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Archives: June 16, 2005

DSM coverage on Slate

The Downing Street Memo Comes To Washington: DEMOCRACY NOW INTERVIEW

S. Blumenthal: A Broken Body (The House)

Herbert: Uncle Sam Really Wants You (Recruiters School Handbook)

US Military Report: The High Death Rates exposed by Brian Harring

Mercury in childhood vaccines may have caused autism

An interesting conversation:

Tsang wins in HK without an election

Chinese authorities grilled dissidents in Australian camps

AI criticizes arms sales to Nepalese

Thousands left without electricity after botched theft

Mosque's ancient carpets switched

Austria's far rightists, ultra-Orthodox Jews join together in strange alli

Philippine tribes pay in blood to restore water sources

Monsoons can't break drought in Thailand

Woman tasered by police found guilty by jury of her peers.

WSWS: more evidence of government complicity in 9-11

Notes on the four flight's timeline

Group of military and commercial pilots conclude 9/11 by remote control

Did you see this? Salon hit piece from Manjoo on exit polls...

This appeared on John Conyer's blog today:

YO! Does anyone have a list of the >100 MEMBERS OF CONGRESS who will

Reccomendations / thoughts on the special election?

Going to the Iraqi Union Leader Discussion (Thurs) ? Can I get a Ride??

Ok, who will you guys have running for US Senate?

Chris Bell hit his fundraising goal!

Didn't Rep Jones write to all the families who have lost loved ones in

Ho....Hum.....Ho....Hum.... when it get's to this point it's time to:

Oh no. did Bu$h fall off his bike again?

Sean Hannity had two very hostile Republican callers today on Schiavo

The DSM is old news in the sense that Wolfowitz as much as

If Bush decides to accept Tom Friedman's recommendation for

"The Man, The Legend, The Bowtie" Part 3

Tom Friedman creates an exit strategy (for himself) from Iraq

You know who I miss the most in our troubled times?

Did the Mormon Church support the Iraq War?

I wonder if there is the equivalent of a Downing Street Memo on 9/11.

Majority report talking about Coingate!!

We need Bloom County now more than ever

Saying no to the UK police state

Wow. Mayann. Whooo yeah. Paradigm Shift writ small.

ABC NEWS: Pentagon Concerned About Legality of Interrogations

Tell me, does this sound partisan to you?

Lessons on humanity (for those who split us as "left" or "right").

selection 2000, phony reasons for war, 9/11, all parts of the same event

Enemy Non-Combatant

The longest curse in the world I send to Bush and his administration

The world is flat, the sun revolves around the earth,

Random acts of kindness NEVER lead to conflict.

What happens to someone who posts their 666th Post?

Help! Need Linux Boot diskette...

Woman tasered by police found guilty by jury of her peers.

Now I respect Amy Goodman, but...

author of ''The Plot Against Social Security'' on AAR now

Freedom on the march, my ass.

Who thinks we'll have a terror alert and/or some big terror news tomorrow?

Fatal shooting of teacher illustrates why Iraqis fear U.S. convoys

If Rush Limbaugh is, in fact, gay and Daryn Karan is transgendered

So, how do we feel about gun control now?

Start the Conyers hearing with Jackson's quote from the Nuremberg trials:

Hard Reality # 1: BushCo does not care how many die in war

Who's worse - Cheney or Rumsfeld?

30 Days on FX

Morgan Reynolds live stream

CNN new poll-Should the FBI be able to look at the library records

WH opposes sharing larger $ of offshore drilling royalties with Red States

WOW!! What happened to the right winger on Tucker's show

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did. It never will."

Over 1,000 Iraqi police/guardsmen killed in 2005.

I Officially Nominate 'Regular Joe' Scarborough for Arrogant Asshole of ..

Fatal shooting of teacher illustrates why Iraqis fear U.S. convoys

South Park doing a parody of the Shiavo case with Kenney

With all the base closings...why not close Gitmo?

Because the War on Iraq would not have been possible without 9/11,

I'm hitting myself on the head with a hammer. Give me an exit strategy!

So I'm driving down the street and I see some guys picking up

We Are Blameless! We Have Given Them Two Kinds of Fruit!

Anyone watching "30 Days" on FX??

Symbolman on Malloy now

Please Vote DSM news stories up

Can i speak to "Senator Crappo"

symbolman is on Malloy right now !!!

Why do they hate Hillary?

After downingstreet

Harvard: Hot Housing Market Masks Eroding Affordability & Mounting Risks

opinion of Malloy's rant about Schiavo case????...

To people here who live in or around Washington DC

OMG where is the thread about Mary Cary on Olberman Haaahaaa

Is Hillary really THAT obsessed with power as "some people say...?"


Did anyone read the article about "Jeff Gannon" in Vanity Fair?

Retired mods: How much of a commitment is it, really?

I think the Right wing Christian extremist have been had!

Is Joe Biden OK or what?

QUICK! Name a euphamism for...

What are the chances * will come out of this unscathed?

Bill O'reilly has finally reached his ultimate level of lunacy

It was Frist who decided to give the racists people cover

Anyone watching tonight's Nightline?

Best message board post ever (tasteless alert)

If the media finally gets a soul and reports on the DSM Tomorrow

Does Cheney have a functioning conscience ? Serious question here

I heard there are supposed to be gatherings throughout the country

Confused, almost anti-war rumblings in Freepland

I would love it if Mr. Conyers opened the hearing ...

Lawmakers attend picnic at White House tonight

At 12:30 am, EST a non-violent revolution is scheduled to begin . . .

What a great day June 16th will be....

McClellan's press briefing quotes today, poor grilled Scotty

Survey Finds Editorial Coverage of 'Downing Street Memo' Mixed

Signs of the New World Order, and their plans for Africa

"Mr. President, if you lied about the war, how can we believe you at all"?

LMAO! George Joad! --PIX->>>

**Pacifica Radio Special Broadcast of John Conyers' Hearing

Is Jeff Sessions a whiney baby or what?

CSPAN Schedule Thursday June 16--- John Conyers DSM 9:00am

I guess invasion of Iran already planned....ho hum

Who will Implement a Draft first? Conservatives or Liberals

"Concerned Women": Schiavo, a 'disabled person', was denied water

DEMOCRATS must cut taxes when they regain power.

I got a call tonight from John Kerry's "Kids First" asking for a donation.

Does anyone else feel that without Conyers and Black/Progressive Caucus

Sign petition on Coingate!

Demand an Audit in Iraq! (by Rep Louise Slaughter)

DU help is needed...

Poverty in Mexico had profound impact on me during trip

Francis A. Boyle - Nat'l Campaign to impeach Pres. *

Conyers: “Every major network (other than Fox) bringing cameras tomorrow!

TOONS: "I Got yer Respect Right Here!" edition!


Should "gifted" kids have special schooling to meet their needs?

Olbermann: Mary does DC; "Republicans party like Porn Stars" - (VIDEO)

"I" am John Conyers

That asshat is still "President," the Schiavos are still as crazy as

The Religious Rightwing: The Cancer On America

Wanted: A Massive Movement to Drive the Bush Regime from Power

Maybe I'm just tired. Tired of all the division.

Sausage and peppers - a summer treat from the grill

Brian Mulroney spotted hanging around U.S. post offices

ITV: Britain helping to organise a G8 protest is pre-emptively questioned

I think the Right wing Christian extremist have been had!

Graham Says NYC Revival Probably His Last

Schiavo's Parents Don't Believe Autopsy Results

Republican Releases Some Info on Bolton

More Americans want troops pulled out of Iraq, poll finds

Rep. Jones co-sponsors (nonbinding) resolution on Iraq withdrawal

WP: Exit Strategy on Social Security Is Sought (Repubs want escape route)

Many Are Missing, Few Make the News

Defectors say China running 1,000 spies in Canada

Bomb-laden plane crashes in Arizona city

WP: Thousands of Non-Defense Contractors Owe Taxes

WP: Evangelical Republicans Trust States on Social Issues

NYT: White House Tries to Halt G.O.P. Effort to Withhold U.N. Dues

Steroids now often used for slimming, not just sports

Bill would ban prosecutions for medical marijuana

WP: Thousands of Non-Defense Contractors Owe Taxes (3 Billion +)

Oxfam blasts US, EU for farm subsidies

Annan may jump before he is pushed over Oil-for-Food

Bush's plan would hurt small businesses, Democrats say (Kerry & Dorgan)

Guantanamo inmates can be held 'in perpetuity'- US

Lawmakers Attend Picnic at White House

Federal lawsuit filed against "The Star" (Fundies sue rightwing paper)

Bush Sends Regrets on U.N. Celebration

Replacement named for judge who died of apparent suicide

NEWSWEEK: From Downing Street to Capitol Hill - Now confirmed Up High

Lobbyists' Role for Public TV Is Investigated

Tsunami Warning Systems Failed (WA State)

Lawyers Fought U.S. Move to Curb Tobacco Penalty (Memo: cuts "ordered")

Exit Strategy on Social Security Is Sought (GOP talking with Rove)

Marine Harrier Jet Crashes in Arizona

Court Lets Law Graduate Sue George Mason Univ. Over F

Massive power outage affects 70, 000 homes across 7 counties (Texas)

Democrats say White House cozy with oil industry

WP: Bush Is Expected to Address Specifics on Iraq

US Federal Court: Corporations, Foreign or Domestic, Can be Held Liable

'Exit Strategy' Is More Than a Whisper in Washington, With Lawmakers

Newsmax: Sen. Durbin: Gitmo GI's Behaved Like 'Nazis'

Tyrant's Best Friend

What would Carnac the Magnificent say to Bush?

Is anyone else in nerd nirvana right now? (re: summer movies)

All hail Discordia!

A truely unique ebay auction

Have you ever lead on other guys while in a relationship?

Looks like GreenLantern's stomach is messed up again. Will be

Video of a Meth addict stealing a car

What's for supper?

I was talking to a young woman in San Diego today

I was at last night's Angels - Nationals game. Ask me anything!

Today I became a Padawan DU-mod for the lounge.

Dateline: August 21, 2010

PETITION TO SAVE NPR AND PBS...sign it and share it..

What's your birthday? You may have more than one.

One of your new Lounge Mods reporting in....

help me decide what to do tonight

I miss this place

Snickers Ice Cream

Hey! Oldtimer Air Force folks!!! I was just shown a plane...

Famous Swedish Television Chef Passes Away.

Yes! A very Cute Lady has offered me a Partnership in her Business.

Every time I say it, it makes me happy!

