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Archives: April 21, 2006

Generals underline Rumsfeld's folly

Baghdad mosques become vigilante forts as sectarianism divides


Cape Wind Farm Backers Target Congress

Infinity Voting Machine

Minor Detail: ES&S and MicroVote Installing Uncertified Software

Election Reform news for 4-21-06. Special Sequoia Train Wreck edition.

Deprecinctification of America: 285 Precincts Replaced by 47 Vote Centers

HAVA of 2002 Paper Audit Requirement

HOPE? Slew of lawsuits hit the voting machine companies

Aside from egg salad, or deviled eggs, or adding to tuna salad...

Brian Mulroney feted as the greenest PM.

Immigration Raid (IFCO Systems)

Valerie Plame To Attend White House Correspondents Dinner

Moussaoui 'not key player' in attacks

Missing person OK after deadly suburban Boynton explosion

Lampson Press Conference Protester may lose Grand Juror Seat

Israel may strike Iranian nuclear facilities before the end of 2006

Gazprom warns EU to let it grow

China's secret banks hold billions

Berlusconi refuses to leave office

15 years for Briton convicted in Iraq (The Guardian)

N.Y. Sen. Clinton gave $190,000 to Democratic candidates in March

Iraqi prime minister bows out

IMF wants India to reform labor laws

MDs admit mistake in treating Sharon

Standoff Over Property Taxes Threatens Band of Polygamists

Georgia OKs Bible Classes, Commandments

Mass. Gov. Romney expands sex-abstinence programs

NYT: Bush Counsel (Miers) May Be Next in White House Shake-Up

Creationist Descends on Brit. to Take Debate on Evolution into...Classroom

US Ambassador to Azerbaijan recalled after prostitute scandal

Massive earthquake rocks Russia's Kamchatka peninsula

FDA says marijuana has no medical value

Let me clarify. I need a butterbutt.

Apparantly, Hitler also said "If you are not with us you are

you know it, you love it, you just can't admit it...

Help me.. my brain hurts....

"Hot and cold running weird, 24-7."

Ack! ...your not going to believe what I found...

Idea I received to bring gas prices down

Check out my GD thread and let me know what you think!

My webpage is upgraded.

the only surviving rape thread just dropped off the front page of GD

Its all too beautiful......Sweet dreams......

Idea I recieved to make us all filthy rich.

No, I have an Idea to make us all filthy rich!!!

Crag, and other words of little circulation that are easy

I need a new kind of soft drink! Suggestions??

Don't call it a comeback...

What's your sign?

Lynnesin made me do it!


You need this in your toolbox!

alright, it's the NAMBLA South Park episode!!!

Did anyone else ever have a Bone Fone?

What's your sine?

Wonderful CAPTION opportunity... Dick... Don't go shooting him!

Spring is upon us ... our minds turn to thoughts of CROP CIRCLES!

A movie that'll piss you off (although it's great): "Bloody Sunday"

I need a new pair of trail runners... who wants to buy me some?

Bald men: what's your hair style?

My show is on in an hour

How come no one told me Scott Crossfield died today?

I am setting my goose loose on the Lounge

Your energy needs are over!

Video Clip: Andrew Dice Clay's special invitation to a CNN anchor

I am setting my loins to goose the Lounge.

STUPID SONG!!!! I'm a bitch, I'm a tease, I'm a goddess on my knees

Goodnight, Lounge!

I forgot to tell GOPisEvil

I had my first "Harp" beer tonite

How come no one told me Scott McClellan lied today?

We found a house to rent in Tennessee!

I have new sig line banner, now, how do I make the pic clickable?

That's IT!!!! I'm leaving DU!!!!

From the "Weird Things You Find on Wikipedia" department

This Uppity Woman needs a recipe for mojito ... who has one?

Prog Rock fans -- I got to see David Gilmour today

The Petition to stop Peep Violence!!!

It's 9:22 and I'm just now sitting down to dinner! Ask me anything!

For what REASON do we post in the Lounge anyways?

Your elbows weren't meant to be put together

Deputy Finds $1M Scratch Ticket on Easter!

It's showtime

A story I forgot to post....

Calling all auxiliary members to the Uppity Women's club:

The Petition to start Peep Violence!!!

My left arm is sun-burned.

I am setting my moons loose on the lounge.

All your Hos are belong to me.

Most profitable sports teams, (Football, Basketball, Baseball)

I need clarified butter.

'The Spirit of Truth'- Watch please(very funny)

All your Ho-Hos are belong to me


Another chance to do your own commercial. This time....

The Petition to Start Twinkie Violence!!!

Lexapro makes me verrrrrrrry sleeeeeeepy.

Should i make an animation about peep violence?

So, no more Mike Malloy on WLIB Air America (NYC)?


**Damn You, Lounge. Damn You.**

is dailykos working for anyone?

I am setting my goons loose on the Lounge

I am setting my loons to goose the Lounge

If I hear another peep outa you.....

Encapsulated surprisingly happy day

when was the last attempt made on -your- life?

What's your sign?

Is Bavaria like Maine, then?

Bird flu hits Florida trailer park!

Old Hippies--Front and center

Merrie Monarch hula streaming tonight through Sat.

My ADD meds doubled in price almost.

Prog Mom fans -- I got to see Dave Brubeck today

If yous don't plays da piana, writing girl, I'm gonna bust yur

I am setting my hoons' moose on the lounge.

psych treatment for depression

zippity doo-dah, i just won 2 passes to: An Inconvenient Truth...

2 1/2 peach long island teas later

I got gas JUST IN TIME yesterday!

Marriage Counseling

Few pleasures in life better...

Seeking inspirational stories

I just had a glass o' milk

Official Shirt Jac Thread

IT IS RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This evening, an attempt was made on my life.

Froggie the Gremlin - (Anyone remember him?)

Ready for Da Vinci Code, if you think there're no allegorical codes...

There are times at DU when I feel we're

President Hu Jintao gets Punk'd by President Bush

Can we retire the word "bootylicious" now?

Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Is Bavaria like Texas?

Anyone been to Ireland?

Worship options - Nature/Abstract God/Mankind ?

Does Scientology have a "Pope" or Head Guy?

Hypnosis may relieve non-cardiac chest pain

Anyone watch last night's Colbert Report?

Okay, I'm truly psyched now! JK RSVP E-Mail for Saturday!

delete- dupe

KOEB - 4/20/06 - Rove is going to be indicted edition

Idea I received to bring gas prices down

Who Does KO Resemble Most?

Truman compared to Poppy Bush -- in retirement

U.S. May Ask IKEA to Sanction Iran

When posting stories to DU, how much certainty should one have?


You guys just see Keith smack down Mary Matalin

Federal judge says Air Force ignored records law

Question: Do Halliburton and/or subsidiaries use illegals to work

If the primary was today, who would you vote for, Kerry or Feingold?

Reporter who heckled Hu up next on Countdown...

Just re-reading Sy Hersh's NYer piece and noticed this...


Idea I received to bring gas prices down

Just when you thought the stupid photos were done. (photo)

Randi Rhodes CNN NOW!!

* is a vicious little turd

And yet another amazingly stupid face from **

Why did Bushco go after IFCO Systems for illegals?

Poll: If the primary were today and only between Kerry and Gore?


Delta asks employees to work for free.

A View From My Porch This Evening

Damn! It's nice to be in the majority!

(FIORE) What's Wrong With This PIcture?

James Zadroga

Only 7 days until Iran has "The Bomb!"

SurveyUSA. . .36%. . .winning four states = 17 electoral votes

Anyone got a link to wrong anthem played today at White House.

Think impeachment is impossible - think again

Attorney General "Torture Nuts" tells of kiddie porn in graphic language

What’s going on with this, so called, American Service Economy

Newsflash to Sen Kennedy....

