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Archives: June 28, 2005

A Guide to the President's First Post-Downing Street Speech on Iraq

Illegality of Preventive Attack and Unilateral Use of Force by Phil Shiner

The ayatollah's new reign

Antiterror tactics chill U.S. campuses

Drowning in Filth

Pirates of the Corporation (MoJo)

Consistent China policy eludes US

Guantanamo detainees remain in legal limbo

Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone

Iraq: A bloody mess

Understanding Judy Miller: Judy the Mattress

Church not speaking up for women

GIs find it hard to predict which Iraqi soldiers will turn against them

Japan grows wary of China's money clout

Australia's worsening drought demands complete lifestyle change

The US to resume production of Pu-238. Everyone on earth will die.

What 9/11 media have you been exposed to?

Guy Says Blast In Basement of WTC Before Planes Hit.........

Did UBL have anything to do with facilitating the events of 9/11?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 6/28/05

How bad is it in Palmdale?

Looking for good spam filter.

Yeah, Afghanistan is doing great, Dick. Video.

RNEP...How much more insane does George W. Bush need...

Can the Corporate Mentality be...

Arnie's Secret Police*** National Guard sets up state intelligence unit

The Sunshine Boys

U.S. Military to Expand Prisons in Iraq

I'm watching Dean again on TDS, and I think he did really great.

The Ten Commandments for Politicians

Neat Florida hurricane facts I saw today.


On religious attacks..

Reminder: Abu Ghraib photos release is Thur 6/30

Bush's First Post-Downing Street Speech on Iraq

BTK Killer on Countdown

Are you Ready to email the media?

Michael Smith interviewed on To The Point tonight

pro-Bush Rabbi says Hitler was right about the media

US outsources Iran invasion to Iranian military....

Full Coverage: The Downing Street Memo

Stonewall riots: June 27th, 1969

" U.S. Has Plans to Again Make Own Plutonium"

I have a question about American politics

A New Alternative to the Theory of Evolution: Spiteful Design!

How many times are we going to hear BTK confession details?

Oil Settles a Touch Below $61 on High Demand, Iran Jitters

Reading Soldiers Names Killed in Iraq and Afghanistan CSPAN House floor

Is "philanthropist" the Wal Mart heir's REAL legacy?

I just got home...NO SCOTUS retirements?

So we're fighting a war allegedly to free people . . .

Cheney visited hospital, but not for heart (Vail Daily News)

Does anyone know what the SCOTUS ruled on file sharing ?

Is this the title of cuckoobananas speech?Texas Chainsaw Massacre.n/t

Well, What Were The SCOTUS Decisions Today

I LOVE Fox's Web Site

German police baffeled by Bush poo-flags

How in God's name is it a "liberal" Supreme Court. 7/9 repub. appts.

Santorum friend to animals!?

This is just disgusting..................

Where's Paul Bremer?

What is the best book for a beginner installing Mandrake 10.1.

"Democrats, get ahead of the curve" II

Not to beat a dead horse but suppose it had been Elian Gonzalez'...

World Tribunal on Iraq Preliminary Declaration

Sniper, 22, killed British peace activist to "teach him a lesson"

Why are Americans the most violent "advanced" nation?

Now 'friends', Poppy hosts Bill Clinton at Kennebunkport estate

I really Hate Neil Cavuto

HBO is running "Citizen Cohn" again

Why doesn't the world just slow the fuck down?

Did San Walton deserve his Silver Star?

Ed Klein writes Parade's Personality Parade. That explains it.

dems run Jesus in 08...Rove's TV ads destroy the candidate

Judge Hems Terror Evidence in Calif. Case

Please don't judge me by the actions of the State of Ohio

What time is the karl rove production tomorrow?

Plane crash kills son of Wal-Mart founder

Tired of Support the Troops magnets?

Anyone catch Bunny Greenhouse testimony on cspan2?

DU this poll about the Ten Commandments...

Michael Simmons: Oil Fields of Saudi Arabia are nearing exhaustion.

Paul Bremer now on a commission investigating Iraq govt corruption!?!

Was Andrea the ##### Mitchell just on my TV!?!

Ask Meghan O'Sullivan a question

Is Bolton somehow hooked into Plame affair?

I got a survey from Howard Dean and the Democratic NTL committe

A Wingnut Explains His FEAR of Hillary

Bill Clinton and bush I take a boat ride

A Little Something To Brighten Your Evening! (NEW CNN/GALLUP #'S)

Got a phone call after my Letter to the editor was printed in the paper..

A war of disabilities

Are they releasing the court ordered torture pics June 30??

XM's satellite radio network could get drafted for military use

On c-span: Curt Weldon R-Penn with a chart on Al Qaeda

The house had a memorial for fallen soliders

Hearing on Iraq Reconstruction Projects

Freepers display their ignorace (this time, on 10 Commandments ruling)

Have any DUers had a near death experience? The kind where

Don't Call Me Crazy On The 4th Of July

Nancy Grace is leaving a wet spot on her chair.

c-span 2: Sen. Byron Dorgan talking Halliburton reconstruction

The US did not ratify the UN Convention against Torture

Thousands die in Iraq’s year one

C-Span quoted Democrat senator today saying Gitmo is a fab place???

Will there be a Democratic rebuttal to Man-or-Monkey tomorrow night?

Pentagon Lies About US Military Deaths in Iraq

So remind me again, why is Judith Miller going to the slammer,

World Tribunal on Iraq Meeting the week, no coverage from Media *LINK*

PHOTOS My Child was injured at a restaurant, what should I do?

Congrats to my Cousin!

Hi freeway bloggers... here's simple instructions on link

Ok... I'm calling bullshit.... Disapproval ratings reach a high point ?

NPR:"Healing a Deep Wound from Iraq" (One Wounded, former Soldier's Story)

Masters of War

Kurdish leaders in Iraq opposed bush's invasion.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Shout Out


I could care less if Bill Clinton's hanging around Bush Sr.

Just thinking of the day that Baghdad fell :CNN Intl

Just remember folks; BTK was a Registered Republican and a Church Elder

So what is Puss in Boots' speech tomorrow night going to be?

Just back from dinner at repub/fundie inlaws...

Taught class on Ft. Bragg tonight...

Media Matters office evacuated today

Clinton rides on elder Bush's boat


The Oregonian responded to my letter to the editor!

What movies best reflect the US's foreign policy?

Caption this pic of shrub

I am PROUD to be a part of this crazy group of patriots

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday June 28

Sibling Rivalry --PIX-->>>

Could you live on $12,380.80 a year working double full time?

If I burn your flag, I don't harm your love for your country, do I?

Most jawdropping bumper sticker!

American Media spits on dead American soldiers, AGAIN and AGAIN and AG

HELLO DU, Wash. Post A1 on all the Downing Street Minutes/Memos.

Australian state set to ban glue traps for mice

SCOTUS - has thomas ever differed from scalia?

Miss America shuttled to CMT

Pics from Saturday's Fox News Lies Denver protest (large files)

My rebuttal to the Christopher Hitchens hit piece on DSM

Justice Brennan quote on flag-burning. Something to chew on.

Now that the Supremes smacked down the 10...

Air America Radio ad for DU?

Is a potential Chinese acquisition of UNOCAL a national security threat? uses Chuck Hagel's speech in an ad

Anyone want to buy my cancer cure?

William the Conquer, Alexander The Great,....Bush The Wimp???

DeLay's staff a no show for his constituents.

World Tribunal on Iraq: "We the people of conscience decided to stand up."

Conservative MP from Langley is predicting a drop in traditional marriage.

"Ann Widdecombe to the rescue"?

Pentagon Lies About US Military Deaths in Iraq

Agency funding raises 'red flag'

WalMart heir dies in plane crash

Police chief scotches G8 security men reports

Rains Cause Flooding and Slides, 39 Killed in El Salvador and Honduras

U.S. moves to supply Egypt air defense units

An eye for an eye, rules Iran court

Watchdog Group Files Complaint Vs. Frist

Child burnings increase in Afghanistan

Farmers Protesting in Paraguay

Syria Delegation to Travel to Iraq

New UN-sponsored project seeks to rescue Amazon from deforestation

D.C. Battling Boom in Illegal Work on Homes

States Asked to Cover Drugs Excluded from Medicare

Spokane Mayor West Appeals Ruling Allowing Recall Petition to Go Forward

Son of Wal-Mart founder killed in plane crash


Israel apologizes for Mossad attempts to gain New Zealand passports

Strikes intensify against Iraqi troops

2(FL) counties risk lawsuits for spurning touch-screen voting machines

A New Law Dividing Iraq into 28 Electoral Districts

Pentagon reaffirms rules for doctors handling terror suspects

Zombie dogs brought back to life!!

Court Strikes a Blow Against Freedom Online

Rehnquist confounds speculation over resignation

NYT: Panel Says NASA Still Falls Short on (shuttle) Safety Issues

Korea Stops Funding for Neocon Think Tank

WP/AP: Air Force Names Rabbi As Adviser On Religion

U.S. grapples with intense Chinese spying

Republicans want sugar fix in CAFTA fight

900 Iraqis dead in 6 weeks – humanitarian work continues as crisis deepens

NYT: China Economy Rising at Pace to Rival U.S.

NYT:WH Said to Reject Panel's Call for Greater Pentagon Role in Covert Ops

NYT:Bush to Tell Why He Sees 'Clear Path to Victory'(in address to nation)

Watchdog group files FEC charge against Frist for '00 filing problems

WP:Dems Criticize (Halliburton) Payments:Auditors Question $1B Iraq Costs

Poll: Disapproval of Bush at High Point (CNN/Gallup)

Virgin Atlantic link to boost U.K. tourism to Cuba

Gold Star Mothers to Admit Non - Citizens

UN: Absolute Ban On Sending People To Be Tortured

WP: From Memos, Insights Into Ally's Doubts On Iraq War (DSM p. A1)

ABC News headline: WalMart Heir dies in Small Plane Crash

Christian Groups Plan More Monuments - Washington Post

Sunni men in Baghdad targeted by attackers in police uniforms

No such thing as a t. cruise, according to Chemical Imbalance

Star Wars Empire of Dreams is on A&E

Community sing-a-long thread!

Any Yahoo! Euchre players in here?