Archae, I like your blog entry about the arcade closing...

JOE Cocker, JARVIS Cocker, or a fuckin' cocker SPANIEL. Your choice.



I've been exercising more, yet my legs grow worse?

Hal Holbrook is a yankee

Question about Jessica Simpson's Chastity Pledge

One of my favorite lists...

American Masters: Julia Child...

OK, before I get carried away, how many of the new mods know prison slang?

Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody wang chung tonight.

What would the Lounge be like without some of the.... rules...

A question about Urinal etiquette

Philly needs to go to sleep.

Of these colognes, which do you prefer?

Which one of the Chicago Seven was the baddest big-ass?

The difference between Texas and New Jersey is...

Why aren't Coy and Vance Duke in the new Dukes of Hazzard movie?

Pick yer favorite schneider

Yar har, baby!

Keri Russell co-stars with Cruise in M.I. III. Lohan wanted the part.

What were those wreaths that the early 20th century plutocrats wore?

Anybody want some CDem Loving?

I miss The Prophetess.

Great Apes, it's still going over there in GD! I had no idea!

A question about port-a-pot ettiquette

I just had a Coke float.

I'm going to go take a leak and I don't care which state you're in!

I finally sent a letter to the property managers-Apartment living sucks

Ed Helms' NutCam is the funniest thing I have seen in years

It's the Wednesday night cute kitty attack!

I'd need to open a "Can of Whoop-Ass"

GD! Whew! I'm rude, intolerant, a real asshole. sniff

So is there a DSM rally in NYC tomorrow?


Do your favorite movie and album go together?

I'm going to anger every South Dakotan with this thread

I heard a rumor about an upcoming TV show.

Does anyone know offhand if big test prep books are recyclable?

Ok. It's hug time again.

Hey, the moon and Jupiter are hugging!

Post from your cache thread.


Janis Joplin was so COOL!!!

Just like a white winged dove.....

Need computer help


Before attacking Mary Carey, please review her record.

Paul Craig Roberts again (he exaggerates I think a bit here)

Before attacking Mariah Carey, please review her record.

What's everyone drinking tonight?

Who is Art Vandalay?

A personal dilemma....kinda...

The Urinals Can Be a SCARY Place.

I buy weed from my neocon, wingnut, Limbaugh-loving republican boss

what's with all the mariah carey hatred?


Anyone have an ulcer? If so, could you please share your symptoms

I love my pizza guy

I saw a car today with licence plates from North Carolina!


OMG! I'm in love with my newly chosen major!!

Who here has bedroom eyes?

I just had a passing craving for stir fry...

FX's : Life on minimum wage. Anyone watching this?

A question about Ladies room etiquette.

615 grams, huh? Wow, that's almost low enough to qualify as Republican!

How do you resolve the Grandfather Paradox?

Help Me Remember The Title Of A Children's Book...

I feel like being friendly tonight

Is there a Braum's Ice Cream store in your state?

I just want to tell you that I love you.

If someone brings me some dinner, I'll love you forever

Surprise, Fwee Wepubwik in Denial over Schiavo Autopsy Results!

Morgan Spurlock - "30 Days" on FX now

The only thing worse than those BS forward "cutesy" emails in your inbox -

daily show tonight is fucking brilliant (topic spoiler)

Shhhhhh! Don't tell the new mods, but this is a six thread.

Why do Australian national teams wear Green and Yellow?

I'm no longer a mod. Now I'll flirt and be a man behaving badly

Vanity Plate time!

Post a picture of a body part (Just to be different)

Do you tip house cleaners? In advance???

Finish this sentence: A REAL man...

Any One Want To Adopt

Do you drink buttermilk?

Photos of my 2 month old Filly

My GF: "I'm an alcoholic"

What frivolous lawsuit would you like to file?

Hey Seattlites! Yo, read this pretty please. It's about Andy.

Red Sox Sweep Reds

Orioles Sweep Astros at home

HORSE RACING NEWS weekend of June 17

Dog acting strangely

I'm going to do my first Tarot reading in 10 years tonight.....

This let me perplex and made me laugh - Does somebody understand what

My june contest wannabes (dial up alert)

Like a lot of others (Warning-heavy on pics)

What Can I Do With Photoshop That I Can't Do With Paint Shop Pro 7?

Last Month's Contest Theme (Shadows) + This Month's Contest Theme =

Film clips from the "Hijacking catastrophe" video:

What Senators/Congressmen up for reelection in 2006, stand to be most damage

Votes on the medical marajuana bill?

N. Korea "One way or Another"' will give up those nukes

Give money to DNC or DFA? Which helps Dean? Has Dean SAID which one he

Q: Can I Donate to the Democrats in a way showing support for Dean?

ROLL CALL: What MSM News sources have Covered the New Memos?

DSM/Conyers/CSpan coverage....schedule

The Downing Street Memo Comes To Washington: Democracy Now

Anyone see Mary Carey on Countdown with Keith O.?

Conyers and McGovern were on Democracy Now today

If the war had gone better for US, they would have gotten away with it

Questions about tomorrow's hearing

On Blair: Is the UK pulling out of Iraq?

The FBI put Mark Felt in charge of finding Deep Throat

The BAT is back!

Does anyone have the wording of the Sanders Amendment that passed today.

Symbolman on Malloy now!

Okay, maybe they have us all skunked, and we don't know it

Does success breed flabbiness?



Conyers hearings on CSpan3, .org and radio

will they still be taking sigs on Conyers' letter after tomorrow?

Just made a Harold Ford Bumpersticker

NYC, 5th Ave, Nineties, bumpersticker: Give 'em Hill!

Repub Walter Jones (Mr. "Freedom Fries") will co-sponsor DSM legislation

* called for Doubling to $4000.00 Tax Credit for Hybrids! WTF?!?

I had wanted to listen to Randi Rhodes today.........

Olbermann: Mary does DC; "Republicans party like Porn Stars" - (VIDEO)

Good God: Schiavo's family now calls autopsy a lie

H.R.2843 - remote control locomotives and hazardous materials

Oh MY GOD! NutCAM on The Daily Show!

Hypocrite republicans eat Sushi

Wall Street Journal slanders Dick Durbin

Bush's Legacy--"Fixed Intelligence"

Gen. Wesley Clark Joins FNC as Foreign Affairs Analyst

Bush's Problems Has GOP Worried

FlashBack!!Crude Vision: How Oil Interests Obscured US Government Focus...

Lobbyists' Role for Public TV Is Investigated

Christian right's alliances bend political spectrum

The American Housing Disaster

Auntie Pinko - My Own Reply To "Wanting"

Hemorrhaging Money for Homeland Security (billions wasted on unless gagets

Enabling Evil

The chairman doth protest too much

The Bird Is The Word - "Freedom Fries" with that ??

Your ISP as Net watchdog...

Christian Parenti (The Nation): Bolivia's Battle Of Wills

Nait It to the White House Door

Downing Street Memo - Unleashing The Resistance

Randi Rhodes sent this e-mail re: Schiavo, Fristians, political preachers

Kurtz: News Media Give Overlooked Memo on Iraq Second Glance

Feel a Draft? (The Nation)

The Latest Downing Street Memos (David Corn)

WSJ: The Doughnut Democrats

Bush World: A Matter of Faith before Fact

The Economist "Biggest Bubble in History"!

Molly Ivins: Destroying PBS

The bright, shining lie

Edward R. Murrow-*He* was a newsman!

Mainstream Media Cover-up: In Six Weeks Following its Disclosure

outsourcing book

893,000 new jobs since 1/1/01w/ 2975 since 1/04, but w/o estimate of not

Already Weak G8 Climate Plan Deletes Research Funds, No Targets

Inuit File Human Rights Petition Against US On Climate Breakdown

China's Dust Storms Affecting Canadians' Respiratory Health - CANOE

Blair In Jaws Of Climate Dilemma - Drop Bush Or Abandon Pretensions?

China Claims Limited Success In Fight Against Desertification

30% Of Adult Toads Deformed In Bermuda's Nature Reserves

Yes, The Globe Is Warming Even If Bush Denies It - USA Today

1st Human Bird Flu Case Confirmed In Indonesia

Energy Headlines for June 16, 2005 --

Desertification, dust are global threats - report

2004 Hurricane Totals $22 Billion - Insurers Concerned By 2005 Potential

Senate Approves Renewable Fuels Provision

US pressures G8 to support nuclear power

On Bobby Kennedy, Clean Air, and Property Rights

Julian Borger (Guardian Utd): Guantánamo trials 'violate justice'

The street has been left to the right (another Ha'aretz editorial)

Anti-semitic bastard at DSM meeting blaming Israel?

U.S. Grad Students Seen Hostile To Israel

Teen's family furious at Fatah

Showing a sour face to the Arabs (Ha'aretz editorial)

AUDIO - Former Bush Cabinet Member : Government Complicit

9/11 Roundtable Discussion on Tonight 6/16!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 6/15/05

Any Brilliant soul know where national figures on new regs by party

Can someone help me out with a link to a TIA or Bill Bored thread

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 6/16/05

Check Out This 2003 Article on Zogby's Site

Crucial side discussion from the O'Dell thread: How did fraud occur?

Vote is cast for ballot audit trail

Update on DSM hearings: Re-air C-span 2 NOW! 8pm ET (Bradblog)

Open Voting Southern California Tour!

I'm stuck- help-best way to research money paid to election officials?

O'Dell says constant mean rBr has not been refuted, but refutes it himself

Yacht owned by defense contractor docked at Cunningham's slip

FEINSTEIN to oppose Bolton.

California Daily Ledger-June 15, 2005


Call Feinstein...tell her you oppose her resolution on flag burning

Ashcroft invades Iowa (DM Register)

Group to seek referendum against gay marriage

(photo) noticed this freeway blog a few days ago here on Cape Cod

Pulse article relating to the Iraqi labor forum today, 7 p.m. St. Paul

Rally Friday morning

Gotta love Tim Pawlenty

****DU meetup *TOMORROW (FRI June 17th) NIGHT****

Bushco trashes its Own: Justice dept reduces tobacco penalty

A cautionary note for those of you with shiny new computers

High pitched whine from Windows Media Player.

Can I get wireless internet for my desktop PC?

I got an extra Democracy Fest Ticket! Anyone want to go?

Houston Mayor kisses DeLays ring for light rail....and gets a bus.

Theoretical governor's race questionPerry vs Bell vs Kinky

Help Sheila Jackson-Lee Decide to Oppose CAFTA

Dem Fest people: I have a question about HT University/locations!

