dropped in May

Wholesale prices drop 0.6% in May; retail sales fall (worst in 2 years)

UPI Hears... (Former Bush Team member: the collapse of the WTC is "bogus")

Ex Bush official casts doubt on cause of Sep 11 attacks

John Conyers is going to be on

Who are the 20 Senators who voted against the Anti-Lynching law?

Schiavo autopsy results to be released Wednesday

(Kentucky) Transportation Cabinet officials indicted in firing

OPEC to attempt to lower rising oil prices

Viagra said to help sick children breathe breath

Rumsfeld points to image problem

Spokane Washington: Activists can collect signatures for recall

Troubling rise seen in HIV infections

British memos on Iraq provide one piece of puzzle, but no smoking gun

Steve Jobs: Quitting school made me smart

Osama remaining at large disappointing: Zalmay Khalilzad

Marines, Iraqis kill Five civilians after Suicide Attack

Helicopter Crashes In East River (Off Wall St.)

Suit says missing smile cost job at Sam's Club

Details of a Plot Unveiled in Case Against Franklin

Lost boys thrown out of US sect so that older men can marry more wives

Rumsfeld Blocked NATO Call for Probe into Uzbek Massacre

Study shows Mexican migrants have high rates of HIV

Conservative's Popularity May Be Problem for GOP

Senators and Administration Spar Over North Korea Policy

Mother says she beheaded daughter

Posada renews asylum bid at a hearing held in Texas

Frist, McCain call for vote on Bolton

Backstory: Confirming the Downing Street documents (Rawstory)

Rumsfeld: Iraq 'no more safe than in 2003'

U.S. to probe proposed tobacco case remedy cutback

Gates backs cervical cancer vaccines for poor

Iraq's al Qaeda warns against talks with govt - Web


Norquist will not testify at McCain's tribe hearing

(Canadian) military has first gay wedding in Nova Scotia

AP: Saudis Reject Call for Inspections (by IAEA)

Bush Says Congress Must Quit `Bickering' Over Social Security

Senators Challenge White House on N. Korea

Frist & McCain Raise Ante on Bolton Cloture Vote (TWN)

Boy, 4, Dies After Spin on Disney Ride

Efforts grow to end ban on gay soldiers

Iraqi unions say thwarted by all sides

Objecting Soldier to Face Larceny Charges

Cape (Cod) support for Bush polls at 37.8 percent

2 U.S. soldiers killed near Ramadi (#1704 & 1705 IRAQ)

NYT: Next Generation of Conservatives (By the Dormful)

WP: Democrats Looking for a Road Map to Downing Street (Kerry Letter to *)

Media Focuses on 'Sensational,' Cheney Says

Ex-White House Official to Join Fuel Co.( Philip Cooney: climate change)

Democrat introduces fast-track resolution to rebuke GOP chairman....

Judiciary GOP pulls the plug on Conyers 'forums'

EU foreign ministers tell Cuba to improve human rights

U.S. Senate Committee Moves Toward Recommending Cafta

(Duncan) Hunter says menus from Guantanamo a proof of good care

Deep South's response to a lynching apology (CSM)

GOP Senators May Make 69 Retirement Age

(Rumsfeld tells BBC News) Iraq 'no more safe than in 2003' (BBC)

Christian group's attempt to convert gay people sparks protests

NBC News has verified the memos

'Anti-American' Teen guilty in school bomb plot

We are going to be making some major changes today

Memo Suggests Annan Oil-For-Food Link (AP)

MPs unite against Devils Lake project (Water)

Conservatives, Liberals Align Against Patriot Act

N.J. Court Rules Against Same-Sex Couples

HARDBALL TODAY: Matthews grills Condoleezza Rice on DSM

Hillary gets presses humming

If you love music,...

TDS is ON tonight!

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Can cat's develop mental illnesses? I think my 12 year old siamese is out

Good Evening, Lounge

Coincedence that Tucker's first show is all about Jackson verdict

Ok, if you don't like fart jokes, stay away.

*Sigh* I am so tired of everything.

I think I am drunk.

Where is imenja?

this is yivver posting as progmom on yivver girl's account

Well it's forty below .........

So I got tired of waiting for you all to entertain me and went for a walk

It's 3:00 am, my air conditioning is busted

Is anyone else having trouble DLing email from Earthlink?

Hell Yeah! I just burned the original Star Wars on DVD!

Most money you've ever spent at a drip club

"The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" on SciFi right now

I've got a great summer itenerary, BUT

Star Trek has come on Sci Fi.....

khashka said I'm a crazy girl

Tuesday Toon (6/14) NEW!

