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The Last Watergate Mystery... fascinating article

DSM Town Hall Meetings to be Held Nationwide on July 23

George W. Bush, One Lying Son of a Bitch

Troops Struggle With Flagging U.S. Opinion

Comments on President Bush's speech

Slate: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Barney Frank - Rove's Goal: Resuscitate the Phony Iraq-9/11 Connection

Editors of The New York Times: President Bush's Speech About Iraq

A Bomb hits Fort Bragg: From zeppscommentaries newsletter

Huff Post: "Rove's Turn"

Blumenthal: Generation Chickenhawk (Must Read-Juicy Quotes!)

John Walton (NPR coverage)

Americans Assess Coverage of Bush Administration

Post Speech TV: No representation of the 100% !!!

From last night: MIHOP audio on Alan Colmes Radio website

World's most economical car

Spanish lawsuit takes aim at former Beijing leadership

Call for tests as China's bird-flu outbreak worsens

Tibetan river floods force Indian power plant to shut down

Former MI5 Agent Says 9/11 An Inside Job

Alternative theories of 9/11 events involving remote control

A bombshell from Germany: White House deliberately mistranslated OBL video

Notify Baker/Carter Commission about Hearings!

15 Things About Bush&Co.: An Impeachment List

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 6/29/05

"Limp election theft report, Dems prove why they're unworthy" - Fitrakis

CODEPINK benefit for "A Good Soldier" & reception with anti-war activists

SUMMER OF PROTEST 2005: Los Angeles Weekly Protests every Saturday at 3:00

Democratic plan fails by one vote

The Candlelight Coalition is marching in Tosa's 4th of July Parade!

if the chimp isn't going to take REAL questions, what's the point

Talking to my Mom on Messenger about *'s speech

Bogut goes first

Hey, Bush made a COMMITMENT after 9/11...

Heard a moron from Boone, N.C. on the Ed Schultz Show...

New thread in opposition of the propaganda.

Hates Freedom not 1 minute in.

How much $$$ did he waste flying to NC to make this 'speech'

Fact Check Between Blue And Red States

The "COUNT THE LIES in the Bush speech" thread

a year ago he lied to get us in this war!!!n/t

if the chimp isn't going to take REAL questions, what's the point

Where are those WMD

I'm impressed...he's reading the prompters well tonight! n/t

Official Bush thread #2

How long is President Pol Pot's speech?

President Bush: PLEASE SHUT UP. Thank you.

22 Terrorists in under 15 minutes!

Anybody listening to Majority Report?

So....this is the "Tell America the Truth" speech?

Yes, let's train people who HATE US how to KILL MORE EFFICIENTLY!!!

I am waiting to see his eyes go round like a robots

Is it me, or does he have pauses for cheer, where there is none?


Does the speech come on after this 2004 SOTU rebroadcast?

Battle hardened Iraqis!!!!!!

Iraq is the latest Battlefield in the

What channel are we watching the after speech?

All those things happened because you let them you ass...

Well... Hagel Was Right !!!

My brain won't let me watch...

"We have enough troops"

I wonder if on the Freeper Side (Warning: Blue)


Now he's taking credit for Democracy everywhere...

The effects are being felt outside Iraq...

I'm playing the "Bush Drinking Game"

Does Commander Cuckoo Banana's Suit coat look extra-baggy?

He doesn't get it.

Gee, * makes Iraq sound really like the US o A re: its freedoms...

Hey, what's the banner say this time?

Geez, Shrek had Lord Farquad

I'm assuming Karl ordered silence. Hoo-ahs, he knew, would backfire?

This is it. All they have left- linking Iraq to terrorism and 9/11.

57% Americans believe Bush LIED!!

when will he try to soften the blow of upcoming torture pics...

I refuse to watch, but is Laura there? nt

I think Cuckoobananas wrote this "speech" himself:

It's the same f**king speech he ALWAYS gives...

was I the only one who thought he was about to mention Jenna and Barbara?

From this, I think we have a talking point...

He called it the Third World War you understand

Celebrate our freedom?!

Dear George: Invading a sovereign nation to seize its assets (oil)...

To all of you who are shitfaced from playing the drinking game tonight...

Ohhhhhhhhh, those specifics.

He forgot part of his speech


"You join the ranks of the greatest generation....

First Liar bush** photo from the terra speech...

blah....blah.... blah....blah.... frickin blah....blah

He said "Shake our will" do we have to drink the whole bottle on

Cue Music: "Everything is Wonderful......."

OOOH!!! Time for UPSIDE DOWN FLAGS!!! nt

Has he disassembled yet?

Hey John Meecham from Newsweek-----

"Protect the rights of the minority"

I used to get sick watching the cretin flap its lips on the telly... Now?

Message from the Ft. Bragg speech: "There is no spoon"

The military offers a wonderful carreer......

No press conference? no wonder the networks didn't want to

What takes Iraqi recruits so long?

Official MSM head up Bush's ass thread.

"The (middle) applause was initiated by a White House person" - ABC

curtain call?

he was sober

OMG! CNN is being fairly objective

ONLY applause line was INITIATED by a member of the WH advance team.

Speech Summary: Bush Lied, then He Cried

awwwwww fuckwad was crying

Get Ready For The MSM Spin on Bush's Speech

Pretty lackluster response to the applause card there.

"They respect no laws of warfare or morality" look in the mirror!!!!

They applauded right on cue

Nancy Pelosi on NBC right now...

WTF? Where is Clark

Did they have to release a swarm of mosquitos to make people clap?

I was able to get a picture of the President before his speech

Four Lights: Bush's Latest Speech

Speech=status quo which pisses me off even more. Step up Impeachment NOW!

BREAKING-Faux News panelists declare speech "his best ever"

People Had Expectations, Dam It

CSPAN2 has callers



Kerry Senate Floor replaying now CSPAN2

CSPAN2 caller-Bush did not address vet benefits or DSM issues

The speech

God Damn it 9/11 has nothing to do w/ Iraq.......

Remarks of the President (An excerpt):

This is what you are supposed to believe :

Pelosi on NBC..she is GREAT!!! Truth and Trust. n/t

WHAHAHAH Faux guy "one of his best speeches ever"

President Bush wants you youngins to ENLIST NOW!

Don't Forget: Body Count does not co-relate with Success or Failure.

I just called the White House to give them my comments

When Bush is in trouble he calls..

Pelosi on NPR now

Full Text Of Speech Here:

He's Not Worth It

Been watching BET Awards. Much better then Bush. n/t

Now I truly think he's toast


Polls starting to be Freeped

Biden hammering Bush on ABC

Bush asks young people "Pretty, pretty please! Go die in my war!"

What's up with Air America - repeat?????

Mr.President, you are right.This is a life and death struggle. We are

Joseph Biden kicking ass on ABC!

"human freedom entrusted to us in a special way"

Email the Media Now and Take Part In Online Polls

Paul Begala has no testicles.

Mute the sound and watch his expressions. He's mad.

Bush says, bring on the Crusades, we can't find another reason for this.?

Wes Clark is a FAUX news military analyst?

tweety wondering about all those "iud's" in iraq

Wolf and Paula! Applause on cue, open to criticism linking Saddam, 9/11

Does this speech even have a point?


NOW i GET IT... "WE WON'T WAIT..." says Bush (funny)


Oh Just Shut The Fuck Up Chris Mathews!!

bloody hands of Evil kRUMMY & Monkey-Boy

Paula Zahn and David Gergen were AWESOME just now.

MoveOn: Write a Letter To The Editor about Bush's speech

So, was there really anything new?

DU this AOL Poll on the speech

Time for Young Republicans to answer Dubya's call to Enlist!

The insurgents DO know when we will leave Iraq...


Thank God. NBC went away for I Wanna Be Hilton

That speech was garbage. Idiot Son is finished.

Tomorrow, have fun with your local Republicans by doing this ...

So he promised to tell us his plan for victory in Iraq.

Young People To Bush: "We have other priorities than military service"

K on larry

Rich Lowry downgrades "We're winning" into "It's winnable"

Kelly O'Donnell on NBC just said applause break started by WH advance. . .

Chris Matthews just asked a wife of a soldier about...

Harry Reid responds to *ush

So tired of "We are fighting them over there so we dont have to fight here

"They are fighting for YOUR Freedom" - No "they" Aren't

Clark up next to give Dem response


Recruitment database on teens and college students.

Kerry on Larry King tonight

canadian same-sex vote NOW

"The Light at the End of the Tunnel" again.

What are the Freepers saying?

john kerry being brilliant on cnn right now

Wes Clark ready to come on to Faux!

MSNBC - My head is about to explode!

Almost time for the McCain suck up on L. King

Bob Costas is doing a good job tonight.

Bush fails to define Iraq War policy or reassure public on exit plan.

"Playing the 9/11 Card" going to be the meme for the media

cnn spelling it out after Kerry

Gawd Kerry should be president

The Real 9/11 - Iraq Connection

I think I've finally become completely numb to Bush's crap.

TIME deputy bureau chief is actually being pretty honest

Tonight feels like the debate nights...

Hey, remind the Democrats to NEVER have Biden responding to any of Bush's

My obligatory CHANGE THE GODDAM CHANNEL thread

Kerry answering questions on CNN... eom.

Later tonight . . . . "Hold me!"

I Really Like Rachel Maddow.

"WRONG MESSAGE" graphic on MSN site...

I find it interesting the lack of polls regarding morons* speech.

Arianna's Huffington Post is the first blog on Yahoo!

Terra!! Terra!! Terra!! Fear ! Fear! Fear! Americans will be killed!!

Bush Cries Thousands Die

FoxNews take on Bush's speech.

Media Matters had shrub debunked this morning on troop levels.

Tell me if I'm wrong... Did the President of the United States just try

Heil *! Caption this!

"The terrorists we face..."

I Really Like Rachel Maddow.

And nobody's asking where Cheney is?

"We owe them the leadership that's equal to their sacrifice...

the weapons of mass destruction were MISSING from the speech

Why do the pundoids keep saying the President was SOBER?

God McCain is boring!!!

Okay, You got me. I'm the evil guy destroying Christianity in America.

Another suppression by bush regime

E-mail addys for print media (10 states) here:

hey, lurking freepers and other conservatives-- re: Bush's speech....

2 stupid questions

"As of today, after 25 years, I am no longer a Republican"


MSNBC's Harball Bushfest

Okay, I missed Bush's speech!

on the bush speech

Was WMD ever mentioned????? hmmmmm.

unofficial count- terror/ism/ist - 27 times

July 4, 2005 Independence Day/Impeachment NOW! day

Kos: Fake applause; speech numbers

Tweety! Ask Perkins to send HIS SON OR DAUGHTER over there!

Another Bu$h 'Heil Hitler' moment

Anyone else having trouble loading pages?

NYT: How Al Gore Lifted One Muslim Girl's Spirits

I bet there's going to be a surge in enlistment tomorrow.

FBI Whistleblower to run for Congressional Seat in MN

Bush has GREAT Speechwriters

Final Count:

Bill O'Reilly passes Greta Van Sustern for number one on cable news

Come Out from under the bed KKK Karl!

"Analysis" in a Southern Baptist church. Way to go, MSNBC!!!

Fans of Judith Miller...

NYT: How Al Gore Lifted One Muslim Girl's Spirits

CNN intro'd McCain as a war hero but not Kerry

Speech shows how out of touch he is, doesn't share our pain, because

fineman...rove viewing poll numbers as annoyance

Call me naiive but.....

Didn't your parents tell you that a bully always cries

Where is the moral or legal equivalence between a blow job at the WH and

Anybody else catch this?


Audio-Alex Jones interview: Greg Szymanski, Paul Craig Roberts, W.Rodrigez

Remember this line from "A League of Their Own"

Biden on CNN NOW! n/t

DSM! Enlist in the patriotic fight to impeach bush. eom

I am going to assume that the end in Iraq is going to be as bad as or

Bob casey Jr. little help here please

DU Poll: Was invading Iraq the right thing to do?

What the hell is wrong with the media???

I give up on McCain....He is kissing Bush's ass

Kerry is on Cspan - don't know the exact topic

New Intel office created- Did Chalabi just get a promotion?

Wonder if Bush talking about Iraq is covering for peak oil.

You Call This "Freedom?" (Amendment II Democrats editorial on Ft. Bragg)

The Fucking Gall !!! - Invites Young People To Join The military !!!

OMG: Slaves in India (on PBS)

Draft George Bush.

Kelly O'Donnell on NBC said that the applause break was triggered

bush could not keep his eyes focused on the camera directly in front ofhim

Malloy is dead on

Check Out What RUMSFELD Said About Vietnam in 1966

Observation from Brian Jones

If you got drafted would you go?

Cindy Sheehan on Larry King now.


No WMD's or DSM mention in his speech?

Why did Commander Cuckoo-Bananas cry?

DSM! Patriots enlist in the fight to impeach bush. eom.