Strayhorn striking up band Saturday


DSM Rally in Madison

Dave Zweifel: Legislators tearing down proud UW

heads up Milwaukee DU'ers

My Summer School Packer Class: (Long)

Milw. County Dems and the State Fair

Proof puke Voter ID plan disenfranchizes seniors and minorities

I'm Just Leaving For Lobby Day, Wish Me Luck!

Is Bryan Kennedy a New Democrat

Let the truth be Heard!

Bad Timing???

Thank you mods. Thank you.

St. Pete for Peace Spanks Tommy Franks!

Poll - election, 9/11, et al - are things what they seem?

Names of Senators who didn't

Bush's Top Aides Have Significant Wealth

What would our founding fathers say?

How are we able to have a base and Gitmo in Cuba?

You know that feeling you get as you watch a big storm approaching?

Bush Will Be Hated in His Old Age

anybody see Ed Helms' nutcam?

The following is a selected list of Mary Carey's movies. (graphic)

Wineke: One Schiavo question still unanswered

I'm convinced. GOP is splintering.

Republican Logic at Work...

Bernie Ward: Next -- Gonna take down Bush Press Conf

Nail it to the WH doors!

A few reminders why we shouldn't be like them.

reading a post about Mark Felt and Watergate, it occurred to me . . .

Somebody explain margin of error to me

NY TIMES: 'Exit Strategy' Is More Than a Whisper... Lawmakers Speaking Out

Afghan government corrals beggars

Dealing with bigotry...


Going to bed this NewZealand Night, thinking of DSM

Conversation with my aunt last night-God, love/hate/*Moonies.

If given the opportunity, would you even bother to piss on bush?

Five U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq

VOTE VICTORY: Privacy Bill Passes Over Bush Veto Threat

How is this working together ?

When we stand together and fight, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS with paitence!

Bush Lied in state of the union to get us into this mess


Yeah; keep pushing Mr. Bush.Please.

I'm crying for attention and 5000th post celebrations, but nuthin'

Abolish Michael Kinsley!

More Taser Abuse

What kind of bombs were on the plane that went down in Arizona?

Former Klan and preacher..

***Jon Stewart on Michael Jackson verdict*** Hilarious clip!!

Schiavo's parents "not swayed" by autopsy, consider legal action!

"Jesus for Governor"

Conyer's Downing St. hearing hits the AP Wire! 63 hits and counting...

Conyers hearings to re-air on C-span2

When coat tails go bad (new toon 6/16)

Howard Dean needs to stress PORN STAR dines with GOP Family Values !

1,714 families have been forever changed.

C-Span is not much better than all the other whore stations

Headlines featured at top right of this morning

please delete

Sins of Focus on the Family

Isn't Conyers supposed to be on CSPAN this a.m.?

Help! There is more than just the DSM - the release of other

Downing Street Memo.Com--Targets for Today

Mr. President, the war seems to be the only thing you have to offer

Phone Numbers of the ones who won't apologies for lynching brutality


If Mary Carey had gone to a Democratic fundraiser...?

Anyone hear Tim Wirth on C-Span's Wa Journal this a.m. about UN?

Mr. President, do you think you'd be where you are today without 9/11?

History Of Lies: WMD, Who Said What and When

EPA Reviewing 24 Tests of Human Pesticide

House Subcommittee Rips Amtrak

I am annoying GOP family members and

Honor drives out Terrorism

CNN reports Runaway Bride gets big book/movie deal

Sisters and Brothers: Help old King out. And do yourself a favor, too.

So when is the next "Terrah" attack scheduled to take place?

Can C-Span be streamed? I am at work, and am trying to get some info.

Question to DU Vets Concerning Gitmo.....

* 's Humiliation Almost Complete:

Roll Call Ed (Cspan) "I didn't say Dean's GOP remark was false,

Questions to ask Republicans

CPB Czar fails to disclose $15,000 payments to GOP lobbyists to CPB Board

Impeachment is in the Air

Schiavo Autopsy Renews Debate on G.O.P. Actions

Lawyers Fought U.S. Move to Curb Tobacco Penalty

can anyone else get to

Detroit Free Press: Downing Street memo (simple and easy)

What Bush has accomplished.


Oh shit ! A tsunami is headed toward the Republican Party !

Bush's Economy/America!!!

I am an ecumenical Democrat.

C-Span will cover the DSM hearing LIVE

Right Wing "meltdown" in progress.... people have been "Schaivo'd"

What don't these "moral voters " get about bush??

FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Is it safe?

MSNBC: Sen. Durbin defends "Gitmo like Nazi" comment - (VIDEO)

Any word on what happened to Ajai Raj? You DO remember him, don't you?

'Ice-pick that killed Trotsky' found in Mexico

Jackson's lawyer may sue District Attorney

Sen. Byrd needs money. I sent him some cash, and this letter

PRAY --->>>

Who is In Control of Ramadi? Hint, it is Not the US. Fallujah II ??

Dirty, Devious, Nefarious, Awful, Dreadful, Horrible Thoughts I'm having

toon about DSM

"Obstructionist" can be a noble title in some circumstances.

Iran's Reform Movement Growing

need help with "sirius ready"

June 18: govt ruling on Pentagon Papers

It's Official. Bill Clinton has BETTER Moral Values than George W Bush.

Muscle Cars Make a Comeback

FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) , Is it safe?

More on Katie Wernecke

Are Any Young DUers Here Or DUers' Kid Getting Heavily Recruited...

Ed Schultz announced yesterday that he was pro-life

Poster from another site: no one really cares about chimp

"Why are we in Iraq?" I like this guy's possible answers

Action will be taken against Koran abusers (global TV apology by bush?)

Which CSPAN is the One for the DSM?!

HOLY SHIT: Goss and Barry Seal?

MORE death for US in Iraq...quagmire !!! 6 marines dead

Congressman "Duke" Cunningham Lives On DEFENSE CONTRACTORS YACHT!!!!!!!!!!

Wrap your head in duct tape and read this Bushit quote RE: Iran Elections

About the DSM/Conyers Forum--Video WILL Be Available today

Has Conyers been on Stephanie Miller's show yet ?

How Many American Dead In Iraq, As Of Today?

Report A Piece Of GOOD Political News Here! Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

Bomb-Laden Military Jet Crashes Near Homes .........

How Democrats can win in 06' and 08'

Yet Another WH Rebuke Regarding Iraq

Conyers Organized Congressional Briefing For Iraqi Union Leaders Today!

Is it OK to have hope and get excited????

The New York Review of Books: The Secret Way to War

Marvin Bush!?!?!

FYI: Downing St. Memo and Iraq War On C-SPAN3 at 2:30pm ET

Sen. Durbin Stands by Guantanamo Remarks

"More Damning Than Downing Street"

Gov. Pataki to sign bill allowing ticket scalping

It's the policy, not the base (Gitmo)

Six more US soldiers killed in Iraq (count is now 1714)

Further thoughts on the Mary Carey "diversion"...

Is Unicru a recruitment tool for the armed forces? Need to pick DU brain

Pelosi Amendment Debated on House Floor on NOW on C-SPAN1

Would you rather watch a Porno, ..... or Go to Church?

Rush Terrified of Release of Medical Records

Is it true that an e-voting machine can be disabled by a magnet?

Just curious: Who owns the London Times?

restaurant manger fired for socializing with subordinates; suit rejected

One more reason to hate Wal-Mart

Dick Durbin on Hummers (energy bill debate)

Conyers on Al Franken right now

Have you noticed how quickly the Schiavo autopsy...

C-Span 3 Timeout On Streaming?

How many people are in DC today?

Is this Newsweek's revenge?

Those who seek to shut down Gitmo are premature . . .

Check this out

Look at this Whore title: Six U.S. Servicemen Die in Iraq Violence

I received this petition regarding NPR /PBS/NEA funding .....

Do you think Cheney regrets his "welcome with roses" comment?

Ford:I think if I switched parties the Republicans might anoint me senator

(photo) noticed this freeway blog a few days ago here on Cape Cod

Bill O'Reilly Attacks Al Franken yet again!

Conyer's Downing St. hearing hits the KR Wire! 39 hits and counting...

Intelligence is being fixed - repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat . .

US In Violation Of House UN Reforms??

Go-Go! Go Johnny Go, Go-Go! Go Johnny Go, Johnny Con-yers!

Interview With A Progressive Iraqi Leader

The revisionist history goes on and on and on!

Do Not Allow The Bastard Son To Go To War With Iran

John Conyers on Al Franken (AAR) --------- ----------- ----------- > MP3

Rumors Swirl Months After Man Kidnapped In Iraq

Frist Lies to Matt Lauer (from Think Progress with direct quotes)

I think Durbin took a page out of Dean's playbook!

House Votes

5000th post, corporations, iRobot, truth, religion, love, and the future

EXPOSED! Tthe secret plans to seize Iraq's assets and oil :

Raw Story reporting Newsweek: DSM= Pentagon Papers

Top Zarqawi aide captured in Iraq's Mosul: US

Sticker sighting: SHAME ON GOP - Party of Chickenhawks and Robber Barons

Palast: "Blogs, the Media and Democracy"

Talk to me about Howard Dean.

Is Conyer's Hearing's audio feed available anyplace online?

What if English "Deepthrought" turned out to be.....

LOL- Anchorman said "300 mil american men have erectile....

The Terri Schiavo Battle was the first BIG defeat for the Religious Right

Did they just cut Mr.bush for ads on CSPAN3???

Sirius satellite and Air America ....

"To be blunt, blond white chicks who go missing get covered...

William Barr, claims terrorists do not fall under the Geneva Conventions

So what if Rethugs are turning against Bush and the war

Ok so they want to search our libary cards and book store reciepts but ..

Freeptards desperately trying to defend their scumbag drug addict idol

Washington Journal: John Conyers on DSM forum and Patriot Act - (VIDEO)

I think GITMO should remain open.

Bush speaks...

Here's my DSM hearing result fantasy.......what's yours?

Pelosi: Long Overdue for the President to Put Forth a Plan...

Can the Gold Star Mothers sue Bush*

Durbin was not criticizing our troops - he was criticizing our leadership!

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog vs the Michael Jackson Supporters

Did you just hear the Franken interview with the undercover high

DSM Hearings on front page of CSPAN n/t

Conyers on Franken: "We have over 553k signatures" !

Durbin on CSPAN2 right now talking about our dependence on foreign oil

My letter to Glenn Beck

The Terri Schiavo FRAUD

New Week - Time to Vote on Stupid AOL Greatest American

CNN: Memo Gate comes to Washington...

