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Archives: June 5, 2005

Welcome to a Has-Been Country

WP/Milbank: An Administration's Amnesty Amnesia

The Centrality of Peasant Movements in Latin America

New hydrogen technologies in Russia

California legal mandate to recycle plastic ignored: Energy and Fuels

US Foreign Aid Greatly Exaggerated, giving only 0.02%

Rabbis look for lost flock

Witch Hunt at Columbia

Israel uses new crowd-dispersal tactic

Warren Buffett - Limbaugh - Bush - all in the same place on 9/11: Omaha

This merits reading, if it is old news, I'm sorry:

It's Spreading! New Developments (for me personally)

Leon County Fla. Report on Hacked Machines

Sherole Eaton Fund She Stood Up for Us!

Any word from the Cleveland, OH election reform teach-in?

Is anyone interested in a DSM get together @ channel 25 in Dedham?

So anyway today I was protesting on 28 and a cop

This is odd -- File Icon Missing for .txt

Al Gore speech on c-span at 8:19 pm Sat

turkey shit!! -turkey shit!!...well it was turkey "manure"

Freepers say that Rep.Conyers' petition was hacked by THEM

Christian "re-constructionists" want to take us over

Language students and multilinguists: most untranslatable?

CNN is showing "The Flyboy's Story " AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

The wheels of history grind slowly.

Ricky Hatton World Champion

George Bush Cardboard Cutout Roundly Mocked

Ricky Hatton World Champion

Candidates aren't candid on the WoD

Is rejection of EU and Latin Am. anti-corporate govs just beginning?

URGENT: Gov. Perry in FW to sign Leg. in CHURCH, need to organize PROTEST

Karel on KGO discussing "scud" urine in Iraq

Wa Times covers new Bolton information (!?)

new "crowd dispersing" weapon

Tallahasse paper: Tests show voter fraud is possible!

A desperado is sought on "America's Most Wanted"

Let's come up with like slogans

If you lost a loved one in Iraq. What would you do if you...

Would Bush have gone into Iraq without Blair ??

"that was the wild night when everyone was drinking"

Wisconsin soldier killed in Iraq after he should have been home

South Korea hopes to open World Stem Cell Bank this year

Medical news: Experimental vaccine curbs shingles!

The REAL mystery regarding Deep Throat & Watergate

A year after Reagan died: Why government is the problem.

BLOG OWNERS::: Who so Patrick Ruffini and what is he doing...

Caution Head Exploder

The Return of Saddam - What are they trying to achieve with this?


Why I think now is the best time to go with the DSM

Should Democrats be the anti-corporate party?

June 4th- The Cost of the War in Iraq $174,414,335,568

J. Conyers - 20,000 more have signed in the last 24 hours....>133,000 now!

"I'm a life-long Republican and I think George Bush sucks."

Anyone got a spare can of freepellant?

CSPAN Schedule Sunday June 5

Wal-Mart says it must go upscale

"I am fuming about [the Downing Street] memo..."

What have YOU done to promote the Progressive cause this week?

Libel and Defamation of Character>>>

A little commentary on Bush's economic skills - great link


Is a company required to fire anyone who takes drugs?

Warning from Gore on future - Global warming called an emergency

I saw a cool bumper sticker the other day.....

Flame me, I don't like the UN

They can not deny their own words!

US Congressman Waxman's Log of Bush Lies on Iraq

So let's stop giving them any publicity and let them fade away...

Confession: the real reason I won't shop at Wal-mart

New magazine: RADAR. It punks out bush in the FIRST ISSUE.

Know what's really scary....homeless soldiers, soldiers without a decent

Less government or personal freedom?

I just went to, asking Kerry to make us proud on Monday

You simply MUST watch this video. If only EVERYONE knew about this.

Is there a current thread that offers legal advice about...

You can bet you will never see the blivet* at one of these.

Speaking of pizza, let's talk dough.

Bernard Landry Quits

Canadians: please post your cable or satellite service here.

URGENT: Gov. Perry in FW to sign Leg. in CHURCH, need to organize PROTEST

Judge Orders Pentagon to Release 100 New Photos of Abu Ghraib Prison Abuse

WP: Bush to Return $4,000 Given by Subject of Probe (Noe Ohio Coin)

Shiite leader heads into mainstream

Authorities stage terror drill in Boston

U.S. wants EU to hold off on signing trade pact with Syria

Dean: West Fertile Ground for Democrats

Rather: Watergate brought many lessons

Authorities Stage Terror Drill In Boston

Anarchist Groups Plan Takeover of G8 March DJ Attacks Live8 as 'Too White'

WP: Centrist Democrat a Test of GOP Hold

WP: Judges Are Seeking Cover on The Bench

Satellite Toll Plan to Make Drivers Pay by the Mile

WP: Bush's Optimism On Iraq Debated (Rosy View Criticized)

CNN/Reuters: Environmental Atlas Reveals Global Devastation

Laos' Hmong Tribespeople, U.S. Vietnam War Allies, Surrender After Years o

Mandelson Wants to Fast Track GM (Foods and Crops)

Hezbollah coalition set to win vote in south Lebanon

US probes Isle of Man scheme used by billionaire Bush donors

Casks Gain Favor as Method for Storing Nuclear Waste(first on Indian res.)

LAT: Bush Pushes Global Vision: Spreading democratic reform

The Pimping of the President (Abramoff link to Bush)

Gore Urges Mayors to Fight Global Warming

Edwards undecided about 2008 run(differs with Dean on Republibums)

How do email addresses get to a point...

