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Archives: June 17, 2005

Roosevelt's treaty left in tatters (Sydney Morning Herald)

Many young Iranians to shun polls, citing grim future

Carry On Joe Conason... 'A Press Coverup' (Salon)

Bush uses self referral talking about Iran's suppressed liberty

Karen Kwiatkowski [retired}:"Unleashing the Resistance"

Getting out of Iraq

Guardian: US Tribe battles to reclaim land (Shinnecock Hills)

Prepare for the Late, Late Oil Age

KRUGMAN : What's the Matter With Ohio?

Deadly Immunity (Autism/Vaccine link: Salon Exclusive)

Orange County Weekly's Commie Girl

AAR: Union Local buys station to keep AAR on air:New Model for AAR:others?

Iraq Pullout?

Amnesty International: Jailed Dissidents Denied Medical Care in Iran

Amnesty International: Arrests of political activists increase in Burma

Press blowing raspberries at new HK chief executive

Drugs, porn will top the G8 agenda

Indonesian farm worker tests positive for bird flu

An Iraqi man mourns the death of Saddam al-Saidi as he walks in the

David Ray Griffin on Coast to Coast tonight (Thursday)

Great interview with Bob Firtakis

News Report at OHEC website

Guess who's going to Hollywood with Diebold?

Is This What The Electoral College REALLY Looked Like?

Sorry to interrupt but can you check out this thread?

No wonder the Republicans keep losing

S.F: KRON, KQED, UPN44 Off-Air?

Way to go LA!

News Report on OHEC website

Fred Phelps and family

Who else thinks "Conyers's Hearings" were the best thing they ever saw?

DSM Not even yahoo or google news has it on thier front page

DSM any pictures from WH protests yet?

I was on the radio for the first time today.

Yahoo. "Leaked British memo sparks fresh debate..."

Finally Found Something I Like At

What did Durbin say or do that has everyone so happy? I've looked

Covering Hearing on Countdown now!!! n/t

Have Cheney, George Bush or Rumsfeld attended any soldier's funeral?

There are not enough toys.....there is no diversion,

National College Rethuglicans Convention--someone BETTER

DSM Hearing now on homepage

Wouldn't now be a perfect time for another big Anti-War protest?

White House Rejected Iraq Proposal

Frist stalls on Bolton vote again....

Awesome Yahoo Pics From Today's Events. Please Rate Them!!

MSNBC LIVE VOTE: Did Bush mislead nation to go to war?

So... in the spirit of the "Bamboozelpaloosa Tour"...

Just got back from rally at AZ state capitol

Did this day mark a powerful stand for democracy by "the people"?

McGovern Interview re:DSM w/PBS News tonight

The Gropenfuher once again running to Faux "News" for sympathy


CNN poll, should troops come home.

Ex Parte Quirin (1942): anything to do with Guantanamo Bay ?

Yahoo news - AP Runaway Bride story but no DSM story visible

a suggestion for protesting/rallying.

Vote up the DSM story on Yahoo!

When will Republicans have the courage they so admired in Lieberman?

Today's DSM meeting is being reaired NOW on Cspan2. nt.

MSNBC's "news" on right now: People who can't name their child.

What the hell is happening in the House? Is Nadler moving against...

Looking for photos from Rally for PDA site..

Reading about 2001 and a Bush comment

Christian right groups set sights on '08

Help me with a new anti-war bumper sticker--I'm driving to Austin tomorrow

Maybe Bush Will Accompany Sadam in Jail....

PLEASE DU THIS Yahoo/AP Article by Pete Yost on CONYERS FORUM

Elevated Terror Alert


I'll bet you didn't realize that "No Child Left Behind"

A righteous man like John Conyers and a grieving mother like Cindy

Conyers speaking truth to Sensenbrenner on C-Span 1 now! n/t

What do you think rove is thinking?

Picture Of Conyers Taking Signatures To White House

Nice to see that....

Only 2 months till August, and you know what happens in August

Is there online video of Clark on Fox?

Contact the networks to complain about not covering the hearing.

Oh Good Grief. Alan Colmes interviewed "Mary Carey" on his radio show

Exxon hires former White House adviser

A wistful suggestion to the Dems on bashing material

PLEASE DU This CONYERS PHOTO-handing in DSM petition

My heart is hurting, and I feel so defeated.

Viva Botero!

A drained military - Draft no answer; Iraqi drawdown is

Symbolman will soon be speaking to Mike Malloy

Will global warming make hurricanes stronger

Napalm in Iraq? Ya see.... democratic nations don't use WMD,

NYT: Bush's Support on Major Issues Tumbles in Poll

Must democrats make peace with corporate influence to win next elections?

Being an oafish, inarticulate philestine sure is a mother f*%#er...

I do NOT like Tucker's new show and am awaiting the day til it is

The republican backpedaling has begun (schiavo)

Bill Clinton doing a daily radio show?

"Tony.....this is Dubya.."

Anybody out there working at a "21st century job of tomorrow"

Why is the major Question by the Media

does anyone have the picture of Sun Yung Moon being declared


"They can't put the fart back in" . . .

Gitmo Prisoners Haven't Been Tried Yet, Correct?

Pony Express was faster than our News is now.

The DSM- If Clinton had of spoken louder would the media had of listen?

Check out Yahoo's "Most Recommended Photos and Slideshows"

So, where do you think the petition is *right now* ?

Jon is skewering Frist right of the bat!

Anybody know why I can't to come up?

I Wish They All Could Be California Girls....again

Pic of Conyers et all delivering the petitions on Yahoo--send it and rate

Interesting more on Napalm

If the DSM is such huge news why haven't the British press and politicians

Cable news has hit a new low

Reminder: Implications Of The DSM... 1,715 Of 'Em...

MSNBC Question: Do you believe Bush misled the nation in .......

OMG!! We have been wrong to criticize Bush

Symbolman and Ray McGovern on Mike Malloy!......

Beside Bush and his gang of thieves the other set of losers today were

Will Nightline be about the Hearings

People! Cable news is a JOKE. A total irrelevant JOKE.

CBC just did a great story on the DSM

BRING THE TROOPS HOME - Support the Pelosi Amendment!!!

Local man charged with threatning Bush

Has anyone seen ANYTHING regarding the DSM on the news

Bush policies blocked as US mood on Iraq sours--from The Independent-UK

Gag me...just tried to watch Clark on Hannity & colmes

cpan2--troop withdrawal--very good lots of congressmen talking

Who made these statements?

I wish I could find a W logo with blood dripping from it.

"W" is the new swastika

Being an enlightened, educated, open minded person is a motherf***er

ORiley and Ahnold - hope y'all caught that mutual mastrubation session

I know his job is to *mock* the news media, but maybe...

Here's some bold-faced brazen bushit


been watching Scott M news conf. Reporters are really giving him

Big Dog on Letterman this evening

Being an enlightened, educated, open minded human is a motherf***er

Watching Mrs. Sheehan, I keep thinking about Bright Eyes

CSPAN DSM replay schedule

From Kos: chimpo's numbers keep falling...

Photo of the freeper anti-DSM rally

I have a question.

Any video's of the rally?

Should we take death threats from conservative nutcases seriously?

AAR Getting more exposure, Rachel Maddow joining Tucker Carlson...

Oh, we could have shot the moon if we hadn't given in on the filibuster.

Well, when you need to improve your numbers, where do you go?

Conason Takes On NYT, WaPo, And Michael Kinsley !!!

Yahoo photo of Conyers and tough-guy at the White House...

Wouldn't it be funny if Fox turned completely Liberal?


Nonsensenbrenner reveals self in exclusive session

For those of us on CST

Freepers hold protest over DSM hearing

PBS Newshour, DSM, Robb-Silverman Report?

just figured out why some think US isn't really torturing people

Ramifications for the Internet.

I've never been a LIHOP person

DSM prominently featured on CNN

Social Security reform dead...

Don't forget Nightline - they're supposed to be covering DSM

Have I been asleep since the beginning of the war in Iraq?

Do we now think the snowball is rolling down the hill?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Meet N Greet

Clinton on Letterman Now

Jon Stewart is just busted Bill Frist

Shepherd's Guide Yellow Pages: support only 'christian' businesses

Tin Foil Zone: Carpet of Gold or Carpet of Bombs

Jeeezus....The fragging has started....

Please explain this photo.

When that reporter asked Bush and Blair about the DSM

I'd give up my tax cut for the life of a fallen soldier.

Should Schiavo have been kept alive to have a "snowflake baby" implanted?

Florida Governor Jeb Bush "fiddles" while Rome is about to burn

Clinton sounds like a milque toaste. Warning:

Freepers call Sheehan a commie bitch and think 6 people are a rally.

The Untold Real Reason We Lost Vietnam

OK, who are you and what have you done with Bill?

I know where Osama is...I know where Osama is

Has anybody seen the angel of death hovering over the GOP

Some More Pictures Of Conyers and Group

David Letterman brings up DSM to Clinton!


CSPAN Schedule Friday June 17

I just got back from the Conyers rally in Lafayette Square.

Memo story is the third most viewed story on Yahoo!

US lied to Britain over use of napalm in Iraq war

Which of these 4 cowardly terrorists has done the most damage to the USA

Sheila Jackson Lee answers Nonsensenbrenner live on CSPAN

Should we send thank yous to Letterman for bringing up DSM?

Who do you think the GOP will trot out for president in 2008?

I propose a shift in focus: the DOWNING STREET COVERUP

Who's your Nazi?

Willbanks girl to do tv movie?

The Passion Of The Freepers... Re: Cindy Sheehan !!!

Letterman just asked Clinton about DSM

Will Pitt - "Nail It To The White House Door"

Keep It Simple Stupid. (pics)

Who feels like buying some freakin' guns?

The President's Problems

Christian Taliban Aims to 'turn' Gay kids Straight.

Sensenbrenner....on C-span Live now!!! talking about hearing he stopped

I just got my sixth death threat in today's mail.


Let's Put A Poll In The Field !!! - Anybody Got Pull At CNN Or MSNBC ???

Conason: Greatest hits of the media herd on Iraq prelude

BEST argument yet against Gitmo, Nazi comparison by Holocaust survivor

How They Lie: Proof of our Enemies' Malicious Propaganda

Joseph Wilson commented about the looting of Iraqi yellow cake! (Tuwaitha)

Maybe It's Time To Cancel Subscripts For NYT And WaPo !!!

Please DU Conyers blog...

Guess what? Guest on TDS: Iran helped plan 9/11!

JUST got back from WH rally

MSNBC has story and online poll!

LTTE Target Wisconsin. Sensenbrenner's Home.

Denver DSM rally - PHOTOS

Conyers (on his blog) : What a Day!

My Costly Mistake.

Delay on Devils Lake outlet?

Boy, CBC is really whoring for sat radio today.

Resolution to withdraw troops from Iraq introduced in House

Routers news

Future giant laser threatened by cuts

Congress discusses secret Downing St memos

Just received from Truth Out:

'Child sacrifices in London'

Deadly Immunity (Autism/Vaccine link: Salon Exclusive)

Sept. 11 responders press Congress not to withdraw $125 million

N.Korea's Kim to meet S.Korean unification minister Friday

Ontario May Sue Over Smog: McGuinty--Toronto Star

Michelangelo Code’ seen in frescoes

Will global warming make hurricanes stronger

NYT: Bush Says Iran's Elections Ignore 'Basic Requirements'

Democrats call for inquiry into 'Downing Street Memo' (Canada On Board)

Exxon hires former White House adviser

US lied to Britain over use of napalm in Iraq war - UK Independent

Last ditch call for young Iranians to turn out and vote

Burned Qurans Left at Va. Muslim Center

Negotiations or else “other options” in North Korea dispute: US

Clinton trades bypass stories with Letterman

Md. Woman Files Suit Vs. Rep. Sherwood (Ore says Rep. abused her)

Bush's Support on Major Issues Tumbles in Poll (NYT)

Former South Carolina Officer Charged With Assault in Suspect Beating

Vietnamese bird flu doctor has bird flu

Al-Zarqawi Blamed for Spike in Iraq Deaths

U.S. Schools targeted by military recruiters

NYT: Senate Makes Environment the Focus of Energy Bill

American archbishop appointed to Vatican post says confidentiality is key

MSNBC: British Government hit by email attack.

WP: U.S. Pressure Weakens G-8 Climate Plan

Base Offers Course on Insurgents' Bombs

Schiavo autopsy puts Republicans on defensive (NYT/ IHT)

Senate Republicans deny Social Security plan dead(DEMOCRATS: PLAN IS DEAD)

AP Breaking News (SFGate): Democrat Urges Inquiry on Bush, Iraq

Keep an eye open for spies, MI5 tells business travellers

Bin Laden Not Believed in Afghanistan

Bank of America Buys Stake in China Bank

Bush policies blocked as US mood on Iraq sours (Independant, UK)

Stripes: Relatives of troops killed in Iraq seek hearings on DSM

House Poised to Give Pentagon $45 Billion More for Wars

Federal judge in Calif upholds U.S. gay marriage ban

Governor dismisses protest at Santa Monica college (Schwarzenegger)

US Lied To Britain Over Use Of Napalm In Iraq.

Georgia Officials Fighting Effort to Release Klan File in Atlanta Child Mu

Bush's Approval Ratings Stay Low (CBS/NYT 42% Approval)

Government says mass graves exist all over Chechnya

S.J. police: Alleged molester may have abused thousands (San Jose, CA)

NYT- Antiwar Group Says Leaked British Memo Shows Bush Misled Public on Hi

WP: U.S. Pressure Weakens G-8 Climate Plan

Yahoo News - Bush pressed to answer `Downing Street Memo' questions

WP: Tensions Rise in House Over Security Issues

Gunmen take over Ramadi as bomb kills five marines

NYT: Bush Begins Campaign to Publicize Medicare Drug Benefit

Haitian ex-PM Neptune starving himself to death

Al-Zarqawi Blamed for Spike in Iraq Deaths

Halliburton to build new $30 mln Guantanamo jail

Republicans Revisit Social Security Strategy

(JEB) Bush wants more information on Schiavo's collapse; call to 911

Interpreter: prisoner screamed and wept

PETA possibly involved with dead dogs

(Independent) US lied to Britain over use of napalm in Iraq war

Last nights Daily Show is on. Supposed to be a good one

Tried this in GD w/no luck. The administration: Desperate or Cocky?

Are you an Optimist or a Pessimist?

I think dates should be more like job interviews

My dog Onyx thinks his cat Thor has a better tail than your dog.

"Hoffa" is on AMC right now.

What Sci-Fi Stuff do you want?

Don't forget that tommorrow is dead hooker Friday

TNT is running Pay It Forward at 9 PM ET

Does the Simpson's Sherry Bobbins episode give anyone else earworms?

I attracted me a little troll!

Arrrr!!! What be the best part about bein' a pirate?

So Bartcop used my cartoon today

Notice to all staff members RE acceptable language

Here's something you don't see everyday.


the admins are pervs

wave yo hands in the a-yer like you don't ca-yer!

What's the scoop on thunderstorms and electrical equipment?

"what do you have that is good. besides yourself?"

Would somebody be so nice and explain porn to me?

Are BRAS made for right-handed people

Federal report ranks Massachusetts among highest in marijuana use

How do you mash your potatoes?

Bragging Time...

I am he as you are he as you are me

Hi all just wondering.....Any pieanists here?

Best place online for hotel rates?

My 999th post

DU chat

Look, I know I am posting a lot about this, but I need advice.

Is DS1 a Reaper

I have approximately 8 hits here-any dedications?

how big would a 1000 bottle wine cellar be?

'Fire In The Sky' is on Sci-Fi

why do they say "peaches" at the end of each "Marjority Report"

Is DS1 a Peeper

Just when you thought the Yellow Ribbon magnet couldn't get any worse.....

Mit or Mitnot?

What to do with Thousand Island Dressing with Bacon?

What will be the most common response to this poll?

Is DS1 a rapper?..........

Is anyone watching Sundance channel right now?

Whoa. Intercourse.

The Lounge is nekkid without a pinned thread at the top

What the HELL is Sophie B. Hawkins

No they didn't - This pic made me laugh out loud

Michelangelo Code’ seen in frescoes

Is Linux For Losers?

The Glamour Boys

It's ok, I'll do what I want if I choose

post a kissing pic

Batman Begins, baby!

I just got back from the Conyers rally in Lafayette Square.

Random thoughts about every thread on the lounge page 1 at 9:18

Calgon take me away!

9/11 Discussion tonight on Coast to Coast AM

12 Angry Men on Turner Classic Movies right

Cats having tense moments

Pictures from my garden - taken today!

Just saw Batman Begins

Delusional freepers at Please come join in the spanking!

Doesn't Congress have a softball game every year?

Friend's sister murdered

Where the frig IS DS1 anyway?

New York, New York...

I'm going to bed, but I'll leave you all with this.

archives unavailable

Question for Texas DUers

The Pistons are kicking the Spurs ass 90-69 in the 4th period

How do you squash your foes?

Well, a stray cat we found a home for had to be put down tonight...

I would give my left foot for a massage.

Hot mint tea may be better than sex, but rolling your kayak is

Anyone trying to study BAR/BRI right now??

Cubs-Yankees this weekend...

Does beer go bad?

Whoa.... am I feeling bottom of the food chain...

This choice will decide the rest of your life

Kiss me deadly

Have you all had your two types of fruit today?

MC Hammer Retires!

Thoughts on women in rap videos...

I sea you.

They say this is "news you're talkin' about": Pac-man turns 25.

I love the cold we've had for a day and a half now

Good Friends

What do you do when someone on DU gets really nasty with you?

Screen Cleaner

Has anybody seen the director's cut of Sling Blade (Billy Bob Thornton)?

Dr Brown was having a tough time with the "No Smoking" rule


If you live in Eugene, OR and drive a blue mini-van ...

Do you tip cows? In a field?

I'll pay top dollar to any one who'll give 5000 posts.

My Friesian horse, Oliver

I think I have a crush on my dental hygeniest...

I updated my fourth anti * iMix at iTunes

When did my baby start studying Einstein?

Have you guys seen the picture of that child molester???

I found a pic for a saying I hear a lot.

My dog thinks there are too many cat posts in the lounge.

ever get the feeling the universe is against you?

Post a good Political pic thread

Ok, prepare to be totally weirded out.

Urban Legends

Just saw Batman Begins. It wasn't very good.

How do you wash your clothes?

This guy says he still hates George Bush

Pistons-Spurs thread

HELP!!!! - I just found a handgun & extra clip on the street

I don't want to talk to you people anymore...

Whatever happened to...

Will Bill Clinton Be On Letterman Tonight?

saw Rickie Lee Jones tonight

I see you.

PC video card upgrade

My cat Thor has the best tail of any cat on the planet. (pix heavy)

What's the rudest thing anyone ever said to you on DU?

I'm watching the remake of "Dawn of the Dead"

Has anyone taken an Alaskan cruise?

"I can kick your ass!"

The only good Cure song

Will you be my muffin?

Here we go!!!!!

Christian Truckers & Floosy Prostitutes Meet at the Truck Stops!!!

Can animals be homosexual?

Pro ball player doesn't 'believe' in being gay

Dee-troit Basketball!

I Went To Packer Mini Camp Last Week - Here Are Some Pics:

Screen Cleaner

Any astrological analysis for today?

Brooklyn Prof in Godless Shocker

Bwah! I got nominated!

Another article mentioning Keith flatteringly

DSM Hearing FRONT PAGE news on YAHOO!

C-span 2 has replay of hearing now!

dsm hearings on c-span2 right now! eom

Countdown without Keith but covering DSM

"Do diplomacy" I hear a lot of Republicans say this.

C-Span 2 Repeating "Conyer's Hearings! Please Tune it ...EDT..

C-Span2 now replaying Conyer's Downing Street Memo Hearing, 8PM, EST

Today's DSM meeting is being reaired NOW on Cspan2. nt.

Important Admin. lying about Napalm thread in LBN

Clark will be on Fox news at 9:30 EST this evening.

UK Times Online - Congress discusses secret Downing St memos

The Conyers letter: will Bush read it?

The DC Rally supporting the DSM hearing

Looks like freepers don't believe DSM was nothing, either.

DSM Rally Pictures

How many have watched Conyer's Hearings or are watching now?

Malloy and others need to play this old tune from 2004

Bow-tie Tucker misrepresents Durbins remarks on his new show

PLEASE DU THIS Yahoo/AP Article by Pete Yost on CONYERS FORUM

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) on House floor right now

Link for streaming of the DSM hearing

C-Span 2 - - Nadler speaking NOW on Sennsennbrenner! (n/t)

Senator Dick Durbin - hero du jour. Thank you Senator... you did well

Just wondering about my senators...

DU Yahoo Story Plz.

What Is All The Evidence Against Bush?

Here are a few questions that the Bush White House refuses to answer...

Exclusive Video Interview With Congressman John Conyers

Anyone trying to get onto

DU This AP coverage of DSM

Clark on Fox news "I'm not going to condemn him (Durbin) Sean"

Question about Iraq position defense

Daily Show Classic: Terri Schiavo-Congressional Meddle

Bolton likely to get a recess appointment

What would it take for Conyers to get a federal prosecutor onboard?

Bush is in the toilet and the water's swirling as he gets flushed

I'm not sure what I would do if Dean joined Fox news. I know if the

Please DU this MSNBC DSM poll:

"They are rats...vermin...especially Senator Turbin..."

So you think the Repubs aren't worried about the DSM ??

I just have to say that I'm really proud of John Conyers

From WP - Transcript of discussion of DSM with Michael Smith

My rant to CBS for not covering the hearing.

Extremist Quotes from the American Taliban (aka the Religious Reich)

Didn't we once JAIL war profiteers?

Gene Burns mentioned DSM on KGO in SF

Symbolman on Mike Malloy now

DSM: front page of Yahoo! (finally)

Weapons of Math Death

I guess I'm freaking out but before this goes any further...

Even Drudge is reporting on DSM hearing today...

Ceding power voluntarily

"House Votes to Limit Patriot Act Rules"

Ras Poll: Security Concerns Cut In Half

Bill Clinton is going to be on Letterman tonight!!

Where do I find list of donators to dem party?

Felix Rohatyn: A Trust Fund for America

Good DSM hearing coverage on my home page

Dems want inquiry....IMPEACHMENT mentioned

Jay Inslee, D-WA, opinions? He's a rep at the DSM forum

Contact your DC reps about DSM

What is the legality of recess appointments?

What ratings numbers would happen if there were Bush impeachment hearings?

Do you think Bush is having an "oh shit" moment?

DSM makes AOL Top News - Memo calls Pre-war Intel 'fixed'

So what happens when Rove-Bush declare victory in Iraq?

Nadler Resolution rebuking Sensenbrenner lost by 19 votes and

Polls look good to defeat several Republican incumbents

Big Dog on Letterman right now.

New frame for MSM's lack of response to our critical issues: EMBARGO!

ScottyBoy gets tested by Terry Moran.

Whoa! Local news covering Louisville's DSM Rally as a Top Story!

Denver DSM rally - Photos

Another Great Daily Show, but for all those new to TDS (6 months or Less)

I would love it if Blair was the impetus behind the leaking of the memos

Rough transcript of DSM Hearing (Thursday). Holy Carrots.

OK, there is something seriously wrong with BigDog

Profiles in courage...thank them!

Any press reports of atrocities being committed by us are lies!

DSM hearing Rep Kaptur's comments on early troop deployments

Liberal Oasis says dems should use Kerry's frame on Iraq

Clark at Fox news is an analogy of my life.

A Place For REAL AMERICANS To Get Their News!

my comments to some freeper online re: DSM hearings

Wes Clark "quotes" from Hannity and Colmes (his Faux debut)

Conyers delivers petition to "unidentified W. H. aide"...check his fists.

The Revolution Begins in the Pews

The True DSM Battle Begins Now!

One of the BEST David Horsey Cartoons-

The Road to Rendition/ Officials say U.S. helped kidnap imam in Italy

WAR, RIGHTS AND SECURITY: Answers needed on Downing Street memo

NYT DSM COVERAGE: 6 Weeks Late The Times Still Spins for *

NYT- Questions, Bitterness and Exile for Queens Girl in Terror Case

DSM Perspective From Free Inquiry Magazine

It's A Family Affair

Democrats Urge Inquiry on Bush, Iraq (Good Report on Conyers Hearing)

Krugman: "What's the Matter With Ohio?" (Coingate)

Venezuela puts U.S. on the defensive

Acts of Hope: Challenging Empire on the World Stage

Saddam Interrogation Screened - In Silence

Iraq's future: the present course and the alternatives.

Why Cuba's training American doctors

Robert Parry: LMSM, the 'Lying Mainstream Media'


Michigan's 'Congressman from Planet Earth'

Canadian (CBC) coverage of the DSM hearing on last night's news...

As Toyota Goes - Thomas Friedman NY Times June 17

The Pentagon Papers of Our Time?

Iraq: Bush’s Watergate?

Where's The Apology? Bending the Facts on Schiavo

Activists say memo should prompt impeachment talk


Asia Times: "The bright, shining lie"

Crescendo of Concern...(Eleanor Clift..Newsweek)

SPL | Holy War ("second civil war" for control of the U.S. government)

Onward, Moderate Christian Soldiers (a nice op-ed by John Danforth)

My idea for an anti-recruitment campaign- a silent "Drive-in Protest"

Local protesters are up on Downing Street (FL)

Startup News Service Needs Volunteer Editors, Reporters And Bloggers

LMSM, the 'Lying Mainstream Media'- a Robert Parry (of AP &Newsweek) essay

Did you hear that amazing caller on Springer this morning?

Help needed to save NPR and PBS!!!

What are your fave news sources, besides DU?

Energy Headlines for June 17, 2005 --

Inflow Of Melting Arctic Ice In North Atlantic Equals Flow Of Amazon River

Is It A Little Early For The West Coast Of Spitsbergen To Be Sea-Ice Free?

Endangered songbird returns to old habitat after 60 years

Environmental Power Corporation Unveils New Anaerobic Digester Technology

Peace Corps suspends Haiti operations

This is getting crazy....

Leave Gaza Homes for Israel’s Benefit

Censoring the Dead

Three in a Bed

Effort to Raise $3 Billion for Palestinians in Post-Israel Gaza - NYTimes

Israeli Arms Sales To China

EU to Palestinians: Show determination in fighting terror

PA Eliminating "Collaborators"

A better strategy for the Palestinian Authority

Jewish cemetery hit by 117th attack in 15 years

Gunmen storm Dahlan's wife's hospital

Israel to build Gaza sea barrier

Peres: Israel should give PA weapons to restore order

Dialogue of the deaf

Coast To Coast, First Hour! Morgan Reynolds!

Talking 911 conspiracies now: Coast-to-Coast

Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse Likely A Controlled Demolition A

Question about book

Turn on Coast to Coast AM now...

Enough of the guessing games!


The Strange Strange Air Defense Response on 9/11

What is the strongest piece of evidence refuting the 9/11 official story ?

is there any video from the Ohio teach-ins?

when is diebold stockholder's meeting?

Krugman: What's the Matter With Ohio?

GOP's Pence-Wynn bill ends/repeals campaign contribution limits

Misinformation in Essex County NJ, AG office--they run elections in NJ

Corporate Control of the Election Process: NASS, NASED, TGDC, & Vendors

New german Blog on Votergate

ROTFLMAO! Feeney's office calling me again for the b*** dinner

Activists urge California not to use Diebold voting machines

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 6/17/05

What happened in Sacramento today?

Natinal Youth Rights Association Meeting Orange County Mon 6/20

Vilsack to restore felons' voting rights

Challenge to "Gay Divorce" thrown out by Iowa Supreme Court

WTF is (not) happening to the state party's blog?

We have a pic on!

Bewitched Statue Unveiled in Salem

Help save NPR and MPR from murder

KARE11 video on Iraqi visitors to MN & troop withdrawl bill (Jones)

Because they probably won't print my letter here you go.

Michele Bachmann and her racist supporters

Minneapolis Edison High School let all of their ESL teachers go

Who knew? Oberstar signed Conyers' letter!

Can anyone tell me how to put the volume icon back in my tray.

Can't access certain site - DNS issue?

Former party chair Leland to head Strickland for Governor 2006 campaign

Fundy lawmakers to protect public from nipples.


KBH to Run for Re-election to Senate

Kinky friedman is a joke. Lets laugh at him then move on.

Bryan Kennedy email to supporters...

WPR heads up

Wisconsin May Ban Morning-After Pill

David Ray Griffin on Coast to Coast tonight (Thursday)

PBS' Repub Chairman Tomlinson being investigated

When did Bush vow to

Great site: "Quotes from the American Taliban." They are so evil

Rate this article up...

What if the Capsian wells weren't a fizzle after all

Hey People advertised for DU at speaking protest in AZ today ...

Evidence of false statements made by Tony Blair to Parliament and the medi

Do you think Cheney treats W like an underling?

WTF! Whack job Jeb Bush is STILL dragging Schiavo corpse around!

Bernie Ward Streaming + no annoying commercials

Halliburton To Build $30 Million Jail At Guantanamo Bay

Is the Downing Street org site down?

Bush still going down, down, down

"Catholic" organization said Durbin couldn't be Catholic and pro-abortion

Talking 911 conspiracies now: Coast-to-Coast

We're not gonna take it anymore

How Ironic is this?

Unanswered Questions

It's been a good day for us BUT...

DSM mention on local news!!!

The news from Iraq seems to indicate that they honest to god

We are no longer the "United States"

Race Between Life and Death

Isn't that Iraqi constitution due at the end of the month?

John Conyers speaking on Al Franken NOW!!!!

Shameless RWers claim autopsy shows Terri was "cognizant"

May the politicians and moralistic exploitation-ors allow....

I have a question (again... ) about the Downing Street Memo...


How many earthquakes for California in the past two weeks?

What happened to Mike Malloy's show on KQKE?!

Are the Dems in DC starting to practice Lakoff?

Censoring the Dead (a little long)

EARTHQUAKE ..... Cali Again No. Cal.

How and where is the best place to start a blog?

Hey Guys... How would you refute this speech by Richard D. Lamm?

Chinese Factory Worker Can't Believe The Shit He Makes For Americans

The Whitehouse has Bush on suicide watch!

Turn on Coast to Coast AM now...

My e-mail to CBS concerning David Letterman's comments on DSM

The Insurgency are all Terrorists.

Terry Moran vs. Scott McClellan 'Last Throes' of Iraq Insurgency briefing

DSM reminds me of early period of the Clinton/Monica scandal

Lest We Forget: The Shocking Story of an Approved Killing in Mississippi

I had to attend my daughter's sports banquet in a freeper household

AP Downing St. article, that actually has impeachment references....

Google News Top Stories - "Democrat seeks probe of reasons for war" !

US House of Representatives’ Chaplain’s Prayer…June 17, 2005

On Today: Tom Cruise gets engaged. Oh...DSM? no where.

Argentina, U.S.A.

At Last!!! Local ABC affiliate actually covering DSM.

Summer camp bare-butt spankings legal in Texas?

CNN again focusing on what's important.

Schiavo timeline troubles governor

WWGD? What would Gandhi do? Invade and Occupy a Country

Looks like the Durban curveball diversion didn't work

Folks, let us rejoice.We are living in historic times.Another tyrant

Blind Man's Love - The Lesson of Terri Schiavo's Autopsy

Any bets on what the talking heads will say this Sunday

Now tell me who is the likely culprit in 9/11?

Did anyone see today's BBC World broadcast?

Scathing Article - Autism/Vaccines and the Govt Cover-up (Frist $$)

Bizarro is great today

Cindy Sheehan didn't use Profanity, bless her, BUT I DO.

They TOLD YOU SO, bush.

Our soldiers DID NOT die for "Nothing".


A historic analogy.

Just saw the ultimate Bush/Cheney bumper sticker.

Any breakthroughs on that flight to mars plan for 3 billion?

Poll: 71% of Americans Say Congress Does Not Share Their Priorities


what the DSM really means is, ALL those people died for NOTHING.

MSNBC poll: 94% believe President Bush misled the nation

Clinton 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Rangle Just Said We're Getting Closer To Impeachment On Morning Sedition

Renee Boje to be extradited to U.S

Al Franken has a celebrity play list at iTunes music store!

bush to embark on 'stay the course' speeches soon

It's Friday, will the Abu Garib photos be released tonight?

Does anybody know how many people were at the DSM rally?

Congress determine to make America stupid.

Dick Durbin was the leader in Congress on protecting the troops

'Religious bullying' at US Airforce Academy

Time to email Bush and demand answers to our questions ....It's an outstanding site and a great resource

To his long list of contemptible acts, Bush has added another one

Stay on Topic. Iraq, Iraq, Iraq!

w is just one twit, how many warpig liars are there really? about 100?

Today's Tony Auth cartoon about "Dr." Frist-pretty good

jon stewart doesn't know what an analogy is

The FIRST thing an INVADING Force does is take over TV & Radio Stations...

Go Florida Dems! Local protest on Downing Street

Iraq sovereignty anniversary coming up

More Evidence of CNN's Slide Into Obscurity

"Ame al projimo como a sí mismo," love your neighbor like you'd like to be

To MSM: Issue: Get over old facts...

As decent people recoil from the Bushes, it must become clear that they

Turn Right on Election 2000, Right on 9/11, Right on Iraq & you're there

CNN's "The New Iraq" has morphed into 'The Fight for Iraq"

Sunday is "Juneteenth" 140th Anniversary

Vote for my iMix on iTunes- Support our Troops and our "President"

so who will have the balls to schedule a SENATE hearing . . .

June 17th 1972 Watergate burglars arrested

Excellent segment on NPR about Tomlinson turning VOA into Bush

PNAC proves conspiracy

Disgusting Jeb Bush now going after Michael Schiavo!

CNN coverage of DSM

'now where did I put those WMD'S'?...ha ha ha HA HA FUCKING HA!

perhaps w will soon regret ever wanting to be president

Larry Diamond on C-Span 2 - "Squandered Victory"

Goofy idea - drive 55 save oil

DU this Yahoo story Bush pressed to answer `Downing Street Memo' questions

Anyone else get SS propaganda in the mail from the SS admins?

DSM - Will the GOP stop drinking neocon kool-aid?


DailyShow Video: Frist, Sensenbrenner, Bush, Patriot Act....

Let's not forget, Pat Roberts promised an investigation into Iraq

HELP: Does anyone know where to access enlistment data by county?

Iraqi Women's Rights Organization For Equal Rights Website

Letter from Feinstein on DSM

Who has the list of the 122 people who joined John Conyers on DSM

DeLay fund gets $400,000 for legal expenses

1000 posts/1715 dead

Thank you, Bush and Company

Might Oprah do a show on military recruiters tricking kids?

Deficet/ Surplus Graph?

Attention Vermonters! Iraqi Union Leader Speaking In Montpelier Saturday

Democracy Now on Link TV; Ch. 375 DirectTV-Amy's

Big Bird Gets Plucked (PBS)

Big Dog should have referenced the PNAC letter to back up

So I breezed through AM hate radio yesterday and learned....

The New YDA Platform - Has your voice been heard?

Have you written your representatives yet about Conyers?!!!

Is there a transcript of the Conyers forum?

Bill Clinton will be on the Ed Schultz Show today

Denver Post sort of covers DSM hearings

Why does Jeb have it in for Michael Shaivo?

Doonesbury is so great

Goodyear blimp crash lands

wtmusic's DSM Action Club -- are *you* a member?

How much longer is BushCo going to get away with torture and murder?

WTF - USDA "keep our friends in petroluem industry chugging along"

Excitement and tension brewing

Wisconsin May Ban Morning-After Pill on college campuses

Page 32, Paragraph 31

We need to support Sen. Durbin - CALL NOW!!!

DeLay owns ExxonMobil stock worth >$50,000

Bill Frist lies to Matt Lauer

Condi's Lies

Will there be a new MIHOP?

What has MSM coverage of DSM been?

Alex Witt, stink media whore from hell.......

NBC affiliate video on troop withdrawl bill (Jones) & Iraqi visitors to MN

Let's call for an investigation of Jeb Bush's sister.

Bush Finally Proposes a Shift on Iraq: Better PR!

Great news in my email today

The Today Show covered the DSM

IF the Relgious RW supports Bush -- why the "shortfall in recruiting" ???

Fox Signs Wesley Clark as Military/Foreign Affairs Analyst

Anyone getting bad Internet feed from Air America Radio?

we were all betrayed, but the soldier's were grotesquely betrayed

Springer has this same caller that calls in and makes a fool of himself

only 3 1/2 years of bush to go. how much can we stand?

Bombings in Iran???

DEMAND that Jeb Bush re-open the Noelle Bush Drug Case!!

Bernie Sanders on Thom Hartmann show NOW! Link>>

33 years ago today: The Watergate Break-In....

the reviews are in: Bush Iraq speech is a masterpiece

What is Rush Limbaugh Trying to Hide in his Medical Records?

msnbc "Connected" now segment on DSM --tune in.

DEMAND that Jeb Bush re-open the George P. Bush Burglary

Indian Anti Gaming bill introduced by Abramoff associate

CA DSM articles 2hrs before 10:00am on 6-17 basically the last two hours


FYI: MSNBC just covered DSM forum from the

'Religious bullying' at US Airforce Academy

Gov. Bush - reopen the Steve Kangas investigation

Gov. Bush - what about the intern in Joe Scarborough's office

More sell homes to lock in big gains

DSM coverage coming up on CNN

Keep calling Durbin 202-224-2152 I just got through

Downing Street Debacle 'getting big'...MSNBC

Tons of Photo's from yesterday

Anybody ever listen to The Young Turks on Sirius America Left?

Today's distraction: Verdict in Marcus Wesson murder case

Will Michael Schiavo be framed by the ReThugs of Florida?

The World's Premier Predator Nation.

You HAVE to see the email a freeper sent to Durbin's staff!

US citizen not being deported - yet

What happened to the strong freeper opposition in D.C?

Question about Sirius satellite radio/ AAR

Chief reason to loathe the American media

General Clark on MTP (2003): "..concerted effort pin 9/11... Saddam."

If DSM falls off the MSP a 527 'Iraq Veterans for Truth' is our only hope

Teresa after Rick Santorum--dipping in war chest for Casey.

Jan 31st, 2005 election is the foundation for Iraq incessant insurgency

Rush orders his listener to avoid substance when contacting Durbin

Whats new about the DSM anyway? Anyone remember Wolfowitz' quote?

Someone said Bush had a letter hand delivered to the House today.

Fox News Part of Plan?

List of of Democratic Members who signed (conyers petition)

Terry Gross yesterday

My new bumper sticker on it's way.

Party platform

DeLay "Saipan a shining example of Free Market economy . . ."

Next time Scottie says the DSM is old news brought up by Anti-war groups

totalitarian creep: gratuity automatically added to charges at restaurants

Someone help me post protest pictures... Pretty Please wit sugar on top!

We need an 'Iraq Veterans For Truth' 527 to bring attention to DSM

Ok folks time to thank the reps who actually signed the letter

Was the petition walked over to the White House?

Theres been an awful lot of earthquakes in the last seven days

The DSM was different because the sight of a 76 year old black man

Professor: "I don't think you can impeach the SoD..." Really???

Is there a "Senate blaster"?

9%--And They Can Be Had By the Downing Street Memos

Help!! Very young, naive girl thinks she wants to join the Army



Why does Al keep Dittohead?

Today's(17Jun) Media Targets from Downing Street

Katie Bar the Door! The TRUTH Is On The March!!!

Clinton doing a radio show?

"People want to hurt us because we are Americans."

A Citizen's Cry - From before the war

Did anyone catch Rep. Senesenbrenner's act on TDS last night.

"Small City With Extra Piety, Hold the Sin"....(wonkette/domino's)

One reporter's revenge on Jeb Bush's aloof press secretary

If you "Support the President" or "Support the Troops"....?

1,718 now

Bush will not respond to the Conyers letter and petititon unless


TO Dick Durbin: a thanks and appeal to whip other Dems into shape

Conscientious Objectors: How to get C.O. status in case of draft

I signed John Conyers letter without regrets could there be retaliation?

"The Downing Street *DEBACLE*" - MSNBC hour program

"Greenspan the Communist"

Have you ever noticed . . .

Fargo In-Forum: DSM poll question.

Good cartoon from the AZ Republic.

at least UK's Guardian mentions how Rs tried to sabotage DSM hearing

Say it this way: PROBABLE CAUSE

Recruiters play Hardball - the follow-up article

DU this poll

Choice: It's important to tell your story!

US lied to Britain over use of napalm in Iraq war

John Conyers for President!

Why Necropublican Jeb's theory is Repuke SHIT

A plan to get out of Iraq - from one of our Dem candidates for congress.

Vaccines - For or Against?

Brad Blog: Congressman Conyers responds to Milbank's trash talk

BBC Reports: Bloggers' 'victory' over Iraq war memos

Anyone know where to get DSM bumper stickers and Tee's?

FOTF and David Horowitz: "Alliance between Radical Islam and the Left"

What is the strongest piece of evidence refuting the 9/11 official story ?

War Criminals --- A Partial List.

Patriarch of incestuous Fresno-based "clan" found guilty (*Disturbing*)

Somebody please explain Coingate to me.

Why Blind Partisanship Is Bad For Us All

Media dolts: The point isn't that GWB made up his mind; it's that he LIED!

An Open Letter to US Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq (on loyalty)

Conyers loves Kos. What is DU, chopped liver?

Payback for pulling out of Joint Terrorism Task Force - Portland, OR

did anyone catch the new word the Rev. on Wash. Journal threw out?

Here are 123 Great Americans: The 123 representatives supporting Conyers

Is the ability to talk to god a genetic trait?

thoroughly discredited. zero credibility. untrustworthy.

Will Bush change his views on the death penalty . . . . . .

Dembloggers interview with Kennedy: anybody seen?

DSM **IS** making NEWS!!!

Why did CNN's DSM report make it look like Conyers got into

Is it against Geneva Convention to use drugs to extract information?

Scott Ritter/June

Following ... Complaints, OSHA Investigates Fox News

Fox News Says Congress Helps Terrorists

Court upholds decision to use race in school transfer plan

The DSM shows the extent to which this current gang has gone to

'lamestream media' - Hahahaaaaaaa!

Is it science or religion?

"We Can Cut the Deficit in Half" Josh Bolton, Dec. 2003

CNN: Most want Congress to make sure Internet safe

Amb. Joe Wilson to be on Ed Schultz before a live audience now...

I just learned that DU has a CONYERS AVATAR --->

AOL's "Greatest American" homepage. A picture of Bush next to Einstein!!!

Dennis Kozlowski just found guilty of Grand Larceny!

Vote on this picture on Yafoo..

Freeptards think Michael Schiavo is going to jail. LOL

Which Will Happen First? Same-Sex Marriage, or Decriminalizing Marijuana?

"There are no war plans on my desk." 6/13/02

Caption Arnie

Repubs running scared from Conyers - Guardian shows Milbank how to report!

They (Dems and Repugs) ALL LIED.

World's First Conservative Idol is a Liberal

Anyone have any info in the "bignewsnetwork .com"?? Who runs it?

Seen today's Doonesbury?

Look who's getting rich off the war! Follow the money!

Bloggers & Net Heads get the Credit for exposing Downing Street Memo

We should remember those who had the courage to show up at the DSM hearing

Looks like it's Aruba

A: "This is old news." Q: "So you admit it!"

DSM+Iraq+New Freedom Commission+FDA Corruption+MadCow=byebyeBush

MSNBC Poll - Did * Mislead us into War - 93% YES!!!!

Schiavo and the Charlatans

(202) 334-7582 - WaPo Ombudsman Michael Getler

Shut up about Gitmo; it isn't as bad as the Holocaust.

My emotions spend waaaaay too much time on my sleeve

What is your favorite blog(s)?

Jeb killed Schiavo, now he wants to blame the poor husband

somebody should collect all the stories about the desperation of recruiter

Please Tell me the Last Time Limbaugh, or Hannity ever Apologized???

I called Judy Keen (USA TODAY)

Nader uses the n-word during a speech.

How long will the so called "War on Terror" last?

Don't you think its rather...well...presumptous of the U.S. to lecture

The Canadian Parliament sounds like a bar brawl.

What will the final US death toll in Iraq be?

What time does the Friday news dump start? n/t

How does Bush seem to be taking plummetting polls & DSM?

bush is probably starting to feel afraid to go out in public

is * proud of being 'evil'?

Voting machines? We don't need no stinking voting machines!

Never let up. Keep pushing.

Neal Boortz may actually have brain cells, disputed Repug deficit.....

Women are capable of making the right CHOICE in any situation

FYI : CSPAN 1 (one) will run DSM Sunday 2:10 pm! Yeah!

Who will the Repubs run against Durbin ?? Alan Keyes ?

Jeb Bush wants Michael Schaivo "Investigated" (his career is over)

1718 reasons why the DSM is Important

BBC Coverage of DSM Hearings

Economy Turns Corner!: Trade Deficit Reaches Record $195.1 Billion

That picture of Conyers handing the petitions through bars...

POLL: Which faction of the right could Democrats court without selling...

John Conyers was denied entry to the White House?

Novak leads Hillary bashfest on CNN right now


Wash. Blade: Did HRC's Birch out GOP congressman?


Oil prices surge to all-time high

Have YOU Donated to John Conyers yet?

self delete

how to spread hate and discontent while shoping?

Bumper sticker quick poll:

Lou Dobbs headline..."A New Low"

Photobucket has deleted my Iraq war pictures

Mr. Bush, how are the following NOT ‘fixing the intelligence and facts'?

Do You Support * or The Troops?

Excuse me...why the hell have 40 million MORE names been stolen

You know what really gets to me?

Impeachment at the White House doorstep

Off my chest I am haunted by my desire to fuck with those fucking with we

Where does this "If you're gay they won't get you" stuff come from?

How much does your household spend on GASOLINE?

Iowa Governor Vilsack to restore felons' voting rights

Dream scenario: Many nations gang up on * , demand that * stand trial as

I know why Jeb is going after Schiavo.

Hurray, the stock market is almost back to where it was Jan 2, 2001

Al Qaeda Launches Swarms Of Earthquakes On California And Knocks Choppers

MasterCard: Security breach threatens 40 million accounts

Create Peace design on CafePress

As a mark of our respect for John Conyers and Cindy Sheehan, I suggest

Use caution when applying for a job via MONSTER.COM -the Army may get you!

Brain-Based Values -- "The Ethical Brain" and Evolutionary Biology

The Nookular disintegration of the Bush regime is reaching critical mass.

NYT Online has DSM Story buried deep on Washington Page....

MSNBC Mail Call

Bush,Cheney,Rumsfeld are very religious people.How do I know?

POLL: Which conservative faction is most destructive to America?

Bill O'Reilly on CNN?

You know what I am watching for?

How long could Limbaugh stand to have shackles on his wrist and ankles...?

Congress Proposes PBS Pimp Slap

Time to go poll at MSNBC


BRIAN DICKERSON: Schiavo and the charlatans

CSPAN rebroadcast schedule for Conyers' DSM and Pre-War Intelligence Forum

Terri Schiavo/Part 3

Congressman Conyers Just Posted on DU !!!

Why Ask Why (Downing Street documents)

The problem I have with impeachment...

No one gives a shit if you're black and missing

A cool little detail on Conyers

Do you think Milbank could be the victim of overzealous editing?

From Sludge: Republicans in danger "for the first time in decades"

Did anyone see David Letterman roll a GE missile across the stage in 1986?

E-mail USA Today's Judy Keen

Hey, waiddaminnit, dammit. If there's been all this intrelligence fixing

Why are our soldier living in Saddam's palaces?

The PERFECT quote to answer Repukes complaining about Durbin's comments

Mocking the Downing Street Memo

What is making the cost of gasoline so high?

DSM: Blogs for *: "BRING IT ON"

NYT Pulls A Gannon on Downing Street

Wash Post WHORES for Bushco once again...DSM hearings Dissed!

Have you heard about this?

Congressional Black Caucus - 2000 election and DSM

Tucker Carlson The Man. The Pundit. The Weenie.

How will right spin next Abu Ghraib photos and child rape videos?

Caption this Photo of Poppy

I think Jeb Bush is trying to take attention off DSM with his new

Clinton supposed to be on Franken coming up

Right-wing in full attack mode over Durbin's comments

Porn star Mary Cary say's she got several threesome offers at Bush party

Well, now that the nazis have a list of us 560,000 subversives

Why is Jeb going after Michael Schiavo?

How many people have died at Guatanomo

Who thinks Clinton has spent too much time with poppy Bush?

Rally Footage!!!

Time is running out....Our troops are ordered into Iraq-Syrian border.

CNN: Bush poll numbers fall even lower - (GRAPHICS)

Bill "Ken Doll" Hemmer leaving CNN?!

States ranked from smartest to dumbest


PROPAGANDA WARS: * launches dozens of faux TV ads in support of CAFTA

Who is this good looking fella?

My dem brother is turning a blind-eye to whats happening to OUR country!

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries (if you're George Bush) --PIX->>>

I need a little help here, has anyone ever heard of a poet named...

OK this is hilarious

I just finished a meeting where our company screwed us on health care,

Randi is awesome. This is the first time I have been able to listen

How does one research the quality of on-line degree programs?

Operation Yellow Elephant - a plan to encourage military recruitment

KEEP HAMMERING - the neocons are stumbling.

The "Here in Spirit" sign

Scoop: The Day The Downing Street Memos Went To The White House

Film: "George Bush is a Liar!"

bush: 'Iraq Timetable sends Wrong Message'

an NFIB troll made my blood boil

John Conyers, American Hero -- PIX->>>

This is huge: DNA clears Riley Fox's dad who was accused of her rape and

Help! Military recruiter called and won't stop till he talks to my son!

I am starting to become an Arianna Huffington Fan

Just hearsay, or the new Watergate tapes?

Gannon had no problem getting into the WH

Where is Kerry in all this DSM history making news?

flash back Sept '02- faked war games... pre invasion - "replay"

I have an idea - Lets dress up civil liberties as blonde white women

Remember, the GOP Set the Bar for Impeachment VERY Low

We need to CONTINUALLY attack the Republicans, put them on the defensive

Leading Egyptian Government newspaper: ‘Al-Zarqawi is an American Agent'

Ray McGovern rips Dana Milbank at

The other abortion issue is RAPE

Those PNAC assholes must have some HUGE fucking egos...

Any psychologists here ?


I think a few protesters could make Dana Milbank's life miserable.

I've stopped running the a/c in my car. I live in Dallas.

Ron Reagan, Jr.

DU haters read it and weep: Obama is No. 1 most popular senator

Is Jeb Bush insane?

What are your fave news sources, besides DU?

Complete list of congressmen who signed the DSM inquiry

Then: "Nazi" ; Now: "Fascist" - I think fascist is more accurate about...

I Am I Giant Killer! Twenty With One Blow! Announcing Bush Family Circus!

BOOK TV Schedule June 18-20

AAR/Randy... caller on now is the woman who was breastfeeding at the DSM

Joe Conason... 'A Press Coverup' (Salon)

How to post pictures on DU.

Uplifting sign of the country waking up

Michael Smith's email reply to me... to all of us, really

Tinfoil hat time!

Our credit and credit scores are important, right? But unfortunately....

Coming Soon! A "Thank You" site from Andy Stephenson.

Congressman Conyers hammers the Washington Post's Dana Milbank

Downing Street action: Contact Senators to sign Kerry's DSM letter to Bush

Do you want to thank Mr. Conyers? Thank his staff, too.

STAN GOFF Supports the Troops

Why I am Pro-Life, and Why You Should Be Too

Barnett: The War And Occupation In Iraq Are Illegal

Ruling may kill Canada Health Act, Romanow says

Canada Day in two weeks. (A Friday!) Whatcha all doing?

Best site to chat with people who have expatriated to Canada?

Robin Cook: How Labour can win back 4 million lost voters

Why I'd join the nutty protester in Parliament Square - Tom Utley

The word is out at Sterling Times. The LibDems are a fascist party!

Experts don't see U.S. regulators thwarting Vegas newspaper deal

Bush's Support on Major Issues Tumbles in Poll

Molester's victims may number in thousands

Adopted Italian Grandfather skips town

Four arrests in anti-terror raids (UK arrests anti-Iranian Terrorists)

Relatives of 3 soldiers killed in Afghanistan plane crash suing contractor

Mother whose son died in Iraq serves summons on Blair

Yokota airman gets jail time for possession of child porn

US agency 'giving green light' to human toxin tests

$1.3 million more lost in bureau investments (Ohio, again)

NYT:"Bush's Support on Major Issues Tumbles in Poll"

Halliburton to Build New $30 Mln Guantanamo Jail

USDA Plants its own Pro-CAFTA News

No Rest for the Wicked in Massachusetts (Mitt Romney)

Congressmen probe Iraq war memo

Woman joins Air Force Thunderbirds (No. 3 Right Wing Position)

36,000 sex acts believed logged by molester

U.S. closes its Nigerian embassy on security threat

In study, Boston area tallies highest rate of marijuana use

Medical marijuana activist arrested after raid

please delete dupe

Highest and lowest rates of marijuana use

Probe Sought in Terri Schiavo 911 Call (15 years ago! Jeb jumps back in)

DoD Identifies Marine Casualty

EPA acts to reduce haze at U.S. parks

AP: Afghan Minister Says al-Qaida Regroups

Wisconsin May Ban Morning-After Pill

Probe Sought in Terri Schiavo 911 Call

More sell homes to lock in big gains

Sacramento Bee: 'Downing Street memo' spotlighted in Congress

Orthodox leader demoted to monk

Crowd Storms Kyrgyz Government Building

Morgentaler,abortion rights activist ,receives honorary degree.

Beijing may build carrier

EU announces no position to isolate Syria: European MP

Public Broadcasting Funds May Be Halved (bill approved in committee)

White House Plans Iraq PR Pitch

delete - dupe.

Gov. Bush wants probe of Schiavo collapse (WTF?????)

US lied to Britain over use of napalm in Iraq war

Why Cuba's training American doctors

Venezuela puts U.S. on the defensive

Geneticists Identify 'Master Switch' -> Female Flies Behave as Males

Runaway bride: Decision 'life or death'

Climate change plan for G8 summit diluted after Blair's US visit

Taliban say hold 13 Afghans in troubled south

U.S. jets drop 500 lb bombs in Iraq operation ("Operation Spear")

Texas Governor Signs Death Penalty Bills

Perry Signs Sentencing Option Into Law (about time for this

AP: Afghan minister says al-Qaida regroups

dupe-please delete eom.

Study: Black men, white ex-cons share equal job prospects

Oil Surpasses $57 as Refiners May Struggle to Meet Fuel Demand

Team Suozzi Under Criminal Investigation (Nassau, NY)

Activists say memo should prompt impeachment talk

Former Tyco chiefs found Guilty (Reuters)

Bomb goes off near Baghdad mosque

Iowa judge's ruling in lesbian divorce case will stand

Peru runs breakthrough gas train

U.S. jets drop (9) 500 lb bombs in Iraq operation

Iraq's al Qaeda denies arrests linked to group

Wolfowitz apologises to Rwanda

Groups Unite Against Military Recruiters

House G.O.P. Rebuffs Bush on Plan for U.N. Dues

Experts: Iraq withdrawal now would be bad idea


Judge clears state representative in contempt hearing, chides accusers

Archbishop hits out at web-based media 'nonsense'

Roadside bomb kills two U.S. Marines in western Iraq (49 June 1716 Tot)

US concerned about spread of insurgent tactics from Iraq to North Africa

U.S. forces spearhead assault near Syrian border

U.S. Current Account Gap Widens to Record $195.1 Bln in 1st Qtr

New al-Qaeda videotape broadcast

Lodi Men Accused of Lying to FBI (father/son indictment- not for terror)

Frist Defends Remarks on Schiavo Case (appeared on 3 TV networks)

Bush: New Medicare Plan Benefits Seniors


Government, banks sue Eliot Spitzer

Court issues summons to Blair

Bush Advised to Wait on Top Court Nominee

Group Wants Warning Labels on Potato Chips (cancer)

Jazeera TV says to air video from Zawahri

Iraq's al Qaeda denies arrests linked to group

Afghanistan donors conference postponed

MSNBC Mail Call

Sunnis Added to Iraq Constitution Panel

Cunningham Says He Rents CEO's Yacht

Ethiopia frees 336 detained during unrest

Hundreds of Eritreans flee to Ethiopia - state radio

Anti-Myanmar protesters rally for Suu Kyi 60th

Bloggers' 'victory' over Iraq war memos (BBC)

Pirates raid supertanker at Iraq's Basra

Schwartz & Kozlowski of Tyco GUILTY on all but 1 count!

Six U.S. Troops Killed In W. Iraq (1709,1710,1711,1712,1713 &1714)

4th Significant Earthquake Shakes Calif

Iranian Voters Flood Polls in Tight Race

Oakland Trib: "War foes call memo vindication"

LAT: "Criticism of Iraq War Mounts on Capitol Hill" DSM forum mention

House Passes Bill to Slash Funds to U.N.

House Passes Bill To Cut U.N. Funds In Half

Air Force Finds No Trace of Lost Nuke

GOP eyes Bense as opponent to Harris (Katherine)

Is 'Downing Street Memo' a smoking gun?

Front Page MSM:MSNBC:"Rangel: Investigate whether Bush Intentionally..."

White House Stands By Private Accounts

Top U.S. Attorney Defends Guantanamo Camp

Bolton meets with critics as vote is delayed

Peace Fresno leader freed from charges

Ohio Fund scandal halts rebates

'Operation Spear' Launched in Iraq (1000 troops on Iraq-Syria border)

Poll Shows Slump in Trust between French, Americans

Another Helicopter down in the East River

Iraq threatens Iran with military action as tensions flare

Sen. Clinton calls for creation of Gitmo commission

US concerned about spread of insurgent tactics from Iraq to North Africa

Is Worst Yet to come in Iraq?

Gov. Bush Says Prosecutor Will Investigate Accusation Of Delayed 911 Call

Mothers of Slain Soldiers, Others, Demand Bush's Impeachment

Howard Dean to travel the world for Democrats

Wesson convicted of murdering nine children

Quran contest destroys U.S.'s reputation, Imam says (Jon Alvarez)

Senator Regrets if Remarks Misunderstood (Durbin)

Gaps Remain in Mad Cow Disease Defenses (no change in 18 mos.)

Southern Baptists in ‘doldrums,’ leader says ahead of meeting

Oil Jumps Above $58 as Demand May Outpace Production Growth

Group Urges More Polygamy Prosecutions (rape, incest accusations)

(WorldNetDaily:) Did Bush mislead nation to war? (94% say "yes"!)

ABC Flips: To Now Air 'Killed' Robert Kennedy Jr. Interview.

Panel Weighs Creating New Intel Agency (US equilvalent of MI5)

Newsmax: Jeb Bush: 'God Has a Plan' for Me

Soldier Earns Silver Star for Her Role in Defeating Ambush

Arroyo: 'They are going too far' (Bush's buddy in the Philippines)

Israel freezes defense exports to China

House Passes Bill to Slash Funds to U.N.

RAWSTORY: Congressman Conyers hammers the Washington Post's Dana Milbank

Red Cross hits back at U.S. Republican critic

A possible conflict for DeLay?

School board examines flag ban ("NO" T-Shirts w/non-US Flags)

Canada foreign minister splashed at Haiti meeting

Nancy Reagan May Prod Senate on Stem Cells

MasterCard security breach may affect 40 MILLION cardholders

Coming to a hard disk near you(BitTorrent)

Childbirth at Home as Safe as Hospital Delivery: Study

If you post in this thread, you have to give me a dollar.

One toke over the line, sweet Jesus

Got to get out of the way.

Man, I gots the flu bug to end flu bugs..

Can't sleep...Chuck E. Cheese will eat me... Stupidest nightmare EVER!

They say this kid is 8

Anybody have a cordless keyboard? Like it?

Best Songstress

OK everybody! Here's a game that I cannot do...You try it!

Quiet opera-man!

nothing like a 3 am run...

and now... a 4 30 am NIN Song...

Any Bowlers out there?? What kind of balls do you have?

the "Star and Stripes" blimp crash lands in coral springs, fla in litning

7 Definitions Of A Cat

Son flew to London today.. for 5 years at minimum

What does this mean?

It's FRIDAY! How's everyone spending the weekend?

listening to LAZY MARY (Luna Mezza Mare) from a medley of

Tom Cruise proposes to Katie Holmes at The Eiffel Tower

Ex-Cop Dropped Traffic Offenses If Woman Stripped For Him

Republican Caucus Bulletin Board….June 17, 2005

My contact lenses are irritating me - ask me anything

I'm outta here

Woman Sues Neighbors - They Cast Evil Spell On Her 12 Year Old Daughter

Somebody PLEASE explain Jiminy Cricket to me.

The official "Piss and Moan" thread


Study Says Movie Stars Are Poor Role Models

OK I have a great new feature for the Admins to consider...Stealth DU

I think you're not.

Anyone know the website that sells the Darwin fish magnets?

Funnier: Fat Actress, or Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Saving a video clip.

It's time to play: How the hell did I do this to my ankle?

Two-faced kitten shocks owner, veterinarian (pic included)

meh. life sucks. I have a back ache and all kinds of crap to deal with

hemmer is leaving CNN in the AM. Ding Dong the witch is dead!

We've gone from fake orgasms to fake mince pies, says May

Before you got to bed tonight check this thread

God hates California for the Jacko verdict!!!!

Among Disneyland's Lost & Found: Diamonds, Glass Eyes, Canary

Boston Area Is 'Nation's Capital' For Marijuana Use

How Many Dogs To Change A Light Bulb?

My brother is NOT getting laid off

It's time to come clean

I brought my dog to work today!

For God so loved the world...

I guess the term "friend" doesn't mean what it used to

This video may be a fake but if it is real, DAMN!! It is a little long.

Moral Q: Would fast food be acceptable IF... if...

McDonald's insists 42-ounce drink deal "is not super-sizing"

Oregon Cat Born With Two Faces

Happy Birthday dammit!

Study: Black Men, White Ex-Cons Share Equal Job Prospects

Lush appreciation thread

Leftie, Rightie, or Ambidextrous?

"An' hey, havvaguhweegen'"

Somebody PLEASE explain Jiminy Glick to me.

I love these guys!

Oh my GOD.. ....."TomKat"

Tush appreciation thread

U2, Oasis, or Death?

Military Radios Causing Garage Doors To Open/Close At Random

Wow! Check this out-I got an invite to "TomKat"'s wedding already

Happy Birthday Jello Biafra!!

Michigan bound!

Woman Attacked Snoring Husband: Stabbed Him With Pen, Hit Him With Dumbell

Who or what are the Rainbow People?

What people do for fun-the Anti Boredom campaign

In honor of my 4,000th Post I'd like to quote my sister...

iTunes music store wont work for me for some reason

I'm your new Fix-It-Man! What can I do for you today?

NY May Issue Special License Plates To Drunk Drivers

Let's hear it for the thread that will never die!

What's the funniest thing your pet ever did...

What are you getting DAD? What do you want for Father's day?

I'll give you my phone number - when you worry call me....

KANGAROO Loose In West Virginia!! KANGAROO Loose In West Virginia!!

Out of school forever, one question remains

When he took her home to meet his mama and papa...

So, who's familiar with Spring, Texas?

I have been awake for more than 24 hours.

Prediction -- Tom Cruise will drop Katie Holmes

Random Picture Discussion thread, 6/17/05

Tom Cruise proposes to Sherlock Holmes at the Paris Hilton

"Every time an *ssh*l* speaks...."

Who's sick of Tom Cruise threads?

Who's sick of Tom Cruise?

I'm going to dis you guys!

I'm going to kiss you guys!

Who is sick of threads asking if your are sick of threads about ....

Who's your favorite MC?

How weird are your friends?

How wired are your friends?

How would your personal situation differ if the last two presidential

Taiwanese soul-return attempt blocked

'Wet Jesus' on eBAY

The life and loves of...... Tom Cruise


ZombyCoffee: ZeeDub's Grand Canyon Grind!

Cell phone application tracks womens' (plural) cycles

Man, 82, Tried To Siphon Gas From Car With Vacuum - Burned

Really horrible timing for a commercial.

Is anyone else's Air America stream sound like crap?

Now this is a woman with spark

I'm going to bris you guys!

Where is GOPisEVIL?

Sue the Runaway Bride

Ketchup spat embarrasses law firm

Golfers!....Check this game out...Beer Golf

Galveston, O' Galveston

Will Peggy May Starling get the jobb?

Let's talk about deserters. Who's Your Favorite?

How bad is your vision?

Let's talk about Just Desserts. What's your favorite?

Ask Mr. Gaydar : HELL no Cruise is not gay.

What personality is best compatible with yours?

What you tryin' to do to my heart?

County Brochure Includes Scratch 'N Sniff Manure Sticker

Mutilated cow found on OhioSmith's grill.

Everyone who has fucked up or failed, please check in.


Kitten born with 2 faces (PIC)

I've changed my fuckin' ways

Pistons' wins proven to be acts of God; Atheists proven wrong


Has anybody noticed re: speed limit signs...

We just took all four cats to the vet at once!

*Bush Photographed During War Meeting

I am balls-out hungover, stuck at work, and trying to plan a move.

Mutilated cow found near Paradise Hill

Police Raid Wrong Duplex - Throw Grenade-Like Device Through Window

Can I vent?

Free agents and fence sitters, check in.




Cheerleaders Disciplined for Feces Pizza

German Court Upholds Wal-Mart's staff right to flirt at work

When will Katie say adios to Tom?


Let's Talk About Desserts. What's Your Favorite?

I want you to want me!

Smorked Salmon

Let's get back to basics! What ever happened to the Row row

If Lesbians Get Toasters, What Do *I* Get For Converting A Lesbian?

I bought this guitar on my lunchbreak

168 years ago today....

Killing Santorum!

Just got back from the Boston area! Whats with the weather back there?

Any Billy Joe fans?

Have you ever said "never again" and then had to eat your words?

Eight days of media-blackout. No TV, internet....What did I miss?

Anyone else having trouble with Air America today?


First man vs. woman boxing match set to happen in August

What makes you different/ distinguishes you from others?


Name this song

My ideas and comments are very important to President Bush



Favorite Jello Biafra collaboration?

Who's sick of Tom Cruise avoiding important questions about his sexuality?

Let's talk about Deserts. What's your favorite?

Saw a lady hit her son today...

The page cannot be displayed due to copyright infringement

Isn't it "Bounce your Boobies" Day?

Just so you all know, I'm going to start drinking at 7:30ish, and I'm not

What's the best way to sell a vintage car?

You're looking kinda lonely girl

it's pretty much my favorite animaL

Who Wants To Buy An 8 Foot Tall, Fire Breathing Dragon?

If lesbians get toasters, what do gay men get?

11 years ago today....

Don't forget today is "Dead Hooker Friday"

Why are incompetent doctors called "Quacks"?

I think I just felt an earthquake.

Good cartoon about the Patriot Act

Great Moments In Lyrics: The Shangrilas

I have five little kittens in my bathroom

Have you ever noticed . . .

day 7 smokefree

DSM, Bush, blah, bla...So, DUers: How bad is the "Alone in the Dark" film?

What would you do if the zombies took over?

27 hours to go...

Proud dorky daddy post

Hey DU Admin: How about this for a DU Tee-Shirt

Things to Say to Recruiters When They Call for Your Kids

The dumbest spelling error in the history of the world: "Opps."


Ugh! They're repaving my street and the tar smell is making me sick

Tom Cruise proposes to Katie Holmes in Paris


Great rant on single parents from another board, thought I'd share.

Twenty-seven years ago today

I'm roughly 4,075 posts from 10,000.

So, I'm about 8,549 posts from 10,000

The DSM hearing breast feeder on Randi Rhodes.

DU poll now on reagan's msnbc webpage

Stories from the road


Ethel Merman

THIS cat found a REALLY comfortable place to sleep. Maybe rated "PG."

Wow...the DSM stress must be getting to Karl Rove. He looks like C-R-A-P.

Pickles on the "Sesame Street" set, with "I Don't Wanna Get Drafted Elmo."

Advice from CAT PEOPLE!

Kitten question...


Name Of Newest Jessica Simpson Song?

Would you breastfeed during a visit to Congress?

Any Billy Joel fans?

Will Tom Cruise be the next 'Runaway Bride'?

Forget Brad Pitt - This guy will REALLY take your breath away

Do you wonder about people who have their profile turned off?

i'ma go get me sum DEMACRcY! at democrcy fest w.them liebruls!

Ziggy is getting edgier.

We're doing pretty good without the "No Fun!" signs!

Will Katie Holmes be the next 'Runaway Bride'?

whos still up. check in

UPDATE: the neighbor kid is trying to kill a baby bird

What moron Bush is!

rats, I got laid off today...

Would you breastfeed Congress?

Computer peeps!

It's my last day at my job...I'm hungover and bored shitless...

What does it take to get a PM around here?

Favorite Cure album

Where is the 2-headed cat?

What is the highest number of consecutive posts

Anti-Evolutionists Tackle Chemistry: The Evangelical Periodic Table

How easy is it to get eggs from salmon?

Which Potentially Gay Man Do We NOT Want In the Club?

one week until we move

People are so freakin' weird

It is almost time to go home! Woo Hoo!

3 post from 4000. Ax me anything


Microsoft takes on BitTorrent

I threw up when Queen was extremely popular

I'm going to see Tibetan monks create a sand mandala next weekend

Runaway bride: Decision 'life or death'

Got my Father's Day gift. A George Foreman grill with REMOVEABLE grill

A Chris Wallace website is considered a security risk!?!?!?

For my five-thousand-and-first post...

Best modern-era singer who doesn't/didn't write his or her own songs?

Need Some Funny Flash Animations.

Brown Recluse Spiders

Describe your musical talent.

Pinehurst is kicking everyone's ass today

Picking up GTA San Andreas for PC on Monday after work,

I am an anglephile

The Verdict is a pretty good movie.

Well, I might be looking for a new ISP...

Who is your favorite Thundercats character?

Wow. "The Office" is a truly brilliant TV show.

What will you be drinking tonight?

I caught a guy checking me out

The Vietnamization of the GOP. Like the Viet-Kong, they fought for 30

Pepsi Twist - Exactly HOW Does The Lime Get IN There? (pic)

Phishhead, Deadhead, Parrothead or Weenhead?

I grew up when the Queen, Her Majesty, was extremely popular with the boys

Blood and Roses.

It seems like a few people aren't familiar with Stevia

A James Bond kind of Tarantula Spider ...just crawled over my boob!

Anybody have a link to the parody of "I Got High" that Randi plays?

Out of my way I'm running high

I am an anklephile...

I'm watching "The Aviator"...damn, that Wainwright guy can sing!

I found a goliath spider in my house!

I am an anglophile

AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHH! The spyware that won't die!!!!!

What should I write on my freeper neighbors fresh blacktop?

I went to WalMart today

Songs that bring you back to a point in time

Do you know what Jerry is in Indian? Jugdish.

You can stuff your sorrys in a sack mister.

Who is your favourite Thunderbirds character?

New Tom Cruise based name for the Lounge

TV Viewing Guide for tonight: C-Span2 8pm EST - DSM hearings

Lookie I'm a heterosexual!





If you could change one thing about yourself - what would you change?

I can't live without an Internet connection.

The George W. Bush Presidency Deadpool

Yummy Free Range Oraganic fed fresh baked Chicken!!

Omaha's One Week in the Spotlight

HEY, Lounge Lizards...what's worse: A Running Gag or a Flying F**K?

The ghastly remains of toy mouse #2

The Tom and Katie Matrimonial Deadpool

Tom and Katie are planning to will L. Ron Hubbard back to life...

How easy is it to get salmonella from eggs?

Does Dr. Quack (Frist) pop popcorn before reviewing his "medical movies?"

How does your kitty react to the nip?

Bad internet dating tales, check in here:

It's time for another DU wet t-shirt contest!

The Final Jeopardy Category is "Authors"

Wanna see a Steaming Big Boy?

PETA Possibly Involved In Unsafe Hospital Dog Deliveries.

I'm gonna start dropping more F-bombs

"And now class your new science teacher will explain Inelligent Design."

Thoughts?? Advice?? Critique?? (PIC Created By MOI)

I am having a really really crappy day.

Is this really John Conyers posting on DU???!!!

lots of pictures of my old dogs~ Lord Byron & Lady Leigh

What do you think of Bush's latest proposal for Social Security?

Any good ideas for dinner?

Want to be really scared?

Separated at birth?

What is the weirdest thing anyone has posted/advocated here at DU?

I Think This Lady May Have A Few Too Many Piercings

Johansson, Alba, Bosworth, Lohan: Katie was Tom Cruise's FIFTH choice.

This Wheels on Fire: The Absolutely Fabulous thread

If I were to randomly walk up on Neil Cavuto and punch his ass out..

I escaped the 700 club! Yay!!!

Why Would Anyone Want To Live On a Fault Line?

My sister is throwing a temper-tantrum


Yellow Lab, Black Lab or Brown Lab?

Tim Burton's "The Sound of Music" with Vin Diesel and Gregory Hines

If you had the keys to whoisalhedges' empty house...

If Free Republic had groups like we do...what groups would they have?

I grew up when Queen was extremely popular

XM radio question Has any one used a skybox?

Amusing incident(s) involving a new Che T-shirt

On This My Tenth Aniversary I Dedicate This, My Magnum Opus To My Wife!

Talk about a stupid email scam

My 800th post is coming! Ask me anything!


This is thread that kills the thread that never ends.

To all the new DUers (newbies)....Welcome!

Old Navy and Gap are "blue" companies right?

A Picture Heavy Fart n' Puppy Thread


Do you have a bizarre physical talent? (KEEP IT CLEAN)

Who do you think is so good looking they're BREATHTAKING?

Trivia Tiiiimmmeeee!!! (This'll probably be easy)

Any good movies out this weekend?

sketch for today....

Mad_Dem_X has 1,000 posts!!!!

Stevia vs. Splenda

DU Soccer/Footie group is up!

I don't want to talk to you people anymore... Part II

What's good for spider bites?

POST YOUR PICTURE! (Wheee! Even I did it this time!)

I start therapy next week for my relationship. (venting)

I'm going to miss you guys!

I just went looking for pics of Freeper Gatherings - this pic says it all

I'm a petaphile!

It's time for another DU T-Shirt Slogan Contest!!!!!

I did two very bad things last night.

Animal activist Ben White fights cancer.

Orthodox leader demoted to monk

The answer to ALL your questions...

CofE appoints first black UK archbishop

Burning Hell: Pack up the kids, head to see some free movies at drive-in

Jews heartened by Pope decision to review sainthood of priest

ANA Unveils Renewed Push for Systemic, Affordable Health Care Reform

NEJM editorial re: conscience clauses

Geneticists Identify 'Master Switch' -> Female Flies Behave as Males

Jumping genes could lead to brain differences between individuals

Gay Group Protests Amendment With Wedding Cake

Court Refuses To Rip Child From Lesbian Mom

Hate Crimes Bills Introduced In Michigan

Zach's Blog Storm

Looks like a rough morning at Pinehurst

Great Stat re: the Yankees

All Right! Here we go! Cubs vs. Yankees

The new great baseball rivalry: Nationals vs. Angels

Damn Interleague Play

Anyone know how to get a kitten to stop play biting?? Thanks.

What sort of plants are poisonous for dogs?

Does anyone else have a feeling that we are going to have a

An idea for the group

July 23rd

On being a seed person

Humanist wedding is (British) legal first

Og and Ug - the first parable.

I posted "The Answer" in R&T

Magic Underwear lol

Scott Lehigh on national debt (humour)

A thread for odd bits and pieces of stuff

I DU'ed my Republican Senator (Richard Burr)

Durbin was deeply considered as VP last year

Did the impeachment talk make Kerry back off

Sometimes I wonder what Kerry is really thinking that he doesn't say

John not in top 8?

Kerry books - need some advise, please

Eat this flower

A Farewell to Flowers

*Vintage ESPN Keith* from

The cuffs on the bus go click, click, click ......

Keithaholics Anonymous Thread 6/17/05 (Keith Addiction Counseling Here!)

Where can I find a copy of Durbin's speech

At the core of our Iraq problems: Bush Doctrine

Which Party do you think could best end the war in Iraq honorably ?

When will subequent DSM hearings be taking place?

What do you most want to hear from Republicans?

Newest Member Of The Fox Family, Wesley Clark, Makes Me Gag!

What are your fave news sources, besides DU?

As fears mount, Bush focuses on progress in Iraq war

Senate Approves (Small) Renewable Fuels Provision

Hey! You forgot the Internet.

The British are coming! The British are coming!

Exclusive Video Interview With Sen. Edward Kennedy!!!!!

St. Pete Times - page 2 - DSM

Great column about how dumb bush voters are ...check it out

Watergate break in anniversary is today, June 17

new tactic by technical schools aimed at military and prison industrial


Looking for ways to keep momentum going

Conyers needs the support of the Democratic Leadership

"Mothers of Slain Soldiers, Others, Demand Bush's Impeachment"

Google News invites you to browse "all 473 related" DSM articles

The press was there, where is the reporting? Not a word in my paper today

Can a state governor refuse to send his

So W is leaving the Soc.Sec. "barnstorming tour" for the Iraq war tour?

A little review to start the weekend

CSPAN rebroadcast schedule for Conyers' DSM and Pre-War Intelligence Forum

Love the Republic, Hate the Empire

Wash Post Distorts Level Of Congressional Interest in Downing Street Memo

Another Dem running for congress dies.

No DSM today.... Only Jeb resucitating Schiavo

Story on DSM hearings in Houston Chronicle today. Page 7

The Conyers hearing - We made history yesterday! A call for $$$$

OK. Let's Talk About the "I" Word: "I" Draft Resolutions Already Online

Reasons to think the ticket will be McCain - P/Jeb Bush-VP in 2008

Did Bush committ TREASON?

(R's Jones-NC&Paul-Tex D's Meehan,Woolsey&Abercrombie) IRAQ Deadline

Heard On Chicago Radio This A.M. - Tony Snow To Do A Show From Gitmo....

Benson Cartoon: A Little Humor for Your Day

The Right's Argument re: DSM (from KO)

Press asks McClellan "any idea how long a last throe lasts for?"

Action! jebbie bush trying to charge M. Schiavo call 850-488-4441

Dear Senator Clinton:

I got a response from Rep. Dave Weldon regarding request for Impeachment!

To brighten your day: DUer runs for Congress against Hayworth, gets 38%

forgive me, but where was Teri Shiavo living when she collapsed?

Norway protests child abuse in Iraq (July 6 2004)

Rep Conyers and Rep Kaptur need to read this posting !

Rember David Kelly?.HE knew

Martha's out, runaway bride found, Jacko not guilty. Now what

What the heck is happening in just got rowdy

Contact the White House about DSM

A written letter from the chimp was just delivered to the Congress..

ANTI-Nuke People! NPR's "Science Friday" TOTN Taking Calls!

Bryan Kennedy getting national support for his run against Sensenbrenner

Quantanamo should be shut down permanently...

Looking for help with a project on the Iraq war/DSM timeline

Media analysis: DC media largely ignores Conyers hearings

Listening to the House proceedings on C-SPAN....

My Freeper friend has issues

I get to meet Cindy Sheehan tomorrow! What should I say?

Do you believe Pres * misled the nation in order to go to war with Iraq?

Let the record show that we tried to stop this

The world is watching - Wash. can no longer brush aside. . . .

Will TV Ever Get Past Partisan Bickering?

Help! Need transcripts from DSM hearing. Where can I get it?

My moderate officemate's reaction to the hearings yesterday

The Sheep are waking up, time for another dose of Propaganda!

Let's all send thank you notes to Durbin for his comments.

Is calling for Senators to be at a Congresional Hearing insulting to them?

help with dsm letter

We CAN'T pull out of Iraq...there's a new "Zawahiri terrorist video tape."

Meet the Press - hour w/ John McCain - geeze will Timmy ever grow a spine?

REALPOLITIK / David Podvin

DU this poll on MSNBC

Do Not underestimate the BFEE. Do not. If the BFEE sees

The 122 that signed the 23 that signed late?

GOP Targets International Red Cross (for criticizing *)

Who is Dana Milbank?

In 2002 Bush/Cheney Said We Were Going To War Against Iraq

How is Bush going to "spread democracy" to Iran, Syria, etc., etc.


What's this I hear about Haliburton building Gitmo facility

Rove is a loser. Here's your chance to tell him so!

Official Reaction of Democratic leadership on DSM hearings?

NYT: Apology Demanded for Remark on U.S.

Awww...Tyco CEO going down.....

The Rude Pundit Today-Media Teetering Near Tipping Point?

Why couldn't Saddam be removed with a coup?

Africa's Suffering Is Bush's Shame

Hastert & DeLay send Pelosi a letter, demanding condemnation of Durbin

Dean comment substantiated by Ralph Reed

Vote here for YES/NO on DSM inquiry/investigation

I am so pissed at John Ellis * right now I can't see straight! I know

Don't even get on "TYCO" they were guilty-that's it - NEXT!!

The White House is hoping that U.S. Rep. John Conyers will just go away...

Hey, Where is all of Iraq's oil going?

But but but Sen McCain :We'll be in Iraq "10, 20 yrs., that's not so bad"

I want to hear from the person who was in charge of contingency

Newt is on with Rush Limbaugh, telling listeners to demand Durbin be

Listen to CSPAN Conyers replay now 7:27 pm goto>

Has Hillary Clinton actually SAID that she is running for President?

Is Iraq War spending sustainable ? $170 million per day

First Time DNC Donors Talk About the Importance of the Party

Talking Point: Bill Frist is a QUACK.

Replay of hearings coming on C-Span 2 in 4 mins! n/t

Have no idea where this came from but ck out this link

Giggling Murderer visits Twin Cities...

My challenge to DUers

Have you guys seen the Bolton meltdown? (video)

Is this proof?

Thanking the DSM forum.

Is the WaPo's Dana Milbank having a nervous breakdown, in the style of

Newhounds take on Clark's appearance

WH/GOP have bailed on Katherine Harris

FLASHBACK from 6/2003: Cheney's CIA visits pressured us: analysts

ok, so who *is* the base of the party?

Impeachment, what about it?

Did I just hear CNN right? (Jeb Bush comment)

Have YOU written a letter to Dana Milbank?

Marsha Blackburn (R- Tennessee)

Could John Conyers file libel suit against Dana Milbank and Wash Post?

Who should be the witnesses at Rep. Conyer's next hearing?

John Conyers thanks DU

VALUABLE - Download House Members Ready to Print Mailing Labels Here:

Amazing photos of the DSM Hearings!

Have we not learned anything from Watergate?

Rep. Conyers rips WP's Dana Milbank

A short history of impeachment

Tim Russert worried about Bush, but "Dems don't have an alternative plan"

My letter to Post's Dana Milbank on DSM hearing article

children raped at Abu Ghraib, Pentagon has videos

Hannity: "Young women don't just collapse..." (Schiavo)

Newsweek: Crescendo of Concern (Bush needs to be frank about Iraq)

Who was that reporter grilling McClellan at the press conference?

A Deeper Conspiracy ?

BRAD BLOG: WaPo's Dana Milbank Plays 'Journalist', Gets Paid for It!

Can Saddam use the DSM documents in his trial ?

NEXT STEP: Contact Senators to sign Kerry's DSM letter of inquiry to Bush.

Springer joining Jon Stewart in saying "stop the Nazi comparisons." NO!

Reason for Bush's Disastrous Poll Numbers - DEAN!!

POLL:If we DID start having small scale, foreign Terrorist attacks here...

Post's Milbank spins nasty column on Conyers hearing

The man who will defeat Sensenbrenner says thanks!

Concerning the Newest Member of the Fox News Family