We insult China again. . .call them Taiwain! We're batting 1.000!!!!

So Far, Bush is Only Play-Acting as President (August 2001)

Tom Tomorrow: How to win friends and influence people, the Republican way

Here's what I think of the embarrassing muthafuckas in the WH

Not every day you get to see a real Republician

We should negotiate directly with Iran.

I met Sen. Kennedy today

Lyrics of "Decider" a play on "Survivor" by D's Child

Search on Google News: MSM not saying much about GAFFE

VP preferences?

Kerry vs. Clark--who would you vote for?

Senate Bill Shorts Gear for Troops

Feingold considering 2008 run:will decide before the year is out

I watched Bush and Hu today on CNN. Bush didn't provide a translator

Freepers just as mystified by the strange PA nuclear plant events

What will shrub's response be when he has to vacate the WH?

Commander In Chief is on 10pm eastern...tune in!

The Whiskey Bar's been pouring them generously lately

What Committee would hold hearings on oil price gouging?

Fantastic article about Cindy Sheehan


Can you imagine in private circles what Republicans are saying about Bush?

Ted Kennedy on Larry King - CNN

RW site: "Using Terror to Curb Illegal Aliens"....gag alert

CNN is doing a story on fraud in Iraq; the tides are changing!


Bobby Kennedy Jr on Joe S. now---Earth day

That's IT!!!! I'm leaving DU!!!!

Is the caliber of our military steadily declining under Bush?

AP: U.S. to Allow China Processed Poultry In (despite bird flu)

Uncle Kenny's dungeon inspires crackdown

"Law-Abiding Gun Owner" Shoots Wife

Berlusconi refuses to leave office

Fatal Contact: Avian Flu In America.......

The Battle Over the Blame for Gas Prices

Democrats Eager to Exploit Anger Over Gas Prices

Feingold Gets Big Spike in PAC Donations

Gas goes over 4.00 in Beverly Hills

Anderson Cooper Reporting Global Warming as Fact

Ralph Nader on Colbert

Am I missing something? WHY do these politicos fall for this???

Column in NYTimesSelect Recommends Draft

Sex Sex Sex Sex Sells Sex Sex Violence Sex Sex

Just Watched "Weapons Of Mass Deception" On FSTV

Odd... Daily show ignored arm twisting

DU poll, Donald Rumsfeld should be replaced?

Shade of Willie Horton on "Commander in Chief"

Okay, here are two conservative idiots we need to nominate for the list

so cal gas today = $3.19 for regular and that's at the local

TED K on the Daily Show now.

Stars & Stripes letters: Dissent is patriotic/Retired generals courageous

Thanks mods

Protestors at Wolfowitz's speech on Cspan2 just now

The Blivet: bad for America.

Flu outbreaks in April?

China and Its President Greeted by a Host of Indignities

OK, so yet another political web site shall rise - ideas please?

Kolberman--?Rove and Fitz coming up.

Where can I find a list of the DNC Field Coordinators

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

HA! A Doctor Who joke on Malloy!

Martin Short on Letterman is brilliant! nt

No Longer Sitting Pretty (Bush)

Israel may strike Iranian nuclear facilities before the end of 2006

Has everyone seen Will Ferrell's "Bush on Glabal Warming"?

Congratulations, Georgie!! Sensational Simian of the Year!!

What's important to remember in mass organizing?

FDA's New Anti-Medical Marijuana Statement - Politics or Science?

Colorado be Proud! #1 in foreclosures!

George Bush, You're No Reagan - by Larry Johnson

Early buzz on "United 93" is very, very good.

You want to see obscene CEO compensation? Here's the worst!

What in the hell is going on in Minnesota?

Kerry vs. Hillary--if primary were today--who would you vote for?

A Takeover Of The Internet by Congress - Is this for real???

Does your state have a US Senate race in 06?

I know this may be a little lazy, but does Kerry support public financing?

What a week for CAPTIONS... Quick fellas, get behind me,

Another Cuban caught with a weapons cache and C-4 explosives

Scotty.... Is that my pardon? Thanks man, I love you man

Condi Caption time... Okay, Yuri Geller taught me this one...

How about a Lieberman / Jeb Bush govt of national unity?

UPDATE: $500,000 Truckers now have a THIRD version of events...

Kerry vs Gore 2008

How Much Is Gas Where You Live?

So who has a "50 State Canvass" event in their area? Ya going?

If Al Gore was President for five years now,what would it be like?

A Must Read, Confirms that Diebold, the voting-machine company, paid some

Fitzgerald told Grand Jury that Rove Lied 8/9 times to investigators.

I'm DAMN glad Bush grabbed the Chinese President. Why ?

"Crisis Pregnancy" centers

Photoshop Bush's HUge error

Boycotting Exxon and why is wrong

George W Bush

Jane Fonda's message to DU about how to stop the war:

Stop Senate bill 1955 (Repuke Insurance company wet dream)

The China Email

Saudi Whining

So did the wrong music get played today or did they just

A modest proposal

Yanno, this 'missing girl' format may have some merits .....

Brown urges immediate federal action on gas prices

TIME's Joe Klein: Why Newt Is So Much Fun to Watch

Young's Anti-War Album a Growing Drumbeat

Countdown: Rove probably headed for INDICTMENT!

Senator Kennedy on The Daily Show tonight! Show starting now!

We have a bottle of pretty good champagne .....

Gonna be a long, hot summer for the Repubs...Check out this Freeper poll:

I now know that CQ (Congressional Quartely) is full of crap

W speaks the truth ........ no doubt.

I'm signing off now,

Hey guys, another commercial contest!!! Priceless!!

"Daily Show" Rumsfeld Video Clip..."Henny penny the sky is falling..."

Bush at 33%

CSM: Why a strong economy is no GOP asset

Ted's Eulogy for His Brother

Rednecks will never learn: CASTING PEARLS BEFORE SWINE IN AL! A RANT!

N.Y. Sen. Clinton gave $190,000 to Democratic candidates in March

If Harriet Miers leaves the W.H., WHO will tell Junior that he's "cool?"

Mark Fuckin' Morford. Read this piece on Bush. Morford shoots & SCORES.

World's Smallest Political Quiz - Fun little quiz! Only ten questions.

Actual Headline with actual silly * Photo: Only Humans Distort The Truth

Truckers, $500,000 In Duffle Bag, Nuclear Facility, Bechtel......

CNN: pawning cars and watches for gas money


I am looking for some history: Edward R. Morrow/McCarthy

Kennedy/Chappaquiddick, how legitimate is the accusation against him?

The Snark Scoreboard of Spring

Letters to the Editor for 4/21/06 from Stars and Stripes

As Iran Presses Its Ambitions, Its Young See Theirs Denied

Stevens goes soft with clout

Rosa Brooks: The Civilians Are the Fascists

A01 Bush, Hu Produce Summit of Symbols (Prot. Screams at Chin. Pres)

Iranian fatwa approves use of nuclear weapons

Administration Avoids Real Solutions to Global Warming

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The Next War

Of Little Boys and Fat Men

US Deploys Suicide Bombers

Steven Hill (Mother Jones): How Important Is the Quid Pro Quo?

Admirers Pay Tribute to Activist Minister, William Sloane Coffin

For Hurricane Victims, a Flawed System - New York Times - 4/21/2006

Katrina Lessons - New York Times - 4/21/2006 (Relocation, Health care)

Rove's New Mission: Survival (E.J. Dionne, Jr.)