PSA: kittens != food

Anyone here seen the movie "One Man's Hero?"

I hear the train a-coming


Make your own Gauss Rifle.

Heads up for Law and Order: CI

Hazzard County Driver's Test

UFC starts in a half hour!

too soon

The Great Egret ignores the ducks...


Miami without Wade.... down by 19. Is this series over?

That looks too tight,Toulouse.


Honest mistake, or did they try to juke me?

Test Tickles...

Pistons vs Heat Thread!

Mace Window:

Living In The Wasteland of the Free

Toronado warning.

Tarantino warning.

You've got it all wrong. It's MACE WINDOWS.

I typed this with my nose...

Tomato Warning.

Yay! The Jury Coordinator accepted my move out of state and took me...


Bluebirds back in San Francisco - first time in almost 70 years

Why hasn't Joe Pesci made a movie since 1998?

Storms in Oklahoma with Tornado warnings...

so, how come my pic's don't show up?

Any telemarketers in the house?

Toronto warning.

Meet the new member of the Redstone family:

We put a deposit down for our first apartment today!!

Somebody said Fair Warning! Lord strike that poor boy down!

What would your dream entry in the Guinness Book of World Records be?

I am hanging out in my basement with my puppies.


Name this quote

New Bewitched movie - prediction: blockbuster or dud?

I got a riddle....

Hey ebay freaks: is this worth anything?

DU chat


Yeah I heard the new baby. All about your disease.

Drop yer goddamn britches!!!!!!!

A Logic Test For Everyone


I'm sore as hell(hernia surhery), and the Vicodin is making me loopy!

Today's Garage Sale Album Buys

I'm on Lewis Black's MySpace front page.


USA soccer is pathetic.

Were these guys stripped of their medals because of this?

GRRRHHH!!!!! I hate my neighbor...

Who made this image?

Austria is home to a town called 'Fucking.'

Aren't we all. (pic)

It's time to answer the new game poll called "Friend or Foe?"!

Ken Jennings moderated a quiz bowl round for my daughter

Man, SNL fucking sucks.

Do you/ Would you pick up a hitchhiker?

Epiphany! I just discovered I look "good" in orange!

Forget Lucas' latest garbage, I just watched a damn good SF flick!

Did Van Halen's first album destroy disco?

Do you have any idea how successful censorship is on TV?


I officially know what Darth Vadar felt like

Could (would) you live in a house that was a


Post here and I will select your very own personal ear worm just for you!

83 degrees ~ meditation in motion ... minus Leather

The latest in fresh kitty snacks!

Insta-Geek Poll

The No-Criteria At All POLL

Post your favorite lyrics here, in honor of the DU lyric king coloradodem

Tough Question: What could * do to redeem himself?

I understand.

No British comedies for me tonight.

I used to like snails, until I had an infestation of slugs in my garden

Tabasco Warning- What's Your Favorite Hot Sauce?

So, I'm sitting here on the couch with a duck under my shirt...

New pictures of fleaberts litter of kittens! ((LOTS of pix!))

Kick-ass message for PETA:

Any gamers out there?

Post anything in this thread, and I will tell you to SHUT UP!

Bedfellows! Lmao!

Bonnaroo Bound DU'ers .. .check in !

The grave plight of Quebec

Theme-park-type attraction says all creation took just 6 days.

Secretary Says He Did Not Burn Late Pontiff's Notes

Observed symptoms from "The Great Influenza" by John M. Barry, Pt. 2....

Observed symptoms from "The Great Influenza" by John M. Barry, Pt. 3....

Observed symptoms from "The Great Influenza" by John M. Barry, Pt. 1...

Mora hits a grand slam and Tejada hits a home run too

Has anyone ever been to a Donna Eden workshop/conference?

It's an odd day on DU. I'm defending Howard DEAN of all people --

What Kerry said this week, what * said and did in May

Okay, what happens with the DSM's?

The Weekend Dump thread (6/4 - 6/5)

What's that site that tells what % of contributions goes to which party?

Iraqis are paying the ultimate price for an unnecessary war.

Reform Ohio Now seeks to put election reform on ballot

"Don't worry, it's in the bag."

VideoInterview Karen Kwiatkowski who worked in the Office of Special Plans

Do you HATE George W. Bush?

Living in a "Greed Economy".

Newsweek's real sin is 'kissing ass'

Video: Bloggers on C-SPAN re: D.S. Memo/Minutes

Who has a copy of the Downing Street Minutes?

Space Weapons

Talking to a young man serving in Afghanistan now.......

A label for Howard Dean...what is he, anyway?

Congress turns its focus to business agenda

DSM ...."Iraq was topic of the bush White House from day one".....VIDEO

Launched Syrian Scud Missile Was from N. Korea, NOT IRAQ!!!

Million Veteran March on Washington DC - 8 June 2005

The CIA and the Vatican ARE the Illuminati

This Quote from RUMMY IS INSANE! Fears we "would start waking up"

Edwards and Dean Supporters: What's up with this?

QUESTION: Whose worse? Bush or Satan?

What Might Have Been

A little math for 2006 elections:

video of bush saying "I saw the 1st plane hit the terrible "

Freeper Caller: Liberals hate Nazis because the Nazis hated Communism

Brad 'News Bears' Show on! Enjoy

Pravda: Georgia is a bridgehead for U.S. offensive against the Russian Cau

a perspective on books by an author, anne lamott, who underst ands books

Pravda: US ambassadors flee out of Uzbekistan

Santorum polishes his compassionate credentials

Behind the Lone Terrorist, A Pack Mentality

Taser training and guidelines are needed (South Bend)

Good Intentions Gone Bad (Newsweek Bureau Chief Leaving Iraq)

If Watergate Happened Now . . . (alternate universe by Jonathan Alter)

Iraq War: What's the end game?