Wrong Message Jerk!

The county where I live doesn't know if it should listen to SCOTUS

DSM Town Hall Meetings to be Held Nationwide on July 23rd

amy goodman

Democrats move Downing Street speeches to Thursday

Scarborough pn MSNBC covering speech from SPORTS BAR

self deleted dupe

"It's worth it"

Critics say Bush speech lacked specifics

Besides, MSGOP(MSNBC)...

Notice how subdued the soldiers were tonight? The Associated Press did

Citizens of the Glorious American Empire...

Not much talk about Bush*t speech in Freeperville

Okay just want to get this straight

Why I think the bible

US Senate PassesEnegry Bill, Big Tax incentives for Oil compaines

Fifty people testify against you and most have proof but you are

Please give this night-shifter a synopsis of the * speech!!

Have there been any post-speech interviews w/ young people yet?

9/11 invocations from tonights speech

Scarborough is talking about Russell Crowe - Joe "the Dead Intern"

Impeachment comes to mind

Does Commander Cuckoo Banana's suit coat look extra baggy?

Re: Bush's speech.. MoveOn making it easy to write letters to the editor

Bush's Speech: Let's Count the Lies - American Chronicle

Bush vs Winston Churchill ..(one is a coward)...

Didn't watch the turd talk. Stomach can't take such nauseous displays.

This just disgusting! Who wants A job any way... Need 3 to sustain life!

BBC World whoring it up on Bushy's speech

I just figured out why the chimp teared up!

You know what continually amazes me about the moron*?

MSNBC Poll: "Was going to war in Iraq the right thing to do?"

Vermont! The most patriotic state in America... Homepage image, hidden message?

So, does this guy (photo) have a job tomorrow?

Lionel is also in a "not worth it" mode tonight

Well that reminded me of a Nuremburg rally...

30 mentions of "terra" during first 30 minutes of "speech"

"Empire" on ABC EDT now and 9:00 PM PDT.

Bush wants Iraq to be able to defend itself...

Help me understand the newfound respect for Lindsey Graham

I missed the speech. What did bu$h say, in a nutshell?

It's good that he called on people to enlist. Seriously.

Same sex marriage bill passed in Canada.

A year ago today on June 28, Bush scribbled "Let Freedom Reign"...

Kerry on Iraq will be aired on C-Span2 Wed. at 4 AM

SNL: george says 'You're name's dick'.

Kerry speech on CSPAN


Repeat of Kerry on "Larry King" is on right now! re: Bush speech

Bite, suck, blow - which verb best suits the Chimp's performance?

Is anyone talking about the permanent NATO base in Iraq

Curious - Wheres Dick?

Mike Webb is kicking bush's ass!

So why mention Libya?

GWBuxh demands a timetable and exit strategy

So...What kind of drug cocktail is ButtBoy on???

Be honest: Did any one of you REALLY expect ANYTHING

Whats Mario Cuomo doing these days? I think he'd

A few interesting headlines on my newsfeeds re bush's "speech";


What is the Origin of *?

Howard Dean Replies to Bush's Speech with 4 words.

How long does it take to go from HS graduation to Iraq?

Kerry backs off Kennedys description of Iraq as a quagmire- wtf is it then

Dog the bounty hunter (Big month guy with pic of GWB on his wall)

No new Daily Shows for a week?

IUD's a threat to our soldiers!

WaPo Slams Speech

As I was saying...they didn't want you to see that speech

"Stay the course"

Bush insulted our intelligence again

Blatant shameless lies

"Uh, Mr. President, the reviews are in on your speech tonight...."

We Can't Pull Out Because the Terrorists Will Out Wait Us

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Shin Dig

Approval of president's Social Security efforts dips

Finally, it all makes sense.

Interesting that they tried to soften his image what Bush is saying is...

During Vietnam the Cons told one lie after another. People soon began

Ok, Just Got Home, Missed The Speech, GIVE ME THE LOWDOWN

Drip, drip, drip, redux....they released the names of 2 more women...

Caption this * pic (I am sorry)

Educated rebuttal to the * speech

This disgusting! Need 3 jobs 2 sustain life and dems not allowed 1.

Why We Didn't Stay in Iraq After the Gulf War

GWB - "This Third World War is raging" in Iraq

Have any other US presidents spoken on a stage like this?

Bush speech transcript here.

Come swear with me ... come swear ... let's swear away ......

Aren't we building several permanent bases in Iraq?

What I did today to further the cause of the Democratic Party

IT was obscene

PhotoShop Wizards! Make with the "Uncle Shrub Wants You!" recruitment

Just got in...Were Laura or Dick at the event?

Nightline blasting bush--mentions DSM n/t

Thiry minutes of Pure Propaganda.

Walt Starr's school for right wing punditry

Post-speech MIHOP poll

Rat Lindsey Graham leaves the sinking ship to save his ass

Revealed! Cutaway podium view shows how Rove got Bush to cry on cue

John Warner is on FAUX NEWS saying the liberals are not patriotic. . .

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday June 29

Anyone want to DU my hometown paper's poll?

Bush LIED People DIED, then BUSH CRIED!!

Freepers here is where yuo now have to go

***Congratulations CANADA***

What percentage of the public feels we should get out of Iraq now?

Out of these people, who would make the worst President?

Harry Reid reply to Bush speech

The graphic that shows BLUE state v. red state military deaths...

Tweety's Freudian slip

HOT!! Philosopher Peter Ludlow's 95 Theses on the Religious Right

New CNN poll: Which word best describes President Bush's speech?

911 911 911 Why is this pResident allowed to continually exploit HIS

President's Silence Tonight is Deafening

We should fly our flags UPSIDE DOWN on July 4th to demonstrate our nation

On Day of Iraq Speech, House Conservatives Gouge Vets

anyone for "we can't just pull out"

The end is near for Bush.

The only measure of the "success" of Bush's speech..

Are the freepers jazzed about their hero's speech?

Let's face it: Bush and his cult of followers CHEERED for 9/11

ONLY applause line was INITIATED by a member of the WH advance team.

Man Pulled From Women's Outhouse Tank

The soldiers in the audience at Ft. Bragg tonight

CNN Poll

My Latest Bush Humor: 10 Things Smarter than Bush...

Vermont citizens taking back their airwaves through low power FM

Why has it taken me this long to discover Mike Malloy? Today's show was

Please. Someone take Fuckface aside and tell him how to pronounce NUCLEAR!

Action Alerts

Freepers Response to being Asked to SERVE

College Repuke Chickenhawks Spill Why They're Not Enlisting

Downing Street Memo Blows A GAPING HOLE In The White House Facade!!!

(PHOTO) Freeway blogger

AOL Poll - Rate the Speech

Fort Bragg Speech Protest Photos #1 (28 June '05)

"It is worth it" (graphic)

Support democratic Venezuela - buy CITGO gas (if you buy any gas)

OMG !!! - What Happened To The NYT??? - Somebody Get The Smelling Salts!!!

Hey Freepers, Your big manly War President Cries Like a Girlyman!

Kerry hits it out of the ballpark (NYT Op-Ed)


50 State Poll - Bush above 50 in only 14 States 40 or Lower in 14

I'm flying my flag July 4, Mr. President.

Gay Marriage is now officially legal in all of Canada

Letter to George W Bush from Palpatine, Emperor of the Universe.

Bush Babbles--A Nation Sits Stunned--Pelosi kicks ASS!

Same Sex Marriage Vote Happening Now

Crap. I heard the Vancouver Virgin Megastore is closing.

Same Sex Marriage the Law of the Land In Canada!!!!!!!!

Iraqi Resistance Says It Will Not Negotiate With Occupation Forces

Powers swirl around Uzbekistan

India's Afghan nightmare


Democrats move Downing Street speeches to Thursday

Souter’s House Targeted

Blagojevich announces grants for teen pregnancy prevention

Democrats move Downing Street speeches to Thursday

Board said to OK Iraq detainees' release

Canadian parliament approves same-sex marriage

Pit Bull Biting Spree

Bush tries to rally Americans on Iraq

US Supreme Court Grants Review - For .. Third Time - In 'Rico' Abortion ..

Peru deputy minister - Government hasn't met mining area needs

Alarming: 24 Shot Within 12-Hour Span In Chicago

Pennsylvania County Settles ACLU Lawsuit Brought on Behalf of Political ..

New Office to Oversee Intelligence Abroad -WP

U.S. Test Finds Passport Fraud Is Going Unseen -NYT

Ugandan MPs vote to scrap presidential term limits

California lawmaker probes National Guard spy claim

Protesters fear privatisation plan for African universities (G8)

Congressman Gets U.S. Document Subpoena (Duke Cunningham)

Congressman Gets U.S. Document Subpoena (Duke Cunningham)

U.S. helicopter crashes near Asadabad, Afghanistan

Secret students major in spying (CIA spies in Univrsts, previously banned)

Board Said to OK Iraq Detainees' Release (2,700)

Fla. Teens Charged After Allegedly Burning American Flags

US faces prison ship allegations (BBC News)

Troops Struggle With Flagging U.S. Opinion

HS reporter sues cop who arrested him at GOP convention

Senate GOP Plans Spending Boost for Vets (damage control alert)

Grassley says senators dodging Soc. Sec.

Comments on President Bush's Speech (Congress Reaction)

Republicans Begin to Question War In Iraq

Approval of president's Social Security efforts dips

Dairy industry sued over claim its products can aid weight loss

Critics say Bush speech lacked specifics

In Scrushy Trial, Jurors Chose Defense's (Religious) Portrait

US, India sign defense pact

WP,pg1: 5 Animal Deaths Renew Criticism of Care at (D.C. National) Zoo

Lott eyes a comeback

WP: Bush Proposal Prompted Surge in Illegal Immigrants

Same-sex legislation passed (Canada)

Mexico's Fox on Zapatista Marcos: "I Await His Orders"

Fact Sheet: Facts, Quotes From President's Address

Army Moves to Advance 2 Linked to Abu Ghraib (faulted in inquiry)

WP: 'Lessons of Sept. 11' Again Take Center Stage (we need "reeducating")

Text of President Bush's Speech

WP: Report Warns of Milk Supply Threat: US Officials Opposed Study Release

Bush promotes Web site to show support for troops

Bolivian government orders troops to take 'control' of oilfields

Soldiers, Sheriff's Deputy Clash in Fla.

Captives: Terrorists hoped for Bush re-election

Poll reflects partisan viewing (46 percent had a "very positive" reaction)

U.S. military says can defeat nuclear-armed N.Korea

If you simply Must watch *'s "speech" tonight...

For Canadian Idol fans......

President: "I'm to blame...I was wrong."

they chose the blue "trust" color for a tie- yeah right

So Chimpy. . . if you want to defend against folks like Bin Laden . .

Chimpy Iraq Speech Drinking Game!!

I never read it in a book

Pimp My Ride or Juniors speech?

I would be pretty tipsy right now, If I drank everytime he said

Those of you watching the speech...

FYI, The USA channel is showing a rerun of Jurassic Park

todays show is brought to you by Age!

What will it take for the American economy to once again prosper?

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

i just figured out why no one's paying attention to me

Usually, the networks cut right away...but no, tonight it's all the photo

CSPAN is NOT doing call-in reactions

What's the cheapest (cost effective) rental car company?

Dubya on the telly, "War Pigs" on the stereo

Wouldn't it be cool, if when he said Democracy he'd choke...

I've just ran out of "BULLSHITS!"

Clark up next on FAUX after the break.....


I've got Bush on my TV, and my cat just went totally insane

Shrubya is on

Ha ha, my husband just said "it's too loud in there"

What did I do during the Bush speech.

I need a 5-letter word for my new Wordlock

How come we still have signature lines when we're at level 2?

My social life makes me cry

captions make me cry

Bush's Bullshit Iraq Speech

the "KITTENS" thread I started earlier now has kitten photos in it.

I am having cereal for supper.

Songs before shrub that are (sadly) waaay too appropiate today

I didn't watch Chimpy's speech

Close Encounters of the Third Kind on TCM at 9:30..........

So good.....mmmmmmmmm

I'm listening to an audiotape reading of Dune. It's HORRIBLE.

So, like, the best part of being a Californian...

Dog Bless America

funny freeper rant on SCOTUS 5-4 decision against 10 Commandments

do you think this post is too ironic or over the top?

DAYUM-- posts in GD are sinking faster than Bush's political fortunes....

Ugh! Freakin' idiots!!!! It's spelled SPEECH!!!

To hell with both parties. I'm voting for TedJesusChristGod in 2008!

I just converted to Buddhism and this "Bloodshed was worth it" comes out

just got offered a job with a large corporation

Support graphic?

I'm about to pop my 3rd Sudafed...

Anybody use/ know anything about Snapfish (photo site)?

America is a multicultural nation!

homeschooled pit bulls prefer fried chicken and kittens to Iraq exit plan!