Tornado warning in Osceola WI

In The Rough - Funny Video

Tom Cruise Is MY New DOCTOR!! and I am THRILLED to have

Ow ow ow ow ow ow!!!!

The video clip of Cruise on the Today Show... etc.

What's everyone doing for the 4th of July weekend?

Cleveland Indians Fans: "Coco Crisp" Is Up To Bat

I'm looking for someone to hold my umbrella over me.

Thunder storm is rolling in outside my house right now

Do you have a good speaking voice?

With two of the voices behind the cartoon Winnie-the-Pooh

Keep the fires going while I am away.

Wookie vs. Klingon. Who wins in a fight?

Watching "Nine Lives" starring Paris Hilton on satellite.

Air Force One: Bush is President instead of Harrison Ford

Ronald Reagan -- He didn't die after being shot!!!!

I'm so very sad. My Weimy either killed or attacked and scared off...

Get yer ZombyLove

Anything I can do about this?

Star Wars Episode III cracks all-time Top 10

Ok, who just saw the King Kong trailer?

Cable wins Supreme Court battle

Billionaire John Walton dies and I'm his heir!

"Notorious" on TCM at 10 PM EST

My summer vacation in Alaska

If you get served crappy food in a restaurant, do you just take it?

I think I'm getting old...

My sister is in labour!

Maryland/DC/Virginia baseball fans. Which team do you support?

Dan Shaughnessy has cursed the BoSox

y'think maybe there's a parallel universe next to ours where bush is cool?

Yesss,he shot me out of a cannon.

Government May Restrict Use Of Genetically Modified Farmers

Jumping the shark - my take on this week's Time cover.

What the hell? I am TIRED

You just KNOW Jerrod is so fucking sick of those Subway sandwiches.

Post on this thread, or I'll drown this puppy!

Dammit! I just made eye contact with Plato

Which would you date? Bruce Willis or Tom Cruise

Hello Alabama Du'ers! I'm in Montgomery, staying in a Hampton's


Yo, Mayberry Machiavelli. I won't post there. Go ahead, drown the puppy.

Anyone else watching the end of the world on the National Geographic

The Cowardly Lion (pic)

Yeah, I know we already did pics today, BUT....

The definition of scampish

Is my new display pic a little too hyper?

Good Running Songs???

You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy. You can't keep your eyes open....

Daily Show: Micheal Jackson is to blame for Bush's failures

This "Mind of Mencia" show is going to suck.

I'm getting old, dammit!

Cigarette-free for 16 days

Some help with Blog template editing

I'm watching Casino, ya fuckin' gabone... ask me anything.

"NO MORE EXCUSES! END THE ABUSES! " Lend Some Lounge Support!

Anyone else watching the end of the world on the National Geographic

Oy Veh... I think I'm getting the rare and dredded...

I had a hot fudge sundae for dinner.

Don't Be A Larbage! Pick Up Your Garbage!

Who the Hell is Jimmyjazz ??

Holy crap...I finally started writing today.

Excellent news from Sirius's surgery this morning.


Alright time for a romance thread!

Who was looking for a protest song the other day?

Cow Tipping BEGINS at 15

Philly Live8 - great lineup but what the fuck - Toby Keith??

If you want to do romance right, you come see me

My name is Miss Ameri-bush.

so is there any myspacers here?

Who will tour longer--the Stones or U2?

Foreign Domination?

My sons are in labour!

Check me out!! New Haircut and Glasses! (shameless vanity thread!)

We have a new cat (kitten)

Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world

Question with the "West Wing"

I've got a fever.

Is this cheese?

After 8 solid weeks, I just turned the telly on.

Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are in conjunction tonight.

alright DU

Goran or Goran?

John Walton died and all I got was this lousy mountain.

Oh god how I want to copycat JimmyJazz's thread.

I'm sleepy, I want a cookie and my butt cheeks are numb.....

Did I miss the party? We went over 72,000 registrations some time ago

Which page is your DU bookmark?

Two weeks of mod-dom.

Would you feel sorry for this guy?

Play the kitten war

I think I'm in love with mary carey, wow my kind of repug. wish

Sleater Kinney on Letterman.

caption or photoshop this kitty!

If ya don't pay your exorcist...

Guys, marketers wanna know, are you metrosexual or retrosexual?

Admit it, are you blazin' the crop right now?

I hate to admit this. I am a helpless female when it comes to grilling.

so I finished taking the GREs today

WINNER of the June DU Photo Contest: Algomas!

watch the KING KONG movie trailer HERE:

Hypothetical: If you found out that someone you only know online...

first time ever tonight, kurt angLe to take on the nature boy, ric fLair


Fowl lip balm flying off shelves (Chicken Poop)

Best travel sites?

Put on Savage Nation! Quick!

I Just Got Back From The Beach... SHARKS!!!

Zombie dogs brought back to life!!

My evil Reagan Goat tattoo.

Do you hate it when people say "yeah but he got paid a lot of money

Seriously, does my avatar and/or sig line offend anybody?

Even Shallower Alert! Post a picture of someone you think is attractive,

Just a friendly reminder to new puppy/kitty owners (or old ones!)

We need more Liberals on my board

"W" 04 = worthless."..fingerpainted in the dust on the back of

This would make a good horror movie..except it is for real..people want to

Guns Germs and Steel comes to PBS in July

Sinclair Broadcasting at it again....

"Activity in the Yankee Bullpen"

Yankees are unfortunely winning

Roenick to hockey fans: Think we're greedy? Don't come to games

John Rocker released by minor league team

If anybody's here I need somebody to talk to badly.

I will be in Massachusetts July 26-Aug 4th. Any takers?

I met europegirl4jfk in San Francisco!


Wow Look at The Support Kerry is Getting in this GDP Poll

Kerry files for Veterans Budget Increase & A MA letter from JK

Kerry suggests what Bush should say tomorrow

Calling all you folks who are creative at naming...

Here's to Algomas...winner and new champion!

Some advice on taking pictures at an ice skating event


KOEB 6/27

If you fear that you will pop an artery if you watch our feckless

Dems target pre-Iraq war intelligence

Reading Soldiers Names Killed in Iraq and Afghanistan CSPAN

Did Bush take the blame for Iran falling into hard-liner hands?

Question: Can military officers be impeached?

I do hope that the Dems are ready to come out with a good response to

Dean's hair. He got a lot of kidding about his AWFUL haircuts when he was

Democracy bonds! Help the DNC! Get em while they're hot!

Finally, tomorrow night, we'll get at the truth about Iraq!!!

It it possible puppet monkey's speech tomorrow is about Iran?

Hey...Keith Olbermann is sort of okay..but Andrea Mitchell? Greenspan's

An uninformed vote?

All of our laws should pass the "Fidel Castro Test"

Bush's speech will fail because Bush is angry at us.

4Th of July Protesting for the 1st time-help w/Oregon laws?

This constitutional ammendment will increase flag burning if ratified

Should Democrats let the Flag Amendment pass and fight other battles?

Somebody tell me about Dick Cheney....

Bush' Political Capital...

I wonder what one of Bush's autographed flags would go for on eBay.

Help me think...working on a frame to shut repugs up!

I heard on Keith Olbermann

The NEW "V for Victory" sign.....!!

2008 Swing State Scenario: Allen versus Clinton. Vote!

I'm glad scrubbo is giving a speech tomorrow night

Bush Kicks Off White House T-Ball Season

Some pukes think scrubbo is like Churchill

Can someone enlighten me!!!!

Street Fight (documentary) politics in America.

Test to Vote

I don't like the new Democratic Party website

Escalating hateful rhetoric from Republicans: getting out of control?

WA Post: "solid majority agree with Bush that U.S. must remain in Iraq"

Grr. I hate this argument

What do you think of the new DNC website layout? Tell them.

PBS: Frontline - Private Warriors....Repeat

Bush ratings dropping. What is Rove up to?

How much of chimpy's babble will you watch?

humane society donates to santorum


Texas, I am so sorry "Sen. Hutchison to Seek Third Term"

Speaking of flag desecration

Democrat ads that would support banning Flag Amendment

"The Clear Path to Victory " Tuesday night theme

Wow, some Americans really are stupid!

Wal-Mart heir dies in plane crash

(NYT) John Kerry: The Speech the President Should Give

My Response to Ed Gordon. His6/21 Roundtable spoke of "Mock" DSM Hearings

Telling WINGNUTS to FU*K Off!!! So. California Latinos STRIKE BACK

Dems: Vote for the Flag Amendment or get your ass kicked

Washington in crisis over opposition to Iraq war

Bush warns Blair he must boost UK forces

Norman: A source who may not be worth protecting (Plame Outing)

'Downing Street memo' raises questions

Gene Robinson: Runaway Racism

From Memos, Insights Into Ally's Doubts On Iraq War (WAPO-p. A1)

Getler: Casualties and Coverage in the Balance (addresses Milbank)

The New World Order (Tony Judt - NYRB)

Inside the Mind of an Iraqi Suicide Bomber

Iraq War Crimes testimony in Turkey

NYT, "The Not-So-Long Gray Line".

'50s redux -- Rove revives McCarthyism

The President Addresses the Nation--John Conyers

Mencken's Creed

What if we, like BWC, invest poorly? - LTE Toledo Blade

Iraq: A bloody mess

This thread needs maximum visibility

Wonder Woman vs. George W. Bush

Bush's Alternative Speech

Optimism fades, but war goes on

Brain Dead American Democracy kept alive through feeding tubes

Powers swirl around Uzbekistan

India's Afghan nightmare

The Speech the President Should Give, by John F. Kerry

The party's over for betrayed Republican (DSM part of reason)

Something is bothering the FBI (

Newsview: Troops a favorite Bush audience

Hitchens: Don't "Son" Me - End this silly talk about sacrificing children

Molly Ivins: Batten down the hatches

The Use of Depleted Uranium (DU) Weapons(World Iraq Tribunal

Scott Ritter Interview

India demands 195,000 H-1B VISAs through WTO

Debtor Nation at Red Alert

Asbestos Study Looks at Environmental Impact

Wanna build strawbale structures in Siberia?

France gets nuclear fusion plant

Sustainablility advocates, natural systems people check in here.

Britain rebuffs (US) call to block anti-Aids needle exchanges

'Snipers with children in their sights '

Israel reports 'Syrian gunfire'

Aaronovitch: How did the far Left manage to slip into bed with the

Former MI5 Agent Says 9/11 An Inside Job

Same fireball?

