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Archives: June 24, 2005

Mounting a Proper Defense Against Klein's "Truth About Hillary"

Top five Gitmo falsehoods (Media Matters)

Resolved: Buliding an amusement park on the Supreme Court's Personal Homes

Freedom’ causes more death

Modest proposal to solve Social Security problem (Ehrenreich)

Bush Could End Prisoner Abuse (Helen Thomas)

Q&A About Guantanamo Bay and the Detainees (NPR)

U.S. only leasing Guantanamo from Fidel Castro

The War Before the War

Suicide in Iowa follows combat death in Iraq

Fisk: "We shelter behind the myth that progress is being made"

Hillary Clinton Attacked by Man From Mars

WP: Pharmaceuticals in Waterways Raise Concern

Racism drives torture at American prisons

WP: Another Year of Living Misery in Baghdad

Krugman: "The War President"

Unveiling Iraq's teenage prostitutes

the Aruba saga IS important now

Wealth up but cuts to all things: Makes no sense!

Questions re: cellulosic ethanol.

Five evacuation nightmares

Church may black firms over Israeli 'occupation'

9/11 was an inside job. Keep it simple and repeat, right Karl?

Who planned the widespread war games on 9/11 & what role played?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 6/24/05

Florida Democratic Party Broke?

RoveSpeak - Election agitation on Scarborough

"How to win the war against vote fraud" CannonFire Blog--GREAT

Danvers man wins $4 million on scratch ticket bought at his own store

Camp Wellstone

Advice for adding new hard drive and OS?

Perry kicks off race with radio ad blitz

Anyone want to leave a message at Rove's WH number??

Why is CNN calling the DSM

Phil Hendrie just replied to my email with some freeper nonsense

Townhall launches new 'Soapbox' Blog

Distill it down. They are Incompetent Corrupt Liars

iraq officially gets the bill

tie rove in a chair, duct tape his eyelids open,......

How much do Generals get paid

rant on apologies and no apologies

Love and Action Camp Under Investgation

Will we ever see cuckoobananas look like this?

An idea with Rove I have

dupe -- please delete

Rove ain't getting canned

Who told Rummy to get off his high horse today?

DU this poll Re: Flag Burning

The conservatives don't get it

HBOZE is Showing Steal This Movie. It's about Abbie Hoffman

I get the sense that there IS a Boiling or Breaking Point now.

Video,"Get over it"... oldie but still a goodie.

Dick Durbin's Original Statement, Slightly Edited for Dramatic Effect

If you stop and think about it, *, Inc. is just employing more of the same

Ecuador Refuses to Sign U.S. Immunity Pact

Subject: Dana Milbank Redux! He always loved KKKarl Rove..

We are winning the terror war because we have not been attacked since 9/11

Repubs: "It's Durbin's fault! It's Air America's fault! It's liberals!"

Hey Repubs, if you want to shut up the anti-war people, get Bin Laden!

Rove: Liberals = Traitors. DeLay: Iraq = Houston. O'Reilly: Arrest Air Am.

How do you ask someone to be the last man to die for a lie?

That does it! I'm sending $ to the Sept 11th families' peace group

Senator Kennedy asked Rummy to resign today.

Rove also said that liberals want our troops to die!

Senator Reid on Rove: "time to stop using 9-11 as a political wedge."

9:45 PM EST - Senate armed services committee hearing on CSPAN

This needs to be spread far and wide

Downing Street Memo and IMPEACH!

It's Karl Roverer

Repukes can only do business if they have an enemy

the Aruba saga IS important now

Is Rove a distraction from the Downing Street Memo?

Mehlman's Remarks @ National Association Of Latino Elected Officials Conf.

Janeane G. needs to chill a bit on AAR tonight

"Wow, let's spit on the dead some more." (- Steve Gilliard)

At present, democracy in America is:

Bush Administration Psychological Warfare Against the US?

Jesus, I've traveled back to the 60's

"A Soldiers Diary" from Kos...Truth or Fiction with this?

So, I'm thinking about calling Malloy....

O'Reilly basically says Rumsfeld didn't lose the war - Randi Rhodes did!

Cheney: Iraq will be 'enormous success story'

vote your favorate story headline on cnn

U.N. Officials Seek Guantanamo Bay Visit

Iraq Occupation: This war can't be won

Bush's empire may crumble from within


man oh man

"Our troops deserve better"

Dean on Jon Stewart at 11pm EST. I can't wait!

A thirty year legacy.... what will the next one be with DU dispersed

It's hard work elevating China's reputation past the USA's

Lucky bastards, these oil cats in the administration

I can't watch...Scarborough with Rove

We've got them, and they are scared shitless


No WONDER Us Dem/Lib Dudes Are Popular---- We're HUGE

Summer begins. Its time for a national strike NOW!

Challenge Rove to a Duel.

If we get screwed in '06 like we did in '04 and '00 should we think

Cancel your cable/satellite subscription on July 4th! Send a co-ordinated

Rove and the right-wing meltdown - Bush has lost Iraq & GOP is panicking

Oy Jayzus...someone just emailed me Karl Rove's phone number

Help - Kennedy quote on liberalism?

The putrid, filthy scumbags that make up the Repuke party are losing it

Dems have got to keep telling the truth

Kill Sesame Street and the rest of it. PBS/CPB has finished it's Glory!

Headlines--World Media Watch for June 24, 2005 (Iran, Muslim group, etc.)

I am liking where the Dems are at right now!

I'll settle for a discsussion of the DSMinutes if he doesn't say impeach

What happened to Laura's gang-bang tour?

Awesome! Jon Stewart on the Flag Burning Amendment just now...

Fuck Rove, he's a distraction. Does anyone think he made these comments

Can't wait for Sept.- July 4th Impeachment AND Independence Day

Thanks to Malloy -

I got to meet Gov. Dean today!

HOWARD'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leno had good advice to those writing the Iraqi Constitution

Are we at a critical turning point in America?

Why can't I pull up DU Store, just get blank page?

Torture by Taser When police abuse their newest “nonlethal” toy people die

Governor Dean with Jon Stewart tonight.

Some Historical perspective on the war

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches

Will he say it???? I hope so! Oh hell- I'll say it- Impeachment NOW!

twice I have heard Rummy say on cspan --to tell the truth

Gene Burns, a KGO host in SF is talking about comments made

Grilled Rumsfeld Anyone?

Mediterranean pipeline deal signed with Syria (Iran & Syria & Iraq?)

Besides a faulty video card

I finally figured out why the GOP's "big tent" includes porn stars

Why has America forgotten about the Anthrax terrorists?

Stripes letters: Dining facitilities for dining/Weak leaders the problem

Such a healthy economy... don't you think....

Sen Byrd talking on cpan now--says Rummy lectures the committee

is mary carey in trouble for flag desecration

Lionel has a great show going tonight

Where do I find remarks by my Representative during Clinton's impeachment?

John Stewart's headline for flag-burning amendment

Were Rove's comments an intentional WH plan??

So where are the "Jon Stewart is a GOP stooge" threads tonight?

More Impt. to Reform Systems than to Force Out Individuals

Mary Carey on Daily Show

Breaking! US House (Under pressure) Won't Cut PBS Funds!

Poll: U.S. Image In Tatters Abroad; UK views CHINA more favorably!

Are Karl Rove and Co. After My Friend?

Blix: Iran Years Away From Nuke Weapons

AJC: Miller backs Reed's bid for lieutenant governor

My wife didn't get it

Anyone else have a bad feeling about "bad feeling" threads?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Shout Out

Why did I not know that Scott Ritter was on Carlson?

A bush-sypathizing relative told me today to "be careful what I write"

Drugstore discrimination: Anti-birth control pharmacists

Can someone explain this?

Bush's future for America is in Iraq today

Howard Dean is slamming R's on the Daily Show !!!

Grassroots Assault on Blackbox Voting (An Idea)

GOPS latest video dissing dems

Coming up "The Daily Show" with Howard Dean! Hope he say's the impeachment

Why do you think Rove was brought out today?

anyone else have a bad feeling?

Never, ever stop saying it- IMEACHMENT NOW! No matter what BS distraction

Howard Dean was GREAT on The Daily Show tonight

Full Scale PR Offensive Underway on Iraq

U.S. proposes rules for safer skyscraper after 9/11

Who feels good?

Why Gulag description is accurate - Immoral use of psychiciatrists @ Gitmo

Ever get the feeling there is a huge political play afoot?

Bush and his partner more concerned about going to war with 1/2 of country

Krauthammer: A Columnist without Ideas

Just had to read some wacko liberal's writings today in Luke chapter 6

Bush is too much of a weakling to ever do without Rove.

Rove was right!

Superb analysis of the NYT on Downing Street Memos

Military Non-Mengeles Instructed Guards How to "Increase Stress" at Gitmo

has bush finally squeezed all the juice out of 9-11?

Why is "Countdown" Keith-less so often??

Interesting article about DSM-bits and pieces from all over the country

Sign the "Fire Karl Rove" petition

Sources for pre 9/11 US Plan for Iraq War and Oil in this Palast article:

Didn't know I (was) UnAmerican.

Josh Marshall's a nice guy...

Bush down to 17% approval rate with Independent voters?

Dean wasn't impressive on TDS, but he was weirdly comforting

Karl Rove and the Downing Street Memo

CSPAN Schedule Friday June 24

Video: Bill Moyers on Daily Show

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Statement on the Democrat Attacks of Karl Rove

Geez, I hope this isn't an omen.

About NYT: Anatomy of a coverup

My thoughts on why Rove made sure he said CON/LIB.

The World Tribunal on Iraq

Porno pizza....bwahahaha TDS and Colbert are killin' me. n/t

Peter Daou DESTROYS Rove

Moon Issues Final Challenge to NY & America;

Ok, I know this is irrelevant, but lets DU this poll:

Please caption this pic of rummy

Any comments on HARDBALL tonight?

Dean wasn't good enough on Stewart's show.

I'll bet someone here a $50 donation to DU that one of the happy

Do you think the current clusterfuck the * Admin is in could postpone...

What if the country finally caught on to what's really happening?

Proof Bush Fixed The Facts (- Ray McGovern)

Secretary of State Stewart?

Darth Cheney is actually starting to look WORRIED!!!

CNN Exec Admits News Media Distorted Afghanistan War

On NOW (PBS - Friday 9pm ET) - LAND GRAB! About SC decision


I set Rush and Bill O'Reilly to some appropriate music [mp3 link]

And this is one of the reasons we can't win. (re: Dean)

Jeff Gannon LOL

Vote it UP, mail it OUT, tell the WORLD: Money carried away in DUFFLE BAGS

I just had a crazy thought

does anyone know what the deal is with *s new color guard?

Conyers: The Drumbeat Continues on DSM (follow up next week)

I want to thank you guys for keeping this vet sane...

Silver Spring students to Bush: "He should know we don't support him."

Liberals Call Snap Vote On Budget, Tories Livid

UN extends peace force mission in Haiti to February, 2006

Spain says it'll pull troops from Haiti

JAMA reports misuse of medical records to torture

Torture by Taser When police abuse their newest “nonlethal” toy people die

Poll: U.S. Image So Tattered Overseas That China Is More Popular !!!

BBC: Italian bid to castrate rapists

Mehlman's Remarks @ National Association Of Latino Elected Officials Conf.

