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Archives: April 13, 2006

Baghdad: Where no one is safe (CNN reporter Cal Perry in Baghdad)

Historian: Iraq, Afghan Wars Parallel Philippine Invasion

"The Neocon Misunderstanding of Democracy and Why....

U.S. Congress mirrors the lives of immigrants

Secret documents deserve scrutiny

Will Iraq Follow Lebanon's Path to War?

Hypocrisy over leaks strains White House credibility (San Jose Mercury)

The "Selective Leak" (Rolling Stone on phony "Zarqawi" letter)

Mo. House passes ethanol fuel standard

Restoring wetlands key to curbing bird flu -report

Ford says more ethanol pumps are needed

"iWitness" a provocative look at war, human choice

IDF reports increase in number of would-be suicide bombers

UN ends unrestricted political contacts with Palestinians

IDF kills two armed militants infiltrating from Gaza

So OBVIOUS they planted Flight 93 debris it's laughable!

When things catch fire, an observation

23 minutes, 58 seconds: Flight 93 transcript shows Bush failure

a crazy idea?

100 of us get shipwrecked on an island,

LISTEN: Thurs 7:30pm PT - GuvWurld 1 hour radio interview -

Upcoming events in CR

Anybody from Burleson?- morbid billboard

TABC suspends stings at bars

Question on recounts

McGuinty assailed by premiers over equalization

The secret plot to destroy the Liberals

POLL: Is George W. Bush the worst U.S. president in 100 years?

Cincinnati activist shot outside city hall (Reuters)

Analysts Say a Nuclear Iran Is Years Away

Chirac congratulates Prodi on election win

U.S. military continues to take the heat in Iraq (33 died in April)

Russia, EU back U.S. against Iran

Students Continue Sit-In At UVA

NYT: Librarians Win as U.S. Relents on Secrecy Law

US secrets for sale outside Bagram airbase

Special prosecutor amends allegation against Libby

Iraq protest officer says US behaved 'like Nazis' (UK / RAF)

WP,pg1: Rumsfeld Rebuked By Retired Generals

(Bolivia's President) Morales Thanks Cuba for Cooperation (op Miracle, ed)

Terror law an affront to justice - judge (UK)

Hicks allowed home if released (from GTMO)

14 indicted in human smuggling ring on U.S.-Canada border

(Haitian president-elect) René Preval on working visit to Cuba

FEMA says flood-damaged New Orleans homes should be raised

Al-Qaida No. 2 praises Al-Zarqawi, calls on Muslims to support insurgents

"We're helpless," says Iraqi surgeon ("They use cluster bombs")

Voting Coercion Charges Fly in Calif. City

More Sensitive Data Turns Up at Afghan Bazaar

Judge calls BCCI case a 'farce'

Poll: Sinking Perceptions Of Islam

You're The TV Critic

Can you help me? I'm looking for drinks.

If I said I was going to sleep and wouldn't wake up

NYC - I'm coming for a visit, tomorrow!

Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name?

Liberal Women are HOT

Liberal ovens are HOT

If I were single, I would.........

I went to put chili on my mac 'n cheese tonight, and couldn't. I just

AAAAAgh! I just sat through the Queen medley on American Idol...

I'm too tired to think of anything witty to say.

Push the envelope in this thread!

Bono or bonobo?

Who got voted out on American Idol tonight?

I am a lazy heathen...I'm going to hell

NOTHING beats this stuff after a few too many......NOTHING!!!!!!

My poem: Blind

I saw this bumper sticker on the way to work and I want it!

Take THAT, Family Guy!

A message to George from Johnny

Did anyone watch the Hallmark version of "The Ten Commandments"?

Is there a website where I can search for OLD cars for sale? By "old"

You're gonna kiss me

Tough shit, I say.

Group Mastication thread

Hot Damn, get the popcorn!

I masticated in public today. Ask me anything.

LOST question.

You're gonna miss me

I wonder if Pink has gotten any fallout yet for "Dear Mr. President"

Bono or Beano?

Oh Jeebus - "new" stuff from Flight 93 on the local news

Lots and lots of Sirens...

Can you paint "Fuck" on your aeroplanes now, or is it "obscene"?

This is my tribute to DemoTex and Mrs. Dr. DemoTex because

You're(1) gonna(2) miss(3) me(4)

Any significance to a Masonic baseball cap left under a table?

It's my Friday!! YAY Party!

Oh man, Dr. Drew has jumped the shark

Neighbors and their dogs - a rant

Do you know the rain to San Jose?

WHO on DU should have a crush on YOU?

No one from GD will EVER find me here!

I want zither music. Any genre. Any mood. Anything.

Attack of the abstract blimps!

Listening NPR can give you good tips.

Who on DU should I crush?

How do I get a screen shot?

The religious affiliations of superheroes

Group Matriculation thread

eegads - my first GOODNIGHT DU!

I haven't watched the tube all night and I think it's about time

How to know I don't have a crush on you

jpgray's wishes thread. I will cause all of them to never come true

So I went to the Orthodontist today...

What is your guilty pleasure food?

Who on DU shouldn't I have a crush on?

"I Can't Make You Love Me If You Don't/You Can't Make Your Heart...."

Anybody else here been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease?

I want violin music. Any genre. Any mood. Anything.

*** ANIMATION: The Time is Now! ***

You know what's a funny animal? The clam.

My crush quota is low. HELP a girl out.

Help!!! All I smell is CHOCOLATE!!!!

Will anyone miss me?

Apparently Nobody would Miss Me, If I went away.

OH MATCOM!!!!! Someone doesn't like BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!!

Anyone ever had "photo rejeuvenation" done to their skin?

Did anyone miss me????

Post a one liner

Who on DU should I have a crush on?

Uncle Zomby's 3 Wishes Thread

Does anyone know of sentences/phrases that sound dirty but aren't?

Next "American Idol" theme week!

When you see "DSM"

If each of the 87,000 DUers sent me $1.50 I could get....

So what was THIS all about?

I masticated in front of my children today!

I've got a fever, and the only cure is....

Does this qualify me for the biggest nerd ever?

'Open season' on gay employees

Perfect Drift Begins '06 Season at Keeneland

How do you make decisions when your intuition is not working?

Something Sylvia Browne said today.

Opps. Dupe. Sorry about that.

WeL, or anyone...

*GASP* Well, I never!!

Good news and pathetic news

"The Nation" magazine put a pic of Kerry up on their website

Sometimes I think DU is filled with strange people

Can you find the connections


a juxtaposition

KOEB Meeting -- 4/12/06: More * Lies Edition

Analysis: Italy-U.S. Ties Likely to Change 1000th post...bush's crimes

LameDuckism and Iran

Keith: the emperor has no clothes

So OBVIOUS they planted Flight 93 debris it's laughable!

Gay/lesbian parents plan to attend WH Easter Egg Roll

Gipson-ABC has apologized to WH for saying Bush knew biolabs were

Who is the Grim Reaper ?

Nuke the Easter Bunny!

What does BushCo have to do to attack Iran?

2365 Reasons why the DSM is Important

I have come up with a brilliant idea to fight crime...

Sound familiar?

KO talking of labs scandel

It's caption the silly looking pResident time again!

So what's up with Conyers scandal? Has he been swiftboated?