Democratic Underground cited on FTW re: Hani Hanjour/Mosear Caned

red headbands,attendant warnings,and cockpit intrusion on Flight 93

Rodriguez interviewed by A. Jones

2 (Fla) counties risk lawsuits for spurning touch-screen voting machines

If there is no way to reliably verify votes aren't we all blind?

Protests at DLC announced -- any other protests?

The REAL reason Kerry did not fight

When the DNC asks for your money, what should you say?

Multimedia CD almost ready; need a few more seedplanters

Live Webcast of Carter-Baker Commission Hearing 6/30

BBV "Paper Ballots Hand Counted" only way to secure elections


Taka a look at what OHIO thinks about Bush and tell me Kerry lost it..

"Duke" Cunningham Forum and...

Allstate's California Customers in Line for Premium Credits, Refunds

Gov. Comes to the Aid of GOP Donor

Poll: Californians Say State Is On Wrong Track (59%)

any word on who Ahnuld is going to appoint to the State Supreme Court

Sonoma County Humane Society swamped by pit bull sterilizations

Has C-SPAN2 (US Senate) coverage been taken over in your county?

Vilsack to lead Democratic council - DM Register

Wesley Clark

A (Marblehead, MA) Hero Returns Home, for the Final Time

Kennedy "no more Mr. Nice Guy".

FBI Whistle-Blower to Run for Congress

FBI whistleblower Rowley running for Congress as a Dem

Video card help.

Windows XP- OEM or Retail?

Anybody know anything about R. Doug Lewis and the Connally campaign???

I'd like your thoughts on Strayhorn vs. Perry

Dallas: Royce West's Update on the Lege, July 6th

You're invited: Election Assessment Hearing in Houston tomorrow--Weds!

Texas Long-Term Plan to Protect Endangered Wildlife/Habitat

Any Texans want to ride the PEACE TRAIN with us??

UN highlights Brazil gun crisis

Kerry ~ Bush, This Would Have Made My Day

ACTION ALERT:Chris Matthews: Labor Doesn't Want to Debate

"I wouldn't be surprised" is NOT a positive argument for states of affairs

Jon Stewart just took a great stab at the fundie nutjobs just now!

The curious world of Corporate George....

Backseat/ Armchair parents; Please offer safety advice for youn\gd women

Breaking: Bush threatens to Nuke Aruba unless they fork over the blonde

MAJORITY of Americans say BUSH LIED to America on Iraq.

I think I've figured out the flag-burning thing.

Night of the Long Knives........Hitler's Blood Purge of Political Rivals

IRAQ JAILS: Expanded to hold 16,000 Detainees

Incoming; Iraq parliament member, 3 bodyguards killed by bomb

Incoming; Suicide bomber kills three Iraqis in hospital

Bolton outed Valerie Plame?


Incoming; Car bomb kills four, wounds 33 in crowded Baghdad market

Iraq: the key to victory

So, is bush still a "popular wartime president"?

Draft of Bush Iraq Speech Leaked (Satire...kinda)

June 28, 2004; Iraq interim President Allawi & "handover of sovereignty"

GOP Abandons Injured/Disabled Vets

If you haven't seen this Frontline check it! "Private Warriors"

If you held a well-paid gov't job & were 'known' to R-Senator on the

did anybody catch tucker tonight. he had on a lady that was

Supreme Court closes door on reporters

ICCC Name Check; Fund to help family of slain soldier

Spy Reports an Issue in Bolton Nomination

"C'mon, I lied. So scampish"

Incoming update; Iraq parliament member, 4 others killed by bomb

Hah - Woman Officer asked "Bow Tie" Carlson to Enlist

FYI rightwingnuts; DEMS can be RIGHTWING and REPUBS can be LEFTWING

One side of town Billy Graham Crusade..other side of town Gay Pride Parade

Despair deepens for Iraqis.

Conscience Of a Juror

If you came home, clicked on the Power-Strip/Surge Suppressor and heard

Tar Heels' doubts grow; majority now opposed.

"We have to finish what we started"...well DUHHH stupid people, we STARTED

The Dark Lord drinks unicorn blood, prepares for his return to power....

Tom DeLay: No corporate Waiver Left Behind

Incoming; Suicide attacker kills three, injures 13 south of Iraq

sneak preview of bush*'s speech (new toon 6/27)

June 2005 worse than June 2004 worse than June 2003.

Some of the freepers think that crazy demon Fred Phelps is a liberal

My Gawds!! What has happened to AMERICAN MENS BODIES?????

"I haven't altered my diet one iota"

Faux Moos is REALLY getting up my nose tonight.

Police open fire on Iraq crowd

EXCUSE ME, Faux Moos, but WTF is it with your idiotic nonsensical

Re-Arrests Ordered in Pakistan Rape Case

So, Crapo & Bunning Resent The Comparisons To. . .

Former MI5 Agent Says 9/11 An Inside Job

When the late William Shirer was asked if the world will ever see a

New Liberal Evening News Broadcast Every Mon & Wed Night

I can spot a whore from 10 miles away

Senator Biden answers my email about Rove's attack.

roll up your sleeves, clean up the ape shit, and take this country BACK!

Here's what I imagine will happen tonight...

Majority of Americans believe Bush administration misled public on Iraq: p

So, what time is the motherf#@ker disrupting the airwaves tonite? n/t

You know I realized why U.S. media simply do not ask people

FBI trawls libraries for terrorist readers

Some cartoons that I picked out.

"Dog" Chapman, the Bounty Hunter, on CNBC last night

I am going to take a crack at some of the possible partcipants in

Anyone knowledgeable about the War Powers Act?

Ladies, relax!! Overturning Roe v Wade won't outlaw abortion! Chill!

If the pendulum swing back to the left and the Dems control both

GMA Caption under Condi: "Why don't people trust Bush?"

question about Vietnam

can't we hire an actor to read tonight's empty slogans?

William Dean Howells speaking in 1912

Clinton got a blow job;Bush is blowing his job.Tell me which is worse.

If he keeps repeating his tired old phrases "killers",terraists", "freedom

lol per BBC - President Bush faces second term blues (like their pic of *

Dammmit...Condi Rice on GMA

List of Carnivore and Eschelon keywords.

Schrubs speech tonight.

MI5 agent David Shayler

for w's speech I bought 40 little flags & plan on waving them furiously

The unofficial war: U.S., Britain led massive secret bombing campaign....

Poll Says Congressional Democrats Could Gain in 2006

The nutjob in Arizona

Prepare yourselves, gas could hit $3.00 a Gallon.

Medical Marijuana Vote In Rhode Island Today (VETO PROOF)

Kerry to Speak on Bush's Failings in Iraq

FUHRMAN Graverobbing the SCHIAVO Case (Book)

"Boeing to lose market share if China Unocal bid blocked..."

Could the unocal bid be upping the ante for war?

A true Cop for Christ (sarcasm intended)

Conservative Defends Bush On DSM - Says Cherrypicking Taking Place

This Evolution Thing, Seriously Now.

"If Bush capable of embarrassment or critical thought" (Iran, Iraq irony)

Get ready to pay your utility bill to Halliburton

they NEVER miss an opportunity to say, 'We grieve over every life lost'

Why does bush hate America....giant flip-flop


C-SPAN3 V.A. Budget Shortfalls

Koran in the Toi Toi.

A suggestion

Hispanic vote

Rove grooming Rudy for VP slot in 2008?

LOL Laurer: "If you want to see the presidents address tonight. . ."

AAR - See what happens when the other side has a voice....

AAR ad -- Laura Bush in basement of White House...

Purpose of tonight's Bushfest... warming up Americans for the IRAN attack?

kkkondi: 'nothing of value is ever earned without sacrifice' fuck U lady

The Speech the President Should Give

Create your own Bush Speech!

CNN Poll: Do you approve of President Bush’s handling of the Iraq war?

2nd Shark Attack in 3 days off coast of Florida

'be patient, more sacrifice, now shut the fuck up'

Dupe - sorry.

SCOTUS Lets Cable Firms Bar Rivals From Internet Lines

"The Traditional Definition Of Marriage"

This has GOT to be the US Army's latest recruiting effort...

I cant watch Bush tonight

Bush on Timetables and Exit 1999

California Guard 'monitoring' Cindy Sheehan - warns of riots(!)

Army recruit: I was kicked 'like a football'

So does this mean that Faux News is responsible for the

Jeremy Perkins: Scientology, Untreated Schizophrenia, and Murder

Kennedy begins pre-speech games - now C-SPAN 2

Few Americans Familiar with more than 4 of the 10 Commandments

I was surprised to hear Rev. Billy Graham say this :

MSNBC story of "faulty intelligence" that triggered raising alert level

when the world looks at bush, they see us.

Who is it, involved with the NYC Olympic Bid..

John (Walmart ) Walton Dies In Plane Crash

So where IS Cheney the Dick?

"... against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Rep. Slaughters Blog "GOP" went obstructionist on Vet healthcare!!

Deal with the Devil?

Who's the shady character in the NYC Olympic bid?

I think Venus Williams cheats.

ICCC name checks;

Dorgan on Senate floor dishing dirt on Halliburton from yesterday's

bush to use soldiers as a backdrop. that sums up the whole hoax.

A lot of Republicans seem to be recovering from their delusional

Nike = Major Threat...Please Boycott!

Sign at gas station: "Now hiring, many careers available"

Thoughts on Fascism

Mike Luckovich's toons just get better and better. Today - Ralph Reed

Morgan Spurlock on The Daily Show tonight

Do you care if Jesus was black or white?

Caption the Chimp! (photo)

It only takes one pebble to start a landslide

New Blumrich vid.

web sites for Washington journal watchers to continue topics....

The Center For American Progress: Time to Separate Fact from Fiction

Bolton nomination

Need help with a decision for 2006

Post 2001 Iraq and Afghanistan Scholarships. Pass on to Vets.

Crap Transactions from SKorea to NKorea

Rocker Neil Young lends star power to Canada's Live 8 lineup

13lb 12 oz baby born

The anger one sees in RWers comes from the rights that blacks, Jews,

I just got a Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation catalog in the mail

" the two follies, Christianity and Islam" (the oil war)

Consumer Confidence: How do you feel about the current economy?

Will You Watch Bush's Speech Tonight?