It's a Pentagon World and Welcome To It: Bases,Bases Everywhere

Brave, blunt Hackworth, the pencil-pushers' bane

Recent setbacks may be bad omen for White House agenda

TIME: "What's going on at Gitmo?"

You call this 'best practice'?

Administration's offenses impeachable - Bangor Daily News

Bush Supporters: Abortions...For Oil.. (Right-to-Life needs to see this)

UN: "Unacceptable violations" committed by Bolton (AP story)

Along An Imaginary Axis: Iran from the Inside

BuzzFlash: This is the house that Bush bombed: A photo-poem

Oregonian Public Editor -- "Memo Hasn't Been Ignored"

Bev Harris's BlackBoxVoting Finds Voting Scan Machines Hackable

Dumbest quotes about Deep Throat

Wingnut reference index

Did anyone see Fox News Sunday with the Amnesty International guy?

Labor Experts + Longshormen: Daily hiring a stress?

Life Amid The Derricks: The Other Side Of Baku's Boom - AFP

Worst Drought In Living Memory Pounding Eastern Australia - Reuters

Lake Okeechobee In Serious Trouble After Hurricanes' Churn - NYT

Gore Highlights Environmental Threats At SF Conference - Chronicle

Toxic Blue-Green Algae Warning Out For Fifth Nebraska Lake

New NOAA Report - Lousiana, TX Coastline Falling 5 Ft. Per Century

Massive Red Tide Swamps LA-Area Beaches

"Scientists turn from brown to green chemistry"

Hunters, Ranchers & Greens Join Forces To Oppose Valle Verde Drilling (NM)

70% Of India's Electronic Waste Originates In The United States

Protesters are still waiting to talk to Lockheed (CA)

Massive Changes Likely For UK Forests As Climate Warms Rapidly

Shellfish Beds From Maine To Nantucket Closed By Red Tides - LAT

The Near-Zero-Energy-House

Cross Link to Oil: Caveat empty (what Exxon Mobil had to say - five yrs.)

Anti-nuclear power forum continues

Cambodians mourn lost territory with Buddhist ceremony

genetically modified rice has been sold in central China for two years?

Arroyo plans for reform, more foreign investment

Drowning in Tobacco

Buddhist master Yin Shun dies at 100

Palestinian militants storm Nablus offices to denounce Abbas

Pullout objectors hit again

Israel works to prevent PA execution of 50 collaborators

TODAY! - Jews Protest Against Salute To 'Israel' Parade in New York

'Settlers turn hotel into Gaza fortress'

Qazi says 9/11 was a planned conspiracy to crush Muslims

Another 9/11 Mystery - Late Night Meetings


STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update - 9/11/2001

My Letter to New NYTimes Public Editor Byron Calame (X-post ER&D)

Whose ears shall hear our truth? Input requested for Houston hearing

Isle of Man Scheme Probed, Illegal Bush Campaign Donations Found

So, if Noe is in Ohio, how/when did he win the favor of Hastert -- just

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 6/5/05

Local TV poll re: ballots needs our attention. -- Please help!!



My Letter to New NYTimes Public Editor Byron Calame


Are We Helping Voting Machine Companies, or Opposing Them? By Land Shark


Do Not Recommend the Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thread

Arnold - Candid Talk on the Party Line

Oh, dear God, did Ellen McNamara (BosGlobe) hit the nail on the head!!

Tom Oliphant: My Journey Into Darkness . . . BosGlobe . . .

Dammit! My camera batteries died at the Arnold Arboretum this morning.

Profile of a John Kline worker

Saving pictures went haywire. Help!

I need some help with an Excel formula

Anyone else using Skype?

Who are we running for Ohio U.S Congress, 2nd District?

Got my Aggie Democrats shirt.

Dallas DUers) Nuts, Monica lost. I was so hoping for the first transgen-

Whose ears shall hear our truth? Input requested for Houston hearing

DemFest Registration Closes June 10

The Rick Perry protest was great

Milwaukee Lutherans back ordination of gay clergy

Friday Night DU Gathering at State Convention (Oshkosh)

TBTM Radio is FINALLY back on the air!

Heads Up: Criminal Intent w/ Tom Delay T-Shirt line on Now!

The "disconnect" is a helluva lot bigger than just between bush & reality!

The gap between rich and poor is greater today then

Newsweek: Soldier Rap, The Pulse of War

Running on generator here, nasty storms w/ many power lines down

When I shop in any store I want to hear....What kind of Music?

NYTimes -- "The New Public Editor: Toward Greater Transparency"

Science research on the gay gene

The Banned Collages

My city fights back against religious whack-job LTTE to the paper!!!



Did you know? E-Mail

CSPAN w Alexander Haig

Sunday Monring News Shows

MTP Not on in my area...pre-empted by French Open

ABC's "This Week." Joe Biden is on

Is Valentino Rossi The Greatest Ever?

TNT/Steven Spielberg missed their chance this Friday !!!!!

Great bunper-sticker spotted in Greenville, SC, yesterday.

Great, just great -----Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us

General Smedley Butler Excerpt

Judges now fear for their lives, thanks to people like Delay (from WP)

Army's New GITMO Recruitment Song: "Pee all that you can pee"

Demand is strong for day laborers (but the workers still lose)

Want a better perspective on the Iraqi resistance?

