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Archives: April 17, 2006

Fiddling While the Earth Burns

Baghdad postmen pine for days of vicious dogs-- Times/UK

The Capital is God in today’s world: People are out – money is in

Hybrids Overhyped? (NYT Op-Ed)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 241

'Speak Softly, Don't Argue and Slow Down'--UK (Tips for Americans)


Neil Young sets his sights on Bush (Entire Album is rumor)

Payback looms on adjustable-rate mortgage spree

A Way To Compete With Walmart?

Carbon Dioxide and Global Temperature levels

Speculation: What will the next 50 years bring?

Should Israel disarm herself of nuclear weapons...?

The cockpit recording--were the terrorists speaking English or

Veterans for 911 Truth.

2 Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Threads Need Your Noms

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 04.17.2006 - HAVA Mascot Edition

HR 550: Thank Tank. . . . . .. Percent audit? 2 stage Audit?

Getting rid of HAVA altogether

State police investigate two fatal shootings (sex offenders murdered?)

Neil Young sets his sights on Bush (Entire Album is rumor)

Allard named one of five 'worst senators' by Time (BWAHAHA!)

Skilling Pits His Word Against Witnesses'

Contract Dispute Delays Body Armor Tests

Shi'ite Alliance proposes new PM

'Speak Softly, Don't Argue and Slow Down'--UK (Tips for Americans)

Muslims outraged by new cartoon of Prophet in Hell

Killings lead to brain drain from Iraq-- Telegraph/UK

Bush expected to approve dramatic pandemic flu response plan

Mother Again Faces Deportation to Mexico

AP -(4 more US troops killed) 35 Die in Iraq Attacks; Unity Talks Snarl

China Regulator Plans to Allow Margin Trading, Short Selling (Bloomberg)

WP: Big Rewards for Defense Firms

Black Activist Shot in Cincinnati Dies

Rasmussen: Bush Job Approval 39% (First time under 40% for Razzy!)

Plane Crashes Into Fla. Terminal; 3 Killed

Boeing Parts and Rules Bent, Whistle-Blowers Say

Mob link eyed in bank demolition (ground zero bank)

Blackwell defends campaign donations

CNN > Group: Iran may be expanding nuclear plants

Falwell Says He Won't Back Giuliani ("supports abortion, gays, guns")

Protest Planned for Soldier's Funeral

Rumsfeld personally supervised torture, says Human Rights Watch

WP: (National) Parks Feel '80 Percent' Squeeze (by Bush Admin)

WP: Anger at Bush May Hurt GOP At Polls

'I made a mixture of drugs and injected them. They were dead in three hour

Gatorade giving us the biggest maudlin sob story ever:

I just got sad over Def Leppard.

Was my fiance right?

Jackie Chan + Diet Pepsi commercial... Did they pay Coca-Cola?

Fictionalization. Vehicle not suitable for underwater use.

Does anyone know who Dan Pike is?

Carmella voted for Bush

I love this about spring....

OMFG!!!!!! This is HUGH!!!1!!!!1!!!!


When someone needs to sneeze do you tell them to look at the light,

Goodnight and sweet dreams people.....

My 5 Questions

Goodnight, Lounge!

Easter Evening Fun With Peeps! (Episode II: Return of the Peter)

Who would win a fight: Q or the Beyonder?

Taxes are done! Only took me a couple of hours!

Who knows what tomorrow brings? (Take a guess)

You know when you are enjoying a nice day, relaxing in the checkout line

Christians- I have a question for you.

Okay....once yvr girl knows just WHO is here........

Who here saw "The Sopranos" tonight? (spoiler alert for West coast)

Damn I missed my opportunity...I should have said...

Japanese movie goers will soon know what Colin Ferrell smells like

Environmentally sound trash?

I want this

I'm getting a minivan!

Electricity help!

I have room in my heart for all DUers

I finally saw Gidget last night. WTF?!

My asshat neighbor just put up a flagpole

You're competing on Iron Chef

Where's MrScorpio been lately?

I'm no longer on ZombyIgnore - I wonder why?

Aw, jeez - I miss all the fun!

Oh thank goodness: Hannity is sticking with Bush even with 30% approval

Can I have some love?


Africa? Suggestions?

does anybody else do this?

Apart from just moving to California, how can a person be noticed?

If I open up my wrists

Earworm: Wilco's "Candyfloss" -- Summerteeth album

Okay... just watched Brokeback mt. **possible SPOILERS**

Would you like to be remembered in a Wax Museum?

Do I Have to File My Taxes by Midnight tonight - or tomorrow?

OK, who's here right now


Any music lovers? I need help picking a solo piano piece for competion.

Do you always have a song by Oasis in your head?

I have a fever of over 101.....

Do you always have a song in your head?


Women: A good recipe for home-made makeup remover

Has TLC become

How old is your car?

Therapy in a movie theater (possible spoilers V is for Vendetta).

I went to the drug store today

Got a new digital camera, here's some pics (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Can you buy liquor on Sunday where you live?

Barry Bonds hitting .190, 0 HRs, 1 RBI.

The Price of Gas Is Risen Today! Always Screw Ya!

Hetero DUers: post a pic of someone your gender you find attractive.

"You're going to cut your fingers off": The customer of the day

Saw a kid get run over by a shopping cart today

WTF?!?! "Saved by the Bell" Is Coming to Adult Swim!!!!

Easter Evening Fun With Peeps! (extreme dial-up WARNING)

Okay... so, what do you drive?

Where's Crazy Guggenheim?

So we've just finished making a music cd, and would love any feedback

Stephanie Miller and her dog Chester

What looks like cannabis besides lupine?

Falsification Challenge

Was Jesus illegitimate?

Study: Vegan Diets Healthier For Planet, People Than Meat Diets

Cool stuff for the space freaks among us.(Dialup Warning!)

Watching the GLAAD awards today.

Detroit Tigers' first baseman Chris Shelton is on fire.

Pictures of my boys...

Completely transparent

Klein has completely lost it

Are Iraqis any closer to forming a new government? Probably not.

on my way to the grocery store this morning,

Iran and "War Powers Act"?

