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Archives: April 2, 2006

N.H. African Burial Ground Discovered Below Downtown Streets

NYT/Week In Review: It's Hard Out There for a Leader in the West

Apollo Alliance supports CA Senate Bill 1675, biodiesel standards:

Holocaust Survivor Hosts Film About Muslim-Jewish Ties

Auschwitz escapee, 82, dies in Canada

What is the difference between a controlled demolition

Has anyone else seen this?

Picture of a core sample of the 20th floor - WTC

This is all you need to see

How about a 9/11 political party

Garybeck, help, cant find 2004 election CD to download

Brad Blog: Wingnuts Concerned Re E-Voting- Hugo Chavez May Own Sequoia

Do Republicans Ever Use Paper Money?

Kay Bailey is a termagant.

I'm going to the National Forensic Tournament

Manning mulls Alberta race

Guilty plea in US bribery probe

Katherine Harris Campaign Loses Core Staff

Carroll disavows statements against U.S.

Iraq terror backlash in UK 'for years'

Germany to invest millions in new fuel research

Bush backs 'controlled' migration

McDonald's Faces Protests Over Farm Wages

US and UK forces establish 'enduring bases' in Iraq

(The Observer) Official: Iraq war led to (7/7) July bombings

Bush Pushes Case for Permanent Tax Cuts

NYT: Audit Finds Mismanagement Drained $1 Billion TSA Project

(WP) Pressure On Iran May Spur Attacks

Poland to probe 1940s murder after Israeli meets alleged killer

Chinese Companies Profit From Illegally Destroying Burma's Forests

Japan Iraq withdrawal may be delayed: minister

U.S. Navy's shipbuilding costs criticized

US,Brits worked with Gambia to turn 2 detainees into informers (rendition)

US may help destroy Libya weapons

Accountability Office Finds Itself Accused (scientific fraud cover-up)

China threatens death penalty in oil theft

CNN/AP: Minutemen return to U.S. border watch

(UK) Government in secret talks about strike against Iran

NYT/AP: Hole Found in Pipe at Nuclear Fla. Reactor

Toyota to Introduce Hybrid Tech to Lineup

Pizza Hut fucks over elementary school kids selling $10 gift cards

A dreadlocked Cynthia Mckinney and a mullet wearing Ralph Nader

We haven't had an "autofill from your cache" thread in a while.

I hate April Fool's Day.

I freakin' HATE banks...

Florida beats George Mason 73-58.

I've decided to become a Republican

Musicians: check in!

Sunset in Portland, ME

Who hasn't done their taxes yet????

"The Ring" is on ABC at 8 pm Eastern...

Why is paramount holding off on the Q set until JUNE 06, 2006?!?!

Petulant jillionaire angry that fans haven't given him money!

I'm really tired and out of stuff to say.

Cuba a shoo-in to win World Series in '06.

The amusing thing about humans is this...

Breaking...Rove: "I regret tactics against Kerry in 2004 race"

Stern squirt, back ender, or rocket move?

Anyone else hate "The Squid and the Whale?"

Does it irritate you to be called HON or other such things at work?

Doing battle with nursing home nurses

Now this is funny

For the first time since 2002... I'm under 200 pounds.

Ahh, milk. The world second best drinkable white liquid.

Weird cat pics.

WAHOO! Beer run!

I'm eating worms!!!

I blew it

Castle in the Sky on CN now

LSU vs UCLA thread.

Is it a felony to tear the tags off of pillows?

DU this poll:

Well, that clinches it. Rabrrrrrr shall never again know a happy hour.

Should I add some shredded cheddar cheese to the top of my frozen pizza?

Is this a prank, a virus or a scam?

I wonder how those space hippies turned out.

Spring Forward !

I'm 55, my 21 year old daughter gave me a big band CD


Do single people go out grocery shopping on a Saturday night?

UCLA hands LSU their ass

I fell in love with one of the cutest girls in the world tonight

Another update on my mom

Film School - Is it worth it?

For the first time in months, I have some free hours.

Want some baby panda pictures?

Any Texas wildflower pix this year?

Say goodbye to Cinderella; Florida 73 George Mason 58

Beer's here. Who wants one?

Hilarious kitty video montage

It's amazing how many people on DU, 'specially the Lounge, are so dear

If you watch the Sopranos..... What is happening to Tony.....

The hottest music on the net...Check it out...This will knock you out...

April 1 earworm. In memory of Dad .......

Crap. I paid my credit card bill late again

Wife gone this weekend. Me, left to take care of all the puppies.

So here is where I went today!! (pic moderate)

My mouth really hurts

Random music junk

I need a consensus

I gotta go for now. I'm getting too angry.

My driveway is being used as part of a stakeout by the sherriff's dept.

What do/did you call your parents?

Just had a little earthquake

The DU Lounge is like standing upright and vomiting flour on Lou Dobbs

you know what i love aobut the DU Lounge

Cows - smart, beautiful, amazing - wow.

Hidden Treasure

Movie quotes

We have a new addition to our family. Ask me anything!

OK, Adult Swim is sooo dead...

What is your favorite "Wedding" movie??

Sacramento DUer meetup pics here! (I only have one, add yours!)

What is your favorite one-hit-wonder band (and their hit)?

Help! Journal problems! Can't get into my journal tonight by any link!

Why hasn't humour been ascribed to God/Yahweh/Allah when other human

US scientists claim testes stem cells breakthrough

National Public Health Week

Cancer: There are life-saving drugs. So why can't we have them?

kestrel91316 & online vets

Baldacci(Maine Gov)Signs Pet Protection Law



So, what is really going on in the Censure hearings. PLEASE READ

A new poster posted this link in the Michigan forum

News Flash! KO Wedding Shocker!!

What to do with 12 million illegal immigrants?

It,s time for another Rule 23 ( closed session) on Bush's Iraq analysis

Anyone got the link to Helen Thomas WP article that started the flowers?

CIA Leak Figure Armitage Joins ConocoPhillips Board out. God is mad at us again ... take cover tornados

ATTENTION DU... Spring forward tonight.

What it feels like living in America today

How about partial amnesty for illegals? (case by case basis)

Batshit-crazy moon-bats

To those who favor us staying in Iraq

Hello, could you PLEASE check before posting another post, same subject?

People please don't tell me what threads I can and cannot start

Everybody, please...check before posting duplicates!

Sorry folks!

Hello, could you PLEASE check before posting another post, same subject?

Breaking News Dead-eye Dick Has Shot Cynthia Mckinney!

Rice:--says "I was speaking figuritively--not literlly (thousands of mist-

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches...Up to Date Coverage

Now if corporations would start hiring illegal immigrants as CEOs and COOs

I Can't Wait Till April 2nd

Breaking NOW!!! Turn on CNN! Cynthia McKinney coming clean!!!!

War Against Iran, April 2006

US plan to continue holding 25 million Iraqis as hostage for the long term

Speak the truth to power (new graphic)

Democracy Now! Video Interview with Noam Chomsky on his new book!!!!

HIV question

Since Mexico prohibits ownership of almost 40% of it's landmass

BREAKING: White Cops Now Banned from arresting people of different races!

Breaking...Rove: "I regret tactics against Kerry in 2004 race"

Finally, the STREET FIGHTING SECRETS of your favorite Republicans revealed

Why is paramount holding off on the Q set until JUNE 06, 2006?!?!

People, PLEASE look and see if a topic has been posted before!

Al Franken on Russert now CNBC n/t

Have you hugged a repuke today

tom_paine makes a Chevy Tahoe commercial!

My Tahoe submissions

My "My Chevy Tahoe Commerical" Thread. :)

Intelligence Committee warns of terror backlash in UK 'for years' over Iraq

You are a police officer, guarding political offices of Congress...

Petulant jillionaire angry that fans haven't given him money!

Help! Journal problems! Can't get into my journal tonight by any link!

Rice the MFing LIAR just LIES AGAIN. bush Cabal sop.

'Failure to Exit' - Coming Soon to a Theater of War Near You!

Why the American Flag?

Apologies to Mr Bush

Breaking story! Rita Cosby IS Natalie Halloway!

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution

Here's bushes supposed booming economy for ya.

Why hasn't humour been ascribed to God/Yahweh/Allah when other human

A repuke canditate's fake picture of a "calm" Bagdad....

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm!

Petulant jillionaire angry that fans haven't given him money!

Is there merchandise available with the

DU help please election 04 data

The Untold U2 Spy Plane Story: The plan failed!

"I guess they all look the same to you."

Who knew Steven Seagal movies were so politically conscious?

One of the most compelling threads I've ever read at DU.

National Security Technologies Awarded Nevada Test Site Managment

Some good news: HIV Infections Down in San Francisco

Caption>>>I'll take English grammar for $200?

HBO2, Bill Maher on, 10:00 pm CT, FYI. nt

some good ones - New Republican Dictionary

Excellent Book On Immigration

Things are heating up in Afghanistan.

Endgame In Iraq (NYT Lead Editorial)


Did you see the old lady with the crystal ball ?

Seems to me that the more info about the McKinney incident comes out

Question: Were Feingold and Leahy the only ones at the censure hearing?

Sources Say...

When do passports start having the the RF chips placed in them?

very interesting graphic map of Iraq/casualty/day

weird arse Zogby poll today I think men are sexy if ...

Accuracy Matters: The Cops Did Not Change Their Story To Say Poke.

Must See CARTOON -- Ernie Pook

I have completely had it with the mindless bigotry and flag waving here.

The difference between Christian fundamentalist and Islamic jihadists?

Baghdad Blues

VIDEO- Henry Rollins and Oliver Stone on Bush, Nixon and Hollywood Speech

Out of Bush Inc, who is the worst???

How DARE they wave their flag in this country. Those aliens!!!

High School Speech/Debate Coaches? NFLs?

When will gasoline hit $3.00

Just watched "Jarhead". Any vets or anyone else care to weigh in?

Someone explain this Cartoon to me: BR5-49

Good thing dimson doesn't read.

When most people go to their offices, the guards recognize them.

Sunday Talk Shows

Why the Rainbow Flag?

I just saw Cynthia McKinney at an antiwar march and rally in Atlanta

Excerpt from "Crashing the Gate" (MarKos')

Why did democracy succeed in the U.S. and Canada, but not Latin America?

So tell me what food prices and other prices have illegal immigrant worker

I don't like what I'm hearing.

The "Peter Principle" - just curious, who knows what that is/means?

The Iran Bourse Roller Coaster

Anyone know where I can find the video of Randi Rhodes

WP: The President as Average Joe

Let's start a blast Palast thread, OK? heres' why

Capitol Police change accusation of McKinney from "punched" to "poked"...

Modern History Sourcebook: The 25 Points 1920: An Early Nazi Program

Daily Show clip about Bush pre-war decision to go to war

Enemy within: Dominionists

Rep. McKinney: one of the Heroes who fought Electoral Fraud on our behalf

Dana Rohrabacher...BUSTED!!!

Incredibly moving, music videos,"Walkin' to New Orleans" "Rockin' in the

Pat Oliphant's take on the immigration thing...

Is it or was it news?

Why can't the Republicans in Congress look at themselves in the mirror?

Why is Bush going to Ohio again

PICTURE: Look - Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat!

NYT: Support for War Tests Lieberman's Re-election Prospects

NY Times: Bracketolitics: The Road to the Final Four

Shorter Tim Rusert to Al Franken:

Hey--Is It Happening in Britain, Too?