Late night check in

Please help

virus scan in progress, how many buggers will i have...

My cat hates you

khashka said I'm a saucy girl

California Cops Crack Down On Peace Honking

Let us now praise Guster.

Free Lil' Jon

Engineers Build Flying Car That Works-First Flight Longer Than Wright Bros

I frequently have dreams where I can walk a few feet off the ground.

Bush lifts ban on vigilantism "Let´s see what happens", says president

Free Lil Kim!

You know that feeling you get at the start of a relationship?

Help me with a decision

Woman Wins $1 MILLION Lottery - TWICE So Far THIS YEAR

The Rose

I went to sniffa's camp and now I'm certified GAY! Ask me anything!

I hope you have a good day.

What Your Name Means

Catwomans Breasts are to big for DU.

The scariest thing about this whole Michael Jackson circus....

How did you know? 'Cause I never told.

Help me out with some "yo mama" jokes.

Ok, fess up der PUNK! What da hell you hidin' under dat der bed?

Michael Jackson is truly innocent...

Yes my skin has hair - NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

What's Michael Jackson gonna do now that he's been found not guilty?


should primping be government regulated?

Should pimping be government-regulated?

Happy Birthday... STEFFI GRAF!!!

Should pimpling be government regulated?

The three finger salute...

Jacko plans World Sleepover Tour.

Birthday Calculator


tell me when Jerry is done talking about Jack-o so I can turn AAR on again

How long since you quit smoking?


I'm not sure The Sun's headline conveys the right message re: MJ...

Scurvy Sailors! Texas hath spit me back!

It's primary day here in VA. Which tee-shirt should I wear to go vote?

Ice Cream Truck Driver Tosses Beer From Ice Cream Truck - Arrested

Salon calls Martha Stewart " the only megastar who couldn't beat the rap"

Back hair poll YAAAY!

Cruise (NOT Ben Stiller)Says Katie Holmes Romance Is Real

Child dies at Disney's Mission: Space

Are gold-diggers really prostitutes?

Which is better?

NASA Discovers Tatooine! (image)

Newbie names: What are some of the best you've seen?

Which Is WORSE for Your Health: Marijuana or Beer?

Purely for the fun of it

Forget Micheal, Tom, Paris....

It's been one week since you looked at me

wanna see my new kittyo?

I will not click on Michael Jackson threads.

4-Year-Old Dies After Epcot Attraction

Lohan's breasts too big for Disney film

Lottery winner turns thief after blowing cash

Michael Jackson is an amazingly talented performer

My encounter with a Freeper.

[PICTURE] : It's funny because it's so sad.

The Complexities of American Sport - Josh Wilson

Tom Cruise walks into a bar with L. Ron Hubbard on his head...

Just uncovered: Jesus' Best Man Speech!

Wanna buy a PC? Go Lenovo! Oh, wait, they're mulling over a new name.

General Discussion..............................3745329 messages

TUB GIRL REDUX (No pics whatsoever.)

Encounter with a freeper in traffic

I was sexually molested by Latoya Jackson...I'm suing!

It's time for a global realignment. When I say "jump", you say "how high"

Betty Bowers is already on the Jackson verdict!

My fetal freeper encounter

Dang, I have to take "The Life Aquatic" back to the store today

Tom Cruise ate my puppy

MOSH GIRL REDUX (very pic heavy)

My encounter with a Freeper in Reno, Nevada.

I hate walking into a Lounge full of copycat threads naked

I hate walking into a melange with saffron threads.

My bumper's encounter with a Freeper...

I just endured a freaky interview experience.

Conservative Gays Threaten To Out Party Members

I hate walking into a Lounge full of copycat threads and

200 channels, and nothing but cats.

A horse walks into a Lounge full of copycat threads and

My encounter with a Freeper in the Navy.

What about me?

Good Afternoon/Morning Lounge!

I need a haircut

5,000 Year Old Iceman May Be Sick

Dare you poll this?

Clayton Bigsby

Russell Crowe's Wife Won't Excuse His Behavior

DSM & your cat [ now a cat pic thread !!!]

Apparently a woman set a white dove free for each "not guilty" verdict...

My high school Freeper encounter


SO, can I assume that we're all in agreement?

Boom! Thunder!

Next Question: Have you ever made a mistake?

...IF you know what I mean!

OMG! aLL the threads on the front page were started by no one

pResident Black Bush. Enjoy.