Anyone watching West Wing? (east)

Japan hot and cold on warming

So Cheney Authorized Leak Of CIA Report -- now what??

Why Do We Spend So Little Time Discussing Iraq?


Why do our politicians have so much trouble addressing

Matt PUDGE is *still* on the air? No FCC decency about it?

People are to America as Kleenex is to Snot.

Run for Pat Tillman raise $350,000.

O'Reilly neatly dissed on "Everwood"

You know when You are REALLY in a hurry in the checkout lane?

What can WE THE PEOPLE DO at times like this??!!!!

Did anyone attend Russ Feingold's listening sessions last week?

This website tracks gas prices in your area

GOP Senator says seven lawmakers headed to prison

Why Iraq Was a Mistake, Time Mag, by retired LIEUT. GENERAL GREG NEWBOLD

Santorum man/dog reference on Sopranos

Well, I sure feel safer now.

Blaming Iraqi 'ingrates' for the mess of our making

Don sL-IMUS: "I want that other pope back"

Ha ha--Tony Soprano called Rick Santorum---Sanitorium.

Party Policy? Get Over It

NYT OpEd: A General Misunderstanding (in defense of Rummy)

How credible is Tom Flocco's site?

Making connections

Guess who's coming to NW Ohio...

Blair Canceled Upcoming US Trip To Avoid Being Photographed With Bush

Designing Doomsday

Who are the seven jailbound Repukes?

Why do we have so many Generals?

What's happening with the Aruba Situation?

It's too late baby......well it's just too late

Jeb in Baghdad! Campainging for 2008?

Rumsfeld is Criminally Responsible

Cheney's receive $1.93 MILLION rax refund; Halliburton payments "end"

BitTorrent battles over bandwidth

The divorce rate has doubled in the last 50 years

CNN just spent 6 minutes on John Conyers...I am PISSED!!!!

How does everyone feel about Bill Richardson for '08?

Rev. Lowrey's speech yesterday at Camp Casey is on Truthout!

Drug trial man 'may lose fingers'

WTF? Iran Military Photos n The Yahoo Iraq War Gallery?

You know who *really* hates the troops?

Who is gonna be the new Joe Wilson?

Stars & Stripes letters: Generals must step in/Policymakers not in fight

Cat saves baby's life

I hear an explosion at the gate.

Forty-seven US Soldiers Have Been Killed In Iraq since April 1 2006

My baby's bleeding out.

Fox's Hannity Stays the Course With Bush

PHOTO: How two American families celebrated Easter

Who saw the responses to CNN's Last Call? (Should Rumsfeld resign?)

Let's assume a lot of what we see and hear is staged for our consumption.

Ready for dessert? How 'bout some TASTY TOONS fresh from the oven?


I'm home. Just back from Crawford.

My (NOLA) Neighborhood is Looking Better..but

Hitlers generals tried to kill him when they realized he was insane

It's Time, In Fact It's Past Time To Switch To Ethanol

Iran: Declared War On Israel? Will Israel Strike First?

Pentagon Memo to provide public with so-called "facts"

generals challenging Rumsfeld regret not speaking up while on active duty

Now, here's a woman who could steal my heart

WP: Santorum Facing Multiple Obstacles In Reelection Bid

Congress on Recess: High cost of Iraq war worries some GOP voters

"Donations for a Congressman, Profits for His Wife"(illegal, unethical?)

Successful boycotts

Unacceptable? (Another neocon tactic: denounce Iraq war, promote Iran war)

Senator expects seven lawmakers to go to jail (Coburn - R - OK)

Jesus arrested in Russia....

WP,pg1: Anger at Bush May Hurt GOP At Polls: Turnout Could Favor Democrats 2008 contender polling results.

The Insanity of Hannity

Russian McDonald’s restaurants are less dangerous than American ones

Joe Klein: "We should not take tactical nuclear weapons off the table"

Would the USA's use of a tactical nuke start WW3?

The Spin: Retired Generals were just feeling "Intimidated" by Rummy.

"Fundies" are waking up!!

My top 8 senate candidates I want to work to elect

We're not running against Ceaser Disgustus in 06

Funny, when Clinton was President, Active Army Officers DID criticize him

Hurry Up, Rapture

The Lobby and the Bulldozer: Mearsheimer, Walt and Corrie

WP: 2002 N.H. (election-day phone-jamming) Scandal Shadows GOP Anew

Not another war (Toledo Blade editorial)

Prepping you for round 2

Anger at Bush May Hurt GOP At Polls Turnout Could Favor Democrats

George W. Bush: Leaker In Chief by Bill Press

Whose side are we on? No friend in Iraq (essay on politics inside Iraq)

Generals must step in - Stars and Stripes LTE

NPR interview: America Under the Influence of Oil with Kevin Phillips

Lobbyists Say DeLay Could Be One of Them--Birnbaum, WaPo

U.S. backup plan: Iran

Policymakers not in the fight - Stars and Stripes LTE

Pentagon Preps for Iran (WaPo)

Theocons and Theocrats..... KEVIN PHILLIPS

The Flight Forward


Enemy of the Planet, Paul Krugman, New York Times 4/17/2006

Katrina vanden Heuvel (The Nation): WiFi for All

So I put on a suit and went to Easter service

Irag was about OIL and schoolboy fantasies of empire, BOB HERBERT

Iran, Not Iraq, Fuels the ‘Rumsfeld Rebellion’

Easter Sermon spent attacking Dav Vinci Code

We Are Globalized, But Have No Real Intimacy with the Rest of the World

Important new film from Al Gore, "a living symbol of what might have been"

Rumsfeld under renewed attack (D, Richardson, NM)

G. Will: GOP Put Politics Over Principles (GOP House Earned Their Defeat)

Found a good analogy in response to the "It's happened before" argument.

earth day tshirts - organic lightweight cotton - $9 each for duers

China - The Sky Darkens - Le Monde (Impressive, Concise Summary)

Enemy of the Planet, Paul Krugman (cross-post)

Question on composting... Is this the right forum?

Journalists, medical volunteers and bystanders targeted

Hamas attacks Israel again!

Suicide bomber kills 5 in Tel Aviv

A look at Islamic Jihad

BREAKING : suicide bombing in Israel

The Party Line: ‘Palestinians attack, Israelis respond’

Palestinians: Tel Aviv Bombing Legitimate

911 conspiracy video - Penn & Teller

Has "Loose Change" been fact checked or rebutted?

A thought on the Pentagon strike.

A Dose of Truth...

The American and United Flight manifests?

Pentagon Strike: Why didn't the show us the wreckage?

count the flashes. thermite.. excellent portrayal of a controlled

Wash. Journal's worst host did a big no no this a.m.

Dr. Bob Bowman - on the ballot in Florida!

Why I don't follow 9-11 conspiracy theories. (For now.)

Don't miss this one...

Helderheid's civil rights thread in GD needs some vote.

Define your terms: Ballots, Receipts, Trails

Congressional qarterly reporting

I'm sorry Minnesota for the news i'm about to give you...

Any utilities to track what is being transmitted over your connection?

John Edwards in Dallas, Tomorrow, Apr 18

Who's going to see Russ Feingold at Jovita's tomorrow night? I'm there. nt

Support Harriet Miller for state rep


It's not hot until you cry.

OK, note to self: We don't need any more groceries ever.

Liberal leadership poll

Baghdad postmen pine for days of vicious dogs-- Times/UK

Clashes in Sunni district of Baghdad

‘American spy’ beheaded (Pakistan-Afghanistan border)

US assault on Fallujah leaves three Iraqi civilians dead

Kidnapped brother of Iraqi Sunni leader killed

Senator (Coburn, R-Okla.) expects seven lawmakers to go to jail

Gallup: Congress Approval @ 12 Year Low

Former Alaska Senator Launches 2008 Bid (Mike Gravel)

Bush's new chief of staff invites aides to leave before shake-up

Al-Jaafari's Party Stands Behind Him

George Ryan's jury has a verdict

Justices Reject Gitmo Detainees' Appeal

Rumsfeld to meet military commentators

The (Toledo) Blade Misses Out on Pulitzer Prize (for COINGATE)

Rights group slams Colombia's Uribe over charges (Bush ally)

Iran raises tension with £30m gift to Hamas

Peace Activist (Michael Berg) Seeks Delaware House Seat

Reports Citing Imminent Attack on Iran Are Wrong, (DOD) Official Says

AP: States Omit Minorities' School Scores

Gulf countries 'will not back Iran attack'

Rumsfeld Did Not Intimidate Joint Chiefs, Ex-Chairman Says--WaPo

$1.1M from Bush helps DeWine outraise Brown

(Jeb) Bush to meet troops in Afghanistan

Bush's New Chief of Staff Signals Shake-Up

US nuclear talks with Iran urged

Newsweek: Phantom Force (Inside Iraq's Military Forces)

Campaign study shows divide in Blackwell, Petro donors

10,000 refuse to pay U.S. taxes to protest Iraq war


Dollar Falls Sharply in Asian Trading

Iran Claims It's Testing a New Centrifuge

Rumsfeld: No U.S.-style democracy in Iraq (find its own brand)

AP U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Hits 47 for April

Gay families among thousands participating in White House egg roll

Ohio's Reading and Math Test Results Excluded from Racial Categories

CNN/AP: NASA keeps quiet on mission mishap

School Makes Kids Use Buckets for Toilets

Gallup: 57% Say U.S. Won't Win in Iraq (* Iraq approval @ 32%)

Bush's New Chief of Staff Signals Shake-Up

In Italy, signs mount that Berlusconi will have to throw in towel

NYSun: No Hint Seen in Memo that Plame's Role Was Secret

UK Independent: Pro-hunting Japanese seize control of whaling commission

Wal-Mart to Offer More Health Coverage

Rumsfeld to meet with military commentators on Iraq

"Stuff Happens" play sears Rumsfeld

Insurgents mount bold attack in Baghdad (7 hour battle)

Oregon Congressman Sends Letter To President Bush On Preemptive Military..

Iraq Issue Is an Also-Ran in Race to Replace Cunningham (CA-50)

US ambassador to Venezuela agrees to report activity plans

Iraqi women's plight worsens (poll shows better under Saddam)

Venezuela to complete buyback of bonds

Supreme Court won't hear Falwell's appeal

Breaking - Exits Sealed at Senate Office Building

Enron's Skilling denies having anything to hide

Intelligent people at reduced risk of mental illness

AP: GOP defector says party is 'out of touch'

British school to offer happiness lessons

States Help Schools Hide Minority Scores

Editor&Publisher: Here Are Pulitzer Prize Winners, Announced Monday

CNN: Two sealed indictments are handed up in the Duke University lacrosse

George Ryan found guilty

Homeless Man Returns Wallet With $900

Returning from war, soldiers splurge

Oil Rises to $70 in New York on Gasoline Demand, Iran Standoff

Rolling Blackouts in Texas

LAT: Here Illegally, but Choosing to Pay Taxes

Man Using Paper Clip to Barter for House

I saw the dumbest combination of bumper stickers ever the other day

Smoke coming out of my ears!

I refuse to go to sleep

False alarm.

Please... I beg of you... I MUST know...

I just posted in GD....

I must be the last person to see Brokeback Mountain, should I buy the DVD

In a softball game between the Lounge and GD

Man a beard really changes your face

Is there anyone at DU you *really* piss on

we make more sense in the lounge and

most stupid question ever (but NOT brazilian related)

Unflame my heart! (ie. Post here for flame removal)

Saturday, I noticed something sad:

She left me here

"The suffering Easter Brings"


Listening to Mike Malloy pretend to ice pick himself in the head

How Minnesotan are you? find out here

Best Protein Powder for Evening Meal Replacement?

My movie rental list for today

Good Monday Morning, Crew!


It's 3 friggin degrees right now

The Tom Cruise Birthing Seminar (CNN)

If you could be a sparrow,a snail, or God, which would you be? n/t

Wednesday will be the "Kudzu" thread's four-month birthday!

Jonathan Demme's film "Neil Young: Heart Of Gold" on DVD 6/13/06

I got soul but I'm not a soldier.

I saw the best of my generation playing pinball

Girl Toys & Boy Toys-An Easter Story

TurboTax E-filing Deadline Question:

DU has failed me - you left me in tears!!!!!

How can I post a URL of a bunch of pictures for the general public?


Did Elton John write his own songs?


Sorority Under Investigation For Giving Out "Blackest Member" Award

Peeps getting stale? Check out what you can do with a Peep.

Are the mods allowed to have anyone on ignore?

Post something.

Jeep Wrangler Owners...What is the origin of the "Jeepin Wave"...

I'm swaggish on bullsh-t. It's going places!

I got some great news - my cat is totally healthy :-)

I am bullish on Swag. It's going places!

How can I make my view of DU follow my daylight saving time?

Monday earworm.

Lesson for the day! Never, and I mean NEVER, call your boss a skank!

XemaSab, did you change your signature?

PLEASE HELP: Definition of a "skank"

I think the spin cycle on my washing machine just crapped out.

New neighbor rant.

Jack Thompson Sues Florida Bar

So I went to Church for Easter yesterday.

How did I ever get along without this?

Damn! I took the time to type out a reply in GD

Want to feel GREAT?

Well, I'm off to go get my "affidavit of fraud" notarized.

Kiss VS. The Phantom of the Park

I'm squiffy ask me anything

BREAKING! White mob chasing black men near Boston

How old is Art Bell's new wife?

A lady that I know just came from Colombia

KISS or Insane Clown Posse?

iiiiiieeeeeeee!!! 700 club, need help from moderators!

Tim Allen vs. a massive cerebral hemorrhage

Anyone see this yet? Bounce around shrub....

Dick Cheney versus a rectal prolapse

I am a DUrt bag and proud!

As World Turn

"Pull and remove plastic strip to start."

My cat, relaxing (potentially NSFW...)

I got Passover Coke!

This will be 3000. Ask me ANYthing!

Kiss 'Rock And Roll All Night' vs. Ashcroft 'Let The Eagle Soar'

Looking for a statistic for a paper I'm doing...

"I'll sock it ya, daddy!"

Man Kills Girlfriend With Microwave - She Wouldn't Heat Up His Sandwich

I remember Easter as a child. Mom would always take us to Charleston,

Question about New Jersey smoking ban and casino lounges/bars

I got Passover crack!

Your opinion of a little DU thread: bad, good, average, or other?

Banana Splits vs. the Hair Bear Bunch

Underpants and myself do not agree: Who is better-Lynyrd Skynard or KISS

Robert Cheruiyot 2:07:13 AVERAGED 4:51 per mile

Damn, my doggie just had an accident!

I'm getting a new car!!

Note to self re: mud masking and job interviews...

Lately I've been dreaming negative things about Arizona

Which is the more annoying online phenomenon

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/17/06)

I will say this about Xema

TSG: Easter Bunny Arrested for Assaulting Woman in Florida Mall Melee

What's with all the furry airbags in cars lately?

Did You Used To Be A Bad Skirt?

Grad student RANT

Wanted to share "Setting the Record Straight", can you do better?

Are there movies and TV shows you watch over and over

That's it from me

I like you. I think you are neat.

Family Visit from Hell

Video Clip: "Madagascar Hissing Cockroach-Controlled Mobile Robot"

Bonless Pig Farmers of America want YOU to "Save The McRib Sandwich"

What will the Easter Bunny do til next Easter?

Wow, try thinly sliced lemon as a topping on your next homemade pizza.

The *official* LSK appreciation thread!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!1!!!!!

In praise of the humble potato.

UFC fans check in

You are the woman that I've always dreamed of, I knew it from the start.

Ex-Mrs. Jagger Jerry Hall is new Spokeswoman for Levitra!

myspace is full of weirdos!

UCF fans check in


myplace is full of weirdos!

I got preached at by puppets this weekend.

Man Ticketed For Changing Red Lights To Green

Oooooh .... 88,000!

bush joke

Eazy E. was the best MC ever.

Hot Beef Sandwiches

I give you THE DOUBLEWIDE Casket ! Behold:

WOW! If I hide ALL the threads BUT my own, this is!

Since DU is going to hell in a handbasket, I am going to go pour a drink

Fanning the FLAMES!!! Margret Cho fans will get this!

What is it with the white cats walking through the fireplace?

Question about my kittens.

boy do I have an easter story to tell!!!!!!!!

Ha! Amish dragracing commercial pulled for bad taste.... link.

whoisalhedges? A stormtrooper, he is!

My batteries ran out of juice!


3 or 4 "Black" chinook helicopters just passed over my house at a high rate

I'm officiall debt free!!! ask me anything!!! nt

Eat Your HEARTS Out Baseball Fans! WE Will Be At TOMORROW'S Game!

Thanks for the prayers and vibes ... and for keeping me happily occupied!

post here if you never ignored anyone or hid a thread

Behold: A Tree with a Penis

I lost my boyfriend to mental illness last night

what exactly do they put in McDonalds burgers that makes you sick??

Wish me luck

Tell me the truth...

The ovaltine commercials on Air America = me clawing my eyes out.

12:00 midnight! It's my 18th Birthday!

I seriously need to learn how to cook. Suggestions?

How NJ are you? Come on, 'fess up!

Ack! My star has expired and I'm broke!

Broadway Danny Rose......


Ever get the feeling everybody on the board has you on IGNORE?

Brett Somers' merkin vs. Anita Gillette's pessary?


Does anybody else get an acid taste from high-fructose corn syrup

Easter Sunday, part one ...sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean in Boca Raton, FL

Easter Sunday, Part 2: Sunset on the Pacific Ocean, California!

Suppose you were casting movie about Bushies with only serial killers....

I Never Went Hunting

Here's to Ethanol! The cause of, and solution to, all life's problems!

Man Accused Of Trapping, Euthanizing Neighbor's Cat

May I ask your opinion of this picture?

Guess what the easter bunny brought us this weekend

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to....

The cat keeps bringing us snakes

Easter is done. Get over it.

Can anyone name one credit card company that WON'T fuck me over?

Your favorite "Poverty Feast"?


Did anyone hear or see Henry Rollins letter to Ann Coulter?

Most annoying commercial on Air America?

Dumped dog again. This time I fed her and am stumped :(

"The Devil's Rejects" or "Beyond Good and Evil: The Movie"

What the heck is going on?

That "Reagan dime" ad will be what finally makes me shoot the TV out

Flower-picking rant

Fellow DUers 36 years old and older...

Anyone hear from liveoaktx, I miss her posts...

Dobrý den! - Good day - I am ba-aack

92 predicted for Houston today. What global warming?

Favorite rejected 06 Democratic slogan

Ultimate battle of the boy bands

Lost fans-who will die? (Specs and poss. Spoilers)

Truth or Dare?

XemaSab Appreciation Thread!

Happy easter, or not.. How offensive?

Does atheism extend to other unproven ideas?

Dalai Lama Meets With Muslims in CA

Fluoridated Water & Bone Cancer in Boys (link found)

Has there been a change to food labelling in regard to HFCS?

BIRDFLU.. Firewall Plan better than Bush's plan yesterday

SCHIZOPHRENIA: Where you live, what you eat may play roles

Experts ponder a future of new sex gizmos, robots

DC Driver Tells Gays, "Get to the back of the bus."; Gets Fired

Question about San Francisco

Anyone have experience resolving mutual debt with a flaky ex?

"Children of LGBT parents are under tremendous pressure."

Supreme Court Nixes Falwell Gay Web Suit

A wonderful Center that needs your help!

I just love walk off homers!!!

Rita Jeptoo tops Marathon women (Boston)

Chess News for week ending April 16

Albert Pujols is good

My foster dog is doing some really weird scooting behavior

Anyone here a Wikipedia editor?

Bach flower essence

Okay ... Iraq Vets in the DU!

Speaking of wind...McCain again.

Hey, did you guys see this web site. Seems sort of timely

The Globe is peeved at Sen. Kerry over CAFE standards

Front Page article on dKos about AQ Khan (BCCI in the comments)

Tom Hayden makes a good point about Rumsfeld

Cam Kerry to co-chair Mass Victory Campaign

Kerry on AMT

Kerry’s letter to Snow on tax fairness

New Thread for Faneuil Hall speech, cuz the other thread was too big

Most bizarre Hillary '08 speculation (w/ Kerry) ever.

My Contest ideas. Please let me know what you all think

I'm looking to purchase

Countdown Newsletter -- 04/17/06: Bolten: There's the Door

Looking forward to this Neil Young cd.....

NYT OpEd: Bombs That Would Backfire (RICHARD CLARKE)

The cockpit recording--were the terrorists speaking English or

If I open up my wrists

The Bad Son

Would you want the fellow pictured here to lead you in any way?

I Mailed Off My Federal Income Tax With Two Stamps

New York Post Page 6 Scandal. Can someone please explain to me

Homemade Tamiflu ?!?

cspan 2 Book TV--When news Lies--discussion of this book. Just started.

Psalm 23.1 Bush is my shepard; I dwell in want.

A Dose of Truth...

Two sex offenders shot to death in Maine

She left me here

Pink Is the New Red (WaPo)

Gays in Iraq fear for their lives

AK-47 inventor: U.S. troops in Iraq prefer my rifle to theirs

Rumsfeld Apologists Never Say He was Correct

Marine captain, "I will never trust any of them again."

Grover Norquist on Washington Journal

WJ Barf Alert...Grover On The Loose...

Gay parents going to the White House

Criminalization of Undocumented Immigrants Came from Bush

Trent Lott's on NPR at 10:07 AM eastern

Oil surges, hits $70

Natalie Holloway first news story, front and center, on MSNBC.

Transgender Republican takes on House Whip Blunt for Missouri seat

Ex-Exxon CEO's Massive Pension Draws Fire

How old is your car?

Grover Norquist will be on C-SPAN this morning.

CNN poll: Will replacing Rumsfeld change Iraq outcome?

can you imagine if the dollars we are currently spending on war . . .

Question? Timing of posts. It is 6:41 here in Az, why are the posts time

48 US troops killed in Iraq first half of April.

Candy egg hangover? Try a CAPTION!!!!!!

Well...My Repug brother and nephew said Dictator and Fascist...

Neil Young's ENTIRE album to be anti-Bush/ Iraq war!

Cnn doing the Conyers story again of staff used as babysitters ect

George Galloway exposes Murdoch's fake sheik

Army Major General John Batiste, quoted by Time magazine-

Mama's boy tries to share his Easter Kool-Aid.

Nixon pales: No recent president has a scandal sheet as lengthy as Bush's

What constitutes "important" national news?

(VIDEO) Meadow Soprano speaks the truth about Bushco

Rev. Lowery: Merge civil rights, Latino rights, gay rights, & peace groups

Here's to Ethanol! The cause of, and solution to, all life's problems!

Morning TV all hogwash...MSRNC criticizing opponents of Iraq CNN

Living in McSameness

Allow other countries to print U.S. money??? BA next theft opportunity!

WSJ: Rumsfeld Being Quietly Undermined By Own Military

Did anyone catch the great San Francisco earthquake on History Channel

Key GOP Senator Bucks Bush, Urges U.S.-Iran Talks

de Borchgrave: Afghanistan "on life support"

GOP defector says party is 'out of touch'

What are American troops really doing in Iraq?

Breaking; Verdict reached in Former IL Gov. Ryan's (R) trial.

The "Bomb Iran for Cheap Oil" train has left the building...

Wash. Journal's worst host did a big no no this a.m.

Still confused, is it 1:56 0n the east coast? What's up?

