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Archives: April 18, 2006

So to Speak by William Safire (Cheney and deferentialism)

Gays in Iraq fear for their lives

How Long Will Fail to Oppose Bombing Iran?

I don't want to be cruel but I am tired of the Natalie Holloway case

People, I give you the vision the national Dems have been lacking.

Senate Hearings on Bush, Now (By CARL BERNSTEIN)

Monaco's ruler reaches North Pole {global warming trek}

UK scientists attack oil firms' role in huge Arctic project

The DC Petrocollapse Conference - May 6th

Syrian official: Syria will regain every inch of the Golan Heights

UN chief calls on Palestinian authority to act against terrorism

Israel Warns of New 'Axis of Terror'

Government backs S Arabia on ruling - - 4/17/2006

An untold story of 9/11

Did anyone watch the show on the National Geogrpahic channel last night

Question re: allocation of CA voting machines

CA: Rethug SoS Passes the Buck to Legislature over Voter Reg. Problems.

OK. Who was supposed to be watching McPherson's web-site?

TSU's Slade Fired..

Will the rolling blackouts affect Texas the way they affected California?

Petition drives for independents have tough time

Roosters give up on foreplay

Our Afghan legacy: Red tape

Rumsfeld says of latest flap: 'This too will pass'

Syrian official: Syria will regain every inch of the Golan Heights

Senate Hearings on Bush, Now (By CARL BERNSTEIN)

Gays in Iraq fear for their lives

Nun Missing; Foul Play Suspected

New Bush aide tells staff to expect more changes

Suspected killer got lowdown on men using online sex offender registry

Delays in Renovation Costly to U.N.

US to urge other world powers to act against Iran

Crude Oil Trades Near Record on Concern About Iran's Shipments

AP: States Omit Minorities' School Scores

China Rushes Toward Oil Pact With Iran

Court Declines to Take Kissinger Lawsuit

China, Russia welcome Iran into the fold

Wal-Mart plans to help rival small businesses

Zimbabwe's Mugabe backs Iran over nuclear issue

Storm Evacuees Found to Suffer Health Setbacks

WP: Mississippi Senators' Rail Plan Challenged

Cheney Stumps for GOP Candidates in Wash.

China, Russia welcome Iran into the fold

US Planned to Attack Iran Before Iraq War

U.S. ignored Shiite militias, focused on Sunni insurgency

Chile to tighten ties with Bolivia and Peru

US refuses to discuss Iran's nuclear plans in face-to-face talks on Iraq

Georgia governor signs sweeping immigration law

Suspected killer got lowdown on men using online sex offender registry

Sen. Lieberman: US could attack some of Iran's nukes

(Conrad) Burns raises almost $6M for campaign

Death squad allegations threaten to derail Bush's last Latin ally

TRUTHOUT: Jason Leopold - State Dept Memo: '16 Words' Were False

Can anyone name one hooker that WON'T fuck me over?

Who's Counting the Votes in New Orleans?

PHOTO: Paragon of class Paris Hilton sucks boyfriend's face at Lakers game

Talk about a Time Warp

I'm hung like a clothesline - ask me anything

Reset Button.


Happy Dyngus Day, DUers!

What denomination of currency would you put Reagan on?

April 16. 9:30 pm Temperature: 88 degrees.

I've got an issue

How about dem Mets?


You must be crazy or high

my flat iron just shorted out and burned a hole in my shirt!

Here's to copulation! The cause of, and solution to, all life's problems!

I'm going to take you away>>>>

My dear DUers... have I lost my mind?

24! (West costers: Possible Spoilers within about tonight's episode.)

I'm so thrilled with GD let me buy you all a pizza!

Bwahahahahahahahaha! Oh my Gawd!

Any k.d. lang fans here? I mean REAL k.d. lang fans? REINTARNATION!

So, who here flys radio controlled planes?

PBS: The American Experience is on the 1906 Quake

I just invented (another) language.

The Brewers got ROBBED!

LOL, did anyone see Mind of Mencia, the interepretation of...


Again, what do freepers have for lunch?(pic)

If you're going to plagiarize....


My Refrigerator Went Up. Ask me anything.

i just got a nickel with the louisiana purchase on the back

So tell us about YOUR town's Easter egg hunt...

Motivate me.

a B.O.L.O alert has been issued...

If I moved one floor down and 800 ft to the SE how would my life change?

My take/prediction on the latest Sopranos episode.

New pics from Tennessee. (dial-up warning)

Self delete due to user fuck up

Forest Gump plays with his *new* iPOD

I see sugar Smack...Goodnight children....

Here's to Alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all life's problems!

War on Easter - Colbert Report - this is hugh!1!1!

I had my gums probed, today. I had one seven mm pocket...

How I pirated a Bugs Bunny DVD and wound up doing Hard Time.

Chicks dig metaphors

I know it's early in the season

I just hung my clothesline...ask me anything!


Microwaved popcorn?

"The Last of the Mohicans" ...the greatest movie ever

If you're going to plagiarize....

George Bush invades the Napa Valley

If I moved from L.A. to Greensboro, NC how would my life change?

Johnny Cash fans, Americn Routes is airing a two hr. radio show this wk on

DUers! I summon your opinionated selves...

I'm baaaaaack....

Say something nice about the opposite sex

You want to bury the hatchet?

I need some drinking tips

We're planning a trip to Washington D.C....anyone got any cool ideas?

Your vote for the lamest automobile accessory or trick-out?

tomorow i'm going swimming!

Thread for Alien Spawn

Spiritual Activism Conference - May 17-20

Does this cat need a shrink?

I feel like I've had something going on around me lately that is messy.

Vote for Kerry .This is a site for early 2008 support. Yep, another poll..

Interesting endorsement of Kerry's Iraq plan.

That 10 point plan of Sen. Kerry's and pending legislation

This is a serious problem

OT but Calling Blue, Homer and the

On the hunt for signs of spring

Low Water Conditions?

delete- dupe

Have some new pics of Sheridan

KOEB Meeting -- 4/17/06: Anyone Bolten? Edition

EEEeeeewww MM didn't like being WPITW

Looks like we might have the world to fight over

Cheney Uses Katrina Tax Break To Minimize His Tax Liability

Bush's Tax Cuts: Who the WH says benefits

Places to satisfy your protest jones:

OMG! Crawford just said IMPEACHMENT Should Be Dem Issue in '06

Gore & Edwards......don't know...

GAS WAR - an idea that WILL work!

"Democrats need to put bush on the ballot"..."nationalize the election"

NEW Dobbs poll - changed the poll, didn't reset the votes:

It seems to me

Easter at Camp Casey - pictures, round 1

What? No "Worst Person in the World" thread?? FYI: Michelle Malkin

Why does every single time someone brings up the Exxon Gas Boycott

Feeling down? A little bored? Here's some H. L. Mencken:

Staunch US ally Qatar to give $50 mln funding to Hamas govt

Plan for Bird Flu? Ha ha ha!!

The Mad Hare(s) Are On The March...

Shouldn't Fred Phelps be celebrating instead of protesting at funerals?

Recipe for Holy War: Add two nut jobs and stir

Would the USA be better off with coalition-style governance ?

Olbermann report on Abramoff scandal: David Schuster thinks Delay, Burns &

Oh, the HUMANITY..! Wheezy's signature story, trumped by a debate

Rummy's remarks: "This too shall pass." Rummy's final throes?