Today In History: June 14

Do you use Mozilla Firefox and if so do you

Bored senseless, so out comes the camera - pics of Bunny!

My encounter with a freeper sheriff

Sometimes air-conditioning makes me feel like crap.



Ladies!!! ... ...Oh LADIES!!!!

So, those BizarroWorld stolen Audi A3 commercials...

Why is this "recite the plot of a B movie and insert references

What are you listening to right now?

How to treat a woman:

Confession time: what's the oldest thing in your refrigerator?

Letters from the Schoolchildren of Salinas

June 14th-HAPPY FLAG DAY!!!!

Breaking: Michael Jackson arrested on another round of charges.

I'm applying to be moderator for the DFA forum.

Mesereau: "Jackson won't share bed with boys anymore."

Final word on the MJ Case

How to treat a sheep:

Don't phunk with my heart.

My encounter with a freeper on the corner.

Ad For Casket Reads: "Marriage Died Before Husband Did"

I'm too sexy for this thread

Yes my skin is fair - NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Yes my skin is unfair - NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Help - I sprayed some deck stain on vinyl siding


Joe Jackson to be new Mickey Mouse.

Jackson's site compares aquital to Fall of Berlin Wall, Mandela's...



Statue Of Gay Hero Draws Monumental Flak

LMAO! Scientists prove Girls are Evil.

What would you like a government apology for?

5,000 Year Old Iceman May Be Dead

93/93. 418. 666.

You've just died. What do you intend to do next?

Student Charged With Vomiting On Teacher - WTF??

An older lady went to the drugstore and asked the pharmacist for help

Heterosexual Womens Coalition says "Label Guys"

Should procrastination be illegal or legal?


Man: "David Blaine has been using my godly powers to perform his magic"

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for June, 2005

Why can't manufacturers make women's sizes uniform?

"There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name-o"

It's Flag Day on Randi!

What exactly is entrapment?

Florida State QB hospitalized after claiming he's God

OMG!!! i HATE that lanacane commercial on AAR.

Bleh. (Warning, you might be grossed out if you read this.)

Pre-Paid Legal - anybody involved with this (pushy) operation?

eeewww ewww wewww weww eww ew wew ahh ahh

question for the english majors (or latin majors)

Al Franken. All American. -funny micromedia ad

The flag has its own day, but not the Constitution

What's your state (or province) flag?

puppy pics!

Are the Mods & Administrators getting Old?

I see subtle changes in the layout here.

We all need one of these!!!

I can't find ma bookmarks anymore!!!!

An error occurred during processing.

the character of a cat

I you really speeded through the news today

post a screen shot of one of your favorite web sites (other than DU)

Interesting factoid # 287 (Al Capone)

The denish made my thongue thick.

I could use some good thoughts today...

Non Sequitur nails it again!

No new Star Trek for 2+ yrs | JMS (Babylon 5) wants to run it

Box w. It is fun!

I'm going to go eat Lunch.

I'm sick to death of the font Arial. Any suggestions for default change?

I'm steppin' out for a bit. Anybody want anything from Cheung Wah?

Can adult children be taught to grow up?

10 Things Every Girl Should Know....

Check it out

Admit your crush on me here.

Bishop embezzles $500K from church, buys himself a nice second Mercedes

What I'd love to see is a dead pool on the Administration

I am going to be making some major changes today

"Martha"- Tom Waits

Check out this cool picture!

Phil Jackson is back as Lakers coach

I blame Jara Sang

Post a picture of your state flag.

I'm going to be making some minor changes today.

Fields are white in snowy spring and I can't remember the last time...

I'm going to start naming BouncyBall, "CutesyBall"

Tom Cruise thinks that he's the missing Beatle

Tom Cruise claims...get this..."Methadone" was named after Adolph Hitler.

I Must The The Earth's Ugliest Lawn Service.

Kathy in Cambridge has 16,000 posts!

Conservitive gays threaten to "out" party members

A tribute to the USS Akron

Hide Thread Poll - What do YOU Hide?

I just killed a big spider

I love the 'hide thread' option.

Wanna play The Shell Game?

Who'd win in a wrestling match, Lemmy or God?

How hot do you like your Chinese?

I have to totally call *FOUL* on this-total rip off-DUPE!

DU sister sites?

How can I come out to my family?

Tom Cruise thinks that dogs can read his mind and he can read theirs

Whoops. Blood type accident. How soon can I die again?

Thought for today

Has society's perception of age changed in the last 20 years?

Don't forget: Season 3 of Reno 911 starts tonight on Comedy Central!