NEWS: Bolton orchestrated an unlawful firing

Support our troops

Could Bolton defeat be the beginning of the end of WH "invincibility"

Nader on C-SPAN talking about impeachment !

Doesn't Bush speak poorly on purpose ? To bond with less-educated voters ?

Corroboration from former high ranking US official regrading DSM

Disabled People Needed For Mass Protests

Sharon Wants More Neill-$$ & Popinjay HITCHENS Says "Kiss my a--"

What is the poverty line currently in the US?

"Remembering President Reagan" 1 year later, on Scarborough

Official Freeper lurker piss off thread....

Take back America - on CSPAN now - this is gonna be good!

On Pat Buchanan, please somebody tell me why this man is paraded

deserves some attention BUSH is PALPATINE

Jason Tippitt..todays Sunday Paper, Must read..Exerpt: "Bill Clinton, out

"I hate Americans, they killed my family"

Top US civilian (DynCorp chief): "It could go on like this forever."

"Al-Qaida in Iraq" - this didn't exist before *

I turned on the Coral Ridge Ministry Hour. God I wish I hadn't...

first they used subliminals, now they are going for "neuromarketing,"

Not at war, not at peace...2 tours of duty in Iraq have changed & scarred

Music video by British soldiers in Iraq - GREAT!

I think we really need to concentrate on getting this message out there

I was thinking about Mark Felt and Nixon

What is the corporate vision of the future? What is our own vision?

Anti-Bush Graffiti in Amsterdam

Guckert/Cheney '08

A race to save Gray Whales Nursery, (needed support)....

Can you think of a world leader as stupid as Bush (past or present)?

Are Weapons of Mass Destruction Being Planted in Iraq?

Is there a difference between a "democrat" and a "Democrat" ?

Candy Crowley asks if the Iraqi people are getting tired of the

i just don't know what to call this bush graphic

"Chinese arms threaten asia", where have we heard that before?

Tim Robbins with Bob McChesney LIVE (2-3pm EDT) -- streaming

Amnesty International: Thousands disappeared under Saddam

For first time, Iraqi troops refuse U.S. training -- unit disbanded.

Why do you hold Galloway to different standards than Trent Lott?

"Curvaceous women live longer"

DUMP DELAY-type handbills on every car @ Sugar Land WALMART

Gov. Dean on Politically Direct

Is EVERYONE familiar with the Downing Street Memo/Minutes?

Windbag pitching Kerry 2008 subject line came last

Bush is Not the Leader of the Free World. !?

Did you hear Biden on ABC "This Week" with Stephanoplous?

I want everyone in GD to read this post from another thread

Dr.Griffins speech at U.of Wisconsin/Madison available on line.

looking into the workings of profit mad America

Texas Developers Creating Sex Offender-Free Neighborhood

Zogby poll - 52% of likely voters favor personal accounts for Soc Sec.

Flash: GOP Swept from Power in 2006; Impeachment Looms (SATIRE)

US Army Kidnapping To Meet Recruitment Goals?

Heads up! Another New Jersey Republican rips off a Democrat

Can you name a name of a person who is **really** in charge of the US?

SLAVERY in Florida -- disturbing story of homeless in forced labor camp

Watergate DID happen "today."

Bush is a prime example why the leader of the free world

How much am I bid for this rope ?

Janice Rogers Brown is a dead issue.

Botero Immortalizes Bush

Chuck Colson just said he voluntarily went to prison.

The Fear in the U.S. Media

Interesting Face the Nation about Deep Throat

Nader repeat on CSPAN now.....

Research question about Saddam

Jean-Marie Le Pen: One Of Reagan's "Freedom Fighters"

Why do people say they are Christians to get a job?

So much for democratic nations not creating terrorism,

we are ALREADY living in a Christo-fascist theocracy...

Congressional Slant on the Downing Street Memo?

It's really gonna happen. Shrubco is goin' down.

Is today simply a repeat of a repeat of history? Or is it all new?

Majority of states pressing for taxing ALL Internet sales

What do you think of this NYT "How Class Works" interactive chart

Common Ground on the War....

Their Faces and Their Names: (Some) of the Human Cost

Ken Mehlman: Pat Tillman's family is not being "fair" to the Pentagon

Please contact AP in regards to biased Dean Article

now see this is how repuq's play ball when dems learn this then

SNL Rips DeLay A New One..............

Clinton said it was alright to invade Iraq and to lie about the reasons

Downing St. Memo - Can You Guess What *'s Strategy Will Be? BIOC!

Missing Texas student found after seven years.

Dammit! My camera batteries died at the Arnold Arboretum this morning.

If bush's sister Robin, who died at age 4 of leukemia, could have been

My Editorial on the Religious Right: What do you think?

Liberals are progressive and have no capacity to HATE liberals.

Policy/Message/Party Discipline: Good or Bad?

Veteran journalist Bob Parry coming up at 6 pm Central

Be assured that your name will be included in this list sent to

just heard on Discovery Times channel...

UN report finds Iraqi War dead to be 24,000 to 29,000

My New Tshirt Slogan Idea

Size isn't everything, but we're BIGGER than KOS -- 70,000 to 60,000

Anyone notice recently that DU has become a place for RW talking points?


New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women's meeting

What's up with this?

we didn't punish the Watergate scum enough apparently.

If Hillary Wins - The Unbridled Joy Of Watching Rightwing Heads Explode

Conyers blogs at Huffington Post; Chance to show some love...