Sensenbrenner's hissyfit was about how far into the hearing?

5 Marines, 1 sailor: you see this often.. lone sailors among Marine KIA's

Do you think that they should allow cell phones on airplanes?

If the Republicans are so mad at China, why don't

MP3 of Scotty taking on Conyers and DSM questions here:

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

Conyers DSM Hearings on C-SPAN 3?

Sick Dreams of Republican Youth

Alert the media about the DSM Activities - media contacts here!

Lost AirAm stream 1:25PM EST

NPR Morning Edition 6/16 Radio Clip DSM

need the proof of Dean's fundraising success to show a doubter

My brother might marry a wicked woman, what do you think?

If Frist goes down, who might replace him?

I predict a nuclear war within 20 years.

Can we have a DSM Thread Please!!

The PDA blog of the DSM hearing is underway

Obversation about 'enemy combatants'

interesting pre-hearing discussion on PACIFICA feed n/t

Witnessing my first naturalization ceremony made me realize what a mockery

LA mayor-elect says Democrats must talk family values to reach

C-SPAN2 to re-air the DSM hearing in PRIME TIME

Some simple republican truths for the "War on terror"

You Can Watch Todays Conyer's Hearing On Your Computer

ABC: Nancy R. goes to hospital had a fall

Answer from DirecTV about carrying C-Span III

Learning English with Bush

From her bio, it is surprising that Mary Carey is a Republican.

Dinner on Sunday, people in next table talking about IMPEACHMENT

Now- Tom Oliphant on Franken.

Use junk-mail to spread news that the MSM won't touch.

Another reason to hate the White Sox..Carl Everett anti-gay

How is the DSM hearing going ?

Do you agree with Thomas Friedman?

Is that a fire alarm going off (hearings)?

Questions about using quotes from DU.

NOW ON CSPAN3-NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

look closely behind conyers...

CNN Inside Politics: Democratic forum focuses on 'Downing Street memo'

Here is a weird internet idea

Greg Palast, unable to attend hearings in WA Thurs, has submitted this:

Commissioner: Send Sex Offenders To Mexico

DSM Hearing Thread 1

Just hearing Cindy Sheehan's

WP: Live Chat with Michael Smith (Sunday Times) - The Downing Street Memo

Can someone Please educate me?

The Freepers are Peeved

DSM Hearing Thread 2

Stop Calling It The MSM!!!

Fucking Real Estate Speculate Fever Hits My Home Town

Any advice for a young person looking to work in politics?

Who wants to be on a poster @ rally

Live blogging of the Conyers DSM forum here

Is the DSM 'just another scandal that will go down the memory hole?"

Not a dream... reality... today is a new day!

cnn just now showed a clip of Frist-seems upset saying "I never-NEVER

Frustrating: Major Lefty Bloggers Ignoring DSM Today

Time to call and thank Conyers, Durbin, and Reid for kicking ass!

Picutre of the new George W. Bush postage stamp!

This act exposes Bush for what he is. A low down rat with no decency

Ray McGovern Is Kicking Ass

Stop Karl Rove.....Catch him in his car!!!

CNN .com front page news headline really just an AD?

Are there any real doubts anymore that Cheney is the puppet master?


how many signatures are on Conyer's petition as of today (Thursday?)

Need some poll about Bush's popularity worlwide.

MSNBC covering hearings!!!

MSM=CIA direct takeover of major news since 1940's-THAT'S WHY!!

Will Pitts blog is fantastic

MSNBC just did a short report on the Downing Street Memo ....?

Who's going to resign first?

The Official I Love Joe Wilson thread

Scotty getting bitch-slapped on C-SPAN3.

Sex or Violence

The DSM is just getting your false hopes up

The bidding window is closed,folks.

In a perfect world: What Bill Frist would say re: Schiavo's autopsy

I see some positive indications from my own experiences at DU.

What now?

CNN.COM covering the DSM hearings????

PHOTO: Dick "Time to visit the CIA again" Cheney

Anyone know if the freepers are watching the hearings?

How the Schiavo and Monicagate stories prove where the media REAL bias lie

Lest you have any doubt about a "vast right-wing conspiracy" read this!

I know CNN...etc are showing a car chase... but have they MENTIONED

Police: Man May Have Molested Thousands

Any DC folks can tell if Layfette Park will show on webcams at

DSM hearing Thread # 5

DSM Hearing Thread 4

Freeperville all ears on DSM hearing

Pay servicemen more...much much more

TV co's and cable co's have lockouts, now they're bit'in about cell phones

Stop the presses! Prince Harry's had a security scare, and...

A poll about GUNS: What is your view?

They got them some press there.

Maxine Waters (D-CA) announces a new House caucus: "Out of Iraq"

It really is a sad thing to see something so important being conducted

MSNBC mentioning DSM hearing, with HERITAGE Found to comment, more B*llsh*

Impeachment as an issue in 2006 elections

U.S. National Debt: Just so we all know what's what...

Who Will Join The Congressional "Out Of Iraq" Caucus?

Screw the DSM hearing, WaPo sez...

Bush is going to pull another reckless act a la 9/11 before long.

the scamming Noes

Republican Bumper Stickers You'd Like To See.

Washington Post has link to live coverage of Conyers' DSM forum

So 1700 soldiers slaughtered to avenge a threat against Idiot Son's dad

General C-Span Coverage Question

WilliamPitt at the Rally Blogging live...

CNN: Democratic forum focuses on 'Downing Street memo'

How does impeacment happen? Here's the process.

DSM Rally at 5 PM ET and closest cam (?)

DSM Authenticity

DSM Hearings - questions on whats next

Ahhnold's "alma mater".. Just how DID he go to college?

Name the new Wal-Mart movie - win a great prize package

What the media is reporting today

polls show 7 rep congressmen would lose if election were today

Exxon Announces Merger With White House

The US Postal Service has created a stamp with a picture of Shrub

Oh God! We just had a earthquake - Altadena, CA

Coverage of the Downing St. Hearing just hit the AP wire!

What about when golddigger goes after Jacko in civil court?

We just had an earthquake

Another Quake just happened here in Southern Cal

Work 'Till You Die: The Bush Retirement Plan

Do me a favor

Whoa ! Just had an earthquake in Los Angeles

Hostettler amendment prevents use of fed. funds to remove 10 commandments.

Michael Dell is interested in licensing Apple's Mac OS.

Great bumpersticker I saw today:

560,000 Americans: Thank You!! n/t

Where is DEAN?


Coverage Of The Guantanamo Bay Hearings Coming Up On CSPAN3?

DSM Hearing Thread 3

"Why Asia Will Eat Our Lunch "

"There's Going To Be A Number Of 'Next' Hearings ......

Car Chase !!! on Fox and CNN Headline News ....

You want to quit? Whine? Give up? Roll over?

so i guess Durbin-bashing is the DSM distraction

German history professor's speech annoys U of Maryland military grads

Fox News props up Bush as best as they can with new poll (48% approval)

How is your Republican congresscritter doing in the polls?

The "media" types are just like us..


Galloway "Pack of LIES!" is on Randi Rhodes!

Possible live feed of petition march here:

Hippies Smell

Need input on my LTTE before I send it.

Will Mediawhores Feature Frist's Senate Comments Diagnosing Terri Schiavo

Next 48 hours of CNN coverage: EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!

I massacre my young Repuke friends when I tell them to enlist.

Exit Strategy on Social Security Is Sought

DSM coverage continues on KPFA

Will Bush crumble under oath and "roll over" on Dick?

Not one senator

If There Was So Much As A Broken Window In California

Now - Write to your local TV, Radio, and Newspapers

Are the DSMs "Smoking Guns"?

Who cares about DSM when we're all about to be SWALLOWED BY EARTHQUAKES!

They're getting served fish amondine, darn it!

The Heritage Foundation and their overwhelming presence on TV news.

A guest on WPR

lafeyette park

Why shouldn't George W. Bush think he's above the law?

Ford document shows millions of vehicles may be at risk for fires

Stuck at work, but it sounds like we need to hit the streets!

Robert Byrd's autobiography debuts next week

So, fellow Californians, is a Big One on the way

A glimps of sanity...

Where is the link to Will Pitt's Blog about Conyer's Hearings?

Don't Senators hate being lied to?

560K americans signed

USA Today not one word on Memo

Mississippi Burning Trial

Listen - - now at the DSM rally. 200 people so far. n/t

I think I'm on the edge of divorce

Earthquake in LA!!!!

EARTHQUAKE Riverside County (Southern CA).. WOW

LTTE to my local paper

WH Press Secretary Mocks 'Downing Street Memo'

YAHOO! Thursday: WH indicates no one in the WH plans to respond to the DSM

don't think any of 3 networks mentioned DSM at beginning of news 2night

"There are going to be a number of next hearings"

Conyers Hearing Not In Top 5 Stories. Coverup

Get wolfowitz under oath at these hearings and ask him about the DSM

Could the commercials on AAR be any cheesier?

Self-deleted. Duplicated.n/t

Congresswoman Sheila Lee on the phone with Randi!

DURBIN is on the Senate floor!!! He's NOT going to apologize, IS HE???

Cheerleaders disciplined for putting feces on pizza

Is anyone blogging "live" at the rally?

Anybody in California watching the NewHour? DSM discussion now


" There is a crowd of over 200 reporters following Conyers..."

Jackosn Lee from the rally

Lou Dobbs is talking about DSM Hearing!

CNN: "'Freedom fries' lawmaker urges Iraq pullout plan"

What has happened to LBN?

Saudi Arabia Exempt From Nuke Inspections

What Was I Hearing About A "Congressional Out Of Iraq Caucus"???

There are FOUR LIGHTS!

Beginning to Feel Like a Fool

Monitor your local news!

Palast TESTIMONY..He sent to Conyers for today's hearing. Please READ!

Senator Durbin, What Is The Best Way To Support Him?

Again I ask, "Why no minutes from Bush countering DSM?"

Question: NeoCon's position on Korea?

DU this Poll!

Will nightly news mention the DSM hearings? so far not

Did we invade Iraq so US oilmen could get a seat at the OPEC cash table?

(London) Times: Deep Throat hiccups again

Ever read something that made you want to kill?

DSM Hearing Thread 7

If the 22d Amendment is repealed, how long before WJC is impeached again?

Bush is impeached...

Joe Wilson will be on Majority Report...Air America Radio. SOON! n/t

Is there any place we can watch the RALLY online?

Why isn't there a massive anti-war protest in DC?

Should the 22nd Ammendment be repealed?