Heads up DUers. South Park Part 2 of Muhammed cartoon on 10pm est, NOW!

Maybe the reason nothing sticks to this admin is because there's too many

We need to demand that our representatives in Congress MAKE

They are killing 100,000 cows TODAY!

Libby Lawyers makes new filing

WMDS Based on Intelligence known to be false!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hundreds of thousands of PEOPLE have been killed in Darfur...

A Bit Disturbing (A Review of Rise and Fall of the Third Reich)

George Bush breaks another record!

Mike Malloy truthseeker thread for 4/12/2006

A preordained catastrophe - Cobra II: The Inside Story of the Invasion...

God's a little pissed off. (pic)

What exactly is our diplomatic status with Iran?

Another retired general calls for Rumsfeld to resign (a must read!)

Every goddamn thread that I have tried to post on has been locked.

Sensing change, migrants rush to the border

Heh, heh, heh.

I wish to object to the way DemoTex is being treated

Dumbest. O'Reilly Clip. Ever

Folks! Bush said on TV that even if he had known there were no WMDS

Taking bets: How long before his pant's actually catch on fire?

When things catch fire, an observation

Is it possible for Congress to remove 'The Football' from shrubya?

Please DU this poll. . .

OMG...scotty mcduck song on malloy is awesome

I'm lost...what do I watch at 11:00 when TDS is a rerun?

His presidency was built on secrecy and, we now know, on lies. (Salon)

Arianna disappointed me tonight

UPDATE: White House Demands Apology for 'Labs' Scoop

My experience

There was a real gem in the gaggle today

GOP files lawsuit against a DFA group in WA and Darcy Burner...

Felon Colson: abortion "the root of the" illegal immigration "problem"

I need GD's help. I posted a suggestion in GDP that we should take to

Organizing the youth voters--READ this

White Supremacist Sarin Trial

*****HELP SOS******

AmericaBlog has an excellent post up on Iran...

New LONG story on Mike Webb in Seattle Weekly

Another disservice from the * Administration

Cincinnati's answer to a civil rights leader: Shoot him!

Libby's Late-Night Court Filing is out.

16 days? The RWRWFG Needs You! Take the quiz!

God save the king!

Oops - School books "wrong" John Stewart

Brownie will NOT be consultant in New Orleans

Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers check in, Sorry I'm late you all

What is your best guess on when Iran will be bombed?

Native American waiting for a word with President on the Environment pix


OMG did you see this? Poll: 48% back military action against Iran if gover

Damn gas prices! Everytime I get gas I make it a point

Newsweek on Pentagon's attempt to create: America’s Secret Police?

OO OO QUICK! Call the Justice Dept. I have information regarding a CRIME

I went to my first ever Democratic party meeting tonight.

CIA paper that supported bush and the mobile bio lab story ... funny!

It's a sick sonuvabitch that even talks about bombing another nation...

Grandma to McCain: "You have no excuse"

We've lost a TRUE HERO!!!!! I'm so sad! RIP, Rev. Sloane Coffin.

10 pounds o' crap in a 5 pound bag

Conrad Burns and Liz Dole in Billings tomorrow - Signage Help!

The Christian Coalition of AL... HELP! THEY LIE!

Wal-Mart Sues Seller Of "Wal-Ocaust" T-Shirt

Anyone heard of M2000 or Stephen Xirinachs

Not just hell no, but fuck NO! 48% back military action

POLL: Is George W. Bush the worst U.S. president in 100 years?

DU archive thread, May 03: "Bush: 'We Found' Banned Weapons"

OMFG. American Schools In Crisis

The roses for Helen is not over... more press tomorrow.

My mother: "I can tell you've been reading left-wing sites."

If you don't think it's moral to eat meat, don't eat it.

Seymour Hersh's Interview Today On Fresh Air (MUST-LISTEN)

Congratulations to all of us here at DU

Dear Mr. President Video ... by Steph Miller's friends

Want Democracy?!? Paper ballots and HAND COUNTS Now!!! nt

MSNBC poll: Vote for impeachment!

Part 2 of the South Park take on the Muhammad Cartoons coming up

Question about Flight 93 on 9/11. . .

How high must gas prices go before people take to the streets.

Rappin' Rap - a black musician speaks out

VIDEO: ABC on Bush lying about mobile bioweapons labs in Iraq

Overheard at the pharmacy today:

You've gotta love California!!!

There is NO "pro ILLEGAL immigration crowd" here.


An Inconvenient Truth ;Our would be President; Al Gore

*** ANIMATION: The Time is Now! ***


Ethics truce?

If Bush attacks Iran soon, how will the new war affect the election?

You may want to just hold your noses, but please vote for him anyway

Why Bush Won't Nuke Iran

Iran Could Produce Nuclear Bomb in 16 Days, U.S. Says

"Iran Nuke in 16 Days" official is a documented BushBot

Democrats Take Lead Over Republicans Amid Bush Woes, Poll Shows

What "wild speculation" is all about

After the May 15th Deadline Passes....

Mark Fiore -- Special Agent Bush ( with Fritz and others :)

letterman tearing the chimp a new one

Just Curious - Do Any Of The Tapes Being Played At The Zacharis....

Does anyone else get the feeling that a major battle is brewing in the US?

Hey lurking up:


Antonin Scalia shares the "proudest thing he's done on the bench"

Top cop urges Mc.Kinney to be prosecuted

A law that increases border security and punishes employers who exploit

Reservist on way home from Iraq on"no-fly" list as a possible terrorist

Generals keep piling on

zulchzulu says "Let's march on July 4th: America to the Rescue!"

Powell speaks:he and Dept.'s experts never believed Iraq imminent threat

William Schneider, Jr., Rummy, nukes, science board, PNAC

THE Cat has swallowed the Caiman,

Iraq unrest forces 65,000 to flee

Democrats Face Uphill Battle to Retake House

Bush's bogus document dump(seeded public archive docs with jihadist materi

23 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak (Oldie but Goodie)

Late Night Filing: Libby Responds to Fitzgerald

Rumsfeld on Iran Today = Rumsfeld on Iraq in 2002

Dems Face Uphill Battle to Retake House (Busby race not encouraging)

(terrorist)Watch List delays Reservist's Homecoming

Back to Baghdad (Pro-war Iraqi now despairs)

The $104 Billion Refund:The most absurd corporate tax giveaway of 2005

Mark Steyn (City Journal): Facing down Iran

Editors of The Nation: Suppressing the New Orleans Vote

"A Rush to the Taliban's call" (Asia Times)

Independent thinking-Jesse Jackson seeking break from Dems

Internet devices threaten NSA's ability to gather intelligence legally

"Voter disconnect"-- on GOP's sinking reputation

Growing up behind bars (Jailed for murder at 13)

America’s Secret Police?

Icky! A Job? $14-An-Hour? Fuhgetaboutit! (Sen Mel Martinez make up jobs)

Blumenthal: The Slow-Motion trap (He lays it all out)

First Knights Templar are discovered

Sy Hersh's interview on Democracy Now regarding Iran--REALLY SCARY!!!


Field and Stream Magazine Attacks Bush's Environmental Policies

Interesting take on hedge funds. Vultures circling?

Globalization is a misnomer

Foreclosures down in U.S. but on rise in Nevada (????)

