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Archives: June 9, 2005

US stays with Egyptian Dictator

Downing Street Memo, Say What?

A Close Reading of FoxSpeak

Press has lost its "Deep Throat" ways

Bush lied -- people died! (Sierra Times)

From the San Diego Union Tribune

Bring It Down. Now.

The revenge of Baghdad Bob

The world in the palm of their hands: Bilderberg 2005

Hundreds line up to see Clinton at book signing

Wanted: Democratic Guru. Party Needs Guidance, Direction - Phil.Inquirer

Reefer Absurdity / Will Durst

MSM starting to open up? CNN it is only about a year to late to tell

S. Blumenthal: Nixon's empire strikes back

US Military Collapsing Under Weight Of Iraq

Urgent Action re San Fran Drug Treatment Funding!

Arctic explorers call off expedition after treacherous conditions

US: How Oil Giant Influenced Bush

Permitting Request Submitted for 1000 MW Wind Farm (London Array)

Protesters foil trawler's plans (NZ)

Too cheap to meter: 1960's promise, "The sun is free..."

Official Played Down Emissions' Links to Global Warming (NYT)

US calls on Beijing to talk to Chen - TW

Human Rights Watch: New Report Documents Uzbek Massacre

Guam, Hawaii try to land US contract

Reply to Sciam's attempted debunking of 9/11 skeptics

Isn't it obvious these statements by officials are intentional "lies"

Need Info On Auto Mark

Palm Beach County fails BBV audit - twilight zone, basically

Wireless Plans for Precinct E-Vote Recording in L.A.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 6/9/05

San Francisco Co. Residents: Urgent Action re Drug Treatment Funding

Weather is finally nice, but the mosquitoes...

Warning: Web CEO downloadable (free)software has a trojan horse

A sprinkle of hope, a dash of vision, and a pot of determination.


Taking The Piss

Why do the GOP fuss over being called the White Christian party when

You know, after watching that BBC documentary yesterday, I get the eerie

Olberman's shocking tonight - Military crisis, Climate change fraud,+Dean

Freeway Blogger Strikes again. DSM Signs

Have any of you found Escape recently into old BBC Miniseries?

Planned Kerry Downing Street memo speech stirs controversy

The decisions, policies and intelligence behind the Iraq War

Because Candy Crowley Hates America

Military programs move into middle schools to fish for future soldiers

A new low on eBay -

Sleeper Cells Waiting To Strike?...Or DSM smoke screen.?

Is it just a matter of time before we get a "Dean Outburst" about DSM?

Ex-Deputy Explains Taser Incident (Gwinnett Co. Death)

Many Newspapers Forbid Anonymous Sourcing

Has anyone publicly tied the DSM together with what Paul O'Neil,

If someone accused you of not doing an honest days work in your life...

The FReepers WANT to fight Bush

Dean takes fire from Republicans, won't back down

Aaron Brown talks about DSM

Sweet Jesus I Hate Howard Fineman...

We need a hall of shame for democrats bashing Howard Dean

Latino Forum

Hybrid Car Update.

Get a clue - Bush, Candlestick, Drawing Room

Family Guy is back and its BETTER than ever

On Olbermann tonight, there was a retired Colonel

82% of Repukes Are White "Christians" (CNN) Need I Say More? n/t

WashPo graph: * job approval over course of his presidency

Enlistments are down but divorces for soldiers are way up

Anybody know

ATTN: Lurking Freepers...who do you think will PAY for all this mess?

The Far Right IS the Dark Side

To the military people are nothing but cattle!!!

Were Islamists Really Involved in the Events in Uzbekistan?

wasn't there supposed to be big news today?

Colin Powell sent to do DSM damage control on Daily Show.

Milloy is on FIRE tonight!!!!

Letterman's BEST Top Ten ever

Dave's Top 10 - How Bush can improve his approval rating!

What do you think the main reason recruiting numbers are down?

Buzzflash WINGS OF JUSTICE AWARD today goes to

Hey, could someone start a thread mentioning Letterman's Top Ten List?

Breaking...The emperor and his political party are still naked.

Lettermans Top 10 Ways Bush Can Increase His Popularity...

All Dean bashing, all day long...

Don't you get it...the media will ONLY report negatives re: Dems

If/when Bu$h gets impeached, who takes over?

What is a bigger threat to our country?

Democrats say they have the votes to block Bolton

typical republican solution to Iraq---

SALON: The revenge of Baghdad Bob

Could someone give me an example of a post that gets banned from the board

Would it be accurate to say that any chemical compound not found in nature

Dembloggers: (Video) Colin Powell interview on Daily Show

Nixon's empire strikes back

Bill Moyers special from Bush I era: 'The Secret Government'. Here's video


"America thinks Dean is insane" = "America wants to save Terri Schiavo" =

Do you read republican blogs/sites? If so, do you monitor any in particul

Ah! it's nearly summer and the smell of impeachment is in the air!

Enough Already with Dean...


Second installment on our "Great Filibuster Compromise" win


Special Rights?

Johnny Gosch Update Wednesday on the KWWL News at 10:00

MAGIC CITY MORNING STAR: Dean was actually far too mild in his comments

To be young, gay/lesbian and a minority

Great song "We've Been Asking Questions" - John Phillips

A blast from the past but, oh, so relevant today...

Colin Powell on the Daily Show right now

I've found Jesus!

Dean Is Ripping Me Off! Can I Sue This Guy???

Dean is attacked because he threatens the establishment.

Go to hell Colin Powell!!

Hijacked on Yahoo

You might NOT be a liberal if...

CSPAN Schedule Thursday June 9

on AAR tonight.. about Ohio RepugNuts melting down in serious Scandal

Corporate Whores Online

Some Chronic Disorders More Common in Gulf War Vets

Did Viacom put the hammer on the Daily Show?

If you have a young daughter, what do you think of this story

How is Andy doing?

Republicans Are Moral Elitists, Not Like Regular Folks

House of Representatives Vote to Ban Domestic Horse Slaughter

Letterman Top 10; What George Bush can do to regain his popularity

Medical Marijuana versus Terry Schiavo

Petition to Congress--Peak Oil

Because of CBS evening news, I donated to the DNC for the first time.

The Christian Family Council bought the KKK's mailing list ?

Why are Republicans bashing Dean?

I love that evil empire purple ocean ad.

Dean's statements resonating with even GOP faithful...

Please join me in thanking the real reporters at the Toledo Blade

So why don't we have more wind farms?


Boston intros bill to BAN SPANKING! This is awesome!

Heads Up: Hurricane No.1 For 05 - Moving Fast and Growing Stronger...

Post your German potato salad recipes

Hi Gang! Check out the Coolest Teapot EVER!

Got Mercury?

Liberals surged to 14-point lead over Conservatives, poll says

22 killed in Ethiopia as police open fire on poll protesters

U.S.-led forces in Iraq hold 6,000 prisoners -UN

Reuters: Dean takes fire from Republicans, won't back down

A family's tragedy in the fog of war

Johnny Gosch Update Wednesday on the KWWL News at 10:00

Planned Kerry Downing Street memo speech stirs controversy

Man With Chain Saw Allowed to Enter U.S.

Man Dies After Police Taser Him (Another day, another...)

Businesses blast 'list of shame' (firms w/low paid workers on Medicaid)

Revealed: how oil giant (Exxon) influenced Bush (on Kyoto)

Iraqi leaders praise group accused of killings

Global spending on arms tops $1 trillion

Ex-Deputy Explains Taser Incident (Gwinnett Co. Death)

Vancouver may urge Canada to legalize marijuana

US senators ask for UN action in Uzbekistan

Major Government Waste Uncovered

Suspicious packages turn up at four embassies, parliament

War swells US army divorce rate

Feds Charge Father, Son With al-Qaida Link

NYT- U.S. Rebuffs Germans Anew on Bid for Security Council

WP: Association Withdraws Award to U.S. Envoy

Brownback Puts Diplomat Nomination on Hold

Democracy Radio Sells Stake In Ed Schultz Show To Randy Michaels

Drill Sergeant Found Guilty of Soldier Abuse at Fort Knox

UN eyes shutting down Iraq arms inspection agency

Pirates raid tanker at Iraq's Basra oil terminal

Iraqi Palestinians squeezed by security crackdown

Federal Judge Refuses to Shield Civilian Rape Counselor From Arrest in Mil

NYT: Audit Finds Homeland Security Dept. Is Lacking Disaster Backups

Marine recruiters face sex charges in California

Batman and Robin quit (U.K.) protest group (The Guardian)

Iraqi government to meet rebels

Post: May be months or even a year before DeLay probe

Oil prices may double in three years, analyst says

Governor (arnie) appoints campaign, Bush veterans to top positions

NYT: Drug Safety System Is Broken, a Top F.D.A. Official Says

Blair: US set for new climate change treaty

AP: Air Force Academy Chief Under Review

Social Security Plan Support Dwindling (Most Don't Back Bush Idea...)