'While he's not killing babies, he's killing you'

Proposed amendment: single subject bills

Groundhog Day

Criticism of the civilian leadership of the military in General

(VIDEO) Tony Soprano agrees with Rick "Man-on-Dog" Santorum

Timothy Noftali used the 'hormonal' word

I don't want to appear unpatriotic or anything but CNN is showing...

When this Regressive (BUSH) era is over... the MEDIA must be

Why the FUCK do "progressives" think an abortion is a tragedy? (Rant)

A thread about Rape is inappropriate for the Greatest Page? Do you agree?

Flashback >> Rumsfeld twice offered to resign during Abu Ghraib scandal

Conyers: Taking Back the House...and the "Backlash" Myth

Why We Fight Video - online

Descent into anger and despair

Snotty Scotty coming up on CSPAN-2, 12:45ish ET. nt

Ramadi Insurgents Develop Clever Tactics

The Democrats will still lose in 2006, and as far as the eye can see

Press Gaggle ends, Les Kinsolving yells out: "don't leave us Scott"

Outrage at Funeral Protests Pushes Lawmakers to Act

AP: Rafsanjani Scoffs at Talk of U.S. Attack

I finally figured out the three-fingered "W" sign.

For a Price, Final Resting Places That Even Tut Could Appreciate

Bush ally breaks ranks

Robert Stacy McCain

What is the 'real' reason none of this nefarious stuff sticks on Bush...

"The Price Is Right"

Gary Hart on Al Franken

Republicans Tell a Big Lie, LAT/Brownstein Report it as....a Big Lie

Another body found in a NOLA home

AWESOME! WaPost: Anger At Bush May Hurt GOP At Polls -->'s poll:should* tax cuts be made permanent

This is the breaking news banner on ABC News website:

"Civil War" by Guns N' Roses - This song reminds me of today's bullshit

Anyone see the trailers for the soon to be box office hit? Flight 93, is

Saw that a$$#@t Neil Boortz...

"He doen't have a (drinking) problem really"-----Cartoon

Blaming America first (a new frame)

What do you think Ryan's sentence will be?

Hit piece on Patrick Fitzgerald

Hey CBS - Who will balance Katie Couric and Cheney's office?

Wasn't attacking the Pentagon where McCarthy really jumped the shark?

Williams V. Vidmar

Need some DU advice on Fundie Parents

Patrick J. Fitzgerald just about has all Illinois Republicans in jail now

Marching for 'Peace'

You be the judge.....

AP: States help schools hide minority scores

Stop the Presses--Rasmussen actually has Bush in the 30's

I feel it coming

Exxon Chairman Gets $400 Million Retirement Package Amid Soaring Gas Price

Bush's New Chief of Staff Signals Shake-Up

"Tony Blair has canceled an upcoming trip to America to avoid being ...

For November...and beyond.

Why would China allow us to control Iran?

Lowest EVER RASMUSSEN Poll Has Bush Approval at 39%!

Bush Admin. Classifies Golf Traps, Man-Made Ponds As “Wetlands”...

New info re Iran disclosed Sunday

I want to sell my business and start a charity, but I don't know how..

Anyone hear from liveoaktx, I miss her posts...

New Yorker: Ozone Man (Al Gore)

Jane Fonda Declines War Protests and mentions Cindy

Patrick Fitzgerald is on

CNN is wasting time with the Duke Lacrosse thing

Afternoon with "The Guy James Show" Join us today at 3pm

US Embassy expects trouble in Kabul--warnings

Cambells has introduced a new soup!

Forbes: “When US Has The Confrontation With Iran, Price of Oil Will Drop"

Barbara Walters subs for Charlie Rose tonight -- Jane Fonda is the guest

Must watch Keith Olbermann tonight!

Two Gulf Coast Newspapers Win Pulitzer

USAT: If Roe reversed, 22 states likely to impose significant restrictions

Former Governor Ryan found guilty on all counts

User name "of J Temperance"

Check this Pulitzer list: some MSM print media did some real reporting

Ed Schultz will have Howard Dean and Col. Wilkerson on his show today

Rugh Roe Here we go.

NYT: Chrnonology of A.Q.Khan's life, career, and illegal nuclear dealings

Former gov. George Ryan (Rep.) found guilty on all counts.

Dream Team

What will the next Democratic President face upon taking office?

Seperation of church and church (my Falwell Easter)

"Keller senses that history will judge him, Sulzberger harshly re. Miller"

US Generals coming out B/4 book on their dereliction of duty re Iraq?

CNN: Showbiz Tonight will do a piece on "unpatriotic Hollywood."

ROFL!!!! Joe-Mentum puts reporter to sleep. ON THE AIR :)

Japanese Plutonium Plant Undermines War on Terror

I'm officiall debt free!!! ask me anything!!! nt

Oil Futures Close Above $70

States Are Helping Schools Hide Minority Test Scores

Mike Luckovich From AJC Wins A Pulitzer for his Cartoons!

Hamas attacks Israel again!

The "Cafferty File" questions for Monday

so when is coming back?


Gays in Iraq fear for their lives

Fags, Flags and Fetuses

Palpatine for President, 2008

Larry Wilkerson and lawyer discussing Diebold coming up on Big Ed

2 million scores ignored in Bush's 'No Child’ loophole...

Could this really help lower gas prices?

How will Bush top the "flight suit sausage strut" when he invades Iran?

Just saw V for Vendetta--no spoilers...

Anyone see this in GD: Politics? Al Gore may be running in 2008?? :)

"Shock and Awe" Strategist Harlan Ullman Says Buck Bush, Not Rumsfeld

49% of American Women stand to lose some, most or all abortion rights

MUST see music video "BUSHWACKED" - by a veteran - WOW

Where can we find more Camp Casey Easter photos?

Iraqis mount bold attacks in Baghdad, Ramadi

WOO HOO! Cafferty reporting on Neil Young's new album

Did I say "meme"? *** The Banana Republicans *****

U.S. Builds Massive New Iraqi Embassy

"The Envoy" -- Warren Zevon

Sneaky, stealth RW propagandists on DU and why I am concerned about

Supreme Court won't hear Falwell's appeal

Recall: Nationwide Recall of Insulin Syringe Product

News stories Bush called "all but traitorous" win Pulitzers

Howard Dean was on the Ed Schultz show today

Freep on Randi "Clinton sold China nuke technology that they gave to Iran.

Would the head of Nancy Grace explode if.....

I am not leaving.

Anyone watching the "Snotty Scotty Bingo Show"?

The Daily Show line up for week of April 17-20 - looks like a good one

Tweety' logic - "I wish we heard more from Generals, less from idealogues"

Bush's Voice

Breaking News: Scientists Say They're Being Gagged by Bush

"Impeachement" answer is simple, sex vs war

When I see Rummy on tv I want to get out the bug spray and hose myself

Reason for Gas prices spiking...Talk about Iran.

What happened to the Russia giving U.S. war plans to Iraq story?

100-day agenda for the new Democratic-controlled House

How Exciting is Joe Lieberman? Answer: zzzzzzzzzzzz

Steve Forbes: “When We Have The Confrontation” With Iran,

Lara Logan in Ramadi

SF Bay Area's inventory of $2.5 million-plus homes grew 17% in Q1

Hi President Al Gore! - I know you drop by sometimes. . .You have my vote!

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Come on, if you could afford it you MIGHT consider leaving, right?

Neil Young: Principled musician or Weather Vane?

FoxNews & Bob Scheiffer FAIL to mention that Gov. RYAN's A REEP

John Roberts looks like a sweaty slob on CNN right now.

Dobbs poll

10,000 refuse to pay U.S. taxes to protest Iraq war

Randi - STF up once in a while and listen to your callers!

Link request: Does anyone have a memory or better, a link

We are having rolling black-outs in Texas

Keith Olberman's being interviewed on C-Span now. n/t

Permanent Bases Built in Iraq - See them here.

Caption this:

Coming up on the Majority Report tonight: Dean, McGovern

Want To Lose Your US Citizenship? Lots of Luck!

I wonder how bad they'll screw this up?U.S. Plan For Flu Pandemic Revealed

Get ready for a lockdown......U.S. plan for flu pandemic revealed

JUST when ya think MFing rightwingnuts cannot possibly get any dumber...

Wolf: "Bad Polls For * and the REPUBLICAN-LED Congress"

BushInc caught trying to slip misleading info through re tax relief.

IRAQ: Baghdadis say curfew prevents access to medical care

What bird flu policies would you like to see which aren't already in

Caption the cartoon character

Republicans will sneak to the polls in November...

Randi: Should we have religious bombs? talking about the "divine" bomb

Is our MSM COMPLETELY useless?

2 senior military officers are known to have challenged Rumsfeld on Iraq

The difference between a million, a billion and a trillion

Sopranos getting political! Must see episode!

Times-Picayune, Sun Herald Win Pulitzer

Opus Dei are demanding...

Did Karl Rove REALLY say this

Camp Casey Easter 2006 - "Official" DU thread pool!

Fred Phelps should be allowed to protest at GI funerals.

Prominent U.S. Physicists Send Letter to President Bush re: Iran

"I don't even want to talk about it"

Wolfie just said to Lou Dobbs "We don't want you fired".

Check out this silliness from USA Toaddy

Caption this photo

Can you feel sorry for a guy in the Mafia whose just been outed as Gay?

Times are tough, but who would want to go back to 50's living.

Cheney: “We won’t sit back and wait to be hit again.”

For those planning on leaving the US and those planning on staying

TINFOIL TIME: What if bird-flu hits just in time for the '08 elections?

Crude Futures Update: NYMEX: 70.00 IPE: 71.17

Mallard Fillmore, the dumb-ass Duck

Janet Jackson's Amazing Infinite Nipple continues to upset the pious

Bush pants like a dog.

"Hometown Hero" Rep Gene Taylor D-MS

Islamic Jihad claims responsibility for bombing;Israel blames Hamas anyway

I put this note on someone's van today.

Dagwood Bumstead?. . . POLITICAL??

Fun sex tips from Rev. Moon!

so, if there's "Intelligent Design," isn't it blasphemy to destroy earth?

Thom Hartmann: "What happened to my appearance on John Kasich's Faux show?

Attention Fundies

"I'm guessing the number [666] is a birthmark somewhere

Retired CIA Official Says Bush Is A War Criminal...

George gets a blow job, it's on film and he lies under oath. Impeachment?

Operation Rescue Rummy

Caption this * pic

Anyone have info re shutdown of 3 reactors @ Nuke Power Plant

PBS, the Armenian Genocide, and political pressure -- airing tonight

The Rude Pundit practices his, his, his love on Joe Klein...

WORSE NOW than under Saddam Hussein. FACT.

3 things you can do to help rebuild democracy in New Orleans

How LOW can he go? Wolf announcing Bush Gallup low: 36%

Okay, how many will tell about yesterday's political spats with inlaws?

Why Cuba Now?

Qatar gives $50m to Hamas

Tax Day Rant - Anyone else's federal taxes go way up like mine did?

Washington: Pentagon Janitor Calling For Rumsfeld's Resignation, Restroom-

Former Republicans -- Regret, Repent, Repair!

Jesus Returns 06-06-06. Look Religious.

Kucinich and DeFazio send letters to Bush re: military operations in Iran

Great News to Share!! My son's on his way HOME...from Iraq!!!


I wasn't going to talk about this, but somehow, I think I should.

Is bush "forcing God's Hand" by trying to bring on Armageddon?

DU this MSNBC Poll - Should Bush be Impeached?

These Pro-War/bush People are Just Freaks!

GM spends $17 million annually on drugs like Viagra


Bush Admin. Classifies Golf Traps, Man-Made Ponds As "Wetlands"...

washington journal time-should NEWT run for president--

Bruce Willis: 'I'm NOT A Republican'

WARNING...This story may make you vomit, but as for the death penalty,

Did anybody watch the History Channel documentary on SF earthquake?

Drug smuggling plane's owner turns out to be Tom Delay appointee.

as a political activist i campaign for liveoakstx return. please join

The founder, editor, and CEO of the WorldNutDaily is a Minuteman

Larisa Interview Part 3: Bad Leaks and Good Leaks

co-founder of greenpeace now supports nuclear energy

Interesting Wiki article: "Mankind" isn't a sexist word

NYT: The Many Parallels Between Watergate And N.H. Phone-Jamming Scandal

Is There Evidence to Impeach? by Carl Bernstein

Two Registered Sex Offenders Killed in Maine Homes

Ed Schultz - "bake sale liberals" vs "the real way to do business"

Does anyone remember the name of the State Dept. man suicided in 2003??

Calling Leakgate buffs >> NYSun has obtained the 7/7/03 State Dept. Memo

The way I see it, next week we will have only 1000 days left of w.

it's time for some serious do we get Al Gore to run?

Why is Tucson Arizona a bad place to move to or live in?

Go to the Mets game tonight and get your taxes done

my husband and i are giving serious consideration to leaving

NBC nightly news: "$4.00/gallon gasoline a real possibility"

DNC Spring Meeting This Weekend in New Orleans.

Dammit, I have yard work to do. But Lou is going to talk about another

Am I wrong here, or is young Barbara dressed too hot for Easter service?

You sound like a bunch of Freepers.

is there room for moderates here at the DU?

Dissatisfied Customer Wants to Know WTF is Wrong with AT&T?!?


"It May Not Be Nazi Germany - It Might Be a LOT WORSE" -->

LaFayette, We Are, Um… Absent

OMG! has "Setting the Record Straight" section!

Why Medicare Part D failed

The Power of DU has helped our US Senate Campaign. Thanks!

The GOP Nanny State

Following the Herd - Media Echo Clinton Foes that HRC "Moving to Center"

Impeach John Casteen

General Defending Rumsfeld

DFA Nightschool

What do we want re: Israel?

Flight 93 movie. Is this just more gov't propaganda? Assume the position

The competition in corruption...

GOP senator expects seven lawmakers headed to prison: Who?

What kind of plane looks like a star that moves in the night?

Don't count your freedoms before their hatched.

Rummy: "listening to them is probably not worth one's time."

Is our Party ready? Are they prepared with ammo for 2006?

National ID

There's something more unpopular in DC than Bush: CONGRESS!

DNC meeting in New Orleans next week-end might get interesting.

Dumb question: What if Democrats sent someone out to talk to Iran?

NYT/AP: Sen. Santorum Banks $9M for Pa. Race

BREAKING: Verdict reached in Ryan trial

New WaPo-ABC News Bush Poll: 20% strongly approve, 47% strongly disapprove

Gates and Buffett to dine with Pres. Hu Jintao this week


Meadow Soprano on George W. Bush

General Zinni to be on Franken's show tomorrow

Reagan Would Stand Up To Ex Generals!

China president at Gates house, not White House

Have there been any reports of sexual conversions at the white house

Tax Gimmickry

When Gen. Schwarzkopf publicly criticized Rumsfeld in 2003......It was OK!


Military insider on Why Iraq Was a Mistake

Big Tin Foil Hat Wrapped with Teflon Tape...

WP: Red/blue divide fading? Red states now pink, or even powder blue.

Another sign of the apocalypse?

I really don't care for Israel - But Hamas has to go!!!

I have a good idea. Right now, the Gore & Kerry daughters along with Wes

Bolten, who has Card's job is smitten with smirk's hands - no joke

Caption this pic -- ** with Easter Bunny

Latest buffoonery on the Cafferty File.

Who should we nominate in 2008?

You know they've jumped the shark when they start going after the Army (Conrad Burns of MT)

Bush has illegal music on his iPod

Some at the Pentagon completely ignoring Rumsfeld.

it followed us home, can we keep it....billiebob

New Orleans Mayoral Debate Tonight: This oughtta be weird

popular boycotts

Hagel: I've lost confidence in Rumsfeld

Richard Holbrook was just intervied by Tweety...

New Orleans Mayoral Debate on MSNBC tonight

Bush ignores median incomes, health care, gas prices to tout economy

Changes to Bush Staff Expected Soon

CAN Bush fire Rumsfeld?

New Hampshire Senate race scandal linked to White House aide?

Anthony Zinni rebuked Clinton while in uniform, but that's ok.

Are there any DUers who still seriously believe...

Rumsfield on Limbaugh

Rep. talking points are that "Rummy's arrogance is no reason to fire him!"

Gore/Kerry 2008 Poetic Justice because America deserves it!!!

Since these Butt Holes are still messing with the Dixie Chicks. I'm going

Joe Lieberman did NOT make Time's "10 Best Senators" list.

Response from Elizabeth Carter - Jack Carter for Senate - NV

An interesting report on Al Gore in today's news:

Is Gore testing the 2008 waters? Rehires 2000 aid, polling...

Sen. Mike Gravel Announces Run for President, wants National Sales Tax

2006 Slogans - what are your ideas for turning out the vote?

Anyone have info re Kerry speech Saturday? Could it be just coincidence

Not Iraq, Not Iran, If Not Impeachment, then Defeat.....

Bush Administration Unveils Plans to Produce 125 New Nuclear Weapons a Yea

A must-read Iranian primer

Rumsfeld is the "Bad Cop" & Bush Needs Him Around to Divert Blame

How the candidates stack up on trade

ALL of progressive talk radio is a plus for Dems....

If this array of testimony isn't proof that Clark would have pulled in....

CNN (Dobbs) poll doesn't make a lick-o sense !!

Group protests funerals of soldiers and gays... should they be stopped?

Al Gore is getting the band back together.

Jane Fonda has "too much baggage" to protest Iraqi war.

Voter-registration activism -- advice wanted

Fox News: Flat tax "rooted in the Bible"

Red State School Board Says Marine can't attend girlfriends Prom

Simply put--Al Gore will have to scorch some earth to win in 2008.