Will someone please tell Misunderestimator that her avatar is disturbing?

Take a look at my old avatar:

The Official "I hope John Gilchrist doesn't get drafted" thread.

In honor of the 58th anniversery

Same sex marriage now legally recognized in all of Canada!

I once called a female friend of mine's Capri pants "Highwater pants"

"Finally, Alaska, located in a box off the coast of California..."

Dolphin or Shark? You decide.

So what was for dinner tonight

I park my car in handicapped spaces while handicapped people

Does anyone know where I can get some Gelato in central NJ?

Rain = good. Leak in roof on attached garage = bad.

Take a look at my new avocado bar!

"The Usual Suspects" is coming on IFC at 11:00pm eastern

Found these under my sofa cushion

I know the Cold War is over, but...

Anyone know how to get rid of ABetterInternet adware?

I did Belief-o-matic

No wonder I'm crackers tonight, I just read side-effects for my ADD drug:

My browser toolbars are messed up

Whoa -even David Gergen says he was offended

One of my students made an anti-semetic remark

Bush is a damn douchebag....

computer people: what are stack pages??

OH NO! I lost my "logout" icon! Does this mean I can never leave?

Clamato? Would somebody please explain this?

I'm watching "It Came from Outer Space"

It pulls hair from it's face now.

Lounge metal fans: Go get Darkest Hour "Undoing Ruin"

Las Vegas pictures

Another "finger found in food" lawsuit, this time in an Applebee's salad

GD is rockin' tonite!

I had to drink a shot of scotch 42 times!!!!!

I'm not obsessed or anything, nope, not me.


I'm having a surreal supper

Okay, I am out of GD for-fucking-ever.

Best "West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band" album?

In Which Movie did DeNiro get to say:

Curch Sign Spotted. "God bless America. America Bless God." eh...huh?

If the guy you're attracted to keeps calling you "dude"

Men who cry in public are NOT wimps.

What's up w/ the Fundies?

I'm gonna watch "EMPIRE"

What do you call assassins who accuse assassins?

What are some movies they cannot possibly remake

Knock, knock

Your house is on fire. You can only grab one thing.

This is my 1,000th post.

I went to Brainerd, Minnesota today.


Help? How do we post pics from our camera?

Waddaya know ? 160 posts. Thanks progmom. Ask me anything easy. LOL

Whew!!! Now that the shrub's speech is over we can down to real

I work a lot.

Time Travel--Fact or Fiction?

OMFG!?!? Bush cried during the speech?

Anybody know anything about chainsaws

Time to bake some cookies. Which kind should I make?

Who has me on ignore?

Men should not wear capri pants EVER!

Your significant other is on fire. You can only grab one thing.

Take a look at my new avatar:

What do you smell like?

For people who have me on ignore, can't read this so I can say

CAUTION!Possible amusement:Other Things that Tom Cruise Knows More About T

Oldest bank robber

Proof of Intelligent Design

Letter to George W. Bush from Palpatine, Emperor of the Universe

How does 'No, We are preparing for an event' =Racism4Oprah?

For my 6000th post, a picture.

Why I think the bible

United Church of Christ Backs Gay Marriage

Brain pacemaker lifts depression

Coo ku for Coco Crisp

In case anyone but me cares

ORIOLES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone watching the nba draft?

and the sox come back to take the Lead

Democrats Need to Use Astrology

For the non astrologers, renaming the forum.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

Kerry to be on Larry King tonight n/t

Holy S*%t

Heard a Countdown promo made especially for XM

KOEB Puppet Theatre, Episode III

there it is less than 2 minutes 9/11 = Iraq - Fucking LIAR

What sacrifice is he referring to?

MSNBC covering *'s speech from within a church... we've lost the country

I wish we wouldn't say THE terrorists

Haven't we heard this speech before?

"Despise all dissent"

We're watching the NBA draft .. there's a speech somewhere?

What Allies around the world??

I've only seen about 30 seconds of the speech

I almost think that Shrubby believes all the BS out of his mouth

Did he just say they're restoring water?

I sure wish the US would give up Nuckulear weapons


Bush Speech Word Count

TBA has Friends reruns!

Hes wired look at his shoulders n/t

Anybody heard any applause yet?

10 minutes into this speech and haven't heard anything but talking points

This Fourth of July I urge you to demand IMPEACHMENT NOW!!

Boy they just panned the camera to the boys...


Biden UP!

God, Aren't You Glad Al Gore Is Our President?

This is * propaganda, networks should cut away immediately

From the AP

Amerika freedom 9/11 bla bla bla bla bla bla

Shaking hands surrounded by troops and Secret Service

I feel sorry for those service men and women that have to sit

Faux news to have special guest on ... coming up

We must honor the lives of those lost by continuing the mission

appropriately a MUST see after bush's speech.... by Greg Palast

Yeah the applause was FAKE....

What did Bush have on the podium? A magazine? Clearly it

The speech: A Complete Nothing

Nancy Polosi on NBC now

This Speech Reeks of Fear and Desperation

RIchard Engel on NBC

My responses to the speech

Dubya on TV, "War Pigs" on my stereo

Is Germany a part of Europe? Bush made me think it's not. n/t


You know....

Bush Supporters: If 12 Years Is What It Takes: Fine!

Action! We should all send the College RNC these 2 paragraphs

Bush mentioned 9/11 terrorist attacks 6 TIMES in speech

Biden points out that every general or troop he has talked to in Iraq

So Islamics are coming from all over the Muslim world to fight the US

only applause tonight initiated by bush advance team member

ABC News reported soldiers' applause

Question. Why didn't Bush go up with some desert storm fatigues?

Novak: RW outraged over pro-choice Gonzales for Supreme Court

Help MoveOn with LTTEs w/respect to Speech

Let's take America back on July 4th! Protest, freeway blog, graffiti,

The Nation: Generation Chickenhawk

Someone of Fox said the troops were under "strict orders NOT to applaud"

If the violence is worth it...

FYI "Faith in the White House" just came on PAX network at

Is MSNBC making a point with this?????

Who wants DSM flyers to hand out? I made some purty ones!



Fox spin: Eager troops held back from applauding by their commanders

David Gergen ALERT re: Bush Speech.. Bush get's 6months to a year for this

Chickenhawk does Fort Bragg

So what are the freepers saying about the speech? Any brave souls

I believe we are witnessing the slow sinking of a lame duck...

OK someone please tell me how they got to Senator Mccain?

I now pronounce Bush a lame duck...all those in favor???

Tomorrow call the white house and leave a message

"Terrorists and insurgents"

What no opposition party response to utter propaganda bs? wtf!

Deleted - Dupe Post


Clinton went after OBL, Repugs shouted.....

Should we all enlist now?

I missed the speech..w as gonna do the drinkin' game an everything

Bill Schneider on Aaron Brown.....the CNN poll had about 50%

Tears for Fears

Out on a limb here, I think he has LOST the troops.

What are our talking points on the speech tonight?


The Repugs Must Be Reeling

Charlie Rangle just kicked Hannity's Butt!!

Bush: We cannot forget the lessons of 9/11...

I'm sick of the PC "insurgent" talk!

Recruitment numbers

My advice to Bush-

Sovereignty? Says who?

The IDIOT was crying?

Little help on Bob Casey Jr. Please and thank you

So, what stations carried the chimp's script-reading?

Anyone have a video link to the chimp's speech?

Bush touts "minority rights!"

Well I for one do not want to see Hillary Clinton become President

MIKE MOLLOY... I Love this man.. hahahah... He cracks me up.

Here's a clue: can anyone say Iran?

Will Shrubya get a bump in polls in wake of this speech?

Holy Sh*t! Watch the latest Frontline!

Worst President Ever

ACLU Torture Lawsuit and Abuse Pictures Question

Next time a repub laughs and says "Tell Dean to keep talking!"...

Former MI5 Agent Says 9/11 An Inside Job

AOL POLL: How would you rate B*'s speech?

Conditions for Withdrawal from Iraq

OK...Veterans.....What was the LOWEST rank....

"This Fourth of July I urge you to": demand IMPEACHMENT NOW!!

DU this NC Poll

Kerry on CSPAN NOW!

Confusion reigns supreme...

TV Land Is Showing "The Boy In The Plastic Bubble"

New Audio Commentary (2 min.)

Watch Congressman Harold Ford On Nightline tonight!

Observation About Speech That Reveals Just How Bad It Was

WTF could it be reporting? ABC, CNN, & NBC all said that the clapping

CNN's Republican-skewed poll has Bush speech at 46% positive

Hey President GWB if you agree with the war in Iraq....

How come Fort Bragg looked like a Game Show set?

Aaron Brown Said The Giggling Murderer "Dipped Into The 9-11 Well 6 Times

P.N.A.C.,Downing Street Memo & Bush's pre-9/11 wish to KILL SADAM on FOX!?

NY Times kicks the Chimperor's smirky, evil ass

AOL article & Poll regardging Bush's speech tonight

B*** mentioned going to military funerals. Has he ever?

Seriously - since all we saw was Bush profile - what mountain should

FLASHBACK: "I'm not reading this," he declared. "This is bullshit."

Need answer: Who said "You'd have to blind to not see they were lying?"

What I want to know is? How could a mother who lost her son

Bush jumps the shark. Tonight's episode.

"Christian Conservatives flock to Army Recruiting Offices"

Who watched the speech on PBS?

That's one scared lookin' son of a bitch

John Warner, R-VA: "He spoke with confidence and an unwavering resolve"

"We will stay in the fight until the fight is won"


Video: Fox News Tries To Spin Fake Applause

So Bush doesn't need troops in Iraq, but needs more recruits?

I'm glad Clark is a commentator on Fox--he's getting info out

DU this poll on Bush's Speech

Why all the hate?

What kind of bounce will Bush get from his speech on 6/28

How long? how sing this song....Bush. just leave.

What would happen in Iraq if the US pulled out ??

Video: Gen. Wesley Clark Responds To Bush's Speech

Time magazine might reveal source in Plame case

Vilsack in 08? No! Why? New DLC Chairman

College Republicans learn the ropes in big, bad, GOP world

Which Mountain should have Bush's lovely profile etched in it?

Bush says support the troops & fly the flag on the 4th!

Harris camp feels 'a stab in the back' (Katherine 'Cruella')

Ok everyone, lets be honest here.... Totally honest

POLL: Your View of John Kerry- Positive or Negative?

DSM Town Hall Meetings to be Held Nationwide on July 23

List online polls here.

So Iraq is now in danger of being a safe haven for terrorists?

Biden and Bayh ARE OUT as Presidential Contenders

David Paul Kuhn (Salon): Mission continued

David Corn (The Nation): Bush's No-News Iraq Speech

For the Bush team, rose-colored glasses

Editorial: Safire insists no crime committed in Plame case

Why Dim-Son chose to give that meaningless speech on 6/28!

Chinese Bid for Unocal: More than Meets the Eye(COONC ties to WH)

Taking Aim At Soros Is Hardly Politic

Bush: USS Titanic stays the course...

The War President Speaks (Illustrated Daily Scribble)

Bush mired in quagmire with no escape route

Tom Shales: Prime Time for the President

Bolivia: Burying the oligarchic state

LA Times: As War Shifts, So Does the Message

Goodwill's Corporate Takeover, May Be Model for Other Charities

Article on Pickering

The Bush Carnicería (meat market)

Pump up the cult--Gene Lyons

(Fuhrman) Schiavo book offers plots, few answers (A Bomb)

Why withdrawal is possible

Kennedy: Accountability in Iraq

John Nichols (The Nation): The Big Lie

Bush's mission implausible

‘We Were There’-RE Operation Truth

Department of "Huh?" (Iraq Casualties Edition)

Dean: Troops Deserve More Than Bush's "Discredited" Rhetoric

The Bush Family,FLA, & The American CIA

John Zogby: The Lost Center

Mark Shields: Definition of silence (on chickenhawks)

Editors of The Washington Post: Mr. Bush on Iraq

Amy Goodman (Democarcy Now!): Interview with LTC (ret) Karen Kwiatkowski

Lies, damned lies, statistics and scams - I guess we love 'em

Generation Chickenhawk (The Nation)

Peggy Noonan: Obama flapping his wings...

Elizabeth Holtzman (The Nation): Torture and Accountability

Unscrambling Bushisms After Major Brain Assault

"Rant: Greatest American, my ass" -- an article by me :)

OMG PLEASE sign this petition! Korea about to legalize dog meat!!

How about this idea to Support our Troops on the 4th of July

Congressional Investigation of Bush Administration on Prisoner Abuse

FYI, Hartmann show streams live on weekday mornings (i.e., right now!)

Striking a blow at the press (re:Valerie Plame case) (NYT/ IHT)

Tell TV execs to make a reality TV show about reality.

will financial services ever stop treating Americans like idiots?

MOGAMBO GURU: War With Iran Seems To Be It

CAFTA workers rights report from DOL

Southern African desertification predicted due to climate change

Future climate could be hotter than thought -study

Canadian mosquito capital seeks more dragonflies

Panel Affirms Radiation Link to Cancer

Women stripping in forest to foil police

Hezbollah bombards Israeli army

Haaretz: Pullout foes bring traffic to standstill across Israel

People in charge that sat on their hands: Paul Wolfowitz

Air defense: Must read: medienanalyse's "Hunt"

Another account of "secondary explosions" at WTC down the memory hole

Hollywood gets wind of 911 lies!

Inability To Focus On Demolition = Loss Of Motive For Unity

Ohio E-Voting Petition, please sign.

ACTION! 23 Hours Left to STOP ELECTION THEFT MACHINES in California!

Help Needed for Volusia WED 9am- Stop Diebold

Urgent letter from Ken Blackwell: He needs your help!

Boxer wins BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award for 2004 Election Challenge

Buzzflash: Rep. McKinney (D-GA) Discusses Hack as Diebold Flips Out

Sending good thoughts to Houston, and hope Kip et al are kicking ass!


I've been published again: Election Reform = Peaceful Revolution

Dear Dr. Dean:

Bush approval/disapproval by state: clues about the fraud?

Democrats offer redistricting plan

I might run for Assembly

Initiative 1067. Teen Abortion. Waiting Period & Parental Notification.

Arnold is toast

Federal grand jury issues document subpoena to Rep. Cunningham

Is anyone bothered that both DIFI & Boxer voted for nuclear power plants

Fantasy insert in today's Boston Globe....Romney's Progress Report

Eagan 4th of July Parade

Personal info when surfing from the library?

One more reason for me to move to Canada

I just had a call from Sen. Dayton's office regarding body armor

St. Paul Classic

browser hijack! help please!

I Will be in Columbus tommorrow for the Minimum wage rally

Ohioans -- look what Rep. Boehner is doing

Will Ohio Democrats gain from the GOP Scandals

Strayhorn's Chances

op-ed. Don't trust Perry with your kids education!

Faulkner to step down as University of Texas president

Eye on Podcast

Urinal Sentinel poll on chimp's war

Editorial: Dave Zweifel: It's sad when Illinois makes us look bad

Dammit Kohl, get some sense in your head!

Awwww, pukes eating their own over budget approval

103,000 Iraq and Afghan Veterans Seek Healthcare

Bush pisses in own mouth

Mother accused of shutting two children in trunk at Wal-Mart

Likelihood that shrubco/Iraqnam polling numbers go DOWN after this.

FOX TV News Boston: "Applause only once from a hand-picked crowd..."

Click to send your wishes to Dear Leader.

Novak walks but Judith Miller gets sentenced over the Plame outing?

NIGHT LINE came out swinging HARD...

Daily Show Question

Freeper poll briefly on their front page tonite

'We have enough troops, but PLEASE ENLIST!!!'.

The Covet thing in the Ten Commandments.....

Writer Sings the Shrublet a Lullaby

Grunt Nation

Fox tries to spin the fake applause/no applause reaction to the speech.

I just watched a president implode! Ask Me Anything!

Were the Troops Ordered Not to Applaud?

The report altering and suppression goes on


Repugs: Dem Traitors

Military Families That STILL Support Bush Cling to Hope for Justification

"there is no higher calling" than a military career -Bush. For His Kids?

Please caption this...

The subdued response from the soldiers is backfiring!

GREAT Yahoo headline it up kids!

I just thought about how different things would be under President Gore

chimp used a teleprompter, so why was he flipping pages

Newsday: "Sagging polls prompt Bush to again invoke 9/11"

President Bush faces second term blues

Philly News: BLISTERING review. "No Mission Accomplished banner this time"

It's HARD WERK being as stupid as a rightwingnut. It really is.

Faux is playing the Holloway deal to the hilt

GWB=Fozzie Bear

"Raw-Raw! Let's stay the course!"

Guardian: Tobacco giants face $14bn claim

Bush Criticized Over Speech About Iraq War

"the presidents new iraq war"---new"--that was the teaser for a report.

choice of soup or salad (wed 6/28 toon)

He faces two formidable obstacles to his entire version of reality.

Fundie "logic" never ceases to amaze me.

The BBS at the Boston Globe ain't very kind to Chimpy.

Knight Ridder reporter killed after Baghdad police deathsquad story

could the corporate media end up saving us? . . .

Now that the Magic Speech has failed, what WILL they do to convince us?

"They are trying to shake our will in Iraq, Just as they tried on 9/11"

Within the last 10 minutes saw on local TV

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall;humpty dumpty had a great fall.

So George. What or who have you sacrificed in Iraq?

Would it be worth it, to kill one....

As far as the press goes, it's staring them in the face now

Bush calling himself "your Commander in Chief"

The Uniting American Families Act, and how you can help

cnn newscaster actully giving hard time to Rep. Hayes, NC--really

just heard on the radio(local country station)...

Kerry is going to be on the Today Show. And the headline of the

Something Feels Different Across America this Morning

How many more years will the U.S. Occupation last?

DU this Poll: CNN - Which word best describes President Bush's speech?

The Cocky Confident bush of January cries like a baby in June

So Now Will Fox Show Bush Split-screen with Jimmy Swaggart

so, are Enlistment Numbers on the Rise this fine morning?

USPS: no sending tapes or radios to Iraq

W's war pleas in last throes?

Everything is a damn secret..

C Span Washington Journal this morning..

I think we should start a Draft Al Gore Campaign.And get rid of the


"The Saddam 9/11 Link" America's Most Cherished Fairy Tale

If there's any truth to this.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ukraine's Viktor Yushchenko to receive Phila. Liberty Medal

Overnight polls show speech watchers convinced

CNN Poll - shrub's speech

IRS Orders Security Review of Choicepoint Contract

DU's Highway Blogger Anarchy1999 Terrorizes Texas!

Mr. President,

Have you heard of this "Gitmo Cookbook" thing

ALL of the world's Terrorists are in Iraq

AOL POLL: 52% Think bush**s Speech SUCKED!

Time for Dems to Tell Bush to Leave-it's a BAD WAR

This is a corporate crusade against Islam.

Did anyone post a clip of Rangel on hannity?

daddybush after bush war 1: 'by god we've kicked that vietnam syndrome'

And just like that, conventional wisdom declares Iraq a failure

Please tell me I didn't hear this

I would like to see John Conyers and Cindy Sheehan start a nationwide

Any religion that supports a bloodthirsty war monger like Bush, who

Cry Mr. Bush*, you've fucked up the world.

saying anything negative about this war gets our soldiers killed

U.N. appeals for Kenya food aid

I watched "Private Warriors" on Frontline

Bush lowers the "cut and run" stategery

As his support ebbs and the Great Unraveling begins, what is in store for

The 'Who Supports theTroops the Most' Pissing Contest

this poll needs help

To stay on course there has to BE a course

Bush's greatest character flaw was most apparent tonight:

You know what pisses me off?

Why is this man smiling?

"Bush tried to make it sound as if there were new ideas" -- Tom Shales clm

Actually no, "most troops" do NOT support bush or his war.

Bush Criticized for Linking 9/11 and Iraq

Could 1,300,000 Troops Control The USA

"Best of Shows" work for SouthPark and the Simpsons, not Talk Radio!!!

Holy Crap, A must read: Backing for Bush gone, local veterans say

Dem's Defend Bush's Speech...

Roswell UFO Controversy Resurfaces!

Jesus loves PvP.

Photos from last nights Progressive Caucus Launch...

U.S. says it could 'decisively defeat North Korea'

Listening to a local commentator on the radio on the war...

Rulings point to less open future for Internet

Mix of Iraqi reactions to speech

Linking Iraq with 9/11 (Newsday Page 1!)

On 'Pulling Out'

Why isn't Novak going to jail?

I wonder if Osama Bin Laden can sue Bush?

Right-wing poll to vote in (WBAP, Dallas)

NBC's First Read - The day in politics by NBC News

So if sacrifice in Iraq is "worth it"

Bush is reaping what he has sown with his Iraqi policy...

For the Bush team, rose-colored glasses (Newsday Page 2!)

Can 160,000 Iraqi troops control the country?

Did Ya Know There's A House Seat For The Taking? Ohio-02

Has anyone proposed a monument to 9/11 that wasn't an office building?

"Bandar Bush" Resigns. What does this mean?

Can Bush do anything right?

What's next for the Chimp?

To those of you concerned about the future of our legal system ...

Media waking up...Bush critisized for linking Iraq/9/11

Rep Kendrick Meek - D Florida does not know what depleted uranium is

FCC Battle/Media Control

Has the dry drunk turned wet?


George W. Bush 's "lessons of September 11."

How Will Stock Market React To Dud Speech?

If Bush won Ohio, why is he less pop. than 6 "blue states"

The Taliban and gwb's speech..."was" vs. "is"

Bush slammed for Iraq link to 9/11

So, Iraq is now VITAL to OUR security????

Just got off the phone with Mark Davis (WBAP, Dallas, RW radio)

"We shoulda bit 'em"

Reliving the moment. 9/11

Bandar Bush leaving DC (Dodge City)

Mr. Bush, if we attacked the the U.K., it would become a "central front...

MSNBC Question of the day

Is it sad that Bush can't even pronounce Mosul correctly?

Novelist, historian Shelby Foote dies

Poor people are being priced right out of even low income homes.

Nixon's Vietnam mirrored the contradictions in Bush's Iraq speech

Well, I did it. I went down last night and enlisted . . .

Arrested Development (U.S. Imprisons Kids)

Sadly, many still believe 9/11 and Iraq are connected...

MSNBC ? On If U Agree W/Bush Sacrifice Is Worth It

NAt'l Reep Committe BEGS for FUNDS: Guess the mepubs aren't ponying up...

Bush Speech Last Night. My thoughts.

Ruy Teixeira: will Bush approval sink below 40%?

A message to Democratic politicians

Obituary: John Walton, 58; billionaire and Wal-Mart family heir (IHT/AP)

Blair doesn't deny authenticity of Downing St. Memo/Minutes

Red state vs Blue state - how to call off a wedding

MSNBC (MSGOP) Dead Last - Losing Viewers - Faux losing Key Demo

Pure thievery, nothing more.

Republicans to Vets: "Fuck you very much."

An Australian stupid sexy moronic lady talk about 9/11 and Michael Moore:

I'm seriously worried about the president's mental well being

Fly the flag upsidedown--asking callers on Stephaie Miller Left talk show

I think the world is off balance, lost its tilt whatever.

just called biden's office to ask if he had a son in Iraq

Dems rapidly closing on seats needed to win back a House Maj.

Scotty already on the defensive about 9/11 links in speech...


Barney Frank slamming Bush on C-Span 1!

The President's Speech on Iraq: Truth vs. Spin

That was a superb speech

Just Had A Great Experience

Crying out for a Caption

My LTTE via MoveOn.

'9/11 IRAQ, 9/11 IRAQ, 9/11 IRAQ'

Democracy Now with Amy Goodman:Superb discussion on Bush Speech

"ALL of the Terrorists are in Iraq."

Dumb Question about money :

With More Abuse Photos Tomorrow: Do Floating Gulags Prowl The Oceans?

Any good anti-Iraq-war songs?

CNN.Com: "Bush slammed for Iraq link to 9/11"! gotta love it!

Idiot Son's unwinnable disaster is HUMILIATING the U.S. in the world

Help: I really want to know the definitions of "It", "worth", and "it".

(KY) Boy, 7, charged with murder

New design for Freedom Tower

When this war collapses, as it will, it will make it just about impossible

Aren't those new prisoner abuse photos supposed to come out today??

Did You Watch *'s Speech Last PM?

Can anyone show me to a transcript of last night's speech?

Senate is voting on Boxer amendment to ban testing of pesticides on

More troops have died already in Afghanistan this year than last year

Terry McMillan divorcing 'Groove' muse (psst: it's cuz he's gay)

Blair defends Iraq war, downplays 2002 memo

Godfather II: Michael Corleone "got it". Why doesn't shrubco?

I just thought of the perfect ticket for '08 - Kennedy / Reagan ..

The "Nutjob in Arizona" speaks

Howard Dean on Hardball tonight n/t

Shameless assholes trying to link 9/11 and Iraq, again....

Cut 'n' Run Liberals versus Stay the Curse Conservatives

Bush should have a speech regarding the progress in Afghanistan (17 rip)

Welfare reform.....and Iraq.

Please DU this poll-- Do you think there should be a timeline for withdra

Joy, Joy, Happy Dance and then some! I get to go really help someone!

Social Security Question AND Iraq War Question

My letter to the St. Pete Times And Tampa Trib.

The WH says "the past is the past, we want to focus on the future".

