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Archives: June 6, 2005

Deep Throat Whining -- Will Durst

Too Much Anger to Succeed--Toronto Star (re: Harper)

Hannity's Soul-Mate of Hate (The Nation)

1,500,000,000 bullets

URGENT!! Please help the wild horses!! Here's what you can do

Last night on C-Span II there was a book reviewed about the coming oil

What? Tax Break for buying a hybrid is going away

Presbyterians celebrate 140 years of proselytizing

Children appeal to Chinese premier to close fireworks factory

India's urge for fuel heats up

Mystery sub was spying for the US

"PROVE IT!" should be part of a campaign to brand reform message

Help save the BBC!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Monday 6/6/05

Quotes to fortify our work with election reform

One of the biggest Congressional races in the U.S. is right here in Iowa

Phelps arrives in MA pandering his "wares and goods"

Club Passim does political humor Monday night.

Kelly Doran formally enters DFL Senate Primary Race

I need some help please!!

CD-R media question: are data and audio blank CDs different?

"The Women targeted by the Clinton Machine."

StemPAC and BenjysBlog

Oh The Lies I Could Have Gotten Away With If My Parents Were Freeptards!

New York Times Distortions: More on the MSM not doing their job

Big Dog's on MSNBC

The Next Runaway Bride Story

What qualifies as breaking news in today's MSM?

Cspan where have gone?

How Many People Has Saddam Hussein Killed? (NYTimes)

June 5th- The Cost of the War in Iraq $174,632,622,986

Interesting obituary

American Dad Is Hysterical!!!

DU the poll on CNN's home page.

New UN Atlas Reveals Environmental Devastation

Attention! Calling all former Crossfire fans!

Understand why we are at war now?

Please DU this poll !

A mea culpa..

So Matt PUDGE Has a Radio Show & Can't Find a Partner to Commit to

This is what I want to see for the next election

PNAC letter to Congress on increasing the military

FX Docu-Drama "Oil Storm" on now

Is Mehlman reading a Telepromptr?

Did anyone just see that freaky Starburst commercial?

is anyone watching 'oil storm' on fx?

What Time is kerry's Speech Tomorrow?

O.K., Are We Going to Vote for "Greatest American" (Warning)

WOW... i hope my family NEVER runs into ANY of these people

Teresa Heniz Kerry Spoke at Idaho Graduation

This is it for the DSM

DSM not JUST a Memo!

Would you take pleasure in Bob Novak's pain?

"Weekend of Resistance" for Political Prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers

I'm going to be sick...

The corporate media were cheerleaders for the war in Iraq...

Welcome to a Has-Been Country- America

Bumper stickers-do they really damage cars?

The Case Against Chris Cox

If you are a teacher, would you refuse to teach that creationism nonsense?

This Weeks Deaths - 1671 Dead - A Whole Lot Wounded (12,348) Bless them

On 60 minutes, how did the Pfizer guy...

Check out this video.

Is there a running total of Conyers' signature somewhere?

Shocking How Many DU'ers Take Mediawhore's Bait (Dean/Biden/Edwards)

This was on Laura Flanders today

Administration's Offenses Impeachable

A simple question for reporters to ask at the next BushShow.

Does the DSM prove that Bush lied about reasons for war?

CSPAN Felt interview 8-29-76 Now

Are they really this dumb.... DSM ihas no real info... Left just spinning.

The establishment never wanted Dean. F**k 'em. nt

Who has seen "The Corporation"?

"Sudan says U.S. stance changed " - let's hope it is true!!

GOP: Paul Revere "Despicable Tattletale"

God Save America...

What Sort of Family Are We?

First Court Case of Hussein Stems From Killings in Village in '82

URGENT! Please help the wild horses!! Here's what you can do

Why does Homeland Security want Renewable Energy by July 1st?

Beware: some shocking statistics (enter at own risk)

This innocent act really irks me....

Are batons just portable baseball bats?

Anyone see Blitzer today, on Clinton?

We need to up the intensity level, here in GD

Local TV poll re: ballots needs our attention. -- Please help!!

Conservatives see liberal bias in class - and mobilize

Ok, I just took off my Kerry / Edwards bumper sticker...

The Guns of Dallas

CSPAN Schedule Monday June 6

It's the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party

Who has lost their overtime?

Can We Expect Some Sort of Terra Alert Tomorrow?

Anyone seen ? It's about Voinovich.

ACLU Powerful Video: "The New Face of America" (warning graphic pics)

A Bill Clinton Appreciation post

Is economic freedom more compelling than political freedom?

Edwards Should STFU

The police should be allowed to use a branding iron on people.

Should I get this magnet for my car? how about this shirt?

Are tasers just portable electric chairs?

God Blesses The Oligarchs

Why Voinovich cries easily? His 9-year-old daughter killed in a car crash

Is America a Family or Plantation?

Torture - Upper echelon involvement? You decide. (HOLY SHIT)

Is there any way to "cure" those on the lunatic right?

Don't forget: Vote in the "Greatest Americans" poll!

"China: The Gathering Threat" - How will we deal with it?

Was the war in Iraq justified?

Anybody seen the movie "Crash"? Just saw it today and got

Woman tasered for refusing to step out of vehicle


An Email I got tonight from my uncle (DU the theme of it)

My Problem With The Biden\Edwards\DLC Poopy-Pants Wing !!!

Whoop... New Graph With The Graph !!!

Karen Kwiatkawski (windows media video)

TOO MUCH ANGER TO SUCCEED (op-ed on Harper, excellent!)

Dialing for Arnold: Schwarzenegger donors get access to advisers

Judge orders Pentagon to release 100 new photos of Abu Ghraib prison abuse

Blair 'Could Stay in Power to Sort out EU Crisis'

US Troops Uncover Bunker Network in Iraq

Too Much Anger to Succeed--Toronto Star (re: Harper)

Bolivia may call early elections

Spanish demand more details on lead-up to 3/11 terror attacks

WP: FBI Pushed Ahead With Troubled Software

NYT: H.I.V. Tests Pose Choice of Breakthroughs

Post Monday: Senior GOP strategists worry ethics will erode majority

Tsang backs even tougher subversion bill for Hong Kong

Indian official flees after stealing aid money

Civilians targeted in Iraq? Innocent Sunnis claim

Hundreds of Iraqi refugees in Syria find themselves strangers in a strange

WP: Extension of Ethanol Credit Draws Fire

Egypt Condemns Guards for Quran Incidents

Missile test successful, report says - TW 1,000km targets in SE China

Lawyers worry about 9/11 convict's future (Motassadeq)

LAT: Bush's Foreign Policy Shifting ("Practical Idealism")

Task Force Liberty Soldier Killed by IED in Iraq (#1671)

FBI Pushed Ahead With Troubled Software

Soros: Putin Told Kiev to Fire on Protesters

NYT: Latin Nations Resist U.S. Plan for Monitor of Democracy

Spain Forced to Ration Water

WP: Workplace Improves for Gay, Transgender Employees, Rights Group Says

Iran Extends Freeze on Uranium Enrichment

Noted lesbian activist Jean O'Leary dies at 57

WP: GOP Worries Ethics Issue May Hurt Party in '06

Thin-skinned need not apply

NYT: A Teary-Eyed Rebel Defies Party Leaders (Voinovich)

Texas Gov. Signs Bill at Church School

WP: Stem Cell Advances May Make Moral Issue Moot

NYT: College Aid Rules Change, and Families Pay More

NYTimes: "Sept. 11 Panelists Press for Data on Terror Risk"

Syria denies testing of Scud missiles

Jailed baby killer fuels debate on abortion after rape

'Mr and Mrs Smith' and 'American Dad'

Simpsons tonight:

Special promo at Subway! After 4pm, you can get 4 subs for $10.99!!!!!!!!