Yahoo. 540,000 Petitions Delivered

Should we be concerned?

Their talking about DSM on NPR!

Kansas school official calls evolution a "Fairy Tale"

Top 11 ways that Gitmo isn't anything like a WW2 German prison camp

U.S. staff sergeant accused of ‘fragging’ 2 senior officers

Walking dead... The remix.

To all the fuckfaces in the media who wont mention the DSM 1715

DSM is on CSPAN 2 NOW not at 8 as previously reported. nt

Complete text of e-mail from CSPAN re: DSM Hearings

Tweety to Harold Ford - Was it a mistake to go to war in Iraq?

DU this Yahoo article on the today's hearings!!!!

YAHOO Reports CONYERS & DSM Conference (Finally) VOTE

DSM the so called MSM and distribution

McGovern on PBS 13 ny 7:30PM east!!

hilariously hypocritical the way repubs always demand apologies from us

The Rights of Children--the US and Somalia only two countries who haven't

Anyone else send an Email to CNN?


"It all depends on what you mean by the word is"

wonder if Pat Boone will apologize to Michael Schiavo

Best site to monitor US war dead?

Just scrolling down the latest breaking news column is enough


Libertarian Utopia: Private Schools Teaching Separate Social Fragments

Majority Report Thread: DSM hearings, Gitmo (Silencing Critics), etc

I LOVE the fact the Republicans shunned us to the basement

This whole Schiavo thing is not something we should forget. It is a FRAUD

Who said this and what was (s)he talking about?

Bush's Approval Ratings Stay Low

C-SPAN 2!!!!! The DSM hearing is on NOW!! n/t

Question: Why is shrub suddenly called

Are the MSM "news" shows really turning?

Dean's Hidden Fans !!!!Time Magazine)

last chance for network news to come clean tonight

CSPAN ALERT: CONYERS ON (Patriot Act, DSM, Sensenbrenner)

What in the hell is up with Murdoch? What's up with Fox? Is There a Shift?

White, young, missing? You're on TV

Is the British Press covering the DSM forum?

Did anyone hear... Randi Rhodes mentioned DU on her talk radio

Why do Republicans get to decide what family values are?

Tune out from DSM long enough to read my account from inside of Homeland

The Word Is Out and The Word Is Don't Say Nothing About DSM

Some PIX from the Conyers Hearing -->>>

the media is no longer just negligent . . . it's downright criminal! . . .

Oh great Bush going to talk to us more


Woman kept alive to save unborn baby

Info Help please-people "suicided" before revealing info against Bush

Some Great Shots From A DU Friend's Excursion To DC For Verifiable Voting

****CorpoMedia Watch**** Please post ANY mention of Conyers

What the Right Wing is telling Us.

The Demise of the Dress Code

The "Mississippi Burning Trial"--History and background

Miss the DSM hearings? Watch it here...

Live Reports from every rally! New DU interface/system needed?

Report from Symbolman at the Hearing and Rally!

For those having problems connecting to DSM hearing.

Hearing made AOL's top news with video!!!!

Brad Blog posts extensive notes on Congressman Conyers Hearing

Is Kerry going to be a the Conyer's DSM meeting? No? I didn't think so..

Cocky or Desperate?

Frist wants case closed on Schiavo he embarrased???

How many of you check the DSM activist sites for current developments

Vote against Katherine Harris in this online newspaper poll

Fantastic UNION MADE Sneakers!! CODE PINK Specials

OK. This is an all-out assault on Dick Durbin!!!!! We MUST support him!!!

Are C-Span Callers Really Representative of the American Electorate?

Halliburton gets another contract!

If Corporate Media does not lead with with this...

The Bush Administration & Impeachment & the False Statement Statute

hannity calling on durbin to resign

Civil Disobedience/Passive Resistance? Are You Willing To Get Arrested?

Anyone Want To Read Some Freeper Hatemail To My Website?

The Draft a little history

A Warning to the Media : Get onboard or be left behind !

I call upon Skinner in his wisdom, to honor Rep. John Conyers today!

Cindy Sheehan's speech at the DSM hearings

DSM Hearing Thread 6


Has anyone (MSM, alternative news) linked the OSP to the DSM

DSM Hearing Thread 5

In 1973 I predicted the end of Agnew long before it was obvious.

Randi Rhodes just plugged DU!

Do you believe that we (human beings) are more than physical?

You, Mr. Limbaugh, are guilty. .

Dem Bloggers interview with Conyers

Senator Durbin's Office being FLOODED by Neocon calls!

The Big Picture

Durbin is NOT APOLOGIZING!!!! He is ripping them up, call to thank him

Abandoned Wal-Marts - national list & photos.

DSM: Significant coverage on Conyers hearing on PBS NEWSHOUR tonight.

We need 8 Billion a Year to Send Every Kid in the World to Primary School

C-Span replaying the DSM hearing twice more today!

Illegal Immigartion: "Jobs that would otherwise not be filled"

Get the Conyers Hearings on CSPAN 1

Harold Ford Is A ChickenShit Fucker

Coingate could prove 2004 was stolen - this and DSM should be our focus!

Dick Durbin's nazi comparison? Just say Rick Santorum.

Bonifaz uses the "I" word, then hits it home!

Michael Smith

"Let the bastards freeze in the dark"

My reply to some God spam

I. Am. Fucking. Sobbing.

NYT: Bush pal overrode Justice Dept lawyers in huge tobacco industry break

Why Did God Make Tapeworms to Live in the Bodies

'Super Size Me' Spurlock has new TV show on FX - "30 Days"

US Denies French Fighters Emergency Landing Rights

KnightRidder paper boasting it was first news organization to reveal memo.

The Bush Administration , the False Statement Statute, and Impeachment

Holy Cow - Creationism and Men's Nipples.....

Fred Phelps Picketing Funerals of Iraq War Dead

ABC News cancels THREE interviews about vaccines-autism w/RFK Jr.

The AC broke.

Shirley Bond named Education Minister (BC news)

Another forum for Canadian politics

Sign the NO2ID national pledge!

House Votes to Limit Patriot Act Rules

Spain arrests suspected Islamist militants


U.S. raids test Iraqis' patience

ABC NEWS: Pentagon "Concerned" About Legality of Interrogation Techniques

How do we force a roll call?

KR: Forum will examine memo on Iraq war

Raw Story reporting Newsweek: DSM= Pentagon Papers

G8 'to back' child abuse database

Bomb near Ramadi kills 5 U.S. Marines

Frozen Embryos Become Focal Point in Stem Cell Debate

KC Star: Evolution politics become personal

White, young, missing? You're on TV

Deal struck on Sunni Arab role in drafting Iraq constitution

BBC: Boys 'used for human sacrifice'

Dominican Republic to continue propane gas subsidy(IMF demanded it stopped

FYI: Downing St. Memo and Iraq War On C-SPAN3 at 2:30pm ET

Armed men storm Cambodia school

'Illegitimate children' of Illinois OK after all

'Child sacrifices in London' - London Evening Standard

Hillsborough bans recognizing gay pride

Hillsborough County (Florida) bans gay pride recognition

WATE/Knoxville - Minutemen Group Stir Controversy

C-Span will cover the DSM hearing LIVE

Pressure growing to plan Iraq exit

Bush's Top Aides Have Significant Wealth

Democrats reject offer on Bolton documents

New security operation in Iraq (Operation 'White Shield')

Insurgents' Holy War Map on Internet

Marines' toll in Iraq passes 500

Car bomb in west Baghdad kills 6 police commandos

Bush to meet with Iraq prime minister

G8 draft climate text watered down

Record House Vote for Medical Marijuana 161-264 Vote to Stop Raids

Lawyer Says Military Tried to Coerce Detainee's Plea

House panel approves cutting Amtrak routes

Pirate fleets 'stealing Africa's fish'

Chinese protest ends at dawn with screams, death

Circulation Fraud at Tribune Papers (Newsday & Hoy) Triggers Arrests (NPR)

US Denies French Fighters Emergency Landing Rights

MoveOn.on, Conyers to deliver Downing letters to Bush

Dems cheer House poll -The Hill

Exit strategy on Social Security is sought

New initial Unemployment claims steady at 333,000

Bishops Likely to Keep Sex Abuse Policy

PM (Howard) could face Iraq prosecution (Blair, Bush, and Rumsfeld too)

Black church leaders embarrass Bush over African aid shortfall

Five Marines Killed By IED In AR Ramadi-- 1715

Christian Science Monitor: House votes to repeal part of USA Patriot Act

Terrorism: Al-Zarqawi Attacks Al-Jazeera

U.S. contractors owe billions in unpaid taxes

Six U.S. Servicemen Die in Iraq Violence (AP spins admin lie)

Judge: Texas Girl to Stay in State Custody

(NH) Governor signs emergency contraception bill

Shell: Hostage-Takers Are Demanding Jobs

Philly Fed index weakens sharply in June

NYT: The Trillion Dollar Bet

Hillary Clinton wins S.C. straw poll

U.S. says Iran has not come clean about nuke work

Feds: Some AIDS Drug Tests Violated Rules (on Foster Children)

U.S. backs expanding U.N. Security Council

Pace: Army can tap delayed-entry pool to bolster recruiting numbers

The Conyers forum is here!

Commencement talk sparks new phrase game (Russert Nailed!)

Bush Approval: 42%!!!

Durbin was taken out of context!!!! - House lawmakers spar over whistleblower protections

Brunswick to cut 115 in moving bowling line to Mexico

Idle Dredging Ship Costs Taxpayers $8.4M

(Klansman) Killen taken from courtroom on stretcher

White House backs ($409 BILLION) defense spending bill

Scientists make blood from human stem cells

U.S. military: Al Qaeda leader in Mosul captured

Saudi exemption from nuke watch

Pentagon officials concerned about declining public support for Iraq war

Antenna Adjustment (Bill Clinton radio show on Clear Channel)

GAO says U.S. agencies unprepared to fight cyberthreats

Earthquake 1:54 pm -So. Cal

Legal Woes May Shut Down Kansas Schools

Full text of Dr. Detlef Junker's UMUC-Europe graduation address

Obama to be on ABC Nightline 11:30 pm EST fri June 17

U.S. Backs Expanding U.N. Security Council

6 U.S. Servicemen die in Iraq violence -sorry if dupe, didn't see it

Saudi Arabia Exempt From Nuke Inspections (AP/Yahoo)

Michelangelo Code’ seen in frescoes

Terry Moran vs. Scott McClellan on 'Last Throes' of Insurgency in Iraq

U.S. military: Al Qaeda leader in Mosul captured

Lawmakers offer resolution to bring troops home

Head of Bush's African aid program steps down

Oil Prices Surge Toward $57/barrel

Lou Dobbs talking about Conyers hearings.