Batman Begins review menitons Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise!

Could my mother sell me her house for a dollar? How hard/easy is it?

So, I've been in court all day. What did I miss?

would you take your kids to a michael jackson concert?

The War with Canada

Whoops. Hair color accident. How soon can I dye again?

DU is making major changes today. I'm still the same SOB I was yesterday

In this thread, I am going to repeat myself.

I need to convert a Word file to a PDF-I just downloaded a program off

"We're In The Money." Lynne 'n' Dick Cheney kick it, Halliburton style.

They found Carmen!

If you were to write a personal ad about yourself, what would it say?

Nude woman pulled from rolled over van

I just LOVE GD!!!

How in the hell are we ever


Need to convert Word file into burrito-shaped ocean of riven brick ovens

Just a thought - Lynchburg VA. is named after John Lynch - was he

California juries are now like Southern juries in the 1950's.

Did anyone else have a truly weird day?

Chicks Dig my Manly Junk

Have you ever taken out a "Payday" loan?

I'm acting the way America acts best


Them Moose Goosers

Pink Floyd really getting back together?

Found a great steak tartare recipe but it doesn't say how long to cook it

Laupers are truly weak maimers

Any 'Burning Man" Stories?

Funk is Dead

The Druids of Stonehenge

You may be a Pink Floyd Fan if you:

Here's a nice story, especially for the DU ladies...

I swear I didn't do it...

Haruki Murakami readers - a decent profile in today's NYT

My favorite new DU feature

Anyone here going to D.C. on Thursday for the rally?

Favorite 80s Alternative New Wave Band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update on the AAR - XM deal and Sirius, etc.

Have you ever made a resolution that you kept?

What's your favorite TV catchphrase of all time?

A Møøse once bit my sister...

Because somebody called me mean: Howard Dean walks into a bar with Al Gore

Oh God. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the Michael Jackson trial

There's No Such Thing As "Gay" or "Straight"...

smokefree day 4

When Microsoft bought Visio, they FUCKED IT UP ROYALLY.

Thanks to everyone for the 30,000/Birthday posts!

Ever been on a witch hunt?

Tell the truth,

LMAO! What is the "The Thing" doing?

Anyone in real estate?

I can read on the toilet if I want to!

Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang

What should I make for dinner? I've got lots of tomatoes.

Who Doesn't Deserve Constitutional Protections?

Does anyone want to buy an Altoids vending route from me?

DU animal lovers, check this out, help if you can

tom cruise, michaeL jackson, and paris hiLton waLk into a bar....

Child rapist caught by wife gets beaten by family and neighbors!

Favorite character actor?

Is it time for another Geezer/Geezette Nostalgia Thread?

My heart has broken

Tom Cruise has five, Get this... FIVE Nipples

So I met Thtwudbeme and JanMichael at the Grand Canyon

Since no one has insulted me or bashed me, I'll hang it up for the night.

Boy Becomes A Klan or Trent Lott's Baby Picture?

Can someone explain Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girls" to me?

1776 the movie

If I said Jane Wyman starred in "My ex husband fucked up the world"

Has anyone seen Dogma??

This pic was on FreeRepublic. The file name is AnnCoulterMmmm.JPG...

What do you consider to be your area of expertise?

Run AWAY! It's a...

Swimmers! Take your mark!

People that choose to pipe Jazz through a phone support's hold music

Anyone here got a pet tarantula?

Which one of you gave me this nasty head cold?

Computer help

They make peanut butter, why not almond butter or

State a fact about your state/province/et cetera

i'm thinking of starting a "queering up camp"

It's the end of an era, here in Sheboygan.

Here's an interesting site showing George Bush as a Borg from Star Trek

Partially Paralyzed Woman Was Fired For Not Smiling Enough (Walmart)

Listening 2 Thom Hartman 4 the first time

Should prostitution be illegal or legal?

These pretzels are making me thirsty.

RENT TRAILER: Five Hundred Twenty-five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes...

What year were you born?

It's Flag Day: June 14, 2005 and it's my birthday

Time for.... Post A Pic Of Yourself!!

We are going to be making some major changes today

MMMM Frito Pie.

what is the purpose of disabLing your profiLe?

Worst Song for All Time: Mr. Roboto.

Mother says she beheaded daughter

Loungers are truly weak flamers

What's something a lot of people don't know about you?

Bill Clinton now a vegetarian?

Looking to find vegan goat cheese...