Beinhart: Silence = More War

A Crisis Almost Without Equal

Thousands of Iraqis Fleeing the Country

Sidney Blumenthal (The Guardian): Revolt of the generals

JOHN W. DEAN - George Bush Is Becoming An Increasingly Dangerous President

Happy Earth Day

Yahoo Helped China Imprison a THIRD Dissident

Young, intelligent and Ready to Kill and to Die

Leaders not ready for 'Chernobyl' (bbc/uk)

Archeologists may have found ancient pyramid -- in Bosnia

Life and Death at Age 22 for a Marine

E.J. Dionne: Rove's New Mission: Survival

MSNBC/Shuster: Signs Point to Rove Indictment

Krugman: "The Great Revulsion" (Bush and policies rejected)

Don't Impeach Bush. Commit Him

Why a strong economy is no GOP asset

Christopher Hitchens, Clueless in a Class by Himself:Larry Johnson

Russia says No Iran sanctions without Proof

DHS Hiding Security Flaws Behind Forced Secrecy Pledges, Guards Say

Nobel Laureate Says Iran Would Defend Self

Forrest Gump's Evil Twin

Cheney falls asleep during during Chines premiere's talk/PHOTO

Attacking Iran: Are they nuts? By Joe Conason

Rising Gas Prices Hurt Poor Americans Most

Pay for Failure - Board Compensation committees adopt GOP CEO approach

Ford Posts $1.2B Loss in First Quarter

Gold, Silver Futures Rebound From Falls

If the Private Sector Ran the Public Agencies...

Fordhall Farm

Spain Slipping Even Further Away From Kyoto Goals As Emissions Increase

China - 51,000 Pollution-Related "Incidents" (Riots, Etc.) In 2005 Alone

Melbourne Must Cut Water Use By 1/3 In 15 Years Or Face Permanent Shortage

Russian Pipeline Company Pledges No Threat To Baikal - Reuters

Scientists Discover 6 New Frog Species In Laos In 2 Years - AFP

BP Quietly Cuts CO2 Release Estimate In Half - Guardian

UK Scientists Prepare For Next Wave Of Climate Lies, Fake "Uncertainty"

6 Of 8 Energy Companies In Senate Testimony Favor Mandatory Carbon Caps

So Guess Who Else Is Happy About High Oil Prices? IRAN

US Phoenix Exploration formed by Carlyle Grp & Riverstone oil/gas

Halliburton Begins Series of Price Hikes (oil business)

NY Times: Chernobyl Cancers showing up in New York.

U.S. Weekly Oil, Gas Exploration Rig Count Down by 19

Two insurance companies to drop 186,000 home policies (hurricane ally)

Al Gore's movie: An Inconvenient Truth

GE makes some moves...

Monica strengthens to category 4 (SS-3?)

Sweden goes for green as Nordics mull energy future

Abbas to cancel Hamas security appointment - aide

Update 3: Israel Preparing to Retake Gaza Strip

Syria, Iran behind suicide bombing in Tel Aviv: Olmert

Am I crazy to want Israel Palestine to be one country, one people?

Militant Settlers Attack 79 Year Old Human Rights Worker in Hebron

Hope Turns to Despair for Palestinian Family in Gaza

Comet Collision with Earth on May 25, 2006!!

New interview with Andreas Von Bulow posted at Prison Planet.

Question on the released frames of the Pentagon strike.

do the extraordinarily high levels of asbestos at WTC

Suspicious Canadian big-rig (Remember this post-9/11 news story?)

"All right, Tokyo!" - - Tokyo Journal's 9-11 Conspiracy Article online.

What is this film Reasonable Doubts

GDP Blurb on ERD. The Train Wreck, hits the logjam

UW-Madison has gotten a big SDS chapter almost overnight!

Feingold to campaign for Loebsack (It's official)

Vilsack NOT winning in South Carolina? *sigh*

1st District Democrats Live Forum on RIGHT NOW KUNI

Ed Fallon takes on IDED (there are days when I REALLY like Ed)

Democratic gubernatorial debate - Sunday morning, 4/23 8:30 am

04/29/2006 A Conversation with Congressman John F. Tierney

04/24/2006 LG Virtual Debate on Saint Kermit Podcast

On Today's Debate and Democratic Unity (From Deval Patrick)

Boston Globe is going through its biggest shake-up in 30 years.

My monitor's lovely waistline

Looking for Canoma

My experience with gMail - if you're using Hotmail - STOP!

Blog hosting help.

TX Precinct Chairs, let's swap ideas on growing our precincts!

So, who else got jammed by their appraisal district today?

DUer asking for help:

Help David Van Os Get DFA Endorsement

Happy San Jacinto Day Y'all!

Al Gore in Houston 6/7

would you do this?

PM dismisses report Emerson is unhappy

Conservative party toady says racist comment

If Harper keeps at this upheaval mode he is on will Canadians say STOP?

Stevens goes soft with clout

Anti-Whaling Group Accuses Japan of Buying Caribbean Votes to Roll Back Hu

Business Groups Lament No China Trade Deal

Nepal king offers opposition role

A01 Bush, Hu Produce Summit of Symbols (Prot. Screams at Chin. Pres)

Athens representative trying to block Republican map change

Yahoo! implicated in a third Chinese dissident jailing

Senate Democrats Ahead in Cash Race

Florida top cop resigns post under cloud (FDLE-boot camp death)

Insurgent rocket attack on US military base in Al Diwaniya

Charlotte Pritt granted new libel trial against RNC

Peru's Garcia Widens 2nd Place Position In President Vote

Police Expect Protests During Bush's Calif. Visit

Iraq's Shiite alliance agrees to nominate Jawad al-Maliki as PM

AP: Bungled Terror Case Taking New Twist

Al Qaeda man slain in Pakistan was Zarqawi "bag man"

BBC: Tory MP urges Iraq troop pullout

Six police, US soldier, killed in Afghan violence

Cambodia rejects US request for troops in Iraq

3 Years After Guilty Plea, Ex-Legislator Is Sentenced

Court: Schools can ban hurtful T-shirt slogans

Iran tensions threaten Treasuries as safe haven


Neil Young Posts Lyrics of his new Anti-War Anti-Bush Songs

Iran shells Kurd positions in Iraq-Kurd official

Alpha 66 says California man not member of group

Terror attacks on the rise, report reveals (more than 10,000 attacks!)

CIA Leak Firing

Thanks, President Bush!!

Update 12: Crude Oil Prices Rise Above $73 a Barrel !!

Heckler Charged by Feds..

New day, new high: Oil tops $75 a barrel

Battle for DeLay's seat: Sekula-Gibbs in, Eckels out

Bush issues directive, but not disaster declaration for levees - CA

Sunnis endorse al-Maliki


haven`t seen anything on mr.cheney

BREAKING; Mark Warner calls for Rumsfeld's resignation.

U.N. Exec Decries Illegal Iraq Detainees

Immigration Crackdown: 1,200 Undocumented Workers Detained Across U.S.

ISPs Urged to Fight Child Porn (yeah right, Gonzales)

Time: Will the King's Retreat End Nepal's Turmoil?

Judge's Order to Keep KPMG Papers Private (rich tax break case)

AP: Shiite Alliance Agrees on Nominee for PM

Senior Democrat Exits House Ethics Panel (in trouble)

Police Prepare For (protests of) Bush's Visit to California

Russian Lawmakers OK Less Military Service

Al-Jaafari Ally New Nominee for Iraq PM

CSMonitor: US intel report: Major increase in terrorist incidents

Crude futures prices tap $75 for first time ever in NY

Sheriff seeks boycott aimed at illegals (Ohio)

Justice Department OKs Georgia Voter ID Law

Job Cuts Feared Over Port Security ID

Bush Won't Declare Disaster for Levees

China heckler at White House charged

IDs from Guantanamo raise nations' outcry

Berlusconi still won't concede to Prodi

Judge Says Calif. Stem Cell Agency Legal

Kan. Gov. Faces Ethics Probe Over E-Mail

Contractor picked up ($2800) dinner tab for Harris. lol, poor Katherine

Spellings to Examine 'No Child' Loophole

Actor in 9/11 film denied entry to US: report -United93 actor in Iraq army

Insurers Seek Immunity from Paying Patient Damages in Enzi Junk Health Bil

Gerald Ford 'troubled' by former generals' Rumsfeld complaints

Rising Oil Prices Worry Finance Ministers

Federal Govt. will release all LGBT surveillance documents

Tyson’s sales tumble amid meat safety fears

U.S. Wants Russia to Stop Iran Arms Sales. (Keeping close eyes ...