How many still have their Kerry-Edwards stickers on their car?

george, i think we need to have a talk, not a speech

I haven't watched CNN in a long time....

Nearly 300 Groups Reject Nuclear Energy as a Global Warming Solution

hey bush, what part of 'America Wants Out of Iraq' don't you understand?

U.S. headed for disaster when efforts in Iraq collapse

Poppy, Clinton Play Golf -Rove WH ends up looking like nursery school

If Christians knew Jesus was black

Franken is a rerun. Try Thom Hartmann!

Consumer Confidence: How do you feel about the economy six months from now


What are the chances that Bush, during his speech tonight, will ask..

If you dislike all Christians, you are a Bigot

Any criticism of MY group makes YOU a BIGOT!

CNN: Presidential speech tonight about "The War on Terror"

I always get a laugh when Christians complain about being "persecuted"

Spend some time with the DU Admin

Blah3 Op-Ed: 'A Year of So-Called Sovereignty'

MoveOn PAC Response to Senator Chuck Hagel's Request to Pull Ad Criticizin

Survey Finds Most Support Staying in Iraq

bush's words on Support Victims of Torture Day at UN...

The New McCarthyism

bush: 'it doesn't make sense to have a timetable' Iraq War Letters To Editor Campaign (Email)

Britain's fertility timebomb

I received a "so-called" AAR promotion from XM radio today

Corroboration for Huffington's Cheney story from Daily News's Lloyd Grove

Iraqi: "The Americans brought electricity to my ass house."

It's Hard Work

Newsmax: Dems Eye Impeachment Strategy

I'm just completely disgusted. Re: The Washington Post 200


bush said, June 2003, "combat ops over". WH scrubbed that to

Alaskan's brains are melting along with the snow and ice

What qualifies one to be a pundit?

Meet the Cabinet : Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman -PIX->>>

DSMs compared with WMDs

The Speech the President Should Give, by Kerry

Low blood pressure? ...Read this collection of quotes...

1/5 (20%) of the Senators voted against Anti-Lynching

Socialised medicine in a Socialist province get 94% positive rating.

Anybody else think that bowtie's new show

KKKarl Rove on American Dad?.. anyone got a screenshot?

USDA Fails to Find Cause of Attack on Horn

How to deal with mass emails from right wing nutzoids!

Don't air the speech!!!

Shortfall in Veterans’ Health Care Set at $2.7 Billion Next Year

Today's REALITY re Cheney the Dick's "success story" in Afghanistan

This thread needs maximum visibility

Did BushCo blackmail Blair into Iraq War? to the editor(local newspapers)

Let's see, Chimp landed on the aircraft carrier wearing..

How is Andy? Anyone know?

Falling Numbers

IMO, DU is suppose to be thought provoking

I Believe We Can See This Image Again

Kerry going to be on Cspan2

PIMCO's Bill Gross is more grim on the economy than I've seen in months.

Psychedelic Republicans! LMAO!

What's going on with the DSM's?

Short conversation between two soldiers.

Is Great Britain about to pull out of Iraq?

Parliamentary procedure makes my head hurt

Sen Dorgan's a little pissed on c-span 2

Clinton's Accomplishments Need to be Discussed

I've used the word "redundant" twice in two separate posts today!

What do we know about Israeli Ambassador Daniel Ayalon?

Illusion of power handed over...

A Guide to the Presidents First Post-Downing Street Speech on Iraq

How often do you write a post, and then click 'BACK' on your browser?

Bush "Wellwishers" Endure Uncomfortable Photo-Op >>>

Email from Frist - missing NRSC June goal of $50,000 . (slams Dems too)

Shouldn't we be taking down the fundie nutcases?

Could there be a Laura sighting tonight?

Anyone tuning in to the Randi Rhodes show?

The real cost of the 12 year last throes

They don't want people to watch the speech

Grover Norquist viciously attacks 3 GOP Senators (McCain = nutjob)

UN backing off visiting Gitmo at request of State Dept and Pentagon

Critics question timing of AccuWeather donation, Santorum's bill

Between the VA Billions and Halliburton Billions, suppose the

I thought we won the war in Afghanistan?

Ipod Users/Podcasting is here

Taliban claiming responsibility for Copter Crash in Afghanistan

You forgot Poland


lessons from spoiled little boys: how i know what Bush will say tonite

Chinese go to bomb shelters

A Gitmo Proposal Never Suggested Before (?)

Holiday Gas Price Spike

"People for the American Way" they are Progressives right?

if Dems won't vote to stop the war, we'll vote for a Repub. who will in 06

remember "the Election Center" R. Doug Lewis???

Ex-Presidents Bush, Clinton Play Golf

CNN's Inside Politics discussing Bush's credibility gap. A majority

Civil War authority Shelby Foote dead at age 88

Homeland security unit investigated tiger attack as possible terrorism!

Some of those troops at shrubs speech tonight will be killed

Think Bush'll mention the $2.7 Bil Shortfall in Vets Health Care tonight?

The Rude Pundit and President Fluffy Fucker

Have you ever pissed off a friend or family....

BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA! Nation's milk supply subject to TERRA!

Excerpt from w's speech tonight: Bloodshed in Iraq is 'worth it' joke

Mmm CIA supported bin Forgotten shooting down Soviet copters in

hey bush why not speak in front of a random crowd of americans as props?

Bush Co. has tried to downplay the torture issue since day one...

CNN about to discuss what Bush's STRATEGY should be tonight.

Pentagon's Database of Minors- a Privacy issue

Bush in 2002 accused the Dems of being not being interested in security

My Response to * .... Speech Tonight .....

Who the HELL is CNN "connecting" with on their blog analysis segments

Inside the Blogs on CNN

Bush Won't Share Umbrella With Turdblossom >>>

Italy Wants to Extradite 13 CIA Officials - They're not backing down

WH spokesgal says "(insurgents) are the same people who attacked us

Civil War Historian, Storyteller Shelby Foote Dies

I see the images of violence and bloodshed. Every picture is horrifying

When Will George Bush Stop Graverobbing The Dead of 9-11?

Any witches out there who could put a spell on

(Ralph) Reed lacks a conscience and the truth

UN official: US suspected of keeping secret prisoners on warships

Help Wanted: International Police Officer

Will there be a Dem response after the propaganda is catapulted tonight?

When are the next round of Abu Graib pix/videos coming out?

Major Fire strikes Biblical Arts Center in Dallas

Let me get this straight. Guns don't kill people - people kill people.

The Polling Station - DSM polling

1744 Why the DSM is Important

Rich guys and small airplanes.. I don't get it?

if you like bush, do this (i got this from a republican group.)

"We're not going to win against the insurgency...."

Important Iraq assessment by free lance journalist Chris Albritton!

Just like during his campaign.... Loyalty oath.

Intro from CNN: Bush will be speaking to the American people tonite about

Mood Split in Military Town on War Effort

Media writes review of Bushy's speech before he gives it?

Bush* takes high risk speaking of war on an army base.

Hybrid Cars

Canada Parliament set to approve same sex marriage

Anyone think this speech will backfire on Monkey Boy tonight?

Shades of LBJ: Chimp can't deliver speech on war anywhere but...

"Patience" for the war is NOT the issue.


Draft of Bush Iraq Speech Leaked (Satire)

'We're fighting them in Iraq, so we don't have to fight them here'

Reagan voted 'greatest American'

There Will Be A Bush Protest At Ft. Bragg!

Will President Fuckpants be taking non-scripted questions?

Why aren't Repug voters pissed that their party keeps voting down

unbelievable, cnn lady just said dubya WILL QUOTE OSAMA BIN LADEN tonight

How Many Times Will Bush Say 9-11 Tonight ?

Blair is 'unfit and drinking'

Official Bush Address Thread, #1:

"I've decided not to watch it after all." <---bush voter about tonight

bush: 'this war just needs a nice fresh coat of paint'

Group seeks to take SC Justice's house through eminent domain, build hotel

Merciless pursuit of goal orientation: Karl Rove or BTK (essay)

I see what you mean about Begala.

If Bu$h had just been a little more patient (Graphic Content)

Censored scientist blogs on Bush administration

Will OBL pop out of the bottle tonight?!

Watch Out Grandmothers

I'll be listening to Bob Dylan live while Bush* is speaking tonight.

All the baggers at the grocery store today were senior citizens

I think I got through to somebody

hey bush, your big speech bombed before you even delivered it

So, what will be on the banner behind Bush tonight? nt

My prediction on the content of Bush's address tonight

only the bad news gets reported on Iraq

FLASH"The only way we can fail is if we forget the lesson of September 11"

Anywhere online to watch the speech tonight?

Why can't chimp sit on his ass in Washington instead of rushing off

Do you remember the first time * and his regime shocked you?

Why haven't the Bush twins joined up?

Brain Dead American Democracy kept alive through feeding tubes

Any Dem Vets (Marines) in the House of Rep?

Durbin on CNN

Today the British celebrate the 200 th anniversary

Fu*K Bill Olielly

SpeakSpeak News,...

Tonight's Speech By The President... Brought To You By...

Whats the over'under on Bush saying Terror tonight?

Did I hear Randi right? Is the military recruiting by advertising for jobs

Who believes Bush will "Disassemble" you know, lie tonight?

Plutonium: (For those who missed the discussion)

A Church led the Toronto Pride Parade last Sunday

Mn. Twins come out ahead of Bush on WCCO.

What time does the speech start?

A summary of the speech tonight..

When does moron* hit the airwaves tonight?

DU this poll, do you support Bush?

Hayes praises Guantanamo prison

For my DU friends, I have cooked up a special dinner for the speech!

When have we here at DU been the best that we can be?

bush bet # 96: will he shed a single, tiny, sick tear?

OK I'm confused about the * speech. When is it?

Jeb Bush's Surprise Move (Newsweek)

Preventing Another Iraq

Oh we go with the 9/11 comparisons...and I'm about to lose it.

Wes Clark to respond to Bush speech tonight on FOX - 6/28/05

say what you will about the MSM news, but

Please help me reply to this freeper email I got about Christians

Hannity on radio and TV today: SCHIAVO SCHIAVO SCHIAVO

Hardball: Live from a baptist church!

Bush: "My fellow Americans . . .

Excerpts of Tonight's Bush Speech: The White House Is Linking 9/11 & Iraq

Will That Asshole Actually Be Before Troops?