EPA Reviewing 24 Tests of Human Pesticide (BushCo Poisoning Students!)

DSM forum to be rebroadcast TONIGHT on C-Span 2 (and Friday night)

Bush Attends Hispanic Prayer Breakfast

Rice downplays sanctions on Iran pipeline plan

U.S. border surveillance system became fiasco

Five US marines killed by bomb in W. Iraq

U.S. staff sergeant accused of ‘fragging’

Fed bank insurer's worker data breached (6,000 workers - FDIC)

Mainstream Media Cover-up: In Six Weeks Following its Disclosure

Leaked British memo sparks fresh debate in Washington over Iraq war(Yahoo)

Yahoo! Democrat Urges Inquiry on Bush, Iraq (DU this please)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 16 June

(2200) PA Guard Members Headed To Iraq (biggest deploy since Korean War)

Mexico Investigating Pakistani Suspect( in US custody, ties to IranContra)

Bloggers' 'victory' over Iraq war memos

Feel a Draft? (The Nation)

Palast for Conyers: The Other Downing Street 'Memos'

US Afghan "Viceroy" vows hands-on role in Iraq

W.House rejects lawmakers' call for Iraq pullout

White House rejects lawmakers' call...

U.S. House Votes to Prohibit Drug-Import Bans in Trade Accords

Chilean Officials Investigate Arms Cache (German Colony-Colonia Dignidad )

U.S. double standard to hamper Rice Mideast drive


Christian right groups set sights on '08

Second contractor (merc) with Reno lawyer alleges Marine abuse in Iraq

Frist: Schiavo Autopsy Results Ends Case

'It's much worse than I thought' (soldier letter from Camp Striker)

Big Labor Breakup

DIRTY BIRDS - Oil spill soaks pelican refuge (Mississippi Coast)

Woman alleges congressman abused her (more Repub family values)

Bush assails Iran vote as undemocratic

Republicans say Social Security vote is unlikely

Army Staff Sergeant Charged With Murder (of 2 Army officers)

Fox News Channel has signed Gen. Wesley Clark

Powell calls on Bush to be more sensitive (defends Iraq war)

Nancy Reagan Falls in London Hotel Room

Woman is kept alive to save unborn baby

The Downing Street Memo (Michael Smith interview Q&A today)

Conyers issues statement in advance of hearing; 122 Dems onboard

Botero's anger at Abu Ghraib on display in Rome


(Finally on Yahoo) Democrats Question U.S. Pre-War Actions

EPA Reviewing 24 Tests of Human Pesticide

Mass. Gov. Romney vows support for initiative to ban gay marriage in only

Survey Shows Mental Illness Treatment Up

House Ready to Give Pentagon $45B for Wars

USDA plants its own pro-CAFTA news

Pentagon says Guantanamo critics show 'ignorance'

Conyers/Downing Street Memo Hearing on CSPAN3 LIVE NOW!


WH Press Secretary Mocks 'Downing Street Memo'

Millions of vehicles have fire risk part(Ford-when engine NOT Running)

Democrats cite British memo in opposing Bolton

Bush Seeks to Calm Anxieties About Iraq

C-SPAN to RE-AIR "DSM" Meeting on Friday Night! TV Coverage!!!

Congresswomen Maxine Waters: Out of Iraq Caucus

Pirates raid supertanker at Iraq's Basra

New DOD Rules Issued for Medical Personnel

Debate grows over teaching of abstinence

Boys 'used for human sacrifice'

Bloggers' 'victory' over Iraq war memos

Forest Service closes area to Rainbow (Family)

Dell Says He’d Sell Apple’s Mac OS

House Rejects Effort on (.50-caliber) Rifle Restriction

Company Announces Deal With Runaway Bride to Make a Movie About Her Life

White House Castigates Durbin for Remarks

ABC Bosses Tell ABC News Kill The Interviews With Robert Kennedy Jr. …

The George W. Bush Singers

They call the wind Mariah.

What's wrong with me?

The "sex" scene in Cold Mountain...


OMG! I'm in love with my newly chosen Second Lieutenant.

OMG! I'm in love with my newly chosen Second Hand Rose.


only one thing i have to say


My area is actually called Kentuckiana.


New Pennsyorkania and the State of New York City and Long Connectisland

Texas Hold 'Em

My proposal for fixing the Senate and The House

What's the difference between North and South Dakota anyways?

all you other state combinations kiss my ass...

Attention!!!! rabrrrrrr has it all figured out!

So, earlier I punch my computer



I'm not the pheasant plucker

I think this Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes thing is BS.




Concerning Jacko Whoraldo Says: "I Risked My Mustache And My Reputation"


Horrible, tragic accident, such a loss. (Warning, graphic picture!)

Post here and I will respond in a stadium style echo.

The following is a selected list of Mary Carey's movies. (graphic)


For J.P. Gray - he'll know what it means

If I wasn't so drunk you people would be intolerable

Michael Jackson joke follows:


Woohoo!! I am now more dangerous (mostly to myself)!


This is the thread that ends right now

For the Lounge Lizards who might have missed it

I can't do nuttin' for you man.

I just bought a new moped!!!! Pics!


Do not put words in my mouth

I'm to bed

Atttn MidWest/Plains DU'ers: Anyone attending Wakarusa?

Ya know, Michiana actually exists

I am free of children!

Jane, you ignorant slut.

Did anyone watch 30 Days last night?

I want to take you...

My son got a full time job with the International Red Cross

Who's on Du? Check the fuck in


Mt Ruapehu opens for the NZ winter skiing season tomorrow...

12 Year Old Steals Car, Goes On Drunken Joyride - Crashes

Sanitation problems for climbers on Denali

WTF: Governors quarrel over state quarters

You can take me to paradise

Paris Hilton's Controversial Sexy Ad Will Get More Airtime

Just Admit It ...

When coat tails attack.... new toon 6/16

a week of the knuckle-draggers.... (astrologers check in)

we have baby Phoebes!

Runaway bride' inks deal with firm pitching movie, lets name the actress.

Kid Rock Sued Over Strip Club Assault

Salem, Mass. unveils Elizabeth Montgomery "Bewitched" statue

Have you ever disputed a purchase on eBay via PayPal???

History, Steven said ...

This day in 1963 FIRST WOMAN IN SPACE

33 year old Idaho Man Winner Of $220.3 Million Powerball Jackpot

Good Morning, DU (Thursday edition)

3 Former Students Sue Hooters Airlines, Say It Was Their Idea

Man Arrested After 140mph Motorcycle Chase

CNN reports Runaway Bride gets big book/movie deal

Domino's Pizza Founder Building Orthodox Catholic Town

This is going to be a GREAT SUMMER.....for Music!

Who watches Lost?

Robots run amok at hospital

Creatures from the Keehi Lagoon

Here I am...

Lottery double shocks US granny

Who's Lost A Watch?

Is it important for locks in a jail to work? (Richmond Va.)

I hate it when i am trying to read the paper and my boss

I'm listening to Brian Eno! AW YEAH! GIT DOWN!

Why the hell can't FX put "30 Days" on in prime time???!!!!

Is it just me, or is this a bit, um, disturbing?

Can I puke please? Clay Aiken is on the radio.

Lynard Skynard was liberal in the 70's - now Repuke Pigs

Man Kills Self By Sealing Mouth, Nose With Super Glue

There you go again...

Sailor's head stitched back together by wife during Pacific storm

A little sadness - Kodak axes B&W photo paper production.

Wish me luck- I have a job interview for a permanent job at 11AM CST

I'm entitled to a government grant, supposedly? I never applied...

NOT a sex thread: "McBride says Tyson 'bit my nipple'"

"Jeopardy!" watchers: question about last night's episode.

Katie Holmes: "Yes, we've talked about marriage, no date set yet"

Everytime I hear a song from the Get Out the Vote Concerts

ROFL. Windows 2000 used more often than XP.

Saturday Night Fever!!

Help with a thread from a few days ago.

Muscle Cars Make a Comeback

is there anyway to convert avi files to mpeg?

The admins are jealous of the attention we're lavishing on the mods

Let us now praise Comrade Stalin

Ice Cream VS. Custard Which is your favorite? Why?

Build your own Mac

Post your not-so-juicy rumors about the new Moderators here

Right now in our galaxy? (Ep III Spoilers)

I'm going to see BUFFET!!!!

Let us now praise Comrade Carlin

Super Milk Chan?

what do the moderators put on their bageLs?

Kill two birds with one stone

I'm crying for attention and 5000th post celebrations, but nuthin'

Does everybody know what time it is?

Please play for me ..

Who wants to have some auto-fill crazy time?

i just wanted to teLL you that i hate you

"Moderators" MODERATE. Clearly, the admins wish us to be "moderate."

Let's all hail Comrades Lennon and Marx

Screw Garfiled High BULLARD HIGH RULEZ!!-58 Valedictorians

What really bugs me about the missing woman in Aruba...

Vegas, baby - - Vegas!

Bush criticizes Iran election process as unfair

Good Morning! ZombyCoffee???

Paul Anka is doing Nirvana

The Al Franken Show Starts Gnow

If JimmyJazz go to DC the weekend of Sept 23rd, would you hang out with us

Blue dress vs. Red Iraq

Specifically, what do you have your knickers in a twist about today?

So do "happy Father's Day to my boyfriend" cards even exist?

Are you for peace?

Someone explain to me how shirts can be made out of milk...

I only just realized...ALL commercials are Geico commercials!

I just saw Batman...OMG

Today In History: June 16

Christian music question from a topic a couple of weeks ago

Florida State Trooper

What were you thinking about just before you fell asleep last night?

fresh mozarella

Pop stars - dumb as a box of rocks?

Why must they be so moronic?

"Mike Tyson bit my nipple"

Promoter breaks "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" fans' hearts

My theory on "Pretty White Girl in Aruba"...

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog vs the Michael Jackson Supporters

Should I Ask My Neighbor To Stop Being So Neighborly?

Sen. Durbin's floor speech on Guantanamo-care to share your thoughts?

Do grandaddy long-leg spiders harm tomato plants?

So the "missing pretty white girl" story always trumps other news...

i Love googLing myseLf

Me? Step off?

Talking on the phone, walking and no glasses can lead to bad things....

Feces Pizza Topping Gets Cheerleaders Sent Home From Camp

Appropriate Father's Day Gift??