Extremists may target private US planes: TSA

(Russia says) Iran sanctions 'depend on proof'

Iran leader hails rising oil prices as ‘very good’

Cardinal backs limited condom use (and legal abortion)

Gov. Bush Offers Apology to Parents Over Teen's Death

Ex-CIA agent says WMD intelligence ignored

US and UK develop democracy strategy for Iran

Bodman: Supply Issues to Blame for Prices

Iran ready for “full’ cooperation with IAEA: envoy

NBC: CIA officer fired after admitting leak (secret prisons)...

Labour defends Cherie's (Blair) hair bill (£275 a day!)

Hastert and Frist to ask Bush to probe possible oil-industry gouging

FEMA Wants $4.7M Katrina Benefits Repaid

Support for Rodham Clinton Falls to 26% in U.S.

CNN producer removed from Hu photo-op after asking question

Ex-cop's decapitated head found

Baptists Call for Public School Support

MSNBC’s Shuster: Signs Point To Rove Indictment

Zimbabwe 'asks farmers to return'

City might seize homes not cleaned by Aug. 29 (NOLA)

Nearly 30 percent at Guantanamo jail cleared to go

Muslim Women Want Single-Sex Workouts

California Man With Arsenal Claims Alpha 66 Ties (Cuban exile terra group)

U.S. Agency Ups Venezuela Safety Ranking

March On Florida Capitol Shows Growing Furor Over Boot Camp Death

When John Lennon sang (in Working Class Hero) about people

Question about gas pumps and debit cards

Apparently nobody can find me somebody to love


Who knows what the future holds?

It's been a long day

Bowling for Columbine on Bravo NOW!

I wanted to post my Prague pics today

I'm tired, sick, and depressed - goodnight

Who is the weirdest?

You may have a mild sore throat after the procedure... MY ASS!

OMG I gotta go to work!

Is his name really "Arnold" Schwarzenegger

Blast from the past: CNN names Bush image "asshole"

Bwuhahah! Just saw the clip of Fuckstick being heckled at the White House

*YAWN* Your Outdoor Cats Are VERY Happy This Morning

Prison Visitor Tried To Smuggle In Live Grenade - In Her Vagina

Wow! That time of year again! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

8th Graders Expelled For Showing Porn Movie In Class

Last Vicodin: to pop, or not to pop?

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

Freecycle rules.

Where is Stephanie Miller today?

OK, everybody who is up and awake (more or less)

Landover Baptist Hate Mailbag!

Cub's D Lee broke both the radius and the ulna...out till mid June?

Posz heer if you haf been drinking thizz mornig tooou

Many DU'ers feel indifferent towards me.

None of your business

I have an assortment of colorful hats on DU.

Don Knotts is.... DUBYA


Iggy Pop is 59 today

Flvegan makes Greatest AGAIN!


I have enemies on DU.

Why does Bazooka Joe wear an eyepatch?

I have anemones on DU

Whooo hooo... she's a widow

just watched micheal moores' 'canadian bacon' - the man is a prophet

Well, my knee surgery yesterday went great

I am going to a lingerie party tomorrow

I am going to see John Prine t'night

I am posting to DU and talking to nsma...

Anyone have restricted book lists at your kids' schools?

LET US SING: "It's a god-awful small affair .................."

Ima git git you drunk, get you luvdrunk on my hump

Geek Prom? Nerds rule, and unhip is way cool

Have you watched "Starship Troopers" since 9/11?

Post your Birthday Messages To Queen Elizabeth II

It is my considered opinion that this is one of the greatest songs ever

Sigh. Best way to get a melted Cadbury Creme Egg out of car upholstery?

Congratulations BigMcLargeHuge!! 20,000 posts

Easter photos


Guess where I read this headline: "Keep Your Shorty Alive"

Did this dog have a rough night?(another great puppy pic from DailyKos)

What happened to the band that wrote these great lyrics??

Crack down on dog walkers in Tehran - that does it for me!

Anyone know someone who watches political shows to look smart

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/21/06)

i have something to say about the "spork" thread

dailykos crashed?


Twins fans (and others)...Stadium thoughts.

Eric Carmen drag show!

I shit you not...I'm getting spam loan offers from someone called:

I need the help of some Louisiana folks, please

IT IS RAINING MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leisure suits

How funny is this snip from a review of AMERICAN DREAMZ from NYT review...

Something is cracking...

Happy birthday ET Awful!!

Another rant about cellphones

What the hell is going on in this picture? You tell me!!

An important message from George W. Bush on Global Warming


Any John McCutcheon fans here...saw him at Wolf Trap last night...

Eating vegetarian?

Attention Lounge: I Have Made a Kick-Ass Lunch, Eccentric-Style:

Fully Clothed Man Steps Out Of Shower - Asks For Hair Conditioner

Dang, my Tivo gave me a 'new' celeb crush today.


Austin: Come here to CA! We love you!

No, this is not a dupe: I'M LEAVING FOR IRELAND TODAY!

Attention idiots...

I wonder......why is it, when you help someone else

My lips are moving and the sound's coming out

Does anyone use Co-Q10 / CoEnzyme Q10? Just curious.

Photobucket users — how many pics y'got?

Need help with a Jim Carrey skit...

Help!! Kansas City area Duers!! Please help us deliver 'End the War" cards

Bounce your Boobies everyone!!! Randi's changed the Bounce your Boobies

Happy fucking Friday, working stiffs

Guess and rate these BAD drawings I made (graphics heavy)

Fellow Californians - what would you do if Ahhhnold switched panties?


Friday earworm.

What do you think-Had some "work done"??

I posted in GD.

How will Sen. DeWine (R-OH) turn his flagging campaign around (humor)?

I am NOT kidding

what I learned on Yahoo flameboards about Gas prices

What do car guys think of gas prices?

Go Read My Bad Poetry In the Writer's Group!

what state(s) border Washington DC?

Arguing with a Neocon

Post songs Toby Keith should sing

Pimpin' Ain't Easy!

And now...I must beat someone.

New Trek?

Fellow Californians - what would you do if Ahhhnold switched parties?

Congratulations muriel_volestrangler!! 10,000 posts

Weekend plans? (Plus: How did mine get so busy?)

What won't they sell on EBay: A cut-out of Bush singing "Help"

Peanut M&Ms, Diet Coke, and DU

Oh, dear lord, I just got the "Dr. Laura" treatment at work...


Dick Cheney Dunk Tank Night

Somone stole my bike!

Emergency question for geologists:

"Dallas" remake. Travolta: JR, J-Lo: Sue Ellen. I just threw up a little.

I had to share a picture of my beloved Tabitha

FOUR! _____ 4!!!

Feel your boobies.

CREDIT CARDS: Give me your experience and advice.

I need to start a new Kingdom Hearts 2 game.

Hockey fans-Slap Shot is now on!

An encounter with the dark side

I win!!!

You can tell when it's 'shift change' time at DU ...

I need TV advice

You can tell when its shift time on DU

Apartment question

"Animaniacs" fans...

ATTN: Jefferson Starship fans--a free concert

What do you folks know about

I have a heat rash

I thought this was HILARIOUS...


You can tell when it's shit time at DU

Anyone have any political "Decider" cartoons

Kind of somber for a Friday, but this video is really cool.

I didn't know they still made/sold "Pabst Blue Ribbon" beer

Iraq is doing well. First German restaurant opens

Open Source programmer faces bill of $203,000 for code he wrote

9-11 in legos (animation)

"Sing us a song, you're the piano man...."