CBS, NBC affiliates in KC NOT airing * Lies tonight!

MSNBC Poll-Was War in Iraq the right thing to do?

Impotant for those doing * drinking games.... do not drink to freedom ...

Is there an Automobile that is truly Made-In-America?

DR. Rice: "I will be New York's personal ambassador to host Olympics"

CNN said 52% believe President is lying about why we

We need your help to get rid of Sensenbrenner. June 30th

Our independence has been revoked!!

"WH wants to morph support for the troops with support for Iraq which

We're losing in Afghanistan, too (Just ask the girls)

FYI - CSPAN Tonight - *, Kerry, House Open Forum....

today the first world war was set in motion


Was anyone listening to Randi talk about KBR food issue?

will there be any grievously wounded soldiers in the crowd?

TX's defense contractors' business booming (privatization of services)

Will Time Inc Hand Over Document That Keeps Cooper Out of Jail ?

Iraq is sucking the air out of everything * is trying to do

Troops verbally assault Bush....more at 11:00.

OK congressman: Gitmo nicer than US county jails

Christian News Wire: Gays are disturbed, crazy

typos in yahoo's story about talk tonight

"Tweety" might as well wear a " Rove whore outfit" ......Pure Propaganda


I'm stunned, stunned, I tell you!

Where will Rove put the "Dark People" for tonight's speech?

The 1,744 Casualties

Is Incurious George's speech gonna be....

OMG! I can't believe WAPO is slamming the * Administration AT LAST!!!!!

A DU success story.

cspan caller: 'they should show the GOOD things in Iraq, not just bombing'

Nicolle Devenish...The other White House Ho.

A Hellish Twist

bush to say, "I feel your pain" says cnn lady dana bash

More good stuff from Jerome

Will someone tie up the raving lunatic in some DUer's posts?

Advance Copy of Sen. John Kerry's remarks to the Senate regarding Iraq-DSM

Anyone watching Tweety's God Squad open forum?

Iraqi Resistance Says It Will Not Negotiate With Occupation Forces

The Bush Speech Drinking Game

ADL To Putin: Intervene To End Investigation of Jewish Holy Book

Bush Military Photo-Ops: Mission Accomplished & Fake Turkey --->>>


Fla. Teens Charged After Allegedly Burning American Flags

The real reason shrub will speak from Fort Bragg.

Conyers, Dems on Cspan1 live now

We Need to Strike at the Root!

Top Ten Reasons to Watch Bush Tonight

OOOOOOoh. They're after our milk.

Making new friends on the internet via e-mails from strangers.

"America ~ Love it or Leave it" t-shirt at Fred Meyers

Chanook down. 15-20 casualties. Afgjanistan.

Wal-Mart doesn't stock Plan B emergency contraception

Two Days Until The Abuse Images Are Released: END THE ABUSES Rally Posters

Movies to watch instead of the idiot tonight

Keep PBS coverup in public eye! Bush enemies list done with public $$??

Get your BUSH BINGO CARD HERE for tonight's Fort Bragg Speech

E Mail from Air America Radio

Hey Ladies, Some Advice From The First Lady Of The USA, Laura Bush.

I got it! *'s speeches are just like those Successories sayings!

Wes Clark: Stop Blaming the Troops (petition)

Spray aims to foil toll, red light cameras, cops say it's illegal

DUers: Are you having IRS problems? Or is it just me?

Dorkface's approval rating will go up 5 points after the speech

Great DU Fund Raising Opportunity -- Bush Talking Points Nickel Pledge!

as bad as the massacre of Fallujah

Speaking of FREEDOMS...I only wish we could be free from POOR LEADERSHIP,

Media TARGETS FOR TUESDAY-28 Jun--from Downing Street Memo.Com

Holy crap, vitamin takers read this stuff! Nevermind it's already to late.

All former SDS members please post here.

The religious argument in a nutshell

AP releases article about * speech before it's given....OOPS

Brain-dead woman kept alive for fetus

Here is a reality show for the masses: give a group of red staters

The Supreme Court has ruled

Redford talks to Scarborough re personal opinion of bush

What would Gandhi do?

'Downing Street Memo' Has Lingering Effect

Why is Bush so unpopular NOW?

MOVEONPAC.ORG organizing support to bring the troops home

TOONS for Tuesday

"Suddenly Sick: The Hidden Big Business behind Your Doctor's Diagnosis"


Flashback: Psychiatric Experimentation With LSD in Historical Perspective

Would you donate for an AAR ad for DU?

Bev Harris now advocating AGAINST open source voting software

Judith Miller launches blog

Dear Leader; As your mental disability seems to be flaring up again,

Hillary to take "key position in DLC" reports Kos

China: We aren't resorting to WAR for OIL, like the US, why the uproar?

Please DU this right-wing poll

Mother torches rapist.

PLEASE DIGEST: "Bush's Faustian deal with the Taliban" May 22, 2001

The tide, it is a'turning....:)

Ed Schultz is getting slammed in online vote for favorite air personality

Shelby Foote, Novelist and Historian, Dies at 88

Process starts for eminent domain aquisition of SCJ David H. Souter's home

Ho jeez. "Sen. Clinton to Take DLC Role"


NC Democratic Party Chair Welcomes Bush to North Carolina

Jon Stewart is BRILLIANT!!! Last night's TDS made it look so simple

Blech, eggplant.

I got my new counters and appliances (pic heavy)

Canada, Mexico, U.S. release blueprint for tight economic and security tie

Poll of 5000 patients in Sask 94% good or excellent responses.

Gun deaths cut in half, StatsCan says

I think Skinner hates Canada

Same Sex Vote in Parliament Tonight

Trudeau Redux?

Blair is 'unfit and drinking'

Our very own Enron

2 reporters face jail for not disclosing sources

Iraq: A bloody mess

Majority of Americans believe Bush administration misled public on Iraq

Suicide bomber kills 3 people in Iraqi hospital (wearing IP uniform)

Calpers eyes back way to China investment

Bush tries to ease doubts over Iraq war

Religious leaders plead with Blair to help poor

Russia wants to build more nuke reactors for Iran

Defense attorneys for Lodi men await transcripts in terror case

Russian Says Gitmo Guards Defiled Quran

The unofficial war: U.S., Britain led massive secret bombing campaign....

U.S. Nixes Colombia Rebels' Hostage Swap

Tauscher applauds Guantanamo conditions but condemns C-I-A "renditions"

Venezuela has largest oil reserves, says Chavez

Iraqi president distances himself from US talks with insurgents

US soldier killed by Iraq suicide bomber

Iraq reports corruption epidemic

UN highlights Brazil gun crisis

Suicide car bomb kills Iraqi MP

Syria denies firing on Israeli troops

Syria to challenge US-Iraq accusation

Getler: Casualties and Coverage in the Balance (addresses Milbank)

Boca doctor indicted in terror case

Bloggers Fighting Government Regulations (Kos quote)

Snow: No short-term fix for gas prices

Israel reports 'Syrian gunfire'

Va. Governor Injured in Tumble off Bicycle

Contempt Finding Upheld Against Reporters (Fed appeals re:Wen Ho Lee case)

Ft. Bragg soldiers looking for answers

Ex-Klansman's Request for New Trial Denied

Spy Reports an Issue in Bolton Nomination

Catholic Church admits abuse claims up by 50%

Iraq lawmaker killed ahead of Bush speech

US servicewomen fear Iraq role under threat

Drug War Fails to Dent U.S. Supply (admin gears up to renew plan)

PROTECTING SOURCES: Reporters face jail after court declines to step in

Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Energy Bill

Police, Smoketown Six settle suit (anti-Bush protesters get $$$)

US yet to talk with insurgents, says general (rummy lied?)

Anniversary of Elian´s Return Celebrated in Cuba

Doctors 'find dead foetus in boy'

One year after transferring political control, U.S. troops unable to quell

Final report on drowning of Parris Island recruit Jason Tharp released

Car Bomb Kills Shiite Legislator in Iraq

Italy to seek extradition of CIA agents

Iraq says arrested Al-Qaeda leader behind kidnappings

Iranian court orders man to be blinded

France Gets Nuclear Fusion Plant

6/28/05: U.S. Marines launch major operation in west Iraq

Afghan Elections to Go Ahead Despite Widespread Violence, Presidential Spo

White House Watch: Democrats see opportunity in Iraq polling

Senate overwhelmingly passes energy bill

Iraq: al-Zarqawi Seen Handing Out Alms Near Syrian Border

Wrong CIA analysis triggered major 2003 terror alert

(Civil Rights) Activist from Ann Arbor slain - BAMN organizer

Saudis Issue List of 36 Terror Suspects

Despair deepens for Iraqis

Clan Chief Caught Between U.S., Insurgents

Iraq: A bloody mess

Ex-HealthSouth CEO Scrushy walks

Insurgents losing Iraqis' support: Rice

Senate GOP Plans Spending Boost for Vets

NH group wants to build hotel on Justice Souter's land!!

LAT/AP: Pfizer: Viagra Doesn't Cause Blindness

Iraq water minister: $15 billion in repairs needed

Advance: In address to Senate, Kerry says Iraq now breeding group for....

Australia 'secret police' state

Dems target pre-Iraq war intelligence (DSM) -The Hill

Iraqis Expressed Ambivalence About Direction of Country (NYT)

Reagan voted 'greatest American'

Optimism fades, but war goes on

U.S. accused in Iraqi journalist's death

BBC: US faces prison ship allegations (more hidden prisoners says UN)

Civil War Historian, Storyteller Shelby Foote Dies

SAS On Alert for Osama Swoop


AP releases article about * speech before it's given....OOPS


Newsview: Troops a favorite Bush audience

Poll points to increasing doubts on war's progress, Bush's reasons

Jury Acquits Ex-HealthSouth CEO Scrushy

Bush to meet with families of troops killed in conflicts

Burge case costing city millions - (Chicago torture case)

Iraqi journalist shot, US forces accused

Shelby Foote, Novelist and Historian, Dies at 88

Hayes praises Guantanamo prison

Will Time Inc Hand Over Document That Keeps Cooper Out of Jail ?

Iraqi students held for wearing jeans

Mexican Lawmakers Approve Absentee Voting for Millions of Migrants in U.S.

