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Archives: June 8, 2005

For those of you who missed Blair/Bush Press Conference/Speeches/Replay!

Newsview: Bush loyalty yet to help Blair

Teach-In on War Turns to Demand for Truth (DC)

Hypocrites Bush, Blair ...deny data on Iraq was `fixed'

Did you know this? 200,933,147 Internet users in the US. 67.8%

"Elaborate fraud " - The Record (North Jersey) on Bush's War

British MP George Galloway on Al-Jazeera:

Why do they hate us? Because of our total apathy towards history

Seymour Hersh reminisces on Watergate

Houston column biased ??

It's about What's True and What's Not, The Downing Street Memo

21 Greenpeace protesters plead guilty (AK)

Corporate media....few sandwiches short of a picnic.

Singapore paper demands justice for `spy' reporter

Why race and class matter to the environmental movement

Some real news.

Cancer keeps its status as the top killer in the nation - TW

Singapore paper demands justice for `spy' reporter

Letter: Sexual warmongers - TW

Russian mayor plans to reopen gulag

Laos deports California pro-Hmong activists

Israeli outposts shell surrounding Southern Lebanese territories

Trouble flares at holy site as Jews mark anniversary of 'unification'

IDF kills top Jihad operative in Jenin

Jihad leader: 'Calm' is over

"Pentagon Strike" video and well done

Who would be interested in protesting the New York Times offices?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 6/8/05

A way to frame the issue.

PLEASE help save the BBC, the world's last, best news source!

"Election Center" latest to sell their souls to Diebold (Bradblog)

Benefit Gala Performance of Ariel Dorfman’s play Speak Truth to Power

A Coingate Protest is being organized for Bush's visit to Ohio this Thursd

Rick Perry, Rod Parsley, and the Baby Jesus Voting Drive.

Any other Texans having allergy problems now?

Tornado Warnings and Sever Weather Tonight....WI Du'ers check in

Bush Lies on Iraq

O'Reilly Factor has Pit Bull segment.

What could $1 Trillion accomplish if spent on peaceful initiatives?

Rest in Peace, Anne Bancroft....

The Repukes aren't White Christian Party they're White "Christian" Party

Dean is speaking the truth.

NEW Underground Railroad from US to Canada: Avoid Fight in Iraq

Top ten signs the economy sux.

So, I'm flipping through channels last night at 2:30....

Supreme Court Rules "Against" Medical Marijuana Use in all States

Hmm...I think MJ will get sent to the big house.

Is the internet turning out to be the Reapers' achilles heel?

Carter Calls on U.S. to Shut Down Gitmo

At least 90% of the Republican party is "White Christian".

MoJo: Battlespace America

hahaha -- Keith to report on O'Reilly cruise

Judy reporting for Paula's show on Rev. Joel Osteen: was surprised...

"U.S. Woos North Korea Back to Nuke Talks" -- Hahaha being SENSITIVE

Proposed definition of "pornography"

"Ohio taxpayers may own 3,500 bottles of....

MSNBC discussing DSM NOW!

San Francisco Chronicle reports Dean called GOP "White Christian Party"

A majority rate Idiot Son negatively on PERSONAL LEVEL!

Discovery Channel Greatest American - VOTE PEOPLE

ATTN New England DU'ers - Kerry on NECN starting now

Toxicology Results in Officer-Brother Shooting

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Roll Call

Gold Star Families for Peace In Washington, DC 15 June, 2005

Seymour Hersh reminisces about Watergate

Junk Calls, Verizon, the FTC, The local PD ..... and me

Charles E . Averil from Saginaw Mich. will stand trial...

Bush, Blair say pre-war intelligence wasn't 'shaped'

Set your VCR's...C-Span Replay of Bush/Blair speeches and Press Conf.

I choose to support the Chairman of my party.

Christian Wire Service: The (birth control) Pill KILLS!

If N Korea nukes the US West coast...

Senator Feingold to "question Blair closely" about the Downing Street Memo

The economy is great....look away...get a job

C-Span now..... Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Man gets reward $$ after calling cops 50 times to ID 4 yr old's killer

China Orders All Web Sites to Register

Hey you International types-how much is the world boycotting us?

I got a reply from my Senator re: DSM!!!!

Do Free Republic Posters Say Much About Their Family Members in Iraq?

How conservative or liberal is Mark Warner

So what has Dean said that isn't true?

Bush and Blair Deny 'Fixed' Iraq Reports - NEW YORK TIMES

The Many Verbal Gaffes of Howard Dean...

Pugs want to withhold UN dues if UN doesn't enact reforms. How 'bout...

Just woke up from a nap. I had the worst nightmare about our country.

Remember the day a mediocre actor was elected president-

Hannity tried to slap down DSM today on his show

More bushco LIES to impeach with

Quote On Iraq From Dep Secretary of State Armitage---- Good!

PNAC + DSM = The Fall Of Bush

I LOVE Jon Stewart. Abu Cribs was on tonight.

Dean's comment is wrong: The GOP is NOT a white Christian...

I figured out the Repukes while watching a movie tonight!!!!

Pogo Was Right

I laughed, then I cried...

WP: Poll Finds Dimmer View of Iraq War - A1 with graphics

Take a million cars off the road

Has any conservative confronted you?

Riddle me this....

Moral Relativism -- I'm confused.

Turn on Nightline! ABC...The NYC protests and video cameras!

Transmetropolitan Sonic Jihad

DSM mention on Lou Dobbs show on CNN tonight

"Nobody wants to commit military into combat. It's the last option."

How often is Conyers going to update the

I am very afraid of unmanned military drones

ThE MiLiTaRy InDuStRiAl CoMpLeX

Is there a transcript of the hearing on the Pension extenion request?

Railing against Dean for being strident and somewhat abrasive

The Downing Street Memo Story Won't Die - WaPo

stupidest rightwing bloggers?

Is the Kerry GPA media spin

I need help with my college newspaper column on stem cell research..

Which Democrat Will Be the First to Publicly Call for Impeaching Bush?

Here's a great montage of Bush quotes before the Iraq war

Dean-hating "Dem strategist" Gary South = Gray Davis' Campaign Manager

What we need to hear...

World is better with Saddam out of power - what does this mean?

Connect the dot

Any Word on when Kerry will deliever his speech on DSM?

Dean-hating "Bay Area Dem fundraiser" Wade Radlette is a known corpocrat.

Nightline 6/7: The World is Watching (GOP convention and protests in NYC)

If marijuana was created by the big drug companies...

let dean be dean...

10 o'clock news tells of layoffs

Rosie vs Hannity on The View.

new GOP attack on hillary-she a lesbian

Daily Show: "This Abu Crib puts the Fat in Fatwa" - (VIDEO)

Downing Street Minutes: Smoking Gun Or Flash In The Pan?

40 Years GOP Oppession '65-'05

Thanks to Steve Holland @ the Press Conference, Downing St. is spreading

Benefit Gala Performance of Ariel Dorfman’s play Speak Truth to Power

OK, where is Ken Starr when you need him?

Downing Street Memo/Minutes "TOP" news story on Google News *Screenshot*

Tucker Carlson replaces Joe Scarborough

Why did the Dems let Bush/Blair take the preemptive strike against DSM?

Police Chase & Shooting Investigation (3 teens shot, prob. unarmed)

Faux: * exclusive interview Wednesday 4PM

Was John Brown a hero?

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday June 8

NYTimes: "Crumbs for Africa"

Robert Kennedy Speech To Sierra Club:

Anne Bancroft dies at 73

Oxford, MS local elections we retained our majority and picked up a seat

Tulsa: Black students to start school 7 days earlier than whites

Our Bill of Rights - Can you give examples of what we've lost since 2000?

Colin Powell on Daily Show Wednesday night

Senate panel OKs sweeping FBI subpoena powers

Women -- ALL women -- this message is for YOU and YOUR DOCTOR!

This BBC vid clearly details the Blair-Bush Iraq war CONspiracy

Man dies in police custody

An earlier leaked memo to Downing Street ...

Martin and Harper on sufferance

Bloc, Tories foil bid to scrap tax cuts

Report: World military spending tops $1T in 2004

Ethiopia's police clash with students, workers on 2nd day of protests

Congresswoman (Northup, R-Ky.) Pushes for Reimported Drugs

Possible Breakthrough In Contract Talks (Columbus Public Schools)

Media Matters: First Detail On New Anti-Hillary Book Is A Lie

House committee approves $408 billion for defense spending

Bush: Iraq war plans memo wrong


White House Edited Govt. Reports to Downplay Links to Global Warming

IAEA Chief Set to Get US Backing for Third Term: Diplomats

Cornell Student Protest Delays Parking Project

Man delivers 4 pizzas after getting shot

Toxicology Results in Officer-Brother Shooting

let dean be dean...

Democrats say have votes to delay Bolton vote

Senate Gives FBI More Patriot Act Power

Palo Alto officers accused in beating plead no contest

Democrats Offer Alternate U.N. Reform Bill

G8 scientists tell Bush: Act now - or else...

WP: Poll Finds Dimmer View of Iraq War

Man With Stained Chain Saw Let in to U.S.

NYT: Forrester to Face Corzine in Race for New Jersey Governor

Another U.S. War Resister Flees to Canada To Avoid Fighting in Iraq ..

NYT: Group Says NASA Budget Cuts Will Damage Science Programs

Death sentence for online gamer (China)

RGA, State Attorneys Square Off Over Nearly $200K Penalty (NC)

Rumsfeld visits Norway

House Ethics Chief Is Tied to Lobby Figures -NYT

Lobbyist Helped Paying Tribes Meet Bush

Zoo sparks row over 'tribesmen' props for animals

NYT: Connecticut Restores Estate Tax in Move to Balance Budget

Turkey seeks U.S. help to curb Kurdish attacks

Vote certified to remove union at Pasco Tyson plant

Arms Fiascoes Lead to Alarm Inside Pentagon -NYT

As Bush Fails, The America! Coalition Demands A Realignment of Priorities

Body parts fall from plane approaching JFK

WP: Liberals Rethinking Senate Filibuster Deal

DeLay fundraiser hopes to PAC house

After Lowering Goal, Army Falls Short on May Recruits -NYT

Tobacco Escapes Huge Penalty -WP

OAS General Assembly passes declaration on Bolivia

How many sundogs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Janet is too funny!

Is anyone looking forward to the movie Rent?

Before Joni turned David Geffen gay she wrote a nice song about him.

Political Correctness is Dangerous

I Want To Be The Minority!

Where Can I Find The Abercrombie "Kiss My Ass" Dem T-Shirt?

Gin Rummy!

About to see Mars Volta

Is anyone looking forward to renting a movie?

I couldn't get office 97 to load onto Windows XP service

Does anyone else think Evan Bayh is hot?

bus rampage

how do you et to the DU photo gallery?

This one time, at torture camp...

Oil Crisis?!? Ahem...What Oil Crisis!?

can't taLk, brit and k-fed are on

Post your favorite George Carlin line or dialogue.

Who's got more Morphosity?

Alright, why are crosswords bad?

You decide. I'm too weary. I need your HELP.

I'm formatted to the new confusion


I hate wearing shoes.

One of my teachers looked at me funny for saying 'JEBUS!'

I hate "I hate XXX" threads.

I propse a young writers DU group

I hate XXX

Jacko hurt his backo!


im confused with the new format

Body parts fall from plane approaching JFK


I rarely have more than one bottle of Thunderbird per sitting.

I hate wearing clothes.

The Shield finale is coming on

OK, so just how many of you DUers live in Oklahoma?

Alright, why are cusswords bad?

What Day Will You Die? Check It On The Death Clock

Washington D.C has a street named every letter of the alphabet except "J"

I rarely sit on more than one glass of wine per drinking

Best Hair in Major League Baseball History! I present Oscar Gamble!

"Earth vs. The Flying Saucers" (1956) On TCM At 10 pm CST

Ltes try an eperximnat...

I ate people.


Paging Kathy in Cambridge! Please pick up the white courtesy phone in the

Heard @ Denver's people's fair: Too many people here.

Man delivers 4 pizzas after getting shot

I hate people, but I love the Lounge.

"The BFG" Ever have a snozzcumber?

The-aaaaaa aaaaaa-aaaaaa aaaaaa-aaaaaa Yankees...

Dear Sting: You suck!

I'm watching "G4 Tech TV" right now

Marc Bolan. Glam-Rock God or Egomaniacal Coke-Snortin' Dwarf?

The brotherhood of the traveling pants. Bush/Blair?

Old Navy use of "SuperFreak". is it due to "I'm Rick James, b....

I'm REEEEALY ready for the new Foo Fighters album

I hate people.

cell phones - which are the best plans and best coverage

Do some women run "tests" to see what kind of man they're dealing with?

Fountains of Paradise Appreciation Thread

So, all of you relationship junkies - what would you do

matcom is lobbying the city of Boston to make public breastfeeding a right

Good RabrrrrrrRant(tm) here:

Canadian DUers do you know if there is a town named Hammond

I did not know there is a site for Hypnotoad, but there is.

Grumpy Farmer wins alderman seat in Mississippi!

Congratulate me! I've still got my Kerry/Edwards sticker.....

Nancy Grace is retarded.

I love my town ..... but

List 5 Essential Saxophonists On Your Shelf

Fox: "Fans of Jacko form a prayer circle beneath a flag with his image"

Potato Chip Jesus

Yankees lose AGAIN

Candy Crowley is retarded.

What's on your clipboard?

John Tesh and Kenny G get into an elevator.

I just saw "Cinderella Man"...

Cute cat pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy crap, Stryper released a new single today!

I'm afraid of the bunnyman!

Immortal Desserts

Why won't anybody answer these threads?

Anne Bancroft


Cute bumper sticker.

Schundler (Dean photo rip-off guy) LOSES in NJ

It has been opined that my job is nasty and disgusting,

Minnesota Twins need a reverse reliever...


Do you think Apple's migration to Intel has been a premeditated act,

Any fans of "The Bravery" here?

Uh Huh! Yeah!

List 5 Essential Novels On Your Shelf

Post random stuff from your Photobucket account

I will name my first born male progeny "Bunny"

Post your favorite animated gifs (sorry dial up users)

Wow,Skinner has 34,209 posts.

I am Bob Dobbs.

Tom Cruise on Oprah or today's Bush 'n' Blair circle jerk


Extra cool GOOGLE logo today

man, I just almost put someone on ignore!

This son of a bitch is ice cold.

I bought "Punk Jazz -- The Jaco Pastorius Anthology" today...

I had no idea: EVERYONE in America lives in a huge, palatial mansion!

my dog killed two bunnies in our back yard last week.

Wish me luck!

These Guys Were Cooler Than The Eagles!

what is the most accurate map site for directions?

So I got the new Coldplay CD today.

Don't ask me why... it's the most bizarre sig pic ever created...

Believe it or not, George isn't at home,

Best remake of a classic Sci-Fi/Horror Movie

I rarely have just one box of wine per sitting....

Trainspotting: Grossest scene in the movie

You ever heard of the phrase "The Armpit of America"??

Say - something - nice - about - Brainshrub thread.

Oh, C'mon now... Does anyone ever TURN gay?

I got the new NEGATIVLAND album today! Genius, as usual.

I rarely have more than one glass of wine per sitting.

Fountains of Wayne Appreciation Thread

In Cold Blood on NOW on Encore Mystery

Baseball fans who saw the collision in the Angels/Braves game last night:

Your music collection: Bands or Solo Artists

I am neither progmom nor JimmyJazz

I love you guys

How come you have to be Jimmyjazz or progmom to get a response around here

tell me a joke

I was supposed to get my BA in a week...

wow, its my birthday

I like Ben Lee's new CD a lot!

"Prince of Darkness" is coming on the SciFi channel @ 11:00

Is there a topic that has NEVER been posted in the Lounge?

Shakira's new album is out

"I'm innocent" - Deny Everything by the Circle Jerks


Henceforth, I shall be known as Darth Cumulonimbus

What was your Worst / Best GPA for a semester - trending up or down?

Anybody here take claritin?

Please - I NEED HELP ASAP! Re: selling a vehicle

This American Life on NPR: Godless America

Guess who this is and get a cookie!

as soon as i can muster up the strength

Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas. Seeking info on these cities.

Post here if you ever had any of your threads on the Greatest page.

List 5 essential novelists in your library

how do you get an XM or Sirius signal indoors?

Is there a "gay" section in your town, too?

Does the Lounge make you stupid?

DU History Qestion: Who was the first non-admin DU poster and/or member?

Ex-cadet cleared in Bible-quoting e-mail

Article on Gay Marriage from Michael Jackson's Rabbi

I can't actually say it, but somethng special might be happening at Shea

No, no-no tonight

Going to be a slugfest in St.Louis Tonight

O's doing it again n/t

This is a No Gloat Zone

Jim Edmonds is just Friggin amazing

Go Cards and Brewers and Cubs

This is a Gloat Zone Cards 9 -Sox 2

Correction: Hit Batter-Fest in St.Louis

Brewers on top against you know who 2-0 in the 4th

Darin Erstad: Out of line, or just playing the game the way it's played?

Brewers win, Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegh Brewers WIn

Kerry on NECN?

I support Kerry no matter what others say or do!

Mark Warner's criticism of Kerry

TayTay, does the Globe ever show Love for Kerry?

Are plastic flowers still flowers?

Bowling Team. My father is in the picture.

Ok I looked it up but I still don't get it?

So, since Bowtie Boy appears to have bogarted the News Quiz...

Sen. John Cornyn for the Supreme Court?


Close Your Eyes

Dean Statement on Washington State Election Trial

WG Man Claims He Is Target Of FBI Intimidation

Whats the matter with Michigan?

How many 04 red states can Hillary win?

Is there a special atheist swear in for Senators?

Set your VCR's (if you still have) Blair/Bush Speech Press Conference

Discovery's "Greatest American" Poll: You can vote from pay-phones

The only ones more pleased w/ Dean's performance are the FREEPERS

Why does the DNC chairman

Our Will Pitts Delivers "Call to Action" for Progressive Democrats!

WTF is Bill Richardson saying? "keep your powder dry"?

holy sh**. have you noticed the freepers crawling through here?

Now this is a Republican that really Supports the Troops!

Jeb's Unclean Hands.....a cartoon

Help me out here...since when is it an insult to be a White Christian?

I've Seen It Spelled Both Ways...

Mark R. Warner For President '08?

Loyalty to Dean or the Democratic Party?

Is msm supporting US. troops by suppressing the truth in news?

Who was the chair of the DNC in

July 4th Independence Day! Let's get this party started!

Is it premature to declare Ohio repubs dead for the foreseeable future?

Bill Clinton being interview on Fox (greta)

Hillary WILL win the 2008 Election IF:

Why won't our auto manufacturers match the foreign warranties?

Making a list of Bush cheating thru his life

Daily Show: "This Abu Crib puts the Fat in Fatwa" - (VIDEO)

Who said this ??

Edwards Heads: He did NOT apologize or correct the quote.

Did everyone send Kennedy a thank-you note

Can I set something straight?

John Conyers: Did the Mainstream Media Get the Memo?

I LOVE what Dean is saying. I hope he never backs down and keeps

John Conyers: New Washington Post Story on Downing Street Minutes

Dubya's most disgusting, outrageous lie in today's conference with Bliar

Sleazier than the Swifties? (RW book alleges Hillary 'lesbianism')

All the Dem leaders should back Howard

Hillary is one of the only successful Dems at the national level

Rick Perry (TX Repug Governor) will run for Prez in 2008

Undercutting our Party Chairman: Insider Dems Launch a New Assault


What if they say Saddam shot someone with his pistol ??

Media Matters: First Detail On New Anti-Hillary Book Is A Lie

Now that GM is planning their 25,000 job cut, I will never buy

The media knows Bush is lying....they know it.

The Madness should stop. 08 wars and intra-party splits a media construct

"GM stock is up .50 cents a share on news that 25,000 employees..."

For 1st time since 9/11, more Americans trust Dems w/ nation's problems

Kennedy has done so much for us, now asking for your support


Two years later, and Howard Dean

Can you name one accomplishment of Hillary Clinton in the Senate?

Pay attention to memo (my ltte on DSM)

Our policy of containment is leaking

Bush Aide Softened Greenhouse Gas Links to Global Warming

Hideously Skinny White Girls - Mark Morford

Bring It Down. Now.

Treaty of 1855 remembered

The Fall of the House of Bush

Aristocracy returns to America (Gene Lyons)

Blair and Bin Laden are in same tradition, says pundit

Record number of US millionaires (WSWS)

Is It Time to Bag Baghdad?

How ExxonMobil influenced Bush out of Kyoto

"I Guess that Genocide Thing in Sudan Worked Itself Out" -

Papers Reach Iraq Boiling Point?

Deep Throat leaked other info, too

The trade-offs: British vs US healthcare

Successful anti-gun program expanding here

GOP-controlled 109th Congress is identified with inaction and scandal

Prescient insurgency experts want tactical changes

David Sirota | $10 Million & the Great Tobacco Capitulation of 2005

Customs Cops Shake Down Texas Journalist.

25% of Americans mentally ill

Conservative Phone Company Exploits Wedge Issues for Profit

Fineman: Reconsidering Iraq

ACLU is asking for calls about Patriot act

Attn: San Diego Active Military

John Conyers to be on The Tony Trupiano Show this afternoon.

Former CC CEO buys out Democracy Radio share of Ed Schultz show

bill up for floor vote soon on withdrawal from WTO

Shell's Sakhalin Pipeline Raises Fears Of Another Nigeria - Independent

Study Reveals Shrinking Lakes & Melting Permafrost Spans Arctic Regions

Parched Portugal's Forest Fire Season Begins - Higher Temps Projected

Costa Rican Shark Populations Flattened By Taiwan's Fishing Fleet

Maybe Five Years Left For Borneo's Lowland Forests - ENN

Energy Headlines for June 8, 2005 --

CA Strawberry Growers Will Push For More Ozone-Destroying Methyl Bromide

Amazon Basin Rainforest Now Major Pollution Source - LA Times

Revealed: how oil giant influenced Bush

If I can read one book on peak oil, which one should I choose?

Climate Whitewash At The White House - Times Of London

Punjab Farmers Show Pesticide Blood Levels 16 To 605 Times US Farmers

Noriega's game plan in Bolivia

Haaretz - 'No oversight in sight'

Iraqi Palestinians squeezed by security crackdown

What started this conflict?

Hamas: Ready to talk with US, Europe

Haaretz - Under Likud, illegal outposts received NIS 70 million

'Jews have too much power'

Why the hijacking of flight 93 was a fake

Update: WI, Rules to be put in Accenture pact

is there a list of HAVA certified voting machines. Need help before june 9

A Question For TIA/Exit Poll Gurus Regarding New York State

HURRY take this poll about Howard Dean on Lou Dobbs show

The Ring Wing Gets It Right: Internet Fueled 2004 Election

Calling all Namedroppers! Here's your opportunity to shine!


Rankings: Guess which Rep is most aligned with Tom Delay? Feeney.

OPTIMIZER: Assume the PLAUSIBLE scenario that the exit polls were RIGHT

California Daily Ledger-June 7, 2005

San Francisco Supervisors Denounce 'Don't Ask'


Sac Bee report on Lodi terrorist bust

Arnold's SAGging Loyalty

ATTN: Active Military in San Diego

Johnny Gosch Update Tonight on KWWL News

All Nussle all the time! Todd Dorman takes Jim Nussle to task

The opposite of the "Parents Television Council" is...

Is Lienvdk.exe a virus?

HD Backup software--Looking for a recommendation

TBlade: 2 missing gold coins might be in Australia

Investment mess leads to calls for Taft's recall

Dean in Dallas, July 17

Hardberger wins in San Antonio

Howard Dean is Coming to Houston

Working for Aldine ISD

Ralph Nader is going to be on Joy's Cardine's show tomorrow,

Well Green Bay, Wisconsin's third largest city, is a one newspaper town.

My LTTE appeared in The Northwestern today...

Deep Throat critics are protecting corrupt current administration

two-minute exercise may do the trick

formerly saying hi to all of you and how I got here

Is there a site that provides the # of deaths of Americans in Iraq by day?

Why haven't we heard how many Americans died during the Tsunami?

Fantastic ACLU ad regarding the National ID

Push the DSM buzz ALL THE WAY. How far? We can end American wars! Look:

LAT most e-mailed: Ehrenreich op-ed, "Longevity Crisis? Kill Grandma".. .

Just stumbled on a new site, looks interesting/promising...

A friend and I were talking about the state of our country the other

Here was your Deep Throat #2

June proving to be deadly for US Troops

Ask just ONE question

Make Poverty History! Excellent organization, worth joining, it's free.

E-bay item of note----

what needs to be done

Better, worse or the same?

Defend marriage: Stop these needless wars


World's biggest wind farm planned for London

clearly bush doesn't give a fuck how we feel about the DSMemo

Time to colonize Iraq---

so basically, the president of the united states is ExxonMobile

Bush Stiffs Blair on African Aid, As African AIDS

What's the latest on John Conyers petition?

The Early Show .. CBS... DSM

Since when did it become extreme to insist on getting all the

Jesus died of blood clot: Israeli researcher

Army MISSES Lowered May Goal

National Guard Commander Resigns Amid Allegations

BCRC: Snow and Lieberman issue subpoenas for NE base closings

God Hates Credit Card Debt! Christian Debt Relief Services???

NOTICE - thread: nephew wants to Join ROTC -GRAPHIC PICS

Do you think it difficult to connect the dots between 9/11, the WMD's,

God Bless You please, Mrs.Robinson.

Centcom missing 1 US death


Most (58%) say Bush ignores issues important to them (Houston Chronicle !)

Freedom is not free. What's our Iraq ROI?

Men who avoid military service, criticize those who did;men who had

Bite My Tongue?...BITE MY ASS!

I do believe there is a systemic pattern here within.....

When our black and hispanic soldiers realize that the way they are

NYT,pg1: Colonel Sanders Finds Himself Under Fiery Siege in Pakistan

2 Men Held in Links to Terror

From a talking head, but no one gives a shit.

Best article about Stem Cell Research with a great FAQ section

the president is Unstable & about to Explode, but that's just tough shit

why does bush get so very, very angry at reporters?

Another piece of evidence that the President is a Loony

Man with bloody chainsaw let in, but not my grandmother

The DLC is using what is left of their media influence to attack Dean

Bush Aide Softened Greenhouse Gas Links to Global Warming

We should have let them go for the "nuclear option."

e-mail to Biden

DSM story should take down McCain, too. Didn't he "chair" Senate panel

Happy birthday, Frank LLoyd Wright

Corporate Farms

What does the future hold for Governor Howard Dean ?

If Men could breastfeed, we'd have pumping stations in Texaco gas stations

Alien thinking : Prof John E Mack

New lead in hunt for lost Leonardo

$4.00 off Star wars tickets at

Why are comments Howard Dean made so harmful?

Astrology Evangelist

My asshole inconsiderate dog owning neighbor. Rant.

The Walk-up Outhouse Syndrome -

(Video) Tony Blair interview on Today Show, asked about Downing St. Memo

World's first map of America fetches £545k (c. $1m)

Dean defends view of GOP as 'Christian party'

The hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me.

Exxon - Bush Connectin Revealed

Reflecting on 2004

I'm DU's biggest Feminist!

A first on MTV's Real World: One of the roommates is an Iraq War Vet

We have GOT to find a way to make a distinction.

remember when bush said he'd tear down abu ghraib prison? well...

Update on Lodi terrorist arrests (Sac Bee)

Don't you dare criticize George Bush or the Republican Party !

No DU group for Howard Dean?


KICK ME! Bush Energy Bill Gives Millions to Former Enron Execs !

By the way, Dean is right about what pieces of shit the Republicans are.

Female Orgasm Is In The Genes

I'm watching a show where a PLANE WITH EXPLOSIVES HIT THE WH

The 10 most expensive places to drive

2008 Election Issue -- Email Re: SS

Let's Brainstorm. How can we encourage Deep Throat II to turn?

CSPAN: "Bill O'Reilly theme cruise cancelled due to lack of interest"

Soldiers' Divorce Rates Up

I'm supporting John Kerry's "Kids First Campaign"

Woodward is wasting no time cashing in

Conservative Christians are MAD at Smirk, Republicruds

who owns Zapata Engineering?

Get ready for the 9-to-5 notebook

Our Good News versus the Right's Good News...

Tulsa World poll on "creation" sign at zoo

DSM - The Next Step: Response, Evidence and Context

Bush, Blair and DSM - Yesterday's press conference was taking

We DU'ers need to support Howard Dean TODAY!

It almost seems like the Iraq death toll is rising on an hourly basis.

Very good link re: privacy rights and others

I thwarted the forces of evil yet again (A Bragging Post)

Would Vietnam serve as excellent territory for future US bases?

Any interest in a DU Masculinist group?

If I had a hammer......

scandal after scandal...when will people wake up...sheesh a zipper made mo

$9B Goes Missing In Iraq & The Media reports "nada".... Congress "nada"

New 6 feet under praises Theresa Heinz Kerry!!!

I tried to reserve front-row seats in hell for Bush and Cheney.

Feingold coming up on Franken

Looking for work stories

Right Wing Pundits Challenged to "Live Like Immigrants"

WAL-MART Watch releases 2005 Report.

Iraqi Leaders Tour Of The United States: Media Advisory

Thanks to all who responded to my "should I make a baby" question

Just viewed the Blair-Bush "answer" to the DSM. So their response is...

Outside Iraq but Deep in the Fight

Bionic Breakthrough? DCX says its 70 mpg, diesel-powered car could meet U.

9000 Dead GIs In Iraq?

Accused robber in jail; his dogs remain at pound (Tasered the dog!)

"You think that he would learn to bite his tongue"...

Question about Downing Street Memo

* & Blair & African Debt Relief

Kosack georgia10: "Mediaswarm on DSM"

I need a Valerie Plame 101

BLACK AND WHITE AND FULL OF CRAP :Lies Run Big, Facts Small in U.S. Media

Think twice before you blow the whistle on the BFEE

Bush is just as bad as Pinochet

great Hillary quotes over at Bartcops today

14 characteristics of fascism

BALD-FACED LIES in Bush and Blair's DSM answer yesterday.

Rosie O'Donnell will be on Hannity's radio show today

Two Years Before 9/11 - Bush wanted Iraq

Howard Dean: Lip Shooter or Truth Teller?

Anybody else get this email about drafting a Judge Prado?

E&P: 'USA Today' Defends Lack of Coverage for Downing Street Memo

I need some good bush quotes on global warming

DSM: Bush, Blair, Milbank & Bumiller

Small business hiring stumbling

Here's the problem: For DSM to register, the media would have to...

Franken on fire RE: Media's handling of Felt, Deepthroat

Here we go...Thomasville Furniture lays off 600

Costas taking CNN role

Could we find a really good reputable opponent to run against

Andy Card finds the Downing Street Memo question funny!

Another reason why I am very pissed off at George Bush

USA TODAY explains why it didn't cover the Downing St. Minutes

Nice sign at Protest

If nothing is done about the DSM

Hey Steve Holland-Collect Your $250.00 Dollar Reward

Question : What Happened to John Kerry and DSM proclamation?

Dangerous french terrori...., I mean journalist, hooded using gaffer tape

A challenge to the shallow, gay-hating right - Purify our Government

DU THIS poll...

Galloway Payback?

Just Curious, Anyone know about the Irish Health Care System?

Even the rich are getting worried about the economy now!

Yes, Gov. Dean, we know what the repukes are...

I don't always agree with Al Franken ... but

For my 1000th post

WAPO: World Opinion Roundup: Blair and The Downing Street Memo

Instead of MSM, how about MWWM?

Bush and Blair Lie to the World again - Enough is Enough

Former Enron Executives Slated to Receive Taxpayer Handouts

AP account of Downing Street question differs from that of White House....

Demand Vote-By-Mail

Some Pills Make You Smaller >>>

Google: ((( 641 ))) News Stories Around the Globe re: Downing St. Minutes

Is it "Stare Decisis" again? with Janice Rogers Brown? She doesn't

Katherine Harris Senate run poll in my local paper today.

The Age of Autism: Amish ways (UPI)

where is your president today---???

For my 1,000th post (yeah, like anyone cares)

The Times online "Top Ten" - "Downing Street (Memo) Minutes"


That article ... "The Line of Denial" by Solly Mack really touched me.

Attention: Wes Clark said Dems have GOT to stick up for each other.

Musican Defends Straight Edge Lifestyle on Fox News

The extinction of GM may very well mark the end of the postwar supremacy

Shall we recall Dr. David Kelly now?

Apple contributes BACK to the open source community, this is a surprise!

A visit from our Chinese lenders during this dog fight over JRB =

Tobacco trial.....Govt. REDUCED tobacco industry penalty by 120 BILLION

So marriage is the most sanctified act that two people can engage in

Bill and Ted's excellent command for Democrats

Maybe He Meant White Christmas Party ???

"And To Think That They Said It About Downing Street"

Amazing show of support for the troops

White House predicts healthy job creation! (Yeah, right!)

What is your favorite Blue Company?

Is the GOP ashamed of being primarily comprised of white christians?

Bush the Bleary --PIX-->>>

We have to stick behind our prez like we stick behind our children..

LOL !!! - Here's A Toon For Ya !!!

Torture's Part of the Territory (Naomi Klein)

Official thread for inappropriate quotes from Republicans...

cnn to discuss DSM

Barbara Boxer on CSPAN-2now

Bush, Blair say pre-war intelligence wasn't 'shaped'

Entire Island of Aruba Searches for Pretty Blonde Chick

Crime and Punishment.

'USA Today' Defends Lack of Coverage for Downing Street Memo

CNN's new "International" coverage is more dangerous than it looks

Appeals panel: Primary parent chooses child's religious education

Bush is just as bad as Pinochet

DSM is a dying story according to WP WH Correspondent Vandehei

Bob Costas Joins CNN as a Guest Host of Larry King Live


14 dead in three days


has anyone else noticed - prices going up?

Day 4 of jury deliberations - will Michael Jackson be convicted?

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday

Blacks urged to form independent political movement

BUSH>>>TURKEY IS GREAT example of democracy...WTF???

I LOVE what Dean is saying. The truth is Always painful.

DU is FINALLY listed on CSPAN's list of forums and blogs!!!!!

Succinctly The Republican Vision

lest we forget - June 8, 1967:

LATimes: Reid "It's up to the president. We're not the obstructionists...

Was Steve Holland a "plant" at the press conference ? To help * and Blair?

Hell if I know what all this mystery and confusion is about

Paul Revere A Despicable Tattletale, Says GOP

Madly Spinning the WP/ABC Poll - Oversample of Women!

14 dead in three days

"There's no money in counterinsurgency"

What will it take to get confessions, etc. about vote fraud in 2004 ?

MSNBC now...brawl over recruiters techniques

Christian Post: Dr. Don "Wildman" Wildmon SUSPENDS Ford boycott

Breaking - Dean wrong - GOP not white, not Christian

What are the immigration rules to Italy or maybe Portugal?

My Boss Is An Idiot Part 3,198

What is the NAME of this country? Really now?


Ed Schultz said he was going to announce something REALLY REALLY big today

Illinois Govenor being sued by Americans "United for Life" over pharmacist

Conyers on awards & Edwards: "Senator (and Vice-President*) John Edwards

Yesterday someone posted that Schultz was going to make a

"denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism"

Some advice to Ben Nelson (DINO-Nebraska)

WH fixing report on global warming?

Janice Rogers Brown will finally get her UP or DOWN vote today

Why was 11-2004 - Election Month - the deadliest month in Iraq?

Wake up. The media framing of the Dean chairmanship has begun.

Does Bush* Carry Tennis Balls Under His Armpits?

I Don't Know Who I HATE More......

I'm considering a donation . . .

William Prior, Nominee for US Court of Appeals, 11th - Cloture invoked

Jackson Case: Statement expected from the court house soon

Why George W Bush doesn't give a damn about homerland security.

Tasered woman goes on trial (Police: "It's Taser Time!")

A lecture by Frist and announcement of 3 more votes tomorrow.

Noriega's game plan in Bolivia

First Congress of the Cuban Dissident Movement a Spectacular Failure?

The more Bloomberg whines, the gladder I am that stadium went pfffffft!

when is someone going to ask bush if rush speaks for him?

Basing laws on beliefs

Has Mr. Deflector Been At Work Again?

Frivolous GD post #2: Boycott "Supernanny" tonight at 7 CST.

Democrats say have votes to delay Bolton vote

You guys hear that rude asshole Ed Shultz today?

I just called Sen Feingold about DSM!!!

Ed Schultz. I cant listen to him anymore.

Proposed Group: VIETNAM GROUP

Lufkin, Texas: Man gets life sentence under "Fetal Protection Law"

Haha, just noticed while watching * answering the DSM question:

Why do Repukes hate God? (breastfeeding)

A day in the life of an Opus Dei supernumerary - Hardball Wed

CNN Poll On Howard Dean- Go Vote

Rightwing lunatics sowing seeds of destruction of Republican Party

You can always tell the agents on the Internet...

the REAL reason for the Dean non-story being fabricated now

Frist - Senate votes - not talking about Bolton

Ex-CC CEO in, Democracy Radio out with Ed Schultz show ownership

Just got off Ohio conference call with Dr. Dean

Offshoring, automation. It's about peak oil.

Should I sell my homes now?!!!!

Bush's approval rating 20 pts lower than Clinton's was on impeachment day

Opus Dei Is SOOOOO Much More Important Than DSM - THANK YOU HARDBALL!!

"Democrat" Tammy Bruce: electing Dean DNC chairman was "like putting O.J.

copouts about "stolen elections" or "media whores

Joe Biden not getting much love for his criticism of Howard Dean

Vancouver calls for legalized laughing grass

Watched some of Coast to Coast on MSNBC today and I was

Heads Up! "Coingate" Toledo Blade on Majority Report

Bush* kicks back 120 BILLION buckeroos to the tobacco industry.

Bush/Blair's argument total Bullsh*t! Here's proof!

Why are all of you beating up on Bush?

Is it better to own a house straight up or mortgage?

"CRS Questions very basis of Bush's "Missile Defense"

Downing Street MINUTES (not memo).

"The Children's Crusade": Part 2, A Marine Recruiter and Axel

Backup Facts for Downing Street Minutes -Send this article from The Nation

Is It Me, Or Is Ed Schultz Being More Of A Jackhole Than Usual?

KXEB 910 (AAR) Off the Air in Dallas?

fortunately for sick folks AND stoners, Pot is Easier than ever to get

What if there was a campaign to get everyone to drop health insurance

What our troops are being handed to read before deployment...MUST read

why does ed schultz have it in for dean so bad?

Janice Rogers Brown confirmed as US Circuit Judge for the Dist of DC

It's Stem Cell People :)

What are your feelings on Circumcision?

Yahoo Story on Downing Street needs EMAILING to keep it at the TOP of

"a Christian without a Pit Bull Attitude is a Poodle Christian"

If you don't like the "Parents Television Council" then

Even PBS Kids....

Should Kerry wait till after the MJ verdict to make DSM speech?

Once and for all, what do you blame for Kerry's defeat?

Hannity info


Why isn't Bush cheering the democratic revolution in Bolivia?

Umm... wasn't Bonesman Kerry supposed to blow the lid off DSM?

"Impeachment Kit" How To Conduct A Letter-Writing Campaign

Help me answer these questions on economy, * and 9/11:

Fixing the Intel... This Time on Global Warming


Michael Jackson to lose Beatles catalog?

I'm Sad To Note That In OVER 500 Graphics, This Is My First Swipe At Karl!

I'm a DUmmy, and PROUD of it!!!!!

It's like deja vu all over again...and again....and again.....

toons are back -- wednesday 6/8

Toons for Wednesday

the tiny % of Dems calling for Impeachment make the others look stupid

Hail To The Chief! (Graphics Warning)

National Healthcare will Soon Be a Reality

O'Reilly Geeks Out RE: Paris Hilton Buger Ads

Looking for an old protest photo...

Bravo for Brad Pitt!

One thing you will never see - Repugs on MSM knocking their

Bushes used US $ to buy Jeb "green credentials" in 2002 re-elect bid

Froomkin: "The Memo Comes In From the Cold"

Natalee Holloway Suspects Identified: Dutch Authorities And MSM Not Tellin

Marine Recruiters Harass (and kidnap?) 17 year old ---MUST READ

What type of backwards investigation are they doing in Aruba??

Christian Wire: Southern Baptists being urged to investigate local schools

"Over the top" statements by Dean and Rangel

At war with my own party, It's time to take the Gloves off ..............

years ago, when the clintons first moved to the white house, back in 1992,

Dean was right

If Bev Harris' site BBV is a scam, then what site on this topic is

Rep. Conyers on Bush Stonewalling on The Downing Street Memo

CBS News -- No DSM story .... but Dean is a bad man (say dems)

My friend is killed : Hit by a robbery get-away car at the mall.

NYT & WP public editors on Newshour tonight - must watch

Attn: San Diego Active Military

What can/should Kerry do to clear his name?

Noriega's game plan in Bolivia exposed

Survey: Scientific Misbehavior Is Common

If WAR as truly the "last option" why'd BUSH kick out Weapons Inspectors?

Folks over fifty don't give a damn.

Who's OUR DeepThroat on LIHOP/MIHOP? Sibel Edmonds

The Fall of the House of Bush

Dean all over ALL the media today. Is it a strategy?

GM "Employee Discount for Everyone" Event!

Bush on Fox "I think my job is to lead"--interview now with Neil Cavata

Constitutional Ammendment

GOP targeting byrd more intensely

Dean flap is just a distraction from Downing Street Minutes.

So Howard Dean sez the the Repubs are a White Christian Party...

Suggestion from a lounge lizard: a positive letter campaign to Dean

Faux needs to give Howard Dean equal time! dsm time would be nice

I have to wonder if Dean's strategy

Senator Kerry's office responds to Downing Street Minutes inquiry.

VIDEO: Downing Street Minutes - BBC-TV NEWS COVERAGE (3 Clips)

BREAKING !! Gold Star Families Making Their Move on GWB June 15

Back at DU...thanks to Dean

"Babies are born to be breastfed"

Email from Kerry: "Wait 'til you see this" (Kids First Act)

A new DU Group has been formed. It's called The Feminist Group.

"How I Frightened a DUmmy Into Submission" (Walter Mitty alert)

After Downing Street

A thought for Dean, and a thought for his critics.

How do folks feel about bringing children into this world?

I'm just gonna say one thing about this Dean stuff.

Another Bush voter regrets it

GREAT sign on a light poll in Tampa

ABC: Brad Pitt, Bono & ONE Campaign want Bush to help Africa - (VIDEO)

Which fruit doesn't mix with jello?

June 9 - Is The Day

Hi! Is there an equivalent website to DU in the UK?

Are there any UK forum Free Republic visitors?

Hey, I love the UK!

NYT: House Ethics Chief Is Tied to Lobby Figures (sweatshops involved)

Dallas Morning News: Bacteria led to socialite's death (my friends' sis)

(Katherine) Harris to challenge Nelson for Senate

Alaska's Congressman Gets Federal Highway Money

Official: Rebels Open to Talk With Iraq

Senate Gives FBI More Patriot Act Power (Dems fold yet AGAIN!)

Soldiers' survivors rip benefit delays

G8 scientists tell Bush: Act now - or else...

NYT - Bush Aide Softened Greenhouse Gas Links to Global Warming

Cities and Counties Balk at Plan for State Spending Cap (Schwarzenegger)

Lobbyist Helped Indian Leaders Meet Bush (vote it up)

Feds: NY must give back some 9/11 aid

President Carter Urges Closure of Gitmo

NYT,pg1: Colonel Sanders Finds Himself Under Fiery Siege in Pakistan

CNN/Reuters: Ronald McDonald becomes fitness guru (new TV ad)

Poll Finds Dimmer View of Iraq War (WP/ABC: DISASTROUS NEWS FOR CHIMPY!)

(Gov) Schweitzer Tells Bush Off on Roadless Change (Montana)

After Lowering Goal, Army Falls Short on May Recruits (NYT)

Army IDs Highest-Ranking Officer Casualty (Colonel - non combat)

Feds Charge Father, Son With al-Qaida Link

'Bloody chainsaw' man enters US

WP:Drug Safety Panel Is Criticized("severely biased in favor of industry")

Bush official altered scientific reports on global warming: report

Bonus for veterans awaits staffing

Man with bloody chain saw let in U.S.

787 Hiring Outsourced (Wash. awarded Accenture of Bermuda)

CPS sounds call for new investigators -TX ("low pay, gritty work")

Aide says John Paul allowed preservation of papers

Chronic Hunger Is a Growing Problem in California, Study Finds

Bush official altered climate change reports

US Official Edited Warming, Emissions Links

Work on gas pipeline to start next year, confirms Jadoon (Pakistan)

Entire Island of Aruba Searches for Pretty Blonde Chick

Airlines warn of pension problems

LAT:Joining Up to Dodge Dead End("Heartland" recruiting surpassing goals)

Revealed: how oil giant influenced Bush (Exxon Kyoto )

Two of Zarqawi's aides arrested

Police Chase & Shooting Investigation (3 teens shot, prob. unarmed)

Workers' comp bureau concealed $215M loss; Taft, Petro knew ...

Pipeline blown up in north Iraq - official (June 8)

Fed's Gramlich says US can't grow out of deficits (ouch)

Accused robber in jail; his dogs remain at pound (Tasered the dog!)

May Recruiting Goal Off 25 Percent

Biblical Account of Creation Displayed (Zoo creationist wonTulsa)

U.S. to N.Y.: Return $44M in Sept. 11 Aid

Oven killer given care home order

Rainbow Family looks for happier visit

Businesses blast 'list of shame'

New Systems Promises To Allow You To Track Your Vote

IRAQ: Poor power supply infrastructure threatens lives

U.S. official edited warming, emission link-report (Reuters)

LAT: Blair Gains Little in U.S. Visit

CBS: Mortar Kills 2 GIs In Afghanistan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 8 June

UN Reform Act of 2005 introduced in House (RJC)

US soldier killed in northern Iraq

UK election fraud probe underway in Galloway seat

IRAQ: Poor power supply infrastructure threatens lives

LAT: Brazilian Rain Forest Myth Goes Up in Smoke

22 soldiers kidnapped in Iraq

NHL sides reportedly agree on salary cap

NYT: Judge Queries U.S. Decision to Slash Penalty for Tobacco Firms

(Ohio) Workers' comp bureau concealed $215M loss; Taft, Petro knew...

Bush Says Global Climate Change "Serious" Problem - AFP

U.S. to end fight with U.N.'s ElBaradei-diplomats

Dozens of Iraqis killed in 'orgy of violence'

Most (58%) say Bush ignores issues important to them

Pirates raid tanker at Iraq's Basra oil terminal


Body parts fall from (JFK bound) plane (Reuters)

Bush opens door to possible closing of Guantanamo

Tasered woman goes on trial (Police: "It's Taser Time!")

Colonel Sanders (KFC) Under Fiery Siege in Pakistan

Pirates raid oil tanker at Basra

Iran opens nuclear site to inspectors

Raw Story: Video proves AP account of Downing Street memo question wrong

Poll: U.S. embraces religion (backs clergy's sway in public policy)

Rep. Conyers on Bush Stonewalling on The Downing Street Memo

292 Years Later, Bach Might Have A New Hit

Three U-S soldiers killed in separate attacks in Iraq (#1680-1682)

Web of pipelines, roads to cross (arctic) Mackenzie Valley: report

Gunmen kidnap 22 Iraqi soldiers near base: police (al Qaim)

Protesters say adult children should benefit from nuclear compensation ..

Uninsured add $900 to health premiums-study

The Infamous "Katherine Harris" Will Run for Florida Senate Seat in 2006

Bush seeks (200-mile) expansion of offshore fish farms

6000 held prisoner in Iraq

U.S. wants to allow Haiti to buy weapons

Two airlines suspend flights to Bolivian capital

Senate confirms Brown to federal judicial post

Revealed: how oil giant influenced Bush

Protesters occupy oil camps

Senators Question Nature Conservancy's Practices (may restrict nonprofits)

UN discusses end to Iraq weapons inspection team

WP/Reuters: Google now most valuable media company in the world

Nuclear experts from around the world meet in Japan to discuss ..

Report: Military Spending Tops $1T Mark

Lawmaker in DeLay Inquiry Tied to Lobbyist

USA Today (could) not obtain the (Downing Street) memo or a copy of it?

US Troops to Paraguay

WP: Pentagon Wasted Supplies, GAO Finds

UK election fraud probe underway in Galloway seat

World's biggest hacker held

2 Men Held in Links to Terror (Lodi, CA)

Feds Allow Guantanamo Closing Possibility

BBC (Wednesday): Ethiopians shot dead in protests

Military refuses to back down on arrest of civilian rape counselor

America West Pilots Convicted Of Being Drunk In Cockpit

When Marine recruiters go way beyond the call (kidnapping!)

WP: Sunnis Demand Terms for Constitution (Want 25 more seats)

NYT/AP: Dean Defends Criticism of Republican Party

Toyota weighs price hikes to aid U.S. rivals

Bush holds up Turkey democracy as example

Bolivian protests halt capital:Poor majority oppose U.S.-backed government

Marine found dead in Albany motel room

Marines 'beat US workers' in Iraq (Contractors)

U.S. soldier killed, 8 wounded, in Afghan attack

U.S. Overvalued Florida Land Rights, Report Says (Payoff to * Donor)

Soldiers' divorce rates up sharply

Anti-rape device must be banned, say women

Rangel: Bush Iraq 'Fraud' as Bad as Holocaust

Hyde Measure to Tie UN Dues to Changes Passes U.S. House Panel

OAS closing statement omits US proposal to strengthen democracy

Texas governor suggests gay veterans should leave state

Anyone have any weird problems with Ticketmaster?

NZ commercial fishermen have "eyes" for Greenpeace

Creative nicknames you have had for former significant others

my lawnmower ate a bunny, must I have it destroyed?

New bras, mojos, and other such diversions...

COmmander CuckooBananas Google Bomb beginning to work!

I think I swear to much I've got so much fucking pent up hostility!

THESE guys were way cooler than the Eagles

Any lawn mower gurus around...I have a problem with mine

Chris Rhea; has anyone ever heard of him? nt

I Just Ordered The Complete Clutch Cargo on DVD!

We are the World,

Will Michael Jackson walk?

Mean Mistreater

Corrina Corrina is on TBS...does anyone else love that movie?

I woke up at 5:30 this morning, panicking from a nightmare

anyone else get REALLY pissed when

Another night, another fight outside the tavern across the street..

Wow, a Sci-Fi movie I've never seen! "Wild Wild Planet" (1965)

So I'm a little drunk and I'm thinking...what is Asscroft doing now...

just returned from seeing Lords of Dogtown

Ever make yourself a drink and it's stronger than you think?

Butt Paste!

Reality parodies bad movies again (bloody chainsaw dude crosses border)

Her legs spread out before me as her body holds still

Toon for wednesday 6/8

Molly Ringwald thinking of doing a sequel to '16 Candles'

Better keep those environmental regulations

i havent been here in awhile...

If Chappelle doesn't come back....

Do you eat just before bedtime?


Four People Hurt, Six Arrested For Brawl Over Pack Of Cigarettes

A big shout out to unfrigginreal

I rarely have more than one quart of booze per sitting.

Anybody seen those Jägermeister machines at your local bar?

Genes Determine Women's Ability To Have Orgasm, Study Shows

Did you know that toads like to be

Look at Google's cool Frank Lloyd Wright masthead.

OMG! Look what i found!

Name this 1980`s tune

new game - guess the poLiticaL Leanings

Why it is so hard for a man to just be friends with a woman?

Me: "OUCH!" for 3-4 years. Last night, she: "READ THIS ARTICLE"

So I have an ulcer in my eye.

Have you seen her? So fine and pretty Fooled me with her style and ease

Who Beat Out Mrs ROBINSON for the Oscar, 1967

CNN/Reuters: Ronald McDonald becomes fitness guru (new TV ad)

Why it is so hard for a woman to just mudwrestle another woman?

Darth Vader on Wheel of Fortune

Why is it so hard for a man to just be friends with a horse?

A new DU Group has been formed. It's called the Feminist Group.

Steve Jobs about NPR

Can you catch a cab from Cuba to Miami? You can now!

Lindsay Lohan says she's outgrown partying

Why is it so hard for me to just be friends with myself?

I am occasionally Jimmy Jazz

work pLace rant/ questions

Why it is so hard for a man to just watch "Friends" with a man?

Newest department of our federal gubmint, unveiled today!OMG

Do the lyrics of this song

This is just to say I haven't replied to whoisalhedges for a long time

MIA's "Galang": Great video, great song.

Is a 'culture of life' truly possible in a dog-eat-dog world?

I wish my wife wouldn't call me 'Bunny Poop' in public

Dolphin mothers pass tool use to daughters

I'll never be your beast of burden.

If Men could breastfeed, we'd have pumping stations in Texaco gas stations

I can't keep with whats be going down....

George and the judges cartoon

Favorite Fat Albert character?

Office space

These Guys Were WAY Cooler Than The Eagles!

Chilli bombs to combat elephants

I have a feeling...

30 Cats Taken From 'Urine Lacquered' Home

Frogs rain down on Serbia

Body parts fall from jetliner

Catroon: Steve Bell, Guardian - today's

Why it is so hard for a man to just be friends with a man?

Softball DU'ers: Rover or no rover?

Am I the only person in the US who has not seen the latest Star Wars film?

It's not my birthday today.

Calling DU doctors and nurses.

No matter how good at tennis I get, I'll never be as good as a wall


Don't you love me anymore?

"Dubya blasphemed against the Holy Spirit"

I'm getting ready to go to my first job interview ever.

Everyone should ignore progmom today.

Looking for someone who would like to hang out on the beach with me.

WooHoo! New AngryAlien: "Pulp Fiction" in 30 seconds re-enacted by bunnies

Transcendent Badger Bliss

Any suggestions on a new car?

I'm pissed now Jobu. Look, I go to you. I stick up for you.

Tech "Support"

It's my 80th birthday today!

Do you love Tim Buckley?

What should I do for the next half hour

Ok! I've HAD IT! kinda

Schools are closing early here because of heat...

Baby Great White Attacks New Jersey Surfer

Judge Orders City To Fly Gay Pride Flags

He seemed like a normal guy (ax murderer, photo)

Do fish get thirsty?

Does a free fish understand what's happening to one thats been hooked?

I DON'T think this guy is gonna make it....(photo)

"Discuss" is the new "Ask Me Anything."


Does a free hooker understand what's happening to one thats been fished?

Amuse me now or I shall be forced to pummel you with my noodles!

Florida Man Bitten By Pet Mamba

DSM is the new discus

Email subject line says " Wait 'til you see this"

most under-appreciated fruits

Email that I received this morning from:

Uh, what were CHAPERONED teens doing in Carlos n Charlie's bar?

Lawsuit Filed Against Brain Harvesting Program (Maine)

DU History Qestion: Who was the first non-administrative DU member?

"DSM" is the new "discuss"

Maybe it was wrong

Work now and play later?

Mmmm....Dishwasher Salmon... that's GOOD EATIN'!

Anyone here in the market for a computer?

New scarily prescient sig quote

I love music outta Philly

I just slept in till 12:30

Common slangified word popularity poll

I want some of Jimmy Jazz's cookies.

At what temperature do you set your air conditioning

What's the holiday plans for this summer?

City Building Drive-In 'Sex Garages' In Time For World Cup

Is Mission Impossible 3 part of the gay agenda?

By the authority of the DHS, all Canadians must now report for a tickle

Dolphins use *the sponge*, evangelical sharks up in fins

Who wants to read something POSITIVE?

You know what's good eatin'? Greek and Turkish food!

One of my foster kittens just died in my arms..

Since I come from Detroit, I know Canadians

What are we going to do about this Canadian insurgency?

Favorite Fat Actress character?

Driving from CT to Chicago - BAD idea

I am feeling EEEEVIL, What should I do to be EEEVIL?

Now you're messin with a


Why does everyone keep replying to my posts?

*******GALL STONES*******


Why does everyone keep relying on my pot?

Everyone on my floor is getting an automated telemarketing call

what the hell is this kitten picture?

Keyboard Kommandos -- ATTACK!!!!!!

I, for one, welcome our new Canadian overlords

Alert! There's an incipient Canadian insurgency taking hold in the Lounge

******** MILLSTONES **********

I'm getting an MRI in an hour - scared!

for matcom (and other fight Lovers)

German Sex Huts?


My friend Jose...

Saw something unexpected today

*******YELLOW STONES*******

One hell of an Easter Egg hunt...

POTATO CHIP LOOKS LIKE JESUS!! - Woman Not Sure What To Do With It

Happy Birthday Julianna Margulies !!!!!!


******* YELLOWSTONE *******

There's an Afghani restuarant in St. Paul called "The Khyber Pass"


Attention Hockey Fans! (I'm trying this ONE more time) WHO IS THIS?

I'm bored at work - insult me without using the letter "E"

Breaking: Jackson Jury reaches decision.

Hey DU-what posts are funny?

Ruanaway Canadian NASA employee hitchhiking with a bloody chainsaw?

"Hey, you with the red shirt. Go check out that noise."

Post a picture of your favorite Frank Lloyd Wright Building

Because All Men Are Brothers

60 Jackson hearts crushed by SUV duo

Katie gives in to the Dark Side

Today In History: June 8

Any violent video games that depict the violence realistically?

CONFESS!!! What strange book do you own in your collection?

German Clown Porn

Woo Hoo! Congrats Solly Mack!!!!

Post some favorite slang

Is Your Home Alarmed?

Hey NYC DUers coming to the June 11th Gathering, let's have a Belmont pool

*******ROLLING STONES*******

In the timbers of Fennario

Made for each other..(the 'eyes' have it)

I just finished giving my last American Lit final--ask me anything

Just when you think you know someone.....

I claim this forum for CANADA

My CHRISTIAN Applicant

We can all relax now. Mission Impossible 3 WILL be made!

Anyone know a good way of disposing of underpants?

Look! You can almost see my wife's tomatoes in this picture.

What's all this I hear about Jews chilling cheeses?

i eat piLLs for thriLLs


How many bolts of electricity comes from a taser?

Type A Sentence That Includes The Word "arwalden".

Nazi Grammar time. Today's lesson: The use of negatives.

Grammar Nazi time. Today's lesson: The double 'is'.

A thread for words almost exclusively used as combined with their prefix

British troops having some fun...

*Sigh* -- I just got hired to a job I hate.

Would you approach an obese man who was eating biscuits and gravy...

The next scapegoat?

Anyone else torn between two progmoms?

Anyone ever seen this?

Favorite movie bad guy

Hey, Black Eyed Peas fans...

WV Prosecutor: "Chicken stomping not animal cruelty, PETA harassed me"

Alright... who's got the cookies?

Women DU:ers, need your help

Surprise, bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About Dave Chappelle...

German Engineering vs. Arab Technology

Every time I exercise, I get FATTER!!!!

Seriously how can they (those people up north) take themselves seriously?

Pregnancy and smoking? Feh. Pregnancy and jackhammers - that's danger!

It's my birthday today


I'm in a rad mood.

What Canadian propaganda did to me


If you look like this.....

My cush office job ends today.

Vin Diesel invented black.

Favorite guy who stole a loaf of bread

In honor of Dave Chappelle: Use "bitches" in a two-word phrase

Breaking! Blonde missing on Amity Island!!!

... if you want to kill someone, that would help me out a lot!

I'm in a bad mood.

Marine recruiters face sex charges in Ukiah cases

Look who I just met in my parking lot at work :)

If a tree falls in the backyard and no one hears it, did it knock out the

How do you restart Fire fox?

Breaking News: Bush is an excellent example of a turkey.

Paging Cassandra Uprising!! You have a very important montage....

Sorry, Guys. Less Skin is Back In.

Is the Pope breastfeeding?

Popeye's Spicy Chicken and Red Beans and Rice for Supper

Parallel universe

Is Katie Holmes breastfeeding Scientologists?

Do any of you believe in what tarot cards say in a reading?

Damn, I'm hot

Mrs. Matcom, if you grab my ass again

Tribute to Yit. He will be missed. Please share your memories.

Is breastfeeding the new Pope?

I am in a glad mood

Top 11 reasons not to flee to Canada.

Does anyone else give up on a thread when it gets way too big?

I'm a bastard - but I got my revenge

MSNBC: "Jackson could end up in cellblock with Manson, Sirhan Sirhan"

Ashton Kutcher's social experiment. The WB's 'Beauty and the Geek'. Tonigh

Anyone know a good way of disposing of chicken lips?

Is "Bollocks" a British word for "Balls"?

How do you steal Firefox?

Tom Cruise is the woody of '05.

Hey, do we get those ketchup potato chips now?

"Do you remember my 17th birthday when you lifted your skirt up

Beware the Beast Man is the new whoisalhedges.

Dumb Donald is the new Handy Smurf.

To keep abreast, do you read Playboy?

NHL sides reportedly agree on salary cap


Jews Rock

Have any of you ever driven on a race track?

Tom Cruise is the Woody Allen of '05.

Haha! Where can I get this bumpersticker???!!!

Citizens of the Lounge: yvr girl is schizophrenic!

Does anyone give up on a man when he gets way too big?

WD-40.....makes everything work around the house.

Men really dig women with skills

There was a riot (brawl) at my old high school today.

Remember this?

In honor of asthmaticeog, a montage!!! Please come here, sir.

Don't Include Me in the Rapture!

I am the NEW Progmom. Get your lounge password here.

I'm Willie Mays Hayes. I hit like Mays, and I run like Hayes.

Citizens of the Lounge: yvr girl is back!

Why F1 kicks NASCAR's AZZ

Dur Dur Etre Bebe

Given these two choices,

Neil Young & Crazy Horse "Year Of The Horse" on IFC @ 4 PM Pacific

Wouldn't it be good to be in your shoes,

continue working or go to the brew pub?

Heh. Anyone else think it's funny that no one is responding to me today?

What's all this about Will Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

TiVoToGo now available on Windows Mobile devices

I'm not a lesbian, but I play one in the movies. Who's your fave?

OK I admit that Oasis sounds somewhat like the Beatles.

Should I have a baby?

My fortune cookie today..

Food TV Is The BEST News Source On ALL Of Cable!!!

The Ultimate Party (If It Was Your Last Day To Throw The Big One)

I need to vent my wrath

What ballplayer is NOT in the Hall of Fame and you feel should be?*

With all of this ass grabbing going on...

A real sign seen on the door of a Bank...

Men really dig women with Skilsaws......

what movie/TV series presents your town most and least accurately?

Does anyone know what happened to BigMcLargeHuge?

What to watch tonight: Crowe on Letterman or Cruise on Leno?

Anybody know a good discount source for inkjet printer cartridges?

'Red Lobster' is a communist restaurant:

Would you approach a pregnant woman who was smoking and tell her she

Anybody else having problems with the straight AAR feed?

Anybody else having problems with the gay AAR feed?

Anyone else here have to sleep with loose sheep blankets?

I want to dedicate this song to Howard Dean

Life is a roller coaster

Who wants


Why Uncle Arthur over Aunt Clara

*lol* My 5 yr old son just told me that Siamese cats are called

GUESS the thug. Famous actor, early role.

Would you name your child out of a character from a TV show?

Mix Tape From Hell: What Five Songs MUST Be Included?

This latest Dean flap is laughable

If you buy TBEP's "Monkey Business," just be sure...

Has anyone ever heard this board referred to as "Demunder?"

Michael, Tito, Jermaine, Randy, Jackie, LaToya, Janet...

Top 11 reasons the allegation that John Bolton forced his wife

Ben & Jerry’s Pint Lock keeps your ice cream safe

I'm hungry. Anyone wanna cook me dinner?

Let's play charades

I had a weird encounter with the police this morning

once and for all; explain the monolith in 2001 space odyssey

Post your strange but true things here.

It's on hot humid days like today that I really wish

steak tips - broiL or skiLLet?

292 Years Later, Bach Might Have A New Hit

If you couldn't declare bankruptcy, what would you do?

finals blow

Anyone here in a mixed marriage?


Has anyone seen Eric Burdon and The Animals recently?

KGs computer question of the week

MRI accomplished: did not freak out!

"This Or That" (Ten Random Choices)

What City (Anywhere) Has The BEST Public Transportation System?

All REDS must die.

Most gorgeous 45+ woman I have ever seen:

most reliable "American" cars

For my 1,000th post (yeah, like anyone cares)


Why does FR's layout, design, usability, etc.totally suck!

Life is gettin' too crazy serious. We need a break!

Sundog, if you grab my ass again

Public apology thread

Jackson Judge to make a statement.

My job is secure - thanks for your support

Breaking: Jackson maybe is not not guilty

SarahBelle says girls don't like tron. Is this true?

Rev_Acts04 says girls don't like porn. Is this true?

Woman Sues Stephen King Over 'Misery' Character

I know how to do it! This is my 500th post!!

Type A Sentence That Includes The Word "Lesbian".

I have to vent - big time

Call for kitty pics

Who Are Your Family Members With "Old-Fashioned" First Names?

Please Post A Pic Of KKKarl!!!

Get ready ladies, the American Taliban has started...

"Christian Weight Loss Program" - sign i saw on way home from work.

Why do men do this?

I got a legitimate email from PayPal


Warriors....come out to play...WARRIORS, COME OUT TO PLAY!!!

I am in a Dad mood

Tribute to kick-ass-bob. He will be missed. Please share your memories.

Were you breastfed as a baby?

Ay Caramba! "Simpsons" Movie Going

Republicans SUCK!

I'm gonna cry - Girl, 6, killed by car while trying to save turtle

Yeah, sure...


Best route from EWR to Peoria, IL?

What is A+ Certification, exactly?

GLBTQ DUers: a question


Chicks dig guys with skills. I don't have any. What are your skills?

Anyone know a good way of disposing of human teeth?

Titles of Yer Last Five Posts.


So what goes down at a White Christian Party?

Phone solicitor threatened me after I hung up on him

anyone else have to sleep with loose sheets/blankets?

Matcom, if you grab my ass again

Hey- someone put cheese curds & gravy on my French Fries!!!!

Was your father present in the delivery room at your birth?

Oh, maddox! " could sell these people hookers in a vagina storm..."

My 500th post is coming! Ask me anything!

Most memorable, scene-stealing TV characters

Name a band and their signature song.

When someone lays a rubber check on ya ~ what do you do?

Mulesing thread in GD.

So what kind of positions do Fristarian churches hire for?

Me: "OUCH!" for 3-4 years. Last night, she: "READ THIS ARTICLE"

Orion’s Image - Teotihuacan's layout mimics astronomical information.

Sailing to Distant Lands - The Legendary Land of Punt Revealed?

Scientists Seek Sprite Light Source

Martian territory

Mission to build a simulated brain begins

Lakes disappearing virtually overnight

Female orgasm is 'down to genes'

Invention Allows Humans to Breathe Like Fish

Judge Orders Gay Flag To Fly From St. Augustine Bridge

Maine Anti-Gay Amendment Dies

Bush Called On To Enforce Gay Civil Service Protections

NYC Radio Jock Apologizes For Tom Cruise Gay Remark

Oregon Gay Unions Bill Advances

Bi situation

A Question

Will the sacrificial lamb be Donny-Baseball?

For those of y'all who still care about the NHL...

BELMONT entries and other news

So sad this morning one of my foster kittens died..

I don't think I've ever posted in here before

A question...


Orion's Image - Teotihuacan's layout mimics astronomical information.

Study: Meditation Changes Monks' Outlook


And another one:

New group everybody!

Lose weight for Jesus~

Look at the propaganda:

Return Of The Living Dead Topic...

You know what I love about DU?

Kerry Calls Swift Boat Liars Bluff, Will They Come Clean?

New Kerry email

Anyone listening to Kerry on the Sub-Comm

Aaargh! Shoot me now

I saw a documentary on the Vietnam War today

During all these controversies, Kerry was working for us

Another small rant

Politics is a funny world

More on Kerry and DSM

Has anyone called Kerry's office about when/where he will make

9th Place

Abandoned thread

I'm b-a-a-a-c-k

I Bring You Highgate Cemetery in B & W (dial-up warning)

New blog posted

California al-Qaeda: Countdown Newsletter 6/8/05

I'm probably gonna smack my forehead

Defense official could face criminal charges

Environmental codes frustrate landless tribes (bush screws indians)

Does the GOP still call itself "Conservative"?: An analysis

They could read Bill Clinton's lies a mile away....

just a thought . . . in 2008, Gary Hart will be 72 years old . . .

"14 Characteristics of Fascism" author on WPR radio Wednesday

Who said this? Take a guess.

Please DU this poll for Sen Byrd: How likely is he to be re-elected?

Go Howard! Finally someone speaks the truth!

Oh help me Jesus, why did I even look!?

DSM Question & "Answer", & Media "Attention" Being Discussed

CSPAN: Does Howard Dean Speak For You?

Hot Blog! Get your Hot Blog! Internet anti bush rumors .... Hot Blog!

Champion of the right takes a fall from on high

John Conyers Receives "Wings Of Justice" Award From Buzzflash

In S.F., Dean calls GOP 'a white Christian party'

What will happen

I'm not a Dean fan, but.....

New Mexico governor says Howard Dean doing good job

Unleash Howard Dean....


Government Should Consider Temp Workers

Bush & Blair deny '02 British memo on Iraq

"Dissemble" = Rove is bored

bush and EXXON - a marriage made in hell !!

I support the Bolton nomination.

Bernie Sanders on CSPAN managing House floor debate.

Dean misquotes make top story at

I love the heading they put on my letter to the editor!

Even a BIG TENT has Walls and a Ceiling doesn't it?

Is it possible to "like" and "admire" Hillary Clinton

PNAS (Milk thing) vs. PNAC

June 8th. Daily tracking, Bush approval at 49% (Rasmussen)

impeachment material?

Anybody See Tweety On Leno?

More Anti-Dean spin from the right - NRO

Question about the House of Reps.

Rep. Adam Smith has resiged from the House Judiciary Committee

HEY JERRRY! I can't get through on the phones...

Don't let the DSM die Write to Sens/Reps/ Networks. n/t

Are the Republicans going to deny they're white and Christian?

What was groundhog day?

I just took a look at the freeper website and I have decided that

Wrestling with the conservative-approved model of `being gay'

How Do We Respond?



Do you think Dr. Dean is framing the Neocon Republicans to be the

Contact you Senators about "Super Freak" Bolton

Will Hillary as the nominee give us McCain as the opponent?

Dean and extreme language, and I don't mean his

Is this whole Dean thing pre-planned?

Who's Funding Calvina Fay of Drug Free America Foundation?

Cavuto Says Poor People are "the Worse Half"

Stem Cell Research - E mail today from DCCC

Dean's "GOP=White Christians" statement as Empirical Data

Matt Lauer impersonates O'Reilly during Dean interview

Criticism of Dea is meant by Republicans to divert attention from the

Bush administration developing governmentwide personnel reform bill

America's hidden war

A question on the Blair&Chimp Show yesterday.

Please DU this poll

Pinning the Tale on the Donkey - My Dean "controversy" related commentary

So another activist judge is about to be appointed......

Lakoff's concept of framing, and Dean's "white Christian party" remark.

Will * brothers be implicated in Evergladesgate?

Don't you dare!

Need Republican party race/class/religious breakdown...

Who said this?

I've GOT IT! I have the answer to the Army's recruiting Problem!

Gov. Perry says unhappy Tx. gays should move out of state

Thank you Edwards, Biden and Richardson for the public flogging of Dean.

Arms Fiascoes Lead to Alarm Inside Pentagon

House Panel Approves Threat to Withhold Dues to United Nations

Anyone have stats on Starr's witch-hunt and Clinton's impeachment?

bush needs a lobotomy...Turkey a great example of democracy???

Cruella DeHarris Announces Run For Senate Against Bill Nelson

Huge Cheney Flip-flop if true, lets verify and acquire the video

Pro-War Advocates Asking Everyone To Wear RED On Fridays!

443 people killed in car bombings since 4/28 announcement of government

Questions the White House won't answer

Is it out of the question for Boxer to run for Pres?

Hands Off Social Security Chimpy Protest Photos - St Louis, MO

Vote on cloture for Judge William Pryor

New meme idea: The Underpants Republicans

Breaking! Monkeys fly out my butt!

Who said this

"THE ERASER" is a Gift to Dems

M$M interviews Iranian Intelligence: "We fooled Bush BIG TIME"

Brown Confirmed 56-43

RNC: I had so much fun with Ken that I never even got to meet Howard

MORE BUSH SCandal!~ This fucker is a liar at every turn!

A simmering controversy.....

DFA announces Downing Street Memo(Minutes)


I Still Cry....

Help me out...Why did Frist vote to not invoke cloture on Bolton .....

If I were Lee Atwater.....

Typical Bushworld, if you fall short, move the goalpost.

Election 2008, will Bush be impeached before then ?

For Those of you/us angered by attacks on dean.

Take action. Supplement Access Under Fire.

Biden said this on Imus ...

DSM: Replies DU'er have received from their Representatives and Senators

Did Kerry change his mind about speaking out?

They can't handle the truth, so hard up they change the questions

Du this CNN poll about Dean. It's tied now.

ABC Continues Downing Street Blackout--Contact Peter Jennings ASAP

Now the terrorists are after our MILK! What next?

Dean's right, the Republican Party IS the party of white Christians

Kucinich on Downing Street Memo and action you can take

There is still time to vote in CNN's poll on Howard Dean

Video: Lott Thinks Opposition To Janice Rogers Brown Is Based On Race

CNN Poll on Dean

Who was the most competent criminal: Nixon, Clinton, or Bush?

DU this BSGOP poll on Dean

Here comes the vote on Brown!

Army misses recruiting goal because conservatives are cowards

I just found a bunch of on-line Photos of the War in Chechnya!

DSM finally gets into the Houston Chronicle.

More praise for Dean's performance:

Your position on Dean and who you supported in the 2004 primary.

MSNBC Polling Dean, too

Pelosi shivs Dean

Dean fires up the base - on both sides

Why can't we make them EAT this? Oil men CHANGING scientific reports...

Howard Dean is the smartest man on the face of the earth

what marine recruiters will do!!

Fatherland vs. Motherland vs. Homeland

Blacks urged to form independent political movement

put up or shut up - what the hell is your vision for the Democratic Party?

I'll be on CSPAN shortly

Bush psychologically terrorized us with the phoney alerts!

A major point I think the corporate media is completely missing...

I'd like to say a few words about the impeachment of George W. Bush

Who said this about IRAN ??

You Know What Just Occurred to Me About Alan Greenspan?

Military Families on Downing Street Memo; GSFfP going to Congress June 15

The West Wing and Chairman Dean.

Backup for Downing Street Minutes -Send these articles around

Bush, Blair, Milbank & Bumiller

USA Today: ‘Downing Street memo' gets fresh attention - MAJOR BREAK!

parents must inform on their drug taking kids or go to jail - a new bill

Our Southern problem in the Senate continued

Alright, I have to say it, The Patrick Henry scorecards piss me off

The ignorant media is falling right into Dean's trap!

Would Gore be a good candidate in 2008?

BRAD BLOG: Koehler Calls Election 2004 a 'Shiv to the Gut of Democracy'

Kerry Calls Swift Boat Liars Bluff, Will They Come Clean?

Cloture Invoked on Pryor (67-32)