Rasbperry Ice Crystal Light makes a kickass mix with Stoli vodka.

Anyone watching the 100 Greatest Americans?? n/t

Whats that, in the sky to the right of the Madonna?

Thank you Skinner

Wendys now has an advert hyping up how its food is served hot, made from

Does Sauerkraut ever go bad?

The "Kat" is back..

Hey Earnest Borgnine!

Is Ernest Borgnine gay?

ID4 is on AMC right now.

Ladies and gentlemen...Guy Smiley!

Music Quiz Time DU'ers! Okay name the song these lyrics belong to

I'm thinking about getting a Taser device to carry for self-defense

***Official Tony Orlando Thread**** ((spoilers))

I've got you under my skin

The Abe Vigoda Status Site is down right now... Be afraid

Hostile! I'm hostile! Neener, neener, neener, I'm hostile!

A butterfly flew into my car today- is that a good omen?

Gimme signs, any signs, that an authentic counter-culture

A Stranger In A Strange Land, do you feel this way? Surreal Existence

Name or Channel of the new cable Frontier Movie

Swing Swing Swing!

I can't believe these dumbasses and their damn mini-bikes

Lounge Lizzards: Could you take a minute to read and leave

Today's animal count while hiking:

I have 8 minutes to learn to play poker!

My dog jumps on my favorite chair

Club Passim does comedy Monday night

Okay, telemarketers on Sunday are bad enough...

Ok, I can not stop shooting this frog.

DU owes me a new keyboard!

Celebrity Lovechild Quiz

"THEY SHOULD BE STONED!!" "Way ahead of you kid"

Does anyone watch Intervention on A&E?

McDonalds new fruit and walnut salad!

What a tormented night...

If they kill the black man on the 4400 I'm gonna be one angry Sistah

Oil Storm right now on the west coast. FX

If you have something to ask me, you've got 10 mins. 4400 is on @ 9

Is there anything you can mix w/ coconut rum that DOESN'T taste good?

I don't want to be a party pooper so be forwarned: link to shocking stats.

Grey's Anatomy

Aretha or Carly

How old is old enough? What should the age of consent be?

Welcome to Casa d'Amok (pics)...

Do they come much prettier than California Dreamin'?

Now just let's be perfectly clear on this one thing.

"Daniel" by Elton John is about a kid whose brother dies in Viet Nam.

Ok, so I'm a new fan of "The 4400"

"I am a lonely and a lonesome traveler..."

Vote for The Big Dawg on "100 Greatest Americans"

Are there any free servers which allow hosting big files?

in need of the bush condi kiss photo

"Lunatic fringe

Ok. Why did they have a penis in an ice cooler on Grey's Anatomy?

'Bad' odors cause bad driving? (Yahoo)

Norm Coleman was the first Secretary of Agriculture!

Ever have a recurring dream?

Saw an elderly man wearing a pin that said "Impeach Bush"

The Four Tops, The Supremes, The 4 Seasons

Win your star

Say hello to my little friend...

Party Party Thread. Post here why you need party.

How often do you clean your nouse?

Pita party thread. Post here why you need a pita:

American Dad opener

Tomorrow night, I'll be a happy man...

Sorry I have to make another Star Wars post. (This one is funny)

Ok, here's a real movie stumper.

Since I finally have one, I have to start a pic thread.

Damn, I'm bad

Watching Rage Against the Machine: The Battle of Mexico City. Ask me

"it was OBVIOUSLY about Dubya"

How lame! Drudge still going on about the only story he ever broke.

I'm pissed off tonight...

When you take yourself out to dinner, how much do you spend?

Fun's over, GirlinContempt, you are too sexy for the Lounge!

LETS GET IT ON!!! Soulfull singing at its best...Marvin's the man

I Love Lucy

Alright Star Wars fans, did you get this in Episode III?

Looking for a book title: young Inca boy runs to tell about invaders

Sauerkraut as a Pizza Topping?

How often do you clean your house?


Scenario: You are 60. A new genetic method is fine-tuned

Coffee facts for all those coffee eaters out there

Baby Robins - day 2

I told my best friend I love her and was soundly rejected

I think I am addicted to Pirates...

Thread for people who have no photos anywhere on DU


Crazy Conservative Christian stuff

PICS of baby birds in my birdhouse. Nuthatches I think. Cute!

"Family Guy" time!

Marvel Comics has all the cool movie superheroes, except for

Post a picture from one of your favorite scenes in movie history

Look sexy, sound sexy, smell sexy, dress sexy...

Favorite B-Movie Horror Films?

So many DUers seem to have ginger/orange tabby cats . . . let's see 'em!

Have you ever cleaned your car's floor mats?

Meet my new kittycat!!!!

***Official Tony Randall Thread****(spoilers)

***Official Tony Awards Thread**** ((SPOILERS))

I'll take a "Tornado Alley" state any day!

I need 30 posts to get to 1000, ask me anything!

I do not represent the Poopy pants wing of the Dem party!

Oklahoma this time of year SUCKS!

Pity Party Thread. Post here why you need pity.

Cheers to the Bicentennial Top Ten Conservative Idiots Edition

I saw a great bumper sticker while I was on vacation last week

I haven't watched a shred of coverage. Is Michael Jackson guilty?

Jack Van Impe and Rexella (Inspired by Archae)

Psalms 73

Anyone else notice Fred Phelps on tonight's episode of The 4400? n/t

Help: A young man (Oklahoma?) is in prison for having sex with another

Almost a week late, but: STOP PRE

does anyone have

Putting kids first--Sunday newspaper article

Deeply depressing Iraq story

Senator Kerry to speak in Chicago next week

Teresa Spoke at Idaho Graduation

Planned Kerry Downing Street memo speech stirs controversy;

Black and White pic of a Gerber daisy

Potential for hacking into voting machines confirmed by election superviso

A hearty USA Welcome for Tony & Cherrie bLiar on their visit

Isn't it really DEMS=W2's and Repubs=1099 (dividends and interest)

ahahhahaah CNN


Anybody know who this meno is "from"

I can tell you, exactly how John Kerry (or any other Dem with balls) ...

Are any votes on any major issues/ nominees expected this week?

Look, in my opinion, there's only one way for us to regain our standing...

A Simple Reply to GOP Lies (DSM)

Southerners need to get to work

Haven't Heard Much On Delay Lately . . .

Saw this last night on C/Span after way too many beers.

The Answer: George W. Bush.

VIDEOS - Bill Clinton And Jimmy Carter

A History Lesson for Democrats

Some reporters need to hear from us! SPELL CHECKING for bush!

The Media's Trying To Make Dems Appear Divided Dean) & Ignore GOP Schism

Are the debt and deficits meaningless ?

Fourth Estate Xray ... then & now

I think Dean and Gore should go off and form their own party.

How did Massachusetts elect a right-winger like Romney ??

"Democracy Lite" (animation)

Anyone else like Dean AND Hillary?

Ever had to argue that "Separation of Church and State" is important...

