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Archives: June 7, 2005

It’s a Pain. Period

Military injustice (Army wreaks vengeance on whistleblower)

Can a Liberal Be Happy With a Conservative and Vice Versa?

The Mobility Myth

Our policy of containment is leaking (DSM Mention)

Has anyone, from the press,

ACTION ALERT!!! Please help unions get fair opportunity to bid work!!!

'Flagship species' at risk

Japanese Foreign Minister hits back at Beijing

China gaining upper hand over Taiwan, US senator says

Thailand assures Rumsfeld over violence in the south

'Flagship species' at risk

Pic: Karmah weapons found in bunker. Enough to fit in a Pinto!

Poll on role of religion in politics shows huge gap between the US and its

A small but dangerous clause (Nuclear Materials / NYT)

HEY! who's watching Keith?

Sound bites and talking points from Cleveland

Official charged in voter fraud

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 6/7/05

Venice! Jackson Browne!! OZOMATLI!!

Any progressive events in Sacto or Bay Area 7/28-31?


Former House Speaker Finneran Indicted

Counter Demonstration for KKK rally in Tomball Saturday

what's with the new attack ads?

Monday pm Bolton update - spying on State Dept, congressional perjury?

Bush's ironic jab at Hugo Chavez

Liberal masochism

Keith just made fun of Melhman on MTP yesterday!

Remember everyone

LOL -- OLberman just ratted out Newsmax

Iraqi Resistance Report June 5, 2005

when did trucker image go from knights of the road to ???

When did it become OK to be a racist in America?

question: i heard on this site the trashing of the white house

Help Ease Exxon's Headache - so much money, what to do, what to do?

PHOTO: The end of church/state separation in full display

America's high value of Saddam Hussein

Is Jacko more wacko than Elvis was?

Bush is my Man

I got an Ask America Survey in the mail from Hastert.

Abram's on MSNBC showing how 'they' have a cell ready for MJ

#1 PRIORITY: Bring the embezzling, murderous BushCO/neocon regime DOWN!!!

There's no dynamite rigged to this question.

What is straight people's problems with gays?

Endless propaganda,endless lies, endless enemies,endless wars.

I'm on hold for Mike Malloy right now

"Law Enforcement and Society: Lessons of the Holocaust"

Los Alamos whistleblower beaten up

Suggestions for non-political donations.

Are there any reliable pre-Bush estimates of how many people

*ucker Carlson on MSNBC?

Evidence Emerges of Genes Influence on Sexual Predisposition

More changes at PBS

How many people are being cut from medical programs in your state

Democratic Party Recruiting Anti-Abortion Candidates Says NOW

Join Amnesty International

Facing Recruiting Crisis, Military Lowers Its Standards

Judge Upholds Election; Rossi Ends Challenge

What's more frightening than the Right's "Most Harmful Books" list?

To Laura Ingraham, white people are "regular people."

Newt Gingrich -- DREAM 2008 GOP Nominee

Why Are C-Span Callers So Effing Ignorant?

we actually had a victory today

m media having a field day over two democrats

Why are they f***ing with people who use "medicinal" marijuana?

Ask the self important redneck.

Going to Hell in a Hand Basket – a Quick Perusal of Today’s NYT

Daily snapshot of the greatest page

There Is No Sacrifice, Pain or Suffering Too Great for Republicans

Le Carre's commentary on Bush's War is worth another look...

Babysitter's Mom Says Sex Charges Exaggerated

Left a freeper stammering today

Anti-Iraq-war Republicans exist in Congress

Did Bush cut more college programs?

Is there a list of prominent, indicted Repukes?

Would the media have cared if the missing girl in Aruba were black?

why is Biden afraid to us the L word?

Bush is starting to drain us even more for more wars

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Round Up

When you cross the Neo Rethuglicans...

Is the Michael Jackson trial a payback for the OJ acquittal?

I fully support Texas secession.

What's He Thinking? ->>>

AFA vs. PTC on Wal-Mart

She was 19, now she is dead. DU please drop off some love ......

Alliance for Marriage Bigot sticker

Get Ready To Sign Up Freeptards

A good and powerful point about Iraq

CSPAN Schedule TuesdayJune 7

Does anybody listen to Alex Jones??

A small clue Senator Clinton, stop whining about how hard it is, and ...

Incredibly great Bill Moyers speech


Did you know? Iran-Iraq war.

I propose that every senator and representative must declare each day

Take A Look At The Poll-The People Have Spoken----

I finally figured it out – Caste systems and Slavery in America.

Wes Clark will be on Ed Shultz show Thursday

DSM Shadowing Blair Visit with Bush in Washington

Was Rich McNevin justified in using a taser on Victoria Goodwin?

Los Almos whistleblower brutally beaten, he was due to testify this month

anyone else see or hear harry reid bitch slap the press?

I am just stunned

So-called Governor of Texas SUCKS Really Bad

If the Right can have a "dangerous books" list, so can we

Governor of Texas to gay residents who want to marry: MOVE!!!

How Do You Classify Yourself? Radical Left or Moderate Centrist

Democrats seek guru to set course - Detroit Free Press

Hillary goes for the jugular!!!......

Congressman Sessions (R-TX) wants to limit muni wi-fi networks

PHOTOS: To George W. Bush voters, I hope you had the time of your life.

OK, I did it. I'm the guilty one.

It's Not Just Eskimos in Bikinis....

DUers for electronic voting reform -- Take our new site for a spin!

Army Enlistment Application - the url

America needs to plan for the next "enemy", I nominate Sweden.

A wonderful wine - Amarone

Canada's politcal scene is going bonkers

Theory isn't science, teachers group says (ID coming to Mich.)

Government can bar medical marijuana use - but why do that??

Senate to Issue Anti-Lynching Apology

Former Mass. House Speaker Indicted in Redistricting Probe

Blair close to Africa deal at talks with Bush

Security at Symbol of Resolve:Many Demands on Ground Zero Tower (redesign)

Allawi mulls running again in Iraq

Corruption Allegations Rock Brazil's Governing Party

NYT: Migrants' Social Security Sideline: Number Rental

Coca-Cola Bottling Workers End Strike (CA)

Vice President Cheney Lauds Reichert (Seattle)

WP: Big Pension Plans Fall Further Behind

NYT: After a Shower of Anthrax, an Illness and a Mystery

WP: Alaska Oil Field's Falling Production Reflects U.S. Trend

Cranberry juice may fight viruses, study finds

NYT: In County Made Rich by Golf, Some Enclaves Are Left Behind

Bomber tells his story (Luis Posada Carriles's hired bomber)

Bush Predicts Democracy In Cuba

Iraqi Forces Ready to Take Over Security

US intelligence reform hampered by lack of vision (Reuters)

Covance Sues PETA for Fraud, Conspiracy

Nepal bus blast kills dozens (The Guardian)

Amendment would bar medical-pot raids

Idaho loses it's 1st Female Soldier In Iraq - 19 years old

WP,pg1: The Rollback of Democracy In Vladimir Putin's Russia

Bill Would Give CIA More Power Overseas -Pincus, WP

(Mega barf alert!) Official: School Food May Be Terror Target

Bolivia's President Mesa submits resignation

State TV Prepares to Go Global (Moscow Times)

WP,pg1: AF Push for Boeing Lease Detailed (scandal, all the way to top)

Rossi throws in the towel!!!!!

Brad Pitt Says Media Focus Is 'Misguided'

Whistleblower on Los Alamos Assaulted

Easiest Final Jeopardy question EVER

ack!!! are the pistons playing today? i can't find it in the listings

Jeremiah Johnson - Damn, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed that movie

Fantastic 4 - Julian McManon is in it! DE LISH!

Is Matcom still playing with the babysitter?

Maybe DU should put on those Google ads.

Octogenarian Nabbed in Prostitution Ring

Meet my new copycat!!!!

So are dogs the new outdoor cats?

Help me. I'm BORED!

I want to be the host on a Fox "reality" show like this new Hell's Kitchen

World's Wildest Police Videos - Parody

Keith just made fun of Melhman on MTP yesterday!

Have you ever sharted in public?

Network Solutions reports that the URL " is available"

Why you shouldn't watch "The Scholar" tonight

Any other fans of Ted Hawkins?

Holy Shit. Thunderstorms

Why do Major League ballparks have "No Pepper Games" posted in them?

Lindsay Lohan: "I understand it's your job. But you don't have to ram me"

Great Dixie Chicks Lyrics - "More Love"

Decency on TV has gone too far!

Has anyone watched that "Dancing with the Stars" reality TV show?