26 bodies, and HRW calls it a "genocide"??? Where'd the other 99,974 go?

Jerk in Chicago now sliming Krugman

How did/does the Carlyle Group benefit from the Iraq invasion?

A question about priorities for my elders

Just went to see Star Wars...will never darken a theater again.

Pelosi for President in 06

Hollywood Orders: Apple Wed Intel

Corporate Media Lime-lights Those Who Pissed on America.

CONTACT AP about misleading reporting!!

Arab Nations Warned on Human Trafficking (NOTE-NOT I/P )

An insurgent bunker big as football fields?

Starting a political web site, need any help I can get!

I hate Republicans

Anyone have a link to video of Bolton tantrum?

Find Impeach Bush Groups In Your Area

Has anyone from the media EVER

The new Alan Colmes?

Fire fighting tanker planes in the USA - NPR

"This fact about American society needs to be told " -Arab news

Genocide, Small Pox Blankets, and Malthus

MTP: Mehlman on DSM says report has been discredited by everyone else who

This Impeachment Notice?

Iraq: Charts: Deaths Per Month and Deaths Per Day (thru May 2005)

Impeachment for high crimes & misdemeanors vs. TREASON

"Whos' going to be the last man to die for a LIE?" John F. Kerry

In all seriousness...does anyone else think Bush is mentally ill?


Atheists, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hinduists, New Age,...

Founder of largest fitness franchise in world (Curves) is pro lifer

Note to all elected Dems in Washington: Get on the same fucking page this

Those who claim there are no mass graves in Iraq, please explain this:

In celebration of Kerry's Downing Street Minutes statement tomorrow

Ok -- Saddam was evil, a bad man, he was a tyrant, he was an asshole

60 Minutes' story: Military lawyers suing Bush (on tonight)

Macs- 16% installed base instead of 3% market share

I believe Republicans live in a world of fear

"God Hates Fags" protester refuses water in Massachusetts

RW Messes

Impeach Bush Brainstorm Thread

Words from the front-lines

I Hate Right Wingers And I Can Not Wait To Punish Them!!! (Rant Alert)

Is George Bush the Anti-Christ?

CONTACT Biden and Edwards about their divisive comments

I guess Apple wants out of the hardware business

The Evolution of Christianity in America

Ex-Riggs bank executive indicted in US for fraud

BULLSHIT ALERT! Arm yourself to counteract Pug "spin" on the DSM

US Iraq casualty above 6,000...

Amnesty: donations quintupled , memberships doubled, web site traffic up

E. Howard Hunt calls "Deep Throat" a traitor

Conyers' at 200K? Plus a DU MUST-READ

Governor orders Confederate flag flown, NAACP to protest

BREAKING: White House says "Downing Street Minutes were

Texas governor REJECTS criticism of signing state bill at Christian school

German Pranksters Decorate Doggy Doo With Bush Flags

Exorcism mania breeds child abuse

New White House memo excludes CIA director Porter Goss from NSC Meetings!

Could you take a moment & leave a word for a fallen hero's family?

"Oil Storm" (on FX, Sun. at 8) and “Asleep in America”, films on peak oil

Say something positive about a Democratic leader

Anyone here read State of Fear? My friend is, but hasn't given me any

Movement to Classify 'Liberalism' as Mental Disorder Gains Steam

Was Bill Clinton ever interested in becoming a tv host?

If Watergate Happened Today: By Jonathon Alter - RECOMMENDED

Mehlman on MTP this morning -- puke inducing.

I think the story of Saddam is the story of CIA Blowback...

Note to Biden and Edwards: Howard Dean speaks for me.

My son's friend is home on leave

Oh great! Another white woman missing!

Marijuana causes schizophrenia

Tasered: One incident on video

Flying the Confederate and Nazi Flags at War Memorial Sites

Is Michael Jackson a victim of racism?

fundraising ideas needed for a good cause.

LynnTheDem. Stupidest IDIOT on the bloody planet.

Name one thing you disagree with the Democrats about.

NJ Using Anti-Terrorism Law To Try 6 Animal Rights Activists

greens greens greens greens greens greens............

Canada is Gay

Heroin prescription 'cuts costs' (BBC News)

We're one donor away from a DU Football (soccer) Group

'Pay-as-you-go' road charge plan

Secretary Says He Did Not Burn Late Pontiff's Notes

Selling Washington (we want conservative activist Republicans on K Street)

WHouse blames 'few' jailers, media in Koran uproar

US lowers standards in army numbers crisis (The Guardian)

Oh great! Another white woman missing!

Latin American Liberals Condemn U.S. Involvement in Suppressing Leftist Mo

NYTimes -- "The New Public Editor: Toward Greater Transparency"

Judge Orders Pentagon to Release 100 more Photo's of Abu Ghraib

Kuwaiti speaker criticizes US ambassador over remarks on Iran

Intelligence Sees Terrorists In Iran

Atlas reveals global devastation (global satellite images)

An Administration's Amnesty Amnesia


Lawsuit: Reveal effects of military sonar on whales

WP/Milbank: An Administration's Amnesty Amnesia

Iraq too dependent on oil, must diversify - govt

Gorbachev calls for Russian millionaires to repay money

'Combat Linguists' Battle on Two Fronts -LAT

Military Tries to Fast-Forward to Safety

To form a more perfect appreciation (Constitution education day)

Demand is strong for day laborers (but the workers still lose)

NYT: Graham Takes Heat Over Filibuster Deal

India's disaster hero vanishes with relief fund millions

Amnesty USA-'Don't know for sure' about Guantanamo (FOX News Sunday)

GIs in Afghanistan wage `forgotten' war

Why did he die? ('90 gulf war experimental anthrax vaccine)

Saddam is depressed, says his trial judge

Iraqi troops refuse US training

Feds Say Homeless Lured to FL Labor Camp (what's the matter with Florida?)

