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Archives: June 26, 2005

Overheated rhetoric overshadows bipartisan compromises (examples)

Kelo v. New London correctly decided

NYT, Rich: The Armstrong Williams News Hour

Resisting the urge to limit our freedoms

Digby understands how to deal with Rove

NYT, Kristof: A Glide Path to Ruin

Mind if I expose my ... Nursing mothers aren't out to embarrass you; ..

Here they go again

Insurgents return, again and again, Marines say

Battered Bush watches as support ebbs away

The first, not the last throes Pepe Escobar

Poll Finds Most Oppose Return to Draft

Jewish Anger as Church Votes on Israel

Check out this video!!!!!!!!

Has anyone seen the DVD 9/11 In Plane Sight?

What hit the Pentagon and what caused the explosions?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 6/26/05

Howard Dean: Electronic Voting - Not Ready For Prime Time

BBV meeting with Carter/Baker commission? Anybody hear this?

The Hammer looks like he got hammered

Any Full Metal Alchemy fans out there?

Ok... What Planet Was I On ??? - Why Is Capitol Gang Going Away ???

Like a TV show with bad ratings, the Bush War on Iraq is getting

New bumper sticker......

Anybody see that "Greatest American" show today with Matt Lauer?

Havent seen this photo before: Guantanamo Bay

Newsview: Bush Losing Support for Iraq War

Blair's son to work as intern for Repub politicians

US Injury Toll in Iraq has reached 13 thousand

CondiLiar the Vampire! She never looked so good !

Scott Ritter on Guy James Show....

Weasel words on Iraq

Cash row closes Baghdad airport

Lindsey Graham questions Iraq War

Let's face it. Better looking people get more press than others

Time to revisit Bartcop's The Myth of the "liberal" media

Army National Guard enlists job agency

The Hospital of the Seven Teeth

"Wake Me Up When September Ends"

What do you say to a graduate going of to Iraq ?

BushRove should try going after Osama as hard they do liberal's patriotism

The blog which responds to Brent Bozell.

Anyone have the Video clip of * saying Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11?

Impeach The SOB

New Chuck Hagel info

It's the year 2056......

Four Lights: Apologies All Around!

FYI - Guests on the Sunday Talk Shows (Rummy makes the rounds)

Help please, fuel/gas economy at different speeds- Settle a bet!

Blast from the past: the post-9/11 polls. Interesting snapshot

What are the best blogs to follow?

CNN reporting right now on -- Christian sex toys!!!

Witnesses at anti-war tribunal slam US actions in Iraq

Is Billy Graham just another Evangelical?

Just saw Batman Begins, very kick ass film. I was surprised to learn that

Awesome Frank Rich op-ed: The Armstrong Williams NewsHour

any news from the tour of teresienstadt, er, i mean guantanamo?

Bush, You are being summoned....

Lawmakers touring Gitmo?

Good Dad or Bad Dad?

DSM's still do not answer why Bush wanted war

haha, Dems tried to run a recruitment ad in the Young Rethugs program

Hawaii Phenom Michelle Wie Co leads the WO 05 with 2 others.

Texas lotto officials admit they FIXED an inflated jackpot amount

Leaders whose children joined the war effort

Focus: Secret memos fuel US doubt on Iraq (analysis of DSM)

"Kelo v. New London:" friend-of-the-court briefs?

You must read these details about the Italian CIA dudes ($$$$$)

Satellite industry executive warns of coming shortage

Partying with Defense Contractors

Anyone know how I can get in touch with a TDS producer? PABAAH update

Has anyone else seen this bumper sticker?

Women in the Military

Gays march through Europe demanding right to marry

WSJ: ATM Fees Keep Moving Higher

An interesting question: Have you ever heard a Republican say

How leaked documents questioning war emerged from 'Britain's Deep Throat'

Why don't more people know about Walmart?

Question about Jeb Bush and 2000 election

Downing Street Memo

Focus: Secret memos fuel US doubt on Iraq (Times of London)

Video game mentions PNAC!!

BBV meeting with Carter/Baker commission?

Four women killed in combat - four possible mothers of the next Einstein

Bush’s not so secret deal with 9/11 attackers

Wingnuts Finally beginning to see the folly of their choices...

Radio News America's Weekend Show - Antiwar/Protest Music

Michael Smith (aka DSM leak reporter) to have more tomorrow...

Scott Ritter on Guy James show: Dien Bien Phu possibility

New Network gov't or corporate money!

I just had to watch Fox News today

Quantanamo "dressed up" for visiting lawmakers?

The US MSM has ignored this event, zlitch coverage

Byrd vs Rumsfeld

Here are some choices I think would be great candidates in 2008

Got 5,000 Euros? Need A New Car?

Women in the Military

Everybody Out? - NYTimes

Rep. "Duke" Cunningham in a whole heap o' trouble!

WSJ: 'You're Reading...What?'

Agriculture Department Hid Mad Cow Results for MONTHS

A post about my personal Ideology

Will the M$MWs acknowledge the neoCONs use of RUSH talking points ie ROVE

What does "W 88" mean?

Is spending time on DU like people in a mental hospital ....

Anybody see the G8 movie?

The Pubs have themselves boxed in with the SAVE FACE SYNDROME

Military families fight back against Rove. Start website.

Freepers Freak Over Clintons Appearance With Billy Graham

POLL: Would you accept this as a litmus test for presidential candidate?

Pink Floyd lyrics to modern imagery

Seal hunt protest in Omaha a BIG success & nationwide!

Report: U.S. secretly met with insurgents

Did Bush I deliberately have the Iraqi dissidents slaughtered?

"Hillary is so partisan. I heard it on Fox news."

There should be no college deferments in the coming draft.

Scahill: "That gun is probably too hot for either party to touch."

Get ready Freeway Bloggers! National Paint day coming

A question for the yeast bakers among us ........

Blair's son to work as intern for Repub politicians

NYT: Endangered Species Act Faces Broad New Challenges

Canada Says It Will Keep Border Open to U.S. Beef; Taiwan Imposes Ban,

Female death toll mounts in battlefield Iraq

Socialists ahead in Bulgaria vote ( BBC)

LAT: Election Result Confounds Administration's Iranian Policy

Killen Trial Forces Miss. to Relive Past

NYT: For Months, Agriculture Department Delayed Announcing Result of Mad

Angry Cruise defends Scientology bar on drugs

Orlando-Bound Plane From Belfast Target Of Bomb Threat

Putin offers Iran's president-elect to continue nuclear cooperation

Concerns Arise Over Bush's Pick for EPA Job (Asbestos lawyer!)

Suicide Bombing Kills 9 in Samarra, Iraq

Witnesses at anti-war tribunal slam US actions in Iraq

Olympic bomber stole grain to survive while on run, posting says

Former Executive (Verizon) Chosen to Lead N.A.A.C.P.