Unreported Azores Storm Pushes Record 2005 Season To Total Of 28

Danube Likely To Set New Record Highs In Bulgarian Flooding - Reuters

Sweden Hits Renewable Energy Targets Again - 10 Of 150 T-Watt Hours

Russia Dumps Baikal Legal Protections For Pipeline Construction Route

Ohio Power Plants Increase GHG Output By 7.8 Million Tons In Just 1 Year

GAO - 3-Year Gap In Weather, Climate Satellite Coverage Starts In 2007

Iran Touts Itself As a Nuclear Power

Reprocessing plans tied to Yucca delays, scientist tells panel

Environmental officials halt test site explosion (Divine Strake!)

Hu Jintao To Play Up Energy-Efficiency Moves In US Visit - Boston Globe

Harper To Slash Environment Canada Climate Programs' Funding By 80% - Leak

"Divine Destruction - Dominion Theology & Am. Environmental Policy"

UAW: Ford Closing Plants in Minn., Va.

Serbia Bracing For Record Danube Flooding

Thais Discover New Species Of Stingray - Already On Edge Of Extinction

Columbia River Spring Chinook Run Fails For 2nd Straight Year

Huge KY Coal Power Plant Not Subject To Major Pollution Reduction Rules

Tropical Cyclones workshop

Yucca Mountain a must for nation, energy chief says

Troops in Chad Put Down Rebel Assault

"Soils Unable To Sustain Plant Growth Over Time" In High CO2 Atmosphere

Scientists At India's Leading Tiger Preserve "Despondent" - Independent

Jump predicted

Oh Look! Chrysler Will Unveil 1st US Hybrid In 2008!! And It's An SUV!!

Al-Qaeda no. 2: We must eliminate Israel

The airport with no planes

Hamas 'willing' to recognise Israel

The Earth is Closing In on Us (read this - it is special)

Olmert: Convergence to cost USD 10 billion

The Uber-Wardens --- Life under occupation Amira Hass

The Lobby and the Bulldozer: Mearsheimer, Walt and Corrie

East Jerusalem man thought slain over land sale to settlers

Group working to free Jonathan Pollard asks Olmert to act

UK foreign minister Ian Pearson confirms WTC7 demolished

The Impossibility of Flying Heavy Aircraft Without Training

My neighbor sent me this link on the pentagon strike, only for discussing

It WAS Flight 77. Evidence in Moussaoui Trial

Bad Moves - poor, yet often persuasive arguments

Optical Scanners in Tulsa subject to recount in close election

use your finger on the touch screen with the cartoon lady!! LOL!


Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday April 13

Pls post comments on Electronic Voting Machines at Col Dispatch site:

Last transcript - Calif. ITA hearings. (Plus link to the FULL transcript!)

Compromising Our Democracy: Why HR 550 Proponents Have it Wrong

A call for paper ballots in 2008

The Holt Bill (HR 550): Dangerously Undermining Audits of Elections

The purpose of the Holt audit is NOT to determine election outcome!

Meet & Greet for Loebsack scheduled

Romney using the healthcare plan as political fodder for his


Diversity in Massachusetts - These photos tell it all

4/13/6 in MPR 91.5 Barack Obama's speech from the Klobuchar rally.

I got tired of waiting for webroot and fixed the problem myself

Chris Bell : "Rick Perry is taking ethics lessons from Tom DeLay"

Rep. Lamar Smith greeted by protests - UT Austin

Has there ever been a flame war in the cooking and baking forum?

Damn you, Costco. Damn you.

Please help me.... I'm at my darkest hour in my life...

Neocons disintegrating as we speak, says Sheehan

Plenty of questions from Superferry opponents (Military Operations?)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 13 April

Term-limit pledges get left behind

Iraq Protest officer guilty

Internet devices threaten NSA's ability to gather intelligence legally

At Trial, Flight 93 Myth Finally Becomes Reality

America’s Secret Police?

Mexico readies for "Dirty War" report

BBC: Chad rebels close in, shell capital city

British Serviceman Sentenced for Refusal

Shi'ites in Iraq May Drive Wedge Between Kurds, Sunnis

Term-limit pledges get left behind

Irish College To Welcome Sheen.

(Indianapolis) At least 2 workers fired after immigration rally

Firm that Helped NSA/ATT Spying Also Censors Internet for Egypt

Stolen military data for sale in Afghanistan

Suspicious package at Lafayette Park...

Ohio Governor Bob Taft now has limited "executive privilege"

Dems Face Uphill Battle to Retake House (Busby race not encouraging)

Attacks Against Gov't Employees in Iraq Escalate

Australian PM says he never saw Iraq bribe warnings

Libby won't argue Bush ordered leak of agent's name

Sunnis blame Iraq forces for deaths (68 Iraqis murdered last week)

Oil over $70...

Beatles to join online music revolution

Ex-FEMA Chief Won't Consult La. Parish

Italy's ties with U.S. may be in jeopardy

Shiites: No Point in Parliament Meeting

CNN: Libby's lawyers: Prosecutors withholding information

Iraq unrest forces 65,000 to flee (and the rate is increasing)

Al Qaeda 'ambassador' killed in Iraq: US military

Kurita drops out of Senate race|Democrat can't compete with Ford for funds

PoliticsNH: Sullivan Challenges Bradley On Special Interest Money

Governor (Napolitano) Vetoes Fetal Pain Bill

LAT/Bloomberg poll: Doubts About Taking On Tehran

Baghdad Car Market Cools

US reporter's kidnap a mistake; ransom paid: Iraqi insurgent (Carroll)

Many killed' in Baghdad car bomb

Mom says dad punched son who struck out twice

Iraqi refugee population soars in recent fighting

Surprise turns sour for Iraqi-born woman

WP: Iraq Reconstruction Teams Delayed at State Department

U.S., Iraq Commanders Dislike Leave Rules

Oil companies not running from Venezuela

Breaking on CNN: SCOTUS being evacuated - reports of smoke

Italians fear Florida repeat as Berlusconi digs in

DoD Identifies Missing Marine and Sailor

Rep. Kennedy Hit in the Mouth by Hammer

Republican 'unity' may be slow in coming (CA-50 runoff)

US, Iraqi forces double patrols to quell Baghdad bloodshed

Mob Prevents Observation of Seal Hunt

Another general joins ranks opposing Rumsfeld (Swannack -serv. in Irag)

Former Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) to announce Pres. Candidacy

Airstrike in Pakistan kills top al-Qaida militant

UK: Arrest in cash for honours probe

Durbin Blocking Ambassadorship Nomination

Gov. Jeb Bush ends drive to change law on patients with feeding tubes

Objection to oath has antiwar Tequesta (FL) man in legal limbo

Cheney/Rumsfeld order:US outsourcing Spec Ops/Intel to Iraq terror grp MEK

Judge: (Charlie) Crist meddled in case

Bush to Speak at 4 Graduation Ceremonies

Violating rights to curb terrorism is OK: poll

New Canadian mad cow case suspected

McCain Warns of Rough Going for GOP

WPost Libby Wasn't Ordered to Leak Name, Papers Say

`Revolutionary' Fed Study Has Economists Rethinking Forecasts

Outsourcing saves less than claimed

Ford to Shut Plants in Minn., Va. in 2008

Rumsfeld Faces Growing Revolt by Retired Generals

Omaha Schools Split Along Race Lines

AP: FBI Reviews 1946 Public Lynching Case

Do not compare me to Family Guy! I am not like Family Guy!

Who is the culprit?

Changing ISP's

I am going to see the Yankees at Twins on Friday. Anything I should yell

Ok, why don't Comedy Central bleep out the word "Chingada?"

Bumper Sticker: I Support Bush

Good night, Mrs. Calabash--wherever you are!

Who on DU do you wish would change their orientation for you for 1 night?

It's 'chowdah'!! I'll kill all of you! Especially you in the jury!!!"

Why can't I post to the discussion board from work?

I just found my Cuttin' Heads CD! I thought it was long gone! singalong!

A sunset storm (pic)

When one trips the spam filter - how long until one gets unbanned?


Chris Elliot - discuss


Why do some American women talk through their nose?

who isn't in the pool yet?

link to your LOUDEST post right here!

Feng Shui: Superstitious Mumbo-Jumbo, or a sound basis for investment

Public Service Announcement for Parents

Boob Job Ban in Space.

And, this forwarded by a freeper? :rofl:

So, when matcom signs into DU, does he search for his name?

to whom do you owe your allegiance?

All right you pack of jokers:

all horses are the same color and 2+2=5 dammit!

heh, GD

So these two bunnies were talking. . .

$148.00 Sandwich

The Best Protest Sign EVER - stop ignoring this post!

Goodnight, lounge! (Time zones you see)

Do You Remember ''School House Rock''?

Punk rock question: What band uses a bass drum with a white coffin on it?

OK - who's freakin on the DU lounge nominations?


Any Sam Roberts fans?

Yaaay! Look at me! I win!!

I'm off to clean the house - try it.

For the REM fans here...

Oh F*** I found the cat nuke

What people are doing for fun in DC today.

How old are you???

Talking Boobs-the Am.Idol & "Lost" thread

What actor/actress could cause you to riot?

A cold is catching me

Who wants the Dimebag Darrell Guitar Hero Figurine for their birthday?

Girl's heart restarted after donor organ removed

Anyone here into recording music...

Weirdest Sunset I've Ever Seen

Like the Sausage King of Chicago?

What is your favorite rock and roll song?

Is tomorrow a holiday in the States?

I need young drinkers to help me out!!

Do you use the same handle for all forums you post to?

Good Thursday Morning, Everyone!!!!

Hello Jesus/Hello Kitty?? this is tackier than "precious moments" crap.

My office is having a pot-luck luncheon for my retirement......

I'm going to beat on my chest and give a Tarzan yell

Wanna help me brainstorm, all you smarties?

Yellowstone's wolf 21 was a gentle soul.

Oh F*** I found the cat puke

Since the Ex has cost me about $70,000-$80,000 over 12 years...

It's Maundy Thursday, I heard a Christmas song on the radio this morning

No more MsUSA after tomorrow.......

LynneSin - No one can deny....

Check out the new George The Second cartoon

Wild Sex!

CNN - Probe photographs Venus' south pole

Comedy Fans -help!

Dave Chappelle: Why I walked away

im an idiot

It's Maundy Thursday!!

Damn...I Thought That New Tori Spelling Sitcom On VH1...Was Actually Funny

What the hell is "skake"?

So, they pulled the life support plug on my friend's brother....

Like Mel Gibson or not, this is fairly amusing...

Wanna go to Heaven?

What region does the name "Llahsmin" (first name) come from?

Who on DU should I crush?

If you are gonna spam me with drug ads-Spell the drugs right!!!

Stouffer's makes pretty good lasagna! Not as good as homemade

what or who is Maundy?

Why do so many junk foods contain orange powder?

Shin splints! Yowch!

Can anyone tell me what this emoticon means?

Does anyone else remember when we all used to be Irish?

Chocolate Easter Bunny comedy.....

Hey! Where'd KitchenWitch's badger go?

Doggie-lovers? I designed this site for my cousin's doggie-book...

Why is God/Allah/Karma/Foo trying to punish me?

Where do babies come from?

More Jack....not so cute...

billyskank: did you have a good night?

I need a summer job in DC working for Democrats

Elephants On Parade

You know what is really cute?

Confess a Little White Lie You Told

For my 699th post... I'm going surfing!!!

I'm bored. Play with me.

Off tomorrow or not?

The Very First PODCAST of My Radio Show

Bono is advertising on DU.

What a freakin' morning!!!!

OMG Eric Milton just hit a triple!

Johnny B. Goode or Marky O. Velli?

OMG!! ^*^ KITTY PICS!!!!! ^*^

Trivia question: At any given moment, how many thunderstorms are there?

Geologists Find 500-Million-Year-Old Feces

How odd are you??

I just got off school for spring break. Ask me anything.

What is the meaning of life?

"C For Cookie"

I'm in class. Ask me anything.

Where for art thou Recruiters??

Apple Corps. digitally remasters entire Beatles catalogue for online sales

I am worried sick about my husband's NEW job. Please tell me it's ok.

Post a pic of me.

Vaaht da... Kosher Coke?

How much does Guns-n-Roses suck?

Yay! The sun is shining in the bay area!

Post a pic of Myrna Loy

Post a pic of Ava Gardner


I reckon

Check out these shark pics.

Can you pass this Intelligence Test?

My Poem

I'm not in class anymore. Don't ask me anything.


Any One know a link to the new Pink song 'Dear Mr. President'?

for $1.25 from 3 of you I can

i just got chocolate stains on my clothes, ask me anything!!

You want prog-rock hell?

Holy Crap! KO's Worst Person in the World!

I really do like Sweet Tea.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/13/06)

NO!! Post a pic of ME!!!

Thought we could use a little humor. How to tell if you have been speeding

AMC Eagle Kammback

Condoleezza holds a watermelon

If you don't like Robin's Eggs Easter candy, you are the devil!

This is my 9876th post.

I need a favor..

I just saw this indeciency between the Bush's

I need a flavor..

Lemmy gives a PSA on the behalf of Hermaphrodites

advice on elder care wanted

If you haven't done your taxes yet...

Better bargain!!! For 20 cents each my house won't be forclosed

Thursday earworm.

I am about to go pick up the evil dog from the vet (babysitter)

Burial or Cremation?

New Story posted today at Escape Pod

ah thlah thlah thlah thlah yah yah yah. ridgha. bah.

I had to start riding the bus again yesterday

What did you think of the episode of LOST last night?

Bra-less ladies- (a question, not a pic, people):

I'm kind of embarrassed to emit this, but I have to spray it.

I'm really hungry for shoo fly pie.

Get it, boy!

The upcoming Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs CD, Under The Covers

Post a pic of Ronnie James Dio

I guess I'm riding a bit of a lucky streak...

Oh Christ on a Hot Tin Roof. GD is whacked again

My baby is damn cute dammit!

I was just thinking how glad I am I have dual citizenship

Damn baby critters are cute!

I have a question about these people who murder their whole families

Yay! I just got an internship

I am an eBaying fool today!

"When we got into office, the thing that surprised me the most...

john kerry quote

Do you agree with this? No matter how expensive something is...

This is a test.

Just reported a company for violating the DO NOT CALL LIST

You have three choices - which one will you kiss?