John Conyers Posts to Huffington's Blog: Mens Rea and WMD

Post here if you like Dean AND Edwards!

Dean made a MISTAKE. He MIS SPOKE. Big deal.

Apparently The Giggling Murder Made The "Greatest American" Top 25: VOTE

DU, don't get your hopes up about Kerry tomorrow...

Ralph Nader on CSPAN's Washington Journal

LA Times publishes Downing Street Memo LTTE "Two Thumbs Down"

GOP candidate's Web site used doctored Dean photo

NYT: Grounding a Pandemic

Norman Solomon: War Made Easy.

Conservatives see liberal bias in class - and mobilize.

Reading, writing and rifles

National Review tries to discredit DSM as "old news"

Ex-Scottsdale chief finds training Iraqi police is an uphill struggle

When is Someone Going to Toss Rumsfeld into a Cage?

Raw Story: Group claims windfall for ex-Enron execs buried in new energy b

Lessons from Vietnam and Iraq

Iraq on the record .... misleading statements

It's all too quiet on the Iraq front

Bush, Cheney Attack Amnesty International

Nixon's henchmen lecture us on ethics

Longevity Crisis? Kill Grandma. - LAT

Nixon's henchmen lecture us on ethics

Christian activist group goes after Ford Motor Co

Novak: Bush unable to control Congress

One more last kick at liberal dogs—a riposte to Joe Bageant

Downing Street Memo should be today's Watergate scandal

Chris Matthews, The Interviewer As Mugger

Withdraw from Iraq (Editorial by McGovern (George and Jim)


From 'Gooks' to 'Hajis'

(Boston Globe EXPOSE! Bush Ties) "Gambling, GOP Politics Intertwine."

August 6, Atlanta, "We must go to the streets and fight back"

Downloadable / printable DSM flyers and posters

Grocery List Handbills

Impeachment March planning/organizing group

MSNBC's embarrassing typo identifying Norah O'Donnell

Ron Paul: CAFTA: More Bureaucracy, Less Free Trade

"Reaganomics caused the Great Depression" Fair?

Shell Solar’s Rural Operation Installs 100,000th Solar Home System

inflatable drag-reduction gadget

ecofoot and "positive messages"

Hydrogen: No Super Fuel Of The Future - Vancouver Sun


Israel tastes bitter fruit of the Gaza settlements

Israeli soldiers arrest Palestinian with explosives

Terror Drill at Logan

David Ray Griffin: Hustler Interview transcript.

NIST To Release Draft of Final Report on WTC Towers June 23

Scientific American: Fahrenheit 2777 - 9/11 has generated the mother of...

Goodbye and thanks to DU.

Democratic Party in WA Needs Money

For Bill Bored -

Michael Moore not in top 25, Bill Clinton is -best chance to rock the boat

MSNBC: Judge rules "no fraud" in WA Gov. Election - (VIDEO)

Can We Use This Legal Argument?

two Votergate movies??

Paper trail question

Sherole Eaton Surgery Today

Voting, French Style -- An Op-Ed Piece in the Nashville Tennessean

URGENT! June 9 deadline on CA showdown with Diebold/ES&S!!!

Hiltzik - Democrats Are Seeking Reshuffle in Tax Game

California Daily Ledger-June 3, 2005

How many have crushing student loan debt and difficulty repaying?

Why doesn't the state assembly/senate pass a civil unions bill?

Anyone interested in discussing once again the Iowa Caucuses?

Sen George McGovern & Rep Jim McGovern: Withdraw from Iraq

Which MN DUer was at the Media Fair at Hamline Saturday?

so......who and how many....????

Archiving Wetterling Building Break-in

Blogger Mitch Berg doctors comments w/o author's permission

Hey, whatever happened with ...

Democrats try to convert coins to political capital

I got a nice e-letter from lloyd Doggett today. Text posted.

Green "Job Interview Tour"

A Revolutionary Proposal

How Many DUers Are Actively Working to Get Progressives Elected

Question dealing with the Daily Show

We Gave Fallujah the Deuteronomy 20:16 Treatment

Who do you think is more accurate over the U.S. detention of terror

MSM; 1 Sentence; 3 False Assertions; 4 False Insinuations

Self Delete

Michael Jackson verdict going to overshadow all if it comes tomorrow.

Vaccine blocks killer viruses in monkeys

Does anyone think

I think the public has accepted the fact that the war was based on lies

Iraq: A Lie of Historic Proportions


Galloway, International ANSWER and the lesser evil

The Devil's Dictionary updated.

how many times have you heard the phrase 'people need to wake up'?

A personal thought from me to you:

Graduation time; reflections and musings

When was that "Mission Accomplish" speech given?

Bloggers only comment on the news, they don't report the news.

DUers! Get your Iraqi terminology straight!

Scientists create 'trust potion'

Another great bumper-sticker spotted in Greenville, SC, yesterday.

Has CSPAN always been so blatant?

is Cpsan covering Kerry speech?

Anyone seen he Documentary on cable called "Declaration to war"

The Vietnam W@ar paved the way for the rise of the Japanese

Thought misogyny was a thing of the past? Think again

DSM is supposed to be disccussed today right? And guess what...

Oakland Trib: "Memo on Iraq met mostly with silence" (DSM)

Ok bush is all for free trade right?? so we can get goods and send goods..

Oil Storm (documentary-style film) on FX

'Free' press doesn't mean 'objective'

Living Beyond Your Means and the Great American Whine

Hyper-Rich Leaving Even the Rich Far Behind

The Dutch Marines

The Republican Party stands for Destruction;the Democratic Party,

Religious Devotion High in U.S.

"Nickel and Dimed" author Ehrenreich: "Longevity Crisis? Kill Grandma"

Hannity's Soul-Mate of Hate (WARNING: Offensive Racist Content)

Give Me Stem Cell or Give Me Death

Excellent Point Made by Rep Bobby Scott About SS

TBTM Radio #45: 'Race Cars, F-Bombs & More War'

Russert lets Mehlman off the hook!

Will republicans boycott Star Wars? Hope this isn't a dupe.

Former Mexican U.N. Envoy Killed in Wreck (Zinser- US critic)

I hate Pit Bulls. They should be banned from the neighborhood

Are officers too quick to fire Tasers?

Deception and Self-deception from the Executive, from the Media

Freepers...Whatever Happened to "Rugged American Individualism"?

Stem Cell Research (Christopher Reeve analogy) There's a fire in a house.

Clinton bumper sticker idea

First they came for the APTs...

Richard Florida, author of the Rise Of The Creative Class argues

For those of us at work, someone please give updates on Kerry's speech!

Phase out polls at TPM and response

American Civil War submarine found

My EMail to Senator Dodd Re Credit Card Scamming

Dyer: The coming influenza pandemic and how to meet it

Did anybody see O'Reilly last night?

I suppose Edwards and Biden long for milquetoast

Are there any Dems planning on voting for Bolton?

Addressing an issue with the Dutch

The solution to the Military Recruitment Crisis - July 6-10th

Sex and Science are being subjected to the religious litmus test by

Angelina Jolie hammers the media.

Stop calling them the "media" and just call them what they really are

England: Expert tells doctors: let youngest premature babies die

If we had found WMDs in Iraq would that have made our attack okay?

Things Are Getting Interesting in Ohio!!

Kucinich on Thom Hartmann, right now!