Our fallen SEAL and soldiers in Afghanistan MUST be avenged

Olbermann on "The Greatest American" (6/27 transcript)

Ras: Bush Approval at All time low 46%

The End of the Rainbow By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN

Bush's Approval Will Be In The 30's By The Weekend

CNN poll is still up -- 75% of 77k say speech "worrying"

This Iraq War is a Vanity Project - That's Why Georgie's Crying >

Why does it take 12 weeks to train a US soldier to go put their life

AP: U.S. Blocked Release of CAFTA Reports

Poor Chimpy. If only he were a better speaker. or leader. or liar.

Rumsfeld Says Media Shows Only 'Negative' Side of Iraq War

(government-owned) Zimbabwe Herald: Anti-Zim crusade goes chemical

I'd really like to kick Sean Hannity's ass (video)

Is This What They Call Democracy?

We train Maries in 8 weeks…

My Ten-Point Plan for Victory in Iraq

Allstate "Christian termination" article: Does this sound like BS to you?

I think China SHOULD be allowed to buy Maytag, Unocal, and other companies

IMHO *this* is the spokeslady that represents me. Not our Dem leaders

Anyone have a timeline on the Taliban and their offer to turn over OBL

Freeper sees KY jelly advert on FOX News - freaks out over "gay" product

Did the Pentagon delay issuing the cause of the Afghan crash

So Kerry calls for MORE TROOPS in Iraq, and just as he raises DSM

Join the "End The Abuses!" campaign with a new avatar!

Mark Fuhrman and Sean Hannity "investigate" Michael Schiavo?? WTF?

We have Nixon's famous "I am not a crook" shot. Now we need a **

Any riots start yet?

What should the US do about Iraq now?

Iraq is Osama's chance to defeat U.S. and Bush brags about it.

what I learned on Yahoo from freepers today

CNN just reported the pentagon says TALIBAN shot down helicopter.

(Repuke) Lawmaker's Wayward E-Mail Refers To Constituents As 'Idiots'

Crystal Ball

What's the Democratic Solution to the Iraq Problem Created by George Bush?

"There's Art There?" (Samarra)

Looking for a sig line image... can you help me?

Want a kinder, gentler America? Then turn off the radio and read this news

Big contributors to GOP reap big post-election rewards

A workable solution

Rape Conviction Overturned Due To Note

US media covers up US use of napalm to terrorize the Iraqi people

Jonah Goldberg thinks he is a hero

Oh, please tell me there was no jump in that idiot's poll numbers

Media Coverage of Bush's Speech

"Connected" (MSNBC) Poll (Ron Reagan's show)

Remember that joke "upraised finger" design for a new WTC

By Mario M. Cuomo -- Let good sense trump ideology

bush speech; FAKE APPLAUSE.

Congressman Hinchey Public Forum on Downing Street Memos

The Bush Fascist Regime. has been successful.

Racist Postal Stamp?

Frist wants cockfighting to be federal felony

Definition of terms please.

Analogy of this administration

Racist Postal Stamp?

Homeland security at its best????

Yep, that's our President

Attention All Cube Rats

He's back and trademarking phrases "Divorced from reality(r)"

Stripes letter likening the Bush administration to Hitler

An instant classic moment from the Daily Show:

Iraq Realities Force Bush to Respond

Osama Bin Ladin - traitor to the Al-Qaeda Cause

Fun with cell-phones

So it’s OK to invade a country in order to attract terrorists to it?.....

what will W's next job be?

another "tide is turning" post

Limbaugh claimed that "liberals seek the defeat of the military"

GOP lawmaker: Saddam linked to 9/11

So if a Journalist has a source who knew that a Nuke was about to blow

RW Radio Talking Point for Today

Attn Bush: Calling it "September The Eleventh" does sound "educated".

Intelligent Design advocates up in arms over destruction of comet

The fallacy of "fighting them there"

Blair now confirms authenticity of DSM, implies taken right out of context

bush usually goes out to do followups after big speeches, not this time

Has anyone seen whether last night's speech has impacted public

Paul Rieckhoff's Response to Last Night's Farce

Majority Unable To Cope With Bush Presidency Anymore

Does anyone have a video link of the moment that the troops applauded

Was Miller/Cooper supposed to go before

EPA Pages Dr. Mengele(EPA Wants Pesticide Manufacturers To Test On Humans)

That triumphant march through Baghdad...

What are your thoughts on Huey Long?

attempts to seize supreme court souters home

After Dorothy killed the Wicked Witch, she went home. So should the U.S.

CALL TO KERRY: Why didn't you tell Bush to give up claims to Iraq's OIL?

Why Judith Miller MUST reveal her "source".

Ranting again..How Long?

Guess where the VA got the bad health care cost projections?

Christian Wire Service: Medical marijuana a "lie", Geo.Soros is "pro-drug"

Pass me my tinfoil hat, but I just got a chill when ...

Sen Warner: Liberals are not Patriotic

Pro-war "Christians", listen up! It's your God speaking. (GRAPHIC)

Anyone out there have a family member that was at morons* speech?

No one is willing to put their name on this horse shit any more

Anyone read Tom Friedman's article about Ireland?

Lewis Black is my hero.

Mark Fuhrman is a racist blood-sucking pig...

9/11 and the Iraq War... the current lie

My Sound On C-SPAN Is Out! Help!

Recruitment idea

will they serve freedom fries in the new freedom towers?

Field Poll: Arnold trailing two Democratic challengers in CA

Greatest American President/Actor

Are the torture photos actually going to get released tomorrow?

Stephen King scares conservative watchdogs

Info reassures men who think their penis is small

took us three days to be visited by the fundies.

My seven year-old son is pretty savvy...

Four Lights: America's Liberal Pasttime?

We are fighting them over there, so we won't have to fight them here

POLL: Bush 9/11 references, desperatior or foreshadowing?

The Bush Regime has an open invitation to Islamic Extremists

BWAHAHA, Freepers Frothing at the mouth for Judith Miller's impending

CIA operatives bungle as bad as Austin Powers

". . .fighting the terrorists over there. . ."

The Confederate Flag Desecration

Did I just hear my favorite president Bill Clinton on CNN

Tonight on Countdown (Olbermann)

Sometimes you just gotta put your ear to the ground

Senate floor heating up on C-Span2!

MAN I wish i had an mpg. video of bush getting all weepy tues. night

Another overused Redudlican lie: No terror attacks since 9/11.

Trolling for Reports of Republicans Snapping Out of Their Stupor

post C.H.E.E.R.S children (pesticide) project: WIN for once

Sharks prelude ???

Google News, what else is the media saying

Did the parents of the soldiers make * Cry?

CCR-Action Alert: Fourth of July Protests to Shut Down Guantanamo

Just heard Novak on CNN trying to explain why he's not

Fmr. Pentagon Insider Blasts Bush's Iraq Speech and Repeated References to

Lawmaker's Wayward E-Mail Refers To Constituents As 'Idiots'

some nutjob is trying to argue with Randi

Thank you stem cell supporters

My worries are over. Bubble Boy says we have enough troops in Iraq.

How come everyone the US supports from Allawi, Chalabi to Thieu,

Anybody familiar with: Perfect Soldiers : The Hijackers: Who They Were...

House Repubs hope to vote of Soc Sec Priv Accts in July or Sept

Support Veterans!! Awesome Sticker

Is it my imagination or is the country now overrun with George Will

ATTENTION PLEASE: No Homeland Security threat for July 4

Dean: Troops Deserve More Than Bush's "Discredited" Rhetoric

Police Order Evacuation Of U. S. Capitol

Why does corruption, hatred, mismanagement always follow wherever

Report from the Tire Store

Question with Social Security

Biggest Media whore headline yet

Curves gym for women supports anti choice!

Quick Capitol under threat ..... our lessons from 9/11 ....

Are you flying the flag on the 4th of July?

I hope Miller & Cooper do reveal their sources.

Proposal Made to Seize Souter's Property

Where Can I Get A "Wrong Again" Sticker?

Bush's Magic 8 - Ball Iraq War Strategy FLASH in honor of his Speech

Why did the flag only have 9 stripes last night?


Oil Vey! - Peak Oil in the News

The word count from last night's "Presidential" address

Help me to understand why Rethugs would rather not vote than vote Dem?

Somewhere I read that Judy Miller has said she has no qualms about


Teacher trades grades for arson

MoveOn: "Don't Let Bu$h Change the Subject"

Well well Mister Cory will get this in his email


WTF! Canadian health minister to ban prescrip drug exports to USA???

2 Iraqis nabbed at Mex. border sneaking into U.S.!!!!

So are the AG pictures coming out tomorrow or what?

Sign The Petition To Fire Karl Rove!

Lewis Diuguid from Kanas City Star short but sweet reply to my email

The Big Lie Strikes Again

MSNBC covering evac and NOT our fallen troops in Afghanistan

Bush on National TV: Lies and More Lies

spreading saddam 9/11 rumors failed, so now they simply lie boldly

Helicopter hit by hostile fire, but not known what brought it down???

New London

Gun deaths cut in half, Statistics Canada says

DU This poll

LaaaRA,where R you?! Tin Man where R you ?!

is it wrong that i want to punch brit hume?

For the freepers...EXPLAIN THESE comments! The idiot-in-chief is a LIAR!

Biden's Freudian slip: "Each of the Industrialized Companies"

anyone else watching fox news discuss dubby's speech right now?

Protesters stage rally against war (Fayetteville NC last night)

ed schultz

Rock on, Howard Dean!

DNC wants your input

Is any one else totally over Monica Crowley's HUGELY annoying

Future History; The Irony Age

One is the loneliest number

Iraq - Viet Nam Same Song Different Verse

Tony Blankley is sucking * toes again

Ed Henry on CNN: Dems offer no plan for Iraq...WTF does he get his news?

Iran's oil reserves estimated to last for 93 years.

UCDavis Fact sheet re Paul Cameron,-author of "Weird Behavior Among Gays"

Attention Lurking Media Whores .......

Could eminent domain be used by oil companies to acquire

And now for a little levity re chimp's speech...

Second case of mad cow traced to TEXAS

Fuck Gallap I knew this would happen

How do I deal with my bigoted co-worker?

Okay, so ..... right at the start of nightly snewz shows, the Capitol gets

The Supremacy of the Super-Citizen

*Yawn* ANOTHER scare at the WH involving planes

NYT "kinda hammers" Bush's speech.

The Real Solution - Put Iraqis to Work

Bush Gets Slap In The Face

Man in the Street Reaction: How have people where you are reacted

Hey you stupid pigfucker

So, anybody keeping track of the reason (excuses) for war?

Polls Are Down - Speech Was Crap - What Will Shrub Do Next?

I don't get William Krystol

Now the soldiers in Iraq and their families are a charity??

Guess Who Ed KLEIN Is?---------"Walter SCOTT" (Gossiper, Parade Magazine)

Media TARGETS FOR WED 29Jun--from Downing Street Memo.Com

Things are completely fucked in Iraq. And it's America's fault

So Kerry speaks out against Bush policy in Iraq, and just as he raises DSM

White House Releases Bush's Personal Copy of the Augst 6th PDB

what's the purpose of public education?


Tweety just called Cheney UNBALANCED!

One solution to the problem of touch screen voting machines;

So if were all so much safer with * in office why are they evacuating the

Revealed: Bush's pre-war Message to the Iraqis

"Subliminibly" evil..We report..You decide?

Our Crying Cheerleader in Chief Drops the Ball

Canada to Ban Bulk Exports of Rx Drugs

It's official: WH is a dog chasing it's own tail.

It's not too late to salvage Iraq.

cspan 2 something's happening!

Senator Muskie CRYING cost him the nomination

Mexico Issues Stamps Of Black Cartoon Character Weeks After Racial Flap

I just received my DSM DVDs from Symbolman!!!

The REAL quote from Kerry: Not enough troops on the BORDERS of Iraq.

I have an uncle who is Retired Navy

Breslin: The daughters should serve

Seriously, what did he mean with "This Third World War is raging"

Why were we stupid enough to put an airport so close to the WH?

Do you see ghosts behind him? -PIX->>>

Hey DeLay.... Where's the "adjustment" for the rest of us?!?

The Bush Administration are spinning themselves stupid

Senate "Pro-lifers" Support Pesticide Testing on Fetuses

9/11: LIHOP, MIHOP, or Other ?

Summer Camp That's a Piece of Heaven for the Children, but...

McCain on Larry King Live last nite The Immoral Clarity of Bushism

If the US and Halliburton, etc were to fully withdraw from Iraq RIGHT NOW

Another AOL Poll - on 9/11

Boy Barred From Singing Soprano in Choir

White House Releases Bush Journal Entry from 9/11

Proof That lack of Applause at last night Speech was not planned

"Support for re-election of Schwarzenegger plummets"

Juan Cole: Arguing with Bush (Is "Terrorist" a code word for Muslim?)

Don't Forget Dean On Hardball Tonight

Someone please post the names of the Repuke 'Chickenhawks'

A TV News Network Beholden Only to the Public--read the plan!

The Clinton-Bush COMEDY SHOW!!!!!!

Help the Freepers!!! Give them reasons why they can't serve.

Our leaders: Words fail me ! A picture is worth 10,000 of them.

Toons to end my week

Our Democratic Leadership Better Pick Up this TALKING POINT

CBS: Commando team that called for Heli in Afghganistan is missing

A funny thing happened when I got a conservative to take an online...

So, What about Mr. Bolton...? I thought Frist was gonna bring up the vote

KKKarl just sent some smoke signals to the Freeptards (CON TALKING POINTS)

Hee hee! Freeper email and my reply

An email from a Repug friend, and my response

my repuke neighbor tore down my fence!

New York bans mercury in vaccines

I hope Judy Miller does not reveal her sources

College Republican: "We actually do shit."

Video of that lying fuck Rep Robin Hayes

CNN Carol Costello questions Repub claim of evidence linking Saddam - 9/11

Why are most DUers happy that Judith Miller could go to jail?

Buy America - China Does Just That

Reporter shot to death in Iraq

Sexier title - 32 reasons to give you doubt that Bush won 2004

Taliban states 35 - 42 US troops killed

wanna homeschool? excellent.

Deviled eggs and deviled ham.

Harper ineffective in same-sex debate

Canada to ban bulk drug exports if necessary, Dosanjh says

Mounties dropped data sharing safeguards after 9/11, inquiry told

Anyone else find it ironic, re Homolka:

What the fuck has happened to Blair?

U.S. Military says hostile fire "probably downed helicopter" in Afghanista

Greater spying role for Pentagon denied

Senate gives approval to energy measure

Bookkeeper takes blame for Fla. Democratic Party's tax woes

House Votes to Cut Administration Program

Bay Area Rapid Transit Strike Deadline Set

CIA blunder on al-Jazeera 'terror messages' (The Guardian)

Russia will cancel $2.2 bln debt to African states

Fixed yuan 'legitimate choice'-World Bank director

GAY-RIGHTS BILL Groups claim 57,000 signed ballot initiative

AP: U.S. Blocked Release of CAFTA Reports

Injured Marines transferred from Germany to U.S.

Syria, Iraq Discuss Restoring Relations

Veterans ask (Rep) Baird to oppose Bush

Six killed in violence in eastern and southern Afghanistan

Taking Aim At Soros Is Hardly Politic

Obituary: John Walton, 58; billionaire and Wal-Mart family heir (IHT/AP)

NYT,pg1: Among Soldiers and Families, Applause Mixes With Doubts

Bush Criticized Over Speech About Iraq War

NYT: (user-generated) Web Content by and for the Masses

(Villaraigosa's) Inauguration Is the Place for Politicians to Be Seen

Watchdog says government hid border survey

Corrupt ex-minister took £1m bribes on arms sales

Man suing Homeland Security over Detentions (Sun-Times)

13 of 16 killed in Afghan copter crash U.S. service members -- Pentagon

Iraq awards Kirkuk oil tender to Exxon, Total, Respol, Tupras

School retirees lose health insurance case in state (Mich) Supreme Court

NYT: Public Broadcasting and Political Balance: A New Twist

(DynCorp) Bend woman, 51, killed in Iraq by roadside bomb

Pro-, Anti- Sides Poised For Future Ct. Pick($18M Progress for Am. budget)

Nelson tops Harris in Senate showdown, poll shows

FBI Whistle-Blower to Run for Congress (Coleen Rowley)

House clears $20.3 billion in foreign aid

German ex-minister admits bribe (ex-spy chief in US&Saudi arms deals)

LAT: (Iraqi security forces) Ranks Plagued by Infiltrators

Poll Examines Schwarzenegger Re - Election (not good gropinator man

Fate of 17 US troops in Afghan crash unclear

Soros's Nats Bid Irks Republicans (WP)

Saddam may sue over Sun (underpants) pictures (The Guardian)

Tony Blair Defends Iraq War (Dismisses Question on Downing St. Memo)

Process starts for eminent domain aquisition of SCJ David H. Souter's home

Economy's Growth Is Better Than Expected

LAT: As War Shifts, So Does the Message

US should have dropped footballs (instead of bombs) on Iraq: Stange

Raising the dead no longer just a fright movie!

It's too easy to get a U.S. passport fraudulently, report says (IHT/NYT)

Reporters Without Borders queries fate of three journalists in Iraq

Bush Critics Call for More Troops in Iraq

U.S. focus abroad hurts domestic security - critics

Expert: U.N. Seeks U.S. Detention Centers-investigating secret faclilities

Insurers sound the alarm on climate change

White House to Endorse WMD Panel's Changes

"Senate GOP Plans Spending Boost for Vets "

Saudi's Washington envoy resigns: BBC

Lawmaker's Wayward E-Mail Refers To Constituents As 'Idiots'

Iraqis show range of reactions to Bush pledge to stay course in

(KY) Boy, 7, charged with murder

SEC eases pre-offering 'quiet period' rules

Man accused of impregnating 10-year-old, charged with child rape

Taliban linked to helicopter crash (IHT/AP/Reuters)

NYT: Medical Marijuana? Rhode Island Says Yes

Democrats, Republicans question Bush's statement on troop levels

(U.K.) Channel 4 to make Guantánamo Bay docu-drama (The Guardian)

Consumer cost for digital TV transition $3.5 bln-CU/CFA

US and Russia clash over Iran nuclear plants

US Blocked Release of CAFTA Report

Bush issues WMD order on N.Korea, Iran, Syria

NYT/AP: Board: Teflon Cancer Risks Downplayed

Official Says Canada to Ban Drug Exports (to US)

Ex-convict must still prove his innocence (to get due compensation)

Bush hammered as dishonest by British critics of Iraq war

NYT: Bush Declares Sacrifice in Iraq to Be 'Worth It'

Ed board OKs video cameras in Fairfield schools

EPA Pages Dr. Mengele(EPA Wants Pesticide Manufacturers To Test On Humans)

NYT: Debate Hinges on Condoms' Effectiveness (abstinence v. safe-sex)

Church Leader Endorses Gay Marriage

Town cites Patriot Act in response to homeless man's suit

Despite Concerns, NASA Is Planning to Go Ahead With Shuttle Launching (??)

Veterans Affairs coping with $1 bil shortfall as demand for services grows

Investors sue Bank One over tax shelters (Reuters)

Okinawa sailor sentenced to 65 years for murder

attempts to seize supreme court souters home

New York bans mercury in vaccines

Last click nears for Va. Beach’s red-light cameras

12 more die in Iraq, Bush says US troops will stay

Anorexia nervosa in women may be caused by autism

Iran's Busher nuclear power plant may start working in 2006

Loren fights to ban party's posters

House Votes to Cut Bush's Democracy Plan

Public Skeptical on Ultimate Success of U.S. Efforts in Iraq

Blair Tells AP Troops Must Stay in Iraq

White House defends 9/11 ties to Iraq in Bush speech

Ex-Gitmo Inmate Acquitted of All Charges (spent 3 years)

Revitalizing Iraqi oil, gas sector will cost 25 billion dollars: Iraqi MP

Ga. Justice Is State's First Black Woman (on state Supreme Court)

GOP to revoke MLB tax exemption if Soros wins bid for Nationals

Matt Cooper is declining to testify CNN

Report: Terrorists May Target Milk Supply

Reporter shot to death in Iraq

Election reform commission to hold final hearing (Carter-Baker Commission)

Castro makes surprise visit to Venezuela for Petrocaribe launch

House Republicans tackle portable pensions in bill [legalize cash balance]

Rumsfeld, Myers answer questions from soldiers, staffers (stay the course)

dupe - sorry :(

CSPAN - Congress evacuated

Kirkuk ethnic rage will test Bush hopes for Iraqis

Merit System Inquiry Expands...2 More Cabinets (KY State Gov't)

Fears over microchips developed for remote scans

State Dept.: Iraq Risky for Americans Yet (really???)

SKorea urges US not to provoke NKorea

Web visits put man in jail

LTFRB to impound jeeps, buses that ferry protesters (Philippines)

Lansing education rally attracts 11,000 teachers, parents, students

Anti G8 activists invite media into camp

Home Demolitions Continue as UN Envoy Meets Mugabe

Democrats fault Bush over Iraq link to Sept. 11


Ex - Gitmo Inmate Acquitted of All Charges ( well he was in the tropics

EPA Blocked From Human Pesticide Studies ( thank you Senate and Boxer

Virus Spreads Using MJ, Pope

63% of US companies employ/plan2employ personnel to monitor employee email

(Phoenix, AZ) Hypercom plans high-level layoffs (100 jobs)

NYT/AP: California Lets Domestic Partners Law Stand

AP: U.S. blocked release of trade reports

Bolivia: Change to Oil Law

NYT: New Design Is Unveiled for Freedom Tower (pic)

Saudis are becoming top threat to our GIs (NYP)

Venezuela launches Petrocaribe, extending regional oil diplomacy's reach

Arroyo's husband 'to move abroad'

FBI: No Specific Terror Threat for July 4

Police order evacuation of U.S. Capitol (Evacuation cancelled)

Big contributors to GOP reap big post-election rewards

Bush's Iraq speech tanks with public (only 19 mill viewers - 4 networks)

Second Case of Mad Cow Traced to Texas

Town cites Patriot Act in response to homeless man's suit

100,000 protesting workers tipped to clog city (Australia)

GOP probes non-destructive (stem) cell research

(Newsday) Ex-publisher (and education big-wig) in kid porn sting

Sunnis will nab Zarqawi when 'ready'

Iraqi Forms Political Front for Insurgents (wants US troop pullout)

Pentagon defends, lawmakers praise 'world class' Guantanamo prison

Only 39% in poll would vote for governor again ( CA )

All 17 troops believed killed in Afghan crash- U.S.

Italy asks Interpol to help find CIA suspects

Blair Denies Memos Prove Iraq Decision- Yahoo

GOP lawmaker: Saddam linked to 9/11

Senate Panel Narrowly Endorses CAFTA

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 29 June

Iran's Ahmadinejad looks to export 'new Islamic revolution'

Court Upholds Journalist's Contempt Citations - Miller and Cooper

Army reverses series of recruitment shortfalls(exceeded recruitment goals)

(Cambodian) Hunter loses eye in tiger mauling (Reuters)

NYT/AP: Survey: Most Adults in Idaho Overweight (nationwide problem)

Expert: Most Iraqis want U.S. to stay

DeLay inquiry set to move; GOP ethics chairman backs down (raw news)

NYT: WH Moves to Clarify Authority Over Intelligence (power to Negroponte)

'Uniter' Biden says he can win in the red states

(Republican) Lawmaker's Wayward E-Mail Refers To Constituents As 'Idiots'

Economy's Growth Is Better Than Expected

Hitler: Father of sex doll?

It's KUSF in San Francisco Time!!!

Favorite Grateful Dead Member

What rhymes with "Bush?"

DU Lounge Lizards are HOT!

Question about the Daily Show

Just had an awesome pita for dinner

Anyone watching the BET Awards?

Are you losing your hearing?


Thank, you gods!

Boa Noite...How did El Busco's Speech Go? nt

Pink Floyd Fans: Hell Freezes Over

ABC To Broadcast Live 8 Concert Special - Reuters

I'm sexier and better looking than any Republican!! Damn it!!

soup or salad (Wenesday 6/28 toon)

Damsel in Distress - late night tech question

Buffett Post...I'm High Strung And Thank God For Buffett:) Fav. Song?

who won at Bush Bingo tonight? I didn't watch...

Will little Juanzo win "Baby of the Year"?



Indian Guards Being Terrorized By Naked Women

Slap my ass & call me Sally

Malaysian Lawmakers to Learn Snake Hunting

Every day she takes

Parrot killer too drunk for court

Flesh-eating aliens were chasing me when I caused fatal car crash

Fat thief ate all the pies

Man Accused Of Drunk Shopping Cart Driving

Can one claim an abandoned car?

Aussie politician calls former chums 'A-grade arseholes': BBC

White cars a hit for bird droppings

Should I write their HQ?

One of the worst cases of child abuse in TN history

The reason why you should get golf lessons ...

I just immersed my hand in boiling water...

Thank Da' Lords on High that the "Hide-A-Thread" is BaccccK!

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison speaking now at the Senate - 3 guesses

Music Fans: Coolest Site in the Known Universe

Migraines? What works for YOU?

This day has gone from zero to shit in less than 30 seconds.

Thanks to Swede, I'm obsessed with the idea of starting a band called

*Pregnancy update* My Max Klinger day- 1/2 family dying 1/2 familypregnant

Sweet Potato Pie and hush my mouth

Just heard horrifying story--officemate's cousin died in motorcycle crash

Look at me Ma I'm on TV

Last night I watched reruns of Friends instead of the Press Conference

I noticed something about Dubya last night

Police Pull Man From Women's Outhouse Tank (Teen Saw Man's Face In Toilet)

Wanna have a ball? Play Rugby

Irish Man Fails to Set World Bee Record (nice try though)

Who Fuggin' moved the Logout button? Damnit!

As promised, I played the Bush Speech Drinking Game last night...

y'know what

Your story about Vulture-like, greedy behavior when a loved one dies, here

Is it nap time yet?

It's the LynneSpin Zone:Post why people aren't loudly applauding my thread

Pepperdine University - Allneoconallrightallthetime?

I'm amazed that morons* pants haven't burst into flames yet...

I need suggestions for lunch! Please help me!


I'm on top of the world! (picture)

My Wife (CYLRC) Had a Miscarriage

What should my 3 yr old wear for his preschool's july 4th parade?

Weird Website,

US should have dropped footballs (instead of bombs) on Iraq: Stange

Am I a racist?

I just mixed 8 oz of chocolate soy shake with a can of Starbucks

My shit's fucked up

I've just killed a gnat. Ohhh, the guilt!

800 mile road trip tommorow-HELP!!!!!

OMG saw "Land of the Dead" - it FREAKIN ROCKS!!!!

Are we sexier and cuter than the Repukes?

Too funny! Vladimir Putin steals Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl Ring

Beaches or Mountains?

Government official tells accidentally the truth!!

I wish Halliburton would come to my town

Alright, you New Yorkers! You've been keeping something from us...

Funny stuff on the toilet at work

Anyone ever just browse for fun?

Final Update on injured child from work

Raising the dead no longer just a fright movie!

Wow, I wonder what the architect's political affiliation was

I've got the worst *@#$%# hangover today....

E-mail post from NY assemblyman (R) calls constituents 'idiots'

Well Maveric, How'd the date go...

Myspacebar's periodically crappingoutonme.

applause for bush .. no comments?

Now that is what I call a really stupid sexy moronic lady :

Here's to you, Mrs Robinson...

Ok, Ok,.... I'm working

What kind of "deal" is this for frequent flier miles?

O'Connor to retire

Everybody! Chant with me!

I guess I just don't have the right password or I'm in the wrong place.

Fuck all of these people.... I'll keep my check book the way I want to!

The Ghost of Tom Joad

Kerry was his usual classy self today

Kerry was great on TODAY

Beach volleyball gives women saggy boobs says german doctor

DU Females...I May Need Some Advice

Sad, yet heartwarming story with happy ending

Question for Obviousman! Is it true that the US government purposely

~*BREAKING*~ Aliens say Tom Cruise does not exist, and if he does he is

What do I smell like?

Freepers all worked up about O'Conner retirement (wrong one)

I'm looking for the discussion threads for yesterday's speech

I was in a band fifteen years ago.....

I hear Buck O'Neill, Negro league great...

Should GD Denizens be invited to the Annual Lounge Lizard Snipe Hunt?

Lawmaker's Wayward E-Mail Refers To Constituents As 'Idiots' (NY)

~*BREAKING*~Tom Cruise says he believes in aliens

Do you know what a 'Minnesota Hooping Bug" is?


"Idaho...then I lost her. To a welder, name of Foster"

How unpatriotic - the 9-striped flag!

The MrScorpio Wednesday Afternoon Whoredown

Saint Chimpy's Weekly Radio Address: (Warning: May cause ROTFL )

Raise ONE hand if you got a lap dance from Beyonce last night

Which of the following do you think I am?

Grand Prix: Teams found guilty on US fiasco

I need speakers for a 600 sq foot tavern, what do you like?

HILARIOUS freecycle ad posted on craigslist/SF (getting rid of BAD cat)

Sloppy Joe or Made Rite

DAMMIT! My "Blues for the Red Sun" CD is scratched!!!!

They started to call me Howard Hughes at work!!

A continuation of the wierd ass dream I had the other day...

What is a person from Idaho called? Colorado?

The Gratuitous Monty Python and the Holy Grail Quoting Thread

i've decided to go by metric time

Want 30 mins of laughter? (British comedian on Bush)....

OMG... what Schwarzenegger looks like today?

When you think of the "Minnesota Twins", who comes to mind?

Save the country!

Today's Tunage Rockin' My Box - QUASIMOTO, Et. al.

Critics pretty much agree: "War of the Worlds" ain't that great

One of the great Top 40 bass lines: (along with Tears of a Clown)

Is it possible to ever have enough music? Or even too much?

I am about to drop off my dogs for a week of boarding :(

What do you call people with hands-free cell phones (headsets)?

I was going to try to say something profound with my 10,000th post....

When you think of the "Minnesota Vikings", who comes to mind?

Do T-shirt transfers made on your home computer really work?

Jubal Sackett

It appears I have now seen everything.

The Ultimate Poll

I am interviewing for a job. I got called to the first one at 12:30 on a

Can I brag for a moment? :)

Say hello to my little friend - uh well nephew anyway

See y'all later. Time to go blog the rush hour.

Man Jailed After Marrying Woman Who Took Out Restraining Order Against Him

"We need more prosthesis" - Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison

Are you prejudiced against "slow talkers?"

Are you prejudiced against slow stirrers?

I’d like to get something off my chest before I get outed by the bloggers

Can acupuncture help actual injuries? >

Dice and probability

My back hurts

Margarita Island, ever been there?

38 years ago today, Jayne Mansfield departed us...

Beach 'diamonds' fake, say police

Any one been to the South Park studio lately? I just checked it out

I hear the drizzle of the rain

Crap! If people stayed at their desks...

Have you ever given anyone else some sugar?

Have you ever slid up a fire pole?

All these sports polls have reminded me of a book I love

Really BAD joke

Define 'masochist'. No wait. Don't.

Bach's rescue remedy. Anyone ever used this?

Piggybacking on SaveElmer's Thread: Best of the Costner Baseball Trilogy

When You Think of "Major League Asshole" who comes to mind

Just saw War of the Worlds - and I loved it!

When You Think of the Arizona Cardinals - what comes to mind

Whoops! (Milwaukee TV station's web site screws up)

Anyone here a soccer fan?

Wheeeee.. YOU control Tetka with your mouse.. Be nice to her

I have such a sweet husband.

Do you talk on your cell phone in the restroom?

When you think of the "Washington Redskins" who comes to mind?

What 'Movie Moment' gives you goosebumps everytime you see it?

When you think of the "L.A. T-Birds" who comes to mind?

Homebrew laced with acid kills 51 Kenyans

Another Sports poll:


Another Telephone Pole.

Pic: Bush returning from Ft. Bragg last night, "Mission Not Accomplished"

Whose career will implode first?

Stepping on cracks, yes or no?

What is up with all of the sports polls?

If you see a schizophrenic talking on a cell phone...

I have the song "Hair" stuck in my head.

A photo of me and my new family

Bill Brasky

Who else loves setting off fireworks on the 4th?

DU is freaking quiet today. Where IS everyone?

Great joke on Randi Rhodes: "Knock knock, Mr President."

The State of Kentucky is about to make me homeless (and w/o a car)!!

help, i need some new tunes

Domino is dead - Truth is stranger than fiction

Just how desperate can a peeping tom get?

What is your talent?

Anyone here a soccer fan?

The ice cream man is here...the ice cream man is here......

damn! i just LOVES me some late afternoon Thunder Storms!

Walking up escalators - yes or no?

G.I. JOE: Elite fighting force or a bunch of Section 8s?

WAAH!!I don't wanna go to the dentist!

When you think of the "Pittsburgh Steelers," who comes to mind?

Are there too many sports polls in the Lounge today?

Ok one more Poll and I will go away...Best Baseball themed Movie!!

I'm a lucky man...

Don't you hate it when you PM someone...


When you think of "Major League Baseball" who comes to mind


Do you have "daddy issues"?

More about MinimandaRuths Ghost

If Cats Had Opposable Thumbs, I For One Would....

I have six names on my contact list in Hotmail that I have no idea

Here's the OCD question of the week:

What other myth should Congressman Robin Hayes (R-NC) promote?

Fox is the best TV network

What's the most uncomfortable food spoilage you've ever experienced?

What does it mean when you are with someone and you feel alive?

Let us now praise the Admins for long ago creating a W smilie

Call me crazy but there's a GHOST living in my bedroom.

Strange question for cat people

Since when does a red traffic light mean "run it".

Strippers scare off tree guards

$900 for a new rack

Lounge Lizards! I know that I can count on you!

The Weekly Radio Address: June Terror Update. LOL!

Is this f'real?


Peeping Tom Cruise Pulled From Outhouse Tank


So, my upstairs neighbor just left a note on my door...

Peeping Tom Pulled From Outhouse Tank

I'm on the Radio!

CNN's Ed Henry was at it again today, asking the same BLAME IT ON THE

I wonder if Tom Crusie watches 6 ft. Under?

Hey Red Sox fans

Revealed: Tom Cruise was a male hustler.

I think Bush is our Ugliest President.

Any singles out there looking for a great way to pick up someone?

kraken, bigfoot, and the Lizard man oh my!

Where can I find the "Because I Got High" parody playing on Randi?

Well, Stinky the Wonder Cat despises me now

I'm sorry but I don't believe Evolution should be taught in schools

I mean, how could you not love Bill Hicks??

A rare weekday vodka martini for me

Beer Truck Crashes in Massachusetts

Tom Cruise is NOT a lesbian!

I'm getting a free copy of "What's the Matter with Kansas?"

Does every cell phone in America need a 16-year-old girl?

I feel like I am left out. So here goes. Tom Cruise

Happy Birthday , Precious Angel

Dag nabbit!! Kid changed my toolbar from Explorer to Yahoo

I'm going to replace my central air unit. Any advice?

Last Work Of Fiction You Read, The FIRST Amazon Review, YOUR 1-10 Scale

Tom Cruise was conceived through the use of Alien Lizard technology

Anybody have a clip of the "Teen Wolf" penis exposure? (Movie "goof")

Who is/was the best stand-up Canadian?

30 Days is on tonight.


Some early fireworks for you

This photo does not show it,

Do I have too much funny shit in my posts??

Favorite line ever from The X-Files?

Have you ever run on a moving sidewalk?

just took my kid to see the new Batman movie ( possible spoiler)

Proof that the rapture is nigh:

I have a grammatical question... (did I spell that < right?)

Are you prejudiced against slow walkers?

Best editorial cartoon of the week!!

Wow...super sick/super fun game

Screw you guys. I'm going home.

Bill Buckner tribute thread

I wanna scream

Bush should be sent west.

Bride Calls Off Wedding, Throws Party For Homeless

When in Pink Floyd going on at Live 8???

I have to go down to the laundry room at 10 after...

Whatever you do, don't google "Wonder Showzen."

I'm going to replace my central unit. Any advice?

Another NUN Joke For You!

I love what Lewis Black said on The Daily Show last night.

Oh what the hell, let's design a car. POST A PICTURE.

Today was a day that really made me wonder...

What type of cell phone do you like and why?

Okay, how do you steer it?

Dirk Diggler wants to know:

Getting Vaseline out of one's hair

"A Day In The Life". My four-year old grandson and I talked about it.

I just learned what Sniffa's favorite activity is

Got my student loan award letter today - drum roll please...

Tonight's speech inspired this...

I think I have either tonsillitis or strep throat

What is your favorite Salad Dressing?


Oh, my bees!

Who is/was the best stand-up comedian?

What should I plant in my (urban) garden?

Group gets naked to protest bullfights

What's the most uncomfortable food spoilage you've ever experienced?

I'm bored and the lounge has gone for a smoke break. PICTURE THREAD!!!

I took a super long lunch today to catch "War of the Worlds"


When I grew up in Detroit, I used to see the Fireworks from my window


Happy Birthday Timmy!


Afternoon ZombyLove Delight

Proof that the rupture is high!

Can we have a serious discussion about BULLFIGHTING?

Any A/V experts in the lounge? Need advice

Grendel Takes A Nap

Vince Mcmahon: Liberal or Conservative?


Heeeellllllppppp..rescued dog question

How Stella DIDN'T Get Her Groove Back...

Bikers know my town as a "nice ride to the middle of nowhere"

This guy is a riot.

I was just thinking today how proud I was no one had recently

For DS1's eyes only:

MR. JAMES R. (JIM) BELL, JR 7-14-1940 ~ 6-24-2005



When you think of the "Dallas Cowboys" who comes to mind?

OK, one more time, NEVER ask a woman if she's pregnant

My cucumbers are in!

When you think of the XFL, who comes to mind?

just took my kid to see the new Batman movie ( possible spoiler)

Do you ever send e-mail to yourself?

CAUTION: If you drink lots of grape cool-aid your pee turns green.


Thai fishermen catch, eat record-sized catfish (The size of a grizzly bear)

Does every 16 year old girl in America need a cell phone?

Have a good thought, say a prayer

How long before Tom Cruise's career implodes

McCartney to Live 8: "I open the show, I close, I headline, or I'm out"


Chocoholics - Jacques Torres is on FoodTV right now.

When you think of the "Boston Red Sox" who comes to mind?

Grammatical question: Which is correct?

When you think of "New York Yankees," who comes to mind?

A few times I’ve been around that track

What's the most uncomfortable food spillage you've ever experienced?

"Who are you? Fuckin' Einstein?"

I saw War of the Worlds today. Will you see it?

Let's resurrect a classic - "Time to make a movie chain!"

Frist wants cockfighting to be federal felony

Qur'an Desecration Is Nothing New

Lodi Muslim Mosque Fires Imam Who Gave Anti-American Speeches

I would really appreciate feedback on this article -

Most Adults in Idaho Overweight

Scientists 'raise the dead' in experiment

Healthcare Protest / Sit-in - Day #10: Massive Fundraiser for Protesters

Testing for Toxins: Women Are Taking Env'l Health . . .

Greg Palast (June 29/dtd July 1): I hope I die before the next re-fill

Brain Scan Study of Smokers Reveals Signature of Craving

Anorexia nervosa in women may be caused by autism

Info reassures men who think their penis is small

Cassini Reveals Lake-Like Feature on Titan

Zombie Dogs

Not exactly science, but I need a math formula.

Cornell Study Shows Insects Developing Resistance to Bt Crops

Maine Gay Rights Bill Faces Repeal Bid

How long....

Inclusiveness pays off for small business - from an email of both a

United Church Of Christ Head Endorses Gay Marriage

Canadians out there: Is this the real deal? Can I officially be proud

Spanish Lawmakers Handed Petition By 600,000 Opposed To Gay Marriage

Canada Receives Kudos On Gay Marriage

Calif. Supreme Court Upholds Gay Partner Law

Alberta Mulls Ways Of Getting Around Gay Marriage Law

NBA Draft

Putin/Super Bowl Ring

Looks like another great Indians/Sox game today

Putin five-fingers Super Bowl ring

Wimbledon Men's Semis

Wimbledon's Women's Semis

Roddick through to Wimbledon semi final


FYI... How astrology came to be on DU

From a DUer about the defection of the astrologers from this

I hate what has become of this forum

W-o-o-o-o! W-o-o-o-o-o!

Ernst Haeckel, 19th C German Darwinist, had a funny description of God

Iraq veteran denied trip home to Cuba

What a nice way to start the day

Heads up for Central, Mt., Westcoast time zones (Today Show)


Call to action. For Kerrycrats.

been to lately?

Post from Senator Kennedy on LUTD!!!!!

Sometimes the "logic" in General Discussion amazes me

Focusing on 2006

Let's hear it for Stephanie Miller!!

Its the truth, my ignore list must grow! That is all.

Okay, here goes...

Videos from JK Appearance on Today Show is up

Heads-up. If you missed Dean on Hardball already, you should

my best Iraq war protest pics

Anyone used a Minolta dImage slide scanner?

KOEB Puppet Theatre, Episode IV: A New Hope

Newsletter: 6/29/05 : Re-Selling the War

for those who missed it

Good OJR article on MSNBC and

Gosh, those who missed Tweety tonight may have to catch the re-air!

KOEB, 6/29/05

Bush promotes PEACE TRAIN to Washington for Sept 24th

I had to drink a shot of scotch 42 times!!!!!

It amazes me! The Rethuglicans control:

"Testing America's Resolve"

States faulted on Medicaid methods (fed $$ going to states' "consultants")

Bush Fears America.

Suggestion For Our Government...Quite Large (Be Forewarned)

MI House Dems consider expulsions after GOP illegally bars speeches

I don't need a timetable, I need to see some leadership, accountability

The division begins in earnest... Rinse and repeat...

I thought * was supposed to do one ~press conference~ a month

Army Promotes 3 Officers Faulted for Performance in Iraq [GITMO]

Right wing sites are so Snarky tonight


This is the speech that Never Ends

Kerry called Bush out during the debates for linking

"I'm not putting my ass on the line ...

The new insights and understandings I gathered from the speech...

Nixon's dislike of 'witch' Indira

Ray Mc govern: "Stay The Crooked Course"

Money Laundering for the Nazis by President Bush's Grandfather

Please help this poll

Is it really "worth it" ??

Army Officers Resigning - Add to bush's legacy

SupremeCourt Strikes a Blow Against Freedom Online

Bush Insists Iraq War Is 'Worth It' In Sober Speech

Anyone else see Chuck Rangle mention the PNAC on

Richard Clarke's description of George W. Bush

Out of curiousity...What does the typical DUer read/watch/listen a day?


LA Times: Iraq didn't have "global terror center rep before the invasion"

As promised, I played the Bush Speech Drinking Game last night...

Rep. Louise Slaughter switched parties??

John McCain: "I think the president laid out a clear exit strategy"

So glad Bush spent all that time stumping Social Sec. - what a waste!

I Think It's Time for a New Tactic With Freepers

In the next election

You know this country's fristed up when you look to Hollywood for

Most rage-inducing passage from the Propagandist's speech last night

Wesley Clark: "He didn't really explain why car bombings have gone up"

10% of americans that watched *'s speech are still getting brainwashed

bush provided us an excellent opportunity for LTTE

Salon on Bush: "With a 53 percent disapproval rating, that dog won't hunt"

The Congress reciting the Pledge of Allegiance sounds like....

So did our fearless leader ease all your fears last night?

McCain, right now on CSpan3...seriously questioning troop strength

Newsweek: Osama and Saddam

All of last night's 9/11 references, assembled from the W.H. transcript

Blair defends Iraq war, downplays 2002 memo (WH's talking points)

Well I'll be a monkey's Uncle

Electoral Vote Majorities for the future:

Are any Roosevelts in politics today?

Stop Human Pesticide Testing! (from Barbara Boxer)

Where can I find a transcript

We Must Not Retreat! Courage, DUers!!! The (p)Res. has Spoken!

People who still believe in Bush must really hate the Clintons even today

Frumious Blues: Why Lou Dobbs is still a tool, 06/29/05

Former Tyson employees sue over alleged pay scheme

My LTTE - Any suggestions?

Assemblyman's Wayward E-Mail Refers To Constituents As 'Idiots'


AP does better w/ speech reaction quotes from the Hill

This is how I sent around the thread titled "It is worth it' on the

"These terrorists would be in NY if we were not fighting them in Iraq"

AP features Pro** military reaction to the speech.

Did you know that the Bush Administration had cheerleaders?

Need some info...

One reason Repukes think Dems "have no ideas" - (don't hear a Dem with an

"Bloggers call on government to leave them alone "

A crime has been committed. In a criminal investigation...

If the white house wants us to concentrate on the future why

Is there an Absolute Good and Bad? Discuss... n t

"'9/11 IRAQ, 9/11 IRAQ, 9/11 IRAQ''9/11 IRAQ, 9/11 IRAQ, 9/11 IRAQ'"

President Bush Job Approval

Bush doesn't govern by polls

How come Bush didn't get more applause from the soldiers last night?

4th of July - Excellent time for Patriotic Young Republicans to enlist

While we're talking about openings on the Supreme Court...

I Need Help!!!!

"Talk of the Nation" (NPR) First caller - a Pissed off Air Force Col.-Ret.

Crickets, I hear crickets


NPR Fresh Air: Former Republican Senator John Danforth

I guess right wing and christian radio are pushing military enlistment

What's the word on the Kerry letter?

Presenting - The American "Don"

El Rushbo just explained W's bad poll numbers on Iraq war

A personal apology to the Iraqi citizens

lesser evil?

NO APPLAUSE??? That was sooooo ODD!!!! It was beyond ODD!!!!

"Bush Photo with Teen Shows Conviction and Compassion" Does it?

Tomorrow I am going to Columbus for the John Edwards Minimum Wage Rally!!!

BUSH: Last throes of credibility...

Take A Conservative to the Army Recruiting Station Day

The Real Solution - Put Iraqis to Work

Bush's Magic 8 - Ball Iraq War Strategy FLASH in honor of his Speech

randi going over the speech and ahem mentioning the

Now, Craig of Idaho is blaming the Vet Administration

Santorum trying to save his ass on C-Span2 re: Vets benefits

THE Reason for a pull-out NOW:

What happened with the Boxer amendment on pesticide testing?

No timetable: Does the military just disappear out of the blue one day?

HEADS UP!!! Reid on C-SPAN 2 Now!

HuffPost: Cheney and The 12 lead EKG?

What do you suppose the ghost of LBJ is telling Bush right now about War??

Time Magazine to Reveal Plame leak

Oh oh, I'm in trouble...

Hardball-"Christian Persecution" Show. Video

Jeffords & Feingold: why they voted against use of force in Iraq

"In my mind, Bush, in his generational worship of munitions, war, and oil,

Is the U.S. media beginning to get a spine?

Republicans buried their pay raise within the gov't spending bill

*BREAKING* GOP is the biggest douche in the universe (with link)

Biden starts PAC for possible '08 run. "Unite Our States" with site + blog

What states are already immune to the SC's imminent domain decision?

Sen. Ted Kennedy: Pres. Bush is "Ignoring Reality"

Dorgan on the Senate floor - asking for exemption on ban on Cuban travel

Knight-Ridder: Iraq reporter shot to death by U.S. sniper

Fly Flags at Half Mast on July 4, start with tomorrow

David Horowitz jumps on another bandwagon in California--and he wants CASH

On a very seriious note, and war

Looking for comments on my LTTE about last night's speech

Did anyone notice how fast FoxNews dropped coverage of President speech?

DeLay inquiry set to move; GOP ethics chairman backs down (raw news)

Dean: Troops Deserve More Than Bush's 'Discredited' Rhetoric

37 Republicans senators voted to allow pesticide testing on humans

Generation Chickenhawk: The College Republican National Convention

CNN's Ed Henry was at it again today, asking the same BLAME IT ON THE

In related news, shortly after Bush craps his pants he points

"War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits keep Spinning us to death"

6/20/01: Karl Rove meets with terror suspect Sami al-Arian at White House

Any Cheney sightings? You'd think that if he wasn't sick they'd

Heads up: Dean on Hardball tonight

The World Can't Wait! Drive Out The Bush Regime!

McClellan DENIED Rummy estimated 12 years in Iraq. DENIED it.

MSNBC, Fineman: "Every time I think Bush has exhausted rhetoric I'm wrong"

Alright, my cousin may be ready accept that Iraq was a bad idea....

Rate *'s speech in this AOL poll

Great quote from an Iraqi on shrub's speech and

Idaho governor set to work with Bush to undo roadless areas

HOWARD DEAN was absolutely spectacular on Tweety's

well, after seeing Bush's speech. I think he hit a home run.

Breaking......The Capitol has been evacuated.

Bush: 55 percent approve of Bush's performance on terrorism?

Should we boycott Diebold?

Dean statement on Bush's speech

Tweety is a sorry son of a bitch.

Senator Kennedy: Accountability in Iraq

Help Stop Fake News! Take Citizen Journalism Survey to help guide

CNN Flash Poll, Bush FAILS Miserably...Mostly Repub. sample. Whoa!

We just lost a whole bunch of troops in ......

The media is/are giving the Democrats an opening.......

Is there a term for the speech device used during the Bush speech?

DU ACTION Needed: BOXER stop human pesticide testing

A Conversation With Scott McClellan.

Need examples of "corporate welfare" -preferably with links.

They know what they believe

Response to the Discovery Channel's "Reagan is the Greatest American Ever"

The Kurds would really like to have their own autonomous state...

So now we should worry about China playing the capitalism game?

LET'S FOCUS - What would YOUR Democratic Priorities List look like?

VOTE ALERT: Congress Bars Nuclear Subsidy to China

Newsweek sums up Bush's speech, 25 words or less: "forget about the DSM"

Is there anything that could happen that would make you vote Republican?

We need Clark as our candidate in 08 to win.

Must read: Photo student harassed in a post 9/11 paranoid America

Karl Rove needs to see 400 candidates like this!

Dems Poised To Take NY, CA, OH, MA Governorships

As Much as I Respect and Admire Gen Clark....

Nine Eleven Nine Eleven Nine Eleven Nine Eleven Nine Eleven Nine Eleven

Recruiting Stations across America unindated with ENLISTEES

The Most Vulnerable Republican Congressman in your State:

RedState.Org 2008 Presidential Candidate Rankings - Week 5

Incinerating Iraqis: The Napalm Cover-Up

Proof That lack of Applause at last night Speech was not planned

Quinnipiac FL Gov Poll Results

Stop fricking worrying about who is running for pres in 2008

Invoke God by Folding the Flag!!

They used the American flag last night to represent 9 11 date subliminally

Misleading GDP overstates ECONOMIC GROWTH