Prosecutors Want Ebbers in Prison for Life

Bloggers take their case to Washington

Cheney camp denies heart-trouble reports

Wash. State GOP Pays $15K to Democrats

Libbey forecasts quarterly net loss on lower sales (closing Cal. plant)

Gang-rape woman's legal victory

Obesity costs soar tenfold to $36.5 billion in US

Bush: Bloodshed in Iraq is 'worth it'

Musharraf seeks clues to Bin Laden hideouts

Terror suspect's office was bugged for years (FL Prof. Sami Al-Arian)

Second UK Indymedia server downed by iPlod (international law enforcement)

Bush to acknowledge doubts in Iraq strategy

Pakistan rape acquittals rejected

House Rejects Effort to Block $3,100 Pay Raise for Itself

Cdn House of Commons debating same-sex marriage bill *watch live now*

2 reporters face jail for not disclosing sources

'India Won't Play Second Fiddle to U.S.'--Times of India

Study: Radio listeners are most polarized

Police open fire on Iraq crowd -witnesses

Bush: Bloodshed in Iraq Is 'Worth It'

North Dallas (Biblical) museum on fire

Federal grand jury issues document subpoena to Rep. Cunningham

Internet crashes in Pakistan

Bush to Ask Americans for Patience on Iraq

Iraq warns of refugee disaster in al-Qaim

Top court to decide anti-abortion group lawsuit (racketeering)

Reid suggests Republican lawmakers for high court

White House is courting disaster, warns Kerry

Jury Acquits Scrushy On All Counts (HealthSouth Founder)

US military helicopter crashes in Afghanistan

NBC changes schedule to accomodate President

US suspected of keeping secret prisoners on warships: UN official

Rice renews threat to take Iran nuclear row to UN

Military Families Speak Out Today; Ft Bragg, 1 PM Louder Than Ever


Blair faces rebellion over ID card 'disaster'

Man pleads not guilty to flag desecration

Nixon Called Indira Gandhi an 'Old Witch'

Rivlin: Russian move to examine Jewish text is serious anti-Semitism

Mood Split in Town Where Bush to Speak

Town creates `free-speech area` for signs

The Saudi Oil Bombshell--Asia Times (new book out, too)

AP: Taliban may have shot down chopper (Afghanistan)

War injured toll soars, hits veterans health costs(VA needs $2.6 billion)

Iraq calls for halt to U.N. Gulf War compensation

Venezuela sets up 'CNN rival'

Protest dams water privatization in Malaysia (Privtization loses!)

U.S. Agrees to Sell Arms to Egypt

Attacks scattered around Iraq (Iraqi News Exec Killed)

Clinton rides on elder Bush's boat

WP; Pentagon Ends New Work On D.C. Firm's Contract (MZM & Cunningham)

Seven women marines hurt in Iraq moved from Landstuhl to TX (burn unit)

Nader Campaign Coordinator Pleads Guilty to Election Fraud

Soros' bid for Nationals gets political

Survey Finds Most Support Staying in Iraq (Washington Post says)

Tabloid donates to burn group after calling injured police officer 'ugly'

Blair: IRA can change

Not to be fucked with

If anyone here is in contact with the Red Sox...

What's the roman numerals for 15,000??

We just returned from a preview of "War of the Worlds" -- ask me anything.

I just got back from the windy city,the windy city is mighty pretty

The cats found a click beetle

The cowboy and the yuppie

Take away all my sadness

A kitty thread ........... The Mouse Police.

LOL - Nickleback vs. Nickleback.

Just another ..............

It's not global warming, it's Hell Fire.

"Sad Eyes"- Josh Rouse

DU Chat tonight, freak show, I'll give you 5 bucks


Please critique my job wanted ad

Never Say Goodbye.

What are the Roman numerals for "life sucks"?

It tastes like.....BURNING!

sneak preview of bush*'s speech (new toon 6/27)

Wicked Witch of the West.

electromagnetic fields

The last time I was in D.C. was in 1970.

If i told you my twig and berries were politely restin on this motel chair

Heaven Can Wait. Good late night buzz movie with Warren Beatty...

Who else has a late-night craving for some CHILI?

I just went thru my buddy list...

Bill Clinton will be discussed

It's three AM. I have to get up in two hours.

The Great Wall, been there, seen it, done that, now jet lagged

Special Offer e-mail from XM & AAR

I'm staying in a motel that doesn't allow stray body parts :(

Robert Plant ..... Freedom Fries

Healings? The fast track to sainthood.

The WH has screwed up yet again, and you got a press pass

Vince Vaughn: Did his real career start and end with "Swingers"?

Mary Carey Demopedia page

Survey Finds SUV Drivers Are Not Patriotic (90%)

If Corporations Designed Album Covers...

Assistant Principal Charged With Giving Son Answers To State Exam

Watch that first step...


Most Women Want Jessica Simpson's Hair Style

No, you're NOT Spartacus, you're a frikkin' SQUIRREL.

Speed Limits Banned In Rio To Keep Drivers Alive

I'm staying in a hotel tonight that doesn't allow pets. :(

Is there a stone mason in the house?

Issue facing next Supreme Court session-Public displays of Superman

FIREWORKS!! Yay! I have grown to love setting off our own fireworks every

Michael Moore's must-see front page..."W. Do Little"

come and get a slice!

So My whole life is in a box

i just ordered this shirt.

Soldiers Steal Armoured Personnel Carrier So They Can Buy Vodka

Cow, Bull To Get Married Next Month

Good Morning, DU!

Since we're talking movies: What was so great about Dodgeball?

Tell me can you feel it? Tell me can you feel it? Tell me can you feel it?

I'm a little late in the game, so...

Looks like Coldplay has hired the Edge

Is it boring today or is it just me?

*Americn Idol* update-Paula and Corey Clark news items

Zamboni Driver Accused Of DUI On Ice

Gather 'round for the Supreme Court/Ten Commandments joke of the day

What P2P client are you using?

Elementary Students Can't Get Report Cards Without Dental Checkup

Help me with this business venture - especially a name:

Picasso's Mistress Auctions Off His Sketches

Harum Scarum now on TCM

Two died as plague reported in Tibet

Growing Tulips on the Moon

I got a fraud complaint filed against me with "eBay"

I just wasted two hours of my life watching the movie "Sideways".

I just sent this to Fred "Godhatesfags" Phelps.

I would like to offer you the coffee you so desperately need...

Settlers Urged to Smoke Pot During Gaza Evacuation

Loch Ness Boat Operators Identify Kill Zone

Who knew this would happen -- semi-feral kitten more tamable after spay?

This Day in History: June 28th, 1969 - anyone guess what happened?

Happy Birthday to John Cusack and Mel Brooks

Which of the Ten Commandments have you broken and how?

The Cardiologist's Funeral - a joke

Signs of the Apocalypse In The 100-Acre Woods


wiLL there be a Laugh track during dubya's speech tonight?

The ultimate lounge lizard. Bud E. Luv!

Obscure lyrics: Has anyone other than me ever heard this song?

Nike = Major Threat...Please Boycott!

For you Role Play Gamers out there.

Adult Big Wheel.

Lyrics my Dad and I used to sing together when I was a wee lass....

In The Stone

What are your favorite magazines?

Teen 'Anarchists' Accused Of Burning Flags, Making Firebomb

iTunes 4.9 is out which includes podcasts

I have Pavlov's dog sitting here.

Late-night completely useless trivia thread

LOUNGE LIZARDS! Peter Jackson's KING KONG Trailer!!!

Church of Scientology supports Cruise's support of Church of Scientology

Scott Peterson, Jacko, Tom Cruise, and now the Ten Commandments

And yet another picture thread!

I'm back from Vegas

40 Reasons you should not post your picture on the net

Dave Thomas must be rolling in his grave!

We dislike MISTER Bill Frist so much

f'n ahoLe! the meter maid is gonna pay

When I say Donkey, you say ________________.

When you say ________________, I say _______________ .

It's a Boy!

________ ________ ____ _________ ___________.

some support please - unemployment looming


Horoscopes for Fundamental Christians

"Donkey shame. Darlin', donkey shame." What the hell's that mean?

When I was but a wee worm, before I entered my chrysalis...

Doctors 'find dead foetus in boy'

An excellent program I watched last night

Hello Wisconsin!!!

Ask me anything, and I'll blow off your question!

You want to take care of your waiter: DON'T FRICKING CAMP AT YOUR TABLE

The great grey green greasy Zambezi.

I just found a green door in my kitchen

I love this comment on Lucas' latest POS movie.


I was feeling so down a few minutes ago ...

Furry Psychedelics



Has anyone been following the Sirus stock and how it doing?

The Awful Truth about JimmyJazz

Soldiers land roles in 'War of the Worlds'

You know what really rides my horse?

I need a cigarette again!!!!

You know what I do when something chaps my hide?

OK...Someone explain the difference between Jimmy Buffett and James Taylor

"the Eagle has Landed!"

mmmm chili dog from the chili dog store!

MatcomNews:LOCALedition -> Framingham, MA - Lifeguards tossed in pond

To the people posting the Journey earworms in my other thread:

Who moved my Log Out button?

Sign this petition to restore the Logout button to its rightful place!

Why respond to my ad...

Woman Gives Birth To 13+ POUND Baby

To all the Texans out there, I just gotta say this

'Today' SHow opens it's wedding contest to same sex MA couples too!

Brittish crown recipients - how much did yours cost?

Beach Boys "Johnny Carson"

Today is my DU Anniversary! ....sort of (I'm throwing a party)

Jimmy Buffett or James Taylor

"winter spring summer or falll...."

Royal Crown recipients - how much did yours cost?

Connecticut DU'ers: whats the best microbrew out there?

OK, it's the Official BushSpeech Do-A-Shot-O-Meter (tm)

In the name of the Sanford and of the Son and of the Aunt Esther

What's The OLDEST Item In Your House?

I have arrived...

Did the "My Posts" icon move leftward?

Write some comedy for this guy:

Make DS1 the next "Manchurian Candidate" for only $35.00 plus shipping

What do you think is the greatest song of all time?

King King Movie Trailer

So, I made up a song the other night

Generation __________

If you could read my mind, love....

Crown Royal recipients - how much did yours cost?

I am really craving a Bavarian Cream Donut!!! Mmmmm....

Did anyone's belly button move to the left or right?

So, i'm bored with my iPod today, need suggestions

Who has the cuter white ass? JimmyJazz or me?