Any progressive events planned in your community for July Fourth?

I am so Relieved! Thousands DEAD and bush is "Sleeping pretty good".

Eliot Spitzer is my hero.

Democracy Now, Amy Goodman, covering DSM,

BREAKING: supreme court has power to stop medical marijuana use

Corporations entering brave new world of blogs

Jerry Springer DESTROYING republican arguments against DSM

3 Administration Quotes about Saddam

showtime rebroadcasts BATTLEGROUND

Administration's Offenses Impeachable

Aim is to foil gropers (no, not Arnold)

Why are young Israelis moving to India in increasing numbers and settling

Ralph Reed played Tribes against each other

"We've Got Al Qaeda on the Run"...for how many years now?

Which City would you like to see win the Olympics bid for 2012?

Rogues Gallery

I'm Becoming a Republican

DSM Action Alert for Monday: Contact your local media

Congrats to Top Ten Conservative Idiots on 200th Edition.

What time does Kerry take to the Senate floor today?

125 Large Northern Lakes Disappear.....the Arctic


The War to Deceive America Into War -- And the War to Cover Up the Decepti

What kind of plan/outcome did the Bush cabal expect with the Iraq war?

Here's an idea: Let's take America back on July 4th! Independence from

Liberate America! 25 Reasons To Impeach George W. Bush

Washington Election Contest Decision

The MSM in this country is absolutely, and utterly....

should have bookmarked it -- anyone know where i can find the thread

Refuting Biden's comments re Bolton yesterday - opposition grows

Here's why it's so hard to fight the Bush propaganda machine...

prison labor in AMERICA for corporations

What's the difference between illegal drugs and legal drugs?

DID the military vote for Shrub? Do they vote for repugs?

Project Censored: 2005 - Very Important Info, Pleasre Check it Out

OK it might just be me but I don't want the "down to earth" Pres.

Anyone still know/care about Leonard Peltier?

Is Shriver Still Working for 'Today'? -NYT

Anti-Gay Group Protests At School

CNN is showing CNN International. They are doing a story on the Sudan.

What will the high temperature be where you are today?

Gear for the well dressed right-wing wacko

OH HAPPY DAYS! "GOP Worries Ethics Issue May Hurt Party in '06"

bushco hasn't fooled me or surprised me one little bit

Live coverage of Steve Jobs' keynote address

Support The Troops = Never Question Republicans

Washington judge upholds election, prevents REPUKES from stealing it

Are freepers complicit or brainwashed (or some combo of the two)?

Major Bolton Scoop: Intercept subject revealed!

Senate schedule today

Freeper calls for fellow Repukes to "hunt down" public officials

Democrats criticize Republicans for Dick Morris event

Changing the Dem primary calendar:

How do you feel about PITA?

Can anyone name a single instance where Saddam Threatened America?

Its fun watching some fish flop when they're hanging out to dry

Sen Grassley doubtful re Soc Sec reform this year, might drop priv accts

"The Insurgents Are Getting Desperate">>Toles Strikes Again!!

Repug email i recieved regaurding SS

Has Kerry spoken yet? R.I.P.

Republicans in sheep's clothing...

RW best counter to DSM, "Downing Street Memo is old news"

"Al-Qaida suspect given to US" - We got Bin Laden's coffee guy!!!

Mangled sayings of Dubya inspire brilliant new parlour game

Halliburton protest in Houston -- review of police bad behavior

I thought Republicans supported state rights

I have a wingnut acquaintance.

Origin of AIDS Debate

Could somebody who knows Senate rules tell me if

Maybe this right wing "My country, My president, right or wrong" shit

What would be more deserving for Bush, lost election or impeachment?

Medical Marijuana will not end today.

Randi just said we are at 145k sigs on Conyers letter!

Armchair Quarterbacks of the past, woulda, coulda, shoulda...

What I think about Skull & Bones and the Bilderberg group

The War to Deceive America Into War--And the War to Cover Up

Kerry Exposes Bush Administration Fraud--Today

George W. Bush is the BEST

I have a problem with, I am against the Iraq war but support the troops

Barbara Boxer talking on senate floor re: Janice Rogers Brown

Caption Ol' Rumfilled...

Is Kerry making his speech?

Should seat belt laws be enforced?

60 Minutes exposed how the US gets screwed on Drug costs -- so now what?

Boxer on CSPAN2 Now

Should cigarettes be illegal?


Has Kerry brought up the 'Memo' / 'Minutes' before Congress yet?

News on CurrentTV (Al Gore's cable startup)

Torture in American Prisons

Underground Bases - some Denver International Airport info, too

Court Rules Against Pot for Sick People

The Rude Pundit on Koran flushing and religious fanaticism.

Talking Head on MSNBC just quoted Frist as saying

It never ceases to amaze me how..

How about DU as a REAL political party, with REAL political power

Before it is too late the Guilty or Not Guilty DU Poll

For those who can't stomach Jack Cafferty on CNN in the morning, good news

Are you an Ideologue?

9/11 Public Discourse

An open letter to the History Channel...

Barbara Boxer is on the senate floor now. God she is great!

DU should - "Adopt a Classroom"

What time does Kerry speak today?

Think about the Downing Street Minutes as you watch this one again

No Fraud in WA election

Why Reid HAS to investigate/comment on the DSM! Ask him to support Kerry.

Lyndon LaRouche's committee calls me

UP.....R ........ DOWN VOTE.

In Just 145,000 minutes we have started down a path to change

Should Gitmo be Shut Down? Joe Biden thinks so

My condo neighbor just died of cancer / used medical marijuana

So, did Kerry or didn't he?

Don’t You Just Hate It When Science Gets In The Way Of Fanaticism?

Thoughts on this design for a sticker

My church called my house today asking us to protest

How did that slippery snake, j.sessions...

Randi going nuts ....Rove, Gannon & Melman ....some gay "Hoover fetish"

What ever Happened to States Rights???

Kerry's Speech on DSM

All of this talk about the DSM reminds me of when all of this was

(PHOTOS) Have you ever seen a 268 year old Bonsai tree?

Which would you rather happen if you resisted arrest?

BushCo & the NeoCONs are Embezzlers and Cold-Blooded Murderers!!!!

Should law enforcement be allowed to Tase noncompliant but nonviolent

MSM Waking up - MSNBC gives DSM 20 minute segment

Just heard this on MSNBC - Americans have the most mental

Did I miss something about the British election?

Its been 1655 days since Cheneys last heart attack!

CNN running with Dean comment

Coincidence? Kerry's DSM floor speech and increase in antiKerry postings

Fox News - 'We club lefties to death'

"URGENT! June 9 deadline on CA showdown with Diebold/ES&S!!!"

Man Dies After Being Buried In Hot Asphalt

Liberals getting trounced on TSC

Don't come bitching to me about the police state and loss of rights

remember the "bush Knew" headlines from 2002? did everyone forget?

Another cheerleader for the war sees the light

Is it already harder to file for bankruptcy?

Eve of Destruction streaming music video

The American Taliban. Did you make the list?

Should the prison at Guantanamo Bay be closed?

Poll question about message count.

Killer Drone Construction Begins

A. Cooper just showed Dean screaming TWICE

I'm interviewing a Baptist minister tomorrow

If the cops had tasers during the Rodney King incident....

"Republicans See Glimmer of Hope in California"

PBS/NPR emails are flying around - here's what to do

Now is the time

Freeps Waking Up! Their comments on USSC's Pot Decision:

Who said this?