Dear DU camera phone experts.

I just got stung by one of these while rescreening my enclosure

Spouses/SO's with opposite-sex friends.

Is it "Bears repeating" or "Bares repeating"????

So...for shits and grins...60 posts to 8000! Ask me anything!

If We Elected An Atheist President...

Breaking: Star Trek XI: The Inevitable

Post your favorite nutjobs

Carmen Miranda drag show!

A special song for DUers and all that are fighting the good fight

For those who work in customer service..........

What sounds make your skin crawl?

I just cried in the bathroom at work

Having a hard day? Oregon man survives 12 nails to the head

Voiceover Narration

Paging ArianaCeleste. Are you there?

So I am standing in the bathroom naked eating oatmeal..

D&D Players - I have a question

Does anyone want to have a drink with me?

What IS passive/aggressive? Post examples if you can.


I'm taking the rest of the day off in 1/2 an hour (noon)

I need some info on leather furniture and dogs.

Going to see "American Dreamz" tonight!

Bluebear, you're in luck. We located Pierce Bush: DU Exclusive interview

For women over 30

Where to go in Spain? Balearics?

Post your top 5 Bowie songs

I threw up today at school...

Dweezel,Apple,Zowie,what are some other bad celebrity offsping's names?

mango margaritas

Vegetarian casseroles/ recipes?

The i am going to get buzzed tonight thread

Welcome to the beautiful, tranquil Triangle Area.

Congratulations chimpsrsmarter!! 20,000 posts

I love Margaret Cho...


Just saw a bumper sticker. "Dont Worry. God's in Control. Let him Work".

What's your political background?

Now I can post a poll! Best all-time rock drummer?


My boss should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque, Home Depot.

Congratulations supernova!! 20,000 posts

I love you all, but dammit, it's "fazed" not "phased"!

Republican Family Values

Have you ever owned and had to use a manual typewriter?

Guilty pleasure: Pretty in Pink

Does anyone need (spiritual) Protection and/or Healing?

Did you go to and Ivy League School as an under-grad?

Ever been burned by an Epson ink cartridge?

I don't know why, but I'm spending the summer in Yellowstone again.

Need horror trivia for party! Anyone know a great site? Or trivia?

What is your strangest phobia?

Unfortunate name.

Isn't it great to find your old school pics posted on the web?

Just Found Out I Have High Blood Pressure

How do I tell what rating my electric box is? 150amp or 200amp

Pink: Dear Mr. President - Live Video


BWAH!!! Hilarious mosiac of emo losers from myspace

Resurrecting the Classics - "The Signifyin' Monkey" by Rudy Ray Moore

Leisure Suit Larry!

The word of God.............with f-bombs (NSFW!!)

George Washington on the religious right

Name some well-known, actual "Christians" who are currently alive

95 Theses: Articles of Faith for a Christianity for the Third Millennium

I am a Christian

Any non-religious couples out there?

Hole Drilled to Bottom of Earth's Crust: Scientists Find Elusive Gabbro

Is this the right room for a coming-out party?

Speech for my introductory communications class.

Students Sue To Distribute Anti-Gay Tracts

man who wanted to "cure" homosexuality succumbs to a lifetime of controver

Pressure Mounts For Veto Of State Funds For Anti-Gay Kentucky College

Federal Govt. will release all LGBT surveillance documents

DCCC Organization Changes Website; DSCC Still silent on policy

Colorado Gay Rights Bill Advances

Belgium OK's Co-Parenting For Gay Couples

Administration Agrees To Turn Over All Documents On Gay Spy Operation

Gay Couples in Belgium Get Adoption Rights

early pitching matchup of the year: Buehrle vs Santana tonite

Sports writers and thinkers make me laugh RE. Brewers/Tigers

RIP Madonna

Maine coon sized bunnies!

I had a dream and I need to share it with you guys...

Kerry Better Than Bush & Kerry Calls Attacks vs. Outspoken Generals ‘Shame

Transcript of 1971 interview up at We Love John Kerry

I thought C-SPAN was carrying Kerry speech?!?!? I don't see it on schedule

Hey, can you vote up this post at DU-P about Kennedy's comments on Kerry?

Kos diary ignores Kerry online support while knocking Gore supporters

OT I'm lazy, so very lazy

Live-blogging the speech tomorrow!

After the Rain

PLEASE read this post and get the word out!!

New column up, with three KO quotes in!

Do you think Keith does the show that he wants to do?

Update 4: Businessman Pleads Not Guilty in LA Crash

AOL Poll: Keith Versus Bill

What if anti-abortion activists weren’t sexist?

Did you guys watch Anderson Cooper tonight?

Joe Pirella on Charlie Rose; sickening! nt

"Bomb, Bomb, Bomb...Bomb, Bomb Iran!"

China, Iran, Saudi, USA main executioners - We are in good company. eh?)

Everything about politics in American I learned in 2nd grade.

If it comes to a shooting war ...

This fucking pisses me off, First Amendment my ASS!!!

What is PIERCE BUSH'S take on the trade imbalance with China?

Please, please, PLEASE sign the net neutrality petition

IMF chief: west must cede power to emerging nations!!

i always said that the bush brothers think with the same brain ...

The veil of 'American Liberation' descends upon Iraqi Women

Big Business Sees A Chance For Ethnic and Class Cleansing

Comet Collision with Earth on May 25, 2006!!

Navy sailors get Army training at Fort Jackson

Here is how Cheney is ensuring a friendly audience in Indy today

Looks like Tony Snow for Scotty's job. Also, looks like Harriet Miers may

Alternet: Forrest Gump's Evil Twin (Bush = Idiot)

Ethnic cleansing in the US clean & efficient at least.

Bluebear, you're in luck. We located Pierce Bush: DU Exclusive interview

Chi. Tribune: Chertoff issues warning to firms who hire illegal immigrants

If we're going to be successful forcing change

Those crazy Californians.....

well,Washington Journal is on.Let's see how deeply Brian fellates Bush

Pic of Cheney sleeping - anyone find the picture??

North Korea says it has "shocking evidence" of US plot

Baylor To Coeds: Pose For Playboy, Face Consequences

Bloated CEO compensation is nothing less than legal(?) embezzlement

Prison Visitor Allegedly Uses Vagina To Smuggle Live Grenade

Joe Lieberman is running TV ads -first time in 12 years per C-span now.

So what's left of the conservative agenda? Not much. -Paul Krugman

Pentagon Guantanamo List Angers Nations

Outrage of the Week 'Toon: Four Horsemen

The Last Words of Democracy...

"Newborn Girl Among Afghan Civilians Injured in US Shooting"

Independence Day.

I heard the Progressive Patriots fund raised $284,000 in March!

Christians outraged over "Easter-less" eggs....

Minimum concentration of Arctic sea

Bush apologizes to Hu for protester

ATTN: Jefferson Starship fans--a free concert

Cambodia rejects US request for troops in Iraq

Report documents major increase in terrorist incidents

(WI) Dad tried to sell daughter, authorities say

Peace forum

"As members of the profession that brought nuclear weapons into existence"

Rush on Fitz Investigation: "This is scary stuff."

Warning Giraffic Photos...

Are some people here forgetting about the rest of us?

Pulitzer-winner claimed Abramoff gave "a lot of money to Democrats"

End the weird week with a CAPTION!!!!! . . . Or hold thy peace.

Halliburton Stock $9 7/2002 today...$82 - Ramp up to War

CAPTION the Leering Monkey...

Citizens of the US should demand OPEN BOOKS as owners and shareholders.

Please accept our apologies, Mister Hu...


Executive Orders.... seriously, I need some help with this one

Protester at WH -Banned in China.