Michigan - Christiane Amanpour. Ohio State - John McCain

I need a new bra

I like potatoes!

Everythings' so green...Night,Night people...

Will anyone kill me?

Anyone else worried the Bush regime will crash their career?

Any Georgia DU'ers?

Anti-semantics posts are no longer acceptable in the Lounge.

Beatles to join online music revolution

The Twins just swept the A's

Oh Sugar Smack.... Paging Sugar Smack!!

BARGAIN!! If each of the 87,000 DUers sent me $1.00 I could get....

Let's do a WHO AM I - Come on and play

I passed the bar

Who can tell me about the illuminati?


I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I have to say it.

Happy birthday Patiod!!

Your Collectible Treasures

A question for MEN about BRA-less ladies

Computer Malfunction Everyone RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why aren't the Beatles at the end of AT&T commercials?

Best John Williams Movie Score

I got STOOD UP today.

"Born Into This"- Charles Bukowski

Picture Thread! - Post Your Spring Photos!

I passed the bar exam.


Pictures of ThomCat

What makes you go batshit crazy?

The Un-Crushed, a thread for DUers who have lost the popularity contest

If you won Big Time money would you still live where you are now?

How many question marks does a typed question require?

Oh, boy.... this week's "treadmill movies"...something for every taste:

Have you ever seen a DU bumper sticker on a stranger's car?

Post a pic of Cary Grant.


"Satan has been Paralyzed" and other fundie album covers.

70 Dogs in Odessa Losing Guardian to Cancer. All Need Homes!

Do you celebrate Easter?

I passed the bar

Rachael Ray is making a meal...inspired by her DOG

Everyone have a nice Easter Weekend

Can You Top This Prog-Rock Hell?

Are we STILL all William Pitt?

A Club for those who are not crushed upon!

Tom Cruise: "Sex is about the connection." "Meaningless sex sucks."

Important GD thread!!!!1!!! This is HUGH!!1!!!! IM SERIES!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!

Can a 50-year-old and a 25-year-old have a deep relationship?

Is there a God?

At what age did they stop asking you for ID to buy alcohol?

What Was The Last Critter Invader That You Killed In Your Home?

Name a movie that you hate that seemingly everyone else loves

Will anyone kiss me?

Some Things Jellyfish

Rabrrrrrrrr's vacation in Hell:

Get some of your midday ZombyLove

Bye-bye, DU!

How hot is matcom?

Is there a politician that gives you that "special feeling?"

A Passover question

Does it matter whether or not something is classified as a "religion"?

JESUS IS WATCHING and the shortest Biblical sentence is JESUS WEPT

Pope Calls Judas Double-Crosser in Homily

The story of Passover

Gods and Genuises

MA Healthcare Law: Someone 'splain this to me.

Walter Reed patients manage their pain through acupuncture

Energy Medicine

Would you like a heart attack with that?

Natural light to reinvent bulbs (BBC)

Scientists: '10th planet' only slightly larger than Pluto (AP/CNN)

Study Examines Homophobia In College Athletics

In prez race, civil unions are still progress

Poll for GLBT members ( Do you feel like a 2nd class citizen?)

Gay club won’t file formal complaint

DeWine urged to ax ban on gay marriage

Federal legislation would give gay couples equality in Social Security

DU this poll: re: vetoing earmark for college that banned gay student

Decorated Air Force nurse, barred over lesbianism, sues

Gay policy could hurt pharmacy school plan (DU the poll)

Dear Mr. President

The Mets Are 6-1

Pistons blow out Cavs, LeBron's ankle is headline story

our 18 yr old cat goes to the vet in an hour or so

FIBI's are back!!!

70 Dogs in Odessa Losing Guardian to Cancer. All Need Homes!

A question

Geez, et tu Kurdistan? (Stuff from non-US news)

Why limit replay to what

FYI - If anyone's confused about the CIA leak timeline

OMG - Holy crap, you guys, check this out.

IAEA Facts on Iran

RIP, William Sloane Coffin


Oh My, Kerry response to Bush on National Small Business Week

is this guy presidential material?

How do we get the message back: Kerry's Iraq plan and Iran

New info on that Times guy:

Hey Vek and others: Did you see the hearing last week in FinComm

Kerry 49%, Leaker-in-Chief 39% !!

For All Those That Can Be At Faneuil Hall On The 22nd

Could this be the root of David Brooks' hatred of Kerry

Juxtaposition rejects


Mo' Moclips (lots mo clips)

Finally took a few minutes and headed out

Countdown Newsletter -- 04/13/06: Refining the Leak

Baseball 2006 preview, Part Six (Keith Olbermann) up now!!

Ok, this not changing for Daylight Savings is killing my Countdown time

Arms Control Association Analysis of Iranian Nuclear Program

The Big Questions nobody is asking about electronic voting ...

Simple to understand article on how weapons-grade uranium is made.

ugly freep RE: Immigration

Chertoff already starts the blame game for next hurricane disaster

The Earth is Closing In on Us (read this - it is special)

John Lindh

Jerome Corsi is on Coast to Coast AM talking about Iran

My 1000th Post: The Axis of Evil

It's almost unbearable....reading your words of agony. eom

* supporters have such a shitty idea of what good leadership is

couldn't resist this little nighty night chuckle

I'm on the right side this time.

FR to DU Poll (Anonymous and Fun!)

your opinion? Iran-Iraq

Anybody else here been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease?

Anyone watch Letterman's Great Moments in Presidential

OK-explain to me why Conyers trumps Iran in story placement on CNN

Discarded ballots add fuel to imbroglio in Italy

Rick Santorum and Social Security

William Sloane Coffin, peace activist, dies at 81

Progressive Democrats of America recognize DU's activism. Roses for Helen

Baghdad: Where no one is safe

Wow! Listen to Barbara Jordan Explain Impeachment of Nixon!

Democrats Take Lead Over Republicans Amid Bush Woes, Poll Shows

washington journal time-should we take diplomatic route in Iran,

Bush's Iran Gambit Will be Just as Successful as his Social Security Push

Miracles do happen!

Will Ferrell has nothing on this guy...

Thought police

Googled "Bright Side of Life" after posting economy #'s

If we go into Iran, will Oliver North apologize for selling them arms...

Is Anybody Watching Democracy Now? WTF Is Happening At The Village Voice?

The Specter of Nuclear Barbarism....

U.S. Death Toll Climbs Sharply in Iraq...

2,365 of our troops now dead in Iraq

How many of you have dreamed of swinging with George and Laura?

Is the Dawn Breaking over FUBAR?

Forget the celebs! Which media bigwigs make political contributions?

Bush wins 2006 Jefferson Muzzle award

UK foreign minister Ian Pearson confirms WTC7 demolished

Voter Distress Could Alter Upcoming Races

23 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

GAS WAR: An idea that will work!? (Keeping gas prices down at pump)

Seattle Times: Anger, apology over "Condoleezza" quiz

Fantasic Pic! Harry Taylor questioning Bush vs Rockwell's "Free Speech"

Documents Show Link Between AT&T and Agency in Eavesdropping Case

When RW fundies lament this is not a christian nation...

George W. Bush: Worst job creating president in 70 years!