WP,pg1: Airline Inspections Called Inadequate

WaPo: House Ethics Standstill Stalls DeLay Decision

GOP Pushes Bill Easing Election Spending Limits

NYT- Limit for Award in Tobacco Case Sets Off Protest

Diplomat's claim supported by 2nd Chinese defector

Gay Rights Battlefields Spread to Public Schools ("emboldened pol. right")

Leaders of Iraq praise Iranian-trained militia

U.S. trying to establish contact with insurgents to get them to surrender

White House Downplays Climate Report Edits

NH man convicted of beating Saddam look-alike at Foxwoods

Carrier Jets Not Bombing Iraq Lately

Front-Runner for Public Broadcast Agency Job Is Former GOP Chair (WP)

Bush's stubbornness may be hindering him

Zero to 76,000 mph in a Second (

Nurse Who Objects to Morning-After Pill Says She Was Denied Job by Ill. Un

Asian Times: The US and that 'other' axis

WP,pg1: Hispanic Growth Surge Fueled by Births in U.S.

Tobacco Witnesses Were Told To Ease Up

Irrational Exuberance, or YATTA!

In Milwaukee, sweat comes so cheap

I gave sperm today...What did you do for humanity!?

Is it me or do my posts just fall by the wayside????

Anyone here in a mixed-up marriage?

Who is this?

West Wing "Two Cathedrals" aired on Bravo today

Condom brands!

I'm flying in to Boston tomorrow. How's the weather now?

I have a question....

Why would young pretty women go through plastic surgery?

All SLEDS must die

Help me with some birthday stuff.

Witchcraft Documentary Group missing in Namibia?

Ear-biting Mike Tyson to opponent McBride: "I’ll gut you like a fish"

ABC News: Another Natural Threat to Florida: Feral Hogs

More on "The Verbing Of America"...


Do souls have a libido?

When a problem comes along...

Looking for a DVD to MPEG (or AVI) converter

Why are British gangsters scarier than ours?

Law and Order tonight

Chris Martin Annoys Me

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Another possible case of Red Road "Rage"

Kidman warns Cruise: "Stop publicly exploiting your love life"

I'm drinking Bacardi Sliver Watermelon

Ok, now I'm on a site that we all support each other because we've

When someone lays a rubber chick on ya ~ what do you do?

Sheriff Opens Jail Cells for Pets

I'm not sure why, but I don't want to eat at a restaurant with the word

I love you.

The "Mr. Belvedere / Brocktoon" sketch IS on the new Tom Hanks SNL DVD

My dog smells kinda funky.

One of you plebes says girls don't like corn, is this true?

If you can make my floating head smooch...

in the Lap dance discussion

My God smells kinda funky.

California Deputies: Sheriff's Patrol Car Stolen By Ride-Along Guest

My bellybutton smells like raw potatoes.

List Your 5 Essential Blues Albums

Guts Or Well... Nads?

Gay pride weekend at the end of this month...

Does anyone here get the Game Show Network?

Don't you think it's amazing that .....

Bush's image on a piece of ham on e-bay!......Is God speaking to us?

HTML question about aligning images

Blues Trivia

Is reading a romance novel cheating? Eating chocolate?

Have you ever been "stun-gunned?"

Speed__Addiction, I did not apologize for making fun of you

For the very first time ... I've got a thread on the Greatest page!!

Should I go dancing nekkid in the thunderstorm?

Have you ever been skinned?

My armpits smell like blueberry pancakes.

Have you ever been made to slide down a razor blade bare assed...

mother . . . this is why i'm so friggin wacked

Beastman! Forget cookies - let's nosh on this!

Post Your Next Shopping List Here

Have you ever been maced?

Where's that mug with the disappearing constitution?

damn you, enigmatic, damn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Bush Jnr. sings John Lennon's "Imagine" TRUE !!!

Curler gets nailed for drug violation.

Shoot that crazy frog!

El Fuego says girls don't like "American Chopper"

Have you seen the latest Onion?

I gave blood today...What did you do for humanity!?

Would someone tell me what kind of knife Rachel Ray uses on her...

I know a secret about.........Progmom

For the silent movie lovers out there, a website

I keep checking "my posts" but I haven't posted tonight.

Can someone tell me what it is like to live in ...

DU bumper stickers rock

a really big pic

Tokyo's Sky City - Metropolis of the future or death trap in the sky?

Did the DU web site font size just get bigger?

Has anyone "pulled a boner" recently?


I'm not sure if it would've worked in moving water, but,

Wow. I did almost all of my posting in GD today...

Not quite enough self-control here (pic)

Your Mom....

Hi there - can I piss you off today?

3 days w/out a reply. I'm going to sleep. Post here to say argumentative

Anyone ever buy a magazine subscription on Ebay??

A friend of a friend was playing poker with Toby McGuire.

Jason Mraz played in a conference room for me and 20 other people today.

Can somebody give me a link to members' profiles?


Frozen embryos. Funny story

I'm in the 700 club now

Greg Allman on CMT

Has anybody heard the new Dream Theater album?

No, Clooney, NO!!

I'm not uptight. Not unattractive. Turn me on tonight.

Priest Convicted of Having Dog Killed

Seven words for dead people

Caption the golfer

Where the hell is buddyhollysghost?

I've been 30 years old for just under an hour now.

Which bed seems more like me?

Just got back from hearing the Big Dawg

It's my turn to roll out the welcome wagon: Hi Newbies! Check in here!

Anyone else horrified of rollercoasters? How do you cure it?

YAY! I Think We Have A New Cat!

What's in a DU Name?

Well... Not Very Christian Of Them...

What are you drinking right now?

Have you ever slept with a Republican?

Pick your favourite Matcom nickname

I just found two slabs of marble

Russell Crowe seems quite contrite on Letterman.

This just makes me sick!

Rumors of my Tombstoning have been greatly exaggerated!

Are you ever mistaken for a republican?

So who forgot to tell me that 6FU premiered the new season Sunday?

Without a condom, you're sleeping with AIDS. (or spiders) Protect yourself

Are tap dances cheating?

Why would someone create or join a website that does nothing more...

What Was The Very FIRST Airline You Ever Flew On?

have you ever been squished by a falling safe?

I became a monthly subscriber, but I still can't search or post a poll

It Was A Good Day For Me! Both Bartcop And Allhatnocattle Are Using

I live in Mississippi, and I've never heard the N-word as many times...

I had four hours of sleep last night, and six Vicodin today;

POLL - Vacations

A Democrat who "gets" MST3K...Al Gore, for sure. Dean?

Is anyone watching 60 Minutes? Amish story and interbreeding.

How many Drama Kings/Queens/Munchausen-by proxies do we have here?

My Cat had KITTENS! Five of 'em! (Pics here)

Latino Forum

Are lap dances cheating ?

Intelligent Design? In Genesis Account, plants are created BEFORE the Sun

Any lesbians here been to the Southern Womyn's Festival in GA?

What is on ESPN2 now that Sox /Cards game delayed

Thunder,Lightning, Rain,Tornado watch

Love him or hate him, A-Rod hit his 400th HR tonight...

Damn Ortiz

Damn Yankees or Yankees Damned?

Your Little League story

Interesting info on Iraq, Bush and Blair

Law and Order tonight

Did y'all get Kerry's latest email?

Did Howard die for our sins or something?

I enjoyed saying this entirely too much

So give me your opinion on these flower shots I took today

KOEB 6/8/05

Dean critics: What have the pugs done to help non-whites or non-xtians?

C'mon, Dean apologists, fess up.

Twas a good try, but I knew my chances were low.

Dean's statement is technically inaccurate

What the filibuster deal gave us

How's this for fostering "family values?"

Question on Kyoto...

Is Thune really going to vote against bolton?

Am I Blue? And Are You, Too?

The best defense is a good offense

Olbermann will be talking about Dean tonight....

What Dean SHOULD have said

Newsweek's Alter: If Watergate Happened Now

I need an entire breakdown of both parties by race and religion

Yahoo News: Dean Defends Criticism of Republican Party

News article, "White House down plays (add your favorite item here)

Tomorrow, Greenspan will tap-dance around the "R" word (recession)

Doesn't anyone take geometry anymore?

So here are my thoughts on Christianity, money, and politics (sans Dean)

NASA cancels $10 million culture change contract

I was doing a google search about Texas Holdem

Some people say the Biscuit Boy is a fictional character.

Colin Powell on the Daily Show - total bullshit !!!

Bush went down to Virginia to have dinner with Colin Powell ??

Sign the DSM petition from Democracy for America

Did Kerry promise a DSM speech? Are apologies in order? Bigger pic?

You know what pisses me off worst than anything?

Quick question about contributions...

Question about Colin Powell on the Daily Show....

Who will be the DSM fall guy? (don't say Lee Majors)

USA Today explains why it hasn't covered DSM

Conservative pundits: Bush is "framing" SS wrong - talking about "problem"

Colin Powell proving he has no integrity

Can someone tell me what the CIA memos that preceded the war

Former Secretary of State of State Colin Powell on The Daily Show Tonight

just some words....

Non-Mexican migrants swamp immigration, border agencies

Letters to Joe Biden about his Dean comments--on Biden's website!

Neil Cavuto's Bush interview: "Economy is still doing very, very well"

I Know 2006 Is More Important Right Now, But Indulge Me (Please):

Some Democrats are torn about the Dean "approach"...

Lehrer guest: Two possible reasons why DSM under-reported (one hopeful)

Dean Takes a Lickin', Keeps on Tickin'---

Dean's Mistake: missing qualifiers and framing


Jon Stewart vs. Colin Powell

Jon Stewart, What's Going On???

Third Party? Hey, I'd go with that.

What Dems voted for Brown today? Did anyone besides Ben Nelson

Why do the Republicans think "socialism" is so evil ??

60 Minutes: "One out of every 75 men is in prison."

Fuck Jon Stewart! Impeachable offense, thousands dead="spilled milk"

US Government Versus Amnesty International: A Short History

And To Think That They Said It About Downing Street: (chimp speech)

Abramoff & Norquist caught billing clients for face time with Bush

Buzzflash Interviews John Conyers - 6/9/05

USA Today tunes in to Downing St. Memo

Abu Ghraib, WMD, Downing Street and the Age of No-Fault Scandal

New Army policy: Take slogan literally

National Review: Back in Basra

Great source for anti nuclear weapons people

Molly Ivins: Guess who's paying for dinner?

Lighten Up! The News Isn't All That Bad!

Sirota - The Myth That Populism & Anger Lose Elections

Dean isn't the problem

Democratic leaders stand up for Dean

Hispanic Growth Surge Fueled by Births in U.S. - WP

Crumbs for Africa (NYT/IHT)

Where is that special White House investigator when you need him?

Boston Phoenix; Kerry, Bush, and the Downing Street memo

A vision for understanding Earth

I saw this on another board-ties in with Dean's "outburst"

CNN: Michael Jackson: Does anyone care?

Horse slaughter opponents WIN in the House!!!!!!!

For Bolivia, Neoliberalism is Not an Option (Oil & natural gas)

Howard Dean Will F*** Your S*** Up (Rude Pundit is in da howse!)

Is Bolivia on the edge of Revolution?

Common Dreams: Something Rotten in Ohio

New film exposes Enron's hubris

Chicago Tribune: Feel that draft?

America’s internal “gulag"-the imprisonment of immigrants in the US

Bush Lifts Ban on Vigilantism: "Let's see what happens"

JASON LEOPOLD: Thomas White Wants Gov’t Funds For New Energy Project

Sign your name to the International Justice Day banner

WP & NYT ombudsmen PBS' 6/8 Newshour video - must view!

Orwellian Anglo-American War on Muslim Women and Children (NCA)

Retracting Climate Lies Can't Save Bellamy From Loss Of Science Posts

NHC - Tropical Storm Arlene Heading SE Gulf Coast Max Sust 40 1002 MB

World Wildlife Fund sounds alarm over trapped dolphins,whales...

NZ Foresters Warn: No Kyoto Carbon Sinks (not enough trees being planted)

UK Likely To Miss Self-Imposed GHG Targets - FT

SE Australia Drought Area Continues To Expand

Bush All Set To Support Climate Window-Dressing At G8 - Blair

Fishing Nets Kill 1,000 Whales, Porpoises & Dolphins Every Day - MSNBC

Interview with Matthew R. Simmons (Twilight in the Desert) Part 1

OECD conference delays anti-Semitism resolution over wording

In the Shadow of the Holocaust

Haaretz (Thursday): High Court rejects bids to quash disengagement law

Erasing the Past in Israel

Straw tells Palestinians: You hold key to peace, not the Israelis

Haaretz (Thursday): Militants: We'll respect truce, but react to attacks

Israeli Officer dismissed for not firing rubber bullets

German TV Show Depicts 9/11 As Bush Plot.

Error nets Bush 100 extra votes (366 instead of 266)

Looking for some specific help today--easy task--for the Houston hearing

OH Dem says BWC scandal ilegalites put PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN QUESTION!


"Something Rotten in the State of Ohio" -- Gore Vidal

More editorial support for VVPB/MRMR in the Nashville Tennessean

Sequoia lawsuit: The Federal Judge issued his First Ruling, and....

Another Classic Essay From Bob Koehler

Fwd: It's Time To Support Those Who Always Support Us

E S & S Business Strategy

"over 98% of 50,000 election incidents favored Bush"

California Daily Ledger-June 8, 2005

Stuff Happens at Mark Taper Forum in LA until July 17.

MCRD, San Diego could be added to list of base closures

"Rev." Fred Phelps in Tracy, CA this Sat, June 11th. ...Counter-Protest

Fwd: It's Time To Support Those Who Always Support Us

who for minnesota govenor in 2006??

Hwy. 394 toll lanes to re-open during non-rush times

atten:kitchen witch

Lethal About Blank hijacked my Browser. AAARRRGGHHHH!!!

Burning a DVD / please

What's it mean when your speakers produce sound but

Shuttles. Tell me what you know about them

Fwd: It's Time To Support Those Who Always Support Us

Sherrod Brown responds to DSM letter

It's a good day in Ohio when........

Was Taft with * today in Columbus OH?

Thin-skinned council member sues over a swear word

If you are not doing anything for lunch today in Dallas...Come and join

Wong and Edwards draw Democratic challengers

Day care forgets 2 year old in van

Ralph Nader is on Joy's show now. He mentioned John Conyers website

The Faith Based Fraud

Phone number to Joe Lieberman's CT office: (800) 225-5605

The media is like the smallest kid at an Easter egg hunt....

Anybody listening to Bernie Ward? Dean is RIGHT!

so whatever happened to the Michael Jackson press conference? . . .

Casuality Numbers for June 8, 2005.

Are oddsmakers in Vegas posting odds on impeachment yet?

Is this happening in your town? Funding cuts for drug treatment

Mehlman lies on Meet The Press

DSM - Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Homophobes : Hate gays b/c they deny own homoeroticism :: Creationists : ?

What Freepers Really Fear: It's about security, but of a different kind.

"Wasteland Of The Free" Seems Way More Relevant Than In 1996

America's fastest rising taxes - property taxes CNN/Money

Social Engineering anyone?

Military Investigates U.S. Guards in Iraq for 3-hour Shooting Spree

I'VE HEARD IT ALL! US wants to pull INSURGENTS into political process

Colin Powell coming back for damage control on DSM

Powell + nothing to promote + dinner w/* + DSM + TDS =

Surprise! Christian Coalition commends confirmation of Janice Rogers Brown

Let us understand what Bush is up against in Iraq.

Things don't change much, do they.



"If the President does it, that means it is not illegal".Thus spake Nixon

Once again they've manipulated the press:Tom DeLay down memoryhole

Have republicans done anything "GOOD" for the country?

Post all Media links that PROVE DSM are TRUE, CNN, MSNBC, etc Here

Soldier added to (war) casualty list two years after suicide

Los Alamos,the whistleblower,THE BEATING ... where is the outrage?

Lieberman, the turncoat, at it again.

Certain Democrat Leaders calling for Dean to Apologize...should he?

Where can I find the number of jobs that have been outsourced since 2000?

The irony in Deans' remarks

More excellent LTTE in Newsday today!

Global Warming and The End Times

FBI officials document GIGANTIC TERRA CELL IN LODI!!

Creation "Science"

growsomeballsitis, prescribed by Doctor Howard Dean.

Pakistan's sexual outcasts at risk from HIV, says report


I really don't care what Dean said or Edwards or Biden

Operation Vengeance. Target: Diebold

Keep 'em coming, Dr. Dean!!!

Bush and his crew really like to 'fix' things....

This is wierd.

Hilarious call on C-Span yesterday

A question about sovereignty. Would you consider......

Great Cartoon--What if Watergate Happened Today??

Are mainstream newspapers losing circulation fast?

Was this what DU was like during the primaries, after the Dean "scream" ?

OMFG! Howard Dean and the DSM will help take these Bush Fascists out!

The 100 Worst Americans

I have a question

Elaborate Fraud

Medical Experts Disagree on Marijuana Ruling

Hey! I got a $0.41 (41 Cents) AMEX Credit for a Class Action Settlement!

Religious extremists plotting to undermine America, EXPOSED:

Work place political harassment?

SF Bay Area IT hiring expected to dip in Q3

Ed Schultz liberal talk show host bashing Dean ?

Interesting site, check it out, it's a site about fraud.

Typical neoconservative tripe

Gannon is back, and mentions Biden AGAIN

Whooping Cough Outbreak - Worst in 40 Years

Prepare to Scream

"Turning Point On the War?" from "Editor and Publisher"

How would this country be different if JFK, RK, and MLK had not been

Walmart may be violating ADA law - DRA is investigating -- deaf people..

(Condi) said, are you going to pay attention to the continent of Africa?

Who knew the House was debating withdrawing from WTO

Real photo of the men pulling down the statue of Saddam at the beginning o

Conyers: New Goal on DSM: Half a Million Signatures

Is anyone watching Bush defend the Patriot Act?

For Bush and Blair, The Honeymoon Is Over

Broken promises leave three million children to die in Africa

so I guess it is NOT true that republicans are mostly white Christians

For Bush and Blair, The Honeymoon Is Over (but is it?)

Anyone hear * say "terrifieders" in a speech yesterday?

Sandra Day O'Connor for Chief Justice?

Abercrombie & Fitch, haberdasher to hell

I found Colin Powell to be very convincing.


Kipling on Bush* "disassembling"

Stockholders versus workers et al

U.S. Media Shamed By British Journalist

Conservative Phone Company Exploits Wedge Issues for Profit

In Defense of Dean

Congress Moves to Cut U.N. Funding By Up to a Half (who needs Bolton?)

Another interesting view on Dr. Dean's "white Christian party" comment

DINO Joe: Dean's comments were "way over the top"

The "ownership" society? Is that when a small group owns it all?

If there is a terrorist attack to sell Iran War how will public react?

Lodi "terrorists" and Bush call to renew Patriot Act connection?

94 Senators don't seem to give a fuck about Human Rights.

I'm sick of watching Buxh write away our freedom

Dean' statements weren't great, but the 'criticism' is getting to be worse

Theoretical question: genetic engineering & christo-fascist mindset


WTF is going on here?

I know of NOONE, WITH A BRAIN, who cares about Michael Jackson...

What is Nancy Pelosi introducing re the Ethics Committee?

If the DLC tries to oust Dean as chair, he could totally run in 2008!

Wow people are finally learning - who ever wouda thunk it?

Interest-only real estate loans potential traps

I'm gonna let Harry Truman say one thing about Dean.

Ok a new open letter to Jon Stewart, fire your booking agent!!!!

House voting on hiring professional Non-partisans to work for the Ethics

Altertson's Allows Pharmacists to Refuse Prescriptions

I'm curious to know why Colin Powell was on 'The Daily Show' last night.

Need photos of empty Wal-Marts in your towns

Has Jon Stewart even mentioned the Down Str Minutes?

Conundrum: Hardcore Republicans, but otherwise really intelligent.

Msnbc poll Should the gov intervene if

I can't send an email to Nancy Pelosi! WHY????

I never thought we'd have to start a petition against our own Democratic

Fear of a Beige Planet: One in Seven in US is Hispanic

Resign or tell the truth? I think i'll quit

Dems will lose the Downing St. Memo -- they're too partisan.

OECD conference delays anti-Semitism resolution over wording

Media suffering "Iraq Fatigue" says Newsweek WH Senior Correspondent

MSNBC Live Vote: Should the U.S. shut the Guantanamo Bay prison camp?

(rightwing) Phone Company Exploits Wedge Issues for Profit

Thought: When we DO impeach *, the world will regain total respect for us.

We're not after "impeachment" - we're only after the truth...

Has Jon Stewart brought the DSM?

If you support Bush,join the military.

Knight Ridder Info / Downing Street Minutes

Contribute to John Conyers

Trump on FOX

How do you get openness to closing Gitmo out of this?

Coming soon...Watergate II

can the people who "ReWrote" the Global Warming research paper

I enjoy Dean's honesty

Centrist blogger asks when is it okay for a "moderate" to go "radical?"

Winger wedge: Medical Marijuana decision appalls "true" conservatives

New petititon - please sign, share with others, and recommend:

If/when DSM is addressed by Bush, which story will the media...

American Mercenaries fire at U.S. Marines, Iraqi Civilians

Did Michael Savage attack Dean last night?

Just a reminder...

I Don't Belong to an Organized Political Party. I'm a Democrat

How much mileage will pugs get out of our infighting about Dean?

About the DSM.

The "Anybody But Bush" Political Strategy: A Miserable Failure

Just got a call from the "Republican Opinion Committee"

Old breaking news: the death of environmentalism

DSM Dissemination Idea

Houston man sues Pfizer for Viagra blindness

"I have never given anyone hell. I just tell the truth, ...

Should we start a pink-tutu campaign?

Colin Powell betrayed me!

If forced to emigrate, can we see comparative analysis of destinations?

After Lowering Goal, Army Falls Short on May Recruits

Borowitz is HILARIOUS today

Dr. Dean Rocks my WORLD!

Americans turn against Bush and a war on Iraq that is getting nowhere

Letter to John Gibson (FauxNews)

Go for it, Leahy.

Beautiful tribute to Marty Jezer

Special Olympics Investigated for Use of Performance-Enhancing Hugs

WP (Froomkin): The Foxnewsified Bush interview (no Iraq!)

Bush using Feinstein as cover to defend the Patriot Act...

Fox: Solid U.S. economic growth helped create 600K new millionaires in '04

Kerry lost because of Mena

How long before the Democratic Party Powers That Be cut Dean loose

Send this cartoon to all the Vichy Democrats

Shark Story Alert On CNN!

CNN's Security Watch is a "Fear Factor"...

This Bush dink in the White House? Not my president.

Thank you Senator Chuck Schumer!!!

The Confederate Flag Racist...OK...What About the Saint George Cross?

CNN online poll-- should the PATRIOT Act be renewed?

Pilot survives Iraq only to be killed at home during truck theft

President John Conyers in 2008??

Smartest thing to do right now: Send DNC $$ and use energy/voice for DSM

Cynthia McKinney speaking on the floor CSPAN

We don't need a deep throat, we need a Woodstein.and Bradley

Desperate for Work, Blind to Dangers(Halliburton's injured workers)

Bozo's Grandson Drafted!

Oliver North: Traitorous Criminal, or

When you look up "Patriot" in the dictionary:

Christian Coaliation condemns Dean: "He DISPARAGED CHRISTIANS!"

CNN's poll today: Should the Patriot Act be renewed?

241,000.... SIGNATURES!!!!!! WOW

DU Optimists -- What drives you???

Poll: The Truth...

NEWS: Black Governor of Texas signs public bill at Buddhist temple

Global Warming and Hurricanes: #1

Imus this morning

Isn't that special?

Photos of the Bolivian Protests (part II)

Do you have Howard Dean's back?

GREAT EXPOSURE! The Downing Street Minutes are EXPLODING


Poll: What is the most divisive force in this country

OK, I just gotta go beat my head against a wall or something...

People Making History in Bolivia

Report: Helms apologetic on AIDS, not segregation (Ewww...makes me sick)

He's in.

Did anyone hear that cigarette fines had been rescinded

PATRIOT ACT: "Making Our Community Safer!"

DSM Action alert for Thursday: Contact the MSM

Inside the Wire by Erik Saar and Viveca Novak

Uh OH! The freeps know about our plan to impeach!!

Clark/Conyers 2008

Pop Quiz. Why do conservatives hate democracy?

New York Review of Books to publish full DSM *TODAY*!

(surprising) LTTE from a fundy

if you are a white christian, were you offended by Dean's comments?

Ain't it time for a progressive Federalist Society?

Anybody else think Colin Powell's lying appearance on DS is galvanizing

JACKSON GUILTY! On all counts!

"The Internet Revolution" - definition 2

Pryor confirmed by Senate.......

Jon Stewart/Colin Powell "Spilled Milk"

CNN Stuns U.S. With Actual News

". . . accusations of the President's mendacity are out-of-order on the

Photos of the Bolivian Protests

VERY POTENT thoughts to consider regarding the Downing Street Minutes

ColOn (yes colon) Powell on TDS...he CAN'T tell the truth, nor can Blair

Are you glad our moderates saved the filibuster?

Israel unmasks spyware ring(suspect "falls"/ injuries while "questioned")

Downing Street Minutes Hearings and Rally

Anybody here NOT remember Watergate ??

It's gonna be ok , 'muricans!

Next thing you know REPUBS will say we want to ban the bible

If only this were true today...Dwight D. Eisenhower, 11/4/1954

OH My God - Never heard a smackdown like this before! - Bernie Ward

I'm Sorry, But Boycotts Just Don't Work For Me...

Bill O'Lielly's Videogate

Conyers: "We can't afford to stand by any longer"

toon and a poster.... miscalculation?

Downing Street Minutes Hearing by Congressman John Conyers on DK

Dean hit the nail on the head

Saudi Arabia: a template for the new Christian America?

"The UN is too corrupt..."

Blonde woman on MSNBC...?


If feminism = equal rights and opportunities for females and males...

Another piece of the puzzle.

Could you forgive Bush* or Rove or Condi if they did a 180?

BLUMENTHAL: Learning the chief lesson of Watergate - muzzle the press

so this big bad assed meteorite is gonna cruise

Guys, Downing St. Minutes is getting thousands of hits, because of YOU!!!

Seen what our buddy Mugabe has been up to?

Raw Story: Dems to hold hearings on DSM June 16th

Any Cryptographers at DU?

More and more companies reneging on pensions (AAR news)

Why don't Dems mention OIL when criticizing Bush's Iraq War?

Teamster President, James Hoffa, Praises Bush's Social Security Work!

I believe Iraqi War should be referred to as "Bush's War"

Harvard grads play "Russert Bingo"


Anyone tyring to listen to Bob Kincaid?

Need help with a quote please.

Calling all British! How do you define "fixed around?"

Listened to Obama's Convention speech again today

Has anybody else noticed a reduction in RW e-mail?

Do you personally know anyone who favors a war with Iran?

Question about moveon web servers? Count bounces backwards

"Dem Wimin-Hater's Club." Is there one?

Do you think average Republican voters are bad people?

Matt Lauer on The Daily Show tonight

MEANS OF COMMUNICATION: professor or preacher?

Is the intensity of America's fear of crime and criminals unreasonable?

What I don’t get about the “Lodi terrorists” arrest

Dividends from our big "Filibuster Compromise Win", Part III

Day 2 - CBS "ignores the DSM story"....shocking news

Howard Dean and Brent Bozell

Sounds like it could be a good book

Has Dean said anything about memo?

If we don't act, there will not be a Democratic party left.

Howard Dean is an Extremist and a Racist (Long Post Alert)

Mad Cow Disease. ..Are you a walking time bomb?

Atrios' Donations are up to...

Damn... I wish I'd said that...

2-Year-Old Found Dead In Day-Care Van

TV show depicts 9/11 as Bush plot

Family Values? CNN: Porn star candidate to attend GOP dinner

John Conyers ... I love you!

Why do the two Maine Senators act more like Democrats then Democrats?

Newsmax and Washington Times are players behind the Dean push

Why Don't Repukes Disown LIMBO Like "Dems" Do DEAN?

Fwd: It's Time to Support Those Who Always Support Us

Ralph Nader calls for Bush impeachment- live on WPR now.

I just watched "Team America, World Police"....

CNN Alert: Pentagon about to lie about Tillman's killing...

An interesting Bev Harris post on Free Republic

Urge Congress to Reform PATRIOT, Not Expand It!

The Depths to Which the MSM has Sunk

HELP!!! I need 10,000 condoms and money!!!

Why Did John Kerry Lose In 2004?

Starring George W. Bush As Dr. Jekyll AND Mr. Hyde (Graphics Warning)

Why are Democrats telling Dean to shut up?

I thought long waits for routine healthcare in Canada were a myth?

Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Liberal Input Needed On

Brown: Liberalism is slavery and a license to steal.

Conyers is on with Randi now!

Want to really piss off the DLC/RNC/MSM?

A Huge Thank You to All of you who shed blood, sweat and tears

Passed the 300,000 mark!!!!!!!!! n/t

Scared Straight?

Will someone please tell me the point??

Maybe Dean's onto something here

Who is the bigger threat to the Democratic Party?

Which is more Ironic AND just plain dumb sounding?

Another dot? Dr David Kelly WMD expert, found dead...(DSM)

Goebbels Would Be So Proud >>>

Comments from RNC Chairman and others. Talk about Hate Speach?

Thursday Toonarama

Don't the Repubs call THEMSELVES a "White Christian Party"?

DSM: Moveon's call to action in support of Rep. Conyers' petition

Nonfiction readers: Anyone want to "join" the DU nonfiction book club!?

I have been disappointed in Obama since he took office...

Why aren't we protesting at the Michael Jackson circus?

Strong Job Market Hurting Recruiting

"President" bush; Drafting the Dead.

Does Dean's blunt talk about GOP help or hurt Democrats?

Say what you want about Bev Harris, but at the beginning it was all good.

According to CNN, GOP is 82% White Christians

Dr Dean...I humbly submit that

Is the GOP a White Party? Let's take a look at Congress?

Mugshots of "alleged" shoplifters who ran over my friend John; now dead.

One Last Time : THERE ARE NO SLEEPER CELLS! It's Propaganda!

Here's a new sticker to pass out to everyone you see:

Anyone notice a big increase in "God" shows on tv?

"I don't think you can sue your way to policy"-* circa 2000!

An open letter to Jon Stewart

Black Republican Senators and House Members condemn Howard Dean comments

FWIW, I think Plaid Adder nailed it re: Dean

What's wrong the the Air America feed?

Who benefits if Amtrak stops running in some states?


Barack Obama to Dr. Dean: "Tone it down."

OK, you've signed John Conyers' petition, what else can you do?

Caption this * pic...

Obama answered my email about the Downing Steet Minutes!! You MUST read!

OUTRAGEOUS quotes about the "sanctity of marriage"!!!

John Conyers: New Goal on DSM: 500,000; Moveon joins the fray!

OK folks, Here is what a REAL Newspaper Does -- Kicks Serious Ass

Cynthia McKinney says Bush's War-Dead count is actually more than

The Rude Pundit: "Howard Dean Will Fuck Your Shit Up"

MoveOn is whoopin on cuckoobananas

All right, two things (about Howard Dean, I mean).

Downing Street Minutes Hearings and Rally June 16th in DC

On a cooking jag today

I love Butter Beans

Unconstitutional to prevent private care in Que.: top court

Private Eye fans: Bliss! Bliss, I tell you!

Benefit Fraud

Another Mexican police chief shot on U.S. border (Reuters)

Katy soldier added to war casualty roster

Marines arrest US contractors (for shooting US forces)

HPD denies mistreating Halliburton protesters

New Terror Camp?

Feds Charge Father, Son With al-Qaida Link (Lodi, CA)

U.S. Overvalued Everglades Land Rights by $80 Mln, Report Says

Democrats hope to use Harris Senate bid for governor's race boost

NY SUN: "Policy on Syria Moves Toward Regime Change"

Straw and Solana visiting Baghdad

House Ethics Standstill Stalls DeLay Decision (WAPO)

Back in Basra (One year later what Iraqis are saying)

NYT,pg1,lead: Leaders of Iraq Back Militias, Widening Rift With Sunnis

BBC - Acquittal of 9/11 suspect upheld (Germany)

Kaptur Alerts Colleagues of Unfolding Scandal (Coingate)

Global spending on arms tops $1 trillion

Why do feds want fewer penalties for big tobacco?

Bush aide 'edited climate papers'

US banker murder case enthrals Hong Kong

Iraq: U.S. Said To Be Holding Talks with Sunni Guerrillas

Religious hatred bill published: BBC

Bush Urges Congress to Renew Patriot Act

State G.O.P. Rebuffs Senator Who Sees Gay Republicans as "Disloyal"

Bush ready to consider alternatives to Guantanamo

Army's recruiting problems 'like having a persistent drought'

Fiery Dean deepens rift in his party

Bush stops short of terror aid for Turkey

Noriega's game plan in Bolivia exposed

Changing course on ATVs,consumer safety chief considers more gov't restric

Ralph Nader calls for Bush impeachment- live on WPR now.

Taft's office told in October about $225 million loss

Interest-only real estate loans potential traps

LAT: It's Insurance a la Cart: Costco Stores to Market Health Plans

Rumsfeld plays down idea of closing Guantanamo

California schools drop plans to hold graduations at church

Israel's first crematorium opens

Michael Jackson: Does anyone care?

Houston man sues Pfizer for Viagra blindness

City losing 169M in 9/11 funds

Conyers says joins Downing Street memo petition drive

Thursday, June 09: Dean Calls Uproar a 'Diversion' (Reid comments)

North Korea has nuclear bombs, building more: official

The Sunday Times: Downing Street minutes that lasted for months

U.S. House Dems Announce Additional Hearings on Patriot Act Abuses!

Latest Confirmed Nominee Sees Slavery in Liberalism

(Afghanistan) -- Kidnapped Italian aid worker released (Xinhuanet)

UAW jobs in peril; fear grows at Delphi (DetFP)

NYT: Latest Confirmed Nominee (Brown) Sees Slavery in Liberalism

Italy hostage released in Kabul

Tulsa Park Board Approves New Exhibit At The Tulsa Zoo

Mexican police chief killed after 9 hours on job

The more TV kids watch, the more confused they get about which food to eat

Court: Amgen within rights to deny drug

House Judiciary to hold hearings on Downing Street Minutes

First lady urges adults to become mentors

Conyers schedules Downing minutes hearings for next Friday

Gunmen Kill Mexican Border City Police Chief During First Day on Job

Sunnis given 25 seats on Iraqi (Constitutional) committee


Major Political Scandal Unfolding in Ohio (Illegal Bush Contributions)

5-month jet orders put Boeing in boom period

Latin States Shun U.S. Plan to Watch Over Democracy (Condi loses again)

Ex-Broker Sihpol Is Acquitted on 29 Counts


VOTING PROBLEM (25% added to bush's total in township)

Philly Schools to Require African History

Rumsfeld plays down idea of closing Guantanamo

Schroeder sticks to 1 July no-confidence vote

Number of millionaires jumps

Man accused of selling secrets to Iraq says he's U.S. agent

In evangelical world, a liberal view steps up

9-11 terror suspect Mzoudi acquitted by high court (Germany)

U.S. Wants Gitmo Prisoners Held at Home

Poll: Support Seen for Patriot Act Extension

House Judiciary Democrats to hold hearings on Downing Street minutes

Canada court paves way to more private health care


Rueters: Bolivian troops kill miner (Troops say they did not)

2-Year-Old Found Dead In Day-Care Van

EU vows Iraq divisions healed on 'historic' Baghdad visit

Investment scandals overshadow Bush visit to Ohio

Senate approves Pryor for court, nears end of deal

Army Relaxes Recruiting Rules

Tory support plummets (Canada)

Student teacher says (coerced) prayer complaint cost her diploma

BBC (late Thursday): Bolivia suspends Congress session

Former President Carter endorses Cafta (Dont undercut fragile democracies)

Who will be Bush's Supreme Court nominee? (MSNBC)

White House: Syria Developed 'Hit List' to Regain Control of Lebanon

(U.S.) Lawmaker's book finds "incompetence" at CIA (NYT/ IHT)

White House releases Patriot Act "Fact Sheet"....

Bush Renews Veto Threat for Highway Bill

Britain may tell drivers to pay $2.30 per mile

The Sunday Times: Washington confronts 'memogate' (Downing Street)

Kerry and Waxman Call for GAO Investigation Of Manipulated Climate Change

Obama Says Dean Using 'Religion to Divide'

Honoring the dead while opposing the war (mobile monument salutes dead)

Returning soldier charged in pipe bomb incident

INS building evacuated!

Another Downing St Memo – Wrongfooting Saddam

TV show depicts 9/11 as Bush plot

Esprit de Gore (feature length climate change documentary to star Al Gore)

Military - No cover up in Pat Tillman's death - reported on CNN

UN Alert As Nuclear Plans Go Missing (Blueprints feared up for sale)

The DSM Memo : Extensive Report on CNN

Phila. school mandate: African history

Federal Panel Backs Texas Redistricting

Protesters in Bolivia take over 7 oil fields

Family Sues Over Bible Study Ban During Recess

Bush to visit Ohio today amid political firestorm for state GOP

Reid: No documents, no Bolton

Texas Has Big Plans for Bush Pres. Library (W will do faith-based work)

Canadian Court Chips Away at National Health Care

Reuters: Economy on fairly firm ground - Greenspan

Biden: More foreigners, especially Saudis, fighting U.S. troops in Iraq

OH Dem says BWC scandal ilegalities put PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN QUESTION

New documents link Cuban militant Posada Carriles to airliner bombing

Judge refuses to delay Killen trial(1964 Mississippi Civil Rights Murders)

CNN: (TULSA, OK) Zoo to feature creationism display

Christian Coalition Condemns Howard Dean for "Racist Remarks"....

Helms Apologetic on AIDS, Not Segregation, in Upcoming Memoir

Wish i was... too dead to cry...

Random puppys

Anyone else having trouble with gmail

Everybody's going to the party have a real good time.

List 5 essential movies and/or TV show DVDs from your collection

If yvr girl is the new progmom and hfojvt is the new yvr girl...

Everyone who was interested in sponsoring expatriot for the DU Cruise


Everyone who was interested in the DU Cruise,

Today is my DU birthday

Name this quote:

It's official, as of now it is my graduation day.

I am going to bed... all who love me go to this poll and vote YUMA!!!!

I am going to Yuma... all who love me go to bed and vote in this POLL!!!!

any alternatives to Cafepress?

I'm jealous of the person, and if your a gamer your jealous too.

I saw the new Batman film tonight

miscalculation - toon as a poster....

I got into work early - ask me anything

Seattle Officials Threaten To Bulldoze Boyhood Home Of Jimi Hendrix

Klan Offers Reward In Cross Burning Case

evidence of our founding fathers' original intent

A first for 3-times married Jennifer Lopez: A first aniversary

She must really hate the comic strip Peanuts

Suspended from school for farting?

Republican family Values

Porn Star To Make Appearance At President Bush Event

is it cheating if i give you a Lap dance?

It's like a yellow balloon

Name this easier quote:

Woman Not Allowed At State Poker Tour - Unless She Posed In Bikini

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

Naked Man Wearing Mask, Fondling Sunbathers At NH Beach

The tales of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

Would asking, "Who do you think is the best lover on DU?"

Be honest with yourself about one thing in this post .


Fairies wear boots, now ya gotta believe me...

The coffee's working

"Michael Jackson supporter conducts children's choir outside courthouse"


Do an image search for your favorite color.

Thai teenager gives birth at 140 kph

I just had a "WTF?" moment, these people are NOT Christians.

Stuff You Want To Know.

¿Okay who thinks THIS is going to work?

It's a bleepin' miracle! (cat-related)

Jackson fans' message to Michael: "You make us better." WTF???

Obese Woman Cited For Not Wearing Seat Belt

What was the coolest job you ever had?

Proud to be what?

Ok, DU! I will be leaving very shortly for a few days!

I can't sleep in this heat.

Boom goes the dynamite.

I think CNN has seen the light: "Michael Jackson: Does anyone care?"

Vatican starts Sun worship

Russian Man Hammers Nail Into Head After “Hearing Voice”

i've never taken an airLine fLight. if you haven't either, check in.

'Mummified' bodies found in Moscow flat

What did I miss? What did I miss?

I say everyone in the Lounge should sneak over to GD, start 1 Dean thread

Mom Barley, Mom Barley, I hate the world.

Urine sales soar as workers dodge drug tests

Piss test coming up? Do this:

re: "nerds" and "lovers"

Stray Dog Disrupts Church Service - Priest Has Dog Killed

Giant chair set up on Hampstead Heath

Tom Cruise to Aussie TV reporter: "OK, just put your manners back in"

Alone in the clouds of blue

I love being single.

Squirrel paté dished by protests

Q: What states on the east coast sell fireworks?

Happy Birthday-Natalie Portman, Johnny Depp, Michael J. Fox

What's in the Box?

"Heteroflexible", "Go Commando", Added To British Dictionary


My husband says I'm crazy

help with sig

Just want to toss out a random, totally unnecessary "Ron Howard SUCKS!"

Is it just me, or is 13 years a long time to wait for a funeral?

Post your favorite quote by or about Michael Jackson here!

It's starting to thunder. There's a storm rolling in.

Man murdered for cyber sabre

Maybe this video is too serious for the Lounge, but I thought it was

Let's drum Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska out of the party!

Free Association: Prime-Time Rhyme-Time Thread!

I need a posse

The Flaming Lips - The Fearless Freaks (DVD)

Today In History: June 9

What is your favorite troll behavior?

Woman wishes suicidal people would jump in their own neighborhoods

Death from Ritalin - the truth behind ADHD.

Absent-mindedness is good for your cardiovascular health!

Does the Lounge make you horny?

My kids bought this for their NJROTC Commander

Misty, foggy and cool

OK, let me get this straight...

Dalek Kidnappers Demand Instructions From The Doctor - BBC

Here's a little surprise.

FREE KATIE T-Shirts now available in three colors!

Silly me.... it wasn't menopause, it's a fibroid

Woohoo! The feds are gonna pay me over $7,800 to fence my farm!

Has anyone else ever had this problem before?

UFO star and political activist Ed Bishop "Straker' 1932-2005

I'm bored. Entertain me.

OK so the Tivo Series 2 140hr are on sale. Same price as the 80hr

Teen Trying to Kill Snake Shoots Himself

Euphemisms for self-abuse....

B.B.C. Newsnight Joke fit for an eleven year-old

This Iraqi postcard pretty much says it all...

Do you believe in spanking your SO?

Move along. There's nothing to see here.


Feeling a little catty? Time to play "What's Pickles Wearing?"

Props to the art director at Rolling Stone...check out the June 2 cover

Definition of Irony...

Crisp & Juicy

Without the mods, would the Lounge be like Lord of the Flies?

I just won $2 million

Will spanking a monkey be illegal in Boston soon?

Look at the puss on him...what do you suppose he's thinking?...

Jesus Christ on a potato chip

Michael Jackson: Does anyone care?

Groaner of the day...

Sorry for my indiscretion.

Stripper Pitbulls Spank Tom Cruise in Boston

Are strippers the new pit bulls?

Bye-bye troll. And thanks to the Powers that Be. n/t

My 14,000 post

Is Ned Flanders keeping George Bush in the White House?

Oh how I love Hide A Thread

Ever seen matcom riding a "horsey"?

Cop Bolts "Loud Amish Party" After Facing Cussing Amish Kids

You're rock candy, baby. You're hard, sweet, and sticky!

Anyone listening to Allen Orr on Al Franken?

Is broken?

Totally utterly cool optical illusion web site

What is the name of the website with the joke romance novel covers?

Argh I have a sty!

Where can I report a violation of MPAA policy?

Quick, grab your flaming pitch forks! We got us a democrRAT who voted to

Freeps are fixated on us because...

UK cop faces consequences after posing for lad mag (pics)

Costco find of the week- Ramones: End of the Century DVD.

puppy pics!

IE Gets Tabbed Browsing, Maintains Suckitude

Wildflower pictures for jswordy


BEST performance by an actor being stuffed into a wood chipper

#1 in the UK!!! Bingg da da ding ding

Hey, I need the name of an expensive brand of fountain pen

What would it take to spend the night with Jacko at the Neverland Ranch?

HOWARD the duck vs Jimmy DEAN sausage

Wow! Is this the new CNN reporter?

Pssst....Hey, let's go TOILET PAPER GD. Who's in?

Are Laplanders cheating?

Can anyone here translate Italian?

Is there anything worse than Gene Simmons' solo record?

Which profession is more sickening

Circumcision patient wakes up to discover ears removed.

Yay I just got hired

CNN's reporter, Jennifer Eccleston is nuts to report from Baghdad.

Denial: It's not just a river in Egypt, sweetie

Thank you email/note after an interview - still a good idea?

I am DONE with!!!

"So. What makes you think you have what it takes to be a cook at Eatzi's?"

The "Pissants' Pissing Contest" CAPTION

Brain surgery patient wakes up to discovery wrong side of head operated on

Headline of the Day--Flakes suspended after drug charge

Who is still awake ?

Who wants to be breastfed? Step right up


Did Howard Dean say something?

Are giant tomatoes supposed to scream when you slice them?

My 42nd Post.: I know the answer

Which one BEST describes your personality?


I'm eating all my nephew's after school snacks.

Bill Clinton gets prank called by finder of Jimmy Buffet's lost cell

We're Going Camping This Weekend. I've Never Been To A NUDIST Campground!

I prefer my milk from...

She's like an onion.

A moral

It was only a matter of time before the "Free Katie" merchandise appeared.

Batman: Democrat or Republican?

patience is a virtue

"Going commando" makes Collins English Dictionary (others too)

Headlines we'd like to see. June 9th, 2005. (Nudist Edition)

"DU is not the appropriate place to obtain or dispense breastmilk."

Flordia baby-boom 9 months after hurricanes....

I'm eating all my nephews. After school snacks.

Star Hustler - Jack HORKHEIMER

I am neither pomme nor poulet. Are you pomme or poulet?


Ay Caramba! "Simpsons" Movie Going

People are finding out now about Congressman Conyers...

fun with AUTOFILL - post something from your subject history

How Pathetic


It's F-ing official! I'm having a party. Wanna come and get wet?

For my 5000th post, I invite DU to photoshop me.

Okay, if you have a Kerry sticker on your car, please obey traffic laws

Choose your violet death

Do you mind if I go to the bathroom?

Post in this thread for FREE!!!

I should have thunk this up!

You wanna know about stripclubs? I'll tell ya about stripclubs...

Worst Album Covers of all Times...

Mary Chapin Carpenter was OUTstanding Last Night !


JACKSON GUILTY! On all counts!

I thought I was going to die this morning... what do you think was wrong?

What's more peripatetic?

Actually it's a quarter to Time to Support those Who Have Always...

"Perry Neal" t'aint a good name for a boy

When life hands you Gladys Kravitz as a neighbor...

What's more pathetic?

Most number of days, in past year, you have gone without DU

If this shit keeps up, I'm going to go back to Europe...

Did you ever watch someone run thru a fake tunnel that you painted

Texas Girl With Cancer Taken From Parents

Comcast rant

Straight/Bi Ladies & Gay/Bi Men: Do you enjoy male strip clubs?

Any of you NYers familiar with Eddie's Pizza in Brooklyn?

As Ricky Ricardo would say: "Whadda hunka woman!!"

Ya know, ever since this Dean stuff blew up in the press

Would you use this South African anti-rape device?

Lily the cat at work (some sad news, a bit of good news)

How do I scam the scammer without breaking the law?

Trying to decide whether to sign the Conyers petition

Dang I'm Thirsty!

Which icon could you live without?

Do you ever forget where you are?

Hey y'alll Jimmy Carter is gonna get it in don't walk

Have you ever flown UNITED?

Have you ever flown DIVIDED?

This could be Michael Jackson's new home

New elephant hat photos ***warning***

The Nightly "Let's Entertain Mel" Thread!!

Do you pick your friends while driving?

Esquire Story: The Falling Man (9/11 Essay)

Question. Would you drive 3 hours to .......hummmmm?

Watching Senators milling about on the floor during a vote

Funniest product name I've seen in quite a while.

A box from the Acme Products Corporation was just delivered

I just listened to Paul Anka covering "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

I'm grumpy.

If a woman says nothing is wrong, EVERYTHING is wrong,

I think I love Maisy the mouse!!!

If you walkaway, walkaway...I walkaway, walkaway...i will..

Do you pick your nose while you're driving?

I'm a Billy Jack liberal...


They're Republicans... Of course they lie.

What are men who frequent strip clubs?

Does being a star in the adult movie industry make one immoral?


Adult babies? Would you drive 3 hrs. to breastfeed with a porn star?

I'm listening to Buddy Rich covering The Beat Goes On

If a Democrat lies...

I just scared the crap out of myself...well not literally...

Ladies! Here it is "The Man Song!" Just for you! (dialup warning)

Wingnut I work with just lied to me about being in the Army

I just watched a 5 minute blurb about Bush, and he didn't screw up!!! WTF?

Confidence is....

What is your favorite Cary Grant movie?

I'm watching 'Monster' again. Charlize acts her ass off in this one

What is the most inexcusable love song of all time?

"Pretty Todd" t'aint a good name for a boy, nuther

Don't you hate when you write a whole long reply

Imagine if people could replicate themselves in life like sockpuppets.

Columnist Says Nerdy Guys Make Better Lovers

Choose your ignominious death

Choose your violent death

Simon & Garfunkel fans: What does "Parsley, sage, rosemary and time" mean?

Straight/Bi Guys & Lesbian/Bi Ladies: What do you think about strip clubs?

What horrible thing are you bringing across the Canadian border with ease?

Should being a moderator in the Lounge be a paid position?

DU Men: Have you ever grown a beard?

To: All Staff ... Subject: CAR WINDOWS DOWN

Happy Birthday, Frances Gumm

Imagine if cats had opposable thumbs - they'd fricking rule the world

I Just Lost My Job

A Bear Just Walked Through My Front Yard

Sister Rosa Refried .. where for art thou?

Will Pitt, Jolie spark magic at the box office

Did you ever run off a cliff and hang there in the air.

Best Australian actress

Question. Would you drive 3 hours to ...ummmmmm

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Cats! Your Superheroes! Here!

Cast your superheros here

Now THAT's a car stereo!

Since is turning into the gd GD, I came here to ask

Did anyone else forget to eat food on 9/11/01?

Ask A Plumber!

What sucked most about middle school/junior high?

Post here if you can post in emoticons only.

Who knew bunnies were so complicated?

Request for romance advice

anyone interested in a "get your war on" tshirt womens small. brand new

TV star killed in attempt to rescue hedgehog

ISO MassPIRG people, Worcester Canvass 1987/8

So, what race of people are you as it relates to Star Trek...any series

strippers are

You people!!!!!!!!!!! *shaking fist in rage*

Poll: The Truth...

Has anybody gotten the new ACME catalog?

54 Year Old Man Lives Life As Two Year Old Girl (yes, PICS enclosed)

How about a new picture thread.

Post here and I will respond in a rant.

Make up a good porn name...

Were Cheech and Chong's movies ever funny?

Michael Jackson Jury Results: How Will They Find Him? Hung Jury?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio (AZ) comes to the rescue

100 women in Nepal dance naked Issues Donor Alert for Benny Hinn

Jesus and Leviticus, a tale of progressivism

Opus Dei show...

Scientologists distort Buddhist history

Porn makes sperm better swimmers

Drug may help anorexia sufferers: study (not new news, but new study)

Close encounter with a comet set for Independence Day

Family Pride to honor lesbian "Postcards from Buster" family, Provincetown

Canadian Police Launch Hate Crime Probe Of Anti-Gay Leader

Nebraska AG Appeals Anti-Gay Amendment Ruling

Theologian Challenges Pope To Rethink Church's Position On Gays

Episcopal Church Faces New Gay Challenge

Do intersex people have a place in the GLBT community?

Gay Students Win $300,000 Harassment Suit

Nick Burns Blasted by Community for Writing “Why Bi Guys Aren’t For Me"

Nevada Passes Limited Gay Rights Bill

Rev. Fred Phelps Counter-Protest ...Tracy,CA ... Sat, June 11, 2005

Conservative Jews Maintain Anti-Gay Policy

Royals now 6-2 under Buddy Bell

BIG TEN BEATS PAC-10 in College World Series!

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict that the Yankees . . .

Decrease athlete's salary's?

Neely gets the call, he's headed to hockey's Hall

Dauphiné today: Vinokourov tops Mont Ventoux, Leipheimer maintains GC lead

Pics of my new foster kitten

Screeching and biting! (bird)

Rare white buffalo born at ranch

VINDICATION (For the skeptics in the house)

Heads up if your in Tulsa

Religious extremists plotting to undermine America, EXPOSED:

Kerry funded ad to begin airing (in Delay's district)

New Kerry email - Their arrogance, our patience.

Kerry and Waxman Call for GAO Investigation Of Manipulated Climate Change

Anyone just hear Oliphant on Franken's show?

CJR Daily: The Not-So-Swift Records for Truth

I need a RANT thread!

Playing "What if. . .?" Election 2004 Edition

At least somebody who finds somebody else to blame than Kerry -

I am furious

Photo manipulation Challenge

This has nothing to do with photography, but

Just a little raincloud over my neighborhood...

Delete, pass to Bot, by one minute

Quitmo for Gitmo: Countdown Newsletter 6/9/05

KOEB 6/9/05

"Olbermann uses gimmicks that work" (Houston Chronicle)

lookie look what I sent the local paper (note to mods


To Senator Feinstein

Democracy in action: Protest the New York Times

Another Site Says Any U.S. Adult Can Get Medical Care

Somebody enlighten me

We're getting through, but they still need to hear from us!

Dean Apologizes - SATIRE

WTF is up with Barack Obama?

Jerome Corsi stretches the facts until they scream...

I say we put our money on the table.

Hoekstra (R-MI) on C-SPAN now re:Intelligence Committe

MORE McClellan spin: White House returns $4K to a $100K "Pioneer"

WAMC (NPR station) fighting Bush admin - fund drive this week

Conyers Leads Fight Against More NeoCon Agenda Items

I sense the media is just stalling, waiting for GOP instructions

Why the West's billions may end up in the wrong hands

Fox Democrats

Americans turn against Bush and a war on Iraq that is getting nowhere

The social costs of war

An Essay on Opposing War and the Right......

Imagine if Richard Clarke came out today with his revelations....

Screw USA Today, really...

Dem Racine ponders US Senate run against Sanders in VT

16 Americans & 3 Iraqi security contractors detained in Falluja

Domenici is concerned that a religious litmus test is being

This just makes me sick....

OHIO DUers: Check In !! RECALL TAFT !!!!

Dubya just said "we will never let down our guard"

Liberal Oasis: Stand Up For Dean and the DNC

White House redactions on tanker lease deal report raise ire

Damn Democrats (VT)

Will Saddam be “Noreigasized?”

Serious question here folks. I am very confused about something I've

Official bash REPUBLICANS instead of DEMOCRATS thread

Are Democrats planning to say anything on the floor today?

USA TODAY Sucks!!! DSM Report is a Joke

DeLay wants to drop provision to negotiate lower drug $ agreements

You can take the database with you on your ipod

ROFL!!! Well, Dean got their attention and now for Act II!!!

"Atrios Blows it Big Time.....Dean shiving c/o Sirling Newberry of "BOP"

Last chance: Oppose nominations of Judges Pryor and Brown

What the heck's going on in the HOUSE?

A Federal Judge Whacks Jeb

Time to show spine

Is Conyers planning a trip to London to question some people?

Bush Whore Powell on Daily Show still schilling for Bush!

Framing The Downing Street Debate

Please help with yet another idiot email

Dr. Dean is a big boy and can take care of himself today.

Jewish Republican's response to Dean -- anyone have a link?

Time to send a message: BOYCOTT USA TODAY

self_delete; meant for lounge

Why Dean's "Outspoken" Comments Are Good For Us

Stewart brought up Downing Street Memo, but didn't think to remind Powell

Ted Kennedy: a dose of truth

Colin Powell & Condi Rice said "no' WMD's in Iraq-2001

So, if * was impeached and convicted....

Gresham's Law...does it apply politically as well as economically ?

WHO IS THIS BASTARD on the floor

Let's call upon Lieberman to APOLOGIZE TO DEAN and the Democratic Party!

Fiery Dean deepens rift in his party

Root Cause Analysis

Jon Stewart is a ...

"Howard Dean Will Fuck Your Shit Up (Redux)"

dupe - please delete

"Pryor is worse than Brown" -- discuss.

Who will expose the Republican propaganda ?

Joe Lieberman calls on Dean to APOLOGIZE to the Republican party

Wes Clark's comments today on Schultz.....

My theory on Dean: cake and eat it too (what do you think?)

Report: Helms apologetic on AIDS, not segregation

Everyone who is dissing or not supporting Dean, questions:

Wes Clark will be on the Ed Schultz show today

I saw my first Get Out Of Iraq Now bumper sticker today.

LMAO! What's wrong with this statement?

What are the chances that Blair will turn on * ?

This RudePundit post on Howard Dean is a must-read. It's great!

The House just voted NO to withdrawing from the WTO.

Randi Rhodes: Mr Conyers to hold hearings June 16 and..

Wasn't A Judge Supposed To Be Voted Down Re: Filibuster Deal?

WTF is going on with these Democrats?

DNC: No Wonder the Republican Party Wants to Change the Subject

Excellent progressive issues survey: get involved!

30 Year Plan

So I got this piece of crap in my E-Mail..... (Andy Rooney sux)

Bill Pryor vote coming up in about 2 minutes

HR 1146 - Ron Paul is trying to end US involvement to the UN.

Now that the judicial hurdle is past, the Senate is abuzz just

Democrats beat Republicans on Values

Contact info for turncoat Dems attacking Dean.

Cynthia McKinney speaking on the floor CSPAN

Daniel Ellsberg on Iraq: a real American hero

Do you want to let the DLC know how you feel about their attacks on Dean?

Would you favor a primary system where first in the nation status

Levin is on whining and appealing for a sense of fair play

Dean Says Dems Going Ahead On Issues

Has anyone read "Iraq, Inc." ???

Representative Slaughter needs our help

Deans anti-GOP Rhetoric and Dem's Response I believe Is part of a strategy

What, specifically, is being done in the "Red" states

Nancy Pelosi supports Howard Dean.

One theme to counter Dean Attacks, we all must repeat it like...

Now is the time to compile a list of Congressional Republicans...

Sen. Harry Reid Defends Dean; Talks About Issues (VIDEO)

Bill Moyers has the answer to the problem....

Focus on the Patriot Act II

PLEASE READ: When Marine recruiters go way beyond the call


I support the appointment of an Independent Counsel to...

Begala exposes base hypocrisy of media dissing Dean on Inside Politics!

Graphic but powerful photo essay

Could someone give me a detailed rundown of the situation in Bolivia?


Does anyone have info on PBS, NPR and are they being compromised?

Please, please--everyone should just keep their opinions of

We've got to focus the party message on working class issues (a rant)

Clinton was impeached over lying about some head. Why can't

I contacted Biden, Feinstein, Richardson.

My thoughts on Howard Dean

The Myth that American People Do Not Care About *'s Iraq Lies

Anyone know what Repugs voted against Pryor? n/t

Reminder: Wes Clark supposed to be on Schultz 3:30 ET Today (Thurs).

URGENT!!! The "Attack Iran Plan" beginning to take shape!!!!

The message we need to get concerning Dean is UNITY.

The Myth That Populism & Anger Lose Elections

Gitmo = "Zero documented deaths from torture" hmmmm? Anyone?

June 2 issue of Rolling Stone

Face of neocon evil doer and new media control: Patricia de Stacy Harrison

Elizabeth Borg: The fight that won us the right to birth control

U.S. House Dems Announce Additional Hearings on Patriot Act Abuses!


Zell Miller: John Edwards "exploits class warfare, it's his only issue"

Who are the gutsiest Democratic leaders?

Dean backs up Harry Reid on the issues after their meeting today

If Dean is forced out will you go with him?

Laura Bush attends fake school? (wow! a new reality in Egypt)

Kerry and Waxman Ask GAO: Investigate Manipulation by WH of Global Warming

Did anyone tape the House proceedings today on C-SPAN?

Urge your Members of Congress to oppose expansion of the Patriot Act NOW!!

Estrich: Dean Not Ready for Prime Time

How many more judges are we going to let through?? 3 is too many!!!!!

Forget Dean: Keep your eye on the PATRIOT Act renewal

The number just keeps growing. Almost 325,000

US Denies French Fighters Emergency Landing Rights

Democratic leaders stand up for Dean

Conyers schedules Downing minutes hearings for next Friday

If we had a Democratic Party as far to the left as the Repubs are .....

Who are the toughest Dem politicos you can name?

What is "SKull and Bones"?

I listen To Michael Savage

Why are we all talking about Dean? Because we are supposed to.

Although things are looking worse for GWB, he's won every fight.

Why Feingold will be President in 08


Congressman Coble asks how has the Patriot Act affected you


Has anyone else noticed that those piling on Dean are all

FWD: It's Time To Support Those Who Always Support Us

Latest UN Data: 1.7 million Additional Deaths since 1991 Iraq/Gulf War!

Let's drum Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska out of the party!

250K SIGNATURES REACHED!!! Onward to 1/2 million+

Biden's in the Doghouse over Dean statements

30,000 in how long? Two hours.

How will Dean's remarks turn red states blue?

Video Of Last Night's Top 10 List - Shrub's Popularity