Who's watching the Red Sox-Cardinals game?

Picked up a copy of Garrison Keillor's "Homegrown Democrat"

Speaking of jazz ...

There's not a Malloy thread in GD. Does anyone want to listen?

Pay Pal question

I thought Oil Storm had a shitty ending...

Who wants to take it out into the parking lot and fight me?

Anybody here seen my old friend Ray?

Remember when Marlon Brando and Miiko Taka made the movie, "Sayonara?"

Anybody watching "Hell's Kitchen" with Gordon Ramsay?

3000 3000 3000

I wish my parents had named me monkeypants instead of michael

Hey! If you all duct-tape all the windows, there can't be a draft!

Has anyone ever been to St. George Island, FL?

Gotta go to Sturgeon Bay Tomorrow...


No Piston's threads?

No Pistols threads?

Are we all psyched for the new Coldplay album?

nobody likes me. everybody hates me. I'm gonna go eat worms.


PETER GABRIEL ! ..... Nobody told me ! ....

Cities with canvas-covered open air book stalls??

Do you do what people expect of you, or are you true to yourself?

Deeee-troit Basketball !!!!!!!!!!!!

Did Richard Nixon ever exist?

YAPT - (Yet another Pistons Thread) - I went to high school with..

It's 8:25pm (Pacific), and time for "CanuckAmok's Flix Pix"!

Short cut meanings

Insulate me.

Chicago music fans

Insulin Me

Pant, pant. Man, it's so hot in Painesville!

Blonde Golf Joke. Ladies? Dont hit me.

Any Fredheads out there?

Got any advice for a fellow freshwater angler?

is there a record on how high dirty dishes can be stacked?

Jugs and butts

Final season of "Six Feet Under" is commencing tonight.

I am a Yankees fan.

"Resivoir Dogs" is coming on IFC at 12:30

The prejudiced pit bull

Some New Chat Abbreviations--Just FYI

Do you ever search for locked posts just for kicks?

After Sept 9 - I'll be 3 for 3

Any baseball fans in the Lounge? Did you see the Angels-Braves game?

Moody Monday Check-in. Feelin' pissy?

It is a far, far thing that I had better never done.

Latest picture of the "Looney Tunes" revision...

Hand Signals Used by Military or maybe not

For auto racing fans:

Damn those Black Eyed Peas are fine...

paper is for rocks! PAPER IS FOR ROCKS!

Rock, paper, scissors...

School's Out!! Today was the last day.

Garrison Keillor on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight.

take time to smell the flowers

Public Safety Notice: the dingbat has a motorcycle.

Speaking of MJ, Is the longer the jury takes to decide a plus or minus for

DU chat

What's that phrase for that phase of a TV series...

Walt Whitman- Leaves Of Grass (an excerpt)

I'm bored, so I guess I'll show you this cool drawing I did.

Now if these men do not die well, it will be a black matter for the king..

Do You Think Gay Couples Fight Differently?

Did the Pistons just win?

Should I turn 50 stone sober or stoned on Killer Weed?

Moldy Food

Best action movie SERIES...characters played 3 or more times, same actor

**WARNING** Content May Cause Projectile Vomiting

My boston terrior died today

Bar's open! Step up and buy a drink for Governor Gregoire!

Went to see "Cinderella Man" today -

Earworm: Pleasures of the Harbor by Phil Ochs

Rev-pics of oone of the hottest men evah!

Woohoo! I got my DU bumpersticker today!

Does GD exist?

See what Fenris has been up to on his trip to Seattle

Who speaks Italian?


What the hell is a "Holla Back Girl?"

I Like John Zorn

I'd Like to Buy the World a _______ (don't say Coke)

New Coldplay & White Stripes Albums Tomorrow

Wonder if Mr. Scorpio would play some "Moody Blues" for me today?


Who's being flamed and for what right now?

So how many cars get burnt in Detroit because of a stupid B-Ball game?

Post Pics of Your Birthplace.

Should I crash an 'End Times' Bible Study?

My dog is very attached to me. Literally.

My friggin Dell got zapped by lightening. Anyone know anything

Post a picture of the body you wish you had.

I survived my kids graduation and party!

I'm really worried about my cousin...

Use "Kleeb", or a variant thereof, in a sentence.

The Cars - "Moving in Stereo"

Sea Quest DSV/2032

Fried Chicken

try posting just using your mouse

Insult me.

Post a picture of how you wish Your Place looked

List 5 Essential History Books On Your Shelf

Texas Gov Signs Into Law Concealed Carry For The Unborn

Internalized Homophobia stinks!

Is George W. Bush a Good President?

Favorite screen villains

The Rosary is a Wymyn's prayer.

Surmountable Obstacles - cancer

Dolphins teach their children to uses sponges

CNN/AP: Researchers: Dolphins use sponges as tools

Kraft, Harris Bank hit for Gay Games support

We are losing Queer as Folk and Six Feet Under after this year

And the Orioles win again!

Oh the horror

Cards beat the Sox 7-1 in 9

Albuquerque Isotopes in Slugfest Loss to Oklahoma Red Hawks

Yankees and Red Sox both lose but the Jays win so it wasnt a perfect night

Yankees Lose Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaah Yankees Lose

Toronto Blue Jays. Where would you move them

So Shaq implied Wallace the Ben wasn't a good defender...

Check out this picture of me from this weekend

Heart of the Beholder (Movie)

Psych Handbook (Review): "atheism is inherently illogical"

Saw Mittens speak on CSPAN this weekend

I sent my son a camera - he sent me flowers

I'm stoked!...A photo I took a few days ago is going on a book cover

I couldn't wait...KOEB June 6

Pentagon misses deadline for releasing base-closing data

Okay, who was the creepy "Rovelike" man

How did the rumor that Kerry was going to speak about DSM today begin?

Republican moral sophistry (a sort-of editorial)

Democracy on the March… Next Stop, Central America


How many Boltons in Bush's admin are using NSA to spy on their

Truthseekers, Mike Malloy Monday.

Hey, where are all of this summer and falls protests of war?

I've been searching for Kerry's senate speech today......

Jon Stewert "bush words"

Miami-Dade's elections chief wants to boot touch-screen system

Democrats seek guru to set course - Detroit Free Press

GOP fearing 2006 scandal and turnover

Bolton confirmation and DSM

Will the "gang of 14" stick together ?

Rossi Gives up!!! Please go and vote at Seattle PI on Judge decision!

Here is my note to DNC with their fundraising letter


campaign '06 unifying theme: what's at stake is democracy itself

JC: 145K and Counting....

Hummm, Does this picture look familiar? Like Lebanon, Ukraine, etc...

Anti-Rice Protestor Picture picked for Best of the Day list

Hey look what "Conservative USA" just gave us !!!!!!


Dean has made 2 splashy headlines in as many weeks

John Conyers: NYT Going to Hell in a Hand Basket

Did anyone else hear this?

Light at the End of the Tunnel - public domain & DU-exclusive material

Russ is the Man!

The Free-Traders' Hypocrisy

What's OUR best wedge issue?

another Jon Stewert "cheney lies",,funny as hell

Regarding abolishing caucuses in Dem presidential primary

Poll: Is Bush's Presidency legitimate?

What I am doing to bring us a 2006 victory.

Bush-the-warmonger appears to be one of Machado's ardent followers

DSM Shadowing Blair Visit with Bush in Washington (from IPA)

Another Drink? Sure. China Is Paying. - required reading

bugmenot: If you are required to register to read articles at web sites,

TinyURL: Having problems posting links to other web sites?

Taking on Ohio politics -- in the name of God

The Prime Minister, the philosopher, and the sorcery that caused stigmata

Federal Bureau of Entrapment

Mr. Kerry: You Could Still Be the Leader We Need

Ed Naha: ''Hello,' they lied'

My Nation Love It, Leave it, or Change it.

Antonia Zerbisias Watergate and today's media

Is Congress Complicit In Bush Lies?

North (San Diego) County Times: Feds should lay off pot patients

Great Oliphant cartoon today

Molly Ivins: Turning up the sleaze

Everybody Must Get Busted

My new oped, need feedback. I will submit shortly.

25 Reasons to Impeach George W. Bush

Bush, The Spoiled Man-Child

Dean's Pathetic Democrats

President Bush, With the Candlestick...

Torture's Part of the Territory (can't colonize Iraq w/o torture)

Greens Are the Real Energy Problem

Larry Flynt Warns His Neighbors of Possible Preemptive Strike.

Arianna - The Blair Bitch Project

Did the Mainstream Media Get the Memo?