Iran again holds hostages — Bush and the GOP


Scum suckers! "3 lawyers plan appeal to keep fen-phen millions"

"I never knew Jon Stewart could perform the Pile Driver..."

Question: Isn't Iran Allowed To Pursue Developing Peaceful Nuke Energy?

23 minutes, 58 seconds: Flight 93 transcript shows Bush failure

The McCain strategy...

China Villagers Attack Polluting Factories

The Immigration Issue as a White Supremacist Recruiting Tool

New NBC-WSJ Poll numbers for Chimpy? (37% approval)

Gingrich Criticizes Bush, Aids Enemy

Analysts Say a Nuclear Iran Is Years Away

Government Spending Hit ALL-TIME HIGH In March

Iran Could Produce Nuclear Bomb in 16 Days, U.S. Says (Update2)

Rats jumping the Berlusconi ship

Flight 93 recordings- why the english language?

Will China Try to Bring us Back from the Brink?

(VIDEO) South Park and the fight for free speech

U.S. Misses Another Deadline re: Chemical Weapons Disposal???


Why aren't there tapes from air traffic control from 9/11/01?


Burial or Cremation?

Poland pushes for Auschwitz to be renamed

Exxon Chairman Got Retirement Package Worth at Least $398 Million

MEME: They're backed into a corner with nothing to lose. Expect anything.

Anyone remember the guide for decoding unnamed sources?

Flock of Repugs (er Dodos) - see the video

They Knew: Analysts’ Doubts About Bio Labs Publicly Reported In June 2003

Topics on Democracy Now today, Link TV, Ch. 375, 10amCT.

memo to bush -- subject line: PEACE

My neighbor sent me this link on the pentagon strike, only for discussing

A little sliver of hope, a reason for me to smile today

WP: Dems -- Not enough candidates to take back control of the House

* 's new toy

Video about DeVos, Granholm opponent

will italians go into a civil war on account of berlusconi wanting to hold

CAPTION the "Nature Boy"...

..Something going on but you don't know what it is, do you, Mrs. Jones?

Yeah! Another Great AOL Poll! Did Bush Know That The Trailers Were Not

An Emoticon that is so true to form.....

Scalia is "like Mick Jagger." Check out the love-fest in Hartford Courant

Gay, lesbian parents to line up for Easter Egg Roll tickets (at WH)

Here is the Democratic message on Iran (Americablog)

Here's something amusing

Who Saw ABC Evening News Last Night?

Iran, Israel, Pakistan, India. One Nation alone has signed NPT. Guess?

WP: For Clinton, a Chance to Evoke Better Days


What's in a name? Maybe survival...

The President to deliver 2006 commencement speech at the Univ of Texas

WTF: DeLay on list of candidates to head OMB ?????

Heads up:Scotty WH Daily Briefing scheduled for noon eastern

ASSHOLE COMPANIES Hire Illegals Because They Don't Want to Pay! -->

Discarded Ballots Add Fuel to Imbroglio in Italy

Iraq unrest forces 65,000 to flee

all the sushi you eat belongs to smirk's buddy Rev. Moon

Caption these pics of Cheney

WTF??? Fox Poll On Universal Health Care

Afghans selling stolen military data

Ageism in America

Suspicious package at Lafayette Park...

C-Span (Capital News Today) Poll For The Day

Neocon Helprin implores us to "Think Imaginatively About Iran"

Briton Who Refused 3rd Iraq Tour Sentenced

The Gospel according to Polo

Tinfoil hat or credible threat?

you wouldn't want to have a baby in Basra

Seeking a Post RE: Bush / Leak / Acts that he may have broken

Chimpy to Say "Eek, eek!!! Ook, ook" at FOUR Graduation Ceremonies

Firm that Helped NSA/ATT Spying Also Censors Internet for Egypt

Great interview on WMNF right now (1:30PM EST 4/13)

Forget Bird Flu we have Mumps!

Could someone walk into the US Senate and shake the shit out of them?

Former Sen. Mike Gravel to Announce Candidacy for President

PHOTO: The First Family holds a retirement bash for Sandra Day O'Connor

Oil over $70...

*******CHECK THIS THREAD IN GD politics - WOW !!!*******

VIDEO: LBJ knew how to frame nuke happy conservatives

Wicked witch of the west upcoming on CSPAN

9/11! Did we mention 9/11? Listen to those tapes!

Does not compute. Does not compute.

Circular Logic at its Best

Excuse me, but this whole John Conyers thing stinks really bad!

It's US Policy to Use Nukes re: Iran

CNN smearing John Conyers for ethics violations.

CNN: Conyers Ethics Problems

In Plame Leak Case, Judge Decries Leaks - (TPM-Muck)

No Child Left Behind -- C-SPAN1 at 4pm EDT

Italy vote rigged: Berlusconi

HA! Chimp on the run... AFRAID to spend Easter with Cindy & Co!

Microsoft: New 'critical' security flaws detected (Reuters/CNN)

Dean 2004 Software - What was it?

AOL Poll on Scalia

Geologists Find 500-Million-Year-Old Feces

Hagel: Military Strike in Iran is 'Not a Viable, Feasible, Responsible

Is anybody listening to Wilkerson on cspan?

Israel paying$125,000 a day to shell Gaza

1-877-FAIRFAA....Air Traffic Controller concerns on Washington Journal

Wow! Visit Iran . . .Learn the culture . . .See the beauty. TOURS

Kerry 49%, Bush 39%

Why Is Conyers (My Hero) Being Smeared NOW???

Less international tourists coming to US!!

Idaho debates whether to cover mural of Indian being lynched

What say, gov'nor, a little CAPTION, if you can spare one. Please???


Writing on the Wall - Thursday 4/13 toon

Kerry Response to Bush Remarks During National Small Business Week

Indicted White House aide won't argue Bush ordered leak of agent's name

Has anyone e-mailed the White House telling Bush to resign?

Why in the hell are B** approval numbers going up ????

RAF war objector jailed for eight months!

Smoldering heap of nonsense - Salt Lake Tribune

I can't believe I keep hitting myself in the head!

NSA tracks secret lab

CNN BREAKING!!!: Jesus on an Easter egg!

bush can't use Libya anymore as an example of a rogue brought to heel

LA TIMES-----Doubts About Taking On Tehran

Help stop BOMBING TEST on Western Shoshone Land!

Huffington is really scraping the bottom of the barrell with this one.

How many other countries are on the Giggling Murderer's hit list?

A tip for Anti-Bush Canvassers/ Protesters

Clinton ethics scandal

AFP: US spymaster Negroponte: worst of Al-Qaeda to be jailed indefinitely

General: No Air Force Planes Lost in Iran

Is Islam being vilified by the RW?

Parent dilemma: spare him or inform him ?

U.S. intelligence: Iran years away from nukes..Does * know this?

Heard Allan Lichtman speak last night - seems to be one of us!

Despite Denials, U.S. Plans for Iran War (since May 2003)

Have you received your invitation to the DSCC's Annual Nantucket Retreat?

Hitchens calls Armitage-Colin Powell's BITCH: Gets edited

Suvivor - DC Style (SNEAK PEEK a toon)

Comment: Why German authorities have the wrong end of the swastika

Why The Minimum Wage Wins

need tables or graphs on U.S. foreign military aid

George Bush Goes to School

So...the Swift-Boating of Conyers has begun...

Sign the Save Nazanin petition.She got a death sentence for killing rapist

How long before they try to link Iran to 9/11?

Mike Gravel Former Alaska Senator Annouces Candidacy for POTUS

Rice: 'Some Consequences' Needed for Iran

Iran - Don't Let It Happen

Debunking the lies being spread about Cindy Sheehan!

"He's a real Dick Cheney"

Creature's picture irks (fundie) Board of Ed member

Iran-Wag the Dog? "The Guy James Show" discussion of the day

Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson!

US Supreme Court Building Being Evacuated -Now you see it now you don't

Things are going badly in The Forgotten War - Afghanistan

Don't you hate it when Bush is called a "War Time President"?

Why is the information about the bio-trailers in Iraq still classified ??

What the hell is a "tactical nuclear weapon?"

Rethuglican Focus Group Word of the Week

Hurricane Evacuees' Trailer Explodes

America’s Secret Police?

Berlusconi: "Did you think you’d got rid of me?"

Mouse sheds light on regeneration

Assuming that we get rid of Rumsfart.. who will Pissypants appoint ...

Should I move my wedding date up?

Nat'l GOP Operative Says He Knew Nothing of Phone Jamming - (TPM - Muck)

I could use some help here...

How is it not clear that...

Read my poem....*please*

Rummy's Retarded

Libby won't argue Bush ordered leak of agent's name - 18 minutes ago

Internal audit says government deserved Katrina criticism

The world's first high-end Wal-Mart

Thought we could use a little humor. How to tell if you have been speeding

Isn't it obvious why gas is going up?

Immediate Yoga lessons needed!

CNN: A Fifth General Calls For Rumsfeld's Resignation

US reporter's kidnap a mistake; ransom paid: Iraqi insurgent

Cynthia McKinney holds a watermelon......

Limbaugh just made one of the most laughable comments ever !

Democrats Doing Best in Red States

Poll: Iran and nuclear capability.

MAKE IT 6 !!! - Another General Calls For Rumsfeld’s Resignation

Anyone joining the nationwide boycott on May 1st?

Simple poll on attitudes and age.

Did anyone watch Tweety tonite?

"An Inconvenient Truth" - Watch this trailer NOW!

Heads Up: General Batiste Is On The New Hour

DU, I hope your in it for the long run...

BooMan: "When Fred Hiatt prints disinformation about Iran, he is carrying

What if your car stalls and General Patton is right behind you?

Creationism 'no place in schools'

AmericanBlog: Here is the Democratic message on Iran.

Delta mechanics were told to take their tool boxes home by tomorrow.

2369 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Posts that insult transgendered people are no longer acceptable at DU.

The US Is Paying Terrorists To F***K With Iran??

Report Criticizes State Dept. Travel Costs! 32,000 tickets costing $140 M

Does all this PC stuff remind anyone else of the People's Front of Judea

Jobs: 50.00 an hour for lettuce picking

Anyone watching Lou Dobbs? Shocking statistics on wages

Lil Help !!! - Rumsfeld Poll !!! - (Virginia Pilot)

Anybody else hear about 'intel officials' saying Iran is years from nukes?

Terrorist 'lookalike' wins $27.5m

World Plagued By Messy Elections !!!! Isn’t it time to lead by example?

16 Days........

A Report From Enemy Territory. How Freepers Are Dealing With Iraq:

Immigration Reform...why can't we...

“Rumsfeld had a Cow”

my tv just broke in with "important news" my heart dropped I knew IRAN

Can anyone help me reply to this piece of crap e-mail sent to me?


AOL Poll: Scalia

Gas in East San Diego County. Yesterday $2.79. Today $2.85.

Buried on page 26 of last week's 39-page filing...

America’s Secret Police?

Computer Drive Sold At Afghan Bazaar May Hold Names Of Spies For U.S.- LAT

Quote of the day...

Terrorism is a profitable bizness

Bush - Using Friendly Drugs Again

Question about Generals Asking for Rumsfeld Resignation

Howard Dean on CNN now, 6:16pmCT. nt

IN SoS Announces ES&S Subpeonas, Hearings! Queer Coulter Question & More!

Let's discuss "politically correct." IMHO, it's a Hard Right tool.

Bush pitches to small businesses, Kerry steps up & hits it out of the park

WTF Is UP with RAWSTORY? Is It a Reliable Source? Teasers Always Changing

Americans Wary of Action on Iran, Gloomy on Iraq, Poll Shows

Repukes and ethics... what hypocrites

Games leaders of nations play..

Please DU this one...letter to General

Can Somebody Get A Screenshot Of CNN 4/!19!/06 Transcript

Negroponte: A Neo-fascist's Progress

It's Harry's fault, it's Harry's fault!!

After today's televised sneer, I'm proposing a new nickname for McCain

Gary Kucinich for Ohio's 13th (Yes, related)

Shuster on Tweety, 6 PM, CDT, re: Libby calling Rove and Fleischer


Don't you think there are CIA Agents foaming at the mouth from *'s comment

AP: FBI Reviews 1946 Public Lynching Case

I can't help but wonder about all of these retired Generals

Venezuela State Oil Co. to End SEC Filings

Slate: FOIA re: drug charges vs. college education (SSDP)

“Silence of the Dead, Voices of the Living,” Join AFSC in D.C. May 11-14

Iran's AIDS-prevention program among world's most progressive

Crossing the Nuclear Site Line to Pray for Peace

Raw Story: US Using Iraqi Terror Groups In Iran - By Larisa Alexandrovna

Say good night, Andy. (photo)

First Democrat announces bid for presidency

Do you know what $4.99 will buy? Well, I do...

Why did a wingnut tell me

Illegal immigrants demonstrating in Mexico would be imprisoned !

"I Am A Part Of A Violent Organization,

Bush to Speak at 4 Graduation Ceremonies

11 U.S. Banks Sued Over 'Naked' Short Selling

Safe and Sound in Sebastopol CA...

US Student Apprehended By School Police For Showing American Flag

Field & Stream Mag Attacks Bush's Environmental Policies

Bulk shipping

Yes, George, Something Stinks ---pix--->>>

Zarqawi-gate: More important than you think..

Larry Wilkerson Just Called Cheney "A Paranoid"/

Randi is on fire today!

biggest job loser / wage reducer

Indiana Sec. of State Announces Hearings, Subpeonas, against ES&S

Order from Judge Reggie Walton Regarding Leaks to the Press in Plame Case

My newspaper column for this week: Mickey D at a Distance

The Art of War for the anti-war movement (SRitter)

Officer Considers Legal Action Against McKinney

'Marlboro Man' Marine Describes Struggle With PTSD- ABC World News Tonight

Bush, Democrat in immigration skirmish (GO HARRY)

Scott McClellan on SouthPark?

What kind of BS is MSNBC trying to pull?????

Progressive Democrats of America - Front Page - Roses for Helen

Some information about enriched uranium...

As hard as I try to sympathise with these generals retiring...

Rumsfeld's Rules: Politics, The Congress And The Press

Flying spagetti monster picture irks Kansas school board member

A dispatch from Crawford, from proud2Blib.

Not word one about immigrants for 5 years until Uncle Karl speaks.

September 2001........ Iran was WITH us..