Tyndale Founder, Creator of The Living Bible, Dies

Muslim Americans testing faith

Q. Why is Pro-Life dead?

Why don't American Bishops say anything about *Co's INNOCENT War Dead?

Italians discover hoard of Roman statues

Date Palm Grown From 2,000-Year-Old Seed

ID parody website

Rat Islands (Alaska) earthquakes: is this normal activity?

New 'Earth-like' planet is not like Earth

Top 10 Ways to Destroy Earth

Found: Europe's oldest civilisation

Southern Poverty Law Center's intelligence report (sorry if a dupe)

Judge OKs Spokane Mayor Recall

Sweden Abolishes Law Banning Lesbian Use of IVF

Court: New Jersey Constitution Does Not Require Gay Marriage

Do NOT let fundamentalists co opt the Transgender movement!!!

Conservative Group Wants In On NY Gay Marriage Suit

Gay Democrats Form Group To Oust Santorum

Catholic School Limits Gay Parents' Role

Right-wing activists plan Normality Parade (Poland)

First Canadian Military Base Gay Wedding

2-0 RED SOX over The Reds

Phil Jackson returning to the Lakers

Phil Jackson is returning to the Lakers.

Bigger Egomaniac

Yesterday, My Wife & I Had BLT's

Suggestions for introducing foster dog

Church of Atheism

New sig line !

Okay. The MJ verdict is in. When is Kerry speaking on DSM?????

Bi-Annual Senate Financial Disclosure Statements

CAFTA Hearing and the Kerry Amendment

Jeffords and Kerry File Renewables Amendment To Energy Bill

DSM Hearing

Self Delete

Kerry's statement on CAFTA

Assuming (or pretending) you have a Republican Senator

Kerry and the DSM

Some outdoor photo tips...

An angel in my office...

I'm feeling like I can't take bad photos this week...

Fine... If Everyone Else Is Doing It.... (Flower Poll)

Okay, I think this will be my submission

The Houston Chronicle mentions Keith AGAIN!

I know don't none a' ya care, but it's a NEW BLOG regardless!

More on Keith and ESPN Radio...

Fresh hot blog, kiddies!

And dogs and cats are living Keith goes back to ESPN Radio..

KOEB 6/14/05

Gizmo is gone.

My Honey Galloway Was Just On INN (FSTV)

What is this "voice vote" regarding the anti-lynching bill?

MO GOP Spend Big, Get Lobbyist Gifts While Cutting Medicaid

Days Before, Priest Predicted Plane Attacks on U.S.

Energy Bill Debate Tuesday, Kerry/Jeffords Sponsor Energy Amendment

CAFTA Hearing and the Kerry Amendment

Dean/Galloway in 2008*** It works for me.

The radio execs who made Limbaugh famous.. buy Ed Schultz show !!


booga-booga time - send in the terrorists

Creating a Progressive Values Movement (Good Stuff)

Times reporter trying to explain away torture on C-SPAN now

Calling George Soros: Dems need to seed next generation of progressives

The truth speaks for liberals

Followup Communication with My Congressional Representatives

July 4, 2005 Independence Day/Impeachment NOW! day

I'm filming the Conyers events, any questions you want answered?

NYT still doesn't get it! Bush lied when he said,"War is our last resort."

Does anyone else consider this Griffith nomination insulting?

Dear Mr. Cheney: You have the balls to criticize Howard Dean???

MSNBC: "No bin Laden leads in arrest, Pakistan says"

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! N/T

Prediction: Leaker of Secret British Documents Will Come Out

WSJ: Republicans Push for Voter-Friendly Bills

What's the story on Arnold wanting a "special' election??

The Administration's #1 excuse to counter the DSM charges?

Nadler on C-SPAN NOW

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) flip-flops on Gitmo, lock-steps behind Cheney

Folks, if anyone questions the relevance of the DSM ...

If you're bored and looking for some entertainment

Senate Roll call vote for Thomas B. Griffith to DC Appeals Court, 73-24.

Rep. Obey (D-Wis) ripping Delay a new one!

WaPO's Jeff Morley speculates today on "Deep Throat of Downing Street"

Web of Cold Blooded Lies

Money Talks, BS Petitions Walk

Clark on CSpan this Sunday

Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends

The media pretends to not see the elephant in the middle of the room

What can we do to get the DSM memos now verified by MSNBC

Well, that whole Tom DeLay unpleasantness is over

Okay, Energy Bill up for debate now with Domenici

The DSM and Santa Maria

Gee; I wonder if there are any American memos like Downing Street?