Todays editorial in the New York Times....

Ask the God Damn Question!

"S.S. O'Reilly Sinks Before Leaving Port"

Franken to be on Letterman Friday night... and he'll talk about

New Dems: Four Reasons To Support CAFTA

US Senate Sim

Sean Hannity on The View - Video

Ocean Warming Data Confirm Climate Models - Wash. Times (?!?)

2-Week Conference Will Focus On Future Of Antarctica - AFP

China's Water Pollution So Bad That Cities' Supplies Under Threat

EU Cod & Eel Stocks Doomed If Overfishing Continues - Reuters

Glacial Melt Rates Accelerating Across Tibetan Plateau

As Golf-Based NC Subdivisions Grow, Minority Towns Lack Basic Services

Washington Post - "Alaska Oil Production Declining"

Roads, Airstrips Fail Across Northwest Territories As Permafrost Melts

Spanish Corp. Agrees To Build 400 Wind Turbines A Year In China - Reuters

Spain's Wheat Harvest Projected Down One Third, Barley Off 40% - Reuters

Portugal Accuses Spain Of Water Theft As Drought Grinds On - Guardian

Save the whales, literally

Uppsala Groups Posts Report On Oil Sands Prospects - ASPO

Rural Suicide Rates Soars In Drought-Hammered E. Australia - Reuters

Toyota Sales Up 7.8% Over 5/04 - Prius Sales Up 158% Over Trailing Year

Dolphins Use Sponges To Protect Snouts While Foraging

And What If The Sceptics Are Wrong? - Guardian

National Research Council Slams NASA Plans To Gut Earth Observations

Former Enron Executives Slated to Receive Taxpayer Handouts

2003 EU Heatwave To Become Norm Under New Climate Projections - AFP

Report On ASPO Conference - Matt Simmons Says Ghawar In Decline

All G8 Science Academies Call For Immediate CO2 Reduction Actions- BBC

Energy Headlines for June 7 --

Shell Predicts 20 Years Of Rising Energy Prices - Independent

Palestinian militants fire Qassams at Sderot

Spain's ex-PM to Israel: Ignore Europe

UK Diplomats meet Hamas

Two hothouse workers killed in Gush Katif blast

Israel offers PA rail link between West Bank and Gaza

Settlers to seek asylum in Palestine!

Stage Four anti-Semitism

New Group says Jeb Bush "Not Innocent" when it came to 9/11

Fire Fire Everywhere, but wait it didn't collapse...

The Importance of Public Inquiry

Another 9/11 Curiosity

Questions Raised About Electoral Reform Donations

Foxes guarding the Henhouse in Coingate

Help in NJ! Freeholder Meeting to buy Sequoias

Soros Group: Blackwell Is No. 1 Target for Democrats

Sequoia lawsuit: Powerful Legal Medicine for Sequoia

Michael Keefer ... Endgame in Ohio


What happened in NM in 2004?

what happened to lark Ellen hospital

Patients in state pledge to go right on puffing pot

Who went to the Venezuela event last night in L.A.?

Great coverage of the 9th Circuit on CSPAN2 now re: t-shirts/free speech.

Southern California protest against Karl Rove this Saturday!

Cedar Rapids drivers rated safest

Kennedy: "We never should have gone to war for ideological reasons..."


Two Things: The SUN!!! and the next DU meetup

Community Support Rally for Richfield HC Organizing Cmmtte

Cleveland control grid goes in-

More worker's comp money missing ($215 M)

John Sharp running for governor?

Rick Noriega for US Senator.

Kinsman to challenge Huebsch

Wisconsin Hiker's body found

Crap! Local Guard Unit called to active duty

Randi Rhodes just talked about getting rid of Sensenbrenner!!!!!!!!!!

Bernie Ward interviewing Downing now

149,000 posts on alt.impeach.bush...

"Downing Street memo" on Iraq met mostly with silence

Psychology of Law enforcement employees

ILL GOP Hypocrisy on Privatization

A word about Howard Dean

Where are all of those pillars of the "Culture of Life"

At the time the Abner Louima case and another case of a black man

Researchers: Dolphins use sponges as tools

Why are bushs and kerrys report cards coming out now?

Overhaul of Pension-Funding Rules Sought

Looks like we are going to heaven and conservative to hell

A Whistleblower's Story

Sen Biden takes it to the editorials: Why Bolton isn't qualified


Wash. Judge Upholds Gubernatorial Vote (bwahahahah)

Guardian/Steve Bell cartoon - B*sh'n'Blair.

Molly's latest

No toon for today -- sorry

Good news for Bush.

Grrr... Delete.

"...up or down vote..." says RSB

Bush's budget cuts would make it harder for some to get a second chance

80 year old New Jersey grandmother arrested for prostitution

***URGENT*** PLEASE support the Hinchey-Rohrabacher amendment (MMJ)

MUST READ AND WATCH: One Day in Iraq: At-a-glance

Darfur Daily News: June 06, 2005

Darfur Calendar – updated June 7th, 2005

It's Official, the March to Theocracy has begun

Work In Progress, Damn It Might Be Grammy

Just did a poll about bush on a mothering website and the results are ..

Strong and wrong is better than Weak and Right

Homeownership is at an all time high. This is a BS statistic!

Are There Any Estimates Out There For How Many People We Have Detained

We have lots of work to do

Is anyone having problems with the AAR stream today? n/t

Tammy Bruce Does Not Speak For Me!!

Is there a parallel government at work in the U.S. that holds real power

Parents with draft age kids: how prepared are you as a family?

Ted Westhousing, '03 alumni, Ph.D. in Philosophy

Interested in a LOT of detail about the Enron timeline?

Can outsourcing of medical services be a way to reduce our medical costs?

what we need is a good, concise, easily understandable . . .

Perhaps the middle and working class people of America....

Huge story to break on CNN this morning!

Who and what can we believe in?

MSNBC (Keith Olbermann) - Kerry on impeachment

bugmenot: If you are required to register to read articles at web sites,

cspan caller, jesus christ put bush in the white house

DA's dissappearance: Psychic's Leads Investigated

msnbc t.v. guy said DSM question could be asked at bush blair meeting

There was a Country had a Prez and JINGO was his name-o !

Bush is too liberal. We need someone like Michael Savage for prez...

Why the f*** do I need to "MEET the PRESS"

So... most DUers don't believe in fate/destiny?

TinyURL: Having problems posting links to other web sites?

Sen. Durbin now speaking on CSPAN against Brown nomination

I'm looking for sources on Opus Dei.

Republican dating service online!! Meet Republicans today!!

800 tons of unsecured munitions - HEgate (high explosives gate)

Who did YOU think "Deep Throat" Was?

General Motors plans to cut at least 25,000 Jobs

Voice of the White House ... still suspect it's not legit, but

The Supreme Court marijuana decision, the munchies, and spakeths.

LTTE: Drip, drip, drip The "I" word spreading far and wide...

Iran Says It Arrested, Deported al-Qaida

Whistleblower assaulted at Los Alamos Labs

Your take on the 2004 election results?

So, is Janice Rogers Brown going to be confirmed?

Withdraw From Iraq by George McGovern and Rep. Jim McGovern

4th25 (fourth quarter) Rap serves as voice for soldiers in Iraq

NY dodges a bullet - West Side Stadium and Olympic bid seem dead

It's national Hunger Awareness Day

Impeach him, try him, imprison him! WAR CRIMINAL! Murdering freak!

Why do you think Blair is visiting Bush today?

Solider who lost right foot, left leg: Believed God wanted him in Iraq

More Important to debunk myths or get elected?

My SO had a Lewis Black moment yesterday.

Don't Let Up on The Media Regarding The Dowing Street Memo

OK, how many think the crack white press corp will ask blair and bush

Two Kinds of Neighbors in my Neighborhood: Barbara Boxer & Melanie Morgan

Kerry's Yale grades and military records being released same day?

Republican Bret Schundler owned

'Two Slaps for George Lakoff' - says he doesn't go nearly far enough.

Oil Shale? Does this information seem a little too optimistic?

New Group says Jeb Bush "Not Innocent" when it came to 9/11

Perhaps my tinfoil hat is screwed on too tightly

Stand Blair and Bush side by side at the World Court...

LYING media!!! TRAITORS!!! HOW DARE THEY print this LIE!!! (SATIRE)

what is up with the confederate flag outside of the South?

The FBI Creates "Terrorists" Using Entrapment Schemes

If AOL news links work here.....

Juan Cole is rocking, today!

Feds: Science paper a terrorist's road map

Immanuel Wallerstein thanked me for sending him my DU post!

Does Condi Rice have any credibility even among the venal wolves

Boxer Just Mentioned DSM on CSPAN NOW. ! n/t

More Proof that Republicans Hate Democracy

Spy on your friends or go to prison

Listen for it.."Sen Kerry brought up old, obscure memo..

And this is our problem with the DSM and the "average" people..

watch out W... "Families' war support falters over troop casualties"

BTW- Monument to W erected on "The Mall" in DC 6/6/05

re: SS - everybody knows you only put money in the stock market

Edmunicate me! What are the democracies that we've created?

Bush's JD says, Some can steal your Medical Records if they want.

SIGN F-180, bush! Release your Nat. Guard records, bush! Kerry just did.

MSNBC doing it's duty to shrub. "MSNBC "spells "FOX"

Just heard that the violent crime rate went down last year... Why?

Will any reporter earn an easy grand today, and ask about DSM?

Woot! Diane Rhem show just read part of my email!

By the way, what they call the Confed Battle Flag, ISN"T.

Airports Crack Down On Gamesmanship Over Gates

United's Fliers Can Relax a Bit: Denver Baggage System Is Lost

Holloway Not Only American Missing In Aruba

Page One & the Underground Press

Here's how Xians can get along with atheists

Dems are playing by the rules and the thugs are mauling us.

Adware/Spyware Problem

From Bill O'Lerry's Radio Show, About Aftrica

Final portraits

Not Another Maverick (Thune coming back to bite * in the arse?!)

Sludge joining in attack on Kerry's so-so grades...

Kerry's Military Records Released

Bank of America is spineless.

"Stocks Surge on Greenspan's Comments"...f'ing incredible!

Racist Voting Restrictions Become Law In Arizona

Why The Heck Did All The Left-Leaning Justices Vote Against Medical Pot?

Rosie O and Joy Behar ripping Hannity a new one on The View

Teen Gets Life Sentence For Helping Girlfriend End Pregnancy...

RW BS CANARD #2: DSM is OLD NEWS - right now on AAR (FRANK RICH) ---> MP3

Washington Post: The Blair Bush Project

Give Dean Our Support: Vote on This Poll

Medical Marijuana Prosecutions and Jury Nullification

Boy, 3, found dead in day care center van.

PHOTO: Santorum, Frist & Kyl, an Unholy Trinity


Anyone watching CSPAN right now? whats going on with delays face?

What's going on with Conyers?

Well this is a first for me!!

Urgent Action on Downing Street Memo - Today @ 1pm

GM to lay off 25,000 and stock market goes up 108 points???

"The natives're going to learn democracy if I have to shoot everyONE of'em

A really dumb thing I heard on the radio

So I was walking to my parent's room...

Heard on Hartmann -- google "Bushism" and

Anyone watching the 9th circuit hearings on CSPAN2?

>:-( General Motors to lay off nearly a quarter of its workforce!

George Bush, or John Goodman? PIX>>>

How do "Support the Troops" Freepers get around Bush* refusing

US State Department official to Spain: screw off

Rwanda: Displaced and killed people, genocide still happening

What happened to * promise to raze Abu Ghraib to the ground

DU THIS POLL!! Dean/Repuke Gov Perry...

Post-ABC Poll: Bush (and GOP) Ignoring Public Concerns

WAPO Most Viewed Article: "The Downing Street Memo Story Won't Die"

To everyone in support of the Crawford Iconoclast! I'm Sorry, first.

Reasoned Argument AGAINST Gay Marriage (A CHALLENGE FOR DIMWITS)

Speaking of PETA...


Does the left need their version of Karl Rove?

Do all states limit abortions in the 3rd trimester?

Orwellian Emergency Preparedness against the "Universal Adversary"

Can Saddam be fairly/legitimately tried for the crimes he's charged with?

Who else thinks Al Franken was set up by DOD?

CNN Graphic about Bush & Kerry at Yale - "NUMSKULL AND BONES"

WP: Reject Brown for Valuing Property Above Human Rights

Global Warming....The real Weapon of Mass Destruction

Deleted, dupe. n/t

Secularism doesn't have a prayer

Freaky Frist -PIX- >>>

Look at these questions from a U.S. Visa Application

Looking for suggestions

Bill O'Reilly's LOVEBOAT TOUR cancelled for lack of interest (and sex)

Soros Group: Blackwell Is No. 1 Target for Democrats

Neo Mind Tricks from the eye of Escher

New mantra: enraged

Emergency Preparedness against the "Universal Adversary"

"Plants closing left and right under Pretzelhacker!!!"

News from Australia: Bush social security plan an "ALL-AROUND LOSER"

One legged kick fight

Bob Jones bans Abercrombie and Hollister from dress code

Wasn't it common knowledge days ago the blivet would NOT

The 9/11 Omission Hearings

I Report From My Southern Trip

If Poppy needed chemo, and Babs had Parkinsons...

*, Cheney, Ashcroft, Watts, Thune, others coming to YOUR neighborhoods!

I Think Ed Schultz Sounds Like Such A Geek When He Talks About:

Get Your War On's Greatest Hits - Volume III

Sharing Music On The Internet Is Not Theft Or Piracy!

Bush READS his speech, Blair TALKS to reporters

BUSH: THREE questions only for this "Press conference" nt

Anyone know a good article that talks about the state of Iraq?


What would republicans say that bush has done a good job at?

Did Kerry Make D's At Yale?

Iraq War Casualty Management. How many have died in reality?

Question - Why does the Administration need a weak dollar?

There will be no impeachment.... it's a pipe dream....

Marines arrest US Contractors

A question about your constitution.....

Comparing Kerry and Bush as Students

Funny Write-up of CNN's Changes: "Wolf-Look-the-Paint's Drying-BLITZER"

<> Grampa Grassley talking about pensions

Randi reading DSM now.

Just on MSNBC--"Internet Memo"

Do you get the feeling if we can't get election reform by 2006

Sen. Kennedy speaks out on Downing Street Memo

A good page on Dominionism. Look at the links in the essay


What's with the AA streams?

Steve Bell on Poodle's WH Visit>>>>>>>>>>>>

bush* on Meet The Press

Bill Moyers (Now) Had Iraq attack info way before Downing St. Memo

There is still time to vote for Howard Dean on MSBC poll

Does anyone agree with me that it got easier to earn good

America NEEDS The Next Teddy Roosevelt. Discuss.

To me no act of terror can come close to the terror unleashed by the

DU this poll!

For Us Cube Rats-

Could Senator Kennedy REALLY ever lose his seat?

Lesle Blitzer going to cover the Los Alamos whistle blower beating

BushSpeak: We used to laugh when Cheetah had a "conversation" with Tarzan.

Bloody chain saw didn't keep man out of U.S. (Great Job, Border Guards!)

Orwellian "Scenarios"

That was me on Springer just a minute ago

Re:The Downing Street Minutes

About presidential pardons

How many DUers have a Selective Service Card (Draft Card)?

Has anyone been watching this chase and standoff

DSM question: Have there been any interviews with the peole who were

Major reorganization at NASA

Conservatives continue to see Liberal bias in classrooms

Bob Jones University has banned Abercrombie & Fitch

Anyone know who fence-sitters on Bolton nomination are?

Customs Lets Man In U.S., But Takes Bloody Chainsaw, Sword

Approximately ONE HOUR to Bush Blair press conference

Code Pink now picking up on DSM-

B & B press conference: Bush wants to spread compassion in Africa.

Ex-President Ford is 91?

Medical marijuana and how I got busted

Ed Schultz says he is going to announce something REALLY REALLY big

Pregnant Bride tasered in stomach:

Oh how my heart bleeds...Latest Bush poll numbers.

New CNN Blitzer show, new MSNBC Carlson show have same name

Kudos to local conservative paper for Darfur article

Today I received my first issue of The Lone Star Iconoclast!

B&B Press Conference

Isn't the problem that the Downing StMinutes were BEFORE UN?

Rosie cleaned Hannity's clock!!!!!!

Dem Bloggers has NBC, CBS, and CSPAN DSM coverage up

Katherine Harris aka Cruelle DeVille

When will the President be asked about PEAK OIL and Global Competition?

Does anyone have the video on Rosie O on th view this morning

Darfur Daily News: June 07, 2005

bada bing-bada boom--there went the downing street memo scandal

If the meek shall inherit the Earth,

Scott McClellan grilled about Boeing Bailout

Constitutional Atty. Bonifaz Statement on Bush/Blair Answer to DSM

A new record: 7:02 took Tweety only 2 mins

Bush/Blair questioned on minutes

"Is the world better off without Saddam?"

If frustates me when someone says "I don't vote,it has no effect on me."

Did You Guys Just See The Picture On CNN Of 'The Whistle Blower'?

Obama. THE BEST SENATOR one could have! READ this email about Veterans!!

DSM should always be called Downing Street Minutes...

Hey, you know what? 14.1% of Americans have no religion

Crude Awakening - Is Saudi oil peaking?

If i hear "she is a daughter of a sharecropper" ONE MORE TIME..

Kos: "Edwards fires back"

Why does * refer to people by their first names?

EEEK! Just got a phone call from the, Oral Roberts bunch

Who's scared of Howard Dean?

F* Mr.bush and his evil minions about DSM press conference

This is sad...we're still being pummeled by the freeps

Instead of breast feeding (no breast feeding

Third verse, just a little worse

How much faith do you have in the free-market, capitalist system?

DSM may be approaching its flash point and what a bang it will be.

Regime Change In Iraq: Then And Now! (A New Graphic For Ya)

MSNBC: Los Alamos whistle blower silenced by beating? - (VIDEO)

New Voting System Proposed:

Blair is visiting the chimp today. The DSM.....

CBS just did good story on DSM! YEAH! nt

What will georgie do after he is out of office?

Gerald Ford: How will history judge him?

My take on the Kerry situation

Psssst. No one tell Bush and Blair that

Still buying Bush's BS about the economy recovering?

"Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again!" Byrd/ Downing Street Minutes?

Use Downing to attack underlying oil policy in Iraq

Friends of Hillary?

Who Will Be the ** Administration's "Deep Throat"?

Why Has the Democratic Party Become the Pro-Iraqi Occupation Party?

The Dogs that mauled Nicholas Scott Faibish, their names are Rex and Ella

Tulsa Zoo caves in to fundy morons

WP: Watergate Chronology

Howard Dean's Democrats Remain Pathetic


We interrupt this program with a special bulletin:

Bob Jones University Dress Code

Incontrovertible judgment that * willfully misled US into invading Iraq

KOS Blogger Apian seeking 10 MILLION Signatures


Who thinks Downing Memo is more serious then Watergate?

"Richardson distances self from Dean: He is not our spokesman."

DSM - "Ask Your Senator to Speak Out" -

Bev Harris' Fundraising Investigated --

Establishment Democrats None Too Happy With Howard Dean

Katherine Harris Confirms '06 Senate Run--Newsmax

Some recent Global Warming articles posted in the environmental forum

"but I'm not the only one"

Frank Rich, NYT, on Franken -- Downing Street Memo "no big deal"

Words you wish NEVER to hear again?

Randi: "Pot ain't legal because the drug companies can't patent it."

Faking Genius (A Tiny Essay I Wrote About Twenty Years Ago)

The DELUTH NEWS TRIBUNE holds NO punches re: Downing Street Minutes

MSNBC covers the lack of mainstream media coverage of Downing Minutes

Chomsky a wolf in sheeps clothing?

I am getting so tired of the freeper types argument that their tax

What was/is your college GPA?

25% of US is "mentally ill"

From the Lounge. Anne Bancroft has died. RIP Annie!

Ru$h mentions Kerry's grades...

Does W* have a Dr. Morell?

The end is near for GM.

I just started Reading 'Case Closed' by Posner

DSM: A Very Special Special Report With Brit Hume

Al-Jazeera refuses to show PETA ad

Video Of Rosie giving the smack down to Hannity on the View

Losing 101: If you have information that benefits you, hold it

The medical marijuana case has turned this place into BizzaroWorld

If laws are passed making abortion illegal in America......

Who inspires more hatred or discrimination toward gay people?

My nephew wants to join the ROTC and his mother is frantic.

John Edwards nails it about the PHONY spat with Dean

(GRAPHIC HEAVY): Some posters from

If you haven't you must see this video!

Caption this * and Blair pic...

Bernie Sanders' positions on the key issues

If looks could kill! Condi at the press conference.

Apple...Secret team has been working on new chip architecture...

Savage:" Libs must be stopped before they kill us all!"

lady who's son was mauled to death by her 2 dogs says it was god's will

Tuesday Toons

Senator Feingold will question Blair about Downing St. Minutes!

Constitutional Atty. Bonifaz Statement on Bush/Blair Answer to DSM

DU THIS on YAHOO - "After Downing"

When they say a prisoner has "escaped" from Abu Ghraib they mean...

CNN: Did Bush/Blair blatantly lie about DS Minutes? - (VIDEO)

Unless Dems are breaking the law, I shouldn't be hearing SHIT except

Recruiter: Parents' fault if draft is started--volunteer your kid or else.

I'm about to get a new tin-foil hat; all the records going missing

If you can't do anything, you can help with this...

Kerry was a "C" student.

interesting article on FEMA detention/concentration camps

Brother 21 years in reserves, called to Iraq.

Vaccines did and do cause autism (Special Report)

A cop pulls over a motorist. Who should be afraid?

I just saw what the MSM said Richardson (NM) said about Dean...

Senator Kennedy speaks to "Downing Street Minutes" bluntly.

THIS SHIT'S GOT TO STOP *NOW* (Come, get pissed with me!)

Leave it to Ted.....WHERE'S JOHN KERRY?

Who here thinks that Kerry is an opportunist w/ poor political judgment?

25 Reasons to Impeach Bush

Dennis Kucinich's Positions on 10 Key Issues & multiple "rights" issues

What percentile are you?...

Here's why the Downing Street Memo CAN'T convict the White House. Period.

Man Dies After Police Taser Him (Another day, another...)

Gays and Lesbians

Wonderful rebuttal to Bill Cosby's comments last year

Southern California protest against Karl Rove this Saturday!

O'Reilly Cruise Canceled For Lack Of Interest (LOL)

Need Your Tastiest Fresh N Healthy Recipes for a Diet -Restricted

Cooking oils you can't do without

just baught a blender!

Cabinet shuffle! Grewal moved to Minister of Paranoid Embarassments

If you lined up all the grains from a hand full of sand you would be

UK workers 'unhappiest in Europe'

CNN/AP: Researchers: Dolphins use sponges as tools

Babysitter's Mom Says Sex Charges Exaggerated

Two tons of cocaine confiscated in Colombia

Military injustice (Whistleblower charged with Desertion)

Debate Over Wild Horses a Turf Battle

'War on Terror' Has Indigenous People in Its Sights

DEMONSTRATIONS:Protest crowd is thin, vocal (OAS, Ft.Lauderdale)

New court-martial recommended for soldier who refused deployment

WaPo: FBI Fails to Transform Itself, Panel Says

Nine killed in Iraq bombings, 900 'militants' detained

Los Alamos Lab Whistleblower Beaten Up

DOJ Ruling Limits Prosecutions of Violations of Med. Records Privacy Law

LAT: U.S.' Years-Long Battle With Tobacco Firms Nears an End

MSNBC LBN: General Motors to cut 25,000 manufacturing jobs, shut more plan

GM Plans to Cut 25,000 U.S. Jobs by 2008

Dean Does It Again

LAT: Watergate Weighs on Today's White House (restoration of exec. power)

Monkeys Understand Numbers Across Senses

Prosecutors warn Russian oligarchs

The Downing Street Memo Story Won't Die -- Washington Post

WP: Cash-Strapped Airlines Try In-Flight Advertising(by flight attendants)

Cleaning up Crookhaven

Tal Afar offensive begins

Senators Set to Confirm Judicial Nominee (second in deal, Brown)

Teen Gets Life Sentence For Helping Girlfriend End Pregnancy

WP: Post-ABC Poll: Bush Ignoring Public Concerns

Dumont (IA) man faces charge of terrorism (you're not gonna believe this)

Fundraisers jilt Dean

Leave it to Ted.....WHERE'S JOHN KERRY?

Global Military Spending Tops $1T in 2004 (47% from the US)

Suicide Car Bombings in Northern Iraq Kill 18

(Spanish) Judge Wants to Question US Troops on Media Deaths in Iraq

Kirkuk Emerges As Faultline For Civil Conflict In Iraq

Military Prosecutors: Protecting Drug Trade Was Sergeant's Motive in Killin

Speculators eye Cornyn for Supreme Court post

Rice talks with foe of President Chávez

Abu Ghraib riot turns violent

Shiite Cleric Al-Sadr Condemns Iraq Gov't & Occupation

Judge wants to question U.S. troops on Iraq deaths (Palestine Hotel 2003)

UK supplying over 90 per cent of arms transfers to Iraq

Bush ties trade deal to security

Cheney's visit gives early boost to Reichert's re-election coffers

String of explosions kills 18 in northern Iraq

Teen Gets Scholarship From Death Row Group

(Ex-Seattle police chief) Stamper takes rap for WTO in his memoirs

Soros Group: Blackwell Is No. 1 Target for Democrats


Poor countries need help to fight cancer-WHO

McCain Says Deal With Dems Was Needed to Stop Judicial Filibusters

China orders all blogs to register

Kraft, Harris Bank hit for Gay Games support

DeLay hires second lawyer for possible ethics inquiry

GM Plans to Cut 25,000 Jobs by 2008

No date set for Saddam's trial, Iraq govt concedes

Drug-resistant TB coming to U.S. from abroad

Court lifts Pinochet’s immunity

Nominee for US envoy to Baghdad vows outreach to Iraqis (Khalilzad)

Furniture Brands to close plants, cut about 1,200 jobs

Impending guilty plea a big break in AIG probe

Ex-chief of trading firm tipped off porn actress, SEC says

Congressional subpoena seeking base closing data to be served

Senate Ends Brown Nomination Filibuster

Iraqi reality-TV hit takes fear factor to another level

Washington and Venezuela trade barbs over Bolivia at OAS conference in For

E-Mails Detail Air Force Push for Boeing Deal

SJ Mercury News: Bush Consultant Meets with McCain About Presidential Bid

U.S. Orders Non-Essential Embassy Staff to Leave Bolivia

Reid criticism of Bush resurfaces: Senator cuts off reporter's questions

MassMutual CEO Ousted for 'Conduct Unbecoming' (gop ceo)

Human Rights Watch calls Uzbek government crackdown a massacre

Anne Bancroft Dead at 73

State's National Guard Commander Resigns Amid Allegations

Schwarzenegger planned speech causing friction at alma mater

Ohio BWC lost $215 million in high-risk fund (another Noe Coin type deal?)

Austin consultant meets with McCain (about 2nd presidential run )

China Orders All Web Sites to Register

Progress in Iraqi freedom stained by growing hardship (child death rising)

Mentally Ill Man Dies After Being Shot With Stun Gun (Yet another one)

SCLC Calls for National Protests in Taser Death

Poll Finds Strong Support for Legal Birth Control

Weapons spending tops $1 trillion: BBC

EU Backs French CNN Rival

BBC: One Day in Iraq: At-a-glance

Long Island: '04 Taser death being investigated (Another mentally ill)

K Street grumbles about an entitlement culture -The Hill

Democrats say have votes to delay Bolton vote

Bush attacked over £370m Africa cash (Independent)

Two American Marines killed in Fallujah

Yale grades portray Kerry as a lackluster student

US set to back ElBaradei

Science Academies Turn Up Heat On Bush - MSNBC

Iraq insurgents 'ready to disarm'

General Motors to Cut 25,000 Jobs

A Grim Foreshadowing? (Journalists getting the Abu Ghraib treatment)

US Christian drills for oil in Israel

Mrs Blair tells US about her 'irresistible' husband

Senate Intelligence Committee approves new FBI powers in Patriot Act

Carter: Close down Guantanamo

Post-ABC Poll: Americans Say War in Iraq Has Not Made U.S. Safer

Rawstory: Sen. Kennedy speaks out on Downing Street Memo....

Post-ABC Poll: Bush Ignoring Public Concerns

Anne Bancroft, Actress Who Played Mrs. Robinson, Is Dead at 73

Katherine Harris to Run for Senate in 2006

Creation Controversy At The Tulsa Zoo (Elephant pic/deity offends fundies)

Gallup: Hillary Rodham Clinton and the 2008 Election

This is the new CNN: More news, less debate

Kerry allows Navy release of military, medical records

Life sentence given for fetuses' deaths

Nurses win court decision in hospital-staffing case (Schwarzenegger lost)

'Lactivists' Taking Their Cause, and Their Babies, to the Streets

Official Played Down Emissions' Links to Global Warming

In S.F., Dean calls GOP 'a white Christian party'

Customs Lets Man In U.S., But Takes Bloody Chainsaw, Sword

NM Governor Richardson Distances Himself From Dean

Bush/Blair respond to Downing Street Memo Question (Transcript)

the thing that sucks about dating your best friend

I never knew that a new bra could boost my confidence

Pirates eh matey ...

The spam conspiracy: or am I just paranoid?

Pistachio Pudding

DU ? .... Have I told you lately how much I love you ? ....

I just lost a large bag of where? why?????? n/t

"You da MAN!" "No, YOU da man!" (pic)

I just put on my "Cleaver Pants" and feel like a real man!

Generals gathered in their masses.....Just like witches at black masses




The full meaning of this thread will be entirely lost

Best southern/soul food meal

Fat Freddy's Cat

Porterhouse steak with all the fixins'...$1.00

I should have stayed in bed

Ancient Technology, Rediscovered

one for the ladies

Favorite West Wing Episodes

I'd like to buy the world some Coke

Witch hunt questions.

Update on my ongoing Nigerian Scam

Check out this FReeper reviewer on

Baby Urinates On Mother While She Was Praying - Parents Fined

Italian Court Says Gay Man Can Legally Drive


"where do you seLL your rubbers?"

Does/has anyone here use/used g-mail?

it is 3am do you know if your Krispy Kreme donuts are hot now?

WHo is more likely to be taken in the Rapture?

i want my matcom news

Yoda yoda yoda!

It's national Hunger Awareness Day

Does the grocery store where you shop provide

Pot Smokers Blamed For Taking '420' Signs

"...your wife was just showing us her Klimt."

There's a website for everyone: Lightning Strike Survivors International

Simple Twist of Fate

Need Help -possible *Demopedia* entry

Tell me something negative, and I'll turn it into a positive

91 Year Old Woman Fights Off Purse Thief

New Evidence Suggests Noah's Sons Rode Flying Dinosaurs

Dead Woman Insists She's Still Alive

Pissing Calvin on the Earth Denomination: Any DU Artists?

Oasis BURNS!!!!!!

Post your favorite lyric from "Fiddler on the Roof"

Drag racing

Time passes like lightning when your sleeping in.

Been fourteen days since I don't know when

Who's More Talented: Dave Coulier or John Stamos?

Who's More Talented: Carly Simon or Carole King?

What's with the PopUps I only seem to get..............

It's official--I'm not going to be out on the street

Who's more Talented?: Raw Sewage? Or 8-day old Mayonnaise?

bugmenot: If you are required to register to read articles at web sites,

Pizza Man Shot - Finishes Delivering Pizzas Before Going To Hospital

TinyURL: Having problems posting links to other web sites?

Your favorite Quote/Reply/Thread from DU today.

Publisher pushes textbook ads

ok, what just happened to my air america stream?

I'm not sure, but I think these guys might want to sex you up.

90s and humid today in Mass. I'm going to the beach!

Paris Gets Top Review to host 2012 Olympics, reveals Mascots. See pics!

It's Tuesday - up & at 'em now!!

Has anyone ever called their old childhood numbers?

So. last Friday I killed a spider....

Firefox flaw reopens old wounds


The Olsen Twins meltdown continues. I'm thinking "Cheney Twins"

Young Adults' Body Image Linked to Suicide

Lou Reed posts the Bush "Imagine / Wild Side" MP3 on his official site

The air is dead

2 hrs, 4 glasses of champagne later ....

So, Bill Hemmer is LEAVING CNN???

Soul Mates.

Let's go to the NC Wine Festival this Saturday!

There goes the neighborhood.

My FireFox browser doesn't have a Chinese character display feature.....

I'm home from work sick today. What should I do with myself?

oh man! now i can't wait for mat's bbq

I have a huge concession stand

guess my weight

Film or digital?

Do you use Book Crossing?

Mike Doughty 'Bottom of a Well' - best summertime jam, or what ?

Holy crap! The Freepers agree with us!

I have a HUGE confessional.

I have a HUGH confession.

I want to record TV broadcasts onto a DVD...

Anyone else have a phobia so strong that you can't bear to look at pics

MSNBC's "Ghoul Factor"...a video tour of "where Jackson could reside."

I have a SUGE confession!

Chicago Blues Fest THIS WEEKEND!

AP: "Katie Holmes Says She Loves Tom Cruise More Everyday"

Which celebrity cruise would you sign up for?


How do I post pics from the internet on a post here in DU?

Should I go see Brian Wilson perform "SMiLE" live?

Bow down to the thread-kill master! I've apparently killed a whole *forum*

C-I-L-L ...My land - lord ..., by Tyrone Greene

Which missed opportunity would you love to see the most?

i want to be out on the water

University of Pittsburgh cuts ties to Semester at Sea

Weird Al Yankovic

I'm going to lunch. Hope you don't miss me too much.

What's the one smartest thing your pet (nonhuman) understands?

Rules of the lake

I never get on the fun flights.

My orchids are blooming!

The Sign At Costco Said "Free Hearing Test"

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!

Sanitised for Pickles' Protection?

I have a SUGAR confession

I am told there was a picture



Joke told on the radio this morning....

Is Tom Cruise's atheist Pitbull gay?

I Gave My Cat an Enema.

Are there any Tablet PC owners here? Let's talk IBM has a new

Wir fahren, fahren, fahren auf der Autobahn...



MP3 - John Lennon's "Imagine" Lead Vocals by GWB

Anyone know what happened to NorthofDenali?

Man says Bible tells of oil in israel -- fundies finance drilling

Woooooo hoo! WOOOO HOOO!


Should Mrs Matcom adopt a Greyound regardless of what Mr. Matcom says?

Are you there?

Hell's Kitchen - FANTASTIC! I loved every moment of it!

What do you do that someone else could possibly find annoying?

God I hate the media

Runaway Bride tasered in stomach >

DVD Rom help needed

Motherfnn D.R.A.F.T. hilarious

Being a liberal is too much hard work. Help me become a conservative!

President models lovely and elegant PIG-MITTENS!

Pregnant Woman Tazered - How to think like a Republican


What's your fried green tomatoes name?

Rumsfeld ruins Norway's 100th anniversary.

I am so pissed at my father...


Randi Time

Who posted the monkey boy* rap about the upcoming draft?

mmmmm hot dogs

Something ELSE you do NOT want to be standing next to

Yet another Freeper loses it it completely...

In honor of the WP's series on Finland, I bring you...

"She works hard for the money."


When I left the house CNN was in the midst of a gripping car chase

New radio station in town

Thread killer here.

Look what passes for entertainment in 21st century Uncaring Slopartists of

Go ahead! I dare ya. I double dare ya


How can we profit off of the stupidity of fundies?*

Kitty Abu Ghraib

Hey, when can we expect some fresh Battlestar Galactica?

In honor of the Washington Post's series on Finland...

Relax. You're quite safe here.

8 Albums You May Have Never Heard That You Must Own!!!!

This thread needs some cowbell!

The past rears its ugly head. Shit.

Mmmmm fresh spring meadow

shot alongside the road to rasht, northern iran.

Today's my two year Anniversary!!!

Name something that tastes just like chicken.

my 3000th post! dedicated to ...

Joel Osteen: Be afraid. Very Afraid.

I'm streaming Randi right now and I can't figure out what I'm listening to

DU members are the funneist people I have ever known.

What if Watergate happened today? (CARTOON)

In praise of James Michael Shepard

there are people still driving around with "boycott france" stickers...

Would you like a "Whose ignoring me?" feature?

Anybody had panel interviews before where they had to make a presentation?

Daughter of a sharecropper

Are you a nerd?

Most Pretentious/Phoniest Musical Act

Misunderestimator, eats LLamas and...

Etta James

Talk in your best low class Canadian accent here!

Web hosting/domain name registration?

If you could have one day to do anything you wanted...

Anne Bancroft is gone.

Harvard finds switching from soda to milk does NOT help weight loss

Please post your DU names in the message part of your post.

A birth of a hummingbird

What's this song?

Me want fried chicken

Body Part Falls From Plane, Lands In Yard

Name something that tastes nothing like chicken.

ooooh! oooooh! coming up next on the news

No toon for today -- here's why..... (get some kleenex out)


Between DU 'edit' option expiration & The Rapture...

Yadda yadda yadda!

Gunter glieben glauchen globen?

What's With Guys Who Wax Their Eyebrows?

CONFESSION: I somtimes watch FOX's local morning news show.

Anime fans: New Hellsing OAV series coming soon!

Nicest/most generous/down-to-earth/real-deal musical act

Come celebrate with me

Complete the following dialogue "What does Marcellus Wallace look like?"

Bob Jones University bans Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister

I have a HUGE confession.

Is it true that only republicans* forbid their wives getting greyhounds?

It's 1:30 in the morning do you know where Joe Biden is???

What is this?*this* is news?!?!?!?

I have an EXCLUSIVE pic of the Prez and his mum. Is it in good focus?

Teen Gets Scholarship From Death Row Group

Which troglodyte is worse? Esteban or Jan Crouch?

Is Comic Book Guy a true representation of the common nerd?

You can all rest easy folks...touring band detained at the border

Anyone with an iPod can get FREE speeches from the election!


All ofthe action is going to be in LBN, GD, & GDP tonight people


Ideal time and location to put your camel to bed

I'm having a great 50th Birthday

Regarding Dad…


Soul Bossa Nova, Baby

Do you know the difference between erotic and kinky?

Are you a Diva?

Ever thought of doing something just to destroy your anonymity?

I just finished a cheap strawberry cigar. Ask me anything!

My condolences to Mel Brooks

The wind is in from Africa....

what a stellar moment!

So very, very strange....

anyone travelling to washington dc june 24th wknd? need a place to stay?

Pretty Woman.

Woman On FoodTV Just Made "Swedish Fish Ice Cubes"

Do You think this site is the most disgusting horrid thing EVER?

I love Bush/hate this War.

Men in Kilts remind me of Matcom's yellow butt

Tom Cruise's atheist Pitbull has been breeding with the songbird's in...

Let's name Mrs.Matcom's dog!

Did Apple sell out?

How many dogs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Fried green tomatoes anyone?

What Classic Movie are you?

Anyone watching Al Frankin on Sundance

Our Bunny got gobsmacked today. Post animal/pancake photos in support.

Tired, so tired. Who's tired?

Be Kind Rewind: Kick Two Threads And Nominate One!

What Do You Think? Better For Them Before Or After?

Favorite summertime ice cream?

Cinderella Man is very much worth watching.

Finish This Sentence: "Do Unto Others..."

Katie Holmes: "I'm learning about Scientology, and I'm excited"

Do you like chicken fried steak?

How come I make a thread and get 4 little responses, but when someone else

So what do you read when you're not feeling well?

Got over due bills? Christian cash assistance is here for you

I just renewed my vehicle registration while sitting home.....

What is your "Wu-Tang Clan" name - Find Out Now!

I'm listening to Dave Matthews-flame away!

NOOO! Anne Bancroft is dead at 73

ANNE BANCROFT DIES - Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

Most BORING band ever!

Combine a DUer's name with that of a rock star.

Tyson Beckford injured in truck accident

Darn, missed May being masturbation month.

What's your pirate name?

I need a physics teaching job.

DANCE you peasant and I'll spare your life. Post your picture here!

Well now that the excitement for Star Wars is over, its now time now for..

Is George W. Bush a good President?

I'm scared as shit right now

Prepare to be "awwwwwwwwww"ed....

Something you do NOT want to be standing next to

Anyone else looking forward to "Batman Begins"?

Revisiting the "Babes of Sorry Everybody"

Need help on GSM phones! Does anyone know if SIM cards are

What's with guys and Fogelbergs Same Old Lang Syne Lyrics

I Am Being Mean To Mrs Matcom And I Don't Love Her

Why do you think it is hard for a man to just be friends with a woman?

Michael Jackson Jury Results: How Guilty Will They Find Him?

who is your favorite guitar player of alltime?

Dental Issues Rant

Mother Nature's Sense of Humor Personified - Peonies

"Hi There, Boys and Girls" update from Radio Lady and thanks!

The Russell Crowe / George Clooney cat fight. Rawwwwwr! HISSSSS! Fttttt!

Worst Band Ever: U2 or Aqua

I'm running away - don't ask me anything

I think it's time for another Purity Test.

Store Wars. Its a take-off of Star Wars....

Animal Rights Online - Paul Watson Commentary

Phoney pilgrims haven't a prayer of seeing Pope

Pope says Relativism is the Threat because it recognizes no "Divinity".

A future advocate of "Intelligent Design"

From petri dish to plate: The £172m fungi


Monkeys Understand Numbers Across Senses

Coming in from the Cold-- Cold Fusion

Wis. Court Urged To Toss Gay Partner Suit

Another positive story from ESPN

Buster's Lesbian Friends To Be Honored

Police Take Man's License Because He's Gay

Texas Governor would like gays to pack up and leave

Teachers Want Anti-Gay Pastor Barred From School

Turning Gay Teens Straight

Puke Alert: Paris Hilton is Grand Marshal

All eyes on Red Sox makeovers


So, who will win the NBA title?

kitten pics - prepare to be "awwwwwwwwwww"ed....

Nikko's new baby brother

Kleenex Alert....

Anybody feeling particularly ornery today?

Funny LTTE

Oh oh


Olbermann Debunks Right-Wing Spin on Kerry’s Downing Street Memo Statement

Kerry article on White House run and Dean with a negative tone

The Pension story, why you need to care

Cute story I found about the Kerry girls

Steve Clemons will be on Al Franken's show today at 1:00

Doesn't this sound like *

My take on the whole Kerry's grades thing

Has anyone contacted the Kerry office today about his speech timing?

See this is why I stopped posting in GD

A Tale of Two Students--From LUTD

Nice pic in the, (what?) Herald today

Email to Senator Kennedy re posting on Kos

Questions Kerry DSM and grades being old news.

Why Kerry May Have Been Right--Latest Post on LUTD

Mr. Kerry: You Could Still Be the Leader We Need

Media Matters on Kerry's records

Unbelievable! The US Army wants my daughter!

anyone see this on Kerry's (not so great) grades at Yale ?

Random photo from my hard drive.

Red Riot

VIDEO of Keith Olbermann crushing RW spin re Kerry's DSM Statement

Kerry on impeachment: New Blog 6/7/05 - 9:15 a.m.

Whistleblower beaten: Countdown Newsletter 6/7/05

KOEB -6-7-05 - 3 months old, 10,000 posts !

Revisiting Bush's Inauguration Festivities

Has Obama been neutered?


Hey, you knuckleheads

Senator McCain Facing Censure at (AZ State) Republican Convention

Election Officials Report "downplays push for touchscreen paper receipts"

Anti-Capitalist petition !

Plato's Republic a Look Forward...

Moral Equivalency - by Harry Shearer

bugmenot: If you are required to register to read articles at web sites,

Senator Boxer: Assisting Orphans of AIDS

Protestors Want Bush Impeached (Makes Allentown, PA News & Video clip!)

Florida's Volusia County Says No to Paperless Touchscreen Machines

What now for Rossi?

TinyURL: Having problems posting links to other web sites?

Personally, I like Dean's comments. He gave us some balance

Belgian PM in 'Harry Potter' joke smear

June 6, 2005: CNN Announces Programming Changes...

Washington Note re Bolton: "Senator Leahy, What Are You Thinking?

We're searching for this missing girl in Aruba

Salon on today's Bush 'n' Poodle Show: "Will anyone ask?"

In God we Trust: America's rising religious zealotry

Here We Go: War With Syria Has Begun

uh oh ... bush donors caught in money laundering scheme ...

Where is Ted Olson?

Anyone here live in Eastern Europe in the 70s/80s?

Marshall Wittman expects Bush counteroffensive this summer

Can anyone verify any of this information

Janice Rogers Brown cloture vote

Now that Kerry has signed his 180, why not Mr. Bush?


Funny Photo from OAS meeting in Florida, so how does he Really feel?

From Common Dreams: "Mr. Kerry, You Could Still Be The Leader We Need"

Katherine Harris to challenge U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, the AP reports.

Hillary tears Dumbass a new one.

Los Alamos Lab Whistleblower Beaten Up

The Pimping of the President

Book On Hillary Sparks Criticism

Whistleblower protection legislation - are these bills moving?

Domain name:

Edwards stands up for voting reform

Bush consultant meets with McCain about presidential bid

BWAHAHAAA!!! S. S. O-Reilly Sinks Before Leaving Port

Yale.brought and paid fpr by

*this* is news????

hmm interesting

Bret Schundler photoshops himself into a Dean crowd

Rosie blasts Sean Hannity on the View

If you're a Republican, you must believe . . .

Four Reasons to Oppose the DLC and CAFTA

The sound of one hand clapping

Dean Does It Again

you know the slogan: the FBI always gets its man

Jeff Morley of WaPo says "The Downing Street Memo Story Won't Die"

Harris running for the Senate?!

Thank you, Dick Durbin, for standing up for women and their

TV poll on WA state governor race poll being freeped.

Since abortions are restricted in the states in 3rd tri. does "choice"

E. Moon: 'George W. Bush's Military "Record": Not That of a Patriot'

Jamal Simmons On MSNBC; Defends Dean's Strategy (video)

Heres what I think about the whole Kerry deal

Finally, CNN seems to have discovered the DSM! Welcome to the News

Ominous News About the Draft from Florida

Here's an idea: Let's take America back on July 4th! Independence from

"The Financial Endgame Slowly Plays Out" (the collapse of the economy)

Kerry records - Media Matters gets what MSM dont get

About this 85+% reelection stat that they keep quoting for Brown..

Feingold's Progressive Patriot Fund

Press Conference Thread #1

Beltway Dem insiders whine, 'Dean stole our Golden Goose!'

Marines Jail Contractors in Iraq

If we are serious about impeachment

CNN: Bush mangles speech in School Grades story - (VIDEO)

GM plant closings and health care

Tonight on Countdown

Bush Approval at 49% June 7th, ( Rasmussen ) 36% Strong Disapproval

CNN: Did Bush/Blair blatantly lie about DS Minutes? - (VIDEO)

Bush denies the conclusions of the DSM. Golly, who to believe.

Maybe I'm a little late on this..i'm pissed

Sleazier than the Swifties? New "Hillary Attack Book"

O'Reilly Factor Sides with the Alliance on "Snitch" Bill

WaPo/ABC Poll: 52% disapprove of *'s handling of job

WAR - The LAST Option - Lets discuss!

The Press MUST get Blair to admit that the document is MINUTES

NPR's All Things Considered Discuss Downing Street Memo& Questions

Dems lack unity and screw up again.

Why are Christian Conservatives Cowards?

Some "common sense" (although that's an oxymoron) re: the Iraq subjugati

The Downing Street Memo Lives On! Schneider just on CNN's Lou Dobbs.

Any international coverage of Bush/Blair brush-off to DSM?

How Come Dean's bluntness is bad but ...

Just remember! Neither Bush nor Blair addressed the "CONTENT" of DSM!

Tweety brings up DSM

Why are state caucuses/primaries spread out for 5 months anyway?

Jamal shows them how it's done: Defending Dean on MSNBC

Is the world better off without Saddam Hussein?

Boston Globe buried revelation that 2004 campaign attacks were baseless

Jimmy Carter: Close down Guantanamo

White House transcript of Bush & Blair responding to DSM question

Bush & Blair & the Downing St. Memo -- of course they denied it!

How's this for a litmus test? If you are a Dem lawmaker and attacking Dean

Wag the Dog. I'm looking for TRUTH

Why Howard Dean is good for the Democratic Party

Bushevik Mafia and the Cowering Media

Did Kerry and Kennedy plan the DSM release this way?

More of YOUR TAX DOLLARS for Iraq!

I sent a very polite email to my Pub Senator about Bolton.

Beltway Dem insiders whine, 'Dean stole our Golden Goose!'

Wash Note Reports WH Sending Out Misinformation on Bolton Cloture Vote

10 Dems caved on the Janice Brown cloture vote.

For those saying the dems aren't doing enough about DSM

I want Rangel to introduce the draft bill and I have a son

Fortune asks "Is America in a jobless recovery?" Bush's answer: No.

Video Of Bush And Blair Being Questioned On DSM

Republican view!

It is over the Media has Chosen: Hillary 08

US author explains real goal of suicide terrorism

It's official: the DLC wants WAR

Forced Choice Between Hillary and John

Why wasn't Reagan impeached for Iran-Contra?

The Downing Street Memo Story Won't Die -- Washington Post

it's TIME for impeachment

McClellan: "The people involved in wrongdoing are being held to account"

Did Kerry "raise the issue" of Downing Street Memo/Minutes

OK- Kennedy "released" a blurb about the memo. Big deal.

Now Richardson jumps in on Dean

The marijuana ruling was insane...

Are you pissed off enough yet?

If the world is such a better place without Saddam,...

VIDEO of Olbermann crushing RW spin re Kerry's DSM Statement - sweet!

Okay, this Hillary madness has got to stop......

Kennedy on DSM: "We never should have gone to war for ideological reasons"

Does this Senate prayer cross the line?

Who thinks Downing Memo is more serious then Watergate?

Pretext for wars

Okay. I am now ready to make some daring, wild-ass predictions.

We've got Dean's back!

Bush is funny? Funny how? (TOONS)