Afghan operation kills 178 Taliban, leaders escape

Russia says ready to hit terrorist bases abroad

USA: UN scrutiny essential in preventing torture and ill-treatment(AI-USA)

Congressmen Demand Help For Veterans

Longhorn will include support for RSS data feeds

WP,pg1: Fixes Only Temporary For Infected Internet

NYT: Next Wave From China: Exporting Cars to the West

Tony Blair's Son to Work with US Republicans

Fidel Castro: Cuba Will Continue Fighting Terrorism

Pakistan Police Fired in Lip-Sewing Probe

Abramoff Lobbyists,Clients Undeterred by Scandal(still in lobby business)

Bird flu 'as grave a threat as terrorism'

Troops Will Carry General's 'Common Sense' Rules on Wallet-Size Cards

G8 fears as shortage of cells revealed

Coin funds used for loans and mortgages

WP,pg1: Rove Taking a More Public Role

Clinton Honors Graham at Last Revival (BG:Bill should preach,Hill run US!)

Colombia army suffers deadly blows

NYT: For Months, Ag Dept Delayed Announcing Result of Mad Cow Test (!)

Times UK: How the leaked documents ... emerged from Britain's Deep Throat

US 'in talks with Iraq rebels' - (TimesOnline)

Goddamn Neo Nazis are in town


America's new and improved weapons systems........

All around the country from coast to coast.....

If the Bush administration had a big-ass garage sale, what kinds of items

My Pet Goat is good book

Hold me, roll me, slow ridin' woman you're so fine

Bikes Against bush

I'm baking peanut butter cookies

Olay Regenerist lotion

Stalin and the Children

Do you have a piece of clothing you can't throw away?

A song

Susan B. Anthony. Not exactly a hooker ...

Lone_Wolf_Moderate. Not exactly a looker...

No flames except the charcoal grill: Pork Chops DemoTex.

Susan Anton: Not exactly TJ Hooker

Parents: keep your kids reading this summer

Pope Benedictus XVI, not exactly a snooker.

New Audi Q7 SUV-- I heard they're also looking at giving Bentley a version

College Baseball is WAY MORE FUN than MLB!

Florida just loaded the bases to put the tying run at the plate in the 8th

I saw a commercial today for women's razors that vibrate.Why would a ra-

Anyone else watch the Germany/Brazil Football game today?

Anyone know how many DUers are passed out on Matcom's lawn?

Who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?


A Cat Question.

Too stupid to be president

Is there an ebay cache?

Tom Cruise looks like an aging Picasso bunny rabbit in this picture

Abraham Lincoln. Not exactly a looker.......

So I'm watching Pocahontas on ABC...

Which Actor would you choose to proselytize to you


Stephen King on CSPAN giving U of Maine Grad Speech

Susan B. Anthony. Not exactly a looker...

asexual thread

sex thread

Are you full of it?

What are your kids doing this summer?

Liberalism is a mental disorder?

Jenna, Babs Bush, The Texas Air National have one slightly

Cheesy Brawny Man clips---hysterical....

Use the taser! THE TASER!

Make your own Bush Speech

SNL repeat - Will Ferrell/QOTSA episode!

The English to American language dictionary.

George Bush...Not exactly a thinker

If not you .........

Freepers totally lose it. Again.

thread sex

I didn't charge my mouse last night so now I have to use the

Techies, I need advice on moving photos from cam phone to PC.

I am "awesome!"

This isn't as good as the original Jeopardy spoofs but it's still funny

Anyone else studying tonight?

I just got out my little red book the minute that you said goodbye

Kick a thread from the last page of the Lounge!

Cary Grant, Master of the language of facial expression

Freeper troll's are kinda stupid.

No wonder I couldn't find any John Kerry for President stickers.....

Everyone insult me!

Ever had orange juice made from blood oranges?

More Cowbells

My neighbors are idiots.


Progmom, did I miss the radio show?

Why do some people want to become local news TV anchors?

That's no moon!!!!

Is anyone else getting "stock quote" emails

Oh the things roommates do to each other.

I like marijuana, you like marijuana, we like marijuana, too..

Pick your favorite drag - In honor of Bravo's GAY PRIDE DAY

When you're dancin with your honey, and your nose is kinda runny,

Why does Will Riker have THAT smell?

I got religion from the atheist booth at Gay Pride today...

This is what happens when your kittens listen to Public Enemy .

When your dog is comfy asleep on the bed, and you need to sleep...

Alright. Which one of you freaks told my son about Real Ultimate Power?

I just need to bitch ! I spent the last 4+ hours comunitacing with HP

That's no ordinary rabbit!!!!

My neighbours are idiots.

DUers: Dish or Direct TV: Which one is NOT Murdoch Owned?

Why do old people have THAT smell?

Has anyone seen "Who Is Wilford Brimley: The Musical"?

I watched "Meet the Fockers" tonight

I live near the Center Of The World....

It's time to start demanding the resignation of Bush and his scum.

RandomKoolZip is one seriously decent human being.

Now everyone compliment me!

DU Chat Tonight, Free Liquor and Pie,

"You are sooooooooo full of sin"

The word is.......ImporTant..not imporDant

Samuel L. Motherf*cking Jackson

I feel the need to start a kick Azz thread,

What would you like on your pita?

It's Saturday nite and why arent you single folks out partying?

What is your favorite Neil Young album(s)?

Redwood country, Northern California, whose been there?

What meal takes you back to your childhood?

Stealth speedboat?

I am a Star Wars fan but I guess I am just not this dedicated.

I actually met someone today that said........

Another everyone check in poll: how liberal are you? (0-100 scale)

Right or left handed?

If this does not make you laugh...

The bears wiping their asses with Charmin Ultra TP.

The Tie Fighter Desk/case mod...

Angry Cruise defends Scientology bar on drugs

If you have a GED or only a High school diploma what are you doing now?

The Abe Lincoln Experience as a band name

Eminem saves traditional Detroit fireworks show

Its Saturday night - Time again for the Viking Kittens .

ESP? Clairaudience? Feedback please.

When you first saw ET were you offended by Elliot calling his brother...

Just saw Batman Begins, very kick ass film. I was surprised to learn that

Why do really young people (i.e infants and toddlers) have THAT smell?

Filth, filth, filth, filth, filth, filth, filth, filth

What's Up With

Add the word "MoFo" to your favorite movie quote....

DU BBQ Aftermath

DAMMIT every time I turn my back she gets drunk.

Do you stereotype Hummer drivers?

Photography Contest FINALS Please vote!

Cool (or semi-cool) photos taken with really crappy cameras -- got any?

The Iconic Woman archaeology

MIT physicists create new form of matter

Any one going to Pride in NYC tommorrow?