I just wrote my first Diary entry for Dailykos

Mesereau wants to sue Tom "Devilish" Sneddon for "malicious prosecution"

Court Rules Walmart Employees Can Legally Flirt At Work

"People on ludes shouldn't drive!" and other quotes from teen

Any Southern Liberal Jews

Media elite millionaire pillhead Limbaugh seeks copies of records

My brother might marry a wicked woman, what do you think?

I am flipping pancakes right now!

How the heck.....

This is the thread that ends after a little while

Oh, for Fuck's sake!

A-well-a bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word

I have not one, but TWO, count em' TWO ass cherries

What's up with runaway bride agreeing to write a book

Navy "Veteran's Rank" = GMC: What is GMC?

so my dog has caught his 5th groundhog in the last 2 days....

Oh man, one of my friends just had her baby 2 months premature

How come, in sci-fi, there's always a self-destruct mechanism?

Safe driving tip number 9: Your car's trunk is not for flat tire storage.

I just had a peanut butter cookie

"One morning, I woke up and I knew you were really gone..."

Misunderestimator has a dirty mind!!!

Please, someone laugh at my stupid DSM=Des Moines jokes!

Did anyone watch Morgan Spurlock's new show last night?

An old but still hilarious John Kerry quote

Thai Man Dies After Sealing Mouth, Nose With Super Glue

Sout Park is so effing funny

Check out this Army Recruiting poster!

My newly re-designed website (shameless plug)

I Can't think of a good resume title

What do you prefer?

I just slept for 30 Hours! Ask me anything! Well almost.

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh, I wanna take ya...

Should I even bother? Thursday's Randi

Horticulturists.: Japanese Maple question...

Shameless plugs

OH LADIES!!! Bachelor Will "Work For Wife"

I have an idea and want help with the writing



Do you think the difference in drinking ages in Canada and the US...

Can you think of something that you could start a thread on

It's OK!! We're giving 'em LEMON CHICKEN!

Randi just gave DU a plug

Hybrid men

I am holding a funeral for my "How old are you?" poll thread *sob*


Processed cat story

Princess Leah baptized today. (Seriously. Princess Leah)

Any advice on finding a good technical school?

What blogs do you read every day?

I am being discriminated against! No broadband internet!

Your neighborhood on the 4th of July


I am flipping irritable right now!!

Let's talk about sex

Boy this guy is desperate even though he says he isn't.

Bangladesh 190 all out, England 192-0 - ask me anything.

The DU Kickball League: What's your city's mascot?

Who here has never been "in love" as in both ways

Bye Bye DU!

Finish this sentance: A FAUX man...

Mike Tyson to retire from boxing and take over Hannibal Lecter franchise

Batman Begins- That movie was great !!

I Hate Ann Coulter...

Whoa, I may die soon if this is true

When are you most seductive?

I'm bummed today.

I need help. I need to do something really stupid this week

Talk about grabbing some popcorn and watching the show

I am double flipping irritable right now!!!

GD Posting Guidelines

WHOA! Earthquake in Southern CA

Quakers invade California !


Day-yamn it's hot!

British Saskatchalbertitoba

Sooo don't ask me no questions...and I won't tell you no lies...

I'm actually thinking of joining the Army.

Should I get my DVD player repaired, or just buy a new one?

Baseball Buffs: I have a rule question for you guys...

What was Bush prayin' for at The National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast?

"I don't know nothin about no minutes, d'you, Tony ole pal?"

"This bill will ensure you won't have some quack diagnose you via video."

Michelangelo Code’ seen in frescoes

KKKarl Rove caused the LA 5.3 Quake.

My Old Friend ~ Theodore (Teddy) Robert Ciaccia

Is today boring, or is it just me?

My doormat at the front door...

CNN reporting TOM HANKS (might) star in "Deep Throat" Movie

5000th post, corporations, truth, iRobot, religion, love, and the future

I'm sleepy and just want to tell the world

50 pence...

N.Y. Indians Want the Hamptons Back--Faux

bouncy check up-date, thanks to all of the DUers who shared their thoughts


Is HypnoToad a peeper?


Thanks to the guru(s) who fixed the Next/Previous Thread glitch.

Neat, I just found "lost money" in the amount of $330 or so

anyone know where i can find a list of no-kill animal shelters in the us?

It's my birthday.And I feel depressed.

Bush cartoon du jour

This is my 5000th post.

Dolo Amber has no Elvis in her

Pretty good one!

Vote against Katherine Harris in this online newspaper poll

I predict I will die as the result of a cat running between my legs.

the old stop your car /throw your weed out/get arrested trick

I'm considering starting a small Internet company. Advice?

Screw you, you ignorant asshat stupid dumbass

Taverner has no Cher in him

Well, it's official. I'm a Democrat!

Which horrible affliction are you?

"I love you period. Do you love me question mark?

4000 posts...

Cheerleaders disciplined for putting feces on pizza

I hate that Jacko is gifted and talented while in Aruba with Shiavo

Man, I MUST have ADD. Five minutes in the Lounge and I'm already bored.


I'm on hold for Randi!

matcom has no DS1 in him.

Corny Joke Thread!!!

Oh the shark has pretty teeth dear....

Just applied for COKE DISTRIBUTING

Do you smoke?


What's another name for pirate treasure?

Hey there, beautiful. Enjoying your day?

Can you do it on your own?

Video Preview of the Colbert Report!

DU: "LISTEN........

Women's Dressing Rooms & Lazy Slob Customers Not Bringing Clothes Out

Whose sockpuppet are you?

I love you.

How do you network for jobs when you have few actual connections?

I dreamed that Han Solo and Leia...

WTF happened to summer?

Bernie Kerik's ex-gal pal Judith Regan has got a frigging screw loose.

'Runaway Bride' Sells Soul for TV Movie

i wasn't in the gate program

What kind of user groups can I use to network for jobs?

"No More Blank in the Magazines for at least a year" You fill in!

Anyone here heard of Verizon Fios (hi-speed fiber optic internet)?

How can you think of funny witty

Post a picture of your pet wearing another animal!

Sugar is sweet

Who has ever rented a movie in Betamax format

I was in the GATE program in high school and no, I dont feel bad about it

So I get this note from my Uber boss today.....

I'm currently taking applications for a living toy.

Would somebody be so nice and explain corn to me?

MacArthur's Park Is Melting in the Dark

This is the most provocative post I could think of...

So, he really has been busy.... he wasn't just feeding me a line

Kittens make me sick.

I Nominate KLEEB For "Flame War Starter of the WEEK!"

mmmmm --- magnesium citrate (Is bourbon a clear liquid?)

I'm making pizza burgers and homemade fresh blackberry cobbler

Am I the only one here who is NOT a cat person?

Is DS1 a freeper

(Do I dare?) Finish this sentence: A REAL woman...

I am the happiest person on DU

New ABC sitcom. Really they are stooping to new lows

Happy Bloomsday!

Okay Men - what the hell

Post your juicy rumors about the new Moderators here


I'm thinking about taking my kid up to Neshoba for the Klan trial tomorrow

50 Cent

Will anyone miss Michael Jackson if or when he leaves the US?

Finish this sentence: A REAL hermaphrodite...

If they allow Michael Jackson to perform at Live8, I'm boycotting!!

Married Or Coupled DUers: Did Either Of You Change Your Last Name...

Bill Clinton to appear on Letterman show tonight.

Any professional mechanics on DU?

Possessed cat story

okay. I can take a hint.

Hot Mint Tea is better than sex

Anyone have a cat completely CLING to you?

My cat has cancer

Lapsang Souchong Tea!

I think you're hot.

how big is your book of regrets?

Anyone remember the band "Black Oak Arkansas"?

Why can't people RSVP? And why do people leave kids out?

When are you most productive?

I am me again!

Somebody PLEASE explain the sport of cricket to me.

It's that time again . . . post a picture of yourshelf!

Without providing too much information, what do you do for a living?

Name a band/artist that sounds radically different from when they started.

Execute Order 66.

Insane kittens rampage office! Tear around on floor and play, reducing

It's the "Build Up Yer Post Count" thread!!!

Coldplay: X&Y. Like it or not?

HELP! Vote against Katherine Harris in FL on-line newspaper poll

This is a sex thread.

CATS! How much patience is one expected to have with them?

Would you rather watch a Porno, ..... or Go to Church?

DU Guitar players---what do you think of this guitar?

Who would like to be at a Woodstock meet-up October 8th ?

"God" doesn't want me to clean the litter boxes anymore..

Dang! I just went into the "gifted and talented" thread

Mortified and traumatized - please hold me. (warning-graphic content)

Charity: The nude police officer calendar

This is thread that never ends.

German speakers..How do you say "welcome home" in German ?

good grief - i found a baby kitten on the porch

It's the "Thread that shall die a quick death" thread!!!

Pick your DU matchmaker

NOSWEATAPPAREL has VEGAN CODEPINK sneakers and other great stuff!

Bishops Likely to Keep Sex Abuse Policy

Flag worship is idolatory.

Placebos can bring emotional relief --STUDY--

Heart Pill Intended Only for Blacks Sparks Debate

MS injectible meds

Children eat according to the size of the serving -study-

Bipolar disorder leads to eating disorder (study, comorbidity)

Jerry talking about gays in the military right now...

Trial Date Set In Student's Gay T-Shirt Suit

Canada's Gay Marriage Bill May Be Sacrificed To Keep Gov't Alive

what happened to that Zach fellow in Tenn?

Group Pushes For Amendment To End Mass. Gay Marriages

Hillsborough County Commission votes not to recognize Gay Pride

Jimmy Swaggart Guilty Of Gay Attack--Canada

** 31 glorious hours of US OPEN coverage**

Seeds Announced for Wimbledon

To hell with Mike Tyson! It's time for a real fight...Tarver/Johnson 2.

when one is gone... (no - no one crossed over the rainbow bridge)

we entering the age of knuckle-draggers? astrologers check in

Anything in the stars about earth changes?

"Prelude to A Bloodbath" (more wisdom from a comic strip)

Favorite Bible Quote?

The wonderful world of "belief"


A joke that many of us in here will like.

A poll about guns: what is your view ?(replica)

Kerry among senators urging China to release dissident

Is Kerry supposed to speak about the energy bill?

Dan Kennedy: why the Democrats would be crazy to nominate Hillary Clinton


Interesting observation in GD and GDP

I really like Lautenberg more and more

Please wish me luck ya'll

Teresa goes after Santorum!