NPR hawking corpse of Reagan and his '84 D-Day speech

"Look kids, this is what Bible-thumping morons look like."

Louis Freeh - Senior Vice Chairman and General Counsel of MBNA

Oil Storm FX movie

Saddam Faces Trial for Range of Charges - The list of charges:

Are victims of NPD more aware and critical of Bush?

Great news for those of us who cannot stand Bill Hummer....

"The Children's Crusade"

I'm going to say something that will make RW Heads explode

Slaughtering brown skinned people for Apple Pie and Mom

Papers reveal JFK efforts on Vietnam

I will say something that Governor Dean cannot say...

I was there at Howard Dean's Speech

I support John Edwards....

FY '05 Discretionary Budget Request (a pic is worth 1,000 words):

Blastocyst Stem Cell Research, Blastocyst Stem Cell Research!!!!

Mid-June looks ripe for shit hitting the fan

On reusable bumpersticker holders and spreading news that MSM won't

DemCard advertises a 7.9% APR, but wants me to pay 16.99%

MSNBC: Judge rules "no fraud" in WA Gov. Election - (VIDEO)

How do you feel about PETA?

Please consider this regarding tasering and non violent protest.

My mail to Tim Russert

Your Opinion on Medical Marijuana

Say McCain wins the GOP nomination in 08. Pick his VP.

Don't you hate it when you have to give up

How many have crushing student loan debt and difficulty repaying?

New Bolton scandal re: NSA intercept - it's STILL not over yet....

Charlie Chaplin's words of hope, 80 years old and it fits today

Toons for Monday

Kucinich on Thom Hartmann---now

OMG . . . real news from a real reporter regarding Iraq. The s*** is

Tim Russert turns his sharp teeth on Ken Mehlman

On the slaughter committed by Truman and LBJ...

Horrifying audio of pregnant woman tasered

Final death throes of the Iraqi insurgency?

"Fuck Saddam. We're taking him out."

No, Mr Biden, it's YOU that doesn't represent US

Mediawhores will trot out UK freeper newsies to discredit DSMinutes.

Did Bush Deliberately Deceive America About Iraq? by Rep. John Conyers

Marla Ruzicka, The Girl Who Tried to Save the World

I about fell out...

Remember; Evolution is NOT a Theory. Natural Selection is.

Bumper sticker suggestion: "You can't afford to vote Republican."

Soon it will be a CRIME to "disappear"...

Newsweek..."Iraq has become a desperate excercise in damage control"

The RW Canard - "All global Intel thought Saddam had WMD or program"

BusinessWeek, Fox News made baseless claim that Dean is poor fund-raiser

People aren't perfect. Anderson Cooper isn't perfect .A short

horny old men can get viagra, but sick folks can't smoke marijuana

They desecreate our flag, we desecrate their holy scripture

Turning Red States Blue rather than trying to turn Other Dems Black & Blue

Kerry DSM speech NOT happening today according to his Washington Office.

Why aren't "license checks" illegal?

Discover Channel's "Greatest American"...

My conversation with Right Wing Nut Bags. No wonder they can sleep.

Stripes letter: Fewer visits, more help (for the troops)

Lori Hacking's Husband

When is Pre-emptive/Preventitive War JUSTIFIED ??

Pope: Gay marriage "fake", "anarchy". Divorce & birth control "dangerous"

Watergate: From discovery to impeachment, what was the timeline?

The View and Breast feeding in Public

DU this poll

Southerners, please explain the confederate flag loyalty to me

Charges of bias at PBS, NPR lead to changes, backlash has been yanked down

"Concerned Women" want XXX domain BANNED from the internets

This Skull and Bones/ Kerry thing has always bothered me...

Do you believe the U.S. is a police state.

Ask the Police: Part III site is back online (nt)

List of Links

Grewal Is Now Apparently On Stress Leave

Tory Senator Claims She's Been Assaulted

Canada's douchebag of the week - Pat O Brien!

Britain's oldest man reaches 109 (BBC News)

Slave labour

Final GOP debate erupts into shoutfest (NJ)

NYT: Members of Sept. 11 Panel Press for Information on Terror Risk

Shadows of doubt (Ward Churchill)

Natl security chief: Audiotape on poll fraud fabricated (Philippines)

India, Pakistan begin talks on Iran gas pipeline

New Vaccines Prevent Ebola and Marburg in Monkeys

Hezbollah wins easy victory in elections in southern Lebanon

Bush Plans Speech at OAS Meeting

Woman tasered for refusing to step out of vehicle

AAP: Australia 'prepared for flu pandemic' (at least someone is)

S.A. (San Antonio) Soldier Fatally Wounded Near Fort Hood

WP: Defense Dept. Remark on North Korea Disputed by Rice

China's 270MPH Flying Train Could Run on London to Glasgow Route

Actor Russell Crowe Arrested in Assault

Reports detail legislator wealth

Illegal Loggers Decimating the Amazon and Inciting Tribal Genocide

Brown urges US to join new 'Marshall Plan'

Fundraiser Held for National Gay-Rights Organization (in Utah)

US can bar medical cannabis use

BIG DRUGS WIN! Supreme Court rules against medical marijuana

USA Today: Quick action may head off global epidemic

Cheney makes surpise (sic) stop in Portland (sneaks into town)

Father of slain soldier pushes for exit strategy

SWAZILAND: Rising house prices cause concern

Australia rejects Chinese defector

Biden: Democrats Unlikely to Stop Bolton

LAT: Car Safety Group (Ins. Inst. for Highway Safety) Making Big Impact

Lea Fastow leaves prison

Medical Marijuana Effort Loses at U.S. High Court

Wash. Judge to Rule on Governor Election

Cleric: Iraq Vote Legitimized Occupation (al Sadr speaks)

Frist Calls for Bioterrorism Protection (says S Korea has nukes)

15 C-130s, and room to spare

Apple going Intel

Rumsfeld plays down quick decision on N. Korea

Scotland takes UK lead in rejecting organised religion

on YAHOO!: Washington Judge Upholds Gubernatorial Vote

Courts-martial not likely in Quran incidents, official says

Court Expands Scope of Disabilities Law

Pope Benedict XVI Condemns Same-Sex Unions

LAT: Justice Is Swift and Deadly in Baghdad

Boxer on CSPAN2 Now

OMG . . . real news from a real reporter regarding Iraq. The s*** is

U.S.: No Outrage Over Quran Mishandling

High-flying professor faces US terror trial

Rehnquist backs medical marijuana patients

WP,pg1: Press in Iraq Gains Rights But No Refuge: 85 Killed in 2 Years

Army tank driver from Racine killed in Iraq (#1672?)

World mayors sign environmental accord

Ontario Liberal MP to sit as Independent (over gay marriage)

Iraqis face new threat from leaders' job cuts

Wal-Mart's U.K. Unit Moves Into Northern Ireland

Infants Found in Freezer Alive at Birth

Senator Clinton Assails Bush and G.O.P. at Campaign Fund-Raiser

Professor charged with stealing students' IDs

New leader of Louisiana casino-owning tribe (Abramoff's buddy lost)

U.S. facing setback in its neighborhood

80-Something nabbed in Hooker Ring

NYT/Reuters: War Crimes Court to Start Investigation in Darfur

Plan Would Expand Ocean Fish Farming (No Resource Left Unexploited!)