As criticism of war builds, Kennedy calls for Rumsfeld to resign

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Statement on the Democrat Attacks of Karl Rove

FDA Approves BiDil(R) for Treatment of Heart Failure in Black Patients

Nationals newest weapon in war on terror could be in Sugar Land(TX)

Pentagon collecting data on students

Congressman Acknowledges 'poor Judgment' in Relationship With Contractor

Perry Caught Using Vulgar Language On Tape

Prognosis uncertain on federal deal for hospitals

Mother of mauling victim arrested ( San Francisco )

LBN posters: If you search before posting, you save time and trouble...

Military accused of lying about Agent Orange (Canada)

Ramstein sergeant pleads guilty to sex charges

Blix Claims Iran Years Away from Nuclear Bomb--Daily Star

Police Use A Taser On An 82-Year-Old Man

Grand jury clears 3 Halliburton protesters

Cheney: Bush May Forgo Private Accounts

Court in Germany exonerates officer who opposed Iraq war

WP/AP: MTV, VH1 To Telecast 8 Live Hours Of Live 8

Allies Prefer China to US in wake of Iraq war (CNN)

Cheney defends Iraq insurgency last throes remark

Rumsfeld Under Fire on the Hill (Washington Post)

Settlement reached over adult Web content

Thousands of Peshmerga drafted into army (32,000 Kurds drafted)

NYT: Iraqis Tallying Range of Graft in Rebuilding

Bill C-48 passed in late night sitting (Canada)

Wyden to visit Guantanamo Bay prison

Venezuelans Choose Chávez Over Opposition

MoveOn's Response to Rove's Attempt to Distract from Failed Iraq Policy

Iraq's Prime Minister Says U.S. Forces Must Remain

International experts in Vietnam to study virus

Critics Blast Anthrax Vaccine Test (On children)

Amnesty on the defensive over Guantanamo Bay

.. Health Professionals Join Together To Call for US to Stop .. Torture

ARG Poll: Bush Job Approval 42%

Police arrest 17 in medical marijuana case's

Zogby Poll: Bush Job Approval Plummets To 44%

Cheney: Iraq will be 'enormous success story' (like afgan he says)

Globe and Mail: Canadians look down on Americans

Banner-Bearing Protester at Convention Is Acquitted

Interrogators Cite Doctors' Aid at Guantánamo

Three new radio stations (Air America) poised to enter the Missoula market

Lawmakers read names of soldiers who died in Iraq on US House floor

Naked Censorship? (from

Dean Calls on * to Repudiate Rove's "Desperate and Divisive" Attempts....

Re-arming DC: Senators want to pack heat in capital

US pushes for punitive action against Syria

WP: Wal-Mart Is Focal Point Of Democrats' Health Bill

NYT: Cutting Here (US, Europe), but Hiring Over There (India)

Rove's pathetic response to the DSM, attack the dems, question

Trying to escape the 700 club. Ask me anything!


I just rented Outfoxed..what should I do/expect?

Chicago Brownout?

You've been given a copy of Ed Klein's new fiction on Hillary Clinton...

I have a raging icepick-behind-the-eyes headache

Job Interview Tomorrow.

earthquake today in costa rica

A good Rovian CAPTION for ya....

Aside from the machine-clapping sound, it holds up pretty well.

Good Places To Eat On Coney Island, HELP!

Ok, I needed a break from all the political forums today.

The scitzo guy we've dubbed Benny is back.

Man, I can't stop drinking the Very Vanilla Soy milk

Will one of you guys please keep Kleeb company?

Franklin Graham said "One day Jesus Christ will return. O'Reilly said

Please, no more threads about squirrel

I'm eating a bagle with cream cheese. Yum.

I am going to apply for a Statistician job in Massachusetts.

I will scream it from the rooftops

Ted Hitler is on ABC Family Channel right now

GM’s OnStar ad campaign really pisses me off.

Q: Who the hell drops 3 of 4 at home to the Devil Rays?

im eating a beagle with cream cheese. yum.

Goering and Rove quotes.

Bankruptcy advice. Got any?

All right, I'm in Spock

All right, I'm in Shock

Has anyone ever put cocoa and extra sugar on their Cheerios?

Progmom just discovered that Floogeldy just discovered cocoa.

Question For 'Morning Sedition' Fans: Is That Will Forte Doing The...

Now this is a pretty cool video.


We've all had cinnamon toast. Has anyone ever made cocoa toast?

Crap...I got a speeding ticket.

Oprah, we need to talk.

Remember Bobby's World?!?

What day or month, year, will DU reach 100,000? WOW!

dean on the daily show tonight

GATORS WIN!!! GATORS WIN!!!!!! 6-3!woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm going on vacation , don't send search parties

A new liberal is born!

People without copycatting talent just discovered copycats

I can not think of anything to say about this one just watch it.

name an expression you have run into that's unique to rednecks/Bushlovers

Jeff sessions or jeff slimeball?

Chimpy in Charge

Where is our JimmyJazz?

Jon Stewart kicking ass already

All knotted up - 3 games and 57 points each

Swede just discovered that Progmom just discovered that

I lost my cell phone today

"Me and BB King have a lot in common."

Mary Carey is really quite a hideous human being.

Ever just lie to a guy/girl just to get rid of him/her?

My kid was offered a job at Abercrombie & Fitch today

My current favorite music.


what did you think of the film Secretary?

Use 'camel toes' in a sentence...

Not good...

Constant rumblings for the last hour or so

Just let it gradually build, from the front to the back

Anybody know what this means?

Run and tell all of the angels This could take all night

Just got back from the emergency vet

If the Neocons were a band, Shrub would be:

Rumor of "surprise wedding" on tonight's Letterman spreads like wildfire

spelling nit to pick

Peter Green

It will be soon

Best finals game ever!!!!!!!!!!

You humans are such flawed creatures...

Live 8 Live in Your Living Room (Streams & Broadcasts announced)

Don Rickles isn't dead?

there's this tree, you see.

Hover craft. How do hummingbirds do it?

What address is the Bush game on?

The worst scene in a movie that just tears me up...

is it true what they say about coulter?

How many people with ADHD does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

It got to nearly 100 degrees today

Why is John Goodman singing a Green Day song?

I have had it with you all

Howard Dean on Daily Show NOW!!!!


Avast! Tall Ships invade Victoria!

Anyone have any good tofu recipes?

This ad creeped me out.

A girl I have a crush on is getting married......where's the luck?

Boogerhead Update.

The "Ruck Fove" threads on DU are conspicuous in their absence

I didn't enter my flower pics in the contest, but here are some anyway.

Is there something wrong with me?

Floogeldy just discovered cocoa.

Slap some sense into this boy. I am enjoying this way to much.

Favorite Dean Koontz Books

Get ready to vomit. (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Create your all star band---what musicians working together would you

Everyone's Gone To The Moon

I'm finally out of the 700 Club with this post!!

Has anyone ever put cocoa and extra sugar on their Dolly Parton?

matcom's BBQ is going to be a sweatfest: forecast is for 96 and humid

Anyone else nuts about this guy?

Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow

Best Father-Son Duo in Sports History

Is the little lost Boy Scout mentally deficient?

Haven't seen any discussions on last nights "30 Days."

I cannot get enough of the Viking Kittens singing the Immigrant Song

DUers, a must see music video!

You don't all deserve the best

Who do the "Gumby's" of Monty Python represent in society?

Red Lobster does NOT offer a senior citizens discount

Moskau! Moskau!

Oprah, If you will not be turned, you will be destroyed.

Official Detroit Pistons Consolation Thread

Duncan, MVP???? Ginobli should have won it.

The official game 7 NBA Finals thread

I wanted the PIstons to win, but you guys are allright!

My 9-year-old son said he had "the best day of his life today:"

Puppy stomping - unbelievable

Goin' Fishin'

Radical Cleric Dobson holds conference to "cure gays"

Have you heard about MacDonalds' new fruit & nut salad?

Question for Geologists

If you could have ONE of the following...

Is There Something About The Yankees We Should Know About? Shocking!

Props to the Pistons

Tim Duncan is to Basketball what Tom Brady is to Football

Spurs Win Title - Nation Rolls Over And Goes Back To Bed

Game 7 CONSPIRACY THEORY Thread: I say the refs worked for Diebold

Anybody sense us leaving Iraq by 2006?

What was the purpose of KKKarl Rove's comments?

Photo Treats of the Day!

Can somebody explain why Kerry voted NO on CAFE standards?

Whats the theme for July?

Cho is on Majority Report.


Demand the truth from Fox News

Marsha Blackburn R- Tennessee (pardon while I puke)

DHS management directives spark union outrage

Are rethug House floor speeches writted by the central committee?

The ultimate wedge issue that will assure a Dem sweep...

Did you all call your senators today-demand they condemn Rove remarks?

Conservatives did not "prepare for war." They told us to go to

Anyone out there good at turning a phrase?

Durbin had NOTHING to Apologize for ! Here's WHY!

9/11 was an inside job. Keep it simple and repeat, right Karl?

why not just put congress in permanent recess?? pres can make interim

Do Congressional Democrats have a game plan regarding DSM?

ProWar, ProWar, But Won't Send His Kids to Iraq -

Words from an old spiritual :

Military Contractors Pay Carried away the $$$$$$$$$$$$'s in Duffle Bags!

Brownback Hearings on Roe & Doe Will Help Set Bar for New SC Nominees

These Republicans Are Going To Kill Me

Dear Hillary

Should we call him Karl Roverer?

New rules for Eminent Domain....has this been discussed already?

Friend upset with the todays Supreme court ruling on property rights

Just like Vietnam! 6,000 US Servicemembers Desert Iraq! Amazin!

Cheneys on Wolf Blitzer, Rumsfeld's in Congress, and Rove's on Scarborough

It's time for a revolution, folks! Rove attacks Democratic soldiers!

American People to Bush & Cheney: YOU'RE FIRED!

Did ROve serve in Vietnam?

Was there a vote on the Energy Bill today?

Chimp has unlimited power and we're screwed

For anyone who missed it today, repeat of Rummy's grilling on

Does the new Republican meme mean another attack is nigh?

Leslie Blitzer interviews Evil Dick: more on "The End Of The Insurgency" and then. Nothing you don't already know I'm sure:

Dean won't take "B.S." from Republicans!

Heard on Malloy,Kids can opt out from military contact at their HS...

Keep it together.

This country needs some pi$$ed off CIA agents to set record straight

Springsteen political contributions in Madison 102804 - Video

Conyers: The Drumbeat Continues on DSM (follow up next week)

Bring Out the Big Dog: Are You Listening Dems?

Fuck Karl "Marx" Rove - He needs to resign

RNC's Ken Mehlman: "What Karl Rove said is true."

Impeachment NOW! Paper ballots and Hand counts NOW!!! n/t

You know...

Sign the petition demanding Karl Rove's resignation

David Sirota on Rove's Comments

Changed the name of the 1,728 is more than a number...

bush and the Nuremberg trials

Klein's Clinton book: "Poorly Researched, Poorly Written, Poorly Sourced"

The Fantastic Four: Abramoff, Scanlon, Reed and DeLay

Pelosi: Bringing Our Troops Home - Not a Republican Priority

Okay, here's the one reason why you shouldn't compare Bush to Hitler

If you can stomach it- Rove on Scarborough (MSNBC)


Any 'Variety Show' like Smothers Bros. were anti-war stuff could air ?

We have lost the 2006 election Thanks to the Liberal members of the SC

I think this flag burning ammendment is just another disguised attempt to

"Cities get more power to seize homes "

Dean vs. Rove: Corporate Media Spin Cycle

Karl Rove!

Great New Cartoon from David Horsey (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Will any of this aid in waking up middle-class Repubs/Conservatives?

The Republican junkyard dog strategy: whine and attack

What's highly ironic about the eminent domain decision

USSC eminent domain decision: Defeat for ultra-right 'takings' doctrine?

McCaffery just said that we are losing a BATTALION a month

Sources for pre 9/11 US Plan for Iraq War and Oil in this Palast article:

Video: Rep. Gene Taylor (D-MS) offering motions to recommit

The truth about Iraq

“Missing Person!” - Newsworthy? Not at all.

Guardian: Two years on, the echoes of Vietnam are getting louder

Sebastian Usher (BBC): Iraq violence shifting Arab media

The Agony Of Occupation: 'The Flies Have Conquered the Fly Paper'

NYT - The war President

Exponential Enrons Ahead

The first, not the last throes (toon on site also)

Spot-on editorial re: Durbin's comments

Abizaid: "Cost in Blood and Treasure" 2nd Lt.: "The War is Lost" (J. Cole)

Iraqis Tallying Range of Graft in Rebuilding

Bush Attacks Civil Society, Seeks to Squelch American Dissent

Dahr Jamail: Censoring the Carnage (on warcrimes and censorship)

NYT: Biography of Senator Clinton Has a Few Unexpected Critics

Hustling on K Street-Under the Republicans, it's all for sale

The Class of '05

Is Dick Cheney the New 'Baghdad Bob'?

Friday Seattle P-I editorial: "THIS WAR CAN'T BE WON"

Porn Stars In My Underwear

Sun-Times LTTE re: Durbin & Nazis

Dodging the censor's bullet

Contra Costa Times-Students should get clear picture of war

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

Even the N Koreans aren't cooperating w/* - nixed nuke test tomorrow?

Karl, Go Say Something Dumb (Klein / WP)

U.S. headed for disaster when efforts in Iraq collapse

Boston Globe opinion- Its 1984 all over again

America's religious right...You ain't seen nothing yet

Wolcott goofing on Bush, Kristol

More Bush family corruption?

Child Abuse, By Chris Floyd

Salon/Conason: Karl Rove is a Liar

The return of '1984'

One of the scariest articles I’ve seen in a while ....

Fire Karl Rove petitions gathered right here!


Is this the Friday news dump?

Anyone listening to Franken?

there won't be a depression ( T.O. discussion )

CAFTA might pass, here is AFL-CIO action letter

Energy Headlines for June 24, 2005 --

Melting Permafrost Threatens China's Planned Trans-Tibet Railroad

Bush Apathy & Opposition Guaranteed On Climate At G8 Summit

Charlie Keeling (Created The Keeling Curve) Dies At 77 - NYT

Norway To Establish Global Seed Bank On Remote Arctic Island Chain

Spain To Close Biscay Anchovy Fishery - Stocks Collapsing

UK Weather Service Warning: Expect Tornadoes As Wild Weather Continues

Senator Aims to Kill Agency That Tracks Salmon

Wind power

Wow. US Senate Recognizes Existence Of Global Warming. Just Wow.

Nuclear Industry Stands To Get Help from Taxpayers

14-Year Scottish Study - Sudden Climate Chill May Be Likelier Than Thought

Hu Jintao lauds role of the PAP in quashing unrest

Officials to hold military talks with US - TW

North Korea angry over defector in US

China viewed more favorably than US

Kyrgyzstan to deport Uzbek asylum seekers

Japan's right wing makes itself felt

US accuses China of using UN funds for forced abortions

China's floods `worst in a century'

Gaza doctor fumes over bomb plot at Soroka

Scrap 'Road Map' Peace Plan and Move On, Gingrich Says

Will the bulldozer devour forever?

Anglican group urges Israel sanctions

I am an anti-zionist

Anti-Zionist = Anti-Semitic

Murdered in name of family honour

Palestinians kill Jewish settler, weakening truce

No Negotiation - Sharon reveals his plans for the West Bank

Israel army fails to probe civilian deaths -report

New report out about WTC

Former Asst. Sec. Of Treasury Under Reagan Doubts Official 9/11 Story

How long do we have to keep up the pretense that Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld

New WTC report (bolsters the case more for LIHOPers than MIHOPers)

NIST report is just peachy. (excerpt)

WOW - Former Bush Offical "doubts collapse of WTC"

New Information on 911

Could Conyers silence on the DNC Report be indicative of his response?

John Kerry mentions the DNC report

So, where are all the lawsuits?

Victoria Collier (votescam) Interviews Head of Voter News Service

OUR Voice in Houston, Carter-Baker Hearing-$upport Elec. Ass. Hrng.

sign Kerry's petition on Rove?

EAH: HELP make the Election Assessment Hearing a BIG success!

Karl Rove in a Corner (Atlantic Monthly)

ACTION! Election officials for sale to the highest bidder. Speak out!

Feinstein’s Dissent on Expanding FBI Powers

Senator Feinstein Urges Removal of Public Broadcast Chairman

Arnold talks about needing energy board to prevent brown outs again

Venice Turns 100

Senate Passes Emergency Contraception Bill By Vote of 37-0!

where's my favorite FEDeral agent


Wireless Questions

Ohio speaker gone fishing

Dewine: `Climate change is happening', 'but'

Ohio representative Chabot votes NO

Which Lawmakers Made the Grade on Schools?

Pat Wood is Opus Dei


Looking for cheap airfare

Texas outpaces U.S. economy

"Adios, mofo" is all the rage

How bad is the storm moving across

3 car/truck accident on I90 near Rockford.

Holy blast furnace batman!

homes may be seized for private projects

Question on DU groups section

okay, i'm drunk...Make sense of all of this for me...

Hmm... The Day Is Starting Off Red In The Asian Markets !!!

Help! Someone posted a photo of Cheney, Rummy, Condi and

Yahoo Closes Sexual Chatrooms

well, well, well...apparently American flag laws are only for us proles.

What's the difference between a Nazi and a Repuke anyway?

Can one really be progressive, and remain a party loyalist?

The Crash of 1929 (next Tuesday) Set your TIVOs


Is anyone sick of Larry Brown and bro...Die already! Man, am I

just found I got trashed at FreeRepublic DUFU & I'm kvelling

Frontline: Private Warriors

Need some tech help please

People who are 'screwing' up America

Why isn't there a Dean group??

The DCCC used my "story" ... please sign this petition for SCR

"But honestly: They say abortion, we say mercury in the breast milk?"

Zogby polls at 56% DISAPPROVAL!!!!

Alert! Rove is coming up on Scarborough NOW

Remember Bush's Schedule for the month BEFORE 9/11?

I've decided to build a nuclear bomb in my backyard.

just found this pic

The Dean Interview on TDS Could Have Been Better

25 rules of disinformation

Different philosophies eh?

PROOF that Cheney is senile and/or insane.

Guess what the Air Force Reserves is doing now?

President Cheney tells America, "Go Fuck Yourself" & doesn't apologize

U.S. doctors linked to POW `torture'...a NAZI TECHNIQUE.

Rove is right ! The Dems don't get it.

current Aljazeera.Net poll

SHOX NEWS - We Distort, You Comply


So if they paid you $1mil, would you NIH to test the anthrax vacc....

one year after the abu ghraib photos, the torture continues unabated

On voting for Yahoo/other news stories...

Something not given any media discussion per the DSMs... North Korea

dick & karl wouldn't call me an unpatriotic traitor directly to my face

jeez the suspense is killin' me...what are they up to?

WTF!!!!! "They're living in the tropics," and eating Lemon Chicken....

Supply Side Economics in action.

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! - wonderful forgotten anti-bush* tune

Krugman, Krugman, Krugman!

Bush*: Divider or Uniter?

Karl Rove was correct...

The marriage of Corporations with Government is FASCISM, not Communism.

OK, so would Rove and his supporters think that THIS would be OK to say?

wow. Just WOW. Total Bat Shit Maniacs have Hijacked America

Rove's spew was a deliberate distraction attack

Lou Gehrig - Baseball star died at age 37

The situation on the ground in Iraq.

Today's government bid requests.

Has anyone compared the Largo Thesis with the Downing Street memo's

What's that Odd Smell wafting across the land, is it..could it be,OUTRAGE?

Americans have strong desire to bring freedom to Iraqi people ?

Something I've been thinking about: 535 in congress for all America?

OK I need links to the air quality of NY after 9/11 and how bush & co cut

See Karl run.

Gitmo was contracted to KBR in june of 2000 proof here- !!

We need to ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT Howard Dean

" You are fighting for your life and they are fighting for your death"

SCOTUS decision was a "Liberal Ruling" says RW hate radio

explain:CCTV footage from INSIDE a US base end up on al-qaeda site??

honestly now, how many judges are really Liberal?

60's Fashion Trends: Fad or a "Gathering of the Tribe"

Rove trying to pave the path of acceptance for Torture Photos to come...

Shoreline man to run for King County executive

Durbin's comments help the enemy immensely

I betcha Rove wont apologize

Jon Stewart/Howard Dean: ComCentral, 9amCT. nt

Online efforts drive Downing Street memo scrutiny (700k visitors)

is anyone assembling the legal case for impeachment? . . .

A Call From the Other Side...

Another musing: Senate more representatve than the house?!?

White House Stands Behind Rove Comments

I don't care of Rove apologizes

The Attacks Against the Troops are Nothing but "a lot of noise"!!

Which Will Happen First? A Woman U.S. President? Or A President Of Color?

OK what are your thoughts on the "liberal" supreme judges vote on the..

Can't wait for Bu$h's press conference this morning

Why KKKarl Rove made his little statement...

world conquerors throughout history have had really tiny weenies

If over 50% of our troops are Democrats

Az property owners have constitution to protect vs. seizure

How call centre chiefs can steal bank details

What do Kansas, Alabama and New Jersey have in common?

Springer has another Friday wacko guest on.

Conman controlled victims for years with IRA spy yarns


Swiss in shock after entire rail system is short-circuited

Does anyone have the video link for yesterday's Senate

I'm disappointed in the discovery channel.. last night while flipping ..

New Freedom on the move

Deleted -- Already posted yesterday:

Democrat Leaders, either Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way

Al Qaeda attack Arsenal in C4 film

The mystery of the GREATEST page

Great web site for State specific living will documents.

Breakfast in Bed

Complete nut commits suicide by cop to protest paying child support

What to say when President Cuckoo-bananas says, "it's your money . . ."

Family's grief spans from Iraq to Iowa (my god, I can't stop crying)

OK I was asked to recommend some books that question the bible..

Rosemary's Baby and Billy GRAHAM

Pssst. 3 of the 5 "so-called" Liberal SC Judges were Apponted by Repukes

I'm confused about where oil comes from

Ok why do they have Cheney out and about so much as of late?

A stupid question asked I have:

Stripes letter, written by a German: US often speaks with double tongue

Pope Urges Italian Lawmakers to Use Church Values in Policy

Community-based (anecdotal) evidence of a "booming economy"

MSNBC Poll: Did Dems make too much of Rove's remarks?

5 women Marines killed last night.

CNN: "Rove refuse to apologize for tough remarks about Democrats"

Italy Judge Orders Arrest of 13 CIA Agents

I have a bad feeling about this weekend (Iraq)


" Eminent domain"

So calling a Rethug a Nazi is out of bounds? Well...

Rove has all of his speeches vetted.

Me thinks Cheney's going off the deep end

Looking for info regarding bush* deal with Arlington baseball stadium...

SHIT!!!! On the HOUSE FLOOR...Repuke, Ted Poe talking about the SC ruling

Bush comment on the USSC Eminent Domain decision:

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editorial: "Iraq War Can't Be Won"

Why is it that during the Vietnam Conflict American Greenbacks were

What is the thing running down W's right pants legs?

Kucinich on CSPAN 1

Well Karl -that worked well

My LTTE was published yesterday

Bush and Iraqi PM meeting on Iraqi Constitution - WTF ?

James Klurfeld needs a beat-down--Downing St. memos: Been there, knew that

What would be a good response to Rove's 9/11 comments?


What did bush say RIGHT after 9/11 about not letting countries hide

Hasn't the US tried this once before? Come to think of it yes it has

Lowe's: A Question

E&P: Is Dick Cheney the New 'Baghdad Bob'?

"duty status whereabouts unknown."

Dean and Rove turning up the heat, a view from Josh Marshall

How long do we have to keep up the pretense that Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld

tuesday night president monkeyass will address the nation about iraq

Cheney- oil, war, and premeditation-

Tom Paine: Rove Tries To Change The Subject

Breakfast in Bed

Ron Reagan Jr. Says You Can't Sell A Broken Product


Howard Dean and John Stewart.

Right-Wing Bomb Attacks On Civilians Hurting Anti-Occupation Forces

The SC Eminent Domain Case - with a Pennsylvania Law View

thinking of the coming 4th of July celebration

September 11th Question

Question re. the Flag burning/Desecration amendment -

KO news alert is not reaching my Yahoo email address.....

Obit: Shana Alexander, 79; Liberal Debater on '60 Minutes,'

The New Religious Left: - The Right Wingers do not have a

Cheney knows where bin Laden is hiding, but not exact 'address'

Check out what my father-in law just sent me.

Bush and his cowboy hat .

Well, I'm Leaving At Noon Today. Traveling Next Week, Ya Know!

An open letter to Karl Rove

DEFENSIVE SECRETARY (Rumsfeld insists we're not losing Iraq War)

Do you suppose that masturbating a horse will become to be called

Church, not state, must advance moral agenda

U.S. troops in Afghanistan seeking parts for PCs to better contact home.

The Rove Comment shows how little strategy we have...

Iraqi Leader: "Devastation, Death, Instability---This Is The Occupation"

AAR: Bolton was a "a burr" in the international processes around Iraq.

Congressman Obey!!! "I know a third rate McCarthy when I see one and I saw

Has Rove lost his mind?

Has anyone else noticed this?

"No reason a house should be worth 40% more today than it was 2 years ago"

Solzhenitsyn on Gulags: Harmless Fraternity Pranks?

Cheney's Private pre-War "Intelligence".

Iraqi Oil Workers Will Bring The U.S.Occupation To Its Knees

The ingredients are there for Democrats to make a comeback in Senate


A conservative's take on Rove's remarks & his defenders

Jonathan Schell: "The Exception Is the Rule"

History Repeats: Old Prophetic Article from 2001

Time for a policy change: Troops should be allowed to criticize the pres.

"We've got a pretty good idea of the general area ....Osama bin Laden is "

What happens when the U.N. Invades the U.S.?

Too Stupid To Chew A Preztel/Speech 6/28

Did anyone watch rover on scab boy tonight?

the truth is the opposite of everything they say...

NYT: Bush Stands Firm on Iraq Amid Violence and Waning Support

Online Newspaper Poll On Iraq 59.5 % For Withdrawl: VOTE NOW!

Oops huh Cheney & bush! US admits TORTURE at Gitmo

Dems ask to be consulted on SC pix; WH already consulting Xian law group

Prediction: Bush sends another 100,000 troops to Iraq in December

MSNBC poll - Are Dems making too much of Rove's comments

The Dems need us to be foot soldiers again!

"God and Country" THIS IS A MUST READ

more job loss--economy is getting stronger my ass

Cheney's statement authenticate the Downing St. Minutes...

monkeyass face,

Focus on the message, not the delivery

DU this Karl Rove Poll: Should he apologize?

Just another day in Houston, Texas

bush's approval rating drops To 34 % in California

I think I've figured out what Rove is up to.

Researchers discover microbes produce miniature electrical wires

How goes it with the Resolution of Inquiry?

US caused more deaths in Iraq than Saddam’

bush: 'there's not going to be any timetables"

How many here believe that the individual is more important than society?

WH: What's the problem? Why are Democrats being so sensitive?

The Irresistable Political methods of Dr. Howard Dean

The Democratic Party Seems To Have No Strategy To Win

As IBM cuts in U.S., it hires in India

Scott McClellan says "It is hard work"

Next Week's Schedule of Events to Watch Out For

Markets taking another bath today

republicans don't see the story with Delay

Congressional baseball at RFK: GOP, 19; Dems (Health care now!), 10

Florida Police Taser another kid

Frankly ,,, Rove's comments - no worse than other GOP tripe... Interesting

I hope the democrats have learned from this rove incident

Superb analysis of the NYT on Downing Street Memos

When's The Next Big Troop Rotation?

Shroud of Turin Confirmed as Fake

Is anyone else tired of waiting for Kerry to say something about the DSM?

Anybody know when the new torture pix are scheduled for release?

so Klein wrote his book based on newspapers...I can do that

Rove was right

Judge orders arrest of CIA agents who abducted imam, sent him to Egypt

Militants chop off plantation worker’s head (Thailand)

So Dean on the Daily Show kinda frustrated me

Karl Rove's office number is 202-456-2369.

Couldn't Bush come out against the Supreme courts ruling if he didn't like .

the New Normal

History rhymes

With all this "Nazi" talk, I'd like to cite Tony Kushner...

Conason and Franken demolishing Ed Klein on AAR right now

All we heard in the late 60's & early 70's is we can't just pull out of ..

9/11. We will never forget....that it happened on bushs watch.

We Are the Nazi Hordes

How many of you upset about the SC decision have read it?

Ed Klein coming up on Al Franken Show


Need I remind any of you that "liberal" NYC and "liberal" DC, parents against NCLB and military recruitment

Tom Friedman's on NPR's Talk of the Nation for hour

Dems should jump on the GOP Chickenhawk issue

If Republicans think Durbin's words are harming troops...

I know I've laid out some difficult choices here, but Bill O'Reilly is:

Which Flag Would Jesus Burn?

Howard Dean on The Daily Show

Ed Klein is being made out to sound like a complete idiot!

Streaming Air America on my laptop while I am having a yard sale

Bumper sticker idea:

What I find interesting about the timing regarding the ED decision...

Wow. I knew they lied, but DAMN. Ed Klein is being torn up by Conason.

where is that petition to fire karl rove?

Guys, keep up the good work, they are sweating and in full propaganda mode

Anyone catch Steven Colberts piece on Mary Carey/Republicans last night?

CNN live from GITMO

Thank You Ed Klein!!

if the draft came back, would there be an underground railroad?

New Yorkers: Ask Bloomberg if he supports Rove - call (212) 788-2958

Randi to play excerpts from Rove's appearance last night

Was Rove doing damage control for DSM and preparing ground . . . ?

White House Phone Numbers

seemingly, americans are opposed to bush's glorification of war...thus,

All these polls on Bush are DEMORALIZING our troops

Its almost Bounce your boobies

This Just In: Rove Apologizes, Weeps Like a Baby

NYers: Ask Patataki why he supports Rove - 212-681-4580, 518-474-8390

16 to 25 Watch Out/Pentagon has your number

Advice in case of a draft

Cost of Iraq War June 24th- $178,824,000,361

Why isn't Conason more prominent nationally? Coulter is afraid to

Tests confirm a second case of Mad-cow found in the U.S.

Can you define "style?"

Kerry: citizens shouldn't vote on machines owned by partisan activists

Bush' Brain is Rove. Rove's brain was puked up from the bowels of hell.

Osama Bin Laden is in Pakistan not Iran.

What do we do?

Downing Street Memo explained (MSNBC David Shuster)

Preist & 4 Nuns charged with murder in exorcism of Nun

AP: Poll Finds Most Oppose Return to Draft

Dubya responds to criticism of his enunciation

"Rove is a chickenhawk and a coward"!

I am an anti-zionist

"When I saw those towers fall, I didn't want to understand the terrorists.

How YOU can share with our Iraqi brethren in the march of freedom

VHS on the way out...Walmart will no longer sell VCR's

I am hating Karl Rove right now like I have never hated before


Redford is planning a new movie called "The Horse Wanker."

Imagine an honest response from Dems to Rove's insult

Canadians - I know none of you were voting Conservative...but

How do Republicans support the troops?

Tom Friedman on NPR just now.

forget the dog - it's wag the flag time (new toon 6/24)

Has anyone heard anything about Dog Chapman wanting to go catch Osama?

DommeCile has map of red/blue states vs map of free/slave states

Who Believes the 'Pottery Barn rule' & 'Cut & Run' is RW BS re: Iraq

What is the significance of women being killed in Iraq?

Wow... bush just passed the buck now

tinfoil, you people are bad, look what you teach me. sc justice ruling

Jon Stewart on Oprah...NOW n/t


Bush's Schedule for the month prior to 9/11-AFTER "reading" the PDB

Pink Floyd Moment - Repost

From the House Leader - Rove Comments

Italian judge orders CIA team arrested over kidnap

Karl Rove-I Don't Want To Offer You Therapy And Understanding

St. Louis Fire - More proof Fox News is just propaganda outlet.

Mad cow in the USA!!! Bush's ag sec'y upset that test was done!

Test Confirm Case Of Mad Cow Disease In U. S.

Dow Jones/Stock market in a Free Fall! (2nd day), * still pushing SS!

Credit card companies penalizing US visits overseas?

Looking for sensenbrenner walk out transcript

Jon Stewart's brutally funny show on DVD

I missed something about rove blaming dems for a failing Iraq

Six US soldiers killed! Stock Market Falling. Where's Karl Rove today?

I'm ignorant - what is MIHOP?

The latest from John Kerry: Dividers, Not Uniters

Lets talk about trade war with China ...Tarifs on Chineese products

DU this poll (AOL)

$272 billion is an impossibly high number for anyone to visualize.

FEMA turns down Massachusetts request for disaster aid

bush to use 'familiar phrases' in tuesday nights speech on iraq

Audio file of greenbriar on Randi Rhodes

America is a very stupid country...

All in favor of the amendment (for Randi listeners)

MSNBC Live Now - Huge Explosions in St. Louis MO -

" The key to a successful Presidency is to be seen as a Commander-in-Chief

Someone from CNN (a DUer?) CC'd me with their DSM email to Phil Hendrie

Let's make "conservative" the dirty word, with kids growing up liberals --

1735 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Republicans understand 9/11?! Amazingly boneheaded Bushism!

Bush has always been good at using other people's money to feather

Why should I DU a poll?

Dick Durbin and Howard Dean on C-SPAN3

Call them what they are...REGRESSIVES

China is to bid on buying Unical oil co. Isn't that the Co that's to put

'The Secret Way to War': An Exchange

Man, do we sound like wusses when we demand apologies.

Bill O'LIEly is a SUPER pile of CRAP!!!!!!!


Does anybody have a hi-rez pic or screencap of the Dean scream?

An honest question regarding MIHOP

UK woman in tax protest over Iraq war

Letter to my congressman. Please critique.

Just In--"Live from Gitmo" on cnn with Gen. Don Sheppard on the scene

I need a good counter quote... a repugs quoted me this ..

bush breathes well.

WOW - Former Bush Offical "doubts collapse of WTC"


ATTN: Syracuse DUers, Eliot Spitzer is showing up in Liverpool Sunday

Great Presidential Quotes

Crazy Les zings Bush at todays WH press breifing

Hey everybody! The Chinese want to buy Unocal!

The Freepers are right about Eminent Domain: It's a DEM SC decision

Let's play.........BUSH BINGO

Commencement Speeches on CSPAN Saturday

600 more reserves called up for Iraq--Guardian

Sorry, "WILD THING"! House blocks Viagra for Medicare patients

600 more reserves called up for Iraq(British)--Guardian

Using SS surplus to create SS accounts???

RW polling firm says Bush more responsible for war in Iraq than Saddam

6 Americans Killed in Iraq car bombing

Bush's Tuesday night address to have him surrounded by troops.

Who is John Norquist? On PBS Newshour now

Energy Bill : Out of Gas!

Bloodiest day for U.S. women (more reasons why the DSM is Important)


"White folks need to get over their fear of being called a racist."

"First they came for the . . . . . .(fill in the blank)" NEVER AGAIN!

Ralph Nader Slams Supreme Court Decision On "Eminent Domain"

Pissed as Hell at Rove - Email from a Dem with 2 kids in Army

Italian Judge Orders Arrest of 13 CIA Operatives for Kidnapping

If you heard that a building blew up in a major city, your gut reaction:

It's a miracle... 4 Marines have come back to life.....

White House stands behind Rove over comments on liberals and terrorism

While watching the Daily Show rerun today, I have to ask.

My letter to the editor of the Oregonian

Faux now admits 6 Marines were killed not two

anyone wonder about all the "explosions on the gas places?

Did the DU keep the DSM alive?

Karl Rove: Aren't you all glad that the "adults" are in charge?

When are the Abu Graib pictures being released?

Puzzle Me This

If you think videogames are safe, watch this video! :P

Media Matters Weekly Report is out--a must read

The recent Rove/Cheney & Co. Media Blitz is Intended To:


Michigan's Granholm criticized for cuts in public education

Sign From Above?

Tom Oliphant on Newshour now! starts Hearing Aid Drive for Adam Putnam

Not About Women

Rasmussen poll: Bush more responsible than Saddam for war in Iraq

Corner every GOP candidate in a BLUE DEM state - Do you agree with Rove?

I see we have almost 72,000 registered in DU, is there anyway that

Three Little Hispanic Boys -vs- One Blond Girl

Strip away the "respectability" and see what you get

Words of Thomas Jefferson regarding the SCOTUS decision

What the hell happened to DailyKos?

Cheney: "We will succeed in Iraq, just like we did in Afghanistan"

Rove's comments are not a diversion, but a preparation.

Lets move to Iran and edge the "flammable Uncle Sam effigy" market...

Hardline anti-West candidate in STUNNING Iran presidential win

Jesus E-mails (Boondocks)

Theoretically speaking...current military/lawyers

Rumsfeld Sued Over Torture by American Civil Liberties Union

Cheney hospitalized?

Let's DU this poll.

Please Help Prove Rush is Full of Shit, re Kerry Polling

three missing Hispanic boys found dead

A brand new ethnic cleansing they're not telling you about: Zimbabwe

Action Alert for US Acknowledges Torture

Cheney Says Downing Street Memo Is Wrong

How about this response to the Supreme's property Decision?

Bush (gesturing wildly): "It doesn't make any sense to have a time-tabow"

US caused more deaths in Iraq than Saddam: WTI

Bu$h on CNN talking about "the enemy". Who is "the enemy" in Iraq?

Hang on. Are the "insurgents" in their last throes or strong and active?

Freepers to "March In DC For Personal Accounts"

What a Relief! Cheney says detainees are "well treated." Whew!

Now I'm pissed that Durbin apologized.

Best Post Ever : Explain this Rove, Cheney, Bush ! ! !

Chris Bowers ( bashes DU

I just reset my Homepage to Google News. It's a lot better than

Karl Rove & Fox News want this Story; "A busload of 6th graders missing"

FINALLY-----People are getting Pissed. never thought i'd live to see it

For the first time, US acknowledges torture at Gitmo, Iraq, Afghanistan

Is there any chance at all that the DSMs are fake?

NY City Council to introduce a bill calling for Karl Rove's resignation

Proof the Republican Economy hurts people

see thread: Kerry's DSM Letter

Franken/Conason Audio Interview With Ed Klein Now At Crooks And Liars

Can you smell their desperation? They are going down in flames...

THIS is the war Rove says he PREPARED for? Tell that to the 1300+ dead!!

Anyone else get a ton of political surveys in the mail?

Media TARGETS FOR FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2005 from Downing Street Memo.Com

I am on hold for Randi....gonna tell her about my church walkout

Property owned for 34 years is being taken from a middle class family...

Who fights to protect your rights better? NRA or ACLU?

Katrina Van Den Heuvel on FIRE on Hardball!

I Just Called the White House

Write Penguin Books and complain about "The Lies About Hillary"

Bush: "My wife is on a private trip."

Italian Judge orders arrest of 13 CIA-connecteds for Kidnap & Rendition

War Crime happening now: action needed

A yummy thought: Judith Miller could be sentenced next week

Paul Krugman: The War President (DSM, plunging polls, abuse of power)

Absolutely THE BEST political cartoon EVER!!!

from Washington Post: Why the Mainstream Media Is Catching On

Did YOUR Senator sign Kerry's letter of inquiry for DSM?

BBC to Time-Delay Live Sensitive News

I'm seeing a lot of changed minds about Iraq and Chimpy McCokespoon.

Joe Conason: Karl Rove is Liar

Ok religous DU'ers please explain this to me..

United States : Melted Pot

Remember the oft-stated "pockets of resistance remain"?

Rover! Don't EVEN think of calling a New Yorker a traitor. Wow Read This

Another Recording from a voice in Iraq...

100-year-old in (birthday) copter crash dies (AP/CNN)

Sign PFAW's petition demanding President Bush Fire Tomlinson!

Disneyland to Debut New "Gitmo Bay Escape" Section this Summer

Chimp is on the news, listen to him mumble and over enunciate simple

After Rove's comment - I say we out the guy

Kristen Breitweiser hits Karl dead on.....

60% disapproval

When Will The Press Start Referring To Bush as an "UNPOPULAR PRESIDENT"

Big Media Interlocks with Corporate America- NYT/Carlyle inc.

Stop Global Warming the Larry David way. Check it out, spread it around.

I'm sorry but the Democrats gullibility astonishes me.

Bush* has stepped into the (Mad) Cow pie!

I don't agree with the reaction of some re:SCOTUS ruling on Eminent Domain

NEOCON is not the right word! Give me another one!

OK, what's the difference between a Democrat and a liberal?

Wow, I think America is FINALLY waking up! - Rove's comments

Karl Rove Needs Therapy

I'm An Athiest! I Would Like To Be President! Why Can't I?

Bush & Bolton: The Bully Twins -- Reflections on international law

I like Dean. But I wish he would be outrageous with proveables...

100,000 Iraqis ??

Psst, Psst, Psst... Be The Media. Join The Whispering Campaign!

TOONS for Friday

BOOK TV Schedule June 25 – 27 *Last one ever?*

DU 'ground reporters' and 'online editors' needed? An Idea.

Eminent domain, 'partial birth abortion', & the circular firing squad

The Dam Breaks! Republicans are using the "lose" word now about Iraq.

Gagging Dr. Howard Dean

The real reason Republicans want to eliminate PBS

What kind of olive oil do you buy?

Is it verboten to use the "c-word" here?

That's It. I Now Grind My Own

Your server today is a 12-year-old

CFAX show on Vic area hospital food (privatised)

I'd be interested in fellow Brit Duers reaction to this......

WP: Pharmaceuticals in Waterways Raise Concern

Blix: Iran Years Away From Nuke Weapons

WP: Another Year of Living Misery in Baghdad

Pentagon Creating Student Database

Japanese robot guards to patrol shops, offices

House Vote Spares Public Broadcasting Funds

NYT- Iraqis Tallying Range of Graft in Rebuilding

New Hope for Justice in Argentina

Oil price hits $60 for second day

NYT - Cheney Says Detainees Are Well Treated

Interesting article about DSM-bits and pieces from all over the country

Marines hit by suicide bomber in Iraq, casualties

Additional 600 British reserves called up for Iraq

BBC- Africa rejects action on Zimbabwe

At 34%, Bush popularity among Californians hits its lowest level

Iraqi PM meets Bush as memo questions grow

bbc: (UK) Minister slammed on napalm error (American officials misinform)

Alcoa to cut 6,500 jobs

Poll Finds Most Oppose Return to Draft

Bloomberg's indirect approach denounced

CIA agents 'face arrest over kidnap'

Bush snubs U.N.'s birthday party in S.F.

Ohio House speaker took Fla. trip with 3 lobbyists

Moon Issues Final Challenge to NY & America;

Investigation finds spy agency involved in murder - Indonesia

Roadside Bomb Targets U.S. Convoy in Iraq (Sadr City)

Baptists end Disney boycott

Iraq: 479 attacks by car bomb in past year

As IBM cuts in U.S., it hires in India (14,000 Indian workers )

Iraq insurgents snatch victory from defeat (co-ordinated sophisticated)

NYT: Biography of Senator Clinton Has a Few Unexpected Critics

Ted K takes aim at Rumsfeld on Iraq war

Veterans Affairs faces $1 billion shortfall

New home sales surge, but prices fall

Saddam Hussein's Novel to Be Published

Spy Plane Pilot Could Have Retired in 2005

Court legalizes gay marriage in New Brunswick

Obit: Shana Alexander, 79; Liberal Debater on '60 Minutes,'


Additional 600 British reserves called up for Iraq

Bush Says No Timetable for Iraq Withdrawl

(UK)600 more reserves called up for Iraq

Governor Pataki's Son Joining The Marines (looking for deferment)

Interest groups gear up for Supreme Court fight

Cheney Sees 'Lot of Bloodshed' in Iraq (also knows where UBL is)

Poll Finds Most Oppose Return to Draft

Bush Says No Timetable for Iraq Withdrawal

US general says troops question support

Cunningham's ties to charity attacked

Ensign introduces bill creating appeals court

Iraq: The carve-up begins

Mexico moves closer to killing death penalty

IBM shifts 14,000 jobs to India

Opponent Challenges Reed to Document Tribal Ties

Law firm assists five held in Cuba

Georgian TV Says Russian Soldier Held Over Grenade Attack on Bush

Tribunal' accuses U.S., Britain of war crimes in Iraq

Bloomberg: Oil Rises to Record $60; Demand Strains Rigs, Pipes, Refineries

NYT: Partner Companies Fighting Over Rights to Avian Flu Drug

Italy judge orders CIA team arrested over kidnap

Five Female Marines Feared Dead

WP - GOP Sounded the Alarm But Didn't Respond to It

Conason and Franken demolishing Ed Klein on AAR right now

US Treasuries firm on hint of softer growth ahead

WP: California Wildfires May Signal a Difficult Season (across the West)

Putin Amendment May Allow Third Term

New Information on 911

Former Asst. Sec. Of Treasury Under Reagan Doubts Official 9/11 Story

Calif. Bill Allows RFID in More IDs

Senators question gas price gouging

Drugmakers seek funds to fight 'terrorists'

Iraqi Police Find Eight Beheaded Bodies

Two years on, the echoes of Vietnam are getting louder

Justice Kennedy: Lawyers Must Defend Judiciary From Attacks

Flight Attendant Sentenced To Five Years For Leaving Bomb Note

(FAA) Agency: Air traffic errors covered up (DFW airport)

Iraqi Police Find Eight Beheaded Bodies

US Military MD's Advised Interrogators On How To Effectively Torture!

Wildlife smuggling only second to drugs on U.S.-Mexico border

US acknowledges torture at Guantanamo

HUGE Explosions at So. St. Louis plant on CNN and MSNBC now

Interrogators Cite Doctors' Aid at Guantánamo Prison Camp

No sign of Taliban commanders as Afghan offensive winds down

For Bush, Field Poll news just keeps getting worse (34 Pct 28 Pct War CA)

Both sides claim victory in Iran presidential poll

Iraq Shi'ite leader wants insurgents wiped out

US: Iraq-Like Regime not Approriate for Syria

Where are the other Democrats?

Italy judge orders the arrest of 13 CIA agents

Marines killed in Falluja attack -- Bloodiest day for U.S. women (CNN)

Car Bomber Slams Into U.S. Convoy in Iraq (Fallujah)

House: No Viagra from Medicare

Bush, Iraq Minister Pledge Victory

Industrial Plant Catches Fire in St. Louis

Ultraconservative Leads Iran Election

AP Poll: Majority Says War in Iraq a Mistake

IRS probing possible data security breaches

Journalists Hope Court Takes Up Plame Case

UConn Offers Homeland Security Degree (masters)

3 NJ boys found dead in trunk.

Five Women Marines Killed in Iraq

100-year-old in (birthday) copter crash dies (AP/CNN) starts Hearing Aid Drive for Adam Putnam

Fast food chain stocks slip on mad cow

Dean: Dem's Must Cultivate Hispanics (he claims "Moral Values" for Dem's)

BBC: Early lead for Iranian hardliner

Air Force Rape Trial Halted

President's approval rating drops to all-time low in California

WP: Senator Aims to Kill Agency That Tracks Salmon (What a headline...)

LAT/AP: House Blocks Federal Coverage of Viagra


Al-Qaida finds safe haven in Iran

LAT: Republicans Voice Their Doubts (fear public turning against war)

Bush to address Americans from Fort Bragg (Tuesday night, about Iraq)

White House 'Puzzled' Over Rove Flap

Senate Moves to Strengthen FOI Act

City Council To Weigh Bill Asking For Karl Rove's Resignation (NY)

Pioneering journalist Shana Alexander dies

Republicans slam Pelosi's comments as 'demoralizing'

Fed Appeals Ct. Sides w/ (Bush) EPA (v states) on (polluting power) Plants

Ag Secretary Questions New Mad Cow Tests (BTW cow tested positive)

Marshals Service Director Resigns (one of * TX buddies)

Italy judge orders CIA-linked arrests over kidnap

Dads Have Postpartum Depression, Too

House Approves Cuts to Labor Programs(job training, rural healthcare, etc)

Search continues for 3 boys in New Jersey

Iraqi students say arrested for wearing jeans

GOP senator (Kyl) skewers Akaka Bill (Hawaiian recognition)

Deputy Tasers 90-Pound 13-Year-Old Girl At Hospital

Terror Strategist Warns of Lengthy Iraqi Insurgency

Fox News' Special Report Parrots White House Spin on Rove Comments

Bush shrugs off slump in polls; jokes about second-term "quagmire"

WP - Funds for Health Care of Veterans $1 Billion Short

CNN breaking news email alert - US cow tests positive for mad cow disease

Cheney Says DSM is Wrong

US acknowledges torture at Guantanamo and Iraq, Afghanistan: UN source

John Kerry's DSM Letter

Co-op bank bars Christian group

Ashcroft Gone, Justice Statues Disrobe

Cuba Raises Salaries of Teachers, Doctors

Presidential Comparison Shopping

No Dean or Clark Threads

Zogby reveals mathemetic error. Bush is actually -42%!!!!

Mimi Rogers re: Tom Cruise "always straight,all the time."

Everything old is new again...

What would make anyone crave a granite cookie?

We bring the newest member of our family home tomorrow...

My friends will judge me but f-em. The White Stripe's new 1-what say you?

System of a Down's Mezmerize - what say you?

I am Karl Rove - ask me NOTHING.

Parents of little ones???


Hey MrScorpio, are you opening the bar tonight?

Warning! Warning! Super-cute kitty!

id dump.

The Gratuitous Stanley Kubrick Movie Quoting Thread

Some of you kick mega ass...

I'm playing the McCarthy-Welch "Have you no decency?" exchange..

Need location of photo.

Applebees does NOT offer a lazy slacker's discount

Crazy Guggenheim IS the Genius Of Love

Starbucks does NOT offer senior citizen discounts on Brownie Fraps

At the office, you walk into the empty breakroom

IHOP doesn't offer a pimp daddy's discount

To all the heartbreakers out there :

Conflict, chaos and discord - good

ok-Who else will admit to watching Dawg the Bounty Hunter?

Brain Cam Report(Final) after 2 weeks of delving into the Presidents Brain

I love hanging out at the IHOP at three o'clock in the morning

Men's Wearhouse doesn't offer free suits to DU donors

I am resisting the urge to post something snarky

Dreaming of a dying swallow--any ideas?

"A Change Gonna Come"- Sam Cooke

Neither Taco Bell, Taco Bueno, Taco Mayo, Nor Taco Cabana Offer Free Food!


To all the denizens of the Lounge:

Butch Braggart IS offering discounts!!!

Chipolte nor does Baja Fresh offer a high school grads discount

If you only had these two choices, which would you do?

Bucky Badger is offering discounts!!!

May the Snark be with you...

Mmmm, nothing like the smell of snark in the morning!

MrScorpio 1 - Freeptard Gooseegg

(if you need a laugh). A freeper yelled at me today.

i dont feel much like sleeping...

A thought just occurred to me

darling fast they grow... (lots and lots of pics!)


For some reason I hate Nickleback

Deputy Tasers 90-Pound, 13 Year Old Girl At Hospital

I made a complete ass out of myself at a town-hall meeting last night.

Animal Fat Spill - 200 GALLONS Of Animal Fat

Lovable tykes

10 Year Old Boy Attacked By Tiger & Lion

I'm trapped, naked, in my own dining room. That's just great. Now what?

[PIC] May I present: The next President of the United States:

I just joined the syphilis club, made a $200 donation to the clinic...

Karl Rove is truly a puke inducing "Fat Boy"


The new "Hey Bob" drinking game: McClellan says "Dems moved the goal post"

Let InternationalHouse of Pancakes or Made International House of Pancakes

Paul Bettany front-runner to play The Joker in the next Batman movie

DU BBQ pics?

Gather Round Kiddies For Matcom's Joke O' The Day!

I am leaving for the weekend

Let's decorate the Lounge...

Cats 24/7

Which corporate news tidbit seems more believable?

Helloooo Baaaaaby!!!!!!!

Who was the other person on "Point/Counterpoint" on SNL

Are there any sites that will say when 35mm film will be discontinued?

New England Mnemonics: How do *you* tell Vermont from New Hampshire?

Which Black Velvet Painting makes you more ill?

i'm a lucky guy



License to kill gophers by the government of the United Nations.

Mrs. Crane! You're a little monkey woman, you know that?

Hey everybody! We're all gonna get laid!

Please, no more threads about lobster.

My exorcisms get results, says voodoo priest of north London

Man dies after lightning strikes metal cross

Red Lobster does NOT offer a Scientology discount

Deez nutz:

Ancient bone not from monkey spy

Ancient bone not from monkey spy

97 degrees here in Chicago today!

Landslide Victim Hits Art Jackpot

It wasn't a rock It was a rock lobster

Saw a great bumper sticker yesterday

Mon Calamari

According to someone on DailyKos, I am now a goober

'The devil told me to have sex with sheep'

Dialling for Democrats

Note to potential husbands : DO NOT PISS ON OPRAH

Matzo balls - soft or firm?

I've often thought, fish must get awfully tired of seafood...

Chocolate Salty Balls

I've Got Crabs...

Red Lobster Will sell you Matcom at a discount...

Beach volleyball 'Godfather' dies


A Call to Action

Is anybody watching the Today show right now?

Hitler Rd. Residents Get Strange Looks

Chocolate Schweddy Balls

Man dies after lightning strikes metal cross

Massive Crack Opens In Earth In Texas

Prawn anyone? anybody?

Crab thread

Should people who put too much onion in food be jailed?

I am sick, sick, sick of the rain!

Sun Tzu

I Say There Hasen't Been Enough Spongemonkey Love Around Here

I love Calamari

Taco Bell does NOT offer a senor citizens discount.

I Say There Hasen't Been Enough Alco-Monkey Love Around Here

Crawfish boil anyone, crawfish?


Should people who put too much food in garlic be jailed?

I'm Looking Forward To The New Showtime Series "Barbershop"...

Paisley or Plaid?

I tell my wife all the time that there's "no pullout timeline"

Turns out the liquor-store gal I sent anonymous flowers to...

Madonna: Wearing crystals in your underwear encourages love

I Saw the Turtles yesterday...

If Tim Hortons offered an insomniac's discount...

I just joined the NRA, and gave a $200 donation

Meg Ryan: Wearing Billy Crystal in your underwear encourages celibacy.

brrr, stick em, ha ha ha stick em

Hedges: I will see your Mexican Buffet in the lunchroom, and raise you

Should people who put too much food in garlic be jailed?

Gas Station Owner Cashes In 1.4 Million Pennies ($13,804.59)

Package At Post Office 'Goes Off' - No, NOT A Bomb, SEX TOYS

You must respond to this post in outdated slang phrases and words....

and we have a ribbon war winner

James Earl Jones illness dooms show

"If you could only see me through Gertrude Himmelfarb's eyes...."

Time Bandits, an underrated film.

How can you tell if a poster was tombstoned? I forgot the name too!

ok....make that four hard drives...

Man, this pudding is awesome!

Uber-Cute Puppy Alert!

When You Were A Kid, What Were Your Favorite Toys / Games?

Income distribution graph

A significant inverse relationship between pirates and global temperature!

I just joined the RNC, and gave a $200 donation

Do You People Realize WHY Soccer Is The Most Popular Sport?

Anyone here ever drive a cabal?

I watched The Sound of Music again last night

Haven't Seen Star Wars But I Guess The Storm Troopers Have REALLY Changed!

Miss World-'...he just did my bust and my nose'

Friday Afternoon Tunage: Nightmares On Wax

We do need to stay in Iraq unfortunately...and Rove is a puke coward

Well, I'm Leaving At Noon Today. Traveling Next Week, Ya Know!

Cheery Pics from Iraq

Is there such a thing as an understandable cell bill? Verizon rant...

Hey I think the Martians just landed down the street from me.

The Great Moped vs. Scooter Deathmatch

anybody here ever drive a cab?

Please post here & let me know

*whine* *bitch* *moan*

Favorite summertime songs (oldies division)

Some folks say they came from Texas

Today's Newsnight joke fit for an eleven year-old.

I propose we have a Tug-O-War match! DU Lounge vs. ???

The goddamn plumber shut the water off for the whole building!

"Dancing with the Stars" has to be the lamest-ass show on TV

Last nights Daily Show flag bit is now online!

Gangster No. 1 was on last night

Calling all San Antonio DUers

What losers should be next on "Hit Me Baby One More Time"?

Man the battlements! I call for a Lounge invasion of the Op/Ed forum!

whew! he's stiLL aLive

Recommend some good books

Tom Cruise walks into a German bar with a gay penguin on his head

Gay penguins elude Mike Hunt!

Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?

filetted minions for dinner...

Filet mignons for dinner tonight!

Gay German Penguins Stay Gay, Resist "Female Seductresses"

You can't get a marriage license in Ohio if you have syphillis


From the dark recesses of the collective semi-conscious

Fifth sign of the Apocalypse: Movie remake of *gulp* Get Smart

Can someone please order me to get to work?

This could almost make me a basketball fan...

Question about how people may perceive me....

Who was it that posted about their friend having a premature baby

Yay! $100 Mil restored to PBS!

I can't wait for tomorrow!!

What's your favorite snack food.

just spent an hour playing vid games at work

There are 3 little boys missing from Camden, NJ

Hey everybody! Let's go have a morner!!

Sheezz. It feels like a 7-point-something at my house

I'm moving the Friday night bar to Saturday this week

when graphic artists get bored

I'm bored at work, what should I do, pray tell? SFU Poll ALERT!

Frozen balls

Vampire Bats Kill 11 People In Brazil

What.... is.... wrong.... with..... Scott...... McClellan..?

Mrs Matcom Would Like Me To Pass On A Thought For Today


Now all the troops are safe

Guess what. I got a fever.

My iTunes collection now consists of TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS of music

Once in every lifetime

I have an idea for a tee-shirt

So, DS1 Just Bought A New Car

Ack! They've made a T-shirt with Coulter's face and that hateful quote

Who here likes camping?

working on the positive attitude....

The Yankees are playing the Orioles in a 3-Game Series next week.

During the chorus of "Bounce Your Boobies" today, Randi sez: "C'mon Karl!"

keep on Hoffin'

I've been a bad, bad girl.

So whats evryone doing this weekend?

Post a pic of the appendage of your choice.

David Hasselhoff knows when you've been bad and....

It's hotter than weasels in Chicago today.

so, we're Looking for osama?

IMO, I'd see to it that there'd never be an end to Women's Suffrage

In my opinion, all copycats should be shit.

Visit ...

Its Friday, Ya Bastids!!!

Damn! Now I'm in the 7000 club! This day couldn't get any Sh**ier!

What do YOU want to give terrorists?

Is it wrong?

Step right up! I'll guess your wait and if not, you win nothing!

Are you getting any

In my opinion, this thread should be deleted

Hi! I'm ... uh

In my opinion, all men belong in separate houses

What have they done to poor old Mr. Six?

In my opinion, all prostitutes should be shot

WOW! Did you all see this in GD?

In my opinion, all your base are belong to us

More mad cow disease in the USA. Lovely

So who here has had haggis, and can you describe what it tastes like?

In my opinion, all copycats should be shot.

Hi! I'm Velvet Jones.

In my opinion this thread should be repeated

I have an autographed Phil Donahue show ticket to give away.

Well something good happened today.

No Internet for me; my apartment is defiled by right wing radio

Does anyone remember that British comic, almost like a Benny Hill

in my opinion, I have no plans tonight

In my opinion, these are the ugliest things

Outstanding woman with a pointy tank top

In my opinion, I have no opinion.

Am I Fucked or is it the world?

My Name is Matt Foley and I am a Motivational Speaker: Ask me anything!

Just what is the MIHOP?

Post your recipes for something cool and sweet to make in the blender

In my opinion.

John Stewart on Oprah right now

In my opinion this thread should be repeated

Just watched a powerful war movie. "To End All Wars".

The "If You Really Loved Me" Thread.

Da Brat-at-at-at called Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's an old has-been.

Will you be watching the Live 8 shows on TV?

The wonderful thing about Tiggers

Is Six Flags racist?!

Anyone else terrified to see their water bill? Here is why for me

arrrggghhh -- pain flareup

I like popcorn kernels that aren't quite all the way popped!

Congress to Outlaw Burning of Patriotic Magnets

Hmmm, fifteen posts today and only one reply

What's your coffee brand?

Replace one word in a famous movie line with the word Snark

More starshine, dammit!

Does anybody have a hi-rez pic or screencap of the Dean scream?

Can anyone recommend

new toon 6/24 - don't wag the dog - wag the flag

Manhattan guy stuck in suburbia, any others like me ?

In my opinion, this is one big crack

ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh - So fucking hung over......


After 4 years and over 8000 posts

Which of the following is most credible?

I think I am for "retro-Abortions".......

Good online music???

Do you judge a stranger's intelligence just by looking at them?

Alright, what should I do? re: psycho brother bailing out on me

A Female Dolphin President?-What do you think?

Do you generally read the entire post before responding?

auto-fill non-sequitur time! Topic: "In my opinion......"

LOL - CNN Poll - Which new movie are you most likely to see this weekend?

900 numbers.. cant find this jerk who i keep calling help please

I've been out all day.. has Rehnquist announced a retirement yet?

Favorite Stone's album

Which is funnier: Bush's WMD joke, or today's Quagmire Joke?

I'm sitting in my backyard drinking white sangria

( blank ) Than A (blank): Post Your Analogies Here.

Who was the worst liberal TV character?



Why is Fox News' live coverage of unexpected breaking news so crappy?

Afternoon Delight

I was looking up something on movie remakes and found they

Caller on Randi just mentioned DU! ("Got turned on to you by DU")


Goddam sonofabitch motherfucking cockbreath...

In my opinion, be careful not to rile up the Finns

I'm Torn. Maybe I Should Cancel The BBQ

Is there anywhere I can discuss a site that were not allowed to discuss

Land of the Dead, social commentary about the haves and the have nots

Should people who put too much garlic in food be jailed?

"Yes I did it, and I'll do it again"

Deep fried fluffer-nutters.. is there a market?

Call me a sap, but I think the "Small World" ride at Disneyland is great

Time for a drink. What'll ya have?

In case you didn't know--that little two-headed kitten, Gemini, died

Should People Who Bitch About Garlic And Onions Be Flogged In Public?

Who is the greatest liberal TV character (NO PUNDITS)?

Just checking

Anybody remember "Dark Night of the Scarecrow"?

I just checked my post count and I have 7999 posts

Do you hate having to kick your own threads?

So, how about a Bill Hicks appreciation thread?

If your boss says: "I know I threw a grenade at you last week..."

Rhubarb Betty! Yummy

Favorite Baha Men Song

Is Cindy Jackson on the same path as Jocelyne Wildenstein?

Mad cow and Rabid Rove--Coincidence or Connected?

Making some sense where there's no sense

My Dad is in ICU...on kidney dialysis and comatose...

Poor Cat

How much would you sell 10 Years of Rolling Stone for?

Now I even have to scratch my back myself.

i'm so tired

Marlon Brando's personal effects at auction in NY

Favorite Lou Bega song?

Wow! Toby Keith posters on sale at!

Good Places To Eat Around Coney Island, HELP!

You're not a liberal

Hey..Janet!..There's Donuts in the break-room.

Billy Graham's "Final American Crusade".

Any surfers here?

Harassing cats, riding there anything a toddler won't try?

Your Hal niner triple zero unit’s telemetry shows it to be in error.


Surf Music. Who did the better version of Pipeline?

Number 600, with a thank you attached

Nazi, ... Neocon .... not a match but pretty close.

Anybody here work for Dodge?

Want to donate a car to charity?

Idea for a new DU group: Aviation and Pilot's group

If a big-ass semi tailgates you, what do you do?

Greatest recipe I made for dinner tonight

Pizza, Brew, and DU.

You know that part of Jimmy... well, right before Jimmy

God bless Ron Reagan!

Authorities Investigating Video Showing Oppossums Being Set On Fire

Things you wouldn't mind having your mortal enemy hear about you...

Is there anymore you in the vile bob ?

I'm starting to plan a trip to New Orleans. Any suggestions?

I'm on death watch.......

Dumb computer question.....

Pins and needles in my feet and my hands are as cold as ice.

What Makes a !00%?

Still Insane - Still Drunk - Still Norwegian. How's THAT for insanity? HUH

Today's repuke-mobile sighting...

Should I Yell "FREEBIRD" At The Richie Havens Concert Tonight?

I need a nap.

So, I ruined my diet in 17 minutes flat.

Is Bunny an appropriate name for a baby human boy?

Nike Campaign "Borrows" Album Art

Will porn star Mary Carey help or hurt the GOP?

Serious Question: Is this Flag Desecration?

Who likes lightning?? some fabby pics here (Dorset, UK)

Do you remember your first time? (coffee thread)

I'm having digital cable installed right now, as we speak....

Okay, I was too lazy to figure it out when it was "new" what does Buddy

Ignore this post


How Many Syllables Are In Your Full Name?

Please select your sex and your current facial hair situation:

Flag burnning distraction (cartoon)

I just got back from New Orleans. Ask me anything.

I'm looking for a Bush quote (1999)

Just got the word

British chaps who play Butlers and Baddies!!

Random Personal Information Thread

What are you doing this weekend?

I hate Truckers because............

When you rock out, what is your current "get pumped up song"?

I saw the movie Soylent Green (review)

Do you owe the country an apology?

Oh this poor puppy

Are you grown up?

It's time for me to impose my values on you

In my opinion, no one else's opinion matters!

Retail workers: post here and you may insult me!

I am so over being fucking SICK

Have you ever taken the Enneagram test?

800 numbers.. cant find this jerk who keeps calling me help please :)

Is there anything more vile than Rhubarb?

Should Matcom be flogged in public with garlic and onions?

DU BBQers TOMORROW! - Bring Chairs & Coolers If You Have Them Please

Most irritating noise?

What are you like before your first coffee?

Is there anything more vile than you, Barb?

Hermes was closed and having a special PR event

Could you summarize all this, please

50 hours

If you only had two choices, what would you do?

Tom Cruise speaks out on Oprah not being allowed into Hermes

Can you recommend out of the way places in France?

What are you afraid of?What makes you freak?

What shellfish does the Lounge most prefer?

Holy crap! I just saw a segment of Cruise's "Today" interview.

you can get syphilis in Ohio if you have a marriage license

Good bumper sticker running around in Oregon -- see this!

First weekend of summer: Let's have a Lounge Pool Party

Chicago DUers: July 10th Gathering

Appreciation thread about me ..........

My bf (now ex) is a big fat ass liar (long rant)

What movie(s) are you going to watch/rent/go to this weekend?

I've skipped out of work, can anyone guess what I'm gonna do now?

Attn: July/August babies...

Damn! Now I'm in the 700 club! This day couldn't get any Sh**ier!

Let's all sing opera!

If you have a college degree, what's it in?

Just when I thought it was safe to enter the Lounge...

I'd like to introduce to you, a very special guest...

What would you like on your pizza?

In my opinion, all cats should be shot.

Step Right Up! What do you all think of my new Anti-Bush poster?

Step right up! I'll guess your weight and if not, you win a prize!

I have a chance to sing at St. Peter's and the Sistine Chapel - should I?

Animal cruelty video sparks Iowa probe.

Nerw freedom my ass

Potential Role of Close Relatives and Friends in Preventing Suicide, Study

Developmental disorder prevalence rates 'stable'

Has the Moon got bigger (or did you imagine it)?