Cheney: Repubs will "defeat whatever Democrat receives the nomination"

The GOP's main objective, now that their jig is up...

Is this so awful, it might be helpful?

'a toady corporate press '

OMG, on CSPAN coming up they are asking Republicans ONLY to call

Frist wants you to know that John Bolton deserves an

Dem leadership talking about the energy bill with PNACer James Woolsey

How did Russia's defeat in World War I affect the Communist revolutionaries

Can States acting together bypass Congress to remove Pres/VP?

Wake Up Working People....

Pentagon Briefing now on C-SPAN2

Is the Bush Family Making Money Off the Backs of The Victims of the

Jeffords and Kerry File Renewables Amendment To Energy Bill

Another smoking gun...

Ask C-Span to cover the Conyers hearing live.

Survey USA polls approval ratings for all U.S. Senators

This time, it's for real: Save NPR and PBS

Watch your politicians... and your ass (re. Lynch Mob etc.)

Bush fete with porn star to raise $23 mil for GOP

Frist and McCain press conference on now CSPAN Bolton

Who ARE the 20 Senators who did NOT sign the Anti-Lynching resolution???

Resolution to Rebuke Sensebrenner for Patriot Act Hearing Behavior!

ONE person deserves lionshare credit on fall of communism - Ted Turner

Spanking The Chairman by Paul Waldman

Chris Dodd press conference on now CPSAN Bolton

If U.S. *is* bombing Iran, what justification do they have?

Does someone have a list of the nationalities of 911 hijackers?

Rush says he is "America's anchorman"

Growing # Military Families at Conyer's Hearing, Downing Street Memo, 6-16

Former Bush Official says 9/11 story bogus

If the Downing Street Memos are validated (and they should be)

Where does your Senators stand in popularity? See this poll

Major votes coming up in Congress within days

I say throw those goddamn anti-democratic machines in the river

John Conyers will be discussing DSM on Big Eddie's show today ~

As an African-American, I say the Senate can STUFF its apology!

outspeaking Guardian comment

Penn & Teller: The Patriot Act is Bullshit -(MUST WATCH VIDEO!!)

1706U.S./89 U.K./96 Other/1891Total/2.31Per day avg./818 Days

is this possible???

Feingold calls for Iraq Timetable

Save NPR and PBS

Michigan DU'ers: Why is Jennifer Granholm's approval rating so low?

National Security

Does the Office of the President have too much power?

Senators who refused to sign anti lynching resolution

Cheney tells "yo mama" joke re: Dean? I bet the GOP will back him up!

Anyone else get a call from "John Kerry" asking for pledges

Condi lying on Hardball right now

Isn't this the "indoctrination" they claim to loathe?

Yay! I voted Republican today! BUSH live on CSPAN right now?

I'm thinking of naming a star after Bush

CSPAN = Republican Reps speaking against the war NOW.

Scathing column on the bush/blair lies, a MUST read, imo

Time for another "Terror Attack"?

RAW STORY...Kerry seeking Senators to cosign DSM letter

Ethanol - The Boxer Amendment - Another Campaign Issue

The search for the next Deep Throat

Blair Needs to resign. That is step 1 for Chimpeachment.

Save PBS from Right-Wing!

Yahoo - rate it up! Gold Star call for the Truth in Congress

ANOTHER DSM PIECE: 5 top Bushie lawyers LIED to the UK Att'y General

Why are the Bolivians more patriotic than we are?

DailyKos voting to have Conyers hearings on the Capitol steps

MSM BS Shifting gears! w/"'Fox News Alert!' Is Osama in IRAN?"

Lynching apology opponents: 'We support Black History Month'!

Speak Out Against federally funded faith-based sex mis-education

John Kerry: We Need a New, Common-Sense Approach to Trade

One Day in Iraq: At-a-glance

Ask C-SPAN to Cover the Downing Street Hearings

Karl Rove in a Tu-Tu

Can Congress Be Impeached?

Impeach the Press!

Who was the greatest American president?

Mary Carey to Rove: "I won't be wearing anything under my dress tonight!"

Okay, did I over-react on this?

Get a Phone Call from Howard Dean

Responsibility and accountability, not apologies

Stop Secret Searches of Library and Bookstore Records

Judiciary GOP pulls the plug on Conyers 'forums'

Mary Carey: Just a good Christian girl

AP: We "dropped the ball" on Downing memo

This time, it's for real: Save NPR and PBS

What is the DNC/leadership doing to promote awareness of the DSM hearings?

Howard Dean Speaks for ME!

How bad/good is Mark Warner?