Dead President Walking - by Bob Fertik

Post your Birthday Messages To Queen Elizabeth II

Earth Day cartoons. Here's mine. Post yours

Rove's New Mission: Survival - by: By E. J. Dionne Jr.

Have you changed your driving habits due to rising gas prices?

*'s Desire To View Opinion Polls Reaches New Low (from theonion)

Cheney' napping on the job... pic

I just got this in an email.

Boston Globe above the fold - Big pic of Bush yanking Hu's sleeve

Republican mulls over windfall-profits tax on oil companies

Katherine Harris' $2,800.00 (!) Dinner with crooked Defense Contractor...

Congress Back In Session Next Week; Enzi Bill Needs to be Stopped

Bush provoking Russia: newspaper

Coulter lectures me on "vulgar". It's like Cookie Monster telling me

Hannity's screener tells me, "God, you can't say THAT to him".

Dick's Office Says He's "Reading"

The Base: Under No One's Eyes in a Strange Land

It turns out your tax cut was just your gas money to pay W's oil buddies.

Floyd Norris rips lack of oversight of hedge funds (scary stuff!)

Psychiatric experts found to have financial links to drugmakers

'Bribery' contractor picks up tab for Katherine Harris $2,800 dinner

Kathamandu POWER TO THE PEOPLE ! ! !

Bomb Sniffing Rats?

"Billion Dollar Cheney"...

State Dept briefing coming up on cpan-that is all they said.

Send-A-Brick Project.......sigh

Feingold Gets Big Spike in PAC Donations

"McKinney; Fist or Phone?" Oh please. Complete this sentence for the MSM:

Georgia Abandons Constitution - OKs Bible Classes, Commandments

From a Chinese friend of mine regarding Hu/Bush

Bush, the Active/Negative President - A analysis of his 'style'

MSNBC's Shuster: Signs Point To Rove Indictment

Did they say why Stephanie Miller took the day off? I heard her say

Iran ready for “full’ cooperation with IAEA: envoy

Halliburton 1Q Profit Income Rises 33 Pct.

Election - Abramoff - Phony Non-partisan Organization - more dirt

Telling RW Baloney from George F. Will

Raging Grannies and Raging Americans - By Cindy Sheehan

Patrick Fitzgerald Revealing Shady Administration Practices

The Happiest Wives?

Will the Death Penalty Return to Illinois?

Will it take 1-6-10 million or more - for us to say "never again" again?

Russia Begins Delivery Of Defense Missiles To Belarus

Gas price average tops $3 in Calif.-Thank You Liar, Leaker, and Thief!!!

Elad: I have a suggestion for User Options » Preferences

Gonzales to Propose Child Porn and Obscenity Prevention Amendments

Anyone have restricted book lists at your kids' schools?

When Studs Terkel met John Fortune

A CEO of IFCO, the corp busted for illegal workers, is a CARLYLE GROUP

At 74, Sen. Edward Kennedy still roars

The Bushism for today is...

Russia must freeze arms deals with Iran, says U.S.

Chinese commenting on Web sites accused * of insulting Hu

If San Francisco were hit by the "big one" would anyone be asking

No More Junk

Smuge, the Crawford Peace Cat, returns home to much joy

Anyone read the Mearsheimer & Walt Paper?

Attack on Iran would threaten Russia's security - Ivanov

Have you heard about the new Bush soup?

MSNBC’s Shuster: Signs Point To Rove Indictment

The Chipmunk Song (Fitzmas Don't Be Late)

Court Filing Suggest OH Rep in Abramoff Case Gave False Report to Congress

I am a Christian

Sweet victory against high-fructose corn syrup in Connecticut schools

Out-Of-Context Fun with Alberto Gonzales


Can someone explain Rove's 'new role" to me?-then I have a ?

China and Its President Greeted by a Host of Indignities

Why conservatives are so "Happy" and are willing to tell you about it

See Dick Sleep ---pix--->>>

" dreaming of quail hunting ... and maybe bagging some birds this time."

O'Reilly: Alleged Duke rape victim "put herself in jeopardy"

Chrysler Claims Fuel Cell Vehicles Saved More Than 60,000 Gallons of Fuel

Attacking Iran: Are they nuts? By Joe Conason

"The Sun Is Burning"

Haggard's dismayed by political events

Minuteman Threatens Black Legislator with Lynching

If Past Is Prologue,.Bush Is Becoming An Increasingly Dangerous President

Hecuva job Brownie has advice for Rummy

New information(?) on Bush grabbing Chinese President

The Veep is a Creep...

Freedom of religion or freedom of expression.

Public skeptical of GOP handling of economy

June Crude futures hit $75/barrel

Another new high for oil - 75 dollars A BARREL!

Stupid question time--Katherine Harris running for her house seat too?

Al-Jaafari Ally New Nominee for Iraq PM - Jawad al-Maliki

Americas Torture School


You know what is even scarier than "I am the decider"?

DWCC: Driving While Communicating on Celphone

Surprise letter to constituent from Rep. Emerson R-Mo

Is this war still about oil?

Nepal's King 'returns power to people' Following 2 weeks of protests!

DU, look at all the photos and tell me * didn't rip the mans jacket?

ABC news saying Plame Grand Jury meeting today.FRIDAY_ Rove??

Reuters: Extremists may target private US planes: TSA

"The Veep is A Creep" - pics

The Chinese consider the Falun Gong protester at the WH today a terrorist

Bush's Oil Auction The Skys The Limit (Pic)

Check out the latest cover of Canada's largest newsmagazine.

Jerry Falwell critic can keep his web site

Plame Grand Jury Meeting (Again?) Today - Is Rove Next?

A CIA officer has been fired for leaking info to Dana Priest

95 Theses: Articles of Faith for a Christianity for the Third Millennium

Tonight's line up on Real Time with bill Maher

T.G.T.G.T.G.T.G.T.G.I.F. . . . . Oh, yeah? . . . So how 'bout a CAPTION???

Expensive gas will kill General Motors

Chinese media ignore White House gaffes

MSNBC’s Shuster: Signs Point To Rove Indictment

Thanks, President Bush!!

Henry the K, shill for China... meets with his master CAPTION

If I ever had any doubt that the MSM news is carefully filtered

Are the Duke Lacrosse Photos Legit?

Oh, oh...Iran shells Kurdish positions in Iraq, say Kurds

San Diego average gas price has broken it's inflation-adjusted peak

EXCLUSIVE: FOIA Battle with Depts of Defense, State over Iraq-War Docs!

Republican Microsoft being outmaneuvered by Democratic

It's Friday on Randi Rhodes!

About Impeachment

O'Lielly Takes Credit For Coming of Spring

Chavez Threatens To Blow Up Oil Fields If America Attacks

Red Hot Chili Peppers slam Bush

Thank You Reagan For Tearing the Solar Panels Off the White House

Fuck You ExxonMobil, I have a plan (plus: bonus rant)

Portrait Of A President As A Young Spoiled Brat Republican Trust-Fund Baby

60 Minutes Sunday: A Spy Speaks Out About The Iraq War Intel!

anyone just hear breaking news re Plame on msnbc?

Paper Industry Reeling - Our manufacturing base is disappearing

You won't believe CNN panel. Torie Clark.JC Watts.Bill Bennett.

Coulter Says She's 'Anti-Murder'; Media Matters Disagrees

Bush Congratulates New Italian Leader - Arrivederci, Silvio

Rep. Murtha: “Nobody Can Believe These Guys Anymore”...

Will the U.S. attack Iran? An interview with Eric Margolis Real News

Neil Young Starts A Blog, "Living With War"...

This picture of Scotty needs a caption -

Join "The Guy James Show" army!

WalMart's fungus is spreading to

You see children, this is why you don't do drugs.

Arguing with a Neocon

Cellphones vs CB radios - which is more dangerous?

A funny (and sad) thought...

Edwards Demands Fitzgerald Investigate Bush on Iraq

New Rush talking points on oil - my head hurts

CNN: Lawyer Falls Dead In Courtroom While Arguing Case

Ted Kennedy on the Daily Show

FedEx sucks..

NYC April 29 - the world needs to see a successful march

Video: Neil Young Interview - On Bush, Album & Country - Show Biz Tonight

Border Guardians leader calls for violence


Families and Friends of deceased GW vets

Pellosi asks dem ranking member of ethic's committe to step aside temp

Why the DSCC - Penderson immigration ad sucks

Hu Says U.S. Should Give More High Technology to China

Woman building house from Tower Air 747 told by FAA to mark 'crash site'

Randi is playing interview with Dr. Frank, the psychiatrist...

Regarding the $500,000. confiscated at Beaver County Nuclear plant...

My 6th graders' sub today had a pierced tongue & ears plus a notch

Release date for terrorists approaching

China heckler at White House charged-Possible Penalty - 6 Mo in Jail

We need a rabidly anti-immigrant right-winger to run 3rd party in 2008

Did you hear Atlanta Airport shut down for bomb scare Wed?

Breaking:Ranking Democrat on Ethics Committee steps aside amid allegations

Oh Mrs. Harris, you're a little monkey woman

FBI Rebuffed on Reporter's Files (Jack Anderson)

Texans Going To Pawn Shops To Get Extra Gas $$

Caught: Cheney naps at briefing

Two insurance companies to drop 186,000 home policies, many in S. Florida

My trip to New Orleans –

We should start a campaign to get "An Inconvenient Truth" into the chains

I love Brian Lamb, I really do, but...

Do you often think the internet is being taken over?

Did Bush* ask Hu how Democracy was progressing in China?

So, I was reading the Constitution today... (CIA arrest thought)

5 AM Shows Allow Matalin To Diss Democrats

Harriet Myers Sllllllllllloooow and indecisive

Am I crazy to want Israel Palestine to be one country, one people?

Why did Shrub apologize for the exercise of 1st Amendment rights?

CIA worker dismissed over leaks

speaking of the high price of gas....

Walking into the wrong bedroom lands man a rape charge

DPW workers ward off parents to ruin the eggs (you think your job sucks?)

Worldwide terror attacks exceeded 10,000 last year for first time

Kerry attacks BushInc for targeting "dissent" and retired generals.

Minimum Wage facts:

The deceitful Decider has Decided, in Exxon's favor, that you...

Did I hear Randi right? at 33% approval, the population of the red states

New Orleans Voter Guide for tomorrow - forward to NOLA friends!

Pentagon says too many troops took part in Iraq operation. Really.

Nearly 30 percent at Guantanamo jail cleared to go

Secret Service Officers Remove CNN Producer

Neil Young Posts Lyrics of his new Anti-War Anti-Bush Songs

I just found out my employee is being deployed to Afghanistan

Positive news, remarkable from me

Lou Dobbs Poll....

The Decider- Ku Ku Ka Choo

the evolving brand of the bad guys.

How the hell do we vote this poll.....???? Please Explain?

Like Father... Like Son...

CNN: reporting they just got Mollohan, D, W.Va.

So, the VP was in my town today...

Blair's Wife Spent $13,700 On Hairstyle In One Month

Lou Dobbs...Libertarian...very disappointed that Bushies/Norquist

Falun Gong/Moonies playbook.

Flash: President Hu makes speech, wows crowd with comedy, oppression -

My day petitioning..Justifiable homicide

The media who covered up for Rove since 2003 should be indicted, too.

J. Leopold Confirms-Inspite of rumors to contrary-Fitz WAS At Grand Jury

* was actually right - he IS the decider (per wikipedia)


What is the price of gasoline in Europe?

* hears voices

Did you go to and Ivy League School as an under-grad?

If bushco Bombs Iran In October, Will It Hurt Or

Campaign requests for the first family from the NRCC

Is the Chinese treatment of Falun Gong a human rights issue?

John Negroponte Says: "Iran Won’t Produce Nukes Soon"

Looks like Bush is going to have some company tomorrow in Sacramento

Army Suicides Hit Highest Level Since '93

Al Gore 2008 a Citizen-Created Website...

Hey guys we are getting famous!

These Dipsticks will pump you dry!

Good ole boy construction schedule: Week 1

Has Bush officially become a king?

Before we have a war w/ Iran please remember how they responded to 9/11

BREAKING: MSNBC: CIA officer fired over secret prison leak

Why are the feds are charging the falun Gong protester

phone-jamming scandal "is gaining traction"

DAMMIT! Gas is over $3.00 and next week...

They got him! No, not Osama. No, not the guy who leaked Plame.

Pravda: Israel may strike Iranian nuclear facilities before end 2006

Am I the only one who sees the Fitzgerald Unouchables movie?

Pictures of Bush Getting Drunk with Hu, and Henry Kissinger.

Sgt. Pecker's Deadly Hearts Club Band

CNN/Dobbs Poll: "Bush insult to Americans?"

Daniel Ellsberg at Lehigh University On Monday: Bush Is Dangerous

PHOTO: Rude Jerk Cheney Sleeps Through Hu Jintao Meeting

Bush Breakthrough with N. Korea: "No longer an axis of evil"

Neil Young on CNN - wow!!

When was war not ugly?

Oh my...

Who do we want to win Mayor of New Orleans ?

Does the end justify the means?

What is Falun Dafa (aka Falun Gong) and why are they persecuted?

Kyle's approval down to 45% in AZ.... warmonger!

Charlotte Pritt granted new libel trial against RNC

6.5% of Chicago Public School freshmen graduate from college

Chavez wants high oil prices (even more so than oil companies)

'Fair' give homeless free massages and other services

Caption Arnie and *

Bellevue college criticizes teacher, math question

John Dean: If Past Is Prologue, Bush Is Becoming Increasingly Dangerous

Proposal for George W. Bush Monument

Don't Let Congress Ruin the Internet - Save Network Neutrality

Breaking News?

What Do You Think of These Outcomes from the Republican’s Fiscal Policy?

Court says schools can ban anti-gay t-shirts

I just found a NOAA website with 7000 aerial photos of Katrina damage!

A SPY SPEAKS OUT-WH ignored intelligence on WMD's-60 Minutes THIS Sunday

We Speak of Terrorism. America=Terrorism?

Immigration Crackdown: 1,200 Undocumented Workers Detained Across U.S.

State-Based Impeachement Rises Again

Wow how right some of you were - Charlie Sheen SUPERSMEAR

Hunter Thompson's words remain all too relevant

Ethics, or, giving the kid a helping hand?

How many DUers subscribe to HBO?

Exclusive Transcript of Katherine Harris' Conversation w/student reporter

haven`t seen anything on mr.cheney

Dead Eye Dick falls asleep during Hu's press conference.

Are you good at PHOTOSHOPPING?

Katherine Harris porn! Givin' it all she got!

Mary McCarthy, heroic leaker arrested, is a Spartan!

Another T-shirt, bumpersticker idea....

Is it Better or Worse than you thought it would be in Nov. 2004?

good night and good luck.....question?

Rude Behavior on the Bus

60 Minutes this Sunday: Another spy speaks out; the war was fixed

Book TV Schedule April 22nd - 24th

Please sign...

Pink's "Dear Mister President", new, live:

Do some Du’ers preach to the choir? I've periodically..................

The failure to attract followers of the FSM is hurting the Democrats

Coen Brothers have sort of Come into their Own these Days...


Murtha: "Nobody can believe these guys anymore,"

FDA Fucks Up Again

I just heard on the news that there is a good economy.....

Tell (GOP loving) OfficeMax to stop destroying Southern forests!