UCONN Offering Masters Degree In 'Homeland Security'

The "benefits" of unions?

AAAARRRGGGH! My co-worker is listening to JOURNEY and I can HEAR IT!

I'm starting to suspect liberal bias at DU.

Radio_Lady Rocks!

y'know what i hate?

Guns + Pitbulls + Morbid Obesity =

When I say FIB...

" "Animal Groups Praise Sen. Rick Santorum"

Can we move the Logout button away from My Posts

My favorite tree has to go

Compact Presario w/Win 98, 5 years old. Should I upgrade it? How much?


Chinese Melon Carvings?

I'm sick of people honking their horns around my house.

ARGGGH! My cable was down most of the morning.

Haven't seen the Christian Powerlifters lately - wow!

When I say FAB

When I say FOP, you think?


Just in time for tonight's Bush speech!

too easy - caption commander bunnypants

If I ask you really really nicely, will you not post pictures of spiders

Attn: Star Wars Geeks

Can some please explain the diff between Nickleback and a nickle back

Most interesting spam yet... Subject: Murder

Can someone explain this to me?

My wife's Dell running XP keeps rebooting for no reason

We have a lot of picture threads floating around the lounge!

I can't feel my feet!

All-time favorite fractured fairy tale?

Window Clings? Any good links?

Hilarious Banners

Hilarious Banners

I've used the word "redundant" twice in two separate posts today!

The DNR Just Removed a HUGE Snake from my Basement.

How often do you write a post, and then click 'BACK' on your browser?

Logout button moved! WooHoo, way cool!

Will high gas prices keep you home this July 4?

I'm a star-bellied sneetch!

I'm dizzy from lack of oxygen..

EWWWW my g/f just found a bug in her Arby's salad!!

My War of the Worlds Story – radio broadcast

Paranoid much?

Lightening strike! HA HA HA!

What should be on the soundtrack for Shrubby's press conference tonight?

Dr. Bond! So nice to meet you!

I think Venus Williams cheats.

Get rid of that fucking pop up!

This is not meant to be politically correct, only a warning of....

All-time favorite faerie tale?


And the sign says you got to have a membership card to get inside ....


Pick your own plot for any Simpson's episode

it's that time AGAIN!

CONGRATULATIONS Lounge Lizards On Slaying The Beast And Bringing HONOR

Man I wish they would move the Log out button

War of the World Soldiers

Fantastic Bumper Sticker

Ok. Couple Of Firefox "Pet Peeves" That I Need Help With

Describe a fellow DUer using only similes.

Fuck XM!

Someone give that CNN reporter Dana Bash a hamburger..

I now know what people are talking about when they say canned heat

give it up or turnit loose

DU friends, can you help me with Gmail invite?

Day 61...A Washing Machine Fixed...Finally. Eureka!

Why does Lynnthedem have a X-mas tree as an avatar? (Poll)

The Real 10 Greatest Americans

what is your favorite pickle?

why are my ass cheeks stuck to the couch?

The Just Desserts Cafe

Have You Never Been Mellow?

i am a rage-ahoLic


CONFESS!!! What salad poster did you have hanging in your room...


give me a reason not to be an attention whore right now

Barbary apes of Gibraltar prove humans are idiots.

Stand Tall

Tomorrow my husband goes in for heart surgery

i have to toss some salad tonight

I wish I was a teddy bear.

I need massive quantities of chocolate.

I now know what people are talking about when they say "dry heave"

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

generic thread titLe

This Speech Needs More Bushisms: Please Cut Paste and Add Them

What is your favorite salad dressing?

I just found an American penny in my change

I wish I were a monster truck

Here's What I'd Like To Hear * Say Tonight

What would Gandhi do?

If you don't watch Venus and Mercury tonight the terrorists will have won.

Which would you rather watch tonight?

How to stop GW froms starting another war - give him this link

YAY! for me! time to celebrate!

hey man, you got 67 cents?

i'm as happy as a monkey with a peanut machine

petey wheatstraw (excerpt)

Is Judith Miller in jail yet?

which word wiLL dubya think about most in tonight's speech?

Oh for CHRIST'S SAKE! Did *I* do that?

Shelby Foote, Novelist and Historian, Dies at 88...

Psychedelic Furs?

Mystery chimp-sighting solved!

mac users with tiger, a free Pac-man widget

i wish i was a ninja

Jeez, My wife's Dell... It's actually a Compaq

I wish I was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle...

Get your BUSH BINGO CARD HERE for tonight's Fort Bragg Speech

Is Judith Light in jail yet?

Thought of the day

Ice Rink Zamboni Operator Charged With DUI

What unique form of torture would be hard for you to resist.

Caption this

HELP!: Co-Worker Won't Stop Hounding Me To Go Get High With Him

It is unbelievable - he is still bullshitting me [LONG]

Two headlines: Manila Faithfull Flock to Bury Sin and

Flag flown at Half Staff in honor of fallen Wal-Mart heir

Is this a picture of Oscar???

Why aren't you going to the movies this summer?

Well, pissed off the neighbors . . again.

that CNN judy woof-woof replacement on the 3:30 to 5:00 o'clock time slot

Ah, crap

I was just freaked out by

My two remaining questions about Scientology are:

Anyone take bentonite clay?

You're BUSTED! What are you hiding in your DRAWERS?


What says the Lounge about the Dresden Dolls?

Somebody Know about Household Electrical Wiring?

So has anybody actual TRIED fried chicken with corn flakes?

Oh fuck, it's got to be the power supply

Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella Sandwiches For Dinner

A Warmonger explains War to a Peacenik



Spielberg's "merciless" 9/11 references throughout War Of The Worlds

Listen here you young DU whippersnappers. When *I* was a boy 30 yrs. ago

Any fans of Jules Shear?

Why do i bother?

So I got paid to participate in a drive-by shooting today...

What I feel, I can't say

Miss America Pageant over to CMT

What a craptacular day.

Have you ever seen Joe Dante's The Second Civil War?

YOU are an NBC Executive. Will you air the Bush speech or Average Joe?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Costco's thincrust Margarita Pizza with Extra Brie added- and beer

AIM Chat right now

Lewis & Clark or Mason & Dixon

Star Wars IS better the SECOND viewing !

Well, it's a marvelous night for a moondance

The media will pronounce Bush's speech...

The reason I'm rarely here anymore:

Which word will Dubya use most in tonight's speech?

My God! She looks like a 10 year old smoker - Mary-Kate Olsen

Papa Roach or a Urinary Tract Infection?

*grr* I hate it when I put something away safely and then I can't find it!

What is your favorite salt?

Bug bites. Any ideas?

What will you be doing during the Prez's speech?

My Uncle nearly had a heart attack when I said I may run for State Senate

When I say FOB...

I want to hit 1,000 posts during *'s speech. Ask me anything!

The trebuchet challenge!! Go get 'em engineers:

Anyone remember a TV series called "John Doe" ?

Road Kill Furs?

John Cusack's birthday today.

Post here to demand more threads discussing Tom Cruise's sexuality

Corrupt A Wish

How many music artists are you a fan of?

A friendly Reminder for all you Republican owners out there

The lounge is in a funk today, and it isn't even a full moon.

I thought I wanted to see "War of the Worlds"....

CONFESS!!! What DU poster did you have hanging in your room...

Waddaya know??? 15,000 posts. Hot diggity.

Married or living together couples...

My Animated Tribute To unhappycamper!!! Pooflag Lovers Keep Kicked!

Has anyone here ever heard of the moderated becoming the moderator

Commander Cuckoobananas, Commander Cuckoobananas

The best reason to watch HBO's Entourage: Jeremy Piven

I hate to do it, but I have to start a sick dog question thread.

Can some please explain the diff between Los Del Rio and a steaming turd?

Worst song ever

What's the ODDEST item in your house?

Can anxiety cause reaction of MAJOR hives in children?

What's your Favorite Public Enemy Song

Tax on smokes jumping 70 cents Friday here in Ohio

10 days nicotine free

Post a picture of a random part of your body.

Are criminal record checks normal when hiring someone?

It stirs

Beliefnet sets some idiot in Topanga, CA straight

*** Did Ya Notice That The "LOGOUT" Icon Has Been Moved? ***

I now know what people are talking about when they say "dry heat"


Dr. Tom Cruise.

I'm loopy on Percocet : Ask me anything!

I need some positive thoughts from you all for my grandfather.

Atlantic City, NJ - any recommendations on it?

What are you listening to right now?

I'm going on my first "date" in a year and a half. Wish me luck!

The greatest song of all time?

I'm about to go pick up our exchange student from Spain...ask or advise...

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

The Brady Bunch on crack

any web developers looking for a job in San Diego?

Describe a fellow DUer using only smilies.

what is your favorite mustard

Who else can't stand blathering morning DJ's?

What can you not do that you wish you could?

Post here if you want a word added to the spell checker

Is it time to go home yet?

Time again for: Things you'd never hear another DUer say!

make a will ... let someone know where it is


Name the Python sketch

Dental crown recipients - how much did yours cost?

Put the lime in the Coke, you nut, and drink 'em both together

The DU (Sub)Lounge

Any Northern Exposure fans?

Good morning, cowboys!

Australian state set to ban glue traps for mice


Want a quick 20 bucks? Neuter your cat (Collier County, FL)

I have a question.

I seek advice (re: post B.A. education and religion)

Sainthood bid opens for John Paul

Flashback: Psychiatric Experimentation With LSD in Historical Perspective

Racial Disparities Found in Pinpointing Mental Illness

Gene Hunters Flock to Amish Country

Computer screen made from fog

Ancient Thermal City to Be Flooded in Turkey

Archaeological wonders are under the sea

Mystery of World's Fastest-growing Lakes Solved

France gets nuclear fusion plant

Remembrance of Things Future: The Mystery of Time

Canadian House Set To Pass Gay Marriage Today

Investigation Into Ex-Gay Camp Ends

Canadian House of Commons Vote on Same-Sex Marriage Tuesday Night

Cdn Parlt debate on marriage bill *watch live now*, Tues. afternoon

Let's fix the Yankees . . .

Former NBA Player/Turns Boxer

Portland Trailblazers trade #3 Pick to Utah Jazz

We need to get Dan Patrick an interview with Bush

Boxing: this weekend's heavyweight bout.

Steinbrenner summons entire Yankee brain trust for meeting...except Torre.

Another rockin' week for our animal rescue

Need help with foster dog - question

Charley's been spayed, and now . . . WOW! (no photos)

ASTROLOGY-Gemini Rising Chart of The United States

I dreamed that the 'Revolution' had started!

I need help...

My story

Positive replys only - we want a separate group for astrology called

A Christian who "gets it" RE: persecution.

I'm going to be snowed under with work for the next couple of days

Something for you guys

What is a "village-atheist" or "silly village-atheist stuff?"

Clark Calls for Investigation of Bush Administration re Prisoner Abuse

Gen. Clark will respond to Bush's speech tonight on FOX 6/28

VA shortfall $2.7B in 2006

Bush uses soldiers as a background, Kerry goes to funeral

New Kerry email: Iraq: "leadership equal to their sacrifices"

Alert: Kerry Speech Today

Couple of Kerry pics from the campaign

I need a men's size Kerry hat.

John Kerry's Floor Speech on the President's Pending Speech Tonight

Kerry Up In 15 - Help Spread the Word!!

Wouldn't it be fantastic if...

Avoid the Liar Picture thread

Kerry clip made the NBC Nightly News!

From The Hill: Sen. Kerry finds a new best friend (puppy)

Independence Mine

What's everybody gonna do now that Countdown is pre-empted

Guy Says Blast In Basement of WTC Before Planes Hit.........

Respecting Old Glory

Americans’ support for Iraq war dipping...

Forces of oppression are trying to take away our right to burn a flag

I Don't Understand This..."Winning the War" Thing

tell howard he needs to get election reform taken care of

Democrats Press for More Veterans Funds

Anybody see Alberto Gonzales on Charlie Rose?

Karl Rove Can't Lie His Way Out

Don't Call Me Crazy On The 4th OF July

KRAP!! New "Religious Left" Group Attacks Dems

What Bush Won't Tell America Tomorrow

This info about the Walton wealth tells you all you need to know...


WaPo's Frankel writing today about DSM and British Doubts on Iraq War

Bush Ft.Bragg speech Thread #1-The last throes of waiting

Did everyone forget DeLay, Gannon, et al.?

If You're Watching The Idiot Tonight, Why Are You?

President Bush faces second term blues

If you had to pick one thing Shrub has done right what would it be?

You know, if the American people weren't constantly getting

They're Back To Talking About 911 Again......

BBC: President Bush faces second term blues

Is Free Republic still in Operation?

A "Green Party member" on Washington Journal who supports Bush???!

* ratings dropping, what's the next trick, Karl? Can you spell Reichstag?

Senate Policy Committee Hearings on Halliburton - Call to action!!

Dean, Clark, Clinton to speak at LULAC convention in Little Rock

'Washington Post' Visits Downing Street, Probes War Plans

Chimp makes US safer from terror - Or are they now suppressing the truth?

Moving from the Boxer/Clinton thread to something more HARDCORE...

Condi: focus on "quiet process that's going on" in Iraq, not body count

Apparently Condi is out telling everyone what Shrub will try to say

UK held secret talks to cede sovereignty

Robert Parry: The Speech the President Should Give.

Must read: E. J. Dionne writes about Karl Rove and "The New McCarthyism"

U.S. General: Over 600 Bombs Dropped On Iraq Before War Officially Began

They have succeeded in getting people's attention on the "speech"...

Another day, another "new operation" in Iraq with another phallic codename

The Propaganda is Coming! The Propaganda is Coming!

Thought hit me after hearing Stephanie Miller talk about Soros/Nationals

Is it INEFFECTIVE (was "counterproductive") to call Bush a "Liar"?

"Stay the Course" was the most deadly phrase spoken during Vietnam War

President Bush faces second term blues

I started checking Dem state party websites for voting machine fraud info

Do you know John Lewis? He was once a "freedom rider"

DSM Question:

So, one year ago today Iraq became sovereign, eh?

Chalmers Johnson on Link TV (NOW- 12:30 pm edt)

Coalition of Bloggers Against Bolton Announced

Why is Bush not using the emergency oil reserves to help gas prices?

A. Hastings D-Fl just kicked some butt on the House floor

Hey DUER'S Please call Hasting's office about Delay!

GOP Abandons Injured/Disabled Vets

Vilsack to head DLC. Hillary Clinton to take DLC leadership role.

DMRegister: Hilary to take key role at DLC?

Tonight, Bush wraps himself the largest American flag he can find.

This is toughest speech Bush has ever written....

Jeeez..... NOOO.... Vilsack will be head of the DLC....

Early text of Popular Wartime President's speech tonight. Help finish it.

TORTURE: 4-part Channel Four series

Energy Bill would drive public utilities out of business

Akron OHIO article: Group trying to get election reform on ballot

MSNBC Poll-Was War in Iraq the right thing to do?

Washington Post Visits Downing Street, Probes War Plans

Senator Patty Murray on CSPAN2 talking about VA funding

Which Dem is giving the response to Shrub's speech?

MA Iraq Soldier's funeral picketed by Phelps people

James Chaney quits the Republican Party - his letter

I May Go and See John Edwards in Columbus Thursday

You've got to see this if you haven't already!

Here we go again ... *'s speech will be about the War on Terror ...

Biden Launches Unite Our States PAC

Synopsis of Bush's speech tonight

Jerry Springer is an embarrassment!

New bumper sticker in Tallahassee.

MoveOn PAC Response to RNC Claims: Here They Go Again

"Ask The White House" presents...drum roll...FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY in Iraq

Kerry about to speak on Senate floor -- C-SPAN2

The greatest American? Lincoln? Einstein? No - it's Ronald Reagan

Der Spiegel: Want To Become Bush's Next Ambassador? (Pony up first.)

Is the US death toll in Iraq being fudged?

Karl Rove's New McCarthyism

open thread on Tweety

Bill O'Reilly: "Mr. Bush has now reached critical mass"

Senator Boxer to Offer Amendment Banning Pesticide Testing on Humans

And next we need to do

1999: Bush criticizes Clinton for not having an exit timetable for Kosovo

Does anyone remember the testimony

Freeway Blogger announces Summer of truth

The Saudi oil bombshell

bush has to give a speech

Can someone tell me when Bush's speech is supposed to begin?

If only Commandeer Cuckoo Bananas has a "Ceausescu Moment" tonight.

Have other Presidents spoke in front of military audiences?

When is the Out of Iraq Caucus going to discuss the DSM today?

Here's theText of Tonight's Speech. Have I missed anything?

Imperial democrats

Russ Feingold next on Inside Politics!

I can't believe Bush is going to do the 9/11 shuffle tonight

The Senate has proposed an energy bill giving tax cuts to

Tonight's Speech...WTF

Rep. Slaughters Blog "GOP" went obstructionist on Vet healthcare!!

From the Wires: White House 'courting disaster' with Iraq policy: Kerry

Get your BUSH BINGO CARD HERE for tonight's Fort Bragg Speech

Another Karl Rove production - Bush speaks with troops as his stage props

Has everyone seen this?

Preview Of Bush's Upcoming Speech To The Nation!

Freepers react to tonight's "It was worth it" speech from the Boy King

MoveOn ad that Chuck Hagel, taking heavy GOP fire, is furious about.

This just in from Fox News ..... President's speech is strong and well ...

BRAD BLOG: Cong. Members to Hold 'Downing Street' TownHall Meetings, 7/23!

Smear Boat Losers wallow in venom as Kerry's military records prove clean

Kerry Floor Speech Alert!!!

Will Bush be medicated for his speech tonight?

In Tonight's Speech, Bush Will:

Is there a transcript of Dean's appearance on the Daily Show?

You know what I just realized about tonight?

Situation in Sudan ....US Policy Towards Sudan...C-Span 3 NOW

Pakistan hiding bin Laden says CIA (

*'s Latest Thelma & Louise Speech

RightWing Political Kung-Fu: What Would Rove Do?

IMPEACH this FUCK NOW!!! He is a pos frat boy puppet of the corporate

Ldotters don't see "what's all the fuss" about Iraq

Got an email from Kerry. Now THIS is a slogan Already has Bush Speech Wrap Up

Hardball takes a hard look at Christian Music in Nashville

"Environmental Conflict Industry"

Anyone gonna watch tonight just for the comedic value?

Where's The Beef !

AARP advocates homosexuality and disdains American soldiers

Sure would love to see Shrub trip on the stairs coming off.

Networks want to be "certain" Bush speech is "newsworthy" before broadcast

"Support the/our troops" will be in Bush's speech.

Durbin on C-span2 now

Drinking game for tonight's speech

Expect Bush to lay groundwork to blame others for "losing Iraq"

Halliburton catered parties with food intended for the troops

Will B*sh stuff a sock in his crotch again?

Will Chimpy dress in miltary garb tonight ?

Where is the official thread for Bush speech?

Here's what the press knew and when they knew it re: Iraq

When are we all going to take action?

CNN Poll: Do you approve of President Bush’s handling of the Iraq war?

Wes Clark to respond to Bush tonight on Special Report w/Brit Hume on Fox

Amidst Disrespectful Protestors, “Grieving Town Mourns its Fallen Hero”

Soliciting input from Veterans

Radar Magazine: Rove's plans for Giuliani (Frist-Giuliani '08?)

John Kerry's Floor Speech on the President's Pending Speech Tonight

Karl Rove Must Make this "Big Speech" Work... Or Else

Troops 'Prespond' to Speech "We Need Honest Answers, Not Pep Rallies"

FBI whistleblower Rowley running for Congress as a Dem

Wes Clark: Stop Blaming the Troops (a Petition)

Rove Republicans prepare for war (a 12 step program)

I expect Bush to come clean and give an honest, thoughtful speech tonight

Could the Repukes hate PBS because

What are tonight's speech drinking game key words??

My LTE was published in my local paper

Counter the DLC*** Invest with Dean/DNC in Democracy bond effort.

CSPan asked Dembloggers to not carry their video!

BRAD BLOG: to Hold Alt. Election Reform Hearings!

What's it gonna take?

Fight dirty, go negative early and often. Politics is a bloodsport, not a

Quick Poll (next 10 min): WILL THIS SPEECH WORK IN OUR FAVOR?

"As of today, after 25 years, I am no longer a Republican."

Ooh, too delicious! WaPo review of anti-Hillary book slaps GOP gullibility