Send posse ...

Physics - Inconstant Constants

Out of the closet & into sub-Cabinet? (BushCo nominates openly gay man)

Bank bans 'anti-gay' Christian group

Journal looks at Web tactics of gay critics

Gay Marriage Legal In 9th Canadian Region

California Farm Workers Union Supports Gay Marriage Bill

Residents seek removal of gay papers from library lobby

Ex-Gay Group Investigated Over 'Forced Conversion' Claims

UK Bank Refuses To Do Business With Anti-Gay Group

Cross-dressing father says preschool discriminated against his daughter

Fiji Sees Increase In Hate Crimes After Gay Arrests

Oregon Gay Unions & Civil Rights Bills Merged

Presbyterian Church Faces Potential Schism Over Gays

The Irresistible Banality of Same-Sex Marriage

Tenn. investigates ex-gay camp

Danger someone will get thrown under Subway.

Sean Taylor/NFL

NFL Players making a difference

Spurs win NBA Championship! CONGRATULATIONS San Antonio fans!

YES!!! ESPN Radio Reporting NJ Nets - Minn. T-Wolves BLOCKBUSTER

Camp Border Collie for Kids

The Random Times

Another Tarot reading to ponder.

Message from Matthew ...June 21st

Sacred Geometry, Cymatics (shape of sound), Light &...Crop Circles.

BMSU, j'accuse!

Kerry : Help Small Businesses and Farmers Deal with Soaring Fuel Costs

Raw Story: Kerry letter on Downing Street leaked ... Developing

This made me so mad

(Maybe the Last) Daily Bolton?

JK's DSM Letter

Boston Globe: Kerry leads attack on 'divisive' speech

Could Ohio have gone for Kerry?

Kerry petition to fire Rove. Sign this, please

A different kind of water reflection...

Help me choose a sunset pic for my final photography project please.

A wonderful photography forum with a LOT of great talent

County Fairs are coming - Bring a tripod to the Midway

Oh frabjous day! Keith WILL be back tonight 6/24!!!!

Oh, you just KNOW this one's gonna show up on Oddball..

More fun then Gull Bay .....

Boy, am I in trouble now...

Newsletter 6/24/05: Yep, he is back indeed!

KOEB 6/24/05

Hey, Anti-GMOsters with money! Bail needed!

I like how right-wingers make up caricatures of Democrats and.....

“It's crucial that those responsible for the war be held to account”

Where the hell are Biden and Lieberman on Rove?

My 2 Cents On Dean's Daily Show Appearance.

Have you read "The Republican Nemesis"? VERY illuminating.

Time to use Reverse-psychology on Rove!

My Political Rant - Rove, Durbin, and more

How much do you know about mind control? Cuz this is psyops.

Karl Rove needs therapy.

Will they have the balls

For Karl, from Alaska with Love

Rove is immune from everything

PNAC stuff...

Pentagon Creating Student Database

Karl Roves remarks are to take the attention away from

Karl Rove -- "The Brain Bug" - Great Pics

Hey dumbass Kay Bailey! Gun laws in Texas do NOT work in DC!!

Lost in the Uproar - Everyone Rove Accuses of Being Wrong, was Right!

Jay Severin Agrees with Kennedy and Levin

Some Resolutions that Republican "Lynching is a crime" holdouts DID sign

Another "enormous success story" in Cheney's Iraq: Teenage Prostitutes

Here's what the RNC/Mehlman said about Rove's remarks.

al-Jaafari: Leave Iraq "as soon as feasible," just don't tell us when

another poll showing our stupidity

'Am I Next?'--Question Haunts the Members Of a Casualty-Depleted Platoon

My letter to the White House

Bush regime is very worried about economic iceberg...

USDA publishes Nutrition Facts on Bush administration


Rove's comments are nothing new

Who Are The "Insurgents?"

McCain on Iraq pullout: "I'd rather say 2 or 3 years and be surprised"

This week on the 2005 Republican Freedom Calendar

Bush to have 'comments'--8pm next Tues from Fort Bragg--cnn just

GOP Rep says Democrats 'Conducting Guerrilla Warfare on Troops'

NEED HELP!-Anyone have experience moving goalposts?

Dems meekly fight back against rethug trechery

The destruction of the Fifth Amendment and the end of America

ACLU makes headway against Patriot Act, needs your help

"Eminent Domain" compromise?

I missed the vote on Senator Durbin's amendment to the

Rep. David Obey - D-Wisconsin

Be aggressive - don't ask for apologies you're not going to get

An open letter to Karl Rove

First Shots in the China Oil War?

Anyone catch Lauer's "expert panel" on the Greatest American?

Flag Amendment. Designed to protect Republicans??

George W. Bush and eminate domain

Ldotters fed up; ready to abandon GOP (hehehehe)

Ivins always gets it right. Texas's original and authentic plain talker.

When Bush says "Our friends and allies"

Tuesday night BushCo address: Another bait 'n switch campaign ad?

RSS Feed: Rehnquist Retires/Dies (Who got fired for this?)

Sen. Kennedy calls on * to nominate a SCUS concensus candidate

"I LOVE GITMO" Campaign Launched

Another Embarrassing Event is happening

"My hope is that there will be a palistinian state,

Iraq: A bigger problem than you think

Bush to snub U.N.'s birthday party in S.F.

Brazil to Fundies/Neocons - F**k you and the horse you rode in on!

Brazen effort to **undo campaign finance reform** Action needed!!

"It bothers me to see death..."

A letter from the General at

U.N. told of religious discrimination against indigenous prisoners US

Book about Hillary - poorly written, poorly researched, poorly sourced


Italian Judge orders arrest of 13 CIA-connecteds for Kidnap & Rendition

What is your version of a Rove 911 Sweeping Generalization?

Baghdad Dick Cartoon

Senate going into executive session

So what's the latest on Posada Carilles? Has he been granted

Gov. Warner, I guess it all depends on what the meaning of "center" is...

Pentagon targeting our students

Rachel Lea Hunter woke up - then she went into action

DU this poll

Rove opens his mouth and a door and Dems whine instead

White House Stands Behind Rove Comments

Krugman lays it out PERFECTLY - Bush must be held accountable

So...what was KKKarl doing on 9/11? And right after?

Was that Lautenberg who called for Rove's resignation?

Tom Toles political cartoon on the Downing Street Memo...

Durbin Apologizes, Rove & Whitehouse Never

Paul Harvey has finally lost it. (again)

Franken in chains -- ROTFLMAO

Howard Dean on The Daily Show-Video

Ok, Karl Rove....

Okay-Was there a MoveOn 9/11 petition?

Veterans Affairs' $1 billion shortfall in health care prompts budget scrum

Who gives a damn about Rove?

For Rove to be out speaking like he is, you KNOW the Repugs are in trouble

Rove's remark begs question 'Do R's really want to win in Iraq ?'

Ending US Imperialism: A Warning to us all ...

Max Baucus is telling you why you should think that capitalism

The Department Of Justice Wants to Spy On YOU

Newsday poll - Please DU

Rove comments indicate the seriouslness of new Abu graib Images, DSM, Low

Quick - C-Span 2 - Scotty sounds like he is losing it

Iraq PM and Bush press conference...

Exclusive: Kerry letter on Downing Street leaked ... Developing

Repealing Term Limits For The President?

Dammit, Rosa, You had the Votes

Rove created this firestorm on purpose. The question is why.

Most Liberal Senator's response to 9/11

MSNBC Poll on KKKarl's Remarks

AOL poll on Karl Rove

Does anyone have a copy of the NY City Council resolution vs Rove

Forget Karl Rove!


Today's Bush transcript: "Sometimes we don't tell you things, you know"

Scandal rocks College Republicans

My published LTE to the NY Times today:

Kristen Breitweiser on "Hardball" tonight

FIRE KARL ROVE - A Petition from Senator Kerry to bush

Al Franken now. Ed Klein being smacked down (RE: Clinton book)

The al Qaeda connection to Iraq lie: More cause for torture?

OK. What's the problem with this bill that just passed?

Picture of Rove (on the right) Preparing for War (on Democrats) on 9/11


Transforming security by bringing good people together

Is it just me or does Scott McClellan seem to be

Bush is NOT 'Commander in Chief' of the American People!!!

I have a GREAT IDEA for mass communication by the people

Rick Santorum: Rove Doesn't Speak For Me.

Salon's Joe Conason: "Karl Rove is a Liar"

If all the $ spent re:the "demoralization of troops were spent on armor .

as hard as it is to believe. some are JUST NOW figuring out the lies


Where are the other Democrats?

Male Bush voters may take notice on this ruling...

Why Karl Rove can get away with smearing Liberals--in simple terms.

A staged attack to boost Bush might backfire

Bush's "Gay Aide" to be new Assistant Secretary of Commerce

War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal:

Nat'l Council of Churches call for end to war Petition

Did you think that going to Iraq was the right thing to do in 2003?

Will Bush hit bottom on June 30th when the next Abu Ghraib pics are out?

Scotty boy is a hypocrite!


They're conditioning us to accept torture

One person did react to 9/11 by blaming America. Jerry Falwell.

I have never understood why the Democrats

an open letter

Jeb Bush: 'Pathetic' Fla. Dem. Party Unhealthy For Two-Party System

In 2008, the Pubs will anoint:

Let's call them what they are...

Katrina Vanden Heuvel was very eloquent just now on Hardball

Audio of the Franken/Conason - Klein "smack down" Available NOW!!!

I want a Democracy like they have in Iran!

Do you remember shutting down the Senate

This story is the why of The Rove Offensive

The REAL 'message' of Rove's remarks.

Tell your Senators to Oppose the Amendment for Flag Burning

Moveon needs to stop acting like Fox News.

Sign John Kerry's petition calling on Bush to fire Karl Rove!

The Republicans are trying to silence the Democrats into submission!

With Billy Graham making his final crusade, this quote is apt.

Hey!! IBM to hire 14,000...Uhhh in India

Maybe Karl Rove is right about us

Should U.S. Curb China's Rising Power?

Which Asian country has the most powerful military?

Why won't Dems SPEAK OUT vs. writing letters which are ignored by the WH?

"Why I am a Democrat" -- Mark Warner

I just talked with Sen. Lindsey Graham's office ... WOW!

superpower???? oh please

19% Approval rating - at this point Ohio's Gov. Taft should just resign

Wag The Flag.

** DSM's have been authenticated, right? **

They teach their people how to talk! - re gay marriage!

Bush: U.S. Needs More Nuclear Power Plants

McClellan: "Well, are you going to let me finish, or are you going to..."

Update on San Diego Congressman/Defense Contractor Scam?

"THE SADDAM TRIAL" coming to an Election near you (2006)

Cheney: Gitmo prisoners "living in the tropics, they're well fed"...

Ron Reagan has a pair of big brass ones!

6/24/04... Angry Bush to Irish reporter: "I don't like death EITHER!"

Here It Is: John Kerry's DSM Letter

The DNC responds to Karl Rove

how the Fl. Turnpike system launders cash for bushgang

John Conyers: Drumbeat Continues on DSM

Text of SCOTUS decision -- GREAT READING!!

Ron Reagan rips Republicans

Democrats have knowledge of HIGH CRIMES...what should they do?

FRIDAY 'TOON DUMP - "Breaking News"

Quick, get H2O Man! A possible Rove Attack / Plame connection!

Flag desecration?