Ken M. is on cnn dissing Dems and telling lies.

Yeah! My fellow 'Bama fans are catching on!

Ann Coulter's Florida Voter Registration: GENDER BOX LEFT BLANK !!!

November will be great!!

Daughter of a Soldier - Mother of a Soldier

Couple Paid Each Other Campaign Funds (Repukes, of course)

gas war

Bush at 31% in Wisconsin

Poll: 48% back military action against Iran

Who is this little chippy filling in for Wolfie today?

Now WE are a state sponsor of terror

Even if this isn't true, it's worth reading

NEED HELP!! Email Regarding The Clintons Sent To Me Today!

All the Vice President's He-Men


Congressman DeFazio To Bush: Iran Strikes Require Congressional Approval


Gentlemen (and ladies, too): LET THE PHOTOSHOPPING BEGIN!!!

Is Marxism still relevant?

AT&T Seeks to Hide Spy Docs!


PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF: Bush knew he was the leaker, and flaunted it...


Condoleezza 'Watermelon' Test Question Raises Ire

I Googled wages+inflation...found interesting page.

We seem to be standing at the precipice with Iran


$4 a gal. gas by Memorial Day -- global warming, corn crop

Why I'm Not Concerned About The U.S. Being Nuked By Any Country

Do Universal Health Care Plans have to be dopey out of the gate?

Bush, Blair silent on Italian vote

"Upon hearing about these events, jurors may suspect that Mr. Libby ...

UCC mourns death of William Sloane Coffin, legendary pastor, prophet, poet

Psst...pass it on.

Schuster on Hardball now reporting on Cia Leak.

Repug strategy scare voters...

Celebrity Republicans. Were you upset when you found out your favorite

Porn star's offer sex to Bin Laden for peace

Hillary's Reckless and Cynical Game

Just gave owner who fired workers for going to March piece of my mind.

The Great American Boycott 2006

(1-Page Short Story) George Bush was the jet that brought this tower down.

MUST WATCH video: Robert Newman's History of Oil (Iraq, peak oil & more)

2009: 100 mpg Toyota Prius

The leader of the Free World? (many pics...dial-up beware)

Prodi: Italy Will Remove Troops from Iraq

Which income quintile is your household in?

No virgins for Moussaoui!

"Let's roll !" Quote from Flight 93: Another Bush lie.

Howard Dean and his "Messiah Complex."

Things I think EVERYONE should KNOW & RESPECT about Islam & Moslems

70 Dogs in Odessa Losing Guardian to Cancer. All Need Homes!

In Praise of Andy's Ballot

40 Ways in 40 Days: WAYS 39 & 40! It's the END OF DAYS!!

Thom Hartmann will appear on John Kasich's Fauxnews show - Saturday

Bush Attacks, Reid Counterpunches


Screw the headline, bottom line is: WE ARE ALREADY AT WAR!

Sticking it to us at the gas pump because of the Iran 'crisis'

Want to *hear* why I really cannot stand Ed Schultz?

Did I miss the fix for the blank pages/post problem? I am still

Follow the money...always...

a chuckle from Teddie K ...

US Rep Alan Mollohan (D-WV) Scandal Discussion on CSPAN-1 Now

NYT: A Pennsylvania Spoiler Joins Race for Governor

America's Secret Police?

That thud you hear is the other shoe finally dropping

Can you honestly admit your capacity for inhumanity ...... ?


A Pennsylvania Spoiler Joins Race for Governor

NDEP halts Divine Strake bombs blasts at NV test site in June! LOL!

Help with documented lies of Michael Savage

For America haters, an opportunity to tear down America once and for all

Barry Werth (author of "31 Days") on Fresh Air w/Terry Gross today

My LTTE about Nuking Iran

"For Pete's sake, if you can't trust your Supreme Court justice more than"

WSJ: The Minority Maker -The clever GOP strategy for defeat in November

Another WMD LIE !!! - Bush against expert's at Pentagon

Feingold, Sheehan, Obama, Hightower and Van Os in Austin next week

Federal Regulations force businessmen to hire illegal aliens

BushBoard Hit Parade: Number One with a Depleted Uranium Bullet!

Good Friday Grief and Gravy

Man Criticizes Bush

An Inconvenient Truth: Movie Trailer featuring Al Gore

The smearing of Conyers is just like

The issue with Conyers is just too

Whenever I see one of those black "W" stickers, I want to add "orst ever"

Photo: Bush "digs in" for "a long war that could last for DECADES"

Check out this website, it really brings Bush's war home

Republicans Renege en masse on Term Limit Pledges

What Would You Do If You Were A True Republican?

Is bankrupting and forced privatization of countries good foreign policy?

How to cancel your newspaper - striking a blow against the RW media

Moussaoui: "Bush will free me and I will return to London"

AP: McCain Courting Iowa Conservatives

WestPoint Grads Against the War

Best Description of a Republican I've Ever Read

I got a bunch of CLINTON (Bill) jokes in email today: here's my reply

A Comedy Compilation - Courtesy FR and the Biolab Trailers

Don't usually watch CNN but they are sure laying in to * tonight.

Where did our majority go?

"Politically Correct" is a tool of the Hard Right, IMHO. Let's discuss.

Randi Just Interviewd John Dean

A day in Iraq: What's the GOOD NEWS??

Dowd: "He Who Should Be Fired" says "not useful to get into fantasy land"

Proof that drive to Iraq war was 100% political

Junior's ALREADY on Easter Break at "Camp Hide From Cindy Sheehan"

Do you trust Bush on Iran?

I need the "skinny" on "Col. Bud Day/VN Vet Legacy ?

"L" words

It's April...WA Post is publishing "Dems will lose in November" bullshit

Screw Colin Powell......

Let's discuss "politically correct." IMHO, it's a Hard Right tool.

What has become of Karen Hughes, Undersecretary of State

The fact is that almost every Congressman is as guilty as Conyers...

"Sunday Morning Apartheid:" 61% of Sunday talk shows had NO blacks

Dear God In Heaven, take me now...........

Remembering the Iraq War's Pollyanna pundits (the overly exuberant MSM)

What is YOUR Repub governor doing to look like a Democrat?

The new strategy for the union movement in America...

More scandals coming ! Col. Wilkerson on CSpan 12:45 EST Apr.13th

Hitchens calls Armitage-Colin Powell's Bitch: Gets edited

This is a cool cover.

Does anybody REALLY still think that Bushco will step down in 2009?

Field & Stream magazine: Bush is destroying hunting and fishing

DU poll: Should universities lose gov accred. if discrim. gay students

Why do we have an immigration problem? Abortion, of course

Kucinich speaks out in support of Delphi workers

2002-2006 Bush and Plame - 8 frame cartoon

my skepticism about Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story

Hagel slams the door on attacking Iran

some interesting info on Richard Perle

Top Ten Little Known Facts About Dick Cheney

Dennis Hopper on Bush

Party weighing expenditure of resources in Busby CA race

GOP Supervisor sends nude 'appreciation' email

Give 'em Hell, Harry! Reid fires back at Bush re Senate immigration bill!

Schwarzenegger Will Not Endorse Universal Preschool Inititative

Is privatization of government services a good idea?

Edwards criticizes both parties at Las Vegas union meeting

Is someone really a Democrat if they believe in privatization?