Iraqi forces in "triangle of death" talk tough (Reporters see Different)

Silver Refuses To Support Stadium, Putting Olympic Bid In Jeopardy

Theory isn't science, teachers group says (Tom Monaghan is baaack!)

LAT: Trade Tension May Be Rising: Could Threaten Global Liberalization

Wash. Judge Upholds Gubernatorial Vote

Chavez attacks US

Police charge 2 men linked to Ala. teen’s disappearance

Iraqi Children Escape Horrors Of War At "Fun City"

Horrors of war in Iraq continue to haunt U.S. Marine corporal

Marijuana Plaintiff to Defy Court Ruling


Citigroup unit lost data for 3.9 million customers

Senator offers compromise on Bolton intercepts

Pentagon rejects Guantanamo shutdown call

CNN: OAS members balk at U.S. intervention plan

80-year-old arrested in prostitution ring (Social Security not enough)

Grand jury indicts Finneran (former Mass. Speaker of the House)

Sen. Clinton Assails Bush and G.O.P. ("Why can't the Dem's do more...")

Tens of Thousands of Anti-Government Protesters Paralyze Bolivian Capital

LAT: Iraqis Look at Cuts in Govt. Jobs: Could Swell Insurgency

Archives show JFK effort for Vietnam pact

Deep Throat's tale revealed (3 FBI officials helped Felt leak information)

Air Force Academy chief has work ahead tackling "Team Jesus" climate

Christian group suspends Ford boycott (Give Dealers Time to Lobby Ford)

Libya the Subject of One Bolton NSA Intercept Request (Wash. Note)

Garment worker challenges DeLay (ignored sweatshop)

Coins, cigars and wine seized from home of Noe's former employee

Group claims windfall for ex-Enron execs buried in new energy bill

BBC: US and N Korea officials in talks

UK shelves EU treaty vote plans

SCOTUS rules against medical marijuana patients and states rights

Bush pushes for free trade in OAS

BBC: Syrian vice-president steps down

Poll: Religious Devotion High in U.S.

Republican senator says US prisons best in the world

Planned Parenthood challenges South Dakota abortion law

Biden: U.S. troops should not leave Iraq:-

Pakistan Hands Over Terror Suspect to U.S.

Pope Benedict XVI Condemns Same-Sex Unions

Mental Illness Affects Many (SETUP for BUSH's New Freedom Commission)

UK radio stations RAWK!

Buster and Roscoe on TCM

I'm watching North Dallas Forty ask me anything


Down with Statistics!

Rock your Browser

Heh. Neat.

I have jury duty this Tuesday

Under the Mexican Elderberry.

This "honourary Pompitous of Love" is going to bed.

Does This Photo Look Kosher To You?

Now this is just wrong.

Self Delete. N/T

That's why I'm eeeasah. Easy like a Sunday moorrrning.

Saturday I met neweurope

Shameless Self-Demotion Poll

I haven't done this in a while!! I'm going out and howl at the moon!

My sister-in-law sent this: send it to every fundie you know


Dark_Leftist ignores me today

My floppy drive is crappy.

Some people call me the space cowboy,

OK, this is my 1000th post. I wonder if . . .

Breaking - Russell Crowe arrested for throwing a phone @ hotel employee.

What would Gene Roddenberry do?

How much hotter are the "Neighborhoodies" real-life models

OK so DU spell checker works on MS IE but not on Firefox.

Poland pictures (Dial-up warning)

Won an online poker tourney (212 bucks). Ask me anything

A monkey bites a frozen sucker

Out of the 700 Club :)

how does one post a picture that is not hosted on the internet

I have an interview for a job I really want in 72 minutes.

Learn to dance with Napoleon

I'm on my way to pick up my 1 1/2 year old grandson...

Best Chicago Dog Story Ever

Anyone else having trouble using Internet Explorer?

Chavez Speaks the Truth!

Guardrails appear sabotaged to impale

'Big Bucky' May Become the Largest Flower

Smuggler had 51 fish under her skirt

What's the worst reason for affordable digital cameras?

The Life Aquatic

OMG! Turn on C-Span!

I went to the Dark Side and bought

My college neighbor upstairs is playing Enya at an unusually loud volume.

Why is it so hard to say "thank you"?

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Lego

Indian village marries off toads in bid for rains

I had a fabulous weekend! I hope you did, also.

Morning "news" programs make me surly

First gig with the "new band" this past weekend.

OH, yes! MORE Russell Crowe "Fightin' 'Round the World"!!!!

I Have A DVD of Blue-Jay Playing With My Band

Actor Russell Crowe Arrested in Assault

Ace of Spades

Author bashes Bush, big media (William Rivers Pitt)

I am a lowly telemarketer.... am I a loser?

Police Officer Pulls Over Stolen Car - HIS Stolen Car

jeff matson tribute

To those of you in the 60s and 70s who were anti-computer

Where and for how much can my nephew sell his hair?

I have spayed or neutered your pets

Help! Aphids on Strawberry plants!!

1,024 DUers have voted in the "How old are you?" poll.... have you?

For my first post - What should I post about? Any ideas?

To those who recommended Organic Valley milk...

Don't know if it is the coolest pic ever but it is pretty neat.

What was the significance of April 30, 2005?

Yes the nuts made you see that.

They're filling the pool by my office window - ask me anything

My first decent picture taken with my new digital camera...

Post a picture of your friends hometown!

What is the "proof" of Rumpelstiltskin?

i Love perusing my bookmark Lists

You ain't - you ain't - you ain't got no lover

Ultrasound 'baby Jesus'

It's iPod Divination Time!

What is the "proof" of Rumplemintz?

"We had it all...."

This Morning I flew a Kite with my Dad...

Calling All Parents! Please, Please, Please! I NEED Some Help!

What city has the worst mayor?

Movies My Husband Loves, But I Dont "Get"

Should I give or take?

The Abe Vigoda site is now status 404

A rant about the Canadian Goose problem...

Penn (Penn & Teller) And His Wife Name Their Baby - "Moxie CrimeFighter"

Crap! I got carrots in my lunch-Who wants to trade?

GMA plays Joe Jackson tape: "Is she really going out with him?"

Company PAC

Monday morning kitty thread!

Homeless Man Charged Tourists For Free Parking

Should I give a shit?

what's up with the dog haters/banners?

Dont'cha know that I danced, I danced till a quarter to three

Those little voices...

Anyone watch Oil Storm last night?

I just got ANOTHER one of these stupid things!

How does he do it?

What is the one thing Montreal could not afford to lose?

Guess what I had for lunch.

I'm going to vote for the Spanish Socialists. Ask me anything.

Mellow down easy

The jury is now deliberating in the MJ case, right?

can someone explain all the tape on michael jackson's fingers?

Tell me about your childhood pet

I want a cookie

Coming home tonight

June 11 NYC DU get together Question from an out-of-stater

Lohan Says She's an 'Easy Target'

Babysitter Had Boy (11) Use Sex Toy On Her

Who played the solo on "Kiss on my List" by Hall and Oates?


Charlie Brown Stolen - Reward Offered

Rare photo of whoisalhedges in his "Lucky Marryin' Suit:"

Of these 5 songs, which is your favorite?

Will fundies' heads pop 365 days from today?

Who else is growing tomatoes in containers this summer?

Who else is growing potatoes by the score?