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

How did the Gotti/Mayweather fight

Now that the MN Twins officially suck...

I need some help with a kitty problem that I am having

Kleeb, about those O's

check this out: Larisa mentioned

It was cooler in NYC today than it was in Missouri.

Weekend natter thread, anyone?

Remember when Rumsfeld said he would resign if no longer effective?

Kansas Peace Train ?

What's the latest on Tom Delay?

Please delete

Is the video game over?

Funny article on Abramoff from RW mag Weekly Standard

CNN's Capital Gang cancelled!

He supports the war but is scared of the draft...

San Diego poll skewed by Freepers..

MSNBC Poll: Should the U.S. Keep the Guantanamo Detention Center ...

Did Cheney have another angina attack?

7 months later, BUSH and KERRY would tie

U.S. Tells the UN to Shove It (hot ! )

Wake up Truth....

RAWSTORY gets mention in The U.K Sunday Times!

What if the Dems swept the 2006 elections and the pubs refused to leave?

Rove's Strategy is Working - DSM Disappearing From MSM

Conservatives AND Liberals should take notice of the 'hostage dollar'

Bush nominates fox to guard the hen-house

Do the people have a right to know their VP is hospitalized ?

What's so wrong with a "Living" Constitution........

Durbin Offers Vets Apology for Remarks

Timetable: Six More Years In Iraq

Roddy: Unfit for command (Exposes Jerome Corsi and Iranian "Curveball")

Sunday Times: Weasel words on Iraq

War of the mosques is shattering Iraq's hopes (The Guardian)

Ann McFeatters: Rumsfeld under fire

Complaints of Syria's spying on Lebanon ring hollow (attacks CIA

Dahr Jamail : World Tribunal for Iraq Address

Seattle PI: Iraq Occupation: This war can't be won

The Brits had their DSM's -Where are the White House Minutes?

Justice Kennedy: Independence in law under attack

Linda McQuaig says if music helps get the message out, then rock on

News Analysis: Oil deal with China troubling for Bush

Big Media Interlocks with Corporate America

British memo grows in mythology, if not in media

Iraq: The carve-up begins

Be glad the flag is worth burning

Newsweek: War of Nerves- Politicians VS Generals

Goodwin: We need straight talk from W

Weasel words on Iraq: Sunday Times

Optimism fades, but war goes on (Generals and Soldiers View)

David Brooks: Liberals, Conservatives and Aid

In Italy, Anger at U.S. Tactics Colors Spy Case

Big Guns: When Cops Use Steroids

Omaha, NE: The is pretty representative of the people here.

Tupelo, MS paper: Operation Northwoods, Downing Street


Witness For Peace Colombia alert

The Purpose of American Power by Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

Iraq: The Carve-Up Begins

James Kroeger's great defense of "Big Government"

"A party led by chickenhawks and closet cases" (Digby - how to deal wRove)

Bards of the powerful (Bono and Geldof)

Newsweek: The Empire’s New Clothes (US public - "return to common sense")

Battered Bush watches as support ebbs away (lame duck)

Bush on 9/11: "I was trying to get out of harm's way" (Poorman on Rove)

Congressional Recess: Time to meet with legislators

Counter-Recruit at your High School

Sex toys are China's latest booming industry

US frets over online gambling

Mitsubishi Motors To Mass-Produce Electric Motorcar in 2010

UK Environment Agency Head - Floods Likely To Grow Worse, More Frequent

USDA Delayed Mad Cow Disclosure For Seven Months - NYT

Tokyo Achieves Substantial Air-Quality Gains - Yomiuri

Oz Scientists Unearth Warming Evidence In Timor Sea's Tropical Corals

Toxic Trash Fires Bloom In Baghdad Streets After Trash Service Collapses

London Royal Parks Being Replanted With Mediterranean, Tropical Trees

Glacial Retreat Pronounced In Canadian Arctic Park - Ottawa Sun

Organic Carbon Runoff From Siberian Meltdown Poses Climate Questions

Nissan To Build Hybrid Altima In Tennessee Starting In 2006

Blazing Pakistani Heatwave Cripples Water Systems In Lahore

Don't Hold Your Breath On Hydrogen Cars - Observer/Guardian

The Long Emergency by Kunstler is book for July Book Club

In New Jersey, Solar Sells

Afghans burn '60 tons of drugs'

Chen must walk softly between US, PRC, Japan

Sex toys are China's latest booming industry

The hunt for Karadzic - Most wanted: doctor death

a little leeway here....

Molten steel in WTC basement weeks later - question.

Australian attempts to sell 911 wreckage on EBAY

Pictures of Pentagon crash

Eyewitness of WTC-Controlled Demolition

unseen CNN VIDEO of Pentagon damage film...where is the plane?

Investigate and Impeach Bush (Petition at

The War President

What melted the huge steel beams at the WTC towers?

HELP!!! Hubbys Dad was here for dinner.

Has been shut down?

I wonder if we shouldn't start picketing around the country.


HEADS UP: David Cobb on Brad Show Now ! C/B Commission/more

We have a BIG problem here, folks.

What the DNC Ohio Election Report failed to address: My letter to H. Dean

DUers, vote on this single question from the Nat. Exit Poll.

A good piece on an "anti-Arnold consultant"

Program raises spying concern

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement's Annual Statewide Convention

Does anyone want to meet with Dayton during the recess?

Port scans off one IP for months

What's a good freebie rss newsreader for IE on XP?

ToldedoBlade "Emerging scandals put family's reputation in peril"

SICK of the GOP? In OHIO, all DUer's, progressives, independents can help!

WJMP/Kent-Akron will drop AAR July 5

Free tickets if anyone is interested

DSM "editorial" in the SA paper

Refute this statement . . . if you can (serious)

Profile: Vilma Luna House Dist 33 (not very flattering)

I Got Beeped At & Thumbs Up In Milwaukee This Weekend

WBAY (GB) - White House firmly behind Rove over comments on liberals....

Unreported cruel tasering in North Texas

'Is Dick Cheney the new 'Baghdad Bob'?'

torture in the Middle Ages ... guide for W??????

The News Network bush Will Hate!--This could be the biggest thing ever

How do you get Republicans like this person to care about others?

How do you think the world is going to end?

I have an idea for the Iran invasion debate.....let them vote on it

What's with the "*"

College Republicans as Heroic as Iraq War Dead according to Tony Perkins

Memo to editors: Cover memos

Those responsible for the Iraq war must be held accountable

British memo grows in mythology, if not in media

Support for war mixed, but some take long view

DSM – The Story that We Wouldn’t Let Die (from Conyers blog)

UNESCO's World Monuments Fund places entire country of Iraq on endangered

Open letter to General Peter J. Schoomaker U.S. Army

Huge laughs here: "Hitler was a leftist"

A widow's quote

I have a friend..apolitical..gimme a convincing to explain

Suicide Attack Using Watermelons to Hide Explosives Kills 6 in N. Iraq

He is in a panic.His entire team is in disarray.Nothing he says is

Hey Karl! Why not go after that leftist, unpatriotic Rev. Billy Graham?

Did you all see the age breakdown for Iraq casualties?

If you sent a video to the WH

The collective ignorance of Americans about other parts of the world

movies and bush*

Suicide Bombers Kill at Least 31 in Iraq

Tom Toles cartoon on flag burning amendment

Big Media & Corporate America, analysis of boards of directors

if bush started bringing the troops home he'd look like a real jerk huh?

Who's pissed off on this fine Sunday Morning besides me?

True_Note's Captain's Mast Results

I am an Expatriot...Mentally

If we cant kick Roves ass, lits SUE his ass for slander.

True Headline: Bong-wielding man attacks dispatcher

Rep. Dan Boren (D- Okalahoma) On MSNBC Now Re: Guantanamo

WW II History Question: What Percent of US Troops were drafted?

"paranoid,delusional,w/violent tendencies" U.S. Iraq soldier takes sons

Protect the sources!

USA beseeches Japan to keep their 1000 troops in Iraq

Here's a flyer you can use to shame your Senator into condemning Rove

Let's talk about steroids

eventually you have to face up to a bully & punch him right in the nose

Quote from Theodore Roosevelt

Check this out...

"The Power of Nightmares" - Download

President warns of more violence ahead and pleads for 'resolve and faith'

C-SPAN: Abrahamoff Hearings

Doctors and Interrogators at Guantanamo Bay (New England Journal of Med.)

Paul Winchell, voice of Tigger, dies

Shout It Out, Howard, We're Listening

Bush was RIGHT

Check out this Site!

So I watched ORWELL ROLLS IN HIS GRAVE last night on DVD -

Oh shit, go to icasulties and click on coalition fatalities by location

I haven't seen much on the "understand our enemies" Rove comment, so...

Our recruitment is down, the terrorists' recruitment is up.

I think I officially crossed the threshold

Active duty soldier: Never insult me again Karl

Our Dear Leader goes to Scotland

Say it now and say it loud, Real ID is the mark of the beast

bushCartel; just a wee bit confused about Iraq's insurgency.

George Will Just Now: "2008 Elections Could Be Victory For Iraqi Insurgent

Al-Sistani aide killed

US and UK make plan$ to divide up the OIL

Goodbye DUers...

If he pulls an invasion on Iran, that will be his Cambodia.

Here's the Tuesday speech catch-phrase...

Iran Election: Has anyone besides Bush and the Losing Candidate

LAT: " indictment for exposing Plame now seems unlikely"

India's Involvement In Big Oil

Dave Ross mentioned "Permament Bases" on CBS radio this AM.

(Country song) " Oh, Those Rose-Colored Glasses.... "

On HBO there is a lovely HBO film called "The Girl In The Cafe"

Some very funny things posted here in the last few days, enjoy

Arundhati Roy says she is an "Enemy Combatant"

Half-ton man loses 573 pounds in a year

Ed "Slime"-KLEIN Admits "Sinking Low" - Lashes Back at Tina BROWN

C-Span heads up - replay of Rummy's testimony before

"Top 10 Liberal Lies"

Has Karl Rove effectively reconnected the Iraq War to 9/11?

Anyone understand the rationale of supporting eminent domain?

GREAT Karl Rove description...caution..may cause spew

Sunday news shows - Rummy is a busy boy!

Guantanamo Bay Cookbook

One reason we went into Iraq was to protect Iraq's neighboring countries

Why do you post at the DU?

What is up with Biden? He is the first one to man

Rumsfeld: "The moderates must defeat the extremists"

Eyewitness of WTC-Controlled Demolition

"Gun control" is a losing issue for Democrats, give it up


Iraqi student unions say they voted "to end occupation" only

Is Lindsey Graham a good guy?

Shrubco negotiations with Iraq resistance: let's not have it "both ways".

Karl Rove's recent statements. Evidence of LIHOP/MIHOP?

Saw a program last night about the Skull & Bones Society

Quick question about SCOTUS -- need for post on another board

when you see a headline like this: Iran Vows to Pursue Nukes

What happens when *'s numbers drop into the 30's?

Barney Frank on Politically Direct on AAR Right Now

Cheney explaining last throes comment

Sliver Star

When did CNN.Com stop charging for videos?

Report: Rove admin secretly sought to "understand" terrorists

Right! Welcome to Gitmo, Sir!

Yesterday was a great day for this Liberal.......

Bush likely to cite Iraq "progress" during major speech on Tuesday

So Graham is a Democrat. What will the religiously insane do now?

I love Wesley Clark, but sometimes I wonder if he's got the desire to seek

MTP - Bono says * has done a great job on stopping AIDS in

Youth isn't wasted on the young...

Question: Karl Rove, DeLay and ARMPAC Money?

CIA kidnappers in Italy had lavish expense accounts.

Self-deleted (moved to Editorials)

Democracy, U.S.-style

Sanctity of marriage? Ha! Bush has HARMED mine!

Four Lights: I Heart Gitmo?!

FLASHBACK; Saddam interview and his "one notable lie"

Am I too oversexed today? A Family Values debate

Okay...what is it with all the "search for missing child" news stories?

If FoMoCo and GM built cars that get 60 MPG, would you buy one? popup ad

My response to Rumsfeld's vocabulary challenge on MTP today.

When the economy disintegrates, what will people do?

Real problems for congress to address (besides ones GOP creates)

General admits to secret air war (Sunday Times Britain)

question about number of govt agents deployed fighting terrorism

Did anybody just see Rummy on MTP?

As long as there is plenty, poverty is evil.

Virginia 2008: Mark Warner 46%; George Allen 41% (Rasmussen)

Anniversary flashback: "Daily Show" coverage of Iraq sovereignty handover

Downing Street memos come to the northland

When resources are gone and the economy is shattered, we're dog eat dog.

Ben Stein is a loony hack!

Dates- In 2001, an Iraq Reconstruction Contract Was Announced

true then, still true, Michael Mcdonald's Takin it to the streets

Anyone catch Faux News at about 2:39 ET? 2 Faux Blondes at once

Tuesday night speech

I am siding with the conservatives on this one, eminent domain

Cruise ship reports woman missing off Caribbean coast of Mexico

Link to NYT/AP article in which Billy Graham praises the Clintons CHANGED!

The GOP candidate we should be worried about.

Krashen and Bilingual education

Rumsfeld, acknowledges insurgency could last for years

Are there any KNOWN American POW's in Iraq, or

Media Monopoly

Funny LTTE in my local paper (re: Schiavo)

Can Liberals, like Fundies, be too strident in preaching?

CSPAN: Byrd Castigating Rumsfeld (replay)

Something DUers will appreciate.

Important talking point for conversations with shrub supporters, re: Iraq

Did Kerry ever propose negotiating with the insurgency?

If ONE person could shout "Where's Bin Laden??" at Bush's press conference

NYT - Take That, Evil! In Queens Park, a Superhero Prevails

They say enlistment is down but re-enlistment is way up especially in

We finally have the answer to "Why would he lie?"

Flash back 13 months.... (and why Tues speech signals trouble for W)

New Cookbook From Chefs At Guantanamo

1739 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Hardline win in Iran sparks fears on nukes and extremism

Bush attends baseball game with Condi while negotiating with insurgents

Why Kerry Ran For President: He's An Egomaniac With Historical Ambitions

U.S. officials: Mosul attacks kill 41

CNN International headline Versus CNN

My son turned 18 on the 20th

U.S. Department of Peace

What gender are you?

Whats it say about a nation whose leader's an illiterate homicidal maniac?

Number of DU Registered Users Continues to Grow

New Food Network recipe: Chicken a la Guantanamo

PHOTOS: South Korea expresses their feelings towards Bush

challenge to artists, graphic designers and photoshoppers

War in pictures

The Congressional Black Caucus.

Cheney and Rummy BOTH use the lame "dictionary" line?

Heads up Omega Minimo & others...CBS Evening News...missing white girls

Attention Pizza-delivery drivers near the Pentagon:

Does anyone know if the freepers argue amongst themselves?

What is a neoconservative?

BU$H.....the Born again "Christian".....

Hypothetical question - high profile Female (single) Bush official

The total Bush-worshipping disconnect of FOX viewers revealed in one poll:

Enough already with the "Bush is toast" stories

Rummy ... 'could be up to twelve years' and Condi's 'generational

Tom Tomorrow on Rove Calling Us Traitors

Oooo, coming up! More Iran boogeyman stories! Fear fear fear!

Self -deleted - double post

Tuesday night address and the troops

Can anyone explain "neo-lib" to me?

Now THIS is a RANT! Wooooohooo that's gonna leave marks!

Opus - Berkley Breathed is a genius. Today's comic

Feds suing Boy Scouts and Mormon Church for wildfires

Sunday St. Pete Times - DSM FRONT PAGE!

Bandar Bush resigns. What the hell did he do?

Now? Now he hones?

60 Minutes doing story on Marines in Iraq.

Is it possible we could drop neo-con altogether?

Father of two soldiers killed goes after Rove.....Audio

Bush, the Arts, and History

Incredible 60 MINUTES report from Ramadi (heads up, West Coast)

So, I'm out for a walk with Mr. Graywarrior & get called KKK

Scott Ritter on Guy James talks about the upcoming invasion of Iran

A few things that are wrong with American Culture today....???

The 23rd Qualm

Have your RW acquaintances actually realized that their life was better

Am I the only one who is pissed that they pulled the plug on Capitol Gang?

George Will (ABC): "This is Chechnya." (in reference to Iraq)

rave act in action:-(

YES! Illinois to divest from Sudan. Great way to stop Darfur genocide!

Hagel sounds alarm over Iraq (again)

Jesus & George W. Bush talk at the ranch

A pledge to call Chickenhawks on their BS...

On tuesday, I am afraid, he may announce a cease fire in Iraq and a

WP ombudsman blasts combat death coverage, Milbank's Conyers coverage

The latest pic I can find of Laura Bush is GW yelling at her.

Al Franken & Klein interview is up on Crooks & Liars

Proof that education in KS has not always sucked

Liberal leaning Newspapers? What are some good ones?

Does a Duck Have a Soul? How foie gras became the new fur.

Oh My God! Are They Finally Gonna Come And Stop Me??? Damn!

Anyone here recently move from the U.S. to another country ?

Happy Gay Pride Day to all my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters!

PHOTO: "Hey, what the hell do you want from me?"

A stinging rebuke to W on "Face the Nation"

Rumsfeld Nixes Independent Panel on Gitmo

DSM story seems to be getting a lot of US press today.

Play bush* bingo on Tuesday night 6/28

Okay ....... Imagine it is 2008 and we won the whole magilla

Freepers skewing poll. Let's push back.

Mom Charged In Fatal Pit Bull Attack On Boy...yes, that mom

This lady caller on C-Span is a nut job.

Iraqi Leader To George Bush: "Leave Our Country Alone!"

Iraqi Student Unions Call For Withdrawl Of Occupation Troops

Abortion is between a woman and her physician, but psychiatry is

US students leaving Aust. - too much anti-america voices

'King of the Hill' Democrats? - NYT

just got back from the College Rethug Nat. Convention, questions?

Possible reason why fundies hate Dungeons & Dragons

Are most of the members at freepville male?

bush pats his "air dog."

Poll: Will there be some dramatic, unifying surprise tues. night, or not?

U.S. and Europe Gird for Hard Line From Iran's New President

Karl Rove was RIGHT! Republicans ARE tough on terrorism!

The Tattle-Tale Heart: Last Words of Dick Cheney's Dying Heart!

DEFEAT the Republican Talking Points this Week with this little fact

Everything I Needed To Know About Dealing With Fascists I Learned As A Boy

I think I was bad. I went off on the pizza folks today.

omfg -- Freepers Talk About Sex

The "Let's Ask a Republican" Contest

Republican Jesus

Pro-torture propagandist on C-SPAN's Book TV. PSYOPS in Iraq?

In honor of her passing...

Rummy admits Saddam's brutality kept Iraq peaceful. Amazing!

Let's Stop Corporations From Running OUR Country!

Help me reconcile Bush's not being concerned with Osama with Roves comment

Idiot question: Do we (taxpayers) pay for all these ads we hate?

I think we have reached a stage where he is going to self destruct like

Know your BFEE: Nixon Threatened to NUKE Vietnam

Mystery Shrouds Disappearance in Aruba

what kind of drugs is bush taking? any guesses?

Ready for an irony overload? Want a side of hypocrisy with that?

"National Clergy Council": Clintons USED Billy Graham for politics!!

Raindrops Keep falling...DRIP,DRIP,DRIP!

Sinking Ships

Should we respect islam if it does not respect women?

(PHOTOS!) Well-known CONSERVATIVE giving our attackers "hugs" after 9/11!

Just In from Tuva: A group of WISE PEOPLE who study WORLD EVENTS

Note to anti-Psychiatry Types

I have a Safeway "Rancher's Reserve London Broil" not sure if it's

Ted Byfield is an asshat

Alternative G8 event in Scotland

Church hits at Zimbabwe deportations

Richard Whiteley is dead.