Taiwan successfully test-fires missiles - paper

Envoy seeks protection in Australia

Blackwell had few concerns at first (Ohio coin scandal)

TODAY! - Jews Protest Against Salute To 'Israel' Parade in New York

Clemente Family Upset About Auction (ghoul alert)

Couple held without bail over industrial espionage scandal

Vaccines show promise for Marburg, Ebola viruses

Judge orders release of 100 new photos of Abu Ghraib

Aruba police detain 2 in missing-girl case

Wartime Prosecutions Come Under Scrutiny

Time Mag: Sidelining the CIA (Excluded from NSC Meetings)

Republican Strategy for Kerry re: Downing Street Memo?

Race for Ohio's Vacant 2nd District heating up(R's throwing mud at R's)

L. America world's most unjust region: OAS

Democrats Say Dean's Rhetoric Goes Too Far

NYT: Concerns at A.C.L.U. Over Document Shredding

LAT: AIDS Experts Awaken to a False Alarm (NYC "super-strain")

Pentagon: Koran Inquiry Reveals Pattern of 'Respectful Handling'

Air Force looks to strip planes from the Guard

Biden: Bolton Likely to Win Confirmation

N.Y. anti-pullout rally to follow Salute to Israel parade Sunday

Chitchat on the Party Line, Major donors are given an unfiltered channel t

Venezuela Dominates Preliminary Discussion at 35th General Assembly of OAS

Florida high court to consider constitutionality of vouchers

Demand is strong for day laborers

Police arrest 24 in protest against I-69 at Indiana capital

Police, killer in child sex ring (Dunblane, Scotland)

Reluctant U.S. shows signs of shift on Hamas

Key Democrats say likely can't block Bolton (huh?)

Have eyeball, will travel

Public vote gives gays more rights (in Switzerland)

Biden: U.S. Needs to Close Cuba Prison

US Challenged to Increase Aid to Africa (global poverty consensus builds)

Switzerland Voters Approve Referendum

U.S. could decide soon on taking N. Korea to U.N.

Big March in Washington Heights Against DR-CAFTA

NASA's Mars rover Opportunity is on the move again (Free at last :)

400 show their pride at first gay parade here (Staten Island)

NYT/AP: Democrats Criticize Dean Attacks on GOP

Another Drink? Sure. China Is Paying.(poor nations finance US consumption)

Iraq Admits Targeting Sunnis in Crackdown

Rights Group Leader Says U.S. Has Secret Jails (Amnesty Hits Back Hard)

Time: Sidelining the CIA (WH memo excludes Goss from NSC mtgs)

(NYP) Heart Disease Triumph (fetal stem cells)

The image war over US detainees

U.S. won't use torture to gain intelligence on terrorists, Bush says

Biden: Bolton Likely to Win Confirmation

The reflections of E. Howard Hunt (Watergate Burlar on Deep Throat)

Planned Kerry Downing Street memo speech stirs controversy; Mass. Democrat

Texas developers creating sex offender-free neighborhood(background check)

Saddam Will Face Only 12 Charges at Trial

Monkey Rights Supporters Unveil Museum Plan

Newsmax: Russert Grills Mehlman on Impeach Memo (The RW spin is on)

Hundreds Attend Mo. Confederate Ceremony

Help Africa, Brown tells oil-rich (BBC News)

Haiti Elections and Starvation

Pit bull mauls and kills boy in California

Report: Apple Switching to Intel Chips

8 People who Disclosed Bird Flu Information from Inside China Arrested

Money making idea

Well I'm going to see you soon in Amsterdam...

For shrill, bombastic ensemble casts, you just can't beat...

Any fans of Snatch?

OK, you guys keep clowning around and SOMEBODY'S gonna get hurt.

Les Claypool is coming!

you got a great car

Why do people want to make statements???

Here's two things I didn't expect to see together

i'm so fucking tired, but not in the mood to sleep

My vets sign concerning dogs and cats

Favorite cheap mass produced American beer?

Piss or Vinegar?

Anyone from Chicago here? Please answer this for me..

Seattle DUers: Was that you who gave us a thumbs up?

Southern Rock: Just Saw A Pretty Good TV Show

Discredit Our Party - OR - Show a Little Class

What do you think if...

I am making curtains!

Just how big is that starship?

Who should be the Next Bond?


I just got my DU sticker in the mail today and already...

i'm in a bit of a funk

How would you classify the variations of cannibals?

the heavens are inconsolably crying in Ft. Lauderdale today ... as the

Do you exist?

Do you vote in polls?

It's Sunday..... Hung over buddha...

why do people not want to have children?

Burning 14 years worth of CDs is not fun.


My car has lost its pick-up but otherwise drives fine.

Strattera is KEWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aSK ME ANYTHING!

Howard Dean Travels the World

Cheap digital cameras?

The Day Uncle Joe Came Home

Thx Cali!

Do you do Elvis impersonations?

Which Simpson's Character Do You Most Often Impersonate?

Green Day Rocks!!

TPM Cafe question

Penn Jillette names daughter Moxie CrimeFighter

Anyone seen "Acorn Antiques"?

194 post shy of 5,000!

I'm going to funk in a bit...

Most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?

13 posts away from 8,000

i fear i have no interest in the new coldplay album

BREAKING NEWS! Saddam to be tried on 12 charges! (BBC)

What's this movie, "Oil Storm" they're advertising on FX?

future Darwin award winner...?

Job application...


OMG! Have I become a Little League parent?

The Real Grover




Most disgusting thing you've never eaten?

GUESS the seventies musician...May 2004 photo.

My "how old are you?" poll now has over 900 votes! woot!

the best thread graphic I will probably never use in context, since

A grand day out..... no doubt I will get this/these dvds.

Here's the question that's really on your minds: why do people want cats?

I confess: I AM GOD. Send me your prayers.

Who knows the Mizell Brothers and the stuff they produced in the 70's?

Post your DU inside joke or comment here! I'll start: Val Kilmer.

Is it a sin to start a "I AM GOD" thread?

Lyric posting time

ADD drugs

"Cretaceous women live longer"

Batten down the hatches, Atlanta

Holistic help with dog

If Tom Delay became homeless and asked for your help...

OK Picard--I link, Therefore I am

Do you ever wonder how many DUers have you on "ignore?"


Zouave Appreciation Thread

Grover Must Die

(Rick) Grover

The only indisputable truth in the world:

I screwed a skunk in the kitchen this morning

Attention Leghumpers and the Unlaid

All right y'all don't fuck up the lounge and get us put on restriction

OK do I post my own photographs at this site?

Decry me if you must, but I say Wire's later work is great!

What's your favorite dessert?

OK...I'm getting wet in the shower

What Is Your Least-Favorite Airport? -- What About Your Most-Favorite?

What Ever Happened to Jim Kelly?

Anyone see "Crash" yet??

Rex Kwon Do....

Goddamn! Strawberries with maple syrup are good!

Adults-only post: Hilarious blog found

DUers will argue about anything - even Grover Cleveland

Have you ever heard of "Gay Nazis For Christ"?

Number 9.

"hair, Hair, HAIR!" When will it end?!?!


I sure as heck hope we didn't evolve from idiots:

Don't you just wish you could do whatever you wanted with Donnie and Marie

If you needed a reason to buy a vacuum robot:

Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot Standing Up For What Ales Ya.

I smoked skunk in the kitchen this morning

OK...I'm getting in the shower

90 fucking degrees

And here's WillPitt and CalifPeggy at the PDA event Sat. night...


artichoke (the band)

June 5th 1968

Suspected Psychic connection between DU'rs...

Whore vs pimp

Soul Coughing Fans - I'm Listening to Mike Doughty's New LP

What's the weather like where you are today?

"Curvaceous women live longer"

Myspacers.....Come out Come out

Describe the political persuasions of the Looney Tunes characters

Three... Is A Magic Number!

North Dallas Forty -- has anyone read it?

Star Wars is the tool of Satan!


Jethro Tull or Jethro Beaudine

Air Conditioning - Who Has It, Who Is Sweating?

Kelly Osbourne Back in Rehab

My cat ran away

Heavy Metal Parking Lot - 1986

Notary public supplies

The Shirley Bassey Appreciation Thread

I'm saving my 1000th post for something really worthy.

Regarding CanukAmock's sig pic, if you were on a plane and the oxygen


STRAY CATS: vote for your fav song!


Music video by British soldiers in Iraq-GREAT!

I posted this thread in honor of my 400th post

I'm on the groovy scene again. I just want to tell all you cool cats

Your friends. Where did you meet them?

Sam was the best dog ever.


8,000 Dingbat Polls Later....

i'm right now grilling my Tequilla-Lime Chicken

Who wants DIRTY smilies?

Dammit! My camera batteries died at the Arnold Arboretum this morning.

Moving to DC/Gaithersburg - advice?

I just hiked 8 miles - my feet fricking HURT

Summer 2004...

Buy Blue -- cat food

Why do people want to ask questions?

Check out 60 Minutes

Any labor law attorneys here? I'm wondering

So, how did you celebrate Danish independence day?

Post a pic of you being a political activist.

Walter Sobchak Appreciation Thread


How should JVS have a vacation?

I have a question about the Minutemen

Greatest webpage ever

Everyone else has had more sex than me (sigh)....

Figuratively Speaking, I'm a card carrying member

Not that you needed me to tell you that televangelists are insane...

I am such a wuss

Is there anything * does well?

My mother makes me feel like a loser..any creative ways to say "Shut up!"?


fuck popularity contests... we should have a popularity OLYMPICS!!!

A waste of pure athletic talent on a stupid bad attitude

BREAKING: Michael Jackson did something

Any other Wikipedians here?

Cheetos Appreciation Thread

Are you straight edge?

Have you ever been accused of being goth?

Tornado my arse!

Post a pic of your garden

Why can I never find pork roll at the store?

The best dog ever.

Percy Heath Memorial (progmom junket alert)

Calling Progmom!

I shooed a skunk out of my kitchen this morning....

How often do you go to the movie theater?


The links between romantic love and mental illness

I just saw "Capturing the Friedmans"

How many people though "eyepaddle" had something to do with spanking?

It's graduation time. Are Announcements a regional thing?

do they look like they are growing?

Cleveland Steamer (its a boat - really...)

I propose a Canada/Quebec affairs forum

Whats the name of the species we evolved from?

Why do guys keep trippin' out on me?

It's hot and I HATE it.

"Shut the fuck up, Donnie!"

A Pity Me Post - I may lose my job

Just got back from mocking Fred Phelps's crew (UPDATE, more photos)

OK! CalifPeggy ,WillPitt and Missy at the PDA event Sat. night!

Someone was talking about Satan's tool.

Best breakfast food

MSNBC Breaking: "Jackson gone to hospital due to unknown ailment"


What have you done this morning? Did you enjoy it?

Does God exist?

National Primate Research Exhibition Hall

Protest Campbell Soap for sponsoring rodeos.

Rebuilding Germany's Temple of the Sun

Islam behind bars

Islam and democracy compatible - Expert

Scientists (Japanese) ready to search for life in Earth's mantle

Democratic Congresswoman Blasts Party For Failing Gays

yay Yankees are losing and Jays too but crap the Sox are winning

FRED COUPLES might just WIN The Memorial!!

Nats take over 1st place---Ball'mer who?

When He Was King- Bjorn Borg

Banned cyclist blames (Evil) 'twin' after dope test (The Observer)

Orioles win!

New tale of Bonds acting like an a-hole

elevated food stands for dogs

Woohoo! Two foster kittens found forever homes!

Germans started two world wars....maybe Germans should be outlawed

Update on the "Journey to Wild Divine" game.

Christian soulmates online!

Have you guys heard about Tom Oliphant?

Excellent explanation of KidsFirst

Interesting DKos article on Kerry and DSM

Support this thread. It is a Kerry rarity,a statement of support!

Biden says not enough votes to stop Bolton. My question is why?

Not all of us must blindly accept a Dean misspeak.

Am I the only one less than enthused about

The ultimate "help me pick my entry" thread...

Dying Roses

my first tries to take flower / plant pictures

Holy Architectural Photography, Batman!

Poochie — 30.5.05

Sunday Morning News Shows

Labels for all of us.... what are we anyways?

Just wondering if this ties in with Coingate. The Democratic Headquarters

The Whitewashing of Richard Milhous Nixon...

An Interesting Euro-leftie News/Blog I Found

What is up with all the Piss-and-Vinegar polls tonight?!!

Can no one turn off Cherie, the cash-in machine?

McClellan, the Koran, and "a few isolated incidents taken out of context"

Pickles speaks: "In the U.S., people don't riot and kill other people"

Biden: Bolton Likely to Win Confirmation

What will happen to Jack Abramoff

Does DSM prove * bought the after invasion flower shower predictions?

Did anybody see Ben Veniste kick Gordon Liddy's ass this AM??

Mr and Mrs Blair go to Washington

Oil: Caveat empty (what Exxon Mobil had to say - five yrs.)

Are Republican Voters Traitors?

danger, danger! yield curve flattening ahead!

The latest talking points from Ken Mehlman

I was looking for a source for when Powell called some of

So when did CORE go over to the dark side?

Where we went wrong - A commentary.

Test shows voter fraud is possible

Nader on c-span now (6/5) talking impeachment ...

Arnold's new strategy, based on polling, to create a "phenomenon of anger"

Judge to Rule Monday on Washington Governor

I finally figured out why Bush makes all those funny noises

Welcome to the future. The Corporate future, that is.

CIA was the real Deep Throat

Research question about Saddam

At Last, The Perfect Game For Bush Era Republicans

Court Documents of Bush's Cocaine Arrest....."Fresh Intelligence"

BORDER POLICE / David Podvin

DNC Democratic Issues Survey -- Did you send yours?

What ever happend to this request (re: downing street memo) 5/5/2005

Lost liberals ponder path back to power

NC Voter Confidence bill stuck in Judicial I committee: HELP!!!


Why are there more posts about Dean's comment than Limbaugh's?

Republican Strategy for Kerry re: Downing Street Memo?

Watergate fans, Jim Hougan speaks out-- Bennett is really DeepThroat

Wouldn't the World and the US be safer if Bush/Cheney were Impeached?

Stop bashing third parties - here's what Dean said

Like it or not, Dean is right to brand Republicans.

John Edwards was wrong to not stand up for Dean but...

Frist now on CSpan

"The Pimping of the President": Abramoff Billing Clients=Meetings w/ shrub

Blair in DC, Downing Street Memo, planets finally aligned?

Chairman Dean on Politically Direct

Earth to Biden....Apologize? Right. When Hell freezes over.

The Corp Whore Media causes Democratic infighting,

Downing Street Memo; Action Being Taken in Britain

Do you have any honest Republican friends who work for a living?

Get OVER IT! Howard Dean was elected by Majority/State Chairs! Even

Why Does every one Hate John Bolton? Think it's all overblown?

CNN's top story this hour: "(Dean Causes) Democratic Infighting"

Who is "the spokesman" of the Democratic Party?

Conyers has a new blog up! Wants our questions.

Local TV poll re: ballots needs our attention. -- Please help!!

I have a good friend who's an anchor at a MAJOR international news outlet

RFK was shot today 37 years ago,

Comprehansive list of wingnut groups

10 reasons why people are Pro-Bushies

How Beltway Democrats Sank Dean for America

Way to go, Edwards/Biden! I'm sure we'll just rake in the cash now!


Anyone hear Biden criticize Dean for Rupuglican's "don't work" comment?

Good Intentions Gone Bad - NEWSWEEK's Baghdad chief, a few final thoughts

Does CNN have a public editor or ombudsman?

CNN is right... "... causes Dem infighting"

The Democrats 'Southern' problem can be balanced by

Thoughts on Edwards (some of you may not like it)

Why George Bush MUST be impeached

what's up with the "september THE 11th" crap?

Confederate Battle Flag Flies in Missouri Today

Kerry has been Impressing me

Number "69" being banned by the fundamentalists