This man wants everyone in America to own a gun

How do you feel about PITA?

Charlie Brown statue returned to eatery

Our Dean just quit

If you ruled the world what changes would you make immediately?

Everyone join me in a HEARTY BUCK YOU to the Soap!

Stop biting your nails!

Employeers aren't knocking down my door but I get a bill every..

Fraggle Rock season 1 DVD's officially announced for fall 2005

Vert Skating rocks! Ask me anything

Today In History: June 6, 2005

Arugula: Yea or Nay?

Randi absolutely going off on US-Iraq timeline!

The most outrageous nonsense you will read on DU today.

What are those "Ignored" responses you sometimes see in a thread?

Tales from the 'burbs-UPDATE on the mad Ice Cream man

Hey! Here be loonies!

Elegant Pig-Mittens for today's fashion-conscious fascist!

If a man goes out into the woods where no women can hear him

How can a guy like me be a Liberal?

"They" should ban all of those stuffed dogs they give away at the fair!

I just watched "Serial". A funny look at the pretentious and phony

I threw up on Saturday and got soaked yesterday. Ask me anything.

How often do you KLEEN your keyboard?

Reactive Attachment Disorder in adults

"Peter Graves couldn't find ugly at a Radcliffe mixer!"

I'm right. You're wrong. That settles it!

"Pig-Ball" ... .... sport of the future

I'm taking three pre-teens to Dollywood today.

What if your child/spouse admitted to commiting a heinous crime?

Do you believe there's a Dog?

How often does Kleeb Klean himself?

Kleeb-Kleeb, Kleeb-Kleeb

So 'splain me something, Lucy?

fess up

ENY, NJ, MA and VT DUers - we have some serious shit headed our way

What's up with all the serious posts in the Lounge today?

The Greatest Thing Since String Cheese...

Have you ever had your cat de-clawed?

Prescient Iraq quote...guess who, when and where...

Darth Dolenz sings Last Train to Clarksville

Director's cut of Bill Murray's "Stripes" (18 extra minutes) on sale 6/7

Ok, ok, need some help? I say 'sexy' too much

Flavor Flav at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, apparently in a Viking mood

Here are my problems with "banning" certain dog breeds

I'll answer your questions

What abbreviations that you made up do you use in your posts?


"Potheads blamed in Minnesota sign thefts"

Question: My wife got offered a job....

Today's Boston Globe Crossword - anti-bush* message?

CNN seems to have the best bud

Everyone join me in a HEARTY FUCK YOU to the guy in the Six Flags Ads!

First they came for the smack junkies

Game Ends 50 Cent Truce

How do you feel about beast feeding in public?

It's My Birthday June 8th!!!

Decapitated rabbit - "natural" or human?

Have a Scrumtrulescent Monday, DU!

I have you spayed or neutered your pets?

Scissor Sisters...What a Terriffic Band!

Looking for a DVD to MPEG converter

Sanctity of marriage alive and well in India

Is your one great dream adventure slipping away?

Tell me if I'm crazy. Our small town is holding elections tomorrow.

The Ghost In My Dorm @ Boys State

An entreatment for intellectual stimulation: ask me anything?

I thought that Great Danes were big lovable pussy cats

quiz for a chemical brothers fan

The sky a dark grayish blue...

Someone talk to me... I'm stuck at work for a few more hours

Harmless Activism anyone can do

Fun Fact about Bush from this week's "Top 10 Conservative Idiots"

My one Michael Jackson post -- what's with his supporters??

One year to go

Torbie Jessica

Angelina Jolie and Bruce Willis Are An Item

Try your hand at interviewing Brad and Angelina

How often do you KLEEB your keyboard? n/t

Post a picture of yourself drinking.

Just bought a new guitar this weekend... it rocks, so ask me anything.

New web site for Broadway buffs ...

Where is the Kleebster?

Won't someone PLEASE think of the children?

Can someone tell me when the hell the NBA season ends

I was just within 20 feets of Dick Cheney

"My dad, now there was a man..."

Heads up to the Angelina brigade: Gia coming on at 8 Eastern

Where the heck is Kleeb?

What tree did you fall from?

Ok I am alive ok

Wooo-hooooo!! I'm outta the 700 club!!!

91-yearold woman purses off snatcher

Ever heard of bugs in a car?

Xultar's second Kitty thread. Allow me to introduce you to Coco.

Happy 23rd Birthday....Anna Kournikova!!!

Question about Apple's move to Intel

Any Joe Walsh fans here?

Altocumulous Clouds


Best Noun Ever POLL

61 years since Normandy beach's D-day invasion.

Some Say Many Child Molesters Are "Trekkies"

Just two samples of where I wuz at today. (pic moderate)

I hate Pitt's Bull

What will the high temperature be where you are today?

What underwear would Jesus wear?

Post pictures of your friends!

Today's George The Second cartoon

Hey! RAYGUN Has Been Dead 1 Year

Why I think there's no such thing as God.

Brioche and coffee for breakfast - how to make a happy me.

Man Dies After Being Buried In Hot Asphalt

Nappy time (fuzzball pic heavy)

Wedding help!

Growing up did you identify more with a male or female parent?

I walked past Tom DeLay's office today. Ask me anything!

Matcom uses 11 sex toys on babysitter

Frank Zappa's first 10 albums. YOU pick the greatest...RZZZZZ!

First they came for the APTs...

Scissors are for paper! Scissors are for paper! Scissors are for paper!

I'm back in business!! Verizon tech support fixed my email problem!

A question for pitbull owners

I signed up for the Draft Board last week, ask me anything

Given the human population, should we be spayed or neutered?

Fodder for the anti-backyard-breeder crowd

I've got this list of hot DU ladies

Cool bumper sticker in red state Missouri

Tits and Ass

Lohan Has Digital Breast Reduction (To Avoid Offending)

i have a confession

Post a Picture of your Hometown

What is your favorite NUMBER? Why?

Do you remember the phone numbers of your childhood?

CT & Western Mass DUers - please see the thread on a get together

Is it wrong of me to want Jacko to be locked up for a long long time?

had a job interview just now, wish me luck

What's Your Favorite Album Cover? (Artwork-wise.)

Has anyone heard from Bernard Shifman?

Just keep ignoring me.

Oh God help me...I am addicted to shooting cartoon frogs.

What's that smell?

Now that we know who Deep Throat is:

Post random factoids about American history here!


Post the best concert you Never attended

Ok, it's bad puns time!

MY NEW PET HATE: "Daughters" by John Mayer.


Which Hogwarts House Are You In?

GMA plays Jackson tape: "I would kill myself, I swear to you"

Vroom vroom

"Fortunes of War" ---Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson Excellent!


What Movie Have You Memorized (And Quote) The Most Lines From?

Greatest Death Scene of a Character in Film?

What do you do if you feel you're way smarter than your therapist?

UK cleric at odds with Pope over direction

God's been mugged!

Question for the believers: If god is truly all-powerful...

Some great statistics on Church Going in the US

Does a New Pill Contain the Fountain of Youth?