Cadets hear a voice from the left wing - Chomsky calls war unjust

West Pointers speak up / Generals aren't the only ones against the war

What if we retake the Senate, THEN Joementum switches parties?

Breaking: Files reveal actual reason the administration went after Saddam

Howard Dean is working hard in New Orleans today - pics

OK, who organizes the rose deliveries? We need roses for Mary McCarthy

Stephanie Miller's St. Bernard Chester died

BREAKING: State-Based Impeachment Rises Again...Illinois

$41 for 13 gallons of gas this morning in south Sacramento.

Remembering Bill Coffin - by Bill Moyers

My friend is thinking of joining the Air Force Reserves.

Silence of the Lambs


Photo comparison

Put a song title in your subject line that best describes TODAY

Libby Team Admits Media Disclosures, Opposes Gag Order (PDF)

How does your car do on gas?

Brad Pitt! Making a REAL difference in New Orleans!

Don't call me anti-troop

FBI Says It Will Go to Prosecutors to obtain Jack Anderson's papers

Sound you car horn EVERY HOUR as a protest!!

New Record! $75.00 per barrel now!

The Most Beautiful Magazine Cover ever.

The electricity is off at my house GHETTORIFFIC!

Save Network Neutrality unless you want to pay more to use the Internet!

Just made a Freaker "crap" her pants.

Interesting tidbits about Laura (Welch) Bush's vehicular homicide!

Run Kerry Run -- for 2006. Party needs leadership to sharpen image

wing nuts Are Trying to Prevent Yale University From Hiring Juan Cole!

Second dancer in Duke case now being smeared

A book I ask everybody on DU to please read if you haven't.

How much of the anti-cell phone stuff is ego ie: look at me!

Edwards is starting his campaign for Pres in 2008!!


What do we know about Roger Owen? (CD Texas)This guy has got me wondering.

Watching Fahrenheit 9/11 of Direct TV

A Campaign Gore Can't Lose

Anyone Know What New Ron Suskind Book On? Untitled on Intelligence?

Dionne: WH fears investigations of everything

Chris Shays drinks the kool-aid, says Iraq doing pretty well.

My LTTE today

Pledge to see the movie An Inconvenient Truth

My response to Charles Sanders' (OH 3rd CD candidate) call for impeachment

Is Bush a "calm & assertive leader", a la The Dog Whisperer?

Alberto Gonzales reenacts Pet Goat moment at White House Easter Egg Roll..

possibly dumb question: Where did Katherine Harris get the millions of her

"Your boat just became a flower pot, honey" (re: gas prices)

Bush to spend quality time with "huge contributor," Cisco CEO Chambers

And in "BWAHAHA" news, "Bush on edge and unhappy about WH staff changes"

TPM: Harris Donated to Woman Who Was Sold to Devils as Infant

...has fired half his Cabinet,” he said. “The wrong half.”

If Past is Prologue...great article!

John Dean: GWB Becoming an Increasingly Dangerous President

looking for a video of Chris Matthews smack down last night

The Repubs are giving up Taiwan??

A piece of (relatively-speaking) "good" news from Iraq

Who is the woman on Thom Hartmann right now?

Checking runaway power Barbara Boxer

David apologist Martin apologized repeatedly for the bushmilhousegang

Whassup with DKos???

Is the Bush Adm. Shake-up going to help?

Washington, D.C. needs Wyatt Earp

Yes, this die-hard vote-Dem-only gal is voting for a Green in 2006

Tony Snow Attributes High Gas Prices To People Complaining About Rumsfeld

Neighbor to Neighbor - April 29

Can the American Center Hold?

Bush Oil Auction. (Pic)

Telling it straight: United 93 Guardian Review

the SADDEST thing about the Hu protestor is that she actually asked

Jason Leopold on Ed Schultz Gives Prediction on Rove

One-time ally of Wilson [Republican NM Congresswoman] switches loyalty

Egads, this article annoys me...

Reps Woolsey & Lee to Hold Congressional Hearing on Iraq - 4/27

What was Kerry's quote: "I didn't know he'd fuck it up so badly"? How TRUE

The seahag is coming on to a college student?

Chris Matthews last night

holy it fitzmas???????

rummy thought it was amusing

what has McCain got against New Orleans?

AP: Immigration reform splits Catholics, GOP

Comparing the 2001 AUMF and 2002 IWR (authorization to use military force)

Lady that screamed at Chinese "president" faces charges

Fri. afternoon Anyone reassigned, fired, resigned or suicided today?

Falwell says evangelicals control GOP, Bush's fate...September 2004

Gas Pains, sent to me today

I am so sick of this "Dems don't have a plan" shit

Tony Snow hasn't even been offered the JOB and he's already a CRYBABY.

Saving Gas!

I will be registering Republican to keep my right to vote.

My Bush Haiku

Feingold Gets Big Spike in PAC Donations

Please, need an authoritative answer to whether the Taiwan

I REALLY like this email I got from John Edwards.

Administration Said War Would Result In Cheaper Gas

Glenn Beck was crying on the Michael Smerconish show this

No Gas in NY City, reported by CNN?

San Jose CA Mayor on Bush at Cisco: "WHO is going to PAY for this?"

Losing Joe-mentum

Norah O'Donnell is just plain disgusting

My tin-foil hat theory on Hu's visit....

Be a Republican for a day

Friday news dump: Bush's Justice Dept okays Georgia voter ID cards

New UK-US Extradition Treaty....This is really extraordinary.....

School board Hearing draws Potter foes, fans

Special Report falsely suggested Reid "sang a different tune" on *

How Karl Rove Is Going to Destroy the Republican Party

Go give money at this link, NOW

Which Countries Does the US Recognize?

Let me ask a "What IF"

MARK WARNER in Iowa, says Sec of Def RUMSFELD should step down

Please Consider Signing Petition for Count Every Vote Act – Here’s Why

Harris (Kathy)Takes Responsibility For Not Paying For Pricey Dinner

Who will be the last group to jump Bush's ship?

Is Iran or Venezuela now withholding oil from the market ?

* approval 33% on faux news

Sherrod Brown's "Road to Change Tour" - Update

Photo: "The Chinese Presidents all get prettier at closing time"...

ERD: The Sequoia Train Wreck, & the HAVA Train Wreck Edition-

Hey? I found the 'good news' from Iraq that the WH was talking about !

New nickname for Malkin

Even with the pictures, Repukes dare not ask Katherine Harris to step down

Philly Union is wrong in this case...

Question about the head and tentacles of the VRWC

A question from a non-science person: Just what should we expect

Pew Poll: Public Disillusionment with Congress at Record Levels

This makes me think .....

What's Causing Gas Prices

Pictures of Bush Getting Drunk with Hu, and Henry Kissinger.

Senator Kerry speaking tomorrow at Faneuil Hall!

Senator Kennedy talks up Senator Kerry for President on Larry King

Mutiny? ( Also from within the CIA? )

Ted Kennedy on Larry King last night re Clark

Shout out to Larisa on John Conyers' blog today!

NH phone-jamming scandal getting wings..Mehlman may testify.

Enough cheap shots on Katherine Harris! How can you say she's not sexy?

Urgent: This Is It For Offshore Wind Energy

Will somebody please give * a blowjob so we can impeach him?(pic)

Barnicle slams war, uneasy about a second Kerry run for president.

Congressional Hearing on Iraq Planned

Democrats Jump White House on Gas Price Gouging

Fighting vs winning

The Decider - our new cartoon on you know who ...

Cruella Harris...omg...I can't even summarize this

Vid Clip: Showbiz Tonight ATTEMPTS to slime Neil Young and FAILS...

Sheeler campaign gaining traction; New billboard to go up in May

Trolls gone wild

Bush IMPEACHMENT resolution introduced in Illinois Legislature!!!

A day of indignities for Chinese leader

From John Edwards, RE: Fitz's investigation!