The cure for political overload

Liberal Oasis: Use Kerry's frame on Iraq

Is anyone watching the Republicans' sickening theatre?

Hey you guys

Best SLIDE film to use?

Decisions decisions decisions . . . . (re: lenses not flower choices)

AWTB 6/16...the "waah waah no Keith tonight" thread...

Is the NDN anything like the DLC

The Summer of Resistance has begun in Covington, Louisiana

Call for Impeachment On September 24

Mike Luckovich, editorial cartoonist, national treasure again nails Dubya!

The Hyde Bill, as described by Pent (R-INDenial) on C-SPAN WJ

George Wallace Jr. gives major speech to hate group

Two Timelines: The Bush Administration's Path to Invading Iraq.

Conyers up next on CSPAN!!

Alan Colmes calls for fight against the Patriot Act

J.D. Hayworth on Imus ....

Imus says he'll whip Tucker Carlson's ass

Chris Matthews asks, Is it "Time to Leave"?

Slate's Kaplan: What's Really in the Downing Street Memo?

The Schiavo Autopsy - Bad News for the Religiously Insane

Aide who doctored global warming report joins Exxon

Mr & Mrs DSM! What a Hoot!

Conyers talking to Stephanie Miller NOW (10:10 AM EST)

Tarot reading on DSM Hearings today.....

Hmmm...Coincidence? On "DSM Day," CNN reports "Al Qaeda leader captured"

Any updates on the release of Abu Ghraib photos?

Another DeLay aide quits amid maelstrom

Wal-Mart prods Bush for the Congressional Black Caucus

How can the media not investigate the Downing Street Minutes?

Bush snubbed on 'terror book' law

Diane Rehm to Cover DSM on Friday NPR @10:00

Wal-Mart hires Scalia's son as attorney in a whistleblower case

Rush ad 'Since the dems became a minority party, everything they

An Invite to Young republicans from THE RUDE PUNDIT

WashPost mentions Conyers DSM forum 6/16!

MSNBC: Sen. Durbin defends "Gitmo like Nazi" comment - (VIDEO)

Subtle political commentary on Playhouse Disney?

Yacht owned by defense contractor docked at Cunningham's slip

John Kerry Leads Dems Fight to Protect Medicaid Benefits

Washington Journal: John Conyers on DSM forum and Patriot Act - (VIDEO)

1700 Dead in Iraq or 7000?

Times DSM reporter Michael Smith, LIVE NOW! Q&A, WaPost Online, 10AM, EST!

More Brilliant Analysis from American Family Radio

Pacifica radio will air Conyers hearing live!

Don't go for the "homerun"...

DSM - Is anyone posting the Conyer's meeting afterward?

An Eerie Prediction Made last October relates to DSM

Another Lemming displays his excellent training

HERE'S a preveiw of tomorrows hearings..

June 28, 2004...Bush & Blair shake hands and proclaim "LET FREEDOM REIGN"

Kennedy was all over DSM before DSM. Speech from 2004.

Clinton/Clark - 2008

great Goldwater quote on the tyranny of religious zealots

F**K Frist..... (Schiavo)

NPR's Morning Addition just did a Great DSM story! w/Conyers and...

Watching Scotty answer questions from the WH press corp

Elaine Quijano just asked McClellan about the DSM

Get ready for the Media Distractions

John Gibson out stupids himself

The Bird With The Word - "Would You Like Freedom Fries With That?"

DoD Money Pit

Nancy Pelosi asking for Citizen Co-Sponsors

Funny a friend just sent me - Letter to the Red States (sorry if old)

Urge Congress to Shut Down Guantanamo Bay and Secret Prisons -- And ,,,,,

Please read entire Durbin speech!!!!

O.K., Looks like the RW is pulling out all the stops (Media Distractions)!


A heartfelt suggestion for Free Republic Members

Which sites, besides C-span are covering DSM hearings?

WaPo: London Times Reporter Michael Smith on the DSM.

DSM Hearings Have started

DSM - - I wonder if this is what it felt like during WWII?

Mrs. Sheehan's testimony is really making me want to cry

HELP DUers: I'm trying to find two Mike Luckovich cartoons

Republicans and foreign oil

(Conyers Hearing) Does anyone know if AirAmerica will be airing it?

Bakersfield CA: Not so "red" as they think.

SALON "Lefty bastions like Democratic Underground..."

Ray McGovern rocks n/t

This is what a White House Press Conference look like to me

Will Pitt blog on PDA site (here) for those who can't get a stream:

Saddam's Pistol...

Is anyone able to get/watching cspan 3 on web? Is it me having

Why do you think the terrorists attacked WTC on Sept. 11th??

Your help needed here

Tennessee GOP congressman calls for withdrawal from Iraq

Scotty @ Press Briefing totally diverts from answering DSM question

Take action: Everyone take a stab at writing an impeachment resolution.

The London Times is reporting on this hearing....

SignOn San Diego: One way or another, Duke's Done.

What will be the spin by the media for the administration on the

yes! now the press is on trial in the dsm hearing ;-)

Anybody have the phone #'s for cnn/msnbc/fox/abc...

you can watch the DSM hearings on-line. Link on here

Let's get an impeachment/resignation forum here at DU

Some of us can't get get the video.

Maxine Waters going after Cheney! n/t

PsyOps on Powell

Watch Congressman Harold Ford Talk About Iraq Today On TV!

Hate your monitor?? Well watch this O'Reilly clip!!

no more trains from Chicago to New Orleans - goodbye railroads

PLAN - The Progressive Legislative Action Network

What happens AFTER these hearings?

The "Anti-Religion" Perception

McClellen brushes off Conyers during Press Conference on cspan3

Report Fraud Waste and the Judiciary Committee

MSNBC "Live" Poll: Should * set a date for partial troop withdrawal ...

Obama to be on ABC Nightline 11:30 pm EST fri June 17

Meet John Bonifaz

Earth Quake Just Hit Me

Is C-Span 3 carried on most cable stations?

List Republican hypocrisies, please!

Soft Drink Lobby Buys off Diabetes Society! Bushco and Friends!

Durbin was taken out of context!!!!

He said it. Bonifaz said it.

Randi Rhodes has George Galloway on now. n/t

Okay, people --- TIME TO START

$120 Billion Tobacco Company Relief Act of 2005 passes without objection

Were Senators welcome at the DSM forum?

The Credibility Gap For Hillary Haters

They must have been watching in their offices.

Separate DSM Forum??

Guarded Optimism - An Observation

Where is the DU Conyer's Hearing Thread...I can't find anything and

There are about 500 people gathered at the DSM rally (DC)

The Rally; Coverage, Photos, Reports? Please!

DSM forum to be rebroadcast TONIGHT on C-Span 2 (and Friday night)

DSM timeline project

Watch Re-air of 'Downing Street Memo' Forum Tonight On C-SPAN2 at 8pm ET

Lou Dobbs talking about Conyers hearings.

Memo not "Old News" to Harry Reid- but direclty tied to CURRENT EVENTS

Anti-semitic bastard at DSM meeting blaming Israel?

Yesterday, Durbin was attacked by the right-wing noise machine...

Breaking! MSNBC to cover the "Hottie List" after break

If the mainstream media does not cover the DSM hearing, will it impact?

White House rejects lawmakers' call for Iraq pullout

The Problem with the Downing Street Memos

C-Span showing the DSM hearing twice more TODAY

No Media Coverage For DSM Hearning Now: Another Earthquake!

In Mr. Wilson's testimony, I found it interesting that he mentioned the


"FACTS WERE BEING FIXED" Should there be an investigation of the DSM?

BREAKING! --DU thisYahoo article: 540,000 Petitions to Bush - Downing St

Downing Street Hearing on Now C-Span2 7:35EST

DSM top story Google News *picture*

Forget the Media Denial...Weren't Conyer's Hearings the Best Thing Ever?

Does George Bush think he is above the law ?

Reply to my letter (email) to Texas Senator John Cornyn.

What part did John Bolton play in the DSM story ?

Not one senator

"Downing Street Memo Proves Nothing" read it and laugh

REMINDER: David Ray Griffin on Coast to Coast discussing 911

It Is TOTALLY Unrealistic To Believe Every Dem Will Ever Boycott FAUX

WH Press Secretary Mocks 'Downing Street Memo - today

"If Democrats do not commit to being a national party..."

Democrat Urges Inquiry on Bush, Iraq: Its NEWS

Fox weighs in on today's "Democratic House Forum."

What the Sam Hill are Frist and Hillary doing?

I thought Kerry was going to make DSM an issue

Jim Lehrer's News Hour covering Downing Street Memo NOW, 7:28PM EST!

Our E-Mail to Sen. Durbin

Congressman "Duke" Cunningham Lives On DEFENSE CONTRACTORS YACHT!!!!!!!!!!

Durbin quote...taken out of context?

There's no way we can possibly avoid ANY terrorist attacks unless

Great 2004 Debate Moments: What's your favorite?

I heard DSM is going to be on "Nightline" tonight... does anyone know

Headline on Faux: Dick Durbin Likens Gitmo Soilders To Nazis

If the MSM blackout of Conyers Hearing on the DSM's is not testimoney...

Sen Roberts has opened the door far & wide for futher Bolton investigation

It REALLY pisses me off that many Clark supporters have...

DSM Meeting - Official Bu$hCo Distraction:

BRAD BLOG: Historic 'Downing Street' Hearings Adjourn! - RAW NOTES POSTED!

More Debates About Building Nuclear Plants Needed

Bush Blaming Dems as OBSTRUCTIONISTS? If ya can't get yer way

vote on the Downing Street Memo on the site

Received from Truth Out:

They don’t plan on replying to the memo

Putting some context to the DSM: Cheney's March 2001 Iraq Oil Maps

U.S. Senate/Governor's Races in 2006 and 2008

Red State Blues Fundraiser - Atlanta!!!

Freepers are going bonkers over DSM hearing

White House attacks Durbin over Gitmo remarks

HELP! Vote against Katherine Harris in FL on-line newspaper poll

TPM: From "The Nelson Report"

Conyers' DSM Hearings - RERUN on C-Span2 - Fri 8pm edt

Why Are We, "the Base", Treated as Scum?? (Been abused enough)...

Trent Lott has that "insurgents in final throes" meme going on Hardball

Christian right groups set sights on '08

Profile of the Deaniacs

WTF? Clark at Faux News??

Rep. Peter King (R-Long Island)

McClellan: Conyers "voted against the war, trying to rehash old debates"

A non-DSM-related "high crime or misdemeanor"? See this NYT article: