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Archives: April 20, 2006

Cenk Uygur (Huffington Post): Why Isn't Genocide On The Table?

Good Choice (Matt Cooper )

Phyllis Bennis (Common Dreams): Iran: The Day After

Private Apology for VA Nurse Investigated for Sedition

It is time to plan for an American withdrawal

WP: White House Shifts Into Survival Mode


Milbank: Plenty of Embarrassment to Go Around Today

Rolling Stone Mag - The Worst President in History?

Bleaching Ravaging The Beautiful Reefs Of Tobago - Times of London

Warming Sweeping Through Even Most Distant Realms Of High Arctic - Reuters

Conditions Parallel 2005's - Hurricane Experts Warn Against Complacency

90 Environmental Experts Warn Harper To Act Now, Effectively On Climate

Wen Jiabao Warns That China Must Increase Effort To Hold Back Pollution

James Hansen Suddenly Remembers His Disclaimer - Hilarious!

Over 1/2 Of Portugal's Birds, Mammals, Fish At Some Risk Of Extinction

"Even The Sentences Would Be Beyond Bush" - Re. "An Inconvenient Truth"

Poll - Bush Not Doing Enough On Environmental Issues (Ya Think?!?)

2006 Tornado Count Four Times 2005's - VOA

Palestinian Child Killed and Two Others Wounded by IDF Artillery Shelling

MIHOP II Watch: BIZARRE story of the week...

Song about counting our votes

CA Legislative Counsel Legal Opinion re: SoS Not Allowing Registrations

Please suppport Autorank, he wrote a great piece,

Cramdown, Stripdown, Lockdown Democracy In The USA - By DU's Own Autorank

Common Cause seeking donations

Man O Man..This is a challenge to DU techs ...and worse, I am one.

Eckels not running for DeLay's seat

Best and Weirdest Moments from the Filibuster

Heads up: BAND fun-raiser on Friday May 19

I actually BOUGHT bread today

Mixed signals from Harper, MacKay on relief for drivers

Another flip-flop from Mr. Harper

Deja vu. I'm back to using my first DU sigline.

Hillier denies clearing speeches

Democratic congressional candidate calls Iraq war a mistake

Blair and Straw at odds over US action in Iran

China, Iran, Saudi, U.S. main executioners -Amnesty

New ID card may not be needed for U.S. travel: Day

Reid Blasts Bush During Reno Visit (faith based service summit)

War costs have doubled since invasion of Iraq

Iraq civil war could spread, say Saudis

Poll: (Florida) Governor's race in dead heat

(Roy) Moore: Bush visit an attempt to help Riley win reelection

Cuba to Purchase More Food From Nebraska

In New Job, Spymaster Draws Bipartisan Criticism

Fossil suggests snakes evolved on land.

Venezuela quits Andean trade bloc

Bush speaks at Tuskegee on jobs initiative

Ga. to pay back pensions for black police

New Orleans Police to Return Seized Guns

WP: Bill Bulges With Unforeseen Spending for Guns, Tanks

Chavez: Oil Will Be Destroyed if Attacked

Police in Tehran ordered to arrest women in 'un-Islamic' dress

Minutemen threaten to build fence

Reuters: Students stage protest at Gov. Jeb Bush's office

I've discovered the ultimate vacation spot...

Tom Cruise's New Family--1st photo released!

Scotty we hardly knew ye

You Got Another Thing Comin

I am going to pout.

Is there a new LOST on tonight?

merh's aliens are in contact with dogs.

Slayer: yay or FUCK YAY!?

Steal this gif.

In what language would you like to write good at in?

Dammit! No LOST tonight!! Grrrrrrrr

Holy crap! It's my 872,000,000 anniversary on earth!

What's your opinion of the Teamsters Union ?

I'm bored...should I crack into the absinthe?

**I'm back.**

So I went to the dentist...

I'm bored...should I put absinthe into the crack?

I'm bored...should I put crack into the absinthe?

I need a new weathersite...

very. small. cars.

Hi, I'm Tom Cruise and I'm Completely Freaking Nuts!

my new friend won't answer. They never do. bah.

Brazilian joke

Ok, I have to ask

My baby kitty loves olive oil

You're An EXTREME Redneck When.....

Goodnight, Lounge!

Want to see a right-winger totally losing it?

Are carrots OK for doggies?

I'm having a shot at Jack!

2% of all internet users go through Photobucket...


First moonwalker receives moon rock

First moon rocker receives moon walk

What time is it? (a neat lil' treat.. for ma' friends!)

I'm writing again...

does anyone know how I open a file

Prison Stripes in Leon County, Florida...AACCK

ROFL This is pretty good, I will have to try it sometime.

Decoding anti-feminist writer Caitlin Flanagan (Colbert's guest)

I may take a Union Job with the Teamsters

Are parents OK for doggies?

Seen today on the state highway "Are You Ready For Eternity"?

Ever think you're a day ahead?

So nobody misses this great cake recipe.

DU "Jonesing" for 168 hours ("seven days and nights") .. DemoTex is back.

Metallica; Yay or nay?

Are parrots OK for doggies?

Here I am: The weight-lifting Peggy! How do I look?

If George Bush were Rainman: " I'm a decider,

damn damn damn damn damn damn damn DAMN!!!!

How do you say Czechoslovakia?

In a restaurant, don't stare back at people who stare at you...

Educate me: Osteopath - "real" doctor? n/t

Anyone hear from Glenda? What! Did we run Glenda away too?

Happy Birthday Tim Curry!!!

for my historic 15,000th post...

Are there any other college students

Gentlemen: the DU Uppity Women Men's Auxilliary needs you!

Happy 4/20 everyone!!!!

HOLY CRAP - Jimmy John's sammiches are HUGH!!!!11 I'm SERIES!!!11

hey, all the intellectual elitists. a book recommendation for boys

To the MN twins.

I am pissed off. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am pissed off!

How far do you travel to work and what is your mode of transport?

My run-in with small town law enforcement ended today (long).

Any fans of Dub in here tonight? Anybody listen to modern dub?

Hey, guess what? I GOT MORE FREEPS!!

Do you want a real sweet dog? (Tennessee and surrounding sts)

Popular songs about or with states in the title.

OK, Uppity Women ...

I'm having a shot of Jack!

Do YOU believe? Open this to see Goatonapole and its principles...

LOL! Amazon reviewer writes like a liberal - very funny satire

South Park was ridiculous. *SPOILERS*

Make a sports team name sound funny

Can anyone identify this flower?

The original Twinkies had banana flavored filling.

Hey, guess what? I GOT MORE PEEPS!!




American Idol ***SPOILER***

Are roller coasters the best ride ever invented?

When did you first learn about the "birds and the bees?"

Is it time for a post your picture thread??

chicago du'ers!!! step up to the plate here!!!!!

Kairos 2006 Please Comment (a long post)

Myth that must be put to rest: Timothy McVeigh was a Christian

Very interesting website on useing genetics to map human history.

A dream I had

For you political junkies, Senator Kennedy to be on Larry King

Fund raising letter from Senator Byrd with kind words for Senator Kerry!

Mario Solis-Marich

Kerry then an now. Photos in honor of JK's speech on Saturday.

STEAMED about a blogger. Need input from Kerrycrats on this.

"Guy's List of Handy Photo Software and more"

Down on the bayou...

Starting Monday: Joe Scary-boro is on at 9 p.m.

Scotty...take one of these on your way out...

Commercial #2 McCain and Walmart

PRIVATISE BORDER? Raytheon Completes Successful Border Control Effort

KO is showing the old Jeff C. press snips

i was so hoping george ryan would be connected to bushco

Will silver receive the same appreciation as gold?

I rarely zap KO, but just did when the idiotic baby story started

The president loses his press secretary and part of his brain

Thanks KO

DU Smarties: Please ID the Heads of State in this photo Thank you!

"What", said Rumsfeld, "fire ME?"

McLellan and all the rats a- fleeing

Campaign signs are recyclable, right?

The Fox News asshats at my job ....

If Bush is impeached Cheney would NEVER accept Prez role

Should I call up the students Michelle Malkin's an asshole to

Valerie Plame To Attend White House Correspondents Dinner

Funny Pics: Scott McClellan Gives His Final Press Conference

What's going on with Feingold censure play??

"I am the decider" GWB the Chimperor 2006

So, Cut Through The Shit. Will bu$h Be Impeached Or Not?

I killed an Iraqi today

Democrats call out the GOP on their lies to Hispanics.

On a PA Journalists Roundtable discussion about Santorum vs. Casey . . .

Can anyone get the NY Times webpage to open?

More Repug White is Black...CNN, Tori Clark statement -


how it feels...

Justice Comes Knocking

U.S. May Ask IKEA to Pressure Iran

Are you tired of the rape flamewars? Is anyone listening?

How many more sex threads do we need in GD, GD?

Bartlett gets Busted on Gas

Military Fights to Keep Tanks and Guns Working in Iraq

I will kinda miss Scotty

Damnit!!! Rape is FORCED SEX!!! DUH!!! Hello!!!!

What's your opinion of the Teamsters Union ?

Columbus area churches uniting to improve graduation rates

Regarding the Duke case and the alleged victim

hey, all the intellectual elitists. a book recommendation for boys

Comet breakup..

Rove Is Giving Up Daily Policy Post to Focus on Vote

Oklahoma City- 11 Years Later

Blumenthal: Rove is a "subject" !!! McClellan is a flea.

Seen today on the state highway "Are You Ready For Eternity"?

GAS Prices: Today Herndon VA (Outside DC) - Thanks George!

Is This Dodge 'Fairy' Commercial Actually Hate Speech in Disguise? (AdAge)

Is theft of money a financial transaction? (The Yes And No Only Edition)

Things are changin in bush country..what Im hearing others say

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was a riot

Question about charging someone with murder

the White Man's Burden: "Compassionate Colonialism" in Iraq

Sign this if you have time. Delay return the dirty money! You Bastard!

Under the topic of Don't Shoot the Messenger...John Conyers

Rudyard Kipling, 1899

calls to get our of Irag coming from inside the Pentagon --Keith O. now.

Drowning isn't swimming but both involve water.

Holy crap! Curses of all curses! I'm coming back as an elephant!

I got three copies of Riverbend's "Baghdad Burning" in the mail today

RANT: Roadside Video Billboards!

Is Rape A Criminal Act?

Maggot School?

Is tonight's guest on Colbert for real?

Fresh Face Forward.......Bush steps into a new era of change! HAHAHA!!

Time to tell Iraqi Parliament to shit or get off the pot!

Frist's son, Bush's niece choose Bill Clinton for class speech

If An African American, Latino, or Woman Butchered The Language Like Bush

In parting allow me to ask, imagine if Rove pulls off November!

Where's tonight's Malloy thread? Hi Truthseekers!

I Always Thought Americans Were Made of Sterner Stuff.

The negative equity epidemic

The 3 R's of War

I Support The U.S. Building A Tall, Wide Fence Around This Country

Burgeoning rebellion against Bush at the CIA (The CIA "Wehrmacht")

George Bush sings Imagine...VID LINK

The Busjies are fuckn up their own solutions to tumbling Polls

Prepaid Credit Cards - Netspend STEALS

Listen to these great songs we heard at Camp Casey!!

US FDA Says One Abortion Pill Death Unrelated

LIBERAL TALK RADIO: If you could ONLY hear one a day...

Something I Disagree With Randi About---That She Keeps Repeating

I have a serious question about the Duke case and DNA

So "They" are posting the victims information all over

Your independence means nothing without uniting against a common enemy.

George Bush zingt 'Imagine'

OK: Liberal Talk Radio has taken hold, and it will grow...

Don't Impeach Bush, Commit Him!

It's Time To Pull Hate Wing Wedge Issues Out Of Your Crack

Ok DUers this is a sad one so get your kleenex.

Keith talks about KBR concentration camps!

A Crisis Almost Without Equal

The Daily Show's Kicking "it" tonight! They gave Scotty a beating!

Rape Is In Fact Sex!!!!!

McClellan's Email to the Next Press Secretary....

Bush is insane

On a lighter NOTE A must play loudly for all bushitler visits

Who the FUCK is this woman on Colbert Report?

Can You Be A Completely Moral Person Without Organized Religion?

What's with the escalating War on Women recently?

Help me out. Can illegals get healthcare that US Citizens can't?

Not President Hastert if we win in 2006 - PRESIDENT PELOSI!

Illegal Immigrants Rounded Up by Homeland Security in NY, Mass.

Bush's continued presidency is a crisis without equal

All right, I've had it (Environmentalists cheering at high gas prices)

Is "Jawa" a racial slur?

Three things to remember about the Duke rape case.

Senator Lieberman, I'd like you to meet my teenage son, Christopher.

Cramdown, Stripdown, Lockdown Democracy In The USA - By DU's Own Autorank

Ahh, those bad memories

Did Delay weasle out of one of the felony charges?

Countdown: KO's special Scott McClellan-Jeff Gannon Mix Tape

Let the Swift-Boating of the Generals Begin

The Euston Manifesto... Thoughts?

The saddest thing is that the "war on terror" could be over by now.

FYI: Senator Kennedy to be on Larry King tomorrow night. nt

What is the difference between Baghdad Bob and Scott Mclellan?

Bush says he expected opposition to Iraq war

Tom Raum calls Scott McClellan a "butt"

What does the change-up in Bush's line-up mean?

Condi's fatwa: "There will be no Iraqi equivalent of V-E Day or V-J Day"

Bush Rocked By Resignations

The Billion Dollar US Embassy in Iraq

America: From Freedom to Fascism

A Round of Applause for Valerie Plame

Reuters Photo: Bush takes a page from the Tony Soprano playbook

Bush: Jobs go to India & China because Americans lack the "skill set"

Here's another "FairTax" killer argument...

Bush sacrifices key policymaker in reshuffle

"I am the decider" by the Real Baby Jesus

Jon Stewart on Scotty McClellan now!

Who needs $$$$

Senator Byrd: Swift-boating my candidacy

Michael Douglas to join Dennis Kucinich

This poll needs some more love and caring to reflect TRUTH. How about it?

Before the Chimp claimed the title - Who was the worse president ever!

John Bolton & Joel Kaplan Both Have DARK Election Obstruction Past

These obscene gas price hikes are a political ploy to make Bush a hero,


Profits, Not Crude Oil Prices Or Ethanol, Are Driving Pump Price Spike

You want to know who owns Congress? The top 100 money givers list.

NV Sen- Oscar Goodman NOT running

What could possibly save 2006 or 2008 for the rethugs?

Rice: Americans must be prepared for violence to continue (Iraq)

Michele Malkin responds to DU?

Walking the White House plank: Sidney Blumenthal from Comment is free

Dangerous Prosecution (WP / editorial)

Robbery, not reconstruction

Desert Rats Leave The Sinking Ship: Why Rumsfeld Should Not Resign

Mike Lukovich (Atlanta Journal via TruthDig): Editorial Cartoon

MORFORD: "President Bush's Hail Mary Bet." Great read!

Jeremy Scahill (The Nation): Blood Is Thicker Than Blackwater

In Terror War, Not All Names Are Equal

Human rights, enviroment on back burner with Hu visit.

Just Whose Back Is It Bush Has Got?

The coming crack up in the Christian Right: Fact or fiction?

Molly Ivins: Don't Make a Martyr of Moussaoui

"TBlogg" sums up Michelle Malkin: "Faking a back-arching ragegasm"

Mideast 'axis' forms against West

John Nichols (The Nation): No to Prowar Democrats

Gary Younge (The Nation): The Battle of New Orleans

For Contractors, Education Law (NCLB) Means Money

Bob Herbert (NYT via Common Dreams): Our Dirty War

Editors of The Nation: No Longer Sitting Pretty

Mumps outbreak !

'NYT' Sunday Preview: Madeleine Albright Can Leg-Press 400 Pounds

Guantanamo: Many 'small fry'

In New Job, Spymaster Draws Bipartisan Criticism

The CIA “Wehrmacht"--Harper's Magazine Blog

Stephen Gyllenhaal at Huffington Post - Brilliant editorial.

"big-swing in anti-Bush sentiment at Langley" (Haper's)

Big business sees a chance for ethnic and class cleansing

Minuteman Leader Pushes Border Fence (says they'll build...)

The tragedy that followed Hillary Clinton's bombing of Iran in 2009

Jonah Goldberg denies Global Warming Problem) Seeing red over 'green scare

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei fatwa against nuclear weapons

John Pilger - The real first casualty of war

Bush's merger: a heretical interview with Kevin Phillips

If We're at War, Bush Should Limit Oil Profits


KR: Forget Goldilocks, U.S. economy feels more like Jekyll and Hyde

Real average weekly earnings fell by 0.3% from February to March

Market Makers or Market Manipulators?

New FASB Rules Could Cut Shareholder Equity by 10%

S.L. County Council opposes N-waste storage

Indians, energy firms battle over R-O-W leases on tribal lands

Australia's Great Diminishing Reef - Bleaching/Coral Death Moving Quickly

China Destroying Other Nations' Forests To Protect Its Own - Asia Times

Melt Rate Of Wyoming Snowpack Well Ahead Of Historic Averages

St. Johns River battleground for DEP, environmentalists (Florida)

ExxonMobil Investing 3/100 of 1% Of 2005 Profits In Alternative Energy

Smoking Emails Show OSU Forestry School Dean In Bed With Big Timber

70%+ Of Australians Want Climate Action Now

oil futures thru november 2009...

Orrin Hatch Says Warming Unproven, Cites Michael Crichton

Oil prices and alternative energies

The dust devil that attacked Tokyo

On what scale do you think efforts should be put towards renewable energy?

Error strikes 'BBC climate model'

Sierra Club--Environmentalists or Wankers?

Why is Israel condemned?

Syria announces measures to support Hamas government

PA appoints wanted militant to Interior Ministry post

OKC damage vs. 9/11 damage

Things to agree on

September 11 - Revisited?

TIME Exclusive: An Inside Job?

OH: "OpScan System Will Fail in May Primary" Predicts Election Official

IN: ES&S System Can't Handle Complex Ballot - Hand Counts Ordered!

2% is not enough.

"Count Our Votes" by Emma's Revolution

Destruction of Voter Registrations by GOP affiliated group

Legal Opinion: CA Rethug SoS is the Roadblock to Fixing Voter Database

Brad: OR SOS Bradbury sues ES&S; says "we will not be coerced"

Jesse James, Bank Robberty, Election Rigging, & Media Silence

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday April 20

Okay, why do you hate my ERD?

The Price of not standing up for African Am Voters in Ohio

The Count Every Vote Act

CA ** Email the Rethug SoS: "Stop disenfranchising California voters"!!!

DMR makes statement on immigration?

Whistle-Blower at work in Iowa (CIETC)

So Jim Leach called me a 'radical' the other day at his forum.

Does anyone in the Metroplex use Green Mountain?

Post here to support new "peace" forum on DU ! - thanks

John Edwards pics - Dallas, April 18 @ Gilley's

Sekula-Gibbs is in, Eckels out for DeLay's seat

(Canadian) Scientists urge Canada to act now to halt global warming

Tyee: President Stephen Harper

Harper doesn't seem interested in racial harmony.

WP: White House Shifts Into Survival Mode

I'm not flying Delta until the CEOs clean the planes for a t-shirt

Archives Pledges to End Secret Agreements [... w/fed agencies.. CIA, etc]

Bartlett gets Busted on Gas

Straw demands release of man with MI5 links from Guantánamo

Amnesty: 20,000 People Facing Execution

Immigration arrests 9 bosses along with 1,000 workers

Renowned Test Pilot's Plane Missing in Ga.

Fundraising group assails the Doolittles

Ukraine without government as 'orange' revolution turns sour

Al-Jafari to Give Up Nomination for Iraqi Prime Minister

Nelson keeps wide lead over (Katherine) Harris in Senate contest (56 - 27)

Nelson keeps wide lead over Harris in Senate contest

DNC Meeting Set to Begin in New Orleans

(German) Police Arrest Two Suspects in Racist Attack

Live:Murtha's speech to World Affairs Council

Briton is jailed for 15 years in Iraq as a warning to foreign insurgents

WHO must study Chernobyl's effect on Europe: report

Medicare payment letters raise fears

Democracy Now: Ground-Breaking lawsuit against Blackwater

Valerie Plame To Attend White House Correspondents Dinner

Mideast 'axis' forms against West

Famed test pilot Scott Crossfield dies in air crash, family says

North Korea says it has "shocking evidence" of US (counterfeiting) plot

For Contractors, Education Law (NCLB) Means Money

Under Strong Pressure, Al-Jaafari Relents

Al-Jaafari Clears Way to Be Replaced

Pakistani forces kill wanted al Qaeda man: sources

Audit: $7.8M Overpaid on (No-Bid) Katrina Contract

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 20 April

Poll: Parents Confident About 'No Child'

Okla. man advertises for virgin bride

Demonstrators Mass for Bush - Hu Meeting

Report: Cardinal Let 7 Priests Keep Jobs

US warns Russia over aid to Iran

Bush, Hu Make Little Progress on Trade

Welcome for Chinese leader interrupted by heckler

Bush plays wrong anthem

Nigeria reels from car bomb

Novak: Feds know who outed CIA agent

Saudis mull electric fence on Iraqi border

More involved in Oklahoma City bombing?

Intel chief says personnel number 100,000 (Negroponte)

'I'll tell Ken Bigley's family where to find his body'

Tensions grow as native protesters return to Ontario site

Taylor denies link between donations, letter over tribal money (Abramoff)

Dow ends at 6-year high, eBay hits Nasdaq

Russia Refuses to Ditch Bushehr

China Mistakenly Called by Taiwan's Name

Murtha assails Bush in Downtown(Pittsburgh) speech

Gov't Concedes No Moussaoui-Reid Evidence (shoe bomber)

Halliburton 1st Quarter Earnings Surge

New Orleans election: An experiment in democracy

July Fourth festivities to feature Alito, Richie (Philadelphia)

Man with cache of weapons claims to be part of anti-Castro group

FOX Poll: Gloomy Economic Views; Bush Approval at New Low (33% approval)

AP: Scott Crossfield's body found in Georgia plane wreckage

Experts Defining Mental Disorders Are Linked to Drug Firms

Rice comes to defense of Rumsfeld

Soldier's mom accused of stealing insurance money

Local Stations Run Out Of Gasoline (PA, NJ, DE)

Former first lady Betty Ford hospitalized

Court Enforces School's Ban of Anti-Gay Shirt

Study: Distraction Behind Most Car Crashes

Cheney has tapped Iranian expatriate, arms dealer to surveil discussions..

Senate bill shorts gear for troops

BBC (Thursday): Police fire on mass Nepal protest

Castro marks Bay of Pigs victory

Famed test pilot missing in flight

Chambers: NAACP Mistaken About OPS Split

US grannies on trial for anti-war protest

Biden Urges Bush to Back Bill to Eliminate Gas Price Gouging

Hearing at GA school district to banish Harry Potter set for today

Five students arrested, accused of plotting gun rampage

(Iraq) War costs approach $10 billion a month....

(Katherine) Harris drops L-bomb on Sen. Nelson

Report: Americans fleeing nation's big cities

I'm Bored

I bid you goodnight dear loungers!

Korean Clock Shop - Audio

This name above the title means it's a BAD movie, the poll

76-year-old Fla. man arrested for providing free door-to-door breast exams

Third grader takes teacher's van for joyride in Modesto, CA



Alas! I have partaken in excess a portion of the sweet fruit of love!

How do you say Specolamenanarukickfobdyf?


I Dodged A $524 Bullet Today!

Getting a flamethrower and machete...

Aristophanes sez:

American English dialects, good Wiki article.


Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, anyone?

Happy Birthday To The (TALENTED) Carmen Electra!

Thursday earworm.

Who's on first?

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

Way down upon Sycamore Slough

Identify this woman!

Kudzu must grow fast!

Any Moran hunters out there?

Google has a cool pic today

Gift ideas for Tom's baby

Has anyone seen "American Dreamz" yet and what did you

Joan Miro Google image

Cruise-Holmes Baby: Day Two

Levity, Chicago-style

Why do the jobs gods hate me?

Scanner recommendation

Boy ET Awful, when you screw up, you really screw up . . .

Who loves ya, baby?

Any Morel hunters out there?

Freepers in Their Natural Habitat *Hilarious Pic*

Man's fortune changes after stealing Chinese food

MAMBO Number FIVE!!!


psychoactive plants are pretty amazing


Vince McMahon vs. God.

Bravo just showed "Bowling for Columbine"

fuck it. I love "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends"

have you ever tried out for a reality show?

I'm Oprah's minge and I don't get any attention!

Someone please tell me DU will be returning to normal soon.

My boss just started discussing "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,"

Have you ever seen a home that has rebel flags for curtains?

Nothing like a beer at the office....

(bats her eyelashes) What's a... what's a MINGE?

My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've...

America's Next Top Model - spoil me, please

Why wasn't LOST on last night?

If Rod Stewart Week had actually been Rod Stewart Week on American Idol..

Code writers, an Idea for someone to try

Things look good for moving to Washington!

** Breaking News ** White House names a new spokesman.

A great set of Toons posted by JHB today!

Push poll: What race are you?

Finally, the one Living Will that makes sense!

I just got a resume for a software programmer

Can one of you do my Econ homework for me? (Problem inside)

Can we please send a giant HERK to hit GD?

No work for the next 5 days!

I need help finding something

Du this O'Riely/Olberman poll.

Where are other DUers visiting from? (Cool utility)

Opera Launches Public Beta Version For Opera 9

Idol fans:Who wins in a fight?

Before getting out of the shower do you dry your feet?

David Lee Roth is out

This place needs an A** Kickin'!!!

Mother rat

84 Y.O. Widow Wins Record $10 Million Jackpot

'Saved by the Bell on [ADULT SWIM] is....

Crocs, crocs, get your nifty crocs ladies!

3:25 on 4/20

I drank a mess o' beer with Cindy Sheehan yesterday (pics)

4:32 on 4/20.

4:20 on 4/20


The things you overhear at work

Go ahead, flame me!

D'oh! I started code switching in Spanish class today!

I've got a brazilion threads on page 20.... ask me anything!

Let them brush your rock 'n roll hair.

Comedy gold

This is NOT a joke: The lyrics to the song the kids sang to Pickles

Tossing stuff at Bonds? Unsportsmanlike or Justified?

Congratulations Mr_Spock!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations northzax!! 15,000 posts

I love the Wireless Router that I bought at Walmart

Best person to illustrate each of these political concepts? (HELP!)

Want reason to go to GD? HERE!

Lawdy, lawdy! BartCop outdoes himself today!

Latest Hardee's Sandwich: 930 Calorie Philly-Burger "Meat on top of Meat"

Big Easy party ideas for a graduation party?

Turn up your sound & Laugh till you Plotz!

Feeling Good...

I just received a National Leadership Award from the RNC!

Your theme song(s)?

For all you comic book geeks

Does anyone know anything about career counseling?

It's Easter so I'm Happy Mood Guy, so "Fuck you!" to only half o' y'all

Lounge Challenge: Cast the Harry Potter books with political figures!!!!1!

Did IBM cheat when Deep Blue played Kasparov?

Any Traffic fans here?

i solved 2 problems, use NOLA as a Nuke Test site!!!!

TK421 is actually in a good mood today...he got a RAISE!!!!!!!!

My Birthday is seven days away...

Welcome back.

The real reason Cindy stopped by to have drinks with Will Pitt

I just got the Pretenders new box set "Pirate Radio" Ask me anything

KG's AutoCAD question of the week

If the Chinese leader were to be ritually circumcised...

Happy birthday chookie!!

Are fireworks legal in Ohio?

Ah, the sound of falling ice clanging on my truck.

"My Humps" - A Song So Awful it Hurts the Mind (Slate, Dec 2005)

Separated at birth: hillbilly kid from Deliverance & Joe Scarborough

Have you had a happy 4/20?

Anybody else used to put playing cards on the forks of their bike...

I need to clarify my butter.

Has anyone seen or heard from Khashka?

Maddy McCall, or Merh...are you on DU right now?

The inevitable leak: TooL - 10,000 Days

Hey now, before you drop an asteroid on GD......


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/20/06)

Hints from Heloise (or anyone) - paint off blinds?

Tonight's Survivor Castoff (spoiler)

What's your favorite unknown baseball team?


Left Coasters - does anyone actually eat at Jack in the Box?

Be my friend, My Buddy, My Pal!

Rolling Stones in Shanghai told not to play certain songs

I have a great network administrator

I'm leaving for vacation next week! 2 weeks in France

Time to build a bomb shelter

Who has a wireless router?

Hardee's Ad (actually Carl Jr.'s)

Haunted by "Brokeback Mountain"...can't focus on my work...

Ok- who remembers 714

Knock-knock-knockin' on heavins doh-o-woh

Please help me with my wedding word scramble

Strange question: How do you want to die?

Let me clarify. I need to butter my butt

A rant on packaging

Behold the awesome powers of my handiwork:


You thought those Burger King commericials were creepy, guess what is next

Would the snuffing out of a compulsive whistler be justifiable homicide?

"Alias" Returns! *spoilers*

I'm soothing my loneliness with pizza.

Picture Thread Time

33 Percent Approval Haiku:

Thank you, DUers, for your well-wishes, thoughts, and prayers.

Presenting ... Ella, (baby pictures) I'm a grandma!

starbucks anarchist

April 20th, you know what that means :D

I need to clarify my views

Anybody here used to know the Everly Brothers personally?


I have friends on DU

Let us now praise Richardo!! Or, the Richardo Appreciation Thread!


For Uppity Women and Gentlemen's Auxilliary, Take 2:

I need to clarify my butt.

Bobby Darin appreciation thread!

Yo... Mr. WilliamPitt...

I thought there was a knitting or crafts forum here but I didn't see it.

what drops faster: one of my lounge posts or dick cheney's approval rating

Yes, Slade, I will wear a french maid outfit and clean your house

For asthmaticeog: What songs make you think of summer?

My son is hurling a hairball...

A sketch of Left Is Write

Well, how the hell are ya?

Okay... *now* make up a team name

Unintentionally sexual comic book covers

How many of those Store Discount Card are on your keychain

Stupid neighbors goodamn loud music

What's your favorite deli in NYC?

**Post Yer Birt'day Date Right Here, Gang!**

Sneak Preview to the Prague pics

I came out on April 20th, 1990.

I'm bullish on Kudzu, it's going places! [view all]

Oh yeah! Art Blakey - Freedom Rider!

Zola Levitt dies; Jewish Christian fundy preached end-times prophecy

The bible confuses the heck out of me?

Alexandria (Egypt) Religious Riots--A (Sorta) Eyewitness

Atheistic /Agnostic DUers Beware!!!

Best Commercial Ever

Less Antibiotic Use In Food Animals Decreases Drug Resistance In People

Why eat a placenta?

Bipolar Disorder Linked To Mitochondrial Dysfunction In Brain Cells

Experts Find Evidence of Bosnia Pyramid

What should NASA do now?

Is the proton losing weight, or has the fabric of the Universe changed?

People with AIDS being shit on

Anti-Gay T-Shirt Ban Upheld

Anger Over Gay Bullying Speech At Vermont School

Conservative Group Doctors Photos In Gay Marriage Fight

Gay man wins Internet fight vs. Falwell

New Dispute Over Gay Books Erupts At Mass. School

Pentagon Spied on Anti-’DADT’ Activities

OK, Baseball fans. A historical moment

Cindy Sheehan, newly-minted Red Sox fan

Tiger may take off until US Open in June

Dog in TN needs a home.

Article: Is almost No-Kill Good Enough?

Laminectomy, or no, for my sweet little Corgi. Please help.

Anyone got chinchilla persians ?

A crystal query? Or, a funny thing happened on the way up the stairs ...

A question about tarot ethics

I have succeeded in reading my own natal chart. Depressed.

Shouldn't War Vets Bond to Dissent?

Vets & Returning Soldiers: An opportunity for healing.

Heinz Kerry lauds health care bill (Colorado)

Another OT - phone bill

Totally OT question

Kerry on 2008

A Small Teeny Tiny Glimmer of Hope in Iraq

John Kerry in Florida

Good people of the Kerry group. A very honored Massachusetts

Cong. Murtha speaking live now (Mentioned Kerry)


An April Contest NON-Entry...


bush shows his diplomatic skills

Keith vs, Bill. VOTE NOW!!!!!

"Hardball Plaza"? Can "Countdown Plaza" be far behind?

US troops act like Hollywood stars in Iraq, says UK officer

DU This Poll

Bush is insane, and one day just presses the nukular button to see what...

Where is the list of representatives' links? Help please. n/t

DNC to do clean-up in New Orleans tomorrow, Dean to help clean and speak.

Use the Exxon fatty in campaign commercials: go for the throat

Autorank inspired me to come up with this vote fraud email

Does anyone know how TIA is doing?

I think Scotty was about to cry.

Bush on gas prices: Don't listen to my gas if you don't need it.

bushes brain

To me, this boycott is about the xenophobes. I, for one, am mad as hell...

Today's Tom Toles

New Concentration Camps -- Don't Believe They're Only For Muslims...

Should Batiste have criticized Rumsfeld? 1st ID troops weigh in

So.....Mr. Campbell Brown is being considered to replace McClellan

Blair 'had early Iraq war tip-off'

(VIDEO) Nixon defends secrecy

(VIDEO) The Daily Show presents The Decider

gas and Iran.... market doesn't trust bush

U.S. Contractor Admits Bribery For Jobs in Iraq

Caption rover and scotty

IMF says global economy needs significantly weaker dollar

Surrogate Marchers Needed, April 29 in NYC: sign up here!

hey bushie boys the word LIBERAL scares YOU because you know that

PHOTO: Bush lectures Alabama about keeping America competitive

Crude Futures Update 4/20 06:49

The U.S is now spending nearly $10 billion a month in Iraq and Afghanistan

OK Which Duers was that on

Harlem Grandmas on warpath against war in Iraq

LOL!!!!!!washington journal having a hard time finding supporters of *

Will WH shake-ups make any difference?

Lieberman interview with Israeli newspaper

China, Iran, Saudi, US main executioners: Amnesty

Pentagon studies proliferation of military Web logs

Tiny biodiesel reactor developed

Anyone hear from Glenda? What! Did we run Glenda away too?

Minutemen to Bush: Build Fence or We Will

DNC Meeting Set to Begin in New Orleans

Harpers:There's People Who Fear Indictments&Subpoenas Could Be Coming Down

Bush: US must compete with China

"Karl could be called the janitor&his role with Pres wouldn't change" TIME

Michael Jackson is....(snicker) working on a new album.

Hu’s US visit highlights China-Iran ties

MIHOP II Watch: BIZARRE story of the week...

Learning to Savor a Full Life, Love Life Included

Difference between Saddam Hussein and George Bush

Thursday's a good day to "wash it away," as they say, but first CAPTION!!!

Is KKKarl violating the Hatch Act

More on the epidemic: US mumps cases top 1,100

Delete please!!!,

Sale of undergarments with religious verses sparks anger

Remember now Dubyah - Hu's not on first.

Help m,e find the "Construction of US Mega-Prison" thread.

Bush administration puts on a new face

Archives Pledges to End Secret Agreements [... w/fed agencies.. CIA, etc]

Washington Post Editorial Page Continues To Lie For BushCo.

DU... you see the little triangle hatted decked out band on TeeV...

What would you do with half a trillion $ ? (Iraq war cost)

Venezuela leaves Andean trade bloc

When "Diplomacy" Means War

It's official: CNN Headline News is a f*ckin joke

Networks sue FCC over curbs on indecency

Just to Clear Up Matter About Sex and Rape (Because I am Confused)

Hey, here's a good idea...

PROTESTER!!!! U GO GURLLL! President Bush Stop HIM!!!! in English!

Chinese man admits plot to import missiles to US

Cunningham briber hasn't paid property taxes on company building since 04

anyone feel sorry for u.s. companies...

Blair and Straw at odds over US action in Iran

How does a person alert the moderators?

CNN now - 10:13 EST - Great discussion on China Trade deficit

Hu's visit nothing to celebrate:Pelosi

Students banned from campus for protest

Hey buddy. Yeah, you. You got the time?, . . er, . . ah, . . to CAPTION???

Heckler removed after Bush urges Hu to let Chinese "speek freely" !!!111!

Novak: Fitzgerald knows who outed CIA agent

To the barricades! Snapshot of Iraq's civil war

Sex and money bought Iraq contracts

Kyrgyz Leader Threatens to Expel US Troops

Our Gas Is Up Again to $2.799- 2nd Increase in 3 Days

Should we be AGAINST Rumsfelds resignation...?

Tom Tomorrow gets it again!

A shocking new article from Kathleen Kuntly

The Neocons Knew!

US shipping another 500 illegal immigrants into Iraq to provide security

So, we are doing all this pompus crap for Prez HU cuz the Chinese

Halliburton gets contract to build temporary immigration detention centers

The Post-McClellan CAPTION...

Fake doctor busted for giving door-to-door breast exams.

Cnn covering the Pres. of China visit--full honors --and a loud protestor

Stop Playing Defense...

Funny Comment This AM on UPN's Daily Buzz re: Bush The "Decider" & Scotty

Bush's 'shake-up' is NOTHING but a act of desperation

Why can't we see the reason for the high gas prices. IMO

US population life expectancy hits all-time high

The Rethugs are going to do whatever it takes to retain the House and Sena

Anyone listening to WNYC/NPR now? Caitlin Flannagan is on.

5 Civil Rights Groups&Business Leaders Join Suit Seeking Stop To Wiretaps

Forced to watch TV ads?

Hu's on First (remember this one?)

Protester Disrupts Hu Arrival Ceremony (with VIDEO)

If chimpy nukes Iran, will anyone still want to have a beer with him?

Every sneaky little poke from Karl, if correctly sourced

Schieffer to Couric: Welcome to the team,talks about Rumsfeld

Pat Roberts: Did He or Didn't He, Will He or Won't He?

China Using Artificial Rain to Clear Dust

I strongly dislike the Rev. Jesse Lee Petersons.

We must show China that the Government can control the people?

Ok, So how will KKKarl trash us this time?

I've got a dumb question about Louisiana elections...

At first, it was thought Rove went to WH so he would have protection...


Gore's Movie out May 24th! "An Inconvenient Truth"

MSM: Yesterday - High Gas Prices; Today - Granny Wins $10MM!

"the brass had received a call from the Dick Cheney's office"

Idaho Group Urges Support for Measure Blocking Eminent Domain Seizures

a request to my fellow DU'ers

Memo To Karen Hughes: Now THIS Is Personal Diplomacy!

No, to the right please...

Did * Just Say He's Against Independence for Taiwan?

Hey DUers can you help me spread the word about the Armband Protest?

New Zogby Poll...all about trustworthiness of Americans

Bush still has not called to congratulate the newly elected Italian PM

Congress chair: Islamic world backs Venezuela

A Clarion Call To The Media From Editor& Publisher

Some Historical Questions re: Plame

Bush "I don't support independence for Taiwan"

Something weird to share with DU'ers, religion is just crazy

Imus and the Flies

What if the chief of your tribe were insane and everyone knew it?

I have a solution the the immigration problem. Give a state back to Mexico

CAPTION the one that got away...

Novak: Feds know who outed CIA agent (but source committed no crime)

Upclose: McClellan reveals true passions- lying operatically, dog grooming

"Meet with Professional Coyote"


dumb bumper sticker alert: NO JESUS = NO PEACE

Self delete. What's the point.

Self delete. I give up.

Have hope. Work for change. Have hope.

In Terror War, Not All Names Are Equal

Who will be the next PRESS SECRETARY????

18 US grannies on trial for anti-war protest!!

Update on fundie who wants to ban Harry Potter

Democrats Welcome DeLay to New Home District

Bumpersticker idea I got from the "No Jesus, no peace" one

Pres Hu must be feeling right at home:

CNN now. Bush looking like a petulant fool, bored and ignorant

I wonder if the Chinese heckler was payback for Hu declining a ranch visit?

Caption this * pic...

cnn doing story on Jack anderson FBI story

BREAKING MSNBC: Jeff Gannon to Assume Scottie's Position

If Rove Fails in November, If Bush is impeached thereafter Rove may

Why didn't anyone tell me Kim Stanley Robinson was on C-SPAN 2?

OMG - Nearly 20,000 people kidnapped in Iraq in 2006?

48th Hugs, tears greet returning guard members...

LooseChange 2nd Edition - 4th Most Popular at Google Video

Dirty Bomb goes off tomorrow....Your first thought is....

are university students having a civil war?

Asians surpass mark at UC - White Admissions Fall to Second Place - SJ Mer

I had a dream about the 2008 election last night

Ellsworth Toohey, the GOP and Irony

RawStory: Cheney tapped Iranian expatriate, arms dealer to surveil talks

Epiphany... Immigration protesters really hate children more.

Just in...

The Dixie Chicks :#1 on the Itunes Country Chart, and #5 overall."

Matalin on msnbc: Rove to be "unleashed" on Dems

Harry Reid: No Good Military Options in Iran

DU this poll please

CNN following the Bush talking point: "We're addicted to oil."

How do you feel about this?

National Brotherhood Week

Latest poll shows Katherine Harris losing more ground to Nelson

Live:Murtha's speech to World Affairs Council

Anyone know where this "Hey, it's 420..." came from?

Bush Comic: President Who????

Bush Just Handed Us The Keys to Congress.

Cheney: "policy of using preemptive military the correct one"

Rummy toons and more

The next time someone complains to you about supporting welfare recipients

M. Albright:"Iraqi Invasion May End Up-Worst Disaster-US Foreign Policy"

cnn now Gonzalas interviewed--internet porn

Bush* approval down to 35% in Florida/ Nelson creams Cruella/'08 polling

Do illegal immigrants get welfare?

"Nu-Cue-Lar" and what it means

Should price gouging result in prison time?

MiG-29 Fulcrum jet fighter inside shipping containers destined for the U.S

Ever heard of the LBJ "Daisy" campaign ad?

LTTE's from Canada: Condoleezza does not reflect Canadian values

If Bush ordered a NUKE on Iran... Would the military oblige?

Okay guys, do you want your prospective bride to be a virgin?

The disgusting bigotry against gays is turning America into a cesspool.

Intelligence Director's Budget May Near $1 Billion, Report Finds



Top General: Russia Will Deliver Air Defense Systems to Iran

Bartlett gets Busted on Gas

Durbin and Obama ask feds to probe one of their own

Guy James: Scotty deserves to have been humiliated by Helen Thomas

Price of crude? Way below $40 in MT, WY, ND! Produces may stop pumping.

"And we should repair N.O. because................?"

So does this Iran stuff mean we're not going to Mars anymore?

Question on the Duke alleged rape case:

Rotary Clubs: what are they really for?

This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse (Duke LAX)

Toughen Up. A wee rant.

Republican congress critter sends letter with profanity in it!!!!!!

REMEMBER THIS? 4 Killed in Iraq Worked for Blackwater WARNING IMAGE

Has that Rolling Stone w/the pic of dimson on it hit the stands

Clear Channel

Neil Young On CNN: No One - Not Even Bush - Owns the 911 Mentality

Rove isn't a genius. He lost the 2000 election for Pissypants and......

Translator LEAVES OUT Bush's laundry list of Chinese "commitments"

Join us at "The Guy James Show" today

Neil Young CNN Now! 3:53 re: his protest album

My LTTE about Lieberman

Bush nukes Iran, would a million+ dead in surrounding countries from

A Crisis Almost Without Equal

movie about Neil Young by Jonathan Demme - any good?

"" Borrowing from individuals online

Intel Chief Says Personnel Number 100,000

who is Randi interviewing?

Oh Puhleeze....... "Bush: government research developed iPod"

Senate Bill (SB) 1486, a comprehensive bill relating to property insurance

A laundry list of articles of impeachment , via a wingnut gossiper

Cheney Profits From Katrina!

I'm not flying Delta until the CEOs clean the planes for a t-shirt

Coming Home - disillusioned

Study reveals huge U.S. oil-shale field

HARDBALL ... Libby/Rove Leak Case Picking Up Steam!

Alberto "Torture Buddy" Gonzales' porn fight is a prelude to Net control

add more limericks about our dear leader:

If one of our nuclear missiles were to be fired accidently...

Straw demands release of man with MI5 links from Guantánamo

A dear childhood friend

Murtha: "Our soldiers were not trained to be diplomats"

20,000 pounds of CRAWFISH

Greatness. What is your definition of the word in terms of presidents?

Is there a transcript Of Murtha's speech today in Pittsburgh?

Hu's at the White House? (with apologies to Bud & Lou!)

All this talk about Rape and Sex. Let's reframe.

China must know that this...administration is good at controlling crowds

Whatever happened to "Phase 2"

Rumsfeld, like Bush passes the buck on Iraq war plan...

Needed: artist to depict shrub's visit to Oklahoma.....

Hu heckler to be charged

The 23rd Qualm

New Survey USA 100 Senators Poll

Toons, anyone?

Anybody do the new Zogby poll on honesty?

Outing Plame: Why BushCo Thought They'd Get Away With It

SurveyUSA - Bush over 50%... in 4 states

Had a Repuke claim that BuchCo never said Iraq Oil would pay for war

Can someone explain to me how anyone can think the economy is doing well?

CannonFire responds re: Malkin's private info

Has anyone heard from "Stormin' Norman" Schwarzkopf?

Does anyone here chat in Yahoo politics?

Pew Releases Enormous Public Survey

Kucinich Demands Answers From Administration About US Troops In Iran

Man burned in FEMA trailer explosion dies

Tatooing is illegal in Oklahoma??

Important email from Planned Parenthood

Bill Bennett World Fantasy Theater

Peter Defazio on Lou Dobbs today!!

Lieberman to Dems: Can't we all just get along?

Congress selling out the internet

Y'all seen these plug in hybrid cars?

REAL TIME: Bill Maher's guests tonight

Russia rejects US call, says will help Iran make N-plant

How much is gas where you live?

Randi on CNN’s Paula Zahn Now tonight (8-9pm ET)

DA Mike Nifong's opponent on Fox "News"

Romney spends $800 million federal $$ on faith-based abstinence program

Keith vs. Bill. VOTE NOW!!!!!

A Last Desperate Act

FIRST TIME EVER on latenight TV - Ted Kennedy on Daily Show TONIGHT!!!

Vixen's 'Confessions': Maher a 'Super' lover

Democrats: No Single Message Sums Us Up

The 'gaping security breech" (cnn words)---is being passed off as

Pew Poll: Americans Disillusioned with Congress - Advantage Dems

Another * and Hu pic to caption...

Feds Don't Understand Levee Dangers, Governor (arnie) Says

600 Mexico police and marines force out striking workers, one dead

When Bush meets HU it is like Godzilla meets Gidra...

We HEIL! HEIL! Right in der Decider's face!

Is Bushco. DELIBERATELY Trying To Insult Hu/China?

China Mistakenly Called by Taiwan's Name

Need help from a health-nut DUer.

Wonder what 2x4 Hu clobbered Little Boots with?

Bush/Nixon Secret Meeting

Urgent Attention, DU CAPTIONers, Code Red, Repeat, Code Red!!!

If there is hope [wrote Winston] it lies in the proles.

torturer general & kidie porn

What is that protester at the press op with the Chinese official had been

Anyone interested in a peace forum?

BUSH: the economy is great, unemployment also? Do you believe this?

Sucking up to U.S. doesn't help Canada

Sharpton slamming whores McCain and Giuliani

Job Openings at IFCO... nationwide!!

I just turned the wife of a Repub onto PNAC

What did Tweety drink tonight? Making sense. n/t

Valerie Plame Said Her Husband Could Go To Niger

Approval rating of 52????????

Harris Poll: Bush Record-Low Approval 35% (-1 pont)

Don't miss Democracy Now. About Blackwater emp. parents. Scahill.

We should repair New Orleans because:

Bush WH HU Gaffes...

Anti-tax crusader (Gorver Norquist) may have neglected to pay own taxes

I listened to Blitzer interview Donald Trump and they both think

Bon voyage, Scotty

Keith Tops Paula: Ten Week Demo Streak

This is a little local, but it gives great insight into how local gov'ts

Anybody feel like troll for lunch? I could use some libs on my blog.

"Unhand me you chimp" (photo)

Condi forced to sacrifice her popularity (and credibility) for Iran war.

Why the F*%$ does CNN think I care what Donald Trump thinks?

Federal reserve orders TWO TRILLION dollars to be printed

Anyone have that photo of * using a woman's clothing to clean his glasses?

If true, this is the biggest story on DU in all time!

Shouldn't we send China an apology?

Always remember, treat the man with the respect which he's due.

A tale of two cases

How much is gas in your neck of the woods?

How is Plame like Whitewater as Tweety's guest claims?

Back in '94, did the media give so many warnings to the Democrats?

Poll: Is George Bush an Idiot or The Most Brilliant Mind Since Plato?

TONY SNOW Responds to Olberman, etc. re: Press Secretary Position

Simple trade rule to even things out with the world. Good for all?

In honor of Earth Day, take this test: What is your carbon footprint?

Well we are roundin' up & bussin' out poor brown people. Where is the JOY?

I'm SO tired of the Administration and their destructive practices

Rumsfeld speaks.....and its not amusing.

So Michael Weiner (savage) advocated "killing 100 million" Muslims; called

I Don't Understand The "Clinton Sold Super Computers To China" Argument

Nelson (D) of Nebraska, highest rated senator

Raging Grannies and Raging Americans by Cindy Sheehan

my paper printed my rebuttal to the constipated bastard-plus a DUer's

Scottie McLellan - Helen Thomas' bitch ???

No one claims $500,000 stash in truck

The 'American Inquisition'

Even At Bush's Last Refuge - Fox Poll Shows @ 33 % - New Low

Is questioning whether a rape happened insensitive to rape victims?

I had a terrible dream last night. The Democrats had taken back the house

Would You Post Private Information About Your Political "Enemies"?

Now here is the Scalia Photo

CNN: WH played R.O.C (Taiwan) hymn. Is this a bad joke?

Photoshopped--for your viewing pleasure

Gas price increases: Clinton vs Bush

NYT lumping victims and criminals together

Mass Media Paper Help

"I'm at peace with it, There's joy in my heart."--Tom Delay

Uh-oh, Rush says Lincoln would arrest Sen. Kennedy. Could you be next?

Vets & Returning Soldiers: An opportunity for healing.

With unemployment claims down and jobs being created.....

Who Was A Better Liar? Fleischer or McClellan

Neil Young interview

Fu**ing Comcast, again

Democracy Now: Ground-Breaking lawsuit against Blackwater

Time's Arrow: America's Nuclear Priesthood Awaits Epiphany in Persia

Connecticut ... - birthplace of GW Bush - We apologize. (funny road sign)

I was just interviewed by my local RW radio station...

What will Coulter's next book be titled?

It's official. We are being led by the stupidest man to ever attain such

About that "Bush* would be a great guy to have a beer with..."

Can't we all just get along?

A short and sweet comment from Conyers' blog:

NY Yankees wroth $1 billion

Keep our internet free...say something before it's too late...

Oklahoma Yard Sign Says Man Will Pay For Virgin Child Bride 12 to 24.

HAD ENOUGH? thursday 4/20 toon

good thing nobody watches Dan Abrams

408 horsepower and 31 miles per gallon! (No, not a Ford)

When I Am Gone...

Blink. Yes, RW lurkers, I am a liberal.

LA Woman Hospitalized With Bubonic Plague

Freeper thread shitting in their pants over Baby Bush's 33% approval ratin

Jason Leopold is on Ed Schultz right now

Employees allegedly stole $600 from customers

More photos of *ush & Hu Ji inside of the white house......he has problems

Sound the Alarm: Fake "Clinic" Cons 17-Year-Old Girl

BREAKING: Oregon Sues ES&S, E-Vote Train Wreck on Course, PLUS: VIDEOS...

Supreme Criminal Negligence: Bushists Ignored Peace Overtures from Iran

I am not a wedding gift


White House announce Taiwanese anthem, not mainland China's


FUX Poll: Chimp swimming in Toilet (33% Approval, down 3 points)

PICTURES OF RICE AND RUMSFELD'S REACTION...Bush's diplomatic direction

Why is there any question about the outcome of November's election???

Easter at Camp Casey - final set of pics

Has the Democratic Party been Castrated by Corporatism?

This is HUGH!!!!! RW radio in Phx is visiting us right now - Say hi

Harry Potter could be BANNED today in Gwinnet County, Georgia

Interview with an Onondaga Chief

My Morning Song

I was taken aback by something that Hu said.

Bush plays wrong anthem

Thank you guys, I'm a winner in the 10 words or less contest!!!

A realistic plan to get the gas prices rolled back...

Gwinnett Mom: 'Ban Harry Potter'

More involved in Oklahoma City bombing?

Bush and Hu Toast Political Oppression

Regarding rape threads...

TOONS! Lying Rumbag Edition!

Use it or lose it

Should we rebuild New Orleans?

Isn't It Illegal For Rove To Work On Midterms While In The White House?

"I pledge to remain sexually pure...until I give myself as a wedding gift"

Anyone else think that the pro-illegal immigrant faction has overplayed

Re. donations for homeless man who returned billfold.

CA, Bowen Email Campaign to Rethug SoS: “Fix Voter-Purging Database”

OMG! removes Setting the Record Straight Link!!!

Breaking News: Grand Jury Hears Evidence Against Rove

Are you raising your kids to stay abstinent until marriage?

* grabs Chinese President Hu Jintao by his suit jacket - pics


* does "Imagine" - John Lennon's song. Actually cute.

Kerry considering 2008 run:will decide before the year is out

Couric by not saying anything, showed her colors... Gene Shallitt

Ann Coulter Blames Clinton, Paris, Stern & Julia for the Duke Incident?

Ring smuggling illegals from South Asia halted

Savage advocated "killing 100 million" Muslims

CNN: People are Pawning Their Rims to Pay for Gas

Noam Chomsky: There were means to develop WMDs in 100's of Iraq sites

Bill Collectors about to call your cell phone

"Green" issue of Vanity Fair

Man Who Got Fired From Public Radio For Posting On DU-Tells Story

Sell-out interest groups are becoming as big a problem as sell-out Dems.

Scott Ritter Takes Aim At Bush, Clinton, CIA, Cindy Sheehan & You

US prepared to go it alone over Iran

Here's what the Bush government does to federal labor unions:

I don't "own" my daughter.

A Great Protest Opportunity-Bush Coming To Oklahoma May 6

Venezuela Reaches Landmark 75% Debt Retirement


“Naturally the common people don't want war;

New Smash Hit!!!! "I'm the Decider"

Heads-up: We've been working on a new design for the DU homepage

Serving At the Decider's Pleasure

Why is Israel condemned?

I'm the literal poster child for Google News bias

Has Anyone Tracked *'s Declining Poll Numbers With The Rise Of.....

The First Chimp - the REAL chimp

Iraq war costs continue to climb

GOP ads try to sway Democratic primary, analysts say (Ohio)

Bartlett lie: 'No one ever said the war would result in cheaper gas'

Rove's Security Clearance-- NOW?

Incumbant Democrats Begin Mentoring Program

Do you think this "no talk" policy will land us in another war?

Future White House 'Perp Walk'

Kucinich Sends Letter Demands Answers From Admin About US Troops in Iran

Lefty lyrics

the good ol days: Libby bugging Scott

GOP congresswoman calls a constitent an azzzole!!!!!!

Culture of Corruption: The case of Freddie Mac

If Bush is a Christian, doesn't he believe in an afterlife?

DU this poll please

Nelson doubles-up Harris in Senate poll

Interesting article on Ned Lamont

Build that wall, Minutemen!

Mount Crapmore - What 4 President's faces would you put on it and ....

Kucinich witnessed "bizarre" hit-and-run outside his office window

Harper's kicks off investigative journalism blog

Subject: Detention Centers (what Feinstein, etc. have to say)

The Inside Story of Scott McClellan's Resignation

isn't it a shame that pop culture is the only place

Sad: All the yellow magnet ribbons are WORN OUT/FADED

Cleveland PD Hit Piece on Wilson (D)

Shotgun Dick is coming to town tomorrow.

bushmilhousegang "vigorously pursuing solar power" so said

Edwards talks moral high road

Legal question: Spiro Agnew was indicted while still in office

a reminder to those who have dish network

Dan Bartlett gasing about cheaper gas prices.

Talking points

Jason Leopold says criminal indictments in rove's future

Josh Marshall asks why McClellan left now

Who is paying Karl Rove's salary now? The RNC?

What kind of a weenie police officer wants to be known a victim of


Poor Planning, Need for New Equipment Could Push War Costs to $1 Trillion

Bush team is stirred, not shaken (nothing has changed)

New Bush Comic: President Who???

Food for Thought from NOW (with Sparkly's editorial - and yours?)

Bu*h with Hu says...we have much in common....

Fox News front page graphic: 33% approval for Reichführer Bunnypants...

If someone you cared about

Will Oil Hit $105 per barrel as Goldman Sachs said was possible ?

NV-Sen - Good news for Jack Carter

On KO - Russert - Civil War in Pentagon - Many back Murtha - Wow

Don Knotts is "Dubya"

Audit: $7.8M Overpaid on Katrina Contract

People lie because they feel the "truth" might hurt them. Al Sharpton

"I met this wonderful boy named Poppy Bush and he's so nice"...

I never thought that I would see from a pro business mag


"La Marseillaise" vs. "The Star-Spangled Banner"

Randi Rhodes played clip of Chris Matthews busting Bushies about Iraq OIL

THE REAL JOHN McCAIN (is in a pickle)

If the Democratic responses do not get on TV, do they matter ?

DU this poll about building a border fence

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