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Archives: April 19, 2006

British brigadier attacks America's John Wayne generals

Employers risk little in hiring illegal labor

Dahr Jamail: The Ongoing War on Truth in Iraq

Alberta's drying up (20th century precipitation was a fluke)

Summer forecast doesn’t hold water (new Dust Bowl on the Plains?)

Dead zone linked to farm subsidies

GM, Ford pushing E85 hard...lots of (more or less) recent press releases

Hot Texas, etc.. cool off with Orbiting Sunshade

Rep. Lynn Woolsey position on AIPAC legislation.

Nobody's Right If Everybody's Wrong-Stop Hate Mongering

Commemorate Qana and Demand Israeli Accountability

Jordan says it finds large Hamas weapons cache

CAD Models Needed

You can't make this stuff up, todaI todays ERD., no way . ..

DRE Reliability Standards: An Open Letter to the EAC (Project 1583)

Let's have a Boston Tea Party & throw the FRAUD MACHINES

Know anything about this group?

Per WCCO Katie-Tom birth SAME wire urgency as Kennedy shooting--

feel free to write my local paper-how my area"supports the troops"

Report finds Texas needs way to track patients during evacuations

Remember Marsha Rovai? Who was assaulted by DeLay protesters?

Harper willing to go to the polls over child-care allowance

U.S. won't delay introducing new border security measures

Iraqi politicians blame each other for lack of new government

NYT/Reuters: California Sues Big Tobacco to Pay in Full

NYT/AP: 'No Child' Law Raises Segregation Fear

Saudis arrest 5 militants over oil attack

LAT: Villaraigosa's 'State of the City' Pledges Transformation

Oil hits record above $72 on Iran fears

NYT: China's Big Need for Oil Is High on U.S. Agenda (Rising Oil Prices)

GAO Faults Agencies' Sharing of Terror Data

Westboro Anti-Gay Protesters "No-Shows" at Soldier's Funeral

Commuters stuck in Roosevelt Island tram

Bush declines to exclude nuclear strike on Iran

NYT: Citing Security, C.I.A. Seeks Suit's Dismissal (What's this about???)

U.S. job market tightening

War game will focus on situation with Iran

Health workers would bail on pandemic: study

Russian Moved to Solitary After Being Cut

Summer forecast doesn’t hold water (Plains Dust Bowl Redux?)

Freddie Mac to pay to Settle Allegations

NYT/Reuters: Wal-Mart Offers to Help Fix (national) Health Care

Here's Donny! In His Defense, a Show Is Born (NYTs headline) LOL

U.S. won't delay introducing new (Canadian) border security measures

NYT/Reuters: News Outlets Resist Scooter Libby Subpoenas

Scientists condemn US as emissions of greenhouse gases hit record

Skilling's Temper Is Tested in Day 2 Under Fire

Bush administration encouraged to keep its word

LA Woman Hospitalized With Bubonic Plague

NYT/AP: Bush, Schwarzenegger to Meet

Venezuela blasts U.S. decision not to extradite bombing suspects

A question about gas surcharges

Austrian apples are pretty good.

why do chicken coops have two doors?

Has anyone here ever worked in the TV industry?

Well ain't this just f'ing dandy? GLOBAL DIMMING

Note to George: It's more fun to hit ON people than to merely hit them...

"I butchered it . . ."

Damn you, sushi thread! DAMN YOOOOU!

My new favorite album cover of all time

I'm gellin', and I'm not impressed.

"Season One of 'Joey' On DVD"...who the fuck will pay $40 for THIS turkey?

"Severe thunderstorm warning"

You gotta love the casting in Boston Legal

I say TomAYto, You say TomaAHto...

Good night folks!

My dog had a "growth" removed from his tongue today

"Bill Clinton" by Wesley Willis

You gotta check this dude out (especially Oklahomans).

Pet Peeve

Gilbert O'Sullivan

Bush wants to be a

If a recipe calls for milk, can you replace it with butter and water?

I'm gonna be a grandma SOON

"Dani California" fucking rocks

stupid question

Upadate on Bush in the Napa Valley

If you are worried about where to keep your

A poem for a friend...

So, how was Boston Legal? NYC preempted it for some tram accident

The Child of Satan is BORN!!!

Jeff Gannon was giving the President his daily de-briefing...

Do you live in a house, apartment, duplex, mobile home....?

Ignore list bait thread. Post content that triggers yr ignore list reflex

Congrats to all new parents today!

I can never get Democracy Now's podcasts downloaded.

bush is a dick

I am DS1's Love Child

If a recipe calls for Folgers coffee, can you replace it with

Saw this a while back and it still disgusts me

John McCain is the most limp-dick, ignorant, can't grasp a principle . . .

Subtle narcissists are worse than overt in-your-face narcissists...

If a recipe calls for leadership

Sometimes, Technorati really sucks.

My roommate's douchebag goon of a boyfriend just arrived. Ask me anything!

Cute Overload, literally.

Brooke Shields Gives Birth To Baby Girl

If a recipe calls for flour, can you replace it with sand and vinegar?

Keith Oberman just announced that Katie Holmes

I'm about to beat my first DUer.

Name something good that's happened to you so far this week

How much of your DU time is spent in the lounge?

I'm only 1430 posts away from 3872! Ask me anything!

WTF is the "Foundation for a Better Life"??

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt!

I'm 41 away from 1500 - ask me anything!

Irony: Brooke Shields has baby same day as Tom & Katie

Official DU UPPITY Women's Club drink

Who here can create a French braid, on


Is Rachel Ray the anti-Chirst?

Something sad and tragic has happened, and I need some advice

Is there a feature where you click someone's name/profile, and it shows

I thought progspawn was asleep...

How crazy is Donald Henry Rumsfeld?

lady and the dolphin (sisters) my new painting

*radio Squawk* Calling all cars... Be on the lookout for TEXASGAL

Silent Hill released in theaters on Friday!!! HELL YEAH!

What is the German word for: "Happiness at an enemies discomfort?"

Gilbert and Sullivan

Stuckey's much?

cancer survivors, check in.

Does Shrub hate Gay People?

Another dream

To all of the of pure direct Psychic Intuitives, (clairaudients

Thanks for the opinions everyone

WOW! This is fun. JK sound bites.

Street Battle in Baghdad Smacks of Open Civil War, Kerry Was Right

Something Wicked This Way Came!

As KO says: "Here we go again."

KOEB 4/18/06 I'm the Decider Edition!! + Katie Holmes Gives Birth

Keith Oberman just announced that Katie Holmes

"The Fox In The Hen House"...excellent!...

Will you defend your way of life?

Has anyone tried to get a voting machine fraud story on CurrentTV?

Are Bush's "Free Speech" corrals legal?

Who will the repubs run in 08?

America meets the new superpower

News outlets resist Scooter Libby subpoenas

Conyers: Carl Bernstein, lends support, (Conyers proposal)

Is anyone going to see "United 93"?

The number is zero

"God doesn't reject people. Neither do we."


Wasn't that Mrs. Meyers on Tweety tonight

You're Doing a Heckuva Job, Rummy!

Carl Bernstein on K. Olbermann --Rummy issue

I Would Hope Some Dems

Zinni will be on Tavis Smiley (PBS) tonight

PBS-Journey to Planet Earth on in my east coast viewing area


Bush, Schwarzenegger to Meet

2 MORE Katrina victims found....State ME estimates 400 unaccounted for

I think we should all boycott Exxon

paper log homes for disaster victims

Kurds Appoint Own Oil Minister--Azzaman in English, Iraq

KC Area April DU Meetup?

Interesting point I heard today.... Congress dudn't want to increase

Jim Cramer on Leno last night--says buy Haliburton--He should know right..

Is Mainstream Dem Position "Keeping Powder Dry 'til see Whites of Eyes"

Where can I find free transcripts for This Week with George Stephanopoulos

The Time Is Now; Sign Petition Opposing Attack on Iran

Does anyone know where I can get video of Randi on CNN?

Daily Show thread.....what will they say ....what will they say?

This guy tagged Air Force One? (VIDEO)

Cynthia Tillbiter files slander suit against O'realley

Supposedly, Rumsfeld Solidified His Position in the Administration by

You Can Be Decisive, But You Can Also Be Decisively Wrong

Easter Bunny accused of hitting customer

Warning Letter

Military advisers on cable news shows are briefed by Pentagon?

Something sad and tragic has happened, and I need some advice

Dem Commercials for the fall - All Should Fade To Bush

China 'selling prisoners' organs'


Letterman's got the wetlands=water hazards.

In Defense of the Generals ...

Met Tammy Baldwin tonite - asked her about Iran

The * Administration & Gangsters/Mobsters: What are the parallels?

Now that dumbya and the evil empire's numbers are at an all-time low...

George "The Decider" Bush

Best Quotes of the Day About and By Don Dumsfeld:

OMG...anyone watching O'Reilly right now?

Well, that was a depressing NOVA on PBS....


If the Dems can't say no to attacking Iran, I am done with them

Rep. Israel says 'false pretenses' led to war

Heat Melts Records -- Dallas Morning News

Bush: "I'm The Pooper...I Decide When To Poop!"

Activists' Sacred Run For A More Peaceful World

Jane Fonda on Larry King now. She makes as much sense now

Scum McCain on Leno.

Is "decider" a word?

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

For your profound entertainment, a poem: "I'm the Decider"

CNN: Scientists dig up million-year-old ice cube

Jane Fonda now now on David Letterman

CEO hits a BILLION $$$

Did Little Lord Pissypants stomp his foot when he said "I'M THE DECIDER"

Everybody Wants to Rule the World..

What's with this? "Civilian Inmate Labor Program"

This song ROCKS!!! Pink's "Dear Mr. President"

I'm missing an ingredient to the Leaky Cauldron Remedy for the bird flu.

look at what some constipated bastard wrote about me in the paper

Lets list all the Kerry was right about during the campaign

Bill Gates Holds a State Dinner at His House ---pix--->>>

A very important analysis.Please Read .

"I'm the DECIDER!" Freudian Slip for "I'm the DICTATOR!"

Hmmmf. My Veterans 4 peace plate finally came!

11/05 Link to Pissypants saying military commanders are THE DECIDERS

Camp Casey Easter - round 2

A Genuine American Leader. Yes, they do exist.

Chinpy's ole teachers and professors must be going nuts with SHAME

Anyone else just fed up with having to worry?

For a 9000th post, some thoughts on politics and other matters.

Oil closed at $70.40 today.

Armbands for Resistance

It's time to STOP bashing Bush, and START bashing GOPers in Congress.

Uh-oh, our president is hearing voices!


Secrets From Inside the White House

I've been watching some scary shit on Trinity Broadcasting?? as I was

Organic Bouquet's (Helen Thomas Roses) nice response to my order with them

Hold on to your hat!..I was watching Bloomberg today

If crazy christo-fascist zombies wanted their own "territory"

The Convenant With Black America Makes History

BAN ALL prescription med ADS NOW. except. . . .

Would anyone be interested in a "working on campaigns" group or forum

Seems the media is dropping hints of Abramoff-related indictments

Your FAVORITE decision of THE DECIDER.

Automated calls to Dem districts move to blunt GOP ethics issue

Peak Oil or Peak of Bush Oil Co. a$$ Kissing?

Daily show this week will have Sen. Kennedy

Rolling Stone magazine; Bush, the worst president ever??

Okay, please point me to the thread that explains why numbnuts

Bennett: Pulitzer Winners Risen, Lichtblau, Priest 'Worthy of Jail'

What is your opinion of this quote...

"Rumsfeld's Disease" - Aspartame - Eerily like Iraq

Tips, strategy, materials for the 50 State canvassing on the 29th.

You'll know it's time to duck and cover...

How do you determine whether to post in GD or GDP?

I Don't Trust Carl Bernstein's Call For An Investigation......

This con is still wondering when the Bush spending cuts are going to

"An Inconvenient Truth" -- A Campaign Gore Can't Lose

C&L Vid Clip: Tony Soprano on why he agrees with Rick "Sanatorium"

Update on Bush in the Napa Valley

Corporations ARE evil!

It's not the Dixie Chicks, but it's just as relavent!!!!!

Is John Snow going to be out at Treasury ?

AP: Giuliani to Help Ga. Hopeful's Fundraising (Ralph Reed)

Healthcare, Jobs, the Deficit and Iraq: Democratic Victory Strategy 2006

More Lunatic Spin at WaPo: "Reasoned Debate" is DANGEROUS!!!

"Godless: The Church of Liberalism"--the new Ann Coulter book.

Laurence O'Donnell on Olbermann....I liked what he said about Dem plans.

"Those Generals Should be Prosecuted and then Shot"


Am I completely delusional or am I just one of many

Survey USA new poll numbers out for Bush, these numbers will shock you

Neil Cavuto warns: Trimming CEO salaries will make us like the French

Scientists condemn US as emissions of greenhouse gases hit record level

JASON MILLER: North America Harbors the World's Most Dangerous Terrorists

Seymour Hersh: BuzzFlash "Wing's of Justice Award" Winner

Rumsfeld Facts--WaPo Trivia--Vietnam's Defeat--Historyplace

MOGAMBO GURU: Pure Economic Insanity

A Case for Accountability By John Batiste

Iran, You Ran, Let's Bomb Iran (Mark Morford)

U.S. policy turns radioactive - Maureen Dowd

BP and the suicide machine

Brother George Explains It All: Why * can not fire Rumsfeld

America meets the new superpower: China

Robert Scheer: Bush's Nutty Nuclear Braggadocio

Russert: A Source "close to the President" told me (thinkprog)

Zarqawi and the Pentagon’s ongoing War of Deception

The American people hold the fate of the world

Texas Republican Ron Paul Speaks out against war on Iran

JOSHUA FRANK: A Plan to End the War -- Dump the Democrats

T. Friedman (finally pulls head out) "Iraq II or a Nuclear Iran?"

“Secretary Rice and Turkey: Tactical and Strategic Errors” - Gene Rossides

Mideast 'axis' forms against West (CS Monitor)

Gene Lyons on why not every conflict in WWII

Bush and Rumsfeld in ‘Baghdad Mountain’

The REAL Reasons Why Scott McClellan Has Left the White House

Donald Rumsfeld: Genius or Hero? (By Art Levine)

"W" (new video) from Russ Feingold---about one minute

What is rape?

More Devastating Hurricanes Possible

For those who like to ponder subsidies consider the Real Cost of Oil

Calif. panel advises no cooling seawater at new plants

MyDD review of "Inconvenient Truth"

Iranian leader (Ahmadinejad) says oil hasn't reached true value

Democrats take a stand against Big Oil (Bigtree in GD forum)

Bill Gates invests in ethanol .

The rise of the Ethanol Giant...

Barghouti planning Palestinian ceasefire

Fatah-loyal media taking Hamas to task

Arabs step up pressure on Hamas

Ilan Pappe on the Israeli election and the ‘demographic problem’

Last chance for two states

The bombing victims

One Simple Question - If the Official Version of 911 is True...

Axis for Peace 2005 - Videos now Available

Would 911 Have Happened Anyway?