Jill Carroll. Welcome Home. Glad You're Alive. Now S.T.F.U.

Anti-Censure Senate Democrats Risk Base Backlash

Are the all looking at her breasts?

Maybe they needed fresh air from all her fake breathy talk?

Katherine Harris is exploding

Howard Dean: "Here's what we will do"

My little Dixie Chicks story and idea for any bored activists out there...

Cdns on patrol in Afghanistan need patience (Canadian paper)

Love and hate in Baghdad

Why the French labor protests are important to US

Saving the Auschwitz Oven Factory

The invisible illegal immigrants (Chinese)

UK Economist: There's an epidemic of outrage (in the USA)

Tormented sergeant's story remains untold For one Marine, torture came hom

America's war on the web (The Information Operations Roadmap)

Taboo Subject at the Core of the Immigration Debate....

Deluded (new book on Iraq titled Cobra II)

Praying Doesn't Help The Sick Get Better

U.S. attack on Iran may prompt terror

A Dark Day Revisited ("United 93" movie trailer pulled on NYC West Side)

HuffPost: John McCain: The Sell-Out Express

"How the GOP Became God's Own Party" Kevin Phillips, Wash Post

Keeping It Secret as the Family Car Becomes a Home

Anti-Censure Senate Democrats Risk Base Backlash

Jeb's power grab

Blair’s head stuck in the clouds on climate change (ouch)

portable solar charger - green, cool and very handy

Thermal vents in Lake Vostok?

Loss of screw closes down Nuclear plant. Owner says loss is "hypothetical"

NY: High-speed flywheel system under production test.

Scientists Focus on Warming Disasters

Gas prices driven up by ethanol?

Cook with the sun for free! (no electricity or Fossil fuel required)

Hydrogen Made from Biodiesel Using Steam Reformer

Recycling carbon dioxide and a potential role for renewable energy.

Kindly couple picked up Kedumim suicide bomber

Editor hits back over Israel row (

Labor launches bid to establish Kadima-free coalition

As Israelis, We Also Fight for Palestinians

Report: Zahar says 'There's no room for Israel on this land'

Keeping It Quiet: The Israel Lobby's Crushing of Dissent

South Tower 15 Degree Tilt During Collapse

2,986 people died on 9/11. 2,330 is the number of U.S. Soldiers dead

The Lionel show discusses.....911!!!

Has anyone seen the 9/11 video posted by CoCre8or in the Michigan forum?

McKinney vs. the Atlanta Journal Constitution, as well as the rest of M$M

Cynthia McKinney "Mr. Chairman, I have a question"

Make Election Reform Commercial at Chevy

Blackwell, religion, and politics (slide show)

Abramoff tied to Guam election

Religious conservatives - informative article

Excellent interview with Dr. Dennis Loo on Election Fraud

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, April 2

HELP: Diebold defender attacking Bruce Funk on ZNet.

Why Aren't Y'all Recommending Today's ERD? Are You Still in Church?!

Listen to the Monitor - Enron trial. Andrew Gumbel on election theft

Part 2 ** CA State Sen. Bowen Finally Grills 2 ITAs. (LONG transcript)

Let's call HAVA what it truly is: "Hack Ameria's Vote Act "

CA State Sen. Debra Bowen Finally Grills 2 ITAs. (LONG transcript) Part 1

How do you create a link as a single word?

What is 'selinux'?

HELP! I need really good Kinky talking points

Zogby-WSJ poll on TX Governor race shows

Ennis students involved in immigration protests barred from prom

Ex-aide used links to DeLay to land clients

Cesar Chavez March/Rally against HR4437 -Austin (dial-up warning)

Corned Beef - Crock Pot or Stove or Oven?

Explosion at Tim Hortons in downtown TO

Any of you Vancouver/BC duers wanna try a get-together?

China, US and EU in tariffs row

MoD denies Iran military meeting

Keeping It Secret as the Family Car Becomes a Home

U.S. attack on Iran may prompt terror

UPI: Bloomberg: Illegal immigrants help golfers

AP: Bombs Explode at Thailand Polling Stations

Iran said set to respond to U.S. strike with global terror

Russ Feingold will be appearing on "Fox News Sunday" this weekend

MSNBC: Downed copter crew presumed dead

NYT/AP: Troops Armor Up With ("jerry-rigged") Bulletproof Glass

Honduras, Nicaragua join U.S. trade pact

Insurgents Blow Up Small Shiite Mosque (3 more US troops killed/died)

Tribe considers opening abortion clinic (South Dakota)

U.S.: Copter Likely Shot Down in Iraq

Wes Clark coming up on Fox News

Government in secret talks about strike against Iran (TELEGRAPH)

Agent France Press (Sunday): Rice heading home after bumpy British visit

Former Soviet leader warns of worsening relations

Time running out to form Iraq govt: Rice

The Price Of A Good Night's Sleep (or: How Do They Sleep At Night?)

Bush likely to nominate Paulison to head FEMA

Rice, Straw In Iraq In Attempt to Break Government Deadlock

Shiites Give Iraqi Premier an Ultimatum

NYT/Reuters: Afghan Clerics Threaten Trouble Over Convert

Rice in Iraq to Press Squabbling Leaders

Iran 'fires underwater missile'

Dietary changes in WIC program hit political wall (Dairy lobbyists)

Presidential contender worries Mexican elite

Abramoff tied to Guam election

Death penalty moratorium supporters try again to block executions


Official: Iraq war led to July bombings (London)

U.S. Treasury Dept. investigating Noe, newspaper reports

Tensions rise in Costa Rica with influx of Nicaraguans [immigration]

Alcatel, Lucent Agree to Combine, Plan 8,800 Job Cuts

Katherine Harris Campaign Loses Core Staff

US company claims to make stem cells from testes

Governor (Groper-CA) Taps Bush Campaign Operatives For Re-Election Bid

Jill Carroll reunites with family

CNN/AP: London parade officials: Stay away from Fort Myers, Florida

Wolfowitz looks at opening World Bank Iraq office

Former Soviet leader warns of worsening relations

Bono chafes at Berlusconi propaganda

Shiites Call On Premier to Quit

Graham Says Republicans Risk `Political Suicide' on Immigration

Mondale, Kennedy Honor a Colleague (memorial service for William Proxmire)

Reuters: Nicotine interferes with chemotherapy, study finds

Ex-'Apprentice' (Bhakta -- R) acknowledges DWI arrests

McCain: Russia deserves ‘harsh treatment’

Frist wants Senate vote on immigration bill by week's end

Four U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq ( 2330 )

Wisconsin Towns Poised to Vote on Leaving Iraq

Poll: Most Open to Letting Immigrants Stay

Credit card racket busted in Lucknow (India)

Fox: Mexico has own immigration woes

Former US general says Rumsfeld should quit over Iraq (Zinni)

Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel Condemns ‘Censorship' Of Scientists...;

Exodus of 'values voters'?

McCain Softens Language on Jerry Falwell

1 person dies in blast at doughnut shop in Toronto

Zarqawi replaced at head of Iraq resistance

Greenies claim a victory over Japan's whalers (Nissui sells whaling fleet)

Feingold Continues Push To Censure President

Brown offers criticism of health insurance bill

Best April Fools joke EVAH!

Fight to the Death: Cavemen v. Astronauts


Where's Waldo?? No...Where's LiberalTrucker Tonight?

No smiling. Stop having fun.

I paid $250 for a muffler and a couple of pieces of pipe.

G'night DU!

Which Grey's Anatomy Character will take a lover of the same sex?

We're gonna win Twins

The people at google have finally gone off the deep end

It just seems to me that cooking competitions....

Day 3

Your Idea Of The Perfect Sunday Is . . .

My sort-of-girlfriend hasn't talked to me tonight! I'm sad!

Greetings! I'm writing to you from backstage at my gig!

We're out of beer! I'm *really* sad now!


Two days....two days

I just finished watching Star Trek II...

How old were you when you lost your vegetarian?


I always worry I'm gonna get banned for too many sex threads.

How old were you when you lost your vegetation?

Doing pushups while drunk feels weird.

A poll for non-Yankee fans

Your Favorite Gay Characters from Movies

goodnight lounge!!

Post a random 'Toon pic of what you THINK another DU'er looks like!

Why has the time gone all wacky?

Pah, Lounge, You distracted me!

Favorite Zombie movie?

Three posts from 500. Heap scorn and abuse on me!

I can't wait until until after the midterms. Then the Presidential talk

mmmmmmmmmmmmm, late night cheeseburger

I bid you goodnight dear loungers


Musical guilty pleasures!

I have hugs and love for my Lounge friends

It's late Saturday night. Beware of the....

Ugh! I go sleep!

Official R. Kelly appreciation thread


My 49th Birthday hath ended, here's MY Tahoe spot!!!

Bounce 'em if you got 'em

Goodnight Lounge!

Okay, 'herk' is right out!

How old were you when you lost your Virginia Slims?

Oh, Just Herk It! Am sleepy and gettin' sleepier...

Strange question: Do freepers enjoy Monty Python?

'Spring back, fall forward'

Taser trivia

Can someone talk me down

Anybody watch the movie "Stay" yet?

Chris Farley Returns in Ad Campaign

Indiana switched to Eastern

WOOHOO - The Twins finally made Santana the Ace!

I love......


I Lost An Hour Of Sleep Today. Was My Fault Really. I Was Careless

Tim Russ is lookin' yummy. Discuss.

It's really 07:55AM right now. Ask me anything.

I *hate* springing forward.

lol at Italian glass makers

Don't forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors!

I Wish I Was In New Orleans

Hairy Potter.

Official OhioBlues appreciation thread

Anyone Here See Basic Instinct II? Is it any good?

Time to unpimp ze auto!

AAR returns to Phoenix tomorrow!

Jerry Garcia's Toilet Stolen

Some Trees

I need a couscous!

Neo-liberalism vs. conservatism and free markets...huh? (A little help?)

We're getting breakfast

Khash lays down the law

My Friend had a Heart Attack - oddly enough

Aw, shit. Time to change the clocks!

Has anyone seen "A History Of Violence"?

Y i don't love Los Angel(os)s

My girlfriend was at a party last night and Dita Von Teese performed

George Lucas explains all!

Information you just can't live without.

My left latissmus doris hurts

Time to embrace the horror and shovel my desk

Spring is here time to start the seeds

Well my week has gotten off to a great start

Just cancelled my Netflix.

The band called The Billy Nayer Show played here last night.

**Earworms! Earworms! Any Decade! Any Genre! Post 'Em If You've Got 'Em!**

How long would you search for a lost child?

Most approriate nickname for Katherine Harris

Time to DU another CNN quickvote poll...

Anybody Here Still Keep In Touch with High School Friends?

Who knows where to DL (not stream) great music/net radio shows?

Anyone Know a Good Place to Launch a Wedding Website? ~OR~

Thank you, DU the positive vibes worked!!!

Did you ever work in your college major(s) of choice?

Anyone else register domain names that they end up doing nothing with?

My parents couldn't get my e-mails...

Anybody watching "The Plague" on History Channel? Cheery little romp.

Penguins - smart, chewy, amazing - wow.

DU multi-species pet owners: Question...

I have 70 dollars in gift cards to spend!!!

Funniest typo in a thread title... I just have to share it:

Favorite liberal comic strips?

Anybody wants a piece of carrot cake?

Anyone see "Non Sequitur" today?

I may have pneumonia and I may be going to the hospital soon

Do your neck joints crack?

Anyone else see "Garfield" today?

Official Whoa_Nelly appreciation thread

Paging Rev Cheesehead!

So how DO you block a phone number?

Any fans of the Dog Whisperer here?

The Atlanta Braves will win the World Series this year.

My stomach has the human flu.

The War on Easter

Freepers won't even pony up more than .01 for a painting of chimp?


The abandoned warehouse... (pic heavy for all you 56k users...)

Happy birthday wishes to...

"I want to be a doctor..."

This is HUGH!!!11!!! Bush preps historic Third Term - memo

Is it election day on The West Wing?

Help! I just had the nightmare of all dreams!


What's Lebanon NH like?

i love wisconsin

cool it`s going to rain again

Wordperfect 12 sucks donkey testicles

In praise of the egg salad sandwich...

PBS: Bio on Eugene O'Neill

Public foot moisturizing

Basic Instinct box office results: tied for 10th place

Help! problem hooking up Comcast

What's for dinner, folks?

Is the "Craigslist" Rant & Rave in your area as racist as in mine?

What's the first word that comes to mind when you think of spring?


I dedicate "Fool on the Hill" to W...

Dear God, I think these things are serious.

Stormy early evening photos from here. (Dial-up warning)

I have the stomach flu.

The Wal-Mart CD cover policy...

Bobcat Goldthwait! Ellen Degeneres! Orson Welles at his fattest!

Beer is awesome.

Make your own anti-war/liberal song!! KARAOKE TIME

Liftin' weights feels so good!

Any DU'ers Airedale owners?

It's election day...

Just saw THE ARISTOCRATS today

Well, I kinda promised a photo of my newly-colored hair. So...

Re: Chevy Tahoe Ads...Could someone please help me?

Breaker Big Ben, this is the Rubber Duck

It's nap time, right?

What's on your bed?

First Film wins at Cannes & Sundance.. what a great blog

Oh Lord, look what they've made this time...

The movie "Saw"....


How old do you think this woman is?

Holy smokes! Spring Byington and Marjorie Main were lovers!

I've never been to Spain.......

Sex thread.

Do you have emergency evacuation drills where you work?

In praise of the fried egg sandwich

d00d! leet hackers are kool! (Any Tek Jansen fans here?)

What is your favorite curse word?

WORLDS SEXIEST PUPPY (Caution: extreme cuteness)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/2/06)

Help. I think I might need serious chemical intervention:

There but for the Grace of God


Why Did the Porno Site Come Up? HEE HEE

The Wisdom Of Emo Phillips...

MrsGrumpy lays down the slaw...

there is a naked blond tanning on a float in my pool.

I've never been to Wisconsin

Would you ever become Vegetarian?

OMG! I just found the stupidest picture of myself!

Quasi-official (what DOES that mean) DU Lounge Underwear Thread # ?

Popular songs you have abhorred

Just heard on the Dodgers-Angels game:

Who's planting a vegetable garden this spring?

Post a picture of you doing something.

Replace one word in a DU thread title with the world Dildo

How many of you have lost close friends?

What is the worst concert you have ever been to?

Any Linda Ronstadt fans here?

It's only hair.

how do you like YOUR chicken... SUCKS ASS.....that is all n/t

"Raise your hand if you question whether Yaks should wear Yokes."

Celebrate 01:02:03, 04/05/06?

My Butt Hurts!!!

11 years ago I died. Wish me Happy Birthday #2

Name An Animal That Other People Eat... But That You Have NOT Eaten.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Jackie McLean, jazz saxophonist, dies

Best movie to watch OVER and OVER again and again:

What would you consider proof of God or the supernaturual?

Atheist blogger showcase

Are we becoming a theocracy? Kevin Phillips says yes.

Does anyone have any knowledge or hints about

Recent Trends In Children's Stimulant Prescriptions For ADHD, USA

Study Finds Mental Gains in a Neck Artery Treatment

The Price Of A Good Night's Sleep (or: How Do They Sleep At Night?)

Couch potatoes are sick, need drugs (British Medical Journal, April 1)

Prayer: The Other Alternative Medicine

Anyone have experience with alternative treatments of MS, etc.?

Are shifts in Earth's crust causing New Orleans to sink?

This Sucks: NFL Pulls Plug On Local Television Cameras


Kitty tail problem!?!?

The Boyz (Picutres - Dial Up Warning)

Anyone try Royal Canin Cat or Dog foods? They have breed specific formula

The dog I adopted

Did you know they made "The Celestine Prophecy" into a movie?

Speaking of hearings, what's up with hearings in SFRC

Kennedy had a nice tribute to the late Senator Proxmire

Don't miss General Zinni on (not really Kerry related)MTP today...

This blog drips sarcasm.

A point about Real Security

L'il Ricky steps in it again. With VIDEO!!

Book Review - Cobra II

Sens. Kerry and Kennedy had some words for Sen. Sessions

Mc Cain on MTP - Tim Russert calls McCain on his numerous flip-flops

What in the hell is * doing about Iraq?

NYT Article that Mentions JK, Dems

Will you guys help me pick some photos for a project I'm entering?

Would this be too obvious for 'making connections'?

There but for the Grace of God

Another great article about Keith

Ma! DG's playin' with the Chevy ad site again!!

RFID Zapper-don't know if this works, but it sounds promising

I gotta belief thats pure and true...Land Sharks most important post ever

Fellow DUers, I just have to say....

Say goodbye to Cinderella; Florida 73 George Mason 58

I've figured out a way to solve the illegal immigration problem.

Russia, Islamic world dialog expected to form strategic alliance

Wasn't Franken supposed to debate Ann Coulter?

i wish Arnold's ass would be deported

Oops! Chevy gets trashed in commercial contest

Someone want to tell me...

Cynthia McKinney "Mr. Chairman, I have a question"

Is it me or my computer? Is the last post over an hour old?

My 49th Birthday hath ended, here's MY Tahoe spot!!!

You know what I think it boils down to?

Bush says "Bring 'em on." We say "BRING THEM HOME NOW!"

Funny how gay marriage, anti-immigration, terror come up every election

bottom line on IraN

Brits Urged to Avoid Travel to Fla. Town (Ft Myers)

Iraqi group claims downing US helicopter

April Fool's Day a Serious Joke in Europe

Muslim gang forces Paris cafe to censor cartoon show

Viewpoint: Conservatives advocate big government solution to Iraq

Applying GOP Accountability to the War in Iraq (P-I editorial)

Farmers not lovin' tomato-picking pay

Where’s Osama? When’s it gonna be over?

Sensenbrenner and Frist credited for mobilizing Latino activism

Taylor Marsh on C-SPAN's Morning Journal...

Rice-the self-proclaimed historian-"Don't take Iraq errors 'literally'"

A CAPTION a day will bring conservatives to bay!

What time will the DOD announce # casualties in helo that was shot down?

Pre-War Connections Between Saddam and Al-Qaeda That bush Never Said...

DU'd Chevy Commercials make it onto!!

Earlier this morning, CNN mistakenly gave the terror alert level as Orange


John at Americablog Helps Publicize Helen Thomas Roses

Michael Chertoff on the use of e-mail

Baghdad: "But then it's no longer a museum....It's a barracks."

Harris Campaign Leaking Staff!!

Saw "V for Vendetta" today...

More Irony Alert: Obama just said on This Week that

Missouri legislators are out of their minds!

Just Seen on Fox Sunday: Brought to you by University of CT (UConn)

So, journalism is now about expressing opinions based on facts. And costs.

FL Dems in trouble - Kathrine Harris's campaign is stronger today than

Any clever banner/poster ideas for a Cheney protest in Waco?

"Rice Awkward as She Meets Iraq PM" -- on surprise visit to Baghdad

Malone Bulldozes over Katrina red tape

LAT: Immigrant Issues Are Personal for Bush: comfort level with Mexicans

U.S: Copter 'Likely' Shot Down by insurgents

Poll: Most Open to Letting Immigrants Stay

For those who have not or cannot see General Zinni's remarkable

I figured it out. If you are pro guest-worker, you are anti single-person

Has Senator Kennedy Publicly Explained Why.....

MUST SEE: Gen. Zinni Savages BushCo on MTP re: Iraq War

VIDEO- McCain on MTP--his torturous, flip-flopping Tax Cuts rationale

Did You Give Birth Too Another Corporate Slave?

Microsoft Warns Against Outside Fixes

VIDEO- McCain on MTP- Flip Flop on Jerry Falwell-Agent of Intolerance

The power of peaceniks....

New study: Full-size SUVs consume less energy over lifetime than hybrids

Did anyone see Feingold on Chris Wallace? He thrashed him!

Casey Sheehan: "Let's never forget them. Their deaths can't be in vain."

the Campaigns and Elections Magazine ??

"Surest antidote to tyranny: allegiance to a Higher Power, not goverment"

What did Katherine Harris do to change her status as the darling of the GO

George W. Bush*, you rock! (daylight savings time)

Bernie Ward: the GOP is the a Modern-Day Theocratic Party

Another reason the ports issue didn't sit well with Bush's base

setting here this morning after a tumultuous yesterday I wonder if our

Tribe considers opening abortion clinic (South Dakota)

My Entry in the Huffington Posts' 'Contagious Festival'

Did you catch "Doonesbury" today?

VIDEO- Soltanieh (Iran) - Striking Nuke Facilities Violation of Int Law

Soldier accused of shooting three Iraqi women avoids charges

Has Anyone Mentioned The Helicopter Shot Down in Iraq on TV?

The spineless, brainless, ethic-challenged Bill Frist on CNN.

Ack! Evan Bayh says Nukular too!

Dammit St. Pete Times!!! Where's my OPUS today?

VIDEO- Soltanieh(Iran) Threat-Pushback-Well.. YES

went to a Utah Moms party tonight

OH MAN! I sure hope THIS doesn't happen!!!!!

The Real CAPTION Thread (trademark)

we need to activate...last week a DJ fired for accident Boortz on purpose

Russ Feingold will be appearing on "Fox News Sunday" this weekend

US/Iraqi Military and Iraqi Civilian Deaths per Month

Rule of Law. 100% compliance. Only in Major League Baseball?

Breaking News on CNN: Jill Carroll is home.

Timmy Russert looked a bit shaken...

Wes Clark coming up on Fox News

Paper Ballots NOW!!! HAND COUNTS NOW!!! Democracy NOW!!!

Brit Government in Secret Talks Over Bombing Iran

Satire - Psalm 2003 - Bush is my shepherd, I shall be in want.

Pro-impeachment primary challenger in NC-04

McKinney vs. the Atlanta Journal Constitution, as well as the rest of M$M

$how $upport to Feingold! Here's how:

Condimania: Condoleezza Rice left men powerless in her wake

The Taliban are stepping up attacks

The Russ Feingold Presidential Pledge

A trip down memory lane

Former PM says Russia is turning into dictatorship

10 Questions For Mikhail Gorbachev

Anyone see the McCain meltdown on Meet The Press?

Vote here on how to show appreciation to Feingold

Florida farmworkers pressure McDonald's for higher wages

Blair paints No 10 front door socialist red!!!!!

Al Franken on CNBC right now!!!

I would gladly kick this fool.

US officials say Iraq is a training ground for international terrorists

rick moran just mentioned DU on c-span wj

How to tell if someone's lying

Why the French labor protests are important to US

Antarctic air is warming faster than rest of world

Husband convicted of sex abuse

New White House tactic: Let Bush Be Bush

What's with the growing sense of entitlement and self importance among...

Huffpo: Chevy ad contest gets punked!

GOP 2006 wedge issue exposed.

Katherine Harris is done! Goodbye you haggish sea cow!

Where's Osama? When's it gonna be over?

These people are such sneaks

oh please - The President as Average Joe...

(AFA) Falwell Defends Choice of McCain as Graduation Speaker at Liberty Un

One word description of Iraq situation: Bad

This is interesting


Immigration..sorry, but this is insane

Apparently the "press" did not learn their lesson

Neighbor just got a Hummer and it's driving me nuts!!! Must be Freepers??

The only legislation about homosexuality

Explosions, grisly finds in Baghdad - Bush is unconvinced about civil war

Iran fires "world's fastest underwater missile"

Caribbean coral suffers record die-off! Thank You Global Warming!

¡No Mas! No More!

MI5 and Pentagon Documents on Two Detainees

CSPAN-2, NOW. n/t

LAT: "no indication that Bush knowingly employed illegal immigrants"

VIDEO- McCain on WMD and Imminent Threat- MTP

Ask not what your country can do for you.

Wolfowitz looks at opening World Bank Iraq office

ACLU video: The Spies Have It - - - - - - - - - - > VIDEO

Condoleezza pays another SURPRISE!!!!!! visit to Baghdad

I need to track an IP

Paranoia starting to set in

Internet Brings Big Changes To U.S. Politics

Independently wealthy detainee (U.S. stock market ) - he's at Guantanamo!

TV show (Colbert) puts lawmakers on comedic hot seat

There can be no divided allegiance here.

John Edwards' OAC Site and Blog Re-Launched

VOTE for CINDY SHEEHAN in Time online POLL

IRAQ: Food prices rise after reduction of monthly rations

Music video'Imagine"If everyone demanded peace,then there'd be peace."

Scientists Focus on Warming Disasters ( A MUST Read! )

Alright, you dragged me into this......

I just drove from DC up Pennsylvania route 76

Why does the right wing have to LIE so much?

Why Should We Support Corporate/Gov'T Evil W/ Our Taxes April 15th???

IRAQ: Food prices rise after monthly rations are cut

War in Iraq is Over: We won. This is nasty. You need to know about this

World's shortest quiz to find your political leanings

GOP staffer: "Frist never had the votes he needed for the nuclear option"

Republican reaction to "Support the troops bring them home" button today

Iran's WMI - Weapon of Mass Intelligence

Maury Povich and Connie Chung have a show on MSNBC... I

WHEN is someone on MSM going to talk about this??

Next big election date in 9 days: CA-50 and Texas run-offs

I finally got to see V this weekend

Bushco in Mexico: business as usual I see *PIX*

Soon "Officer trips, falls onto McKinney's phone during donut stampede"

Can't we put the insurgents on reservations? It worked here. See below.

Somebody tell me this is an April Fool's joke..Please!!..W's 3rd term

Lynne Cheney campaigns, hails Iraq as 'faster than we overthrew British'

Ohio Coingate reaches U.S. Treasury (U.S. Mint)

Blackwell and the incestuous relationship between religion and politics

O.K. NPR listeners, how many "April Fools" trick stories did you catch???

Laura Bush to campaign at "birthplace of the Bush DYNASTY"

VIDEO-Gen Zinni on Iraqi Containment before war- Insult to troops

US bases in Iraq: a costly legacy

If I were Cynthia McKinney....

Pompous, self righteous asses breaking arms patting selves on backs

WARNING: Iraqi Soccer and Christian Dodgeball are very hazardous sports.

Mass Migrations in Iraq

Feingold was GREAT on faux newz!!!!!!

Perhaps we can create our own election paper trail.

Something to make you laugh and feel better.

On what domestic issues is the "International Option" appropriate?

Ex-Apprentice GOP hopeful Raj admits DUI's, asks voter's forgiveness

I Aim to Misbehave

Meth Addicted Baby Born Without Feet

Mexican flags? Check out what Some Anti-Immigrant Protesters...

Beware : A leftist leader in Mexico, too?

Americans Don't Want An Intellectual For A President.

Caption this!

Anyone making plane reservations for their summer vacations yet?

TV Week: Couric a Blink Away From Landmark Gig (as CBS News anchor)

Can someone explain exactly what costs so much?

Congress? Libby's lawyers want Congress to supervise Fitzgerald?

Toy Makers See Girls Growing Up Faster, and Wonder How to Entertain Them

Break time

educate me, please, on the move to reclaim S.W. U.S. for Mexico?

Just Can't Say It Enough: The Republicans Are TRAITORS !!!

We sent Helen roses. What could we do for Russ Feingold/

Dance Little Bushbot! DANCE!

Turns Out Black Men Go Gay Because Black Women Don't Put Out

Is ignorance bliss?

POLL: Most open to letting 'illegal' immigrants STAY

Speaking of the sex trade, try Red State entertainment: Vegas Ups Ante


Did this Oliphant TOON get posted at DU?!

IRAN test fired a 220 MPH underwater missle -CNN

Newsweek: 7 Most Endangered Wonders of the World

Have terrrorists attacked Canada?

In honor of my 420th post

Did Paul McCartney refuse to meet with Condi Rice?

Any "Blue" banks in NY area?

Former Sen. Jesse Helms Has Dementia

* Kick all the TOONs threads - if you know what is good for you! *

Some Sunday 'toons....

So, how will Bush pull this next war off?

DO NOT MISS GENERAL ZINNI....watching now!

OK, DU women - am I the only one who gets creeped out by...

MIHOP II, coming right at 'cha...

Amazing blog by Driftglass

See Doonsebury today - right on target with what I've suspected - our

What so proudly we hail by dawn's early light- - - - - - - - ->PIC

Real Cost of Oil Equates to $10 Gallon Gasoline

Are racism experiments EVER appropriate in public schools?

Why would someone build a wall with todays technology ??

Which of the following do you believe is most likely to occur in 2006?

On 60 Minutes now: Americans working more hours

The latest from "Hannidate" courtesy of the General

What's missing from this Katherine Harris Press Conference?

An Average Joe's Spectacular Lies

Did anyone see Lou Dobbs kick Howard's (CNN anchor) ass on CNN this AM?

Re: Chevy Tahoe Ads...Could someone please help me?

Greg Mitchell RIPS (WP Richard Cohen - Then vs Now Column(s) re: Iraq

1000s of mistakes.. Incredible cartoon


VIDEO- Gen Zinni on pre-war WMD claims

Fitz Update?

Contest: Stick it to Chevy with your Tahoe ad and make some scratch!

Anyone see Rice faking diplomatic discussions with our Iraqi puppets?

VIDEO - Anthony Zinni on Meet the Press -> Rummy Should Resign! (wow)

I've Learned Some Important Lessons This Week On DU. You Should Have Too.

Sunday Non Sequitur - WOW

A Murder Case reviewed ....

Anyone read the Statistical Index on Iraq from the Brookings Institute

TOON: The Neo-Kongs ----->

Bush's Inconceivable Interest in Iran

Put on your tin foil hat for this one, but here goes...

This might sound silly, but I'm absolutely serious

Eleanor Clift: Time to Take a Stand --->>>

School's 'Holocaust' Experiment Upsets Parents!!

PHOTO: "I am a born-again Bushophile."

White House And Hastert Involved In Noe Coin Caper !!!

How do Pastafarians feel about forcing sex on martial partners?

SUNDAY TOON - forget cherry-picking... now it's daisies

The whole world is watching...DU

DU we have a problem

what has happened to Air America place?

TOONS: Bush on the Titanic Edition

FEMA to expel volunteers from Gulf Coast

Maybe the last chance to hear him alive?

"the Pentagon says it will wage war against the internet"

***Sneak Peek: WWJD? - Jesus Loves Iraqis too!***


DNC keeping tally of NOLA absentee ballot requests, ads, toll free numbers

Honduras, Nicaragua Join U.S. Trade Pact

Stop and think, am I the only who thinks this way?

Interesting Lamont / Lieberman article

9-11 dredged up yet again. We must be really stupid.

DU got a shout-out from Rick Moran on WashJ on C-Span

How many parts of the Constitution has *Co violated?

McCain on MTP

Rice and Straw pull a surprise visit to Iraq today.

Hope in NJ-2!

34 ISPs Subpoenaed By U.S. Government

NYTimes; No one wants the FEMA job.

London parade officials: Stay away from Fort Myers

A Real Conspiracy: No Theory Here.

Outsourcing a greater threat than immigration to American Jobs.

Good day on TV--Timmy devastates McCain--Zinni & Feingold shine.

Media Alert: Wes Clark on Fox @ 1:50 (appx) EDT

TOON: Bush offering freedom and democracy to Jesus


Sunday's Doonesbury

Anyone have a video of Russ on Faux this AM? liveoaktx Fox-Blocks!

Time to Impeach?


Bush "shows range of his personality" with "fratboy towel-snapping humor"

RI US Senate Primary Candidates Respond to 25 Questions

Wife just watched McCain on MTP/Tweety; "I would have voted for him..."

Will Feingold Become the Eugene McCarthy of ’08 Primaries?

Cross posting this from Florida forum. If you live in Florida's

AUTH TOON: Elephant Dung

CA Filings Finally Official

Time Mag: Frist is "universally described as kind and intelligent"

Wes Clark Spoke Yesterday? Did anyone hear him?

"K Street Project" and lobbying reform?

All they have left is dirt...

ABC News producer suspended over leaked e-mail

Crisis Management Whitehouse Style

General Zinni MTP,

VOTE for CINDY SHEEHAN in Time online POLL

If I don't get the Feingold/Wallace Video soon I will explode!

Wes Clark on CSpan RtotheWH NOW!!!!!

Should Gore pardon Bush?

Metaphor contest

Biden on CSPAN *now* Road to the Whitehouse

When is the "International Option" appropriate for a domestic issue?

Good news in Iraq, Jill Carroll's out. Why are Repubs bashing her??

Like elected officials, I will not take a position on ILLEGAL ALIENS but..

The real McCain

Former Senator Jesse Helms has vascular dementia.

GREAT BIG Libby case update...

Do Freeper types outnumber us?

Ohio Democrat gains 6 points in US Senate Race

Oh, Dear God, NO! Bush "may cancel Crawford Easter Retreat"...NOOOOOOOOOO!

Wes Clark on "Road to the Whitehouse tonight.

Rice/Straw vows were exchanged today in Baghdad

Please DU this poll

IS Iran Really misbehaving Or Are we being lied to again?

Feingold SCHOOLS Wallace on Faux Snooze Sunday

Is there a disconnect with moderate dems on impeachment?

$how $upport to Feingold by donating $17.76!


dirty mouth Boortz calls McKinney a slut & slur makes it to W.J.

Jimmy Carter Blasts Bush Co For Its Contempt of International Law & Morals

Update on s1955 Enzi bill threatens America's health:ANA opposition

I believe Newt Gingrich has a good chance of becoming President.

NEW House District Polls!!! A must-see