Rolling Blackouts In Texas

Enron backed firm run by boss's former girlfriend

AOL Top 10 and Worst 5 Sentaors poll being freeped.

Terrorists recruiting 'white Muslims'

Alternative power source creeping up on us and no one is

Bonus boosts Guard recruiting

"Let their families take care of them" + bootstraps = uncaring

Memo to those Leaving US: Don't ask for validation

TOMORROW: Cindy Sheehan to Speak at Tent State University at UMass

UK scientists attack oil firms' role in huge Arctic project

Anyone watching the story about the FEMA trailers on AC360?

New Podcast by Wes Clark: Defends Generals Speaking Up!

GW Bush: Washington Outsider

“On my signal, unleash hell.”

Has Iran threatened us?

Deja vu: McDonald's to Tout Healthier Menu Choices

U.S. knew Shiite militias were a threat but took no action because...

China, Russia welcome Iran into the fold

Illegal immigrants and former Gov Ryan's conviction...oh, irony!

Here is what my rabid right wing friend just emailed me:

Comparing somebody with Hilter is not unfair.

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers check in

A PEOPLE PLANK for the Democratic Party. Good read!

New Daily Show Tonight! On Now!

Anyone? The David Spade show?

An up date on my personal goings

now on ThinkProgress: The Smithsonian Sells Out to Showtime

"sowing the seeds for the first world war in the 21st century"

Luke Ryland's interview with Raw Story's Larisa Alexandrovna

Carlos Mencia on Bush bumper stickers:

Please DU this soon- to -close poll on wolf slaughter

My strong belief in karma is pulling me through this.

Something I've noticed about "Hannity & Colmes".

48 hours after son dies in Iraq,parents face cameras and praise army's role

Onward to Tehran

Just logged on and noticed that some DUers are threatening to leave the US

My lttes got under someone's skin

Are you honest with your family about all the badness that is coming down?

Death penalty paradox: If you support the death penalty and an innocent

DU this poll please; "Should Congress consider impeaching President Bush?"

I have hope for the future.

Do liberals enable terrorists and make them respectable?


Bring back West Wing!

I'm scared and very very very angry.

The Michael Jackson Trial

The Euston Manifesto

PHOTO: Laura Bush spreads joy and laughter at Easter egg roll

Six Fire Trucks Called To Save Dog (dogs don't pay taxes though...)

Oil closed at $70.40 per barrel today.

My Enemy Is George W Bush

"Secret" or "Top Secret"?

College Loan Debt Collection Question

Unbelievable from the NYTimes. Bush has ceded authority to Bolten.

BREAKING: State Department Memo: '16 Words' Were False (Jason Leopold)

How low can Michelle Malkin get?

This Time Mag "Cartoon of the week" is excellent.

(Somewhat) Breaking: Two Duke Players Indicted

On Boycotting Gas Companies

How Long Until Iran Has a Nookular Weapon?

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

If Iran is nuked, do NOTHING.

"Vice Squad" - Cheney's secretive freak show staff terrify other officials

Did anybody else have a "we deserve whatever we get" attitude after 2004?

Ladies: New FITZ PICS! >>>>>>>>>>

No child left behind, Bush? Come to my school.

Two Duke Lacrosse Players Indicted - alternate version

HOLY *&^%! Delay appointee linked to Huffman>Atta>Jeb Bush>drug running!!

Should Israel disarm herself of nuclear weapons...?

The Lincoln Club of Newport Beach, CA

I looked up "feckless" in the dictionary last night. W's picture

Anyone Have Full Transcript of Oil Executives Before Senate Last November?

School Makes Kids Use Buckets for Toilets

Rumsfeld was on Limbaugh today - A two person love-in. Ugh.

bwahaha freerepublic says Tom Delay for Sec.of Defense...

NO mayoral debate live on MSNBC right now

Watch Norman Robinson during the debate tonight: REAL DEAL

The Dummy-Quote of the Day!

The Dixie Chicks

Doolittle Lawyered Up

AP: Cheney Stumps for GOP Candidates in Wash. (same old BS)

Engagement is the cure for Democratic Disillusionment

Kucinich, DeFazio want answers from Bush on Iran

Let's review: exit polls 2002

GE, Bechtel, Enron, Energy, and India....Yes they connect!

George Bush invades the Napa Valley

Carl Bernstein: Senate Hearings on Bush, Now

Plame Wasn't Covert? (How many times has Bush's story changed?)

Chairman Dean on Majority Report

Neil Cavuto Launches a Class War - The Rich v. Everyone Else

What would a GORE-CLARK ticket do?

Please DU these polls. They've beenFREEPED so bad!! Help!

Where is the Republican Plan?

"Katrina Kids" and a bizarre serenade to Laura Bush (unbelievable)

Vanity Fair exclusive: Senate Hearings on Bush, Now (by Carl Bernstein)

Latest ClarkCast - Integrity and Dissent - The Generals vs. Rummy

Mike Gravel (Alaska Democrat) just said he is for the FAIR TAX.

NYT: Ruined Treasures in Babylon Await an Iraq Without Fighting

Strange bedfellows: Broder & Dionne quote Lt. Gen. Newbold

The Outrage Gap

Breaking the silence

Ron Paul:Sanctions against Iran

Carl Bernstein calls for probe of Bush

How U.S. inaction led to rise of militias

Fiddling While Baghdad Burns

FBI wants dead beltway journalist's papers before anyone else sees them

Roots of the Uprising--By E. J. Dionne Jr.

Allard's record speaks for itself

Molly Ivins (TruthDig): Karl Rove's Early Machinations

Would Someone Explain to Rumsfeld the Difference Between a Bowel Movement

Darrick Jackson (Boston Globe): Robbery, not reconstruction, in Iraq

The Generals' Revolt op ed wash post

Scottie could be replaced by Dan Senor

UK scientists attack oil firms' role in huge Arctic project (The Guardian)

The Real WMD's in Iraq - OURS

Stop Us Before We Kill Again!

War of Wills - U.S. and China

Playacting Diplomacy Again on Road to War

Gore Revs Up Campaign - on Global Warming

Conscientious Consuming: Keys to a Successful Organized Boycott

Joan Chittister-Is this what they told us we were going there to do?

Lock Him Away to Stop the Next War

For once, Cohen gets it right (re: Gore)!

Halliburton's Immigrant Detention Centers

A "post-automobile America"?

Rice Calls Brutal Oil-Rich Dictator a ‘Good Friend’

Gold at $610, Oil at $71, and interest rates are rising FAST

Lake Victoria Fisheries Collapsing Under Weight Of Diversions, Drought

Sand And Smog Hit Beijing With Worst Air Pollution In Years - Reuters

Oops #2 - Mine Wastes, Acids, Rainwater Rumble Into Nevada Creek

Key Marine Bacteria For Climate Regulation Hurt By Rising Water Temps

Danube Busts Barriers In Romania, Serbiam Bulgaria - Highest In 111 Years

BC Mine Killed 2 Million Salmon, Had Full Federal Support - Vancouver Sun

Oops #1 - Huge Mine Addit Spill Turns Colorado River Bright Orange

Hull Wind II is up (big img file)

Jeff Masters reviews "Climate of Fear" essay

Oops #3 - Another Pipeline Break At Prudhoe - BP Reports Natural Gas Leak

Tropical Cyclone Monica

"The Calves Were Swimming Around Us, Crying. We Couldn't Rescue Them."

Film: Who Killed the Electric Car

Anybody know the scoop on NEVs? I have a Toyota Corolla that gets...

Chernobyl Toll May One Day Surpass 90K

Toyota Prius, Kia Sedona and Honda Civic emerge on top in crash tests

'Collect ID cards from all of them - the Jews, too'

Israel bars Hamas legislators from Jerusalem

Israel Considers Options After Bombing

News and updates regarding Loose Change 9/11

How could UA175 take two totally different approach paths to the WTC?

This Will Curl Your Hair (if your hair is curly - this will straighten it)

At what point was it announced that Flight 93 was heading for the Capitol?

Bush Defector To Demolish 911 Lies On May 6

FL Opinion: Sort of fixed - Broader election flaws persist


Waiting for the Perfect Law

Warren Stewart: Paying Attention: Audits, Recounts, Verification Protocols

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 04.18.06--Amusing Commentary Day

New voting machine$ cramp $ome countie$

Gideon: The Approaching 2006 E-Voting 'Train Wreck' Continues On Course

Recipe for a Bush dictatorship?

Great video clip on the MANY advantages of opscans over DRE's

E-mail from Alaska Democratic Party - suit filed

How difficult is it to build green in Iowa?

Sgt. Daniel L. Sesker, 22

Vilsack adds to Personal Seriousness Factor

File conversion from .jsd (jet suite document, HP). Anyone done this?

So, who will be Tom DeLay's hand chosen by-atch?

I need your opinion on this. Bus trip to convention.

The Lege is back in town

Ideas for leftover beef pot roast?


But they VOTED for him!

Nuclear-test cap: India rejects US rider for deal

Two Republican incumbents in key races out-raised by Democrats

Oil hits record $72 on Iran fears

US refuses to discuss Iran's nuclear plans in face-to-face talks on Iraq

Rape charges against three US Marines in Philippines to be downgraded

Baghdad street battle smacks of open civil war

Carl Bernstein calls for probe of Bush

How U.S. inaction led to rise of militias

In Revote, GOP Backs O.C. (scandal tainted) Sheriff

WP: National Archives Pledges to End Secret Agreements

Protesters may get charged for free speech

Greenpeace: Chernobyl Toll May Top 90,000

National Archives Vowed Silence on CIA Papers (second secret agreement)

Ignore bloggers at your peril, say researchers

Ariz. Gov. Vetoes Criminal Immigrant Bill

Head of White House religious charity efforts to lead Pa. college

EU commission 'admitted GM food uncertainty'

Army Told Not to Use Israeli Bullets in Iraq

US marines battle insurgents in western Iraq

Russia Still Opposed to Sanctions on Iran

BREAKING : suicide bombing in Israel

IRAQ: Ministry copes with rising numbers of orphaned children

Civilians injured 'by US forces'

DeLay's war chest grows to $1.4 million

Durbin: Rumsfeld should go as Iraq goes 'from bad to terrible'

Rice Calls Brutal Oil-Rich Dictator a ‘Good Friend’

UN torture panel presses U.S. on detainees

U.S. Contractor Bloom Pleads Guilty in Iraq Bribery, Fraud Case

Ex-Gitmo Commander Ordered to Testify (Miller)

WRAL: Two Lacrosse Players Surrender To Durham Authorities

(Congressman John) Doolittle Taps Ken Starr To Fight Abramoff Fallout

Bush nominates trade chief as new budget director (AFP)

US to watch for gas price-gouging: Bush

UT, Copley News with Pulitzer (Cunningham stories!)

Confidence Vote on Child Care: PM (Canada--breaking)

Fears grow over Sunni backing for Iraq insurgency

Bin Laden's Capture Should Be U.S. Priority, Saudi Envoy Says

Senator (Schumer) calls for gasoline price-fix probe (Dorgan on Exxon CEO)

Iranian official in Washington for ... who knows?

Vilsack takes aim at funeral protests

Signs of Panic in Mixed Iraq Neighborhood

Ethanol Switchover Could Stoke Summer Gasoline Prices

Crews clearing hurricane debris in Louisiana find human remains (NOLA)

Bush calls for justice over Hariri assassination (Reuters)

Star Trek's Mr. Sulu backs gay activists

Cisco plans $265M Saudi Arabian investment

Carlyle Group to be biggest-ever foreign investor in China SOE

Study: Health Insurers Are Near-Monopolies

Bush Says Winds Of Change Still Blowing

Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg, Outspoken Scholar & Civil Rights Advocate, Is Dead

Former Federal Prosecutor Indicted In Tax Avoidance

Gallup: Bush Reaches New Lows on Ratings of Terrorism, Energy

(CA-) 50th: Kaloogian out, Roach decision unknown

Bush won't rule out nuclear strike on Iran

Army probes marijuana smuggling into Kuwait (Reuters)

71 dollars a barrel

Bush: 'I'm the decider' on Rumsfeld

(Bill) Bennett: Pulitzer Winners Risen, Lichtblau, Priest 'Worthy of Jail'

Gallup: Democrats Strengthen Position as Favorites in November Elections

Finnerty (charged lacrosse player) charged with assault in D.C.

Jack Anderson's Files to Go Public; FBI Wants to Remove Info

Wolfowitz: Bird flu will hurt economy

WP: Senator Clinton Sets Bar for '08 Funds

Author [Malachy] McCourt to Run for N.Y. Governor

Reopen probe of Flight 587 (AA Jet Lost Tail NYC Nov 2001)

Black-Owned Firms Grow at Four Times National Rate

Congress Moves To Except Religious Schools From Gay Rights Laws

Rob Portman named OMB Director

After 50 years, Alabama pardons Rosa Parks (Reuters)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 18 April

Hil's piddling foes (new NY Senate poll)

Karen Hughes seeks better U.S. image in Latin America

(Katherine) Harris injects $3 million into Senate campaign

Judge overturns West Palm's clinic buffer law (abortion protestors)

Duke Rape Suspect May Have Alibi

Chavez Begins Training Civilian Militia

OMG!! Guess what happened last night!

I always seem to say things...

Who else just now finished doing their taxes? Hands up.


Any Kasey Chambers Fans Around?

In Memory of Shadow Hawk

How can I apologize to SeattleGirl?

Pacific cult hails second coming of its wealthy US messiah

Good Morning my sleep hours are officially fubared

Where can I find the V for Vendetta icon?

How will Jack Bauer get out of this latest scrape?

Hamlet with Sir Larry on TCM now.

I want to have intercourse with you.... relations...

This is gross!!!!

saw this...had to post it...

How long does it take you to get to sleep after you've said

(Tom) Cruise 'will eat baby's placenta'

Quick game.

Post your favorite candy!

Barbara Bush looks just like Granny Goodness...

"USC football notes: Booty still is No. 1"

Say it ain't so - Tom Cruise to eat Katie's placenta

Please Vicodin, start working...

Tuesday earworm.

Ok, Cruise eating the Placenta is getting as old as the Brazillian joke

Good Morning. Long time, no see.

Happy belated birthday Random_Australian!

24 observation (spoiler re: last night's episode)

'Make Your Own' Pizza places: Do any still exist?

My tuesday morning treat for everyone, that you all will love! (56k alert)

I don't know just where I'm going

5 cats taken on 1-way trips

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

A huge problem of ethics

The Born-Again Baldwin is Broke!

Last night's 24 rocked

Tom Cruise has lost his mind.....(WARNING...really gross)

Payola, good vibraphones and Chachi needed- I have another interview.

Placenta Helper - censored SNL skit


We have lots of "Pride" celebrations...what about the other deadly sins?

have you ever gotten a *dirt tan*

Obligatory "My kids are so cute" Post

What does the bunny say on Jan. 1st?

Do doctors make housecalls?

I am leaving

I think a skank needs to give me a beating.

Tom "Cruise will eat, really...

Deal...............or No Deal?

What's wrong with this picture?

What kind of service is this, the IRS doesn't have a help desk?

Do any women here dig bieng called 'chick' or 'babe' ? (4 situations)

Unsolved Computer Mystery. Is it a bug? Is it a security problem?

You see what the hippies have now done with this damn Placenta eating?


How much cash do you have on you right now?

white house shakeup extends to Twins...

Anybody have an evolution of man graphic?

Just spent $350 for 2 BONNAROO tickets. Seen the artist lineup?

A song for Heidi & Call Me Wesley...................

Have you ever gotten a "spray on" tan?

What part did Lewis Black play in the movie Jacob's Ladder?

Is it me or are the freeptards salivating for another SF Earthquake?

Homeless Man Returns Wallet With $900

Tom Cruise vows to eat puppies after birth


Will Tom Cruise replace Michael Jackson as the weirdest celebrity

Did Scientologists freep a Parade Poll about Tom Cruise?

'24' Fans: What President Logan Can Teach Viewers About Bush

who, besides me, that Iran should have nuke power

My military daughter just discovered what my user name is.


What is the DU record for # of posts on a single thread?

Why do people need voices?

No... Fucking... Coffee....

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire: April 18, 1906

The Official Bono's Music Basically Sucks Thread

Why do people need vases?

I created a munster in LBN

FOUND: Picture of Bertha V's car.....

Wedding gift etiquette question….

It's time for a new Spring Haircut. Help me decide.

I never learn (GD)

A rugby war dance showdown!

Questions about kitty litter ...

I created a monster in LBN

Tuesday Birthday BABEFEST

How much of this carp-registry is really necessary, baby?

I need some wisdom/advice re: a friend.

why do people need vices???

You might be getting old if you recognize any of the following:

another song for Heidi & CMW...

Random cache-y goodness.

Is you Teddy Bear Evil, find out how.

2002 College Republican Conference with Jack and Tom

is there such a thing as work safe porn?

Three dozen hard-boiled eggs later,

What's worse for you?

Nurses - a school question.

KILLING JOKE is playing "The Wait" for me

It's getting to the point

Scariest drug scene in a movie.

Tom Cruise vows to eat placenta after birth

I am in love

Replace the Republican's Elephant symbol

In memory of the 1906 earthquake -- book suggestions?

How much of this baby-registry crap is really necessary?

Has anyone here been inside an Automat?

Why is an article on Eva Longoria in Yahoo's Sexual Health News?

Duct Tape is like the Force

Ahhhh! A middle-of-the-day bath!

Love's Arthur Lee battling leukemia

Congratulations TahitiNut!! 35,000 posts

Does your pets do this???

Congratulations Heidi!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations BOSSHOG!! 10,000 POSTS

Do we know what songs the kids on AI will sing tonight?

Do you think it is possible for me

Whats the quickest a thread of yours has been deleted or locked?

Crazy Cardinal

question for new york city tax filing

Ok...yet another...John Lennon vs. John Stamos

And yet another...Ansel Adams vs. Anne Geddis

$25.00 = 1/2 tank of gas (almost)

Robin Williams: "I banged a Gorilla once..."

And yet another...The Alamo vs. all of North Dakota

OK, I'm PMSing in a huge way. Anybody got any chocolate?

Post a Pic thread 0418!!!!!!

Not for a million dollars would I __________________________

What do you do that gets an infant smiling?

Tom Cruise: To question me, you must first have "the courage of a madman"

Human-animal hybrids

"Meka leka hi, meka hiney ho!"

Who gives a rat's ass?

After reading GD

CONFESS!!!!! What was the last really dumbass thing you did?

Any VNV Nation fans here?


Its now 6AM on Maui.. what the hell am I doing up so early?

Do you think of DU when you're away from your computer?

I know a lot of people hate the popcorn smiley...why?

need help identifying pill

JibJab Does it again.

Post your mouse pics here.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/18/06)

Brokeback Bunnies!

Is my sig line pic against the rules?

Alright...let's settle this now. Akira Kurosawa vs. Michael Bay

Poolside Merkel Photos Anger Germany*

Happy 5th Birthday LeftyKid!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oasis is being played on more radio stations than the Beatles now.

Painting flags on roofs. Patriotism? Or jingoistic BS?

Give Me a Hug; Some People Are STUPID!!!

Legally blind, but he hasn't lost artist's eye

IT support staff - don't you love end users?

I love the sound of loons. I have this sound/water fountain that my son

Boy, that Tom Cruise... He's kinda goofy, isn't he?


OK, I'm PMing in a huge way. Post here if you want one.

This is rich. That woman who heads that BBV site....

Computer software help

Sign in for Operation Poopypants:

Self Selete Dupe

My dog got to meet his litter mate this weekend!

Anyone know the name of the tune with lyrics "where'd all the good

Look at that mama...

If you click on this thread...

Bush taps Portman to head budget office


Shameless plea for rec's

The wait is KILLING me

I don't know why but I feel good today.

One of my authors won a Pulitzer!

The Dixie Chicks song "Not Ready to Make Nice" is available on iTunes

If you really had to choose...

My journal has been updated - check it out, then ASK ME ANYTHING!

I have a new Grandson!!!

OK, why is it so hard for some people

What should I get for dinner?

if you click on this thread your chances of going to heaven will be...

Anybody Else Getting Into "Big Love" On HBO?

The CEO of Halliburton enters an important meeting:

Screw up an old saying

Well. I guess this is it.

The worst part for me about being a trucker

Time to play America's fastest growing game-WHO IS THIS?

Left Is Write

Do you use a credit card for purchases less than FIVE dollars?

DU Lounge Poll

The thing about "I'm the decider, I make the decisions" that scares me

Happy Belated Birthday Random_Australian!

What are the FRENCH not telling us?

Who will rock to Rod Stewart tonight?

Please help me give some props to EstimatedProphet

Does this look familiar to anyone? (Help needed urgently! Please!)

Tom Cruise Tom Cruise Tom Cruise TomCruise tomcruisetomcruisetomcruise

Donald Rumsfeld was giving the President* his daily defense briefing...

What's for breakfast?

The Tomkitten has arrived - Katie Holmes gives birth

Help me, Lounge Lizards! (computer question)

If I moved from San Diego, CA to New Mexico, how would my life change?

Are you one of those people who replies to every reply in your own thread?

You're My Hero, Mr. President - You're our Nero, Mr. President.


I'm about to meet my first DUer

You must die! I alone am best!

Am I evil??

LOST: I forgot how Locke ended up in a wheelchair?

Get Back!

Where do you get your coffee?

ok, what is the best sight in the us

Someone please slap me and tell me to forget her

currently, what is/are your greatest pleasure(s) in life?

This is why you never borrow money from a loan shark

CNN Breaking: Tom & Katie have had their baby girl


"I want a grande latte, skinny, half caf and half de-caf, with mocha

Happy Anniversary Heidi and Call Me Wesley!!

DU UPPITY Women's Club members (and Auxiliary)

Pausanias, you perv.


I accidentally typed in ""

I'm home from hospital ...again!

Video: Pakistani Lady Trying to be Sxxxy! (OMFG, Funny!)

Wedding photos

Book of the Week

Forget the Tom Cruise idiot eating parts after the birth

If you HAD to choose....

This guy has rated EVERY album (2126) from the 60's and up

What is the REAL meaning of LIFE?

I just picked up my cap and gown!

This is the Skittles appreciation thread

I think it would be tough being a Christian with jealousy problems.

How can I keep my 2 male dogs from fighting?

Tombstoned haiku.

Baby turtle!

If like were like WKRP, who would you be?

Well, now someone has sunk to the Top 100 Most UNsexy men list.

What's the one thing you look forward to everyday?

Post a funny name of a landmark or business near you.

I don't think Conan O'Brien is very funny anymore

Can someone tell me where to move so my life can change?

where HAVE all the cowboys gone...

How to keep my cat from tearing up the carpet?

Just got phone call. My dad is in ER. Brain scan.

I finally found it - that feeling that's been missing for 20 years

what should I do

how does this make you feel?

PIC POST--your favorite rock n roll images here

The Good Vibe Thread for Maddy McCall's Father!!

Has the Lounge Missed Me Yet? Or Should I Disappear for Longer?

I don't shop at fucking Walmart!!!

The post you are now reading may appear to be more entertaining

I got Naked Pictures of Famous People for my birthday!

Is the attack on Liberal thought by many Christians and most Republicans

"What's done to children, they will do to society."Orlando A. Battista

My mind is not open to experience

Why Is Scientology Viewed As Being Wackier Than Any Other Religion?

Meat-Eating Dinosaur Was Bigger Than T. Rex

Scientists unveil world's oldest ice block

A truly beautiful animation of evolution

Congress Moves To Except Religious Schools From Gay Rights Laws

Kobe's Dad to Coach WNBA Team

Adam Morrison Leaving College

Our cat is dying.

Smoke is not doing well

Saturn & relationships -- help?

This post has to do with the belief of a church I have attended

I think Darth Cheney hates us. Beware lest he unleash the death star

We need to start a thread titled

new Kerry email

2008 selector - with a problem

2008: The Case For John Kerry - Run John, Run!

Kennedy's first late-night TV appearance

Take the 100 post Internet challenge:

Protest in Anchorage today for transparent elections

There is a new version of my favorite photo processing software out now

Countdown Newsletter -- 04/18/06: Rumsfeld Under Fire, Fighting Back

hey, Crispy & DG. Did you guys get hit with blackouts yesterday?

Keith Olbermann will repeat in the AM now!

a B.O.L.O alert has been issued...

War Planning Part II: Iran. . . (Today's Tom Toles cartoon)

Roots of the Uprising (Washington Post) -re Generals speaking out:

"Don't forgit Poland"

In Memory of Shadow Hawk

Tom Cruise has lost his mind.....(WARNING...really gross)

washington journal time-US/China relations

State Department Memo: '16 Words' Were False

Senate Hearings on Bush, Now...By CARL BERNSTEIN

This Will Curl Your Hair (if your hair is curly - this will straighten it)

30,127 sq ft .... 3 story brick bldg for sale.... $100K

Jobs that won't be outsourced? Some say "services science."

We Fight Dirty !

Rummy to speak with Generals today..

OPEC delegate says oil price rise "not justified by market fundamentals"

DU Group Proposal: Hispanic Group.

Reid says recent calls for Rumsfeld's ouster aimed at Bush

Anyone else as worried about these generals coming out as I am?

Can Bush Extricate himself from Rumsfeld politically?

The Coming Oil Crisis: "Oil at over $100 a barrel & gas at $5 to $12/Gal"

The Nine Stranded Walrus Pups Are Presumed to Have Died...

Since the WH Press Secretary job is known as just a vehicle for lying....

Diane Benson to challenge Don Young for Ak congress seat

US plans to open three military bases in Turkey

Breaking: Harold Ford Jr. Nearly Outraises All 3 GOP Opponents Combined

Baghdad street battle smacks of open civil war

KRN: LIHOP in Iraq With Shiite Muslim Militias....

How do you feel about voter turnout this November?

Drat, a Tuesday. . . . Well, there's always a picture to CAPTION!!!!!!

Bird Flu will hit San Francisco along with an earthquake and $4 gasoline.

CIA Urged US Court To Drop Case Citing Absolute Power Of Secrecy

If Josh Bolton really want to clean house, he should start with GWB!

I am leaving

National Archives Pledges to END Secret Agreements

cnn doing a great story about climate change/drowning polar bears

Protestors May Get Charged For Free Speech

Tom Cruise vows to eat placenta after birth

Why can't everyone just shut up and die like they're supposed to?

Wetlands increased under bushco! But mostly golf course ponds

Rumsfeld:War Critics Manipulated By Zarqawi and Bin Laden Media Committees

Chertoff: "Federal gov't is responder of last resort"

Monica Crowly DEFENDS Rumsfeld

FBI Seeking 25 Years of Jack Anderson's Papers In AIPAC Case

Counting Noses in let me get this straight...

Congressional Democrats Confront Bush Over Iran Operations

Roll Call On Rumsfeld

Steph MIller: "Rumor has it Gore considering 2008 run"

MSNBC Vote:Should the Senate open a Watergate-style investigation of Bush?

News sites that ask questions in their headlines attempt to sway opinion!

Higher Gas = lower approval?

Josh's First Move -Rob Portman will take over at OMB

"... throw spammers in prison..." I just heard that on Air America Radio

Iran was not ordered to Stop Enrichment

"If you're planning on leaving, leave now."--WH Chief of Staff

No wonder Chavez makes Bush uneasy

What's with Republicans leaving the GOP?

"Concerned Christians" to rally against "myth" of church/state separation

Anyone know what the heck this green thing is?

My new fave bumper sticker (spotted in Fort Worth tonight)

The consequences have been catastrophic

Gracias, Senor Chavez!

One set of Founders. One Constitution. Two Nations.

Australia braces for second severe tropical cyclone

Pentagon Declines Comment On Report Of Iran Strike Plans

Health Insurers Are Near-Monopolies

Fed Prosecutor took Skilling to the Woodshed today! Fitz needs to produce

Tom "Cruise will eat, really...

Rumsfeld has been meeting privately with cable news warmongers all along

Saudis consider nukes to achieve 'balance of terror' (!!!) with Iran

Easter Bunny brawls with parent in Edison Mall

Gallup: B*sh Reaches New Lows... (36% approve, down 1 point)

The PNAC is dead - long live the Henry Jackson Society?

Public criticism of Rumsfeld says it all (Boston Globe Editorial)

Uh oh. Bush must be shopping for a new war memorial

New Yorker subscribers: did you get the "Seymour Hersh" issue?

Hiatt's F'ing WaPo Editorial beats up on Generals who finally spoke out

Lou Dobbs' staff fixed the poll question from yesterday

Revealed: Iranian diplomat quietly in DC without visa....

Consider supporting Greenpeace

Fighting all the Hitlers

So Basically Bush is a Stupid Idiot and Rove is His Evil Puppeteer

Our Gas Shot Up Again Last Nite - Anyone Else?

As Bush reaches new lows in polls, a reprise: my assessment of his core.


I can't wait until the November elections are over...

Anybody know the scoop on NEVs? I have a Toyota Corolla that gets...

How Long Will Fail to Oppose Bombing Iran?

TS: Ed Rollins Delivers "Buzz Kill" On Bush's Sagging Numbers

Have you started cutting back on how much you drive?

All your anxietites are absolutely legitimate...

I called Clinton and Schumer and demanded a call back

read what a Texan said about Katrina and N.O.

Bush declines to exclude nuclear strike on Iran

McClellan could be replaced by Iraq spokesman - Dan Senor

AN INSIDE LOOK: Democrats Uncertain On Iran (Raw Story)

7/16/03 Spc. Clinton Dietz said......

I am sick and tired of hearing the same excuses from freepers

More Remains Found at World Trade Center

States Omit Minorities' School Scores

We must go on the attack constantly.... leave no room for the Rethugs


How many generals are in the US army?

cnn is having report on dying polar bears--climate change. Its good.

Reid: "When you throw a punch at me, you end up on the mat."

Heads up:Scotty WH Daily Briefing scheduled for 12:45 pm EDT

Terrific Anti-war Song by Pink

Rummy coming up. Fox (prob. others we can switch to but they are

Rummy on C-SPAN 1 now. Snotty to follow.

Duke student arrested for rape also faces charge for gay assault!

How serious are we about conserving gas? Enhance some speeding fines

Hu to meet with Frist. And by the way Hu is on Frist?

Harlem grandmas hit the warpath over Iraq

All right, then - Let's Bomb Iran video

Could someone please explain to me why Leiberman is felt to be a Democrat?

Carl Bernstein calls for an investigation into the administration!!

Surprise!!! Freakers Idea for GPO win in 06...Demonize Democrats

Hey Rummy! We hate you because of your War, not your management style

At what point was it announced that Flight 93 was heading for the Capitol?

Professor Put On Leave In Wake Of Anti-Abortion Display's Dismantling

Haunted by Abu Ghraib- Anti-torture whistleblower blacklisted

There isn't any action in the tropics, but look at the temps

HOV lanes

Rummy's trying to run out the clock

Mex. poor are poorer then Cuban poor. are N.O. poor poorer then

US will keep close eye on gasoline prices: Bush

U.N. torture panel presses U.S. on detainees

Why all the angst in the media about Barry Bonds?

Yuba County Woman Disappears After Losing $500,000 in Contest Scams


Crawford's "Lone Star Iconoclast" newspaper a valentine to Cindy

Shake up in the First Family

What has happened to our country?

They don't care what we think of Rumsfeld. They're just biding time.

owner of Wash. Times said: "After the act of love,"

*: "I say, I listen to all voices"

Bush taps Portman as new Budget Director...

What if next terrorist attack is domestic? Warrantless spying?

Response to a 36 percenter . . .

Lunatic Bush declines to exclude nuclear strike on Iran

Looking for a GREAT Mother's Day Present for your Dem Mother??

whoooo, they gonna get us electricity!

Neil Young/New Song

General Zinni on Al Franken now

Bush on CNN: "I am the decider"

MSNBC is STILL wasting air time on the Natalee Holloway case! PLUS!

So, has Bush-Ass-Kisser Dennis Miller been heard from recently?

You have to see this to believe this; now I have heard it all

Congress gets ready again to discuss the " NO ALIEN LEFT BEHIND BILL."

BFEE wants you to be afraid... Check this out re Bird Flu and CDC Chief!!!

Ex-Gitmo Commander(Miller) Ordered to Testify In Abu Ghraib Prison Scandal

VIDEO - The Daily Show: Rumsfeld Faces Insurgency of Generals

Student Arrested In Duke Rape Faces DC Gay Bashing Charge

Purdue student charged with threatening Bush (on Yahoo forum)

I don't care if Rumsfeld resigns

US Rep. Ron Paul: Iran is the next Neocon Target


Just a tad bit late

Iranian diplomat in the US WITHOUT Visa (but it's legal??)

Cheney's shady charitable contributions net $2 million refund

OK, tell the truth - did Bush say "I'm the decider" or "I'm the dictator?"

MSN Headline: "Halloway Case Continues to Intrigue Nation"

To commemorate April 15, I donated to DU! Who'll join me?!?!

Signs of Panic in Mixed Iraq Neighborhood

Well, it was all my fault anyway

I'm going to be a decider, too. Deciding isn't hard work for me.

Why I want Rumsfeld to "resign".

I feel like I am watching a sitcom with canned laughter when Rumsfeld is on

Why Is Scientology Viewed As Being Wackier Than Any Other Religion?

ABC presents "Decision 2008: Who Should be The Decider?"

MSNBC Switching Joe and Rita (Now when will they cancel Bowtie?)

18 PAGE AMENDED FIBBY FILING of 04/05/06 Ex-Parte/ CIPA mentioned

New Bush Comic: What Budget? Why He Hired Portman

moveon subscribers: help me confirm AOL censoring all my moveon mail?

Cause of current Bush unpopularity?

Army Turns Its Back on Torture Whistleblower

White House press slams McClellan on Rumsfeld...(Transcript)

Historical Gas Prices

Will Bush announce that he's ordered "Nuklar" strikes against Iran

NO Guy James Show today---Please keep kicked till 4pm

Greta smells blood!

Question in Iran's Nukes

I received a reply from Cathy Cox (Dem candidate Ga. Gov.)

Ex-Gitmo Commandant General Miller Ordered to Testify - Rumsfeld skates

Randi to be on Lou Dobbs again today

Pelosi: 'Record Gas Prices, Record Retirement Packages, and Reco

Are Jenna and Barbara (* twins) on their way out?

He's a uniter, not a divider, he's a decider!...Set it to music...please!

Remember the story of Bush getting mad at Barbara and riding bike..?

Hey, America---Be "Competitive" with your CAPTIONS...

'Iraqi women worse off after American 'liberation'

Do people really think the price of gas is the biggest issue right now?

What I Hope RE bush And Bombing Iran

Have you ever threatened someone you disagree with with death?

Do you know about this website to find best gas price ?

SILLY RABBIT - eggs are for straights (4/18 toon)


The Only Voices Bush Should Be Hearing Is Our Voice

Al Franken's ditto head taking a beating!

WP's Pulitzer winner Robin Givhan took flak for Katherine Harris appraisal

Bush - "I hear the voices."

How long before they restart the whole anti-war/Bush = anti-America thing?

Would you rather work for a can't miss winner campaign or a tougher one?

Harlem grandmas hit the warpath over Iraq

A president invoking national security to defend wrongdoing?

Harlem grandmas hit the warpath over Iraq !

"Was America Bush - Whacked?"

A little reminder about gas prices in Jan. 2001

What, exactly, was a "Reagan Democrat"?

Ford To GOP Candidates: "Replace Rumsfeld With Powell. Let's Ask Bush Toge

Cold War, Mideast style

General Sheppard (CNN) on Rummy's meeting: It was "the usual suspects"

With the infestation in the 'puke party, what are the chances Bush is a...

Recipe for Holy War: Add two nut jobs and stir

Brit Hume goes after General Zinni

You know, a year ago I wrote an LTTE suggesting Zarqawi was a phantom

DNC: Under Bush, America Not Moving Ahead of the Pack


Does anyone believe Bush will televise Iran Nuke warning?

Senator Chuck Schumer: FTC should probe Big Oil on gasoline prices

Democrats Call For Action to Prevent Gas Price Gouging

Time to start the fear

Bush saw himself as a “bold” and "decisive" leader.

"State [Alabama] Seeks to Supplant Red Cross"

Some Troops LIKE Afghanistan!

DU poll!

Are ya'll listening to Randi?

I just had the BEST phone call!

Bill Bennett says 8K generals..US Census says 873

Two New Filings In the Libby Case

Does this gas prices timeline sound about right?

Regarding that ad that blames Dems for putting the felony provision in

Rumsfeld ignored militia warnings

$73.09 and climbing current price for light crude per barrel.

Tom Cruise was only kidding (about eating placenta)

Is it just me, or is Bush looking more and more like an aged, insane....

Is anyone really nervous listening to Dr. Frank on Randi?

Tampa Trib just invited me to their "Letter of the Day" Luncheon

Karl Rove on the Stand? by David Corn

Shrub is the ONLY reason oil is at $70/bbl

Dorgan:Oil Co.s Have "Hooked Their Hose Up to Pocketbooks of Americans"

Bush says he's 'concerned' about gas prices. He's going to 'investigate'

Amazing New Tool Song "Vicarious"

Rummy just had a meeting with Ret. Gens-coming up on Wolf. Sheppard

Bush was angry--I just saw the whole clip of Bus defending Rummy on


Which is the most important story: Duke, Aruba, or Uganda?

The Generals = Vote of No Confidence in Shrubco and their War.


Randi's going to have "Bush on the Couch" author Justin Frank on Today

Who do you think will win the Lieberman-Lamont primary in CT?

What else could Bush and the Repubs do to harm this nation more?

I guess Bush and his pals have instituted a new War on Women....

Crude Futures Update 4/18:

Poor Pro-Rumsfeld Woman ...

Did you catch our Democrats' targeted responses to Big Oil today?

So many people are so scared and bummed now I decided to

VIDEO: Tagging of AF1! Is It Real?

"I'm the decider..."

Protesters! We should play that 60s song "They're coming to take me...

Asked about personnel changes, Bush waxes pedantic on oil prices

Don't Worry About Gas Prices...

Suspicious phone call from the "DNC"?

if the GENERALS are revolting against RUMSFELD,

Kerry Doing Now What Would Have Given Him a Landslide

I may leave.

Someone TOLD him he was the decider.

new E85 stations in Michigan

Randi Rhodes on Lou Dobbs tonight!

Is it me, or is the gas price rise all staged?

I'm only surprised this wasn't made and released earlier.

Caption this * pic...

Japan's Pro-Whaling lobby hijacking the International Whaling Convention!

Aide to Iran nuclear chief in US

CNN Breaking: Tom & Katie have had their baby girl

Lou Dobbs: Drowning Polar Bears and Global Warming!

Duke is an "extremely liberal" college??

Pro-Hunting Japanese Seize Control of Whaling Commission

Congratulations, Little Rhody, Now Can You Please, Please

Jack Cafferty talking about Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"

Neil Young Calls for Bush's Impeachment

I'm seriously considering a motor scooter to fight back against Exxon, etc

New Zogby poll asks open-ended questions.

There's no bubble, no inflation, nothing to see here, move on...

Democracy Now! on Darfur

Who is driving up Oil prices?

Washington state smoking ban and its differential impact

Much talk about Al Gore perhaps running for prez again

I recommen that you read this on the fate of our oceans.

They even sold our History! Smithsonian 's secret deal with Showtime

Fair Tax Poll

IRAQ: Ministry copes with rising numbers of orphaned children

I met an old fellow at the store who was wearing a USS Pueblo cap.

IRAQ: Aid agencies focus on children detainees

Chavez says US warships threaten Venezuela, Cuba

Pierce Arrow

This is why gas is so high

A few notes from a visit to my home state of Montana

Pro-Rummy Generals are trying to reframe the issue of the dissenting

Fallout: the human cost

I'm the Decider! Gobble Gobble!

I'm going to do what the RW does...Two selective quotes:

Caption the Chimp! (photo)

kicking Dachshunds v. kicking German Shepherds-- Molly Ivins

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Close down all the drive

Other countries like China and Russia don't like Iran's prospects either.

American troops/taxpayers left holding the "Coalition" bag.

Judge rules for abortion protesters

Falwell: no Dem can attract conservative Christian vote, shuns Giuliani

Senator rips ex Exxon CEO ( Dorgan"shameful display of greed")

I found this post by a conservative Christian. I think it's excellent

Video >> Bush: "I'm The Decider and I Decide What Is Best"

Graffiti artist tags Air Force 1

strong link between excessive drinking and mental illness

Would it be possible to be secretly bombing Iran....

Freddie Mac pays record $3.8 million fine: Made ILLEGAL Contrib's to Reeps

Why is this not being covered by the MSM? Dafur.

If you have oil or gas on your land watch out for directional drillers

"I pledge allegiance .. to the ELEPHANT"???

Military Mom on Hardball is READING HER PRAISE FOR RUMMY

A question about the Armed Forces Radio in Iraq & Afghanistan

13 U.S. Physicists-Letter to Bush-Take Nuclear Option Off The Table!

Tweety Watch: Two Mothers who lost Sons in Iraq....Don't miss it !

Canucks, Yanks losing interest in electing evangelicals, says poll

take the george w bush loyalty quiz 10 questions..

Anyone notice the name of one of Iran's nuclear plants?

Why do we have to wait until 2008 to get rid of Bush?

DU dissent has made Craig's List

First Mothers' Day 1870 was antiwar protest according to Pinkers

So is "Operation Endgame" still on the agenda?

Bush vows to bring Hariri assassin to justice.

I sense a disturbance in the force.

economy is great my ass Boeing Wichita laying off 900

were stumped.


10,000 mosquito eating fish imported to New Orleans

My trip to the grocery store yesterday-higher gas prices impacting food

Dixie Chicks on CNN - I think this proves CNN has gone freeper

DUers living in Nevada, are you freaked out by the detonation

Tired of typing "[div class="excerpt"]" ?

Sacramento: the next New Orleans?

Do you think that Iran would nuke Israel?

WP: First Family Shakeup: First Daughters to be replaced

Boston Legal on tonight!!! NEW>>>

Piss Me OFF!! Illegal Aliens Recruit Workers: Companies Behind Push! -->

New Bush Pardons: Tax Cheats , Drug Pushers, and Thieves

Tell me Susan Schmidt didn't win a Pulitzer!?!

Brent Scowcroft travels to Seattle to meet Hu. Wonder how Georgie boy ....

Am I living in some freaking bizzaro world or something?

Has he thought about the aftermath of the explosion at ALL?

The Biggest Loser ---pix--->>>

New title - Presidio Bush

Lieberman ... Who he is really aligned with.

"I'm the dictator and I dictate what's best"

Group Files FOIA For Findings On WH Involvement In Phone-Jamming Scandal

Randi Rodes on Lou Dobbs now.

Bushcronium - The new element

Spread this around...Let's use their "mushroom cloud" imagery against them

Speaking of the death penalty...

Is there a point where fuel expense stops farmers from farming?

Racist Neocons Can't Admit They Are Racist

Tweety does Pulitzers: Risen and Steno Sue!

Chinese President to attend a $20,000 dinner at Bill Gates' house.

BUSH: "I'M THE DECIDER" - I Decide What's Best!

Setting the Record Straight

Keith Olbermann will repeat in the AM now!

"Bush's...sway over much of the WH press corps seems to be fraying."

Ladies, You Should Know Better (WSJ/Duke)

If Dems win only the House or the Senate, which one would you choose?

Freeps Mount War on CInco de

NOLA: How the free market works

Ripped off at the gas pump?

$8 trillion dollars in debt--a trillion's meaning in a time perspective.

Up to 7 Generals calling for Red Rummy ouster

Campus Debate questions that need answering. Help please

Organic Consumers Association Calling for Boycott of "Organic" Milk

Yup. Today is one fucked up three-year anniversary...

FLIP-FLOP! "We don't believe in deciders making decisions!"

After all we've seen, some people still don't get it

Sick DUer alarcojon gets good news

Why don't credit cards require PIN's?

When will the 55-mph national speed limit be reinstated?

Cheney Receiving Katrina Tax Benefits For Non-Katrina Donations...

The frightening truth of why Iran wants a bomb


2 Duke Lacrosse Players Arrested for Rape

Payday loans

Must See Film: Sir! No Sir! --->>>

Alternative energy not a fantasy

Robbery, not reconstruction, in Iraq

The propaganda war against the U.S. people has begun in earnest

"I'm the decider and I decide what is best."

Melancholy warning.. I'm an old hippie

According to Iraqis... This Sunni vs. Shiite thing is US. BS.

Rovian Secretions


Robbery, not reconstruction, in Iraq - By Derrick Z. Jackson

I'm the Decider - CLEARLY the work of Speechalist Harlan McCraney VIDEO>>>

It's happening, it really is...people are waking up!...

Call Hatch Mr. Moneybags - ACTION ALERT >>>> (we raised money for Helen)

Ohio Bill: FELONY For Women To Cross State Line For An Abortion

Republicans are sick freaks: Purity Ball = girl version of NAMBLA?

Gore movie puts heat on Bush

this is not an invitation to RAPE ME


PLEASE HELP ME OUT DU! Peace Takes Courage

Another WMD

Which media idiot has been most influential in screwing the USA?

Breaking: Harold Ford Jr. Nearly Outraises All 3 GOP Opponents Combined

The phrase that pays for 2006: CULTURE OF CORRUPTION

Shorter Rumsfeld: It's hard out here for a Pimp.

The Iranian Oil Exchange Proposal and the Demise of the Dollar

Sen. Lugar bucks Bush. Talking to Iran is essential

WOW! Rob Portman plans to cut the "groaning US budget deficit" in HALF!

New blogger ya'll might like...

bush is gonna by god keep an eye out for price gougers

The wasting of a precious resource continues

Our new Budget Director, dictator-enabling Rob Portman

bush doesn't appreciate all this speculation about rumsfeld

Response to the "freeper" strategy of "demonizing" Democrats...


Spin Cycle Day Six: The media quotes the WH quoting media quoting WH...

It's seven minutes to midnight

Now we're at "all options on the table." What happened to "wild

CNN headline on Bush Rose Garden Ceremony: "I'm the decider."

PDA Endorses Stephanie Studebaker for Ohio's 3rd Congressional District

Anatomy of Spin Cycle: Five Days and Six Generals

Sign our------Out of Iraq in 2006 petition now.

They did hide the press conference!!!

Rummy on LIVE! Briefing about Nukes! He's just about to ask for NEW Nukes!

Tax Day is OVER for most now! Did you find any ODD new tax breaks???

Hundreds of thousands of retired Generals and Admirals support

Is Tenet going to give W a little payback in Oct?

President Bush Job Approval

Scotty on tape? WTF? Why ..........

Chuck Hagel: I've lost confidence in Rumsfeld

Deja vu

Pulitzer winners have a tendency to report what the President asked

Tom Feeney resigning from Congress?

Major Kerry speech on War and Dissent to come in 4 days

Gallup: Democrats Strengthen Position as Favorites in November Elections

bush is concerned about gas prices and says rumsfeld is doing a fine job

If Retired General's criticized Clinton's foreign policy

All options are on the table

History now being written regarding "Iraq War"

We can reach them if we have the right issue

Justin Frank, author of Bush on the Couch, is on Randi now, 4:47 EST

Bush Comic: What Budget? Why he hired Portman

Kerry email on pushing for change in Iraq

Please DU this poll for Sen. Pat Roberts' sake!

The Note reports Russ Feingold to be in Austin, Texas, today

If we have troops in Iran at this moment, is it illegal ?

George W. Bush: The Decider, The Central Scrutinizer, or General Asshat?

Ben Cohen (as in Ben&Jerry's ice Cream) demostrates federal budget mess!

Which of these streams carries Thom Hartmann live?

What's the meeting going on right now with Rummy?

U-T, Copley News win Pulitzer Prize

Video: Nutcase Monica Crowley on "hypothetical Iran nuke ground zero"

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: They're Missing the Point -- AGAIN

Acquisitive NYSE pushes toward Europe: sources

The NRA is coming to New Orleans tonight

Flight Of The Investor Class Defections are endangering the GOP's hold on

GEN Zinni comparing Clinton and bush SECDEF's

Tough vs Asshole

Rumsfeld Won't Be Called in Prison Case

Democrats Call For Action to Prevent Gas Price Gouging

US contractor pleads guilty to corruption in Iraq reconstruction

Tom Toles really nails Bushco today!


Oil at $71 per barrel; Dow Jones up 130 points.

Ditto Head on Franken this afternoon

States Omitting Minorities' Test Scores

DeLay still soliciting contributions for a campaign he's not running

Do you think Bush is capable of dropping a nuke on the US if he


It's not the lying, it's the incompetence!

The Democrats are not looking for revenge or justice...

Warner says no to Censure

"I’m the decider and I decide what’s best"

Drug Firms 'Gouge' Consumers After Taking Taxpayer Handouts

The most depressing thing about the Dems regaining the Government

Fox's Tony Snow to Replace Scott McClellan?

Rumsfeld: "thousands and thousands of generals and admirals..."

Can we stop the strike on Iran?


There is no forgiveness.

Senior Iranian aide irks Washington with US visit

Sherrod Brown calls for extending deadline for Medicare Pt D

A huge Ohio GOP OOOPS . . . and the media buries it

George Bush interactive "Fall from Grace"

defense cuts cause Boeing in Wichita to lay off 900 what economy?

Street Battle in Baghdad Smacks of Open Civil War, Kerry Was Right

"You hate Bush, your readers hate Bush, congratufuckinglations..."

The Joys of Elderly Tourette's Syndrome: Lee Iacocca on the Bush Admin

DC Insider tells Dems to Campaign on Impeachment -- Will they GET IT ??!!

Hilarious video - Bomb, bomb Iran

WP political blog: 2008: The Case For John Kerry

"Charged With Raping A Stripper"

Do YOU have a Thinking problem?

Bush, Rummy, and the Retired Generals - new cartoon!

Republicans panic

The Republicans need to ask themselves...