Ministers plan to sell your ID card details to raise cash

Reuters: Suicide bomber partly demolishes Mosul police HQ

US 'in talks with Iraq with Iraq rebels'

National Gaurd Is Looking To Labor Ready Temps

Three female US soldiers killed in Iraq attack

Report: U.S. Secretly Met With Insurgents

Battered Bush watches as support ebbs away (lame duck)

Paul Winchell, voice of Tigger, dies

Focus: Secret memos fuel US doubt on Iraq (London Sunday Times)

Six Killed by Suicide Bomb Blast in Mosul

War of the mosques is shattering Iraq's hopes

China says no to yuan revaluation

Chet Helms, legendary producer has died...Summer of Love...

Complaints of Syria's spying on Lebanon ring hollow (attacks CIA

Winner in Iran Calls for Unity; Reformists Reel

Times reports talks between US and Insurgents

Gunmen kill police colonel in Baghdad

Illinois cuts ties with Sudan

Attacks Kill 30 in Iraq (1 American soldier)

CEOs use magic, psychics

Iraq: The carve-up begins

Iraq: The carve-up begins

WP,pg1: Colleges Compete to Shrink Their Mark On the Environment

Mystery Shrouds Disappearance in Aruba

British memo grows in mythology, if not in media

Italians hunt covert CIA snatch squad

Four children among six dead in Ariz home

Cheney knows where bin Laden is hiding, but not exact 'address'

Feingold pushes Bush for withdrawal timetable

Paul Winchell, Voice of Tigger, Dies at 82.....(& Gargamel in "The Smurfs

Israeli diplomat denies using influence to free drug-smuggler daughter

Italians Detail Lavish CIA Operation

Road to Iraq proves slow for safer vehicles (IHT/ NYT)

Contractors donated heavily to Ohio GOP

White House Letter: Bumped at Bush event, Denver Three hit back (IHT)

Australia denies hostage rescue in Iraq was a set-up

Intense earthquake off northeastern Indonesia on tsunami anniversary

TV Network for Gays, Lesbians to Debut

US arrest threat over web poker

NYT: L. Patrick Gray Says He Felt Betrayal at Deep Throat Unmasking

Isaf confirms death of two German soldiers (Afghanistan)

Bush warns Blair he must boost UK forces (in iraq)

Us Holds Talks With Insurgents.

Iran President-Elect Vows to Restart Nukes

Ahmadinejad 'no friend' of democracy - Rumsfeld

Rumsfeld: Iraq Could Face Insurgents for 12 Years

Video Shows Questioning of Saddam Brothers

Jerusalem gay march ban set aside

US Identifies Army Casualty (from June 23) (IRAQ #1739)

Wood denies profiteering from ordeal

Insurgents Have 'No Chance,' CENTCOM Chief Says (DOD Press Release)

Wilkins plays it safe as he begins new job of U.S. envoy to Canada

Contractor under inquiry helped (Katherine) Harris' campaign

Libyan Opposition Seeks to Topple Gadhafi

Iran in No Need of US Ties

just felt an earthquake here in Sacramento...confirmed, 4.8 at 11:45 am

ISU student killed in Iraq left off soldiers' memorial (Mercenary)

Union blow to ID card scheme (Britain)

Turkey Won't Accept Any New EU Criteria

DNA Analysis Will Be Used To Find Origin Of Mad Cow (mess of ID mistakes)

One Task Force Liberty Soldier killed, two wounded in Baghdad (#1738)

GOP rift looms over high court nominations –Evangelicals should keep quiet

Military Might Draft XM Satellite Radio

(Seeking to)U.S. Reasserts Control in Afghanistan

LAT: Bush Administration Faces Credibility Problem

Radical Islamic groups in Pakistan demand U.S. shut Guantanamo prison

Egypt Police Encircle Anti-Torture Protest

Iran President-Elect Vows to Pursue Nukes

Ros-Lehtinen aiming for top slot on House foreign affairs panel

Rumsfeld Says Defeat of Iraq Insurgency Is Up to Iraq Forces

Agents question, search expert lawyer in child porn cases

(Schiavo) Charges from inquiry unlikely (Sorry, Jeb)

US knows Zarqawi whereabouts: top US general

Chavez pledges plastic houses for poor

War of the mosques is shattering Iraq's hopes

Records show Democrats rejected for jobs

NYT: Florida County Ending Official Support of Gay Events

Jordan axes Saddam's new novel "Get out of here, curse you!"

Librarians, U.S. attorneys squaring off

Britain backs curb on cheap flights (global warming)

Photos Tell the Story of Iraq's Struggle

Rumsfeld: Insurgency could last 12 years (but defends "last throes")

Groups: U.S. Misuses Material Witness Law

Bush says U.S. seeks to eliminate torture worldwide

U.S. Plans Expansion of Crowded Iraq Prisons -LAT

General admits to secret air war (The Sunday Times Britain)

CEOs use magic, psychics

Israel sends letter of regret over passport kerfuffle

Zarqawi: US lied about contact

NBC: Saudi envoy to U.S. offers resignation (Bandar Bush Resigns)

Should I do another Advice Thread, or what?

Yes. Yes I would like a barrel of coke and a tub of popcorn.


Mission Impossible 3?

Ugh....I hate exclamation points.

Weird ass poll

It's Saturday nite. Why aren't you married people in bed, gettin' it on?

I couldn't care less

Do you find not conventionally attractive people more attractive if they

Nitey early morning, DU!!

I saw a democrat mobile today

Mars Attacks!

Damn, my first "goodnight" thread...

Refute thhis statement:: "Life sucks"

Is this the party to whom I am speaking?


The movie "Parenthood" is sooo sappy, but it gets me every time dammit

Help me settle an argument with Mr. Writer!

Hong Kong Phooey

My butt's itchy and hot


Great gift idea for SUV owners.

WHY does anyone think that Shaun of the Dead is funny?

Should I build my own 'still?

What is your favorite word??

My girls got rhythm... how about yours ?

Favorite Blind Faith album

Was Mr. Roarke satan, or some other sort of demon?

What is your favorite John Denver album?

Four Stone Heads and one Bonehead

What are the sign posts on your highway to hell ?

The photographer who took the "Mission Accomplished" pic? Larry DOWNING.

I know I am related to monkeys because...

Ok Loungers.... have a drink on me....

Serious question... why do republicans hate trees??

It's 5 am here and someone just set off some firecrackers

I hate to say it but modern rap really is crap.

this just in another Michael Jackson Story :)

Chet Helms, legendary producer has died...Summer of Love...

Very Sad news for you Star Wars Fans

So I screwed....oh never mind

Separated at birth?

empty nest syndrome


should I watch Rumsfeld on MTP or a Bob Newhart rerun on TV Land?

Donors Only? Congrats DU--you are your're own enemy.

So I stripped and screwed and . . .

The new and improved Japanese diet....

**NO** dangerous subjects!

Curtains up on risque US statues

The Constant Gardener.

So I screwed a stripper and I cant close my front door...

Mucho chores for macho men with Spain's new law

So I am listening to Led Zep and The Doors on a Sunday morning,

Formula that says Federer will win

true insanity........ I'm going to throw myself off a bridge

Churchgoers explore 'the force'

happy birthday juanita

Going to see Bob Dylan in a few hours

my sister and I just beat Super Mario World!!!

HELP!!! Hubbys Dad was here for dinner.

I just made a big ol' plate of fried rice for breakfast, with coffee.

Lucky me .....woke with a Panic attack

Now pets really are part of the family thanks to US 'paw laws'

8 foot bull shark kills 14 year old girl

Goodbye DUers...

Mother sets fire to daughter's rapist

Well I stripped a screw and now this consarndit thing won't work.

Someone please glue me to the Lounge

If laughter makes us healthier, should we watch more sitcoms

Paul Winchell, Voice of Tigger, Dies at 82.....(& Gargamel in "The Smurfs

Has DU ever featured Charles Goyette?

Heavy Metal bellydancers?

Would you go to a bar and access your bank account there?

OMG! Just heard a major fuckup on Discovery Channel

well Boston DUers, can't believe it but actually LUCKED OUT weather wise

Gary Oldman a Conservative?

Angry Cruise defends Scientology bar on drugs

Dream interpretation? Okay so my wife is on vacation, and I'm left here

Hogan's goat

So far, no major incidents with those Goddamned Nazis

A little late..but Tim Robbins on AirAmericaRadio "Mother Jones Radio"

What's for breakfast? I thought about waffles.

There ain't no Sunshine when shes gone

Barney Frank on Politically Direct AAR Right Now

It's Sunday.

Sometimes I think MoPaul, Swamp Rat and Dis Am should have a PS war,

Land of the Dead.... (Possible spoiler)

Shameless #1000 post

For that guy in your office who never stops farting

Language misuse rant #4006

Movie posters for movie prequels worth seeing...

So Roger Federer and Quentin Tarantino are brothers, right?

I kinda have a thing for Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm.....

Be as flirty as you wish on this thread

Someone set off an acid bomb in our mailbox

What is this summer's terror theme going to be?

Who does Sen. Susan Collins sound like

A little message about DU for our fuckface lurker pals

Anyone know any good websites that will send you coupons?

Where do you go to find new music?

Has anyone heard of this movie? "The Heart of the Beholder"

Help! How to Ship Sömething Cheap from Germany?

ummmm... I like them french fried taters...... ummmmmm

I'm supposed to get veneers on my teeth this week

LOL funny comedian on Comedy Central

La Cruise: The Next Nora Desmond?

Bathroom Surgery

If you have anything on my server...

Never could have imagined today back then....

What do you believe?

testing- personal avatar tool - feedback welcomed

I've decided to go the "passive-aggressive" route today

First Tony the Tiger, now this! Paul Winchell, voice of Tigger, dies

Peter Jackson really messed up on Return of the King.

Nasty shrew to the neighbourhood kids...

What did Ronny REALLY see that made him do this?

Is Tom Cruise Bi-Polar ?

"I bummed a smoke off the Marlboro Man."

Quite catchy tune... "Idiot son of an a$$hole"

Best free webmail?

was that an earthquake or am I insane?

Books: The DaVinci Code and Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

Windows fucking SUCKS.

Boxing is such a joke

Funny as the Yes Men? Newsbreakers!

"Kingdom of Heaven" was a great film

Who shops at Costco?

It's a slam dunk Mr. President.... but not like this one.....

Anyone ever had the Chicken of the Sea Shrimp?

What's the worst locally-produced TV show in your area?


Ever use "bypass" sites instead of registering to read news articles?

Intelligent Design vs. The Flying Spaghetti Monster Theory

Oh no. The Telephone Man. Sleazy little 70's hit. Anyone remember this?

Help--I agreed to take my 11 year old daughter to a Puffy Ami Yumi


Do you have a blog?

I am SOOO fucking glad that all the gift holidays are over until Christmas

72000 Duers!

This is why I've been a bit weird

I Hate My Father and His Wife

Are you Naughty...

Saw Batman Begins yesterday

Suggested next steps in human evolution:

So I go to nephews Bday Party & freepers were there en masse

Caption this photo of . . .

Shark attacks family... scary picture

New Cookbook From Chefs At Guantanamo

What TV show will get you out of a depressed mood?

What gender are you?

Help me pick out some new bumperstickers please

advice on buying a freezer

Mathematicians Against Drunk Deriving

Hello, Lounge!

Condo living sucks

Financial matters

If you get Sundance channel, how much do you pay per month?

AAAARGH! One bank of track lighting is f***ed up!

The RetroLounge Water Park is open for business!

what has 100 eyes and 50 teeth?

Firefox Users: What Downloads, Extensions, Ect.... Are Essential?


Five Instant Classics in My Collection

Finally, women CAN write their names in the snow!

So............... ..............what are you wearing?

My day at the Zoo (dial-up warning, lots of pics)

What would you rather sell off...

Yay. I'm going to see Revenge of the Sith again!! Yay!

More zoo pics . . . More Prairie Dogs :)

Mr. Scorpio, or anyone in the know

In honor of Forrest

Some say the world will end in fire/ some say in ice

For my 4,000th post, I would like to...

Why do people steal gas?

Anyone a flight attendant? Need advice...

Are you a spelling snob?

Tonight I am making Crab Rangoon and Stir-Fry. Ask me anything!


what do you give to someone who sends a letter announcing

Anyone else monitor the cops, firemen and ambulance on their scanner?

Job seeking advice

Blue Collar Comedy on Comedy Central--Am I the only one...?

I'm Traitor Joe. Ask me anything.

10 Desert Island Discs

The Stone Cold Crazery (sorry, Coldstone Creamery)

The obligatory "1000 posts, ask me anything" thread

Sentencing of that Killen man was cruel....and unimaginative

Weenie hates it when I kiss her nose.

Are you a packrat or a neatnik?

When freepers want fence, they need to know how much!

I am Lothar, King of the hill people

J-Lo Designs Bling for Pets

Foie gras thread in GD.

On a guilt trip

BOCA products now vegan!

Burned Qur'an angers U.S. Muslims

Cardinal joins anti-poverty rally

The "Conservative" Sermon On The Mount

When Mental Illness Makes News, Facts Often Missing in Action

Health Care Is a Right in America: If You Are In Prison

DR's do House Calls, Eng and Germany

Mad Cow-NOW we get the full(er) story

Climate and the Collapse of Maya Civilization

China Loosens Restrictions On Gay Web Sites

Gays at receiving end of bias claim

Buddhist group offers support for gays

The tough side of being gay

Two Spirit people emerging as tales are told

City Pulled Into County's Gay-Pride Controversy

2 charged with attacking lesbian couple

When Matt became Jade

F1 teams 'ready to boycott races'

7-0 RED SOX: Manny Grand Slam

Time to sweep the Orioles...

"Toy Cannon" had his number retired yesterday

Texas wins the College World Series!

Uh Oh BOSOX Fans: Shaughnessy Did It! "AL East Race A RUNAWAY"

has anyone noticed that the Yankees suck SO bad that . . .


Hmmm, Quinn and Althea haven't touched their food all day.

OK Cat Lovers, here's the car for you ...

Inuit shamanism and the code of silence

CEOs use magic, psychics

Come on guys, we're going to be late for church!

Proof that God DOES answer prayer

Wicked graphic

Soldiers in Iraq Take on Rove

Elshiva, just for you...

Does anyone plan to watch Shrub on Tuesday night?

Corsi reinvents himself with 'Iranian Freedom Foundation'

Enough said.

More zoo pics . . . More Prairie Dogs :)

My day at the zoo thread . . .

I think this place needs to re-think contest rules.

Ha! And I was feeling guilty about the "bye" thing!

KOEB Puppet Theatre, Episode I

Time to take these shits out in Hand cuffs...

Could someone give me an overview of the runoff situation in Iran?

Since the ED ruling , more than ever relieved Rossi isn't my guv

Report: U.S. in secret talks with Iraq insurgents

Lawmakers: Guantanamo Conditions Improve

AP's Tom Raum on Bush's upcoming speech and using the military as a prop

DU View of Kelo v. New London, eminent domain

MSNBC: "Rove assumes more public role." Testing the waters for 2008, Karl?

The USA's world image

Saudis and Citigroup and Bankruptcy bill "Farenheit 9-11" MM said

Emerging scandals put family's reputation in peril (Ohio Tafts)

Sheila Jackson-Lee on CNN right now!

Sunday news shows

Rumsfeld on FOX

Didn't I hear Ed Schultz would also be heard by the troops?

Durbin's Comment

The reason there are so many Iraqis being killed ?

"Offensive" wars are seldom successful....

self delete and added to this thread....

Rumsfeld on MTP.

I know it's early Sunday, but please read Frank Rich of the NYT

Rummy defending himself and the war on MTP

From Salon War Room re Kerry's letter: "Where Are the Other Democrats?"

FAIR pokes holes in Estrich's defense of her employment at FOX:

War on Terror vs WWII

Should Iranian Ayatollahs have atom bombs?

Wiki Reviews Guantanamo Docs

A. Gonzalez onCharlie Rose tomorrow,site says can e-mail questions,

Money lapses causing damage to Democrats (Jeb says pathetic

So I watched ORWELL ROLLS IN HIS GRAVE last night on DVD -

"we can`t show what happened" the us truck bombing

Obama's Stand Against Patriot Act Cheered

Meeting to focus on Bush impeachment...

I'm Listening to Dick Talk to Wolf (CNN Now), And It Strikes Me

Face The Nation sexes up the broadcast?

Republican Projection...

"I respectfully decline"

Video: General Schwartzkopf on "the question of going to Bagdad" 1991 Prosecute Bush for War Crimes

4th25 -- US Military Rappers Telling the Story from Iraq

It's not enough to know what we want to do, we have to know how to do it.

Kennedy killing Rummy

Is there any way out of Bush's Folly?

Blair's Son to Intern with Republicans in US House of Representatives!

Who is your 08 favorite supporting for Congress in 06?

U.S. held secret talks with insurgents in Iraq

Anyone Have Info on the September 24 Peace Rally in DC?

Bush and the Repubs have gotten us into a war we cannot end ....

Transcript: Rummy Lie Fest on FNS (Up Next on Fox News @4pm CST)

Dick Cheney hospital??

U.S. says Iraqis may fight rebels for years (as in "a decade or more")

How can we fight the Eminent Domain decision by the Supreme Court?

Clinton supports Billy Graham

Poll: Americans Disagree With Bush on Undisclosed Propaganda

EPA, Defense Department Touting Pro-Industry Study On Safe Levels of Rocke

Inspector General Says Homeland Security Struggling With Port Security

Clark: "Support Eric Massa for Congress"

Rice silent on women’s rights in Middle East

Video Of Bono Interview From 'Meet the Press'

Is Tom Friedman prejudice towards the French?

What are we fighting for?

Has anyone heard of Christopher J. Falvey or his nv/no website?

A Real Eye Opener From One In Your Face Woman!

Why I don't think it matters whether Durbin apologized or not

Yesterday I was in the bookstore

Iran Elections

Ohio Congressional election Aug 2

Brzezinski speaks truth to power re 9/11, Iraq in Dems radio response!

My LTTE re: a Dean cartoon in my local paper

What kind of crap reporting is this? - Re Dean visit to SC

Who Are Americans to Think That Freedom Is Theirs to Spread?

Freeper goes on a rant.

Comments on my LTTE?

How many people needed for critical mass? US Population is 300,000,000-ish

Denver students rally for Responsible Journalism at FOX-TV

What do you think Bush will talk about on Tuesday? I think he'll use 9-11

URGENT: A Liberal Soldier in Iraq Condemns Bush's War

MUST SEEanti-war music video"None Of Us Are Free If One Of Us Is Chained"

What nation is the freest in the world? I know it's not US

Reuters: "It's going to take STABILITY to turn Iraq around, NOT SPEECHES"

Here's a question... Bush has declared war on..

OK, what is it about George Allen?

What is the best right-wing argument for the war in Iraq ?

Grilled Rumsfeld - A Video Diary From Today's MTP

LA Times Strikes Again!

DU Democrats in the Bellingham WA area..

Durbin Apologizes AGAIN

Where are the other Democrats?

My Liberal Values

Must Read: Take it to Karl - From the Soldiers.....

Why are Democratic Candidates SO afraid to say, Yes, I WILL raise Taxes...

Peace Movement Must Prepare for Variants of "Classical" Draft

Corsi reinvents himself with the 'Iranian Freedom Foundation'

Will the DSM Amount to Anything Either in the Media, or the Congress?

Should there be an independant investigation of the Downing Street Memo?

Listening to President Tuesday?

How the Neocons keep getting Democrats to apologize.....

Question for everyone who supports "universal mandatory military service"

Should Guantanamo be closed? MSNBC poll. Let's flip these numbers!

How come Bush, A supposed man of God

VIDEO ..a must see John Pilger "Breaking the Silence"..... Afghanistan

Ode to Republicans!

John Conyers: DSM – The Story that We Wouldn’t Let Die