Voters will have fewer polling places, she said. (Less than 1/3rd as many)

John Bonifaz (candidate for Mass Sec of State) launches new website & blog

FOIA Filed Against DoJ: (Abramoff?/) NH Phone-Jamming - NYTimes Comments

Protesters demand security in elections (Tallahassee, FL)

Has anyone tried to get machine fraud story on CurrentTV?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday April 19

McPherson speaking against CA bill AB 2097 for open source code

I wonder if voting a straight Dem ticket vs. selecting Dems

FreePress: Evidence of Ballot Tampering in Warren Co Ohio in '04

Bonifaz website adds interactive blog to home page

I need a prog that...?

firefox bug? tab key is misbehaving ...

lexplore sucks on the teat of DU..what can I do about it?

Anyone familiar with nVidia or nView?

Okay, please remember I'm essentially computer illiterate....

Norton Anti-Virus Wiped Out All My Firefox Bookmarks And More

Texas Monthly to Tom DeLay: "Don't let the door hitcha..." at Keep Austin Blue tonight (4/19)

Group files Justice Department complaint against Texas Pete Sessions


WELCOME HOME (Message from Cindy Sheehan)

DERBY! Where are your pictures of Edwards?!

I'm ready to ditch Time Warner cable. Has anyone

¿Ciro Rodriguez has $330K in his campaign account?

Argentina on two steaks a day (not for vegans!):

Wild spring onions

Brooke Shields Gives Birth To Baby Girl

$175M lawsuit against Super Steel alleges discrimination

NYT: Panel to Propose Exceptions to Governance Rules

Bill Gates to visit but early days for Vietnam IT

Chirac says Iran with atomic weapons is 'unacceptable'

WP: Mystery Hangs Over Baghdad Battle, Conflicting Accounts...

Germany to Help Open Holocaust Records

FBI seeking muckraking columnist Jack Anderson's papers

20,000 kidnapped in Iraq this year

No link yet. Scottie Beaming Up. MSNBC banner Scottie Resigns

Gore Revs Up Campaign - on Global Warming

Media Matters Search: Tony Snow

Vets press for access to students (FL)

Scott McClelland Resigns as WH Press Secretary (UPDATE)

NYC transit union fined and leader jailed (from

Looks like Prodi is home and dry

Vetoes put abortion back into campaign (AZ Gov Napolitano)

Han Becomes Korea's First Female Premier

A Tribute to Spokeslying Sack of Crap Scotty McQuacky

Iranian official's presence in U.S. queried

U.S. May Turn to Watchdog Agency on Iran (LOL Bolton has

Italian court confirms Prodi's election win

Decision on Iran must wait till end-April - Russia

Few Protections for Migrants in Mexico

Judge rejects Kansas' juvenile sex provision

Rice To Talk Iraq War At Hilton Chicago

Australia troops headed to rioting Solomons (AFP)

Fla. Students Protest Boot Camp Death

Bolivian ministers freed

Congressman (Murtha) calls for a new Defense Secretary

Key Evidence Supports Alibi in Rape Defense for One Duke Player

Giuliani fires up crowd

Media Outlets Challenge Libby Subpoenas: MSNBC

Romanians flee as Danube dam breached

Ocean dumping bill dies in committee (Favors gambling ships off FL)

Tony Snow(job) in for Scotty?

Blair 'had early Iraq war tip-off'

China may become India's top trade partner

Bush says he expected some opposition to his decision to go to war in Iraq

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee yanks job policy from website

Company Runs Background Check On Wrong Man

Iraq PM: Quitting 'Out of the Question'

AP: Massive explosion reported in Kabul, Afghanistan near U.S. embassy

Oil hits new high over $73 on Iran, US stocks

Bush forced to evacuate chopper

Iranian leader says oil hasn't reached true value

Senate Democrats Maintain Money Edge

Reuters: Ranks of US millionaires worth over $5 million swell (26%)

Mideast 'axis' forms against West (CS Monitor)

McKinney report cites assault with 'closed fist'

Police searched the dorm rooms of two Duke University

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 19 April

Hundreds nabbed in immigration raid (Including Execs Pallet Maker)

(9-11) Victims' Kin Testify for Moussaoui's Life

Names Of Gitmo Detainees Released

AP: 'No Child' Law Raises Segregation Fear

Haiti to join Venezuelan oil-supply pact

US 'botches Iraq, Afghan health'

Protesters demand security in elections (Tallahassee, FL)

Kyrgyz leader threatens expulsion of US troops

US 'wants' Germany to take Guantanamo Uigurs

Suspicious device found at Atlanta airport

BBC: Gathering anger against Nepal's king

Canadian Claims Mistreatment by U.S Agents

Sex and money bought Iraq contracts

FOX News' Tony Snow Among Possible White House Spokesman Candidates

Group files Justice Dept. complaint against Texas congressman (Sessions)

Former Exxon CEO defends $150M pay package

Judge Says Ten Commandments Can Stay

WSJ: Bush's Approval Remains Low, Pessimism Grows, Poll Shows (35%)

State appellate court sides with DeLay

Lawmakers Never Faced With Losing Benefits

A Bright Career Unravels in Iraq (AF Colonel Funnels Money to Mercs)

New jobs will go to India, Bush warns US

Emerson (R-Mo) puzzled how obscenity appeared in letter to constituent

U.S. ethanol use rising

Teachers beheaded in Baghdad in front of students

Karl Rove to lose policy portfolio

Giant U.S. embassy rising in Baghdad

Valerie Plame Expected for White House Correspondents Dinner

Oil hits record $74 on Iran, US gasoline stocks

Rice: Expect more violence in Iraq

Scott McLellan Resigned

AP Poll: Teachers Dubious of 'No Child'

CIA mines 'rich' content from blogs

Senators Want Later Medicare Drug Deadline

British brigadier attacks America's John Wayne generals

$500K Seized; Strange Situation Reported At Nuclear Plant

TV show poll

What book, if any, are you reading right now?

Is it just me or is Google search utterly worthless?

It's time to play: narcissist or NOT!

What does consuming a lot of lime do to you?

What if Katie Holmes has post-partum depression?

Watching the river run----DU is my shore

This is the thread that never ends! Yes it goes on and on my friends.

I really need to go to bed.

Bailey graduated from puppy class tonight!

So, what's your reason

Ever tried to precisely time a fart and a door-slam simultaneously?

ZombieBedtime: NOW

ZombieLunchtime: BRAINS

ZombieLunchtime: BRAINS

BRAINS: You can't eat just one!

Poor Suri

How many here microwave sandwiches?

Did you see Oprah today?

I'm hittin' the hay - Good Night DU!

I can't believe I'm adding to the list of Tom Cruise baby posts, BUT.

* polls in the 20s in eight states

Holy snot! Some kind person re-upped my star?!?

Tom Cruise

Some people in GD want a 55 mph speed limit

Time for a Hug Break

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/19/06)

A question for vegetarians

Tom Cruise to kyak of tall building and die!

Post 10.000


My hat it has three corners


Going to bed shortly...

Happy Earth Day...........

Irony? You betcha! Baby Cruise and Baby Shields both born yesterday!

A Bush in Baghdad

Update in GD about alarcojon's condition!

I hate Illinois Nazis



Drunk Dad Flipped Golf Cart Full Of Kids - Arrested



If life were like Night Court - who would you be?

Those poor little bunnies...

Well ive had a horrible week.. details and some easter pics ...

i think I'll become a fashion designer

Ex-Gurkhas on peacekeeping duties at British IKEA store

I saw MrScorpio's thread, and thought, more to the point

Star Trek vs. Star Wars...


I realized I passed 1,000

* has been outsourced!

It is official

Small aluminum fishing boat

You might be a Redneck

I've narrowed down my menu choices for the French Qtr Festival

EXCEL Experts HELP!!! I can't figure out how to fix this

My sister has a lump in her breast

Scotty McLellan starts his new job tomorrow -

BREAKING NEWS: George Bush announces McClellen's replacement

I am happy today and this is my theme song...

OMFG!!! Did anyone see Countdown last night re: Tom and Katie's baby???

Watched "Brokeback Mountain" last night. ***spoilers***

Todays "Foxtrot" is hilarious.

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew - Thread 2

Morningstar Corn Dog Nuggets need to come in bulk boxes

I think underpants should have a "Redneck Engineering Celebration" thread

I just put two people on ignore

How do you switch careers when you're in debt?

Cultural values

Little YIP YIP they deserve to be kicked?

there's no sex in your violence

Pauly Shore Movie Oddity/Question

I just beat billyskank at nerdiness

I can't wait until we lose our Superpower status

Resolved: Costco Rotisserie Chicken is the BEST store-bought ANYWHERE

Do soap & soap products have an expiration?

Wednesday earworm.

Think of the chickens.

I present to DU...the biggest loser in the universe.

Guys, TomKat had a baby girl.

God will fuck you up

Movie trivia in honor of Suri Holmes-Cruise and Grier Shields-Henchy

My new favorite radio station (non-talk)

Does anyone know how to make one of those

Hey, BIG suprise here...

'Twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood

i have nothing to say right now

I'm gettting a Pentium D with 2GB of DDR2 SDRAM and a 20" UltraSharp!

I feel like posting random images from my photobucket... (dial up warning)

My life is growing increasingly less interesting.

It's a GIRL!!

It's a GRILL!!

Mayor Takes Job In Strip Club To Pay For His Health Insurance

I freaking love this album...

The house smells like fish. I don't want it to smell like fish and roses.

I am looking for a song

Former friends.

I'm in Austin Tejas right now

I Just Resigned!

What's the status of Biloxi, MS these days?

Katharine McPhee & Taylor Hicks are my favorites!!

I am *THIS* much closer to being a french citizen as of today!

What to do??!! A baseball moral dilimna

Dear morning ....

School Official Apologizes For Calling Gays 'Species'

Did Tom Cruise have the placenta well done or medium rare?

Funny Bush Joke told to me in a local watering hole

Take the 80's Heavy Metal Test - Who is this BAND??

Check Your Weather With Pat Robertson


I'm going fishing. OB pier, San Diego.

The world has stopped! I agree with Tucker Carlson

How ironic that Brooke and Tom had their children hours apart

Does that toenail fungus commercial gross you out or what?

Is Decider a real word? or is it a Bushism?

Americas Torture School


I just ate at the Y! Ask me anything!

KitchenWitch "made me" post in GD, it sure is scary over there.

The Y sells books for 50 cents each

There's no place like foam

SNOOP DOGG! Get thee out of my head!

I just pulled my kid's front tooth, and it made a noise


I don't fuck at shopping Walmart!

CNN's Dana Bash - let's send her a cheeseburger!

What's your bit of wisdom for today?

My aunt has a Toby Keith song as her ring tone and NOW I am singing it!

Man Rediscovers Gift Fruitcake from 1962

I wish I didn't find out how fish sauce was made.

I just bought a box of King Kong Twinkies...

Speaking of pot- kids these days have something called "420"

I was at the Twins v. Yankees game when Rivera blew the save...

Is pot being sold today hard core ass-tearing shit that will fuck you up?

OMG...this cable company is really beginning to piss me off...

We interrupt this program with a special bulletin...

Can you do Zombie a favor?

Smilies Gone Bad

Can you do me a favor?

Folk singer Tom Dundee dies in Chicago motorcycle crash.

Ladies & Gentlemen - Welcome To Fenway Park (PIC HEAVY)

UH OH! I started a GD THread

Nyotaimori or bukkake

omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, I'm not going to be banned am I?

What's on *your* desktop?


The song came and went


Question your donations to March of Dimes!

Britney may sue over baby’s fall from high chair

I love chocolate

World-Wide Suicide by Pearl Jam

Great video!

Bush tires of being "The Decider," declares "I...AM...IRON...MAN..."

Forget Tom and Katie, It’s a girl — again — for Brooke Shields

RIMME THE CLOWN: "Dave, You're A Veterinarian"

Cool screensaver

You must feel happy. Don't admit to feeling down ever. EVER! D'ya hear me?

Sigh. I am such a geek

My husband...

The boss just unilatarly canceled my vacation

Hey everyone - let's see you dangle your participle!

Champions League: Arsenal cheated - they had twelve players on the field

Cindy Sheehan (ON THE PHONE) Just Promised To Drink Corona With ME

For the love of Christ, Harry....

Bush** was in my state today.

Off to the dentist...

Princess Mononoke or My Neighbor Totoro?

DU fundraising idea

MSNBC's Rita Cosby - let's send her a throat lozenge!

Dating Etiquette - Lisa Loeb #1 Single?

For the first time, my 7 y.o. son and 5 y.o. daughter ate a meal together

Saw this bumper sticker on a car in the parking

'World's unsexiest man' named and the WINNER IS........

You and Hu's army

How come when I update my journal, it doesn't show on my

Kelly Clarkson photo: How to eat a hot dog as big as your forearm

Ahhh DU I have a taste for something sweet but I don't know what.

How much $$ do you pay to have your taxes done?

For KitchenWitch

4-20 Myth

I just lost my temper completely on my 14 yo daughter.

Happy birthday wishes to.......

Did you hear what GWB got on his IQ test?

Tell me something....

brain fart! I need to find/remember a website... HELP!

Las Vegas, here I come!

You be the decider and decide what's best for DUers

Why does "bought the farm" mean die? Where did that saying come from?

What have you listened to today?

Do you wash brand new underwear before wearing it?

The Rejection Hotline numbers (phone# to give to a loser)

Don't lie

Hillbillies and other Appalachian ne'er do wells unite!

Cat Lovers: On PBS at 8 EST, "The Standard of Perfection"

If you were in debt, would you summarily quit a job?

Uppity post

Beverly Hillbillies or Green Acres--which is your favorite?


Michael Jackson is....(snicker) working on a new album.


End women's suffrage!


favorite recipe to feed a fam of four in less than 10 minutes

merh's dogs are in contact with aliens.

Help! I need a new washing machine and dryer

Mother rant

Well, what do you know? Today is my two-year anniversary on DU.

My son is 10 today!

A soldier and a nun

Flashback: 1986. Strip: Bloom County. Subject: Gas prices.

Can we please send a giant asteroid to hit GD?

In What Foreign Language Would You Like To Be Able To Speak Fluently?

If we knew a giant asteroid was going to hit DU

Attention Lounge: I have a sexy Japanese voice!

Who knew goats could be so funny?

"The Gallery of Regrettable Food" appreciation thread

You guys, it's GD - not war-torn, 3rd world nation filled with vile people

HOW MUCH does pot cost these days???

The tjwmason Thread!!!!

Pregnancy spacing key to babies’ health

4 Billion Losers

Have you seen this?

George Carlin on Religion

Drug trial man 'may lose fingers'

Needling Away Wrinkles

FDA approved the Continuous Glucose Monitor and insulin pump

Studies find no harm in mercury dental fillings

U.S. Senate bill may exempt Christian colleges from antidiscrimination law

Fla. School Official Apologizes For Calling Gays 'Species'

Ruling: Penn State coach discriminated against basketball player

75 Gay Methodist Clergy Petition Church

Heated Debate Expected Over Virginia Anti-Gay Amendment Explanation

Court Rules College Doesn't Have To Accept Anti-Gay Club

Expelled Gay Student Allowed To Finish Year

Report: Arrests In Gay Bashings Of U.S. Tourists In St. Maarten

Florida Bully Bill 'Inadequate' Gays Say

The Cubs are off to a modestly successful start.

Game 6. 1986, Bottom 10...

Angel's Gate shelter/rescue under attack

I have 2 new staff members on my Website Team

Pics of Spirit, my housemate's dog who has adopted me


My babies on

Viagra spam ads have started using Bush to get you to open their mail!

Winter Soldier is coming out on DVD May 30

C-Span has the DNC meeting scheduled for Sat. Morning

The World According to Ted Includes Kerry ‘08

Something we need to talk about concerning Iraq

First thing out of Stephanie Miller's mouth this am

So, ahm, is this what you've been trying to tell me, non-Mass folks?

How much did Kerry have to do with Earth Day's beginnings

Arctic Wildlife Refuge is safe for now

Did anybody watch SNL last Sat nite? grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............

Latest Update at We Love John Kerry

Today I am just very sad.

Down by the Riverside

Flowers and Easter Bunnies

Old Mill House - lots of photos

Your nightly sunset... :-)

Countdown Newsletter -- 04/19/06: McClellan Quits, Rove Shifts

Puffy Quits

KOEB 4/19/06 "Watching Scotty Go" Edition

A Fitzgerald moment

Hmm Rolling Blackouts in TX with record heat, high gas prices...

Was the Nancy Grace video clip on the Daily Show a real one?

Bushbots have decimated America by Supporting W

WSJ: As Patients, Doctors Feel Pinch, Insurer's CEO Makes a Billion

Ashcroft speech, no sell-out. Not even near it. Vancouver.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land...

Newsweek: Sidewalks Can Make a Town a Neighborhood

Who will be the Rudolf Hess of this administration?

Energy/Gas Prices

WSJ: Adding Heat to Cancer Therapy

ACLU video clip on surveillance: Pizza - A must see!

Brain-Dead Republican Quote of the Day...

UnitedHealth pays CEO billions. They are completely in the GOP pocket offering commemorative Katrina t-shirts . . .

PHOTO: Chimpolini, again declaring one of his minions "doing a fine job"

A lesson in immigration

How the Media Uses Blacks to Chastize Blacks

Yay! We're under another tornado watch!

"new" use for Car Vacuum... 4/19 cartoon

Rumsfeld Shouldn't be Fired, He Should be Indicted

It's just like playing blackjack in Vegas.

Dear Freeper Knuckleheads: Presidents LIE! They Always Have!

For all you kids out there wondering how the German people could allow

WTF??? Dems MAY support military action in Iran

Moony Times: Generals should be "promptly and severely sanctioned."

We're all being raped.

Smith (R-NJ) on Washington Journal now re human rights hearing on China

General Miller to testify in new Abu Ghraib trial

Russert on Imus--saying if Bush fired Rummy-he would be firing himself

Philadelphia lawyers fight to hold military contractors accountable...

Gas Wars! Here is an email suggestion PASS IT ON to all you know!

Will the "true believers" do a Jim Jones when Bush finally goes down?

Are the dissenting generals insubordinate? -- Washington Journal question.

Guiliani helping Reed proves that Reed is a shameless political

UN: Millions of refugees are hidden victims of the West's war on terror

I have one question about the President's solution to terrorism...

Presidential IQs

Here is a great site with state disapproval numbers.

After WWII, the US treated with more respect toward defeated Nazis

Police in Nepal arrest 250 protestors

Iran: Do you think the U.N. can back down our Decider in Chief?

"For Bush To Fire RUMMY Is Bush Declaring Himself A Failure" - Joe Conason

35 - What A Loser...

ON CNNI: A Strike on Iran "Would Open The Gates of Hell"!

Airforce colonel accused of corruption - reconstruction of Iraq

Are the Ret. Gens Insubbordinate?--WJ now

GOP Spanish Language Ads Blame Dems for Bill to make aliens into felons

A little perspective

i am sick of bush, his glorification of blood and gore and war ...

Is today the day Fitz' and Libby lawyers must explain role in leaks?

China's Hu to give Bush a book to read ("The Art of War")

Looks like Snotty Scotty is going buh bye - news on MSNBC n/t

Woman Gets 7 Years in Domestic Slavery Case

President Nutz will speak on Iraq.

Human Rights Watch; INDICT rumsfeld.

Following A Democratic Landslide, Would Fox News Turn Liberal?

A Very Rich Man (is he asking to be mugged?)

Death Threats to UCSC Anti-War Activists Courtesy of Michelle Malkin

More lyrics and News From Neil Young's New Album - Living With War

Try this logic out on your freeper friends


Wombs for rent, cheap

Puffy Quits ..... Steph is breaking down.

McClellan out Rove leaves policy post

Is DU extremely slow today for anyone else?

CIA mines 'rich' content from blogs

Little YIP YIP they deserve to be kicked?

Guess what people, Snotty Scotty is toast.

Gas stations running out of gasoline in my area, not being reported.

Sorry, I'm not buying "Rove is leaving to concentrate on elections"

Sex and money bought Iraq rebuilding contracts from US officials

Zogby poll about honesty and trust in America

White House Press Secretary McClellan Resigns

New Feingold VIDEO Raps Bush on Wiretaps

Snotty Scotty is OUT OF HERE!!!!

HOW MUCH does pot cost these days???

So the "big shakeup" is to change the mouthpiece?

According to CNN: Osama is sexier than Dr. Phil or Alan Colmes.

Our once great country is going bankrupt...

Bush forced to evacuate chopper

the Prez has a MBA in Business Administration...

can we have a GD: N. C. criminal cases, GD: missing southern girls

I have Lied to the up most of my abilities.

Protections for miners (write to Congress) bills sittling in Congress

Decider != Dictator?

CNN Treating Gas Prices As Happy Talk with Wow Factor

Rove on the Stand? (The Nation)

Here is Libby's subpoena to Time & Libby's subpoena to Judith Miller.

Video:Beyond Treason

Cindy Sheehan: Welcome Home

To all Photoshopper's with time on their hands...

Rove's major job> seeing that the GOP don'tlose in November

Scotty is a piker compared to Bush, who will always be...

Let's be honest, kids...McClellen's move was time to deflect from Rummy

crude oil at $73/bbl. anyone know what the inflation-adjusted record is?

Teacher Suspended With Pay After Abortion Discussed In Class

just to be clear: rove is NOT leaving the white house

Faux Gnus...

White House Shake Up ..... Breaking Pix


Why Biodiesel is a TERRIBLE idea.

Vietnam tried to warn us

Snotty McLyin's replacement chosen....

2 Teachers Beheaded In Front Of Students In Baghdad

It's just like playing blackjack in Vegas. Mark Morford sorry link no work

I'm into S&M. Maybe I can have Snotty's job.

Rove's getting out of the WH before he is indicted for Perjury

Replacement for McClellan announced!

Karl Rove to rampage the political landscape again with the blessing.....

Good riddance Silvio

Tony Snow Offered McClellen's Job

Rove leaving is a non-story

DeLay gets company-TX Rep Pete Session faces Justice Dept Complaint

Don't Ever Think You Can't Make A Difference

The main difference between the two American political parties

America's Taliban has no sense of humor...

Two Katherine Harris photoshop jobs. Submitted for your approval:

My Own "Unofficial" Folding Thread

Who do you think will replace Snotty?

Man murders other man - for his portable DVD player (and similar stories)

PopNFresh McClellan - the real story

Shakeup = Musical Chairs

THIS Tony Snow was offered

(TOON) Steve Bell: No Rummy Left Behind (He's baaaaack)

Which event was worse?

Scotties 'ALL'

Meet Our New Press Secretary: Scottie-Bot v2.0

Gay Cumberland College student Jason Johnson wins

Giving the job of WH Press Secty to a Faux anchor is like .....

Mumps epidemic in the mid-west; biggest in decades

An Unkept Promise in Iraq - NYT Editorial

BP has 2nd pipe break at Alaska facility

What Happens When Bigoted Greedy Whack Jobs Get Together

Feingold Censure Commercial

As the bush White House falls can we bring our troops home and ....

Tony Snow to Replace Scottie?

For those who didn't live through it - Google "Saturday Night Massacre"

Chips down, Bush prepares a Hail Mary bet

Where is the justice?

Who will replace Scott McClellan as the new American Information Minister?

"begin to lay the foundation of peace for generations to come"

We need a Rove

anyone else grossed out by Daryn Kagen and her couch setup

You need to read Skinner's post on why Scnooty left in the editorial area.

Scottie's new job

Arizona $3.05 unleaded


Petition Opposing Attack on Iran -

Ican't believe I wasted time listening to AAR in the morning

Ain't this purdy?


Snopes posts a piece on Air Force One "Tagging" video

West Palm Beach Judge hates women

Media Matters Search: Tony Snow


What is Don Imus' "white hot secret news"?

Good terrorists and bad terrorists

Durbin on Rummy: Take a confidence vote - get the Senate on record!

MSNBC's half hour on TomKat

I present to DU...the biggest loser in the universe.

My kingdom for a horse . . . eh, . . . er, . . . I mean CAPTION!!!!

Mark Warner on Al Franken show right now

Please clarify my understanding of the Unitary Executive Theory

I just had the most hard core Freeper in my office say to me..

A Tribute to Spokeslying Sack of Crap Scotty McQuacky

Geez, I fall asleep on a library couch for two hours, and this happens?

"Live & Let Live" Morality vs. Legality - Purity Ball Revisited

Guys, TomKat had a baby girl.

Retired Military and Ronald Dumsfeld

Britt Hume lying to Howie Kurtz

Woman Gets 'Terroristic' Easter Basket (dead bunny and note inside)

Local Freeper--

Italy's version of Bush vs Gore: Gore wins

A question about possible hatch act violations committed by WH?

A war with Iran will require a draft

anybody have a link to the video of Randi on Dobbs?

What CAN'T we do?: "Without DeLay"

The "official" thread of Sayonara Scottie Humor

DEAN: Rove Demotion is NOT Enough-WH Merely Engaging In WINDOW DRESSING!

Will Rove also give up his security clearance?

Snow Job; Replacing McClellan With Anchor Tony Snow

The middle class

Recall the GOP mantra of the 90s.

Washington is blazing a trail to help mail-order brides

Repost: ACLU - Pizza. A funny clip on surveillance.

Rumsfeld Directed Torture Via Video-conference?

Are gas prices too high or too low?

Russert's source "Bush won't fire Rumsfeld" same as firing himself

Sen. Schumer: Oil refiners producing less to push prices higher

Right. It's the tourists' fault.

The people need to know that the Democrats will pursue the corruption..

Whose Wednesdays are hump-days? How 'bout a CAPTION as you climb over????

Protest singers renew their cry

Union of Concerned Scientists FEED Newsletter

Al Franken interviews Mark Warner (MP3)

Media Lawyers Hit Back at Libby's 'Fishing Expedition'

Request to photoshoppers

New bumper sticker. "sucker starts with a W" nt

Who should replace Scott McClellan?

They are already down to these people?

"Dimming The Sun" will be on again

Germany to open Holocaust archives

With friends like this... (pretty funny)

Nick Casey"They're a bunch of inside-the-Beltway lying Republican thugs,"

Guy James: "Fox Ministry of Propaganda"

The BARFLY PRESIDENT::: Bush has earned the term

Russert: "Source-Close to Pres-Told Me Bush-Won’t Fire Rumsfeld Because.."

CIA increases surveillance of Blogs - Everyone, wave hello!

Outplacement ideas for Scottie?

Iraqis Call for Progress on New Bush White House

Question--on the 1.4 million lbs of explosives detonated 2 June in NV

Tampa community debate "support our troops" sign

Is this a great f#%&@ng day or what?!?!

MP3 of Franken and Rhodes on Scotty's Exit Plan

Berlusconi Doesn't Concede Defeat Despite Court Ruling

My new improved Tinfoil hat theory...

Russia will deliver air defense systems to Iran - top general

Kingdom Holding Company???

Cohen: Ground Zero is Bush’s true legacy (the hole has yet to be filled)

CNN's John Roberts: being WH spokesman like being Cheney's hunting partner

Military shifts caused dissent, Rumsfeld says

Abortion talk upsets students (4th Grade Teacher Suspended)

American Contractor In Iraq Admits Bribing Officials With Cash,

Anybody see "Dimming the Sun" last night on PBS?

Donald Rumsfeld: Genius or Hero?

Randi's starting on a roll!

Worst-case scenario for the New American Century!!

Rove's replacement was fake "rioter" in FL

Centrist Pope?

What the hell is these clown's definition of democracy?!

Next-generation DVD battle begins (BBC)

Anyone See Randi on Lou Dobbs? Or Hear Her Show

"President Refutes Treasonous Criticism from Generals"

Moron* = Quickdraw McGraw

Reuters: Oil hits new high over $73 on Iran

Bloggers punch way above their weight: study

Would Libby's filings for discovery push Fitz' to move in order to avoid

(Fox News) Parade: Tom Cruise Poll Was Skewed

Woman Has Rare Case of Bubonic Plague

(Jeannine) Pirro Files Solo Again (won't file return w/ convict hubby)

Post your Scotty Limericks

Progressive Patriot Fund video from Russ Feingold

"The Guy James Show" Hot topic today

A caller to C-SPAN says her children and grandchildren would be fighting..

WTH? What happened to NPR? I'm interrupting some serious gardening

Just found this Dirty, Dirty video...

US demands end to Russia-Iran nuclear cooperation

CNN readers email: Spend $3 in gas to buy $6 beef jerky

(VIDEO) Randi Rhodes on Dobbs: "Bush Is Insane"

*: "if our folks don't have the skill are going..somewhere else"

This might be interesting. Dennis Quaid coming up soon (EDT) on

Here's Jack Cafferty's 3 questions: First one resurrects Cynthia McKinney

I'm 50 years old. Zogby has shown me how much America has declined

Dean says Rove's demotion is not enough.

Buses used in pro-immigration rally burned

What happens to "fair and balanced" now?

Bush Met Hu Jintao, It Was Analogous To A Sharecropper Meeting The Banker

Doing OUTSOURCING research, suggestions please....

Tweety's Playing Gotcha With Barlett On War=Cheap Gas

It's got pretzels, it's got beer, it's got quagmire, it's got Rummy...

Profile of Wingnut Brit HUME by Mistah KURTZ

Anyone looking forward to Malloy tonight?

The Global Warming advocate's "Agenda"...What is it?

U.S. to conduct crisis exercise targeting Iran

Wasn't there a huge rocket bombing about an hour ago in Afghanistan?

Gulp! Try $4.50! - Brooklyn gas station floors it...

Why Tony Snow and not Brit Hume?

Retirement homes, the new work houses?

Where were you when you heard about the OKC bombing?

US hints at military option against Iran!!!

Mini rant...

in the general radius of 25 miles around my house there is no gas

Getting Off the News Cycle

Quit treating the Duke case like it's another basketball game. The season

April 19th...Oklahoma City bombing 11th anniversary...

Rolling Stone: The Worst President in History?

China Ready to Admit Iran to Asian Bloc

Mike Malloy to moderate impeachment forum!

This is no shake-up

Oh my: "Brooklyn Gas Station Charges $4.14 Per Gallon"

Falling Gas and Crude Stockpiles Could Drive Prices Higher

Tony Blair asked about Iran nuclear strike today at PMQ's

Plenty of Embarrassment to Go Around Today (Dana Milbank on a roll)

Low-income Katrina victims face eviction!!!

How come I can't say that I think the Duke boys are innocent

'Drug Dealers Using US Military Post'

Anyone else think we may need a 'dedicated' Duke / Rape forum of its own?

The e-music contest: Has anyone entered it yet? A question or two:

TIME:Bush Goes Back to the Future

Juan Cole Being Swiftboated?

What is the best solution to gas/oil crisis?

Breaking: Thinking it tradition, President Hu vomits at Gates dinner

You have to pay a person alot of $$ to get them to do something like that!

Oh now it's all the trial lawyers fault!

Study shows first national increase in tech job hiring (1%) since 2001

Americans are spending $212 million PER DAY more for gas than last year.

Paper Ballots NOW!!! HAND COUNTS NOW!!! Democracy NOW!!! nt

Demand for Duke lacrosse gear soars

Study faults US health effort in Iraq, Afghanistan

Anyone else think Chimpolini is just dying to use a nuke?

Any weather experts here?

'I think you're an asshole' Letter to Constituent From Rep Emerson (R-MO)

OKAY. If you're getting icons marching up the left margin, let me know.

Tonight on Countdown: The Best of Scott McClellan

Carl Bernstein was right!

Caption *

"Father knows squat"

Bush gave company $160 million to build 150 clinics. Iraqis got 6 clinics

"Live & Let Live" Morality vs. Legality - Purity Ball Revisited

U.S. Stalls on Human Trafficking

Sleaze Alert! Giuliani Hosts Ralph Reed Fund-Raiser

Co-worker's comment at a staff meeting today:

George Takei of Star Trek speaking out on Gay Rights

Oil hits record $74 (::throws hands up in the air::) *sigh*

Does anyone here have any evidence Teflon is dangerous?

Stop Talking Over Your Callers Randi

ACLU LTTEs: laws mean little if the government is allowed to break them

Why do people-when around family- whisper when they are saying

Global Warming Evidence, Mount Kilimanjaro 30 years ago & today:

Oil prices haven’t yet reached true value: Iranian President

Part II of the gas-gouging scam is under way.

Atrios provides link to Rolling Stone article"Worst President in History"

Mexican pride boosted by US immigrant marches

God is punishing South Dakota

I'm Sorry Scotty's Out. it's Not Good News For Our Side.

Saudi destruction of Mecca

Shrub wants to be a cowboy, baby...

A nice little commercial

The Hate Iran propaganda is working

Civilian contractors may get death penalty for drug smuggling in Kuwait

11 Years ago today

You're not allowed to change the channel during commercials

Typical Republican ideas for lowering gas prices

Anti-war, pro-impeachment training days in D.C.

Michael Douglas to support Kucinich reelection (attending Cleveland event)

So Rove has been freed up to swiftboat democrats in the midterm.

How are higher gas prices personally affecting YOU?

Ok, what is the real deal w/Cindy Sheehan and her son's headstone?

Something to think about concerning the immigration debate

The Iranians are hoarding gold. Should we be too?

The Decider Sticks With the Derider - Maureen Dowd lou dobbs poll..doesn't really need us,tho

I need some help here...

Imus in the AM - Anybody hear what he said early?

What a turkey!

What does gas have to go up to for people

What kind of pull does NewsMax have on Google?

Republican quotes from War in Bosnia

Iraq Travel Warning from State Dept. Hasn't Changed Since 12/05

US to Detonate 700-Ton Bomb on Western Shoshone Land

Bush's threats to nuke Iran has a lot of people suddenly paying attention.

Lou Dobbs poll tonight.

Tony Snow? WH Press Sect? welcome to the end of pretense...

CNN: Duke kid says, "We're Duke, and we're all awesome"

Kaplan replacing Rove is a gift. A welcome opportunity. And it requires

" When all else fails- Why Not Just Nuke Someone & Smirk" (Mark Morford)

Warning issued to biopsy recipients (Togus Vets Hospital)

"I'm the Decider" A soon-to-be-deleted poem from (gasp!) FR !!111!!!

Sen. Joseph Lieberman: I'd Support Iran Attack

The Snotty story and the helicopter story sorta fused in my head, and

The ORIGINAL; unfortunately, W has brought it back out of the archives.

Feingold Debuted “W” Video Last Evening in Tx.-WATCH VIDEO!!!

Whoa nelly! $3.10 & $3.04 per gal for reg gas! But there's no inflation?

Russia to be neutral in possible Iran-US armed conflict


Mods.....seriously...can you please lock the McKinney flamebaiters?

DU is an "Adult Only" website on the Biloxi, MS public library computers.

Kansas Sch. Bd. member asks for removal of picture of God.

Time Mag: White House Reshuffle: McClellan did not want to go

Does it really make any difference who is on the White House staff

on the McKinney deal dammit

Condi Comes Clean! "Expect More Violence in Iraq"

8 days till Iran has "The Bomb"...

DU, Al Gore is asking for our help!

A post from Durham

If/When we win back Congress, should Dems treat Repugs the same way

85% of Americans give Laura Bush a thumbs up!

Shouldn't there just be a three-year moratorim on immigration until

Smile! You just might be on N.Y. City police cameras

Gonna git mah picher onna cover...

This needs to be posted: The Uniformed Code of Military Justice. For those

AOL Poll "I'm the Decider" Rate him on Rove, Rumsfeld, etc...

Wal-Mart offers to help fix US health care

yikes! a repub is making sense on c-span's washington journal!

Texas appeals court upholds dismissal of DeLay charge

My video tribute to Scotty!

House passes bill to increase fines for protests at military funerals

Is rape about men seeking sex or dominance?

Lynne Cheney auditioning for Evita

The Soldier in Me - "I emerged as a Democrat. "

Armbands for Peace - let's get this protest going!!

Fox News just now: Karl Rove is much more DANGEROUS now

The Brighter Rs Must Realize That * Has Doomed Their Party

"Step up to the plate, Republicans: the Oklahoma City bombing is yours."

Which party do you think this best describes?

Seymour Hersh’s Summary of the Bush Administration’s “War on Terror”

40 Ways To Support Katrina Survivors--All In One Convenient Post!

Bush-Be-Gone Index closing in on record high from October

White House dumping McClellan was a smart move...

Welcome Home by Cindy Sheehan

Just had a freep encounter at 7-11.

Concern Duke rape case reinforces myths

Creole Tomato & Sweet Onion Salad or Oyster & Artichoke Florentine

Not enthused about voting for a DINO? Take a look at this!!

Next-generation DVD battle begins

Every GOP candidate should be asked if getting help from Karl Rove

New Feingold Video(awesome)

I wrote this book about WWII, and I am SO glad to know,

F.B.I. Is Seeking to Search Papers of Dead Reporter Jack Anderson

How much play do you think Earth Day will get in the MSM this year?

Those of you that are quick to blame the victim or consider rape to be sex


Do you consider Rape to be Sex?

Personal experience with rape?

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution

The Double Bind.

Called Cspan reKerry speech Sat. on Dissent - they WILL air it 7pm Sunday


In praise of librarians

Sibel Edmonds accepts PEN/Newman First Amendment Award...

don't eat that GM food

Meat-Eaters Aiding Global Warming? Eating red meat like driving an SUV?

Do you live in a truly competitive House District?

Report: McKinney hit officer with CLOSED FIST!

After reading just 1 thread on the Duke rape thing, I've realized that...

I'M THE DECIDER (Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo) - Great NEW Song from Huffpo

Rove's Replacement Was Florida '2000 Recount 'Rioter'

Is the Pledge of Allegiance obselete now? I wish there were some big ass

Post a "Good Bye, Scott McClellan" haiku...

The Really Real "Long War"

I want my Goddamn apologies!

lets talk about Al Gore's new flick

FITZ Returns: "The Federal Grand Jury Began Meeting AGAIN This Morning!"

Anti-War Music

Introducing Ed and Lara (a drug policy thread)

Rolling Stone Mag: "WORST PRES IN HISTORY" Article Now Avail-Read It Here

Dennis Quaid just admitted he voted for the Shrub in '04

Michelle Malkin posts phone #'s of lib college students

WSJ Book Review: Primarily Colorless

Do polls ever ask questions like 'I regret having voted for Pres. X'?

Hmm, a good argument against gun control

A song for W. Glad to see musician's speaking out!

Will the inattention to evoting problems work in our favor?


Iranian Irony

China Steps Up Lobbying Efforts to Win Support in U.S. Congress

Potentially good news from the capitalist crowd--if the vote is counted.

MrBenchley, WTF happened to Bob Boudelang?

VIDEO - GOP Spin: Bush's Low Polls Actually 'Good News'

Another Day With That Slippery Varmint McClellan

Q&A on IRAQ for kids, (heavily snarky)

Bonifaz for Massachusetts Secretary of State website adds interactive blog

On Monday Rove Walked Into The Oval Office And Said To *......

White House spokesman Scott McClellan announces resignation.

What 21st century American Fascism looks like....

4th President James Madison in 1875 puts current events in perspective

Of course I had to see the freep response to rove/Scottie

In Memoriam ....Scottie

Halliburton's Immigrant Detention Centers

11 years ago today, Timothy McVeigh

Why does bush need a press secretary?

Snotty Scotty is GONE?! Holy Mackeral, I won't miss him! On

Those OTHER Pulitzers-Abramoff, NSA, Secret prisons, Cunningscam,...

In the midst of the 'shake-up', the real threat to democracy lives on

Al Franken

Another friend of U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms goes DOWN

McClellan a family history of Screw ups?

Bolten`s shakeup....a quick squirt of Raid and a few black tarps

Murtha Has Been Hearing Rumsfeld Gripes

Bush: " the architect of my reelection" recall that--& now will do 06

Is Fox News a terrorist organization?

Should Senate investigate Bush? vote

Bush speaking of McClellen.....

CREW files DOJ complaint against Pete Sessions (copy of filing)

NJ’s senators: Bush, Chertoff are ‘wrong’

I think this should be the Dems' #1 message this year:

Guy Caruso could have stayed home this morning

What if NOBODY replaces Scott McClellan?

how can our National Archives make a secret deal with the CIA???

Real "change" is not simply getting rid of your spokesman...

The Rove move is PURE, UTTER, UNVARNISHED spin

Why does a "democracy" need a "police force" before anything else?

Salon: Taxpayers foot the bill for 7 months of Rove's partisan politics

OK, I'm LOST. Bush is "The Decider," but he respects McClellan's decision?

CNN has stopped broadcasting here....

Will Rove's re-assignment to focus on 06 elections help or hurt Repugs?

Palms may take a bow for billboard views (FL Legislature!)

Freeps want your prayers for Tony (Snow, from Fox) as Scotty's replacement

Spread the word about Guiliani...

Scott McClellan Gives His Final Press Conference

We should start a campaign for Karen Hugh as the new press secretary.

"The first time Rove lost, rather than acquired power in the Bush circle"

Snotty Scotty resigned?

Help Set MoveOn's Course

Why are evil people often pear shaped, fat, white guys?

"why our dollar is getting whacked"

"Giving up policy oversight"

BushCo has lost it! Kim Jong and Hitler got nothin' on them!

Will the public be fooled by Rove's "quitting" policy position?

Are calls for Rummy's resig really disguised calls for Bush's resignation?

Are Scotty and Rove just two more cards in the House of Cards...

Salon: "I'm the decider"

A proposal for the new White House Press Secretary

Progessive Democrats of America..We would like to hear from you

It isn't about outing Valerie Plame . . .

So what can the Dems do to rattle the cons in the coming weeks?

Texas Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal of Delay Conspiracy Charges

Place your bets here. We were right about Simple Scotty, so

No matter the 'conventional wisdom' the polls are not on our side

To all the Registered Democrats...

Anyone catch Lou Dobbs tonight? Nuke Iran test?

Tony Snow,FAUX news, will replace Simple Scotty

How hard will the party fight to win in the midterms?

Can we talk about the other "I" word ..........

RNC (spanish)Ad Mischaracterizes Democratic Stance On Immigration

DeWine No Moderate, Sherrod Brown Says

To Governor Warner: Not penalty, taxes

Call the White House Commment Line; Stop the vote count and move up.

Huge Explosion Rocks Afghan Capital

Dan Senor: Bush "doesn't reward flash," marriage to Brown a "deal-breaker"

Authorities and Protesters Prepare For President's North Bay Visit

Now that Simple Scotty is history, who will replace him?

Al Gore e-mail

Mexico blasts Georgia illegals law


On my way home from work tonight, there was an older

Ahmadinejad shows limited understanding of economics

Blumenthal: Walking the White House plank (Info Fitz Investigation Rove)

What if Scotty pulls a Stephanopoulous and changes teams?

Top economies fuel another year of strong global growth

Rising Hegemon shocker: Brit Hume's son outed by Newt Gingrich to cover up

Why is it all about 'McLellan's credibility'? Isn't he nothing more than

There is no way Rummy will be fired or be allowed to resign

Good post from Digby on the WH use of the other Retired Generals

Open Letter to SFSU President on Student Protest

Pat B and Ron Reagan coming up on Tweety always entertaining.

Today is one of those few days Tweety acts like a reporter so watch

is that a distant war drum you hear in IRAN or is it the SOUND OF SILENCE?

Anyone see this one

My reply to "Boycott Exxon/Mobil" (Inheritance tax)

Amy Goodman on WPR tomorrow afternoon

Coulter's book already selling at remainder prices!

Horrifying photo report of massacre in Iraq - Caution: extremely graphic

Why not Karen Hughes?

An appropriate windfall profit tax?

GREAT Progressive Patriots Fund / Feingold Commercial!

Is it possible to drop your gas price & stay competitive?

More Fired by Bush, But the Twins?

The questions McClellan never answered

Bernie Ward is going to be HILARIOUS tonight!!

POLL: Pick the New White House Press Secretary!


(WaPo) Newsview: Rove Put Too Much on His Plate

Lou Dobbs is an IDIOT!

Who should replace Scott McClellan?


New poll: Feinstein retains strong lead in Senate race

What do the Republicans campaign on?

We're the deciders

Nation: Rove on the Stand?

I wish Kerry and Gore would have had the balls.............

How to be a good republican...

Why is Norah O'Donnell always so giddy?

VERY SERIOUS QUESTION, What if we don't win anything in November?

Does the Republican platform outlaw Masturbation?

It's time to divide Texas into 4 states.

Mark Warner on Al Franken today...I'm sorry, I wasn't impressed.

Bush Proclaims National Park Week, Cuts Funding

Sherrod Brown's "Road to Change" Tour

Dean says religious groups must decide about being tax-exempt....

Worst President Ever - Here's the Rolling Stone article

Are liberal atheists the Dem party's personae non gratae?

Jane Bryant Quinn: The Price of Our Addiction