Hundreds Protest As Texas Gov Signs Anti-Gay Measure

America's Biggest Companies Support LGBT Workers

Swiss Approve Gay Civil Unions

Calif. Medical Association Accused Of Hypocrisy Over Treatment Of Gays

St Augustine Sued Over Gay Flag

Gay Marriage Protesters Take Over Paris Cathedral

Boycott Against Ford Over Gay Support Put On Hold

Anne Heche's Mom Headlines Anti-Gay Event During Seattle Pride

Gay Flags Banned In London Borough

Paris and London given 2012 boost

Red Sox return to scene of greatest sports triumph in my life

How about the NL East y'all

Favorite major leaguer over 40

THE Dauphiné Libéré Thread: Hincapie wins prologue; Thor! the 1st stage

Damn Yankee Media Bias

How 'bout them Phils?

Mike Tyson vs Kevin McBride !

Anybody getting anything on the Kerry DSM Speech tommorrow? Or Bolton?

Last time on, "As the Senate Churns"

Kerry Exposes Bush Administration Fraud in Small Business Contracts

Keith Olbermann's e-mail on Kerry's DSM speech:

John Edwards Response to the Dean misquote flap!

Sen. Wyden was great today

some pictures I took in Poland

I should have never went on my Flower Safari

So when does the contest start? n/t

I'm just learning how to use my digital camera & posted this thread in GD.

New blog: "There was more than one Deep Throat " - 6/6/05

He's gonna talk about Kerry and the Downing Street Memo!

Monday Senate Schedule

GOP Worries Ethics May Hurt Them In '06

Our newly stated reasoning for invading Iraq is untenable

Galloway discusses an Iran invasion on radio

More Damning Evidence (to be used with the DSM)

Mitch McConnell is lying out his ass

More than 1,000 troops have died since I started to post the death toll

Poor Santa Monica College GOP Club!

The War to Deceive

A godsend to Wall Street

Reason for lack of outrage

President Clinton's Military

Newshounds Media Digest (5/29-6/4)

Q. to Media: How can Bolton win the vote if he cannot get past cloture?

I like the Huffington Post. There, I said it. Flame away.

DSM slowly beginning to show up in the U.S. corporate media.

DSM on radio shows

ALERT ALERT - for those not on DU this weekend.

Alvaro Cifuentes Delivers Democratic Hispanic Address (English/Spanish)

Excuse me does anyone have a boat orr handy?

This is not a time to stifle Governor Dean...

Bush/Cheney lies and the usual political deceptions continue....

Clinton's Iraq War stance on Larry King bothered me.


Moms 4 Peace video...sad

DSM on NPR Right Now

Nixon's Henchmen Lecture Us On Ethics

everyone fighting over Dean and Edwards

June 6th: Bush Job Approval at 47% (Rasmussen)

DSM and All the Other Evidence The War Data was Fixed.

And this is why they say that Nixon "only lied"

After campaign of inclusion, LA mayor-elect faces racial challenge

GOP Worries 'DeLay Effect' Will Cost Seats

bush's Army

Supporting our wounded

Diane Rehm showTOTALLY on DSM

Liberal Oasis rebukes Biden & Edwards, praises AI and Dean

Democrats just love to attack their own

Italian Minister urges fine for burka

'Second-term-itis' afflicts Bush, casting doubt on future successes

Another judge must be held accountable?

"Law & Order Democrats" vs. "Corrupt Republican Leaders"

2 Brit mediewhores poo-pooing DSM on NPR now

Great News for Conservatives and Free Republic Members

Why do people get so worked up by two sentences by Edwards...

MSNBC: Judge rules "no fraud" in WA Gov. Election - (VIDEO)

But really Dean should have been more careful

" the silliest initiative in foreign policy in the history of the world."

DVD: "George Bush: Faith in the White House" !?!?!

LTTE in my local paper, Beaumont Enterprise.

Sen. Wyden talking about Patriot Act right now on CSPAN-2

When is Senator Kerry on C-Span on DSM?

Meet The Press with RNC chairmen

Boxer on C-SPAN 2 NOW!

Sibel Edmunds question at CIA and FBI reform hearing on C-Span

NY Daily: "All-volunteer Army in a death spiral, only Bush can stop it"

Observation about attitudes in Dean vs. Bidwards:

If you want a politician who doesn't talk in vague meaningless platitudes

The Senate is discussing Brown and Kerry is going to the DSM?

Boxer kicking Janice Rogers Brown ass on C-SPAN2 3:35 ET

A winning Democratic Party message?

It must be extremely frustrating for rank and file conservatives

DSM Proves Bush Doctrine & Wars of Choice

Texas AG hopeful talking tough...

Randy's Roundup

Is there more disunity in the Democratic party or the Republican party?

Debunking the RW claim that the 9/11 report exonerated the WH.

Convio's crisis of conscience

Jeff Sessions offers proof the Brown is mainstream because she

Question about California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown

Marijuana "outside of the box"

"Iraq-nam: A Bright Shining Lie"

Hillary: :"B** and Republicans Mad with Power"

Randi Rhodes is doing great at telling the way it is with the...

Fox News on the DSM

Winning Strategies for Democrats

How do we show support for Howard Dean

145K and Counting....

Okay, during the (hopefully) upcoming Impeachment,

Convince me that Bush Should Be Impeached, based on DSM

Anybody see Richard Haas interviewed on The Today Show?

what if CNN were as focused on Bush's lies as on Dean's truth

Today in Florida, Bush CRITICIZED "playing to fear" in favor of "hope"

Why Latinos Are Walking Out on the Democrats

There's light at the end of this 5 year tunnel.

"I've answered that question." Reid on his not changing "liar" comment

Hijacking Catastrophe link...a MUST see corroboration of DSM

Saddam or bush?

I am a Crackpot Democrat!

HEY! What did * JUST SAY? Did you catch what * said Just BEFORE...

Stop it Already - Kerry Will Not Speak Today re DSM!

Okay, what was the CONTEXT of Dean's comment re: Republicans

Bayh: Too Early for Serious Candidate to Consider Presidential Run

A new wedge issue!

Liddy Dole disses Reid and Kos in her email to the sheep!

Prescient Iraq quote...guess who, when and where...

Senate Just Adjourned. No Kerry Speech Today.

I'm jealous of [insert state]'s US Senators

Code Pink online discussion, June 7

Limited corporate media & best of the alternative media's DSM coverage

DSM: Interview with Scahill, Bonifaz & Von Sponeck.

New Abortion Law in Texas signed, In a Church!

Edwards supporters only: What do you think about his comments re: Dean?

A little humor: Bushes to rule US until 2090

Keith Olbermann will cover Kerry re Downing St Minutes tonight on MSNBC

Al Franken as Senator=what?

Video - CNN Confirms That They Won't Stop Bashing Dean

This Modern World on Watergate in the Modern Era

The "Out Now" Philosophy

Minnesota blogger alters comments

The actual newspaper story about Kerry & DSM

Ben Stein is the biggest liar of 2005.

Odds the Senate will confirm Brown

Will the Bush administration be brought down by scandal?

Senate opening prayer given by Adm. Barry Black, Senate chaplain America treats its prisoners(Texas style).....Warning graphic

Let's revisit this article, post DSM

National Review attacks the Downing Street Memo

Supporters of Conyer's now pushing for 10,000,000 signers! (DSM)

I want to run for office.....any suggestions...

Congresspeople on Record for Withdrawing from Iraq

Senator G. McGovern & Rep. J. McGovern: Withdraw from Iraq

The Democrats should abolish caucuses in its presidential primary season

John Edwards responds to the Dean Controversy!

war crimes: are Democrats guilty too ???

A secret ballot: Necessary for democracy?

Gropinator cartoon from Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle...