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Archives: April 1, 2006

While Fending Off DoJ Subpoena, Google Continues Longstanding Relationship

Rudy plea reveals Abramoff’s worldwide reach

Lucent-Alcatel Merger Faces Homeland Security Wrinkle

Outsourcers Could Play A Major Role In Federal Emergency Preparedness

E&P: While America Slept (Smackdown of Richard Cohen Flip Flop Iraq War)

Torture hunter's US quest

michael moore's seven questions for bush

Sept 11 left us with a host of questions.

Yucca Mountain chief predicts application in 2008, dump by 2020

Nuclear clean-up costs billions more (UK)

Bush 3/29/06 higher CAFE law regulations for SUV also kill State clean air

Hal, the Central Park Coyote, Dies

German Nuclear plant owners lose keys (to security areas )

Nuclear Reactor Shut Down in Florida

latest 9\11 news

New Times Derides Alternative Theories of Zebuhr's Shooting

simple question about 911

As long as this is the catch all for CTers, Catch this

HOW MANY glitch and hack stories in MSM will it take for people to get it?

Diebold Whistleblower Fired; His Wife Speaks Out

Senator Bob Graham,Congressman Delahunt, Mayor Madden of Weymouth

Scalia while allegedly hand gesturing uttered "vaffanculo!"

Logitech keyboard with paint chipping off keys!

What's a good Windows partition scheme?

I'll admit it... I voted for Gene Kelley

Global news in Toronto talking about Harper as a fashion disaster

Want to go to U.S.? Get passport, PM says

Delphi Asks Bankruptcy Court to Void Union Deals

Iran blames Britain for disturbances in oil region

Students marching again on Chavez birthday (CA ... & AZ IN KS NE NY NC ..

Inquiry into secret guns-for-Iraq deal

Delphi Asks Judge to Cancel Labor Contracts

U.S. auditors fault Pentagon on bang for buck

Sept. 11 families want more 911 tapes released

Canada severs diplomatic ties, aid, to Palestinians

Church fires photog over Scalia picture: Freelancer pay for 'right thing'

(Canadian) Tory MP retracts suggesting jailing bad journalists

Medicare mess hits Leavitt's[HHS Secretary's] parents

NYT/Reuters: US Auditors Fault Pentagon on Bang for Buck

WP: More White House Staff Changes Coming

Liberian warlord's son arrested in Miami (Charles Taylor, Jr.)

EPA May Weaken Rule on Water Quality

Iraq needs government now: Bill Clinton

NYT/Reuters: CIA Leak Figure Armitage Joins ConocoPhillips Board

WP: ABC Suspends Producer Over Bush-Bashing E-Mail

WP/AP: Libby Says Prosecutor (Fitzgerald) Trying to Keep Post

Who saw the Patty Hearst/SLA ep. on America Experience? It was great...

In 2 weeks I'm getting a new bed!!!


A couple short funny videos sent to me and dog video

a story about a donkey

Jorge Ramos is hot!


I am in love with the new Dr. Who

OMG - a murder of crows !

Who wants to play chess?

My bird's got spring fever........

Would you consider living in a communal situation? Simple lives based on

YAY! My shipment came!

Who's gonna watch "Saddam & the Third Reich" on History Channel?

Get your herk on, Lounge! I have 6000 herks—I mean, posts!

Herk recruitment post

I was laid 5 years ago

Bush admin is teambuilding by playing paintball during the break

Going out, all dressed up and my feet hurt already

Just took some cool sunset pics

How much does American Idol suck?

Superman's closet secret

Sometimes I just feel like eating chocolate.

I just can't say "no" to a groping...

Any ideas for a good birthday present for a five year old boy?





CNN Crossfire (1986)

I have no filter between my brain and my mouth...

April pranks


My dad's going to have bypass surgery.

Official "Just how could Basic Instinct 2 have sucked worse?" thread

24 days of rain in San Francisco this month - a new record.

Miracles DO happen.

I think I've figured out what

Dana Rohrbacher is a fucking idiot

Dang, what am I doing here? I should be out macking some fine ladies.


W00t! Baseball on the teevee!

Please: Stop marking library books(!)

Did the FCC get complaints about the profanity in live broadcasts on 9/11?

this popcorn sucks

Should I stay or should I go?

I just colored my hair for the very first time (I'm 43). Ask me anything.

I'm going to go make dinner.

What are you putting off right now?

Is America's Funniest Videos the least funny, most asinine show ever?

I've gained 450 MySpace friends in a month

I just had the STUPIDEST run, ever!

What size t-shirt do you think Lewis Black wears?


So, I found my significant other's cell phone bill.....

Obscure but fucking HILARIOUS Zappa reference in this thread

Contest: Make up a fantastic tale of how Hal The Coyote really died

My job hunt has grown a specific new detail.

New pics....of me.......Thought I didn't look too bad tonight, so here

I'm so thankful...for days like this

Last year on April Fools Day (Oasis)

Ptah is taking requests

My cat ran away. I have a question.

DUer Alien spawn (my kid!) made the Honor Roll!!

Have you ever worked or lived with a sociopath?

Welcome Hiro to DU!

give me your best trite homespun homily of encouragement

Is Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" the defacto stripper song?

Death is meant to be reviled and avoided.

A History of Women's Ordination as Rabbis

Study: Less Sleep Ups Obesity Risk

CPAP May Reverse Cardiac Symptoms in Sleep Apnea

Food Safety-POUCH container- safe?

Neutrinos have mass

Conferences Slated to Equip Pastors, Laity for Ministry to Homosexuals

Gay and Lesbian Partners Not Unlike Straight Married Couples

Norcross church wants ‘tough love’ for gays

BMW Ads in Gay Media

Parents, lesbian partner battle over estate

Study: “Hostile society leads to gay depression”

Focus on the Family Dumps Wells Fargo


My cat has to take steroids for the rest of his life.


What are YOUR special requests? (A fun, Friday night question.)

Happy News from a Sestak event

Tweety making false statements

I just spent a ton of time retooling my Journal sidebar

Kerry Blasts Bush Administration on Small Business Development Oversight

These were taken two day apart.

Found a nice article about Keith

KOEB 3/31/06 Censure Hearing Edition + Happy Birthday Countdown

Keanu Reeves: 'Some of the ladies' don't mind rape

Gee, d'ya think racism stains the immigration debate? Read this...

Schumer's resolution analyzed

Panel Calls for Removing N.Y. Judge

Are federal contractors required to check immigration status?

Kunstler - Morning In America - The Coming Dystopia Of Peak Oil

SECRETS REVEALED!....conservative publishing world in 150 words or less

green card lottery

Cynthia McKinney situation is lose/lose for Capitol Hill police.

Liar, liar by Molly Ivins

Schumer's...disturbing message to the Netroots via bloggers

The dark side refuses to believe that Caroll was filmed under duress

Ed Schultz will be on Larry King tonight


Have you ever worked or lived with a sociopath?

Olbermann leads off his show with Senate hearing on censure resolution!

Left of the Dial- Air America Documentary- available?

???concerned abt evangelical proselytizing at AirForce Academy??

Reality. by Calvin Klien.

DU gets Mentioned/Credit in the press in 2 sources in 1 week!!!!!!!!

Same view, Two days apart...

How to start your day with a positive attitude...

Who is winning the "War On Drugs"?


once again the DNC is not the DSCC or the DCCC

DU Immigration Status Poll #1

DU Immigration Status Poll #2

Olbermann just said McKinney has been arrested? WTF. can't find it.

"Turn the other cheek"? Jesus was obviously no dodgeballer.

Clinton: I would be prepared to shake hands with Hamas

across TX, students protest immigration legislation

Keith to Neil Boortz: You're a bald racist!!!

Clinton on Larry King now.

Now, we have our own halo photos!

Smirky is not afraid of the Mexican flag

Article: Can America Keep Up?

Does Vicente Fox realize he's the president of Mexico?

Thanks to Henry Rollins for his appearance on AAR/Maddow this AM.

Sunday. Leo is gone from West Wing

hehe Dobbs...a job no americans will do...legislate for the will of US

Condi sneaks in back door of school to avoid protesting children!

Parade officials dispute claim London is unsafe (what a crock of shit!)

Anyone remember Margie Schoedinger?

Randi looks GOOD tonight!

9/11 Hijackers Practiced Here

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World (Bootz) March 31 06

NBC Nightly News DID NOT Cover Hearings

Did Bush really read "Mao: The Unknown Story"???

Rick Santorum Giving Birth Pro-Life Sculpture

So, is Wonkette's novel any good? The jacket blurbs look like they are

I was laid off 5 years ago today

Helen Thomas Gets Roses also linked on Craig Crawford's website

Libby: Fitz Narrowing Powers In Effort to Avoid Dismissal! (WaPo)

Woman Gets $100 Ticket for BUSHIT Bumpersticker

To what extent have the economic problems of 2000's been business cycle?

The "Mother of All Bombs" was tested on March 11, 2003.

What should we send to Russ Feingold?

Caption Frist -- this is creepy

Just found out we have an impeachment agenda. Why the hell wasn't I told?

It’s Time to Play “What’s Under Bush’s Shirt” Again

Keith has the Britney pro life sculptor on, and is looking at him like

Tom, I can't get thru this email thing -

We made Wonkette Boys and Girls! "Here’s Helen Thomas with a shitload of

my take on the entire immigration issue:

For those in favor of deporting illegal Mexicans, tell me how we do it?

Something smells foul in poll land.

Obscure poll to DU

Ms Rice goes to Blackburn

Al Sistani blows off the pResident of the United States. Heh.

Car Parts Maker Moves to Break Its Union Deals (Delphi)

VIDEO- Rice on Mistakes- We've made thousands of errors

Random Observations: Stephie on HANNITY... (oh, and, uhhh... colmes )

VIDEO- Chatham House/UK Dresses Down US/Rice on Democracy

Hannity has NO SHAME over Schiavo or anything else

VIDEO- Rice asked by audience about Iraq and when will troops leave (USUK)

Does Bush wanting to paint US spy planes in UN colors sound like

Letterman joke tonight on Bush - censored???


Poll on PBS NOW!

What percentage of Southerners owned slaves before and during

That Rohrbacher guy on Bill Maher tonight

Have I left out any G.W. Bush nicknames? Can you think of any others?


Clarity is on Mike Malloy Now

Question for shoppers of Barnes & Nobel -- Is this common?

When will be the next time April Fools Day falls on a Sunday?

Rice: "US made thousands of errors in Iraq..." Ya think?

IMPORTANT : World Wide Web cleanup

Push comes to shove - Lindsey Graham tells us what

Rove, once again, is ghost writing for the New York Times

ABC Suspends Producer Over Bush-Bashing E-Mail

Question about this whole body armor deal...

Is it just me, or does anyone one else think there is a pysop

A Kick in the Nuts - Courtesy of Jill Carroll

Clinton,Schultz,and Rhodes.......Larry King Tonight.

Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani has blown off the president of the U.S.A.

Mexicans are really Native Americans with some Spanish blood

The Helen word is getting out there - how NEAT! Here is an email I just

Could someone please tell me senators up for reelection?

Military Goes All Out Recruiting At Airshows Don't They?

Holy crap - Watching Conviction and they had "He has been here"

Outside agitator pseudochristians come to spoil another soldier's funeral.

My dream team for pres. in '08 would be Gore/Feingold or Leahy/Feingold

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers Check in, Friday's my day to play!!

Most people can't recognize their own Senator/Representative

Ohio's "D.U.I.D." bill for "trace elements of THC" set to become law

The United States is a little slow sometimes -

Time For Real Time -- who's with me tonight? n/t

why McKinney is being targeted...

I hope you guys realize that a brain dead moran invasion is nearly upon us

On this whole Cynthia McKinney thing:

The only thing you need to know about the Cynthia McKinney situation:

We use to call them SCABS AND UNION BUSTERS

Canadians are Americans...

I just got a response back from Helen T, and I emailed her the Hill link

This guy is a jerk

Official New York 2006 April Fools Day Parade, press release

Good News. ...for Downtrodden Lefties waiting for America to WAKE UP!

People condemning McKinney= Same ones who slandered evacuees?

Karl Rove gameplan for March 27 - 31

Russ on Fox this weekend - teehee

Randi on Larry king NOW!!

GOP's New 'Censure or else' ad

Who The FUCK Are YOU To Want To Deny Someone A Better Life?

Looks like the Mexicans are reclaiming their territory.

Message to Keith Olberman: I'd LOVE to watch your show, but

Just a reminder, turn the clocks ahead this weekend

More Kaloogian......(steamy stuff)

Russia, Iran, and France Agree to Deal With Second Diaspora

How do you have the pictures you put on DU?

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 26)

does money insulate people against any kind of humane treatment of others

Quick question...


Who else was creeped-out by Al Franken today?

U.S. corporate profits increased 21.3% wage and salary fallen to 56.9%

You know what it cost for our family to get 6 passports?

I think I'm close to giving up.

John Conyers: Censure Hearing Fireworks

Well, it's official: Iraq turns into Afghanistan 2.0 - Terrorists thriving

Hatch: Congress cannot compel Bush to obey the law

I was just contacted by a representative of Michael Moore

Book TV Schedule April 1st - 3rd

His Story to Me.

FDL Reports on Conference Call with Schumer.. DSCC and DCCC

John Green gets suspended. Matt Drudge can't be blamed for this one

Keith Olbermann is on the air!

Looks like Iraq AND Katrina recovery will "be up to future presidents"...

Strength and Wisdom

John Dean on Count Down now!!!!

Why do wingers need a stratified economy?

On finding an Al Franken transcript: I f'ing give up!

The Rise of U.S. Nuclear Primacy

Why the West's Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill.....

Condoleezza Rice's anti-Russian stance based on sexual problems -Pravda

To Republicans is a political boogeyman; will try to restrict

Sign the verified voting petition to support HR 550!

A job no americans will do ..Legislate for american people

hard to take pleasure in havoc they've caused and disarray they will leave

simple question about 911

Kerry Blasts Bush Administration on Small Business Development Oversight

Prediction of the 2004 Election

Is Condi-mental's 'Thousands of mistakes'

Enough Bush bashing! It's time to support our president

Eleanor Clift, Dem's need to stand up on national security.

GOP 2006 Strategery: Support Bush or he'll be censured. This is HUGH!

John Kitzhaber for President in 2008?

I really don't like Joe Lieberman, but I think Republicans are orchestrat-


And so it begins. Flowers for Helen = Liberal media bias.

"Instead he turned the law inside out and made illegality legal."

John Dean:''Bush may have outdone Nixon'' and may be worthy of impeachment

DailyKos: Focus Group Tests the Early 2008 Democratic Field

It appears that Schumer has an opinion re: Feingold's censure

The Trick Is on US (Important read)

Bush-Blair memo shows war penciled in early

Plausible Deniability: When America Is the Rogue

Marina Hyde: How Charlie Sheen has taken the shine off my week

Hope for meaningful congressional ethics reform...What a joke

Damage to the military will take years to repair

Bush Policies Stoke Anti-Yanqui Sentiment

TWO: Juan Cole & Charles Sullivan- On media, representation & BS

Greg Mitchell RIPS (WP Richard Cohen for His Then & Now Column(s) re: Iraq

President Bush, Meet Lorraine

Halliburton's War

Marina Hyde, Guardian: "It was meant to be fun..."

A James Kroeger Masterpiece

Carlyle buys Qinetiq

Stephen Walt, the "Israel Lobby" paper, and Academic Freedom(WASH.NOTE)

Commentary: Pornography and The Problem with History

Mark Thomas - plays "let's start an arms company"

The Devil Inside (re:Ralph Reed- Fabulous)

Status of liquified natural gas terminals.

Sewage Levels May Keep Waikiki Closed For A Month - LA Times

TX Beachgoers Can Relax With New Hazardous Air Quality Warning System

15,000 Evacuated After Explosion, Leak At One Of China's Largest Gas Wells

This is THE solution to Global Warming:

Politics of replacing fossil sources by nuclear energy

...utility managers push for Yucca opening (partial HL)

Saco Maine officials give consideration to wind power

Audubon review supports wind farm (Massachusetts)

New Orleans Levee Conference Redefines The Word "Oops" - NYT

Electrification of transportation as a response to peaking of world oil

Brush Fires Flare Across New England - MA Driest March Since 1915

20 years on, Britain still feels the effects of Chernobyl

Ballard announces availability of new fuel cell

Bug-Eating Robots Use Flies for Fuel (Nat'l Geographic)

Bush reportedly regrets global warming, energy policy decisions

Wind Power is the cheapest source of power today

Auschwitz escapee Rudolph Verba dies

Gaza blast kills militant

Fatah conflicted over terror

U.S. Jews pleased by outcome

UN report: No proof Israel damaged Gaza environment

New Knesset: More ultra-Orthodox, Arabs; fewer women, settlers

UN report: No proof Israel damaged Gaza environment

Arab League states unanimously reject unilateral Israeli measures

Thank you, Islamic Jihad

IDF to probe how Jordanian was able to cross into Israel

Israel asks UNRWA to expand its humanitarian program

Report: Israelis report election spam

Quiet reigns as thousands of Israeli Arabs mark Land Day

An Electoral Solution? (Neve Gordon)

"The Lonesome Death of Rachel Corrie"

Go Olmert go - part II

IDF aircraft destroys north Gaza building used for rocket attacks

Ismail Haniyeh in The Guardian: A Just Peace or No Peace

Fatah militant rejects Hamas call to end public display of weapons

Israelis Keep Inviting Retaliation, Palestinians Keep Dying

Bomber strikes Israeli settlement

Daunting task for a cold but pragmatic politician

Former U.S. President Clinton supports dialogue with Hamas

West Bank pull-out will only bring more trouble, says Hamas

Mearsheimer and Walt's Anti-Israel Screed: A Relentless Assault in Scholar

U.S. suspends contacts with Hamas-led government

Be'er Sheva mayor bans Machsom Watch photo exhibit

The Cleveland Center partial evacuation on 9/11

Research Q for Paul T or Taker: Was Scheuer in the PEOC on 9/11?!

Representative Curt Weldon Confronted On 9/11 Truth Today - Audio Inside

9-11 dredged up yet again. We must be really stupid.

Abramoff Link to Boulis Murder Called ''Threat to Current Operations''

Smoking Gun #523 - Change to "Stand Down" order June 2001

What if some 911 tapes are censored or redacted because...

911 truth discussed on the radio.. !! more tomorrow..

What if CD was a contingency plan?

"Touch Screen Voting Isn't the Right Answer" Balt.Sun-This is really good!

Have you recommended the saturday ERd thread yet?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, April 1

I gotta belief thats pure and true...Land Sharks most important post ever

Nominations for most egregious election glitch

VoteTrustUSA: The Long Road to a Reliable Voting System

Baltimore Sun Opinion: Touch-screen voting isn't the right answer

TX: Counties at Mercy of ES&S

Verified Voting: Voting System Purchases and the Help America Vote Act

Have you looked at your electricity bill lately?

Two letters to the editor I was planning on submitting...

can you post an RSS news feed into a DU post?

HTML links in email

Sound Forge Question

Will a dvd burner burn music and photos also

A friendly reminder: DG in Austin 4/5-4/7

MoFo Perry being considered for VP slot in 2008 Presidential race

Here's the real victory with the NASA Administrator's DeLay endorsement

Today's the last day for petition signing

Webb County Judge run-off postponed

Southern Mutual Help Association and Katrina Survivors (Cross-Post)

Visshi Swah (Sp) - a French soup. Because I can't spell it, I can't Goo

I'll have the large intestine pot...

Russia praises Vietnam's ratification of nuclear test ban treaty

Soyuz Docks With Space Station (bringing Brazil's first astronaut)

Radio shuts down US Embassy

Comedian burns Bible as cameras roll

Gay marriage battles loom across US

Rice visit to Liverpool meets with protests

Hal, the Central Park Coyote, Dies

Secret foreign cash funded Tory campaign

Bomb Targeting Police Explodes in Baghdad

Phuket nightspot Jammin burns down(disco inferno costs 2-3 million-baht)

Bush twins to join Air Force tech unit in Iraq

Cleveland mob turncoat Big Ange' Lonardo dies

Prosecutor: Escape-savvy Taylor secure

Riyadh promises moderate oil policy (and to crush terrorism)

Early '06 US Hog Price Trends Viewed Analogous To 2002

Delete please

Rice: Don't take Iraq errors 'literally'

Bucks candidate can stay on ballot, judge rules

U.S. cites 63 countries for unfair trade (3 million manu jobs lost under *

3 abused by priests file suits claiming illegal GOP meeting

Schwarzenegger hires Bush aides but stays distant from president

Mumps Cases Reach Epidemic Level in Iowa

GM faces threat to supply of Delphi parts

Don't kill bin Laden: Dalai Lama

Denmark to launch ‘massive’ campaign to restore image in Muslim world

AP Status of U.S. Copter Crew in Iraq Unknown (pending notification) cnn

Audit finds questionable spending by Schwarzenegger aide

Iraqi Neighborhood Militias Add Another Armed Layer (sectarian war closer)

Rice: Don't take Iraq errors remark 'literally' (speaking figuratively)

Representative Curt Weldon Confronted On 9/11 Truth Today - Audio Inside

House candidate faces back taxes after vote to block collections

Minister's organization a blessing for Blackwell

CNN/AP: Jackson, Sharpton lead New Orleans (vote) rally

Gov't Hoping for Chance to Retry Moussoui

Bush preps historic Third Term memo

Few Answered a FEMA Call for its Top Job

Rice presses on with bumpy British visit

Auschwitz escapee Rudolph Verba dies at 82

Ohio Sen. DeWine supports gay marriage ban

Iraq Shias break ranks, turn on PM Jaafari

Upfront CEO Pay Growing, Study Says

CNN/AP: Immigrant protests hit New York

MSNBC Breaking: U.S. helicopter crashes southwest of Baghdad

Iraqis are right to attack troops, clerics say

Venezuela's Chavez calls U.S. immigration measures 'fascism

Caveman crooners may have aided early human life

Bush Backs Tax-Cut Plan in Radio Address

Former Vice Adm. Looks to Unseat Pa. Rep.

Blast hits US military convoy in Afghanistan

Poland seeks Auschwitz renaming

Flag Waving Banned at Colorado School

Orange County Register: False GOP converts

Rice Looking Forward to Guantanamo Closure

Nationalism and Populism Propel Front-Runner in Peru

Mass Exodus Likely At Harris Campaign (Orlando Sentinel)

Chevron to pay Venezuela $50.2 mln tax

New LatAm Doctors Training in Cuba

Clark: U.S. Needs New Plan on Terror War

Seats Notably Empty at Censure Hearing

Jill Carroll Statement

Jacko Named Most Foolish American, Bush Third

Bush stands firm on passports for Canadians

When I got home tonight, I dropped my cell phone, it bounced off

Wow, the day Borders sells a DVD for LESS than best buy...

How odd. The entire OZ series has appeared on my hard drive

Please: Stop barking library books(!)

Could it, it's....SEAN HANNITY!!!!!

My cat ran away. I'll have a party.

Please: Top Barking with Library Books.

Jaywalkers should not be ran over...

No Poll question: Brazilian Panty Lines. Pluck 'em, wax 'em, or fuck Em?

Jayhawks should not be ran over...

Please: Mop snarking with barbarian cooks!

'goes with' alliterative free association thread! (inside)

What are you getting off to right now?

Have YOU ever thought about -- or tried -- to "Open a Marriage"?

I'm feeling a bite like this right now......

I am so horny. Someone please eat me. I am getting...

About mood altering rings...

There we go, Ten Copycats

It's time to play "What's under Bush's Skirt"...again

Gotta love Foster Brooks!

Happy George W Bush D-- I mean Happy April Fools' Day!

Is it wrong for me?

The most important question of all time.

When you feel anger, what do you do to stop yourself saying or doing

am so sorry Liza Minnelli

It's the Rapture!

I'm feeling a bit like this right now......

My husband surprised me tonight!

MrScorpio must be stopped

Damn my crush on Diana Krall !!!!

"Hotel Rwanda" didn't make me cry. I have no soul.

This is the FAKE goodnight thread.

April Fool..........Fool........the history

I just made up a fresh Brazilian joke. Is it Funny, or Not Funny?

Windows Hasta La Vista - Ironclad Security

So I just cracked open a Heineken Light for the very first time

Wham-a-doodle! The New King Kong is everything a CGI blockbuster....


It was revealed through my sources, that Skinner, Pitt and that outlaw

I have a secret DU crush on The Magistrate!

Stupid post


Any APRIL FOOLS jokes you are planning tomorrow?


Thoughtless post

I think the Lounge could use some sweetening up!

***___***It's Time to wig GD! It's April Fool! (please kick)

Baseball columnist about to be strung up by the cubes

Do you prefer "April Fool's Day" or "All Fool's Day"?

I won the powerball


The prank I was going to set up for my roommate fell flat...

What does the 'fire' icon at the left of some thread titles mean?

The reason why the Pentagon banned personal armour in Iraq

Selective faith.

Did anybody see Randi Rhodes and Ed Shultz on Larry King tonight? wow

Best gas prices in your area

Anyone have experience with getting a lapdance IRL service?

Bush being stupid. Also posted in GD


Cheesy post!

How often do you start a post...

Be warned, this post may constitute a touchy subject...

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

gullible info


Peanut Butter????

I've decided to become a Catholic priest.

I'm going to make a trip to the city dump.

Vegas gets ambulance for people up to 1,600 pounds

europeans back to europe

if you get a front loader stuck in gumbo mud

Where's my destination? It's unknown!

Donald Rumsfeld is a hottie!

We Cannot Park the Green Bus!!!!!

When in Rome...

How bad am I?

>>>NO SEX SINCE 1955

Bush the idiot son of an asshole.Cool clip.

Have YOU ever thought about -- or tried -- an "Open Carriage"?

"I'm calling the snoring police,they have spiders."

Whoever keeps sending me the worst earworm ever, kindly cut it out

We Cannot Park the Short Bus!!!!!


I'm gonna make me a sammich

Re: Spike Lee's "Inside Man"...I have never seen such mixed reviews.

Que pasa people, que pasa... Hit me!

UCLA vs. LSU (2nite @ 8:40 EST) should be fun.... even if you hate ball.

Has anybody seen my shirt?

What kind of holes filled the Albert Hall?

Hey LeftyMom! It's s shirtless pic of me!

OMG, Paramount grew some brains!

anybody else like "wonder showzen?"

Everyone except Professor Fischer, please ignore this post

Hangover? What do you do to feel better?

Photographic (80)proof!

sounds like a plan to me

I will believe absolutely nothing I read today

saturday noon joke

Shivers and intimations of doom!

Check out GD thread about the spoofing of the Chevy Tahoe

who is to blame for arwalden's departure from du?

I saw my first fireflies of the season last night. I think they're way

California declared terrorist state; bombers sited over Bay Area

Anyone have experience with getting a laptop LCD serviced?

Bad Influence!

Which is worse?

Any Harold and Kumar fans?

2003 SOTU speech translated into Italian and then back again....

my cookies are in the oven.

I have a bun in the oven

Bush Questions How Space Station Could Hold A Brazilian

High! Fine. I give up again. The pictures on this site do not work well.

Look out!

*huff**puff* SPIDERS *huff**puff* IN MY BRAAAIIIN!!!!!!

Is DU really going to be under the Pajamas Media umbrella? I am

HELP!! I've just scorched a white cotton shirt for work tonite

I have a carrot cake in the oven

I've had it up to *THERE* with the lottery!!!11!!!

What is up with the "This is HUGH!!111!! thing.

For the fans of Bruce Cambell...

Need creative INPUT - I need typical DU "flame war" responses...

Saw the Dirtbombs last night - what a great fucking band

April Fool!

Did you know Burger King now has Whoppers for left-handed customers?

I'm checking out

Question for Yurpeans:

Which City Has The Best Skyline?

Buying a wig

Music lovers: I need help finding a song

Remember, Showtime is for free this weekend

I've Had It Up To *HERE* With The Lot Of You!!1!! -- GOODBYE DU!!!11

Holy SHIT! I got a job offer from a company in IL! I'm gonna EMIGRATE!

So I went.....

Who can hip to to the pee-in-my- pants funniest DU journals?

got flame?

I'm brewing some Yunnan Green Silver Tips Tea. Anyone want some?

What should I spend my $50 eBay gift certificate on?

The World in 7 Pics...

It's 7:39 am. SOMEONE in the neighborhood is running a leaf blower

well it looks like Basic Instinct 2 got a 6% on rotten tomatoes

Decorated eggs yet?

Anyone know how to do a screen shot??

Are you using protection this time of year?

I Can't Wait Till April 2nd

Wish me luck.

Check out My Mastercard Commercial and make your own!

Law School?

Happy birthday wishes to.....

Hillarys new Indian name

Can you really see right through the pants I have on in this pic? :

My brother needs a liver transplant

MissHoneychurch does NOT have a bun in the oven

Monty Python marathon on BBCA: Carol Cleveland or Connie Booth?

PLEASE HELP ME OUT DU'ers! If at first you don't succeed, try again!

My first major April Fools prank at has gone well.

Um...why have helicopters been flying over Chicago in the past 30 minutes?

So how's this for a pisser?

What is everyone having for Happy Hour?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/1/06)

so, with skinner leaving, who's gonna replace him?

I want a thread of pix of kittens, lesbians, and puppies!

Cubs a shoo-in to win World Series in '06.

**I'd Rather Go to My Cousin's 10th Birthday Party Than Go to Work**

My son drew this pic with MSPaint...He SWEARS it isn't Condasleeza

Who can hit cops harder? Cynthia McKinney or Zsa Zsa Gabor?

Mess up a saying

Breaking News Dead-eye Dick Has Shot Cynthia Mckinney!

Stern pissed that 4 million, not 20, have paid to hear him on Sirius

v. caved, cav·ing, caves...

Bush is the April Fool!

Our little parakeet died today


New Greyhounds have arrived and are looking for a home...

A Sci-Fi original movie: SS DOOMTROOPER!!!!!

I'm a "bad influence"

Can The Cars even be considered The Cars without Ric Ocasek?

Have you been ostracizied/discriminated against for being a liberal?

WHo's the resident douchebag radio morning man in your area?

I just found out my coworker is a rapist.


Heaviest thing you've ever lifted?`

I've decided to switch to a porn-site.

Free association thread: non sequiturs ONLY

Hey Guitarists

progmom on the air - fund drive edition

Princess Mononoke

I had hot, passionate, steamy, raunchy, unsafe sex tonight! WOOHOO!!!!

will it ever be hip to have payas?

"The Last Temptation of Christ " VS "The Da Vinci Code" : 'splain sumthing

Prescribing Religion (more Koenig)

Christian atheism

If you want to get better - don't say a little prayer

'Closed-Heart Surgery' Is Newest Frontier

Extensive Cell Phone Use Linked To Brain Tumors, Swedish Study

Light drinking may not be good for you after all

Nasa releases new maps of Jupiter {follow-up} (BBC)

GOP Senate paper outlines arguments for marriage amendment

MLB steroids investigation: PR or the real deal?

Women's Final Prediction--LSU vs. UNC

Reddick v. Morrison

New Greyhounds have arrived and are looking for a home...

"The Lion Cut" Oh, the felinity!

I have a really heavy-duty problem.

Just read a kickass book

Telepathy with Animals

April 2006 Prayers and Healing

Group Member Solicitation - Defense Issues

This post title has been removed

Wrap of Censure hearing from KarenDC on DKos

Pretty cool blog lists legislation by state. There is JK info on the MA

JK to Deliver Hispanic Dem Radio Address tomorrow

Two excellent editorials today in the Boston Globe

Can't deny it:

Washington Post's article attacks JK.

Text of JK's Dem Hispanic Radio Address on Immigration

You know, I've had an epiphany. I can't really support Kerry any longer.

The Dawn of the Phoenix

Why is it so hard for other Dems to give Kerry credit

The "kids-first" plan really hits Republicans where they live

Volcano erupts in Colorado

It was a dark and stormy night....

Happy Birthday Countdown!

Dan Abrams reported today that Supreme Court deliberations...

KOEB-themed Chevy Tahoe ad

A reminder of Cynthia McKinney's rankings on progressive issues

VIDEO- Maher and the 7 mins-Calls Bush Forrest Gump (Short clip)

Would immigration be a hot topic had we not lost good jobs?

WWE: Illegal Mexican Wrestlers Taking Smackdowns American Wrestlers Don't

DU's Chevy Tahoe Entries:

In Honor of Russ Feingold and his efforts today (pic heavy)

Supreme Court doings to be televised.


ATTENTION: Don your protective gear/tinfoil now!!

VIDEO -Maher on History and Reagan

Bernie Ward starting out with Scalia's "Fongool!" photo - streaming

It is not about immigration it is about Labor vs Capital

Ion Sancho (the Ann Coulter voting thing) on at 10am EST -stream

The Truth Comes Out: Shameless Greed On Full Display

Help with finding where someone is buried?

Okay, *if* amnesty for Mexicans -Why not Africans coming in illegally?

Boston Archdiocese fires photographer who caught Scalia's obscene gesture

More Bullshit from Imus/WTF

Larry Flynt Rant

Venezuela Takes on Exxon Mobil in Oil Play

thats it!!! Lindsey Graham has moved WAYYYY up on my shitlist

Is Iceland full of racist bigots who hate brown people?

Why Did Bill Maher Berate Erica Jong?

Heros and Icons Poll - Cindy Sheehan

I love you DU.

Bush Tax Cuts at Work: Roads, Waterways, and Skies are a Mess

VIDEO-Maher on Fox Facts (Good News)

CSPAN is repeating the Feingold/Censure hearings right now

VIDEO-Maher- My Pet Scapegoat


As usual, Bush has managed to irritate the hell out of everyone.

man has sex with sleeping wife--charged with rape

Hal, the Central Park Coyote, Dies

Car Parts Maker Moves to Break Its Union Deals

CNN- Randi and Ed Schultz smacking pukes around - REPEAT NOW

Stop The Deification Of Reagan

South Florida cops out winning hearts and minds

Email I sent Barnes & Noble bookstore concerning The US Constitution

So "we're getting used to" higher gas prices? Is that the plan?

Should McKinney be convicted in the court of public opinion -

The War on the Middle Class Continues

Bush preps historic Third Term - memo! is this a joke..?

Wait, what the hell is bush saying?

Insurgents Plotting WMD attack, says White House (THIS IS NO APRIL FOOL)

The Immigrant Issue - A Red Herring

Just a reminder...

What the Hell is wrong with Chimpy's ear?

Cheney And Halliburton Hold Title - Top Earners In Iraq

(VIDEO) Bill Maher on Oppressed Christians

VIDEO- Maher Smacks Down Rohrbacher on Dictators with Grudges


McKinney- Proof of Previous Harassment: Video from "American Blackout"

* twins to join Air Force tech unit in Iraq

Maya Priests “Cleanse” Cancun of Bush Evils

Phuket nightspot Jammin burns down(disco inferno costs 2-3 million-baht)

Bush twins to join Air Force tech unit in Iraq

Fun job for DU'rs, DU this troll! ..

Yet another ex-lobbyist accuses Ohio Rep. Bob Ney of misdeeds

Tens of thousands of New York Posts were dumped at two recycling centers !

O'Reilly falafel/luffa: What's the joke?

C-Span WJ NOW: The Disposable American/Layoffs/ 9:19 EST!

Take bribes but be fair, Nigerian soccer refs told

Why did Dubya joke that...

gimme yer workers -- 4/1 saturday toon

Brown Skin / Yellow Star: Turning the Corner Toward Fascism

Censure Hearing Fireworks ~ Mr. Conyers strikes again!

If you suspected your neighbors were undocumented workers would you...

Bubba BushCo wants to know..."Do you know my Jesus?"

Having a "War on War"

outsourcing legal work has begun - On A Blog:

I think that I'm very much in love with Jill Carrol.

Betraying, Telling the Truth About Bush

Central Park coyote dies during tagging

I think McKinney should be arrested

"4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire".......Donkeys?

FYI Tax Payers

LOL The gop thinks there is a bunch of corruption in the Dem party!

Campaign contributions

What a Great Idea

Insulating Bush

Daylight saving time change is different this year.

Donated tractors bring cheer to farmers hit hard by Katrina

Remember when....

Did the undercover mod just delete the thread about there being an

My solution to the Iraqi situation.

Charges Dropped Against Gang Rape Suspects

A thought about immigration.

Condi Does Liverpool. Feel The Hate Condi! Feel the HATE.....

NYT: Warrant Obtained For Congresswoman In Scuffle

Taylor case sends 'no impunity' message to other war crime suspects

I think cops should be able the fuck with people anyplace and anytime...

Elad must be on the job this morning....

Poll: Islamic women liked as leaders

a cartoon of smirk

I Hope The US Did Not Kidnap This Baby's Father.....

1965 Voting Rights Provisions to Expire

WoW!!! Skinner is policing the forum today

The Devil Inside (Ralph Reed's fall down)

Black Males are only group hurt by illegal immigration. RW should love it

Is the Justice Department writing memos supporting a Bush coup?

New Multi-Mission Helicopter

2 WaPo articles today indicate we may be having Fitzmas in April

'Tactical Errors' Made In Iraq, Rice Concedes...

anybody know why the black commentator didn't have a new edition

I'm sorry but, Jill Carroll looks she gained weight in captivity.

Abramoff Link to Boulis Murder Called ''Threat to Current Operations''

Bush Administration: Quit Taking Us at Our Word

Read Juan Cole's "Informed Comment" for Iraqi POV. It's eyeopening.

What kind of holes filled the Albert Hall?

Bill Maher On Oppressed Christians

Illegal aliens = new slave class for company profits? A trifecta in the

Should ex-felons be able to vote?

Guest lineup for Sunday TV news shows (Obama, Durbin, Zinni, Feingold!)

Zogby polls make me feel like I'm taking Bladerunner's Voight-Kampff test

Are We A Nation Of Scab Pickers?

Middle Class, Immigrants, Double-Wage Homes, and the Joneses

Are xenophobic Repubs angry about shrub immigrant policy likely to vote D?

Suggestion: drop the Rovian Immigrant bait immediately and

LEARN FROM GOP what does with 9/11, but use war and corruption

From John Hall's Congressional Campaign Web site:

Is G.D. the place for this?"'Closed-Heart Surgery' Is Newest Frontier"


F.B.I 9/11 investigation name changed from Pentbomb to Penttbom,why..?

Illegals land jobs, as more American-born workers are unemployed

TURN ON CNN!!!!!! Tony Blair just announced his resignation!!!!!!!

Aravosis slams Cynthia McKinne - calls her 'nutsy-cukoo..wackjob'

Former Vice Adm. Looks to Unseat Pa. Rep

Should every congressperson be able to recognize capitol police officers?

Accountability Office Finds Itself Accused

Tom DeLay cannot be arrested. He should sue the Democrats.

I wanna see the videotape and judge for myself.

Is there a transcript of the Censure hearing from Friday?

AP: Post-Katrina Dialogue on Poverty Fizzled

Bush Questions How Space Station Could Hold A Brazilian

Taco Bell buys Liberty Bell!?

Food Bank Holds Bake Sale: "Fib Newton" profits sent to Bush

United States Immigration Test

Rice: "Don't take ' thousands of errors' remark literally"

Who the HECK are YOU to Condone ILLEGAL Activity, Lowered Wages, & Strains

Rice shrugs off UK visit protests (BBC)

Where is the video of R Rhodes on larry king?

Petitioners trick people into joining GOP

New Song: "Superfly Conservatives".......bwahahaha

Enforce I-9

Well, CNN pretty much saying that Jill Carroll was forced...

Slave Labor, Can We Live Without It? Yes or No?

I have a question concerning comfronting a famous conservative

The GOP - Desperate, floundering, trapped in a time warp.

You want to win the election?JOBS..

Censure hearing up again on c-spin n/t

Steve Jobs, Tucker Carlson, Father and Son?

Youth minister smites dodgeball opponent

Anger in Paris, young people protesting an unfair law (PHOTO)

To regular freerepublic viewers.

Anyone know anything about Quixtar/Amway?

They said Air America wouldn't last 6 months. It's now 2 years old.

10 ways to lose blog and DU Journal readers.

American revolt in London!!

ABC Suspends Producer Over Bush-Bashing E-Mail

Bush to Be Tried on War Crimes Charges

Is the media finally getting half the rigged voting machine story?

Journalism is liberal

AAR Doc Left of the Dial for sale at Borders/Tower Records/Amazon

Hear the Democratic Radio Address...#1 Political podcast in America!

Rice was clarifying her comments regarding thousands of mistakes

Representative Curt Weldon Confronted On 9/11 Truth Today - Audio Inside

Oops! Chevy gets trashed in commercial contest

Coalition Casualties Hit Two Year Low

Is immigration the real issue for American Workers?

DOJ & WH preparing for Shrub to remain in office past 2008.

New search function on Google : Google Romance

Take part in the largest climate change experiment ever

Iraqis Debate Sweeping Immigration Reform (humor)

New scientific breakthrough for repair of senior moments

Clark and Kerry addressing tough issues made a Great Day for Dems

What if Bush had been an honest, open, and trustworthy person?

Church of Scientology to buy Cleveland Browns.

Zogby Poll ALERT!

anyone see bill maher last night. i couldn't believe my ears

Little Brother is Watching You.

Kerry, in Spanish, talks on immigration

U.S. Flag Banned Amid Racial Tensions - do it yourself MasterCard ads..

The Shape of Our Lives: Sprawl and Urban Planning Forum on CSPAN2 3pm

Condi at the empty stadium in Blackburn (pic)

Please stop the genocide

OMG!! Bush Falling Website!! Fun Fun Fun

Is it me or do DU'ers always fall for Kkk Rove's Project X?

4,000 holes in Rice's Lonely Heart's Club Band

Jimmy Carter on Bush Co’s Illegal and Immoral Treatment of Prisoners

April 29 in NYC: March for Peace, Justice, Democracy

lou dobbs, AG alberto gonzalez is a honduran native whose mother came to


I wouldn't mind paying a little more for a tomato

How about we just do away with ALL flags?

Bill Clinton's A Convert To Dean's 50-State Project


How to put the immigration issue back in the box

McKinney cannot be arrested.

These are some twisted mofos arguing the FISA thingy on the

Jill Carroll's Statement

What's a Saturday without a CAPTION????

bush is a really STUPID incompetent MFing rightwingnut idiot.

Zogby: Meterosexuals or Lumberjacks?

How do you think the President is doing?

Truth on the radio! tune in and hear this NOW

Rep. McKinney should have been wearing some kind of ID

Permanent bases, enduring bases . . .what's the difference?

I blame the real Liberal Media for Iraq

People, PLEASE look and see if a topic has been posted before!

Lou Dobbs & his usual bullshit report on Canada!

Florida: Consider "Celebrate Haiti's Slave Revolt!" License Plates

Check in here: How popular is Bush where you live in the country?

Households w/ $1 million in assets rose 8% in 2005 to record 8.9 million

Ask a RW'er this:

"War On Christians" ...and other nonsense

Good news! We're not at war in Iraq

Savage: "Burn the Mexican Flag!"

I have a bias. My cousin (17) was shot in the head by a cop. His crime?

Be careful setting your clocks ahead this year

Florida: Confederate flag license plate? The crazies are back again.

You are a woman walking in a building...

So if presidentjunior tells the American people

Illegal Immigration....It seems so simple

Bill Maher and his "New Rules" for oppressed Christians...

So if I stare at your boobs, you'll shoot me?

Iran is accused of 'wanting' a threatening nuke program. What about us?

How do you rate Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist?

Sources Say Attack On Iran Imminent!

It's our Anniversary, we can't go back to where we met, NYC Trade Towers

Volcano erupts in Colorado

Operation Wetback

A gay/black/poor/non-Christian Republican is like...

Who is Henry ROLLINS - on Faux, blasted Faux to Hades -- sweet!!1

A shamless plea to help the Florida Panther

The argument against polygamy

It's truly horrid what repukes do to their cars.

Jill Carroll Disavows Prior Statements

Concert for Condasleeza

The real motivation behind CondiLiar's British visit?

Almost home...

how did randi do on larry king?

San Diego Union Tribune: Diesels getting dinged

Men arrested for performing castrations

McKinney's defense should be, "I thought he was a QUAIL.." worked for VP

So much for the "Good Faith" argument...

Looks like it's all over for the Harris campaign, workers leaving en masse

A Sane Approach to Illegal Immigration and the Democratic Party

If McKinney "assaulted" the police, then simply SHOW US the video.

Rice Faces Cancellations and Catcalls on British Visit

Cynthia McKinney should get as much jail time as the GOP guy...

Message from Cindy Sheehan

Immigration vs. labor is a false dilemma.

Holy Crap! has one of the DU Chevy Commercials on it!!!

Think through your position on illegal immigration...

Bush twins in sexy April Fool's joke

Flag waving gets ugly at Colorado school

Where are the Chinese in the immigration brouhaha?

The "War on Terror" is BULLSHIT! This is not a war.

Somebody please explain two things to me: how in the hell did the

****A site worth bookmarking*****

If there were an attack on Christians, Non Sequitur explains why

***Kay Bailey Hutchinson physically abused her staffers***

Can we cut through all the straw man BULLSHIT and get to the real issue?

I want to clear something up about the Constitution... help me

Anyone know how to contact John Dean?

I think new GOP ad attacking Fiengold helps us way more than it

I was watching the Foxecution of Cynthis McKiney

In France, to the streets over capitalism - William Pfaff

PLEASE HELP ME OUT DU'ers! If at first you don't succeed, try again!

Why are so many DUers adamantly trying to cling to the notion

The Fantasy Dream of Multinational Globalists,is that we will ALL RELOCATE

AP: Imports, economy spur freight railroad revival

which party is more divided on immigration?

Funny Bill Bennett story...

WP, Froomkin: Major media's silence re. Murray Waas "not acceptable"

McKinney's statement

Should capitol police officers be able to recognize every congressperson?

Are there any Americans living illegally in Europe, Mexico, or elsewhere?

How did Nixon supporters react when he resigned? Did they not believe

Have you ever been polled to comment on how well the Prez is doin'?

Greatest April Fools Jokes Ever: Post here

DUers, please reflect on something (Re: Cynthia McKinney)...

Here is the immigration law and the loophole.

GM SUV spoofed by environmentalists (CNET

Demoralizing nonwingers on other boards

Some Thoughts On Opposing The War In Iraq

Immigration is Good for the U.S. Economy - Any economists out there

Immigration! Censure! PNAC! MIHOP! Is Bush drunk? Check out these pix!

Oh My God! A black woman "hit" a Cop!

Congressman Tom DeLay to RESIGN on Monday! CNN reporting.

We Are Not Ok

high school students from my alma mata WALK OUT vs. 4437

At Canaan's Edge

Why the Mexican Flag?

Utah Aims to Alter Primary Calendar

Skinner is a Freeper!

News video clip and full homestyle video of Dean's Oakland talk today.

The Brits get it, Condi protested

"We all live in a terrorist regime"....

"The Lonesome Death of Rachel Corrie"

Sheesh. What's with the recent outbreak of hostilities in the Kerry wars?

Yesterday's Judiciary Committee hearing showed me that..

U.S. raid on Shiite shrine served as a warning (BBBT&M)

Photos: Junior's Freedom-Lovin' Stong-Resolved Cancun Press Conference

FDA Staff Travels on Drug Industry Dollars

I don't want to live in a place where cheating on your wife is worse

An Appeal to International Lawyers and Law Professors

Mass Exodus Likely At Harris Campaign: "It's just imploding."

Here are some videos of David Walker, US Comptroller

Give me the full monty on AAR. I want to know...

Statement from Larry Flynt Concerning *

Has everybody read & recommended Land Sharks post about AL Franken recent

Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) press release calls Cindy Sheehan a "nutcase"

The Republican Oath

It's time to play "What's under Bush's Shirt"...again

Iraq: The Separate Realities of Republicans and Democrats

Another Giuliani failure in today's news

Need encouragement for candidate

Comparing Americans and Iraqis


So...a "Blast from the Past" from 12/13/2000 about the STOLEN ELECTION!!!

Is the immigration issue a gigantic red herring for 2006?

Every year thousands of Democrats are purged from voting lists.

Falwell: Folly Of The Abortion Pill

ABC Producer suspended for his opinion of B***

New Wingnut Blog Alliance Not Your Father's Trolls

Lamont's campaign taking off

How many Democratic Senators will vote for Censure?

William F. Buckley, Bush will be remembered for Iraq failure.

Flip-floppin' Condi: "error" remarks meant "figuratively, not literally"

Bush Radio: "Overwhelming evidence: opponents of tax cuts were wrong"

Lindsey Graham is a bigger prick than I even thought.

Immigration...Who Cares?

Did anybody hear on NBC NEWS that Scottie is on the chopping block. . .

presidential apologists' pretzel logic. . ."in a time of war. . ."


Cynthia Mckinney just played the race AND gender card...

Kerry Delivers the Democratic Hispanic Radio Address on Immigration

So Rahm Emanuel is NOT in bed with the DLC, eh?

Several reasons I am proud to be a CONSERVATIVE

NYT: Internet Injects Sweeping Change Into U.S. Politics

Dean (John) slaps down Cornyn (Repuke) is for sale!

Karl Malone: "FEMA didn't approve, but we did it for the people"

Wes Clark to deliver Democratic radio response today

MOOOOOOO! This art needs to be deconstructed for the masses.

OH, KY, IN DUers come to Cincinnati to protest Bush/war/* Opening Day

Forget fingers in Wendy's chili....


"She has an astounding pattern of dishonesty" (Ohio's Jean Schmidt)

The world outside of DU -- what's going on out there?

If Hillary's name wasn't Clinton,how strong of a candidate would she

Dick Cheney Gun Club